Week 14 Tough Calls; Pats-Rams Preview; Fantasy Cops! (12/09 Fantasy Football Podcast)


This is fantasy football today from cbs. Sports it's time to dominate your fantasy league. Now here's some combination of adam. Dave jamie benn calls in week. Fourteen your questions at fantasy football cbs. I dot com and apple. Podcast view the fantasy. Cops are back. We've got a game to recap tuesday night game to recap welcome to the show. Everybody it's the wednesday edition of fantasy football today. Adam as our richard. Cummings heat this back with miss john. Sunday tight feeling. I'm feeling much better. i appreciate it. I just You know the playoffs coming up. This week didn't mean much to me. So i was able to rest up and get ready for the playoffs and i'll be a full go in practice this week. Good good Dave good morning. what's so good about it. You know the mark jackson. What a great night. That was zeke. Look great scored. Who cares what he's upset about. Fifteen leagues adam. I sunk my heart and soul into fifteen leagues this year. Put my best foot forward in our. I didn't put my best record. All fifteen of them. But i'm in the playoffs in just six of fifteen leagues. The silver lining is that. Most of the league's that i played in that were important. And if you have a cash register sound you can make that noise right now. Those are the ones that made the playoffs. And plus the fish bowl. So i maybe i should be happy. Because i've got the chance to you. Know win a lot of important dollars. But i still would have liked to higher percentage. I had a lot of seven and six and six and seven teams. Men me to kind of kind of stinks to play until the end and then you miss it by You finish seven finished eighth. You don't make the cut and then you kick televisions and yellow children. Congratulations to both of you for advancing in the in. The wildcard round of scott fishbowl atom by a point path. Yeah marquees brown. Yeah seated it all standing were. Yeah i was very pinkett almost every single. Cbs personality advanced. Jamie and chris. And i all had bought. We've krista positive our former friend. Ben gretch had a by still has cbs. By his name. I think will brinson finish fourteen hundred and fortieth out of fourteen hundred and forty four times. We'll princeton any lineups this year. They that's my theory aid. Because like i've all that sad look. It's not all not every league but he just got stop setting lineups. I think he almost cost me a playoff spot in the afc league by starting willfuller against atom. Thankfully adam had clyde edwards helaire. And kyle rudolph. And so i still make the playoffs. Yeah yeah and he. Almost the funniest thing. He started ryan fitzpatrick in our yolo dynasty league. That league was named the low dynasty league after four. Costa's who wanted us to start the league. Nick lost to wilburton and lost his playoff spot. When we didn't start quarterback so so we'll beat them without a quarterback will beat him in advance to the next round of the playoffs. I believe play. And he was loss in that league for unhappy as i am about my poor percentage of making the playoffs this year. I'm so happy. I made the playoffs in that dynasty league. Because i thought i was rebuilding for another year and it turned out that my all all the moves made were good and worth it. I don't think my percentage was. I think i made it eight of seventeen or something. It sucked as well. Yeah so and i did the opposite of you. My best team. Citing the scott fishbowl in the fantasy telephone league or the league's where i am playing for pride Okay well that's what. I just wanna wrap it up by telling everybody who will brinson started in the two quarterback league this week. He did start. Sam darnold he also started teddy bridgewater. Who was on a bye rex. Burkhead who's on. I r nick. Chubb ceedee lamb kenny. Golladay odell beckham. Moala cox anthony miller and the cowboys. Dsp so that was a good call on the cowboys. Dst dave's team in that league was so good and he missed the playoffs. The seven seed. He has lamar jackson. He's got a taste. Millan his lineup. right now. At one point. John hopkinson for tesa hill in a desperation. Move before drew brees was hurt. Yeah have travis kelsey of lock it. I mean stefan digs. I'm sorry you have many teams that are drafted a of a team. And yeah. that's not the only league. There's two other leagues where. I've just got heartbreaking stories to tell you a breaking story seem with keepers of ezekiel elliott. Dalvin cook michael. Thomas and chris godwin. Oh that's bad. Those were my four keepers my longest running league with all my friends from high school. There are no other fantasy. Football experts in that league and i went five eight and missed the playoffs with zeke. Dalvin cook chris. Godwin and michael. Thomas and i had justin herbert's sorry. No that's set stinks. I've been doing a lot of reflecting. Because i thought about my draft strategies and i really feel comfortable with what i did. I had four teams with barclay and mccaffrey. That didn't help Both those guys on the team. Now teams do mccaffrey teams. But what i set. My draft strategy was running backs typically two running backs in the first two rounds then pound wide receiver around three through five three through six and then grab kyla maria. Russell wilson the were the two or and i feel like it. You know i was kinda weak at tight end. but so we're ten other teams in my league So i feel like my strategies. Were pretty good just a little bit of bad luck. Lot of six and seven out of seven and six right in that range and a lot of people that's going to be the majority of people that the leagues were the redraft leagues where i had a great year in costa the playoffs. I was either loaded at running back. Or i had james robinson. It felt like it was one of those two things where just a hammered running back like. I always end the draft and i hit it hit and or james robinson was on my team because i took him with the late pick where i picked him up off the waiver wire. There's one more thing that i want to add shruggy be posted Something on social about name. Your big draft day regret something like that. And just loads and loads of people or maybe. It wasn't drafted biggest regret from the season. I'm sorry loads of people saying. Oh i dropped. Justin jefferson too early or cut. James robinson there were people who actually did that. I think one of the things that we have to learn moving into twenty twenty one is everybody draft. You've got to give at least three weeks to got to be a little bit more patient with these guys. So that you don't drop justin jefferson before justin jefferson becomes the thing and hopefully there's a regular training camp in a regular preseason next year so we can evaluate these guys a little bit better rather than going off of film and press clippings stuff like that we we need a little bit more work done and hopefully the preseason given that in two thousand twenty one. I think it was a big surprise at the rookie. Wide receivers did this well considering the circumstances and not having a preseason all that and the fact that rookie wide receivers typically don't do this. Well this has been an unbelievable rookie wide receiver class. And i hope he had some like the art. You can make a pretty good argument the rookie wide receivers for better better than the rookie. Running backs i think. He's i think. I think the last thing james robinson is the best rookie but that the last four weeks might change that. Because you're getting a little hopeful for jonathan taylor you get jk dobbins. We'll talk about that right now. That this the running backs split wasn't great. They're the andrea swift. If he can come back maybe he can take off cam. Akers. may maybe. It's going to be better late than never but definitely the rookie. Wide receivers have paid off more than the running backs. Okay baltimore thirty four dow seventeen. We're also going to preview thursday night football. I like i said we got those tough calls in the