Episode 79: Hicks Deal, Tulo's Hot Start, Voit vs. Bird, And More


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Promo code short any premium suit for just three hundred fifty nine dollars and free shipping while incredible deal premium made-to-measure suit, let's go let's go. Todd as five as go the Bosnian love these Aaron Boone the leader his first. The. He's. Speaks to the forest. The portrait ROY. What's up? What's happened? Welcome to another dishing of the short porch. I'm your host hubs along Sammy on the laptop Mike goes might come Padre, the colossus cloud. Tommy, smokes Thomas Kelly. What's happening? What's up just finished? My game of thrones rewatch today, some little depressed because that was taking up a lot of time for the past couple months. And now until baseball season really starts from you have spring training. But until regular season starts March madness. There's less stuff for me to do. Are you not like a fan of the vendors that? I am kind of like next Friday. I'm just prime behind. So I actually just finished watching guardians of the galaxy to the good, and I still have to watch Thor ragnarok, and then the last one of the best ones they made, and I'm gonna watch avengers. I still haven't seen the latest vendors Jesus. Well, there's your stuff. That's we gotta do. I mean. Yeah. Which is in in three seconds. We just saw what you have to do and what they're to be so bored. But yeah, I have not rewatch him. Thrones. Yet. I don't know if I'm going to probably do like the last couple of seasons especially the last season. But I'm do six and seven probably hell on drag Ellen. Did it take you couple of months, but I was watching my down and never seen it before. So I was watching it with him too. So I when I originally watched it on my own at you could knock out like a month three weeks. But gotcha. Yet. I went to Chelsea color concert Friday, my favorite artist. She's unbelievable stronger. Commence everybody does a few short porch people there, and that was kinda like wild because it's just a ninety percent like girls, then 'cause she's just a cheese big with like, you know, younger girls, whatever. But I love for music. So I was there. It was. It was awesome Jong in the Yankee news here Aaron Hicks. We're gonna leave a lot to talk about guys where we're gonna be here for a while all longtime, but Aaron EQ seven year seventy million dollar contracts that kinda came out of the blue. I mean, I'd I didn't expect when I show seven years a kind of like jumped and seventy million. I'm like, well, that's amazing ten years out ten ten million a year. I'll take that in a heartbeat. You don't I think the seven years is sort of misleading because if the extension was five year, seventy two million. I think everyone would be like, oh, yeah. Like, no one even bat ni- in would be fourteen million a year. I think people just see that seven. And they all scared, but it's almost better to have it seven and five because lowers the annual now, you've only, you know, ten or so million ear, so I mean, it's really good extension. It's a bargain for I think it's an investment more in what he can be a little bit. What he is. But also what he can be staying healthy. And being the player was the last couple seasons is really no reason to to not like it. Yeah. If if we know the Yankees weren't gonna get much out on Harper. But their plan was to add the people they did. But they're also being very very very smart locking up their own. That's then I'm pretty much all all board this this plan because Aaron Hicks of antacid baseball player when he's healthy. He played a career high hundred thirty seven games last year changed his diet going into that year. So there's no reason to believe he can't do that. Again. He is known for his like, you know, frequent muscle polls. He loves like pulling his inner coastal muscle. And like, I know whether it is, but he loves doing it. I thought there was a chance you just made that up. Yeah. Exac. Like when you see intercoastal. I don't have it in my body. But inter he's essentially a true five tool threat. He does everything there's nothing he doesn't do poorly. This also probably nothing. He does exceptionally a great fielder. But the he's not like superstar anything, but he's good at everything. He's a kind of five tool threat is that right, right? He saw that. That's what I was in good enough in in each five to get that nod. But he's not, you know, excellent at all of them. Yeah. But good guy having centerfield. You know, I always like how when there's a ball hit to him. He's camped under it, and he almost looked so bored out there when he catches it. He's almost like pissed off the ball in challenge more. He just stares up at the sky and kinda has his hand out. He's so casual with it. But he got the ball. Every time six weird routes, the balls as a canon for an arm at a career high twenty seven homers last year. Like, I said. Kind of games for the first time really ever. He only played like upwards of eighty or ninety before that. So it's a good good deal. I don't think there's any reason to hate on it because let's say you get four to five good years out of him. You you're like another, you know, three or two to three left wants ten million a year, you can eat, you know, get rid of him or trade and not that we want that we want all seven years to be great. But like, you know, there's always these poison pill contracts. They backload last couple years on some deals does nothing with this. This is just a good old fashioned good deal on both sides Hicks gets his longevity. I mean a couple years ago an extra trae for John Ryan Murphy. Now, the guy got a seven year seventy million dollar contract. He's ecstatic and the Yankees, you know, they're betting Cashman had a quote, and he said, I'm betting on you. He told Aaron Hicks based on you know, they they love his work ethic is played discipline is defensive ability for think, it was Lindsay Adler said she had a conversation with him like last year and. And it was all about because he's big on opiates and on bass percent. You know, Aaron hill hit three thirty four you. But I will say on on. I'm not expecting three thirty. I'd like him to hit forbid a higher than average. I'd like to flirt with two seventy. Maybe I'd even take two that's gonna be one thing. I want to harp on this year is higher average. I know on base percentage is important and a single or a walk as good as a single yada yada, yada. I know I sound like an old man yelling at a cloud. But I want their averages to be a little bit higher. And the reason is I look at the Red Sox from last season right in a bunch of guys that I mean putting the ball in play is big the royals contact from a few years ago. You put the ball in play you get hit. So. Yeah, you know, three seventy will be is really nice. But I'd love to see him get that average up a little bit to you know, to seventy or so right. I didn't realize he got MVP votes last year. He finished twenty second the MVP. He's starting probably was a agree. Average looks cool. It looks like a guys into for what? Ever like rather him into seventy five. But I mean, I'm local guy, and I look at three sixty six will be peace fantastic. I'll take you know, and it can get better three seventy two the year before that he's a percent of the conversation. I think it was Lindsay aller. And he told her that a strikeout is like the lease of like he base was indefens-. He was defending people striking out, then you'll have people shit on all junk, all stay right? But he's just like it's the heart most harmless out you can make because you can't get into play or any of that shit. So the least productive out you can obviously. So there's this too it. But she just said his approach to the game is super analytical. He's a big, you know, he's big research and numbers, and you know, he likes his VP highs. Oh, PS high and all that. So he's a good guy. Definitely got lockup KFC was Turpin. He was like, oh, the evil empire is now truly officially dead the sea stun in the dirt Machado Harper Vale when you get Aaron Hicks until he's thirty seven sues. It was just the most like. Uninformed tweet. I think I've ever seen on Twitter. I knew it to think he was very thing. He was trolling. But at the same time not play. I mean, this is I comment on those like you would die for a player like Aaron Hicks on the Mets. They have anyone like that. There was twenty years ago. The inky is locked up. A switch hitting center fielder to a seven year extension in Bernie Williams. And I think that you know, there you could draw similarities between their games patient hitters. Switch hitters, obviously. I come out. I think. Yeah. So definitely the right move. Yeah. Like, you said, maybe when he's thirty five or whatever you might not be worth it. But it's ten million dollars a year. So I look rice Harper would have been lovely. But you know, locking up our Knicks long as you stay healthy, really confident him. It is crazy thinking about twenty sixteen when he hit two seventeen. I mean, he was he was getting a level of. Hey, you know, he was in not quite Stephen drew territory, but he was up there with. How much people were hitting him. Also got hurt. He would get her to on top. Yeah. Who would have thought just a few? You know couple years later leadoff guy. People were elated with this contract. Yeah. We spent a lot of times I'll wrap it up real