UFC 254 Post-Fight Show: Khabib Nurmagomedov Retires


You're listening to Fox media podcast network. Welcome back everybody the second part of our UFC two fifty, four post fight coverage here on May fighting dot com it's the UFC two, fifty, four, Habib versus. post-fight show I Mike Heck I do not do this alone I'm being joined once again by our producer extraordinaire E. Casey Liden and look who decided to join the Party the principles himself Mr Alex came Alex, how are you by man? You have to fifty four in the books first impressions these feelings be so tired of our faces we did the live way in late Thursday. We did a live a preview show which we don't always do we think Eli for your show and now the post show? So people have seen our faces Mike for about. Eight hours in the last three days, which is, which is a lot I would say is a lot of time. But what an event though I think I think I. Think a lot of US fans well re-energize indefinitely eager to kind of talk about everything went down tonight because this this was I would say, maybe the most eventful show of twenty twenty and I I can't imagine any upcoming shopping. All right. So let's let's get right into the main event because the lot happened in the fight in a lot happened after the flight Habiba made off goes in their beach just engaged submits them into the second round and I don't know about you guys. But I was just left thinking kind Lakewood Dana White was saying at the at the post fight press, which is like Oh, my God, like that was unbelievable. That's ridiculous. This guy is just a machine and then he gets on the. Microphone and announces his retirement at twenty nine sitting made a promise to his mother. After the passing of his father said, I'm going to do one more and I'm never gonNA fight again and he is announced his retirement we didn't hear anything else it was a very eloquent very beautiful post post-retirement speech thanking everybody saying in a couple of different languages no post-flight scrum no backstage interviews with ESPN any of the media let's say what he had to say and he was out of there so. Ak Let's start with the performance itself. Off Goes in there. Gets a Finnish does what he did to twenty-eight others submits Justin Gay e. will your thoughts on performance I. Loved it. I. It silenced. So much of what I had written an article with our general shoe kind of debating. The greatness of frozen. Now, we can hear you. Okay. Sorry. We're. Debating the greatness are you frozen again like? By. stipulating. Voice isn't enough your your bag your bag. Thank you. All right. Anywhere JJ meeting the greatness of Hubby whether he's the greatest player of all time I said, he wasn't one of the reasons was. I think we like to see our crates show another dimension I mean, one dimension is so dominant, and if he never showed anything besides wrestling, it wouldn't matter. He'd still be in the running for the greatest fighter of all time. But when you when you see them kind of go out of their comfort zone look at John Jones, for example. Today he went out there that I don't think I'm going stand with. GonNa stand and he was throwing someone Orthodox stop he was getting engage these faiths. Tense it was really tense but I don't think. I think I was such a big part of of gates of. Victory was. He expected pressure but not that kind of pressure that kind stand depression guy wink wink shots Adam don't punch is running these it was it was awesome. It looked a little sloppy at times. I'm not saying this could be we saw here but. But this beserk aversion Humvee it makes me a little sad that he one of the reasons I'm sad he's retiring because. Clearly. He's still still showing so much growth as a fighter and he really a gave a gift you look at he couldn't prepare for anyone can prepare for it, and then of course, he took it home with the wrestling so. It was just. Again. If anyone wants to make an argument that he's a great of all time, you can make a strong one. He certainly showed and tonight was really a great exclamation point at this truly is the end of his career. Yeah I mean I left it's I just. And I agree with everybody else if gay is. Gay just has enough crazy and him to possibly be the Guy I. If you watch the preview show, I didn't pick Aga said I. Pretty much predicted. What would happen actually happened but I thought gates if anybody can do is him and if he couldn't do it then nobody could so I left that they can nobody's going to beat this man and it's just not possible unless he goes up to one seventy or You know maybe goes up fights. She S P which I think he'd still anyways I've thought that for a while, but it is I mean just just an unbelievable performance and then to find out I, mean Dana why we're talking about this for one Air Dana White did his post fight press conference very rarely does is supposed by press conferences not go like under twenty minutes. This one was like as long as Alexander Volkov's. Post scrum. It was like just over seven minutes. He didn't say much he praised. He talked about wanting to see potentially a matching out of San Ian Whittaker. But the other thing he said to me was that be broke his foot like be fought that fight basically on one foot that is just bananas Ak It's Bananas I tells you. Did he also say that they didn't know about they didn't know he'd like he just found out today was that was at the implication from Dana that he didn't know. I don't I mean I. It's. Cornerman told him so I guess now they can. Not tell the secrets of the hardships training camp. So yeah, I'm skeptical I. This I this is just my opinion. By the way I'm not doing any certainly things Stanford I feel like. So anytime there's an injury like that. I feel like someone new I'm doing this in there with the with the way in conspiracy. There's a book to be written about this. The lead up to this fight some day the way in conspiracy was allowed to go in with the Parsley injured but we'll. We'll find out. Again that controver- whatever cuts versus you want to believe in or even manufacturer. Overshadow, performance thing and this is your take away from the fight. Someone new by the Brookings. I think Trevor Wittman known. Because in the corner talking adjust engage okay and he's telling him to calm the F. Down like. F and Lazy. But then right before they cut the replays Trevor Wittman says keep going after the leg. We know he can't walk right now. What does. That mean that stuck to what does that even mean could me you know maybe they knew Casey. What do you think? He meant it meant I think it means nothing I think it meant that they were trying to the game plan in which which is what I said the way only way gates you is going to win this fight and he was on his way to doing that before we lost by like. Lake eggs, he would have to destroy Habib's Habib's leg, and where she was trying to do but he just didn't do it