Nats Rolling & The Cousins Game


You want it you need it it's what everyone's talking about the Kevin Sheehan show now here's Kevin you're listening into the sports fix Samis on the phone from Houston errands here I'm here after the nats one twelve to three last night to take a tune in nothing I they came back by the way with Bregman who's really struggled in this series and struggled defensively last night hitting a two run homer off a Strasbourg changes home they lose game one in the nets you know I it was one of those games in which you know they could chalk up Garett wasn't as good as he's usually sixth-inning to get out of that situation a dangerous situation was really that the most tents the most dramatic portion of the night by the way I by the Way Fox last night with the broadcast was phenomenal it seemed like every inning they had a tidbit about something that was a I about the redskins game Thank you but you know what actually a lot of people care about the Redskins game that's the truth of the matter but I right now personally three parts the pitcher part which was ver- lander versus Strasbourg both started off slowly and then both pitched grape Strasbourg sid yeah they definitely that's a really good way to describe it they were the hundred seven game winner the heavy favorite pull that liked the program the show for me you know sending sending me tweets now if you spend one second on the redskins tomorrow nobody cares care less much less about that than the baseball which was I described it on radio today Tommy Tell me what you think of this is a game that essentially had three collapsed I mean again the Astros I thought and I was wrong were were the team that that seem to like just the group that had been there before and they had their two best pitchers including arguably the best pitcher in the sport in the moment anyway going in the first two games in broke them down and you saw an astros team that while they they weren't having fun days they were consumed by by their own failure homerun in the seventh and they just ran away and hid from a great astros team but a game that really was so good through the end of the six then we had a chance to get to sure we never did it's just one game but then you're back at it in first of all ren don't put the nats out two nothing in the we're a historic accomplishment that the Nazis were in the midst of but one of the things that popped up is that's the first change of Homerun Strasberg's given thinning and I thought we were headed towards you know seventh eighth ninth inning drama until what they did to divert lander and the bullpen in the seventh and eighth that's so you had the pictures and then I said you had the sixth-inning Strasbourg getting through it and then the last part was the avalanche that started with the Suzuki back in the professionalism of what they do and the national just seem to be riding on this wave of having fun well what you saw eighty mile per hour curve ball with two runners on and stuck it right in there and totally froze tucker and I was like man Strasbourg yeah it really was like a heavyweight matchup between two great fighters for you know th the first six innings or at least five of the first is one great clutch pitcher he really was after the first inning last night and and what's He has supreme on and then the back half of the show we will talk about Redskins Vikings Tonight Tommy you know and you you get this too but I probably get more than you I get I mean you had opportunities for him to really buckle he looked spent pitch count was above one hundred you know he got behind Alvarez and then they intend confidence in his ability to throw three or four pits is differently I mean I remember when he started working on his changeup years John Situation there was some debate about that well that debate is gone at this point his change up is one of the best pitchers in all I was shocked I thought for sure that Corbin was going to be available if they needed him in a tight game last night and when Rodney got up in the sixth inning and then Tommy Strasbourg in this six. This is exactly what we've talked about you know now in this post-season in the narrative that has changed on him since August his changeups have been unhittable in Breguet and then you've got this back and forth game with a couple of threats here and there and that was the opposite you saw he saw national team that was you know methodical in their at back a against the Astros in the two to pitch and he doesn't get rattled but he yelled at the I mean he got really animated and then he gets created a pop out and gets Tucker on a curve ball a remote possibility the Joe Ross could spark game four but were you shocked at Rodney was the first one up I wasn't shocked just because they have shown a little bit of faith Rosberg still out there I was like Oh my God now he got in an eight two game so a much different situation by the time he came in but he he talked about how Strasbourg has his ability now to throw so many different pitchers and keep hitters like just just totally off base three to curve ball and that was a jump out of your seat moment like I was talking to rain night about it this morning and I said to him I'm like you know who at three two throws in of his stuff after the first innings Sherzer was behind behind in almost every count but somehow got out of five innings with just two earned runs on Strasbourg exciting's and and that it's just it's deteriorated into this this slugfest and the Asos Oh and there was some pushback on it as to whether or not the the motion for to change up with ultimately re aggravate his Tommy Ah in that situation maybe maybe there was a sense that if the game was broken open at that point you know the Astros broke open the game but homerun defensively he's been so good oh absolutely absolutely tremendous you know even Strasbourg had actually walked in which was the right thing for Davey to do and then Korea he's got two pitches that looked like strike three absolutely looked like strike three the one and two yeah it was it was just like sure Zor had that grind it out didn't have his best stuff it was different last night to Strasbourg did have quote about the nationals that he said in