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Combining home and auto with state farm gets you. Great coverage for less combining nineties are and being with state farm radio. As gets you this chance covered for it matter for more coverage visit state bonds DOT COM Fancy fantasy what is we're we are so still be here to be able to talk fantasy football to be able to give some support to the rise of skywalker which obviously without us. Who knows how the film would do this Summer Twentieth? What what Disney did so our good friends over at a small little studio called Lucasfilm? They're buddies over there at Walt Disney studios. They called us and they said Ed listen. We've got this art film. It opens December Twentieth Star Wars Rises Skywalker and we are doing everything. We don't have a lot of budget. We're just trying to get the word out however we can be real word of mouth around this film. So can you help us get the word out about star wars the rise of skywalker which opens everywhere December twenty. So I'm going to ask everyone listening to this. Show everyone here if you could. Maybe if you could grab a flyer on the way out and just let him out on street corners and just give give some pamphlets maybe dislike post on message boards about it and that kind of thing just anything you could do. Bring a putty to it again. We're just trying to get word out about this movie. It is a special. It's a small special little movie. It tells a delicate story. I think it's it's one of those things that just needs our support. It really when you watch it. You should go to a dolby cinema near you to be able to find it so that you can watch it and true doorway you WanNa see you wanna hear it. It's not just about seeing it. It's about sharing it right vision. The whole experience visual the sound exactly like not like our podcast. No you know. The lights are not matthews turning off and on his lights and he found a button he can push does something. I found a button. That does something think I'm so excited. I'm easily amused. So let's talk about some football guys. How does that say buddy? Let's do it. We're GONNA start things off by the way I'm field. Yates today. Field wasn't able to be here. You look just like well feels like it's sorry I'm hey let me ask you a question. Field Yates eight bearded tattooed secret. Yates do I still have if I if I say if I say sends we'RE GONNA make up a sentence just here out of the blue my head by say something like man. This is the damn good looking crowd. Do Iowa dollar for the swear Jar yes no. I do not know if I'm being field. Yates than yes. You're like your your field. Yates you set me up. You're cool you're you're you're like a better version appealed to set your like your tattered up bearded semi pseudo hipster field. Yes finally finally field can be attractive attractive on social media and it is. You've got yes exactly right. I went by real quickly by by a round of applause. Do you guys consider damn a swear if I if I bought into the whole premise that I have to put a dollar swear jar whenever I whenever I say a swear word should I have paid field dollar when I said Damn on the podcast. Ask the applause if he thought I should applaud anything. I did. OSCEOLA dollar a smattering of applause. SMATTERING battering dam is not a swear word. And I don't Oma dollar and he's being insane let me hear it now there you go literally. I'm a man of the people. Literally of the end of this crowd is going to hell and I feel really bad because I'm sorry. Damn good looking crowd. Don't you listen to this guy. Fields already earn earn six bucks. He really has no one's tell them field actually gonNA listen. He's not like Humana. Let's talk about a guy who was near and dear my heart's to find your belt Marvin Jones. Yeah I hadn't been that. Because he plays for the line he plays with Lonnie video place for Lions Near and dear to your heart. He is heading to injured reserve with an the ankle injuries to find you. Is this something that we need to worry about long term as just like a end of the season not really playing for anything. So here's the thing about the lions they give us little two zero information about injuries and Marvin Jones was injured. Very late in this game was the final possession actually so other than knowing that he's gone on injured reserve deserve. They haven't told us anything about so. Stay tuned to the off season because it won't be until then that we start hearing more about. This is that that this is. What's hard you get to this? Point in the season and teams are basically calculating can use the spot for somebody else. Do we risk bringing a guy back when we don't don't need push it like if the lions were clearly on a championship run Mike. Marvin Jones be brought back. Maybe again I don't know the nature of his injury right but there are guys who teams who are going to the playoffs for sure where they will not put them on. I are just because they want to keep them even if they don't come back in the regular season so are you saying you think the lines are going to the playoffs zone. I just heard now when you say championship run. Do you mean. We're going for a top three graphic by there. You go now. You're competing with my redskins for that. I want to ask you a question then. Understanding that Marvin Jones is no longer be on Detroit. Kenny Golladay Silla guy that you feel comfortable starting with David Blow. Aw I mean even more so right I mean this is a guy that has gotten already a ton of targets. WHO's already somebody that you were going to start this weekend against Tampa Bay but now with Marvin Jones and a game in which you expect your lines to be trailing or nothing else at least competitive right? I mean like we don't expect the Lions Defense to completely shut out the buccaneers. Although it's James Anything's possible TAME is a week after having a monster game live could easily throw six pitch. Amos has a fractured his thumb signed. So He's ripe for at least four picks he's ripe at me one hundred percent healthy. He's right there's no rhyme or reason it doesn't matter he could be one hundred percent healthy in the easiest of all time and he throws for less than a hundred yards in five picks and then he could be against the eighty five bears and throw for six hundred yards. Eight makes no sense. There's no rhyme or reason no logic when it comes to Jaimes Winston however I do think the buccaneers put up points on the on the Detroit lions as a result there are going to have to throw can golladay so far this season. He's a top ten fantasy wide receivers wide receiver at nine on the season and Thursday. Kyle points this out among forty six wide receivers with seven more target so far golladay. Kenny G. ranked second in points per retarget again. The more look. He gets the better. The chances are I can't imagine benching Kennedy Golladay the bigger question. Is there anyone that steps up hold on four Marvin Jones. What what are you got? Here's a question as the host Matthew Berry. Is there any steps up for Marin jared oracle he has the host if you want to host this show you're more than welcome to I'll be the glued. I will drive us into the ditch so fast I know that's the problem with love to host Utah. I would love to host understanding the Tj Hodkinson and Marvin Jones now an IRA. Kenny Kerryon Johnson. And I are Danny Amendola. Is there any other wide receiver or tight end. There that you think is worth starting so. That's a tough question. It's a good one I understand and I worry the host asking the hard questions one at home and you guys can't see it but I don't know if anyone here. The audience caught it but Daniels questions and then did one of these ah like He. He's a serious journalist. He He'd like he put his finger to his lips. I'm literally the Geneva literally literally pursed his lips and like yeah. You're like Dan Rather the sixty minutes so anyway. So is Danny Danny. Amendola have a good game against the Tampa Bay buccaneers absolutely. We've seen him fantasy success with Marvin Jones and Kenny out there. But in a week fifteen winner go home championship game. Am I really trusting Danny Amendola with David Blow. Wow David David Blau under center. And I don't think I am like could have he. Could Ashley absolutely have a big game and if you are if you're searching around for wide receiver sure but there's not a lot of touchdown equity not there and I guess for me if I'm searching for a wide receiver of them in that I'm desperate for a wide receiver stage and the guys that we talked about on. Tuesday shows the Zach Past. Kells the Dede Westbrook Westbrook's that Chris Conley the Zach Pass galaxies if those guys are all gone if those guys are all gone and it's somebody that I would prefer to take a risk I rather take flyer on Knbr. Shot Perryman in the same game right with Mike Evans. And we'll talk about him in a second. I'd rather take a flyer on. I'd rather take a flyer. Byron Nelson Agoura. Assuming he plays it. We don't know he missed last week. But I'd rather with Alshon Jeffery out for the year so I think there are other even. Maybe one of the Miami guys devante Parker doesn't in play right. Maybe Allen hearn so I for me I just think they're probably higher upside flyers. Danny Amendola that said is interesting. CBS play and I do think he could have a good game against the Tampa Bay. Buccaneers I just I feel better trusting it up this week eight instead of week. Fifteen for eighty nine and a touchdown. I'm calling her right now. Ten thousand nine the touchdown yet. Well Field I say he does less than ten for eighty nine and a touchdown put on. Oh my God there you go. He's very much you guys are good there we go back. The beanbag crew is good. Crew here already spoiled it. We are talking about Alshon Jeffery. Everything's for that opening. I spy spoil everything. It's what I do my gig very like okay. This is the next three guys. We're GONNA talk about nobile. Thanks thanks. He's he's in one of the greatest of all time and no big deal. You can say whatever you what do you mean one of Alshon between one of its define your bell. Do you mean one skywalker are you. I'm not on the rise as well. Then you're not that you know of no spoilers no spoiler or literally be the worst thing ever if you're in both the rise of skywalker. What was it you tell you how he would know how to splitters? SPLITTERS time right. I'm just saying you know by the way I may or may not be the man delorean. I can neither