Casting Choices & NFL Win Totals


Around with the nfl. Podcast is a first round. Welcome to another edition of the around. The nfl podcast name. Is dan hands. Has it's come to you from a virtual room filled wissam heroes mark. Sesser rake rosenthal. Well-poised happen Member frank the tank from that movie old school char and when. He said he had a nice little saturday. Coming up and He said he's going to home depot and all the Frat brothers laughed at him. And i remember watching that film as a twenty three year old and be like man. That guy's finished well. That was my entire weekend. I i made two trips to home depot. I didn't even use the shopping cart. I use the big one. The big kind of truck thing. We have to put lumber and all sorts of things like that my In laws were in town and my my father-in-law's extremely crafty as we work on this new home. So all sorts of projects men all sorts of projects. I mean ridiculous. Changing filters doing some light carpentry building railing staining would tending to a garden installing locks handles sweeping raking very enjoyment. Out of this. i do it. it really is A challenge this thing this new world. I'm in of homeownership but it is rewarding when you finish the job the thing about it is though and i is listening right. Now that owns their own home will undoubtedly agree. Never stops you finish one project and then the next one comes in the next one comes so i understand. That's part of it too but Yeah nice little saturday. I mean the the laundry list of activities that you listed are probably on the lowest end of the spectrum of things that i'm skilled at not skilled at those things in phnom either. And you know what's interesting about this stuff like you come out of these weekends embolden like i. I have all these bricks randomly that were left behind by the previous owner. And now like looking. Can i brick and mortar the front of this house. It's like no you can't but you start to feel like you have the ability and i guess with practice and become more handy Because i speak for myself and probably the total of the around. The nfl podcast. We're not like the manley est men when it comes to you know working with our hands and things of that nature so you're kind of coming from behind and were on the comeback trail. Though at least i am. I am not if we go to home depot. I just distract the kids for as long as we're there so emica can do all the buying in doing whatever's going on but that's why i'm team team rent here. I don't have to worry about that stuff. My perfect day is is an overcast. Not sunny beach day. You get there as early as possible. You spend the time at the beach. You leave maybe a little little after lunchtime. The kids are kind of wiped out the rest of the day. That's a perfect saturday for me. And i've done it weekly. I would say during the pandemic. It's been i would. I would put myself in the category this probably. Dan clearly pleased the wife with this home. Purchase i mean. You're you're an all star category at this point and you've crossed over to a certain world where you really the no complaints lodged against you for the most part Greg's outside of work seem to me also to be largely of the pleasing wife variety and himself. But i mean the lines. I don't feel part of either of these universes in any way. I could purchase things at home depot. My dad is quite crafty. That's up but when you have a rental rental mindset. The last thing i do is hammer anything or touch a wall or recarpet any patch of floor and i think that ties into it's a generational thing because our parents are all buying their first home. They were twenty two or whatever twenty three and raising families and you have to learn that stuff Right away whereas our generation at least in this country like it's almost unheard of to own a home before you're even thirty unless you come from a considerable means or make thirty five. There were outside of these big cities we always live in. But yeah you're right. Yeah i mean. I can only speak for where i've lived in new york and now in. La but yeah. It's rewarding though. I will say why we're excited to come over and see the house greg and we're gonna come over the two of us and All right good stuff good monday. It's the monday show. Just three heroes and ricky. I ricky's a heroes while a heroin. Heroin is that in place. Because we've we've kind of dropped actress from the lexicon. It's actor I don't know if heroin is out now as well now. She's i'd probably misstep there. I feel like actress is still in the mix but heroin is great in multiple ways as describe of a woman hero base. It's a compliment. I mean it's not you're not taking a jab at someone. Yeah no. I would say i am heroin to you guys. Well played well all right. Thanks for stopping in america. Today's show We are going to have some fun again. This is on my radar dhs. I think it's on everyone's radar This the seventeen game season yes. It's more football But it's hard to like can look at certain things the same way. So for instance. We're gonna talk about some pf pro football focus Released their latest wind projections for each of the thirty two teams. And it's it's just messing with my head. Because i'm looking at the totals and a mike. Oh this team is supposed to win. Ten games oh. That's a that's a good season that's ten six or maybe eleven and five. No no now. That's a ten and seven season nine wins. No that's a nine eight season. What does it even mean anymore. It's going to take a while to get used to this mark. Yeah no i. in fact we've taken a look at this list as a group. And i didn't even think about that the first time we did. Because i'm still in that sixteen game. Mindset it totally changes things. You win nine games. You're essentially average. I feel like vegas will win at least like an extra ten percent on win. Totals this year just for like the ten to twenty percent of people that forget about it and just like start betting on the wrong. That's true so we'll check that out But first let's do some news ricky. Hit it seven ten. Come on man. Ten the seven ten only been made on television three times in the history of professional bowling on tv. Come on sabotage. Goodness the ginger assassin. They call him eighteen year. Old kid rose seven ten. Split third time ever are they. Guess who's the fourth time ever to do it on. Television good ricky. Can you get me. His actual name is jin assassins. Incredible name who needs an actual name. And maybe maybe with antidote has got another you know three to five years in the nfl glowing ginger men early in my nfl media run. I know a lot of people Call him the red rocket. I believe it was red rivals. Red rifle maybe. Ginger assassin is what we should go with randy going forward. Anthony newer is the young bowlers name. Congratulations to you young men. I mean he's got to assassinate some people to get that. The bowler is clearly assassinate. You watching bowling or something this weekend after the game. After by the way. I started flipping in the kids around and we saw some world acts. Throwing league champions. Espn that is next level. People kids were into that. I watch a little little yankees Raise and then a little bit of the masters just a tiny bit and then I didn't get a chance to check out bowling. Just saw that on twitter. But i did grow up watching saturday bowling on. Abc dad so that is my dad. Keith hands averaged one. Eighty five for his entire amateur career until he had to get knee replacement. Couple years back. I've told him to get into it. Get it on the senior tour but so far no dice there. All right ginger assassin. All right let's get to the news Starting with what's going on with the philadelphia eagles. Now if you are at all plugged in or just paying attention you know. Something is off in the mix with the eagles right now With doug peterson being fired. with Howie roseman still there. Jeff laura the owner Very plugged in perhaps to plugged in general that entire super bowl team. A legendary team in the city of philadelphia beat the patriots in that shootout in the two thousand seventeen season basically got wiped away. So what's going on behind the scenes. The athletic did a great Breakdown shield kapadia bo. Wolves zack berman. Worked together on a piece digging into it and greg a lot of angles and a lot of ways the jump into this but for me the biggest takeaway was the danger when the owner gets too involved and most and most specifically on the personnel side. And how that could lead to a domino effect that create a lot of issues in an organization. What did you take out of it. Yeah. i agree that. Jeffrey larry has probably been more involved throughout than has been reported that if he's putting his finger on the scale as they said with some of these draft picks that's problematic that he's watching tape. It's like come on and