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Please don't take this person. She go down Eddie let share BURRITO. Come on that's not fair man. Farther look the fool retention retention smoking cigarettes again. Ask Your doctor of from ball kicked. Rex is right for you. That go put your floppy hat hot and enjoy your day live on tape. It's the fastest our in podcasting. This is never not funny. Now here's your host Jimmy Pardo. Welcome to the program episode dough boy. I got here late because of some issues at the doctor's office but not issued. I did not know health issues. Time issues crunchies. So I did not ask guess twenty five eighteen correct Liga. This saw MON board. I'm into and I got my thumb on the pulse. I'm doing all sorts of things right. I geist got everything that's going on right. Yeah right on time. Entertainment weekly is is doing a little logistical about Which Episode Number One We should say thank you to vulture for a very nice Right up on very Nice write-up would I have chosen that episodes one to start with. I mean it was a great experience for both of us As fans of his obviously. He's your idol So we're talking about Richard Lewis when he came to our old because Gary I was surprised to hear the garrison was on that episode. Because I thought it was pre- Garin it must have been to your first episodes. Yeah because we moved here not long after I started so that was probably what was it. Eleven seventeen right. Yup that was five episodes. I think eleven twelve was that Henry we did look this up once and I already for eleven twelve that I started my first real episode. I just what are your first episodes. And what year did you start. Two thousand seven years ago so seven years okay. Seven point six. It's like realistic here longer ago than that. I mean a lot has happened We've been in this room for five years. I know it so he says we moved here not long after he started got. We know we've been in this room six years. I'm sorry we keep trying to shake him. Well we moved locations. We've now we move was chairing. The message is clear you are. You are one step is clear we all agreed okay. I know you pouted when I walked in here but we both agreed that it's better that you're there. Yes yes it is night and day that I now can look over and see see Garin and that was. What do you talk to? You would be able to see them. Bus Drivers got to be able to see the passengers. God Damn Humira get on get on back. It's going to be a lot worse though if I get. ICED daggers. Are Dead on right used to catch. It's like a shoulder of of fragments of ICICLES. Now it's going to be right into your heart knives out ass up. That's what was said on twitter response to him with the icing and the knives are going to be like daggers. In the heart daggers. In the Listening to the top forty countdown from nineteen eighty four on the drive in Kennedy name the top Song of Nineteen eighty-four this week this week in ninety four the top song the top song of this week is Atlanta Ritchie. It is not it did knock out number two. I will tell you that number two was number one last week because of this was a new number one. This was a new number one. It was there for two weeks. Is it like a John. Cougar Mellencamp situation on Christmas or not. I will tell you this. I will tell you that. This song And then a Madonna Song Also there's not one of the answer Kept Out The song the frightens you from the boys boys was number two. I would've probably again next week and the week after I was number two for four weeks in a row. If I'm not mistaken because of this one and then Madonna I believe really. Oh so it's not Christmas. You said I was about to guess Wham managed fourteen years old. I just on my way to to the winner vacation. Fourteen year. Born nineteen seventy nineteen seventy. Happy Birthday. They completely off topic. Well you guys think about this. I've been meeting ask you but I'm an asshole. How's Your Dad? You mentioned on the low that your dad was having some health issues. Yeah he had. Aw I guess he has like an irregular heartbeat back over here. I don't get uncomfortable so he had an irregular heartbeat. Yeah so they had to go in and do something like to the back of his heart to try to fix that and they did and it went well I guess but they had to they the whole they had to make in his legacy. I think we're bigger than they expected. And they had to do like four different things in the back of his heart so but it went. Well they said I guess good. I talked to him when Hap after it happened and he was. You know how you get when you're coming out of anesthesia. You got all model Lennon. You know. I've got the grades grandparents ever in. What yeah did he accept your sexuality at that Point Ode you realize what what he's really under? We had a nice tender moment. He said Garin. You can can touch all the Dixie want very open. Support it Yeah no it was fine. He's he's doing well so of course. I Apologize Adjusts Ron Haskins. Sooner at every time it's one of those things where I go to ask you about his dad Then I just look at twitter instead. We're GONNA have you're holding your phone. You can text them right now. Dill Wad of asked me on twitter. I GonNa ask you what. You're dead on twitter. I think it's weird when people can actually have communication nick publicly have lunch. What get Outta here? We Group text him though that on facebook. I've had people give me their phone number. We're on facebook just on the wall and I'm like you understand that that's like I know like yourself. You just put a sign out in the middle of the street for everyone to see and I think it's weird. It feels very performance especially on twitter when people do that kind of stuff. Because it's like me I'm I'm I'm a person that can have lunch with this person. Yeah yeah well you know what everybody gets a trophy participation trophies or the way the day and we wish them luck Folks that You know have that on their shelves and feel good about it. The important thing is who had the number one hit any any anybody. Is it a band No I think about it. It's not a Dan. I'll tell you this I'll tell you this. One duo knocked out another duo duo. Oh Taller notes. They knock out Ram the knocked out last Christmas. No knocked out. Wake me up before you go okay. And then with the outer CH- Term Matt Matt go as reminder when I went to a whole new press conference. I bought some fake glasses so that I could Because they said we will be open to questions that I bought the fake lessons so that it no matter what he said I could move Mr Hall and and To my left and then it turns out that they did not open up the floor for questions that was all a big ruse to get us. There thinking we were going to be speaking into Holland hosts did that. was that a reference. I don't get that reverence. If that's a reference. I just always thought it was very funny that in movies and stuff where they would go. So you're telling me that the you went to a party on Saturday. Mr Belknap are used to say. I just didn't know if that was like in some extended version video or says nothing all the first of all it was ninety six twenty just going to a press conference certainly some educational looking glasses. I need to look like a reporter a journalist. Did you put a card in your Fedora. Banned it said press my classes throughout the year. Thing my friend. Eric laughed like it and then it didn't happen. I'd ended it on the car. Ride Home Four Thousand Times. No matter what he said I would go Mr Your Ren his last name was Iran and Boy If you missed a pronounce that that is a horrible horrible last name. He must have been teased mercilessly. He was he was also he was the guy that was all in on the India. The the new romantic look very durant drank here. That sort of thing at a time where I I was very much pop collars. There was various different looks He was all in on that and he got made fun of quite a bit too strong choice entity for yeah. Yeah and that said boy good for him for having the And put up with it man but not changing it yeah. That's I didn't have the balls to do that. Although I did wear a full ghostbusters jumpsuit. When I was I was like eleven or something different but but but even if it no matter what it says on her like I? It's a costume and I wore it to school on a regular Tuesday. And how did the school react to that UH-HUH I've blocked it out. Honestly they may. I may have been teased but I don't remember. You were allowed to wear it. Though throughout the administration had no problem with it or not. Yeah it was because it wasn't technically a costume it was just a coveralls with a ghostbusters patch on the shoulder. I ask because in in seventh grade I were we all we came. We went to lunch. we all came back from lunch wearing inappropriate clothing for that time. Viewer and The Guy was wearing snow. Boots and other people had on like Christmas sweaters and stuff like that. It was Spring Day or whatever and you and We were all sent home to change our clothing like we couldn't think what what do you feel. You're you know you're all you're all begging for attention and it's distracting and it was like it seems overly strict seemed overly strict. I will say that this my jumps. It was not the khaki of the actual ghostbusters also. It was black and it had lots of Zippers on. It was very eighties outfit like if it hadn't had the patch it would've just been like I would have looked like I. was you know in a band. Mr Belknap saying this jumpsuit was not authentic to ghostbusters. Busters know it was like my parents got it in New York City on a trip and they knew I would like they start belknap. Are you then saying this was a gift of some sort. It was a gift a weird coincidence. They bought that gift. And you know I don't know I think probably every city is kind of like this is some way but New York like there's so many shops like if you go to a certain street or certain part of town in New York you'll just see like one shop after another with knockoff Gucci. Stuff and knock off everything and it was probably from one of those stores so you tell your parents bought illegal Irvine Elia Yeah. I don't think this was licensed ghostbusters. They didn't make it was the year. The movie came out so there wasn't any there there wasn't like an official coverall gift. But here's the coincidental part. Where the they all on that same trip they went to a dinner party and Bill Murray? It was at that dinner party because he was the downstairs neighbor of the friend of theirs. Who was throwing the party why we hear him at the thirteen years in? I probably have brought it up before because I you mean pretty exciting. Doesn't that sound familiar. No I would think that that would stick out for me and it doesn't because because because my first thought is and it was the first time that Bill Murray went to a party that he wasn't invited. Hey rash that yeah that was he got the taste for it then and never stopped now. He was friends with denounces woman that my mom used to work with and Because they were neighbors. Yeah so he. He was invited. It was he was a legit attendance. That what he does these days where he just pops up somewhere and you. I'll say it ruins people's events steals focused from the bride and groom. I'm sure they have a store for the rest of their life but some could argue their day. Yeah I mean he has no way of gauging whether this these people are going into it around nine times out of ten. The people are probably thrilled. But it's definitely going to be people who are like get out of here bill bill. We're here it's the same deal if you're trump. I guess that's different. But he pops into a wedding at I. Guess if you're having your wedding you got a trump a trump resorts you're already already decided you've made a choice to get money but I will say even if anywhere in the world if if you're having an event and the president of the United I don't care who it is the president of the United States pops. And it's still like it's crazy. You might not support that president but it's still like Oh my God that is oh crazy angry although I look. I don't know who it'd be for me to. I can't speak to Steve. Steve Perry George Michael. Peter Sotero showed up at my wedding uninvited thing like Danielle set it up and guess. Hey they're going to. We're going to sing but if it's just hey I'm here and they all of a sudden it's not about is it's about and also you can't enjoy it because you're like that's incredible incredible and I'm a huge fan of this person but I don't want to. I don't want my attention diverted from the this whole wonderful event which is about my love for this. The woman exactly so I guess what I'm saying. Bill Murray State of stay home right Sachar big leading does the whole fucking skit. But what was that. What what were you just if it was like heck no that was me doing a bad impression of him you know he throws out a couple line in? Yeah sure you know people all fall over as if they've never heard comedy before they stay collapsed on the ground like it's Arsenio Hall in the late eighties. Why can't he just do? What every other person Jason like him does which is drop into the Improv and blow those people's minds do absolutely nothing huge laughs ruin the rest of the night for every other comment on the line? Now that's at least it's not cool but it only hurts like three comic right or whatever and the the crowd loves it. They're they're it's made there because the to that point. The the Improv is supposed to be that given moment. Billy Crystal may show a grizzlies not step foot in there. I would imagine thirty five years. I wonder when the last time billy crystal. Yeah Yeah. I wonder when the last time he did stand up was. I'm here's what this this is horrible. It's morbid but you know what we all die at some point but Friedman's GonNa pass away That memorial is going to be my God amazing. Yeah because it's going to be billy crystal. It's going to be Jerry Seinfeld