confirm or deny have to watch the whole series of find out at the end. Yeah Jeffrey his season is over. You're with a foot injury scheduled to miss the rest of the year. I feel I mean here we are. This is not the first time that this has happened. What does it you can tell us about? Al Sean Well I mean this is a year where he has struggled with the soft tissue. We thought we were off that bandwagon of the Alshon Jeffery every week on the injury report and then this year happened. And we're back on it and unfortunately for him. I don't know if you guys saw the game. He he looked like something happened. That was pretty dramatic. DOC was non contact injuries sort hopped off then got carted back to the locker room. We know the team placed him on injured reserve. He said he heard a pop. Obviously Komo Ryan his foot but no word yet on what the specifics are. I'm starting to get worried about the future of Alshon Jeffery. Just don't know how much longer he's GonNa slow starting to were you know because last he recently he had he spiked back in a positive direction but this year. He's missed a ton of time. We should do I want to do. This isn't planned but whatever I would love to do derailing talion that's actually did show playing. Listen you should make more of an effort to get to the pre show meeting this is somehow this. Is Your faults on me bear. So here's my questions to find him. If we were to play a name game game we don't have the drop or anything like that but we were to play a name game of players. You have talked the most about throughout your career as ESPN's leading injury analyst. Are Only. I WanNa do I wanna I WANNA do this. I want to do a quick. I want to do a quick little name. Game here secrets go. You and I can do this together here. So I'm just GONNA say Alshon Sean Jeffrey or Jordan Reed Actually Jordan Reed wins. That went alshon Jeffery or AJ Green. There you go fair enough in two thousand nineteen or ever ever. We'll do this. Is this over. The course of your career Alshon Jeffery. Alshon Jeffery let's Z.. alshon Jeffery or some other guy. That's always banged up. I don't know because this wasn't a plant segment. I'm trying to think of other people with soft tissue injuries. Always like you always who. That's a good one out jeopardy Matt Brita Map. Radio just hasn't been around on long enough to again for twenty thousand nine hundred and that would be that would be a tight race but it's Alshon I think ultimately one last one here alshon. Now Sean Jeffrey or Andrew Lock. ooh That's a tough one. Might Be Andrew Luck. I feel like I in a short window. He a accomplished quite a bit. He he really really. I mean I think about the two years there is he gonNA play knock. I feel like every preseason podcast last weekend for two years. He's in an off season. podcast you had to talk about Andrew. Walk Right there you go as part of this issue of Alshon is not GonNa be there which Eagles Pass catcher. You feel comfortable with. I mean we run in two tight end sets in Dallas now becomes more of a look at a flex play. I think it's I mean Taggart's is the obvious answer right. I mean obviously. It's coming up the huge Monday night. Game There Dallas Qatar becomes interesting so Philadelphia has two tight ends on the field over fifty one percent of the time. It's the second highest rate of snaps with two tight ends on the field. He's available in fifty seven percent of ESPN leagues. And here's a guy that has had five more targets in six straight games among tight ends. Only Travis Kelsey Hooper. Evan Ingram have longer active streaks. We think about Monday night. Football and Listen Greg Ward and you know Jay Sega take a right side are they go. whiteside apologies both gave it a go. We'll see if Nelson Galore could get can get healthy like the match up with my redskins who have been gutty. They they've been better than you would expect in these games recently. I know some people think they're actually close. But but I think if there was a pass if you're a pass catcher that I would trust it's Erz and then got hurt but I do think at a deeper league adult who's had some success in should get a lot of targets targets and what should be a fairly pass heavy offense on Sunday against the redskins beheading fire this year matthews finite started a dynasty league and just to Screw Matthew Berry. I hi actually drafted guys before he could. He did long story short. It actually screwed me draft I I he is now going to miss the rest of the union with an MC. CL's brain after missing a whole bunch of time to begin the years to find your. Here's my question as somebody that Roster Darius guys is it something that I have to worry about long term or is this just another. It's it's an injury that just came up because of something that happened on Sunday. Let me rephrase that question for you. I know you're new to this hosting defining what I think Daniel wants to know is very simple. Is this a concern for him long term or is this the kind of player that he should just trait to matthew and our dynasty league for really cheap very accurate and cents on the dollar so carefully awfully. It's interesting because I know you. You loved areas. I Love Darius Guide. I warn love I did I did did I or did I not warn you before the start of the season before the season much like I never listened to you always to my chagrin. Exactly I warned and you before the start of the season that I can tell you that I'm interrupting Southie. I Apologize I interrupted you. I'm sorry that was rudy. I'm sorry I was merely going to say we. We can work together almost twelve years twelve years almost twelve years. I was going to give you a compliment though. So it's to find your. has this annoying habit of like show warn me about that always always compliments. It's like being married to you. I'M GONNA start with an insult and then I'm going to go. It's funny you say that because this is true so spine is really annoying. Let me finish this ruling doing because much like my actual wife what will happen can is like breath will nag at me about something or is to find you say something like I'm nervous about various guys and I will ignore them. I will ignore them. It'll be like yeah I. I won't forget to take out the trash honey. I will do it in the morning. I promise you I won't forget and then of course I fall asleep on the couch and I have forgotten and they're always right that would drive me crazy it's divine and is like all right. I'm just warning you and I'm a guy and of course he's always right. That's the thing that's annoying about to find it is she's always right. Say With my wife also annoying which is such. That's good friends. Grew fast so to answer your question. You're nervous about various guys long-term not because of this specific injury although this is an sales sprain on on the same knee in which he tours. ACL But you're worried because he also missed time this year because of an injury to his opposite knee running backs most vulnerable roll position to injury running backs knees one of the biggest concerns because the constant pounding and now you have a kid who tours ACL in the preseason last last year comes back barely gets out of the gate has another injury that puts on injured reserve designate. Return comes back with a couple of games. And and now he's injured again and it's not you know he took contact. That's part of it. But there are some guys who take contact and they get hurt all the time. Some who don't don't think Darius Guises just we've seen that he's vulnerable to injury. How many how many how much time he's played in the NFL? I mean how many games does have a nurse about now two seasons and he has a WanNa say four or five. I think is worth the first game rookie year so everybody he played at four hundred thirty. Two it's I cavaliers your slouching there in beanbag Upfront University. Kyle always be on top of the tower. STAND UP I. I don't really want you to get a plaza. Just want to get you out of that bag for a second. It's Awkward Thirsty Kyle over one. Give 'em around you can hardest. Working guy nicknamed thirsty on the show. Five Games at thirty two games out of thirty two collies equipped with the stats. It does a great job for us. We love thirsty. I see Kyle. So your but your thoughts on Daniel Trade to me. Should I want him. You're you're going to want him no matter what this is true. I would not pay up for him because I think what he's on the field we've seen what he can do. He's been going to worry constantly. So this is one of the things is it like again. Because it's like I remember I will say again giving credit to you. It's defined as all on Dow Cook this year saying another a year removed from the ACL. I'm not concerned. People are concerned about this. I remember Keenan Allen the same thing like a couple of years ago. You're like it's been bad luck in. I'm all in on Keenan Allen of course when we had the monster year couple years ago and so is this one of those things like. Hey this is the first removed from the ACL. And I know you were nervous about sort of like. They're going to see him and he's going to be awesome and they're going to push them too far dairy guys injury-prone unlucky. Well I I think it's still you know you can have a bad start to your career couple rough seasons and that is exactly and I think it's too soon to put a label under his guys. It's not fair doesn't mean I won't be worried about him being at risk for injuries going down into the future but I wouldn't automatically call injury prone I think that's a little harsh. Okay that being. He said his injuries. Every time have been enough to cost him. Significant time like these are not small so that I'll always increase is the risk. I WanNa Matthew Berry now. Various guys out Adrian Peterson become a viable. Play for you here and week fifteen. I think he's a Bible flex play. I think I understand. He is a low floor. Flex play because there's a chance in Philadelphia has a good run defense and there's a chance he's not really involved in the passing game and there are certainly a chance. Adrian Peterson Finishes Sixteen for forty. Three I mean like you know like and you're just like Oh uh but there's also a decent chance he gets into the end zone he's GonNa get a significant amount of work so it's sort of just depends on your options. I will say that they play the giants in week. Sixteen so I think he's I think he's more interesting against the giants and again is Philadelphia but I- ranked him. I