that the situation that they're in now with a lot of back biting you can pretty much put it together here that it's a lot of fired. Eagles coaches or personnel and or personnel people complaining about the setup. where ultimately jeffrey larry. They thought whereas listening to too much of the analytic side. But also that you know the analytic side howie. Roseman is like in this difficult spot to where it's like lawry's almost intentionally pitting the two sides against each other and louis riddick i feel comfortable talking about him because he's been on record about it. Granted this was four or five years ago when he got fired. You know just thought the whole setup was was a problem and you're seeing all these football guys who may not be inclined to trust the howie analytic side even in the least bit from the get go. And then larry almost sets it up in a way where he's the king maker and he's choosing which side he wants to believe at a certain level and it's like you're just asking for problems but it's amazing how he's kinda survived all of it. I love some of the little details in this Talked about jeffrey. Lurie huddled away in his his basement or above is garage or something watching the blue gray game in the senior bowl and the japan bowl. It's just like he's very very duggan. That was when peter king article decades ago when he first bought the team so always into it but he's starting it seems or maybe starting but has really ramped up his presence in terms of making day-to-day decisions. I don't know the thing is though it's like look. The eagles are worth three point. Four billion dollars. He's he's the money man. It's his his business. Unlike some owners he is football. I and he goes to every practice. It's his I guess it's his perogatives to be as involved as he wants. But i would point to what greg set to. The structure of that organization seem to stir up suspicion and animosity between an analytics department. That a couple years ago was the belle of the ball. Everyone always talking about the forward thinking eagles and how they eagles the eagles eagles everyone no well they were getting. I mean if you go back and look at like old rota world post and they are just getting glowing. Reports from everyone and the bottom line is always going to be a fisher between coaches and the analytics wave and roseman is a friend and he's probably been kept around longer than i think he's probably the central antagonised most eagles fans because he's sort of he. Yes they want super bowl but he also like clung to that roster way too long the coaches in philadelphia's to me seem as deep powered as they are almost anywhere outside of dallas. And the way that doug peterson was treated you can understand why he was pissed off as he said and frustrated and probably felt not listen to you and it made me to spin it to makes me look at nick serianni and say you weren't the first choice but you're going to play. You're going to be a good little boy. Does what the rest of this power structure wants to do. Yeah in syria and makes a lot of that that he's he must know what he's getting into here because you don't say no to a head coaching opportunity and it wasn't like he was the hottest name on the market And but when you look at it when andy. Reid was the coach for fourteen years. They never had these tuesday meetings With the head coach and the g. m. it's laurie. It's roseman and it was. Doug peterson every tuesday and win or lose. According to this athletic piece they would sit down and go over the things that doug peterson did wrong. And i can't imagine how that must have been kristoff. I get it. I get it doug how that would grind on you as a coach where you're just being Meticulously picked apart and it gave me two thoughts. One yes i think serianni. It's unfair to say he's like a puppet and all of this but very clearly he's going to have a defined role in the organization and it's not a very loud voice in two and maybe think doug peterson he's i guess he's out of football right now Whoever hires them next. I feel better about him because if anything he dealt with a lot of garbage behind the scenes and still put together a winning team for several years including super bowl champion right. There's a couple of things that aren't mentioned in the piece which is that. They've been the most injured team in the nfl in like three straight years. And so sometimes. I just feel like. That's a huge part of it like their roster awesome and other than last year they still ended up making the playoffs and usually into the divisional round like getting over these injuries. But i think like how you handle. Success is not just like players want more money. It's everyone it's the owner who suddenly As you mentioned like wants a lot of the credit like look who's important like let's put it out there. It's the gm who wants a lot of the credit and putting out how great they are. It's the coach who wants a lot of the credit and it's the team trying to make tough decisions of thinking. They're in this window to win a bunch of super bowls and maybe making not making the best personnel decisions. It's one of the reasons why the patriots run. I don't think he'll ever be duplicated. Just 'cause like there's so many problems of dealing with success and and they're showing it like. I don't know i don't know how long serianni is gonna be able to last there. He's probably got about a two year window or else they're going to blow up this whole thing. I think it's interesting that you mentioned the patriots because they came to mind because of any team sports or at least in the nfl. I mean they're coach. Is there. gm essentially is their final. You know outside of the owner once in a while bell. Chick doesn't have to worry about these layers of external power pressing against each other. I mean as a jets fan. Dan and as a browns fan. It's like i feel like i've read twenty hit pieces. This wasn't a hippie twenty in-depth reports about what's wrong in cleveland over the past twenty years in the same with the jets. And it's like it's just poor organization poor structure and its infighting and it's ego and it's the desire for power and money and it's like this story has been going on for thousands of years. The eagles are just like today's version of it. And and you bring up bell check in the patriots. It's funny there's no like there's no perfect way to do it because bell check is the be all end all up there and when you look at their their past. Four or five years of drafts. Maybe it would help to have someone else's voice in there be something in there. I think it what it comes down to is the you have to find that balance in the in the everyone needs to be talking together in the analytics department has to be playing ball with the gm and the owner and the scouts. And i think that's just such a hard thing to get right and the organizations that manage it build a long-term winner and the and the organizations that don't maybe you flash and you you get an improbable super bowl. Victory like the eagles did but then it comes back in and we'll come back to bite. You like howie roseman. I thought that was interesting. To how what he was when he was famous. And we've joked about it for years. That he was banished to the poconos by jeffrey laurie. When chip kelly was hired and was giving give and team building skills and they sent them to the opposite side of the novacare complex. That was the non-football side which is a huge slap in the face of roseman and he he said later on that that helped inform how i changed the way i do my business. Although he's kind of gone back to his earlier form apparently he did the same thing to the analytics guy that he was unhappy with sending banishing him to the opposite end of the building. Just like whoa. And it's a. it's a big soap opera ultimately. it's fun it's fun to for us dynamics. I mean the thing with like the owner meeting like that's very typical by the way like an owner meeting with his coach to go over in in now whether the total is what stood out exactly so getting this tone from you can assume the coach's side of things and i think it's just winning like winning papers over all this stuff i think. Probably everyone had these feelings while they were winning too. But it's cool because it's like the super bowl raises everyone's profile and raises. Everyone's money and everything like that and then the second you start losing then. The backbiting comes wouldn't note though that like they talked about sitting down in a sort of secret. Three hour meeting with jim schwartz days into that super bowl winning season because people thought he was looking for peterson's replacement it just seems like they never really bought into peterson as a vision guy. Someone he needed his hand held. And i think you're right that those meetings every tuesday probably