quick. But Charlie whisk. Oh, I think he's now Charlie freer, whatever the hell is last name is on Twitter. He had a very tweet so player a four hundred eighty at bats a four point seven war to forty eight batting average ninety ninety runs scored seventy seventy nine RBI's. I think we all that's Aaron Hicks player beat five hundred fifty at bats a one point three war to forty nine. Batting average one hundred three runs scored hundred RV is do you think that guy's spice Harper harbor. He's getting twenty million twenty five more million a year than those. I find those things interesting sometimes but same time, we all know, boys. Harper is with force. But I'm just saying like, yeah. Value. These daytime value real some other guys if you like war than Aaron Hicks is your guy like he's he's number. He was second in the last two years combined in war, Ben center, fielders, Mike, trout's, only only guy above him. Oh, sorry. He's third Tom. Tommy fans ahead of them at ten point one Hicks at eight point two trout, sixteen point seven will he's an alien account. Yes. So overall, the don't hate it all and if you get really analytical Devon Finks at Aaron Hicks would only need to be worth a seven point five were over the next seven seasons in order to pay off his contract. And I mean, it I just told you that he has a combined point to his last two years so easily do that in you know, season in the half for sure. So a big time deal we mentioned Harper. So we'll get into that real quick. I guess, you know, he side of the Phillies. Good for good for guys money weird. Contract. No outs. Thirteen years. No opt-outs in Philly. I don't a he said he wanted. I mean the way he described it was that. It's a statement that he's there forever. He's gonna fish career there any wants people come to him and know that he's not gonna ever opt out and leave. So from that standpoint lecture. But that's again, I mean thirteen years stuck in the same place. Vital Burt made a funny Joe he's like I would never agree to anything for thirteen years. I would never go be someone's friend for thirteen years. That's so long. And then some are Johnny Damon signed his he became a Yankee thirteen years ago. Johnny came Yankee thirteen years ago that is I'm surprised Philippine radio. But I'm surprised he. I'm surprised for both sides that it was thirteen years. Just yet. Because for Bryce I mean, if you go say, let's even to say Levin three thirty you're getting a higher annual value each year in your hitting free agency, two years younger. I mean, he would hit freight until like thirty seven down the road where he committee play for another couple years still make some more money to add onto that three. Maybe is earnings and three sixty three seventy and for the Phillies. I'm surprised, you know, they didn't they want. Also agree that out because I know the average annual value would be a bit higher. But you also are not paying thirty eight year old or whatever. But, you know, whatever for whatever reason they agreed thirteen three thirty obviously very similar Carlos Stanton's contract except for the opt out or lack thereof in Bryce Harper's case. I'm still surprised. I mean, if you look at the quotes after from Cashman Boris, basically, the keys were never on ever an for which I think is still crazy. I think three years from now. You know, Bryce Harper's winning the World Series in Philly and he's hitting forty five home runs a year. He's the clear face baseball winning MVP. The Yankees are gonna regret. I really do. I think that the fact that they didn't even seem to kick the tires and really do their due diligence. Right is shocking. And I do think they will regret it one day. And I'm upset just as a fan. I think would have been cool to have price Harper past six years. We've been talking about it. But I don't think he he loves Mickey Mantle you'll be and the fact that it is never even was sort of an option is bizarre to me. Yeah. It's if you told me couple years ago that I would fucking light you on fire. I mean, we have to deal with it that there's to move on. So like, I'm going to be content with what we got. I'm more than content. We got one hundred nineteen and improved whatever. But you're right. The fact that they didn't sit down with him is frustrating, especially when you like what if they what do you think if we made the dodgers offer because the dodgers apparently offered forty five million a year for four years. He'll get the Yankees offer that. The whole. I dunno feel any maybe I mean, I think he clearly wanted a long-term deal. So yeah, you never know exerting to look at him as like the girl the girl they never asked out. And you know, she went married some other guy. Maybe they'll regret at one day. Just gotta hope to grow got real gets really ugly. I guess is. Yeah, there's the miss at. The bottom line Gill. This guy's the best. He he was the guy who I mean, he he's wrong everything he does pull up how wrong he was. He he's the guy basically column ary decide who's gonna play football. And he he chew after Murray decided to play football on Twitter announced that Nightingale published an article saying how he's he's considering baseball again just so wrong about it. So now now Bob's back is electric. I'm just so I came when I came ARCO in on a baseball store, you know, it's legit. You know, it's like funny, and he's interested. He's obsessive about Nightingale because of me because Bobby I call Bobby lightning now. And so the morning Harper the more the Harper Harper nounce, like probably two o'clock, so at ten thirty seven the morning Nightingale publishes a story. Bryce, Harper's free agency reaches final stages, and the Phillies might no longer be favorites as dodgers make aggressive bit. So of. He did that. Then when Harper the deal get announce Nightingale tweets rice, hopper gets ten years three hundred thirty million with an opt-out believed after three years. He was just wrong about everything in that tweet everything besides you got three thirty nailed that. But the thirteen year deal, and there's no opt-out. So Bob is wrong about he's how does he trust his sources, I will say it's almost being wrong that much is almost really impressive as being right of that much. Right. You would think just typically speaking he'd he'd he'd get a few right here. And there that much is its own skill. It's like when you lose twenty bets in a row is like, right. It's like, yeah. It's like going to the roulette table in, you know, betting color in losing twenty times in a row or whatever. It's statistically is impressive is winning twenty. Unbelievable. The last part about a Harper interaction Gardner bird garner. When he heard about the deal. That's a long time. I won't still be playing for thirteen more years. I know that Greg bird goes Siri. Gardner goes. Yeah. Maybe two or three bird Dannatt. I don't know what burden actually believe that. I think he was pretty sure he was in on the joke. I know we date him. But I would think he's joking is weird probably thinks he's four thousand chances for the spoke of play forever. But fifty years Greg bird moving on. Now. We'll get more Yankee shed we hadn't Harper, and we could just we did one ignore it. But we have to talk about it. There's the battle going on in Tampa, Florida these days, I mean, you can throw like any giant war even been in. You know, like us versus Britain, the revolutionary war everything that they stack up with Greg bird versus Luke Floyd down in Tampa. I mean, it is back and forth. It is just a battle of tight spring. Training titans. I'm navarine, but every tweet got notifications tournament phone, no one day bird hits a dull bird has like four extra base hits. Look Voight responds with homerun answers back and forth back and forth. I don't even know if these you think they walk by other in the hallway. They just like is it awkward stare each other down or so I envision maybe knock something because hands whichever one like everyone's holding something I know. I mean, look, I'll just say this. I hope that whoever wins the job continues this pace when the game starts actually matter. I feel like that's not going to be the case. I I'm afraid that basically one person, you know, one person in the job be bad in the majors. The person that get sent the triple eight will tear up in the minors will then switch and they will switch back again or the person the majors goes cold person in the minors goes on hot streak could be all year flipping back and forth and just getting the cold streaks of the people in the majors. That's what I'm afraid of. I I I have a feeling I mean injury. What someone's going to get hurt? And then that will just clear the way. I don't train those two. Yeah. I have a feeling I've really bad feeling that's going to happen. So far now Greg were to six thirteen with three doubles. And three RBI's and one home run. Look Voight is three for ten with two runs in five RBI's both having good springs. No one's really made any bad place in the field from what I've seen. It's neck and neck. I mean, the the question we've got a lot of DM's about it. Do you think we can carry both because buono kinda like hold backings? Like, maybe there's a situation where you both these guys make the team. Yeah. I was thinking about this earlier. You know, initial thought was no. I still don't think that they should. But there is a way if I mean Giancarlo has to start playing