Riser Lewis. Let all of these people Linda was more of a comedy store. Go Right But it's but who knows. We took a job away from Cornyn girl taking jobs away from it'll need He'll need to be there but I imagine that. Imagine me nuts. What's that yeah right? That's the that's the must get ticketed the year they're already thinking about Canada will also like listen. I hosted a show that he produced even be invited. Yeah it's all about me But we'll we'll bette midler. I show of course you will bette Midler. Yeah You know Pudgy. She's still alive. I don't know Pudgy sold. That is We're calling no. I'm not she's the divine. Miss M Sir I would not ever think to Speaking of drop INS I was just listening to the Robin Williams podcasts. That you were on knowing more than happy to do it. I spoke on their talk. Talk about my experience with Robin Williams The most recent episode I believe is the most recent one Gris gathered is on. And he's talking about when he was He ran ask hat the New York Ascott for a while And and and Robin Williams dropped in on it and so he was telling that story and he was saying the same thing that we heard word when he was doing he did that a few times. which is that? It's a thrill. And yet he steamrolled everybody. Yeah broke every Improv rule and yet everybody involved was is like this is wonderful and I am so excited to have been a part of this. How could you not? Everybody asks that. They're either my age or younger. Maybe so it besser and Roberts might be a little bit older. But I can't confirm that but we all grew up with more mindy and even if the guy's theme roles you you're like I just did Improv with Robin Williams yes a guy. I wore rainbow suspenders. Jeff him for Halloween. And now I'm doing this. Yeah Elliot you raise your eyebrows for I can only imagine regions to slow this bucknell funding. I mean that is my job. I don't know I a little bit of experience with with Robin Williams dropping in an had an Improv. I WANNA say and probably get the year wrong but I WANNA say it's ninety four ninety five that early yeah Might have been a little later. The Matt maybe his latest ninety eight but anyway Second City folks had been doing a a place called upfront comedy in Santa Monica After. Second City Santa Monica had closed and Robin Williams came in and did two shows. I will say that He. I pretty sure somebody gave him the note that you Matt Matt just talked about. It was like you know but nonetheless it was it was hard for. You could see him kind of like trying to hold it in and then all of a sudden it's just him for two minutes you know I mean He. He literally trained with Del Close. Yeah he was a very experienced improviser before he did end up even But but the people from this podcast odd CASTA. The story is that even back then he was not good at Give and take the following. The rosiak people will often felt like he was he would just Takeover which is not hard to imagine. Imagine it sorted him. Well Yeah but they did the second city style herald which is the one. That's cinematic where you know. Somebody's somebody's doing a scene and somebody decides okay. That's over so they just kind of walk out yeah. It doesn't have the whole thing that they do now with like. I've got Kurt to wash clapping or any of that stuff and to have Robin Williams do that. That's a tough. That's a real tough. Yeah Yeah but it was fun and everybody had a great time and in that situation the players knew he was coming right. Didn't just drop. He didn't drop by right like they may be re of Hersal Day. Rehearse with Robert they might have an Improv Rehearsal Kazuki. That's even more insane. 'cause that was Dan Castellaneta was there as well. And some of those are the voice on the simpsons. Did a one man show that I saw at the ACME ACME on Libra I so people are a lot of different things in this town. They use their talents to varying degrees the various Outlets and a lot of luck In their endeavors But yes hall was number one activated four at number two number three was. I would've said that wild boys as we mentioned. No I apologize this week. Number four was while boys number. Three was is And for some reason Alan Hunter is saying it's so bizarrely number three is written by prince done by Shafqat Khan and shock con when all the way up to number three and Chaka. Khan it's right now nominated for the fame so if you wanted to vote for shock on in every single time he had this weird. Hick was very strange. Chaka Kaden it's almost like he was like she told me that's how it is actually pronounce deny monitoring you should all know it's Hispanic News reporter Venezuela. There was A. I was listening on the radio to the impeachment impeachment hearings. And I don't I don't know if it was the council for the Democrat or the Republican. But they had a real tough time with the word escalator over and over and so it was a pool that they run away to an escalator and then then So what you're saying. That is on the way to the escalator. Like every single time. This guy I could not smoothly escalator. And again I don't know which side it was ironic because an escalator is a very smooth ride and all you could be as I said yesterday to my family. They're stairs let's go right. This isn't a ride. We're not an amusement park. This isn't fast. Pass walk them. Let's go I tried to tell Charlie that the famous Mitch Hedberg joke about escalators Because we were on a broken escalator and he said he like he started making a joke about like Ah like the escalator being broken or whatever and I was like Oh there's a comic who had a joke. That was a escalators broken. They shouldn't say escalator out of order. It should say escalator temporarily stairs and he disturbed me a- before on the show. I was not aware of that joke when I Kamal in I believe it was in Columbus Ohio and the power went out for a second And so the power went out so the escalator therefore would go out to our lady's at the top. What are we there? Stairs man walk up or down and told US oriented stage and I walked off. Mitch Hedberg jokingly okay. Yeah but mine's a real thing try to rationalize into my head for a little while like I'm GonNa keep going with that and there's like you know what as not worth it in you know it's more of an anecdote anecdote on a panel or something stand up thing but you know it was one of Mitch's best jokes. That's that's the problem is. It's such a famous. Yeah it's not just a Mitch Hedberg joke. It's a famous Mitch. Hedberg right and and it's also so perfect. A perfect distillation like your thing was funny too but thank you. Yeah and I know I'm not saying you. Obviously it happened right. Mine was a real thing. Both things are funny. But it's like he's written Joe Right exactly and it's the the perfect distillation of that. You can't get it more succinct than what he did look it a real world and we're two different types of comedians but in a in a different comedian would have seen what I saw then went back to the hotel room and tried to write the joke of that. Which is what Mitch did right? I would just really what happened in the two old ladies. Look the fool me a genius. That's how I do comedy. I'm better I punch down. These are dumb old people. Yeah I would've pushed him down. I would have said well you know. Here's the quick way. Yeah that's how you get your bag. Here we go get down to Lane Bryant. Finish your shot MC. That's what I would have said. I just said you walk up or down the stairs. That's all I said. I said at a call manner to not condescending way I was trying to be helpful to the sure ladies that were panicked on the although I've got to imagine that even if you're our age it's got to be a little jarring if you're on it and it just stops and you know maybe you lose your balance a little bit. Also the lights are off right but they came right back on and then those women should have not been so frightened and shouldn't have ruined my day and then there my there for my set that night at the funny bone at Columbus how they ruined your son they yelled out Hedberg. Oh that they can use headset because you were so upset about them. In addition to the joke that came out of it you just the crowd. I didn't enjoy rattled by our. Maybe it's GonNa Rod During my set wind. Power goes out now. The new reality really goes off and he give it time. You gotta the ready and luckily I don't do standup on an escalator. That'd be horrible. What would it be the best? Well I don't know how people would stay focused on you any given moment. There's gotta be some people that can't see you plan going in and out of line just keep going up and down. The escalator run back down the stairs. Do the other WanNa WanNa do the other things more sense. That's an interesting idea though. Is You stay in the same place by walking the opposite direction. I don't want to do that. It's fun that's my Kinda. My quads. Don't need to be involved in this at all. I think if you know I'm waiting for the comedian. Who put it does like you know the communities that get to that level where they do a show on Broadway or do a big theater tour I wanna see someone installed the turntable you see in like Hamilton or shows at various shows of had the rotating turntable in the middle of the stage? And just work that you know well many times a comic will open up for a band. That's on the The rotating stage on the use. It and they do but they don't have a choice because it's not they keep going. That's awkward They say it's horrible. Yeah Yeah Right. MAYBE RISER DID A. That's insane insane. Yeah boy there's a famous. I think it's a New York. There's a famous in the round theatre. Where like three three dog night would play they circle in the square? I can't answer can't won't be horrible smart because you start your joke. The punchline then lands over here right start at noon punchline. At six o'clock be three nine could be one could be seven the opposite of where you'd start. The punchline woodland takes that long to doesn't take six hours to get to that punch although with this bit. Apparently it does taking taking my time. I don't think they should turn the rotator on when when they have a common but then the people all on the back half of the Pie. Don't get to see what but that's a comic. You walk talk to them. Yeah you do you do a couple of jokes in one spot then you walk a little bit you do something and keep walking now now. It's your turn to enjoy this. Yeah there's no right answer it's it's horrible. It's normally the way you do but to your point to Hamilton is a stationary stage with something that's turns in the middle so it would turn that on and just start well because then they can do those. I think this is my bid about like isn't jogging the worst and they start jogging. That'd be great. Yeah I like that. What other bits could you? You could do a turntable but just like talking. About records record players jury could are popular again Microwave certainly getting microwave. Remember Mike. I got the the plan because they didn't have those originally right. That was must have been exciting for the food. Food's in there you know. This is the bit. I've got the bit guys. Just take it from the Pov of the of the Broccoli that you're microwaving and then there's the back of this. I know I want to jump in and you shut them down own. You GotTa Exercise That Rules Gentlemen. Yeah we've got an eyebrow Protocol now eyebrows go up. I'll Elliott's always used eyebrows browse but sometimes he jumps in without the eyebrows. And what's going on I. I'm thinking of Jimmy Pardo bit with with turntable and I'm thinking you get mad at the audience for disappearing so so you stand on a very much so again that would be funny to start doing crowd work with a specific audience member anywhere. You Act like you can't walk but I like that I By the way that is an old classic to be part of it in a way of the The hot dog at the truck stop. That is on that little rotating thing and you think that's like a little scared stuck on top of that was a that was a classic right. I'll let you get scared when he's up there just waiting for somebody to buy another hot dogs we can make its way back down That's fun hotdogs. I guess to bits. Bits indeed. Our links up top the cowboys guy. Walking out of where was as I. Yesterday I saw a guy looking. I thought for a second thought it was jeopardy nordland. He looked a lot like Nordland It turns out a lot of guys. Nordland there's a there's a very famous miss Soccer coach he's the manager of Liverpool. which is the best soccer team in the world right now as name KLOPP and he looks almost exactly like Geoffrey Nordland? Yeah squashes the heat. Early Way. I'd he looks like the kind of guy who would do it. I don't think I've ever seen him do it but I have no doubt I should watch more press conferences just to see sir. That's when it happened. It's like he's just talking like and it was a good possession but was that I love it. I like that and I walked in. And I'm meeting at at the Conan O'Brien program last week when I was over there visiting In somebody had the glasses that magnet in the middle. Oh Yeah and they They hey all I wanted to do is I'm on board with those I think to ripping. Yeah but somehow it still comes off as look at you. Aren't you interesting. Let me ask you a question is this. Does this person's job involve like A. Is it a crew person. WHO's moving around the stage a lot awed and they need to look at things and nope? No okay well the never mind no. It's the person that can use standard reading glasses. I'm with you Very often you'll see a second. Ad Yes our stage manager used. Those is who should have yes. Yeah and I never promised them yes. Garin was just was clearing my throat but also was that I was at Costco and that same thing guy walks up to get a package that my friend bought. Oh hold on pop some on deliver that grabs it pops off a lawyer just a fellow. A approach works there. Listen how old the sixties late forties early fifties. Maybe two