became. You know we all have things during the week. It's like the worst part of your week and it's like that probably was peterson's worst part of his week for years and they get eagles fans are salty. And i've given them a little bit agree for being so upset and angry and critical in the last couple years. Considering what you have that many fan bases have never had which is a super bowl title but you get it because it wasn't supposed to you know happen. This quickly. go from being super bowl. Champion to all this dysfunction but That's where it goes by both by the way friend of the podcast involved in the case of that story all right in other news speaking the athletic michael lombardi does this thing over the michael lombardi. He bounces around quite a bit. I can never trust. I don't know yes. he is. okay guys. that's that's how you make money in this business. Stack paychecks from all over the place you know anyway. Lombardi believes that the washington football team will be willing to trade up to land a quarterback. Trae lance dakota state star. Were talking about a godfather type offer. Look at me. I bring up lombardi now bringing up italian motion pictures. Italian american motion pictures That's his thing anyway This would take a lot. Obviously they're sitting at number nineteen. They are the defending division champions in the nfc east of course mark So to get up to what i assume would be. You know around the top five to get trae lance. You're probably gonna have to surrender everything which they already did that once before with. Rg three should they be thinking about doing that again. I just think it's an interesting. I mean there. There's a lot of varying opinions on trae lance lance yearling. Our guy his comparison. Nfl wise was josh allen but he doesn't seemingly have that same powerful arm. He is certainly a dual threat. And you've got scott. Turner their young turner. You've got ron rivera. They went to a super bowl with cam newton. So you wonder if maybe that's something they've always valued. If you're ron rivera that kind of a quarterback that can do it all. I mean he really. Is someone with feet like you. Build an entire offense around what he can do on his feet. They talk about him. Being one of the smarter guys coming in at the quarterback position he can read. He said his own protections as a runner. Which you know you're center could be doing that. Typically he he he is like a brainy kid but not fully formed. And so i don't know what you give up for him to get up there. But you have to really believe it. And i wonder i mean it's got to be ron rivera thing because this this is a team that took twain haskins a couple years ago trae lance to me is someone that is just you look at what people say. They're all over the map so so washington must be fully end belief of what he can provide. I just think there's so many teams that are going to make such big mistakes this draft. Because there's less information unless all these guys are just like good trae. Lance is uniquely a blackbox of trat draft prospect. He played one game last year. Which sort of didn't even count he threw eighteen passes per game the year. Before in the most highly schemed offense that exists. Basically carson wentz's north dakota state offense which is about as far from like an nfl up but it looks awesome like a lot of people think he looks better as a prospect than than wednesday for instance and. Everyone loves him. But you're basing this off of eighteen throws a game two years ago at the fcs level and you can make mistakes way. But it's not that different with fields and wilson like. They didn't play that much either that for for like big time college quarterbacks. They're in a different category two and they have their own questions with scheme and like the you know how much the scheme helped how much they played and in for wilson like the opponent so to me. It's like the guys was look awesome. They the quality of the talent in terms of just like physicality and your arm streetlamp lancet as a more than a good enough arm. It's like they all look like great prospects but you just figure. Some of these teams are going to totally botch this. Because i'm a black box candidate. I never heard that before you know with the black box that that's usually something you don't learn what happened until you're digging through the wreckage of the airplane so saying kind of pointing your prediction analysis here in the now i i'm really interested in trillions. Just because no one seems to know much about them or you just seems to be the guy that's getting ignored in this process even though he's pretty fascinating just athleticism and where he comes from. The black box thing is more like. How do people really know how he's going to translate. It's a pretty big projection josh allen. Maybe as a good comparison is that what you just said. Yeah mark right as a as a prospect that makes a lot of sense to me. Because i think he was a really tough one to know how he would fit at the next level. Who's a really polarizing prospect last year. Just herbert and my team as the number two overall pick. I'm probably going to be rooting for zack. Wilson next year. Would i like if he had another full college season. And all that stuff sure but at the same time it just feels like it's all this crap shoot really no matter what so. I don't feel like the jets are in some type of or these. Other teams are in a total disaster situation. Because you can do all the research. Watch all that tape you want but when the lights go on week one or whenever these guys get the chance. That's when you finally see whether they can you know. Greg play the guitar moving on a lot of guitar. Playing on this show throw the football would be preferable but we should guess my brother dean dean. Dean went to college for guitar. You wanna you want to see the tate. The delaware tapes. Forget about that. We got a lot of dean rosenthal tapes. Playing all would like to see tapes. Western mass Forget delaware tapes nights but also some like cover cover songs kiss and ugly kid joe and and guns and your in a collector but dan and i are not off the case on the delaware tastes nor will we ever be off again. I know i know on your other. Podcasts your best buddies like celebrity and you guys do your comedy thing if if the delaware tapes ever service on that show and not on this one. This whole thing's over. We are folded up shop. That that is that is that would never occur to be no. I would not do that to you. That's also giving greg incredible power over our careers dan. I don't know. I might return to still do an episode of The saying oh up nex right this again. Just in anderson reports free agent defensive nj davey and cloudy is visiting the browns. Does this sound familiar. Yes it does sound familiar because he already did meet with the browns I don't know if it's virtual or in person but this is back in march no deal and can we just and don't take this personally markets. Not about you your team. Can we please just sign with. The browns. already survey can get all excited about their. Hi tony browns and how clowney is going to be cross from myles garrett and that's going to unlock this magic that we've been waiting can just do it already signed and then let people start writing news articles and then we could let the game play out and then garrett has a great year and clown gets hurt and does nothing. Can we just speed the process along here. Just a little bit. Ricky and i know this is a personal sunfire. Because i don't want maybe you guys want to do more of these but i want to fire this david clowney story going into the sun because nobody needs. Nobody needs this much speculation considering the production. I'm sorry into the sun. You don't worry. Is i mean they also met last offseason so this. This is elongated flirtatious. I i find. I find it ponderous to me tells me more about maybe what they think about where they pick the draft the edge rusher position in the draft. Which is certainly missing myles garrett type character pushing better guys down the list like maybe they wanna go into the draft with this position sealed up so they can take a cornerback or the best player available. But i'm with you dan. I find it juicy though if my team signs the player that really i can't think of too many players that you're more happily antagonistic toward and not without reason. But the but the the whole scenario there. I find compelling if your friend andrew berry. Gm this is. What if i had a direct line to him. If i tap into the gm app if it existed if you do sign and you will sign today being cloudy for a one year team friendly deal with nice incentives to the player if he stays on the field and makes plays do not say. I have defensive end opposite of myles garrett covered. And i don't have to worry about it and i