enough before he lost. All. The vice, he didn't it he needed some Kamar device and some footsteps. The fire the year. Okay, you know that right? Oh Good stops. Would have won the fight tonight. I wish I could see the world of combat sports through your your your gentlest and and ignore the possibility that this injury might have been more well known than we thought. Because again I know all about the love of the game Hashtag auto POPs I know that's all you care about getting your sweet tweets on the broadcast and yet another another pay per view in other broadcasts did not make I did not make the Broadcast again. No Again I. Put all the hashtags in Hashtag Abu Dhabi Hashtag W, Hotel Hashtag the hospitality is awesome here. A Little, Long. You didn't get. Folks focus is. For those watching right now we want to hear from you want to get your thoughts, answer your question. So questions comments leave him in the chat. What I what I thought was kind of Interesting Aka. was that two of the judges not one not two gave the first round to just engaging. Are You surprised by this? I wouldn't have scored it for. Myself I. Don't think it's the worst car I. Think it's bad. I think it's bad but I'm not going to spend it I'm not to bend it. I'm just saying it's not the worst but but I I didn't seek see land anything hard really is struggling to figure out again, timing and Meadows Game Plan All the aggression was not even just the aggression I'll go beyond aggressive the effective striking was in had to be in favor of their Magomedov again maybe maybe I'll look at the numbers tomorrow and see something differently but certainly, upon first glance I was thinking men a new magnetics really he's really taking it to to just in case you so. Odd Score I think gates, you got like slipped in some punches, some counters which may be. You know his his his style is very crowd-pleasing I. Guess Judge Pleasing as well So again, I won't really vilified there was some but there were some other shaky cars in the night as well. So. Not. The. Best. Not The best from the from the judges say. The problem with scorecards in my opinion I agree with you like I think it'd be was landing I. Think he missed a lot of those shots when gauging landed accounted like those kicks her gnarly. The fate, the punches, the face or landing, you could hear them but then he'll be took him down in mounted him. in the first round like that's. Almost in trying to get an arm bar in before the horizontal, like when you mount a guy and a closer I'm like that like that should give you the round like I don't know and you're melting be you're taking down amounting freaking Katie and that's unreal I mean and this is still a just engaging with still no. Still Eighty percents still gasping. He was still full of energy and the fact that he is able to do that it's like, how do you give them that round? That's ridiculous. So, he'll even amalgamate off retires AKA I feel like every time a fighter retires we have to ask this question do you have to leave him? Do you really believe him but I feel like I feel like with this one I feel like I believe it like I feel like there's really nothing else he can do. Outside I mean listen I. He's still a competitive guy. I, think he's done everything he needs to do. In the back might they bring him back for like a fight like that entice them I'm guessing now but maybe Maybe goes into the boxing world does a floyd fight maybe I mean, what else does the need to do so I tend to believe that we're not going to see him fight again. This is my floyd face hated to I eight that I have to say this allowed. I'm not I'm like fifty fifty was sorta predicting the the the veracity of 'em retirements I I was very good with gop career when he I remember when he walked away after the Hendrix fight I was. Always confident that he come back and fly again. So I was right about that one. Also just confident that he won't fight again I, think he would come back. Unless they made the money right which CFC wasn't going to bank on that. So that one I was really accurate. I'm very wrong on Ronda Rousey. It seems like there's still chance you could fight again but that seems remote at this point I was super competent after she kind of disappeared for the first time she'd come back. Because Dobson was easy to predict that he would come back to find true we knew he was fight against some of these are pretty pretty dramatic losses. Yeah, those are predictable. This one win strange Mike Gut is not over. I really I know I know his speech was great his personality as we know it, we know him to be a fairly authentic person. He's he says what he would he means means what he says but I feel like a challenge will arise will rise some day Kim. This is a very emotional time like you said, it's his first fight since the passing of his father, he made a promise to his mother. This'll be the last one, but he's only thirty two years old. Money Wise I. Know He doesn't have to worry about it. We don't think we're GONNA come back as he needs a paycheck but I do feel like a challenge could arise someday whether it's a one, thousand, five, presumably maybe one, seventy, two, I don't see that though. And he still young enough. He's like thirty, four, thirty, five I think he does. End Maybe suspect in and says I need to myself. So I am not shutting the door on the medical career I would I would not be surprised if he does. Offer as way. Casey what do you think? Done anything he comes back is done and happy trails Mr are made off. Man He's done. He he he said it in their cages like. Next. Do your rankings. I. Am the pound for pound King I won this shit. This is mine. Thank you for the cheese. I, mean, that's it. Thanks. Thanks mom made a promise. My Mom. Aka is saying he's His mom that's insane. Well well you. What if it two years? Mom says his mom let's get your ass off the couch and fight again. Well, guess what then he's got a I'm just saying. Yes, you get a job Habib. Great relationship with his mom and I bet they talk about these things all the time and I think that if you wanted to play it again, he could sort it out and so you're be Mrs this. He's GonNa miss this missed like no, he's he's done. He's GonNa Miss Gibraltar like US talking about. That's what he's going to miss the most working we're. GonNa. Thirteen. Minutes playing his way in video and deciphering it on the. I don't need this al.. He loves it. Of course I'm. I'm just no he's not coming back in man He's GonNa us all this money and just do good things for his people back home and man I'm just. Family and kids right just. Guys Dad he just like. Me We might seem and then cut. Some corners for some of his fighters I may when Marx Joke Bites again we might see him again as a cornerman but as far as fighting and being on the Mike and Dropping promos and you know how smash you and the number one bullshit all this