Kyler's character, LeBron's new record, Kyrie's well-being


Big yourself. I am Jason with lot that is Marcellus Wiley that dude that's coming up. We'll tell you lady I'm bell trying to build an NFL super team. And if there's any chance LeBron James already wants out of LA, but we start every day with a with locks hit them big doll. Oh, man. Scripture says the sins of the father, she'll be visit upon the son. Why what is happening to Kyle Murray? In the lead up to the NFL draft is biblical heaven Murray sins are haunting his Heisman Trophy winning son yesterday Matt Lombardo respected NFL writer reported that an NFL coach and scout supported Charlie casualties assessment of Cuyler Murray's aloof disconcerting in an immature interview performance at the scouting combine Lombardo quoted in anonymous coaches saying this about casualties report on the NFL network. That's fairly accurate maybe to the. Extreme it might be a little overblown, but there's definitely some truth there. Also yesterday, Murray's agent, aired Burkhardt aggressively defended his client and viciously attacked castle. Speaking pro football tall block her blast casually saying, so what do I think about an agenda driven analyst who's never once even talked to Cuyler or any of his coaches or teammates. I think it's disgusting and embarrassing and cashless should be ashamed of himself. Itself as as an embarrassing, the Casserly repeated how Murray came off to a handful of NFL scouts and executives. You don't need to talk to Murray's teammates, or coaches or even Tyler to report on how some executives perceive Murray at the combine, Murray's teammates, and coaches, and Cuyler can't tell you how he was perceived by NFL people. But I understand why Burkhard doesn't want his client analyze and criticize Murray's projected to be the number one pig analysis can't help Murray right now. But it's journalist opinions and sportsman's we should delight. In hearing any nugget of information to gives us insight into a quarterback who started for just one year in college. I've got a nugget I'd like to share the reason Keiler is personality character and work habits are being heavily scrutinized. In question is because Kyle is dead is such an enough. Norms part of the Cuyler Murray equation. Kevin Murray has a history he was a two time all American quarterback at Texas AM and a highly salt major league baseball prospect, the Milwaukee Brewers sued Kevin for reneging on his baseball signing bonus Kevin declared for the nineteen eighty-seven NFL draft after his junior year. And after the NC AA accused am boosters and head coach Jackie Sherrill providing Kevin with a car and cash Murray went undrafted through twelve rounds. Some say it was because of a nagging ankle injury. Other save Murray's attitude cost him in nineteen eighty-seven. The Dallas Morning News publisher story that stated the director of the national Scott on combine said Kevin Murray was quote a little era. Ghent didn't always go to school. His work habits are not good. And he's moody. These are the sins of Kyle's father Kevin Murray had the town to play in the NFL. And MLB he played in neither could have been Heisman Trophy winner like his son. Instead, he foolishly quit college football and declared for draft. The didn't want him. You realize Carla Murray quit at Texas AM after head coach Kevin some chose Murray over cow allowing you know, Kyla reneged on his commitment to the Oakland Athletics. Keiler has some Kevin him. Kyla Mery might become an NFL superstar quarterback. But no one is being unfair by raising questions about how he conducted himself at the NFL combine quarterbacks get roasted at this time of the year is the price of all the attention and fame legendary Steelers coach Chuck Noll admitted he passed on drafting Dan Marino in one thousand nine hundred three because rumors about Marino and drugs. You wanna be a starting quarterback in the NFL? Your character is going to be questioned. If you're not man enough to handle it go play bass. Ball. I joined the death. Now. A couple of former pro bowlers Di Angelo hall and to quell Jackson Marcella straw with you. Yeah. Fair to scrutinize. Kyla mors column? Irs character is the norm. So we accept it as fair, Mr. process. What do you do you look at a prospect, and you tear them apart? And then you piece that puzzle back together and see what you got after that process. It's interesting into at the Combi. You have to win the performance on the field and terms of measurable, and you have to win it in the classroom, which is a subjective experience. And I guess evaluators sitting there looking at us as prospect San damn if you can't just win this character performance. We don't care if it's authentic not because a lot of players walk into that room based on draft position based on their own identity and say either I'm born to perform just going to be me. And I think as evaluator sometimes they make the wrong assessment of someone's character based on performance shake their hand look him in. Yes, or no, sir. I guess if I'm evaluating you can't even do that. Then damn I could imagine what you're gonna be like once you get comfortable with all this money. The crazy thing is there's some cautionary tales out there. And I'll highlight two one had had issues on the field and won the issues in the locker room that checked all the boxes that one the performance in the room one by the name of Mark Sanchez. Remember, he was a second rounder people's didn't he won the room and he wanna room and he became the fifth overall pick. How did that play out necessarily on the field? Now, let's talk about somebody who did well on the field and checked all the boxes, but kind of lost the locker room. Russell wilson. A lot of guys in that locker room was issue had issues. It was upset with Russell to the point. They had to ship the talent away. So they're Russell could be the true leader of that team. Just cautionary tales out there. If you don't check all the boxes, it's not the biggest issue in the world. There's a air Rodgers of the world and some other greats who don't check all the boxes, but still go out there and ball out. When you think about column thank about where he came from. He's the son of a major league baseball player. Right. No. No, no. Rafter dying. One what three or four state titles in high school drafted, right? Drafted got a lot of money. So this isn't a kid who's been struggling and just kind of hanging on and now he's finally his draft processes. So he feels like man, you know, I remember going through that draft process. And when I tell you I I wanna Oscar 'cause I went in. Solo aided performance every teen. Right. Because I didn't know where I was going to go. I could've could've went in the middle of the second round. I could've been a top five pick. I ended up falling right at eight. And I remember imitates a guy, you know, just retired hall of fame DB coach where he's hall of Famer as db, but was my coach he said man, you put on the best performance of your life because fool me once I got in that building I became who. I was. But throughout the interview process, I had to kind of put on a front 'cause I didn't want everybody to know. Just exactly who I was with Colorado. He's had money. He's not just getting money. He just gave back four and a half million dollars to get drafted. Okay. So this is a kid