NFL Draft Breakdown: NFC Winners & Losers


This is Christian Kirk with Arizona Cardinals. And you're listening to the fantasy football podcast. Welcome to the fantasy footballers podcast coming to you from pristine auction dot com studios with your hose, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike, right? Welcome in. So happy to be here. Joined by Jason and Mike, I'm Andy Holloway. And this is the fantasy football podcast coming to you Tuesday, April thirtieth. So much to talk about so exciting times are. Times are very exciting. Mike, weeded Rica don't all whole show and not even talk about football. Yeah. You're still riding high on game of thrones. Oh, not just thrones. Oh danger. Everything NFL draft. Everything is everything is very good right now, I really have nothing to look forward to anymore. Well, I that goes for you, maybe but not our listeners not the case supporters, the rookie in dire. No rankings the rookie and dynasty rankings are in the ultimate draft kit right now as promised we've had time to digest all of the happenings from Thursday, Friday, Saturday, the NFL draft, the fantasy football implicat- implications. I'm so excited to talk about winners and losers today, we're talking through the NFC teams. And when I say winners or losers. It's not just it's really not even talking about necessarily which rookies went where. But which rookies effect other players on these teams there were some big time winners based on, you know, competition not being drafted right for where they line up. Oh, I mean, I I was holding my breath the entire draft overtime Oakland was on because you know, I just had a dynasty startup draft. Derek carr. His his whole career can change in the blink of an eye. You know, is is he I like that it goes to Jarrett car. Meanwhile, Damian Williams skyrockets to adopt him. Meanwhile, Terrel Henderson drafted directly behind girly. Look so much to talk about. But I get what you're saying. Because if Dwayne Haskins is drafted by Oakland their careers is done by way of fantasy starter Ville, probably self. Eloquent eloquent. Yes, I I'm just I'm hyped. I'm ready to go on. There's there's a lot of news to cover on today's show as well. So there is news. Stay tuned. Do not miss it. We also want to kick things off with a big big big announcement. And nothing says big announcement like. You or? Jason is do you live up to blue from willy Wonka? Assemble listen, we are we've we've teased it a little bit. But we're very excited to announce the people's fantasy tour. Yeah, presented by pristine auction. We are coming live is a live podcast tour. We did it last year for the first time we're coming coast to coast this June, July and August, and I'm just speaking for myself. I don't know about these guys. But this is the most fun you can possibly have hated it. 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You start making your plans, you can buy all five city to or cross somebody shows up to all five I'll give you a medal. That's how I'll figure it out. I'll get you. Some kind of metal Mike is forging metal medallions for our listeners. So that's what's going on. I mean, a button became a buy button. I mean like one of those was Dicker with a sticker. It's it's a dog sticker. Yeah. Bolers lie dot com. Just reminds you. Let's get into the news. News and notes from around the league presented by sleeper. See that was so exciting. Oh, we were riding high for now. We gotta talk about tyreek hill. Let's quickly. I mainly. All right. Audio has been released. The case has been reopened against tyreek hill, he's not partaking in any team activities, and essentially we got word this morning via sleeper that it's very likely. He's added to the commissioners exemplified very soon as this investigation. Proceeds and we always talk about you know, when you don't know what a team's gonna do look at what their actual transactions are. And obviously in the draft their first pick the Kansas City Chiefs, I pick they went and drafted a tyreek hill comparible style of player saying that. That could be an indication that they do not expect to keep him. Why? And people want our opinion on this ever since the news broke give me a percentage chance to think tyreek hill plays football. Again. I would say it's about five percent and not with the chiefs. Again, I'll go maybe five to ten percent this year ongoing zero percent chance that he plays again. But it won't be for the chiefs. I think he'll get cut. He'll be on the exemplify he'll be gone for a couple years. And then some team will take a gamble in a risk. You know? I know I know we've seen it too many times these these teams when there's a young talented player. I mean, it's a shame. Yeah. It just it stinks. It stinks. Ultimately for tyreek hill the person what his decision making. And in those impacted the victims of this situation, his girlfriend the child we're just pray full that you know, they're in a safe situation. ESPN's Adam Schefter reporters real chance that Doug Baldwin will be unable. To continue playing and the Seattle Seahawks degree by drafting to I'd receivers. Yeah. All the jokes. We've been making over the last month or two when you weren't supposed to do this. They feel worse. Now, we're like he's he's he's gonna be a machine with jokes because he was going to come back right way football. And this this has not looking likely, so we'll talk through the ru- the wide receiver situation a little bit on the show today with the NFC winners and losers from the draft. There won't be an announcement soon because there are salary cap ramifications. And they said that Doug Baldwin himself will make that announcement not the team if he decides to retire. We know he's undergone multiple surgeries Assam season. It's not looking good. And the big man the big lefty Sebastian. Yes. He has retired sea bass swimming off into the night. I means there's only one player left from that draft class. Oh, really in the NFL. Is that Tom Brady is sure is Tom Brady has outlasted the mall. Wow. And this is a eighteen year. Retirement fertile Jankowski? So a reminder that was today's news notes brought to you by the sleeper app. Ask you Commissioner to move over to sleeper great platform for your dynasty league. Always improving guys. Let's get into it. We'll go win. All right NFC winners and losers were starting in the NFC west Brooks strategically weird rearranged our show docs this week. So