fantasy cops. Let's get going here. Baltimore thirty four dallas seventeen. Alright are we feeling. Like like zeke is back like lamar jackson is back like. Jk dobbins is becoming a must start. That one's going to be a tougher. Sell cooper. You know you can't really sit him. He'd found a way got that late touchdown but he had nine targets. So yeah dave. Let's start with the cowboys ezek back. Do you have full confidence in him. Now at cincinnati beautiful matchup. I would absolutely start him this week against cincinnati because cincinnati but when the match ups get tougher for him i i will be nervous again. I thought he looked great. And i thought the offensive line at times blocking form did a very good job against a very good ravens defense. Yeah so using him as a number two running back. I think that's the happy medium right now and Four catches also exciting. I hope that that keeps up with dalton under center alright. Jk dobbins heath. Did he do enough to gain your confidence here. Eleven carries seventy one yards and a touchdown mark ingram had six carries gus edwards had seven carries edwards at a great game one hundred and one yard. So that's eleven carries for dobbins and thirteen for the other two not great. Yeah i mean it has nothing to do with. Jk dobbins as has been the case all season long jk dobbins is flipping amazing and arguably the most efficient running back in football. And some of that has to do with lamar jackson. But the fact that lamar jackson had more carries than him mark ingram and gus edwards combined for more carries than him i will i had. Jk dobbins ranked tire when we released our ranking yesterday. Then i will when i update them today. This was a he was. it's weird. say guy averaged nearly seven yards per attempt and it was a negative but it was a negative. We had hopes and there were indications before he went on a covert list that he was taking over. This backfield us. That was not what we saw last night at all. Also yes He led them in playing time. He played thirty. Eight percent of the snaps. Gus at thirty three percent of the snaps. Ingram had twenty percent of the snaps. I think if you started dobbins you got really lucky. And i hate it. I really thought that he would just pick up where he left off before he got ill before he missed game i think he throwing out the game against the steelers made sense. But that's not other ravens sought. They went right back to their three headed machine. And it's going to be tougher to start him as a number one guy. But he's still gonna make cutters and number two guy he had one carry in the first quarter Yeah it's weird ipe. i don't currently i. I'm not sure he's going to be in my top twenty four. I have a league where i'm going to have to choose between heat. Him and kareem hunt. That's exactly where. I was the other one that will get to later in the week. I'm sure giovanni bernard against cowboys defense. Well i was thinking. It might be joe mixon. I mean hamas. I don't know if i could start gio over anyone. He's been so bad but he added this dallas default. They're the worst. I've gotta pull them from my top twelve. Dst's they they they can't be there. It's a good point is a great matchup but we're hoping mixes got a chance to play this week. So yeah that's a tough call section but you want to talk about it right now. You're going to go with dobbins at the browns monday night or are you going to go with the starting running back for the bengals against the cowboys. I don't want to decide that right. Okay all right now. I get it. And then last final questions ceedee lamb or marquees brown rest of season feel safer with lamb. Npr so if that's the format adults say not appear. I will take my chances with hollywood. Game-high we'll take lamb and both I see he's been pretty consistently around twenty percent target share with andy dalton and dalton's been pretty consistently thirty five to forty pass attempts. So i feel much more confident with lamb save by the catches with lambeau because his his yards in five games with dolphin bads well. He's short area guy. He's almost like a tight end. Yeah i mean he's he's less than fifty yards and four or five games. With andy dalton. I'm busy droppable. Let's say people are running waivers. Tonight is lamb. I mean murky. Brown was less than fifty yards last night and as one game over fifty yards since week. Six i i'm not making the fine separate question here. I'm not disagreeing with you about right. You get asked the same question for both of these receivers not dropping lamb after he just got nine targets when he faces the bengals. this week. I you'd prefer to hang on him. There are other receivers that i can think of that. We talked about on tuesday. Show that i would. I would kick to the curb before seeing trump. i'm. I have a claiming in one league for johnson to drop ceedee lamb and i bet you're good at receiver elsewhere. Yeah i mean. I'm over him here to end. This is the question you have to ask yourself with anybody that you're thinking about dropping. What is the likelihood that you're going to start this player. And if that likelihood is low you drop them right now if you could also ask. Well what's the likelihood that someone else in my league could pick this player up. Whatever you think that answer is. It's not going to be as high as it was a week ago because half your league's been eliminated. Assuming you're playoffs are underway. Is that a non. Pr league at him now. I just i i like. He's not right. And if you've got great receivers and you know you're never gonna start ceedee lamb. Why are you carrying cd. Well i'm just saying. I would rather reflect ceedee lamb full. Pr wood johnson this week. Yeah i'm not starting either of them. But i'd rather have a little running back depth just in case -actly that's what you wanna have this time of year and Yeah my reconsider. Because i don't know how long frank gore is going to be out to see. We'll see the practice report today. I might reconsider it Maybe i'll try to drop somebody else but okay anyway. That's it for that game. Keep in mind for marquis sprouted two games in a row. They targets that's really encouraging mark. Andrews did miss both of those games. Willie snead did miss both of those games. So you don't know what the targets are going to be like going forward But it's two games in a row with a touchdown for thirty nine yards last night but eight targets is good. They were lamar. Jackson was excited. Connect with him for that score. Oh can we all. That can't move on. Without talking. About lamar jackson dave so we we have twenty outstanding was against alice. I look. you're going to start them anyway. This week against cleveland off the strength of this game and what you know is potentially. He's he's sitting is upside or he did his upside if he can do it again. Against cleveland and i think you'll feel very confident starting in the russell away. Definitely a top twelve quarterback going into next week. I top twelve week for sure. But i think there are situations like i. I think i'd go back to ryan tannehill over in this week and there's another hill that i'm willing to die in tatum hill man. You're not letting anybody come back from injury. Can we get drew. Brees joe mixing back this week. Please bring them back. Let's find out what happens and practice. Yeah it's possible. I just. I thought sean payton said there was no timetable for drew brees return. Well drew brees trying to come back this week but let's assume it's tastes in hell for now okay. Yeah only seventeen pass attempts for lamar jackson. So yeah but thirteen russia's yeah the just you just wonder how much the cowboys boosted the perceived value of these players But yeah jacob. Gibbs has a great stat on the more jackson you'll hear that tomorrow Have you have any questions you can ask us for our mailbag show on apple. Podcast leave us a five star review and ask us questions. We got that saturday episode dedicated to your apple podcast questions and some of your emails and parlay pick