could turn my attention to other physicians in the draft. That would be a mistake. Signing him would not solve any issues. Libya vernon what's going on with his achilles vernon like like closed the season very well and was exactly what popkin achilles though right at the end so so he's just off the table right now. I don't think it solves a position. But i think they're probably just thinking. I think it's incredible upside. I think it's incredible and if you take out last year. He has been very consistent overall. I mean he maybe he is in like the transformative number one overall pick but he's better than most number one overall picks and he's and he's a pretty consistent career until last year. I do wonder. I think it says more about the taco liberty when we just got news talk about justin houston's visiting the ravens throw that in there we just got nothing to talk about. There's no there's news right now my counter that how come. Nobody wants to pay. This guy took forever for the titans to finally given that one year deal and now again. In april i think the way he plays and the the lingering injuries that he's played through our serious concern because he plays he's kind of like the running back takes two hundred and fifty hits every year is his career going to be shortened. And i think that was the concern for cloudy and it's kind of coming out that way after last season so i get the concern too anyway. I apologize. I got a little fired up there but you know. Wait until he signed. Wait until thursday. When he's by then he will have signed. And then we're gonna give the exact same analysis. I know i know but let's just not do another story until that signing happens and he was the first overall pick and i believe two thousand fourteen right. That's right and this all started in july two thousand thirteen. So it's like phil we've been talking about this guy for a long time for somebody that's never had ten sacks in a season anyway Signs with the jets actually. Because then you're going to be in a really replace. We won't joe douglas too smart for that. Trust you joe kevin. James play sean payton and a happy madison picture. Happy madison is the production company. Owned by adam sandler and adam sandler has a extended deal with netflix. To put together these movies with his buddies and Put them on netflix. And they apparently do pretty well regardless of their artistic achievement And kevin james the full-figured Comedic actor playing sean. Payton in a movie. What do you think about this. Well i think. I think if i'm kevin james and i'm reading peter king right about it and like the one thing kevin that peter king mentions as well. Kevin james is going to have to lose some weight for this. I'm thinking thinking like who are. Who are you to talk first of all. And you're just talking about me like that. And by the way. Sean payton like kevin james if we're going to go. There fluctuated over the years for. He's he can be shocked at times and he can. He can look like the coach at the end of the season like his old coordinator rob o'brian again go back and forth. That's and king also was wrong in not understanding the The business involved here again. Happy madison they. They don't really care what what kind of project they're putting together. They're just getting their buddies together. There's no like. I need to dedicate for this role to play sean. Payton kevin james is going to stay exactly on his diet and cash the paycheck and do the movie and then like a bunch of people will watch it on netflix. I now. I don't think they were going for like the realistic most realistic looking. Sean payton casting choice. Because greg is right there was a period and it was around two thousand fourteen. So that sean payton who is now fifty eight so this is not easy to do transformed his body and became legit muscular. Like he looked awesome. And i think that's waned since then but he is not young but this happened in two thousand twelve so you have to cast someone. That looks like he did back then. He didn't really have gray hair back then. The guy's about that. It's about bountygate. Well it's it's about the it's about the season it bountygate. Oh i assume abi be like the almost the preface to it and it's about the season he spent away from the game that he's coaches his kids team. Learn to love again. It is kinda funny though that the precursor of that is like you know getting suspended for for taking the kill shots on a quarterback and by the way there was a pretty well reported. Like you know. Drug controversy. That to me i always felt was was part of bountygate of like the saints. Got in a little trouble with how they were using prescription drugs. But that probably is going to be glossed over in this motion. The paul millsap actor. Kevin james probably not gonna hit the drug abuse behind the scenes and professional football angle very hard. I don't think i have some on casting choices for you. Though which i mentioned is good. Good well it did kind of just said is. This is just giving it to your friends. So i wanna throw and we could get ricky in here. She wants to slide show so here i would say the vast majority of who i'm going to mention you would just know their household names but there's a couple where heard the name but i'm not sure i could put a face to it so i wanted to help you out there. You can just sort of tell me yes or no well. I wasn't necessarily going there first. Ricky but we can. I went by your list. Well it's okay so let's let's just say if you wanna look. I'm going to start with a couple of people that i think you could make. Look like sean payton craig. We could start with. I understand that. He's like a super haughty but well these fine. Okay see that way if you if you dress them. Up at sean. Payton more sean. Payton next look than kevin james there. Now that's a good one and you know what you say when he was cast as james bond and he was an excellent bond. Some of the criticism was that he wasn't quite photogenic. Enough to pull off james bond. Who's like a supposed to suave. Pierce brosnan type. So yes i think you can put him in the sean payton world. I liked that one okay. I'm just going to throw this name out. There's no photo or the maybe there. Is greg kinnear photo. Greg kinnear on the internet. Well no there is. There is a good one too. They are the same age. I think you know this movie is going to have to be a little bit dramatic in terms of the backdrop. Greg mentioned what the your in chaos in a way. If you're sean payton and the during this year of your life and then something good has to come out of it. Greg kinnear can kind of rainbow through that whole arc of emotions. I like him is probably available. Because i feel like it hasn't been too hot since As good as it gets over the he seems to be he could play you. I mean he's like a little like hotter version of you mark so i like that as well. I think underrated career. You know a lot of rains. Toxic soup to too dramatic stuff. Let's let's do it not much. The pirate in dodgeball kenny. Command the room. Can he command an nfl locker room. Greg kinnear that that's also is not with an nfl. Locker room kinney command sixth graders. I think he got us through else. How about this allen to dick. Let's throw that up there rookie. Yeah we the ones from going for looks. Don't know who that is that the pirate from dodge. He's he's been in lots of stuff. But okay this one. I think if you look at sean payton structure greg germann. Who was famous for ally. Mcbeal knows these guys. Are i know him. He's yeah he's a he's a been around the block. Tv actor absolutely absolutely. Steve zahn. I threw in. There is a possibility. 