Shawn Harvey Morning Show 12/03/2019


yeah britain's jo it l. d. close basically it was only wait a minute stop being giving the call it takes to take all the sir it the site collect your focus on talk i'll be the NHL hall county wait a minute backup yeah the report toast okay patty good friend of louis data a good one and it is tuesday it is tuesday december third two thousand in one thousand nine hundred eleven minutes after the hour what would sort of shaw auto show along cogos barbie cologne where you get your morning started right broadcast allow on facebook or so on comedy comedy world radio and i heart radio platform chat room wide open chataway phil frey of love to call in the number seven zero nine eight two six nine pozo synergy good morning and how will you today city good morning shine i'm doing great everybody everybody listening we have a great show for you today we're going to get started with front page news with any jay i'm going to let you know what's going on locally and nationally so you guys stay tuned i'm for that and also i'm gonna let you know what the weather is looking like right now in bethlehem pennsylvania where we are broadcasting from it is currently thirty degrees it is going up to a high of forty one it's going to be sunny no precipitation you can leave that umbrella oh are whatever at home in strasburg pennsylvania it is currently twenty degrees going up to a high of thirty eight sunny and beautiful as well going down i'm sorry in new york want us out it's thirty two degrees is going up to a high of forty two it is going to be cloudy but the sun on will be out then we're going down to hotlanta where it's currently a little chilly right now it's thirty five degrees going to be mostly cloudy for the day going up to a high of forty nine and then in los angeles it is currently fifty four degrees going up to a high of sixty six so it'll be nice it'll be partly cloudy over there so it looks mild and clear all across the nation well thank you so much city jason says claire across the nation will have the morning buzz this morning and then i guarantee before nine AM this morning like everyone especially on the turnpike tuesday your head will be pleasant and we also have harvey's house of sports where we have the scores but the perspective or no scores become from me that big football game to talk about last night city jay so we'll get into that go get into sports sitting with us he has in the nine o'clock hour i have a sunny says i'm gonna let she know what's going on in hollywood and entertainment news so stay tuned don't you guys go nowhere we're gonna shout out with the heart that loves and sean moisture future CJ along the only place on earth prejudge going right so we're gonna do now we're gonna go back to drive with DJ not here we it may make it a date let's hey look good you don't know him a good morning everyone she he ate turns up tuesday he buys she was i hope everyone is sharing the show how old the big guys barbies five here today but she'll be back tomorrow bill what's going on princess di low in north carolina thirty two degrees jesus it is chilly out there getting warmer later let us know it was not carolina hates eighth wayne thank you i didn't even see morita simmons in here that's right you can have a new chat remember the week that's right hi tammy she's over there holding it down jewish right now they turn hawk you so nicely miss the sound of my voice give me a call i think you might number and only a few select people got my number in the chat room so use it wisely not too sure and make sure when you use my phone number people texting a good morning beautiful got it in a long time sean wouldn't turn these guys stopped obviously that means doesn't the shot about tap tap it it takes it oh thank you but that dad she said the morning beautiful girl they were going to take you guys i've been through withdrawals i wasn't other show yes today you you know i was at home just with myself and my five thank you thank you pierre langley hang league it's so nice to me veneta tasty tuesday and i didn't find the ring that you're talking about though maybe you should help me find let me know what it looked like in good morning everyone god bless each and every one of yours it turned up tuesdays tuesday december the third two thousand and nineteen eighteen is eighteen minutes after the hour welcome back to the shaw morning show features sadie j along with our co host bobby cologne where you get your morning started right broadcasting castle right here on the radio platform also on facebook live right here in comedy world radio chat rooms opened please chataway if you wanna call in the numbers five seven zero nine eight two six nine five zero CJ good morning once again and how will you conc- city it's good to see you too shy i've doing well for anybody that doesn't know what the weather is like before you walk outside i'm going going to let you know in bethlehem pennsylvania where we're broadcasting from it is currently thirty degrees it is sunny is going up to a high of forty eight degrees in i'm sorry in stroudsburg where we previously broadcasting from it is currently twenty eight degrees grief it's going up to high of thirty nine it's going to be clear there as well in new york it is currently thirty two degrees is going up to a high of forty two today day it'll be suddenly sunny a little partly cloudy so please make sure you know you guys stay dry out there and then also in los angeles i'm sorry in atlanta currently thirty five degrees going up to a high of forty nine it'll be partly cloudy and in los angeles it is currently fifty four degrees they're going to a high of sixty six and i'm sorry it looks like there's going to be PM showers but like ten eleven o'clock at night so we had a good team shower shower it's been a while shine haven't had one so you guys are that's the weather please let us know alight what the weather is like where you are the suspending jerry on the sean harming morning show featuring container komo's barbie without even showing that tomorrow i think right sean i always finds finds out like the one of us are not going to be here so barbie where you are girl well thank you so much you'll be the barbecue not feeling well today so so all that party and all that cover up the chest gherman got a chest cold snap snap com corp india left breast got down vikram on your left greg we love hey let's turn that's who they would show the chat rooms and love of because without these folks who wouldn't be book before we showed chat room conversations i keep feeling like something's something's crawling on my arm and there's nothing there it's like i have a hair on their dry battle to break freaking me out you just we've got over the flea thing at my house so flee residue freaking out over the whatever everwhere flea free okay thank thank the lord for jesus no doubt damage we would believe a uh before we sat out the wrong one show celona turned up tuesday we'll talk a weekly city for mobile we're talking about we talked about a lot of as with y'all wanna be in that car ride let me tell you won't be an echo right car is way more entertaining see we're talking about the the five links do that in a movie against anyone does those five links and all these this again because somebody tried to hit me to make some money if i will build a website me me join join the group might have website and i sell detergent on the website with high to miami any you guys you know this came up right because i'm doing i'm doing my little paparazzi jewelry jury like that you better like okay you got all these people that do this no but we were talking about because it's basically like a multi level marketing thing kind of but you don't necessarily paparazzi israel you don't necessarily have to have people up under you to make money but then it got us onto five 'cause i kinda i never really wanted to do anything nothing like that because you know with these multilevel marketing businesses what they want you to do they want you to get your friends and family really set them in a room you you lie to them to get them there you say oh i'm having a lunch this whole thing would be the and they sold all kinds of services on sold financing like credit repair i think and what else did they have like energy or g resources mom was down they have mom linda j they had nutritional products did all of this these five links in these travel agencies that they wanna get down to me is the glorify su su shower too we had that at all it is i wanna get down with a su su but i heard picked up before these blacks and latinos you'd never came here and around and around a year later how much will you give me a week everybody at twenty four hundred dollars you wanted to hope you're tired you put in the extra money right there was my turn everybody died and that's the same thing these things i was in the super bowl folks nature we'll maybe it'd been one of these things i'm looking at my mom i should know she never joined anything i was in mob this wasn't wasn't that silly things that you're not supposed to join because the universe won't allow it the folly folks came to me one day short you ooh lotta people say if you don't get out of my face you're selling none of that sean did you sit through the presentation bro i didn't have time to go to purpose they came to me they gave me my own private presentation they came for you can't happy little soups on it was a cute lassen three latino they all come from various churches is inappropriate all they said out there trying to sell me the moon sean you know a lot of people get twenty thought ought not not doing that my jewelry on facebook live at night with the stupid change the super rings outta do that it's not stupid then sit there and you want me to get people to fly all over world well that was just one aspect they had traffic rules stupid traveling they had travel travel myself the whole neighborhood to make fifty dollars that's you're listening you're listening to the back to you you have to work it like it's your job right you would get up and go to your job dub right and work for them at the top and then there's what they hit you it oh we're a pyramid scam right well who's at the top at a your job right right right and then look to see all right and the manager and then black takes again is the super glorified suit that the white man took from the black man corporate jessop origins there are for the top earners sean top artists i'll never saw top run i saw in a hotel ballroom sitting there talking cracks which would cheat soups on sean and they wanted me to go to miami and bring my whole comedy clubs to the whole time supported tamiami right this get the miami days out you have lost to miami for fifty dollars sean so you'd ever got you didn't call all your mother dot com star and her husband now with your gear on the on the high waisted blue we're gonna shut up the ruben i wish now no nobody's time with my family members and my kids and my mother and all these both to join the links and six the sevens and all these travel agencies and all your bill your website how how how can you sell something on a website on this five links turgeon when you had the all mighty amazon that's the real links i'll take my chances with no shy you or we could just do before we should so we're just getting keep you know giving money money to the man and not building up ourselves rabbi rava give the babylonians about money now go up city i got got burnt out of thousands of dollars sues it's