who's already had the fame. Okay. He has a Heisman Trophy. So for me to believe that a team picking in the bottom of that first round ask the interview him to think he's not gonna. Walk in there and feel as though man, I'm I'm gonna go through the motions on this thing. And that's kind of how I feel. I don't feel like this kid is that's really who. He is. But I do feel like he's went through some of the motions in being some of those interviews because we've all been there. I felt like man I wanna go through the motions. But I haven't because I just I wasn't at that level this sent their level, right or wrong. I'm not saying is right over on with. But I'm just saying maybe that was going into before you respond. I think one of the things you did though was you showed respect for the game. And that's where play the game to show respect for the game. Don't come into the game air this game. But a lot of these kids don't understand it. Like my biggest my biggest hangup with Josh Rosen. I thought he could be be a really good player, but was rubbing me so wrong through his whole draft process. And especially right after the draft was he was he was so busy worried about everybody else. I think you gotta his cell. I think you guys are missing the bigger point here. The fact that a guy like column or you know, he was he's been in the shadows of his father, and this Phil failed notion that because his father flamed out that he's gonna flame out. Listen, I come from a Mafa he's a recovering drug addict. Right. And he played football little bit. But when I played the game that was that gave me motivation not to follow my father's footsteps, so I can dispel that notion of the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. So the fact that this guy has lived in this environment has done has has taken on a burden of being his father, son. And what's the coincidence that he's right back in the same position as father? You don't think this guy is ready for this challenge? He's been under this pressure his entire life. And these comments come out about his work ethic. And he's not committed forgot to play two sports. He's committed. We all know how hard it is to be successful in college. And in if I didn't have energy to do anything else when he has energy to do to sports and be successful at both. And this film false system notion that he can't compete and he's not working hard. It's foolish oil. You had a great rookie performance yesterday. This is even better right now, you don't blew my mind, but Dangelo soda Jew. Both of y'all have made excellent points because. Get used to me. Take you for granted. Hey, Schiff you release the as low your point that I had not thought of was that if somebody below the second or third pick is interviewing him he don't wanna go there anyway. And so he may have given them reasons I'm not even an who is in their room you walk into a room, and it's probably fifteen to twenty people in their room. You might recognize the head coach might recognize general manager or president. You might even recognize your coordinator D coordinator, what the rest of the twelve to fifteen guys may do you didn't. You should they're moving. We're trying to get the process run somebody else or maybe you kinda worse. Just impress infatuated with Bela checks. So you didn't spend a lot of time talking to Josh mcdaniels. And so that gets reiterated as well, you know, he really didn't. You know, didn't look me in is when I talked to him did it. It's just a lot goes on in that room. And I would hate for those fifteen minutes in that room to define what what is young man is presented to be because I have had him. And I would like to save judgment for myself because some people you meet you have a great report with some people. Just rub you wrong way. Or the point you made earlier he was probably rehearsed. And he probably didn't like you mentioned, you know, what this team probably won't draft going to rehearse recital. And it probably came off his era gate or some guy. Didn't appreciate it because he felt like column or should be appreciative to be in my room talking to me and all my colleagues to be drafted into the national football. So we know where the coil is at. Yeah. I know this is your funny bone. Issue. Kevin Murray's history ended it play any role in the evaluation of Cuyler. Mer absolutely not absolutely not. One we could just use history as a teaching tool to looking at a second generation athlete as seeing so many success stories. I mean, it is success in excess in terms of these names that you've got to start the Paul's when you say, okay, your father is this a replica or not Peyton Manning from Archie manning to a Peyton Manning. Look how to second generation takes torch takes to baton goes even farther. Let's go with Steph curry and respect to his father. But he did more. He's doing more gig Griff Griffey junior versus senior berry bonds Klay Thompson. Coby gimme Kobe. That's my guy. Now, the no go me as a way who's been already actually played good. So get your point. Yeah. Yes. So respect to the guys who daddy. I get it. You gotta taste of it. Now about the eat it all I just don't think that you were look at the valuation of father. If anything me being a father me being a guy who made it there. I'm going to tell my son there are hurdles in the path and we're not going to hop over. And people always think you've got to hop over your hurdles. No, you gotta run over hurdles true track analogy there run through those things. And this is what he's teaching them. I think Kevin Murray till the column ary exactly what he needs to do. And look out for the land mines respect. I mean that thank you have to as some point. I mean, it has to factory, you know, you have to fact collar with Kevin has done into what Kyle could potentially do who he could eventually become. I'm not saying you have to take it for gospel. But you have to know. Just about doing your research. I'm not drafting column if I don't know the entire story of Kevin and his background because I know who's who is going to be listening to this whole process. Maybe I'm a little sensitive because I'm not far though. There's no way Kevin Mary has not groomed. His son for this moment to be better into no way. Absolute his son to get this moment. Let's face it. If he wasn't ready for the pressure. He could've been an accountant. But instead he wants the pressure of playing football. He wants the pressure of being great enough to be drafted to play baseball. So this kid is this this is minor. This is mine of what he's going to have to deal with if he's this overall draft. This is my only thing to quit like at end of the day when you do positive things wouldn't you like for people to talk about that? When speaking about your this respect or even saying, I'm talking about your legacy, and then your son when you like them to somehow mention that. It's the same thing that happens whether whether it's positive or negative at some point that's going to be thrown into the conversation. We're particularly win the father is playing a role in this draft process. And again, he had the Dan Patrick interview. Where basically Dan Patrick basically started having to question the father because Kyle Murray, wouldn't even basically look what he had to he had to professions in the balance that is historic unprecedented. He had a top ten