"Right Shoe Down"


Previously on the Tony Kornheiser show. and. Detroit wins the game and the chump of chumps is Arthur blank. He's on the sideline waiting to celebrate again like he did at home not at home in the super. Bowl. But at the Super Bowl with New England and they take. A shot of him because he's a pathetic forlorn figure, he's like if you're old enough to remember this is like a Jackie gleason character he's completely forlorn and bullish. He's a foolish person at this point. This is General George Washington and you're listening to the Tony Kornheiser. Wow. I talking about Arthur blank. Yes I guess I was on the sideline every time he was doing a dance at the Super Bowl. If you remember this, he was dancing around because they were up by twenty five and the two magic words Tom Brady happened and then they lost and it wasn't dancing anymore. You gotTa keep that guy off the sideline. He's a disaster he's he's like the bad talisman. Get Him off the silence understand the owns the team does he own is at home depot that he owns he owns one of those kinds of stores. He's like the founder of one of those giant storage in this again, you know. So just get off the sidelines you're killing your team and you make yourself in your whole family cringe when that happens. Michael is here six feet. One inches away. Properly, social distance until Benny's table, there's let me just start with my deep gratitude to Alex Hughes of Columbus Ohio who sent us this lovely lovely Pencil drawing of me and wilpon terrifying in a good way. Yeah. It's. It's what we look like. We're hideous but it's so well done and I'm so happy to have it. Thank you. Alex. thank you very much. Now does this mean that my childhood artwork is finally going to get the boot from the PTI set? No doesn't mean that at all because I'm proud of yours and Elizabeth I. Love that people wonder if that's Liz's or Mike Yeah, well, some of them are signed, but you can't get close enough to to know that. So I, there are a lot of things we can talk about to begin with the world series will be covered with Richard Justice don't worry I just say this. This is a just and fair result the Los Angeles dodgers got cheated by the Houston Astros and I believe got cheated by the Boston Red Sox they work their way back. They got all the way to the world series. They were down three one right to the braves down through one. They won that series they won this series. This is a just and fair result. We can argue forever about what Kevin Cash did Kevin Cash looked at the numbers for Blake's now who he has managed for years and he knows in his heart that Blake Snell the third time around the order is a disaster. And he sees that single by the ninth place hitter and he's got bets coming up next and he says, you know what? I've seen this movie too many times. I'm taking them out and it's very easy to say it was the wrong decision in hindsight it's very easy to say right on the spot was the wrong decision but Kevin Cares didn't think it was the wrong decision and he'd gotten to this point by managing that way we will. Certainly, talk to Richard Justice about that. We can talk about Trevor Lawrence and his reconsideration allegedly of going back to Clemson next year, which I believe has almost everything to do with two factors. One, he doesn't want to play for the jets and to it's not like basketball there for three months and you know you're leaving and the only reason you're there is because they won't let you go straight from high school anymore these spent three years at Clemson. He's made relationships at Clemson. He's a regular kid at Clemson no matter how isolated he is in football he he has friends there I understand the pool of wanting to stay. We can talk about the fact that. Danny. Green side of his teammate Lebron. James. He's not showing up for the first month. He start this thing on December twenty second he's not gonNA show and we can get to all of that. But I'm going to do something now totally unexpected for Michael Kornheiser. I'm going to take off my right shoe and I'm going to do this for reason. What have I talked about Michael, about how I'm so stupid and I now have four pair of these earl boaters and I. I. Don't know what to do with it. What do you mean? You add the fact that you have Backup supplies for your. Size ten and a half medium with shoe and I've said time and time ago Gosh it was stupid. Do we have a different size now? The other day. Just look at the. To take your shoes get the toe shoes now on the table what am I saying? Over and get the shoe and look at the toll which I saw two days ago. There's a whole giant hole in it. You've four pair backup. There's a giant hole in what was a relatively new shoe not more than two months old a hole in. Yeah. There's a hole in the right side of the front a big hole, a hole big enough that a worm can crawl through it. It's big home. I. Didn't see it until just a couple days ago. And it brings up these questions. One can take your shoes off the table just give me the shoe throwing the show. told me she doesn't smell great. Okay. So one question one is, should I just take a new shoe from one of my four pairs of new right shoe and continue to wear the functional left shoe that I'm wearing now thus building up. Equity in my left shoe in other words, giving me half a pair of shoes somewhere down the road, the left hand side or should I switch completely? Should I bail out on a very good left shoe switched completely to a brand new pair knowing I have four not will still give me three in reserve or should third option should I continue to wear this pair? No matter what till both shoes are headed for the thinking of a hybrid model coming your way, and this is actually what you're considering. You have four pair of backups shoes, I do Eddie you're considering. Only one jeff yes or not a what due to your gate. This might mess up your feet. So what I'm thinking very comfortable, this is like A. Sub In new socks, you have to get rid of the entire drawer at the same time because you don't know what could happen. You matchup an old sock with the new stock. So what I'm what I'm, what would you do your now relegating on your child of privilege so This is hidden oppression like I did. I'm sorry. To your kids through this new this new reality. No, this is now an official dog walking pair of shoes. What's but that's all I do with him. Anyway this is you now have to create this. Keep wearing this year with a hole in it I. think it can keep wearing it but only under certain circumstances, which is throwing the Frisbee for the. Dog. Ryan. You have a higher level of pair of shoes that comes out of the closet comes in like curious and gives