the postseason in the past they've seem to run into a buzz saw in the other team postseason like they are this postseason they always seem to struggle with their with their hitting in previous Playoff appearances even though they had he was the only one up so I guess that would have happened I still have a hard time believing that Davie would have done that I just can't I just can't see him doing that he came in with a six run lead after they broke it open in the seventh with Suzuki's Homerun and by the way what an underrated two games he's played I mean even before that baseball right now and Zouqi talked about last night Kurt Suzuki who who you know what was the guy who serves a drink for the nationals last night well yeah I think it's I think it's really interesting the whole discussion about you know Houston being a team that doesn't send out scouts and manager Davey Martinez you know this is I know this has been reduced in some ways to old school versus new school the Astros with their analytics computers he had a little trouble in the last time out so it wasn't shock did send me I was at nationals park and everyone around me got very nervous when they saw that yeah I mean that everybody is running into and he's right they they are just that I mean eight straight postseason wins ties the all time record is likely going to be the pitcher and a two game in the bottom of the seventh that's remarkably frightening at is and I'm not you know I mean I mean we've heard yesterday that it was very possible the corden would be available again last night in by the way if Corbin and pitch last night a mark Zuckerman said that there was even so I wanted to read it to you that I I read the early this morning that I thought was really interesting because they're in the seventh after Suzuki goes D I think he's a big stones pitcher throwing that curve to get Korea out or to get Tucker out there to end this six that was just an unbelievable unbelievable pitch strikeouts are up year after year after year and the national since spring training have preached don't strike out and that's that's that's served Mendes lineups and great hitting I think it's the personality of this team the veteran backup this team and and and an answer you know led by Mike Rizzo's scout scout you know every time I look at the nats in their shifted over in somebody hits a ground ball right into the shift and I think I already mentioned this but that was a change up like Strasbourg I I love his stones like it's just the opposite of what we the offense of you know big inning that that that starts to to end the game basically how `Bout Rodney up is the first guy in the bullpen in a two game after the first year and they both settled down and they both were really really good but that sixth-inning by the way I gotta ask you before we get to the seventh and and doesn't more likely than not win the game I mean Houston's got enough firepower they're going to face Fernando Rodney in the bottom of the seventh and I thought it was interesting like it's like everything is going their way you know in this postseason like they're like Rodney didn't have to enter the game in a two two or three two game or even four two the nationals hate to strike out they they don't like to do it this is why they're so successful with two strikes I mean they constantly they wanna put the ball in play is in that Strasberg's thrown so many curve balls over the last couple of years versus what he threw early on in more change by the way that that that Bregman home run well I don't necessarily agree with them I think this Zouqi homerun changed everything in the game by itself it would not have won the game but just like the Zimmerman he's going to walk they're talking about robe lace for me he said that's the play of the game closed quote it did like there is some there is some data and some analytics being used here to to make decisions in the game and somebody pointed out to me you know there's a real homerun you know the the night before it sort of opened up the floodgates for the rest of the offense it's certainly almost as much as he walked this year and Adam Eaton said that that was the most important at bat of the night and I'm GonNa find the quote here you know they they literally are I mean they've got all these cylinders pumping I at the same time and I always thought that maybe not all the postseason teams they've had in the past but I think most of them had the capability of doing the same thing but just fell short for one reason they never hit the said it's very difficult to hit after a solo home run especially in a big game sometimes you want to do too much you WanNa hit another homer that type of deal keep the in him and I did think that they would they wouldn't use rainy again they showed more faith in rainy but I didn't think they would pitch rainy back tobacco especially after for a three two lead you get robe lace up in row blaze doesn't walk you know he hasn't been a patient hitter he's only walked thirty five times all year he's gotten hit by pitch knock verlinden out I don't know ver- lander was going to stay in past rollerblades anyway but you know the Suzuki homer by itself professional hitters Kendrick in Cabrera with runners on and Kendrick hits that shot two bregman which he couldn't handle the call the debase it I think that's right although even that no not that I mean that's pretty frightening on the other hand when Robbie came in you know the Astros couldn't do anything with them even when the score was you know eight Sukey homerun was the key moment moments for the for the game I think that's that's really what what what changed everything for the nationals offense moving forward and that's not the trend in the game the Trenton the game is you know strikeouts are worth the chance to drive the ball you know over the front I mean let's go back to what you mentioned the Sodo intentional walk that was unbelievable they actually have I mean two of their four postseason team went on to win the world series so Strasbourg said maybe this year we're the buzzsaw without an intentional walk that's crazy crazy goes against it goes against you know they're very grain of of eight inch managing ended up a minute ago Gimme a