'cause now he's a little bit older age. It's not that far apart. Pluses comedic film most likely and he's earned comedic work okay. Any he's in new orleans. Guide guided may is very good inter that also seems available to me now. These are just more more also names. Well we can just these. I don't think we have photos of these can. Do anything would is this. I would watch the pop. Kevin james at least you know to each his own. He's got pop. He's got a fan base. I think that's good guy. Maybe not so much what harrison. Yeah we well. Yeah that's why. I'm going into more movie star world here now. This these ones are not for look so much. But steve carell. How would he not do a great job at this. Now doesn't seem like a football coach. He's gotta know there. We're batting a pretty good batting average here so far. How about dennis quaid. If he were maybe a little younger guy would need a break. All right okay. So that's a no really. You've been going heavy quaid lately. I don't know whatever whenever a conversations about sports movie. Everyone's like headline dennis quaid trying to please that per part of the room. If someone's listening for that guy this guy may be also little over exposed right now. But chris pratt if you really wanted to pull in like a certain audience Too young though too little too young. Yeah how about this. Sean penn i wanna see that. I want to see that movie. I think it'll be an insane movie. sean penn played in. I think yeah. I watched on pen and Happy madison production. That that's interesting An interesting. I'm intrigued as good. What the last person. I would note because this is where we are in a society at this point of corsica. Do this sean. Payton place himself unsolved mystery style. Okay i mean you know. I need to know the tone of the film each providing notes. I think it's gonna be a happy you know. It's it's teaching kids and learning life lessons. And he's he's grumpy at the beginning. And then he has some hijinks with the kids in that connects them to the love of the game at shots. Why sean penn would be at once the worst possible choice and the one i would wanna watch. Because i heard john penn lately unlike a podcast and he seems off his rocker. At this point he seems a little. He seems out there sherry novel that he wrote sounds like the thing. I like to read the the last thing i would ever want to read. Is sean penn's novel and just you know one bit of unsolicited advice to adam. Sandler when when you're casting really anyone and you're forced to choose every time between kevin james rob schneider and david spade. You've probably boxed yourself in a little let's just open up the nets over it. Happy madison productions. That would have been true fifteen years ago. So it's even Doubly true now so two quick news items before we get to the pf projections. Verse the cardinals. Who traded for deondraye hopkins last season. They fleeced bill. O'brien in the houston texans. In that deal. They received something called. We're up for cyclops as everyone knows. And i i heard from ricky that the Livestream of the award show will be on april twenty first so we might have to find a way to connect that To the podcast. When that time comes so we gotta cyclops a nomination. hopkins and the cardinals more specifically received the alpha award for best sports transaction of the year. That one didn't ring quite true to me. Because tom brady feels like one of the best. Free agent signings ever. I mean i know. Nobody wants to give brady or his team anymore. Awards already get but how is. How does the bucks not win that somewhere. Are they not judging off of the idea of what they gave return. I mean i'm with you like the most impactful. Signing was tom brady. But like if you looked at the best trade or swap. I would give that. I would give it to the andre. But you're what you're really saying. Also is that. The texans made the worst move of last off season. You know what this is from. I didn't i've never heard of this before. But it's from the sloan conference which is an analytics conference so they're saying from an analytics perspective. Maybe who used the data who who flees the other team you know who won in twenty twenty The your new york yankees for a player. I've never heard of. Because i'm not a big baseball fan. Dj la- matthew that acquisition one. Twenty twenty. I don't know how that held up the reigning batting champion. Dj lay mayhew me but Yeah we love the j. The machine All right The slum people get excited about that. Sloan stuff i know when i whenever i see people tweeting about the sloan conference and stuff though. Because they're they're all about an into analytics. They're all about into analyzing how to best use like payroll and contracts. I always want to know. How much are the panelists getting paid like in. What are the differences in the panelists because that would inform which panels you would go to like. Do i want kevin clark at a certain value or bill simmons at another one like that. I think they should have. And they're right right because their analytics. I think they should release to the public. They're all about the data. They should release that we should we. I think Getting clark on here to say how much got paid by sloane would be awesome for. I know they don't get paid at all. But i seem that would seem weird Finally in the news It's another trope alert. I told you it's my responsibility to you. The listeners to keep you up to date on all the tropes as we approach at twenty twenty one season trae. Trotha george patton. The general manager of the denver broncos hoping to not peyton forget about the patent on the show. He needs drew. Lock to to take the next leap forward And make the broncos a playoff team. Well guess what good. News broncos guard dalton. Risen told matt lombardo of fan sided on his podcast last week. That drew lock has been having film sessions with hall of fame. Qb wait for it. Peyton manning hippie with that trouble ertegun peyton manning meddling with a team extensively to help them not always the case. That's not always the case at all manning meddling job the whole the whole peyton manning as like a football. Sven gali has taken like narrative is taken a big hit with his undying support. Adam gates like that's the guy. He stood on a table on more than any other player or coach john. And so it hurt. I was thinking like that. British trope lady. I don't know who she is. But i think at this point we should get together for drinks with her just to learn more about her life. She seems enjoyable. Am i wrong. Yeah i'd like to. I'd like to see if she is impact. Sure yeah she seems to me. That seems like you would like to have some private time with her. If you know. I said as a group we would. We would definitely likes likes of forceful british woman. That's that i could see that. I can totally see little change of pace if you will. That's what's happening in the news Mark you have something to lead us into our next segment or transition out of this current one. Well i can never tell what day it is anymore. I'm sure i'm not alone. I didn't even realize were in the double digits of april but april twelfth. This is just a little quick april they. Do you know what happened speaking baseball. On april twelfth one hundred forty four years ago one hundred and forty four years ago. Whoa in eighteen eighties. Eighteen seventy seven. The first catcher's mask was used in baseball game. Okay took How how many games are played before that because that feels like recipe for mouth disaster. Those guys worked in like meat packing plants back. Then they didn't care. Take baseball to the face. All johnny and billie died in the first two days of the seasons. Let's put on me. Ask ask so also on april twelfth significant day. One hundred and ten years later after the first catcher's mask was featured in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven twenty one jump street premiered on fox. This is going to lead to you. Giving us more casting options for sean payton now. So it's been exhausted note but then the other thing that happened on this date that stood out to me which i think you guys probably eyewitness this person and was caused quite a ruckus in the tabloids in one thousand nine hundred ninety five drew. Barrymore appeared on the late. show the david letterman show and basically jumped on his desk and flashed him frontally from the waist up about as birthday. It was his birthday. That also happened on this date so it's not just a meaningless day just across the calendar and bill marks on this date in history. I like that Jubilee to show you how far things have and by the way that was drew was my girl like everybody had like especially when you're younger a celebrity. That was your celebrity in. You just love everything about drew. Barrymore was like my ideal of the peak of what a woman could be. So i was a huge fan her in the nineties so when that happened i was like oh that was pretty cool. She was shamed like shit like her career. Took on water after that. And you think about it like if that happened today people will be like. Oh that was pretty cool crazy thing but back then she was basically branded with the scarlet letter. She was a bad girl. she was too naughty. And like it brought up all these issue other conversations us every week. It's like that's not a betrayal. Weekly creek greg. Someone said something that made me uncomfortable. I'll be quiet. They didn't know unfit anything. Well the rookie berry yes. But i've been the drew. Barrymore you add more background knowledge on on all that. As a seminal moment is interesting to learn all right. Well you know this really Segment really landed gracefully. but i liked it overall. I think we're going to be That i'd never appear on this show ever again. Why it's a position now. I felt like and this month feels highly anonymous to me so i was trying to drill down for a little bit of identity. Calendar identity was good. I enjoyed it. And i think it's something we should bring back we're