don't know exactly what rank but I rank them inside my top thirty this week but I don't think I ranked them inside my top twenty five so low inflex thirsty. Correct me if I'm wrong. He's looking on. It says on it. I feel like it's a big thirsty. Kyle thing by the way just so you just take you guys behind the scenes if I just if I can take you beyond the velvet rope to see the magic that is the Oh six. Oh that's a big thirsty. Kyle thing as you say. Hey Thirsty Kyle. Can you look this for me. And he's like on it. It's a big thing or you. Text them can you look this up on it. That's two phrases. He's got two phrases he's like on it or I got you. That is what thirty two I ranked up thirty two there. You go so I before I feel like you're your sort of like the Adrian Peterson of fantasy and volume low efficiency. Yes still somehow hanging around until I thank being there. Yeah exactly yeah you're right. It's more about more about name recognition in these days production on the field. I think that's very fair. I think that's very fair. Learn talk about here Mike Evans. which is a weird thing here? Alright Jeremy Fowler of ESPN. said that Mike Evans with a hamstring is expected to miss the rest of the season that came out yesterday. Then today Bruce Arians said they are not going to put Mike Evans on our because he was able to return from a hamstring injury that he had earlier this year in a pretty quick timeframe. So tell me just helped me as somebody. That doesn't know anything. Make sense of this you can. I think I don't know where Jeremy's Getting the information but obviously he's got a source who's telling him that he's expected to miss the rest of the season which probably means that. The injury was serious enough to suggested. Suggested at this point if you go okay. We're going into week. Fifteen two to four week injury. They might just shut them down. So this is not necessarily against Bruce Arians but the idea that Oh. He came back pretty quickly from a hamstring earlier. This year like the also got a brain member that sometimes these veterans get like the Green Lean factor. So you have Egypt Green who does not WANNA be shut down. And they're holding the door open for him even if they don't think he's going to play because there's a possibility that he might take the field and you give them the opportunity to prove themselves at the end. I think that's sort of what Mike Evans has earned he says don't put me on on. IRA wanted to see if I can come back and they say okay. You're valuable enough. Not Everybody could make that call by the way you have to be valuable enough player on the roster. You have to have something that shows that he's he's proven that he can work his way back. He's a quick healer if you will and there's so many nuances especially with hamstrings hamstrings. You know how it can be Adam thiel and didn't think he was going to miss any time and now it's turned into over a month essentially so I think that if fined for fantasy purposes I would not be counting on Mike Evans. But I wouldn't necessarily drop okay. which is so frustrating especially by the way again he has been Stanley? Go all the way through week. Seventeen so just it kills with Iraq. It just kills you with a roster spot that you want to replace so the interesting thing is. He's he's not gonNA play this week. We agree on that. It's not going to be part of the buccaneers victory over the Detroit lions but when the buccaneers become the latest team in the NFL to defeat the Detroit Lions to to embarrass them in Detroit at their home. Stadium is GonNa Literally score the game winning touchdown. I'M GONNA throw it back Danny Amendola. Oh Yeah. Exactly Bob. So is there another wide receiver or pass catcher there. That you outside of Chris. Godwin right. Are you trusting rate or Jay Howard or Perriman or shot. Apparent is is is pretty interesting here so seventy yards ran forty eight routes last week he. He led the team other than Chris Godwin. I've talked to a couple blah. Beat reporters including gentleman does a great job for US covering the team and sort of ask them the kind of Opole in terms of. What's the expectation there? Do you guys believe that paramount sort of slides into Mike Evans role and then we see somebody like adjusting Watson. Scott Miller returned practices week Do we see one of those guys sort of step up in the third round or does paramount stay in his his current role. And they feel like Watson can run more Evans routes right and so the feedback that I got entirely. Is that a little bit mixed. But most people expect Watson to takeover Evans role however. This is a team that runs a lot of three wide sets. Expectation the expectation. Here is the Chris Godwin stays in the slot. So it's really going to be paranoid Watson on the on the perimeter and Ed so because pyramids been the third wide receiver for a long time. And there's a good connection between him and Winston and talking to some people that say like Winston really likes him them to me. Perriman would be the guy that I would wanNA pick up does O J Howard get an uptick. We've seen some sort of signs of life. And certainly he possibly could but he's been so inconsistent we've seen production. It's been sporadic. Obviously especially because Evans Godwin have been so good this year but my expectation Asian here is that pyramid is the guy and I think he's a high upside guy given how much that team throws and sort of. What a narrow target tree you have there in Tampa Bay people forget about Perryman? This is the guy that was the first round pick. We talked about it on the podcast. The other day he was a first round pick listening he was injured earlier in his career. He had some trouble with drops and concentration bounced around he was in. Baltimore bounced around a little bit but it seems to have taken a while. But it's he seems to have found a a home and a role in Tampa Bay and again sort of given that talent and that fantasy friendly offense of the volume that they throw at parents pretty interesting to me. I think if you need a flyer this week there's ecologists handed me a card. He's got a question about a playoff matchup of his well. It's about thirty cows playoff. Okay Yeah Yeah. Yeah he wants to drop Willfuller who was also dealing with an injury. Sorry for Rashad Pyramid in the second round of the playoffs Stephania Bell. Is this a league where I'm playing you. You and I play each other in a league. Apparently it's not actually thirsty kyle. He just handed me a card. Pardon someone asked a question. I don't know if it was. You're not. You're not beating me that link. Lamar Jackson League let I will I will. I will beat you down like like Yup good. That was good. nope not the best in business for nothing. Would you draw I was going to. I was going to make a star wars reference and then like what happened with mine I was GonNa make a star wars reference and then it was going to be one of the earliest earlier films and then I'm like Oh we're going to do trivia later so maybe it should be one of the later films. By the time I was looking for example from the later films like all of a sudden it was like a pause and then I just I just saw it and it. There was a lane moment. I know we're all. Would you drop Willfuller. I'm GonNa beat you down by whoever that kid beat in the race and like episode episode two. Oh my gosh stop by her. Yes movies are out to get where we're at. Hey how it's going to be disappointed right now. Would you drop shot Perriman. I would persinger using or do is to find your. What do we think? The chances are Willfuller playing this week. I had. This is a really a puzzling one because I was surprised that he didn't play last week. And I I don't I don't think I don't think there was a huge setback. I think there was some some reason they were concerned. They pulled them out but I don't think he's done and a Until we get a little bit later into this week obviously is Wednesday tonight. I haven't been able to see the injury report that gets filed tonight but I was under the impression that Willfuller you could play this week so I don't know for sure right now at this moment and I don't know that I would be well. We'll fuller so good when he's is on the field matchup. It's a good matchup for Houston as well. I'd be waiting to see you know. Read the tea leaves a little closer to the end of the week. He's frustrated roster though I mean we'll just doesn't play he'll take over your free and here's how I would answer that question if you're looking at the rest of your team and you're like you know what I just need ten points ten points with some upside. I think Perriman I had to do it if you're like look ten. Yeah but you're just like if I'm like here's my who do I think has the better better chance at five fifty. I think it's paramount. Who Do I think has the better chance at eight one fifty and two touchdowns it's will fuller but will fuller also has a chance of getting zero? I know for a fact Reshot Pyramids GonNa pay play this week so it's just a little bit of what the rest of your team looks like. What the match up you have? If you're the second week of a playoff and if you're up or you're down around big so I think it sort of depends here but certainly listen Tennessee. Secondary is banged up as well so I think if will fuller it will fuller plays plays my expectation is is that I think would do well. We'll fuller was limited in practice today. Yeah he's limited life he's often limited ex wanted to know it doesn't doesn't man dude you eight line I. I'd wait till late in the week to make the decision that ultimately that's right so the answer to question. Whoever asks that is wait eight could go but I explained that rather than patients? Do you guys virtue. Burglars Love The holidays. They know you're going out last minute. Gift shopping or off. visit the family to go on a long vacation. So you gotta ask yourself what does real protection mean to you. What does real protection mean to you? 