that we had the opportunity to start with the NFC. And then I look in in our dock and we're starting with the NFC west. And then I say, wow, we're gonna start with the cardinals in the NFC west pure coincidence. No number one pick. They have a number one pack, and I guess winter me. Yeah. Arizona fans are excited and this was fares on fans for fantasy fans. This is a good draft. This is a draft. That means that the players the incumbents the existing players on this roster. David Johnson, Larry FitzGerald, these were players that last year was rough sledding bad offense mines bad personnel problems. Josh Rosen was traded Cuyler Murray goes number one overall they invest too high. Capital picks on wide receivers. They draft three wide receivers. Overall, India's Abella Akeem Butler who was if you remember the wide receiver show one of my favorites. And then Keyshawn Johnson. Guys. You gave yourself a brand new quarterback. You gave cliff Kingsbury the guy you wanted. And then you gave him a ton of weapons in this draft. Andy Isabella ran a four three one fastest wide receiver. Akeem Butler is a a dynamic outside playmaker. Winners and losers from this draft. I think all the offense of players and cardinals fantasy fans and cardinals fans in general were winners. Yeah. I think David Johnson is a huge winner. Here. You're you've got you've got a new offense of mind coming in. And clearly the team said we want to get playmakers. We wanna get people they could bus things open keep chains moving. And while it's not going to be all roses this year. You know, I've got him down for a good five win. It will be no rose. It will be no Rosen's either. Who is you might say. Big loser in this situation. Basically they traded Josh Rosen franey Isabella, right? And they traded a second wolf fifth rounder next year a man, but I mean, this is good news for David Johnson. Things will open up for him. You know, we've we've talked about in the past rushing quarterback slots open things up for the running back. So I mean, David Johnson should be, you know, one of those top picks in in the beginning of the first how do you feel about? Christian Kirk Kristen had a in. Okay. Rookie season got hurt. Larry Joe Christian Kirk really the only two threats on that office before this draft. And then you bring in Isabela Butler Johnson is would you classify Christian Kirk is a loser of this draft or a winner because the Kyla Murray, selection and the offense you you'd have to call him a loser from the fact that like his so me I know fantasy wise in that's because the air raid system now has the the weapons that needs to actually succeed. It's not force feed these two guys because they're the only two capable wide receivers on the team. So I think you have to downgrade Christian Kirk at least what his ceiling could be because I both both Isabela in Keene Butler in at least in my breakdown, our alpha level players these are guys that could be number one's on their team. Keen Butler six five over to twenty. He's a he's a beast of a man and. And so you can't say that Kirk is for sure gonna be the number one guy. It's a brand new system. It's a brand new quarterback. So he's he's he's pretty much at the grand floor with the otherwise, I will say this. He he's a winner Anna loser. Because you're right. His ceiling Ziva was but his draft cost is going to be nothing. Now when whenever a team comes in and draughts three rookie wide receivers. You're not going to say, Chris Chris the one, but there's a good chance here. The Chris Kirk is is the one as the, you know, the only veteran under the age of thirty four on the wrong. Other similarities to like, how you view drawn a milestone last year with the three income and rookies in Green Bay, and how you might view Christie Kirk this year and the three rookies coming in and Arizona, I think it's a fair fair points. Because it's it's a little bit different where we hadn't. We haven't seen. We had our in carton together. Right. Well, you hadn't seen a lot. Bring college fromm Geronimo. So Kim coming into the situation felt like the rookies could easily overtake him even in he might pin. You took the job. So Kirk is a little bit more established is what I'm saying than Allison was in that scenario. All right before we move onto the Rams, I will say this. We kind of come at it from three Engels with Arizona. We have our own personal fandom just being born raised out here cardinal fans. My own personal fandom has not been a Josh Rosen fan. I wasn't happy that we drafted him. You've heard me talk about it on the show. Then you have the fantasy perspective right and fantasy wise. I wasn't a Josh Rosen fan. But as a person he impressed me through this situation. I people don't know this. I thought I'd mention it after the trade. He was sent to the dolphins after he was traded. He still stayed out here in Phoenix participated in the charity of infra Larry FitzGerald softball game in the in the fans out here gave Miranda applauses. He left posted a really kind of funny nice, respectful classy video, and he was not complaining through this whole thing. I hope he has success in Miami. I really do. He I think this could be one of those win win wins for Rosen where he doesn't have to come in new week one. Like, it's fits magic down there. In Miami's gotta plan. They're gonna trust the process in Rosa can spend a little bit more time. You don't think Rosen ends up week one starter? No. I do not you think. Jason. I think he will. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Let's move onto the Rams. There is one big story line to talk about with Los Angeles in their draft. Obviously, we're focusing often players Jason knows what it is. And that would be. The fact that the Los Angeles Rams traded up to pick up at the very beginning of the third round. At the top of the third rail. Good one of Mike, and is I think favorite running back in the draft. Daryl Henderson out of Memphis. And if you are a Todd Gurley owner is impossible not to call this a loss. A loser situation for Todd Gurley coming out of the draft. Obviously, Malcolm Brown big loser. If he was the perceived handcuff but Todd Gurley this is some high draft capital insurance for an MVP level running back. How do you feel being you know, you you have girly in our dynasty league? Jason. Yes. Please talk about that. Look, I feel negative about it. The reality is, you know, we just say fuck about you, don't you don't wanna follow coachspeak coach saying all the great things about getting really the ball. What you wanna follow his transactions? What is the team doing with their money with their capital with their draft picks? And what they chose to do was bring back the backup, Malcolm Brown, and then trade up for a third rounder and grab another running back because they are going to probably Batman and Robin. This let me let me set that table a little bit more for you. They brought back Malcolm Brown. They matched an offer. He went out and was desired by another team in the ramp said, no, we can't possibly lose. You. They traded up in the third round. This was only their second pick in the draft. So this it was their third pick. They are is really Twardy. Needs title. They had a big need. Apparently that was over running back. Yeah. Don't say big knee because that's different thing. Here's the thing. We just put up our dynasty rankings rookie rankings. It is very difficult. No matter what side of the fence, you're on with girlies. Hell it's super difficult to rank him in dynasty formats right now. Yes. Because you just don't know what's true. And what's false. I was staring down, you know. And maybe no more now or maybe they're just insuring themselves with a more dynamic player. It pass catcher in Henderson incase. Girly goes down. I was staring down girly and Joe mix and my dynasty rankings. Just going can I really move girly below mix. And I couldn't do it. But I know Andy you did do it. It was it was I think girlies at seven in my dynasty runningback rankings. And there is a difference. So fantasy owners here's here's the two scenarios that I see for Todd girl, you guys tell me if you agree scenario. One is Todd Gurley isn't bad. Back to full health and won't get back to full health, and we'll play a platoon role. The other situation is simply that toddler is. Now, a higher injury risk in general, but is back to full health will be the lead dog and they needed to invest in a running back because of the risk. I leaned that direction. The that he will be back. He will be back to who. He was but millions of dollars wallets of their owners. That's true. What's crazy about that for fantasy? And this. I'm talking redraft when you're sitting there pick number three and Todd Gurley is there, and you actually have hesitance about drafting him. And I I won't blame you at all. That's going to be a very difficult thing to call your shot say, Yep. Todd girlies fine. He's going to get all those Golan carries yet again, especially when they added Daryl Henderson, he's re people. Darrell Henderson is really really good pleased draft as late as you can. Redrafting if there was ever situation, you where you need more information for as long as you can this is it. Existing receiving core wasn't affected. They didn't take any white outs in this draft didn't need to know. They don't Cooper cop. Coming back. Robber was Brandin cooks. All right. Let's move onto the forty Niners. The forty Niners spent the first pick Nick Bosa and then went wide receiver wide receiver in the second and third rounds top of each round on deebo Samuel and then. Yeah. Deebo Samuel Jalen Hurd. Those are two really good wide receivers. And yeah, I go ahead. Keep in mind deebo Samuel was the third wide receiver taken in the draft. They could've they had their pick of just about anyone out there. And they saw what a lot of people say C, which is debate does evoke great player. I mean, that's more draft capital spent here than what they spent on Dante Pettis. So the the question is is negative for Dante Pettus is negative from Archies Goodwin. Certainly Markey's Goodwin agreed has gone from fringe relevance to probably irrelevance at this point. Deebo Samuel is a good wind out. We neglected him in our rookie show. He was in our show, doc, we just time it time. We ended up. I think talking about Isabel at the end and talk about deebo lot of people projected depot to go well below guys like de que Metcalf. The went way after him. But I know he's he's a favorite of many Jalen Hurd is much. He played in the slot ton in college. He also played running back only played one year wide receiver. There's a there's some opinion that I've read about heard being used in a kind of Cordeiro Patterson type of role in this offense, so kick returner one. No, no. I mean gadget player. I mean. We're it's just funny. When I hear people use that conflict. Well, it may not work out. Very well for cordray will not I'm not talking early career Cordeiro are I'm talking about last year with the patriots where he had the opportunity to take hand-offs to take little this. And that so. I believe that Dante Petters elite talent, and there's always a balance between putting more talent on a team and taking away from Pettus. I think it comes down to what is the confidence level that Jimmy Garoppolo and the team hasn't Dante Pettus. And if you believe let's let's subsitute, right? Like, if I don't know the giants when they had Dell had drafted deebo Samuel, Jalen Hurd, you wouldn't think twice about no not at all. Because a great talent demands. Great targets the this. It's very similar to. Excuse me, it Tricia Kirk. I mean, Chris Kirk was the second round pick last year showed enough on to the team on film. Like this is a good player. He's going to be able to do things. He's interesting fantasy. And then the team just came in and replenished the the war chest with wide receiver. So and I saw that as it's a negative for Christian Kirk this team to me, this is a negative to Dante Pettus the team could be better. But you for me, I'm moving down a couple of minutes not to say that can't succeed. I think he has to succeed. I think he will succeed, but the opportunity he has now is more difficult. But then he'll he'll be the one. He would have been the one before the drafting is the one after the draft. That's the only part to me that I'm if he's on the field the same. You have some town more talent around him. But he didn't he's not losing his wide receiver one spot. I think the big the biggest winner in the whole situation Jimmy Garoppolo Jimmy gras because. Yes. Sammy Jalen her? Yeah. That's where we need to focus or good players. And maybe it doesn't happen year one and in their rookie year, but you know, future wise, I think Jimmy Garoppolo has some great weapons Kyle Shanahan there. I I really like San Francisco did as far as you