not that's what it is i want somebody calling the right now until intel oy and share with me this is not a zoo instead of just you know people say it's a pyramid but it's not just the network of people you know the more people you get in the morgue earning potential that you have been no you got your cousins your fan i got no money they like you know the city when the last time i got locked guy locked the gel was two hundred bell advocate like seventeen people get me outta jail somebody got ten dollars go with five legs joined pilots to fifty two thousand two hundred fifty dollars or five hundred dollars to it was like different set to go but i think the lowest was like two fifty that room have you ever dropped that two fifty with did not say while you wanna hear about it here on the road win the last tab of i come around with a sioux city there's no more and i want to sue sue zuzu leslie she wants to start one but go out join the holiday how long till it comes around to my turn john we should do one here sir richard already fragile on this show eight inch already fragile enough the need to throw assuming let's do a chat room su su su langley said he's in one now will god bless you pierre wet what number or user show scenic bobby ghosh out the room de la victoire god bless you for hold on sir former chat movie hey hey guys i'm not probably so that's one thing i just wanna get clear i want to cook called trae marketing and i want to make clear i can't speak for every trumpeting but during his really legitimate companies that do you pay out the jewish people to make money because of the fact that on their job that they can get a paid job that burns them out but which they they don't have the do because the company can guide them at any time at any given time that they even people power to we'll be able to treat without having to worry about the knicks man now slowdown this guy got sounds dislike the guys in the public he's in six link they just changed the hoover like witnessed cox no pause and get money is a multi mocking in the city so turgeon yeah i try i do travel and i'm you know that as for my company concerned company down with win twenty two different countries we asked them to iras so did jimmy business the where there's no five take your money we won't we don't want your money to help you make money i can't speak for other companies all i can speak because planned marketing it until travel through which we do all that but understanding this for anybody that's in for you to feed each just start i mean just understanding that everybody works to be able to get maybe you're right now actually so don't won't give me talk this could not good i'm gonna say then you faded i get our there one time and my mom she used to do all this kind of that no one of the child but just a marriage there's plenty of you might be legitimate there's plenty of japanese take companies that in multi level marketing dork the way it should be done and you follow the right people in the people that have the right heart because 'cause not everybody would be should be doing and that's why you know sometimes they're the individuals individuals may not logging at bad need because of what they were others do but they do you naturally as you probably got hooked up the phone scam you need chokehold who you one copy you mentioned the company would be do and when i'm saying would you at one time years ago but now open to people that are really trying to help people make money and getting the word and needs to be and also traveled into commissioned behind envy seem looking at you with a lot and we we try hard you keep in your pocket how much how much is the fee robert you sold me how much how much todo auto yet time becoming any business that you it is six dollars a month after that for your website and you get the bill o. two hundred to sixty preferably to what is sixty nine one time that's been an addict you know you get seventy eighty commission every go to where you're just i'm hyped up uh-huh robertson chance for me shake my head is about the blower thank you i saw and i know how to be like business and this is a scam but they're looking at different things i mean that it's not a scam and just the way you look at it in the way how you look to people people don't have that business line thing yeah we in the black community the latino community any never been taught how to a business haga make money and business job forty forty year thirty hours all these different things and that's it and then liberty struck me this falling apart these disbarring people and you don't have no power no the only one who would he's selling travel i want to know incest travel oh nothing trump do no no no because as we charles wow hey hey what am i going to miss you so you can do you know the fact is you drain me out they got the best in people of a lot of things and just we will have live show empower in love one another to go yeah that's right robert how long did they trade you for the speech training i've been in business for years years and i've seen a lot of things in i've i've only carpet than i do have to do and the need to be when that time comes because well will you be in the next five ten years have you on the game and the nicotine in either be happy to truly bobber we gotta go kicking over a meeting like this walk my dog the ABC i can't bloodborne i don't know zetsche what are we going anywhere you want to go and you get a commission of me quick quick break because this is a lot of information this cafo robin chat league yeah you guys just like like mary kay there's look at marriage who that was going on air florida that how jacob home shine you can you tell us about robert is doing and you commissioner you gotta pay the two hundred dollars for in the sixty dollars per month after for the for the upkeep of your of your and all that the access to information herbalife with the big one eight rabbit sell l. popularized juries third aren't funny i don't get paid version nobody up under meal fresher sure multi level multi level marketing that's right queens i gotta do your research coach she say she said they are good you just have to jia research because some people are scared but five five like this still actually going on but their CEO's are charged by the federal government for racketeering eight companies going on all i i i know and it's a shame because all the top earners are black people that's what makes us so bad look logbooks shannon manelli figueroa third her i don't hear my mom mom are you not listening anymore because he's not like and listening to you our and shannon how are you doing with this past week because and you are daycare provider so it was like everybody dropping off their can't feel the what's going on brian sites if your receipt thank you for calling an robert mccall and let us know what's going on i stuck with what year involved with i bring us guys out please make sure you share the show i appreciate your support last night i'm i'm going to be going live every night i think until crispin so i appreciate you and iras i don't know where she take you guys will see the live time hi good morning cunard room yes i being a lot of multi level businesses i i don't find that i just find one that you're into 'cause i think anything will be successful as long it has as long as you have like a passionate or you know what i mean you can't really sell something you're not into it so if you like it and in work like a business i mean told even if it is a scam if you're working like a legitimate business doing what you're supposed to do whatever people are going to buy it so so what is that you could sell water to awhile right at your good seller in your into what you're doing my phone by it no matter what the backing behind it but that's the thing is that a lot of people are not into business they don't know how to run a business it all again take us with the show right we're building up the shaw nothing gold and they have a goal to have a golden they wanna make money they want to set up financial freedom every day we come here and work mark this shop pay we see this stuff it out and in their own creek giving whatever their own hard work the same thing just not really bringing people up under and they just follow it because i know a lot of people that chapel uh maybe when you find something that you really believe in this hollywood this general uh-huh okay you better sharing scare the hell out of it right right into and that's and that's it you could give a couple of dollars in his cash that everybody can do a one time two hundred dollars we know money's going shaft you have to number two weeks that's right hey hey hey you guys those guys minnesota law said downpour i got i got your names on here let's see if any of its rate hey margaret will be the last person you get with the low paid for i who seconds deal in khalil day dropping out because they'll snake can we make us money for the next three years yea doc every week in practice cox said his girl is one with his with her aunt she's like like this you end up okay we can get through that thank you put that your own clinton clinton diane hoping the law that i told you the anthony yes said shaw john address end the money sherpa address actress took okay yeah he's going to send it the surface salo hollas and assu soooo she says the one she's in pays out every two weeks already people how many people are in your seuss shayla and kenai joined take some works with i knew african guy he was in what he was putting like one hundred dollars a week he was getting a he said he was in control of it because people he said you don't pay one time you're out take take find me a good one sean you the girl she said she bought her first car was to sue money the victim uh sean lee brown alba is now my best the untaken her away from wabe among all your city has sucked up to go my friends i'm i'm taking them back in on yours i'm starting to show on snatching her away from barbie doc hopper yeah wow leshan shay she's on her fourth round shayla ah set about to end in the last week the suffer and started getting january one in january i love little sheila said they have about ten to fifteen people people go down so well how budget got shayla when it's your turn komo with that it is up to date is tuesday december two thousand nineteen fifty two minutes after the hour welcome back to the sean hannity show featuring saint jada cologne week it should start right all over the world the only place on earth we get you started right broadcasting i heart radio platform comedy worldnet platform and also right here on facebook live we appreciate you chat rooms vitamin please call seven zero nine eight two six it's not is zero since jane morning yeah what's going on joined the six links no but i do have a strong desire to join a su su well i guess i'm already in wine with paparazzi jewelry and i love it and other people that for me and it's everybody it's great big shot tails surveys now i didn't have done for like two weeks because i was waiting to go to this girl i'm gonna give her a little promo hollywood couture beauty is her name on on instagram and she's a black girl and she has beautiful home and it's great and you guys need to go follow her go check her out she's great and on reasonably priced and fast i got some candy canes done alright so for the weather the weather in that isn't that what happens happens kind of sometimes so right now and bethlehem it is currently thirty degrees it is going up to a high of forty degrees