Special Episode: Brody Stevens


She's a. No. Jeez. She's good. It's crazy. Loves. Boy. All right, everybody. Tom petty three fallen. I needed to needed to hear that line. Because that's what this shows about to vary with a very very heavy heart that we put forth an interview that we did with our now late friend Brody Stevens on this podcast episode, sixty two and I'm using we've been feeling like we've been freefalling ever since the news came last Friday, we were on a plane heading to Tulsa, and we got texted that. That birdie taken his life. And it was I mean, we always knew we knew and I'm sure it will come to light even in. Listen that episode that he was always dealing with stuff. He just dealt with a lot of stuff a lot of uncertainty. A lot of self doubt. He was Medicated when he went off his medication a few years ago. You know, crazy incident happened involving him in the cops. And you know, he he needed to be Medicated. However, when he was Medicated fella who couldn't be funny. He was putting a patent Oswald said it was like putting wet blanket or a huge blanket dulling blanket on his senses in Brody was a guy who was a raw nerve onstage. I mean, he felt everything we always always from cheap seats getting him writing work on cheap seats to when we did the pilot for comedy, central sports comedy pilot. He warmed it up to. I think about when he would warm up at midnight. He. Warmed up Chelsea lately that we did. And he was on that show. He was on at midnight with us. But when he warned up at midnight, we would be at and we'd be nervous because you got stuff that you've written. And you've got stuff you're going to rip off the top of your head. It's TV taping. You wanna do? Well, knowing that Brody was out there warming the crowd up. We would in between takes and right before they're about to say role. We're going we would talk back and forth to Brody. We were just joke around with him. And he allowed himself to be the butt of the joke. He joked back. He went with it L the time and he actually calmed us. So warm the audience up and calmed us down. He was that that generous of a person in that way. I will never forget in this is relevant to this show. I will never forget them when we were asked to do a show for major league baseball for the all star game down in Anaheim. So the game was in Anaheim. There were tons of people coming out to this party afterwards. They said pick three to comics. You wanna bring with you? And we. Said let's have Brody host and get him some money. Let's bring another baseball fanatic Tig Notaro with us. And I remember Brody came out first and the crowd was like the show could not have had could not to do with sports and have less importance to these people who are walking around to like buffet stations and couldn't care less about watching standing watching show. He whipped them together whip them into shape. I don't care put that chicken sandwich. Now, I can throw eight miles an hour with movement. What can you do you got it? It was a beautiful thing to see. And he did great and Tig did welcome. She lived in the mon- we struggled, and we were the headliners and part of what I was saying when I watched that was how in the moment, he always was especially when he was on stage and the thought and the sadness that we have is that, you know. Brody has been a part of our comedy life for twenty five years for a quarter of a century as long as we've been in comedy was in New York. And then he's been out here in LA. And you know, I just can't imagine we haven't walked into a comedy situation since then, but we will we will tonight, which is the night before this this drops. But I can't imagine being somewhere where he isn't there. We went on. We were in Denver over the weekend. We surprised our friend. Adam Ray who was head. We did a show which went really well at the as part of the Denver Jewish chamber of commerce and the J C C. Thank you Sheila Abraham in for setting that up, and we did that that was great. And then we hopped 'cause we needed to we drove down downtown to Denver comedy works one of our favorite if not our favorite club in the country and Adam Ray was finishing up. And we went on stage with his merch at the end of the show to help him sell. His also to say to tribute to Brody in front of a crowd of two hundred seventy five people. To killing his jokes. Getting laugh getting last with his jokes. You know, dry. Nineteen ninety six Toyota Corolla leather exterior, you've got it. I get road rage in a car wash. U? I B O in the shower is very intense, very intense. So we we miss you so much. I again, we knew that he was struggling with stuff. And we knew always the last time we saw was ten days before he died, and that was at the comedy store in the kitchen, and he was to we talked about having him come back on dumb people town promote his Amazon special, and he was you know, feeling a little bad about some of the negative comments. That are on there were like man calm. You can't worry about comments number one or two congratulations on having a special Amazon. They're literally hundreds of comics that wish they could have that. And then number three look at this. What we said, look, we're we're we're having a conversation. The kitchen of the comedy store where you going to be closed in that show in the main room in in a short period of time. We. Are lucky to be here. You are lucky to be here. And we love you we hugged him. And then that was it. That was our last interaction with him. And it makes me really sad that we're not going to hear his voice. We're not gonna hear his cadence. You can hear it. But we're not going to hear it