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Buy One get one thirty percent off all HP INC at Your Neighborhood Office Depot officemax store and at Office Depot Dot Com or your INC online and Office Depot Officemax is your number one destination for HP INC shop are huge selection of original HP INC and now through October twelfth check out the role model t shirts say it's a great cause and a great guy was our pleasure the fight and all the you know some of the things that they're going to have to deal with what's what's the first thing that you tell them that seems to resonate with them to get them to the place where you are now which is just always on the fan across the country on CBS sports network what's the first thing that you tell somebody who is going through what you're going through in this this new world that they have entered in the that you got hurt playing football and we know that what you've been dealing with much like Mikey Nicholls how he got hurt playing hockey and what what gives you the motivation to get up every coach's show which I believe airs tonight he ran into boomer of course charity event recently and he had his role model t shirt on which he is wearing this I am twitter out in public messaging me tell me about this person got hurt Versa Eric how can you help this person how can you help that person he's injuries don't stop so live from the Investors Bank studio boomer assize in Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo on the fan simulcast across the country on Sawyer up on stage and I saw the t shirt and I don't know you and Mikey Nicholls have inspired so many of us in this tristate Area I just saw the teacher and I said I gotTa get you in Allah and you know I've been there for about eighteen or nineteen years now I was one of the original found foundations that they partnered with over these years and I've seen you there the last few years exuding the positivity that you have I always try to tell people right away take the time to soak with your family understand what had happened to your life just got turned upside down warning and continue to fight honestly the people that don't get the opportunities like I'm getting right now I see them still on a weekly basis when I go to therapy on Tuesdays and Thursdays as those people that unfortunately don't have the same platform I do don't have the same support that I do just don't have the same Laflin general that I do and I kinda WanNa be that it just makes me get up and motivates me that I want to help these other people and of course I want to be able to go back to metlife Stadium and walk off that field one we're talking to Eric Legrand on boomer and Geo the stage I didn't realize you had like a little bit of comedian in you and you just put everybody at ease you know we all see you in your wheelchair we all came out with this Ed for the month of October national disabilities awareness month so I wanted to have the white ones where I can make them for people to donate money to charity so I wanNA raise here 'cause I wanNA talk to you about how we can get t shirt out there more and sell more those t shirts and how can we do that yeah so I came up with the concept role model and was for them you WANNA use my platform give them hope because you hear so many stories now being in the spinal cord injury world I'm always approached by people either on instagram all right after that I tried to tell life goes on I realized that what does injury no matter what life in time always goes on what are you going to do. CBS Sports Network and we are happy you welcome main studio right now former rutgers football player and now here on the broadcast with our Buddy Chris Carlin also the time period now after that you're going to sit there and keep our moping keep on soaking and live a miserable life or you have to figure out a way to adjust to a new life a new things that's like my time for myself which I really do you know when I see you and I see Mikey Nicholls I see the athletes that are still in you the athlete spirit that is the Great Eric Legrand Eric Good morning thanks for being here our you I'm doing awesome thank you for having me on the show great to Sierra can I say at the Samsung charity or the Simpson gives charity awareness but also funds are going to go to team granted Dana Refoundation so one day we can find a cure for paralysis you know you're you're amazing absolutely amazing and you're actually funny too and do it and you cannot be afraid to ask for help I always try to tell people you have to learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable when you get into that more when you learn be comfortable and that is a is pumping out of you all the time and I just wonder like you know when you meet somebody that's in your situation that may not have been an athlete that's where it's probably on your way and you had to overcome it who are the people that you leaned on what are the things that you needed to do to get over that you may need to do that times ten now but you still people wear the shirt it makes them feel accepted like you know when people with disabilities sometimes they get you know looked on different partners differently and things of that nature so wondering feel more accepted the situations and helps you out mentally and put you at ease in a lot of situations and once you get to a daily routine for human trained behavior becomes instinct whatever the different not R. O. L. E. R. O. L. L. and always the handicapped side because I wanted to represent me and people with disabilities and make them feel comfortable in your skin because the immediate mental toughness the will never give up the fight it's when you meet somebody like just say a middle aged woman who fell down off the ladder Holland'll games every Saturday I go to my foundation events that I have with the community I've been able to develop being able to do motivational speaking these are things I really enjoy doing this is funny because I never been a TV show guy before my injury I was always busy in college things of that nature now people always ask me like what do you do in your spare time you could just tell how proud she is of you and that has to mean the world to you right I mean and that's that's something that if you don't have that it's got to be such a tougher around you but as possible to still do things that you want to do it's just you might need a little bit more help and you start to get a new found appreciation on different than broke her back and now she's injured would you tell someone like her who's never been to the gym in her life and that's why I tried to look I tried to relate it to has there ever been a tough situation your life where things weren't home and the other is the support people that you have around you how proud they are of you guys when I see Mikey's parents how proud they are of him when I see your mommy aw come on but yes go to Grad fifty two dot com slash shop at their role model t shirts and just make a difference in this world. I'm sure the next time we'll see you I would think we'll be at the Mikey Nicholls event over at the Rock with the devils and everything in March I believe we're GonNa do that that's right so we look forward to that every year and speak with the football team there for the coaches show it's still my family workers will always be fam twenty minutes away from there so it's nice to go back to home and it is nice and it's nice to be to be welcome back to home which I'm sure they do for you so how do we get the t shirts yeah so you go on my website Eric Legrand Eric Legrand fifty-two dot com slash shop to tell you just watching you on that stage I mean brought a tear to my eye and I'm sure it brings a tear your mom's I every time she sees you but you are an amazing amazing person just keep it up up to the fullest now the two things that strike me the most when I'm around you and I'm around Mikey Nicholls first off is is your positivity in the light that you guys have when you enter ship it out to you for free so let the ink flow and get ready to print your heart out offer excludes Economy Page Wide Inc expires October twelfth and that's why I tried to tell people you may not be able to do everything that I'm doing but look for the things that he can do

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