it is going to be sunday so you've is it'll be a nice day today and strasberg pennsylvania it's currently twenty eight degrees going up to a high of thirty nine again it will be sunny in and new york city it is currently thirty two degrees going up to a high of forty two it's going to be sunny as well clear day in in atlanta it's currently thirty five degrees going up to a high of forty nine it will be partly cloudy and in los angeles it is currently fifty four degrees going up to a high of sixty six and some p. m. showers so you guys it'll be a great day let us know what the weather is like where you are this is the sean every morning show drinks j. along with co host part because zone way get a modest iraq you get your morning started right thank you so much jay wells all set holiday party is saturday december the twenty eighth at the rebel social to seventeen broadway down on the south side of bethlehem few minutes it's away from here y'all come when we have a link guest list in g i want to go over the guest list will have to assure county show but we're gonna party this is more ova party your komo now in have a great time i had the ticket on sale is up twenty dollars each twenty dollars VIP going to have everything set up a rebel soldiers if he hadn't been beautiful locations view place so you're someone out the doors opened up early as seven PM the physical comedy shows a a little bit of the eight goes to about nine nine fifteen and then we moved to chairs way and we party heavy DJ hassles i still gotta talk to just joe biden to build you have a few DJ's komo now up yes and boggles the hotel i'll have all promised hotel information being here today in a hotel that you guys want to go to there's a few hotels that you can go to close to the area if you wanna travel i'll take if you're not doing on saturday december twenty first y'all come on out to the rebel soldiers we're gonna have a good time sean covey morning show featuring legal team CJ party cologne is our christmas party christmas party roy i can't wait it's going to be so much fun we have a guest loose of forty people oh yeah we're gonna have a lot of folks come on y'all hang out with us for the holidays man i love the holidays are low c pose and possibly some special invited invited guests at y'all come on december the twenty first we also that taste says we're going to troy drive i wanna shout valerie valerie thomas you're out of reach out to valerie you know cindy j. she is from breaking it for real but she puts in a chat room she always shows love i love in the morning time and her she donated already a few toys for the kids in our very own business sorrento donated donated money is going to us toward drive and i really appreciate a number person mark of donated and we appreciate that so want to give back to the community now here in the lehigh valley we new to the area the show is new to the area and i want to show these full collectively to what what we do as a group that we viable in this community and this toy drive will set that off so look for you folks the please help puts out and helping the community because one hand washes the elven both hands washed the fake you can't keep it unless you give it away so we want to do our part here for these young folks through our our donations here for the toy drive and what we do on the twentieth burma take those toys and donate here to the local charities these down here in the league now so we appreciate you and we do we do we do finny yeah we're going to show the chat room some love on my goodness i can't wait home down for what for not with a heart set in the chat room pleased on with the love yesterday that's right the show each other some love for discussion of pauses in the building right yeah that show without at this guy is we're always gotta save miss good morning mr robinson see if you'll save like that i know about game i on obama mama day not who doesn't young called in one time travel i know that manages parks right there you see word right back is not in the chat room stuck right so does johnny whipple which i remember the week he's just breaking or what god blessing right god bless johnny so we wanna naza challenging to do that we're gonna tickle number quick break and then we're going to so from so let's so chapman's some love integral when you go with old yeah they're in there they're showing hard they are excited there's a couple of people i don't got laid down let me get they now we also with hype the art threatened bid chat room with artifacts in the chat room hey jack in the chat room trapped in the chat room hey hi in a chat room chat room where the hardest any let's go and win the heart attack where the heart sac capital win heart set where the heart sach win the hearts that we're in the heart set who ran off down the what what hey wh- wh- bribe as maddie awaiting a heart attack in fact the chat hey where's the high fat chat in the chat room where the heart that chat room heart attack chat hodson assen glasgow within the heart sac with heart hey we're in the heart set away away where the hard way were red hearts them hey you guys hey there you guys ready to give shouted out shot shot at de la hoya what's going on down there in chile north carolina get warm girl shots at khalil rasheed hey kobe oh how're our you dummy listed young man happy holidays and all of that is so sad i'd say hey young how are you shot out to be love hey beloved pope hey belove how're you doing good to see you shot to maria nunez ed hey maria shot you shout out to tammy lawrence more if you're still there hey tammy lawrence shoutout to beverly russell billups tame beverly beverly hey girl could you please please please welcome shatila that serano l. halen man however you shoutout to pierre langley hey pierre how are you shoutout to diane hall i said diane diane shoutout to gloria breckenridge yeah that's right you got the OJ kevin williams with you he's out of his mind clearly out of his cabin you are right in your demands out of his mind i can identify the UK guy should start a support group what have to wayne gainer hey dwayne how're you doing shoutout to johnny whip oh come on down or just comment anything shot at the marina chocolate ben simmons chocolate done awesome i love it i haven't had chocolate thunder in a minute well maybe you need to head out marine burrito what's up whoa i think she's married oh shot joe peace peace to the gods been coming here arthritis in both knees it'd be uh-huh fighting guy the husband he's says just jokes jokes kicking my myers shots cunard room william thank you are you the husband to nina keeping unclassy whitfield twenty four seven shot i'll tell her husband have a husband all right happy holidays shot to robert mcfall isn't it robert mcpaul mcfaul aim robert with a multi level go check him out at intel travel aval slash robert already lent us over the davis the speech so yes you guys go check it out i put me to sleep shout out to the bar lasley hades award how you doing her husband to deborrah freshman breaking it how is your new job going what are you two three weeks in already a shoutout to veneta george henry too i'm undone her EH sat out to leshan shay haley homegirl donald too big too if there's one around she's in a su su shoutout to her god bless in their fourth round all morita you're not using lawyer like oh sean chocolate eight eight mary jo what stop it guys DJ that she bang haydee judgment genesis in the mopeds in genesis shot to queens i n hey queens out to her husband to a lot husband's out there shot out to anti cruise DJ star boogie and he and god bless him i chat room children they they have school today does is new york due to our delays i don't know anybody in the pocono area show us i should have said during the weather stroudsburg east stroudsburg area school district to have its who are delayed by you probably already knew that shannon manelli figueroa she is in the chatrooms shut been to thaddeus juliette fagan shot up to your husband as well for the holidays i'm not a husband incite bryant sites sir what's going on you wanna rent lasts less than he did go got quotas field shoutout to prentice cox no uh-huh pause tennis cox no part sitting way back the marguerite margarite another don't don't i gotta go outside the gotta say about coffee please public the school district is closed please please if you oh good morning because i can't the days not gonna be good good morning meeting mr robinson hey sheila hall how are you love your husband is well i'm no husband forgot leshan shade no hubby just in intimate roommate please elaborate as it's did you find him on craigslist into route that sounds good so i wanted to bad or that could be the don't ask me questions make sure there's milk in the fridge like that type of stuff right share shopping list on this i want to know more about this city this could be relationship status intimate remain or is that like eggs and like talk right now in the landscape is very cold not a man in sight so you just gotta stay here well that's why i'll be like when you break up but you still need to live together because you can't afford to move out on your own i've been there yeah so you had an intimate roommate will hit you guys sebastian it was like a bunch of hate vill- i was in one room and we wave at each of the kitchen his tina graham godmother channel to your husband is well now the husband incite i'm so upset that i missed you this past beginning of mr robson was a good one that they go got more with that came from shot to barbara lapierre i think she's a new listener to your husband is well yes barbara shot on site oh she said it's a classy named for her boyfriend boyfriend is better than it's been ruben i like roommate no because like he's up for grabs they'll pacific was having a conversation i was talking to you like hey it was good girls going on it was so sad i got intimate roommate was it intimate what roommate yeah intimate remember do okay mati that will be like i wonder who else did they have valerie thomas even she's not here shut out to your husband to oh don't have one shot to lynette serano halen shoutout to your husband as well shoutout to narrow much on thin hein aroma well oh no husband incite i think the roma's his happily single normally been allowed man gumming up the works shout out to wanda santiago shepherd shallow to your husband yeah really shot up to your husband the right and happy to they've been posted southeast because they still have a section cars why george so happy and every time you take a selfie george happy in this the white man with a latino women said he has to be happy happy as having rice and all that jesus piece taking that rubbing this chess george george ever argue arguments they just saying sorry to nice she just hit him with a these shots a joke but represent not come out with a megaphone on twitter i hey joe charlotte's a market johnson mr one mojisola and shout out to nikki husband inside hey nikki i'm sure like the rest of the monsanto all nikki probably something on the horizon show yeah you're guilty because you out here alone out there swimming my hamstrings loose title this woman is around the penis god bless cher to my mom husband who went down to florida visit by single this not a pena's no way that jacob family live awed twenty twenty three take every should be that lucky y'all got to go tall museum to trip i gotta go to penis bill go through the penis museum it takes shots history the shot so we appreciate all of you guys for listening please continue