again. So I don't know what we're gonna do Mabel. And all of our shows simply by saying, he's joy at the end. I'll just say at least for now, I'll just say this. We felt like we felt like he was someone we always truly loved and loved being around we sought him out. And we just can't let him go right now. And so instead of doing regular episode for this week. We'll get back to that next week Dahmer era will be our guest next week. And then the week after that we've got the guys from baseball card vandals, they'll be on the show, but on a somber note, but also celebrate Tori note of someone who we truly truly loved every time we feel the love when you hear this episodes is the Brody Stevens episode of you from the chief episode sixty two will play the interview and the quick hit segment that we did with them will play you something special at the end. So enjoy that joy it. All right. This is a beautiful will come back from the break. We'll have that interview. And this is a sign that says, I'm here. I have an imprint sees I'm alive, we are here and we carry on brody's tradition. He will live in our stories and in our memories, and we missing. Right back. I guys talked about my quick, my quip is my favorite thing in the world. I just got my new brush heads sent to me new batteries. I got my kids new brush heads, and you were on the program every couple of months this new brush, it feels like a brand new toothbrush. Talking, of course, about the quip electric toothbrush. It is the best toothbrush for people who travel like me, it's like travel with an electric toothbrush enough to bring the bay. There's no base 'cause it's battery operated sleek at fits on the inside of my medicine cabinet. It is amazing. Get the best brush with this thing. Like, I said I was never replaced him. I brush heads ever before. Now, replacing every couple of months the batteries that give you a new one every couple of months as well. 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No. Because people aren't listening in realtime Shek got it. If you are listening to this and have downloaded by mistake. Please turn it off. Now, turn it off. We have some the will cruise here. Okay. All right. Okay. So if you're Taurus, your horoscope is come on pull you together. I saw you defecate. It was reduced to my basic angle. Rumba gas vailable wherever putt guests are found. Hey, guys. Welcome back to view from the cheap. Seats are guests in the show as we mentioned before is the great Steven Brody Stevens, aka Brody Stevens, aka n giant 'push. You got it. One of our people in comedy like we've been bidding comedy with. This guy's for so long every time we see him when we're out feel good. We get deep deep deep into sportsman sky played baseball for state. He was close to Fernando Vinas closely shorn beard. Yeah. Did you have a good with the goatee back in the day? I think he did. Yeah. He had a mustache a little goatee years playing alongside a guy like Fernando Vina, and he's diminutive fellow kind of L to esque. Yeah. Had quick hands. We called we we had a Nintendo was because his hands are so quick. You were you playing alongside a guy like that saying this guy's gonna make to the show? Surprise. But he was our shortstop he played shortstop Zona state. And then he went to second base. And. Yeah, I mean, he was a great hitter. He was he played great header. So you knew something was going to he was gonna go, and it was a little he pushed he got in. Trouble went to Hawaii. He got sent home. He was defiant rail. Yeah. Coach Brock sent him home. And then we he had apologized to the team. And explain like, what the word defiant was definition of you didn't know what that was maybe not. To look it up. Well, you know, he doesn't need to define much except his career which was a fan zone. Estate a factory for putting guys in the MLB. Am I right? We had. I think overall we've got like one hundred fifteen guys which is like top three. I think flying Florida taxes D one team a d one sports program that you played for you pitched or what did you play? I did pitch. Yeah. They recruited me recruited walk on. Meaning that I didn't have to go through the the tryouts top siders jeans. I didn't have to deal with those guys like every every play. Well, so this is interesting because you know, we talk about the funnel. I mean, when we would sit down we talked to you know, coaches and the college level to Michael Kosta last week. Look every like the greatest guy you've ever seen in high school is like lucky to be like a recruited walk on at a D one program. Yeah. Essentially, yeah. They I did you own your high school league? No. I was good. I wasn't like a stud. I was like a good player. I'd good a good arm. I was dislike mental now at alive arm. I was like a five hundred pitcher I gave you innings, but there is something there. But I went to recede. A which wasn't known as say a powerhouse. What was a powerhouse back in the day in southern California. That's worth Chatsworth. Always having Oga par always had to me. No. Those are like the top teams back, then those are putting guys at Long Beach state. Those are putting guys. Yes. Andy ago state chats stay Fullerton. Exactly we were. Seated was never instill isn't known as baseball school. I think there's like one guy that made the majors guy play on the diamond backs. We're football school. But I was around all those guys and I also played American Legion. So some some good I saw coach Jeff Pentland was the hidden co-chairs state, and he saw pitch against Chatsworth high school, and he said like have a good arm. He felt like I have a chance to as Lawson. Maybe you