stuff. Is Done. Casey listen. He's GonNa be training these guys these fights and he's he's handling them in practice and he's just me thinking man. This is like when Michael Jordan came back and he was like one on one like bj. Armstrong and he's like Killed these cats I've got to come back. For. Real. I. I'm not predicting. He's GonNa fight again. But if I had to bet if I bet my life will fight again. I will lean towards the. As Beg your paycheck that was intense. That's like superheroes. If I had to. Very, very, very low valuing very low value on your life. That's all I got. My life is worth less than one. I'll I'll, put? It so sad bite please please move US along. To. The Union Rep. Very. Happy. I'm very happy I mean. This is this is what happens when it's an early post by show. We're ready to awake right now. I know Roy Jones we're going crazy So obviously Habib happy trails and nothing left to prove. So creates a lot of intrigue and interest at one, hundred, fifty, five pounds because as of right this moment we do not have a champion there is no champion. So we have to figure that out which Aka and I will do onto the next one at least try to do the best we can but we'd like to get your opinions on that. What do we do one? Hundred fifty five pounds if you guys want to talk about Habib retirement whatever you WanNa talk, Whitaker's big win. By the way I go through the bonuses before we go to the to the questions Habib obviously gets a bonus with with his final victory or what seems to be vinyl victory. Monument Ankle I said, you know what? I want this rivalry it'd be done. We're not gonNA mess around anymore. That was a phenomenal performance guys not an under the radar to oh five or anymore. Big. Win for him and then the fight of the night. Obviously Casey Ken Iverson annual would. Just, a joy to watch. Unbelievable what a great fight that was. As you're thirty twenty speaking a bad cards thirty, twenty, seven for Kenny. I thought. Kenny. Won The fight. That's pretty Shitty scorecard wo wo. WAS ON. Happy. Question. Time for a little dipper. Rent. Oh, do it. Would it. Because I went eleven out of eleven with my non-drowsy non-drowsy picks. Tonight I'm allowed to flex a little bit I. Think Here's what I wrote about. Here's the first line I wrote about Robert Capriccio Kenny did I Did I missed the memo in which everyone decided that Robert Whitaker is no longer one of the top two middleweights in the world the like it started with with. Of course against eating I, I'm looking forward to a fight with jared can the air whatever Kenya's? Is. The Nice thing to say but was and I don't think he made this way but it was a little disrespectful to the fact that he was booked to fight whitaker. and. Then all like. So many producers I see like saying Oh. Even, I think the video I don't remember they ran a video for whitaker. They probably didn't have missed it but I do remember them running for here and I'm just thinking like man, this is really presumptuous and. I know you want to applaud them for billable contender ahead of time. But what is what? What was the people overlooking Rob Whitaker? I think that's awesome like, oh, he's he's past his prime I'm like how old is he now is thirty. Two twenty nine he's not even thirty right. He's twenty, nine, twenty to. Thirty And it's like he looked great in the deer until quite i. think he looked great in both Romero fights and other were close vice was those fights were frigging amazing. Those fights are not like anyone who's saying like, oh, he he looked. Because he didn't dominate Romero who dominates around frigging incredible. So Again to me. He's still the number one contender until until someone takes it which again I'm saying I'm not saying in your couldn't do that but there was just this weird air of. Disrespect. Surrounding the reaper and admit it upset me. It upset me because he's I think he's still a great great batteries nowhere nearer he's in his prime is nowhere passes Prime So I'm glad he showed up today and put in such a strong performance. Listening to Daniel Cormier commentary like I've been watching the fight but just listening to as commentary I would've thought Cannon Air Be Whitaker thirty twenty. Five. DC, moments tonight, he had some moments where he may have neglected. Some of the work of one of the fighters does a few like that. I didn't speaking of a Wacky scorecard and then I'll go to you Casey Rob. How did you score that Fight Aka? I scored it thirty twenty, seven whitaker. How did I score three twenty but again, it's one of those thirty twenty seven, I, don't think reflects. How well can an as well? Can you're had some very, very good moments he was he was battering whitaker's leg. I mean that it's not his fault that Whitaker's made a frigging iron because a lot of fighters with the amount of leg kicks that can near landed it would have really changed their game plan. They would have really been feeling it somehow whitaker you can see the color changing this leg and it didn't seem to affect his mobility at all so. Again. That's a credit to whitaker not noticing anything away from Kanye carrier great fights. So thirty, twenty, seven, but a couple of rounds certainly close but but. Good fight. Overall. Really. Good fight. Would you have given him Kennedy any round outside of round one? I don't know you know. Did you see the scorecard I'm looking at right now which is weird. Watch. I was surprised. 'cause I was close round. Okay. So if you gave it to cannon air. I scored it for whitaker still even though Candian lighting his leg up on fire, but it was still have gave it to one judge gave Kennedy around one two judges gave candy around too. Yeah Yeah. It's again the judge tonight bad bad cards. You know a little strange. That's why they have three judges. That's I guess you know so. I. Don't know that was I was a kid who run that third round. He would have won the fight which is crazy. Well, it thankfully again thankfully worked out a lucky. It was at least in the end was a it was a unanimous decision So the the right call was made but you're right the way we got there was a little confusing. And what do you want to say about that Casey. Robert, the rules. That's aw. Man So. Good. Yeah. I agree if they came out people were you know I guess you you must've forgot type of stuff of whittaker pictwittercom coming into this fight. I the people were sleeping on him because I think all the all the PROMOS and Izzy were talking about Cana near and is he doesn't seem to be maybe maybe things are going to change now but is he has never seemed to be very Didn't didn't like the of a rematch of Robert whittaker right now I mean I think he wants new opponents new guys matches just don't doesn't just not into it right now so I think that's why I think has fans who wanna can't near to win because we wanted cannon near a fresh matchup but. I I didn't agree I