in between we're inbetween on the nfl. Calendar were in between with the spin. Them we're just sort of like a transition where this is like the knicks iriani of months. Right now just like out of the way so we move onto the real stuff. Ricky you could also jumped in there and broken that uncomfortable. Silence when greg turned off his mic to. I was gonna see how long it went. And i was just gonna let that play out and then i was gonna come on in just guys a yeah all right. Good stuff greg. Snell left the studio. He's not even on the show anymore. Pf they do it. I ruin respects. Pf chris collins recite the all the money. How does that work is he. He just invest in it or did he launch it whereas concert company based out of cincinnati. Isn't it yes. He did not launch. It existed and was robust. Before chris collins was ever involved at some point he invested in became the percentage. It seems like it's a pretty high percentage at some point. He became like one of the owners. If not the main one. But i'll definitely pretty well actually beneficial for both sides. It sounds like collins recapping that much respect to all those that worked tirelessly to get. Pf off the ground before he arrest great great for the cincinnati cincinnati communicate commits been huge for the cincinnati community. Just enormous massive. The pride So they they do it every year Nfl win totals. Always as greg knows very well. One of the more popular Ways the bet the nfl which we do not do by the way because we are employee's of the shield people outside of the walls of our virtual building are free to do these things and they enjoy it and that's a big. The people like that in sports the idea of wagering. Never my thank you. it never really was. I think but i you know i dabbled in my youth And some people are obsessive about it marked. You ever get involved in the old days. No no no because i. i didn't understand the capital. I probably spent my money poorly if anything but a gambling seems like to spend it also for many people but a little bit of horseracing. When i lived in new york city. I'd go to the off track betting with a couple of friends in some of those. Some of those ever walked into one in manhattan. Some of them are the end of the earth. But you've got to take the subway out to acqueduct. that was. That was a weird afternoon that i partake in there. I i saw this this speculation by the way that the nfl with this new cba. They have an out after like five or six years. Something like that and some of the speculation is that by then the endgame bedding will have over. Have we'll be such a big part of the broadcast that like it will provide an opportunity for the nfl. Take this out and like renegotiate. Things related to that that it's winding all this extra value. We'll see. I don't know but things have moved pretty quickly on the like betting front including how the nfl treats it well. It's not too long ago that the nfl didn't allow our our old friend. Michael fabiano who's no longer at the nfl not to do this football conference with tony romo because like you had to 'cause it was loosely associated with betting and now the nfl's got owners buying betting companies by fans will buy now this stuff. They're kind of embracing now. Why can't talk about that. no now. i'm being silent case the bosses Listen to this unhappy with you. I think it's totally. I think they've they've been clear about roger goodell's been out out and about that. They're they're cautious but they're cautiously like allowing this stuff now. Yup absolutely things have changed in a big way over the last ten years All right let's get into it and again. This is all based not on sixteen games but seventeen games Just go through the divisions afc east. I'm just going to say what their totals are. And then you guys just in and tell me if something doesn't pass the smell test to you one way or the other okay They have the bills at ten and a half as a significant division favorite the dolphins and patriots sitting at nine which puts them right on the playoff bubble and the jets. And i imagine this is a jump from last season. they're up to seven so a competitive division with the bills as the clear favourite. Anything about either. It's a lot of faith in the jets. I it. I kind of think that you look at where they were the year before they did win a certain amount of games without not a great team. I mean last year you know you. It's almost hard to go. Winless or close to winless as it is to go five hundred sometimes and so. I think they'll bounce back. It's a lot of faith in robert sala and in xactly. It's ten loss season though and again when you look at the different schedule but that seven and ten would that be progress with the jets when they just went to and fourteen and they have a new quarterback. Yeah i i think i as tough as it is because as jets vans. You've been waiting over a decade just to go back to the playoffs. But with i view that as progress if the young quarterback is looking promising. Yeah i would take seven wins to me that jump. I mean that is a big jump from too. I get the coaching thing. But where are the define strengths of this team personnel wise. And then. You're just county on the rookie quarterback to be not just okay but like to improve their quarterback position a lot to ask out of a rookie. That seems a little rich in what it could be a pretty decent vision there with. Its the sal factor is i guess some of the additions kara lawson Cj moseley back. And then you have a big draft and then it's on joe douglas To lead the way make those right decisions All right in the afc north the ravens are in the same way that the bills are a significant sum significant favorite At eleven they haven't pegged at eleven. So that's a live. Eleven at six seasons where they see them coming down. The browns are up next at nine and a half. So they're kind of a bubble team which is surprising. The steelers eight and a half and the bengals six and a half this one. I think you can make a case for all these ones being interesting mark But let's start with your browns. They're the felt like twenty. Twenty was a stepping-stone season to this being a big year for clean. I kind of think it's that way but pf doesn't quite see it that way. It seems a seventeen game season. You're saying the odds. Are they probably go like nine and eight in their view. I don't think that's. I don't think it's too harsh. Because i think the wrong thing to do is just to project. Cleveland into the afc title game based on what happened last season whole division had the easiest schedule in the league a year ago. Play in the nfc east and really like cleveland benefited from that and they face teams at the right time. There's still a good football team. I don't have a problem with them at nine point five. I wouldn't say there are ten point five more issues with slotting the ravens half game above the bills. I mean a team that seems to me with a number of big questions going into the season right. I think the ravens had one of the toughest off seasons in the league in at eleven. They are third win. Totals behind the bucks and the chiefs the to super bowl team. So that that's weird to me the nine and a half like that's fifth among the afc teams. I know that sounds like it's low but that's not low when you're building in these probabilities. There's lot of room where you have to understand that the mean which is five hundred is a powerful thing so they're still saying the browns are like the fifth best team in the afc which that sounds about right. I love the steelers here. Probably has my number one gut instinct on this entire board here is that i feel like the offseason narrative is burying them way too much putting them eight and a half significantly behind the ravens. I mean what two plus games behind a game behind the browns and then more importantly right at five hundred the tomlin's been there for fourteen years. They haven't been below five hundred one time. They won twelve games last year. I just feel like there's this weird. We overrate the end of the season. And statistically it's been shown the end of the season which was great for the browns. Oh the browns are pretty. Consistent is not anymore like predictive than the beginning of the season ultimately they were good enough to win twelve games. They still have a lot of those defensive pieces. I know it's been about offseason. But if you're telling me i got all i need is a fifty fifty chance to go above five hundred. I'm taking the steelers. Predictive when your quarterback is declining over the course of that year and it's not the same guy at the end of the year that was and now i think so i think the course of the whole season is more instructive and ultimately they were a passable offense. They weren't good but the running game was the bigger problem. And that's still