Hour 2: Back On Track?


The. I say come you live from the Hudson river deck at pier. Seventeen vintage Dwayne Wade Steven what was your reaction to that buzzer beater last form? You know, we go back a long ways. And, you know, this is it for this is it for these moments mean everything to him because, you know, the one time we got into a heated argument was when he left to go to Chicago because I felt he should have never left never left Miami. It was a matter of principle because it was a difference of like five to seven million dollars. That's all and Raleigh telling them you either use going come off the bench and him not feeling respected. It's not to say rows or who's great obviously in a winner always handles things the right way. But it was one of those situations where I felt like it was an emotional decision for him to leave Miami. And I was always happy that you know, alternately they kid who takes when his when his agent hang Thomas who was a great great guy. God blesses soul passed away. And he and Pat Riley, Dwayne Wade. Rally so to rekindle things at the funeral because Pat Riley loved Henry Thomas as well. You know, it's just great to see because this is what it's all about when you're going out and things are coming to an end, you appreciate moments like this, even more. I didn't realize that was the deal. I thought he just wanted to go to Chicago to go home. I didn't realize it was that isn't fried. Come before the fall, right? I mean, you know, listen that was a lucky shot last. It was awesome. It was a lucky shot. The fact that it comes against the warriors, right? Like in the twilight of his career, and you know, branch Rickey used to say, you know, the GM long with Jackie Robinson, obviously broke the color barrier. In baseball used to say luck is the residue of design. Right. So like, why was it lucky because they were hustling for that ball at the end of the game, you know, because Wayne Wade's not giving up on the play. And so. They twenty plus leave lucky that went in that was on the subject. I know it's been a few months, but huge congrats to him and his wife Gabrielle union on her on her baby girl. All right guy, so playoff LeBron. His here as promised thirty three points Tennessee's it was third game with this thirty point tennis this game the season. Now, the king wins the first meeting with Anthony Davis Sint betrayed AD plane. Just wanting minutes was given a nice standing all by LA max when it was introduced, I know you like that. How do you feel about the Lakers after this win disheartened as leakers fan? This is a must win game against a weak Western Conference opponent. It is an absolute must win game. Every celebrity on earth with courtside like everyone came out to see this game. You know, why? Because they're like all right liquors are going to get a win here. You know, AD is in town. Maybe he'll be a Laker. And LeBron knows he's got to turn it on Stephen Smith on TV the day before LeBron is gonna be, you know, the playoff LeBron and everything everyone's there. He didn't even play in the fourth quarter. And dammit, I'm trying to go to sleep last night. There was a lot of basketball on seen enough basketball. It was time to get some sleep. Gotta get up early in the morning. The Lakers would let me go to sleep. Like, can you all they point the double digit? No to one point. Now, you're down a point all game like this into late in the fourth quarter. They still couldn't do it. Hold up time out Lakers. The bronze playing out of his mind you're against a weak opponent. They're superstars and play in the fourth quarter. And you can't put these dudes away in a must win game. I don't feel good about that. I don't feel bad about it. And the reason I don't feel bad about it is because I sorta Brandon Ingram Takao Couzens of were being aggressive. I saw of Rondo reinserted into the starting lineup it registered, sixteen assists. And LeBron spoke after the game talking about how high is basketball IQ his his ability to get everybody involved his willingness to be aggressive, which wasn't the case before. And so I'm really really happy about that. Now, obviously they got Milwaukee coming up next week. They got the clippers the nuggets end the Boston Celtics at home at the staple center. So body by next Saturday. Did it could officially be on the way to? Fit hardest remaining schedule. They got like twenty one games. They got twenty one games left. Only seven are against sub five hundred teams. They gotta show up. And so to me, I just took my attitude. Get a win any way you can last night. And you saw LeBron aggressive and looking healthier. And that's really going to be the key is going to carry them. You said something I think is actually the key on the low for the Lakers, not only for them to make it to the playoffs because these are all playoff games now for the Lakers. Really? But