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Recorded live at Corolla one studios with Adam Corolla and board certified physician and addiction medicine specialist. Dr drew Pinski. You're listening to the atom, and Dr drew show the agate it on got to get it on the judgment amendment that battle. It's going on man say a man, oh man that was a virtue signal. That's right. Who is helping us today. Zoom dot US. Simply safe dot com slash Adam to truecar dot com and express VPN dot com slash ADS. I actually kind of nice it did a show in Boston. A couple of weeks ago and guys from simply safe came out. No, put your box guy came. Yeah. So it's kinda nice all guys dig meeting the sponsors. That's nice Poulsen's. A great town. I know when I was there. It was shit though. I'm sorry to tell you. And so I've just sorta jealous of how great it is now. Yeah. Introduced it was urban blight in the seventies. It was a mess. I gotta tell you, man. My. My cold dip, swimming pool thing. Yeah. Traveling through Chicago and Boston. I did the, you know, I came on the Commons dump of the lake. No, no. No, no. Although it was frozen. Now. I I did the cold shower. Righteous went I woke up at Boston six AM, and I just put it on cold and band. Oh, what came out of that pipe was a fair bit colder than what? Yes. Out in the valley. I mean, it was cold. It hurts cold stings. When it you eight is the stuff that's coming out of the ground. Yeah. Into your shower on pure cold, especially Chicago and Boston over the last few days man, that was those a stinger gotta tear, but I was awake. And the thing that's funny about the shower in when you do it at showers because no to shower vows of the same. I like just went bring it on like, I don't even know how to I couldn't adjusted if I wanted that. Of one of the very cold thing about drew. It's one of the very many things, I do it and have done it in my standup act. But it is one of the very of I want you to really dig I'm digging. I want you to pick up what I'm putting down up digging. We have have crafted a society dig where we've talked about water in terms of one of the most precious resources on the planet constant pleased to conserve conserve conserve the the very same shower. Where you can't work the shower valve because it's confusing to you has a picture of a dolphin over the towel saying, please use the town or we don't we don't want to use the water to wash towels conserve conserve conserve conserve. I went out on the road over the course of a couple years, and I started it started a dawn on me that no to shower faucets. No to shower valves were the same. And I started taking pictures, and it was just be Fresno Zona. Now, you're in Tucson all around all around the country. And it started turned into a comedy routine because once you get thirty images. None of them are the same shook going, wait a minute. Why are we you can't conserve water because you can't work the valve properly because it's completely unfamiliar. You're not paying for the water. So everyone just says, well, you know, what I'm gonna do. I'm just going to run, and I'm just going to stand outside, and I'll put my hand in and I'll dial it in like a safe cracker. But I- step it in until that thing is locked off at ninety degrees or whatever temperature and it hasn't varied for three minutes. Then I'll put my sack might my very delicate sack into that into that unknown. Yes. Yes. So. Why will I have we I as you always save not important? There's a tale. Right. So you can say it's important. But if we're actually important you might do something about it, the the the hotel who is paying well. The hotel is paying the water Bill. Right. And so tell wants you to save water many of these things, and I'm a carpenter who's done some plumbing money things. I've stared at have no idea. I don't know. What to do? What do you think? It is. We are simultaneously geniuses name vessels. We do things that are unbelievable like avionics and stuff like that. And then we're unbelievable. We're really ridiculously dumb at simple things. It's pushing poll it's like how many people are gonna smack that thing before the pe- you and four letters. Whatever like there is there some shower vows where you just look at him. And there's like, oh, it's blue and it's red on the other thing, and it's pretty simple to turn it toward the, and then there many you with a jewelers Luga and no armed from this old house. You couldn't figure you couldn't figure it out. And most of them are mostly confusing. You and I have no idea why when you're designing a space, and there's going to be two hundred eighty six units, and we're going to have everybody's going to come in. It's going to take an average of two point seven showers over the course of the two three days at their here. Whatever with the kids and the family of the wife, or whatever why wouldn't you somebody stop at that point and go I'm going to save us. Millions of gallons at super easy for people. I'm gonna put a big Red Stripe in a big blue stripe on I'll put a temperature. I'll put like eighty six degrees. I'll put a line doesn't exist. Doesn't exist. Right. And then