super those at a costco situation again stage stage manager any age. I'm happy with it But as you get Author Brian had his reading glasses on. That looked like swifty. Lazar interesting you know. Love it crazy. Glad they that's they look on him. You know Wells Marcus. LA- Mona's on the show that Elliott and I like the profit He's he's wearing reading glasses more and more these days and he has big thick black sorta Harry Carey style and But they look good on them. You got the right if it looks good. Now I've struggled with this because because I've now need reading glasses but I it's annoying to remember them. They must make this where it's like Like by focal but the top is nothing thing in the bottom is reading so like if I wanted to wear glasses all the time. Oh yes but just the only the bottom. Doesn't it. Okay absolutely. Do I get that classes stores doors but do they like off the shelf at CVS. Or do I have to believe are Amazon. Yes I would recommend Amazon. I don't know if I would like that though because I have noticed like even if I just have them on like down like this I don't like that I guess I get used to it but I don't like the Nicole Wallace. Yeah I don't know it's awkward and I don't like seeing out of the corner bottom corner my eyes like everything's blurry weird until I look at something close when you wear your reading you. You know you're supposed to wear them there. Yeah I mean you're literally but this is how you wear your glasses so that when you look down your reading and then you look up but I if I'm doing it for a long time like at a baseball they're like glass and that's probably not good. Luckily we only draft twice a year two different once a year each league you mentioned it. I don't enough. We actually bought. Or what what. You're on the year on Andy Richter's podcast right No I don't know what it's GonNa released nevermind them well. I recorded. Look out for that three questions. That was yeah recorded. Also recorded at George Jordan. Jesse go that's going to be coming out. Shortly making the rounds I would imagine that I did. What did I do? Last week. came out onto Alwa- joyner radio did that And then into some other one off book of course with Elliot and did a great job. Yeah guys been getting some good feedback on congratulations. You deserve it. You do great on that for all the Shit you get the message boards about this show or direct emails that I get at the right into my mailbox or the or the white powder that I get my boy. Wait what I will tell you. This Eliot that Somebody complimented your work on Jimmy's records and tapes And they said this is my favorite Elliott work. I don't have to listen to them. That's what somebody thought was okay to email me and you thought you would share it with me. 'cause I never would have known. Oh yeah sorry full disclosure. That never happened. Offer humor offering. Wasn't that fun. Did it or covering your tracks. Now you'll never know of one or seven people or zero seven people send that email to me. The very specific civic number seems to be. That's always use the number seven. That's my that's my guy detective and she says the more specific people are the more likely They're lying Because because when you went if about if I said what did you do three weeks ago on Monday. Oh I was on Monday At nine forty five. I was remember turning all right because Chris Cuomo is on the radio and I immediately. I was ready to get after it. Yeah one hundred percent. I'm with you. You never taught Todd told us you had a friend that it was a detective. Yeah I think you have the LAPD now. I think she's moved to Detroit but but she was She was a you know Regular Giller officer and then she studied and became a detective as you did that for a year or two and sounds like us right she did a reverse Axel Foley Hospital. Yeah from here to Detroit. He went from Detroit town city. Cops it'd be the reverse of that would as good co- oh that actually they are really going to do. You're a what would it be a fourth. Yeah Beverly Hills. Yeah maybe that would be a fun. He goes back. Yeah that jacket and now he's all L.. Afi He's looking I k. l.. And they'll make fun of fun. I know he's going to say a lot of other different things as well as twenty twenty ups at all. But that'd be an interesting way for Eddie Murphy. The person to do sort of An embedded addressing of his problematic standup from yesteryear. Like he could he could be the guy going guys. You can't say that. Yeah because like all of his buddies from Detroit we grew up with presumably aren't politically correct at all. And they're throwing the F. Word around and he's like guys come on can. We can't do that. Well here comes. Actual stood in a comedy than the job has to be then they they just go even harder on on him like that would be the funny thing also very appropriate the more watchable. Yeah I'm in on that better times man but times when is set right live. When is he hosting that? I was thinking about. I thought it was supposed to be around Christmas like now. I I think the last episode of the seat of the year so we got a couple of weekends. We got Scarlett Johansson this coming weekend. I didn't watch this last one. Yeah Yeah who is this. Last month anyways Jaylo Jennifer Lopez who is fifty years old and they do one thing during her monologue. That made Oliver and I laughed. Like idiots did did you say gary no I heard it was terrible. Who what was terrible? The whole episode. Who'd you hear that from twitter somewhere? Somebody maybe facebook. I saw a lot of that on the Internet Internet. You liked it. We were only were passed the monologue into a couple of sketches. And I didn't think it was as bad as the Internet was saying was December twenty first by the ways. Eddie Murphy's every Christmas there we go Eddie Murphy they gumby what else you Mr Robinson they could be. They could do a parody movie with Tom. Hanks question it's him that would be it'll be it'll be a digital short. Yes that that'd be great. It's a no brainer and it's going to be so funny no brainer and it'll be so oh funny says the poster. I was just GonNa say the same thing be said that it was like I realized I'm just doing you just said Oh. Oh I'm dumb maybe I could As the show as ours because now Garin sitting over there. Everything's changing. Maybe we have all of the show to the point where I'm not even the room. I'm just at home and I'll say something and then I'll say something in your ear and you just repeat all. That's the best way to do this. And you would still talk as well or you would occasionally only when I when I have a thought I'll say it into my microphone and you'll hear it only you hear it and then and then if you like it you use it if you don't I so that we moved him him over here so I could see him you going off site is going to makes no sense but It would make my life easier so you know what really makes. No sense was ever having him over here that that never made since well when I see him over here you know. It's weird. When it was a couch he should've at least been on the other side of the couch was purely a wiring situation Jewish wiring? It was just because of the literally the length of the cord to his headset. Yea I used to be across the floor right. Yeah it's yeah everything's Nice now man. We spent some time in here on Friday Make it a guessing it up for you nice by the way your star wars jacket is in there so that you could take that home and that no no burn it. Whatever you plan on doing with that thing I can wear? It can wear to the episode nine Opening night that's coming up. It is no congratulations. It's you guys. I've been meaning to rewatch all of the the movies and I just haven't had any time haven't even watched one of them all at all all eight or just the three. I was only going to go four five six seven eight. Okay I hear who you are. I'm a guy who doesn't want to acknowledge the prequels and I don't feel the need to watch rogue one or or Solo even though I I like them both but I don't consider them part of the the saga cast all right. Let's see how that new seat works with you. Getting you recommend he comes over here. Of course sits there comfortably please. Point Out Mr Part Assistant. You've got got a new location. Eight shock on that you know what there's so many benefits there's less lush shuffling for him to get the door. I did think like because he's so slow. It's nice that he has to take steps. That will be given more time to talk to the states hurtful full manner. You know because he's so slow just talking logistics guys Walker Taco coughing. His way in Brad Morris comes in with and not very nondescript. Hats can't probably can't decide us. What poked cupboards that Jacksonville Minor League cap? I think think it's time that we all a little more attention to the little guy. Well we can't read because they're taking forty one of those teams away from us. I know what's happening. The major the League Baseball is getting rid of it. I think I think I'm forty one. They're getting rid of forty one. Minor League teams. Wow and some of them are like successful teams and others are urban cities. Like if you get rid of our team literally five thousand people will lose their job. I don't know why are you like it's the dumbest brand morts your thoughts. My thoughts are a I never liked people losing jobs. So that's the first thing. And then the second thing is I accommodate from a very personal place because I spent a season as a PA announcer for the Joliet jackhammers which independently team and wait a minute. Most Fun the most fun job I've ever had one of the worst paying jobs I've ever had. So when you're saying losing five thousand jobs it's seasonal work. That's that's true but it's the most fun seasonal but it's not seasonal to the the Front Office Office for sure yes right. I want to hear more about this. you've been the announcer will do that when you get them on to the microphone because that sounds like a gig that I would murder somebody for I would love to have that Gig. Are you kidding me. I can pick someone for you to murder and then line you up with okay all right great. Barb remorse is here to help ELP. He's got the Jacksonville Jackhammers. No that was the Joliet Jackhammers I need. You know what I'm doing research right now. All right up the team of the hat. You're wearing. Yeah I know I just bought a hat by the I will not be able to pull the the team I bought the half of the Canon ballers WHO's at their out would of somewhere guarantees. Look that up for me the cannonballs and you're gonNA love this logo. And then I think they unbeknownst to me that the reason that it all of a sudden maybe I saw this online line is they may have been featured in an episode ballers we send makes me not want to wear this Hatton. Not Disrespect to our friend Rob Quadri or to my a friend. Dwayne the Rock Johnson more for the vibe of that and entourage Bro. E Type Show Jacksonville Suns nine hundred sixty six Jacksonville sixty six Jacksonville. The bill sons hats and as a recent Baldy that's a clinical. I'm just into hats right now so I have a lot of cubs. Ads Socks Hats Bulls bears. What have you as our Chicago decided? Mix It up and then these are like real like flannery which great for this this kind of weather. Yeah where in the summer the warm. It's a little warm does make you feel like you're sort of in the out days and those guys people yes the cheater terrible bastards but they couldn't function at a high level because weren't getting a lot of air their brains are giving them a little slack. Because if bye Megan before we go to break I will say about about rats hat. It looks like he was walking around. The a boardwalk at his parents went Jimmy. You want. We'll get you had with your initial on Oughta did seem seems the Jimmy had and I didn't you know not Yo Jimmy subconsciously. Just last question I was going to say it. Looks like like if you went to a mets game. And you're like hey. They have a hat for every letter of the bed. So when I met with your your initial on it you can buy that. Yeah it's got that vibe as well again Jimmy that would be the you would buy that for myself. I would probably get the J. at chase field ailment. What do they call their No such city city city city field studio another bank Garrett who are the cannon ballers the capitalists yeah capitalist cannonballs can apple and ah the guys the logo because it is a wonderful logo. You want the guy in the helmet or the actual team logo helmet. The guy the Cap Annapolis sounds like it cartoon city a real plan. Right isn't that where the the newsboy from Superman came from Jimmy the newsboy that can people the websites. Too Small to image of it is too small to show scare. And there's no small website is yeah it's just a little mini guy. Monitored Monitor dimension. Love it look so. My hat is a blue hat at his phantom with nothing but the guy getting out of the Kennedy. That's cool is the mustaches. What sells everything? It's a wonderful logo. They'd be shouldn't cannonballs be spelled A. K. if the town is with a K.. Isn't that normally how that's something something that's one case. I have a problem the reasoning Matt. You are once again. Someone might bring up. A classic bit about how. The Washington was at the Washington Wizards. That was who was the basketball team. Does something wizards. Yeah that's And then I stand up comedy that the in Tennessee. It's different than the minor league team. double-blind Grand Wizards Bring Your own bat night You know it's Everybody who night or whatever but he gets a free hood that was part of U Bs. Early standing up comedy days. What you could work that into your joke about how you can't wear wear red hats anymore and then there's the whole thing like Oh you know you're you know because that could have been another thing like you like the wizards? No you like the Grand Wizards. Oh you're right. He Yeah. Go Wizards Know Grand Wizard. Yeah that's pretty back it's still there isn't going anywhere. I'm sorry I butchered the actual bitten trying to let them see it live. They don't need to hear the butchered. If you said it perfectly because because people might not gonNa tell us no you wait to see me live. That's part of the standing of what about Brad. He's never gonNA come to you. I know Brad King The end of January in Bloomington Indiana. All Right Brad. Morris Azeris tickets away from guest starring every Sitcom that's ever been made. We are thrilled that he's here he I I don't. I don't know bred to be a motion pictures and I think that's the thing I think he's a small screens Bread and I did a Charity event for a Congressman Out of Illinois. Not that long Sean casten his name. I don't know I don't want to shrink shrink. Your your base here shrunk pre shrunk it like a t shirt and yeah. We'll be mad right as it's written it tells me to say Holy Shit. The holidays are already here but I don't care for that language. Those very offensive. So I'm going to change a holy mackerel. The holidays are already here. They are mill thankfully movement watches has got covered the Caesar with hundreds of watches. Blue light glasses. Sonny's and jewelry styles to choose from. Now I remember the last time we discussed these Sonny's Sunglasses sunglasses yeah. Do you know anybody that calls them that. 