to make them run in the playoffs. It's Rondo it's not LeBron. We know LeBron's going to ball in the playoffs. What people when you sleep on the Lakers. It's because you look at that team you go. That's LeBron minus any other all stars. These kids aren't ready and Rondo in the regular season. A lot of times not even a good player in the playoffs. But in the play offs show. I'm though is an all-star Thorne. However. Thorn hamburger player so does up. So by that you started to see him. Glad you brought up started to see little sneak peek of it yesterday. Lebron does have an all star for the playoffs if they can make it there, and that's the sleeper Ryan. And with the way Ingram includes my have been playing I'm talking about Trump's did efficiency and Bullock hitting three he's been doing that as well. The guy could shoot big picture. This is a big pickup for the these are going to be I'm sorry. I can't saying the reinforcements came the cavalry never came book is sharp shooter. And they needed it. Let me ask you this. Anthony Davis didn't play in the fourth disgusting. It's disgusting. It's embarrassing. It's not a good look for the lead doing because the pelicans of the mindset, we're about to move him. We're not going to do anything to jeopardize value. It's utterly ridiculous. If you're going to play and play him for Anthony Davis to be on the bench in the fourth quarter of Indian get twenty two points at twenty one minutes twenty two and eight and twenty one minutes eight that this is the desert and into. This is what he does all right in twenty two minutes. So basically, I mean, he usually averages about thirty seven thirty eight. So you're talking about him probably ended up with about thirty five forty last night about thirty. Father fifteen easy. That's what it would have been. He's sitting on the bench. And I want to listen, even though he weren't gene point swing. Even even though I didn't like I don't like the fact that he put himself in the situation by wanting to be traded ten days before the trading deadline. I want to applaud the class it, which he's handed everything he's on the bench. He's active. He's trying to encourage the guys. He's talking to them about what's transpiring on the court. It's a damn shame that the pelicans are choosing to handle it this way. And I and I'm not blaming Alvin gentry. This is not his call. This is clearly being forced upon him as well, which I think is a disservice to him. And this is a disservice to the game basketball. It's embarrassing. What's called on on? He would Anthony Davis. It really is. Whatever is going on in New Orleans needs to get fixed. This is worse than arrestee arrestee. Just told see the right like it doesn't mean the have not even traveled with the team. But if you show up with AD one of the best players in the game, particularly. When there's all that interest in L A, and as I mentioned every celebrity in the world's on the game. It's naturally televised. And it's a tight game down the stretch and the visual of your superstar healthy sitting on its we're having this in the first about the way they took him out with four plus minutes in the third quarter. And it was never it was always within single digits. It's worse than a rest day. And and a lot has been made in the last several months of the training staff in New Orleans. The owners of the pelicans are the same owners isn't saints. They use the football training staff for the for the basketball team and save money. And that's why they've lost more player minutes to injury than any franchise in recent years, and they continue to do. So he's right here is something either. I think maybe the owner should be forced to sell the team like whatever is going on. We'll say whatever's going on in New Orleans Nita fit. The league is monitoring the pelicans very very closely because the league recognizes that they're not being adroitly run. All right. The fact is that you basically double dip. Because you run the football team. But you also have a little basketball team. And you're not prioritizing. That's a point that cannot be ignored. We need to make sure that we pay attention to that. Because they definitely definitely need to do something about it. But they Anthony Davis situation is an embarrassment and should be tolerable. I'm of the mindset the New Orleans pelicans. Because of what they're doing. They shouldn't even be charging fans to come to their games at the smoothie king arena. It should fans should actually. She goes a free saying became fans at least if not if not free they should be. They should pay half price because you're giving them a half ass product. Sportscenter right now on the column. Hey, maybe sixteen time is the charm. New York Giants coach Pat Shurmur saying the NFL scouting combine that he expects ally. Manning who is entering the final year of his contract to be