simultaneously. I'll put a little put a little card that says save water next next to the town's right, which may save some water. But I nearly as much as someone who's just running the water right into the ocean. Right. Don't exist. There is nothing and it will never be the same one. You have at your house is never when you're familiar with never win you've seen before. Why would we do that? Now, I have some theories, but I don't think they're any good. Okay. Well, then keep them to yourself telling the man one is that the faucet companies are big on all different kinds and sizes, and whatever you know, what I mean that they're the marketplace of the faucet company is diverse huge. Right. And they're all vying for the they want particular big purchases where the three hundred rooms. Right. And so there must be fierce competition for that. And once you go after one hotel and get it, you probably get to do it for a few buildings in the I will literally I I will I Gary has it. I will literally I don't know. He's he's got a few rogue pictures in there. But. You can go through all of the hotels, I've been at and I go in and take a picture of the valve every single time. And there's a lot of garish Esa sort through this is a hotel folder. So there's all there's one that is just shower valves, it'll have the name of the city underneath it. And they're all different some of it may be local manufacturers who, but let me tell you something bottom line is you think water is important because we live in a desert, and we are we are charged a fortune for the water, and we were beaten over the head about both the country say they want to save water. They don't really care that much. They're still footing the Bill, but it's not nothing it the hotel probably pays the same water Bill as your house in southern California. I let me tell you about express. Oh my God. The other thing you see traveling from Connecticut Boston past again. Gas station gallon gas number start with two. Like to sixty five for regular. Yeah. But you understand you understand. Most of that difference is tax. God God, we'll have utopia here going thrown while there's no homeless express VPN purchasing online or accessing your Email. Put your private information of risk you. You're being tracked by social media sites. 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Twenty-eight utah. Hey, what's up going on, man? I'm not a big fan of the fanny or show the DRO to obviously like. So I gotta I gotta who's she's really is. So she used to be religious, and she used to be in this kind of crazy stuff big Mormonism thing around here in Utah and started to have time. Now, she's growing up. She's no longer that way. But now she believes in the whole anti vaccine thing, and anytime I ever have a conversation with her about how like, hey, we got all these things coming back. We hit Aratu Kate like think, that's maybe a concerned it always turns into oh, they cause autism. And she always like a true. Teenage kids going to go to the doctors and getting these vaccines on their own. It's kind of. Kayla. Hang on a second, drew. Yeah. He knew I wish shea passionate. All roads lead to narcissism. And I feel like every one of the things just some narcissistic endeavor. I would argue that most of the off the rail behaviors these days is because of government and the center for disease control, the doctors everything they don't know who you are. Right. That you really don't care. They're really their job is to try to radically me. And that's it. And it doesn't mean it worked one hundred thousand percent of the time. They're always a little outliers. It means it's a deal. We've made as -ociety that this is generally fact, if there's been a million examples of it in the past things that used to kill people don't kill people anymore, and by and large that's trying to do when you say when you try to graft on some nefarious, whatever on top of it, that's narcissism or paranoia straight up usually still back to north apparently narcissism suggest, you know, something more than they do and be it's. Just that they're thinking about you. Yeah. Yep. It's right. It's if it's as if. If you you know, you walk you came back, you know, people like you come back to your car parked in the parking lot. You see ding in the side of the door, and you go that was an attack. No that wasn't attack. That was someone is not paying attention opening their car door digging years right that but it's not on purpose. And they don't know who you are. And they don't care who you are. Right. So there's something called the backfire effect, which is essentially that first of all we're into the discussion about persuasion, so Caleb you'd like to know how to persuade her to consider your point of view, and the reality is you you can't do a direct assault. There's something called the backfire affect whereas you can you can teach her a lot about say measles. And she could learn those facts she'd still double down elsewhere on her anti vaccine opinions. You can teach people we learned this from love line long time ago, which was you teach people all kinds of facts say about aids that doesn't