know, something. And I always, and I just wanted to get out of the San Fernando Valley, right? And looking back on it probably should have gone to Pierce, college or valley college. But I I had I think going to spring training. I went to go see the cubs and the angels era Tempe, Mesa Arizona, like an eighty six or whatever. And I felt like, wow, I'm gonna come back here. And when I had a chance to recruiting trip dares on state their cruelty I saw and I was like hooked right away. Beautiful. It's a beautiful school the Tempe. Improv is right there were all we're around there. All the time. Yeah. I never never went to the Tempe. Improv never went you start doing comedy not until nineteen ninety three. Right. When I was done with baseball. I took one I took one acting classes on a state my final semester like extra credits, and I would try to be all take an acting class. And it was hard for me. But I would people would laugh at me kind of trying to be serious and one of the football guys because we are all the athletes would study together he said to you, you should do stand up comedy. 'cause I really didn't know what St.. Stand up comedy was just coming out. Yeah. Yeah. And it still didn't know what it was. Folks in joy. Yeah. So then when I came back to LA, I was done with baseball probably could have gone into coach. But I said I want I mean because when I took that acting class my final semester, there is such a breath of fresh air because I was so in the jock comedy jock world, right? Which is which is a nine funny. Yeah. Josh are not funny unless they're snapping a towel on your Barra's in the shower. There was a lot of that going. There's a lot of cracking on dudes. There's a lot of busted on PBS a lot of calling dudes jokes jokes Lada. You're gay. You're this you're yes. Yes. That is in high level profile locker could you see? I mean think about it think about it from this perspective. Could you see an out gay player playing in a professional locker room? Or no is that not an environment that you feel like his conducive for. I think it would be pretty hard really difficult. I think it would be just because of the culture that. Yeah. The extra pressure and just I'm not saying. That guy. But I could see it's just I'm just talking about the culture not talking about you your sensitive, dude. Yeah. You're jewish. You're open to pretty much everybody in everything. And so my question is like, but is is sports ready. Is that world ready to open arms? See I always said it had to be like Ray Lewis has to come out and say that he's gay. And then everyone on the team is like this guy's a leader. This guy kick ass on the team with another. We can do about it. And you know what? I mean, we can't do the things that we would do if it were a weaker player on it has to be it has to be the guy who's to is. You lost him. The team would lose too much for the record. Tom Brady said he was gay all the Boston be like duty that fucking love him. He's it doesn't. Yes. You know? I think I think it's going to happen one. It will kind of happened. I mean, the players are. I think the guys on the the Braves they're like very there. There's intimacies. There's different cultures coming together maybe in different cultures. Yeah. Outside of America, being Latin culture, it's worse. And then African American culture the calming out is a more difficult thing, if then even white culture, which is like moral k with it like gay marriage is okay. But like all certain parts of light culture. There are a lot of parts of white culture where they are not okay with it. That's true. Like mostly like southern white dudes who grew up in like bible belt areas, it they're not going to support someone coming out gay. I would I could see someone like the Seattle. Mariners organization coming out gay like that. Right. Right. Or like some like the. Stay warriors are like a like again, we're in the Pacific in that spot though, because we talked about cabinet at the top of this show. Are we in that spot where if you have outside the sort of right wing, general, norm, political views or your an out gay athlete? You have to go to the LA's San Francisco. Seattle Portland's of this world New York's of this world, and you just can't be maybe Chicago on the road with those on the road with those guys. That's true. But as popular as we say, you know, I think people know that there is gay energies out there. It has to end people people who are so like a wake on things both sides. They know I feel I think we're going into that natural area. You're seeing baseball now with the pony tails, and the the more expression, and then you have the couple guys on the Braves they have a lot of young Dominican incredible. And they're very Moshe. Hugging is. Okay. You're you're seeing I'm I'm I think it's going in that way. You look at the celebrations. You're looking the blending of cultures in baseball. And I mean, the brave guys two guys young they're like hummus. And they're like they were getting not in trouble. But for like caressing each other in the dugout people. What's going on there? One was like, maybe the guys they're close friends. That guy's something happened in his family. But yeah, I think we're slowly going. I mean, look they headed in basketball with the Collins. That and they've have he wasn't out while he was playing was brought him back and he played with the with the nets. He did play. He did play. Yeah. But that was kind of like a, I'm not sure aid. But he did come. He did play. I think in football. There's enough stories of these guys post football that come out. And I think it's out there. I think slow I think