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That still are listening to this podcast. which God bless you because this is beneficial matthew just picked up lightsaber because he thinks it makes good audio to pick up? I can walk steps to find him off with all seriousness. There's a line there's a line for you. It says that one thing Eh. Protect your home this holiday season they get the nation's number one smart home security provider get Adt by visiting at dot com today that's ADT DOT com. The nation's that's number one smart home security provider once again eighty go to ADT DOT com today. All right let's talk about Thursday night football and we want to start start with the best quarterback in the NFL. Real Quick Daniel. Yup I just. How long have we been to the podcast together? You and I well it. Hasn't I've never been just you and four years for asking we've been working together for years into the podcast for four years like every day for six months for four years to find you how long you and I and working together. This is our twelve year twelve year together. Twelve year together. My question to a combined sixteen years of experience of working with me in what in those sixteen years has ever given either view inkling of an idea that I give any care about. What good audio is I mean? I mean honestly you're like you'd think you'd think this is good audio. What do I know what? It's good audio please. Nothing but bad audio. That's true right. Yeah no am I right people. I'm right I'm out here sweating. Thank you mask needs applause. I do I do. Let's preview football. They gave me on the amount amount of applause. You got. That's about they. They they gave me the the bad guy lightsaber. I'm feeling it hurt my feelings. That was on purpose. I know I want to ask this question. Lamar Jackson the best quarterback in the NFL is dealing with a quad injury. Yes he is and you have to decide whether or not your confidence. Starting the Mark Jackson and a winner go home playoff matchup a quarterback who runs the ball more than any other running the quarterback and some running backs in the NFL Stefania. Nya Starting Lamar Jackson with quite injury on Thursday. Here's the question I put back to. You know that's all right. I'm going to answer a question with a question I'm allowed. Ah How good would you feel about. benching Lamar Jackson if he was active. But you didn't know what you would get out of him not good. Which is why? You're going to start Lamar Jackson if he plays is listed as questionable. I think the expectation after today is that that he is going to take the field he said he would. He's he's got a thigh bruise and he was out throwing on Tuesday. I mean he was back out there doing things as quickly as possible. ASPEL might the running be down a little bit. Sure I ask you so a thigh bruise. Does that mean that it just standing up and moving at all hurts is that if he he gets hit a bad spot then it's going to hurt. What will I haven't actually seen the Bruce's so it really depends on the size of it? The bleeding how much the muscles compromise. That's the issue with these deep contusions is do they get stiff and are they able to control their quad much which you need to run so the big thing is if they didn't tighten up if you were receiver. I'd worry a lot more you worry about if you were running back purely you'd worry about that. So so could it affect him on my he have fewer designed grunt. Yes but for him to be mobile enough to be functional. They wouldn't put him out there if they thought he. It's GonNa hurt himself further so I'm not benching him but I'm not expecting the same amount of production on the running side is normally. What three or four touchdown passes import of the last five games? I mean he's playing the jets where the strength of their team is actually that run defense. They secondary area's really struggled. And so I understand. Maybe a little bit of caution. But he's my number one quarterback this week I'm not changing my ranking sort of led this off with the right talk we talk about strategy and analysis or anything like that but there's also there's an emotional fantasy football right we all know. This is a real thing like if you bench bench. Lamar Jackson for like ally manning playing Miami right and Lamar Jackson goes out and gets another twenty five points right because he just doesn't like it's like it's drinking water right and then Eli Manning pulls an Eli and it's just brutal and you lose is your playoff. You're going to hate yourself. But if Lamar Jackson goes out there and leaves the game early with an injury or put up a stink or whatever isn't as nearly as mobile's levels we hope he is whatever puts up a subpar performance. And you lose your sort of going to be like well. That's a bummer. But whatever I wouldn't have been in the semifinals without Lamar Mark Jackson. You know I'm happy to go down with chip for ME I. It's literally sometimes it comes down to what can I live with right when you're dealing with unknown situations like that so there's no no there's no analysis here other than just sort of emotional emotional wellbeing seriously like if you lose because you bench Lamar Jackson you're going to hate yourself and say this has been on an expert on hating myself. I could promise you but obviously this is one of those games where you want to look at what what is being reported on the sideline headline pre-game. Because if something happens you know if there's some downturn in Lamar Jackson status and he's a late scratch or something like that you want to be prepared just just because he's questionable and we think he's going to play doesn't mean that it couldn't happen they they're doing. What other teams who are have playoff hopes do which is they're evaluating? Are you waiting. Not only this week. But they're looking at the big picture. What happens if Lamar Jackson goes out and strangers quad worse and we'd lose him for multiple weeks that's definitely that's part of the evaluation process? So let's say that we assume the Mark Jackson out maybe a little bit more limited than a usually is on a Sunday especially from a running perspective. Does that mean that you are giving an uptick to mark Ingram from that perspective as a running back maybe I mean. I don't know how how much more of an uptick you can. You can give. I mean you you want to say you know because normally Lamar Jackson is going to account for some more of those designed runs so I I do think that they're gonNA lean on Mark Ingram a little bit more plus the defense of the jets. This is I think it actually suits his style to have him be it heavy ball carrier for them. You'll see some. You'll see some gusts Edwards as well but I mean ingram is a you know. Look he's not involved in the passing game but this is a team that dominates time possession. They actually their first in the NFL. The jets actually twenty fifth. And when you think about sort of that offense trying the going gets the ravens defense my expectation is is that it might be less than that right. That rank all thirty two teams on Monday on Tuesday in terms of time possession Russian. Like I think they'll be down there. I think the Ravens will force a lot of three and outs and I think the Ravens will want to to that point the want to run the the ball. Maybe they will. They'll want to do design runs. Maybe we'll try to limit the number of dropbox so he doesn't take that many hits but look when it comes down to actual fantasy advice is your at least for me. If you have Lamar Jackson. You're starting him marking restarting him. That would be my advice. So is there another raven then. I mean we're looking at pass catchers markey's Brown you got Willie snead you have Mark Andrews Martinez obviously is to find. You're dealing with a knee injury. What is that we know about him before? Then we talk about your your confidence. Level these thigh contusion took a helmet like right above the knee and I think he was a little bit more questionable questionable if you will based on injury although immediately afterwards you know. Kotaro said the injury wasn't that serious Andrews said he expected to be out there Thursday night. But again these guys who say after the game. Yeah I'll be back on Thursday. That with what Adam deal and said about the hamster and then he wasn't. I'm not saying it's that bad but oftentimes oftentimes in the immediate sense. I think it's not a big deal. I'll be fine and four days and they find out the next day when they wake up they feel a lot worse than they did immediately after the game. He did do some jogging on Tuesday and I think he was Limited in practice last couple days after taking Monday off. So there's a chance dance that Andrews is available but I don't know how much is injury is going to affect him. If he's out there case so from that standpoint Matthew Berry Mark Andrus Andrus Marquees Brown. Willie SNEAD. GimMe Confidence Level here in Baltimore. Ravens Pass catchers competence level on Mark Andrews High. If he plays. That's right I mean we're I mean he's been banged up played and been productive before you don't love you don't love the fact that it's a short week and you don't love the fact that he's once again on the injury report but here's the is you're playing. What if he plays? You're playing feel like giving the tight end position Sorta to right. He's you know he's he's been targeted on thirty six percent of route so far this season. That's that's an NFL high right. I mean there's a guys. Top Ten tied in on a per game basis says since week seven like his production has come down right. He was the fourth best tight end weeks one through six weeks. He's been tied in ten but he's still a top ten tight end and I just. I'd be hard pressed to believe you have a better option than and Mark Andrews so it sort of depends. I mean I. I know friends that have picked up Hayden hearst and just sort of like a handcuff right because if Andrew's can't go we'll be hidden hearst. The bedrooms can't go saw Hayden hearse with an ice touchdown last last week. And so yeah I mean he comes into tight and six for me to find you have made our consensus at seven. So we all see him as a lower-tier tear tight and one in this matchup is the Ravens Pass Catcher that you considering starring based on where you have them ranked murky Brown and Williamson. Markey's Brown is obviously a big play waiting to happen and only needs is one and if they're gonNA do less design runs maybe they take a couple of shots him because again. That's secondary struggled but I mean he's. He's really boomer Boston. Given that it's week fifteen. In the playoffs I tend to. I tend to go more concern concern unless you need to swing for the fences the second week of a playoff in your your down or you. You've been really decimated by injuries last week. And you're limping into week. Fifteen and you're looking at the guy or the man or woman that you're playing and you're like wow that team is stacked then you might