back with the team. Of course, things could change specially over the next week's after the giants get a closer look at this year's QB class at the combine and what's available in the trademark. It wants the league new year begins on March thirteenth take a listen to what GM did Goldman. And Pat Shurmur had to say about he lie. Spoke infrequently about what I think of Eli in how he handles himself and how he prepares and really everything he does behind the scenes, and I think a young player would greatly benefit from that. We saw what was capable of once we gave them hell. You know, he's still can make big league throws. He can still make the NFL throws the narrative has been negative. And I don't think it's been fair. Ask for that narrative. Manning ranks that lasts in total QC over the past three seasons. While he's near the bottom in several other categories, his twenty losses and Mets fan are tie with Blake Bortles for the most in the NFL. Now, let's get you back to I. Like so many emotions happening right now. I'm just going to stay calm. So max. Are you? Okay. With New York New York, John, you know, they were real bad last year and really really bad that year before like embarrassingly, bad keeping Eli manning. No number one. I'm a huge fan. I feel indebted to ally. Manning as as a giants fan for those two Super Bowls. Those are some of maybe my two favorite moments as a fan of any sport where those two Super Bowl wins and New York will always love alive for that. But I'm the same dude. Who when they signed jeeter at the end as jeeter when I was in LA, and they re signed Kobi, what are you doing? I'm telling you about the cliff with Tom Brady, I don't just hitting on bracing. This is the way I am. I think when it's over even when you see it coming. I'd rather be out ahead of that now for for legends. Maybe you don't get out ahead of it. Maybe you let Tom Brady when you're another Super Bowl right before you get rid of. But at a certain point when a when a dude is just cooked, Steven A P. Sorry, QBR QBR is the most sophisticated shorthand for quarterback play. It's it doesn't. It's not perfect. But shorthand how's he doing dead blast over three seasons? Now, we know the offensive line has been terrible. But they are about to waste the primes of let me be very clear. Pure talent, the best I've ever seen it. Why doubt? No del qualitatively. He's different than anyone. I've ever seen that includes Calvin Johnson and Randy moss shorter. I think he's better town better town and saquon Barkley most talented running back I've ever seen people just admitted he's qualitatively different than girly Ezekiel Elliott and everybody different and he's a rookie. These dudes are entering their primes right now with a quarterback. Can he still make NFL throws? Okay. Yeah. He is inaccurate down the field. He's inaccurate at short range. It takes too long to process things. He looked shell shocked at times his arm is good enough to make those we wouldn't call it a strong arm. He's cooked allies cooked. You wanna keep him around to mentor guy? What are you what you're really saying? Is you couldn't find a taker too? Unload them. Let's be honest about this. That's what they're saying. The giants have finished. Next year is going to stick to it's tough. I got bad news field. Your points valid. I'm not here to dispute that we saw what we saw from Eli manning. Let me tell you what the problem is. What you sure from Shurmur? He's not talking football. He's talking character issues in the locker room. What you do behind the scenes the professionalism? The kind of the kind things that prevent him from having to take Advil. Ibuprofen Tylenol Tylenol or something like that for headaches. That's what Pat Shurmur was talking about ghetto men with the football route. And what's he talking about? I think the criticism has been unfairly either narrative is really really so let me now we respect ally. Manning we understand that he's a two-time Super Bowl champion. No one will ever take away from that on his resume. Do you? Don't know that the New York Giants have missed the playoffs. Eight times in the last eleven years. Six times in the last seven years. Do you know that between the Super Bowls? They won in two thousand seven to two thousand eleven they only made the playoffs once okay in between that so what I'm trying to say to you is we're talking about a multitude of years where they haven't even made the post season. And this man, Dave Gettleman, your GM in the mecca the media capital world. New York City is sitting and talking to America like his quarterback is being victimized. Are you kidding me? This is what these are the problems. See that's how you know. You're going to have a problem because you can't be talking football. You can't like you watch ally. Manning just as much as anybody Max's much you love your job. So do you