pick in one baseball and petitioning overal football. When you're having the way of two worlds on your shoulders. It's okay. To look at your father through that process. Why are we going to damn someone who's looking at guidance support? And that moment is oh, you're immature or you're not ready. Oh, you're despondent. No, actually, I have so much, and I'm dealing with that no other human being has ever faced is it. Okay. To look at my father. Marcel obviously, you guys are all filers you raise the child to push them out of the nest. No, I don't I mean, I. Say. Wherever my son goes, I'm right there, which I'm not fine for you. But you know, what I'm right there, which I don't like that notion. Eighteen your bursts of eighteen twenty one Rome by like, your son is Dilawar that no-one on this planet has ever dealt with by. Why would you wanna put some is not about it's about let me take a couple of steps back and his his man show that he's already he's by a half for reason because he doesn't wanna see his follow his same guy. And insofar assessment and say, let's look into your father. Your father's background is rightfully so. But this kid has dealt with this all of his life. He's been in the shadows of his father all of his life quarterback at Texas and the guys essentially much better than this. I don't have a problem with being right by either you love it or you hate it. You look at the lavar ball situation, either love or hate his father were we tend to love his son because he doesn't come on. You know, what I mean, fathers that are worse. Hurry to players. I don't even want to call the player out. Daddy, wasn't even there worse than this. Or in a bad influence. This guy's locker room Dillard helper. Here's something. Interesting. Studies show that security systems deter burglars. 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Go today and get free shipping and a sixty day money back guarantee that simply safe S, I M P L I S A F E dot com last week for the home security address. Simply safe dot com slash speak. We're joined now by Carolina Panthers wide receiver. Former Michigan wolverine y rec- Devon punches. Never welcome to the show Detroit. But you in LA brings you out here is out here and join the sun taking out a technical scenery. And all that with my little brother. Okay, bro. This is pop territory. This is not respect me and big men big. And you got the same birthday. So that's all that let you know, you're on the west side homing. All of to par biggie or Teague grizzly. Come on Detroit's shows is everybody to the I can't what's the cat's name of Detroit ones. Detroit was one. The do the rapid runs Detroit. Trick trick. Yes. Go in there. Go ahead. There. It is our man Cam Newton. Obviously had a shoulder injury shoulder surgery. Think it was a mistake or should've shut it down earlier. That's he is soldier set show. Everybody can be playmaker come game day. You know, he gonna do Louise opposed to do. But he's the same guy that also couldn't throw hill Mary's they were taking them out the game. So if he's limited in that capacity. Why shut down your franchise quarterback? He got his there. You look at every year since he's been in the league. You can't he's battling injuries one hundred percent injury rate. So we don't have to keep fighting and you'll have to try to get this w at the end of the day. How bad it was like I mean, obviously as a team you got to go behind the veil limited wasn't it was kind of it was kind of different than what it. I mean. He'd never show. So is kinda he's very secretive person. So he kind of kept it too. But we out there. We just don't enthroning there the ball feel different coming from rookie area. And then from last year, you know. Gotta get the surgery. So it was kind of different speed took off a little bit. But he's still associate he's still going to get it the devil. We sit here and the media virtually every day in the NFL camby's quit running so much camby's acquit runner so much. He's going to be thirty years old second time with shoulder. And when we say camby's acquit, Ron how does that sound to you? And or Cam just guys on that team. It kind of if if frustrated me personally 'cause that's part of his game. So ain't gonna tell him not to play his game. So that's mainly frustrates me. Tell him not to play this game. That's like telling Kobe not to shoot the ball. But at thirty shit and he back off. I mean, it's dangerous out it shouldn't he back off a little bit. Did you tell Kobe stop shooting the ball? That'd be kept missing Kabila. Cam cameras one of the greatest threat quarterbacks to play the game. You you're to tell him to stop playing. Well, you guys will say Carolina Panthers free agent seemed to be interested in Antonio Brown Cam. And Antonio Brown unique his antics, you think his personality would fit and Carolina. I think everything fit. He got the drip. He got the the work ethic. He got he got everything that that that team needs not just Carolina everybody else too. So I think wherever he goes, I think they're going to get a blessing in a hard worker. How about a guy that needs the ball that much though? And it's pretty vocal about it. Is that the right fit for Cam a guy that he would have to target excessively? You just have to wait and see if he AB goes there, you gotta wait and see AB goes somewhere. We gotta wait. And see I believe it went when everything unravels if this situation does happen. I think it'd be a good situation. Because at the end of the day, we looking for w we don't care about all that stuff. All right. I'm gonna keep it real. I'm a little bit friendly with Christian McCaffrey. And so I'm just gonna I love the kid. But I gotta be honest. It blows my mind to see him be this affective as a running back. I buy into the stereotype of some degree. Love the kids. We chat a little bit over diem Twitter. Does it ever shock you as a player that Christian McCaffrey this effective as a running back in the NFL? I just because he played on the west coast and the Pac twelve and all that stuff. So we really couldn't see when he first got there 'cause all the rules that they have the quarter system. So he couldn't really tell until camping. And then first weeks. AM and camp the kid works hard. And that's like, my real little brother. He works so hard. He gonna prove everybody wrong. He got a real tip on the show. So see Mack in the league for our long. He gonna play he would be one of the dominating running backs in the lead. Now, there was never issue with his complexion. You know? People get no I would say I'd be real because I know a tone of I you'll bad. Why ain't never seen like I don't look at color, but you're bad way. Waigel? Hey, I know scene. But when they came out with video of his speech doing little the ladder drills. When he wait a minute. You know, 'cause I ain't never seen. But I got him. When I I don't see color that we're gonna go ahead. And we're Devon good luck to you this off season a here. A little shirt, though, better t-shirt in that on Resto. Okay. Right. Guys, morocco. I'm a rock. Good luck Aussies is gonna be better this. We don't have to. We got got a game. We're gonna have to figure that out. Walli the Angelo hall to call Jackson her back moved to maybe I'm bell who doesn't know where he'll be playing that year. But his already trying to find guys to play with L tweeted other