change their use of condoms. There's something else that people need in order to change their behavior. And and to be persuaded in terms of their attitudes and beliefs. Okay. So in order to change at okay, Adam. Change attitudes and beliefs you have to think in terms of their their worldview and their attachment to particular tribes, so sushi's very attached to the anti anti vaccine. Well, Ribe she's like mad at her dad, or whatever all that came from and also. Obviously, you're dealing with. With a group that has already decided to sign off on something that doesn't make sense. So it's not like you're convincing me or drew your convincing. Somebody who's already in a group who believes something that sort of nuts in the first place. So they they're not going to be nearly receptive to information as a person of a sort of neutral, ROY. So most people are not trained to be objective. That's that to me is the biggest problem today. And I as a scientist when I see how people think it just makes me crazy because they don't think they don't know. How to think of I said on a CSI said, there's two things people women are saying in my heart of hearts, and then guys say, I know what I know. And they're both nonsense. And hopefully, those people just die off not procreate. We're living in a world. Now where there's way too many of those people so listen Caleb. So the way I think about it is almost like how would you convince a flatter for instance, like, how would you they they have an excuse the because the way our brain works. We feel in every gap with explanations and with reasons that they're detach from the overarching reality are bring very good at that. So you have to you have to discuss worldview and the attachment to the different clans. And you know, what would it mean, if you know your view the world of the world, we're we're we're around in the government wasn't lying to change your view of the world. Or what would I just treat them like homeless people? Cram talent. Talking to them. I fortunately, that's what starts to happen. And it's and then you have a bunch of unvaccinated kids. Now, you dammit going on here. So, you know, it has real life consequences. Unfortunately, zoomed of US speaking real life video conferencing, has changed two thousand eighteen zoom clear winner. Flawless video clear. Audio insincere across any device, desktop laptop, tablet or mobile, I love zoom. Use them for audio audiovisual everything. You can get a striking HD video up to forty nine people live on one screen, and you can share from any device, and you can share anything for any device word files. Spreadsheets video from YouTube photos from your phone get a green screen it just it's infinitely capable zoom dot US. And it's clear. It's so good. Once you find you're not going anywhere else. You just visit soon dot US and you set up your free account today. Meet happy with zoom video communications again. I don't know how we do it. But you can go to dot US and set up a free account. You can do it right now. And as they say you will meet happy at zoom. Video communications you need to do anything else. Set up your free account today at zoom dot US, Travis from Iowa has some involvement Trump's Twitter campaign who interesting wants to share. Travis. How you doing good Travis from my have have we spoken before. And I this go major. But otherwise, I don't when you were what? Couldn't have. Okay. You on speaker? Can you get better phone better device? If. All right reception, going here gutter. Go ahead Travis. All right. Well, twenty fifteen the beginning twenty fifteen friend told me years earlier to go on Twitter was what I was doing online. And I did which was trying to get into face of everybody. I thought was full of crap in the world since we have social with you know, and just kinda their bullshit back in the face. You know, and. I was born and raised in south Florida. And I let a name kind of similar to don't cut my last name as Donald. Usually the people that I was. On Twitter and twelve win. So this for years ago. Yeah. Okay. It was on the apprentice sure, and he was talking about Obama and everything and. Okay. But what is what is your comment trial? Get right to the point. Well, owner that saying some things that apparently got him to quit the show and into president. I thought it was a joke at the time. I thought it was hilarious and the people, you know, my friends. It was joke. However. Him running for president and not only that but during his whole campaign and into his election. He continuously was going on Twitter and things I was saying then, and it was like I because I walk into the store, and what I said in my Twitter four was like on the news like, you know. Insanity. Give us an example, and Travis many people would say that he went to the White House correspondents dinner and got roasted a little bio bomb. I think and that's what inspired him to run for president. I understand that will have to be fair. I had run before also by the way throat. Anytime. I'm I'm not a fool and this. This went on for a long period of time. And I mean there is there's I'm not I'm not fabricating trying to