Florida Teachers Sue, Trader Joe's Rebranding & No Preseason Football- Tuesday, July 21st, 2020


Today is Tuesday. July twenty first what to know about another promising vaccine, a first of its kind lawsuit were forty teachers are taking their governor to court over the start of school, and which major cities president trump might send federal officers to next plus the politics and mental health concerns, surrounding rapper turned presidential candidate on you. West white trader Joe's is rebranding some of its products, and which household name is now throwing out the first pitch on MLB's opening day. Welcome welcome to the newsworthy all the day's news in less than ten minutes fast fair. They're fun and on the go I'm Erica Mandy thanks so much for being here. You're ready. Let's do this. Researchers are optimistic about another corona virus vaccine in the works, and this one is moving so quickly through trials. It could be cleared for use as early as October. It was developed in the UK by the University of Oxford and drug maker AstraZeneca, the newest findings from a trial involving more than a thousand people researchers say it appears to be safe and so far it seems to be working as it's meant to. Everyone in the trial developed. Developed antibodies to block the infection in other words, the vaccine boosted their immune systems against covid nineteen. The vaccine also helped people developed t cells. Those are white blood cells that can spot which parts of the body have been infected and destroy the infection. There are some drawbacks though seventy percent of people in the last trial developed either a fever or headache after getting the shot, but doctors say the side effects are not dangerous and can. Can Be managed with other medications. Still it's too early to know if this will have enough protection against covid nineteen, so a larger trial is already underway. The vaccine has moved onto phase three of trials with ten thousand people, and that's the last step before it could get final approval and remember just last week the American drugmaker Moderna and now the results have been promising with their vaccine as well and it set to move into the last. Last phase of trials next week with thirty thousand people that one could be ready as soon as early next year, but it's all still a big. If keep in mind, even if all goes well and the UK vaccine is ready as soon as this fall, most people will not be able to get it right away. The BBC reports the first batch would go to healthcare. Workers and others deemed high risk due to age or preexisting conditions. Florida's largest teacher's Union is suing the governor in a first of its kind lawsuit. It's all about safety. This fall as the state reported more than ten thousand new infections for these sixth day in a row, the lawsuit is over a recent order, requiring all schools in the state open for in person classes five days a week earlier this month governor Ron Santa said if fast food restaurants can be open. Schools can be to saying nothing is more essential than teaching children to Santa's also says schools need to reopen, so parents can return to work, but the teacher's union argues person learning is just too dangerous right now, and it should not. Not Be the state's call anyway. The union wants local superintendents and health departments to be the ones to decide when and how schools can reopen well, there are a lot of different opinions and guidance about reopening schools. Health experts from Harvard have said school should only consider reopening in person if the rate of positive cove in nineteen tests is at or below five percent in that area in Miami Dade. County specifically in Florida the positive test rate is more than four times that and teachers pointed that high rate of infection in their lawsuit for now plans are still on though to reopen schools next month. Ultimately, this may be decided in court. President trump is thinking about sending federal officers to more cities around the country. The Chicago Tribune reports. There will be at least one hundred and fifty agents from the Department of Homeland Security going to Chicago as soon as this week, the report says the federal officers will assist crime-fighting efforts, but the specific plan is not clear just yet. Remember federal agents already in Portland Oregon and have reportedly arrested people on the streets. Protests against racial justice have been going on there for nearly two months much like they did in Portland. Some protests in Chicago have escalated in recent days, and people have gotten hurt, but also like Portland. Local officials Chicago are against. Against the idea of federal agents, arriving Chicago's mayor told MSNBC She's going to use every tool. She has to stop president trump from sending what she calls troops to the city. Well president trump is not backing down. He says he's thinking about sending more officers to five more cities. Baltimore Detroit New York Oakland and Philadelphia. Though there are no formal plans for those yet unlike Chicago in Portland, there have not been any recent reports of violent protests. In those other cities, the president trump cited heightened violence in general president. Trump called the city's a mess and said they're run by quote Liberal Democrats. Who can't keep their cities under control to be continued? Some top Democrats are sounding the alarm about more potential foreign interference in the twenty twenty presidential election top Democrats on the House and Senate intelligence committees wrote a letter to the FBI director about their concerns, they say a foreign disinformation campaign has been targeting Congress trying to influence lawmakers, actions and public debate. At this point, they haven't shared any specific examples, but Reuters reports. They