soon to be free agents. Earl Thomas turret tire Matthew how and Landon Collins Asan call we are going to be out trying to go hit my line jet safety Jamal Adams responded, same Belle boat. Create a Golden State squad in the NFL. The question here is lay look a little foolish here. He looks a little firstly. I think a little tension star. And they're definitely not putting super teams together, then fell that ain't no it's not having it. And this is not where you start. If you're gonna say this super team running back and safety position. They build it from that part Tom Brady exactly now hold somebody like that. This is boredom on Twitter, man, we all been there before scroll up. No. Don't read it to don't give this guy was bored. He didn't have a job last year his own doing. He didn't want wanna sign it. We all know where he's going this year. And I just don't think any super team screen. Well, how cool would that be how cool would it be guys? Kinda you know, what we instead of the fifteen million? Let me go to make team let me partner that with another guy who's gonna make instead of fifteen gonna make about ten and then we get three guys instead of the two guys we probably would have had man, it would be pretty cool to see. I don't think you should happen or could happen in the NFL because the guaranteed contracts. Like, look, I gotta hitting fall hit him for right now. Just not worth basketball where five years guarantee at some point. I'm gonna get another deal or I'm gonna get all of that. So it would be tough because financing like I said with the guaranteed contracts every NFL players trying to get the most they can get in maximize their dollar value that particular day. But man if these did team up. I will I will I would want to around. There's got to be a little more than that. I'm back in the equation. Listen, I love you. And I love my teammates. But when it's time to get mine, I'm trying to get my all of it, just, you know, I'm just saying. But this is what you he's bored. You know, clearly he's trying to get his name back in the headway. Remember me the guy who was you know, started this. Yeah. Me. Free. This super team is no it's not going to happen. Inappropriate. Don't have the leverage you have to go. Wherever teams want you to go. You just get to choose from that small body of teams that may want you. I'll just say you say scroll up I think there is something to read into this though. I because let's say lady I'm Bill was confident of where he was going to somebody was fitting make it rain only. Okay. I don't know if he's even flirting around with this. So he knows where he's going. No. He does I'm not. I don't think he's sure I think oh big payday that he thought was coming may be less secure than what he thought at this point. And that's why he's flirting around. He had his trying to win. Yeah. We're just just saying he just throwing it out. Again. I'm not saying he's this is serious. But I do think it's an indication into his mindset. I said he doesn't have this giant payday sitting out there cold. Oh, more saying, basically, he's probably won't get what he held out for. But here willing to take less willing to offer high. Eric Weddell like, okay. Hooked his added them. Those are irrelevant. Okay. Just the fact that he's putting this tweet into the air. It shows a laugh at confidence if he knew because again when you lay beyond bail and free agency come to trust me when the freighter stuff really started like when Dion was on the market. He knew there was going to be a big gigantic pay somewhere. I think he does as well. It's just a sign of the times. Look, we're got album coming out. And guess what happens the week before he goes span? He does this free agency starting this. We let me like you said name out there. Let me just some little thirsty. You could call it. I I say that's how they message. Now. That's how they get their name on the Bill space. He may miss football. He wants to get back into play football. You know, he misses it that much that he you know, he's game plan. You know, what I need to get my name back in people's miles. Have us talking about it here on hand or right before the money comes, and you know, what he's willing to y'all know better than I do. But yet wouldn't it got if you are the major major target of free agency. Armchair isn't your deal coming day one? And yeah. Probably already know to that. Somebody gets on like right at the highest paid. You know what I'm saying? I'll tell you tread lightly. You took on you don't do. You are not trying to go to whether you're sleeping all day twenty five hours a day some of that. But it's a different era. Maybe they doing some different home. Yeah. No deals are normally done already, especially if you're that top top guy. You know, what you're going? Your agent is already worked it out. They just wait dropped it soon as our deadline hits. All right. We release it. Yep. So you right. So with him putting this out there. Maybe he hadn't quite got the suit as he thought he was initially gonna get. He's just putting it out there in my. Like, hey that I can be persuaded. And let me let me tell you why I'm gonna tell you who messed up as money the dude out here in Los Angeles countries. No the running. Railroads having. Early getting hurt layoff on. If you don't think he wants to make money back all that money. And he got nothing. C J Anderson Bullimore was out there. Oh, you're going this. Yeah. Tweet. You don't this route? Obey your game every every tax. Joined now by a couple of MBA champion, Stephen Jackson. Brian gotta Brady moved to the NBA the bomb pass Michael Jordan for fourth all time going list last night. But there wasn't much of a celebration. The Lakers lost their four straight. Lebron was booed after miss free throws. And even made an embarrassing gaffe leading the ball roll out of bounds. Legendary LA sports com. Bill Plassey said the whole thing felt like a milestone for a visiting player adding that he hopes win. The bronze passes Kobe. He doesn't on the road. Lebron has lost LA. And I think at some point he's going to figure it out. And I think there is a chance I I'm not gonna say hi chance. But let's say thirty percent chance that he figures it out says, you know, what I need to get out of here. I mean to go to New York some itself. This man they born this dude on the ninety passes Jordan. I would be that would give me Paul's and something to think about man, if you king, and they're doing you just makes you wanna just shine that crown even brighter next year and just stick it to him as a native I will say in terms of our fandom at times, we can be fickle. If you're a winner, we love you. If you not Bo, but we'll be right back soon you start winning again. And that could be a two game win streak for the Lakers. Just also back in shack booed Kobe. Got booed they Buddha greats here because there's just so spoiled with success right now, they don't like this. He's not part of the Laker family. I told you never had LA. And this is now them trying to respond to that say, we told you this is still Koby Mamba country, but LeBron will respond to this team will be on that night. The now you pass nj. How can you give booth on that night that night you push all the side? Just like the night where Kobe. Had sixty Utah. Forget that. We know. Sure. Last game, you push all the side. But on