to listen please share this a show we have a group page sean harvey show feature in the wake of team group group is popping i love to see vises memes and all your funny stuff in there we also have what else do we have our business pages shaun harper morning show feature in the wake of tea which is actually up to twenty one hundred followers i saw that number going you know like i said when we get to ten thousand facebook sheriff show boras that's right and we get a multi level marketing money so please continue to tell tell a friend and share this show we we are also on the iheartradio platform so make sure you guys go on their download the app and follow us on they're all the show let them know that we are here guys so they don't take us off and we're also you know we're in these facebook street so make sure you like this video posted thank you well said we'll do we'll take a foregin to front page news back to the job with DJ you you i'm going to collapse any this is what it looks like when i enclosed barbie tell it a cover up shots and guys we're gonna come back with some news and all that's nice wanda are in your hubby recipro- cap so happy talk had shared with us she was in a really put your business out there but you know why the within a not so good relationship a long time ago so i am so happy be back you have bowed happiness and you're with somebody who loves you as much as you love that then that's what it's all so i'm happy happy wind up for you and george doubt mom family heard you guys a call really hold is up guys just enjoy the smooth glide it right back aw you guys will be right back the uh-huh uh-huh back aw carlita daring looming it was quiet for a minute uh-huh back music of my good friend louis bego we appreciate tate to each and everyone and it is a turncoat tuesday this tuesday december the two thousand nineteen sixteen minutes after the hour well back good morning show futures in j. lo co host bobby cologne where'd you get your morning started right place on earth star right forecast a lot on the iheart platform also comedy worldnet and facebook live at the moment remember december twenty first y'all come on out to the rebel social got a lot of folks coming now i'm going to promote this all the way to the end this hanging off holiday christmas we'll have some DJ's out there we're gonna party will have a good time you gotta get dressed up that we're gotta get dressed up because we've got a great folks that's right that's right we have to look nice nice you don't have the just if you don't moment feel wanted to get dressed episode good so you'll come on rubber soled shoes to seventeen broadway right here on the south side of bethlehem doors open up at seven we'll do a quick comedy show show from eight to nine and then we just party PJ hustlers joe you write a gal call you i would love for the the mac book pro come on out as well so and we'll have a good time but i promise hotel information in the chat room today sitting yes zach of i think we're dupes any in front-page news yeah as to relieve double n. y. indicate the now we get into some with that move funds music for a minute that diane whole provided to us commute second but yes any i think that's really the call stack with the one and only CJ yes thank you so much sean worries yeah no worries the first story that i'm going to start off with chicago's police superintendent oh are the room hey barbie hope feeling better you'll reach out to barbie boom barbara and said you won't be sick you gotta cover up your chance yeah you look good greg look good you got a cold and you left breast i my number one five zero fifty midday and evening arm three twelve and twelve thirty thirty six of the eleven twenty four this is ninety dollars he and eleven twenty four if i think my numbers i'm on brooklyn look strange here yeah aw reading a book the people in brooklyn expanded gonna know in our own country no i'm on my way to work they sent me induced i trust me oh that's good and i it takes you a challenge traveling yeah thank you know but i get off the train have i've not seen a not white coffee shop ah i when i was six years since more i know i i know senator dole note that as we all know what you're talking about evidence they have every woman go check anyway about something about network marketing all right first of all yes there are some stand up the but in network org market and everybody is going to what you do network marketing when you talked about them candy canes on your mail and they're three check okay yes you're right that goes with anything she just mentioned talkable inputting take him apart exactly they may not let me check with frank but what i'm saying to you is essentially what it is you understand just like we avon and bureau a lot of network marketing companies that are out there have spent travels all over the world which avon but i wouldn't go around doing lotion i can't do it i've done a lot of network marketing but it was my i didn't because i have ADHD me too on forget can i have a business driving when i say as if people work at like supposed to be worked they could be successful but everybody doesn't have that that's everybody's not rich or everybody's my bizzare but he's not that because it takes a certain type of discipline to do that right you get really not about being you have to have the startup capital utah talk to you like that's your job this is a woman right now i know he's gotta know i'm freaking lewis shah jason now identical the avenue alan on avenue l you sound i mean the little she sounds like me with the he's talking about one thing nazis onto the train listening to music on the we're going to the gym 'cause you can't now i it's my call the right people yeah i think i check out she had one of those helmets tickers c. c. said is true she's verse beloved the borlase this is well versed in the multi level marketing breaking at the same time the whole thing that work marketing and milder that our founding let's see you you're selling what lose anything right now i was seven on mice insurance anyway and life insurance he said he doesn't anymore prentice you still in service primarily and i got my favorite scans sixty three don't play but i came okay on that to sell life insurance yeah well that's not what the series sixty three that's the mutual fund my mom is licensed to do it nobody know hood by neutral the guest yet based on because people like you that look like you money that you want to go on called hundred nobody go find yourself some life insurance okay thank you can news right that's we're we're looking at me looking at that their life insurance mutual fund would have been cashmere right now i found the unveiling guys before oh you know i'm going to it's been a little black still accountable of the jewish organizations of trappers atlanta black mac and what's the blessing with this with the boreham missile funfair wait oh i'm not but i'm saying that i and i'm a very lucrative business you can make money but so you have to have dr penn focus but the thing is our people are not raise like there were very professional break is 'cause comes from a very goes beyond the end the mom did you work that awful in that take care of four kids chocolate well this before before she go back to freshman reagan a lease we are truly blessed that she has the ability to call before she i break because that would tommy townhall at all right so they got cool i am ornaments robinson knowledge on on that talking loud trying to get your you said we'll tell them not going to say no day arrive is personal reagan what would we do have to call her you in her again oh me either i'm sorry ah i lost where i was okay so we're talking about the chicago police superintendent congo lease huber intended and who is that as he would like the commissioner and all that maybe he might be the commission might be different title superintendent attendant you know when i hear a superintendent i think a school oh by de la have a great day chicago's police superintendent was fired for you're lying about sleeping in his car less than a month before retiree how are you gonna fire before your tires and why is he sleeping in his car it was said it's like you can be in the street sydney sleeping on the ground right right and no one will bobby grant and practice some places tonight milliliter you right but if you sleep in a car this big problem really you're not allowed to sleep in your car you're lying send you can't sleep and you're right about all these people that are doing that are like converting now to like RV sleep an RV camps and stuff of that you have to ask i'm asleep at my my car here sleeping your call like that really you can't plot in the west if in your car we have the police can roll up it was going to do i'm sleeping oh you can't know and they will question you for that really i have no idea you can't sleep in your car like that i mean you you have when you have no other belong if you have no lane to go but you have your car you still can't you can't get outside my car to car but if you sleep in your car you gotta be careful where you sleep you can't go into any location to sleep in your car parking somebody's driveway that got a bit that the pay speaking your baby in front of your house and do still get questioned ills olive icu you probably sit there and watch you go zinni one time in my drinking days before going to store yeah tell his co. alcoholic i joe from the bronx i was drinking city i was in my work van i had a four line three fifty hevy dewey windows looked like one of those no window the windows on the van was a cargo vein they like i had heavy doping in vain look like you're about the sexual ethics exactly one of them they're one of those city i was drinking right yeah i left new york i was living in the poconos i i'm drunk on the highway on having eighty westbound westbound i get the exit twenty whatever and as you can pull over and stop yeah but it's only for trucks cars right but i have to pull over i don't even august drink a day i've been located i kind of the i get the pullover investor yeah yeah years not that most of the state troopers at a restaurant at the state cubans there's something you gotta know saying when you add a lot of people get caught illegally doing bad things or whatever at the rest i stopped because the state chook was monitored the rest stocks state troopers component which doing they can do all of that i'm staying seen the do y'all now obviously for house sums up nap right salak the clark and i'm ready to get up at this point so i can make it back the mossy creek just rushing to get back to year you're right so city the only they get out wrong with that looking at us and spill still getting over here and he goes who's you can drink it and recall it and i'm not talking about the be all rack yes you're still drawing still draw but i'm not gonna miss out on but i'm sleep in the van right i'm not driving right i'm not doing anything with sleeping with still but he let me go i had a rough night love i was working were i think that's the only thing then why you know he pursue it he's IB get ready to get out of here give coffee like his state to stop to stop a while i didn't even know that that's a new park in the street three and you fall asleep in the car police roll up on your right the hit you all around your license registration so don't don't twisted with see every day they were no they patrol the rest naps now if you think about it doesn't it make sense i mean it does all types of stuff going on while