a concern their offensive line and there's a lot of concerns there. Don't get me wrong like if vegas was. We're idiots like everyone would be just making money. But i like this as i'm with you. I'm pound in the over there. And the steelers were absolute mess in december in that playoff loss. But man they. They went eleven weeks before they even lost one game before that happened. I don't think he could throw all of that away. I would by the way strip one w from baltimore here down to ten. Give that too if you're talking about the The averaging it out. Greg and then you get baltimore at ten cleveland. Nine and a half steelers nine and a half and keep the bengals where they are feels. Exactly right now feels exactly right. Abc south colts the favourite at ten. The titans right behind it nine and a half the jaguars Who went one in fifteen This is an interesting one. Set at six and a half and the texans lows. The texans are in this exercise. In fact they're not. There's nobody predicted to be the worst in football four and a half and it is certainly within the realm of possibility that tyrod taylor is their quarterback at the start of two thousand and twenty one and perhaps deep into it or even all of it. I'm cool the colts and titans the jaguars at six and a half just like the jets. It's a big leap of faith for a team. That was a dumpster fire last year. I'm with you. i don't see them being two games. Better than the texans for instance. I'd probably go with the texans over just because things happen. It's not that hard to win. Six games man. That's a low number. And i don't know this whole divisions kind of reminded me of the mid two thousand ten right like division power rankings in the afc. South was kind of garbage for awhile. I think we're getting back to those days. I guess that's why the colts numbers ten. Because there's a thought that they're going to be able to beat up on jacksonville tennessee. But i don't know the the decline to carson wentz. I i think could be a problem. And and you lost your left. Tackle the structure and everything there but this is not a good division. I mean the that. Afc south malays went on for so long because the renault quarterbacks in the division now you're saying if the culture gonna ten ten wins your suggestion carson wentz you get the better version of carson wentz. Titans or a little disrespected here. But i mean could they go nine in the same as the the browns though right. Look it's pretty good. I just. I don't know if i see the better team than than the titans necessarily in the jaguars and texans. I don't hate what they did there. I think it's given a boot. You're probably trying to get some action off the jacksonville thing. But you're not they're not. They don't decide who were action. Come from. This is not a voting lobby so it is crazy to think your quarterback well. They're not gambling house. So it's like i don't zagged voting lobby. Afc west this one. I think they pretty much nailed with for me. I would make one slight modification the chiefs at twelve. That's the highest of any team in the league. The chargers at nine the broncos at seven and a half the raiders at seven. And a half you know. I would probably bump up the chargers nine and a half in dropped. The broncos evan Were you guys. come down on this man. i'm. I'm going to do it because a herbert. But it's like we're just right back on the same train of given the chargers the benefit of the doubt. I'm not gonna do until. Why are they ahead of these two teams that when they've been so disappointing. These last. Two years the raiders have a lower win total than they did a year ago with sixteen games. I know sometimes the offseason narrative is a little bit much. I said i'm probably gonna be picking the chargers to have a great season. But i don't feel confident. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me that they're that they're beloved. Well i mean if you get during james can eat healthy Joey bosa healthy. You have austin ekeler for more time this year. You've got second year with justin. Herbert i think brandon staley if i know i get little hot on these coaches but i don't think brandon staley everything we know about him suggests late-game meltdowns in mismanaged on. Oh what do we know. We don't know anything everything that's been written about him that he is like a football junkie extremely detailed that he's not going to be like a shaky game operator that little things like that seem to have mystified chargers. Brass longtime ab beverage in the heat of the battle. You know these guys that are completely untested. Well i would say one of the most see called the place for them to coach. So it's like. I mean he wouldn't be calling their offense but won twelve games combined the last two years. That's just my main thing and like we always say how talented there. I'm talking out of both sides of my mouth. 'cause i'm gonna be rooting for them and thinking they're good but i would feel comfortable putting any money. That's kind of in that. Everyone likes this team with that number And you the point you were making mark. All those things make sense for the charge but never seems to really come together that way whether it's meltdown aids or injuries or whatever but i'm dislike teams in one of the rare instances of this on trying to think more logically than with my feelings because it's like logically. They should be much better than they've been so so are we. Are we chipping two games. Three games off of this version of the chargers with a new coach. Knew all this other stuff because of the weird stuff that's occurred i don't know the same. Yes somewhat because it's the same reason why you know the ravens make sense to me as the flight favorites over the browns because you just give the benefit of the doubt to the organization and the chargers are sort of the opposite of that. Where you don't you at this point you should not give them the benefit of the doubt over in the nfc. Start with the east and Pf projects another down year for this Former juggernaut and the dallas cowboys of course because it is spring and summer are the significant favorite to win the nfc east that nine and a half so they seem as a nine eight ten and seven type team The washington football team Set at eight. The giants seven the eagles at six and a half. I am digging the cowboys A win and i'll give it to a split. It between the giants and eagles saw not the cowboys down to eight and a half washington football team eight and then seven and a half giants and seven for eagles so just big stew of mediocrity with the cowboys not above. Anybody sounds about right. i like that. Yeah i am with you that this division i. It does look more interesting. At least the cowboys i know. Dak prescott is back. But and i know we got rid of the defensive coordinator so that's all soft because you got the guy who's coaching the falcons but it's like now now we're just going to say their head and shoulders the best team in the division. Now i'm out of that game. I'm out mike. Mccarthy goes if they go like a soft nine eight or they go eight nine if they go. Eight and nine. Mike mccarthy should be out of there because they do on offense they should be a top seven offense but then could be a top seven offense and still go eight nine. I i don't know. I mean and i've seen dorthe. Let's keep moving packers. A heavy favourite ten and a half vikings eight and a half bear. Seven lines five okay. I'm cool with this cool everything here. Maybe you're aaron. Rodgers is probably not gonna play that level again. maybe we'll who knows but Still i think the packers are just a better team than all these other teams in the mix. We're considering they've taught thirteen games each season. The last two ten and a half in a seventeen game season is is a little low building in that regression. A little bit. Yeah maybe maybe an opportunity there I think going under on the bears would be just kind of fun to root for feel like. I don't know how they've won as many games as they have the last couple of years. It feel like like if you told me. They're picking first overall next season like that wouldn't shock me. I feel like there could totally totally fall apart. So i'm hanging the under their. I'm with you. The bears are screaming there screaming at me. Five and twelve twelve. I think can be a three way. I can't even do the math. Go to three and fourteen. God that is. That's no probably not but if something goes three and fourteen or four and thirteen for some reason though. Those numbers sound terrible. Grammy's my mind. I don't like the the nfc south. So the bucks just past the chiefs in the super bowl and were basically unstoppable. The last six or seven weeks of the season. But they don't get to be above the chiefs in this exercise their eleven and a half which is a very nice season but not Installed