them. It's a great great fun contest on. Cbs sports that com- cbs. Sports dot com slash parlay contest is open from tuesday through sunday bicker. Best five team parlay against the spread. We're giving away thousand guaranteed dollars. Every week odds are provided by william hill sportsbook and again go to cbs. Sports dot com slash parlay news and notes antonio gibson got a painful turf. Toe injury may not come out this week. According to ian rapoport. And they're at san francisco. So funniest sounding serious injury and pro football turf toe turf toe. Yeah yeah actually Who's doing that. Game darrell johnson. I think he was saying that. It's that could affect him the rest of the season it is. Yeah the diagnosis turf toe as turf toe immediately and said that could be really hinder antonio gibson Jalen hurts is going to start for the eagles where you guys gonna rank him. Top twenty four but probably closer to twenty four than anything else. There's a chance there's a chance with him. He's he's not a total trainwreck. Of a quarterback his mobility will help philadelphia. But he's he's a down and accuracy from carson wentz so there will be some off target throws as receivers dropping passes. It was really fulsome. Who was dropping passes when he came in last week against the packers. I wish it was easier matchup. I wish it wasn't new orleans that he was going up against. If it was cowboys for example. I would be very very bullish on. Jalen hurts in that situation. But given the tough match-up it's a week to kind of watch. Jalen hurts and see what he does. Okay robert spelane for the pittsburgh steelers. He's gonna miss some time so another linebacker. They're losing if you're looking at night. Ep leagues avery. Williamson replaced him and he had a pretty solid game. So that's a guy that could step up. Get some tackles for you jane. We go back to hurts for a second shore. That i doubt. He's out there in a two quarterback league but if he is obviously pick them up same thing and super flex and if he has a decent week against new orleans he's got arizona in dallas dallas in week. Sixteen you could stash him and see what happens and the other thing that i would mention about the steelers defense is they've lost budget pre. He's one of the best pass rushers. Now they lost robert splaine. Joe haden could be hurt. That defense is starting to fall apart here towards the end. Yeah and that's good news for josh allen of course James conner mike. Pouncey could be back this week and they desperately need their running game to get going. So that'll be good Cleveland right guard. Wyatt's heller is on the reserve covid list. That's big yep Great denver cornerback. Aj boy is facing a pd suspension. They're already without bryce callahan. So they're going to be thinner. Corner chris godwin had finger surgery. He to expect chris godwin to play at this point. Currently we expect. Chris godwin to play. Hopefully okay it was it finger. Surgery was getting pinging surgical procedure dave. He had surgery surgery. Yeah okay you have. Your pin is removed at surgery. Yeah yeah taking something out of your body. that's right. Get like you get like an earring removed. Surgery no right if a mole removed the technically those are procedures. Aj green likely going to leave. Cincinnati next season according to the athletic and larry fitzgerald off the reserve covid. Listen hey maybe larry fitzgerald has just been something we haven't talked about with murray you know. Is he great. Nobody's reliable slop target. Yes and maybe that can help marie this week at the giants upcoming scheduler. Hey if you have. Chris i win or mike evans. Tonio brown here is where the the upcoming opponents for. Tampa bay rank against wide receivers. Minnesota is thirtieth atlanta's twenty-ninth detroit is twenty seventh and then week seventeen atlanta again twenty-ninth. So that's good enough tough calls for week fourteen. Let's start with a couple of quarterbacks. Are they tough calls. Russell wilson against the jets and kyla murray at the giants heath are they tough calls for me at least russell. Wilson is not a tough call. Ryan tannehill really only or highly murray. Really only a tough call. If i also have ryan tannehill or tom brady on my roster on there's not anybody available in the waiver wire that i'm starting over cuyler but there's a possibility that you could have one of those two as a backup and then you might start them. It's i. I suppose it's possible you picked up just in herbert and you've been juggling those two all year you could possibly then. It would be a tough call. You have tasted hill. You hate them hill. I would start. Cuyler overtake some hell but that is somewhat of a tough call. I've got taste over cuyler. I'm nervous he's he's a low and starting my fall out of my top twelve. I know it's crazy. I'm nervous about him because he threw three touchdowns last week but one of them was kind of fluky. Oh my gosh he got out running as much and this offense just has changed again and it's not the better. Well yeah he. He's not running. And i wanna talk about the matchup i. I really didn't think this was a tough match up. you know. The giants went into last week. They were four fifth best. Something like that against quarterbacks but they had just played so many bad quarterbacks and then they go and they do a great job against russell wilson who threw a ton of passes and scored sixteen fantasy points. They don't give up big plays. That's the thing about the giants they give up among the fewest big pass plays fourth fewest pathways of twenty plus yards. Three run plays This year of what is it a twenty year no third fewest run plays of twenty plus yards on or something like that that that's what they do they don't give place so it's kind of a big play offense when carl murray's right is this tough match-up is that part of the consideration here. Yes it's definitely a tough match-up in the the biggest play that they had last week was the deep touched to dan. Arnold which was the fluke. That i was kinda talking about. We don't really see them. Throwing fifty nine yards to to their tight end very often seem during the other tight end often at all and their next biggest play was kenyan. Drake had a run for twenty seven yards the next biggest play. This is the third most explosive play last week. Against the rams was chase. Edmonds up the middle for thirteen yards. Cuyler isn't throwing deep anymore. So those big explosive plays that the giants aren't giving up not a big deal because kyle and the cardinals aren't trying. A lot of those explosive plays this. I think the more. I think about it the more. I don't like tyler like an to get away from dfs. And i would at least like to see what my other are quarterback before cemented him in my lineup. What about philip rivers. They're very close. Because rivers has the the raiders. The one thing that worries me about rivers is that the colts might be starting. A third stringer at left tackle and they lost their right tackle. Don't well you're talking about the raven. Clark yeah was he. Clark was left over the left tackle over the left tackle when costanzo got hurt so yes there are some issues that both of those guys are out there right there. We don't know for sure on costanzo being out but if he plays he's definitely not going to be one hundred percent he's got an mc l. injury. I let's go back to russell wilson because you know last year. I don't know if you guys remember. He was the number one quarter. I'm pretty sure it was the number one quarterback through nine games. He had twenty two touchdowns one interception nine point nine yards per attempt sixty eight percent. Completion rate is last. Seven games really faded nine touchdowns in seven games. Four interceptions sixty three percent completion rate and is yours per went down from nine point nine and his first nine games to seven point two in his last seven games and it coincided with tyler lockett. Getting hurt didn't miss any time but he got her and lock. It didn't really do much down