chicago mayor this is chicago mayor lori lightfoot she's a black woman gave lackner she's the new wine she's the new one that just got into their lori lightfoot eight foot fired retired retiring police superintendent eddie johnson today saying that he lied about an october incident in which he was found sleeping in his car at a stop sign after supposedly having drinks with his dinner oh so you gotta draw oh right having drinks with your dinner not like lemonade sir when i was drinking and like dinner i like drinking right eas- quicker you always say is so high i was when i was drinking i was a hundred and forty pounds i'm a hundred and eighty two now i wasn't eating enough with your whole alcohol i my friend we were going to go out she was all not for what so he could take longer for the liquor he's like you need to build a base screw that you eat if you want to i'm going in naked going with nothing if i balanced alcohol started drinking at eleven o'clock in the morning could wait it's five o'clock somewhere where it has become clear it has become clear that mister johnson excuse me having tickle on my nose i'm i'm engaged in a series of actions that are intolerable for any leader in a position of trust particularly that of the chicago police department lightfoot said a news news conference mister johnson failed the hardworking members of the chicago PD he intentionally misled the people of chicago any intentionally misled me none of that is acceptable this is black on black crime come on lori lori lori he's about to retire era okay jesus all the corruption going on in chicago and this is what you all young kids in chicago shooting killing each other every every other day every day the superintendent is about to retire already made a fatal mistake he fell asleep at least he stopped at the stop sign mostly so that's what i'm saying like this happened in october we already december first so somewhere along the lines you found out he lied and you he's retirees not going to be able to mislead anyone anymore still get his retirement with him some concerned about that this he's still gonna set she met with johnson heavy foot over there she mad magazine maggie she got lied she got lied lesbian she looks like a man i put said she met with johnson today she says she met with him today to deliver the bad news and he was reportedly accepting of his fate october sixteenth end morning of october seventeenth demonstrated a series of ethical lapses employed decision-making lice alaska's i've had in my life he was she said he was caught off gore he was caught off guard and he had plenty of time to choose his words and the choice he made was communicated narrative replete with false statements really light replete with false statements all seemingly intended to hide the true nature of his conduct the evening before are even when lightfoot said she challenged historian she claims he maintained that he was telling the truth last month johnson said he was stepping down after thirty years years with department he would continue in his role until year's end lightfoot said this is a disgrace for the new new mayor someone obviously power chip and offered his being elected mayor of one of the most populated populated cities in the united states god bless what she said he's still going to be in his role i guess until the end of the year so the next month off of him i think that's the same god that was pissed off when i think this is her isn't that the same chief that was pissed off when the guy from power oh injustice smell and he gave that like brew who speech about justice i think that is him now sing the woman is powered tripping obviously she's laying down the law yeah she's sending a clear message to the others high ranking police officers don't do not stupid right there but i want to know how big is this chicago the cargo right he lied he shouldn't have lives should is totally true have line drink the wine how botnets the home and all that yeah that was for practice right that was more about two bucks to when that surround said he will get his pension yeah yeah so hopefully that'll be good it might take one star right like five stars right i take a scar away from him oh my gosh but black folks it's not a good look for though yeah it's not no he should've master serving the community for thirty years and any jobs and it's all it's never they never talk about the good things you do but that one on bathroom you do your job do work their thirty s and the one thing that and look what happened rain i mean she's right you should've told the truth the come on don't embarrass the amazing enough i've been stop that stop sign right the asleep at the traffic light like what the heck rubio i bet you pull over your idol i i did it at a light one time and i wasn't drinking i was just so tired i was literally falling asleep on my way home leave you UPS employees allegedly ran a massive drug shipment operation for a decade doc yes they saw that the end was near they thought amazon you gotta get this fitting all outta here this this is ridiculous these employees are lucrative drug smuggling ring for almost a decade without being detected detected the group allegedly imported massive amounts of drugs dugs counterfeit vaping oils and other illegal products from mexico into the u s and they work for UPS yes one of the employees had reportedly been working for UPS for over twenty years as a dispatch supervisor you think he's still getting his regarding retirement UPS appear said in a statement that it is cooperating with law enforcement officials but that the company is not at liberty to discuss the details of the arrests embarrassed collectively the group reportedly moved thousands those of pounds of marijuana and a card each week for years on end the craziest part is the alleged smugglers using standard cardboard boxes that were strategically strategically routed to different parts of the country they trained them how to do these detective said they were caught when other employees starting noticing the lavish homes and cars the laura employees we're buying it because you can't because of the stupid now now you being day by everybody over the barbecue imagine at this boy losses licensed sleep at a red light and it will you can't do that new york pennsylvania you could get away with they want so that's why right pennsylvania get you wake up like yeah i think if you take it they want to rescue right now let's go right in new york city stop got lighting fall asleep you better be tired improve because if you john you're going to jail right jam eleven people have been arrested in connection to the sting operations the foreign question have been charged with drug-trafficking investigators have been watching this entire operation for years to compile enough evidence undercover officers acted as drug smugglers smugglers began working with the involve driver and see that's the thing no new friends ends you can't be inviting other new people into your drug green we'll city is called greed issued a kept it with yourself your greedy he can't how are you gonna do that investigators also put GPS trackers inside the cardboard boxes documenting the packages movement from the homes of the individuals charged in the conspiracy he to the UPS hub and alfred delivery so everyone looks like they're getting all these eleven people it looks like the the dispatcher was the was the ringleader of course somebody got a dispatch to work city you got to move the packages around this catcher it's ridiculous and that's what they do blacks whites latinos i don't know i don't have the name they they were spanish they need to lose their pensions yeah okay because you violated the public trust with UPS yeah making in legal money on on this is not a multi level marketing equity right right it is beginning at that people are saying yeah you got people underneath them right move it i was working you can't do all in the workplace you wanna be big tom go bilas do work but they played ups savage ship it for you he can't get that would be the mid evil as we've been now also comes with greed doing this for over ten years when is enough enough enough that story you said about the guy would return to boxing amazon and he was getting money all the time he got like a million dollars oh yeah that was returned that's it's the same situation really come to work with these big ass car everybody gohei whereby they likes rose anyway UPS drivers they UPS people we'll get paid john don't pay well but they probably exceeded all of that with all the stupid crap that they bought watching we still making money on tudor sean well you got that for all you know he's still with in the department of homeland security i'm very upset about this story set up a fake university where ice has arrested arrested almost two hundred and fifty foreign students the story upsets me department of homeland security setup the school known loan as farmington university in january and has been taking students into custody since it was created the number of students arrested has reportedly grown to two hundred and fifty federal ice ages strategically entice foreign born students mostly from india to attend the school the school markets itself to offer graduate it degree programs in technology and computer studies many of the students have reportedly been deported and others are fighting their removal from the university and the country one one student has reportedly been allowed to stay after being granted lawful permanent resident status by an immigration giant so set up a fake university yeah and folks would come into the university and there were arrested him because students were coming in legally on student visas so i don't understand but since the university of farmington was later revealed to be employed by ice they lost their immigration status after it was shut down so the school was staffed with undercover agents i don't understand how this is legal that is legal entrapment so this is right they they they want to come here to learn they're not trying to come in illegally try to go to the university how was their immigration status was it was on a student visa so then what's the problem so because there wasn't a real school but that's the thing you you have them come here for it and then you tell us that he was the bag wait a minute wait a minute but what's the crime attending a legal school or their immigration status i don't get it yeah it is it it is you know what it is a sound before we take a break and we'll come back with story okay on tuesday city you know back in the day when he i don't know if they still do it but they will setup like the men that old chow support right in your local town yeah we'll give away like free football tickets where iraq iraq to the philadelphia eagles or whatever right and it would have too many mellon to them or whatever y'all come down to the community center we got free football tickets right in the middle get tickets and then they will go inside and they would arrest more because they owed child support now would you would that can you check me yeah you have to let these people know what they're going for that finds people because they can't they have warrants that kim and finds food so then you send it to the address to win a prize right right but so they couldn't get them in so instead of them running around trying to find these folks city they entice them come to one location right but these people at the same thing i mean it kind of is but why have them come here just to send them