slowly removing into that direction. I would love to see it because this, but I do think it's kind of like the last stand of old school nece that needs to be removed because it bothers me. I mean, they would make fun of you know, how I run or how I walk and you gay or I'm just a sensitive Jewish guy. You could see why maybe Jewish guys don't wanna play sports sometimes out. It's like the picking on I'm sensitive. I carry it with me. Right. And maybe that's why it works for me and comedy. I it's so funny because as Pete Holmes described in this documentary that we did this poop documentary talk comedians are funny because they're the alpha male. You're the one to an female. You're the one standing on stage or. Or paying attention painted. You have the power Evans listening on what you're saying. And then you reveal stuff about yourself that is so voluble you you are the more points. You get. And so it's like you in a power move show. How vulnerable you are which is such a funny volved sorta make money yourself. Right. I mean, it it's why it's why I feel like in a lot of ways, you know, not to dig deep into this. But why people felt betrayed by what happened with Louis CK is the notion that he was so vulnerable so often and people saw him as that they loved him for that. And then to not till I kind of skip over that part of him that wasn't that felt like a betrayal to people in a way that like, you know, was like if somebody else was called for that if die if you found out dice did that probably wouldn't affect his audience that much right found dice to that. I'm not saying him. But like some who want who is more aggressive on stage doesn't deal with his own vulnerabilities on stage. That's why I think it was felt like that. And there is I'd. I don't think people can be vulnerable in sports like that. Well to go back on the Louis thing. It was kind of like I heard that stuff that was known kind of that shirt in the business that was known. Then you see the guy. He's a big guy. He's like, you know, a buff guy. So I'm not saying I was shocked by that behavior. I was I'm thinking that. I'm not I'm not I'm not saying I was surprised or shocked, but he's a big I could see I was just under his sumptious like everybody knew. And that's whether it makes a right or wrong. I'm not saying that I wasn't letdown. When it all came out, his audience didn't know most of his audience didn't know. And so like that was his some maybe they're naive a little bit. But they didn't do their Reese if you're going to really dig into somebody know, the know all the facts, I don't know, I'm I'm not defending him. No. I'm just saying that I knew about it. And I wasn't somebody who. Who I didn't feel like I need to step up and say anything, which I think is everybody's fault. 'cause people who did know precious something initially. But how do you it's crazy? But that's that's we're we're veering in sports hearing off we're veering off, but that's years. We're we can go in any. But we are kind of the reason why we want to bring on now is because we're home stretching twenty five games left ES in the or by the time this drops they'll be probably about eighteen sixteen seventeen games left in the major league baseball season. I think we're careening towards an unbelievable specially in the National League American League a little bit less, but an unbelievable finish in the National League. Where like five dodgers come up and beat the crap out of the Diamondbacks. And you say, okay, this is their division. They're going to win. And then they lose the Mets. It's like and they're back down again. And so I feel like this. And when you look at all the moves the dodgers made and the team that they have in the payroll. They have you cities of they should be far and away the favourite here. But I feel like the cubs are really the favorite here. Struggling right. If you're at right? This specific moment baseball. It's when you're in this final stretch, run its day-to-day is we're all dated isn't that great day-to-day? But isn't that great doesn't make you love that sport so much more? I feel like the addition of the wild card games means the second while co game means that there are so many cities that right now as we stand on the precipice of of the end of the season are saying we have shot like Saint Louis. We gotta shat Colorado's like, we gotta shot Milwaukee. We got a shot. Of course, the cubs. Of course, you know, the nationals kind of out of it. But of course, you know, Atlanta, of course, the cubs. And of course, you know, you've got the dodgers in one up there. Like a bunch of teams that are literally like we have shot to make the blade into me. That is great for a sport. It's exciting. It's draining. It's I mean, it's a lot. It's a commitment. It's commitment of fan to watch all the hundred sixty two games. I've almost had to take a couple of weeks off from like baseball little bit of gets them because I'm gonna go back into it. I'll go visit a team my friends coach the cubs. So I make my Algo. Visit the cubs. I know I will love watching your Instagram's of you just like on the field. Oh, yeah. And task getting stretching circle and make people laugh I've done that. I've stretched with them. But that's more of use stretched and actually pulled Anthony Rizzo grown is that possible? How did you do that? Why did suit up for the cubs? I coach first base for the cubs and bring training. Thousand sixteen and you from I waved three people home is that's possible. Is that even possible that you wave them? Well, you know, what three base wave? It was against the dodgers. Her show was pitching amazing. So you're