know, you get the elite pass and then you focus on your offense. Would you move Jimmy geo based on this draft? Because if there's one thing that we haven't had any clarity on. And maybe that's starting to drip over into wide receivers. We don't know of its memory jerk. Mckinnon or Tevin Coleman shirt, we might not know of his deebo. Samuel Dante Pettis Jalen her marquees Goodwin or George Kittle. But we know it's. Dynasty, all move him up. But short term. I mean, these are still rookies. So I'm not gonna go crazy for the handsome one before we move off the team, though, we got you know, how old that punter is Mitch was now skied. No, I I am not aware of the punter selected four three fourth row selection. Always in Utah. Oh, no. He went on his mission. He's probably twenty. He's twenty seven years old. And he got drafted Mitch. You're my hero for telling me we can go back can we enter Brooks twenty seven was a bit ago. Now, look I can put up I can punt the ball at least fifteen yards. Jason was our punter on our flag team as I was is it third. He got up to thirty yards. With a forward. Roll nice for some shakes. Thanks more six Jason more. I don't give a catchable ball. All right. Let's talk about this is. Let's talk about the Seattle Seahawks winners and losers from this draft main their weight room, the big winter, decay Metcalf, and Gary Jennings junior to white outs drafted in the third or sorry. The very end of the second round for Metcalf and the middle of the fourth round for Gary Jennings out of West Virginia. They also drafted a running back. Did they not in the six round? But who who are the winners and losers on the Seahawks? I mean word I think we do disagree about this the way that we were seeing the rookie drafts. Go I think Metcalf was loser. As far as rookie selections going to low volume passing team. They there are run first team Schottenheimer. We've we've covered this ad nauseam. I think it was a not the best landing spot for what Metcalf could have become an what everyone wanted to what what? The draft Twitter wanted him to become. Yeah. We're going to disagree their dog because I think while he dropped, and that's not good for your your capital. I can't imagine. It's Randy over here. I can't imagine a much better landing spot because Deka Metcalf. I don't I don't see him being one hundred reception type player if he if he pans out, you know, one of those guys it's getting one hundred fifty sixty targets. He he's not a possession guy. He's a deep threat. An amazing talent what he can do. And so, you know, that's where I think you've got a player who's matching up perfect with Russell Wilson. You saw how valuable on low target volume. Tyler Boyd was if you're running around buying time. I can't imagine a better target to throw it over the mountains to than than decay Metcalf. So touchdown lies. I think that's where decays fancy values gonna come. And I think he matched up well to go to team more. Might be losing Doug Baldwin. I don't have the same opinion of Metcalf as I would have if this Baldwin news income out. I think I think it matters. Punt and you have a situation here with with Hollywood Brown with AJ Brown with decay mccafe's where low pass offenses drafted some of the best talent. Yeah. At the wide receiver position. So you would you take decay Metcalf over a J Brown? I would would you take Metcalf over Markey's Brown? I would so in that situation with what's going on with with Russell Wilson. I think you have opportunity I think it obviously helps Russell Wilson to have been given a couple more weapons. But you're right. There were probably there were other homes that he could onto that would've made you happier. We just say, I don't know. We haven't really discussed this. But I feel like as a whole not for every player out there. But if you just take the masses of the rookies that were drafted this draft really sucked for them. Yes. Like. All the players that I thought had a real chance break they went to just piss poor situations where it's like that's really not where I want him going and everybody I didn't like was like, oh, no. That's a really good spot. Yeah. Look at you. David montgomery. Yeah. It'll be very interesting because you know, like, I don't know if there's as much excitement around rookie dress. I mean, we did two of them today into a remainder leagues. We started them. There's a sense that there are couple of names to kill Harry and Josh Jacobs that you're kind of sure about what's going on. But then there's this muddied middle where you know, guys will emerge, but there's just not a lot to go on. Yeah. I have Kyla Murray rings very high in my for rookie drafts in generally speaking that does not happen with with a quarterback because guys are just in such bad situations. All right. It's time to move onto the NFC east. Brooks your Cowboys. Cowboys didn't do a lot on the office of side of the ball at all a couple of handcuffs. Tony Pollard at a Memphis running back and seventh-round running back as well. What's funny is gonna be the winners are are Michael Galvin Randall Cobb because you have invested third fourth fifth round pick on a wide receiver to compete on the outside with Amari Cooper Gallup in Cobb didn't do it. So like for instance, if this is if if the Cowboys drafted Andy Isabella Raina com is is looking troubled. So. I was gonna say what's funny is I like, Mike Weber more. The like their seventh round running back more than Tony Pollard. Like that'll be very interesting to see who actually ends up as Ezekiel's direct. Hang rectal handcuffing, his backup. I mean draft capital says that things are very very against Weber from Ohio State. But that's that's who I think it is right now and Pollard. He's everything I've seen about him is he's actually kick return. He's gonna immediately be are starting kick returner. It seems like that's what they drafted him for. Yeah. I mean, you know, the handcuff I'm not worried in redraft league. No. But we're talking rookie drafts. Like that's important for for you to have if you have Zeke in the way that the Cowboys around rookie pick. Yeah. You just get you'd wanna be targeting the I would. And would you go so far as to say, you believe Weber will be that guy? Right. I do think he will be. All right. The New York Giants the football giants. The Daniel Jones giants look. Hey. There was den teams that wanted Daniel Joe, it's me Dave look Daniel head. Did you