the stretch and guess who hasn't really done much for a while. Now i'm in wilson's been great in some of these bad lockett games or disappointing lockett games but the jets are horrible. They give up the fifth. Most fantasy points the quarterbacks they get torched by every great quarterback they face and they face a lot of them but wilson again. It's not just like he's throwing less his stats are worse. His interceptions have been up his yards per attempt his completion rate. They're lower than they were in the last four games when he started to struggle. It's i think there are a lot of tough decisions this week. I don't actually believe anyone sitting russell wilson against the jets like you can give me all the numbers about what he did in the second half last year. What he's done in the last month. Russell wilson russell. Wilson is playing the jets who just fired their defense in court. A win or go home week fourteen. I just i know one. I don't think anyone in the universe even the world's biggest jets fan who in the world. Debbie is sitting in the russell wilson in the first week of fantasy playoffs against the jets. Yeah it's the jets with no the world's biggest jets fan definitely start everyone against the jets and hope for a huge success. Okay fine so we'll move on from russell wilson. How 'bout kenyan drake now weeks ago. I thought oh. That's a bad playoff matchup giants. Good against the run. He doesn't catch the ball but he's been more involved in the passing game and he's on fire and he scoring touchdowns economy has it. Connery doesn't have a rushing touchdown in his last three or four games and kenyan. Drake has Four rushing in his last three games so it look as much. As i want to praise the giants. They're not the box. Are not the saints that you know. They're giving up four point two four yards per carry They stink. They gave up the most receiving yards per game to running backs So yeah what do you think is is kenyan drake a tough call for you guys. I'm starting number two running back. Not a tough call. He's been the lead guy for arizona now for several weeks. The production has been there. The giants have allowed four touchdowns to running back over their last four games. I believe they're over four yards per. Carry two running backs in that span and he. We're we're the offense is struggling in arizona throwing the ball. They're doing better running. The ball and drake is doing a good job of getting targets and making use of them like he's faced the rams the patriots and the seahawks the last three weeks and has been a good fantasy starter all three weeks. He's going amass the key. And that's what's killing kava. Marie and it's helping kenyan drake So about the zeki. Oh elliott against the bengals or kenyan. Drake at the giants zeke. That was cool. How 'bout kenyan drake or he mostaert against washington drake. I end up being under a there. I have very like that. I guess is kind of a tough call is where he moster but he is yes. He's probably not going to end up being in my top twenty four running backs. He's right on the edge right now but they like the past two weeks. They've really gone back to a fifty fifty situation remote stirred jeff wilson or whoever else. They decided to give the ball to that week. It's back to kyle shanahan running back spin the wheel before the game starts and see who's going to get the duchess why it's a little bit better than that because it's not four guys splitting a bunch of different ways and jerick. Mckinnon seems to be on the outs when it comes to getting the football on his hands. So he's the splitting with jeff wilson. But i i like drake is getting catches that gives them more opportunities that something that we're not really expecting with moster okay. That's a tougher metric for moster last one last one before we move on here is kenyan drake npr or jd. Mckissic assuming antonio gibson is out. Oh you're kissing. Oh i love it. I would love it. Okay all right. Nsf w talk about some more players after we talk about butcher box. Not a tough call people. This is the most meet. It is so damn good and you know. There's a lot more about butcher box going really like well. Let me give you the offer. I you get bacon for life bacon or life. 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Stop going to the grocery store or start getting butcher box. Butcher box dot com slash f f t free bacon. Baby all right. Are these guys. Tough calls cooper kupp against the patriots. Devante parker against the chiefs. Parker isn't a tough call. I think to starting. I know that i can't feel great about using him cup. A tougher call but the upside that he carries especially in. Pr leagues makes him a pretty much. A guy you're gonna start anyway. I think they're both tough calls. I've got them both right around twenty four wide receiver like they really struggle with them. And someone like jarvis landry. Juju smith schuster. Yeah i get it and the patriots defensive seems to be getting better and better. We're going to preview that game and a little bit. So i'll leave cup for them The chiefs give up the third fewest fantasy points wide receivers and we're not really sure how i feel. Good receivers usually do pretty well against the chiefs teams. Don't throw to their wide receivers very much against the chiefs who they throw to You know. I wonder. And i'm going to look this up if teams just don't run as many like we talked about that with the patriots and just in herbert last week and we saw that really impact. The chargers offensively. I wonder if teams just don't run as many plays or don't i mean we jamie's talked about it. The chiefs would really like for you to just run the ball against them. Because if you're gonna go four yards pop against patrick mahomes. You're going to lose. yeah Big place that's one thing i know. Spags is good at that. they then. Unless they're playing the raiders. They do not give up. Big plays in the pay. Like they're not all the way down at third but they are in the bottom half of the league in pass attempts against which makes no sense since they've got a to score lead. Yeah all right. That's gonna do okay. I'll wrap it up there with the With the tough. 'cause would you guys start Jk dobbins over cooper kupp and and devante parker. And let's let's appr league. I'm probably gonna go cup dobbins parker. I think i would go. Parker cup dobbins. Wow you're really into devante. No you're just nervous about dobbins. I'm very nervous about darwin's parker's production with two has been pretty uninspiring. But he does look for him in the end zone. That's the that's the good thing. It just doesn't always complete it to him. The end zone but the yards have been very low All right new. England at the rams. Let's get this one. We'll get on anna. Sorry hit a symbol there. I sh- syria All stat of the game is this. For damian harris. A running back has scored a rushing touchdown against the rams in five straight games. That's pretty good. But when damian harris sony michelle janus white cam. Johnson all five of those running back scored seven to ten non. Pr points no more than twelve pr points. So yes. they're giving up touchdowns. Jacob gibbs laid it out pretty well with his stat. They're not the rams are not great as short yardage defense. They're pretty great. It seems like everything else right now. So i guess my question is are you starting any patriots. Long way of saying it or you started getting patriots. Not with a lot of confidence. Name harris is right for me and that cam akers Jk dobbins sanders category of running backs. That i'd really rather not but might have to and total here is pretty low. Forty four and a half. The rams are five point favorites which is not good for damian harris. He's been a very good running back. is he. He's like a number three running back this week. That's where i'd put him. Yeah okay what. I end leg. Good flex non-pwi pr. Okay so kareem hunter damian harris hutt Hunt how like you can pencil harrison for like seven or eight nine pr points. How