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Nujoma based on truth and by that fund and he said that my sister a comeback conditioning. Your sister the old parents parents boys. They're all gone. T really blue sheet of is capable of doing something Jeremy. The humor seems glad ONA tell you what really happened that night that why has new drama White House femme watch now on TV hub. Welcome to the brief history. PODCAST my name is Andrew Not your host. This is the second episode of our brief history bite sites. It's the small episodes allows us then to produce more episodes on a regular basis as always reach out to us on social media. We're on twitter. INSTAGRAM and facebook as brief history. podcast come talk to us. Let us know what we're doing well and what you want to hear what you like about a previous episodes or if we're doing anything wrong please get in contact with up to hear from you and if I could please please please as anybody if you could end sixty seconds you time and release provide us with a five star review. Anyway listen to your podcast. It really helps the show. The more we get the wider. The audience becomes more listeners. This allows us then to attract bigger sponsorships. The show gets back to invest more in it and ultimately you guys is benefit as well as you get better episodes so if you could do that Tell your friends get them to listen. We're family to That that would be very very much. Appreciated anybody. Want any shouts outs All wanted to discuss the show. Let me know happy to do that. In future episodes so Reach reach out to us on social media. Thank you again. Harry Edmonson. He provides the music and the sound editing producing as well. I'm so today's episode. Is the football war. It was a war often. Refer to as the hundred hours war. It was a war fought between El Salvador and Honduras in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine exists. In tensions. Between the two countries coincide with righted. Join Jordan one thousand nine hundred seventy three for walker qualify the war. We can on the fourteen July sixty nine when a salvador military launch an attack against jurists. You're the Organization of American States negotiated a ceasefire the night of eighteen for July hence the hundreds of our war which took full effect on the twentieth of July lie. Salvadorian troops were joining early August. Well then the nickname football war implies that conflict was due to a football match. The causes the welcome deeper. The riots were issues over land reform in Honduras. An immigration demographic problems in our Salvador do on jurist is more than five times the size of neighboring of Salvador in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine the population salvador three point seven million with some. I'm forty percent higher than our Honduras. Two point six million. At the beginning of the Twentieth Century Twentieth Century Salvadorians Have Begun Migrate Into Honduras aureus in large numbers by nineteen. sixty-nine more than three hundred thousand Salvadorians we're living in Honduras. These Dorian made up twenty percent. The president trump population of Honduras in Honduras is a much of Central America. A large majority landlord was owned by large landowners us or big corporations. The United Fruit company attempts making it hard for the average Landau disc complete in one thousand nine hundred sixty sixty six united fruit bandits gave with many large companies to create laugh federation nationality. I to- CHEESE EGG gender on Thursday horrendous the National Federation of farmers in Livestock Farming Honduras it was anti peasantry as well as anti Salvadorian Dorian. This great put pressure on the hunt during president. General as what has already I know to prevent the property rights of they'll wealthy landover in nineteen sixty two hundred juris successfully enacted a new land reform law fully enforced by nine hundred and sixty fifty seven. This law gave the central government and modes passes much landa occupied illegally by our so virgins immigrants and redistribute beauty to native born Hondurans as specified by land reform law. The lamb was taken from above immigrant farmers and squatters regardless of that claims to the ownership or immigration status this crepe problem for Salvadorians and Hungarians were married thousands of Salvadorian and laborers were expelled from a jurist including both migrant workers and long-term settlers. This General Roy's intentions ultimately lead to military conflict conflict in June sixty nine on jurists and Salvador El Salvador in a two legged nine thousand nine hundred seventy fee for a World World Cup qualifier. There was fighting between plans at the first game in the Honduran capital of Tejeda wrapper on the June nine hundred and six six nine which Honduras win one nil. The second game on the fifteenth of June six nine in the Salvadorian capital San Salvador. which was what? Three nail by the El Salvador was followed by an even greater violence on the twenty seven for June sixty nine the day. The playoff match took place in Mexico. City Salvador's is off all diplomatic ties with endurance state. In in ten days since the game in El Salvador eleven thousand seven hundred Salvadoreans. It's been forced to flee Honduras it said the as hunters had done nothing to prevent murder oppression rape plundering and the mass expulsion of Salvadorians. There was little point in