how many times did you come in this studio off camera and literally be ready to throw something because of a throat at ally. Manning could it make because his arm as a lot of the bad was as you're saying bad decisions. The fact here's my other question, though, they got rid of Coughlin. Did that accomplish anything in? Now having Matha do in. Are we sure about Shurmur this might not just be? Let's be clear. Let's be clear. I didn't say anything about the players. I said Shurmur and get them. First of all get him as demand that led. Josh Norman walk away for nothing. How was Carolina's defense? Compromising the immediate aftermath of Josh known as the parts of the wash. That's number one number two when we look at what did he do to warm if being a head coach now, I'm not questioning football accurate. I'm not questioning what he couldn't have a job in the National Football League. But to be a leader of men as a head coach in the National Football League. I believe is record at the town was like nine or ten and twenty three he did nothing to warrant being New York's head coach, but Gettleman was comfortable with it year with Minnesota really -fensive coordinator or MS telling you got married, right? Wait, wait a minute. But he had a head coaching resume. Here's what I'm saying to you is this Gettleman like them why? Because that's the problem. We got too many people making decisions because it involves the comfort. Let's say we're not Dench. Look, let's say what it is allies got another year on his deal. He's untradable. No one's going to want him Coughlin wouldn't take them. No one will take them. So with another year on the deal. You're stuck with them. And they're going to draft a quarterback and they're not going to do anything with a rookie quarterback. I year quarterback Cuyler Murray's not going to be there Wayne Haskins may not be there if anyone trades up in the draft and snatches Dwayne Haskins from the giants who grew up a giants fan and whose floors housing from jersey. Yeah, he's going to be a good NFL quarterback. I don't know if it'd be a great one. But he's competent you can see that on an NFL levelly. Seems that way then the giants have to do something to move up to get him. They have to make sure to get their rookie quarterback going forward at either either Murray who probably won't be there or Dwayne has. Now, remember vice? And I'll say that I'll tell you why that's the one saving grace of having ally on the team for one more year. He can show his dad or Lobski. We were talking about off camera. He can show them the ropes how to deal with New York. A question all those kinds of the giants back, but David Webb isn't no they web go back. Got rid of it. And let it s I'm sorry. That's what I thought. That's what I was asking about. And by the way, I don't fall to forget, I traveled at route ACA encouraging. Got it like late somebody was late by practice. Okay. That's why. That's right. Why was he lay for practice? What was he rushing to practice? I'm sorry. You know, why was reser practice because they were talking about starting in that week doesn't know name is the no name they were talking about starting him because of how all he lie. Eli he with the glue gun Europe. Ignorance so what I'm saying? You max is this subdued name ladder. All right. Okay. That's all I'm trying to say to you. He's donate. There's always until the arrest. My point to you is this too was rushing the practice because that was the week. He was supposed to be starting. And you're sitting here talking about Ella? Manning another year back skeleton, I'm worrying, I let me be let me be very clear. I am worried about your health if manage just aren't quarterback. That's all you're going to lose it. You're gonna lose. You know, we thought it would you ever? This is what I'll lose if the giants don't have at least Haskins on the roster. So as they're losing next journey. Lies looking terrible. We know what's coming guys getting seasoned, right? If it's just Eli losing and some team trades up in the giants allow Haskins to get away. Ask you, then we have a problem they ask you this just for next year. Would you rather have Nick foles? Absolutely haskins. What if they could find a way to get Nick foles? Or would you rather have Haskins I'm talking because the talent they have right now. And we know Nick foles could get right in the lineup. If the happy with either guy, I think the smarter move is Haskins who'd be on a rookie deal, and it would allow them to continue to work on the offensive line. And also to you defense who signed a wide receiver the ninety five billion dollars and don't have somebody road. At man of football is a across this is what scared so crime pair scary dead last in QBR the last three seasons. That's with Odell Beckham on the team. What would he be without hotel Beckham? Is there something lower than