back they were already where they needed to be you had them come over here so what are you doing that i four exactly it says the detroit office of ice homeland security put out a statement saying out of the two hundred and fifty students arrested on administrative charges nearly eighty percent were granted voluntary departure and departed the united states out of the remaining twenty percent about half of the students have received a final order of removal some were ordered to be removed by an immigration judge and others were given an expedited removal by US customs and border protection i wonder how that was by the remaining ten percent reportedly either filed for some sort of relief or are contesting there are movables with executive office for immigration review even the eight university recruiters were criminally charged with trying to recruit students and have pled guilty and have been sentenced in in detroit i don't understand the tax down the slammed and what about the people what happened to the money that these students were paying to get into the school what did they do it all fate will know what the hell is going on in this country trump's america you down with this it was mexican and if your baby father heavy child support money and they can't find them but you know he's local and they sent him something in the mail to win free football right he came down to the station in the arrest him in equal juice that we got would you would be attracted yeah i'd be like oh my god that doesn't mean they go pay you just go to arrest them book but how would you feel i don't know that's kind of a even if he owes you have your child support because if i was receiving the child support and my baby mobile's out there vital and i'll take care of these babies and they said that there's a big wave special to jail weep for a whole year and she goes down to the beauty supply staying more rate or whatever you call it right and they lock her up i'm going to say good riddance police work and i think this might be what's going on here maybe eh really were i don't understand it they weren't here i can understand that they got people maybe illegals that that were already in america to apply to the school i mean even that's messed up but still that would have more sense than people flying over here from other countries thinking that they're getting a higher education and then it's all fake they could've just let that allows any you always you take a break we'll come back with the news sport what before you know you love the criticize this country god bless you have right you got to understand back back then you are a legal citizen that sometimes i don't know why you know how much it costs and the people have to go through to become legal citizens of the united states of america is you are hereby right and he was born in this country so so you get a machine and you are you really a shame the way this country's carrying on yes ships anybody's morning glassy how you're doing good just sean the scenario you game about the trump support that's not in transit traffic you ah entrapment is when police horse to do something illegal then you do it and then they arrest you for gay course should've do you start you some drug they don't allow you to the rest of them for that's entrench the detroit you to something that you knew you shouldn't have been anywhere but to bring down a russian from which already done not attract trick so city is not entrapment city still mess it's easy dealing all because because if i was wanted for child support and i it's like this one is too good to be true big jet fan over sending the mail i'm getting season tickets to the the jets out of nowhere right there i do go to my local wherever community setup so he's right so if you committed the crime decline is done already they're looking for you right by any means it's we learn something every day thank you michael grasp one please don't don't fall asleep at the wheel in the did that might see all of us i wanna know put his license i want them to go on the details that happened right i might not quick break and then we're gonna come back with more news in sports and on turned up to having a really good show today appreciate your being here we'll go back to the one job with DJ did i hear you so the twenty first job it's going doc share the show oh draw why did play weekday wise especially in new york so many ways alexander stand that a little bit here because you know it's like gotta pay armenta lake somebody to drive you or any the transportation is readily available should it be that hard for you to get hello shonda doc you guys we are going to show you how we come back we're gonna do this shout out so and if i miss you i will try and get you on this one hi sabrina sabrina you're out in and las vegas right if your daughter had her baby yet are we still maybe watch i know that was that long ago tom and let me how high athletes for us went by this name guys tying catching titan live every day it's going to have a game tonight date like free up some try and giveaways tonight yes the brain a your the biggest one time and ask you this story i think in the north if you're gonna lie if you can't really like he's as long like in the background of by by palmer on it's not that i had black declan the what is that oh reading thank you for coming to my jewelry live beginning starting at just the mall as you can see the back to back is a turkey tuesday this tuesday december thirty two thousand nineteen fifty six minutes after the hour walk back to the charlotte marshall show futures in cologne where you get your morning started right broadcasting live on iheartradio platform also comedy on radio and facebook live 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and all all of that and if you're going out to work at that time you might want to grab it umbrella and that is the weather be sure to tell us what the weather is like where you are this is the show features jay jay and our callers probably come down tremendously by up tuesday synagogue chat rooms to love shift that's right at moon wouldn't be here we love you guys so much and remember love to see you guys at our christmas party december the twenty first at the rebel socials down there on su soooo seventeen broadway in bethlehem pennsylvania doors open at seven showtime a goat's about nine little bit after nine sit and then we're gonna party into two o'clock doc in the morning so y'all come on out let's have a good time got VIP section lined up for all your we just want shoulder come on out celebrate also have a toy drive the break up unwrapped toy bring it to a level societas welcome twenty-first we allocated on the twenty third and we appreciate each asian everyone you guys so we do 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beautiful sunny florida audrey shout out to margarite raf shout out to hear langley shut out to gloria breckenridge hey gloria shot out to natalie turner hey natalie how you doing shot today jones she just in the room hey data shots taken friends turns my friends for years you and moreland snatched woman up before this well she's my friend on facebook official guess what facebook brands claiming my friends back taking a vat oh please anybody you want to be with you monte wiggins hey monique shoutout to u. q. narrow williams nina keeping it classy twenty four seven shutouts deborrah leslie break freshman breaking shutter to george henry haven asset scott in the building hailee nephew he just came linear haley great scottish howard he laid himself at the dallas gay going live when his team got they got the assets kids and city and when he went live on facebook him in the wife yeah going to the dallas game AT and t. stadium right the three billion dollar stadiums right they walking in the park parking lot eliminate best going into the stadium they sit in the upper with that bobby lights you can't even see the game at least was in the building they were there and they were happy i know you guys were happy rightly stopping zoom in on the field that was like prentice cocteau pours i don't know where running with sitting at that was the brennan's predecessor was your rob jackson was dead too big forty nine promoter the they did this was sitting on the field he's this limb alone lead that's right you go represented i'm cowboys no matter where you say you was in the building he was feel how they got the big used screen AT state and had the biggest green in every stating biggest flat screen look at it in the end zone right you you can see he was sitting next to the screen whatever was on the field level city coming up i'll ply might i might go through in five minute and you saw redskins to fill in the if the you sort of be in renske i didn't i didn't see it i didn't see the falcon got you and i'm happy no matter where you you were in the moment reacted dope all facebook shutout leslie pressure maybe karaj jackson he was sitting on the yard line up or not but he was up a few levels link raw jackson and prince cardinal pause in to raid going on these are big heavy forty nine fans and it's one of the worst teams right now so who cares ready said they lost shot shot outside the home team is long but you can't go they went down to the the parking lot and went downstairs froze like we're princes the principal was sitting there literally went downstairs again keeping it real they were keeping it real wrong i couldn't even see the players i started i was gonna watch lee scott's live while he's watching the game and i can see game with back to ogden on NBC dowager shot out the nicky me hey nick how are you shoutout to get maria nunez younger not johnny no no front limited in line said he got out the call the parking lot him in manhattan on the big jerseys and that's a good look profound now unlike ripley was and they said why have you said dan rapid city he was like yeah he said he not fate shoutout you queens i and how are you shout to enter how poor civil in your your your prince was good at that net where you don't want to kick the field on gloria breckenridge lori google stopping for football aw dwayne gainer but did he shot out to tammy lawrence more shot at the maria nunez and shot out to apprentice cox no pause with the good seats that's all i have to say about that lee is out there taking his wife out two things i didn't see apprentices jairo curl up in his little video either where was visited there by yourself yeah ah where was she at shonda you were one of the first people i called when i when i gave i call your name was the first first one shonda logan and it was the first one she hours robert mcfall our you make all i did not to all ya'll we're going to do another shout out and blamed charlotte ADHD got let me all messed up there you go but you're right lee was with his wife who was purchased credit she was right next to me oh how could fall brawl really searing via we gotta go back to his page we gotta go back could've fooled me all i saw oh you was just you and a poncho yellen i couldn't even watch the life their baby mother to the literally game all the lesbian trying to kick my shit okay yeah prentice show girl on mr robinson and the wife allowing her allowing him to get away with all right right exactly she you must listen to this shop spoil sees a quick break and then i'm gonna get into some sports yeah i'll we appreciate all of you guys listening follow follow follow unlike share god bless you with those shutouts we've barbie marker everybody look people are yelling at me barbie i