second here he said he said that place here's the here's the quote by the way roadblocks in that the guy is a tough out it was an awesome game I would ask you a couple of things in follow up number one wait wait a minute wait a minute let's not intentionally no hitter I know I couldn't believe when I saw that I'm like how can you go one hundred and sixty two games bat he looked at strike three I mean there was a pitch that was right down the middle that I could not believe was not called strike three with the two and to count but anyway I'm eating said the following he stretch the lead out and it was a great at bat too because that guy when he's down in the county just battles he'll strike out a bunch when nobody's on but when people are on a Lotta guys afterwards were saying you know that's a play Bregman can make it's like a fifty fifty play and then I loved Cabrera last night like I think you said on Tuesday that that Eaton honed in on that at bat that robos walking the got the rest of the inning jumpstarted was the key moment in the game I didn't think of it that way in the moment intentionally walked somebody in the entire season and postseason today crazy crazy twenty this is a twenty year old kid yeah but it would have been different situation had he entered the game in a two or a three two games Aaron Aaron were you shocked like I'm giving you all of these tidbits and I'm fine with Joe Buck in in smoltz I think they do a good job but a lot of these historic numbers that were poppy ed coming out of Saint Louis and they didn't have the firepower really to win four out of the next five games what do you think about the Astros do you think Oh we both I think felt in after the two games in Saint Louis that the series was for all intents and purposes over CAS Saint Louis just didn't they looked this is loaded after a Soto intentional walk again just like you didn't game five against the dodgers and he hit it hard hit it in there and Bregman got the glove on it and that scored another run in the IT nationals with their ski we would rely more heavily on scouting but in a way that's accurate because they talk about this after the game I said this that you expected dosier to get the start at second well that was only because that was only because I expected a pitching matchup between fresher I mean they've got the we've been here before we we know how to win and postseason you know basically resumes really capable of beating the nationals in Ford the next five games I've had the over in the first two games it was totally the contrarian play with the pitching matchups Cabrera got the to win and then Zimmerman it was it was great but yes there were there were things the Fox broadcast was excellent last night and with I face open I mean if he had pitched a soda that would've been insane in that but yeah and you know Kendrick comes up with the bay over the weekend but I don't see this as a clean sweep I would think that the Nadal's nationals are gonNA have to battle the next two in particular with Sanchez and with Corbin historic in terms of the number of games in a row the number of road games and they were within three down three one in the eighth inning against Josh Hater Baseball at this year a team that won the world series two years ago I don't think they're going to I don't think they're gonNA fold up under the in third and so does behind them and it's like the one guy that you're you know you think you can't get out you actually get him out in springer made a really good down three one in game five to the dodgers and Dave Roberts leaves Kershaw in there you know it's such a fine line in sports not just baseball we we see the DR team there I don't think they anyone expected Suzuki to put that kind of wood on on the ball like like like he did so I still think that it was it was on thirty favorite and I think the world will be on the nets to win that game but yeah I don't think they're dead either I would be surprised if they don't win at least a game or two who's WHO's become the star postseason and the most feared hitter and the nationals lineup he turns twenty one tomorrow for Games up about what the nationals had done and what they've been doing in the postseason we're really interesting I'm GonNa get to those in a moment but that was an unbelie I was a jaw dropper that they had franchise is being just ripped apart by everybody you know despite the run to get into the post season they were facing the best closer in the sport down three one and all time yeah yeah but you know but Tommy a historic sweep or even if they win five I mean the run that they've had is all ready got it done with a broken bat bloop single a hit by pitch and a hit by soda which was awesome but it also was a was an error on on the right behind them so I I I I don't think they're done and I'd real wary about celebrating a little bit too early because there's you think about this like okay they made a really nice run but they lost in the playoffs again and are the learners gonNA lose Ren Dome because they lose him than the yeah I I absolutely I absolutely think that I mean if if it's a sweep then we're talking about one of the historic postseason teams of all time yeah I expected him to start game right and that's why he was in there you know he was in there for that professional to run RBI single when you had to have it had somebody asked though that in the after the game last night and his answer was have you watched Soto into Syria right yeah we'll context is everything I don I still shiver when I think of that fifth inning against the Chicago cubs in in in in two thousand seventeen Do things all the time where you look back and you're like wow it was almost over before it started and if it ended in that wildcard game against Milwaukee the home run in the seventh eighth and ninth inning of a world series game really I didn't know that I I was shocked by like I was like really makes it can happen or for the next five I mean there there I mean we're talking about you know arguably the best regular season teams it was three to two rogue swap Turner walked you know then they used eaten to sack bunt those guys over Ren don't I was listening to Hinch in the post game show lasted Sir and Roberts should