have to see the meaning three years me? Dave. Yeah. That was great to Dave got him in talking about the fact that they could take the model of him sitting three years. Do they know how old the manning is? Here's the funny thing is somebody said, the Daniel Jones looks exactly like such a good tweets actually, like a person cast to play lamenting in a movie. Yes. It's so good. And so Dana Jones goes number six. I don't blame. I get them. Get a lot of crap. Yeah. But if that's actually the guy that you want, and you think it's your franchise trade down. No. Because somebody could I mean, look if you act deemed if you actually believe it you have to take that guy. I don't I don't blame him for that. I blame for scouting. I don't agree that he's the guy. Well, but he's also a relevant. I think he plays the second half of this year. I do because we'll be winless at that point. Right. Exactly. But for fantasy purposes he's Brooks put in Daniel Jones's agent as a winner from the draft sterling shepherd is a winner from the drag. Yeah, you know, you had how many picks in this draft three first rounders to fifth rounders, and you didn't invest in a wide receiver until the fifth. Frown Shepard got paid. And now he didn't get. The supplanted by any of that top in talent. You could argue the same for Evan Ingram. You know, the the fact that the splits with everything room with and without Oto Beckham have been really good for him. My my worry here Tate. Actually, I do think that Daniel Jones gets on the field. So I'm not I'm not I'm not ever worried too much about second half the season. When I'm in a redraft. I'm looking much more how we're gonna get out of the gate, but if Daniel Jones comes in it's it's to me for sure bad for all pass catcher. So I don't see this is a pure win for sterling shepherd and Evan Ingraham. If it turns out that their team is worse. And then they get a rookie quarterback midway through the season. Now Brooks if you if you were playing ally like you plan this year as your dynasty starter. He's a loser in this draft as well. Okay. Dang it. Yeah. All right. So excited to play them. I'm excited. Talk about the Philadelphia Eagles because despite having only five picks in this draft. There's a lot of fantasy implication, just second round mile Sanders. Penn State running back one of the highest recruited running backs as he headed independence day was the backup saquon. Mile Sanders in the second round says we're not going to rest on the Jordan Howard, fifth round exchange were looking for a three down guy for multiple years mile Sanders. And then in the later of what four picks later, they traded up for JJ or Sega Whiteside, sir. Wide receiver out of Stanford. Makes Carson Winston winner to me you get you Hartson wins a couple of weapons. Mile Sanders lanes in pretty good home. I mean, look the first pick you take a one of the best pass blocking offense of taxes in the draft. The second pick you draft a running back that can catch passes at Penn State. The third pick you draft Sega Genesis. And you got another great weapon who's kind of canal, Sean Jeffrey comp in the jump ball. Touchdown tight type of player. And so I think Carson Wentz is a is a huge winner in this draft out. That was when I was watching the draft every pick. I just kept thinking, man. That's that's good for wins. Oh, that's good for once. Yeah. I don't disagree. Jordan Howard was a loser for fantasy owners that you bought into him being traded to Philly the way I would break down right now is and I'm I one of my nice Elise. Jordan Howard, owner drafted mile Sanders with the third pick in the rookie draft today. And I know in my heart that this. This is gonna suck because mile Sanders. I think we'll see a lot of work. And I think Jordan Howard will steal a lot of touchdowns. And I think I'm gonna be displeased. Now, it's very possible. Jordan Howard, m is he in the final year of his deal. Yes. So this is a rent. That's a situation where this is why I rank mile Sanders ahead of David Montgomery, which I know you guys are the opposite. But I one of the reasons is I feel like the Philly offense. Doug Peterson Carson Wentz starting next year's mile Sanders. Mile Sanders could have earned himself very strong three down role. Do you disagree with that possibility? I disagree with the possibility of three down in the sense that they're such a committee, and they're so committed to not using one single back. But I think they could work themselves down to being to backs, and, you know, this is more than Dighton in my view of and you knew this before the draft and before they got Jordan Howard how much they wanted to upgrade their running. Position they were not happy with the Corey Clement window Smallwood Josh Adams, trifecta of guys off the street. They said we've got you know, they didn't trade much for Jordan Howard, who's a quality running back. And then they use the capital that they had to grab another quality running back. I I think the offense is better. But I think it's gonna be a to me and show to there'd be an upgrade though. Yes. The problem with the eagles has been three four guys at the same time. Yeah. I think that's why they invested in Sanders specifically because he has a more diverse skillset than other guys that they've had slotted in. And like you said last year was tough to watch Clement never did it. Josh Adams, flashed me little bits here. And there let's talk about the Redskins. The Redskins grabbed Dwayne Haskins at fifteen the grab a wide receiver. Mclaren at the twelfth pick of the third round. Another running back Bryce love in the fourth round who they expect to be backed by middle of training camp. Bryce love bracelet. Probably. Have gone gone a year ago. Second rails Eck in bro. Yeah. You heard himself staying at school. Well, grade school kids, you're hurting yourself. Yeah. Exactly. This is. Interesting to me that they have dairy guys who they I mean, they invested very very highly Darius guys, and I know he got hurt. But your plan is okay. Let's let's make sure we have insurance for our hurt guy with the Hertz value value. The reality is the insurance for near his guys Adrian Peterson the insurance for critter Thompson, the injured guy was the injured guy. So they've got three injured guys. Eighty three inch Guidi guys equal one healthy. Right. Ski- smart move. You just voltron. Here's the truth though. This is not to me, you try to read the tea