didn't like despite taste in the first place because I thought here and earned his title shot, and now we lose contender you know so. UC matchmakers. That's what they won't. Even bigger. Yeah for those. For, those keeping score at home. Crystal new going. Appoint. Point for crystal. Suck. Crystal second don't do anything all right. I'm just saying. Because he got two judges gave him around to so he didn't have enough crystals did he did use a corruption Chris Yeah there was crushing Christo Yeah. So which I think is a little a little a little underhanded. But I just want to say. I'm I'm a man of science right I give credit for Chris Do. Bright colors, racking up fight night bonuses and going on win streaks saying. Maybe crystals do something. But when something like this happens gets wet Chris Sale. All right. The stupid crystals. Ville. I'm just saying. Out in the Youtube comments crystals that's all I'm saying that's Robert Whitaker says coffee coffee more powerful than crystals. So that looks like I had more copy than he had crystals. So someone's love it yeah whitaker. said. Candidate just needed more crystals maybe and I think because the pandemic and and the visas and travel issues of going into orbit it'll be I'm sure there was a limited amount of crystals he could bring in from the states. So there's if this fight was at the Apex Kennedy wins up by easy Bro. Easily only. Going off the rails here. Let's. That's bringing the let's. Say What did they want to talk about? What did they WANNA talk about been Jesus is Hard this is I mean it was just a great card right off the bat started off with Joel Alvarez with a quick submission win. You looked very good I'm ready. Maverick would debut for her new that Do you think just one the first round. No I don't think you want the I don't. missed. It I think around was very close but I think Habib taking them down mounting him in going for submissions at the end of the round Seger for him I'll add that I think some of the early success might have. Made up some of the judges is the fact that he didn't take. He did off a couple of early take downs. He was quote unquote maybe it looked like he was forcing to fight his fight though again I think if you watch it again, you'll see he'll be was doing pretty much what he wanted. But think because the state at standing that probably influenced one of do we say two of the judges scored it for just two? They must've thought well, you know if it's a standing fight, that's how she wants. Okay. You must be must be dictating the action, but that's I don't think that's what happens impression of judge. Well see this is our judge talks. Voice. Where's your monocle? I don't have any money, but yes, I the on it but we all modern. So, it's a closer out but I think the NCAA. Got Mount Mount. Any any had armed bartenders. COUPLE OF LAKES and a couple of punches that didn't really seem to affect Abib. Doesn't that doesn't. Outdo a taking get taken down mounted. Verizon just turned on five G. across the country with the coverage of five G. nationwide into more and more cities. The unprecedented performance of ultra wideband the fastest five G. in the world ultra wideband is so fast. You can download an album in seconds phrase and five G. 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Our good friend Tristan Gord add just right after the zoo it. We're GONNA sit around. We're not mincing words onto the do in the lightweight division since Habib's just retired, will you do? Will they do McGregor versus poor for the vacant title? Do you sit up chandler versus Ferguson or Channa versus gay? Ak Do you have a thought on this initially of course, we're going to let it all out all our lightweight divisional title implication chatter out onto the next one. But your initial thought just hours after this pay per view. Obviously GonNA. Put onto it before record our show but I'm not I don't know why you know what it is. It's the promotional work that guides me I'm not sure who I want face him. I WANNA. See Michael Chandler in there. I don't know why I think I think. They have really thrown Michael Chandler in our faces and Michael. Chandler. By the way is a guy who's just Ever See supercop doing media I'm not saying he's like the best like producing crazy soundbites or like cutting fiery promos but a guy who's comfortable like you want to put him in front of a camera for like forty five minutes and just talk he'll do it maybe you won't want him to but he'll do it. He's not he's he's going to represent he's very professional. The controversial is GonNa Represent Your company very well. A Lotta Camera Time Today. The game will promo even though he doesn't have A. Flight booked they had with antic and Cormet. Just kind of chatting chatting up airtime. This old me they told me I would not have a problem and the fact that they were willing to put him in there with Habib or tonight if something had happened either fighter says what they think of him so he can't be more than one fight away. So I say screw it. Now that we know abused try we're going to go vacant I want chanoine those people Chandler Ferguson would probably be my ideal. You know you take the last two guys who lost the sorry I lost one. One of the fighters tonight or Chandler. Gate you. I'M GONNA lean towards Chandler Ferguson. Chandler. Literally, one minute ago as you were talking, AK goes on twitter and said, and I just engage he won't WanNa wait. He said it tonight I'll be ready tomorrow. But I say I think I. Think Chandler is going to get that opportunity one because it made wait to because again the airtime in three like the more I thought about it heading into the retirement. Just. Like the way they filmed Habib leaving the hotel and going to the arena. With the with the Blues and reds all lit up. They showed basically the whole ride to the arena like he's leaving the hotel. Arriving was the whole ride, it was like it was crazy to watch because they didn't do that for gay Chee. This is like the Sandman at hardcore heaven winning coming in the ambulance they showed him the whole time in an overhead shot like it was. It was crazy. So it kind of makes a little more sets, but I have a hard time believing in Chandler just doesn't get that opportunity at this point the way that they're promoting him do you do Virga Syn probably? Ferguson. Has not been a happy camper as of late. So if you say, Hey, Tony Buddy, let's reconcile. Let's. Let's get back together. Here you've versus Chandler for the belt. What do you say I think that's where they go but either I think it's GonNa. Be Chandler. Versus somebody. Casey you of look on your face like. I don't know what do you think? The UFC likes to make money. It's going to be McGregor versus portray for the vacant title, and then as much as I love Chandler. He's a great fighter. He wasn't the torch champ guys. You know he's just he's just free