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I want to make clear that that it was looking at the clock when I have four. I'm not an idiot. I mean I am but in that case there was a reason why the number four came up. Brad Morris is here. He's taking time away was recent the good place. Yeah that a great job over there that show is winding down and and Still a wonderful show. I Love I love. pull the plug on his show where they go. You know what. Let's not drag this modern family. Come on. Yeah we'll say it. Yeah level is still enough already. Love Boat brought love back as a drama. Hasn't really funny to begin with. Yes but they brought it back as a dram every man was that fifteen years. Yeah Okay I vaguely remember the guy who played aid I believe maybe I'm wrong. 'cause who played the captain was the gentleman who played the lawyer on Seinfeld. Wow what's what's up guys. Job is or what was that characters name. Oh the Johnny Cochran Rip. I believe that guy on the plane. The cabin really. I gotTA gotTa look at that. I think is that the Guy Garin. You're talking Jackie Jackie Child. What's what's the actor's name? Is it from ninety eight to ninety nine that one the the local sounds right. Love both the next wave the nextwave Aaron on UPN from nine hundred ninety nine with Robert Urich as captain. Joe No. Then it's not that where Phil Morris Morris. That's Jackie Phil Morris. Fillmore wasn't there. He's Isaac purser will sanders her. Yeah so I was right. Okay I got purser is the gentleman who will bursary gets punched in Hamilton. I know that that's they handle the money. Yeah purser is the guy in the boat. Ah He handles the purchases check. Yeah you get on the boat. Women turn their purses over to take over this negative brandy in Congress. He made an appearance on In episode of Show Great News that I used to work on and I had a blast working with him and his son is is a writer. Pretty somebody who's fantastic friends with Charlie. I went to high school with away. All right so then you know all about the the grandy. Yeah I do yeah we heard a lot about it We didn't constant it was kind of cool to be like that Guy's dad was go for like now. He's a car. That's crazy in two different ways. Weird for me to think of anyone being excited. 'cause there was definitely some excitement in small. Pockets of Horatio. And I for whatever reason isn't just really excited that go there But in my mind I kept thinking. There's probably people in Connecticut or where I was. Yeah Who are excited? Because you would be taking a picture with a former Congressman Randy which is means nothing to me. You know. He's gopher right. was he a conservative. For the Democratic Republic I think is a Democrat. I Democrats but if you like an Iowa it's sort of like Republicans and Democrats you SORTA BE. Yeah Yeah I would. Democrat is basically a California paying exactly. I remember that. They're going to get some feedback on that. I art current Congress person who is also. I don't know what I'm talking about. I just thought it was a funny thing to say. I have no noises for that opinion. That doesn't make you special. Requisite the following the rules of the current country with that kind of All right let's check the Gobi sponsored by dog pile dot com. That's our friend Gary Cockrel over there in a new seat at. I'm already loving already loving you over there. You see new day knowledge talking. Although he got stuck in it during the brand cigarettes I ah like a cat who put his head in a bag. That out we'll just move it literally a half inch and you'll get out I. I'm stuck here forever. Wherever the old ladies on the later was the desk was wedged between the two arms between the two legs on the bar? Yeah I don't know how that happened. It literally has never happened the sitting here in chair. It's bizarre and could not do anything to get out frightened. Took you all of maybe of knock you. Look at the wrist all right well. Now that you're comfortable in the chair is you're no longer locked in How was your weekend? Anything of import happened. Noticed I I hung out. What did I do seen a movie? You'll see movies. I haven't seen anything new lately. I watched this French Horror Christmas movie. You'll be called deadly games the scene that instead of just laugh at your expense actually now want to see it. It's about it's like home alone. Meet it's silent night deadly night so it's this creepy home alone. Plus silent. Id Daylight equals on watchable. It's it's fun fun to watch but it gets a little bizarre choices. Is it super campy or just like the mid camp. It's French Camp French campus title. Yes Which I wasn't anticipating anticipating when I started watching it? I didn't know it was French until I put on it. Seen someone tweet about Mosier but it's just weird brilliant kid who's turned his house into a he's got he's got. Yeah like trap door. VFW traps but before Santa shows up to kill him he's already got trapdoors abuses to play with his dog and he's got all these weird. I heard it's very wins in a weird way but that sounds phase of making an American version. Garin probably not this nineteen eighty nine. So I don't I don't think they get aspired interest. Yeah it could be good if they did. Does that. Technically predate home alone it does have a lawsuit on their hands. That's like a year. Wow that's interesting Chris Columbus. We're coming for you. You calling for. Yeah it's pre- home interesting. Christopher on this The original ones the rapist. But okay uh I guess it was a rapist a lot about the guy. I knew I knew he wasn't the great guy. But this is this just takes to a new level. Yeah I don't I can't speak with the director No I have not heard anything bad about him. Really's rate my pocketbook computer. Sure sure he may one bad movie didn't he. He had a few bad ones. Yeah yeah he had a nice. Did you MRS doubtfire. Also Mrs Fair at the I believe he did but then he did something that he he fell way far. He was like riding high on movies and then he made some a big stinker. That was cost a lot of money. I think I'll tell you this. The woman who wrote Mrs Doubtfire is an EP. On the mad about you reboot really randy mayhem singer. Oh Yeah Yeah. Oh Yeah. She's a big time. She's a lot of stuff. Yeah I forget what the other thing was that. She's very very funny. So the mad about you reboot if you guys can help me with this. That's on spectrum is at the only place to see it for now tweets out every twelve minutes looking for okay. Sorry it's so difficult to got it. Sure he'd never intended the to be Lego. Probably Quality CA triumph. Personally enjoying hearing that. That's now something he's had once at Eh Gate In Calgary I don't know what he was shooting there maybe Fargo Z.. In the first season Fargo. Maybe not. She must've been shooting something there but I was there with a group of people we were on the road. Touring doing show. He was so uncomfortable to have to be with just normal. Most civilians at a normal commercial gate at American and I kept thinking I will now spend the rest of the time between whenever I saw him and boarding just to see if anyone at all recognizes him now one person nobody forget about bothering him. No one even had any idea who that was so then just became became a one sided game of cat-and-mouse that he was playing with himself in this gate. Head down books and papers. Why aren't we already boarding? This is fantastic. Meanwhile Jim Belushi Larry Joe Campbell. You know I would say those are three three different levels of notoriety round. Nasr Eilly no one of those too. Okay okay well then so jim just the idea that. Yeah exactly so the idea that Jim who I think does a healthy sense of self self I think that was an exciting. And the he didn't see Reiser reiser. And see him. They were approaching things very differently. I really enjoyed that so then now when they turn on my TV. Because I do still have just straight up old school cable Which means that when I wanNA watch something and Netflix Amazon? Hulu I have to to go through a weird gauntlet with my remote control spectrum news which which one thing is spectrum news a little better than I thought it was pretty good. He better be really good okay and so but it's still disconcerting to see them promoting this huge at least because of my age. I'm like Madam Oh you hear this is strange for me Pretty good. It's actually really good. He is is a matinee idol. Have about the other night. He's just flawless. Paul Reiser. He's good he's a great actor knowing everything about him is he doesn't look like he's acting effort he he's really really good natural and Loved in Beverly Hills Cop also just. He's fantastic. He's in the sweet spot for my age bracket so that was excited. I was like well. Here's a chance for me. I mean Calgary. Let's he wanted nothing to do with anyone there including you were on the same the same plane and doing project not at all. Yeah that would have been even worse at one gate. We were you working with any of those people. Yeah Jam in. Larry who is Larry Larry Joe Campbell. WHO's a jam of a guy and you should have him on your show? He's really from until thirty. Two seconds ago you need to know of him so he was Jim's sidekick a guy on according to Jim he's the second city Detroit Guy He's also in hall pass. He's the the guy who poops in the sand trap in hall pass. which guys if you haven't seen that movie please? It's the holiday season pass A couple of good hangers scenes gags in that movie. But Yeah Larry Joe's Super Guy I'm trying to think Eve's on the Orville for the first couple of seasons. He's a very if you think I'm I'm a pop up on TV shows. Now that you know who Larry is or he's you know the name still. Don't thank you You've got a picture of this guy really funny actor actor but also even better guy he is a really good human being and I used to bit when we travel on the road. So Jim put together actually rob. WHO's a friend of mine from growing up in Chicago? Jim's son he together. A kind of a touring show and we used to go travel around to those shows. Every you know every Indian casino looking for us to come in and just according to Jim fans who were like okay. Hey Guess we'll watch whatever else. They have to offer us for forty five minutes but we a lot of fun on the road. And what you do fun bit. Where we'd you know? Take the little trams tramps from from gate to gate in airports and I would Surf in the middle and acclimated know them. So I would just be appearing to people on the tram like Akaki guy who thinks he's good at surfing on those tramps putting the bags down in proudly standing holding nothing Larry though Larry like that bit a lot so that was really for him delirious. Great how Joe Campbell because of riser. And he's amazing Internet about you and I need to watch the new one in spectrum news. Alex Cullen Alex Cohen is like one of the anchors. She's on KPC. So I was like. Oh that's what that person. It looks like it's harder for years but that kind of tells you they took someone from public radio and that's what I appreciate about it. It doesn't have that like Cable News Vibe at all it's very mignon in good. Yeah I'll do a great job. Yeah I like every it looks good. I think that looks good brand. Nobody's talking about about the parents Garin you've got a picture of Larry Joe so that I could put this topic to bed. Yeah but trying to find out that you guys would recognize. I definitely recognize them. Okay Okay Yeah Yeah Nope I. I don't know I could see him. Getting Calgary and just keep walking. That's nice only Reiser reiser advisor. Is it possible. It wasn't Paul. I am so bad at so many things were what you are good at one of the things I'm good at is a face and I'm not always good at putting the name with the face mask boy. Am I with the face which I don't know what I can do with that. Nothing nothing it was up to spot. Paul Reiser. In a Calgary airport. Feel like we got. That's yeah oh no. It was Paul Paul and that was sort of the face he was making could when I tried to make contact with them like do not look my way. He's a very nice man. I believe everything about it including that he was just having a day where he he didn't want to be bothered and he's entitled to that I have those days all the time and my kids totally disregard that of course I was in the airport in Las Vegas once a a recognized. Gino Vanilla. The Great Canadian crooners finale and said I'm GonNa make his day over and tell them how much I like his new album which was percent true and league gave me. That really really was thank you in a way like I'm bothering and I was sure dude. No the last time somebody twenty years younger