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You can tell a lot about a person by what they connect to their wifi. Are you a gamer. A conference caller or a video streamer. Well whoever you are your wifi needs to keep up. That's why xfinity is dedicated to making sure your wifi gets better. All the time constantly developing new technology for faster wi fi speeds. They're committed to keeping your wifi safe and secure no matter what you connect to it. And they're always innovating to make sure all those connections reliable no one likes wifi disruption especially the gamers so you just keep on gaming conferencing and live streaming because xfinity will always be there to serve up wifi speeds that are up to the task and then some extremity the future of awesome. Hey roy wood junior must stand up. Comedian i'm correspondent on the daily show with trevor noah. I'm a father. I'm a secretary is and i have a podcast called roy's job fair. This show is a therapy session for anybody who's looking for work wants to slap somebody at work or is hiring somebody to work for them to eventually they can slap you do one part laughs part inspiration. I cannot wait to welcome you to roy's job fan on iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast well still trending you guys youtube relationship expert derrick jackson who just admit to cheating on his wife well. A lot of people including us had no idea who. Derrick jackson is or was until recently you know the video was released and he admitted on it that he was cheating on his wife. Denial so two women claim they had an affair with derek and they said he told them at the time he was separated from his wife for four years now in this viral confession video. The couple tried to put up a united front while holding his wife's hand. Derek confessed on cheating to cheating and having sex with other women to comment about video crazy. A lot of people said that derek is full of it because he referred to himself as the third person saying yes dare jackson cheated. His wife also addressed her fans in the video and she released another video. Jackson said she would not tolerate. It's cheating and she did leave but now that her husband is seeking god. She is at peace by his side. You know what if we'll jada going on. Television has sparked this rash of lists. Go talk about it in front of everybody. Man go ciccio s down somewhere. May when you're trying to work it out with your family man. Just go work out what y'all keep going public fall. I don't understand that is is is the need likes and view so big now willing to you wove us for everything. It is cheap. I mean both of them to me. Look crazy he looked crazy up there. Talking about a sheila crazy responded to it and i mean literally they just crazy. I don't know so i guess a blogger. He got a muscle shirt. Oh she got a bonnet on what's child. Doing people are talking about it. Maybe that's what they want it for people dress up. Look like y'all gonna stay together. Y'all be look like y'all in the divorce they were holding hands. Steve i whole hands at thanksgiving family reunion with people like a while. Either she just. I just dairy i- chidi dear jackson. I cheated and they're holding her hand. It just didn't look like she was just like all the way who what he was saying. No she looked like she wanted to be there. I don't want eight al. Because he's trying to save you that part of what he's doing on youtube giving relationship advice. I'm sure he's trying to save that. You know i come back with testimony or whatever put that out the the we separated thing a lot of common man. Who'd only heard that one before. Yeah yeah you're saying that min say that when cheating let me ask you right. Let me ask you is this. Has anyone heard. Did you guys know who he was. Away ain't even interested. I'm just mad at him now. For sit down edgy that bid looking like that. Just don't live right. look like to you. The institute like unemployment lines totally go over there and just go over there and sit down and we're not getting any benefits. They're going through so naturally they're gonna look sad and you know like they're going through issues and problems in their marriage cheated them. I gonna come on looking happy right in. I mean hey argue men or something you know. How many many black women sitting there hold his hand those that don't do it. He's looking now saying that was looking for like zoom call with well. We hope they work it out coming up next the nephew with today's prank phone call. You're listening to harvey morning. Show spring forward at banana republic. Factory with fifty seventy percent off everything shop season favorites from colorful dresses. Too easy talks from one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. Find your nearest store or shop online. Only at banana republic factory shop fifty to seventy percent off everything gap factory. Get sixty percents off. Select jeans and dresses shop. The sale through march twenty eighth at gap factory and gap back. Three dot com. Hi i'm hillary clinton one of the reasons. Why i love my podcast. You and me both is that it's a great way to have honest eye-opening opening conversations about everything that's happening in our country and the world and boy. Do we have a lot to talk about right now. This season we're asking questions like just. How close did we come to losing our democracy and just as importantly. Where do we go from here. How can we heal and get things done. But we're also getting into the fun stuff like how do we make our homes into places where we can stand to spend even more time than we already have had to and of course al. Continue to celebrate the bravest smartest and funniest people out there. So join me. Listen to you and me. 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