agent. He was just a high ranking benadryl fighter. He wasn't there champ does not act like they didn't bring a champ over. So I wanna see Chen Ferguson and then gates versus whoever hooker it'd be anyone. But I like John Chen Ferguson, and then McGregor. For the title. That sells money. Real storylines there and China. But I think standard I I do think he needs to be a top top guy and I think Ferguson that guy and forgotten be Shantha. Awesome to you know when. Oh Brooklyn. We're I missed a comment, but we're talking about crystals and. We, we don't have a believer. Read this? We Literally Watch that man come back to life mid fight don't tell me they don't help and there I didn't get a chance to say that but the fact that Jerry Kanye did not get put away in the third round there is something to this Crystal Thing Aka I, accept your apology Ak we're moving on. Leading only letting Jessica get away with this nonsense and taking this nonsense any further I did see a comment that I want to talk about I. Don't think we need to go full question on that but it was. Could we see because I think today's well, he said it's my last fight but he said this is my last fight. Wondering. Oh is there a loophole could meet someone said seen? GSP and and Habib outside of the Chatri chatree get on that. All right. That's a perfect one. That's a perfect one fight two guys who was at the honor and integrity of May. So Chatree, I'm just saying make some phone call since emails and safely make that happen because I think the. Like twenty nine, million viewers. I think our last show or something that's that's pretty crazy for. For for the that's on the low end, I think I think that they get twenty nine million viewers like Oh disappointing they really. Hit that one hundred, million figure mark on average. Okay so As. You say all these things and they're literally odds they're lily odds that have come out on this. Jet Comes out the odds are who will just engage you fight next in the UFC after losing to Habib guest to the favorite is right now in the betting window. Just engaging. Connor. Tony Ferguson. Plus One, ten, a rematch. Plus. When forty Habib plus answered questions like why why Habib is still in their connors plus three. Chandler's plus five hundred even Donald ceremony getting the rub it plus eight hundred. Casual yeah I don't know. Why where's this question? We're question that just you put up. Casey whereas. How can you justify? How can you justify? Connor No one can just like you. Justify it Casey doesn't just fight AKA doesn't justify you OUGHTA OUGHTA. Abe Lincoln Justifies Benjamin Franklin justifies it the big fat checks that will be written upside? Justifies it less your heart? Bless your heart you in Casey just to such you're innocent souls. But yes if people are willing to pay for it than it is justifiable. So I'm not saying none of us are saying we want anyone saying like Oh you should get easier guaranteed a teleshop but. CONOR McGregor you world titles he normally fills arenas when we're not in the Penn pandemic era and sells purview. So yeah, it's not it's not fair but still bear in combat sports it's. Fair then who fairly deserves the next title shot then? Why he just Austin I. Might see fairly deserve it but when he was so dominant Ron what I don't know. I mean. To me, there's no clear case for anyone to be honest. So money is the case. Yeah I Am I forgetting whom I am I forgetting someone I mean I don't know. My just not. Like who has a clear case? To fight bill but idol Michael Chandler because he hasn't five of title yet got. Listen. There's one listen the one guy who has the longest winning streak in the division right now currently outside Habib is Charles Oliveira. He it'd be a shame if he never fought for UC title. Don Dominated Kevin Kevin. Right. You want, right? Yeah. Yeah diminishes by super exciting like. He's a great stylistic matchup for I was going to say for a couple of you but I guess it doesn't matter. Anymore, but he should buy. If. They made it if they made it like gatekeepers Charles Oliveira something or Ferguson Air for baking title I wouldn't have skim off a loss. So we're going to see Charles Oliveira versus. For the one title. I lost in like. Twelve straight fights but now it's an l. Bro at one one. They they. They never give fighters title shots off of losses. Well, we're talking about who fair? Fairly I hate you candy a hey, you handily. I'm sorry Greg. Reportedly apparently is going to be at one seventy. So which would you early makes no sense literally makes us. They're gonNA fight at one, seventy, one, hundred, and fifty, five title. That makes sense actually I see that that. While people mad at me I have another team. That's. All I. GOTTA. Watch the comments that I want to explode when I say this and I tweeted this earlier. I think. But I think people smart people got it but. I don't. And our viewers are smart. So I expected to explode in agreement. Shafqat Rachmaninov showed as much today as we've seen what he did tonight against Alexander Lavar wasn't impressive as anything that comes extra. My F- has done and the Ot Safari I'm just saying I'm just saying if we're going to we're going nuts about the wins over reese McKee and John Phillips. Some meeting of veteran Alex Oliveira is insanely impressive I. Don't think Aloe Vera is is is I would say a higher caliber fighter than John Phillips and Joe. You're very good but I think. I would say like a close to a top of Dean he's been ranked before. So I think it's a big win. It was short notice for for cowboys for sure. So but he missed weight which normally supposedly gets people an advantage and and he lost not two now. So I want people. So I'm not saying get off the train. I'm saying stay on the train and also get on the Rochman trade that be on to transit wants is what I'm saying. I don't think that fiery I mean I think that's okay. For first of all first of all, you can't be onto trains at once that's just you know you can that that that's going to hurt can't do that. So. Pick a train pick a train. All right. You can hop between the trains. To the same station you. Well what else do we? Does Lauren Murphy get a title shot at one, hundred, twenty, five pounds she good Lord, you want one, she's cutting some promos. Good Lord listen she has she has an argument she has an argument. If, you WanNa talk about the NGO leaf fight and say that you don't think she won that fight. That's fine. You can say that and there's a lot of people who would probably agree with you. At this point, every media member on ever made decisions scored that Angelique fight for Angie Leeann not Lauren Murphy's Law Murphy has won four or five in a row she dropped Roxanne Mata ferry on her dome the last five, her most recent fight she she could have not fought on this card fought Cynthia, Calvillo. In three weeks or a month a one of these