about the as struggling chase claypool or damon harris. Claypool is more upside. I would start harris in non pc pr and claypool in full pr. All right cam. Newton or jared goff who is a better option in this game neither of the top eighteen so numb my top two. I've got mike glennon ring ahead of both night. Well that's bad but like the golf throws for a ton of yards every he's six in the nfl in yards. And he's i think eighteenth and touchdown passes he's got a really low touchdown rate again. Can i show the stat. That i sent you yesterday. Adam he's make his point. Then yes okay. I think the patriots defense is good and goff threw for one hundred ninety eight yards against the forty niners last week two weeks ago but he right but he's throwing for three hundred he's doing for three hundred or more yards and four of his last five games that yeah. That's that's true. But when he's played good defenses with bad offenses. Like the forty niners. Twice or the bears or the giants. He's been a two hundred yard quarterback. Okay we won't start them then. Good dave well you. And i were have been on a journey to try and crack the code on jared goff all year i you more so than me but i joined you as recently as yesterday. Yeah welcome yeah. This journey sucks yeah. There's no code well. We found a couple of things. Though the road home splits obviously favor him on the road. He's got multiple touchdowns and six of seven road games this year. I always hate using. I don't believe versus road. I don't buy better at home. You know so. I just think it's a fluke and i noticed that he tends to have better fantasy numbers in games were his running backs also have at least one. Running back has double digit fancy points. There's been six games where he's at twenty plus fantasy points running back because at ten plus and five of the six so maybe he needs that run game to collect some numbers to help him do better. Maybe that means that the defenses is bearing against both the run and pass against the rams and it makes it easier for golf connect. But the thing that i noticed and i went back in our true media database that we've got this year man versus zone. He's great against zone. Coverage seventy four percent eight point two yards per attempt a quarterback rating of ninety six six and against man coverage fifty seven point three completion rate. Six point four yards per attempt a quarterback rating of seventy three point one. He actually has the same touchdown to interception ratio of one to one against man and zone. But he's clearly not as good of a passer against man than zone bottom. The patriots would be using man a lot more than zone. They're already plan the fifth most of any team in the nfl. But here here is the cherry on top the patriots of a lot of love and fantasy points to cuyler murray and justin herbert combined. The last two weeks all right always hell can you trust. Jared goff always time often. Let's just but he's bad against man coverage the patriots play a lot of it. So what does that mean for woods. And we've talked about right. That's where you have to go with. It is is what does it mean for those two. What does it mean for woods. Woods plays better versus own a lot. Better catch rate. It's twenty three percent higher versus zone than men. Are you going to actually sit him. Because he's been highly heavily again. And yeah i can't look him as amy more than a low. In number two receivers specially in non pr and the same thing. Cooper kupp and non pbr. Although his catch rate is only nine percent different. I would start woods over cup. Woods has three straight games with eleven or more target seven more catches and eighty or more yards. You just don't know how many times they're gonna throw in this game. Says he's laid out patriots. Do a great job of slowing you down limiting your plays all right. So who's the best flex cam akers robert woods or cooper. Kupp woods cup. And i think. I'll probably end up taking cup in non as well. How do we feel about cam. Akers good not great i. I don't believe that he is guaranteed to still have this type of workload. He had a ton of touches last week. I think was twenty two. I don't know if he's definitely going to get that again. Darrell henderson missed. A quarter and a half with an injury came back in and then had an excellent looking run. It was well blocked for a touchdown. I'd imagine he's still going to get some run. I imagine a malcolm brown will still take on third downs. The nice thing about cam akers that he's clearly there guy inside the ten he had nine touches inside the ten last week. He scored on one of them. He's had three games this season with more than ten carries. He's not averaged four yards per carry in any of those games and he does not have a game with more than one targets. So you're facing patriots. Run defense it's giving up like three point five yards per carry lately. You've got a running back. That in games where he has usage he averages about three point five yards per carry and does not have any involvement in the passing game. That seems like a bad combination. You gotta hope he scores again. Yeah i know it's just like someone's gonna do well. Are they going to have a really bad game they could. I mean they could have a really bad game. The patriots have been that good lately. Defensively a month ago looked like a great matchup for cam akers but last five game last four games. I think it's i think you had a writing. It's three point five yards per carry allowed over their last five over the last five. So cam. who's the best running back in his game. I'll probably still say acres. I think he's got the most upside but it's not a lot. It's upside for maybe sixty yards and yeah acres just just barely. It's basically a coin flip. If we know on thursday. Frank gore is not practicing. He's doubt foley's probably not going to play. Would you start. Tie johnson over cam. Akers and mir's yes you'd start johnson okay. I'm not sure if i'm there yet. I don't think i'll get there with acres all right and i think that's it for this game. No tight ends in this game right. None that i'd feel confident and feel good about the dsp's. I think you're going to have to end up. Starting the rams it's not like the patriots offenses a dynamo patriots. Dst probably will end up being close to my top twelve. Let's call them a low end starter. They're they're both right around twelve for me. I have the rams currently higher That they're right run. Twelve can start them over the cowboys ramsey. Yes how about the panthers against denver Both of them. The rams the rams have the best defense in football and the patriots activity member the saints cam. Newton's turn overthrown. and i. i don't know. I mean i. I wouldn't even think about sitting them who you have to have to sit them. not nobody. that's available on waivers. I think that's the point i'm trying to make. There's not a waiver. Well that's what. I was just looking at The rams have actually been a better matchup for opposing. Dc dst's and the patriots this year. You mean the patriots are scoring more points than the rams. No i mean. Dst's are scoring more against the rams and they are against the patriots but it's so recent. I wonder if that's waited on the last two weeks. But that's what matters that's what counts right now. They're just playing tremendously. They weren't a great they. Were not a great defense earlier this year of this. I'm not saying you're not. You're not Opposing defenses are scoring more fantasy. Jared goff oregon's right right. But but i think the rams defense is a lot better than the patriots. I don't know if i i'm not saying that's wrong. I don't know currently with the way. The patriots playing if anybody's a lot better than them. I'm so interesting. The rams are better all right. It's a good point Well i can't. I am looking forward to this. Game i can. I can handle a nice low scoring. Game is good defenses playing it's a super bowl rematch looking forward to seeing it and it not feel like we're getting a break from