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From the so the brooklyn. You're listening to the face. Radio good evening good afternoon. My name is matt and you are tuned in once again to describe freaks radio. Show how you doing today. It's twentieth of january. Yes you're tuned in. Live to hawks turn right here. I'm the face. Ray driver in brooklyn hyper dome today. We got another two hours of disco funk groove soul the french brazil in there. yeah things between my other. Half christova is going to make his return next week. If he's listening doing night if you wanna contact me during the next couple of hours go to chat dots the face. Radio dot com. And there's a lovely whatsapp group that you can get involved with and heavily all matter leave nice comments and stuff like that and thank you very much rescue chuck the funk smashing as always over the face radio i'm thank you. I'm jodie the new shiny presents of the tech show on hoax the media the pleasantries out the way malfa. Canine Thanks added over Now is the time to band. I'm goal parent. Alex bank appropriate old report. Do come nice early eighties. Goodness right there by canine. Oh baby not tonight. I am a big fan of that title. Baby not tonight great. How are you doing. Welcome to the discovery. Radio show the third one of twenty twenty one on the of a momentous stake to a friend's four friends over in brooklyn and the rest of america hype dot you. Enjoy in the inauguration and you're enjoying lady gaga and smash on yeah on the momentum stay We have got the lights down low. Let me set the scene. We've got the lights down low apart from a couple of lamps so we've got a bit of a dance floor kind of lighting situation going on and we've got up lifting chains to go with that we as i said we as always we got some new ones as well and my My fluffy had friends is going to be joining us. Go that sounds a bit. it doesn't it. Chris will be joining us Picking a couple of songs later on in the show. So yeah if you are listening live to get in touch we if you have a request or maybe congress listen to let me know we might be able to dish out for you right. Let's keep the tempo going with mass production. Bet you uh-huh band. This is off the album. Three miles high on castilian records released nine seventy eight. I go into mass production militia thing to cosmic lasts and there were kids. Lovely little double double quick starts the show kind and mass production go after wind things back a little bit of people ask me about my outer. Wear sponsorship quests last week commencing cry hoppers not gonna lie. It was a bit of a my arm was out for finance waste looking for some sponsorship for the show. Goes some updates for you. We don't have any Any any representatives or anyone from cropper's get in touch last week. I got nice flees from them. And i'm kind of in the mood for that. So this is just another plea to them if they do when they get in touch. It's at disco. The score freaks info at disco freaks dot co dot. Uk as well if you wanted to email with what i imagine will be your for to us and also though social media handles goto you listeners. To and you are not bribing you you give anything you can. Just listen and enjoy the music but yet that's on instagram. At discount underscore freaks and that's also on twitter and obviously facebook which feels a little bit of the The kind of the elder statesman of the social media's now but there we go and i've told you you can get involved in the chats and also you can listen back now in a myriad of ways thanks to aggregate is the The chief of the face radio. Mr is powers has been so out so you can listen on soundcloud. You can listen on the face. Radio dot com. You can listen. Million other ways google the face radio nsee See what your favorite way is to catch up with your shows and there's a bit of housekeeping there and we got a new chew actually a release coming up by jack tyson charles and this is a song that he hides out in two thousand nine hundred or the video was out anyway and this follows is third single they released following and love is pain and these going for a nice kind of summary up tempo groove that we take on the discussed freaks radio show and he says that there is a lot of that to come in twenty twenty one so very promising stuff from jackson. Charles read a couple of years ago. I believe but i'm gonna give it another spin as he released it. Officially on the fifteenth of january. Just last week. Enjoy very uplifting. Yeah nice a so people above people. Let's the trust in people you trusted. Would you go you too much to lose mama chest. Nice would you reckon big fans now more new music in the shape of joel culpepper seventies inspired choon foul called poetic justice. Like wow watch side so the love again. I wanna take care. Get better on spread. A in and it's very young is