November. December cards solidified the title shot. No she stayed on this card and fought a relatively unknown fighter who has a pretty Unbelievable. Reputation from an international perspective Olympic wrestler very tough fight unlike a week's notice. And you're risking it all and she went out there like join. Calderwood. Risk it all and got finished Laura Murphy goes in risks it all gets a Finnish of her own now. I. Know It's two totally different things we're talking about two totally different people but still not a lot of fighters would have stayed on this card. Do I think Murphy has has an argument short she does okay. Just drives right now, the number one ranked contender in that division because she be gala to Gaijin, she got the number one spot. So if you want to give it to an judge, that's fine. If you want to Murphy versus Calvia that's fine. If you WANNA do Murphy. Verizon drudge that's fine too. I said on onto the next one last week as long as androgen fights either the winner of Chanko versus Maya Lauren Murphy or Cynthia Kallio next I have no issues and I still stand by that. Case. You tweeted shortly after that you wanted to see Murphy and entourage. You said that you believe that's the way they should go rhino right if if if if if the youth doesn't need someone for a quick turnaround for. I'm going to assume Shevchenko wins against my we're. We're GONNA. We're. GonNa we're GONNA. Put that out there if my. Somehow just doesn't beat Django your. Canes the title in the You've seen these equipped they they need a quick turnaround then no just be Janko vs on drudge if they think there's GonNa be a break then it should be dry versus Murphy and put that on a very featured fight on a pay per view or. I would. I would. I would like it to be a main event on a fight night. So we can get a nice five rounder there and I think that will sending but actually but I think Murphy honestly I think Murphy I I keep forgetting. I'm thinking is going to be out for a while, but it sounds like she's GonNa be out for a few more weeks. So I would just rather just run back. Murphy. Versus Vio sometime this year and then yeah. That I think the most likely thing I do think they'll just run back Murphy Kobe. Oh I say I'm in favor of Murphy like in a perfect world I wish Murphy and android would both be guarantee tell shots not because I'm not because I'm saying a lot of them are necessarily like. Super Likely to. Upset. About Valentine's show Janko, but just because I think it's it's these are good opponents for her to build up for championship and I'm of the I'm of the person I prefer the Amazon Silva, George saint-pierre way of building a resume with like eight nine, ten title defenses. They're not all like amazing names but there's like the majority of them are strong names and every now, and then you have what's the equivalent of mandatory challengers. So I think needs some of those. Not. Everyone has to be like, oh my gosh. Can She be Valentinas? Sometimes champions wants to the champ. Go to work. Right. So but we know that's GONNA. Happen. We know we know you can't keep people waiting. It wouldn't be fair and graduated and Lauren Murphy 'cause where does that leave right and it's not fair to her people who got to fight the dependence gotta move but. Laura Murphy really just did like everything she could today though she gotta finish. She fought again like Mike when she didn't have to she cut a very good promo. If you're gonNA say Lsu pair the Promo and that's not a bad thing. I'm a Nerd I'm a research guy I'm like I believe in proper preparation. So people who are saying like, Oh, it didn't sound organic like she had been done I'm like good good. I. Hope she wrote it down and memorize the speech because that's that's a good thing. She she she knew what she wanted she she she she predicted that she would have a moment and she used it right so. Fans Roy Murphy. For preparing. For I saw that. Is. Ridiculous. I. Thought I saw that one of our streams someone was hating Jon good because John Good and said that when he was doing a scrum and he was saying he took a lot out to take so many notes and someone in our comments there there you should be watching it. I used to be shamed. was say like. I can't with this guy needs to do research should know who all these fighters are and I'm like. No. That's it. That's my response I don't want go on a rant about it but research is not a bad thing. If someone's doing research people, you should applaud it. That means they're doing their jobs. All right. It's not everyone knows everything about everything. I saw one of the comments during the way and show that we we got shamed for that knowing that is he for whatever his name was. was part of the list of fighters to be weighed in like nobody on earth knew that except for the UFC in izzy himself, he looked a little surprised when he went up, he looked a little surprised me. I'm weighing in. Africa. Don't give us. Listen. I understand the we're lawrence coming from I in this? Like this is a this is a this is two years ago and Lauren. Murphy fought Lilia Shocker Oba, larvae would probably a plus three thirty underdog in that fight like that's just that's just how people viewed her that just how her performances were. But this is a different fighter. This is a different fighter like her finishing Marar umbrella. The way that you did, I mean boroughs the different fighter back then to like she was looking good was on a good little streak ranked murphy put it to her and finished her then the Andrew Li fi again gets a little bit controversial. But the modified she dominated rocks out ferry and then dominate tonight. So she is in the conversation. Do I think she will get a title? Tyler. Shadow one, twenty, five next. No I don't think she's going to have to get another win unfortunately 'cause Valentinus shift shake. Let's remember she's not the most active fighter on the planet. So she fights every three or four months. If you get a twenty year, that's a bonus, the way her scheduled normally work. So if she if she's if her mentality is by next fight is fighting for the title, she might be waiting a long time. So I think he's going to have to get another fight in and make another impression if she gets another one in this year and fights, Calvillo and wins. She might jump the line, she might jump the one. Man. I've ever Murphy. Laura Murphy Hates Jennifer Maya, good Lord. have. A beef there was something going on. The Miot back the Mega Mirela backup our car and I scratch or something they wouldn't have happened. With that title fight. that. Contract Album Dang woman like Maya did submit in Finnish Dzhokhar would and re in around. No my title shot. She was INVICTA champ. She's fine. It's. No To Meyer? Up Janko. Take. Me But listen but that's those are the things you have to say yes exactly. Like Sh-. Laura Murphy today it was an a plus a plus