maintaining relations. It further claimed that the government juris had taken an effective measure to punish those crimes which constitute genocide. I saw it nor is it given assurances in Haitian or rap recreations for the damages caused by the Salvadorans El Salvador. Tall Wooden decided that game. Three two after extra time late in the afternoon a fourteen for July sixty nine the concerted military action began El Salvador was put on a blackout an Salvadorian Air Force using pasture airplanes with explosives. This is trump to their sides as bombers the tax targets inside Honduras Salvadorian air raid tugs included. Tom Kenington International Airport which left the Honduran Air Force able to react quickly. The larger Salvadoran Army large major fences along main roads connecting the two nations nations and invaded juris. The invasion phase were perpetuated by three main contingents. The color of Tinian go theater later the northeast and east to the Tango Theater was based on North side of our salvator including the palm of Santa Ana and Colloton go across the mountain range. Close to the border and Assam Powell River. This was a strategic region. JEETER's rich joyal soil and climate however this was not see any fighting as it was to deploy only in the case of Honduran penetration into into our Salvador northeaster was composed of a small unit of armored vehicles. The large amount of manpower. The East theater was deployed. Deploy Diplomas Union Morazan. This theater is composed of a large mechanized division in armored fighting vehicles. Such which is the m three Stuart and a large amount of artillery such one hundred or five male when a one oh one Nicaraguan direct dictator Hunter Seon Somoza. The Bali helped Honduras providing weapons and ammunition Shen initially rep progress made by the Salvadorian Army. We've been striking distance of the hunger hung jury and capital. The Mentor on the events did not last however the Hon. Jarring apples reacted by striking the Salvadorian base when German bombers attacked for the first time in the morning of the sixteenth for July when the bombs began to fall Salvadorian anti-aircraft artillery started not far Repealing some of the bombers the bombers had to attack that I can lose to where the main oil facilities are salvator always based on during Atar at ray targets also included Moina oil facilities such as the ones in custody by the evening evening sixteen for July huge pillars of smoke rise in rose in the salvator in coastline from the burn in or deposits that been bombed both sides point will vote to a redesigned aircraft or planes engagement. Where use of origin on the phone for July on Jury Air Force Concert Pilots Captain Fernando Soto and his wingman captain and Quavo Acosta engaged to Salvadorian T F fifty one D Cavalier Mustang? Two's which were attacking Never consider while strafing targets Soto entered a turn engagement when Mustang a blow off his left wing with a burst of twenty mail. A N M three cannon killing pilot pilot captain Douglas Rela warhead when his parachute did not fully deploy later that day. The past potted Soutar Victorian after one week nick. Goodyear Co says they jettisoned hard point stores before climbing made the dive in attack. Soto sent one concern on fire only to find finding wingman on his tail. An intense dogfight between them ended when Sato entered split. Ask giving him a pharmacy she she she used to shoot them cutting grew mirror rinaldo quotas. You died when his Co. sale exploded El Salvador contingent flight surviving in two thousand nine hundred. Seventy Five Honduras did not retire. Its fleet until nine thousand. Nine hundred seventy nine. The war was the last conflict which piston engined fighters there's four each over the Honduran Government Corden at the OAS to interview fair in that in the narran Salvadorian army would invade paid the capital away. ASS matting urgent session on eighteen. July Inc immediate ceasfire withdrew vow Salvador's forces for on jurist Chris L. Salvador resisted the pressure from the OAS. For several days demanded that her juris I greet to pay reparations for the tax on the Salvator in citizens and guarantee the safety of those Salvadorians remaining in Honduras. A ceasefire is rangers. On the night of the Eighteenth July it took for the effect on the twenty July. I'll salvador continued until the second of August to resist pressures. Rejoice troops then the combination of pressures that all Salvador to agree to redraw in the first days of August these persuasive pressures include the possibility Steve economic sanctions against our Salvador and the dispatch of a s observers to Honduras to oversee the security or Salvadorians begins remain in that country. The actual lasted just over four days to take more than a decade to Roy a final peace settlement. I'll Salvador finding we've Jewish troops on the second of August nineteen sixty on that date. Honduras guaranteed Salvadorian Victorian President Fidel scientists. That the Honduran government would provide adequate safety for the Salvadorian still living in Honduras. Sanchez attack. Reparations would be paid to the Salvadorian citizens as well but never accepted by Hondurans. These there were also also heavy pressures from OAS for the deliberate in Brook Repercussions. That would take place in our salvador. Continue to resist the withdrawing conjoined twins. 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