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Hi this is tony toledo. David michael slater has written an interesting series of books with all family called mysterious monsters. The first book had the precocious madigan kids finding bigfoot. His newest has them looking for area. Fifty one in las vegas and they may run into aliens. This is a good candidate for fun. Summer read here. is our full conversation cut. Thank you for your interest in this. Oh yeah yeah. I think it's really neat. It's a cool Series of books for kids. And i like that. I'm glad to hear it for. Yeah pretty cool. I mean went from bigfoot area. Fifty one nice. That's a good transition. Actually all six books are finished. Oh wow no kidding before we get into the story and stuff. Let's talk about the kids. Mattie max deal how would you describe them for those meeting them for the first time i guess quirky overused through. But they all have They're all unusual. The all have time to them in different ways. The older sisters secretly enjoys being the boss which she has to be because among Appeared a year before. This i book begins. She's sort of acts like she resents. Having to get the brothers teachable moments. But she that she really enjoys it. middle max is a book-aholic and he got stacks piled oliver's around remember exactly where everything is where every book is which pile and how far deep into it and then the youngest brother. Theo is sort of charmingly Roguish pulses i skipped over the next sponsored by nice has a special crouch that he thinks helps them spy on people in crouches around two inches. Everybody will not they say especially their names As we begin yanni's book they they have big foot in the basement. And they're off to las vegas to eventually go to area fifty one and from what i hear. Max is preparing some special gadgets. Yes he has a he has a spine. Ocular had another spied renewing tools that he cares around on so he can be ready at any moment for by duty and i guess i guess i should say the reason. Why pick for this ashton their patient father mark madigan that they're the madigan. They live outside forest park in portland. Oregon and fathers famous is tv. Show called monstrous lies with marcus matt again. And he's he's made a career debunking. Paranormal claims he travels around the country and she shoots Tv show masking crops and fraudsters and the kids were brought the kids up to these skeptical into appreciate tactic. That's that's already in world so it gets a little awkward when they come into discovering bigfoot and so they're hiding from their dad and very cool that's great so sort of the major in nature plot idea that that carries through all the books so they head to to las vegas and Can you kind of tease esto. What they might find an area fifty one sure. So the reason why. They're going with their dad thumb at the end of the first book. They sort of fit their trouble. jeopardizes television show. So they decide to Make up for it by testing that. They travelled around The on their summer break helping you know with his. And there are rumors circulating that j rod young the supposedly alien that the government has been hiding all these years and one. There's rumors that he has escaped running around the las vegas because they're not that is causing. You have health fanatics from over the world. Descend on chase afternoon. So there's people are running around desserts butter flying and whatnot and it just turns out that they also arrived that searches circles further. Stay time there's a alien convention going so there's a lot of aliens happening and one of the kids so the dad In touch with some military people at area fifty one in one of them leave because they actually like his help to to debunk this whole thing because the chaos is just not good for them so he agrees to meet that max smuggled to this meeting. That's where they get closed areas. Was i guess. It must have been fun as to what to kind of paint a picture. What area fifty one might look like. Was that cool to kind of dive into that part of the your foam methology. Yeah who are what that actual whether or not there isn't actually there on how that plays out. Even though these books are short there are. there's some genuine. I think if i may say twists through that the even older reader wouldn't necessarily see coming. Who when you write this. What's the process like. Do you hotline first and then kind of dive into the story and maybe take detours now. And then i am not an outlander water. I i think that would be nice. But i just can't do it. So i generally sort of have this circular out says. I have an idea that could have to get started. And i was just right till i hit the and not just go back and serve reviving from the very beginning and after all these years i i know that i'll i'm not revisited on for just a little bit before i hit a wall again to go back to the start and i just repeat that enough times. I find that. I didn't come in total. How many books are there going to be there. six in. we're calling it I don't know if i've been determined not that. We're calling today circular series. So it's a little unusual is probably not advisable for an author to write a whole series before the their success enough to justify publishing him. Oh sure this is. Actually the second time i've found that i did it with the series for young adults comfort books. 'cause for me i there's just such a the image to that those series come full circle at the end to see how all the stories together like a puzzle. So that's that's what excites me about series. And you really didn't thoroughly if you don't know where you're going like once. A book is published for example. A phone was published. You're stuck with what happens. If the one that he write off six seconds happens. I can come back to their early books and provide them until off six bucks week. One march story. Oh yeah that's certainly an advantage you know. That's for sure that's really cool. There's more mysterious monsters in a moment now. Do you have a set schedule when you write. I don't because i'm a fulltime teacher. Teach middle school separately grade english. So i pretty much actually. I do have a regular sunday morning riding time. A writer friends. But otherwise i just take forever acting rabbit for have trouble convincing new riders of this said even if only ten minutes fifteen year narrative worth using that time. Yeah have your students seen some of your work. Oh yeah. I i teach gifted and talented kids who Who have to read. Oh that's great yeah kind of. It's really wonderful teacher. Obviously yes yes. They love it up before. I moved to renowned courtrooms student. Be mailing these. Are you really david. Slater these books. Are you really author. I knew i was coming to a good job. Now i know your your. Your book is available in kindle version. To what like as a writer now to have like a different medium really to present a book. Although i i liked the tactile experience hokey the book. I don't know what it is. It's just you know yeah me too. I definitely prefer though actually incinerating doing for the for the series but happening. I don't know i just. I just think were whatever increases the chances of of getting into somebody's genes. Yeah absolutely