than you came up and I said I like your new album you embrace. You can help me here on. He he should have. He should've asked to take a photo with you right. Yeah we'll be Gino Finale. Frankly just sounds it's like a joke A character created. I believe it hit hits bread really yes like what would I know Probably the biggest one you would know is a big disco he called. I JUST WANNA stop. Do Swan Stop. Oh that's great. That's great song. Oh Wow wow. I recognize them at an airport V. A. N.. I L I you know I never know if it's one I don't never know because okay when's one too. Yep Yep but as it is. Va Not be and it is van Nelly Van Ellie. How does he feel about Millie? Do We know that joke. He's anything like me. He didn't like you introducing yourself so you wouldn't like that Pun. Don't care for that at all. No what I'm doing here is I. I'm going to my artists for this reason. I believe I have Gino in here. because things will download yes we look at two different ways of boy. That's confusing. And then they they both gave you the photo of him. So it's common that it comes up. You Use Bonnet him. You knew right away that she never nellie this is exciting and got a little buddy some butterfly. Yeah I gotTa tell them and you knew so so on the trip over to address him realize like I know exactly what I'm GonNa do with the deeper Kat. It's the newer stuff. Brian did the Chemo. Prior yes and I bought it. Because I'm a fan Dan right and it's like hey. I looked at the new nine hundred ten people. Probably they see sting at an airport. They're going to go up and neither talk police. Or maybe one of the early Solo Solo albums talking about the most recent thing about the ship. What's the setting up the last shift ship that he wrote like a musical? Yeah yeah which was the Amundsen and I was sort of curious. But I I don't think it's good Broadway. What happened was he was in it and then And then it was selling like crazy and then he left the cast and because the show's not good people stopped going and then we got to bring back rush thing back back. They started selling tickets. Who knows maybe we go see it and you do you think it's terrific now it's gone? I think it's already done that. Ship has sailed. It's a term you know I love to see who would love that joke. Gene of Anneli haw. I'll tell them editor reports travel by plane. Maybe you've never know I've been nervous. What did what did he say to you? Exactly I'll tell you but in a way like you'll get lost. Yeah it's not a good feeling to feel that Yeah I did. I found myself ordering a Muffin next to David Crosby a couple of years ago. This is fun to say and it really happened. And and he turned to me he turned to me and said come here a lot and this place usually doesn't take nick this long and I thought this is my opening and the second I turned to him and he he saw that I registered. Who he was he he turned away like oops? I shouldn't have anything now. I regret this and I gotta go gator just enough to not know meal the House before I enjoy following him on twitter because he is not afraid to tell you his boss on anybody at any time. He's got the right attitude he's he was way ahead of the curve on that. Ah I feel like that's now the president's thing like it was David Crosby's I actually. They've got some similarities. These think senility to some degree. Probably think so. You think that the Cross has the I think he might have a little touches something because I think he turned to me and maybe thought I was his wife. You know what I mean like. I come here all the time. And she's going like yeah I'm here with you you know But then again sharp sharp in that he decided. Nah Absolutely. Want nothing to deal with you. Oh Yeah for sure. Yeah now all this conversation it's making me think we might need to drop a theme song in here Elliott. I don't know it seems like we're talking about something That's right in the wheelhouse house of this show. Maybe I come was perfect. Circus him listener breath not wearing headphones and so he lifted the headphones to hear. That deserve deserve that. I really do our work over the weekend I worked on Saturday. I Love Chris. I love retail at Christmas time. I love it are you enjoying it. I've been kind of fighting off this whole thing again so I've been in and out but yeah it was. It's what a hamburger's all about buddy. I had to. Yeah last night you we net line. You tolerate that lie or insider was obnoxious actress which one over here down in deep van Nuys at the plant. Oh you over at the plant. Yeah there's a movie theater. They're they're going to that movie theater. You did a long time ago. That's where I saw. The transformers movie is the Dicey. Is that movie theater Dicey Spine. Okay Yeah I haven't had any issues is there. We went to Home Depot. That's all I was out in that area TRUMPF. We did manage over the weekend on twitter but that was a lay ear joke about You know trump over the weekend said we are What was the exact quote? I want to pull it because it was Hang on got away with words. Yeah he is no question a he. The thing in that press conference Matt Word we always talk about like. If you didn't hate him you would appreciate like like. He was talking but light bulbs and he's at one point he goes to make you look orange. And if you're like me you don't want that. And then he goes so we're GONNA have to change the light bulbs in some of the rooms at the White House. And if you like the guy you'd go look at me self deprecating bracketing. He's having fun then goes I've actually like okay. Makes me so mad when he shows that side because it's like I know it's counter to his actual essence which is to not take to to to never have a sense of humor about himself right but So here's what We're we're in a situation where we're we're very we're looking very strongly we a sinks and showers and other elements of bathrooms. Yeah so I tweeted out at home depot where. I'm looking very strongly showers and other elements of bathrooms and I chose Home Depot. Because it's a trump thing right and you shouldn't go there like the one hundred percent of responses eighty percent got it ten percent Telling me don't shop shop there because the guys who were the other ten percent Give me advice on what sink I should. I'm not really at Home Depot you dom but at least some of those people colluded get. It probably didn't know what you were referencing. So they were like. Oh you're literally percent. They didn't understand so the so. The Home Depot CEO or founder is a trump supporter order. I thought it was going to be that. Trump doesn't like people going Home Depot because there are lots of day laborers and stuff. That's not what I believe. That gentleman gave to think he's a donor you've got it got but I think it might be one of those things where he founded the company but he's not actively involved got anymore. I forgot I wanted to say that because I go to Home Depot. We on it's again. It's one of those things where you don't go to Home Depot because you want to punish that billionaire would then there's all those people that work there you're punishing them. We got a quote our friend. Elliot Hockberg Berg over in there in the corner. You can't be on every right. It's true I had a friend Who recently said to me I saw you were You Oh you got to meet the owner of the cubs. Tom Ricketts and I said Yeah. And I knew it was going and He's like so you're okay to like sit in a seat if it's like the cubs give you a free seat to a game. Are you okay sitting in the absolutely and he goes really because you know when he's listing all and I'm going I I know and here's the thing and they're about to be on their new. TV deal is with sinclair media. which is you know? That's a tough one. And so he goes you know what are you going to Louis. You know like stopping accompanying. I'M NOT GONNA stop being a cubs fan. I said I don't watch a lot of games at this point in my life so I can Kinda we all create these little rivers and tributaries around all the bullshit that we often face each day. Because we'd be paralysed he couldn't do anything If you had to go. I can't do this this this this this and because of my political religious views it just gets to be hard because we know more than we've ever known about the intricacies of all these things fifty years ago. No no one knew who backed all the things that we rate and what the political significance of all these things were answer. That ignorance was bliss. I saw that on a pillow. I will say the beauty of having the MLB package is that you never have to watch the cubs on Sinclair's watch the other exactly watch the the other folks exactly right enjoy anyway because I probably would not watch it on sinclair because they are just evil are they. They they will remind mind you pretty regularly of that. If you're like you know how bad is it. Oh it's real bad yup. Yeah that's not great and that actually made me the reason I met Ricketts it. 'cause I have a friend who works at the team not in the front office or anything and and he was he's a very liberal Guy And he's like I don't I don't know how to feel about this like not great like it's not a great feeling but you don't like I've you know I grew up. I think I told you this when I met you possibly because We were talking about socks park comiskey whatever my cousin. My cousin works for the White Sox. I grew up going to SOx Games James I be as my dad worked at a job where they had sox tickets. That was when I was four. Five six seven around the time was eight or nine and the cubs games were on during the day and watch those after school. I also realized that I lived a lot closer to Wrigley than I did. Two socks partners so that was how I switched over over. It'll be a lot easier if I had never switched because this is like it feels bad. That's like Jerry reinsdorf present to you don't you don't no. I have not heard that. He's an asshole as a bulls fan. I feel like he's not great at being an owner you know He's very loyal always very very loyal. I mean like Kenny. Williams is good gracious. That's something else and I i. I won't throw my cousin under the bus. 'cause he's giving me some fun little tidbits but suffice to say is that what it is. Suffice to say He he his loyalty. Trump's good common sense common sense. What has to honor that I would say so and I would say that that? I don't know his politics but a lot of billionaires. I tend to lean more conservatively But I I would think he wouldn't do a TV deal with sinclair. And I believe as a slight late conspiracy theorists that the cubs in the Ricketts had a handshake to do that deal as part of getting into buying that team in the first I play because that's who they've been Tom Ricketts is a super nice guy and would never talk politics or get into any of that with you and his sister. Laura is a big democratic donor. She's gay she's very liberal in her politics The Dad is the one joe. I think the one who's like the Big Super Pac guy up but I'm Kinda like you. You could have done that on Apple. TV You could have done it with any one and they would have given you the same money. So then why do I do. And then it's kind of a bummer. It's the same jury rancher. Why continue to have robin inventory manager when it's obvious he's not good at the job? Oh you're to wait six years PERP. I just didn't understand how they get a letter. I'm Rodman manage after the you know Nolan Ryan and Knuckle Sandwich on the head thing. It just was too embarrassing. I loved him as a player. But I'm like this. This can't stand. You can't have that be a thing that people can always get what about that. Ah Yeah Yeah all the Ryan J Hillbilly a Garin. Good luck to you this weekend actually just remembered something yes. I almost almost had a Jimmy Pardo incident at game stop year. We go through something. Yeah what happened again. Stop there was we. We went in there just right before we went to eat and just to kill a few minutes. I was waiting for a starbucks to get made and I saw a Jason Blum funk OPA but I'm like oh I'm GonNa get so I grabbed it. I got online. It was me someone behind me literally was standing there for ten minutes while this one person kept helping these people but there were two other employees who were just sitting there putting stickers on games. No I'm like and Eliason Eric with Aaron. What's going on what are you doing? I'm like I don't know I'm just waiting to pay. These guys are all. You're doing nothing. Nobody wants to do anything and they're like why don't you just bike like Bienne Lozano. I've never seen anywhere else. I can only get it here then. We finally checking here here Amazon. Like all right so I just walked out I put it on. The counter walked out getting it from Amazon door. I showed them I. Did you know about guarantees. The only his first name it gives you the era I again. This old WHO's Jason Blum pretty of for the Hollywood the movie and he's got a he's got a fungal? Believe it or not. I don't know how to get that when you sue literally. Why like? It's it's getting to the point where we have to be insulted that they haven't made fun co POPs of us because everyone else in the world has one and we bank. Yeah Brad do you have one. I don't but you're making me wonder and reach out about it. Should be like a character. Actor one iphone series. I mean like if playing house had made maybe more the seasons in which by the way great show being half the audience appreciated your there. We are new here for reason. The yeah you would have been in one crusoe. Yeah well. That is amazing wiser. Why is Jason plummer bloom? Have I don't get that. Actually I really don't just because of the other other sort of like media mogul J.J. Abrams okay. There's they have a mack. Knock Talk Spider. Ham has won. So some Jason Blum is is a Bob Eiger one or probably coming coming. That is a weird one of adjacent bloom because WHO Sheryl Sandberg heels if feels a little off track but I guess yeah collectors about collect. Yeah he