alka like us substantiate. What you're saying in a like quick way? Well, I would have screen shots and look up my count on Twitter. You could see the correspondence and what I would say to him, we his actions, etc. Me too. They absolutely prove it. I don't have a picture, you know, of him, and I together. Yeah. Carey wants to know what your Twitter handle as. I had at the time was hope L. I don't know. I tend to try to believe everybody. But my problem is I don't know what to do when our brain can make, you know, make a lot out of nothing. You know, what I'm saying back to what we were talking about when you're trying to convince somebody about how vaccines work or how the earth is not flat. They can fill like did you ever talk to what's the guy's name from? Blink quantity to Mark hookah. No, not Mark the Travis. No. Bartram. Oh, yeah. My boyfriend his name. Nice. Nice super nice guy. But he's convinced. There's a gigantic set up on the dark side of the moon. And he cannot be persuaded longtemps me Travis. Oh, my I heard a quick now. I'm just we need something to go on with you other than just kind of taking your word for it. But well, they count is. He oh, P L L E. Oh, and I n j as kind of had at the time I've been to like four or five Twitter accounts because of them banning people constantly, you know, I'm not a a wealthy person. I I don't have a a celebrity about me. So I what do they what do they call them there? Okay. Along. Drew something. Interesting though. Yeah. Kind of pros my theory. Well, sort of my theory, my feeling is that people don't have feelings about. It's like I I was talking jumped into my head. When I was I was listening to Larry elder, so conservative talk show host who's been in here before does good radio program. And he was saying oh some years ago. I was at some event or some party or something, and I was sitting next to Asner, and it Asner was explaining to him about some black man who was accused of being a cop killer black guy. Larry and was put in prison, and it was falsely put in prison, and this I think he's trying to trying to curry favor. Larry elder, but then Larry elder said, I know the case, and he's in prison, rightfully and tell me what you know about it. And of course, he didn't have at as no anything. So he doesn't have any thoughts about it. But then I thought oh when I was sitting with him explaining how the towers were set up by the government that I realize he doesn't have any specific thoughts about the towers or about the black man that was railroaded into prison or. Any expertise on it. He hates the government. Right. That's the thing. So that I hate to govern the world view. So if you're going to get him to come around anything, you have to change his worldview, and so what I can't argue with him over the twin towers the government will find. Yeah. And you can't argue with them over this black man, who's imprison hates the government. He doesn't care about this heats the man, and I have to go all the way around to that paranoia stuff. So before I do let me talk about simply safe. No, one should feel unsafe at home. That's year has no place at a place like home simply say mission from day one. And maybe saw their commercial during the big game. But be sure to check it out. I saw its online. If you missed it. 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And so he's been he's also bound to a tribe in that tribe. Doesn't like the man either. To them. Also, what getting backed it's sort of the theme you hear somebody say the twin towers were part of a CIA plot. Where the why? Where the two towers were wired with TNT and destructive of blah. And you then do what a sane person does because you then say, well, how would it be possible for them to demolish a place that size, and that's without anybody in the building or the government being aware of, you know, talk about time it up with the plane hitting two. Yeah. But also, I I never see my theories as I think we're learning. The government has trouble keeping secrets come in has trouble doing every conspiracy. Amongst three people is impossible. Right. Little an entire government. Right. So then look it's my same thing where I go. I know Jay killed Nicole Brown Simpson ago why? Because if another guy did it he'd be drunk and talking to some prostitute about it somewhere at some point you couldn't. Do you couldn't be the guy who killed Nicole Brown Simpson? And just sit on it for the rest of your life. It's impossible. Because you have a crystal brain. At some point you'd have a roommate or cellmate or a floozy to bar next. You you're buying drinks. And you go man, can you keep a secret? Yeah. I'm the guy. You know what? I mean. It's just I fact that you've never heard of that person. Yep. I know. But that's how I know. There's a bunch of evidence. But the reason I really know is that we can't pull off Watergate or Russian collusion or nothing can be pulled off. So that's how I know. But anyway, you want to sit there. And you went to have a discussion with Ed Asner about steel and about girders in about I beams in about jetty fuel and how hot it burns and about anti-burn material that was