leaves here. Fourth-round early fourth round pick on Bryce love. It just goes to reinforce the the the news the percolating. Rumors of dairies Geis's, very slow development back from injury. Only a few days ago. You got another report that he is moving slowly through this. This is why what if they done. Here's their confidence level in various guises return for fantasy owners let's pay Adrian Peterson. Let's draft Bryce love in the fourth round. That's all we have. So I would not be enthusiastic for this offense one that is currently led by some either Haskins or keenum or Cole McCoy with three different running backs with a myriad of kind of wide receivers. We don't know who's gonna emerge. This offense is going to struggle. That is my concern. Yeah. I'm not. I'm not I'm not happy. Who's the the losers? Washington Redskins for for the immediate future. Tosh Johnston over the long run. You know, if doing Haskins pans out. Out if you know, he's the guy and Geiss gets healthy and Bryce love gets healthy. And you could have something down the line. I didn't love what they did at wide receiver. They needed help drafted one. But not now your favorite not in my top fifteen. Who starts week one for Washington. Quarterback keenum punter, Mike. I don't know maybe maybe running back. There's a lot of questions for any ball team who starts quarterback Haskins. Who did you say J? I said keenum break tie good McCoy, Dwayne Haskins joined Haskins playing for his life gruden's plan for his life. Yes. All right. The bears the bears only at five picks in this draft. But we got to talk about here, boys. David montgomery. None of us were huge Montgomery fans. I am now. Third round. I've said this so many times before I will take opportunity over talent one hundred out of one hundred times. And that's not say, David, Montgomery isn't talented. But just right before the draft. I talked about I don't see what a lot of other people. See, I know he's well rounded it can do a little bit of everything a lot of had in my notes that if a team were to invest heavily in him. I think he would be great. And I don't think team's going to do that team did that because similar what you bringing up with you know, other teams trading up, and they didn't have. Their first pick though, the bears were they had interview. After interview after interview with all the running next multiple interviews with the same guys, they clearly were showing their hands at they were looking at a running back except they didn't have enough picks. Like, they didn't have they had. So few picks in the draft that I did not think they were going to be able to do it. And then they used extra to trade up to get David Montgomery who has then been given the Kareem hunt comp by Nagy who used cream hunt as a well rounded back, and I think I think Montgomery comes in right off the bat with two hundred and fifty touches. And is the main it doesn't matter what we think about them before if Matt Nagy thinks, he's everything exactly. And that's. Yeah. No. He has a great opportunity in Chicago. You know, they jettison. Jordan Howard, wasn't a fit David Montgomery. They feel like is a fit current regime. Mike Davis that was phone. The big loser. Malcolm Brown, those of your offseason losers. Those those guys on that fringe, right? Chris Warren member when we talked about Kris Warren in Oakland. I tried to forget about it one. Isaiah Crowell and one Josh Jacobs later and Chris Warren, don't even just drop. Yeah. Well, if you're in a super deep dynasty league, also drop it. You know, what I'm gonna do? Oh, you you've got him on your team. I'm gonna drop them on air. Oh, guess lot. Warren debt is a rage drop because you can't even pick an right? That's right. I'm gonna take care of that. Ok picking up Chris Morin. Go ahead. But no, that's the reality of the draft. If you if you are investing in a low, I mean, this white wideouts to, you know, Jake Coomer, oh, all the dynasty rage. But if Green Bay drafted three or four White House that you wouldn't have drive capital matters. That's why it was incredibly sad to see two of my lower to your back that I liked I knew it was I knew it was tougher for them. But Alex Barnes and air booby Williams were both undrafted. I just bro. I do want to confirm that. I just verified he did. In fact, drop Chris Warren, he has been dropped. I have cannot leave Kaga that asking the question that maybe should have kind of been part of the Gumri discussion to begin with. Toroc right. What happens to Cohen because Cohen had this seemingly big opportunity. Jason you just said David Montgomery has two hundred fifty touches those do not compute. I think I think they I think they can't compute. I mean, I I actually started them out already. And if you look Tariq is not a guy who gets a ton of carries. And so he's the guy that's going to be getting you know, a hundred hundred and fifty carries and then used in the passing game. I think he'll be about what he was last year which was serviceable at times disappointing at times. But I do think David Montgomery will be the predominant guy in the timeshare. Yeah. I agree code will be okay. But. Montgomery is gonna be great. All right. Let's talk about the Detroit Lions use their first round pick. Right. Where I thought they would TJ hockey. And by the way, we didn't even update that note. Nothing nothing to look yet. He see here. I actually won are our rookie predictions. I have four correct. You guys had to each. So if you add your scores up together you tied me. Yeah. That was only on the back of Dave Gettleman. I hope you're happy with yourself. It's me if Dave Gettleman had drafted Josh Allen, clearly who should have drafted a number six, then TJ hawks would have gone to the Jags at seven where I am going. But then they're like sin. Allen's here sim butts Candian. So we're tied at three and three in my world. Right. Yeah. Your world is always very Jason favored. Yes. It is teaching hawk consent to Detroit o. It was breaking news about that. He's expected to be the started week one. Yeah. He is the number of NFL draft expected to be used right off the bat. You know, even that needs tighthead. That's good. He good blocker. And such a good pass catcher who will be an immediate weapon on an offense that needs them. He will also be an an asset to carry on Johnson. Who I think is another winner in this graph? It's a great blocking tight end. And didn't have another