has a following because there you go type of Fan your Horford. You're the you're the target audience for its yeah to be purchased getting Amazon attitude that I'm going to get it from Amazon regulation that free prime shipping shop a couple of days then. When did the drums start dropping? These things Oh yeah. When did you come in right? GotTa be sending Jamf. They're testing it. They're coming Jim that drama coming getting out at the right time Jim. This is perfect now. We got the drones and the blacks. Both that's what's happening Jim. You cut your mom out of here just in time. Jim Going back again. Can't just take the beef with the peppers. Then I see Jim good to see it. let's check back in a Very behind video village. That is the wild boreal. You'd all your Elliott. Now you went to the Air Wolf Halloween Halloween Party Holiday Party. I did I could not go so That was on a Thursday night. I want to say Family Commitments Rea- restricted my What does that nobody doubts it? you also had Don't call me out. You take the family commitments getting a little bit when when you have a family when you have children you have obligations. You have to pick them up from a party on a Thursday night terrible night. It's not made for family people. TB and I as is where we sit down and watch the Great Dr Crosby Michael. Michael J. Fox is starting to say Alex Keaton and Michael J. Fox at the same time I got him that I put on my Michael Jackson videos. It's a great night How was the party? You have a nice time. I gotta find time. I was a little bit of a tickle in my throat didn't realize until I got there and so I didn't stay for very along but I saw the Folks from off book at say hi to them again terrific. We talked about The News Star Wars Land. What's Star Wars Galaxies Golic? Alexandra haven't been yet but apparently like they were talking about. How the the level of Sort of playacting from the from the Disney The CAST has kind of gone down. I've read an article that they're scaling it back. Because they realized like the general it was not as popular as they expected it to be and I think they realized maybe one of the reasons is the average Disneyland. Attendee doesn't give that much of a shit about star wars. WanNa be immersed in because I I went when it opened and it really was like. It wasn't like Disneyland. It was like you're in a star wars movie everything around you and every person who worked there and even the the names aims of things on menus were just like indecipherable for from a human perspective. It was just like wow. This is so they've changed. Some of the names back to like hamburger like this is just going to be more like Tomorrowland. We go to frontier land. We go to galaxies age. I know it's still more intense than those places but I think they're trying trying to meet people halfway a little special days then because I agree because I definitely like I do WanNa bound over there and disappointed. Yeah I finally made it over there. Yeah last week and do we talk about here. Are Your twitter feed. I was not. I was really disappointed. Your boss aren't getting it. It felt like it had been open for a decade and nobody cares anymore. Wow it was like what this is. What are we doing here? Yeah yeah there used to be a thing where there. There's a place where you can build your own lightsaber. But because the village is being is occupied by the empire or the new the first order in in this world that you step even do that no one would tell you. Oh Yeah you WANNA make lights ever go there. They'd be of any junk parts like everything was like. They were like trying to like tone he about it like. Oh yes if. You're looking for a wink wink. Space Junk you go. And now they just so no lights right there they they overshot the ren faire on the yeah. Yeah wow that's exciting now. I'm sad that I didn't go early enough to catch throttle version of that. Did you go into the CANTINA. No Oh see I feel like the Cantina is probably still a little bit more like that. But yeah I don't know like I guy I I don't know when they made the switch over because I went twice in the second time. One of the dudes like came over and started playing Bach with just bought this deck of cards. It's like a star wars card game and he was like. Oh I'll show you how to play that. He's tired but he was talking to a person he wasn't trying to be in character. He was just like. Oh Yeah. It's really fun and then you'd like showing us so I appreciate that but I guess now I think think about it wasn't like he wasn't speaking wookey or something talking so all right so you talked about that at the. Party's very festive. Yeah I didn't take an opportunity to sing this time around because like I say what are they doing carry okay. There was the there was a bit with the way that that bar is kind of weird and it was sort of like hard to get into that spot. There was like a choke point so I couldn't even conveniently get in there but you already had that tickles. Less than you need to do is get choked. Yeah why don't you just take a sip of water and then Sing Asong. You're the best singer there that might not necessarily be true but I don't know who else was there. There was there this year because then and you would not be at the top. I don't know who sent Arosh era isn't that Shakira under PAT's face. Paul Reiser Shandra Shantou arosh enter That's one of the cats. Sounds like. Oh Man Chitra. She's down in all of this. The final pop. All right so you did that. You went to the party over the weekend. What else Well I I watched a couple of news. I did watch frozen to I got to watch it at the The Alamo draft house sandwich and drink as well Yeah it was. Here's the funny thing so So I heard of the show Joseph and his wife Ash they do some stuff over there. She's like one of the management team. I think now are there Associate very very kindly Had A bunch of US joint So so there's a rule. I don't know if you've heard the stories like you're not supposed to talk because it will interfere with the movie and they will throw you out. You're GONNA do right. Shut up that's great. I think that's fine and you were looking at me you like. I had trouble with that. I did not did not do that touchy I. Don't think you would do. I think Erin would yes I do. But here's the thing I know you would. And maybe it's to compensate for this in some way but it's really cool to have a person bringing food and stuff like that And they have a system. Where like you put a little piece of paper up if you need assistance? Or what have you but when when when these very nice people who are working very hard coming they have to like craw almost belly crawl across the they don't interfere with the screen and and then like her at one point the the the person who's delivering food Brought some French fries or something and they put it on my little table but I had an order French fries and so I'm sitting there going. How do I how I do I do this? How do you communicate and by the way so I put a piece of paper up? How am I going to tell him? This isn't this isn't where we're in the middle of the movie. There's people singing on a screen or that people but animated let it go exactly It was it was disconcerting completely distracting. Like there's no way that I can concentrate on the movie in that city. I don't like I don't like this survey. I've never been to one of those but I don't like the serving food in a theater and I don't think that were. I think it's fine. If you if you limit it to in front of the movie like you get all the stuff you're gonna get just like you can't go back to the concession stand in the middle and if you want to but the idea is you got to move you get you just set up camp right so same deal set up camp with the sandwich and drink right you want more you gotta you gotta walk out or you just done. I'm pitching. Don't change the seating equipment at all and only do piping hot soups. Yeah just like just like it's like hand still no talking a- wow that's crazy. It's a little weird threw me off but but I was fine. Wow that's terrible. I don't agree. It was terrible and and all the people this was weeks after he had already been out for a while and people gave their opinions. We all enjoyed it. was there a song that I left singing. No although there was at least one person who was it Go into the unknown into the unknown. They kind of liked that one. They thought that and I bet that's the one that Zoe's been blasting nonstop open and singing nonstop. And so I'M I. My defenses are are wearing down on on that and on the movie in general. I'm like hey it was all right like I didn't hate it. I just I was you. Yeah it was fine if other little abrupt as far as setting up the whole plot at the beginning like oh all of a sudden there's this piece of information that for some reason we didn't know about the entire time the first movie but then once I got past that I was there a couple of very heavy plot dumps in that movie. They were very concentrated in now with kids. I do feel like there's there's a little bit of like no matter what I think the move from an entertainment perspective. Are there a couple of lessons. That they're leaving there with that are actually like Chunky. Decent isn't lessons. I felt like they did have that. I definitely don't think like hit all the quadrants that they're always. You know saying that they will in this version but but Yeah and then the Olav thing I mean I was telling Matt earlier We we tried to go see it an opening weekend again in the middle of the movie one of my daughters had a big asthma attack She's fine but it was It meant when I knew in that moment I was less concerned turned. I knew she'd be okay but also knew we would. Now be seeing that movie one and a half times and it was like this is tragic so then we we when we had to go back as we went back last weekend in that audience. The second audience was much more vocal very excited and neagh big lake biting down on the laugh lines. I was I didn't realize had this many hard jokes. Maybe it's still doesn't but these people are loving it Yeah so I don't know and and people I don't know I feel like I feel like this. Is the general vibe about that movie which is pretty good you know. I haven't heard anyone be like it's better than I know. That's anyone will say that. I think all along like frozen one end frozen to the whole time. That thing that they've been struggling with is like what what is this really like th th. I think it took them a long time to figure out the story of the first one and even at the end of the day it was still kind of like this is kinda weird with some holes in it but it's fine unlike the music papers over that in the second one. It's the same kind of thing it's like. What are we really doing interns three is? They're not biological sister for they. Get together takes adjourn. Wondered like before when they were just talking about making a sequel at this is the time to give Elsa give like a Disney princess a the female life partner. I think it's time to do it. It's seems like this is the one and they didn't do it this morning. Data leave room on the runway right for the third one. But I I will say the lesson I. It's interesting like asking the kids like so what what was the story about. Would you like most and it and it was like you know. I've got two daughters so it's like the the sister first thing resonates for them and always you know looking out for your sister. Your sibling They weren't the other one which I think is like the the the larger sort of you know acceptance and understanding of of different groups of people like I was like that's going to be the one that they they kind of go like like well. That was something that was completely over their heads. So I don't know where the age demarcation is for for picking up on that and so he started going. Well maybe a lot of the ignorant parents out there. Maybe that'll Pierce brain. But I'm like no I feel like if you're ignorant and you're not getting any of that. Yeah so they probably wouldn't get the. It's okay to apologize for something. You did wrong message. I don't think that's that one's coming through man. Sorry spoiler spoiler. They'll make sense. You saw the play last night. We went to the musical the FRO I. I'm being I'm being told I'm going to be going to that too. You are that you know what after it's a weird thing to see that the frozen to movie and and then go to this which I hadn't seen the frozen one movie and six years or a long it's been and it reminded me like. Oh yeah you know what there is and my daughter was like five in the first one came out or whatever and so it was very like it was an intense moment in in all of our lives that she was so into the first one. This is the frozen musical okay because I saw a one act version at Disney. I saw that too. Yeah and I was very impressed with that. That was bet. That's the best version of frozen. That's crazy hits. That's right. Yeah because it doesn't doesn't waste time with the plot that it doesn't need is annoying anyway. The movie does and it doesn't add. New Song delivers the goods. Which Yep no thank you? It's all the new songs do is slow down the plot. You don't enjoy to begin with and they're not as good as the songs you recognize and their new although a couple of them are fine but the couple all of them are like man like I literally said Intermission I was like not every beat. NEEDS US on. You don't have to be like we're going to go up the mountain. We're going up the mountain mountain like you're just going up the mountain dew. It doesn't matter like we don't have to have two minutes of it but But yeah I mean technically very impressive. It's it's a very the Sit there and enjoy the production of it. Because I'm just going to tell my family you went and said it was good and we don't need again. You could tell sly right. Matt that liked it and I said we don't need to get that song. Let it go in there. They did the one thing that I walked out of