did request a classified briefing with the FBI. You posted with any updates. Superstar Kanye. West is moving ahead with his presidential campaign. He's now submitted signatures to be on the ballot in the State of Illinois. Fox News reports. They were sent in yesterday just four minutes before the deadline. So there are still being counted. We'll see if there are enough signatures. He's already missed the deadline. In other states, though including South Carolina where he held a weekend rally at the rally, West spoke about a few political issues a few things he said everyone who has a baby should get a million dollars that marijuana should be legal and free and that prescription. Prescription? Pain medication should be better. Regulated West also broke down crying when he said his wife Kim Kardashian West, considered getting an abortion when she was pregnant with their daughter North. Then yesterday he said on twitter that his wife was trying to have a doctor. Lock him up so far no comment from Kim Kardashian West herself, but TMZ reports. His family is extremely concerned about his mental health. Still his campaign team told ABC News the Khania two. Thousand Twenty bid is still very much alive. The team will reportedly be announcing more campaign events soon, including one in New, York. All Right? We have more news coming up, but first this episode is brought to you by magic spoon. 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It's backed with a one hundred percent happiness guarantee so if you don't like it for any reason, but refund your money, no questions asked. That's magic spoon dot com slash newsworthy and use the code newsworthy for free shipping all right now back to the news. US Health officials have been quite busy during this pandemic, but the FDA is back cracking down on e cigarettes. The FDA is telling several brands like puff bar and mile vape to pull their fruit flavored disposable e cigarettes off store shelves. The FDA says it never gave them the okay to begin with. The products in question are sold in flavors like watermelon and strawberry. Strawberry but remember the FTA banned certain flavored e cigarettes earlier this year, saying they appeal to underage users, but the Wall Street Journal reports. There was a big loophole. The FDA ban did not apply to disposable vaping products. Still products are supposed to get FDA approval and these brands did not get it the brand now fifteen days to respond to the FDA's requests. Trader Joe's is changing the names of its international foods. The national grocery chain made the announcement as a petition has been circulating online. The petition demanded trader. Joe's stop using quote racist packaging. Specifically, the issue is about what the store calls its ethnic products for example there are food products called things like trader means or trader. Jose's. The list goes on well. The petition claims that doing this trader. Joe's is perpetuating harmful stereotypes, and the popular grocer agrees it says it was actually already in the process of phasing out the old packaging. It's replacing all ethnic foods with standard trader. Joe's branding. Although right now there's not a specific timeline. A spokesperson said the work will be completed very soon. Might not professional football return until September this year at the earliest. That's because the preseason is probably scrapped. The NFL has offered to cancel all preseason games at the request of players remember there's usually four preseason games per team, but a few weeks back it was dropped a tuber team. And now the league is offering to call them all off. It's not. Not a done deal yet, though the players association still has to sign off the League also mapped out a plan for covid nineteen testing, it says players will be tested every single day for at least the first two weeks of training camp happening now. If there aren't too many positive test results ESPN reports, testing will drop down to every other day instead. Dr Anthony Fauci trying his hand at baseball, he'll be throwing out the first pitch at the Washington nationals game this Thursday which is also opening day, remember Faucher is the government's leading infectious disease expert, and that has made him a household name during the covid nineteen pandemic, the national say he's a quote, true champion for our country, so they want to honor him this way that's said reaction has been hit or miss. Some people say FAO G has better things to do, and this is essentially a waste of his time. Others though this is a good way to celebrate. For main ten minutes of news today, but now it's time to introduce our newest bonus segment called Trivia Tuesday. We'll ask a different trivia. Question every Tuesday, and to make it more of an interactive game to start. We'll also post the question to instagram today and two people will win a newsworthy coffee tumbler all right so today's trivia question. Is this the HASHTAG symbol? You often see on social media is technically called what again the question is the Hashtag. Hashtag, symbol you often see on social media is technically called. What so go guests on our instagram posts? That will go up this morning. We're at newsworthy. pod will pick two people who comment on the post today to win. A Newsworthy Coffee Tumbler will also give the winners a shout on the show next Tuesday. When we explain the answer to the Trivia question and give you a new question. Thanks for playing along with our newest segment trivia Tuesday. All right thanks for listening today as always you can read more about any of the news. Stories mentioned at newsworthy dot com under the episodes tab. We'll be back with much more news to know tomorrow morning until then have a great day.

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