running back drafted the year of carry on get ready. Wow. A year prepare yourselves. Okay. All right Perry on about my guys. Don't you do? Oh, dude. It's Andy's guide. I heard it even Brooks. I would look Jesse James who was an offseason pickup. That's he's a big loser. In detroit. Otherwise, you know, you could make the argument that they didn't do a lot else to to address the passing game. Bohol concern is a big one and from a dynasty perspective. I think he's a very valuable. He's tied in dynasty. He's already talked to twenty. Yeah. I I have like eight or nine. Yeah. You you could argue Marvin Jones is a winner here because getting out there on on used early capital on one of these water Cevers he could start looking like he's being shown the door. All right. Let's get to Green Bay Green Bay. Well, not a lot to look at. They did spend a third round pick. They were one of the teams rumored to need a tight end. Maybe in the know Olea sweepstakes needed one last year. And they got Mary Steenburgen is who it was. Hand that Jay Stein doing that to jas. Tell him Steiner is Steinbrenner member the owner of the third round pick out jas stern burger, do we think that he will have some relevance running back. Dexter williams. Also drafted in the six round stern burger will not this year. But I think Sternberg is a good player, and he'll be Toby serviceable. Yeah. Once they realized that Jimmy Graham, just let him off to pasture. I think they realize that I think that's why they were. So I mean between Hogson and Fant they most mock dress had them taking tight end because they completely realized they realized that I mean, they Jimmy Graham is not the answer at tight in. And they need an answer. You're right to point out that you know, it's going to take a couple years for stern burger he's not he's not gonna come in rookie or Donald burger. And so yeah. But in a dynasty league, whatever I think, you know, he'll be in the third row. Round, you know, a late guy that I think you could hold onto stash for couple years starnberger will start next year. Jimmy Graham will be going. I can only hope for the what a burger nickname. I want that in their how what a what a catch. What a burger come on. Okay. What? It's there. We'll work through. Yeah. We've got time. We gotta wait until he claimed broil. Yeah. Yes. To earn. It like Disney did. Oh, goodness. Big montana. He came out of nowhere got himself nickname. That's all I'm saying. All right. If your name is Ron Wilson Marquez Valdez scaling echinacea Brown. They didn't go get another big wide receiver. I was surprised the robber -tunities for Green Bay to do that. And they didn't. And the reason they did not do that is because they're fine there. I mean, they they've got a good up and coming core of wide receivers. I think that the the biggest winner to me of those up and coming players is going to be drama, Alison, I leave. He's very talented. He's got a great report there in Rogers Aaron Rodgers loves them. He was off to hot start in the beginning of last year with him until the injury. They didn't go out and replace any of the wide receivers. So all of them all of them are big winners in this year's draft because they get another year with Rogers to step into the offense. But I think Allison's guy I'm most excited about I the Minnesota Vikings sound the alarms. Colorado's time may become into a close. It irv. Smith junior second round tight end draft at I Alabama by the Vikings. That's kind of the headline there. There was they did draft. Alexander Alexander, Madison. This is in this is legit he handcuffed for cook. This this is something you need to pay attention to if I have Dalvand cook who is thus far showed himself very prone to getting hurt. Alex Alexander Madison would be a primary target for me. I would expect you don't have to pay a huge price for him. But back in the second round, you're gonna wanna think about it. He's he's from Boise state. I really liked them. I really really liked Madison. He won me over by the end because he can do everything. And I think that he's one of those just super tough dudes who if given the if Delvin cook went down, Alex, everyone would freak out for Alexander, Madison. So just make sure. Sure, you're prepared. I would I would throw out that he could he could have relevance. He's not just strictly hand Latinas Murray had relevance there. Even when Delvin cook was there. So he you know, if they timeshare at all or use him, you know around the goal line. I don't expect them. I don't expect him to be a star certainly not with cook. But he could be relevant. He's one of those guys you could draft as a handcuff because he could be an option in your flex later. But I think the big winner here in Minnesota's clearly Kirk cousins you spend your first four picks on offense. You get a center you get a guard. And you get a tight end protecting the line and the tight end in Smith is a great downfield weapon. If he gets spend all that money on those wideouts better have a quarterback that's upright to throat to them Atlanta. Let's talk about Atlanta. They interesting draft. Matt Ryan looks like a winner for the same reason. Kirk cousins is guard tackle I two picks in the first round in the first round. Yeah. You could also say devante Freeman winner. No high investment on another running back. You got ITO Smith and devante Freeman. It will be it will be Freeman ITO Smith. And these are some good lime in in my opinion that they drafted this is a huge huge sign of confidence in. Devante Freeman by the Atlanta Falcons. So I I'm not necessarily gonna move Freeman up. But just solidifies take it breath solidifies the offseason feelings of that the team is already fully invested him. They don't need to move L move on. And they're not I ring Quadri Alison running back taking he gives me a little bit of pause from calling Ito's Smith a winner because he could come in and like ITO Smith. I mean, make no mistake. He could be okay. But he sucked. He was terrible last year. He was very big this point for the falcons that go out and draft the running back. I mean, you need it to for depth. But my point is believe he can come in and just win that job and be the backup. So I. I don't see this as a huge win for ITO. But definitely devante Freeman. And Matt Ryan, I mean, I know we've had some arguments over where Matt Ryan should finish. But so far the last couple of weeks have gone really well for him with