The WWE Presents - The New Day: Feel The Power


I said You'd hear it from me so here. It is okay. I've been talking for weeks. I mentioned that I wasn't going to be the only one on this here. podcast platform so I am proud. I I am excited to share our first exclusive here on after the bell debut. Monday December second lookout podcast world. It's the new new day. Feel the power check out right now. This world premiere of the new days podcast trailer. Ladies and Gentlemen Settlement. Welcome to this brand new podcast new day power. It's actually yeah you can't start us off. Yeah I mean that's supposed to be the introduction. New became it about it. That was not my way when we talk about. I could talked about doing this. PODCAST thing you know. We talked about the name. And I didn't envision it being like that you should respect. I think he should restart started. Okay Ladies and gentlemen welcome is brand new podcast titled the New Day feels power. Aw every week you boys will be telling personal stories from inside and outside the ring and engaging and passionate debates on some of our favorite topics including sports video games music and more nothing is off limits from Bhutto's the birth of our children to everything in between new episodes so will be available weekly. So don't you dare be Sour Rate Review and add power. Wherever you get your podcast? Despite why would I say on television. I am very excited for Kofi Woods and E in this new venture no doubt going to be entertaining probably more entertaining than my show. Which is why I'm going to do my best to get the new day here on after the bell the week that they're podcast drops that's December second? The Week of hopefully. If I play Nice new day will be joining me right here on after the bell.

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