you two and a half strong inning gets quick out that Dave Roberts went for it. Oh Yeah. He went for it because if he's looking if they don't win that game last night, he's looking at bueller going eight bueller. Yeah he's looking after chance. So back to this, you know. So this is this is going to be your official. Dog Walking dog playing shoe. Do my shoes. I don't go anywhere where that shoot to the Safeway not even the refugees safe. Why? They will let you win no shoes. No shirt service. That's. I have a mask, put a mask on my toe. I can do something like that. I was stunned to see this whole. It was like Karma don't you think it was the answer to all of the backup shoes that I have. Now I will press into service a new pair maybe, but I'm more interested. What do you think is the difference in your walking style that this is happening only to the right? Are you planning as you throw the Frisbee I've no idea I I mean I maybe it's just a deficient single show. Let's not blame the CAN should I? Should I call up the essence a? Better semi on. Upset a follow up email turbine last e mail which they didn't answer. They didn't answer. You have to you have to lose both of the shoes they have betrayed failed you at an incredibly early in their tenure very much. I'm telling you these are new shoes. Yeah. I would say these shoes are the equivalent of Dwayne Haskins for you. Met Yes. So You get ready to them because if you bring a new shoe, the other shoe might taint that one and say, look, this is what we do. We're going to develop cross-contamination. Exactly. So just get rid of both of them and bring up the. Next man up next earl boater up as I say band don't break I have four pairs of shoes. Now, one I was going to take out to Delaware. Issue now we're low level then I'd get down to two pair to pair and I might have to replant. Soup Fair. So now now because one pair is going out to Delaware, brand new pair will go out to Delaware to replace the shoes that are pretty old but these shoes are they're not old at all. They're not old at all. These are good everyday work shoe for you these these are not like your Stylish Coal Hans out at the beach no no, they're not not only they usually dancing shoes six months I, look I wear them every minute of every day I. Don't they're the only she was aware if I don't wear sneakers to go on that walk, then I just wear the shoes. That's it. That's all I do especially during the pandemic I just wear the same clothes constantly it's if we do get a vaccine and I can burn this clothing that I've been wearing to do the show for seven months I'm going to be the happiest guy in the world not getting rid jacket upstairs that only lives in the attic the. Box It's just yeah. They live in the attic. I'm I'M GONNA hermetically seal that up and throw it into the sea. Well. A lot of the a lot of the things that we're using every day over the last half year. So I'm actually thinking how am I going to save this? Memory boxes you can get from yeah frame bridge. Silly bad data that I worry every day like it's Ascott. Yeah now saved that's good. All right. I guess. That's that's. At least I don't talk about this with justice. Can we talk about Justin Turner? No go ahead knock yourself out how do they find test result in the eighth inning local time it's what ten fifteen how do they not get this before the game so you think that they just they just deliberately squashed it and Stay out of those things would we deliver this down to the dugout? Sure. I'll just take six weeks to get there. Yeah. How `Bout Justin, turner them posing with everybody mask off and hugging everybody periods infecting the Commissioner's trophy every you. Okay. With that do you think that it's he's a super spreader I think I I. I give power to the team to decide how. To handle that because they've already been exposed to. Start thinking okay. At least he was in three for three with a single double looking for the cycle as he's touched now he's straight he struck out every time against place or pop pop on pretty us look at the impact he singlehandedly had on mirror games of the series home runs in the first innings. Now he's tremendous. He's a great player. They could have given that MVP to a lot of different people. They could give it to Turner they could have given it to McKee bets they could have given it to cody bellinger they could have given it to Clayton Kershaw. You know they gave it to cory seager and that's fine. But there's a lot of people who got them this fall. It seems like if you don't give it to seger becomes very hard to try and separate kershaw versus the new kid who is. Signed Monster, but man, if you look at the that doubly hidden mookie Betts, he he went home went home on an infield out. There's five guys that can do that. He's one of the five. explained to us was at Kirk Chin who said that about mookie interesting plays at home the series Yes yes. Let's take a break and we will come back with Richard Justice of MLB. Dot Com who is on I. assume unless he just went home I assume he's on sites Dylan in Arlington? So, I'm Tony Kornheiser. This is the Tony Kornheiser Show Newport I. This is the Harry's Harry's just came out with their sharpest blades ever, and unlike some other razor companies, they're not charging more for their product improvements. Harry's new sharper blades are still as low as two dollars each. I, what I like best about Harry's is sometimes they're like attack dogs on other companies and sometimes they name the other companies but not all the not all the time they make you guess not like in this one they in this copy, they don't they don't This is a special offer for listeners. It says new US customers I guess only US customers what about people around the world. 