standing on the first base line. You get to see how how. Is just the different release points. How he holds that leg for an extra second just move watches move because we had Schwab or he he got a base hit off them. So he was at first base and he gave me his shin. I'm holding regular base. Base. Coach for space it on a stage. On. I call him Schwab guys, calm Ward's. I mean, I was watching movies got a quick move. You know, he does it. So I was saying that and then there's a pass ball AJ Ellis catching the ball in the dirt. He blocked in its at squirted out. And then Schwarzer tried to go to second AJ threw him out. Got caught stealing and came back to yell the. Yeah, I got in trouble. Like Rick Sutcliffe gave me a hard time. Like that. That's on you Sutcliffe gave you a hard time. Yup. Like Sutcliffe jive is ESPN. But that that's a great thing with spring training. Give back all suit up. Like, I got to in I stayed in the dugout the whole game. Joe the mad, and I'm sitting there were Rick Sutcliffe Ryan Sandberg and the regular players to area. Hey, Joe, man, Joel man's a guy who has interest outside of baseball baseball is important. And it's great. It's his livelihood. It's how he makes his money. But he's like a loved one ride my bike around reading books. I'm not saying he's a hippie. But he comes from that renaissance man, and you ever like there, and I love that guy one that guy won a World Series for a city that had you know, and had been to the World Series before finally moved through to me, even though he's cubs. That guy makes me happy. All right. So we're sitting here. Now, I want you to predict because I don't think we can't walk. I can tell you right now that the Golden State Warriors are going to win the NBA finals and just tell you that right now it's going to happen. I said it last year. It was it came true. I'm going to say it again. It's gonna come true. Okay. Whoever comes out of the east is not going to beat the warriors. And the words will probably most likely come out of the west. So they're gonna win again. I predict that they'll. Repeat? Maybe all right. But in baseball, we don't know can't tell you right now that can you tell me right now that yet Boston's had a hell of a year. But you tell me that the Astros. Can you say you can't say that? That's a great thing about baseball. So you get to the playoffs. Anything can happen. Really? And they say football anything can happen to I don't know one game. But in baseball, I mean, the dodgers beat vir- Lander in a crazy ass game six and you're saying to yourself. They got got him at home, you got this. And then they didn't get it and they didn't Darvish pitches tipping pitches. Maybe he was scared and Dave Roberts a lot of people. Give him a hard time. Like, he was just managing by numb. You know, it's like may seal by feel feel he did it by what he thought was by something he checked off the night before instead of looking day of being in the moment. But it's not all him. It's the it's the whole it's the it's the front office. Also, the general manager there they're all its whole team may laying in a great and no one wants to make. The call. It's like Hollywood no wants to make the mistake of the thing that fails. So they rather like go with the safe choice of something. But the truth is you go back, and you look at those San Francisco Giants when they won with Madison, Bumgarner, they just work that guy into the ground. Like, he's the guy we got he's the guy who's gonna take. It's gonna games shit. Tough guy from North Carolina right raised on Zach elephant actresses backyard raised on motorbike races. No. But like you look at you look at Kershaw, and you say why wasn't he starting that game? Why didn't Kershaw start? And if he gets into a little trouble, then bring in Darvish, you know. That's a big question. That's gonna follow Dave Roberts around in less. The dodgers can get back to the world. I believe they can they can put together a mini run at the end. And then actually like you said the cubs are struggling a little bit. Who's to say the dodgers don't make it through again, who's the dodgers don't face the Astros again. And then finally right all the wrongs that happened. We don't even know who's going to get in the playoffs thing. It's like you. Don't dodgers may not pick a World Series right now pick me a World Series. I mean, that's to me if you're. To ask me if I'm pulling for the cubs. Okay. I'm I'm loyal to the Chicago you friends in that thing. So you think the cubs are probably gonna head back not a bad choice. They're not thinking they are. I'm putting out still have to go meet with the team. I have to be honest. I have to focus on the positive, right? And I'm not wanna I'm an insider. Yeah. I I have access to information beyond numbers like Jesse Ventura. Insider, but I really am. I've seen that. I mean, it's a fact, and I've see it, and I feel like. Baseball. You gotta have it's it's there's energies. There's there's you gotta have that that you gotta go for like Thomas order like a Joe Torry. You guys Tony LaRussa? I thought Lasorda back in the day was like that the one tough guy on the west coast. We gotta give it back to the east coast eight an Italian restaurant with mobsters every night. You know, what you need it? You LA you needed like a Tommy Lasorda character the baseball bunch. He was old school here. The wizard today. You're not allowed to yell. You're not allowed to do anything. He he picked up on energies. Yeah. A lot of these guys. They don't it is about numbers. Yes. And analytics, and this guy's not gonna swing it ochre vol- and this and that, but then you also need