it's great. I think it's fantastic. And obviously you can carry several books and one of those devices and And actually you know eventually have your whole series on one device and that's not a bad either so it's not work out probably. Yeah exactly. yeah i i you see those a lot when people travel no doubt about it. So can you teach us about what is coming up after alien. Yep i can tell you all this book. Third book is called the empire. Oh hey on the the same week. The kids in their dad got down to new orleans. Oh nice The book after that is copy ghost wherever they travel shorter distances. To ashland oregon. And then there's a book called. Where will where the kids go up to the one. Finally the last book is called the collector. Let's i probably should not. Okay okay. The fantasy and horror and decipher. Was that something that interested you as a growing up as well fantasy for served. That's what i started reading. Books are the rings watership down. Yeah of my about in close to thirty books published in you really kind of range around a lot of picture books. These are my first early chapter book series. I mentioned team theories to books first thoughts. So i kinda love everything i really. If i had to pick one thing he would be writing. When you're writing for you know for younger readers. I guess you have to kind of you obviously have to watch your vocabulary for one thing. But how do you get into a different mindset for that or or how does that work exactly for you. And let's be a little bit instinctual. Because i don't really Consciously think too hard about it I think maybe one of the benefits who are one of the prerequisites for being able to do that. It's actually loving all folks for all levels of kids. Yeah not love them. But otherwise i have a feature that just from writing for little kids i just. I just tried for a little kid. My vocabulary tend to actually be a little bit above my audience which i actually consider. Thank me if you go too far above and you lose. The ride rang vocabularies. We getting absolately. Learn some words and that's not a bad thing a lot of my characters love mermaids fox and there's actually also a there's a running team there's also like some life lessons kind of tucked in there a little bit too. Yeah and i think. I'm very wary of being active. I don't her for that. cookbooks myself. Some of them actually for that So i do think in. Please from the early readers from that. Those lessons are subtle inorganic to the story. And and don't preachy at all. Yeah i mean that's definitely echo that can be walking a type rope at times watched app at that it. Hey you can master that. that's great. that's awesome so. When did you know that you wanted to write. I did not grow up. That dream really. Not one of those writers are. I didn't even really read much in honestly so after so i was like a junior college functionally illiterate terms of literature and i thought i better start eating and i did and i got addicted to it. But i didn't start reading writing till i was in graduate school and i read some short stories by argentine Genius named tori. Any lewis or hayes. Oh i'd love his stuff. Yeah yeah. I mean mind-blowing. I didn't even know that that kind of sort of invented rumself. So yes i do even know. I was so amazed and bruno away by that. I thought. I just wanna try three like that. I was in grad school writing in my opinion pseudo scholarly illness so that i felt was actually more fictional than than Than real. And then i find on my gosh you the guy who wrote fictional scholarly articles. So i said to try a couple stories and Had some fun with it and sites. And now i got accepted in scare little journal. Good no one ever read but it was encouraging so just sort of went from there. One of one of those stories. I was trying to write Like a year or two later curtain would be a better picture books so that and got some good reactions snowball going and it's great. What which it like to do. The picture books i love doing picture is totally different process. I've had. I've had all the different types of experiences. The bigger that publisher the left the author has any thing whatsoever and the illustrations artist. Yes but most of my books are from smaller presses. That not only let so in the process of finding australia but stay involved in terms of giving feedback over. Traffic and in some cases actually worked with illustrators. So i mean i guess. There are a lot of horror stories about that. And the reasons why the large publishers don't put you together as they go badly have had no bad experiences with any of it really really speaking of illustration the illustrator for Your monsters books Talking about him. The covers are really really cool. I absolutely incredible. I mean i don't know how the how the get awards for book covers. But i mean the cover for bigfoot tackler. Yeah nuoro soaring getty. He's an italian artists. I didn't i don't know how he he actually is. Also straight at the seven covers teams. So that's where. I met on different publisher. I suggested in for her this one. Fortunately that worked out. I mean they're just jump right into pictures and in detail of the black and white interior pictures which is also really wonderful. Part of the series. Yeah i i can't say enough about how good he is so wonderful to work with in your eyes had any capture mattie maximum. Theo ruwais way. Being i have been working with in person. Though i described the hair that each at a crazy head of hair in different ways the father does too and we looked at some various styles. Sentencing off her. Sort of cartoons. Dial back with just Like i said some of my house great. I mean it's It it adds so when you right now are those the the images you see of them when you write them. I guess i haven't thought about it. I mean because we'll all the books were done. Yeah where he got okay. But when i when i read the books that reading i have a clear picture of his vision so now this series is done. Is there anything else you're planning next month of the launch at my first book of nonfiction cup. Twenty five education. We're heading wrong and how to fix them while not the main titles. We're doing it wrong. That's little exciting. Because i have not seen in the nonfiction for otherwise i do. Have you have another zero chapter book series. I and and i'm gonna kind of control myself in my the whole multi series there. Must it finds a home. The super duper oh cool. It was about a family with really useless in terrible superpowers kind of feel inferior like for example The father through visible the only who when he screening. Oh that's funny. I liked that already. That's cranky. I really wanna appreciate. I appreciate your time. And it's been fun talking to you and mysterious monsters. It looks like a great series if the if the first two books are any indication of mysterious monsters alien and area fifty one. So that's that's a that's sounds like a lot of fun. Very i tell you how much i appreciate your interest. Oh no problem at all all right. Great chutney david. You take care you to look for all the mysterious monsters books at amazon as we chatted about. Thanks for joining me as always. I'm tony to you.

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