say I just gotTa go all high upside guys but I right Outside my top forty for the week. It's been bothering him for multiple weeks. So he really hasn't been he he didn't play for a while and then he hasn't been as productive when he's been out there who they're playing this week. which is the jets jets fans here in the crowd? smattering applause is great. Because they raise their hands but they didn't WanNa make noise actually fan right. That's literally last applause than dam is a swear word. How Pathetic Tadic was like we got three sad jets fans in the crowd is willing to publicly admit it there you go Sam darnold big blue not ranked by anybody anybody this week no any reason to talk about Donald any no no Roud Sam darnold Talk Lady on Bell Libyan uh-huh belt coming off of a flu in which he missed the game really good bowling game do appreciate I saw Pinza pen pins placements did you guys slid into his? DM's asking. He wants to come down to Bristol. I saw that did shoot your shot Matthew Berry whether it did he get back to you now yet all right thank you will. What happened did you have any any reason not to start him if he has starting in this game is you is an rb? Two is the Affleck's play. I think he's a floods place. I ranked him at twenty two and like I could see a scenario where you're not starting him. You likely are and just. Don't feel great about it but I'll give scenario so I'm in a fourteen team. Came half point. P P R keeper league with not Kool Keith and thirsty kyle and a bunch of other people in Espn Fantasy Department the Bristol. Bench warmers league. And I'm in the semifinals against Kyle this week and here my point Pr. I have three really good wide receiver. So I'm starting Godwin golladay A in Dj more. So this is my wide receivers right. Fourteen teams no big deal and be just San but anyway so my running backs a have been a a work in progress address right so in essence because I'm using those two running backs two receivers and flex. So here's my because I'm using those three wide receivers I dunno flex you hear my running back choices this week lady on Bell Kenyan Drake at home against Cleveland James Connor who we we expect to come back rights defined practice today radically theoretically and leave halfway through the budding but right but he's exactly halfway through the game but whatever he plays buffalo which which is not a great match up to or Devon Single Terry who plays the steelers in that same game the Senate game so it's like four guys that are all sort of like I'll play Cherian Arianne lady on Bells Devon single -Tarian Levy on bell at the moment that too I have in my lineup but I'm just saying like I've gone back and forth on calling you is what Connor and your lineup lineup right now that's awkward uncomfortable Awkward Grabbing Matthew Berry Oh oh I thought he was grabbing his phone to change his line-up now he's just GonNa Stab Kyle with a lightsaber he doesn't know how to turn on these lightsaber. That sounds like a personal problem. Roman can help you out with that man. The podcast Roman give it up. Guys applies. Kyle I got you okay. Pass Catchers Robbie interested in Jamison crowder. Go ahead let's say anyway before we move on I'll say it for. Yeah before we move on this is going to say say I think maybe I'm bell is risky flex by Leeann Bell's not been great so far this year. It's obviously a very tough match-up with Baltimore we don't I don't know if he's one. Hundred percent healthy is likely likely after playing such a law Powell percent. You'd probably have to play him because he's the volume but yeah. There is only one person person that can take the answer. I don't know how I feel about them. And make it a seventeen minute story to be able to say that one sentence. It's incredible you know before before I move on I could leave to say yeah. You literally couldn't is scheduled your car service. I know what time is it now. It's not now and you can't leave without me. 'cause you guys you put up with what I put up with here. Robbie Anderson Anderson Jamison crowder. Can you know. Are you doing anything with this week. There you go one word Lancer no cool. Don't Love Them Against Baltimore. US wait long enough. You know he's going to say something else that's just like you're waiting for me like I don't know no I don't I don't like either guy. Jamison crowder at forty four ivory Anderson to forty two. They are they if there's a place where they struggle it is against against slot receivers. They're very good against the perimeter. If you look at the numbers since Marcus Peters came over to Baltimore they were very good. Against perimeter wide receivers have very good against the deep ball. All as well so it doesn't bode well for Robbie Anderson when my my love hate com comes out. Tomorrow you'll see Rob Anderson on the hit list. James crowder just hasn't done anything recently and it's hard to on a short week against Baltimore. He's hard to get excited about Jamison. crowder who again. His game is mostly been volume this year. He's not touched on guy been volume although the last couple of weeks. It's been robbing the Anderson. I don't know if I'M GONNA go down and take a walk if I pick one in the tomb taking crowder. I think that's I I think that's fair to actually. It depends on what you need like again. Same sort of thing if you need like I need eight points and he ten points. Okay give me Jamison crowder but if I need to swing for the fences like Robbie Anderson Jason Kidd easily break one again both guys outside my top forty. I'm not saying either guy like I said I would rather if I'm going to go down and week fifteen. I'd rather rather go down with you. Know I'm not going down with Jamison crowder. I'd like I'll give me a shot with a shot Perryman. I'll take I'll take a flyer there or something like that. Okay ruined orientate. Quick break and we'll be right back on the other side with some Star Wars Trivia. All right here's how we are going to run the Star Wars Trivia. Are you guys ready for this. Because I want you soup to win as well all right. I have nine questions that I have put together and I'm going to ask everybody these questions. Matthew Stefania they each are worth one point if they ever get to a question that they don't have an answer to when they want to reach out to someone in the crowd that thinks they know the answer you guys can raise their hand and they're essentially essentially phoning a friend. Okay but but the one girl out the answer Hazo. Here's what it is so if one of US needs to phone a friend and as it were everyone who thinks they know the answer. Raise your hand and then we will call on one person. So it's not like just can't be a crowd or consensus right. No googling right so it's just like you have to. It's like a little bit of a test like that person. Looks like they know what they're talking about. That person looks like a moron. Okay let me go and if I need the assistance. It's only raise your hand if you really know the answer but if matthew needs the help go rand just raise your hand. Exactly really help him. He tried to play me with his lies. The steering wrong and a reminder the rise of skywalker the final installment of the skywalker Saga from Lucasfilm's Disney is out on December twentieth. Go find it at a dolby cinema near you to fully immerse yourself and all of the action it's probably GonNa be like at those arts cinemas you know small release theaters are. It's going to be you're GONNA have have to search for it but but we think it is worth it. It's a terrific movie. Everyone's excited about it. December Twentieth Star. Wars the rise of skywalker. All right here we go. We're going to find out what's when when he was the biggest star wars you guys ready to the crowd our number one. What are we supposed to write down the? That's what else the cheat on me. Listen Prince Loonier. Think they think cheats off the other one fair enough what is I. Don't want anyone accuse me of cheating. The I tell her I put up. I turn this. You can see what I write. Turn your turn your chair. No I'm going to put up a barrier fine a berry or I I just came up with that on my top my head okay. The name of the composer. Yeah that is scored all nine films of the Skywalker. Saga is when you're done. Please raise your hand all right all right before we when you answers crowd you guys are the answer this way okay. Well that's the fun you know. God you run the show but now go ahead doc. You're very passive aggressive. I don't know that's how berry pacifist upon you go ahead. I actually had the original album. The one that ovine vinyl no member vinyl vinyl vinyl it's vinyls it's just vital right yes. It didn't read the hipster handbook this morning. Like like it's a spotty Brooklyn she'd be not racist crappy band you've never heard of. No it's not a crappy band you ever heard of her all right so this guy this guy in the beanbag chair here. Don't get it right or we're going to put you in the bean bag a shame. What isn't even the composer for all the star wars ars movies John Williams? I am all right second question go. That was really weak applause. Ause I thought that was really impressive. That's because they weren't really impressed with your answer. All right number two is the right answer delivered so poorly right but you told us a great story about at your album on vinyl like sentimental this journey through the history that the chronology of the Star Wars film rice is doing the album and then you had the eight track and then you had the cassette admitting right so now eventually matthew you had to go see them live because they didn't have recorded music it was. It was the black and white piano player. All right question number number two. Who is the only actor to appear in all nine star? Wars films also accepted the character name. If you don't know the name of the actor I'm not. Oh the only actor correct or the character. I will accept the character name for half a point. If you don't know the name of the point do you want to run this. I've already said you can run this if if you want to. I just know all the answers because I wrote them out. Well yes sure. It's easy for you because you know the answer. Maybe I know the answer is because I'm more of a store now okay. I'm ready suffice. It hasn't been anything on her baby yet. Because I'm stuck I can see and that's wrong. Don't second guess it but that's wrong. You Might WanNA stretch it out all right anybody in the crowd. They know the answer to