left field. Right. If you do that it's possible because then you would have unnecessary. You don't need to do. Right. You have Stanton Hicks in judge in the outfield garner as your fourth outfielder than you know, you have to locally Rando har-. And then you could have. Bird and voi-, you know, one at first, and maybe one D H is some days garnered play any put you in Carlow in lefty have on the bench of role. Mine who and Gardner were the first basement that's not playing. So it is possible. I think it gives you a little less flexibility. I think carrying a guy like Tyler Wade over one of them is better for defensive purposes because he can play more positions. But from an offensive standpoint, if they're both hitting so hot than it is possible that you know, one place I based on the is most of the time. I will say I will hate Greg bird less if that's the case because I just my whole I just want Moog. Void the play and get a chance because I think he deserves it for the end of the year he had and he still hidden in the playoffs the mentality. He brings chip on the shoulder. He brings in how big of a workout horsey is. I just really want that guy getting shot in the reason I resent Burge because I feel he's gotten plenty of chances. That's what it comes down to nothing against the guy. I think he's gotten too many chances any really hasn't done much with it aside from you know, his twenty fifteen September and his twenty seventeen playoff run. They were all good other than that. Those two little pieces of his short short career. He's pretty much been hurt were a one hundred hitter. So I just want Luke Voight have his checks. I think it's fair. I think it's I think he's he's earned it. I think the organization thinks that I think everyone around him like some a lot. I just want my man to get a shot. If he if he gets. Shot and struggling not the same guy. Then we can fuck around Greg road again fine. But I won't move as my starting first baseman on opening day March twenty eighth because I think he just deserves it. I think the American dream. We're going like that that route he deserves it and we're going second chances will birds six kids. So I think. Just it's not really fair about the American dream. I just think Luke Florida's better like to see him be the first basement that works. But yes, we'll see there from pretty much there. Alternate anything every day who's who's playing who's not split squads in times of the play the same time. It's just a very interesting thing. We haven't had something like this in a while like a back and forth race with position battle. So it's we talk about basically like watching hard knocks. You know, like you they give relationship we have our own storylines, basically. So the most surprising thing in most entertaining thing uh, spring training, so far, and there's been a lot has been Troy to Lewinsky. Now, we got this guy. You know, basically the biggest high reward low risk. You can get you know, we're paying five hundred thousand dollars the league minimum loser. Paying twenty million dollars this year next em? We're just gonna see what he's got. He can fill in for D until dis back around August. Hopefully bar no setbacks and all this guy's in spring training and people people will be like, oh, you can so fired up. His returning will know, it was our cast at the start and now is really cool. 'cause dul he'll surgery very difficult. Come back from that. It's a very very serious injury. And he plays shortstop still it's very mobile position. And so far so good. I mean, the guy let me see let me find this quote. From Boone is I'm probably more excited about how. Well, he's moving in the field in attacking the ball just playing for easy. He looks really let it got there. People are basically yo piggybacking off that and saying just he looks vintage Tula. I mean, he hits the home run against the Bluejays. It seems like it was a year ago. And we talked about that because it happened on Monday. So it's been a full week since the Blue Jays run, but he goes off taco, and he's rounding first base. He stares into the Blue Jays dugout starts like fucking cursing them off. Let's fucking go and his head. He's you shouldn't have fucking cut me you sons of bitches east outta chip on a shoulder. He's co pet I fucking love it. I was I mean outlet save a little bit of passion for the regular season. Troy, but yeah, I mean, I can't knock him for that. I think the vibe I'm getting to Lewinsky is going to be one of those players. Matt Holliday Khanna comes to mind from two years ago where he has a hot start to the season. And then maybe starts to Taylor off a little bit with injuries or slump. But I think I'd probably take that dude. I'll be gives us some home run is like the right if he gets us in an awesome first couple of months of the season where not even vintage too low. But you know, Dr good production. He's immediately worth the contract. Yeah. I mean, it's five thousand dollars. It says. Yeah. Every this is almost like more than worth it. 'cause we got like a little store talking about from him. Like, that's that's almost enough in itself. So I hope to God he keeps it up. I hope he stays healthy. He looks finally, you know, like Boone said playing free and easy. That's what you want. He's he's a treat to watch a short when he makes when he charged the ball and throws out like cross body. It's it's beautiful. He throws the ball. Effortlessly the first not after it looks that putting a lot of effort. He throws. He use your all force. But it's just it's an absolute fucking missile the first base. And he's got good range still it appears and. Yeah, I mean, this is this is great news. And it'd be great to all the Red Sox. Our like, oh, he'll get hurt in three days in like are Willie might be right? But also if we could stick in some a little bit that'd be nice. If even better if he homers against the Blue Jays in the regular season. Because I did so corrobos quoted me forgot what he said something probably the O two. They have a thing on section town. Oh too low, bro. Too low. I don't know all the second ten people tweet at me fucking losers. But he quoted me something about to Lewis, he anti Tilleke. And who do you think like that tweet? Four Mark Roman former player former player. Yeah. We'll sue me. From the Blue Jays, right? He's not doesn't play baseball anymore. All he does. He's on a team. Oh, he's on. What's? I would give it away USA. Guess. I don't know. I was giving the team ever. Donaldson liked it. I was thinking him. So clearly, they're they're not, you know peas in pod, they they didn't really get. I he plays a lot of fire maybe rooms donelson those. I feel like they would like each other. But whatever, but what a jarred tweet to sink below bro. Now, something just like getting excited for spring training home runs or slow some like that. I I can't believe it was a couple of days ago little while final Twitter. But it was it was anti Lewinsky something about, you know, getting cypher screen transfer. Oh, how much he's a loser for, you know, getting fired up that's pretty gutter and Danzig like that looking Donald it'll be like the same way. Please riding fire out get that. But no big fan too, low, whatever it sounds like the plan is due. Glacier, LeMay who in him and rotate so that should take winter really should not be in the rotation. I we've talked to this. I agree. But that's that's what they're gonna do. Maybe there. Something what maybe you know, he's off one day a week or something? But not he should not be sitting once every three days, which I don't think you'll like it is going to be like that. It's gonna he's in. I feel like he's mailing me the second baseman. Yeah. I do too. And then what was that knows? Right. He's mainly shortstop and LeMay who might merely be the second basement and the tool is gonna play early. I think to start off it's going to be too low like nonstop at short, not not stop. But I don't know. Yeah. I don't know. Actually, it's tough to see it's predict right now. I mean, we're twenty five years away from opening day a lot like there's a very good chance. What would you put the odds that swear this with Ellsberg loss? But what would you the odds Tula doesn't get hurt in spring training? Hurt at all or her ex out for opening day. What are that? He's healthy. Come opening, right? Yeah. He is your is eighty five percent seventy five percents. He's healthy on opening day. Okay. Yeah. I'll take that. Take those outs. So that would be like a minus two hundred bet doesn't seem right. Oh. One thirty five closer even than have a big favourite seven percent. I dunno. He's tough. He's a tough injured history. I don't know. I we injuries confident. Maybe it's a gut feeling too. I am too. And I tweeted that I know I'm going to get hurt because I'm falling in love with him and FireEye final response. This grace is more for me. And then he was just like cut by July, and it was just deputy. Philip forgetting sucked in but what really size. I loved him. He was an awesome player. You like, I don't know. He killed the Yankees when he's including I didn't like them as a you know, I didn't like him because I was liked his game. He would make very very awesome plays in the he was constantly on web webcams. Speaking of injuries were run through milk with nothing. Crazy. Clint guy hit on the wrist today or hand we'll scary. He's completely fine. Those he