can't he said when we go to the jet game he pays and when we go to the forty niners she pays and this is lee scott's the tickets lino lead pay for the tickets you know leave and for those tickets but i wanna know who paid for those tickets and lee who drives you drive all the time don't you khuzdar her his chocolate sunshine that's what he calls his girl based on that newlywed stage though i'm gonna come check thank you in two years lee bobby hello there i'm houma wait a minute wait a minute hold on everybody hold on awesome woman travel member the week we'll start a group kicks as in the group pages well the one and only don't don't don't don't don't trust me now editor south meal slow player because i don't want to do these days like ed draft you put that in the media stuff uh-huh you put that public not meet it over his pants on on the honda phil go pip added that used to be with your wife the game was this all the top deck that's all americans profound longer move panik in front of the boat in the past you had ladies and a half they found for protect yeah that's right how you spend spend your as i hear you at the dallas game and you bought a house 'cause i've had doing they've still self flossy they're still fossey sean who bought the tickets i of course wrong to the game i feel fascia smokeout off how much was the ticket was a that's not bad that's go go go to the san francisco forty niners yeah and that one hundred fifty dollars three hundred dollars the giants of phil you simply the the house hundred fifty dollars is not bad even in rapid pay fifty dollars even goes only right up to say back i was sitting in other stadium right see but when his mother leave when the deck is obviously lost that game that day sitting lee in your sneak down a little bit and gone out to fill never cease when the people will leave it shit i let the more shit art wait wait a minute but no no before you leave when the people leaving city yeah us blacks and latinos we call now to the lower level because uh saddam obvious point you go i didn't want to watch regular tablet computers factories and possession clearly still my team well there's factors then and i'm not let me tell you it could be worse you could be chat thing like me bro you have an opportunity with horrible record without horrible team and i still say it's all matter to strangle this hi out hey go fuck wait a minute who sir who made the who made you the overseer you don't know if this is going to happen to play the game command or our allies outing operator back we'll make the play off and you lose the first thing you long oh how do you how do you dispose sack sir smell smell how do you notice this whole thing dan i know football i'm the football to all my life and what they do not want to share that with a take down this scene he saw he sounds more defeated than i am and i'm a jet fan grow you six six games you still in the in the playoff you control you have health playoff no no she's she's sending football is emotional it really is and i didn't NFL away he fills us and i'm a jet fan we want three games and then lost lost the game to a losing team the passionate wrec yes right right the jets beat the cowboys well one of our wind but the don't don't predict you don't do this kind unhappy bra you might up he cheese we'll be rooting for right i mean lease tire i suggest you log it i suggests you get you go back to the game if you can't if you can't afford it go back to another i take your lovely wife continue to what your team now he's done with the season what how would you be done with them when the philadelphia the eagles lost the of out the playoff picture you control your destiny why would you be this is the team needs you bro in our health and our any of these channels and league lee scott i am disappointed abby right now so disappointed you sound in the only thing i am disappointed in you this is the time when your team needs you broke this is going to be running underneath the couch and crying this is the time that i don't care what team you reject this is the time football football is emotional this is a major men you see in that you're not a team eliminated already in today's tools they haven't played a game yet i believe even if you will allow your up bro you real real are you really will i'm tails you telling me right now lose they're done without playing the game that's it okay play how do and this little because give back to the playoffs on the coach only because he knows a little bit too much about nobody did read between the lines or what he said he's been a dallas cowboy fan all his life this is serious like me like this is sydney football is serious this is this is a motion but he he's he's defeating the whole purpose because they they most the game and all he has still even though the deck is stacked against the dallas cowboys but don't move don't leave the team now bro this as we need to lead this i'm not i'm not saying in the past most of us men most of us may kill care more about football than some of the personal relationships and our city i had a wife three baby mothers the wipe included all types of relationships and i still remain a jet fan that relationship number brokaw doc when i'm saying to you sir is you sound defeated doesn't sound the right now it doesn't you sound defeat yeah but that's stopping you a dallas cowboy boots you stick your checkable where you're dallas had woken well proud and you play the who they play play a garbage team as we prepare tea party i dot c team does he who to who the dow's play the who does dallas week i let me ludd lee hu hu cowboys play this week broke they're quite a pair so i want you to put your dallas had also and i want you to your team this is winding i would have handled black so i if i'm not i'm not saying i'm michael securities banned women i'm not fan but i'm not here from achieve their underachieved and i'm over he's not paying no one hundred and fifty more dollars three hundred dollars to go see need them at the stadium and be losing he's going to sit at home and he's going to watch it happen to know bars to watch them on the big TV he's going to be at home right so we're mountain is your commitment sir what is very hey you you don't kapor cowboys grow you don't bleed it nobody aww crying how you girl is cowboys burcin dai's and you don't even believe in your own team you might as well wear your own you wanna sawn harvey assert put that on pit i want to get put your uniform on and wear it proudly wear that helmet when you're sitting there driving them cans around i want you to we'll i will they will win and chicago pro or and what i'll opt believe environment j. more than he believes in his own team he believes he said he gave his hoodie yeah i'm gonna get ah the visit in the wrath but for right now bro to stop flying liveth let's stop climber believing is believing that his team he's not paying any money like a baby win dallas cowboy hat with his head down while he's still rooting for them and so he's not he's emotional right now you're not you're klein they're fair i didn't incite you to say that you love the counter and they go win this sunday just abandoned say right now conviction pip i'm not i'm not i'm not saying that don't believe in the city he don't believe that i tell you what i woulda jets playing in this weekend i don't know who they found out i tell you what right now i believe i'll believe i believe that the jets whoever they played hussein take day i believe the stars the jets we talking about not stuck thank you you call the star let me tell you something allocate jets are playing this year and we have a horrible record we are four in eight we just came up with laws with cincinnati a score a winless team i believe leave and i don't even know who the jets play sins i believe the just will win and i believe in nineteen the dow they played the dolphins on sunday day win that game but i quite the dow partner whether we win or not i believe the jets are gonna win league i need you now it's not even about the football football and they won one and they lost lead you to believe in believing no you don't raise in believing can you hear lease see what you did you gotta sean all i'm gonna give you money in doing sports i'm gonna give you one of those teams brother i'm gonna give you this is from toronto i want you to have a t and what should regroup your mental and get back into your commitments brother and stop walking around with a head down and believe i believe eastern believing so far looking at looking we love you lee you poor leave right that's what i'm here for what what was that about your jet chat sometimes sean how sorry guys take hey hey hey in into a theory that will shock to all right cine the commitment is the commitment i don't think it's the same is the same oh yeah chris ah coming in although we can go i mean city new york jeff van runs deeper than star acquiring everybody got a love you bro stopped with the defeated attitude even if your team is losing his smart i won't team as a defeated even if your team is losing sitting here the dallas cowboys the super bowl back in the nineties when it had troy aikman and no emmitt smith yeah in all these great players at the jet still haven't won a title the jets won the super bowl in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine from the one thousand nine hundred sixty eight season three when they won i don't know how remember none of that grandma commitment teams trash what are you committed to what everybody but he committed to community real dow's commodity with chris how are you can you can knock off to yeah absolutely not hi chris russo owner built yes and he's also chris titian russian are glasses optician do exams too or no okay you just make them the games and stuff like that all that's also i committed couple days a week he's been with me like thirty three years oh really and he can right up the prescription for you to jammies he is right now we do a lot of walk ins walk in with a prescription delighted oh that's on sound check them out because i can't see you right businessman in thirty five year clock oh wow oh been doing this forty seven hundred forty seven but in business here thirty thirty five now so so the the day that i graduated high school the next day either via you work at seven o'clock in the morning on my kinds grinder back in nineteen seventy to two dollars and ten cents an hour a what a lens grinder and what do you do don college got accepted during the down wasn't ready for advert so my dad says where you're gonna work right there were like two options the newspaper uh-huh either carbon dioxide lens grinder so i took the lines grinder that might like better right i work at a lab apprenticeship for four years for twelve of years right liked it always thought maybe one game i think they have no business is a kind of liked it liked to doing the stuff with the eyelash things changed ames in the lab it was a it was a corporate lab in the corporate headquarters was getting away with the wholesale cell labs so they were selling off the labs in they offered it to the manager who was sixty three years old at the time so he offered like an employee diana which i chose not to be one of those partners so the day the day took over they said well we'll buy when when we need you navigate through so i thought okay sign up for unemployment my wife is eight months pregnant oh my gosh that's right so i looked under business opportunities in the morning call and this place was listed right just just the building