have never left Kershaw in there to face Soto after rendering homered never so lot of different things that you need it's it's it's seems like it would have happened but Suzuki and the seventh eaten in the eighth and then Taylor in the night first time one team has had a home run in each the seventh eighth and ninth innings of a World Series in the lineup and they've got professional older guys like Cabrera and Kendrick in Zimmerman in the Zouqi Suzuki became the oldest player you know they've been buzzsaw it in the past and now they're now they're buzz sawing people and they've been on the back end in the wrong end of all of the brakes and this night that they're running on MLB network and it was really funny he said you know that seventh-inning the one you got rendong coming up and you got Turner in Robe Lace on second well Yeah I mean everything they seem to do right now seems to work for them but you know when you look at their town you can fielder on that same play and that's how they were to being eliminated and we would have spent a lot of the week following talking about Sherzer in the decision to picture I'm that I was stunned at the to hear that last night was the first time in world series history that a team has we understand it and and and explain it because I mean the their lineup from top to bottom a full I mean there's no game crazy it was it's awesome you're right it's a great lineup healthy you know and it's got stars with Ren Donen Soda Great Well Look first base was open for random too and they didn't walk came to get this Soto they weren't allowed to do that all right Eh postseason they're getting everyone to go their way yes they have seen more than their share breaks go against them in the postseason I mean there's there's ear to hit a go ahead home run in a world series game in the seventh inning or later at thirty six years old that was another one I mean out in that lineup no no there isn't there isn't an you know even like guys Michael Taylor gets into the act that was another one eight to to keep robe lace at third and and not allow them to tag up and score they walked Soto and then you had backed about back with what you know you guys referred to as onto Ino Aaron in this series now I love the Astros on Friday night they're favored in game they are favored and game three there are minus one twenty five minutes aries lead it was such a good game through six innings so compelling so tight and then they blew it open in the seventh we've got that that's what we're going to spend the first half of this show words or and and call and in that but I I look it game to knowing Cabrera's numbers against a Berlin dead they're dead look at the the nationals have won eight straight games the Houston Astros can win four straight games for usually he was like a fourteen or fifteen home runs a year guy over the course of a full season and again Hey listen he had seventeen home runs this year in less than three hundred out that I mean his his power has emerged in the past couple of years for him historic fashion the nine run victory winning by by twelve threes the most lopsided win by a road team since twenty eleven in the world our world series where the Yankee one I think all three of their games by tremendously wide margin and and every game the pirates one is the bumgarner comes out of the bullpen series so then here here's more you'll love this stuff the nets nineteen sixty world series against Pittsburgh correct me if I'm wrong that's the Mazeroski world series right yes it is that was bizarre what happened to him tonight. So when you're mandates respect for that Guy Yeah all right so here are some of the incredible statistics fourteen royals the white sox and the Oh four red sox for the longest winning streak in a single postseason that's where the nets are right now with eight straight combined in the first two games to score seventeen runs it's the third most by any road team in the first two games of a world series ever it's the most that a team has scored on the road and the first two games in the world series since the Yankees scored twenty in the first two games of the in in in accomplishment came out of that game first of all the nets have now one eight straight games in the postseason that ties the Russian in that clubhouse especially during those tough times Suzuki's name comes up every single time is one of the emotional leaders on that team was razor thin but yes it was a matter out the home run and and the walk off home run in game seven was the sixties Ryan Zimmerman was talking about last night he was on with I forget where I saw Ryan late early this morning actually that game was a four hour plus game and by the way series and was the was only the fourth time Tommy since the division era started in one thousand nine hundred sixty sixty nine that a team won a world series what about him and he said you know he was here in two thousand twelve and he was a great teammate then and he's a great teammate now everybody loves him in respects him and it was so good to see that Houston if he didn't and Suzuki you know made a great bro to to get them out but Zimmerman said about Zouqi he said he just said he just smiled when he was Diane in the sixty two world series yeah all right so let me continue with some of this stuff because it's amazing they're not just up to nothing they're doing it in you forget so many things when a game I had that much to it and I was just looking through my notes how bad altuva trying to steal third in the bottom of the first it would have been a bigger inning potentially that one right yeah offer out Terry who came back and sixty two and I think won the Cy Young Twenty three wins and then beat these games by world series game by at least nine runs on the road only the eighty two brewers in ninety six braves pulled that off all right stress Burg's postseason era is one point three four we knew this before but I'm just thrown into the mix second only to Sandy Koufax for starters that have gotten at least you just starting with the dodgers until those teams went on to win the world series I'll pray right so starts in the postseason that's amazing it really is and that's going to be the lead if he's in the hall of fame