mainly miss. The josh i was wanna give leading king and adding a the referendum the soon possible to cry forgiveness to these say sorry. Flash linked up. We're told michigan produce some gold and this is going to be off the amazingly titled album sergeant colpepper which will be joko peppers debut album this year and very exciting stuff. Can't wait to hear what was going to be on that. he's inspired. He said a lot by the seventies and that video dripping in that decade very coal base shredding going on the annual that gets very good gun. Check out on youtube. The joneses coming up now making business up a little bit more now go some great remixes on some great other versions of tracks coming up to and you got your off the rights and health and new feature exciting off and look go by do judge does talk not was food and bill talk Time to say hello to some of you. Hello phil from digging records. How're you doing fellow face radio. Dj lex news in the house. Lex now sorry now. I want to bring you to the attention. Want bring your attention to lex. Who's got a show in the face. Radio now called lex lehrer show now. I recommend you get your as around. You can catch lex. Lehrer live every friday from six to eight. Pm eastern time. Eleven pm till one. Am face a perfect time to listen to her mix in the uk time really clicked. It makes us catch up with the earlier today. Minimal hair discovery there It was a to our journey that selects show. Now she's treating them now. I'm not gonna lie. I did pinch this records. I did know that. I will be using this on our show. If that's okay. She was like yes. Fine because stuck in. She paid the munch and edits of this track. i'm going to be paying. The original would clear school. just happy. May shout selects You know dog. Aw stars deep office sean. May a heart. This has just made you drift into a happy place. Seventy s for me. The next track we have is a bit more. Jarring the nats. I'm going to shift the mood. Low bit this is by fontaine's taints dc. But with it being the disco freaks the version will be paying is so waxes little touch. And i've done a version that is just a jarring eighteen more funky flow e kind of way. And i'm gonna get stuck into. I love. I love the original by the irish raucous bio of the remix as well. What you make of it going. Let me know sounds like you shouldn't work bay does don't get say a favorite things over symphony awards. You always always answered always chicopee pulled off happiness down south sacrifice when you speak speak since i believe everyone will always say scene. I wonder if boy in the family way than watch it on. Y'all always made the next because each day is where it quick better naked snake ranch on the forty always. Alex rented took me a. I'm well up for this good doing up a little Version of a famous track now from new york to dublin. To somewhere so saturday by kennesaw then tons as No fun Off the wonderful comp by giles. Peterson could brazil. Bam bam bam back in twenty fourteen. This was released on that you get back to hammock now I from nyc to dublin to brazil. I'm gonna take you to tokyo now. And the reason you're into tokyo is because there was a marching band playing this choon outside the white house today. The tokyo scott orchestra huh sue under any covering the ray charles classic. That's is the tokyo scott howard ice or costra with hit the vote. jack. And i'm sure if you go into One of the internet websites to search for viral videos. See the marching band playing. Hit the road. Jack in washington today and i that's enough. We need to talk about that. I enjoy in the states music. Show and a gentleman that both chris and i been waxing lyrical about just today has an album is called introducing. And it's our and fraser we. I witnessed his beautiful falsetto. Smokey robinson style singing in the lexington. I which is lovely venue in north london and believe that would have been four years ago. Perhaps maybe less than that maybe three years ago. And he's part of driving indications and a he was drumming and all of a sudden he started singing we without wall. He's special and dr fears on. He's released a great album called introducing and this is a track off the album called on the phone a Thank turned two Awesome at home is aw shot. Four gorgeous isn't that our and phrase goma firing off his album. Introducing follows over you and bad news. I believe the song we i had him on was the durant jones indications geic and he was singing. Is anyone da now. I very nearly tried to replicate that. Then which would have gone. potentially horribly wrong would have done our fraser disservice. Down was even going to try by. Yes go and listen to. His album is very enjoyable. Listen you end up with a little bit of soul northern soul kind of failings in their voice and yeah exciting future for both him and the bands and we are