said so that God, I knew it was fun. I saw posted a picture on Instagram with with tool, actually, I believe right. Like a little after. So I figured hey, you know, what he would if he was really upset and hurt he was probably post on Instagram Clinton. You wanna get us to low in the pod w Khanna's sick lease. Brett Gardner today. Very funny. Little thing very Gardner esque. Very state trooper Gardner, very hard. Oh gardner. Lindsey. Our tweets baseball such an odd sport garner reach base today on a hit by pitch after a curveball down five feet in front of the plate in bounce hit him in the wrist. He has a Mark from it, but declined to wrap it overnight. Is is care. That's hard Ogori sign of weakness. If you wrap it from injuries is that's classic garner. He's in midseason form ready. An Aaron Hicks has a stiff back. It sounds like just being very precautious, and they're not very concerned all and he'll be back to a few days he'll be back to normal. But you know, all your you will get Yankee sweater overreacting this seven year contract because he has a stiff back on March third. So they'll be those Suva people out there some highlights Aaron judge they had a lot of fucking. I was very hung over title at a very long night last night funding and. The eggs a lot of home hormones will cure high hangover help it because it seemed like every five minutes they were hitting a ball out gardener leads off of one Garnett today. Judge hit to his second one. They both opposite field. His second one went through a right, fielders gloves and just bounced over the steps it was hit. So fucking hard went through the glove. Grevy was mean, I was a as watching the first inning. And I was on, you know, you know, always like nice to see when the keys are putting out a cell lineup. I training game. Right. First two at bats. It's like homerun homers. Oh, I this is just great to say garnered his shot too. Yeah. In the Aaron judge said that in the dugout a garner was like bragging about his home, run or whatever. And then judge was like well going up is harder. And to bragging about his his shot outright field. Judge is going to have a monster season. I mean, he always does if he's healthy. But he is mad. I think still about being hurt last year. Are these going to put up twenty seventeen numbers? Yes. So I guess we can talk about now. He will. He did a New York Post, interview and shocking. He didn't do a partial sports. I mean, I thought for sure we'd have that scoop. But he didn't interview any said he does not regret the New York New York thing, which I love then we have to set. Yeah. I really like that. I don't know what like I people people to bring up my own comments when it happened back that, and you know, we all were like fuck it wishy didn't do that. But looking do that now, I wouldn't do it. I would do whatever single time. Tim saying he would still do it. He kind of has to say that. Oh, I do it again. But yeah, I can say I still wish you hadn't done that. But it's not like he's single the Red Sox out. He does that for every single time. They leave stadium every time. They get a win on getaway day on the road. He doesn't it's non-eu Red Sox. It's still it was such an oath sold under five facts. I just wish to your big on the butterfly if he doesn't do it. Maybe there attacks win the World Series. Maybe I I think the damage quote was way way more impactful than that. Damage is like they're fucking slogan all year long. I don't really rushed than the playoffs. Barsial probably try to make it seem like the speaker was a big deal. I don't think the players were affected by it. I think they were. No, I think the Red Sox you lot of the ankles are affected, but I think that Red Sox. He was very good. Like you mentioned with downs. They're very good at built aboard material loss in Boston. It's thrives in chip. They weren't know. Alex Cora wasn't ended up being like, well, you guys aren't does doubt at every getaway day where he plays. They're they're like. Fuck disrespecting us. So I are them up a little bit. I still think that you agree, though, the damage quote from Kashmir was way worse. Overall. Yeah. I mean at the time I think, but I mean to put that on their playoff what he's right. Yeah. So that's probably worse as show much worse. And then it let's four-game. I love the song New York, New York. And I hate that gave it to them for that hit them still ours were taken aback, even we don't even have to still are still gonna play it. It's nine oh anymore. No. I agree. It just it's in Amy coli think pretty much Aaron judge will never win another playoff game again. Because of that. It's just dumbest thing it's ridiculous. That's just a coli little thing. Thing. Oh, here's a. Just quote about the home run that it was hilarious. He said he was just really trying to dunk a ball over the second basements head. I was able to get the barrel on it. I was just trying to save those for the season. But I'll take them right now. I guess so he was just trying to hit a little bloop single. Right. And it just went out for home run. That's the mass. What happens when you're six seven two hundred eighty. That's that's what happens when you the power of Dodd and yell when else can match you fucking unbelievable. And we don't really I don't give a fuck every two months that he's like that's not a guy on spring training. Just just stay healthy. You know, has some I would I would sign up for him basically going for thirty than over spring training healthy for opening day. But then it starts storylines shit. I don't want that. Well, yeah. All right. Three for thirty. That's that did not make it any better. I just wanted to healthy is what I'm trying to say three hundred thirty is of one hundred batting average. It's bad. But I wanted healthy. 'cause I know it will be okay that. Yeah. I totally agree with sentiments though. For sure. Brett Gardner and judge agreed that the team's going to break their own home run record. I think they're going to shatter considering Giancarlo kinda had a lesser slippery in homers, but he can do more than that. And judgments, two months. Yeah, I feel like a Gary had such a disaster year gallery hit a fucking homerun today. I think off the bat of Erica yard upset miles per hour. Rated it three hundred miles an hour. I add that one central yet fizzle. But I think they're gonna shatter the record if they want they broke last year, given shatter it shatters tough. I think sixty seven home runs a lot, and you have to remember that e you know, games missed by drugs. Sanchez other guys are games. Played by replacement players. Don't have the same power books. Bill if they were still hitting some home runs Robinson while not just Jane Robinson. But you know, all the ball his face today. Gee, I mean, that's true. That's like Shane Robinson update. It was the most Shane Robinson thing of all time just square in his face. He's I agree that, you know, Gary should hit more home runs this year. Judge shouldn't moment this year, Carlo probably. But there is there could be regression in other air. I again, I just think two hundred six seven dollars is a lot. I think they'll be right around there again. But I'm not gonna confidently say they'll shatter it. I think they will. But that's whatever teacher on Danny Farquaad. We haven't really talked a lot about him. So I mean, I think you know, by now of but he it in twenty teen first month and season last year the guy collapsed in the dugout for he was on the White Sox. He claps in the dugout against the Astros. He lost consciousness. He was throwing up. He was taken to the ambulance. He had a brain hemorrhage which caused a ruptured brain aneurysm. I mean, you throw those words around and I get like like he he was at the point where in June when he threw out the first pitch for them that was a humongous deal. It was like he's walking. Again. He throw a pitch. Now's guys like back playing baseball, which is even more improbable. So yang. He's gave a minor league contract and he's wearing a special helmet slash hat. You know, it's weird protective thing. But the guy that got to do it and yet he pitched day he fucking rocks. But it's okay. Five runs. Got the loss zero one hundred thirty five it's fine. But he was quite he's from everything I've seen he's like the happiest men in the world. Like, he's just he's just seems to really love being a Yankee to being alive. I think. Yeah. Like, he just like a big fan of Bing live, which is good. That's fair. I like my players being happy there live. But his quote was obviously the results were in great. But I call good day. I've never been high fives so much giving five runs in my career. Just funny. But yeah, it's a good, you know, June. He's probably not totally. Oh, thank God. He's alive. It's like you stink like duty fucking game. No. He wasn't good pitcher like he's he's a tenth round pick back into dozen eight. He put fucking really good numbers the minor leagues. He has good stuff. I mean, obviously he had quite the setback. But the dude is these thirty two maybe you could give some stuff in the minors in crack, the big. I don't think he's going to be making the big league roster. I think it would be impossible on opening day. But who knows maybe I I think he'll he'll make an appearance in the Bronx. I mean, you think about the Skype shuttle often make shoveled pitcher out and shitty guiding five runs fine. But like assuming he can