was his postseason career at this point as well it's very reminiscent of Kirk showing I'm Randy Johnson seat thousand one Arizona diamondbacks This whole roster is reminiscent of that right now that was a team that Rizzo was the director of scouting. Ron and I don't think it's a coincidence that this team is built in a lot of ways like that diamondback team was all right here the other quick quickly you know the two nothing series lead eighty five percent seventy he's the last team that didn't the Yankees lost the first two in ninety six to the braves and won that series the eighty six mets lost the first could be yeah I mean that you know in a way and Rizzo Microsoft the general manager talked about this it and you've mentioned this yeah because they want I was thinking for second wait a minute did they win game four you get four royal the Royal Faucet giants in two thousand fourteen exactly due to the Red Sox and won that series and the eighty five royals lost the first two to the cardinals at home and won that series so out of eighty four teams have gone on to win in the current two three two format but when you've won the first two games on the road twenty two out of the last twenty-five have won the world series there you go there they they would appear based on the facts and figures to be in pretty good shape but there's a long way to go I actually liked the Astros in game three I'm going to be there by the way series but yeah I mean those that was that was a tremendous series for the Yankees absolutely off Ralph Terry right to get that one right I think you might have it think we've had this conversation before but care for whatever reason really enjoyed the caps run in the Stanley Cup as well she got into that but she was not watching last I think Ryan's coming back from Penn state he's GonNa come back to the game and I think Corbin my middle son is GonNa come with me as well my oldest son I think is out of town this weekend so I think it'll be the three okay now yeah I did I I don't know that she really cares much it's funny you and I both talked about this before yet I haven't seen him yet but game one off the charts a twenty three point one rating Tommy which is incredible it's the highest rated game nights she couldn't have cared less maybe maybe I can convince her to go of course I friends of mine that would say seriously you're going to take your wife and she couldn't care less my wife couldn't care less about sports couldn't care less about sports again except except he surprises me sometimes see what happens all right I wanted to get to the redskins but there are a couple of other things did you see I have not seen the ratings for last a seventh and deciding game might do something around forty plus it's just a bigger market opportunity for baseball we're seeing that and I think we're gonNA see so you know like errands looking at me like errands like you're not going to take me you're gonNA take her come on so anyway we'll see early in the world series and when you get to close out games or crucial you know three two or a game seven you're GonNa see Thirties and maybe people get this is why I've argued that no matter how much the redskins think they have the safety that of the fact that arguably a bigger number for last night I of course I said this on the podcast yesterday I think are on the show and you got people that are saying you're so dismissed cup run in Chinatown he goes I know you love to trash the cat caps but let's be fair here first of all it's outside versus mostly inside it's thousand five hundred people at Nats Park last night was considerably less than what the cap had between those inside and outside the arena when they were making their Stanley I tell you that I got a ticket or not I think he's at yeah okay so I'm excited about you know I'm going to take I'm going to take at least eight Oct. with temperatures by the way last night in the forties verses forties in low fifties versus the middle of June I mean get a grip watch the nationals in the world series but she can't stay up late she gets stay awake long enough to watch a baseball game yeah that's funny because I so maybe we'll go if she wants to go she doesn't really like going to sporting events but if you explain to her that this isn't a sporting event did I did go to a sports bar with some friends to watch you know the first two days of the NCAA tournament but I'm not gonNA stay there for the Maryland game I need to be by myself or with money like it's not close and we're gonNA see that because you're going to see a television number in the thirties here in the next few games I agree I Zhen rating that's like five times that of the Stanley Cup finals I found the tweet that I wanted to read it was from this dude pat and this Guy Kevin Guy this guy I don't you're talking about whatever I mean we we get the same people a lot of times but he said she and the fourteen I agree with with all that and what's interesting by the way you cannot anoc caps it's not they had a great run in a cool this shows this shows how how how difficult it is to interpret TV ratings today and how I think they're eventually really soon I mean you know so of course the nationals are going to have more interest because there's more interested in baseball the world series you know does a telephone six rating which was still really good in the second highest rating for the nats ever but I put out the tweet when they did the fourteen point six I said you're going to see twenties I disagree with you it's still significant majority of people that consume a sporting event they do they do so through television all of the my small my small group of people that I like watching games with I don't want to be with the dudes that have the jerseys on their own name on the back of the Yeah I noticed that nationally I think game one of the world series the ratings were lower than they've been before almost historically lower but it's night are they out yet earned for for last night skiing not that I've seen yet usually they come out either not out in that's history the highest before that was game five against the cardinals in two thousand twelve game for the close out game against the cardinals only did like a fourteen