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Roman warm warmke. This is a song called breeze that he wrote any rights longtime listener big Fan career on the PGA show I remember particularly tension-filled segment where you and Wilbon were green contentiously for some teams ability to make the playoffs when my brother Matt introduce of your shows turned to me and said, I hate it when Mommy and daddy fight like that. Not sure what you've used mommy but I thought I'd. Get in on the Jingle offer attached an MP three of my song. Grease which I wrote here in Southeast Ohio Athens Homa Joe Borough with my band the come on cons, which may be appropriate for the election season as a fresh breeze. Maybe something we all desire after November third we've been voted in the top ten bands of our town for five years, which is understandable considering there's only seven rock bands here. That's funny. Possible I could become the official five string basis to the Tony. Kornheiser show. Sure. Absolutely enjoy the song with my full publishing permission and eat something. He's seen me I'm too thin. Richard Justice of MLB DOT COM joins us. Now he went to the world series. He's in Texas. Let's start. Let's start with the obvious thing and. I think it's very easy to attack. Kevin Cash. But Kevin Cash has managed Blake Snell for years. He has seen what happens the third time around it is not an accident that blake snail never pitched through six in since the beginning of two, thousand and nineteen. So I'm asking with somebody I know likes Kevin cash and understand the battle between analytics and feel. You know, what are your thoughts about this? Exactly that it's the difference between analytics and feel, Hey, by the way I did not end up going to the Games I've covered it all. By. But. Don't. But here's the larger point. This has happened again and again in game five of the twenty seventeen world series Dave Roberts left against the process. Let's Clayton Kershaw interface George. Springer third time springer get one, eight, hundred feet did happens you knew what he was going to do. Now this happens all the time I know teams, data driven teams like the brewers did raise the astros the dodgers. And the one thing they worry about is that we're turning players into robots that there's one guy know that one's has to warm up with an ipad he has to see his spin rate is dot where the dot is located every time and they talking like don't you have a feel for things but Tony don't you think that can happen with managers to sometimes you have to have your part? Before these things are scripted out before the game and they are scripted out in collaboration with the Front Office often by the front office and what the data said was you should not let likes now faith the lineup at third time to here's what it misses is that. Feel for the game one and two. You have just played a long. You played eighteen postseason games or something like that. You went the distance with the Yankees you went the distance with after your bullpen is very tired and your best reliever who you call upon in that situation nickname. Given up a run in six straight appearances down fast ball. He got people out on previously he can't get it up in the strike zone the way he had before and you were flirting with disaster. But I understand what he did and I guarantee you nobody feels worse about it today I would assume. The boys indecision scientists science at the raise will be going back today and going Maybe that wasn't the best call. So. So explain to people the dodgers ended up using six relievers. they went for it. If they lost that game beulah would have had to pitch twelve innings because they didn't have anybody left except Blake trying and and Kenley Jansen who you do not WanNa put out there. What is the difference then in the dodgers going to so many relievers and Yanking people. So quickly, what in your mind is the difference between what Dave Roberts did and what Kevin cashed in. The raise looked at their team we have three. Traditional starting pitchers and Blake style or glass now and Charlie Morton. But I drink of our team is are both and we have we have thirteen guys get saves this year we have like three or four guys will be closer on other teams we can't wait to get the game into the hands of our both Dodgers just won the world series two starting pitchers, Walker and Clayton Kershaw and Walker only pitch. Once every other pitcher on their staff was used in relieving kun-kui including the kid. Reas who finished the game last night. So they went into the game went into game six and Tony. Goslin is our starter. He's one of these high end throws the ball art he's are. Rethinking. We're GONNA let him go as deep into the game as he can't. Guard. In in the postseason in particularly in game six of the world three hundred pitches in an inning. Terribly. You have to manage the game like your hair's on fire. You guys not treated in any way shape or form like it's a regular season game and Dave just said I gotta get this guy out of there and how am I going to get twenty seven outs I gary when he went out to the mound, he didn't have it mapped out because you've gotta have someone stepped up step up. To get you through twenty seven outs and in because also you don't you think you're looking at Blake's now he's got five pitches in the third inning. He's GonNa. Pitch. He can. He equipped to pitch fifteen innings your in a bad spot. I totally get that what? I, said at the beginning of the show. Is that this is a very, just result and I don't mean this negative to Tampa on any level. I feel the dodger we know the dodgers would cheated by Houston. I feel the dodgers which heated by the Red Sox as well. I think the dodgers did this year especially being down three one to the braves coming back and winning this thing the way they want it with only two starting pitchers and cobbling together everything else thrown starters in there as relievers I think is just result the U.. One of the best teams I have ever seen you go back to their winning percentage I understand there was only sixty games you have to go back to that thirty nine Yankees to find a winning percentage that high there run differential I could get back to the people were Indians or something like that have those to reverse. This is one of the best teams you will see of our lifetime. Again, it was in sixty game season they were built on depth and flexibility they won in a West for an eighth straight time after they won last year after they lost the world series a got beat. By, the nationals and the files Andrew Friedman looked at his team and said, we gotta I gotTa change the mix here they were frustrated by Cory seager being hurt production being now all kinds of things but they were only going to get a guy with explosive potential and that was movie bats and mookie dining the look of their team. I mean, you look at that lineup that lineup is deep is any lineup you will ever see, and of course, they have pretty good. They look at their pitching this kid got Greta wrong and may all these young guys throws so hard and get people out there. Yes it's a it's. It's a just result. Their lineup is so good that. Job. Peterson. K. Hernandez can't play. That's how good your lineup has i. mean they're they're really good. Yeah, but the reason you have flexibility all over the place that Chris Taylor play here there everywhere that cody bellinger until vets arrived your best defensive player at three positions is 'cause you can find. You can take Jock Peterson say okay. What does he do? Well well, we want him facing right handed pitching not left handed