that night, you give booed. I don't understand that one. I think LeBron when he has a towel over his face. He was crying regret. Like, what am I doing here? I get it. There's a lot of good things that are happening off the court for him. But he's seeking himself. This is the moment. This is this is where I'm at right now. I look up down by twenty. I think that was a hard moment for the brand right there. I mean fans got understand all people understand the Lakers. Don't celebrate individual ause. They celebrate championships. That's what they used to use it. But at the same time as a player come from ways coming from. That's a that's a that's a big reward for him to pass, Michael Jordan. We all grew up. I'd allies at him. So for him. I understand what he's that's a big fee for anybody coming from where you come from. And that's how I got booed on. None of that matters. None of that matters. Lebron? Well, I come from nobody. I'm here today. Sending I'm pass my idol in the NBA scorn what everybody doing here does not matter to me. All right. Let me ask you doesn't. Matter at all. Which is if it doesn't matter the idea this the next time, let's say here next year. He's gonna pass Koby next year. He's going to do that at home. He's gonna be okay with that. Or he's going to schedule it where he's like, you know, what better do this on the road? There's going to be the same way. Because Lakers fans don't celebrate individual awards this authorizations for celebrating championships. We've they've been sending break open that much when he scored sixty points gang. Bye. Yeah. It was a great game going out. But after that day it was over with. Okay. What else? The next year. Yeah. Bring me back on the game. He's right. Wasn't that big just past Michael, Jordan? But both that he did that in a Cleveland uniform of Miami uniform in the video montage, they showed that they felt that. And then you're talking about MJ. None of that is LA citric. So people like I respect for you to do for us. Lebron tweeted out two hours before the game. I wanna get. Oh, wow. That's going to be unreal. This moment, blah, blah. You can't tell me he crossed his mind. You know, I might get moved to translate those. Lebron's. Why he was really crying is. Because not only did I pass Michael Jordan guy idolized, but I wanted a positive influence from the hood from where I'm from and MJ became a billionaire from nothing and now not only have surpassed him in terms of points. But I might surpass them in terms of off the court and me he might look it's LeBron say stay in the zone. He has accomplished so much and the LA fans when you bullet Brown think about what he's been through in versity that boo is going to be passing, Mike. They we know. Okay. Don't don't make seems like he didn't. He didn't. He didn't do something. That's great. That's never been done. Unbelievable. So what are you saying? I'm saying why Laker fans not accept him for the you know that don't. Beijing productive, isky? When at the clipper game because that is not used to win. They're celebrating Dirk this only have is because champion. Okay. Let's let's move to LeBron. Right. Not in terms of how he interpreted and how he feels about being booed on the night. He doesn't care. What do you mean? For years. Say y'all take me for granted. I've spoilt we all rather get applauded then boom you Jane tripping on the night. The whole rows as you you've been saying for years, I've spoiled y'all take me for granted. You celebrate yourself more than damn the dam near the media's celebrating does every everything he does he tweets out he Instagram post last night, white my but for the hundred time, Jordan only eight time. Celebrate this young people. You better than anybody. You telling me this man is in bothered that he got booed. He's I know he's not just position. Would you ever? Let those people have grandma say don't let them steal your joy, baby. And that moment, I let you still my joy. I just got here you, I I. That's why he went to the Hague is I wink to the halos. I hear you. But I'm not paying attention. I just passed Mike. Why would I give that energy grandmother gives? You wanna stay there because you needed because she knows you're hurting. And she's like baby don't let nobody still. You're Jill, right. That's why that saying is out there why she said. Yeah. So trust me LeBron. James mama today is said baby. Don't let us know. Last night. Good. Somebody does all this social media posted looking great. I face John. I hear you. Whereabouts. Going to movies and a couple months hit that hit that about. Worried they wouldn't do. And course, you know, 'cause they close to them. The they'll face have you know, what Facebook is high school. So everybody's on this term already and there'll be some forty year old. She went to high school that's on Facebook right now, putting up pictures of how great their life is. And you you would see it and. I know terrible things off your husband just left. Here are your wife just last thirty pounds, overweight, but you trying to put on this big show when I look into the bronze social media feed and all the dancing and all the love letters to carry and all the celebration of himself. It ain't no different than that person. You went to high school with who's faking the funk on face different. He's famous day. He actually. I'm gonna be enough. Taking every billionaire millionaire was happy. Y'all have a point. But. About the Braun just as happy the person with no money just lane. How you went from objective subject to happy. He dancing that practice, and they lose it. He looked at me to me to the game. No. A show to me, and you are kidding yourself. Any one of us if we broke any kind of record and got booed on that night. Okay. What are your point? Fine. How can this on the Lakers in LA where you're gonna go find go without? Where I'm going to tell you let me tell you what the downside is Brown. The risk is coming back next year. 'cause this season has been a disaster. We all agree disaster. If he comes back next year, and they don't get any free agents the narratives going to be done by one play with a bomb. He's toxic. He rather than face that outcome. Go to New York point your finger magic and Pelinka and Jeannie bus. And that they jacked it. But why? With before him not getting time for somebody else coming here. What's the chance today? Now, they're going to get people, man. I think they're not going to know. Gonna do Koby. Gonna be better than they were year to say that I say that but it's anybody Lakers dealt with that before even with their greatest player. Kobe didn't attract free and he wrote with that narrative. But at the end that they them the record still broke. He still I'm just saying regardless distract no issue. He doesn't has still broke. Okay. Now what he thought like he if he was in Cleveland or Miami. It'd be a different story you have to admit that, of course. Yeah. Just the way. He didn't you by not care premeditated with he might not. He might not care. But if it was in Miami come on if it was in Cleveland the way it went down. That's it's a little. No question. Why y'all trying to balance the response from people there versus him and his work at his accomplishments. I think about your own. You make the Pro Bowl, and nobody cheers. You're like all supposed to be mad and the fans, boom. No, no. That's I