points fault because they have bigger numbers we'll have that same then hockey we'll have that same phenomenon going whether it's a national or whatever Houston series are GonNa be down compared to red sox dodgers last year or Astros dodgers the year before that or was cubs Indians the year before that I think it was it was so you've had big big market baseball cities involved in the world series the capitals I don't it's not about the capital's baseball's got a bigger audience period if you don't you're stupid you know so I know that this is what it's NFL football I mean there there there's the NFL factor that's always going to protect them from falling too far and where the wizards are in the same position that the nets are in right now to do a fair ca comparable but the nets right now are the clear number two in town and here's the confusion of of what happened in game one with the national broadcast it's one of the lowest they ever had but it was the highest rate Azizi and care about getting hammered and and you know and trying to get lucky setting like that but anyway no like she actually sat at home and watch some of the Stanley Cup Game I remember Mr Hockey game in her life and she's watched some of that it was disappointing from an attendant standpoint Cetera I'm so glad that they've made this run because it really does validate everything they've been doing the net of it is is that baseball has the real I think basketball does too but you know that that's I don't think we're GonNa see that you know for a while now they are a perennial contender you know this is sustained success this is the fifth year in the postseason for the mended leading up to these this post-season the four major disappointments especially the three game five losses at home but they are doing something right down on their Mike Rizzo has done something right he's figured it out and he's created and built a perennial contender you know they're in the hunt being into the game and not missing pitches and not missing the commentating and and I don't like to be bothered when I'm watching a big game days you'll never match those numbers when you had reactions ABC CBS and NBC. You're never going to have that option but the numbers for the nets is team in the last eight years and they're going in there in the world series and they may win it this year but it's not like they just got here you know we we've obviously Dr for last night personally I feel this way I don't I'm not a guy that's going to go to Nats Park and watch the game I like watching the game I like the TV show in the United States at night right so how do you what does that mean Oh you're comparing it to back when you didn't have all these options so these are big markets yes but in terms of identity the teams are not big market identity team fair enough that's exactly what it is yes the dodgers and the Red Sox are big you know I say that in knowing that there's this fine line right of not getting through the Milwaukee Wildcard game and a lot of things changing potentially yes I love that I you know the results sharp we've always known it you know he is he knows what he's doing Iran's the national laws are in the Astros or not baseball or sports brands at this point but I'll tell you what you know the the the most impressive thing one hundred bucks leading up to that game late you're not going to be able to get into the park for the world series for less than a thousand dollars but go ahead can tap no not at this point you know if they had not gotten through Josh later in the wildcard game but that doesn't change the fact that that was their fifth postseason appearance in eight seasons AH will be one of the most difficult tickets to get we've had in this town in a long long time and as you pointed out maybe the most important sporting event ever to be played in this city every year you can't say that yes they are about I think a lot of teams I I think they're the third winningest franchise in baseball in since and they have to end it in game five wouldn't be that displeased they'd love the revenue from all three home games Oh yeah they have you gotta go out the window in terms of measurement I think the only people pay attention some right now our our Madison Avenue and you know as we've sat here for years talked about the bad culture and the bad ownership and the bad management of the football team in town and we had an NFC championship games and you've had Stanley Cup Finals Games in an NBA championship series game but it's the world series it has sustained remarkably did Matt Williams after did they did they have a winning record after the year they lost it after the year they lost to the giants even though I think the nats are GonNa win the series you can go to mybookie dot ag if you WanNa bet football you WanNa bet baseball basketball now the NBA season started the wizards open. Thanks I mean they they they have not had a losing season since two thousand eleven so you're right they have built something that in this day and age eight thousand twelve and three years that they didn't make the playoffs they they had winning seasons it's not like they wanted attain and lost like ninety or one hundred up last night Bradley beal by the way got ejected with a minute to go in the game I didn't see one second of that last night but if you've been looking for a place to bet my yeah no no I totally agree with that I totally agree I people could say oh walk in the ratings are the lowest they've ever been and you could say yeah but more people watch he's and now you've got to Houston in Washington but anyway but I want to point out are you know when you talk about big market business they have fast payouts they've got great lines they are fair you're going to be able to play in any way you WANNA play go to my bookie dot ag today US aimed postseason revenue for every owner in every sport is cash right in their pocket so I'm sure they are elated to host this man Pipe Promo Code Kevin DC they'll double your first deposit you play you win you get paid all right let's get to tonight it's a good thing that there's no yes and they're playing at least to this weekend I bet I bet you that the learners deep down if the Astros win say on Saturday which by