this question. That guy in the Nick Foles Jersey. That's a weird decision. But that's no big deal. Man May this judgment zone judgments on what he got big. Nick and the annual Anthony Daniels character is who shot the LAKA. LAKA Anthony Daniel C. Three Po. And I see okay. Okay so we wait. I wrote down see three P. O. R. Two D. Two because I was make in my head I had a then Matthew looks for when you're wrong. It's wrong because I had only written C. Three Po. When he told me that I was? Just you're so mean so then I cross out C. Three Po. Because you said you're wrong and you seem to be. You can't say both both the people who listen I was writing and then my mind was going to cross out before I gave the answer. And then he goes. That's wrong so he was losing well. That's unusual you used to find mental warfare as part of this literally every off seriousness. You guys think Matthew points knowing the name Your Weight C.. Three Toribio is at the top of my car. Swear started until he here. We go next question. I would have said that to. You could have said that to me and I would have been like. I think you're full of it because I know always right. Here's what's weird though I did. Rtd to not appear at. I know Kenny Baker passed away. So that's why I went away from from city to because Kenny Baker was not in all of the films. Anthony Daniels was correct. Okay got it all right question number three what is and here's I'm going to ask is this. I have a question. I've a question about this Moore thing because I actually don't know the answer to this one so it's real real quick you know short. Sorry all right so now you guys are longer is Peter. Mayhew did Peter Mayhew is he and all of them. He's not in the first one. Is that what it is. Okay okay there you go. Chewbacca feels like the obvious answer is no because I have the answer right in front of me from Disney who has been ninety nine movies. I know like the way you're scoring and will you've got warming correctly. Matches got too. So what do you want all right get a point deducted for poor sportsmanship flag. What sacred item is stored in an old wooden box that ray fines in the crypt room? Don't look at Staff Matthews answers to find a bell. I can't believe you see it. Come on rinsed in. Is that how you got all your degrees much. It's wrong pretty much. I guess we'll find out. I guess we're GONNA find out here. What's sacred items stored in the old wooden box that refines in the crypt room? I'm crushing grape. Yeah like a great who in the crowd they know the answer to this. All right this guy in the green shirt. I'm colorblind. I Dunno no no. That's green or not with the guy that looks like a nerd in the front row. Answer is Luke Skywalker. There's Lightsaber Luke's or go. All right wait wait hang lightsaber. That lightsaber is not sacred. Luke's lightsaber sacred. Read A lightsaber sister. Random artifact this is a lightsaber is this sacred. Come on. We're not giving her credit for that. Are we the key. Part is Luke's I lightsaber. Not all right was if you think this should get credit for this answer clap now. I love everyone here there. I Love You more than Matthew. Guys are buggy whips bunch of easy graders. Here's your next patient. Troby news using intimidation tactics and sheets of paper routinely in the podcast number. Four number four outrageous. How much does the CHEWBACCA costume way? Oh Oh this is multiple choice. A eight pounds be fifteen pounds. See Twenty three pounds and or d forty two pounds. How much does the CHEWBACCA COSTUME WAY NOT TO BACA the the tobacco costume? CHEWBACCA played by. Wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute you Bach is not real. What what I thought we talked about? No spoilers sorry. There's IT's a costume. Don't exist the sucks. What were the numbers again on your paper? It's literally all the questions are written down for. You look ahead. I didn't want to cheat like eighteen. Fifteen twenty three or forty two. How much does it? CHEWBACCA costume worn by a seven foot man. Way A lot of an answer right down. Any letter of the alphabet justify anybody in the crowd. They actually know the right answer to this. Not Kyle you know the answer. No good for you guys not just guessing. No you don't know either but I'll let you guys stand stand up white shirt. Come on go ahead guests. You think you know four okay. So He's saying the answer would be forty ounce I I put C Twenty-three I put C. The correct answer is a eight pounds. The head alone would wave. Listen you got up acted like you confidently knew it. Stand up standup. What's your name? Seth stuff lost him. Here's your phone. Does your jacket and stuff there. The second there's a beanbag. Excuse me. Excuse me pardon me sorry. Sorry Kyle Matthews now dragging said bean bag a a shame. Let everyone stare her stare at you and understand in your ignorance of Baca Costume. Wait okay all right. I'm still winning. Though right yes go ahead and give me the score Gorgan. Three two to three to all right. Who's got an asterisk? Obviously because the Luke likes sabre controversies question number. Five Queen is Queen of what peaceful planet and also senator of set peaceful planet. We'll see what senator later. I'll tell you what to questions right. Why don't you tell me the all about this go ahead? I don't know I love that. You want to correct me asking the question and you don't even know the answer to it. I think something makes me deftest spell it right. No don't look at my page Judge Matthew Literally Matthew has been stupid as I just WanNa make it known and I am not on Matthew side for this. He's the only one that is literally not cheating during this whole thing. You have it your good Stephanie. Do you have your answer. But now who in the crowd believes way way way way way way you haven't you said yes but what. What reveal her answers to finance and real answer? I wonder no no no no hang on. Hang on hang on reveal your answer. I Li- I find. My answer is fully component. Knows who knows this for certain because I will put you in the beanbag. A shame with this guy and he's not leaving so you're going to double up in the beanbag. Who really knows? Does it stand up if you set. You know it all right you in the glasses you stood up I his name is Neil Neil. Do not screw this up for me. Dude Nabu answer is no better fan than you. We answer is no boo buddy. YEAH THAT'S T. He worked brother there. We go lab at him and the beanbag shame. You don't gotta go there all right. I'm really proud of you. Get in that one right by yourself. Go find you bet you look. I picked the right guy. Yeah you didn't you'll knows what's your neil those what's up all right question number six because you get the rest right question number. Six is a potential winner. Alright Java the hut tries to feed Luke skywalker to what to creatures one under Jobless Palace Palace and one in the great pit of car. COON on tattooing. I was really excited. I can't with this question on the way down. I was really excited about it. It is your fault. Matthew always component from the phone a friend again no brown there are no rollover minutes. You're out of minutes. It is my turn Dwayne for a home and you know all right before before we do that. Matthew has to write down his answer or doesn't have any answers. I I don't know like I know it's like the like so question are descriptions. Okay no no no if I have to stop life credit for Lightsaber. That's right because I was being efficient with it. was what was the object in the box of his allies. Sabre Stop Wrong. One hundred percent with Gordon didn't say you got candles second long stop talking or seconds to answer and then we're GonNa do this all right. You're yeah so I'm GONNA ask phone a friend for the I won I won. Oh you'll get one. What part of that did you not? This what I work with breath and so I was smart. Okay it's a two part question smart of you. Yeah all right over the right answer so here we go. Who Do you WANNA pick remember? It's is two points. This is a big deal. Do you people if you give her the right answer so help me God. It'll be so great when I beat him can't wait. Hey wait all right you right here. By the way there was a woman raising her hand but Stefan. You're completely so much for girl power. I mean what's going on. Okay that's what I'm saying about important women and there's a woman in the front row raising your hand and you just completely bypassed but that's fine whatevs now girl power. Now it's called. Everyone knows what I'm going to be. A fight is going to be a fight guy in a shirt collar that I can't see because it's dark which your name Brown Sugar David David and there's a lot riding on this are David what are we have for your two inches rancor and the Sarawak are both correct answer points. Two Point Zero Zero one very I put tiger and sandpits sandpit was so close. I mean was start. Yeah Yeah right I mean. It doesn't count but it was really closest. Lightsaber is home on. That's no you didn't at all. It's not yeah you like sandpit desert. He's in the desert the plank that push him off the plane after you gotta go sitting sitting in the back with us over there and the beanbag shame. Hurry up go over move over money. The bell is taking a resounding lead five to four Berry. I'm under protest here. I'm under protest. Why favor the big lightsaber? So you were probably a nursery school to all right numbers. What do you mean in nursery school number? Seven the Millennium Falcon did the Kessel run. And how many Parsa Matthew wrote down immediately immediately jurors down to yes alright crowd. WHO believes they know the answer to this question? Nick foles already. Did you already use your earlier. Nobody else how eh already did you. Brown shirts are a guy next. Nick foles green shirt. Relax stand up. What's your name Steve? It is not nine par SEC. Aw All right over here get over here beanbag. Shame pretty bag of shame. I think out of the beam back at me because I got it right around. Let me ask you twelve twelve pack. Twelve twelve I would like to put an asterisk next to both of you because it's actually under twelve parts sex but I understand all right here. We go question number. Eight Hans. Solo is frozen in what substance by Java the Hud. Han Solo was frozen in what substance by JABBA. The Hut anybody in the crab where the answer to this question. Budai don't whatever every yes you with the thing on your arm. Yeah go and stand up. Hey Josh frozen carbonate Matthew Bell Roku up our garden