football. It's like every single night football just about problem with that. I don't have a problem with it. But i don't want it to become a regular thing and it won't but you don't wanna oversaturated. I mean that was kind of an issue. Thursday night football for a while like you. Don't want oversaturated this weird. We just ended week thirteen yesterday and week. Fourteen arts strange. It's a strange all right guys. Let's hear from fantasy cops. Let's do this the disputes from nicholas. Ten team redraft. Pr lee going on eight years. With some decent money involved one hundred dollar buying who. That was in parentheses. I don't think you're allowed told me that we had one out. The real cops are going to visit nicholas and say hey you've been reporting income. The irs wants to talk to you. We had one manager decide to bail on the league. You lost five straight. I'm so frustrated. He decided to cut some good players last week. Dj charge ronald jones zakar. It's not super agree just moves but still at first. He didn't even try to replace them. He had four empty empty bench spots. This costs the caught. The league's attention and then he decided to replace them all with bears players because he's a bears fan. This didn't please the league and will unanimously voted at the commissioner. Would undo this and add these players back on his roster. This was done and this manager basically said kay care. I'm not playing next year but due to a week. Thirteen miracle of assert failing to put up almost record lows legitimately. He will now make the playoffs. As the succeed the league agreed not to lock his team but there is now a debate whether we should allow him in the playoffs since he attempted to tank and refuse to undo his actions when asked his ex intentional but now there is a much recourse any thoughts on a verdict for this. This is the problem with A heavy-handed league approach when a players Not behaving will. He's in the playoffs. he's mostly in the playoffs. Because you guys didn't think it was fair that he dropped his players which is fine. I'm not disagreeing with you if you didn't want him to do that that's fine but you can't say you can't drop your players for chicago. Bears mr bears fan. You must keep these good players and then also say oh no. You're good players one you games and put you in the playoffs now. You're not allowed to. We're going to put the bears back on your team. No he's in the playoffs. If he wins the you pay him the money. And then you kick them out of the league dave you could. I mostly agree. You could at least say to him. Look you made the playoffs. Are you interested in running the team for the rest of the year. We will make it clear that if you go on one of these you know rages where you're gonna drop guys because you're on hat does not deserve to be in the playoffs. He cheated league. He made a mockery of the league. He dropped his players. Well no he does deserve to be on the because he's earned it he. She's earned it based on the players that he drafted the players. Who started in the points. That i wanna see how he talks himself into a circle on this. That's already starting. You get booted out of the playoffs. I think it's disgraceful. What he did basically what he did was egregious and deserves like basically a suspension. You know like you're suspended four games and you're not eligible for the playoffs. Something like that. I just you know. You can't suspend him. But i'm saying if it were real life you would suspend him so i making him ineligible. I i would accept this answer. If 'cause my suggestion was to kick them out of the league at the end of the year if you wanted to kick him out of the league right now. I think an important distinction is has he paid. That's because if you kick them out of the league right now and don't let them participate in the playoffs. You are not getting that one hundred dollars. No chance kid. He has every right not to pay. Well that would be no. He would if he's the sixth seed and you out and didn't give chapter ever. You never have the right to not pay. Okay dave you are in the yellow going to pay right. What if. I told you dave in the playoffs anymore. I don't like the way you did this thing out of the playoffs. I'd like to know what i did wrong are. You doesn't doesn't. It does not matter so you have no chance to play for the for the prize and if you have no chance to play for the prize then you have no reason to pay. But i also didn't do anything to cause you to react that way. I didn't drop my players. I didn't do anything agree. I didn't You can't really keep separates ramp up what he doesn't have the right to not pay people. Just don't you don't do that when your fantasy league team away from him. You do all right. Let's let's put up you guys say he should be in the playoffs. Everybody his team should be in the playoffs. I would offer them the chance to run the team any stupid crap that he does to put players on the waiver wire whatever should be reversed immediately and then he's permanently banned after the season agree with the last part for sure i would have wanted the league right now and said his lineup based on projections and if he wins donate the league money to charity. I'd be fine with that. Also or just keep the money and make a bigger prize pool mixture. Jeez that he'd say you a little bit of both charity. Let's keep him to susan. Some bucks for the twenty twenty one season. I this is from cassidy away. Get the music sorry cassidy oh cassidy the bylaws at my league state that all winds are forfeit until the league. Dues are paid. The number one team in my league has not paid up this year despite three reminders. So do i go ahead and change the standings based on our rules it will rock by league totally upset the competitive environment. What do i do. Thanks for your help fantasy awesome. You have bylaws for a reason cassidy. You should feel no remorse. But what i would do if i. I don't have this rule in any of my leaves. I haven't collected entry fees for any of my leagues. I will collection of them in january. What i would do is. I would send a private message to this fantasy manager and i would say the playoffs star on thursday. Today is wednesday. If you have not paid by thursday. I have to take your wins away. It's right here in the by law and you will not be in the playoffs. And if he doesn't pay by thursday he's not in the playoffs and that this would be his fourth reminder very generous. I think it's i agree. I agree a hundred percent with. I last one now. This one here is a broad topic that we're getting a ton of questions about so let's go ahead and read it and make judgment eric from queens dear leonardo michelangelo donatello in rafael rafael the best three teams that might keep league are four and eight reverse standings to set the draft order for next year. Worst team gets the number one pick etcetera and total points scored as the draft order tiebreaker. One of the foreign aid teams intentionally set an illegal lineup. In order to not tally any points this week and guarantee himself the number two pick in next year's draft instead of three or four league members complained about league integrity. So i use commissioner powers to activate myles gaskin off his our spot and i played the saints defense. Which intentionally benched and then. I gave him an active lineup. Was i write for activating gaskins and playing the saints de so. His points would calculate for week thirteen. Well done eric. You are the best fantasy football commissioner. That i know of in new york. I cannot dispute that okay. I wanted this. You did the right thing. eric. I want to talk about this because a lot of people are saying. Hey we've got league members. Who are tanking on purpose. Is that okay. We've got league members. Who are losing as the number three seed to make sure that this better team doesn't make the playoffs. They're you know they're trying to help. The number six seed to keep the number seven seed out. This obviously happened last week and my take