balls. You also need guys who care because a lot of guys believe it or not probably don't care. That's that's so true. All right. So I'm asking you right now. Head cubs national in the American League who makes it through it looks like the Red Sox are so hubs Red Sox, which to me would be a fantastic. Two best parks in all of baseball Fenway park and Wrigley field going at it historic ballparks who wins that. I again, I'm putting my energies with the cubs. Okay. That's what happened two thousand sixteen and they could be like in every other year thing. Like the like the giants. The giants were cubs might be an even year even Stevens to my birthday, go. Let's take a break. I heard it you heard right. Stevens called it. Brody Stevens made in happen. Stevens kept it. And when we come back. We'll do some quick it's with Steven Brody Stevens right here on view from the cheese seasons. Waiting on news, bad bad. Not good remix. We write back. Hey, guys. Welcome back to you from the cheap seats Brody Stevens. Follow him on Twitter Brody is me friend and on Instagram as well. I love the Instagram. We follow you on your fellow on both men, especially if you're a sports fan when those like we were mentioned before videos of you like down on the field with the cubs, and you have friends in in Bazeley, many baseball fans, Asians, and it is just fun to see you in the access that you have. And you always make it funny thing. I just put you out an environment with people and have you interact with people to me, it is my favorite thing. You're one of the best crowd workers out there. He wanted the best hosts out there we love doing comedy with you. Check him out. Whenever is doing comedy on the at Brody Stevens dot com. Check out his dates needs to update that update that data or ham L. Coded up. Our we got some cricket. Should we get into some quick? It's Brody Stevens. Let's do it. Let's do it. All right. First things first. All right. The being the college football season, the NCAA they'll play big games in neutral sites, which I don't love, you know, I don't know about you. But like, you know, people I remember Michigan played Florida in doubt down. It's not fine. And it gives a chance for you to see how much professional sports teams. Don't give a shit about college sports teams. I don't know if you saw this past weekend, Tennessee played in Carolina panther steady. Right. Okay. America field or whatever it's called. And in the end zone. The ends on they painted the Tennessee in zone and look at what it looked like black and kind of orange. Let's pretty close is. That tennis is color lack is not part of Tennessee's. When I think ten what do you think when you think Tennessee college football the end zone. What is it checker jacker board colors white and orange black is nowhere near not do the checkerboard just Steelers? Who is it just shows you like really you didn't even just check you could go online and Google, Tennessee. Endzone and you'd see it exactly over and over and over and over even if you didn't put Tennessee, but you just put the the white checkerboard and and orange checkerboard. I think Tennessee fans have been like, thank you, very the other. Got it. Right. Got it. Right. I don't like I don't like the used to be kind of cool like the one they would have a kickoff classic. Now. There's there there every year their land, and they're in North Carolina there in Dallas are going to be in it. But it's also like who is at four like, you know, obviously, we're we're Michigan fans. We don't hide it in Michigan took one on the chin are very tough loss in a hostile environment. They went to Notre Dame. They played in that field friends of ours. Who went to the game said, you know, what it sucked to watch Michigan lose. And it came down to a few plays that they screwed up or it could have been a different ballgame. But you know, what the environment was unbelievable. You you have to respect how great touched being do this in the shadow of touchdown Jesus. You go to the horseshoe in Ohio State, you respect it. 'cause it's unbelievable. It's great stadium. But also, your your postseason games are going to be in a neutral sites at it that way, so why play the beginning of the year gay because clearly they could give shit. Yeah. Tennessee's colors black and dropping black in there. So you're down on the college football guys down on their site and on down on the neutral side of the game. I get it at the end of the year. Do what you gotta do. But at the beginning of the all game should be part of the fun. Also, part of the fun for the schools is getting to see especially if it's a non conference game between two big schools. Are the fun is being a student being at your house partying at your house. Why didn't Washington play Auburn at Auburn? Yeah. They played in Georgia. So it was kind of like a home gave Auburn and Washington come a way, but I would much rather see a home in home. I'd much rather see them play Auburn at Auburn. And then next year. You gotta go up in the Seattle. So now, you're you know, and you're in Alabama playing Auburn, and then yeah, it's like, they're they're you're missing a great opportunity to highlight. How great the campuses are and the campus atmosphere and the game the pre game and how drunk people can be. They did they want. Maybe they wanted to showcase that new stadium in Atlanta. They did. But who's that for whose F or effort Said's Benz? Right. It's for that. It's not freeze, which you you. You're going away from what the game means. All right. I agree. It's it's it's you you wanna see those in the other. You wanna see UCLA plan at those stadiums? All