if she gets lightsaber. I absolutely get carbon. Now we go now to the same carbon. How is that wars of unanswered than lightsaber? You got a choice. If lightsaber counts for Luke's like say what sacred than actually carbon counts. So we have David from Disney here. We'll whoa come in David. Come on up here. We made an official ruling. This is going to be tough because carbon is an element which is completely different substance than carbonite. You Lord I mean but I wanNA make sure that we're here with the official Disney answer David Carbonite man. Naga Gdansk correct. I we might you just because you get the answer wrong. I didn't make it in the beanbag a shame because you got anything. I found it because I will. Here's what I will say I will. I will admit I think David would make the correct ruling there. I'M GONNA be honest wreck ruling but I honestly I genuinely feel. Lightsaber should not count for Luke's Lightsaber 'cause we very specific lightsaber her. What sacred item? I will not let go. Have you ever listened to show Sarasota Cardinal Survive anything. Matthew is the worst first competitor. Can't take it number nine number nine. What's the score onto Matthew Berry is down five to seven or there is question Russian nine and then the final round is a bonus round where you get to wager however many points you wish okay number nine? What famous line did Hans Solo say after Princess Leia said I love you for the first time? This is question nine. This question number nine Princess Leia said I love you and Hans. Solo said all right crowd. Raise your hand if you know guy in the very back stand up. What's your name Guy? He said I know. Matthew Berry is defined your Bell I uh-huh correct answers. All around all right. Matthew knew that because it was something he would say that says I love. Yeah I know that's right. Okay and then bet wonders about every decision she ever made in our life. It's divine you'll say thank you put it in the podcast today. I now. That's what I say dances now better. I know they got very last question here. Go final round. Matthew Berry is six six points spiny bell has eight you can decide. How many points do you want to wager? If you get this wrong long you lose that number of points choose the number of points. You are going to wager now before I answer the ask the question. You do not get to know the question before you wager points. That's not how they do it on jeopardy at all. That's literally how they do it on jeopardy beginning to think you have a pretty you can only wager six because that's all that you have. I'm aware okay. All right all right okay. So many points wagering man all in baby maybe all right. Let's go zero to find his way during zero points might be better. If you get this right you take the lead question is who's DNA were the clones from the clone wars made from episode to episode. Two there was a clone army whose DNA was the clone lone army made from. I'd like to phone a friend with. That's not how it works. Fifty fifty like fifty fifty. No you only had one assistance. That was the way the game was set up. One thing for help. I knew I was out of help. Which is why is smartly wagered? Nothing is that what it looks like when Matthew thinks you can actually use the Hamster Wheel Matthew Berry is really struggling with this. Yeah I really am Yup. I shouldn't have sex. Do Listen No guts. No glory over there like zero look at strategy lead dry wit. I risk it through through our math. You got ten seconds. You've got to write something down or I'll tell you what you cannot write something down. Lose half the points and I'll give you a bonus question so I lose three. You would lose three and then you would get a bonus question so but I got to go on this question. It would be double double or nothing to the six points. He originally wagered so it'd be twelve point question. It'd be twelve point question for you and that same twelve point question applies to find you. How yeah I definitely I mean? I have two guesses and I have no idea if either of them are right can I can i. Can I do that but I can. I give fifty to play a game with him. He's like change in the Muslim. Wait can I do this to see if I can then get points. He has changed the rules. I'm GONNA say no. I change the rules to help. I'm trying to help you point. I'm just arguing with her. Thanks Buddy you got back all right. I need an answer. Yeah fine. I'll do that. I'll do the I'll take three point loss. I'll tell you who I was going to guess and I think they're both both wrong. Guess at you know anybody in the crowd they know the answer. This is my guest. Thought your name. My guess is that I think both I need to wait. I need you to not see that in case the answer to your question is maybe one of the bonus question answers the question. You know what I'm saying. I'll write down. Who who I thought it was going to be okay and then in the crop is near the answer to this question? I'm going to say guy in the back that we have not talked to yet with the long arm of the watch and the shirt under the other shirt. Yup Wearing Aaron Collars yuck Collar Guy Django fat is in fact the correct answer Django Fed. Ah I would go wrong okay so Matthew Berry down to three point Stefan. You're still at eight points Matthew Berry here's a six point question to both of you. You can also get an you get no penalty. Because I'm giving you a chance to even win you get no penalty if you you answer this question and get it wrong but doesn't seem fair Django Django. You just got two chances to beat me. Jingle cow after one clone as his hair his hair as air air what jingle fete name has air. This is awkward. Matthew Rotas answered pretty quickly and Stephanie is just staring at a blank page doc. It's so the universe. I'm pretty sure I've got my wrong. If it makes you feel better but I guess you did. I guess you don't have to guess but it does now. There's nothing wrong avenue. Barris myself in case I can't remember. Jingle Jingo. Fete kept one clone as his heir answering nope because to find has got ten more seconds five four three which it's just GonNa she's GonNa say no. This is like a two minute drive. And she's just trust sooner defense here Matthew. Wait hold on crowd answer anybody in the crab they have the answer to this. I'm going to go everybody. That's raising their hands. It's just a bunch of the same nerds over and over again. That's what it is there. Anybody who didn't answer questions but he has. I'm not answered. The believes they know the answer to this question in the back with the beard that is incorrect. Wow that's bad however a tasty tap be yoga drink is also known as a what Matthew Berry Boba drink mobile mobile mobile. You know why because I thought that was maybe two. Obviously I know that but I didn't know what you would have written it down so obviously didn't I didn't. I didn't have trust champion. Matthew beat the kinds the people's champ that's right after we kai phone brand. Listen Lightsaber I don't want to hear heard from you. Of course of course you want because you modified the game. That's how it always works. Well listen I got a chance to get. You Ain't tryin. Dan Raise your motto. Listen what am I patriot. Yep and we're GONNA go onto QNA now that we've gone. Here's a couple of questions that you guys had joke just a joke. I love my New England friends if DJ Chart Mrs Time. WHO's your favorite ride around the Jacksonville? Jaguars Dede Westbrook. You might see some Chris Conley but I think Dede Westbrook role is secure. Connolly's had some flashes but I I prefer Dede Westbrook certainly only a good match with Oakland this week. Same with that. Neil wants to know. Can we do a name game with Tyler. Lockett who has been topped the last couple of weeks at wide receiver. Would you start Tyler Lockett or junior this week like it or who. OJ Odell Beckham. Junior like it I I have them ranked really close together. But I'll like lock in the whole if you say well you can always do. If but in fantasy tyler. Lockett literally had that one missed way in the end zone. That would have been a huge. I probably would've doubled as points. And maybe maybe I'm just trusted them. Maybe I'm just high for my dominating. Victories Star Wars Trivia. You know but the problem. I'm going to say Odell Beckham Junior Tarazona. The concern is that. I think todd sees a decent amount of James bradberry. They'll move them around. Take him out of the slot and Bradbury doesn't usually go into the slot and Bradbury is a good but not a shutdown corner that said both their production has been so spotty. Recently that I'd I'd rather the guy going against Arizona. Patrick Peterson hasn't been Patrick Peterson. This year I think they moved back home around enough to to get him going. I just I think think it's a very run given how bad Carolina's against the run. I think it's a huge Chris Carson game. So I'm going to take Odell Beckham Junior. I think that's a games a little bit more. Close Tyler Lockett. Yeah or we'll just is keep the next day coach. That's all right quicker tyler. Lockett or Mile Sanders Ever Mal Sanders Sanders Sterling Shepard Block. It Miami I make Sterling Shepherd Tyler Lockett or AJ Brown lock it. I wouldn't mind taking a flyer. Aj Brown. I think I have them right next to each other Talladega Joel Nixon gotTa Hate Joe. mixon's matchup it's with the bank patriots. Obviously but I'm GONNA go with Nixon. I was thinking to go and mix and he's been lately volume. This question comes from brother of a Super Smart Rachel. Oh from the women's they can 2018. Can You Trust Austin in a non PC flex position. Feel like I've been getting lucky with him. The Alternative Plane Robert Woods non thing Robert Woods or Austin heckler boy. It's a two part question. I feel like yes you can. Trust like the volume's William's been there enough. PR OBVIOUSLY NOT BEING PR hurts. Her having said that. I don't know how you bench Robert Woods yet so I would so nick do more question. I do think you can trust but I would still play woods over at cler tight. End Dilemma here from Dustin Tyler Higby or Mark Andrews on Thursday. There's Day ooh quits to find your. What do you think Gerald overplays weaker? Now I don't know and you can't say it's too early really to ask because when you have a Thursday tight end you have to literally make sure I mean your phone. Ask a print of this one. I don't think it'd be being a smart Aleck. You you had to change the rules to get your change the rules did Daniel change the