she did the she did the most you could do tonight. Yes. There's. Done except like I'm flying to Balance Leadership Kinko's housing slapping across the Nothing. Done. So yes. She she deserves one, but you probably won't get one. I think I think that's that's a fair statement. Sure there's a lot we we could go for like six. Thank you. Very longtime commenter always always getting questions in. Omaha make sure is. Right. IS GOING GONNA cause lots of controversy, but we're going to go into answer it. Click AIDS. Come Eve has had the most dominant run but his this place in the goat list. overrated. Never fight of the year never never fighter of the year never cleaned up the division never rematch never moved up only three title defenses. He's twenty, nine hundred. Twenty nine in Oh he's last one round in his entire career. Is He the most active guy? No did he get injured a lot? Yes but he's he beat dominated high lemon every high level guys. And the tougher, the challenge, the batteries performed. I think he's I don't think he's His place in the goal is over eight in fact. I think we can make an argument that it was underrated that it was underrated, Aka? South I didn't think he was I didn't think he was the he was in I think I think you had in the top five somewhere But after today, I, think you probably bump them up a little bit. So it's fair to say he might be underrated not over overrated by crazy. No crazy. Irony already had him has greatest lightweight ever ever all promotions tonight and we'll Pitt's performance tonight he is. I don't have a problem if you want to say he's the greatest enemy fighter ever. Yeah. Yeah, he he's. He's as good as anyone we've ever seen. Yeah. It's not his fault that the Tony Ferguson fight fell through. One hundred times okay because that would have been right. That's a career defining. That's we always talk about moments right? That's that's one you only get opportunities from him. You create you only get like maybe five or six real real realm square that should have been one of them for him that I was going to be one of his moments it just didn't work out. He has no control over that. It's not his fault that some of the other greats that we think of like bj Penn.. Frankie Edgar their career the coverage didn't line up. You know what? I mean Frankie Edgar. Coming. Up with moving down to was moving down to featherweight. So he wasn't GonNa Frank Egger be Japan was already sort of easing out of his prime. We're kind of already entering the sad bj phase unfortunately so that I wasn't GonNa have. So those are two of the other names would think of his all time greats spence. Henderson went to went to bell tour. So if we're just talking with former champions and guys like that, he didn't have the chance to fight a lot of them reports. It's. Unfortunate he just didn't cross paths and for the record if we're just projecting I would take a prime no Magomedov over prime of Japan Prime Franken Edgar or prime pets, Henderson stick strictly speculative I if people want to argue otherwise because NPD pen, one of the most talented fighters I've ever seen in my entire life to this day. I. Think He'd be a little too small and I think I think I think we saw. I, think. It might be even more dominant version of how those fights went though the first flight BGN was close. But. He's not. Why? Career wise I still don't think he's had the best career. Even I know undefeated record looks tastic but I'm saying quality upon it. Just I don't think it matches up to some of the other people. and. It's not his fault but he is but he is as good as anyone I've ever seen like if you WanNa say is he you know is he has a great fighter and maybe the greatest that he's not number one on my list but I don't think he's overrated to answer the question civically now it's not it's not overrated. What I've seen people throw this out. Oh, we only have three defenses. I don't care about that stat because having the title only means especially you have see just men's that he didn't get a title shot until the UFC felt that he can make money off them like Syria many he went nine and Oh, and the UFC he fought for a title which was the interim title was entering wait we fought against I I quit I quit to. The real. That was real I was robots. A robot. So we've only had to fight nine times. So but like how many times it John Jones have to before we got title fight like nine times I think we're times maybe. Five or six, five, five or six or something. Yeah. So I mean I. Am John Jones was they just figured out how we can sell this guy he we can make lots of money Habib. It took him a took a while for the years to understand. Okay. This is this is a big prize fighter we can make money from so. But on so you can't. You can't hold that against beep he was dominating everyone up to that point. Like I, put these timelines together you know to B- to. Become. An upcoming title fight and so many times like he would win fights and I realize we had almost nothing on 'em prefight because the U. of C. he was he was one of those guys dating bring for prefight media because he was. So just no I would only talk me big English. There's no interest in him. It wasn't until probably four or five wins in the UFC that. Ah. Okay. We'll start. We'll. We'll start bringing you guys get interview early you know so like. yeah. I just don't buy this whole. He didn't get tyler because that's strictly a promotional thing. Joe. It's their fault I'm not I'm not blaming. People, but people use as it has a deterrent. We how can you be the best if you've only won three titles? McGregor ran off with the title for a long period. That's not how. Like Yeah man that's. A lot of stuff out of his control. Yeah. He should. He could easily have had five or six or seven depends as easily if there's any sort of reasonable hierarchy. In the in the OC. So yes, you definitely have to really look at that with a little more scrutiny than just oh, three title defences like doesn't doesn't really tell the whole story they told Habibur amalgamate off that he was gonna Fight Eddie Alvarez a UFC tool for lightweight title they used him as a pond Yup. So McGregor could could could slide right in there and take the fight to take the title like it was crazy. Habib should have got that shot. So they they had Habib fight Michael Johnson instead he beat the brakes off of him talking to Dana. The whole time is he's punching Michael Johnson in the face and then cuts the promo of I, WanNa fight your chicken. And now is like when everything kind of changed getting Just, the reaction from the crowd at Msg when Habib was cutting that Promo was unbelievable. That's when. He realized like. All right yeah. Got Some I think it was I think that's when he broke out number one bullshit to. Think let's dissect the question of before. We move on this assistant never fight of the year I. Don't