right now when something is thank you do next story. Now when something good happens in sports you wanted to continue. You don't want people to be like, all right? We gotta stop this keg. Stands may no longer be allowed with the Stanley Cup. What why are you kidding me? This is the best part of the capital's post championship celebration last year when outlander Ovechkin or as my son, call them Schick, now's enter of chicken got up and did a keg stand. But apparently people who work for the Stanley Cup was one guy his name. He said, he we don't want any more pay the Ben's it that the foundation adult see Brody. You know, you absolutely know, what ends the handle the Ben's it potentially. Could do it puts the lotion in the basket. I'm okay for them. He did it with Jimmy Fallon. Did it in the Cup on TV? But apparently Philip Pritchard. It sounds like a guy who's just like a ball BUSTER gas for the NHL would respectfully prefer that the players not subject the trophy to kegs for fear of earning it typically during cakes, and you know, this your legs are up in the air full body weight on someone's holding. You are holding you people holding your legs. But they said they say hold them up harder. We asked them politely. Not to do. It. Pritchard told the Washington Post for trying to preserve the history. If it's if there's one thing that hockey players, listen to it. It's polite real lightly requested, Dr Tiber, Tuesday, I request someone from behind me. We'll see what happens as we move for the LA kings guy. I grew up here in LA. Yeah. Marcel Dionne Charlie simmer. Loom? Sean washout Gretzky, Shane Loof robot robot robot, a rubber actually started rub testing. If he didn't have a Robitussin endorsed endorsement on Robitussin for should have, right. Robitussin Luke Robitussin I love ever someone in the stands at any sporting event is caught doing something ridiculous. Or even any supreme court nomination hearing, first of all everyone's making a big deal out of George W Bush at McCain's funeral like passing Michelle. No Cheney falling asleep during Bush's speech because Cheney pass away three years ago. He was falling. He was going down. I'm like who's that old Joe Cheney Cheney falling asleep Bush Shany's funeral? He's going to have a twenty one gun salute. All the guns are gonna be pointed at the guy shop face the hunting hunting accent accident. So I'm talking about the woman who did the white power. Oh her. I mean, what do you think about that? She's really doing. Is claiming she's Mexican Jewish who Louis C K. Thank you. You don't put a finger. They'll put it seemed like a weird actually like why would your hand position? But what who is it? I I don't know. The white supremacist. I know, but who she is she really signaling somebody dog whistles like Halloween five years. Hey. Well woman this week at the US open was caught dipping her chicken tender into her coke. Do you see that? USO internet's way. What's more of a white supremacist thing? Like doing making the white supremacists. Okay. Sign or dipping your chicken tender and coke to me. That's a dog whistle round up the Jews at that point chicken tender Jenner goes in the coq round up juice. No there there is something. Interesting wonderful about this. Well, there is that moment where you don't think anyone's watching you. And so you just take or your thing, by the way, you dip, a chicken tender and coke it disintegrates. My right. It's got to all the tender goes up. Well, so this woman is then interviewed which if you can fi- go to Lincoln find the interview find how much this. I'll put it up to the Mike. She did it intentionally. I wasn't like this accident on my you can hear trying do that. Sometimes I don't know if you can hear haunts trading. TMZ will here. Listen to how much she's talking about it like she's talking about like a trade agreement with China. We've got a little tariffs not terrorists and all kinds of she first of all who ever interviewed her. That's too much of a commitment to this dummy. Yeah. Like, why is she getting in? This woman is interview like our players enough. And yet she gave more of an interview about this. Then like anyone anyone I've ever heard like about any player? There is a Takis commercial happening before remember, you know, talking talk it's like a hot spicy by the my kids like. Don't started younger like I can't remember time. And it was. She's one of the voice goes up at the end. Yeah. Heisman? Brington already too much information about her dipping loses Katie Nolan. It was the first time I've done four five years. All right. Your dad under the bus come out. She throws her dad my dad, settle cool. This kind of a dad. All right. And there's kids there's no kids onto no. But there is a moment where I bet her dad was not paying attention to her one into watch whatever sporting event there. Right. He got her the overprice chicken tenders, he needs her to eat a meal. He's been told by his wife, you gotta feed her when you're there and she hasn't been anyway, she's complaining that it's too hot. She's been complaining. Yeah. And he's like he knows it's not too hot. He's just like dip it in your coke. Shut the hell up. If you did it in the coke will you stop complaining then. A habit. She thinks that's how you cool it off for the rest of their life. Because she's the kind of person who doesn't ask questions of the universe. She just like accepts what is told while she was there at the US open with her nephews. Now, they got the nephews doing this is how it starts. So the parents of those boys of nephews the last time she gets to hang out with them along. Yep. Right. Yeah. Now, you're