last? This is depressing. Hey, it's Dan Patrick here to tell you about the Dan Patrick school. The sportscasting I've teamed up with full sail university to create a sports casting bachelor's degree you work both on and behind the cameras and you build skills for the future of sports. So you can connect with audiences. No matter where they are or how they're winning in learn more about full sail. Universities Dan, Patrick school to sportscasting by going to full. Fail dot EDU slash, Dan. Patrick school. I really don't agree with the perception that there's huge drama within the Pittsburgh Steelers locker room, really, I have a complete disagreement with the perception that are locker room is anything, but very functional. All right before I get into Steelers jam Kevin Colbert Likud's here. We'll Kane in the house. How would feel well good more? Folks. How do I wills happy? Why we got to talk about the Cowboys dysfunction last time he's on the air. And now it's the Steelers Jerry's fairly giants. Right. So now, so now, we're all equal. But will I know you're a huge college football fan. I gotta ask you this quick. We thought the combine we got the measurements on Kyla Murray. He's a legit five. Ten five ten in one eight to be exact, what do you think? Number one overall. No brainer. Absolute no brainer. No brainer. Used to be the number one overall pick in the draft. I actually didn't care if he was five ten or five nine I thought so before he measured in at this height weight and hand size, and it should be. If there's any logical sense to the world and people make rational decisions it should be the number one overall pick to the Zona cardinals. It just makes way too much since I've seen the show today on no you talk to Dan Orlovsky. I know he shares the opinion I know cliff Kingsbury does. As well. If the world is right collar Murray will be suited up for the Arizona Cardinals next season. I was that way the minute. I heard his hand size of his hands was like, you know, eight or something I'd have been totally hit him. The ball is coming out of his hands. Kwame Brown for basketball all over get can't add that yet. But because those are big enough. I'm good with. All right. Steven I looking at you for this one so Coburn doesn't agree with the perception that there's any dysfunction in the Steelers locker room. What do you think about all these comments? I think he's lying to the American public. And I like Kevin covert. I'm not I'm not castigating him. But I think that particular statement is a flat out lie, and it flies in the face of those that believe in common sense. You see what you see we've seen everything that's going on from Lebanon bell to the way the season ended to what was going on in between with the offensive lineman calling them out with to the way this deal is collapsed. Played in various games how they just did team together to been robbed as burger calling them out. Well, you know, what if I'm not lying? Let me tell you why it would only be because if I don't think he's lying. They would only be because I'm saying you're coming to the defense of Big Ben Rothlisberger. Because when you look at big rothlisburger. Everyone has lamented his willingness to call people out and how that has contributed to the divide that exists in the locker room. Well, if you look at Big Ben as debt quintessential leader and the other fifty two guys just kids who need to follow in the fall lockstep and follow lockstep in line with what them Rothlisberger wants you to do that. Maybe you're not lying after all. Maybe I misspoke, but I can't believe that Kevin code Kevin Colbert. Who's obviously a damn good executive and whose record speaks for itself would be that foolish or that blind. He's not gonna keep things in house because that's what they usually do in Pittsburgh. But the reality is is that the players are not on the same page. There's a lot of different clicks inside that locker room, it appears I can tell you everybody ain't flowing with Big Ben Rothlisberger. Just like everybody wasn't flowing with Antonio Brown for him to sit up there and say, you know, what I don't agree with the perception. That's not. Onset. We all see we all see how bad things are. There's only one excuse for that there's functionality because certainly isn't talent we're about to find out if it's Antonio Brown and Colbert's telling the truth because Antonio Brown's going to not be there next year. I mean, levian bell. Whatever issues there were there. He wanted. He really wanted to get paid. And Colbert is the GM really didn't want to pay his running back who's looking at twenty six twenty seven years old. That's the kind of normal stuff you find in an organization, okay. Antonio Brown has been the issue now for those who would say Stephen A that it's rothlisburger. In fact, we will find out when grounds not there. We'll see what