the first movie. I was like why the hell does the for the the movie. Not End with a reprise of let it go and do it. They do it and doing it. Great feeling good about it. Yes but it go garin. That's the song All right well sounds like a nice weekend. Also saw the Irishman. I watched through and win sitting good for you. We're GONNA fucking metal would. Did you hear anything all right. Well Tell Matt later on But that's great. Good good for you. The Guy got a big weekend plan. We wish it wasn't fun for Jimmy as it could have been you. You'd see frozen to you. Didn't see the thought you'd seen frozen to. I'm sorry I know my son is. He's aged out of it. You have no reason to see it. Oh you you're making the right choice. Had had he yesterday said you know what let's go see that on and maybe not enjoyed it or enjoyed it either way but Here's zero interest. Here's a question. If a lease gets a screener of it and I loaned it to you know which I would not do. Because they're not mind to give nor that would be against service publicly. I'm saying that would not happen. Theoretically only way I would ever see. That movie is an emotion picture house and I will never take the time to put that in and watch them. You mean because it's demands it because it's such a work of art you need to see on the big screen fair enough screeners. Screener season is exciting in my neighborhood because apparently I live on a street. That is both very friendly. Neighbourly But also not industry Heavy in terms of the the Occupying of the of the houses. So that means I am now the second I'm the library and I'm great with it. My issue issue becomes like I'm also being asked to kind of give a mini reviews ahead of delivering a lot of pressure on and and I can't keep up with it and my across the street neighbor. Great Guy is a location manager but the screeners. But he's also he's the first one. He's kind of the subcontractor contractor that distributes throughout the neighborhood rocky. And what are you. So he comes over and the first couple of give them was something and rocket man and he goes awesome so two days later he's ready to make a change inside the city and they get through pretty fast over there and then they start circulating around the block. Would you think thank he goes well. The one was good and then Rocket man this guy's a huge music fan too old dead head Rocket Man and almost had to turn it off and I'm like wow I've heard things about it I haven't seen it yet. What was the thing and he goes? It took liberties I didn't enjoy it. Eh Yeah I almost had to turn it off and I go You knew that Elton John was gay rights. Just WanNa make sure and he goes well. Yeah ha ha but also he. Wasn't that gay that they made them into in the movie and I go. Here's the thing about him. I haven't seen the movie yet. There's no one gayer than on part of his thing is like he really blew it out and said let's show you all the fun that this can be. It's a party and he goes no. Oh no he was never as easy was in this movie. And I'm like he's talking about the relationships he's talking about the flamboyance that's insane. He's got no idea what he's talking so he started talking to me saying you know when I saw Bohemian rhapsody. Now there's a movie that got it right and I'm like okay. And then Eh. He goes because they didn't do the thing l.. John had a band and I'm like no one thinks about Elton. John's Queen was a band. Freddie murkiest very much at the top of the ban but it was like Elton John is known much more. It's not the same thing as same exact thing. They totally got rid of the band. I'm a band guy and I'm like I feel like there's a weird. There's a weird a there was a weird thing about the homosexuality in it for him and I was like that's interesting also. Does this mean I don't need to shuffle. Many News as quickly it also. Maybe you shouldn't do the reviews back. I'm more curious now like this is exciting. But it's a lot of pressure And then I learned things about my neighbors basically that. I'm not sure that I need to know rocky rocky at could figure it and that's why I was kind of teased him. A little bit about it did you give them a call me by my name. You know what I see him. Now you're onto something. Yeah I should start slipping in some of the ones from years past that I think might Harry. Everything is is absolutely there. It was theory of everything was was the other one. What what are you talking about the invitation to an absolute no? He's he's already know from him. He's not an Eddie. Read main guy so I gotta I really jokes. But he's a tough. It's a tough. It's a tough thing to be that guy in the neighborhood. I think that's a lot of pressure you know I'd like I'm ready to move just because the screener season You know and then it's like I don't know I've been I you know I just want. It makes me WANNA just slip in other movies that I have in our life Max to the White House or whatever. Is The dog movie. This was it takes that rises resent enjoy. Here's the thing about the dog That's not how German Shepherds Act. I think it is the weird entitlement to friends of yours that I don't get the screeners that they feel. It's your responsibility to give them to what he got. which ones you got that? And how is it. I don't I don't know I'm not supposed to be giving these to anybody and the fact that you're badgering being I think I think the only move now is to have a buddy come over in men in Black Tommy Lee Jones or will Smith get up or maybe have a pair of people dress up shop. FBI agents and make a big increase scene and look what happened to this guy and then then coffey take me away. What happened in Brad? Brad gave away the rocket man screener. He didn't give enough disclaimers about on John's sexuality and they he's in prison now. Ten years was three hundred hours. Free like the the penalties always very arbitrary amount of money. That's like Austin powers big now but it's not it's ten years. I was in prison in like one million dollars or something. Yeah what it is well. It's all I guess. I assume in a few years because a few of the students do this now. It's all going to be streaming streaming sharing at that point. Let's Amazon sending out the Mrs Mazel. Yeah the volts going on to find room in my garage crazy and a friend of mine. WHO's A mother and a writer and whatever she she the smart thing on twitter and she's like you know what let's don't if you send these all to me I will take them to L. A.. USD and and and and she collected one hundred and fifty these that one and the the the other one the The modern loved one. which is yeah exactly I? I brought our stuff right over to that input right in the way I came with my my wife friend but I can't pull her name the woman whose house I it's right over here it's audrey talking about my friend. Your who's your friend. That did this audrey. That's not who I I did it with it. Sounds like beating can be. This is exactly I as I was bringing hours. It's up to the house and like well what he did on the door. What do you do when you're dropping Adam They're bringing to Elliot's D since they could use them for art supply. Awesome is there really nicely made these missed Mazel things like little chests you open it up and then inside or the DVDs and unnecessary trinkets. I think billions of dollars apps absolutely need to be spent. So she's like I acknowledged his knowledge. This is insane. If you bring into my house I will so then distribute them to LSD. So the kids can have very cool. Yeah that's also used to put their pencil yes But as I as I walked up to their house I don't. I don't know these people that you're not on their door. I don't know what to do and I look around and there's a pile of them right there to scramble. You take take the disks out before you drop them off. I don't know who did or didn't because I was gonna say someone else could find out. Oh that's where they get dropped off. I'm not the member of a guild now. I know where to go. Pick up all this right. The screeners giving you already got being a member of Amazon. So right right yeah like everyone can watch like there's no one in the screen actors guild or the PGA. That doesn't already subscribe to Netflix. No that's smart sing this year. which was they sent? They did send a few. This like the Irishman and and Marriage story or whatever but as hard disks but then they sent a card instead of sending all the right stuff as well. They sent a card that gives you like three months of subscription which they must've done the math on it and gone. You know these people already have subscriptions but will just do this and so you know I'm GonNa give it to a friend but it's If smart and also saved a ton of I would think money but also materials and you know that yeah. It's a big way I'd again. This is is Obviously some privilege that we absolutely absolutely Iowa's going Dick Heads. Maybe I don't I can't afford it and by the way like you know I'm still excited every time. MM This time of year. It comes because I'm like this is like the perk of being a yes healthcare but also like I get to see some stuff that I you know. I don't know that I would have gotten to see an end to honestly share with everyone in my neighborhood even rocketing rocky even rock. I'll give people at home atip Because my wife is in a thing called a CFO which is immersed in an ad animation studio ASIFA. Anybody can join a safer and if you join a CPA they will send you. Screeners of 'EM A C. I just like A. It's IT'S A it's not a union but it's the animation. I don't know what it's like a guild but it's not a guild because you don't have to be working in the industry anybody can join. Anybody can join us. Pay The dues in so doing this. Now it's probably more money than if you just went to you. See those movies but if you like the idea of getting them sent to your house before they let's see your stuff showing up in the mail that soil. The kid in me going on my someone when sending me movies. Yeah I prefer when they send you a little Hey you can go to the Ark Light and just Brit present this thing and you get to see absolutely absolutely well that that's that is what they I should be doing is just sending you a Lincoln. It's got little barcodes on it and you can go see all the stuff that right right. I like the I like the experience right to get French fries. Yeah I went to my fries. Number showed up at my table. Now that's my hamburger and my drink without my right. Yeah what did how did that get resolved. They they came over and then they hand you hand them back to that so so I gestured to the guy because he saw he saw the paper and I gestured at the fries he had. No idea was talking about you. Eliminate your face from underneath and I had to say he's mine and I was waiting for him to throw me out. No of course allowed to say that but again we're like I don't know a third of the way the film like you know If it spelt wrong and I was I was being followed a rule follower and also I have a voice carries and so you know but then again till Tuesday yes voices do Carry Shush fighting. I don't know I don't know I don't know about figuration. gration is really a weird two cats each other worth subside year. You've created a avoid. There's no middle ground. Oh it's like the country it's the way it always should have been against you me. Boss uh-huh okay. Tarzan conversation I got an award for Elliot for watching the Irishman crap relations. Buddy waving leave it alone because there is thank you now take it and then look it up and be rest. Hey guys dates for you brad. Morris is on twitter at Brad Morris. Seven seven three. You can check him out. He's been on the good place this past season. And I don't know of his character coming back for the very end of the season but You'll see him on. TV One way or the other and go back and watch a playhouse. If you haven't watched that it's a great series. Jessica listen clear and Lennon Parham. One of my faves were still around. Jimmy Pardo is going to be doing. Stand up comedy at the attic at the comic in Bloomington on January twenty fourth and twenty fifth. He's at at the Tower City Comedy Festival in Paris Texas on February I never not bunnies at. SF sketch best in San Francisco. That's January tenth and eleventh on the tenth. We're doing an evening show. That's that's playing games. Live with our special guest and good friend. Oscar Nunez and never not funny is live in a matinee show on that Saturday with Josh Gone. Woman both shows I was at the. Oh Gosh it's Gateway Theatre thank you. It's not the galaxy which we keep saying it's the Gateway Theatre in San Francisco. But you know it just go to. SF SCOTT FEST DOT COM and and Search never enough money. You'll get all those tickets right in your face or never not funny. Dot Com and click are linking. Buy tickets from there for Jimmy stuff. GO TO JIMMY DOT COM. Click his tour link. Don't forget to watch Jimmy's records and tapes on our Youtube Channel. Every Tuesday Where we have to nineteen eighty this week I did? I said it already. You Dumb Fuck nineteen eighty this week. enjoy that at YouTube dot com slash. Never not funny. Oh good times Jimmy. Going Down Memory Lane through his record collection and finally don't forget we have some new swag at pods wag. There's some really cool a set of four glasses there's a beanie. There's a throw blankets All sorts of good stuff. Oh yeah by water bottle and a a coffee mug they're all just go to pods WAG dot com slash number plenty to check those out. Great Gifts for the holidays is enjoy. Hey our friends from worry. Parker want me to tell you a couple of things. They were founded with the goal to create boutique quality quality eyewear at a revolutionary price point. Their glasses started just ninety five dollars. Matt that includes prescription lenses that have anti-glare on anti scratch coating other places they charge you for that nonsense so it's stupid. That's not how war that it parker was all about like it. Make more money with the anti graduate where he said shut up Pirker. Luckily Luckily worby wears the pants in. That family parkers of dumb well. He's not dumb. He's just greedy we. He doesn't understand war B.'s. Vision yes it's all about it. They should just call it worby. I would the day war released Parker's it'll be the happiest day of my life sick as we. How dumb Parker's that greed? It's all about the money. What have we got a note Worry Parker is the actual name of the one individual started the company Well there's it's gotta be right. Sure it's nobody Listen here's what you do. You take the quiz at Worby Pirker dot com slash Paro. You answer a few questions and they will seek guests great looking glasses that are totally personalized. That you're facing style with the free home. Try An program. He could order. Five pairs of glasses. Try them on for five days. That spot for fighting No obligation to buy the class ship free and include a prepaid return shipping label now introducing scout by worry Parker these are comfortable breathable and affordable daily contact lenses. These lenses are made from Super Moist material that resists drying lasting hydration and comfort and you you can wear. We're them for less than a buck. twenty-five a day or trial pack includes six days worth of context only five dollars and then received five dollars off your next door repair order the five for fighting writing. Yeah Lisa's very excited about that because you know she wears contact lenses and She just loves the idea. It's super affordable but But she has the kind now. 