get back to his or get close to where he was before this. There's no reason he can he can pitch a little bit in the Bronx. So we're ruined for a show. There was a funny story with pretentious, right? You said it. I thought you brought it up in pre show, whatever. But you had you had put it on the up. I was just teeing you up to talk about the story. But well, you take it. Okay. You've lost your pillages, Danny Farquaad and Delon of roommates briefly AA Farquaad said he greeted Matanzas in Spanish, and then had a good conversation. It wasn't until an hour later Batanes revealed. He spoke perfect English. I like that that classic white guy. Trying to, you know, be let me embrace his culture. Try trying to not be racist than ends up being more racist than anything. Scars. This is like I I hope that when they finally broke. He I always first words in English were born in the fucking Bronx. Misconception with him. I think everyone thinks he's like a Dominican Republic guy is just born. Have you held in Kumar one time obey? I don't I seen some of those movies. I don't think. Fucking hilarious. You should see if you haven't. But there's a scene where? The Chinese guy so bad with names. Harold guys herald up so stupid. It's in the title Tara. It was weird. Herald is he's a American Chinese guy. And he's wanted for by the CIA FBI for whatever something you've seen the movie, but they're interviewing his parents as sitting down in like an interrogation like almost like Jack Bauer and twenty four situation, and they have an helmsmen from the hangover, and he's the tease the translator, and they just think Chinese people, and he's trying enunciate his words so slowly. And then try to translate it back to the FBI guy, and they just speak perfect English and goes on for like, two minutes. He just can't understand what they're said. He keeps saying like the dial the style at they've never seen before. I have no idea what they're saying. And they're speaking fluent English holes. I'm like, why won't you understand us? We are sonny's innocent. Like we. Darkens, and he's like, this is crazy shit. I've never before with daddy Farquaad. Yeah. Funny, sir. And then I found twenty dollars because I told the story terribly tell what what you've found twenty dollars. I say that when it's when I tell a story that's going on too long. It's bad story. You just you found twenty dollars to make it exciting. I don't think that makes any more exciting. Okay. Forget it. Tommy Canley haven't heard from him in a little bit of love to have him back from twenty seventeen form you striking everybody out. He had his spring training debut. He struck out. Everybody faced the struck out the side, which is good in my opinion. That's a good strategy. He was seen throwing ninety seven miles an hour. That's Tommy Canley. We know we don't wanna see ninety to Kaley. We'll see ninety seven gambling. So they said he was regularly ninety five ninety six ninety seven. I'm gonna put Tommy keenly as one of the most under the radar important Yankees. This year. Well, I did make sure bulletin that much better. Yeah. Right. But not like not even that. I mean, I think even the elite as the top five in the bullpen. You're right. You have to assume there there could be injuries, and you know, relievers sometimes go through cold streaks. And you know, the back end you still need you need as many good relievers as possible, and I think Tommy kingly he could return to twenty seventeen form. That'd be absolutely. I mean, they're both pay grade. Yeah. You can never have too many relief pitchers. Exactly. Because there is relief pitchers. I feel like it's rare to have them all clicking at the same time. I feel like even when you have the most elite bullpens usually one reliever that's going through a bit of a rut or something I put they're pretty prone to cold streaks. But you know, so the more you have the better, I think Tommy Kane -ly, let's forget the Incas gave up a. Pretty big package headlined by Blake Rutherford for him in Todd Frazier. But really a lot him Robertson. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Forgot Roberts Canley what cable. Kayla was a big piece in it was the big he was like they said like that we gave up the extra amount for Tenley. So he, you know, you wanna make that deal worth it. And I think he could have a big season for shaving without the red bull and coffee. She Chris I think drunkenly said last night that I'm gonna try to game. Once I'm not trying to six rebels into office nine his die. That's right. I mean, I'm not gonna survive that you didn't do it in three hours. Right. He would do it during throughout the right? But like it'll be like a strikeout challenge. But instead you like them die will action would actually would die. Six rebuilding your heart would be going. So yeah, you might die. What if it was six rebel Bacchus? So it's like not as much rebel. It was just out. Call. I think probably done that before not in three I've probably at one point three while like. Yeah. But you're thrown to coffees in the mix. And again, he's never tell me. A red bull cry. I don't know we did that don't be a while challenge. Like, a is the camera the whole time, my heart just exploded. We didn't really we didn't have his Neil Albert through today that guy has filthy slut and stuff. He throws curveball drops from the sky. We won't you know, this is a very very short topic. But Albert Ray will be awesome. Another arm to crack the relievers. He could also that's another name really not talking about that could be a big impact in the in. You know? Hope for him. You know, a starter to have there's no real role for him this year with that. He can I can see him being a like, the Domingo her mom of this year on you and your mind. I guess he's the first option. But I mean, you can never have enough starting pitching because the way people go down you have doubleheader games. And you know, I think that I would think Brady will probably make start for the year. Okay. That's just pretty solid prediction. We have a new segment on the show. It's not what we've been doing. But we haven't called anything. It's called is Jacoby ellsbury alive. If anyone wants to sponsored out there godspeed. I don't know if that's gonna be the best thing. I feel like that's just going to ruin your company if you do sponsor that segment, but he was once again seen reportedly is no video nothing. Nothing. Actual no evidence beside the tweet that he's running on flat ground. So we're, you know, it's it's news that professional athletes was running on flat ground. It's news. Over in a nutshell. I mean, this is all he's they're acting like he's Ryan shazier coming back four call right? Like, he got paralyzed or something. He's just very brittle and injury prone. He manning on flat. Ground should not be news Boone said that the keys will decide soon if he's ready to come to Tampa for baseball Timothy's. There's decide if you're gonna play is is is he a lot. I don't think. So what do you think the next the next elbow news is so they they a couple of days they're going to decide between a so she's gonna be I think it's gonna be Ellsberg shutout. Yeah. I think so too. I mean, let's put odds on it. Like, what's rank them? So let's go. Let's go. He'll what do you think? Odds are report like they said, he's good to go is coming back plus seven hundred. Yeah. That they're high maybe plus five hundred I'm thinking like coming back. What? No, let's say like they said he's report like that would be that would be. That's we like or plus four hundred. Okay. Plus four hundred how about. Had a setback shutdown will be no report following this like he's outed. Definitely that's gonna be minus two hundred probably and then. What else is there dead? They died. That's gonna be like plus three three hundred. I'd say plus twelve hundred but it's weird that it's listed weird enough that it's listed where it makes you double takes go. Maybe he's not not a part of the field. It's just it's all right. Yeah. The fact that they're offering this makes me wonder I am very excited for the next tweet. They're gonna come Orage, you think. Okay. So how about a new injury that he just something else? Happened is elbows shorts. Gotta be plus one fifty. Yeah. That might be the favorite. He's while running ellsbury encounter. The wind is. No longer run on flat ground. Such a pathetic person flat ground tweet L never get up. Never get enough of flat ground, teacher pro athletes. Love it. Okay. This is gonna piss me off the segment Colin coward. What's your opinion coward? You like him. Kana torn. I mean, he has this weird thing with barstool where he kind of doesn't acknowledge that we this. When I feel like it's tongue in cheek where he'll be like, oh, what are the names the bar hilt? I don't have. I don't hate him. I definitely don't hate them. I don't like listen to show or anything. I think he's intrigues may sometimes I mean, he's like every other talking headed ESPN Fox Sports world where they just say ridiculous things to try and people like me and Colin coward. Did it? Thanks a little better than than others. He's better than max Kellerman or somebody. Yeah. Like, a real person might pin? He's such a ridiculous even being the. Yeah. Cobb yet. I put out ahead of him. But yet Rana show. Call early early last week and. Coward cowed is big on football. Any Nelson basketball. He's not a baseball guy. I've