coming up to the after eight show now. This is a fairly new feature that we kind of Trialing now. I appreciate over in the states. That's not eight pm where you are. If you're listening. Live i get that k. I do appreciate that. I'm over in a blighty is coming up to eight. Pm maybe you know. It's three o'clock over that we could have three pm. Pick me up something like that. But the the point of the chain is that. It's a little pallet cleanser. That's going to set the tone for the rest of the show for the next sixty minutes last week. We paid a bit nicklaud. Yeah and we went a bit of had some interesting versions in the second hour. It cleans the pilot. You know like a good after eight you could say after a male this week. I'm going for a bit of a juicy. Number is a bit phil fe. I think a lot the kids assignment. Something's good it's filthy and it's by weeks in co scored. If you're looking for fun get on. This is sheer off the right palm. Third so i don't joe house. All the time have known up theory. You dr david let tattoo. I gotta let you know yup go right wasn't would you can jocelyn brown with ritu weeks draw drill. Got me new y in live in the live chat. We've got some reviews coming in audiences dope chain. He knows it's weeks in kibe they know it's weeks and co and jocelyn brown sets on back in there kicking off the second hour of the show. This is a bank. we've played before bit brassy. But we're the bevin shoots. That lewisham flavor is time problem with judo chop Hum uh-huh powell. That is don't problem. We are going to be speaking. Potentially to louis from the band and the next month or so. That is that choon. Judo shop which we'll find out when we interviewed them. But i believe it may have a golden eye. Nintendo sixty four kind of reference or inspiration will find out when we speak to them by love that as i said lewis finest there by the brass bit of agonise there with the plan that you can really fill. I think if you are feeling less now we've got some people who are doing. Just that andy. Davies says evening from france. Hello to you born jaw and that is such a lame thing to say. Come on brown and be better than that. Hello andy and so. Free heath is celebrating gary barlow's fifty th birthday. Today she's rolling some dump links and she's actually sent a picture which looks very pleasant indeed nice little a pimple marks. they're nicer dimple marks. I should say that you can get from the homemade. Dumpling kits very good sophie. I hope she's well and Enjoying her meal. And that's the Admin for that we're going gonna kick. We're going to keep going with rick james featuring temptations can't Think you ads. Old thin solution Spanish one thing that took place been and him up poll writing bro and new. I five fantasy from another. This is a big isn't it. We won the funk. And if that song i mean it's a big one nine minutes spot if it went on for two hours and we didn't speak. I don't think there'd be many complaints funky. I f is net funky. Who am i rick james and the temptations standing on the top off the album reunion where he still have chris selections. He's picked a couple of french tunes on soi to anyone. Listening over there on swats wendy davies. You actually is in france. Fellow face radio. Dj having a lovely evening Attache well pay an awesome work. Mia man he's one to die for. We have split up. You can choose lives as a few consider things from another In away from away from So can choose see as c. A center from a novel in phone away from a i am from inada nuys. Boulevard feature muni cisco's lounge mix of point of view. That is one of my favorites. The original the stripped back version is a little treat foyer and this is a new remix as well. This is off to slow to disco presents. The sunset manifesto. They glam a hammer. But the sick remix of is truth in Bad thanksgiving from right. The sunset manifesto was out last year. But this is a new remix of dilemma. Hammer is true fi uk's sack and this is going to go nicely. Inter christopher's selection. He's going for a french double hits a french brace. You might know. The bands selected. I this is olympia. Retreat is new. One had a few all you scared of girls a great video to this. If you're into your harare b-movie flicks vegas thank carefully. India issued a simple to come come back to do if he space. Those shakespeare suicide sit back pills been pulled. The must young seal the same path appeal. I'm sure sir The pro So team were sui bomb went vice louis vices by on by. I don't show up and somebody able zooey bomber monkey. Bali louis says government somewhere south jail saddam side. So i think poke wore blue bunia hookah. Gus zillow komen deceit. It bit look good in the women. Women women women was a jail sick saying your turkey. Select selected by my steamed of a hof Offering from limb pera trees. Few and this is chris