rules. It is what it is. I don't know interesting made into basically the NFL officials of this is the name right. I mean it's fair it's fair it's a good point. Look all I know. Is that a couple of weeks from now. People forget this. They'll just know that. I am the star Trivia champion champion. That's right that's what that's what the remember he. By the way Daniel Try Jange fact. Thank thanks Joe. I literally act like made. Is that this guy right here in the front. I'm like I can't when you say jingle fat there's only one other in the store was like that's so obvious obvious Princeton than should have written it down. Okay Matthew. My name is Daniel Right now Princeton. Well we sure I of course Princeton and make sure they want Hickory. Hey I have Austin who restarting but Atlanta's facing the San Francisco Forty niners. Yeah yeah they're good. Should I start him. OJ Howard or Tyler Higby OJ Howard Tyler Who often hooper against the forty niners? Yeah Ah I mean the forty niners to find a you know. I mean. They've gotten so big. That beat up on defense. Recently right beat up on events. Yeah so no D. Ford this week. No Richard Sermon this volume for hooper. But I still. I don't like Atlantis match. Tyler has been nothing short of awesome. Mike always think give up the sixers fantasy points posing tight ends. I'd probably still side. There's nothing I love more than when you're like I think the status correct I think the cowboys give give up the six months fantasy points to close a laptop. He shut it down for like you know like if you guys ever watched. PTI back in the today's stat. Boy The kind of thing so kyle actually is a stat boy so it's accurate as opposed to just be trying to be my way through. I'd rather own it and be like I'm not sure that's that's literally. What you do is just through? I guess I mean not not the Star Wars Trivia game. We know that that would be great rape you manipulate the Russians. Cross it like a stormtrooper okay. So we're saying Tyler B.. We're saying Taylor Higby higby remo. Most of the James White half-point mustard. You know what I agree with you. I mean I don't know if you saw the reports Scou- Shannon came out and said like he's forced our hand Dan. We have to give more work. And so the the Falcons are so bad against the run. My expectation here is that most are actually. Ah James Right. I'll be fine against Cincinnati but I think they're both sort of they're both sort of questionable playing time guys. Most I believe has more upside even though we saw the monster game against Houston from James Watt a couple of weeks ago. Two more questions. This one's from sunny. Although Josh Shaka's unclear to practice what's your confidence level if he plays so any the reason to feel like if Jane Jacobs plays you should be worried about you. You always are a little bit when a guy's playing hurt like that and he just because he's cleared hard to play doesn't mean he's healthy. He's been injured number weeks. But then if you look at the fact he's been injured. Knee still been really productive. That would make me say if he's playing if he's cleared to play him. I just want an answer. Are you going to plenary Noggin plan. You said a lot of words now that you call them. It's like here's a whole long. Preamble able and. I'm not going to really give you an answer to this question answered it. I said if he's playing you're starting him. They go when he listened postie. Do you realize you agree that one postie host. I do agree with my esteemed colleagues to find funny about flip. Flopped between being my friends to find. His friend is just UNCANNY. It's a way to create create division fight amongst themselves. I'm just sort of feel myself a feels like looking through L.. Bean catalogs or something I duNNo. Lbs He's opened the field by the way by the way. You guys have no idea the insult that I just leveled at field. That's the worst thing I could say to him. It's a whatever he's like. Whatever he's drinking craft crappier treehouse? He's drinking drinking. treehouse struck and treehouse beer. While looking through the Christmas trying to picking out what. He wants for Christmas from Vineyard Vines. Yup So all right what yes I mean. They're playing Jacksonville. The Jaguars have been. I believe. They are the worst defense in the NFL over the last four weeks against the run. They've just been absolutely brutal. Yes I agree to find you. Josh Jacobs's starting. You're starting Josh Jacobson. Okay this one is just in emotions question. Do you love or hate having players and Primetime Games so that you have to wait to figure out whether or not you've got a victory or your depends needles all the way through Monday night football. I love having players in prime time games. Yeah first off you know go ahead on. Yeah I I like having something that I can wait on something to root for in those games. Yeah there is something psychological about especially when it's tall on ESPN. Of course. I'm a company man. Thank you it's just like even everything's gone wrong even if you're just like I just got my butt kicked and this guy had everywhere I go off and all my guys didn't show up. There's still a chance that Zakar could put up thirty points. Oh Yeah and bring you back and let you went. There's always that chance and so I I always prefer to be the guy that has somebody going Monday night and needing scores as opposed to the person on Monday tonight with the lead and being done and having to sweat out somebody else so I always prefer that I was with you until like three weeks ago when I was down by thirty thirty nine points and I needed Lamar Jackson to get thirty nine. You know what he did he do. He scored thirty seven and a half in the first three quarters and got pulled out of the game because they were ahead by so much so I lost by one point five after even had a chance. You're then my heart got pulled back into it and that's the word was so brutal. I one of the Games that I had in the in the war aurum league is playing Tedy Bruschi and he just had everyone go up. I had a bad week and so I'm down by like I WanNa say twenty seven something like that. Twenty Twenty six twenty seven and it's the Monday night game. That was the steelers dolphins game and so forget what hitters in that game. Well but here's thanks. Oh I had no. No but he had he had Chris Boswell James Connor and like J.. That was the last game where James Connor had the monster. The game and it's just like I'm like I'm losing losing this. An economy just keeps getting all these dump off passes on my God. I haven't got a chance. I got a chance and then at one point point literally in the An texting with teddy throughout the game. Right and so It's just like a you know you got this and like tedy. Bruschi is like the nicest human in play really is. He's such sweet guys so like like he won't talk trash me. I'm like dude. You got this. He's like no man. You've got a good team and you're the you're the man and fantasy it like. He's trying to pump Yup Yup like even now obviously but but then sweet said he is. He'll he'll lie to you. Just make you feel better about yourself anyway. So at one point late late in the game I take the lead and Pittsburgh has the lead and I'm like Oh my God I'm GonNa win this thing. I can't believe this down like two and a half minutes up and I'm GonNa win this thing and then all of a sudden James Connor gets hurt on a third-down play with the shoulder. He leaves the game. I'm like no and they decide. They don't get the first down so instead of just running out the clock and they've got an I just taking threes and I win but games. Connor gets hurt. They they kick the field goal. Chris Boswell field goal puts teddy backup. Go ahead James Connors now out for the rest of the game because they get one more series after that just rips your heart out I lose and it's like I would have been better off if I'd lost by thirty five is what it is right but it's just like you get sucked back in and you think you get hope again. You get hope again fantasy like it was like you know what it is. It's like 'cause I wrote out to that big lead aide in the Star Wars Trivia challenge right and then to find your clawed or way back jets and controversial questions and somebody in the audience gave her a two parter. which if I'd known there was a two part obviously take my phone a friend so she laws and she has some hope she has some hope all my God? I'm actually going to beat Matthew at something for once and then and then all of a sudden like just out of the out of the jaws of defeat I snatched victory issue Boba Fett. You know she did so much safe. She stopped trying to score. A plane. Indeed played dead so then like a now. Just a heartbreaking crushing loss. She could've lost nine to four hundred and fine but to come so close on a lose is like that. It's got to be tough to find. It's gotta be tough. How you hold it up? Don't worry you're GONNA buy a drink after the show. Yes it's all right then forever going for and with that we are done guys. Thank you so much a huge thank you to be so listen it is we. CanNot I want to thank Gobi Soho. What a great facility I can? I get a fantastic. What a great facility? So I know no this I know the star wars activation is be going on until the early parts of January. So if you live in New York City you're planning on visiting the city during the holidays. Highly doubt coming by and checking it out. Obviously thanks so much to our friends at Disney and Lucasfilm go see star wars the rise of skywalker December twentieth theaters everywhere. And and thank you so much by the way to everyone that comes out. I always say this. Every one of our live shows to come out and see us is a production right. You gotta you gotTa leave the kids at home where you gotta get parking or you gotta come in you got you got to get into city you gotta you gotta it. It takes a while to get here and then you're standing in line and then you come in and for for you guys to carve out two or three hours to to spend your evening a free evening after work with US means a tremendous amount is to find your Daniel Myself especially actually when we tell you why on Monday on Mondays later to come out and do so unbelievable so seriously I mean this from the bottom of my heart thank you thank you. Thank you. Thank you so on behalf of Kyle Keith. Everyone at Dobie at Disney At Lucasville for Daniels Matthew piece out and may the poorest the.

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