should have not them. But on that one day. You don't like what's going on this for one day. Don't do there isn't whether the fares should of Budi, which is about how the brand is interpreting this disaster and every day it just keeps getting worse to me. And the it's clear now like damn I may never win this fan base. This might be one of the biggest mistakes in my life. This might be worse than the decision hosting that announcement on TV and how that blew up in his face. This can be ten times worse than that coming to lay. And I think he's capable of realizing that and last night was just another little side. This was a mistake. And and you start what's my exercise with you? Gotta keep perspective success is not linear. It's not. Straight line up. You know, what happened the day before the day of his injury going state when they beat them by twenty up there where was LA's love for LeBron then pre injury. Now, they've lost fourteen of the last nineteen. Of course, everybody be looking at you sideways. But if I'm the Bron, I keep that moment, and I capture in the bottle and the next year I come out fully loaded, maybe another free agent. This quad doesn't matter. We still know that this franchise gonna love me 'cause the day Christmas day they were in love liberal, look what they did to go. I never broke record. Have you ever broke record? When you do I have. And if we record the last night think about is the mistakes you made last night you thinking about. When you giving your brains, you judge repass, Michael Jordan. I guarantee you last. Is made you're laughing last thing you thinking about it as a mistake he made we let all roll out of bounds from full. Before. What happened last night? He let the ball roll out. And and you also seen the times he did that and made the shot. Right. He's made the that. I win this that doesn't I've never seen that before stat. But he he he doesn't a lot and he made shot a couple of hours. Let's get a little ammo. Lebron misses? I four free throws his worse. First quarter percentage ever worst free throw shooting star we've ever seen yet. But he also set records for the negative shack will chair I've been saying he's will say. Even taxing Brian. Scott breeding. In this segment Twitter off let her off here. You have them slides. Asocial never shut up. You put it back. Our social media manager. He's reprimand you. He got a lot of all that. The the. Yes, sir on them Twitter street design on Wilson who we all know suffered a knee injury. Other exploded on the court. Well, yesterday, Zaia was on Instagram Lau rocking full the jumpsuit. You know, it was going. Wow. With people debating whether or not this signings already negotiating with with the. I president big deal. You think he's just trolling Nike is not at all. He's raising the stakes. I don't think I'm just going to sign with you. Because I went to Duke, we're gonna offer me a big deal and indeed is interested as well. There you go. I mean when you're in college you broke supposedly. So if you bro. Where the gap. That's who you would. Going up on all those camps. You get Nike and Adidas gear to young they're on that stuff away. And that's doing that on purpose. I'm not doing shoes exploded, I want you to come with that big money. Not not not him. That's that's somebody who's on their phone and took a pitch him. He'd just talking. He telling nobody to do that. I saw somebody else's phone with that. When did the happy issue exploded weeks ago? Why don't you troll immediately? If you wanna guess sweat happened. One of these camps say. Baller stuff. Nobody. They don't. They don't sponsor camps. 'cause they don't fulfill orders. Well, they use on this. To the NBA drama. Just keep calling for my Lakers down big in the fourth quarter. John Ryan was saying city and the fans empty courtside seat multiple spots away from the Lakers bench fans on Twitter, notice it, and let him have it Rondo was asked about after the game and said he doesn't see what all the fuss about that. He's done it, maybe eight to ten times this year Twitter's reacting or is this a big deal when it rains it pours. Boy, losing boy, they find anything any digging. Don't they Stuck's? If issue if Dipa shoestring somebody said, wow, he ain't messing with the team. No more. Anything you lose. They nit picking any. He's done it before it makes sense. No seats on the bench. He sits on the floor half the time. There's no seats on the bitch feed right next to the bra. Everybody's gone. Pretty sure there was the seat next. Ron you wanna different angle he wants to change and his family. The system to break the record. So they're not they're not be a well. Here's what I found. Interesting to be quite go. We locked special who two chains and his wife. I just don't think it's a pro to. I mean, no offense. Listen to rap or go to the league last night. I don't I'm not trying to why was the child sitting on the front row that's dangerous to me. Oh, no. No. No, no. That's do is deuce needs to be there. He's soaking up game. If you know deuce he's wanting to represent kids in the world. Ain't nothing him. He you want to have that experience. Yeah. I give you that. But it is dangerous. This they roll into the roughest kids you'll ever man LeBron head on and on. Don't worry about to argue. I don't do. He bam. Bam real. I'm gonna leave out along real. Greece bar. We went onto big online Robert Travis Scott, he's going through a rough patch billionaire girlfriend Kylie Jenner word on the street is found multiple overly friendly messages with the women and tragedy him to lead accused him of cheating. Right. Dr house. He denies allegations. And then the activators Instagram account to prove his commitment to their relationship. This is going to be a new trend for couples. I was a billionaire. I do I have tattoos or moods. I don't even. Anything? Phone. First of all the new trend if you've ever been in love, you don't think straight, and if you've ever been caught on that edge. You gotta do some things at times, though, act that tough y'all out there. It's a smart move. But it's also weak sauce. You can't remove the temptation out someone's life people. Always I heard a homeless girl. Let me go to Brazil. Why you could cheat down the street and Idaho dog. Doing here on Instagram with no the more. All right baby post office, go to disagree and same damn gonna pop back up come on. You're not old enough to remember. I'm just telling you. I agree with Travis move here, man. This technology has made cheatin- easier and maybe temptation questions so get some of the technology out of your life. Some of the access. Oh, he did it for one day Rafferty. Maybe rafferty. Look like, you gotta go to your room Verde. One week one day. That's like Brazil delayed. He's still got on it though. Don L, I think it's time for the question of the day. Take it over. Question. Then. You are a lot of athletes professional athletes, specifically have k- from tough backgrounds. And so you guys is growing up in the hood of his growing. I'm struggling better prepared for the real world. No, thank you. I mean, I mean in certain ways it helps it helps. But it certainly helps. But it don't don't get you over perfect example, I came apart. And it's getting to the NBA I had to go through a lot of stuff and growing up prepared me for that. But a lot of things when I got to the NBA that same