oscar limit of wallah. This is the remix of david ward says money from last year. Hope this will your son. He'll be back on the disco freaks. Radio show dusting off his mike. I'm not allowed to legally tell you where christopher is not just White from to let you know next week. I don't even know where he is. To be honest. Gone are the days where you know tied at the hip. Uh-huh we've got twenty minutes to go on this week. show i. this is charles from his. You're listening to the disco freaks. Radio show on radio. And i'm squeezing. Aim one of my favorite bands couple of birthdays to recognize as well one huge one a close. Okay talk and is the beats all. If you're an international listener. The english beats to nice. It's say love that bands transcended different genres slow. Bab punky data logo a tutoring scars. Well very good burp beggaring couriers while at times. Big of english beat the beat zoe and big fan. Also of the triple m show on hawks and radios checking him out. He was playing with my favorite's big pig. She set for massive twenty twenty one and also. It's not on the on. The hawks ten radio and i also listened to job jarvis on the face radio. Get your breath back. Matthew and Yeah there was a chain. He played court. Sunny struck out doja cuts and you can listen to his. Blues grooves show every sunday from twelve to one pm eastern. That's five to six pm around your roast in a time You may have may dip into your loss of reds Five to six pm. Uk time that is some great instrument was on. There really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it today on this wednesday. The twentieth of january I'm currently getting peppered by sophie and nick corbin With that wonderful peanuts butter and celery dumplings which along with my outerwear karki fleece chats. I reckon is at enact. Turn the temperature up bet. Let's play some music bus. Would i hear safer cities. South does little coca say. This is a snippets of antonio neves album. Pegada ago fs this way now. Paid it last week. And that is now evader with won't give lafi low interludes islands if you've got any recipes for me you've got thirteen minutes. Took this do. I me i stand. Can't deceive us. June coming up next on the face. Radio is mother. May i with eugene hammering on trade ambrosia then as always you got follow your bliss from six 'til eight eastern with monday. Blue bougie with mr cameron also live at ten o'clock and ten o'clock you got the jump off express with when avista vinyl club appeal long slave with waits for me. I'm gonna have to love your iverson. And i'll be going away from this. Very soul tree dimly lit studio. The i am really digging this week and leaving the safe hands of the other deejays and before i go i need to wish someone to people two very special people happy birthday one of them is a very good friend of mine and the other is a guy could oliver when a big fan of the show and the i'm of course talking. I'll be happy thirty th birthday mate. That's to oliver. In the other person is of course. Seventy five years young absolute legend. In every sense of the words vaccine quyen country god ass and a lady who dabbled into a disco in nineteen seventy eight. This is dedicated to lay and dolly parton. Abm burning you know what your added. I knew you touch me each time. Don't this red hot. What's five ups in motion days. The end the baby the babies Apple red hot shots. What's up biggest. They took me you. There are some incredible fires of dolly parton in studio fifty four with a white horse. And with andy warhol just chilling Great great times. Happy birthday to dolly parton and to my country quyen on the owen and yeah just quickly. dolly parton back in april Donated a million dollars to vanderbilt university medical center and they ended up finding a vaccine making the vaccine. So she's she's pretty she's pretty cohen. She dolly parton. I'm going to on that love of information that nuggets that you probably already knew. I'm gonna love you and leave. You will be back next week if we can survive storm kristof. We shall be back next week usual time and you can listen again on soundcloud mix clouds and you know just google disc freaks the face radio go and check out all the shows on hawks ten and the face radio shouts daily pressure shots to kyw's poses a waste but host us and thank you to the listeners. That have kept me. Company is very much appreciate. It's and it's a very lovely way to spend a wednesday evening. And i'm going to end on the mason. That's we had. Someone request. Ben taylor from kent requested roll deep one of our favourite grime bands butts. Grime artists butts. We're play the mason. That's one of the which knows. They sampled enjoy sanctuary. You've got some funny ways about you can't live with you can't live without you can on heart.

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