knocked off those I beams upon impact. And you think you're going to do that you're talking to a Jehovah's Witness about right? Why they shouldn't believe in Jehovah. Right. So you think I'm going to sit down and have a factual discussion. And then when you're done he'll go I didn't consider many of those points. You brought up we're moving on. But he hates the government. He doesn't think the tower went down. He hates the governor will come up with a new theory to accommodate the facts. That's what happens. Yeah. You might be able to put him under hypnosis and talk about why he ate the government. But you're not going to get them to talk about the facts of the black man who was railroaded. He doesn't even know the facts, he just knows he was railroaded because our government did it. So there's a lot of that it's going on right now. And it's taking place constantly. What does your crystal brain? Tell us about this trend. We're going to get better or worse. I think I think we're getting a little more sane slowly we're slowly getting saner. I think it's because we're allowed to question things that we couldn't even question before or not even believing most the stuff anymore. Jesse Boltzmann that thing people like. And you couldn't even question that before right now you hear that. Yeah. Yeah. That's your first impulse. Which again, it's not what you want for. Hate crimes or rape allegations. Right. But if you're going to constantly crate that and constantly bring up. I mean, we think about look here's how here's a basically good our society is because one week. It's like oh that kid jumped in front of that Indian elder guy, and he blocked his way and that guy's veteran Boban. Okay. Nothing there. Then the next thing is this Jesse thing. And I don't know if there's much meat on that on the point is. We have a. Media if you ever go to the airport, and you see the radar detector to spinning around just at big that big half circles on sepulveda's this constantly spinning hard just hard. And by the way when there's a turn off on Sundays. No does it turn off at midnight. No, wet about holiday. That's no, it's just turning and turning and turning believe me, if there's a real case of real, racial, whatever or real case of marginalized person being they are on it. It ain't sliding under anyone's radar, pardon the pun the fact that they're doing that. And all the really churning up is sort of weird. Well, this guy's yearbook. That's and this guy may have been, but some of the things don't line up the time line, and whenever and it turns out the kid was standing there in the Indian came to him. And you're looking for twenty four seven guess what? That means. Not a lot going on. Right. What if you were looking for homeless people? Don't you think you'd find some of that? Okay. All right. 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Sunday, March ten Petersen automotive museum. Beautiful car casts were doing a show there. Get some tickets during the day leno's coming by it's going to be a good old time. And then we're going to show up at either. And we're doing a show that night for the ten th anniversary. Check out the podcast one amp and all offerings from chassis to us in a wide, drew dot com. It's all their check the new to after dark until there and check out our friend rump. Sister Nino's cans one called rob has pockets until next doctor's Mahala. This is Corolla digital. Hi, it's Jamie, progressive's employee of the month two months in a row. Leave a message at the. Hi, jamie. It's me, Jamie. I just had a new idea for our song about the name your price tool. So when it's like tell us what you want to pay. Trombone goes, blah, blah, blah. And you say we'll help you find curve jobs that fit your budget. Then we just all do finger snaps while a choir goes, savings coming at ya. Savings coming Joe. Yes. No. Maybe. Anyway, see you practice tonight. I got new lyrics for the rap break. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Price and coverage match limited by state law. Trump back from Vietnam, I'm Tim Maguire, the AP news minute. President Trump is back at the White House after his summit with North Korea's give John own in have Hanoi. Trump ended their meetings two hours early. After gin reportedly demanded an end the US sanctions without the north firmly committing to eliminating its nuclear arsenal career expert, Bruce Clinger says Trump was correct. I think the president did the right thing I've been critical of the president's North Korea policy that I think he did the right thing. Three Republican senators say they will vote for a house resolution, overturning President Trump's declaration of a national emergency along the border with Mexico Tennessee's Lamar Alexander hints. He might be the fourth in his floor remarks gender. Says the president has an funding to build more than two hundred miles a wall and doesn't need to have such a showdown with congress is unnecessary and unwise to turn a border crisis into a constitutional crisis. Trump is threatened to veto the resolution if it passes the Senate, I'm Tim Maguire.

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