pitching and he becomes i. mean that backwards to he, he becomes an absolute dominant player in this time of year because you've found a role for him. Now it's really good. So let me get to the other large question, which is just internal testing positive, and somehow the dodgers finding out in the seventh or eighth inning when they were already up how does that happen in a bubble? Is it the most people think too many people think that some people think it's a false positive and how do you think the dodgers handled it because he was out on the field afterwards mask off doing all those things and he could end up being a super spreader of this disease. What do you think? Exactly I. Think the way it broke down is they got What do you call an An uncertain test results inconclusive. Yeah inconclusive tests result that came in second or third inning they expedited the second result and came back in whenever it was at six or seven, thirty eighth inning and said, he's gotTa get out of the game Yeah. After that all bets are all remember we said like. I I know we're gonNA start the season. I just don't feel so good that we're going to finish the season in the and in what the health experts told baseball was you gotta be done before November because we there's going to be a second wave or whatever you call it one a or one B and it's going to be bad and you're GONNA be Lucky. You're going to be lucky to get out of this thing they got out of it by one day because what would have happened in game seven I can't imagine there would have been game seven. It would have been a three time world series something like that It was In an unlucky season, it was a lucky break. I just wonder I mean. You know you look at everything that happened in hockey and everything that happened in the NBA in bubbles, and this was a bubble for baseball. You just say, well, how did that? How did that happen? I'm sure they'll investigate it. So it's just very weird but. Yeah it is God It. Wasn't. It wasn't total isolation. You do have to go get on a bus you go get on an elevator. One of the cubs told me earlier in the season he gets. On the elevator and I'm paranoid as hell with like I'm not going to touch that button and Yeah I mean I just it shows that the virus can slip in any place it you know in the NBA. Well, they got the season in and who knows what they're gonNA. Find out when they do contact tracing. Sub Remarkable thing. Let me get back to the baseball. If you asked me what I will remember most about the world series, I will remember plays at the plate. Plays at the plate we we had many more than we usually have You know the the the game winner at one point, the attempted steal of home at one point. The fact that Mookie Betts. Just manufacturers runs on his own What are your thoughts about that? That W- TO ME? That was tremendously exciting baseball. I'm going to remember that it was great that it was absolutely great that these are two really good teams that just punched each other the face and punch back fact the way game. Five in did you have to go back to eighty six or whenever to find a game? That ended that way and then the dodgers come right back Mookie Betts leads off game six this game where you've you've taken a Gut Punch best leads off with a double seger singles a man and it's like. Okay Clayton. Can you can you Bale Bale out on? Yeah. There were there was a lot of that and I think. The Way Japan and you broke down this attended steal homeless was just brilliant I mean you know like what? What is the card say what are the number say you had? You had a guy an athletic guy at third base who a million things threes head and he thought I can make it and that's there was a aggressive base running throughout the thing sort of both teams sort of brought the stolen base back. There was a play where Seger went to third Infield grounder you go. WHOA. What does that guy doing there? Were there were plays made in the outfield and obviously some booming home runs. And also, just for those of us who've covered the sport of such a long time, the dodgers mean so much. I mean I think you heard cory seager said I think it was Corey said you know one of the people I'm thinking about right now it's been scully 'cause I know wins homeland every. Every every every. Every, every pitch, the dodgers means something in the fabric of culture in this country and it's cool team celebrate. Do, you think having watched it for so long do you think that Clayton Kershaw rewrote his history through winning those two games even though God knows in the first inning of each game you thought Oh my God he's going to give up four. So what do you think? Yeah I was always a complicated history to make 'cause they're always gyms mixed in there and in this. Was Two or something you haven't. Made any shutout open the playoffs in in in in all of that he needed that I'll tell you this about his game five performance. that. Guy Has. the slider guiding through game when he was dominant and game too. When he pitch came to game one and the slider guy in through that, he didn't have the slider. Can he was just out there on guts trying to figure something out and he got through it and you know When they roberts, went to the man to take him out. You can see on the video. Justin. Turner go basically saying, don't take him out please don't take him out yeah that he can get this Guy and they've stuck to his going to your total. You'RE GONNA face guys and then that's it. Yeah. I hope he has rewritten the of the postseason narrative He the on his face said so last night. Certainly seem that way I think I've got to go back to Kevin Cash on in this regard where does this leave Kevin Cash I mean and to set this up for people to understand why I'm saying this this is not Joe Madden. This is not a telegenic sort of I'm sure is egotistical but not in the same way that a lot of managers are he's got no payroll their whatsoever he's Built a team based on concepts and these concepts include acquiring all this relief talent and he made what looks like a mistake a very big mistake on the biggest stage. You can possibly make that mistake does that and yet I think on a lot of ways I can make the case that he was totally compelled to do it by his own history with that team and with that player does this. Does stay with him. Is this something there'd be very hard in a small market to ever get rid of. Yeah, because you're you're on stage I, mean they still talk about grady little even Pedro. Young lives with you forever dodger fans were furious at Dave Roberts for some of the calls he made through the years but I in the thing is the unfairness of it is people are Never GonNa understand this was scripted by the