1185: Daily Reminders by Mogie Adamchik of Appalachian State University (Student Essay on Self Help Experiment)


This is optimal. Living daily episode eleven eighty five daily reminders by Moggi, Adam check, and I'm just a Malik welcome old friend, and I say old because oh L D stands for optimal living daily and like a few days ago. I have another special episode for you. I typically read from blogs, but I'm bringing you a couple of excellent student essays from Dr Chris patties class at Appalachian state university a red one a few days ago. Today's comes from Mogi Adam chick a sophomore at Appalachian state majoring in advertising, she's on the golf team. And in her free time, she loves to hike and travel after graduating she aspires to make ads for the Gulf industry and inspire. More people to take up the sport. I'll have her contact info. In this episode subscription at old podcast dot com. Buffer now get right to her essay and continue. Optimizing your life. Daily reminders by Moggi? Adam check, my Larne goes off at seven thirty A M. I flip over my phone to shut it off. And there's a reminder. No, you're worth nine AM usually sitting in class. Another reminder don't settle for less than what you deserve ten AM. You are strong. These are a few of the reminders I get on my phone throughout the day. I've been doing this since last summer, and it's made a big difference. I have to think one of my close friends from golf Haley, what NAS key who shared this idea with me as something. She does to build confidence. You notice a small and simple idea? I thought it was we're sharing with others to reminders can serve as that first step towards a deeper appreciation for ourselves after Haley shared his idea with me, I put off implementing it because I'm honestly thought it sounded silly. And really wouldn't make a difference. Now. I can gladly say. I was totally wrong. It really does make a difference gnome. Matter where you are in life during the school year of life gets really busy. Maybe you can relate. I'm a student athlete on apps states golf team balancing, twenty hours a week of practice. Traveling a full course load and a social life can wear me down. And make me forget, I'm human. I'm nineteen trying to build doors today. So I can open them tomorrow. I go from one assignment to the next one task to another hustling here and there, and it's too easy to get lost in the shuffle. One thing that brings me back is my habit of daily reminders, these reminders can act as African nations of one's life goals and personal story. If I goal is to win a conference championship. I set a reminder. I am the sun belt individual champion, my brain sees it so many times that it learns to accept it as reality. Then when I'm in that situation, I've already become comfortable with myself in that identity. It helped me visualize success and take down mental barriers obviously deal. Reminders can go much further than sports of apply them to relationships. Presentations and self worth a couple of weeks before I had to give a big presentation for a class. I added a reminder, you are an excellent speaker and another you got this is important to recognize how these little things can really change your attitude during the day at three PM. I get an essential reminder. I love you, this may seem minor or cheesy. But I can't tell you how many times I felt discouraged because of the stresses of the day when I see the self affirmation. It makes me smile. I love you Mogi, you're going to do this. You're already crushing it. Stay strong power through skin to be alright. Clog work reminders helped pull me out of whatever. Funk. I'm in and draw. Me back to the present. It's a reset and reassurance. We know we have people on our team in life. But they might not know where we are. Or how we're feeling in addition to reaching out to those who support us we can build and practice the habit of becoming our own best allies. We know what we need and. What means a lot to us? This is a lesson in self love is crucial to respect ourselves. Once we're comfortable with who we are confident in our abilities. This is when we can best bread positively and love to the people around us. I believe that we have a responsibility as humans to grow. And why not try something so simple, if we have the chance to better ourselves, I strongly encourage you to pull out your phone and set a daily reminder he can start right now, which just one make it as bold or subtle as her comfortable with if you have a meeting with your boss, maybe you can remind yourself that are confidence and won't be intimidated. If you have a presentation, perhaps tell yourself you've done your best to prepare, and that you're ready to knock it out of the park may be all you need is a reminder that you can do this. You just listen to the post titled daily reminders by Moggi. Adam check another great essay straight from Dr Chris patties class at Appalachian state university. Definitely try it out just set one reminder, and let me know how it goes. It can make a huge difference. They key Mogi, and Dr p for letting me share it with you again. I'll have contacted info in this episode subscription at old podcast dot com, including Dr peas, contact info if you want to do a little something to show your support for this podcast, simply telling someone about it showing them how to subscribe on their smartphone is a huge help bigger than you can imagine. So if you have a second, and there's someone you think would benefit or if you want to share this or any episode with them, please do in mean a lot. But I'll do it for this weekend. We lost an hour here. Thanks to daylight saving. But I'm coming back from Florida, which is three hours ahead. That's confusing. Put anyway, thank you for being here. And I'll see you tomorrow where your optimal life awaits.

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