never really heard him talk about baseball before just not this is a tough time for him. Mark madison's. You know, it's coming couple of weeks, but not here yet, the NBA's, you know, just in the second half of the year. Nothing crazy going on there. The NFL's dead is going on there. The draft isn't right now draft is in a little while. So he's gotta talk about baseball. So we had a are on a show. And there was McCollum already start. Eventually get the Yankees in. We'll play the Cup. Now. Do you read all about the Yankees lot of money? Aaron judge John Carlos STAN, it's a lot of Broadway. Do they have like you call it the the humanity? Do they have the guy that sacrifices like when I look at the Yankees. And I look at the Red Sox. I think the Red Sox have a perfect combination of grinders and David price and Mookie Betts rising star. Our star grinder to the Yankees have that everything's about balance. Right. And if I have Tom Brady, I can't bring in Dan Marino. Right. If I have magic I can't bring in Stockton. I need Kareem. Right. And you need a assets that complement each other exactly guild Yankees have that while I think it was interesting when you have judge and they bring in Stanton is almost like the same player. Exactly one is making over three hundred million dollars. Even though the Yankees only inherited only two hundred sixty million. You have a guy like Aaron judge who is just as good making half a million dollars. Right. I mean is on about capital allocation, and how do you deploy your capital and how to use your resources? You know, it's just like building a house, and if you have a five thousand square foot house, you can't have twelve garages. Right. And if you have it's all about complementary and what the Yankees that. So well for so long was having the complement to replay the comfortable with that. Yeah. They could have you in jeeter Bernie, but they had to have three starters. And I just I watched the Red Sox closer. Well. Yeah, they have to have a number three starter closer. But what I watched the Yankees the greatest Yankee teams that you were part of they always had complementary players. I thought Boston a great job with that last year. And I just don't know if the Yankees happening. I mean. One. What is Iran doing here? I love era, we will big with a number one era podcast. Besides the only one the one he has where you know, the Corp he's he's on. But we defend their of everything. But like, how do you just sit there and say like the Yankees don't have any complementary players we talking what is covered. It's almost like he has never isn't always on the roster. He's ever watched a game. I think I'd theory that I think he just only watch the playoff series in the AL DS. He just judging that the entire offseason was basically spent compiling complimentary player. Yeah. And also Aaron judge miss two months last year. Gary Sanchez of the worst year was life. San was. Okay. And they one hundred games. Well, wouldn't that imply the comforter players helped carry them that way about the two guys who finished in the top three of the rookie of the year voting Magellan gleyber Torres they've commented players who don't care about the spotlight. I think the definition of that what about gore? I think he's a pretty good player. Our Knicks air Knicks as pretty good Voight, the forgotten men. Yeah. I think that's a guy who doesn't give a shit about the spotlight. He just wants to play baseball. And he's a good player. I think points there. I mean, we can go down the list here. I just record. He said we only grinders which what the fuck is Brett Gardner, that's brick has made entire career to being a grinder. When you go into the dictionary next to grinder brick on his bald head pops up brick on beat the Indians into dozen seventeen the AL DS on thirteen pitch bet. I call. Is actually in in the dictionary. Video of that that is a dictionary. Like, we we talking about what do you mean? We don't have complementary players the tea we already have the most complimentary players. It was such a -rageous thing. I know it's meant to stir people up like me like we had eight road sit there. He works out with these. He's an employee. He's a special adviser as he could have body he could buried coward. They're buried listen. Eight got eight comedy players, just I'm sure has a good reason. He didn't wanna be disrespectful. He's era. Just a man respect. Okay. On his own show. I have no concerns about his loyalties. No, I'm not. I'm just a wish he he had an opportunity to destroy cower there. He couldn't any gaining out of respect. Okay. We we work with that since then, I guess. I don't know, man. It was just a announcement star people up in whatever. But I I didn't like that you one hundred games, you know. You know, it takes a full fucking Tina brick home run record. It's not just one guy can do at such. She hasn't actually should have been the biggest point of. I mean, the two hundred sixty seven home runs a nobody hit more than thirty eight. Right. Like statistically, we have to have other player that unto. Well. They like I think they're the team with the most players hit twenty or more home run say, I feel like I'm gonna I'm not an idiot here. Right. Nobody besides Carl even thirty right Hicks at twenty seven what judge finished with. I believe twenty seven as well. Okay. Yeah. Then. No, no ever. We had the most people in baseball. I think twenty seven. Yeah. What a stupid comment just we're Diculeng hoping. Crazy if I broke the home run record with no forty homerun hitters in one thirty home run hitter. And saint. It shows deep forgot who also morosi tweeted like in last decade. This is the deepest Yankee team have ever had like they are so fucking deep. So it's a little exciting to their are gonna bring everyone down here. Feeling good whatever. Louis Sessa has a real opportunity. Make the roster's Loman. Thoughts. Crazy. He's like we said he's the last guy we have to get out of our lives, and we can't get rid of him. He I thought there was no way he was going to be fun of our lives this year. I would have bet the house at the end of last season that he was gone in some former fashion through five innings at one point eight year of giving up just four hits and one run striking out six, and he'll he'll be he'll tear it up in spring training will be good in triple A. He's not a bad reliever. He's a terrible starter. Yeah. He, but he's not really a good relief. I mean, he's a starter. He's given you three and a third innings four hits three runs. Like that's the classic Louis Sesa start. I mean, could he be there maybe eleventh starter, sir? But I do not like the idea of him just having a role again whenever he's in the game is for two reasons. One were down fifteen nothing, and we just wanna get to tomorrow or two. It's the nineteen fitting, and we have used every single pitcher we have and it's a tie ballgame. He's pitching the hardy orders the only relationship she will be Sesa or it's a double header in the seven had a day off in like three weeks. Right. So whenever you see Sesa have the ball. It's exciting times. Nothing's good. Something really bad happening unless we're winning twenty nothing. We're trying to save. You know, there's no reason to toss anyone. But ninety percent of time says the ball, it's really bad news. Worst case scenario news. So I mean, I would rather any makes it worse usually. Oh, yeah. Yeah. In terms of like other options, what about Johnny lasagna? What about Michael king? I know kings rehabbing his injury. Now. I think he's gonna be okay. What about what about those? What about David Hale? I love David Hale. I'm David Hale guy. I don't know why. But air weirdly obsessed with Davis good any comes in these good, and they just send Japan when he's every like five shutout innings. They option down just goes Japan. But what David hills perfect for that? Why with the thing again, what is the what is the obsession? Louis us. Do not understand. I don't know that it's gone. It's almost like he's Greg bird like but worse what about gambling gambling on sesame start this year? I'll say that. He does make a start has to be. Yes. Minus one twenty five pretty close to pick him. I would even say minus two hired just because he's still got Johnny lasagna and he's Atta minor league options. So he has to stay here. Oh, oh, yeah. I'd much of that. Yeah. He basically gone gone forever on the team. So. While seventy five or close for him gone forever. So close to him just impacting baseball games again. So. Not good bring in spirits backup. Russell's. They're not sure if he's report. So that's great. I think probably because the whole he's involve a trades in trading. Rumors. I think that's the reasoning like he's a distraction of some sort in want the media with him. I'm actually just making that up. I really have no idea. But it's good news. I get away from this team. I like Russell Wilson. I said that I didn't mind when he came I lifted the spirits up. He's go away the next giants quarterback. But that's not gonna happen. Yeah. I think we talked about that. And you you don't think it's happening. So. Oh. Back next year. Yeah. Yeah. It's look I love Eli. But I mean, come on what you have four six six. I think they got a trade up and get Haskins yielding Hazan's will fall. No, I think who's take. No, collars, go between us. That someone's going to I think someone will trade up