is. I don't love it but as long as you have a legal lineup you basically can do whatever you want it right. Is that how we feel. That's why we feel once you start going illegal lineup. Not starting defense and you know that kinda stuff. That's that's against the rules. But you wanna you wanna bench. Patrick mahomes for your backup quarterback ryan fitzpatrick who didn't even start. I guess it's okay. It's your decision to make. But that's basically how we feel if it's illegal lineup. You can do whatever the heck you want. You've earned that right. I guess it's not cool. But it's okay commissioner. Should have the manager make an attempt at illegal lineup before making it legal himself or herself. We got a little bit of show left. You got your questions via e and apple podcasts. And if we have time we'll talk dynasty quarterbacks although a definitely wanted to get to that earlier in the show well well well. We gotta take a quick break. Let's take a quick break when we come back. We'll see we'll figure out we're talking about support for this. Podcast comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars. Buy a plane ticket. Pay down your student loan. Treat yourself to those shoes. You've been eyeing with progressive. You can find out drivers who switch and save save an average of seven hundred ninety six dollars on car insurance get your quote online at progressive dot com and see how much you could be saving national average annual car insurance savings by new customer survey to save with progressive in two thousand nineteen fantasy football at cbs dot com. Here we go from erin ten team three receiver pr league with a flex. So i have to sit one of these guys. Who am i. Sitting allen robinson terry maclaurin diontae johnson justin jefferson and michael thomas Robinson chlorine diontae johnson jefferson. Thomas thomas jefferson maclaurin. Yeah i was gonna say yeah. Okay maclaurin don't you think i might. I had johnson the lowest of the fivesome. From richard i was. I was up against the commissioner of my league that needed less than three points. From zack moss on monday night. He got the three points early. But then moss fumbled and was benched. He lost by two tenths of a point. I listened to the podcast all the time. And i'm in second place. Thanks for the great advice. I i just want to say that. There's at least a small chance We're getting a stat correction on that. Right zack moss. Never actually had the football right. Could go to alan. It was on the exchange. Usually that goes to the quarterback. It did go to josh allen as of last night. We don't know where this person is fantasy. That's true richard. You might have to recent this email all right next. Email shine dog from washington. Hey sandler chapelle moyer ledger and stiller random dudes. That's good. yeah. That's adam. Dave jamie heath and ben line whole achieving boyer. That's great twelve team. Pr start to running backs chimera. Aaron jones kenyan drake jk dobbins jones. Chimera yeah too wide receivers cup. Lock it evans not cup. Yup and affleck's drake might go cup over. Lock it in full. Pbr lock it. I'm flexing drake way. Okay well i can flex lock flock it. Yeah okay so all sorts of three receivers with camerin jones and he threw go. Lock it evans. Drake correct from chris and new jersey. Dear mike max dustin lucas and steve. I love steve. Steve's gooding's yes strangers pick to wide receivers and pr antonio brown dj shark charq sharked. She did shark. Tee higgins tyler boyd. Why would a pile churkin. Boyd iverson say pronin higgins. I feel like there's been a decent decent ryan. Finley tyler boyd connection. So if if boyd. If if it's is finley that might help you. Pick a running back and acres booker edmonds lindsay gore acres booker edmonds lindsay gore man. This is stranger things i. I'm going back to devante booker as long as josh jacobs is out over. All of these guys. Okay i i can't i'm going cam akers from jo. Pick a tight end ebron goddard or ertz gutter. I'm going on nervous about it. He's less reliable with hurts than with wentz. i think jalen hurts his upside. Yes very good james. Jalen earth asks hurts has a thirty percent target. Share too tight end so far this season. Marvin jones are on his art. Barf yes d andre. Swift joe mixing. Zack moss sony. Michelle adrian peterson. Well who's who's available. Who's playing not not sony. Michelle or zack. moss right. So if if mixing and swifter out. It's peterson if either one of those to play. You'll start either. One of them over peterson. And if both of them are there. I think it's gotta be swift over mixing the matchups. Okay apple podcasts. Questions from n y. Two k b two four. Dear tony tony tony. That's remember that song. I remember loot myles. Gaskin or corey davis. i think. Say davis really really would be helpful to know the format here. But i would lean davis in most formats. No loot tony tony. Tony good one doubtful. Go ahead and listen to it. I think you'll like it from bed. I don't i bet you do from beeville dc. Now that i'm out of the playoffs. Who should i be looking. And who should. I be looking for on waivers to keep as a keeper for next year. this is a good time to say that. I don't think if you're not in the playoffs. If you're not in a true dynasty league in a true dynasty league everybody can keep adding players forever if it's a keeper league I would suggest that no one added during the fantasy play offs can be kept and also no one eliminated from playoff should be adding players and do a double check to see if there are players who were on. I r earlier in this year. That are still available on the waiver. Wire courtland sutton for example odell beckham. I'm sure i'm sure that in a league like this. Those guys are glued to bench spots. Anyway i don't i don't have a good. I'm blocked into the regular season. I started thinking about. I would like no the contract situations for cole beasley and john brown. Because i believe gabriel davis could be very good next year But that's the only thing that comes to mind and that's really more of a dynasty thing than a. Keep her thing you know. I'm not sure. You're keeping gabriel davis with the last round. Pick or anything like that easily as two more years of his deal is easy culpable the you expensive. They could come if they wanted to. But i would be stunned if they did that. John brown also has two years left in his deal is a little more flexible. Okay they could potentially move on from a thirty year old. John brown all right. Well you know what guys. Why don't we. Why don't we spend five minutes on dynasty here. All right dynasty quarterback risers and fallers. You guys went with the rookies which is not really what i was hoping for. But that's fine. I've got others besides the roster giving you some guidelines there what do you find to. it's low is a riser for you in dynasty. Sure he he played. I actually thought he played good football in the second half last week. He's maybe starting to click a little bit not that i'm ready to start him in the fantasy playoffs but maybe by the end of this year we'll start seeing that guy that we saw at alabama and he could end up being superstar and fantasy and twenty twenty one. How about i just give you. Because just in her. Obviously the biggest riser. And i stole them as quickly as possible he is. He's a top tin dynasty quarterback. Now and he might even be a top five dynasty quarterback by the end of the season. Update josh allen is a writer. He is made enormous progress as a passer. I think aaron rodgers like do you think back to the beginning of the year. In what the perception of aaron rodgers was at his age and the way he played over the last three years. He's a riser. I think the likelihood that that's probably enough hilar. He yes he is. But i mean not like the other guys were talking about right. Yeah what about paul reiser. Oh great comedic actor. He was in stranger things. I know he wasn't quite as funny there. No as well. The followers are more interesting. Dave said lamar jackson is a