front office and by in collaboration with everyone in baseball operations before the game what what Kevin did was carry out the the process now. Where you second guessing is. Did. You. See the way the guy was throwing. Did you I think the verse three guys in the lineup or? We're all strikeouts right? It won't they were the first three guys were six, six, six k this guy pitched a Jack Morris tweeted this. This guy pitched was as dominant in world series game. As anyone you will ever see and the call would have been not to follow the script. The call would have been look. I believe in this guy, he's still my best option and the guy I'm going to bring in has really Pitched poorly lately, all those things it's it's a decision you make on the fly and he stuck with the script he stuck with the organizational script and fair or not. It's GonNa live with him for a long time and he been around long enough to know he knows this better than anybody mean I'm certainly was a miserable night for Kevin. The next few days are going to be miserable and probably right into spring training. I just think something like this allows people to jump on him with both. The same people who marveled at the way he handled the pitching staff all throughout the year you know what I mean. I look I made a living being nasty, but I have sympathy for this one I really do I have sympathy for this one because the last game blake snell no hit the dodgers for four innings and then began to unravel and you could see it. You could see it. So right I just. I don't want bets and Seeger to face bikes now a third time and everyone knows qui-. Now, blake of standard, he's competitor he's not supposed to understand it It didn't work out and I remember a manager one time made a move the book in his face and he looks at me and he says, I, understand the results oriented business but I knew what I was doing and it didn't work out and that happens sometimes. I can't tell you how many coaches managers of set that thing in my Did I. Know why I did it. It just didn't work out but I know why I did it and they don't. The Great. The greatest thing for me when I was first starting was gone on a road trip with the Yankees when Ralph how was managing and you know if you had a seven o'clock start at three o'clock how was already in the dugout and he would go over the previous day or night's game you know backed by bad. He WanNa know why I did this don't you and go yeah and it was like you know it's that thing that they sell masterclass on my God I learned I learned more about baseball in two weeks. Then some people will learn in their whole lives just by having you've had that opportunity right where you sit with a goal and he explains it. Yeah like John Miller and I said jean-marc mock for an hour and a half one entered in when he was managing angels we walked away in John goes that's like going to Grad School. Some of the best times I had in baseball was with Jim Henman the Baltimore Baseball writer. We would sit with her a weaver the day after a game and pick through every movie made an, but is so confident he you say the Gel now look if you're going to rip my but on this here's what you need to put in because this is what I screwed up. You don't know I screwed up this I could have done this and he would give you the DOT com. He would give you the AMMO to rick. Him. Not many you're like that. There's no sport like baseball. There isn't Richie thank you so very much. We'll talk to you soon. Thank. Richard Justice Boys and girls we will take a break chuck todd will pick games when we return I am Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. This is the Lincoln financial ad. I am not looking at the Lincoln financial add I did not have it in front of me when we put the show together today, it's sort of a late add in and I said okay. I'll just do this myself because I'm pretty familiar with the Lincoln financial dot COM ed. 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The one to make sure that you understand what's going on and what they do at Lincoln Financial Dot Com as they say, we can give you the tools to have that conversation because it's important so that you can plan and protect and retire. This is a conversation you have to have do have that conversation and look for help and look for guidance from Lincoln Financial Dot Com a good is that scary Okay good. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. People use the code. Use The code the. Use a cold. Cold. When you? Use a code. And station. Jimmy cramming the blood. US. Code. Dan Bern. Brilliant. Use Code. Brilliant. Code all right. We have to tell us to Chuck Todd who joins us now this is sent to us by Paul Armstrong says I just read a disturbing item and all I could think of is how it affects your wonderful guest. Chuck. Todd's holiday plans please pass on this information so he will stay safe and healthy and continued for the shows and he quotes USA Today Dr Peter Chin Hong Infectious Disease specialist at the university. Of California. San. Francisco. Advised limiting the size of holiday get togethers and offered a list of things. Participants shouldn't do such as quote huddling closely together at the end of the night as one large group to sing Christmas carols or debut in your French Horn for the guests because wind instruments can create aerosols. So alas no choctaw French worn holiday solos interpretations for the Mail Bag Song in the todd household right now. I have to I have to protect my family. Three and four last week. Not Great. But not as bad as if ma. Others look around. There's a worse than we well, we weren't the worst. Cowboys. So there yeah. Twenty three and twenty five overall. Here's seven games with no Washington football team game because I. Guess It's there by week you ready. Oh, what does that do wait a minute what does that do the election prediction remember there's always been this if Washington wins. So they're in a buy week before the election. But they just. They just beat the Dallas cowboys they at home. Yeah. But she's growing good for the incumbent. Incumbent I, think. There was some Washington football, but that may be with the old nickname maybe doesn't. Work with the new nickname. Indianapolis is out to troy to Detroit one in fantastic. Only Atlanta can lose in this way fashion. Matthew Stafford is still a great passer. Indianapolis is favored by two and a half on the road at Detroit who you got. This. is by the way the game you just described Detroit. Atlanta isn't this going to be the same game? Won't. You'll be some missed extra point that leads to a failed two point conversion that may or may not lead over time I hate betting on either one of these teams GimMe Gimme the home dog just I will take stafford over. 