like try to jump the giants. I think collars, go one. I think caller go onto POWs gonna go one if his if all goes, well is pro. And I think the jets are gonna trade that pick because the raiders pick a four and the raiders wanna quarterback and everyone's gonna want to jump them to get southern a trip to the jets the jets to make out like bandits get huge load was interesting. I wonder if the giants jets would would you trade would deal. Yeah. Very interesting while that was football on this report. It's pretty good. We had lower selves will. No syndergaard. What was his Instagram? You freaked out will what was one he said to insufferable. I go off go up. Let me pull it off pulled on. So we talked about the the catch one. There's plenty of the fishing this looking for my trophy, but four days ago, he posted just a picture of himself with a hoodie on sunglasses and just goes I'll be back like we're quoting determinator twenty nineteen using like, oh, that's hilarious. I'll be back with like that. That's Noah Syndergaard comedy is. I'll be back. It's the it's the lowest orm of human comedy, maybe. And then today he posts a picture of him just like a Tim pitching. And it goes we want to bring home a title to DC dot dot dot, oops, dot dot, I'm in queens. Exclamation point. I mean, again, just very Noah Syndergaard to take the, you know, a popular joke going on right now with Bryce Harper fucked up yesterday. Well, maybe fuck up. He may have read our team Portland brush release. It may have been on purpose. Meaning that you know, we're gonna want road series. Rub. It back in DC face a White House. Visit us, oh, it's very possible that that was not a mistake. All but Syndergaard of courses inserts himself in it, and you know, tries to make joke painfully unfunny infringing Exo Syndergaard. That's no Syndergaard teak something that's either a twenty year old joke and be like, this is gonna be hilarious or take a current joke. Rennet that's the Noah Syndergaard print def-, you comment as Instagram's I've started to. I've only commented on I believe only commented on one I commented on the the no the Terminator said very funny Noah random, Terminator jokes are so relevant twenty nineteen. I. The search comments people. Isn't it weird? You can't do that. Like, I go, you're usually you. If you follow people they'll come at the top. I think usually right. But just in general, maybe I don't like I just wanna see with Tomsk belly. You know, comments villes should be less a little I don't know that seems like a no brainer on the line that, but there's a lot of features in Graham needs to incorporate as. Okay. Nothing. Really we hit a lot of shit. So let's go to some gems we're gonna do GM's permanently now on the short porch Instagram account, which I started after year after our creation of this podcast because I just don't have brain. I totally forgot to do that. So follow reports were the underscore short on his report is the short porch. Obviously short porch weren't available. So the underscore short on his four porch. You know, we're both running. We'll be on it as season goes on the it's a good way interact where you've got so we're doing DM's here. Getting we have that now to keep forgetting keep kinda we done anything with it so far. But yeah, that's a it's cool. So DM here is from Brandon Becker, assuming the Anki pursue another starting pitcher at the trade deadline who do you think the top through options would be that you would want. I'm gonna say Cougars definitely available. Bumgarner will be the probably the top name valuable. In the third. I think there is. I don't think this will happen. But I think people should there is an outside. I mean, we talked about I think last week that Houston Astros, only like what two starting pitchers and she's starting pitcher if the Astros end up being bed likely, but you don't happen. But if in some bizarre scenario, the Astros end up bed are not surprised if they shopped us Burland or because he he's going to be free agent after this year. So as Garrett Cole on chop him. But I don't think that's happening. But I'm just saying in some in some, you know, foreign world with the Astros things fall apart for them. Maybe Verlinden becomes available. They to restock the farms that's going to happen. But I was just looking at the twenty twenty eight on that. If we traded for Varinder, it would go to shit real quick like he would revert back to like aging, you know, mid thirties for lender. It wouldn't be what we wanna 'cause we missed out the last time we were in on him. We were intrigued, and we didn't do it. That would be. Faster. I guess third. Name the Blue Jays Stroman. Maybe I don't know. He's always interesting not necessarily someone I'd want. But I think it'd be available on that. It's always tough to like think like because it really depends on their performing. And you know, who's gonna Wheeler? Maybe I mean Zack Wheeler if the Mets give Lucas Duda. They wouldn't give us Achuar tell. Yeah. Fair fair. Not never happen. Trying to think of other team. It's tough annot. Like what teams are going to be sellers out like you hard to our? But why earlier? Mentioned engine this earlier the Aaron Hicks extension. I think almost guarantees Floreal is going to be moved for starting pitcher that is that is the under wall underlying themes that annoy messages that foil is definitely expendable this point. And the only the only way Floro gets moved is like Madison Bumgarner type guy like foil won't be in a little trade. It's a big red. We're getting a big guy if we give foils I mean, he's I'd love Corey kluber. But I mean Indians are going to. I mean, I think this wins are going to be good. But the Indians are things. I yeah. I think it says last August I really liked the twins to like sneak out of there with the title with the division title. I think like I think they're going to be good too. But it's like they're not gonna be so much better than the Indians were the are going to be selling at the deadline. Right. Right. Right. Yes. It's going to be a weird spot for the insta- decide to give up kluber 'cause the lead the right likely be in a good spot, the playoff give it one more. Shot with them Bumgarner. I think for sure is going to be dealt. This is this is the time this trade deadline. This year will be the time assume the giants I mean, they really didn't do much to improve in really do anything. So they're gonna be good again unless. But the tried right? The they sat down Harper. I thought there was a point like last week where I thought Harper was going to be giant. It's all things were going really well with them, but didn't work out. But definitely Bumgarner would be the top name. I'd want. He would be electric in New York on. I have no idea. How handle it like we? I think we've talked about this. How everyone be like Ghana club one night, and he just go hunting in central park. Yeah. He'd have to be told you can't just kill random. Badgley teams E like break. Nazzal kills a deer. And that's that's. Just being mad with can't candidate Michael Scanlon. What kind of contracts? Do you guys like Judd Sanchez? Every would have commanded on the free market this off season. How many years in dollars for each? It's tough to say judge. I mean a career. Yes. Like the Harper Machado signings. You'd think you know, what is judge gonna be worth? I would love them to lock him up like now. Yeah. Me too. If I think next off season, they'll really consider it when he's finally arbitration-eligible. Right. Right. Right. But he was a free agent. Three hundred more would he get more than Harper think? So. I mean the same age. So you'll remember that if he's better. Yeah. I mean, like people will still think Harper is. You know, they'll say he's been around more in another Harper deal was weird for the Phillies is because with the no opt-out thing. There's no I mean, they must think they must have. I mean, they're right that the come into the National League because Harper for thirteen years. No D H is like his knees are going to be shot at some point playing the outfield probably move to first base. But I feel like in the next three years. They are like when the when the strike that by the time. That's a problem. You'll have the. If there's five years, it'll be shocked university, definitely thirteen. So what would judge yet? Frisian right now you see the angels were like thinking of offering trout attend three fifty extension lift to better than that. If you know he's better than Harper has to get forty million a year. Let's trout Travers better than all of them right now. I'm just saying it's probably right around that. It's probably not that crazy. He's probably in that Machado. Harper rains envy. Ten for three hundred fifty million something like that. Gary Sanchez is an interesting one coming off a bad year. Almost what else would be smart. He's themes you believe they don't have faith in him because it would make so much the lock up right now or Gary betting on himself. He knows you be better. That'd be smart when Gary part to not do an extension now. But I think it would make sense for both after the season because Yankees want to be sure that he's gonna be alright and earned it and Gary to Nosal who got a nice bump if he does have a good season. Right, right. Yeah. You don't you? Don't wanna take the chance of Garrett gonna be actually this bad all the time. Now, you're stuck