dynasty. Faller heath said that in before the game last night. But i can still make the case for lamar go ahead. Well think about what we thought on this time last year. One of the two best quarterbacks if not the best quarterback and fantasy about how we thought of him before. The season started one of the two best quarterbacks and fantasy if not the best quarterback and fantasy and before the game against cowboys think about what we were thinking of him. Maybe not a top ten quarterback fantasy. Ooh for for all the good that he did in that game against house he's still missing throws and so i don't think in a dynasty. We're thinking about him as this daily to make peace. Who's definitely pass lamar jackson. Sean has definitely marta. I would rather have sean. And i feel that way. Depending on who they hire and who who their receivers are next year. Like i have josh allen has passed him and if i'm really thinking long term i'm going to put borough ahead of them. What about herbert. I don't know how you. I how you take borough over herbert barrages outstanding player. I hope hopefully this knee. Injury doesn't submarine his whole career. My still include some value for the playoffs this year. Because that's obviously the most important thing is the next three weeks. But i don't even have a great deal of confidence that joe burrow is going to be one hundred percent in september. I'm thinking longer than september though. Well yes but he's not yet shown us. I i don't i would say the reason i asked. That question is like i think two weeks ago would have definitely said cuyler. Murray definitely past mark jackson But he's not really been that much like he's not been a great passer he just divvy runs ten times a game. He's a top two quarterback. I think he's a lot. I think jackson move. We saw last night. He really does have some serious passing issues. He can overcome them. But but i don't think there's bad as lamar. Yeah yeah they. They both have agree with that. I would be josh. Allen has serious passing issues but he overcome overcome some of them and he may continue to develop like. I think that is shawn watson thing. The nice thing about him is that he's but he's a better passer than any of these guys. he's so good. I probably the second. Or i don't know just pure quarterback who the best pure quarterbacks mahomes wilson watson rogers right now breezes still playing that well look those four i would say. Yeah he watson is so good All right let. Let's talk about this. The last three seasons here are the quarterback. Unless i'm forgetting any mayfield josh. Allen lamar jackson. Josh rosen sam darnold daniel jones cuyler murray dwayne haskins just in herbert joe burrow into a. Don't you dare forget gardner minshew. Okay gardner minshew. The jaguars did who are your top. Four from the last three seasons. So it's like we're going at alan jackson. Cuyler herber borough. Those are probably two. I know who my top four. Or i'm not sure what the order is. Well let's figure it out. It's lamar cuyler. Alain and herbert are my top four. And i would probably replace herber with borough and make that my top four. But i'm also just very very bullish on borough okay. What about i think is interesting the rest of those guys. Who's the best or do we have any faith at all that any of the rest of those guys are going to be fantasy started. I have a lot in. I have faith in two. I mean. I don't have a decent amount of faith in two week. I certainly don't think you can count him out. At this point he's been fine no Do you have any faith in lock. Daniel joe locke baker mayfield baker and jones still have a chance you like them more than drew lock for sure. I think drew lock get replaced in march locks at so. We've we've seen ten games from drew lock. We haven't seen anywhere close to a full season. Well we've seen so much from baker mayfield and daniel jones Well mayfield hasn't been that bad. I mean he was bad last year but when he hasn't had freddie kitchens he's been pretty solid and jones was joins his rookie year. Yeah jones is the best rusher of the three by far. So there's that joe like they're going to get him a wide receiver next year. It's going to help the offensive line. Might actually end up being good. They could end up with one of the best lines right. They'll they'll add another piece to that unit to the last four games. This season are big for him. I would argue daniel jones pass catcher better than baker. Mayfield is right now. Maybe that's true but no you know what it's not really a strength for either of them. In my opinion i mean. They're both kind of hindered. I think by their pass catchers. We'll compared to other quarterbacks. Look justin herbert's receivers. You would take those guys in a heartbeat over what they've gotten cleveland. New york right but the the best guide drew lock has. This season has been tim. Patrick is sentinel. Make him better. Not forget at sutton. Judy fan they. I don't know it's just something. I would be bullish on lock. If i was convinced that he would be their quarterback next year. And we guys. I don't know why we would think the broncos might move away from drew lock for the giants wouldn't areas away because first of all the giants are not going to have a good enough draft pick and they seem to really like daniel jones. And i think there's david gentleman is not going to get fired unless they really just screw up the last four games of the year they could I think there's going to be a lot of changes in denver. I mean there's just broken right now. The giants i think like daniel jones a lot more than you do. I'm just gonna blanco's and giants have the same record but one of them's one four games in a row and is in first place and you can see progress. This is how the giants are looking at. I'm telling just based on all the fans and they are seeing progress. Dana jones hasn't turned the ball over in three straight starts like they like him. You don't like him they do. I think he's okay. But i think he has potential. I don't really. I don't know wlac. Does i think jones could really turn things around. But i don't love him. I'm not trying to be a homer here. But he still has potential. He makes them great great throws they like him a lot more than you do. I'm just telling you. I think everybody and i key was a top twelve dynasty quarterback for me coming into this year but i expected he would improve as a passer and he hasn't statistically he's been odd been bad. No so andrew locks played a little more than half a season so i don't know about him as much. Well you get on. Drew lock and leaving things wide open for guys like sam darnold daniel jones hosted by adam as to you. By butcher box beacon infertile. what are you saying. What's hosted by major giants talk. That's absolutely not. We can't talk about daniel. Jones did a dynasty quarterback shopping. This whole conversation in at the end of that damage goodbye. We're done now now. really angry clark. Ras walls was merry christmas. Happy hot kiss my ass. Goodbye a college. Basketball season has finally arrived better late than never better uncertain nonexistent now tonight. It's gonna be a bumpy ride. Thanks to a global pandemic. but it's still gonna be a lot of fun and the best way to stay up to date with all the news while also be entertained to spin the season with me. Gary pairs m my colleague matt norlander. Cbs sports i on college basketball podcast. We'll be published episode every sunday. Winston friday grabbed the season. We'll preview game. We'll make predictions against the spread. We'll discuss all relevant developments and we'll have a blast while we're doing it. We're just to longtime connect the college basketball talking college basketball three times a week. At least i would love to join us. The eye on college. Basketball podcast is the most listened to college basketball. Podcast in the country. Find out what by subscribing anywhere you subscribe to the podcast including apple podcasts.

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