the schedule coming out the domes that he's playing in. Now, the offensive line two first rounders on the offensive line, which was very necessary. Those things are just good for the whole offense. The Carolina Panthers winners and losers to me. The big winners on this roster DJ Morin, courtesy mule, courtesy emails probably the biggest winner of the mall because he has an opportunity to stay at the wide receiver to position. And he is a very explosive player in limited touches, courtesy him fantasy relevance last year. I think he may be one of those sleeper type of guys it ends up in our ultimate draft yet. Because. Someone has to catch the ball. They're Devin funchess is gone and can't just be Christian McCaffrey. And if you just DJ more you'd better move him up rankings because more Samuel McCaffrey that's going to be their offense. No, I I agree completely Samuel is a great sleeper option. I would if you're out there. Go try trait from in six I think a lot of people even the have Samuel don't realize how good he was last year, which was essentially his rookie year, if he becomes the one I wouldn't wouldn't expect that, but I certainly would not be surprised if he becomes a primary target as opposed EJ more last season. He had five touchdowns five hundred dollars saving on forty receptions, and has a an opportunity to level up and hold courtesy Mulas twelve. Is twenty two years old possible DJ Morris twenty two years old? So they've got to was it August the DJ Moore's older now he's not here to San moulder by half year. But I mean, you've got to super young studs in. If if. You know, if Cam Newton comes back with a with a shoulder in place, then there's an opportunity there. He is. He can turn turns Mets they aren't grabbed just undrafted. Real quick Elisa Holyfield from Georgia who is the son of Vander Holyfield is a son or is he I think he was like nephew or something. No, look, oh is it. Oh, is it? Okay. I did not realize who son must be a good punter. Your fish yourself, man. Just be a running back news. Got a good stuff. Are there? Actually did watch. No, no, Joe when when I was watching him I was watching for that. And he does he like punches with. I'm not even joking. He liked punches his stiff arm out, and I'd like this legal. No toke. It is for him. Yeah. All right. The New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints only had five picks in this draft five. They did invest in a center they had to yes, they had to price retirement. So they did grab a center and Eric McCoy I would say the existing wide receiver core the people there they're winners. I don't know if do breezes a winner in this draft because I felt like they needed some help at the wide receiver position outside of Michael Thomas. You're gonna have to see I mean trick on Smith their counting on try taking a Ted Ginn. Yeah. He's still there. All right. Tampa Bay moving onto Tampa Bay. This was an interesting draft because it was entirely on defense, which has a lot of big winners. Fantasy a lot the fact that they did not at a bunch of wide receivers or quality running backs to this team says that guys like Chris Godwin huge winner here. They're saying we believe in you. Justin Watson you guys can get the job done yet. Another sleeper candidate Justin wants vacated a lot of targets with Humphries leaving with Sean Jackson leaving. And then look I know I've never been a fan of Ronald Jones, but they believe Ronald Jones payment Barbara can get the job done. Now. I'm gonna think it's Peyton barber. But the opportunity for Ronald Jones to step up is certainly there. Now, it is also important to note they drafted yet another place kicker. So the Aguayo days are over man, but they did spend a fifth round pick on Matt gave out of Utah. So these kickers if you go to Utah, and your kicker supplies to old is this guy thirty five you know, that this thing if he's twenty seven to twenty seven year old kickers. Drafted. I didn't know about this. When I was young. Extra five years refined your skills before you have to graduate, no age, given no problem Ford in his forty forty five. Okay. Yes. Still for rookie. I just talked about courtesy mule going into your threes. Twenty two years old winners and losers us actually market price. That's is a okay we talked about it wants Godwin Ronald Jones pain barber as well. Yes. And that does it for the NFC guys anybody. I'm forgetting anything you want to mention before we move on linen. For nets. Big winner. We haven't gone into that on Thursday. We will also announce the winners. We will announce the winners of our big giveaway the ultimate draft kit dot com giveaway. We had a preorder special. We were doing and we have the names of the winners will be announced on Thursday. So hang tight. You might see those on social media might hear your name pity. Somebody one good somebody one. That's that's how giveaways work. So we'll go ahead and jump into the deal the day. Come on. Now, Dante Pettis sign jersey pristine auction dot com. Thirty six dollars eighty five cents a sign forty-nine jersey, Dante Pettis. That's unbelievable. I mean that is truly like this seems chicken the when we talk about Dante Pettis sometimes because I am an owner in dynasty of Dante Pettis as I am an owner of Dante bettas in dynasty. Because of watching Dante Pettis play football us, your then I went out and got him. It is not my my bullish nature on Pettus isn't on the basis of hope. He's good. It's heath. He's really good. And then you go get him. That's why I believe he's a number one. I think it's kinda crazy. You can go get a jersey for thirty six dollars though. Yeah. You go to Pristina auction and steal jerseys from people that have been signed by him for thirty six bucks. That's a good deal. Hey, make a completely free account. It's free to bid. Only pay if you win so spend thirty six bucks on us. I mean jersey. Yeah, there's hundreds every day to pristine action dot com. That is for today's show. Remember to check out ballers live dot com. Go get tickets to come see the show live. We want to see we wanna meet you, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Eliot and Phoenix we'll see on Thursday. Good. Bye. Bye. Thank you. For listening to another episode of the fantasy footballers podcast. Join our fantasy football community on join the foot dot com and follow us on Twitter at the F F ballers.

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