with a contract. He's right. But now, it's Severino. Interesting to he's a question, Mark. I'm able he I mean, he did it extended. But it's it's different. I mean, he was infant than if he hit the freed more, right? All right. So what according get Corbin got one forty right something like that. So right around that I would guess based off this probably some like some like how tough to say because no one hits the free agent market after two or three years in the major leagues. So that's why it's really tough to project, but it is imperative they lock judge and shin in not even get close to freeze eggs deal with that exiled another guy who's out there. They're so free in south there. Craig Kimble's, one of them prang is Red Sox. Then we're talking about Barnes. They're closer. So please give me that. But at the same like, I agree because it would make them worse. This year, not half him, but them DEM giving him a massive six year contract would be also hilarious would hurt him down the road. But there's more worried about this year, right? So Scott Graham, ask how much consideration to you put in the sun in kaikal? This point a doubt decent. Kyko is better than at least CC in at least one or two pitchers. Gonna go down Tessie out of the pen have Kyko in the five spot. Barry, very unlikely. I would say I like cockles game because he's a ground ball pitcher. And he's he kinda revamped his game. So he's gonna try. He's gonna age. Well, he's already up. He's up there in his thirties. But he's gonna be fine for two three years. Like he would survive in Yankee Stadium. I think he'd be okay. How much would give them? I give him a two year deal can get out of there with thirty million. Yeah. I think something similar hap-. Right thirty. I think we could. I mean, would you have? No, I don't think I mean, we're like automatically then, you know, soon. There's no injuries in spring training who's out of the rotation. Right. I mean, see see like I'm out of sleep. But I don't want that. But I think if they were more concerned with his heart. I think he's good now through us interest simulated game believe it was both simulated and all went well. I think if they were more concerned with his health than they would have pursued cycle they still coat he still out there. But I don't think it's as big of a deal. I do not see the happening. And the last one is from MAC Steinberg. We always he's got some good DM's that we think max timer glut. We probably have sent him assured at some point can you guys name a list of former Yankees that you were going to roof that you guys are rooting for some former Yankees that you don't want to do. Well, I'm putting on my list of players. I wanna play terrible and Fowler and Sheffield. I want to do. Well. Yeah. We've always said ruined a dozen Fowler. Chef obviously, you know came on the show. We definitely want him to do. Well, he had a pretty good spring training start. He looked very very good who don't want to do. Well, I don't know. Yeah. Means a met canot. So right. Yeah. Do one in the failed. August is been on spring training will begin just refund won't not for fun. But we took the Mets and in in midseason form. So they hit grand slam at tied to take the lead in six innings electric and they're down to in the night. They scored a run ready to cut the one and is a man on first and second one out ramble has the second baseman Raja. Davis has pinch running. He's he pitch it to he's running the second. And he goes the slides slides out of baseball. And so the throat the double play throw to end the game goes wild and the run scores title game. We were going nuts. They called interference in the game. End the date seven classic dislike. We're back the mobile. This is baseball betting. Go already canot and Justin Wilson 'cause they're both Matt's. He got killed Walsum. He looked terrible. I don't I I don't know. I'm I'm trying to think of former Yankees around the league drawing a blank. Yeah. Refer fowler. Swells is out there. I don't know getting think sunny great Andrew mccutchen short Sony guide. I want to do. Well. Yeah. I mean that will they'll be disaster. If he though if you went to sell young, very bad yet. But mccutchen for sure I'll always from cousin almost he's always on the Red Sox. But these are Phillies do well. I like Bryce Harper team Portnoy guy, and I always root against the Mets and the Phillies are good fucking team. That's divisions that divisions going to be David. Are you Dave Robertson Yemi ended? He ended terms weird with that whole dividing the locker room with the whole range, and so really him a little less and also kind of like they they chose to being over him. The right decision. But he did so much for us that like, I know you can't against Iraq. But from but not going to be, you know, giving up a home run gonna smile or not. Not I I'll do whatever if Sonny Greg is a grand slam probably gonna last like exactly what about Shane Robinson you run from. Yeah. I hope he becomes an MVP of funny of believable, she robs. Campbell you hid himself in the face. Like, not even like a glance. It was a line drive off his bat into his face. It was incredible. Sugarcane baby. He's electric sugar shape. Who else is there really trying to reliever probably missing someone super obvious, obviously. Oh, Todd Frazier met mountain. After Neil Walker will only Walker. Yeah. Where'd he end up? Why don't wanna say pirates? No. He was from the while. I was in Tampa Neil Walker which is also refer him no matter where on the Marlins. He's harmless. Yeah. From him becoming of the gopher stolen Castro. I was lying. I always refer them. I think I mistakenly said he's gonna have three thousand heads a couple years ago. He's on pace he was on pace for it star cash having three things wrong enough. Yeah. If it's a long Jebby stamp question. This point until you stay if he plays long. He's productive enough. Does do enough Curtis Granderson? She's applying. Yeah. Think is I regretted. He's on. That's are you sure you still playing. I'm almost certain he signed deal brewers. Oh, yeah. Over for. Yeah. That's the Marlins now he's others. Knows the Marlins right pup. The Marlins really aren't as the keys of south jeeter Passat a cow. We didn't talk about Pettit. Coming choosing the inky over the Marlins. I made a joke initially when they said that was like jeeter must be so mad. He actually did reach out and try to get some of. Gonna get Clements Matsui. He takes sue piss all we can't take Maddie's. He won't do it. He already like an adviser. He works out some of the guys. But yeah, pet having petted is great as paxton's going to paxton's the idol in the guy. He liked craft his game. After is Andy that so I think I think they talked the when he signed or before you sign. Sounds cool. Yeah. Paddock a gut had. We'll pick off everybody. The number one pick off. They're not opposed to it. Other news notes, we're down spring training. Sick. We've said this before but yet with their if you're down there to hit us up slotted it ever will will tell you where rats we can grab or something like that. But it will be down. There. Friday will get in their late Thursday night, very late. And then we're going to work fries or Sunday doing as much as we can player in of us, whatever, you know. I think I came up the idea we're have gopro with us. We'll do like some sort of four minute five minute video to recap it all I'm sure you're gonna try and get you driving on the highway. Now, we're not trying that rental car. You fucking nuts. People don't know Tommy's never driven on the highway. Do you want? Explain. I think that's really it. Will right? You're wise your fear of it. Yeah. Well, I'm not really could've driver. I get distracted easily. I think my ankle gets tired from down the gas pedal for too long. I've just never really needed to. So I've just never done on a highway in driver's, Ed. The day was supposed to learn it was snowing then just didn't and how old older. Twenty two unbelievable. If you down Tampa, head us up. We'll hang out it'd be awesome a few redone. That's that's cool. But dick fucking week pretty much not to like hype it up pride big as we have my. I mean, not you've done you've done some really cool ship, but I never down the drain before in like, we're working at now. So like probably big as weekend my life coming up like I'm pretty fucking. I'm very that just made me feel pressure. I mean, I just really haven't done much like this is very very cool. Fact, I'm working like we're going for training like not for fun. But I mean, it isn't like we're working. It's very very cool. So that's Showtime can't drive on the highway will about peer pressure. The problem work that. Okay. That's shelf. We'll see next week later. Hey, this is Casey Smith. Thank you for enjoying the barshop podcast network. As reward for making it to the end of the show. I just wanted to let you know about a special deal just for you. You can now use promo code store. Ten for ten percent off the entire barstool sports store. So before you start that next episode head over there now and get ready for Saint Patrick's Day with all your favorite gear that store ten for ten percent off everything on store dot sports dot com. Just don't tell. So true. Like it like it goes. Coats our. On a stay with. Coats. Of abandoned. Collections. You. But if you ask me. So. So.

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