'cause I hate betting with Philip rivers even more. Okay New England which got throttled at home by San Francisco throttled New England is on the road at Buffalo. This is a division game they're only path to winning the division is to win the seven division games they have left they already beat Miami wants so. Is it five games left five games left rather not seven they have to win them. All new. England is getting three and a half at buffalo a team that has not looked good in the last three weeks. They haven't, and this scares me 'cause feels like New England has to win I. This is this is a kitchen sink game, but that also, but this line is much smaller than it should be. which feels like it's already priced in that. This is a kitchen sink. And I'm you know, do you think it's cove it with cam? No. No. Because Freddy Freeman had covert. And as had was great. No I don't i. don't what did he hit the World Series Freeman? What was the average chairs wing get to the world series but come on me now before that? Cam. Is Missing guys by by five six, eight feet Bryant. Look like the CAM. Newton at the Panthers got rid of Yes. Guy We saw in and and it and it may be that. It may be that at Seattle was the lack. that. We just saw one game Gimme Buffalo. but I'll admit it makes me nervous because it does feel like a new England gets them thinking but. I'll kind of has to win this too. I can't be messing around they win this and they probably put this division away. Las Vegas is getting to and Las Vegas got ripped by Tom Brady Las Vegas is on the road at Cleveland getting two and a half Baker. Mayfield. After the first five passes was absolutely brilliant. He does not have Odell Beckham Junior. There are some people who think that will be a relief for Baker Mayfield because Odell Beckham Jr won't get in his ear every five seconds saying throw the ball you dope. If you like Vegas, you get two and a half. So. I do think Kobe was the reason why Vegas got throttled for what it's worth. They had those issues. On the line. And I'm I'm I'm taking Vegas here because I think Cleveland You know we go through this they'll beat a bad team. For Mayfield really good. And then Cleveland Plays A. What happened to chuck did. We lose chuck. We did is. We lost. Stay in one spot because you what I was about to say was the two teams they've crushed. Them are Pittsburgh and Baltimore in their own division but very good teams and they crush them crush click right and I guess the question is, do you think the raiders are a good team and I do? I mean Cleveland Cleveland wins or against bad teams, right they beat. Yes. Team they beat in Cincinnati twice Yup. Right. That's two of their wins. Yeah. Give me give me give me the raiders. Okay. Here's a here's a game that has this has nothing to do with anything but the number it's simply. A pathetic. Jets. Under under offensive genius, Adam Gaze where they don't even score score twelve points a game offensive genius Adam Gates they are at Kansas City Kansas. City is if not the best team in football certainly, the second or third best football are the reigning super bowl champions. They have no motivation to win this game by big number none whatsoever they wanNA protect themselves and the jets are getting an astonishing number in the NFL nineteen and a half. What are you GONNA do? I you know I the twenty one I mean I would put real on the twenty one. Twenty one you get a little nervous that the three score but how do you bet on the jets can't You just you know and I know math says. WE LOSE AGAIN We've lost to begin. With we. Yes we lost you. Where are you sitting I literally didn't move. Sitting here, do you want me to send us? We just we just lost you again. Had you taking Kansas City right? I'm taking care of the city. But what I was GonNa tell you is that over the last five years dumping visit favorites in the NFL have a really good record against the spread before that like it used to be a given, you automatically took any double digit underdog, which is why your Boy Jeff Ma always doesn't Ryan statistics. It's proven over thirty years, but over the last five years or something like this. These double digit favorites have been covering because the bad teams in the NFL or van bad. Now, they're really like they're real their another level of be taking teams in. Yeah. So, we have now probably the best game on the and Baltimore had a week to prepare for it Pittsburgh to Tennessee eked out a win they didn't as much. Win It as just sort of escape at that point they're getting three and a half at Baltimore of this is a big deal game who got yeah, I, mean this is. I'm GonNa just take the home team this because I feel like you have to team in the series but other than that I mean I can't wait to watch this game. Night I, you know and the other thing that makes me. He go he's out he's out. We lost you again for ten seconds. I'm just telling you what's happening is, is somebody important trying to get onto your phone talk to you? Non Smoking this is. Moved Bizarre. I'm just telling you I'm telling you. It's. ME. What. Not Lost you want. So you can hear you complaining about me. Jeff Ma. It's our phone lines. Yeah. He's attacking my phone doesn't he doesn't. He doesn't like to draft off. New Orleans getting four giving four at Chicago. CHICAGO. Can't be as bad as they were against the Rams Chicago was so dreadfully bad and New Orleans I duNNo. If they have Michael Thomas we nobody seems to know this New Orleans giving four on the road could be real cold by the way outdoors cooking. I don't like your breeze outdoors in the cold. In. Fact I think there's a pretty bad stat that about drew brees outdoors in the cold I don't like the bears short week but I'm with you I think they I think they've they've got A. They've got a a show up in this game and I just don't trust brazen the colts give me the bears pinpoint. And another really really good game in the greatest division in American sports. The NFC West San Francisco getting three at Seattle San Francisco coming off a big win Seattle finally losing a game again in Division that division by the way sixteen and five against teams out of their division sixteen and five. Juicy the injury report again for San Francisco. Is it tremendous again, they just they everybody everybody that does well as out they both Sanyal. I eat out Yeah. They they They always find some random running back that scored three touchdowns in a game and he's out most most it's always all. Guy Another one okay s, he scored a bunch. He's out. And the guy that I have on their running back corps and their fantasy team is that McKinnon, and he does nothing for me anyway that you didn't hear GimMe Seattle only because I just at some point, San Francisco's injuries have to cost them again. took. Six home teams good for you. You took six teams. Well I don't know what those home dogs and and I think I went about five hundred with right the home. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. I. Mean had was not a bad with three and four is not a bad week. It's not a great week not battery before we let you go because we're not gonNA talk to you before the. Election next Tuesday. To like in the election let me just tell you the the bed I made which now on. It is. It is a bet reflective of where I live. It's stupid. It's a stupid bad. I told Wilpon. I. Didn't think that trump would get one hundred electoral votes. I thought it'd be just gigantic. Away Rally. The math on that for that to happen I mean what you're saying is you think you'd think Biden's carrying. Idaho. No. They don't even know who he is. Now he is why does four votes to get? So what you're saying is you think Four. Hundred thirty nine electoral vote. Is What Job Biden. As so now an hearing it with that kind of number I sort of realize how stupid I am. SORT. Texas. You're bringing in like Utah Ed. Chat a Dakota not both. But. At least Coda. It's pretty dumb look I I would say this I'd rather be betting money line. I know Biden's the point spread favourite. I'd be I'd rather bet the money line then and see if he would cover his spread. look I do think I I'm one of those ups going to say this way if you hold the election ten times, I think there's only One. Maybe two occasions at trump wins I mean. There's four occasions that by in a blow and I think there's four occasions where you know it's a nail biter win. I think I think the most where we're really headed is I think it's possible that all of the battleground states when you're watching us on Tuesday night, everything feels competitive and close. Whether it's Florida whether it's Iowa whether it's Wisconsin and everything feel within that three to five point range and you're like I don't know but it looks like and then it all tips in one direction. And then Biden could get to that. You know three fifty to four hundred electoral vote mark. You know there there is an outside chance he could touch four hundred and that would mean carrying. Texas I still think there's a lid on Texas. of about you know a forty seven or forty eight for Democrats that at the end of the day is, who's GonNa come a point or two short. But I'll say this. I. Think the adjustment that many of many pollsters have made. I know what we've the adjustments we've made to make sure that that we've got about our numbers but a lot of these other I I think we're wrong this time we might be wrong. In the other direction we made under the there is a underestimating. I, it's more of a chance where. It and then what we did for years ago. but the biggest difference is that he's an incumbent and he's just not giving the benefit of the doubt. The way he was when he was the Challenger and that you know voters think forget be simplistic about this incumbents. In an in a year, things aren't going well incumbent loses nine times out attack. That's what I would have thought. I, mean anyway, we'll see I'll talk next week. Thank you chuck. Fundamentals matter yeah thanks chuck. Todd boys and girls, and if we just gave you chuck todd that would be more than enough and we're not gonNA sing along because we're apparently a second and a half late but we give monkey as well. Sprayed spice. Had Spoken Hanging with bud, grant tap TAP TAP IN HIS PURPLE To. Sometimes. Too. Much John. I where did you find him this week? Is he back at the zoo or is he somewhere else? Well, MS actually did go down to the zoo any was there he was busy at work and you'll be surprised at what he was working on. Repairing shoes, I had no idea. He's Kotla so we should probably take that failed votto over I'm sure he would do it gratis for you I'm sure you will. So we gave them three games. The first game we gave him was New England at Buffalo. The Patriots. Getting three and a half and he showed me a little photograph of him on his iphone. At Dunkin donuts with Casey. Affleck who we know her Dunkin. Mostly to and Rico Petrocelli. Clearly he's got ties to the New England area and he will take the Patriots on the road in. Smoking inside look at me I'm not smoking. So back to starbucks. Okay. The second game we gave him was a Cleveland giving two and a half at home against Vegas. And, this was just a lovely little small video of him trick or treating with Marty. Schottenheimer Bernie. and. Hanford Dixon and case you wondering Reginald always dresses. Every year is Abe Lincoln because he loves wearing tomato so is. Yes. Exactly and last game we could not resist the jets and the Kansas City game and I don't know if you've ever seen this photo sort of a famous photograph at PJ clocks, there's reginald sitting next to Frank Sinatra Joe Willie name, and we bank I'm not sure what you that was but clearly he's got ties to the New York area and the New York jets. So he will take the jets with the nineteen and a half. There is not a personal life who has ever been to PJ Clark's in Manhattan who has had a cheeseburger there and hasn't said that's the greatest cheeseburger I've ever had in my life. It's an asynchronous probably they've never clean the grill in one hundred years. That's probably the secret everybody says that I remember when PJ Clark's opened in Washington and I went there just for the cheeseburger and. One much not not what I hoped. It would be do you hear the dog in the background and the dog and screaming dogs swimming? All right that's good. We're good. We'll take a break. We will come back with email and jingle I'm Tony Kornheiser. This is the Tony Kornheiser show. Let's Donald, mcphee, all the way from Scotland. I'm sure wearing a kilt as he played that Bagpipe that's wonderful. It just I feel like there's going to be a policeman's funeral or something like that. He's just. So, wonderful. So wonderful. Yeah, it's Brigadier One. Nine. Hundred you the Bethesda. Sandwiches. Bagel Sandwich. That is Of, course, we'll be missing out on those but we love them you love them as well. The BAGELS DOT com for the occasion nearest you in the d. m. v. area stop on. They got wonderful things there and once you once you go all the time because it's just fantastic fest the bagels I guess that's it for us today. But before we get to the mail bag I just WanNa say in ancient times hundreds of years before the dawn of history lived a strange race of people the druids no one knows who they were, what they were doing, but their legacy remains