Glenda. But she does with her case lose your privileges. I was like she's teaching watch porn. And I mean normally sent like you have to get it. You don't you have lids on the soda. Open it up, and you got to really make involved. And then imagine if the coke is like half, drink it at half. Then you had a real big in. Gig in your elbow deep into a coke dipping your chicken in there. And then the I get maybe a little ice tear down to. But like is there anything worse than like a wet like a Soghi chicken tender? No. And can we do it as Augie straws? Now, they've paper straws we're used to that. But here's the thing. I think it least they're calling him chicken tenders because fingers that bothered the shit up felt weird. You're right chicken finger. It was too specific of body part antibody chicken don't have to me you call them chicken labia. It would have been better call. Yeah. Chicken toes chicken too, chicken labia. All right. They did get rid of chicken fingers got rid of chicken fingers. You gotta get you. Gotta get out of here. Brodie? I gotta go gotta go do another. That's the way it goes Rhody Stevens. We love having on the show you make everything better. -aseball Brody at Brody is me friend is me friend on Twitter braced on. Tony, Mr Lee my. Busboys of New York pro you friend. I was waiter at cafe du bois and six or eight one two three Broda Yumi friend. Everything's show. Brody is me friend rodeos fan on Twitter and on Instagram. Yeah. I've Instagram I've Facebook fan page while the check. Live is magic on. You'll be talking like him for the rest of the. From the main room available for download achieve this birth school work death, the godfathers in. Jobs. All right. That was Brody. That was our interview with him and quick hits. Which you just you get you get why we love him. And and we miss him just leaves a giant hole in the middle of this comedy. I mean, it's funny because we just I I didn't see him every day. And we didn't hang out a lot. I'll get different friendship, but we saw him every week that we perform 'cause he was always around thousand thing that everybody everyone has stories about him pictures with him ever stories about him because he inserted himself out. There's no other comic that after he was standing around with you. And he leaves all four of you started sound like him and talk like him. That's what he he was infectious in that way in a positive way. So instead of having voicemail or interview with the character at the end of this. We just wanna leave you with some of his comedy that we love so much. This is set from the meltdown TV show for those who don't know brody's or who were just introduced to them by listening to this just now. This a little bit of his comedy. And and why segment as as he would say enjoy. Positive push on feeling great. I'm intense. I get road rage at a car wash. I've done it. Give me wax. Under armour. What is okay under? Never. I made a mistake. Edited out. To VCR's and a pause button of Robert Rodriguez. From Austin, Texas home south by southwest. We're in Hollywood, I'm from the valley. Eight eight till I die. I'll take your KOMO. Take you up to Mojo, and okay, stay what stop it. A lot of things going on in my head. I sleep on an air mattress. It's depressing. Literally there's a hole in it. Back. I'm back. Yeah. Where'd you go to high school Sukagaw? You got it. The big one Chicago. Why do you live in LA? I wanna make things you want to make things you couldn't do Chicago. All right, hardcore aggressive may bring it back down. I showed my show. I had a show on comedy central and it actually got reviewed on rotten tomatoes. Yeah. Thank you. It got four pickles and new bit new bed. I ride it out. I mean, come on. You gotta give me a chuckle based off so low. All kick the ceiling and wake the neighbor. Rieger energy. I'm gonna bring it down. I like your style. You're good guy. You grew up here. Now may I did not it's okay. Would high school you? It's field. It's failed in Massachusetts, Illinois son of batch that you put them up to this. Hicksville. Pittsfield massachusetts. Three people back me on that. You knew there's a pittsfield Massachusetts. Am I correct? I did know that. Sorry that I'm doing this right now. That. This crowd deserved me. Not a notebook. You deserve my energy fought for this moment. I wanna contest and I got to be on their show. Why are you clap? And you want me out of here. I guess so. Where are you from Illinois? Aggressive. I get peo- in the shower. Sick bed. Never retire. Thank you very much guys. Okay. There you go there. Get a miss you, buddy. I really am. And we will think about him deeply all the time. I just hugged people of anybody. If anyone struggling hug them, hard and extra hard and make sure they have help I think about him, and especially because sports podcast, you know, that Amazon is state university. Had a moment of silence for him on ball field and Madden talked about him man talked about him. And you know, I just remember honor Instagram go check it out. There's a picture of him throwing a perfect pitch. When we did he he'd through the batting. He threw the pitched for j Larson and Ryan stickler in the all things comedy homerun derby between throughout the first pitch shot the first aided throw. He's he threw for one of them. And he just because he was bad giving. He always served it up for you. And that was a perfect perfect metaphor for who. He was this is Jennie O case study. He's a case study in a great, dude. And we'll miss him. All right, much waterfalls. Guys. We'll see next. She. Gouda show.

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