the way there's rain in the forecast I'll do that shortly I usually don't do that with Tommy because we usually do it on the Friday show but we'll do it with Tommy here today but if not for the nationals as my Promo Code Kevin DC CAVEAT NBC and my bookie will double your first deposit that's my bookie dot ag and of course secondly they're going to face kurt cousins in the gains any by the way did you guys hear Callahan the other day enunciate Kirk in the world series this probably gets people who haven't been paying attention to the redskins season to perk up a little bit first of all there's no football to compete with it it's the only game tonight respond tonight and there couldn't be baseball tonight because Fox has the world series and Fox has Thursday night football so that's why you're not getting baseball to conflict with the football tonight and the of being able to route four kirk cousins who I've been rooting for since the day he left here now I have been I mean I had royal clearance than any other program on TV of course it's the same with the NFL it's the same with basketball I mean the pre cabled what the nationals have accomplished and I'm so glad by the way that they didn't get eliminated in the wildcard game and lose Ren dawn and have you know a coming off a year Refu- who thought he would be a good quarterback coming out of Michigan state in fact Tommy when we used to do that thing you heard it here first on the sports fix I predicted remember I predict postseason game all right quick word about my bookie dot ag if you WanNa bet the Astros on Friday night which I think is going to be the right side it's like all right so exciting times in Friday night's GonNa be quite the scene and it in quite the he put that on the end so everybody could hear it and it was really interesting Kirk little bit ball tonight is redskins at Vikings where the Vikings are sixteen and a half point favorites in the game. I'm GONNA do a Redskins win if didn't twenty eleven that cousins was going to be the future starting quarterback in the redskins when he was still at Michigan State but anyway I always felt like he seemed like a good fit for Mike Shanahan or would be he's just a really smart capable. NFL quarterback who if you have the right coaching staff and good then he can really look average to less than average but yeah. I am rooting for him and the Vikings sorry people find that distasteful so you I'm not rooting for the Redskins to win this game I don't think there's any benefit in them winning games the rest of the way and I get the added benefit you know all oh man bills taking some shots at J. and that may have been shot at Bruce a little bit but anyway I I'm not GonNa Bullshit eighteen they would have won a lot more games because they were pretty damned good offensively they certainly capable enough offensively is he a great quarterback no I never said he was a lot of that has to do with identity more than actual market size because you've been is the fifth largest market and Washington it's like six or seven six the Redskins to win the game but understand this and I'm just being honest part of it is that I want to be right you know I was among Tommy knows this I was among the I I don't know that the learners have always had the same faith that people like you've had him you know a real baseball people but they know what they're doing and again Suzuki is one of the strongest clubhouse presences on the team every conversation you hear about the nationals when they've had been rooting for him I'm still rooting for him you know now if the redskins were five and two no I'd want the Redskins to win the game and I'd want maybe cousins to to look good but I'd like a winning quarterback yes in wing you know you win in the NFL for a lot of reasons if the redskins had had a better defense in two thousand sixteen and twenty and I loved what Shanahan said about him and thought about him and I would say even privately that this guy is going to be a big time players around him he will torch you and if you don't you can rattle the shit out of him and really make them look you know subpar but we've yeah I think they want eighty three games that year okay I know they have not had a losing season last year with Davy they want eighty two games there ways to consume this stuff is a fraction of television right now it may occur but the measurement is is applaud measurement percents whatever it is I think it's five it was fifth out of eight right because they were did they weren't in it in thirteen fifteen and eighteen I think that's what it's your problem not mine I can't stand people people want to fight it distasteful that you're you're hoping the Redskins lose people fight it in quarterback in the league I took a guess I got it right I mean I've already been proven right he's been a starting quarterback in a productive one in the NFL as around his strength with good pieces around him he can be really really good in produce at a high level and if you don't then you know and you get to them seen enough now from his career no that if he's got you know a good offensive guy in basically designing an offense and in calling what I'd like to see him continued to evolve into a much better quarterback than he's been is he a great like a a winning quarterback okay dot ag will take good care of you you you got you there's a lot of research to be done I've done the research for you my book Dot AG is one of the biggest in one of the best in the and wagon just like the Nets are benefiting from the bandwagon effect to you know do you know that you could get into game four against the cardinals for less than morten tasteful that you're rooting for colonel of course but you know I'm not I'm not about to be disingenuous people know that I'm rooting for him but I was rooting for the Redskins to lose the dolphins game I wanted the dolphins to make that two point conversion so I they've they've approached the last few weeks and appear on the on the there's other N._F._L. I'm I'm more interested in the other games tonight it's a standalone and we'll see what happens I have a good day almost like taken aback at how critical they are it's much more of an indication that it's much more than just your record you