situation the area that they taught me hurt me too. So it can go both ways I will say that the hood ninety nine percent of that stuff is John singleton showed and higher learning. You have to unlearn only the strong survive. So if you make it out of there, you are tougher, but let's be real about the hood is the Cain life and destroying lives, and you get out of that situation. So I look at it like, we're post traumatic stress, and there were so many things I had the recalibrate once I got out of the hood because put like this you don't believing how many people that make going to live in the hood still. You know, why? Because the circumstances -cause around is is this. It's just unfortunate place, man. I know this and. Watching suburbian basketball right now with little kids hurting, those kids, man. Those kids got to go the hood. They wanna learn how to make it to the right out for bourbon basketball is the worst when it comes to. So if you all you guys have kids that play up in the suburbs. Doing your kid a disservice. I number talks with with NBA players. Also, we can last year about our sons 'cause we had signs they all going through the same thing. They scared to shake each other hands. They going up. They don't have that toughness that they don't have that will to win the will to fight to be great like we did we had to go through a lot of oh to them. I t Ray out and he had this conversation. You said the hood is different than where I grew up. He said, and I don't know this true that it's crabs in a bucket. Once you trying to get yourself out. He said someone's gonna try to rip you back down true or not true. Like, you said, it's all us. I don't think that's a thousand percent accurate and Marceau's your point about. No, one wants to go back to the hood. I think a lot of that has to do live live. Go back. Go back on time. Right live. I think a lot of that just has to do with the violence, and it's not because when I think of my childhood memories. And I can remember my cousin my auntie. They lived in one of the hardest projects in Indianapolis when we was and my memories of that and the going over and stay for the summer some of the greatest memories of my life, nothing but fun for me as a kid. And then I think about me and my father living in a one bedroom four hundred square foot apartment, my senior high school in the hood. I don't really have bad memories of it. It was it was year. You did. 'cause you extract it divided out the who say other than that. It's great guess what you extracted your highlights from your memories. And from your upbringing. Let's talk about the complete picture. I mean, I get what you're saying mazing of bringing it was a beautiful experience. But boy was a hell to pay. And I went through a lot of stuff. And I'm just saying I can't peace out in parts. What was good from? But I'll say this the last my father start had a successful bars that he ran most of my childhood and into my life. He built a brand new home in the hood. He never wanted to leave his grandma. And so I have kept his business and his business masterpiece lounge. He had one before Jimmy's bar J J. Those are literally my favorite places on earth. Nothing. I love more than being at my father's bar in the hood and understand that. 'cause my Bill to my mom, my grandmother house. She she wanted me to build a house by the Latin next to her house. And where we grow up and built her a big house there. Yeah. And I say say some people are not afraid to go. I'm not afraid to go home some people. You know, I I love everybody, and I don't have to worry about getting shot. And then my dad, but some people are scared to go home for other reasons. People begging all kinds of stuff like that. You know, what I'm saying just expecting you all himself. It's different reasons for not going back. But it's a true statement most people that make it out the hood, and they go back to end up getting killed at home. Yeah. It's crazy. And I agree with you. My grandmother was they get so comfortable, my grandmother, like the mayor of Compton voice. She passed. She didn't wanna go anywhere. No matter what you offered her. But then you got to also understand. She's almost like grandfather grandmother. Dan, like, they just so comfortable now go back in their man's. It's tough you could go. But you'd not on. We have the question though, is that prepare you for the real world. If a passion it can help you hurt shaky and all three you say like. Yeah. Me for this. I'll people know. But you guys say, yeah, that's comments. And I believe this. And I don't mean this this. If there was a little less hood, you could have been an even greater NBA player. Well, I don't blame it on that. I blame it on my decisions that I chose to do. I decided not to work out while I decided to party gone. She get extra shot because I was still good enough to play with that with that. So that's I don't blame that on on my. I'm on my even Jackson and Brian scholar. Brainier back with us moved to the Celtics to won their second straight last night beating Sacramento on the road. Just today after beating Golden State Boston one last night without Kyrie Irving, who's various frustrations have been a big part of the teams issues this season. But another big NBA personality. Charles Barkley is taking issue with Kyrie's mood swings. Saying, quote, he's gonna make forty fifty million dollars a year for the next ten to fifteen years. He's already won a world championship. He's in the movies when he's got to be one of the most miserable people I've ever seen. Wow. This criticism is he out of bounds here. He said he doesn't know kyri that. Well, I don't think he's out of bounds though. I do think Kyrie does a lot of complaining and whining and just seems to just be a the glass as half empty guy. I think he's out of bounds. Based on his own words of I don't know him that. Well, so if you only get doses of individual, I can't add that up and say, I know that the glasses half, full or even half empty. I don't have enough in there even know the content of what we're talking about. So it's messed up man because I know people like hurry. You remind me a little of it. A little of it you suffer. No foods like and Karis extreme think about your twenty five you got movies. You got money. You got all this stuff going, and you don't like small talk. I don't like low level thinking, I'm gonna Kareem Abdul-Jabbar person. You know, Corrine, Corrine? He is a nice do however come up to Korean with the mundane the same. Oh, hey basketball player, man. You ain't get out of Korean. And you may miss read that as miserable because he is not trying to connect on that low level. Max kellerman. My boy is like some cats. Just don't like small talk that little stuff and Kyrie's Bill for that. And I respect it. I don't think he's and you're right. He said, I don't know. Carrie? So obviously, he's not a hundred percent on the judge. But I know him and what I can say is he loves basketball, and that's all he cares about. He doesn't care about. Really nothing else. Carry wants to be one of the greatest players in the game. He is so focused on the game. That other stuff does not mad at him especially during the season when he's admitted to okay, I got to carry a team. I really didn't know LeBron reaching out to you telling you that. I know now I know what you were trying to teach me