kind of locker room. It is. We'll see what kind of stories are coming out of there. And I will say this for Colbert. I am willing to give him. I think he's earned the benefit of the doubt. Colbert has constructed to Super Bowl winning teams one. You may say he got a little lucky but to Super Bowl winning teams, obviously has an eye for talent in the draft. They're always loaded with talent. Even if you think somehow underachieve they're usually in the playoffs. They sometimes make runs. He's an excellent GM Tomlin's won a couple of Super Bowls Roethlisberger's won a couple of Super Bowls. So those guys have the resumes that give them the benefit of the doubt. Antonio Brown hasn't won a Super Bowl. And so you say, okay, the noise the chirping seems to be coming from him. But I'll say this you remove Antonio Brown next year. There's no levian. If stuff is still going on. Then we'll know he was wrong. Well, but he's lying. Stephen aides. Exactly. Right. Kevin. Colbert is lying tells there's no drama and the Pittsburgh Steelers locker room defies all of our five. Senses. We walk around in this world with sight hearing smell touch. You can see it. I will say this evening. I get it. I mean NFL there little bit like politicians. I mean, they have to lie. I mean, he's talking about guys who he employs? You can't throw them all under the bus. And what more this is lying season. NFL? Combine is here warning the NFL draft. They're all lying. In fact, Kevin Colbert has some competition on the line metal stand right now. Just within the last couple of days. You got your guy. Dave Gettleman there who I could listen to talk about anything, but just telling us sweet little lies that awesome accent? You know, how you doing? You know, what I'm telling you you li- manning. He's not that bad. You couple two three years. You know, he's not that bad. Boom. You know what I'm saying? I can listen to him lie to me all day long. My man, Stephen Jones. Everybody's backs against the wall. Please come on Jason GARRETT'S back skins to all Steve GM of the Arizona Cardinals. Josh roses are quarterback for now. Tell us what you really say. Steve this right here. Kevin Colbert, though, probably takes the gold medal because we know whether it's Antonio Brown not showing up in week seventeen lady on bell, not showing up all season Antonio Brown. Broadcasting stuff on social media over and over again for over years time, by the way, and Ben Rothlisberger. Being at the center of it. All we know there's drum in Pittsburgh. So just I don't know. The allow season rabbit season, it's lying seizes. But that's right. Where you're gonna laugh what I'm about to tell you max, I'll tell you. This will MAC sounds like he took some notes some lessons from Mike Tannenbaum former GM for New York Jets now in Miami. And I say this affectionately because actually like Mike Tannenbaum understand something here. Yeah. You could you couldn't go to the CIA and somebody better at saying absolutely nothing while talking to you there might tenable. This brother could give lessons he can sit up there and talk to you for twenty minutes, and you'll literally go what the hell the he just say because it doesn't matter and him never tell the truth. He'll never tell anybody. He's he left the jets. He goes to Miami. He was actually on radio in New York City JETRO said great organization match what lose automatic right organizations. Everybody's great. Everybody's great. This is there's never abroad I'll say when you got a guy like my ten about. So somebody hanging out with him like Colbert Stephen Jones, if they when they do that. He's the first guy that they have lunch with this man to have draped with this because Mike Tannenbaum could give notes I think guys. Overlooking one thing here. First of all, I said Tomlin one two symbols went to one one another guess, so he went to two one one because obviously. Amer rattles around. The the point is. Really what I take him to be saying here is there's no problem the locker room Antonio Brown's the problem. That's what I'm saying. He may be right about that. Like if next year there's tranquility then Antonio Brennan early west. They had everybody knows guys. What about the already bell stuff though? You can't just put it on Antonio Brown. He's not the reason. Another T-ball you're going. Those with the team on what went down with a wavy on allies, I said levian bell. And Colbert had the classic GM running back who now wants to get paid that happens with a lot of GM's and running backs right now, I want to get paid the gyms like we kind of already got value at the end of a different deal, but Tonio grant was there the whole year, and that seemed to be, you know, ground zero of the conflict, but also problem that lady on wasn't. All right. Well, can you stick around? I can do that. Okay. Good stuff. Now, it is Dame time Damian Lillard