know the fact that it's mob mentality because nobody respects the redskins in nobody likes the redskins there are teams that have just as bad or even worse away at some point and turn it around nobody believes that about the redskins nobody and you know what's interesting is that you know when people are openly I'm critical of somebody to the point where you're you think the team itself the players itself or likable I do actually I I really do like and Bruce's continuing the organization's stance is just so petty and so small minded in my view yeah I don't like my organization work there are several players you know I don't know John Well but I've had multiple conversations with Jon Allen I really like Jon Allen Now I am a redskin fan at heart I will I cannot wait for the day that they are actually legit a legitimate NFL franchise in operating like one people that are a little bit more attached to reality we have a we understand that there's no path out of this that's obvious that spot now they'll probably fuck it up anyway I mean they're already fucking up the Trent Williams situation did you see the latest news on that that Cleveland's now Cleveland's now look it'd be reboot mode right now and this is going to be a very valuable draft to have the number one number two or number three pick in it and I want them to end up in occurred but they have people in the organization that the rest of the League respects and like and therefore they actually hope or believe that those teams will get out of there around the League media types other league people you know former players to take shots at the redskins and I said this the other day and I forget if I said it to you so I'll say it again so kyle took shots at them and everybody's been taking shots at the redskins you know publicly there's no there's no hesitation Tommy for people being at other NFC teams a guy like nate solder as a possible trade target this Guy Dorsey keeps calling bruce saying we'll give you basically anything you want you've been a failure it's that those people don't respect you and furthermore don't like you and they don't care because they're there owns this team and even worse has Bruce L. and running it they're not going anywhere they're not I mean they are going to continue to be unless you know and I've said this before unless they stumble onto to the next Peyton manning like the Earth's as did and maybe Dwayne Haskins that guy but as long as Dan Snyder that failure will bring about saying no I don't I don't this is the state we're in a lot of us and I think by the way I am exaggerating there I don't know exactly what you're saying Jones was on with me this morning saying that the Redskins Absolutely could get a I like a third from Cleveland for Trent Williams Eh the laughing stock of the League and it's gotten I forget if you and I talked about this the other day but Ryan night is is a first rate guy you know what I like case keenum had a chance to have a conversation with over the summer briefly I liked casey its size how bad it is on the outside I think some of them are surprised still with the contempt and we're playing meaningful games again but tonight let me ask tonight I'm from Minnesota Yeah you have any hope about Josh Norman but the Landon Collins running his mouth all summer about the giants drove me nuts but I think I think that that everybody had for this is organization the players I mean yeah so you know when you when you were saying that I was like him yes Chris Thompson is a first rate guy yet there are I think they are a likable group of player do they get credit for drafting and acquiring players that are likable how do you how do you reconcile the you know the ineptitude the incompetence in which Dan and Bruce run this organization and then say you know what though I really you know some of the guys I mean they've had a lot of guys that have come into the organization run their mouth and they've got a coach they did this summer and Rob Ryan and they've had those before but yeah they do they have they have higher quality people as players then maybe they have in the past I mean I'm just thinking about the top of my head you know Sean Jackson Chris Baker they hate the redskins and it's a shame I feel sorry for these players to be part of the organization and I'm I'm still not sure most of them realize and Dr Lying Oregon Moses has gotten to be annoying yes so likable group but everybody yeah I haven't thought about it that way I mean like you know you almost have to separate the two I mean but I mean I think I like I'm not crazy liked their employees I like I really liked their players should make it easier to swallow but it doesn't that's what I want but anyway and I went to Wayne Haskins to play if Dwayne haskins restarting tonight I'd really be hoping that he looked in he'd really well I would anyway by the way Tommy I think they're I think they're going to play well defensively tonight they stop the run all right and make Minnesota by the way one dimensional and they put it on Kirk rooting for him against Miami or New England or last week against the forty niners either I want them to have the number one pick in the draft and turn it in to like three ones and a two or anymore because he had the choice they they essentially you know what I'm going to go back to that right now because I'm going to take this opportunity I didn't do it on the show today yeah I do like Kirk I'm rooting for Kirk had been rooting for kirk cousins I like Kirk cousins you know he's a quality guy which by the way is one of the reasons he isn't he you know I've heard this narrative over the last couple of years that Kirk didn't want to be here so go to hell see a later and the people of just essentially told them to f. off and they don't care about him because he screwed the organization that is so off by Dell's alright that's not what happened here he was never actually given a reasonable chance to stay here contractually it was so under the market it was thirty five to forty million dollars under his projected market value his event yeah it really should but it just doesn't you know like I like Jordan Reed I like Vernon Davis Yeah listen close

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