union to the living rock of Stonehenge. That's not stone. Sat stonehenge. So Great. It's like. Six inches. A great movie. have to see the movies just a great movie a rock entry. Thanks to our guest today Richard Justice of MLB, dot com, and the host of meet the Press Chuck Todd things as well to our sponsors Harry's razor and Lincoln financial. Dot Com. Remember you can listen to us on apple podcast spotify Google play radio DOT com. If you get show to I tunes, please leave us a review. I'm telling mom you put your shoes on the table now tell her. Hey Mr Tony listen to your Monday showing your discussion about Clayton Kershaw had me thinking that if the podcast money ever dried up you and Michael could hit the Vaudeville circuit where the two men Abbott and Costello fact I took the liberty of writing you the following stick Michael Hey dad who's on first Tony you on I everyone kershaw put someone on first every single ending what's wrong with this guy? And you know what else plotter me all this pumpkin spice stuff who is putting Pumpkin and everything these days I hate pumpkin dead give me off the stage. Thank God. It's probably cooking the crust I have in my pocket into toast to waitresses everyone can I it? I'm Tony Kornheiser. That's actually pretty good the from Carlisle, Corrado offending in Columbus Ohio in speaking of as many as in quarantine adjacent baseball coverage Jeff Passan's said that quote at. This point. My children don't know who I am anymore, and I'm certain. My wife has finally taken up court with a neighbor thereby answering the age old question. Do you know what your neighbor does wonderful as Carla integrates the show from Mike Shuster in South Bend Indiana dear Dr Tony. The. Following is a page from my diary as less than brilliant little one monitor my cellphone for the Tony Kornheiser podcast to drop to listen to entertaining conversation. That includes in-depth sports analysis and tips for more technological lifestyle, three experienced excitement and anticipation emails and jingle portion. The show for endure the insecurity and brutal reality that again, my email was not show where the keep listening and keep trying to contribute. You've done it Mike. Thank you from Chico Donaldson and Chevrolet Marilyn the biggest thing I saw this weekend wasn't the WF T. down of the horribly overrated cowboys or Penn state virtually assuring themselves not. To be a factor in the college playoffs, not only was the rising, very own Blake, China when training trying and came to the mound in the bottom of the ninth, and this was game five. I said out loud. This game is over like death taxes and Kirk cousins interceptions I was sure trying would cough up to save imagine my shock when he closed out the raise impressive faction in fashion but you never forget game one of the. Yeah Dave Roberts didn't go to them last night. Did he didn't go to him tremendous going? Bruce Meyers in New York yes. Tony it's that time of the year that I have waited for. It is the hallmark channel countdown to Christmas every Saturday night as a new Christmas movie. Did you set your Dvr this weekend go to the website and take the peppermint pop quiz pay the countdown to Christmas fantasy game only found on the hallmark channel website here. Russell. Wilson is not the first traffic and don't forget to enter the daily very merry giveaway and they have perfect holiday gifts for your wife Hallmark wines jingle joy by extra for Wilpon and you're shopping is done from Bob Bob Swell in lust be Maryland he might be a weather. Analyst Whether Watch. Kevin. Singing it's the high point of my Monday morning see the monkey it makes me smile and makes me smile I'm glad you liked that. PJ in Springfield Virginia according to the highly regarded wikipedia Charlie Morton nickname is ground chuck due to his grilling and smoking meat enthusiasm. That's pretty good. But I was trying to think of other nicknames which would also fit do you have any others I thought of the meteorologist but that's all. I. Got Meat Ground Chuck was also when Chuck Knox coached the Rams ride. dickerson. Rented all the time and the it was called ground shop from Mike. Lloyd's in Evergreen Colorado. I had to write and exclaimed my to David Aldridge moments of sorts for the show last week I while doing football picks for Reginald Nigel mentioned Jack Sigma my ears immediately popped up since I grew up in. Grand Park Illinois, a small farm town near the small town where Jack Sigma Played Saint Anne. We played San often when. While he was before my playing days, my high school basketball coach was none other than Dave Sigma Dave Signal was Jack's cousin who grew up playing basketball with them. Unfortunately, this meant coach Sigma had access to high level coaches drills. So high school basketball was a bit brutal at times. The second David Aldridge moment of sorts was when I realized I moved to Colorado and started working with I organization one thousand nine years ago when you started describing the beginning of PTI and the timing of it, I started to immediately memories of the transition in my life around the same timeframe nine, thousand nine years ago, which is Nice James Edwards in Redfield or read field main. Redfield Redfield the indomitable fortress of dope nece or is it doe penis? That is the Tony Kornheiser show continues to deliver on all fronts including being my primary path to discovering new music. Grace Paddison Ian Warrington Wonderful I. Hope he and song the North Woods is in reference to the north main woods because seriously are there any other north woods that matter and one last one from Steve? The sycophant as the hallmark channel. Continue to assault us with Christmas movies over this past weekend, I must salute one title. Sure. Welcome to Christmas and Christmas Tree Lane make their intentions plane. But I submit nothing can top the new epic Jingle Bell Bride, who who can resist the story of a wedding planner finding romance in a remote Alaskan town not even Dr Satchmo that's who your new bike everyone is always do wear white, but we don't have the guts. To do it. The bree. A. Only the. I can tell you where are you going? This time Joe Foun-. Duke Feed. Off. Only on your will. Tell you what? This town and Beulah. A. VISI and asking on this. Being. On TV. Tear. You just where you all. This time. Use a code able use a code. Use a code, the bull use code. Use a cold. When you? Use. When you Use Code. And the station. Jimmy. Blood. A. Blood. Use. Use The code. Used a code. A code. People. Use. Take the long to. Jake you deal Tambo use code. Used a code. The Ohio and. Rivers. Pose us. USA. Code. Use a cold.

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