finished with a game high thirty three points in the blazers ninety seven ninety two win over Boston. It was Lillard. Twentieth. Game with at least thirty point two season tied for the sticks in the league Orland improving. Thirty in twenty three the fourth best record in the Western Conference max. Yup. Is Lillard a top ten player. I have to see him in the playoffs. I, and I know Stephen he might be sensitive to the idea that that I've been saying drew holiday shut them down in the playoffs. He's doubled. A lot will Dame Dame. Of course, there's no such thing as a great offensive player. And you're a great offense a player who can be shut down one on one for an entire series. Of course. So of course, you're double the lot. You're the engine that makes your team go. But you were also taken one on one a bunch by drew holiday, and he'd got you got you. And you gotta show that you can ball in the playoffs. Now when I look at the top ten players in the NBA, Stephen a guys like, Ben Simmons and dodge they're coming. But they're not here yet porzingas Karl Anthony towns, not yet all the two way two guards who can't really put it on the floor in the league level Klay Thompson and Chris Middleton and even Jimmy Butler, not quite they're not better than Dame. Lebron? The freak k d a d that's four PG thirteen Kawai says Steph seven harden. Yes, Embiid, those are the nine so there's a tense slot. OJ measure Westberg is. Well, here's the question is the tents slot is at Yokich. There's another big possibility. Or is it one of these three guards, Damian Lillard, kyri Irving, or Russell Westbrook. If I had to go right now on what I'm seeing I would put Lillard tenth. But I'm not going to do it till I see him in the playoffs this year. I can't do it till he balls in the playoff. We completely agree with that. I have no problem with the list, and more importantly, my mindset is as a right now. I would pick Lillard. But here's my problem to me in reality. Lillard is right, right, right outside of tops at you know, how much you know, how much I love me some Dame top baby. I was bragging about that. Last year Dame time to real deal. Ain't no question. What? What he does offensively. I can't take away for what Russell Westbrook. Russell Westbrook and motor that energy. What he does on both ends of the floor, the rebounds, the assist Damian Lillard as a scorer. He's a professional scorer. He and he's a clutch shotmaker. And he's overall better shooter that Russell Westbrook. There is nothing else. Definitively in my mind that he does better than Russell Westbrook. Russell Westbrook can get those points or Russell Westbrook does defensively what he doesn't terms rebounds. What he doesn't tons of has the nasty and how it us. Everybody around him. I cannot take that away. So I would not take Russell Westbrook out of the top ten that. That's sacrilegious Damian Lillard would be right right right out, the top ten in the entire NBA. It's so crazy in the NBA right now Lillard even without the playoffs. You're saying isn't even top to how much better can you be playing than what Lewis playing right now? I mean that means. Little lewis. He's no Kyrie. I didn't give it in order, by the way. I just gave no Lillard. No, Kyrie, no Yokich. Maybe an a bubble kind of MVP candidate. It is. And the fairness to them size does matter because for example, when you think about the impact of an Embiid when you think about the impact of a Greek freak and others, you can't ignore the size, and how much they impact the game just because of physicality God-given physical, physical strength, physical height is etc. But Steph curry is the exception because you have to pick Steph curry up at half court. He can pull up from Amazon of everyone that we mentioned in the top ten, you know, other than Westbrook or the top nine the only one under six five is Steph curse, right everyone. And then harden everyone else's over six seven six eight everyone else. Right. That's right. Exactly. Exactly. The issue by the way, we only have like thirty seconds left, which is talk about trae young Rowbottom. I just did. I not just say a couple of days ago the second coming of Steph curry someday, listen, he's listen if it wasn't for Don-Shik. He's he's reading somebody's not looking dodger. He's not. But I thought that book was closed because he started so slow if he finishes like this. He's actually opened up the argument again, the weight dodgers, you can't. I mean. Oh, my God is trae young balling. He is he conscious number one. But the idea who won that trade that's actually still he's not even shoot more evidence of three point range yet. Right magin. What's he finds his way because he can't? Baby's dodgers. His last game. Is next tomorrow? Thanks for listening to the podcast. First take weekdays ten AM eastern ESPN.

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