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Parker DOT com slash part. That is W. A. R. B. Y. P. A. OUR KTAR DOT com slash part of worby park dot com slash. Part of Worby Parker. Looking good in classes Orleans. Is Everybody. Welcome back to the program. Brad Morris is here Elliott of course over there behind video village. Garrisons new seats. Just got a What what is this? Just got a text message. Is this important to the program program. No later it's a kiss box that I just saw. Okay thank you It's too expensive L.. Answer your question right now so yes yes way too expensive when Thursday fifty four albums. Fuck you vinyl. Yeah she'll be under one hundred dollars. She never the prices regardless special. Ed Special. Use Two hundred dollars. Yeah so it was fifty bucks an album Goo Goo Goo no thank you koets albums beautiful beautiful looking package. But I'm not going to one hundred fifty fifty dollars a four records and it's not signed or science I seal it will be delivered. Eighty pay hundred fifty dollars plus shipping. Brad Moore's is areas. Take time away from guest starring Sitcom have you ever seen Nebraska when you walked in two things I want to circle back to you mentioned to medical term mean Baldy that you're wearing yes. Not because of something called Baldy I proud new member of a club of of bald people but I'm also a proud new new member of the ALOPICIA club which is an autoimmune thing. I'm about a year into this now I'm learning. I'm still learning about it I had funds funds saying it it it has affected so it's a thing where I'm entirely healthy but my body had an event where thought something bad was happening and it wasn't in a basically told hold all the follicles To stop growing here which it did And so could could regrow. Oh could not so. It's exciting in different in new and I did go recently. Got New head shots There is a there is a very talented allocation actor named Anthony Carey. Plays no hank unburied as I feel like He may have covered cover now. So that's going to be an interesting thing but but because my life is both acting and doing some writing I it's okay but I did go to a an addition last week and slowly like really Sort of getting enough confidence. Go back out there On and do this stuff and this casting director Freud gun for over the years few times it was like hey so I don't know if they're not getting the new head shot or what it is but this basically. It's a shock. Every time I walk in the room right now so I walk engine. Hey and they you know everything okay and like yeah this and it's L. A.. Pisa Oh my. I got an autoimmune autoimmune things. So that's all fine. And then she goes well. I think it looks sexy and I said well thanks. I really appreciate that and she goes. You know it'd be really good grow like a beard with it and that was like I can't. That's the weird thing about this thing Not that's not going to be an option on the menu for the moment. But I just I don't want to bother her to the edition and walked out but so So that is a development. So like the last We we talked before Matt but I think good place is the only show. I've shot where I'd already shaved my head so which was a thing I did when it was patchy? Now No need to shave the head but They put me in a wig and put eyebrows on me and did all this. Yes and So that was an adjustment. It's an adjustment. And what's exciting is in my mind at least wow. Oh Wow cool. Different kinds of roles maybe Be Fun to play villain. Yeah that's where it basically. I'm excited now. Like I wish I would buddies with Fabio mandatory and feels like they could take a slap some lizard. He stuff on to worry about pulling hair out some the roles that may now be haven't toyed with the idea of of the way they give good place. You Look Great. Can I buy them appreciate it. My uncle is is very my uncle's the one who's He's an old Sitcom writer and he's and he's like. Oh you know what you should do is get a good wig and then you own it in zoe targets. There's always like he actually speaks in the staccato of multi Cam Morgan Mindy. And Yeah you get a wig then you have it in your trunk and then whenever you need you put it on light. Li- understand how it works but for whatever reason it feels tells it doesn't feel natural yet part of it. Yeah that's the main thing so I'm I'm happy to be cast in something and have them do that for me. But I'm not walking into auditions wearing away. So yeah that's sort of what it is. Yeah definitely a fun. Interesting Weird Curve curveball. That is You know it's like I have friends that have survived cancer. I friends have survived cancer. It absolutely feels like a constant trick. Where any day that I'm feeling crappy about it? I'm like I can't feel that bad. I'm totally healthy but I have friends including some of whom have survived really more serious things in there like dude. You're allowed to feel bad if you're having a day like it is a big change until happening here career as well it is. It is but I will tell you like my kids for example. They've got two uncles. That are total chrome domes. So so you know there was one one of my daughters is like. I think you should grow your eyebrows back and I was like I love that idea. totally into it. I said I don't know if it's going to happen but I'm I'm take note. Thank you very much but like I was coaching their soccer team this year and I was wearing a hat. Which I- Jacksonville Suns But whatever had I had on in one of the kids I guess I hadn't had it off before and I took the hat off and it was like the record. You know Stopped in one of the kids. Not My daughter goes wide. You take your hat off. You just said I was hot and I said should I have not done that and she goes yes I would not take that said. Oh boy why and she goes. It does not look good see. This is the honesty that I really actually craven. Craven need right now. It's just a six year old Sophia. Go and yet. Don't do it. Not a good idea. So that's where that's at all right so go back out. Ah You're the voice of the Joliet Jackhammers Voice Joliet Jackhammers just a couple. He was for one season. Shared the job I with two other people. We rotated through the best story Outside of Pete rose Showing up in the concourse because his son Pete Junior was on that team game he would set up like a card table like lemonade. Stand and sell autographs for twenty five dollars a piece and I was like seems about right for so you know it's It's tough it's like you want the guy to be in the hall of fame as the hits all time hits leader he sending up a little card. Santa can't imagine he's hurting for money that that much anyway. So that is that the best story is was a day that I wasn't working there. which is ex cub brant Brown? What so this is independent league not affiliated head like Schaumburg Flyers Joliet jackhammers what have you saint. Paul are canaries. Whatever it was so these are guys that mayor played in? The majors is based out of this summit up to make the majors. Some of them played some of them played in are hoping to come back at the end of their careers. Some of them are guys that fell out of the farm farm systems for other teams. And they're still young and they have a real good shot. Brant Brown was a guy who Falls into the former category. where he he was a cub for a few years But we they hired us as funny is to come in and give a little just a little in places. Just add a little more so it was always like trying undefined. The level we we knew right away that the crowd was or wasn't in in stadium. This stadium not on radio not on TV. This coming up next like Brock Meyer. Okay okay. Exactly yes So my friend Kevin was doing this game with my other friend show and Ramp round came up in the first innings struck out swinging and they made like a whistling windy sound and he was on the opposing team. Right Fair enough Third inning becomes bobby strikes out again. Swinging you can see where this is going in the seventh inning comes up again and they do the same thing. He's out again and and the added a little more mustard I think now on her said something to the effect of like Hurricane Brown is you know Ah graced US once again. Whatever it is well he turns looks up at the booth and then walks into the dugout but somehow a minute later is knocking on the door of AH yeah in full uniform and pounding on the thing and they'll let him in and he's like he basically you know he reminded them that It was his livelihood and that he didn't appreciate The editorial But that was kind of exciting but actually love that It was it was one of those gigs where Juliet working at. Second City at the time and I just kept thinking like this is the perfect amount of working in sports for me. It's like they're giving me microphone. You can't really go crazy but you can. You know you can maybe throw a nickname out there. It was mostly having fun with the guys that were on our team. It was really not about giving shit to the other team but it was fun and Myrlie Baseball. I will. You'll say It's what it's it's got a lot more of what taking your kids to a game should be what Im- major sports are now. It's so corporate. It's so sort of you know. may be commercial that you lose sight of Hot Dog should be. I mean I sound like the oldest man in the world that is a hot dog should be five dollars not fifteen dollars. It just doesn't make any sense and so it was a real. It was a blast and basically as we were saying is go work for your Minor League Baseball team. All right now I think five dollars is too much rod so a lot that you went to high on that. It's a lot to be a dollar. It should be dollar dollar dog. Dog is now we're talking about home. Depot again great hotdogs like a dog out there Get that when I was a kid. One of those guys make it for me breath to me the like the perfect example of what you're talking about it's like minor league. Baseball is is great when your kid to go and experience the game. Yeah when I was. I don't know how old maybe maybe fifteen or sixteen I went to Pittsfield. Mets were in my area in western Massachusetts. And I got four balls from in one game. I like got like two to foul balls. One home run I ran around the back and grabbed it and then the famous chicken happened to be an come on. I mean that's four baseball's chicken. Yeah Baseball's what else do you want. Where else are you gonNA get? You never get one ball at a major league. It gets four and regular sure. Well that's a Bath House teabag Gary You have to look at you like those jokes Brad. Thanks for being here. Thank you so much. What is your A blast to be here thanks. That's my bread. Moore's terrific thing but here's a very quickly that we did for Sean casten brackish playing Putin right and I did not know about the L. A. P. S. all committed this fucking thing and I feel badly a game show host. I barely put a jacket. aww Bald Wig. And now I know I gotta figure out more ways to to leverage the baldness. I'm working on it I'm trying to To jump into these things the best part is Putin is mostly all these little wispy blonde things But yeah always excited to play An allegoric Russian hair or no hair that you. That's what I was getting. Brad I know Brad from his quickly. Bear Down with podcast. I used to help Matt Wall show with and and Scott Armstrong. Yeah and you did on that show a lot. That's how I met those guys we did. We did Tech Point they get they had me. Do you ask again emmy do Procure off who. Who is really He was an olive before. All this stuff happened years ago. He's a jet skiing being gallivanting six-foot-five Russian billionaire Who grafted all his money off of The fall of the the of the Soviet Union and And then bought. The New Jersey Nets a lot on there but yeah man. It's great to to WHO I get to be on this show with you guys and have to say about before we get out of here. What's he talking about? Audie audie how do I know how y'all how do I know I win. The World Syria two thousand five on DOT com. That's a wild L.. To meet people say that's why I mean look at. There's Gary Cockrell villagers while boy I hope for the NFL. That our friend. Brad Morris ars objects next time on the PODCAST. AK47 gone not forgotten. If you enjoy never not funny why why not sign up for the players club you get full video of every episode and an extra show every week when you become a member sign up now at PODCAST DOT com.

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