he's been through a lot this year. And he's trying to lead this team the best we can along with people every all the questions every where you going. What are you planning next year? I'm just trying to play basketball lead this team the right way. I talked to him. I know that says attitude, you know, in in life in this business while you're player. You gotta be who you are. I think Kyra introvert I think he didn't extroverted world. He has his uncle drew thing. But I don't think it's for him. Like the way that I would treat it fun me just messing around on. I think it's like an art form for him almost like an actor would treat my. My my role, and I'm going to dive into this role. Everything he does he does it with a passion behind it. Like Jack said he's all about being the best basketball player. He can become. He doesn't want to answer the mundane questions about what you guys went on a two run. What happened in there? He doesn't wanna do that. He was a higher level thinker. And I think the NBA two eighty two games a whole grind of dealing with the media day in and day out. I think it bothers him just you covered the Celtics. So you know, him better than most of. I mean at least see him on the time. Is there some creed is to bark the say is there something to the he's he's up and down all the time. And I think the league like I said, he the introvert extrovert world. I think the league this wears him down if he can have his way, and let's keep it real a lot of people barking wants us route throughout their well. He's gonna make forty or fifty million dollars kyri. There is no rule. He'll make forty or fifty million dollars. Never have to deal with the media. He deals with the media and not for his benefit. For the benefit of the entire league. And that's why they're gonna pay him. No matter what. Because he can. That's why on the Broncos they expect everybody would be like LeBron LeBron is different. He'd on a person that can sit at halftime. And tell you everything that happened in the first quarter. He don't mind doing that carries totally different. They love the game the same. But different people your point about this similarity between me and Cairo. Because the I tell talk to our guys that work with us every day. They all know, I hate small talk. Yeah. Doing because I don't leave that. Right. You can miss. But what I've had to learn in my career is like, oh, I better learn to deal with some small talk and do smart because it's important to other people and it's important to connecting with them. And so but not in walking game game. We're in a relationship business now doing this. But before I was in this business. I was in a relationship. No, you know, what that respect. He is. He could command some more respect out of his peers. However when that boggles in the basket, and when it's going between his legs, and you can't do anything about it. He is putting all his own on. I am a baller and baller primarily. Whereas in this business, you could be the greatest what you do broadcast. But you still need somebody to kind of co-signed that who does he need to cosign. Gordon hayward? Brad stevens. Marcus Moore's guys on that. Jaylen brown. Jim is here to help us talk about our pool ratings for Charles Barkley. We won't. Who are thrived that serve? My first of all, I'm representing this life. Hey, I'm all about that. Like that covert city like baby. That's we doing out in here, man. We run it out here covert city, like steady, I'm talking about the t shirt who are, sir. I would think off after is the leader of the Catholic and American movement. Those who the several. No, come home who got well for you. We gotta do aid. They ain't got today. Ain't got the nine inch yet. But I'm getting. Way better. Luckily today because we just talked about chart, and we don't have to show you a highlight. You are clearly watching our debate about Charles Barkley and Cairo. What's your take on Charles Barkley? The first of all whether you know it or not chucking I go way back. You know, you know, I did. I mean, I spent some time back in Alabama back in the sixties. You know, it was back in back in town during them days. I could have been chucked pappy, you know. When they I saw play based off our game. You know what I'm saying game was similar. We're game monopoly, which out rabble. Trouble. Ohno gave. Gave me my hoop game. Mark. I up. Jimmy. I joke on that court. I mean, I have several division one office. Well, you better recognize whatever real top. I can see you being spud webs. Daddy, not Barclays. Okay. So now you got jokes now. Okay. Came keeps that up, but you want to get some of these jokes. I'm tell you what. All right. You'll be missing all your fronts up here. Okay. Keep cracking. These jokes. Get on top focus, brother. What's your take on Barclay, real talk? When I think Chuck makes a valid point man kyri out. He's athletes making all this money sitting up here complaining about Eric day. Miserable. Yeah, they miserable. All right. Ain't got no reason to be miserable money. Don't buy happiness. Gusto spoken by the man who got the lounge sitting behind his Olympic size pool. That's actually about the size among -partment. But I know you don't want me to talk about that. Question. Good looks by that by that house. Did you pay for with money? Little bit see you nephew. Both y'all living high on the whole damn aid. After. Living on them. Living in little bitty one bedroom. Pay you do you do what I'll tell you do pay pay some dues on these. Okay. Better pay me. Don't don't pay me watch. Whatever. Okay. Let them Jimmy hit this free agent market. If you won't do. It's the market. Okay. You had me said up here sitting up here with Charles and check kidding. Sure. Can't it. Okay. Had me on crack cracking jokes on the NBA. Okay. Keep it up say, I won't you won't you won't. You got a big and hard head. Okay. Look, let me clear this up so everybody notice you can pay Darnay. Oh, and t shirts. Ooh. Okay. None of them. Even have my. Paper I'm telling. I got a question of the day for you. Hey, Jackson, the Marcellus. Don't get Jimmy striper. Right. I ask get cake FARs. Mess around. Gonna mess around and had me calling the captain America's out on. Let me tell you these man, I don't get on. You better. Learn the difference. I strongly suggest that this could be a deal breaker. I like that. I'd take me. Hey, hurting ready for trials. Gold status. Eighty eight three jobs. Former twenty one all time greatest nineteen character a window authenticity, twenty cents anything. I mean that all through window. The only thing I got on your truck go man, you made it. So I got a problem with your how have him at a twenty five job performance. All the same thing. We do our level. No he hired. We don't care. Can't say, wait a minute. Everyone Jason Whitlock here. Thank you listening to the speak for yourself podcast. I wanna tell you about another podcast from FOX boards. We're very excited about its Waltrip, unfiltered peaching two time Daytona five hundred winner. Michael Waltrip, Michael will be speaking with the biggest names in NASCAR each week and discussing the biggest storylines on the sport like Daytona five hundred winner. Denny Hamlin episode. One is available already subscribing listen to walk trip. Unfiltered right now, let's get the show rolling.

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