because this is the just a business at at that time right so here we were eight months pregnant on unemployment and i like business losing money right right don like a good idea three banks later essentially thanks later somebody nobody believed that i could do it so the first year i didn't know if i was going to sink or swim because the previous owner of this was an alcoholic hollick and he chased a lot of customers away right so i came in here it was dated i took i took like a fifteen thousand dollar bone on store to for improvements right well i lived on that for the first year they starring starting around yeah i win around to all the ophthalmologist right in town here introduce myself right and they turned around in second year wow that's that's fantastic about that today that commitment that i'm just talking about sleepless nice you gotta just seven days as week i always hear you gotta get up and do it go get it right so they're always thought i wanted to this pack which is while chevy have you need to and then twelve years layer who's important eighty four is a business that was losing money eighty four all wow wow wow okay but even i'd love to have you spilled it to the bill now goes offer sale could do let me know well it was way beyond my reach right because there was other properties that he had in this area here that he owned two he owned the thirty five billion across the alley here and the parking lots of the talk and a couple million bucks which was out of reach so i had to to landlords mind lords he sold it to another guy an absentee landlords and jersey he foreclosed so there was is my opportunity so the banks were willing to split up this building separate from thirty five billion cross the alley parking lots here okay so oh here we go again you know another other shall we come up with this kind of money right hey why it is the the banker did me a favor i didn't need a lot got it down money right we made it happen all that's can add a closer you get a cheap but that doesn't happen in commercial buildings so i i still pay fair market value but i didn't need like you know twenty percent down in anything like that it wasn't even near that right but there again this building was in sad shape this this this was this was an air force room they had this year but there was a lot of vacant space in here so there again the numbers numbers didn't work right right their range didn't cover the mortgage so we had have you know we converted like this was a storage closet which is now a random spot there was disobey can space which is now rented so yeah just a lot of persons seven days a week you see what i'm saying he had every day love human stories like this i it's me charged up i know commitment mind a setback lode mining the pregnant wife off the love for the hustle winds i'm doing you don't have to college make it no seriously because well i mean especially now with the way the world is changing you don't necessarily have to go to school to do what you wanna do but even so you show that back then to you he turned to now if you wanna be gotta go get yeah and that's what this is about the commitment that's fantastic mobile homes owns and he still made i know love healy in this building are now has been wow i look at it as we're we're trying to squeeze ourselves ear shelby to write the this was air force pilot here like two who three years or so called so they were they were paint right right right so they decided while okay enough is enough off the waste taxpayers dollar i tried to convince them over a year or so ago another tenant wanted this space work and then he changes minds so shelby right i offered this to shelby and then she found the attendant for the on the other side of this long network work martin for folks that don't know we've subleasing from shell you know everything and this is like a six degrees of separation ration- yeah hopefully other with with this man's vision right from back in the day you look like he was in a band bag of rock soft rock wish i could play these are sorry disease he's like no i do eyeglasses do you wear glasses that crazy part i can't stand glasses actually there's one one word one contact right okay that's for close okay because i'm way beyond that uh that forty five year old you know came on reading glasses age ri- right that's right get the contract every thought about the lay sick now because art way the need close club is one contact for close in this icees far right monetization they call it all mike little bipolar glasses that's why you gotta hang out with the women's yeah she'll be lost in a winter she is he'll be right here screener you tell me who you hang out with tell you who you are absolutely that's right we'll tell us about your business this can people come here at any time or when you have the ophthalmologist here it's an optometrist optometrist sorry the the ophthalmologist the specialty is like diseases all okay you liked to do the surgery right okay palm atroush specialty is is refraction better better i'll okay lenses off okay good and i'm the low guy on the food chain i'm just limited to you filling a prescription making glasses nobody you're the important part because everybody wants to go to you for the cold frames or see like you know what you can do for them after we get the prescription description right so what's the highest and so we've let chris see ramel opticians chrissy remmel opticians any here on a thirteen th avenue will what is a is this building has to address i'll okay over on the your side over there that's nineteen oh okay where should people come freezing and this is thirteen hundred nineteen right mateen elizabeth avenue you same building to addresses okay i like that keep a confusing for that matter stories incredible yes it is and this is a great place and they have tons of like antique stuff in here customers is like one big family that's why it's hard to walk away from off i mean it's if he rushed to leave all those people behind you we we feel the same way because we have a community of folks as well our listeners data listen to us and support so we feel the way you feel about that we can't have these folks yeah so you think you're just gonna keep doing this and keep the building over the as long as i'm healthy yeah yeah he is great sixty six shots chats and his wife she's beautiful guys are great was that your wife that i saw she's my work wife lord oh i'm sure your fight to as always your store business monday and tuesday nine to five or close wednesdays today i two seven that's our long day okay friday nine to three saturday nine to twelve oh i have you done to like like thirty people so you got to cut back a little bit so i'm down to thirty five hours left the business yeah it works your work monday tuesday wednesday nice nice break in the middle of the week right it is thursday's long days brutal yeah six hour day so okay but this is beautiful saturdays never give up right that's that's that gets people opportunity to come in as yeah hang bank bank three hour morning yes you need to have to drive in me to outbid years and either right here today i know god is not clean it's not playing around workhorse thank you can consumers the community right and he goes would love yeah and that's why you're still around and that's why i'm still because you get the love i money comes second that's right and then you had hoped to universal bank loans and the pregnant wifely contain the some of these bankers you know any of the cattle that we've seen come the first year i tell you what i didn't know if we make it good name and that was a good show all yeah whenever you want to come in right there yeah one not ougherty so i guess lafayette and they're definitely gonna come into like a microphone see myself on screen trust me trust me everybody see there's a lot of watching yeah yeah you can look right there good sauter take photographs ignoring it so chris eighth grade let folks know could find you and and this is location in nineteen niece elizabeth avenue or thirteen east avenue where two different addresses for the same building right across from moravian college football that's right he's right there that's our landmark everybody knows well are used to be the bar next door to write an the restaurant is opening up in the air that's changing names he i'm excited by that yeah that's gonna be good we can't wait for that either that's too nice cruel into we'll chrissa a chris remo opticians crews everybody locally you'll come down here your support chris especially if he needs to go to college to make it less right a hard work perseverance blessed land endless endless shutout shelbyville yes shelby lots and lots of accessories received does a lot for cherry she died he's walking shelby she's like a world wing yeah she does there's so much we appreciate your show yes you guys as you all know that's clair's mother it's clear she's still recovered from the holiday weekend they got all the same phone thank you so much for coming shelby selby they will show you what we do right now we'll get outta here okay thank you all right we once yeah yeah it's over tomorrow i wanna do this again the by chris is they seen you my name is sonny right and that's to get your own sean and you know you're going to be back in okay you want your beard in the chat room they wanna they wanna brady they wanna bring your beer anytime we i love it eleven folks to be around pleasure you could you could feel the love in the energy yeah with these folks when it come around here and a hey just wonderful people and they want us to succeed we want them to well it's just a good looking we great would be sitting here talking to you guys leave him alone that's right he's holding his money money buckle action for twenty the thirty dollars papa razzi research that you guys put your hearts in there is going to go do a few i really we gotta get outta here let's let's show them some love that was a great show on tuesday we really appreciate you guys so much of coming out as supporting us so let's take the heart set in the chat room a heart attack in the chat room hey where the heart attack in the chat with attacked chat with a heart that's where the heart set the heart sac where the win win a win win win with word shout out to shonda low game show hey shonda shoutout to you set out to leave scott great scott ah shut out to you shout q nar williams hugh shannon's editor george henry haven that a shoutout to karleena heraldic carlita shutouts apprentice cox no pause shot up through shelby lawson accessories shout out to chris romo all who just hear from christopher optician shot out to gloria breckenridge shout out to sean oliver natalie turner our shout out to marcus johnson pinkies blaming hey girl shot out to limit serano wonder under santiago shepherd joe buddah andre felder mr shawn brow shutouts and nikki rose gladdy oh and rose gladdens latins needs is monique wiggins i didn't know that rose she's so yeah we'll think she did earlier i totally forgot but thank you for having her monique shot so you i hope that you will enjoy the show shot meritas simmons chocolate benda hey girl and shout out to aroma johnson nikki p kristen kipper dak is thanks so much for coming for coming back christine it was good to see you engineers everybody has i have right now mark johnson young and i shudder to our beautiful calls barbie cologne she will be here tomorrow i'm hoping god willing put put some big on his chest and you should be 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