as the best team in the league according to win projection but still a significant favorite. Here the saints. It has to be five years since the saints where this low in this exercise there at nine panthers seven and a half falcon seven Gimme that half from the panthers and give it to the saints. Eleven and a half bucks. Nine and a half saints seven and seven panthers and falcons whereby you guys Did this come out. After sam darnold went to carolina. S darn This publish date says april seventh so it was after. Okay so i i'm into like checking the out of the vision schedule and of course they are doing that. When they're making these and the nfc south ways to eastern divisions. I like that you know. If i'm them i'll take that the bucks. The panthers were the one that stand out to me though That it's a little aggressive. Hear them improving that much Having to over seven right now with the quarterback situation. I don't don their offensive line like a lot of questions and defense. You're you need to get to eight and not eight and nine there to win. That seems a little. Yeah i think they had. They made a big splash at quarterback. I'd have no problem with a higher number. But they're a question mark right now to some degree. If before all this madness if they had had if they got to shawn watson where would they be here. They'd be probably nine and a half or ten. You would think oh. Yeah and you know. I'm gonna bang that In in another world where we were. Run the saints. You don't even have to tell us. Thank you finally the nfc west. The rams niners. This is the only division in this whole exercise where they've installed co-favorites both ten and a half rams and niners so they are all in Pf on the niners getting healthy and becoming a a force in the nfc again. The seahawks who fashion themselves a win now champion level team nine and a half so. Pf thinks they're wildcard team at best and the cardinals is important year for cliff kingsbury and that entire operation they said at eight so a middling five hundred just below team which is not going to get it done in fact i think that's gonna get cliff kingsbury fired if they finished under five hundred dollar. Yeah i'm with you. I mean if they go eight and nine you'd have to question. What vision is there. They have their quarterback. They got the sloan award for the greatest trade of last season to bring bringing the andre hopkins. Jj watt. It's not the version of jj watt from half a decade. Sloan award. either. I just wanna make sure we got the right. It was from nope award. It was from the sloan conference. Yes this load conference alpha award for best done so you know i. I was more surprised by the nfc. West totals than any other Especially the rams in the forty niners having the same total as the packers and the bills for instance. That's a lotta by in there that's a lot of projection and i liked. What the rams have done the last few years. And i liked the matthew stafford move but yeah i don't know you gotta see it. And then the forty niners especially. Let's be real kyle. Cnn said one. I know the injuries have been crazy. But they've only had one season over five hundred so they're putting up their high without really any clarity of the quarterback situation in the little concern that you know you're asking a lot out of a rookie potentially shown a lot of faith and sean mcvay a lot of faith and call shanahan which wouldn't surprise me from from pf but the niners like last year probably would have been. They would have been a wildcard team if they weren't ravaged by injuries. But i will say this that. There is a lot of projecting the niners doing x. y. and z. And i do a lot of it because of shanahan like if you get a healthy quarterback for the full season and they don't make the playoffs you'd have to look at what's happened with the niners san francisco and say you'd expect a little more from cal shanahan so i think it's an important very important season if they go less than ten. You're in trouble. I'm ripping off a half win from rams the niners and given it all to the cardinals saw put them and seahawks at nine and a half. They deserve to be get a little more respect for what they've done over the last twelve years or so and The cardinals Chill there at eight. I'm not very high in that team. Even though they did win the jumbo. Or excuse me the alpha award. I mean cliff. Cliff gets a lot of heat for klopp's they have improved their Their win total significantly in each of his seasons. Even eight wins would be took over a very bad team now. But it's okay there. Okay you don't have to fire everyone. Yeah give us that cyclops. Maybe we'll do like a live like when they're announcing the award will go on live on instagram. If we win right after to say how mad we are or how happy we are either way either. Why are we not invited. To the event i mean any gala award banquet type scenario. We'd be at a roundtable. It'd be us and probably similar types you. You weren't invited so you okay. Yeah dan i got this. You guys are gonna do your live instagram. From the event. While i'm at my house Someone shadowy leak figure emailed me late last week. Said they were entertained by our General approach and reaction to our award nomination and to that. I don't misconstrue where i'm coming from. I want that cyclops. And i wanna bed and if i don't get it There's going to be held a pay. Maybe vengeance will be declared. I don't know it doesn't get to that. I mean. I look at our competition. I respect everyone. Because i know how hard it is to put together a quality program. But you can't say anybody else deserves the cyclops the well what if we lost a mad dog i mean that's like a childhood hero of ours fielding then he when like seventeen marconi's during his mike and the mad dog run. Can we come down with that. I love in dan's done the work. He's listened to extensive back catalogue of all these podcasts. Like you know go golfing. Joe wrestling bob. And you know he's been if we lose to a gulf podcast it would be time for sorolla prospection right talking. Who is listening to ago. What i'm probably get like. I listened off. I know but to to sit and chat about it like is it a three times a week. Grinding through the gulf cast. Heinous brinson Wills twitter feed like was like live stream of his thoughts about the all of it. I try to like china. I'm trying to improve myself as a person enough that like. I don't judge people for liking golf because it's after this pandemic everyone should just do whatever you enjoy. Go be there. I haven't quite gotten there yet. I don't regular guess at me to something you judge them a little bit even as well. I believe this podcast had a bit of a defiant anti golf streak to it. In past years. I cannot not myself but some of the other members of the show i i worked at multiple golf course. I know we heard candidate. I liked playing hiding. Didn't you greg. And i formed my opinions off of that carrying like two giant golf bags up and down huge hills and making eight dollars for the entire eighteen holes. One thousand nine hundred eighty nine or something absurd job eric. I'm just continuing the podcast right now. Just because you didn't jump in soon enough about the drew barrymore conversations penalty now. We're all covered. Thank you for that. Golf sucks all right And we'll brinson if you're listening. I'm sorry to hear that we love will. It's it's it's the sport that's not a fan of of course. Cbs fame we will be back on thursday with another show So make sure you check that out. And then friday the nfl network program returns. We had a nice show this past week. We did some atm jeopardy. Ricky hollywood came out on top nice job performance by there Greg did not even make it. He didn't make jeopardy. You have to be positive cash earnings after double jeopardy to qualify for final jeopardy in. Unfortunately greg was sitting at a goose egg eliminating from the competition. He was not happy about it and he kinda hit out at me. Which felt unfair. Because all i was was the host some sometimes though it's not about who won the title i was the audience's favorite. You know it's like sometimes the actor that doesn't win the oscar. That's the performance that everyone remembers years from now on the kevin. James of that particular greg. Germann greg. germann was disgusted. They show all right. That's it it's the signing up for quite the old Ricky hollywood behind the virtual lasts until thursday. The call. i mean. People didn't even know. Greg germann went out. Mcbeal was on the air to pop back and he didn't know his name his name. But i knew exactly who would i do. I watched alley mcbeal regularly. I would say at least for a few seasons. Yeah it was it was. It was a pretty good show. I'll defend. i'll defend it. I think it fell off the cliff

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