think that matters I. Think a lot of great fighters were never in the fight of the year John. John. Gustafson that's a good thing that's just talking about his dominance. Exist to get beat up. Yeah, I guess crazy come on. Just. Don't think ever in a fight of the Arab all the time about I can't mighty mouse I wouldn't say it was ever in the fight of the year. So I don't think that matters never cleaned out the division again like we had a lot of that was out of his control. And again, I would ask also he. Clean. Out. Ferguson. Other than Ferguson who else are we like Oh man I quit Charl there maybe but I don't feel like we're dying to see him fight Charles Oliveira. Going to happen never time soon either never rematch rematch did we WANNA to see Kobe do McGregor and now? Thanks it's good. I think I think we know what the better fighter there. Never moved up does not that to me is like the thing that matters the least when gauging someone's great. If you only one division, it's fine I don't care and we said it'd be talking about the title of in depth but I do appreciate the question John. Thank you for the question they could question question. What's It's a fair question. Yeah. Is a fair question. These are like between links kind of question. Yeah. Yeah. Like different opinions never fight I. Don't know if it's fight of the air are fighter beggar of the okay. He didn't even then he just wasn't active enough and if you did like it just. A lot of people like unless there's a title attached to it. There's not a lot of people fifty-five going be like you know what Oh i get to Habib Woohoo let's do it. Even on the way out on the way he wanted to take that fight like why would they know what's going to happen? It's going to get taken dining get smushed until you until. So I don't. Yeah. I don't think. I. Think overrated is unfair. The only thing that may be that'd be holding him back is the fact that Habib's done if the sport. Yeah. I'd say that's that's. Over he he's going out on top and I guess I don't know Priscilla back feel like he's leaving something on the table but it's really not that many unanswered questions Ferguson and that's about it. What's next four Maranda Mavericks? She is a problem. Yes, she is. Yes she is. That was that was violent performance fruitful. Great. Great. Win Over in early on. Jeju was like looking pretty good. She's moving while She's landed jab was leaning combinations, and then once she wants Miranda touched her that was it everything just changed but she looked really good if you wanted to throw. Her performance on tonight I wouldn't have been mad at Jeff because she made a big impact on those prelims but Casey, you've been following random for a while. Now to see you're finally get in their twenty and finally she's twenty three years. Old Maker UFC debut have a performance like that. What did you think of a watching it? She did a great has advertised. D-. I I'm bummed out but the stoppage because I think that was one of the just the the perfect. Girl stoppages you know when? The Other was a little blood. She had cut her nose and lethem stitches. We've seen so many we seen so much worse and stuff. So I was done that she was even controversies because it kind of from it but. She looked perfect in. The Great. Yeah I don't WanNa. See a rush. He's only twenty three Giver Yeah. Wherever some bottom tier twenty-five hours right now. To more of those before we they really push push pusher I i. hope they don't do with the give her the macy Barbara type of treatment. Now, just you know I, I don't think that type of personality either that that Dana won't you know. I'm the best ever you know but just you know build her up and. Yeah obviously when she had sworn in couple of years. I completed expect her to be a top five even better fighter. So yeah. The worst part about the conference is I. Think a lot of people might have missed. What caused the cut? They did a good job on the on the broadcast on the replay what the obstruct it was like a step in elbows beautiful elbow. Yeah. It was like. Twenty three year old fighters. Prospects are not regularly leading step in with that kind of accuracy in that kind, they might throw it out there but to lend it with that kind of accuracy and that kind of damage. That's crazy. Land. That's like when Chris wideman landed that step in elbow on Markman, we're also excited like this. The future champion I'm like I'm not saying I'm not guaranteeing Mavericks Feature Champion, but this is the kind of strike that you see. You see this strike and that'll be her highlight reel again for the next whatever having ear she decides to fight back whole man like this is this is why why she says big deal so. The cut probably should stop the fight but the strike that caused the hall. Beautiful. What's next for her though is keep stay in school keep working. Because she's she seems like a smart cookie worker that and then and the as she said herself man once she's done getting school out of the way. Who knows who knows what she can focus on fighting how dangerous is going to be? She's tough to match up right because either like you don't want to push too far or you don't WanNa. Throw Brig another prospect that you know that you'll do really well against. So it's like it's tough to match up at this point because like. Justin cash. That's the fight to make something like that I. think that's perfect there. That's perfect. Shot adoption kind of got on my mind but I don't WanNa. See that just because I think sean is better than advertised and she showed it. She's a gritty tough fighter, and then again, I don't know you have that story of like prospect killer which on adoption and the spoiler like I don't WanNa see like anti Shevchenko would have been a good one. But the of see like see so much value in her like that's worth like these are the fights initial chant goes should be getting not. Know not the Roxy. He's of the world and those the Caitlin Jenner. Keagan shouldn't be anybody in the top fifteen. But. That's that's where we're at right now she's just using the top fifteen, but yet build her slowly there's not to rusher she wants to be active. So letter be active, and let's start just engineer way up to start taking these contenders but she is she is very legit prospect to keep your eye on one hundred, twenty, five pounds, the four M's Giovanni and the question, the forum or Raw Miranda Miranda Maverick. Marshall Mix mixed martial. US Who deserves the title? Shot against out, Sonya. Well Robert Whitaker deserves the title shot I. Think we're all. Pretty much in agreement here but I think the problem is he probably won't get the next style because. We're to do. Robert to go onto. He wants to have Christmas wants to wait for the newborn doesn't WANNA fight till probably April at this point. It's I. Don't think it's GonNa. Wait that long. It's it's Robert Whitaker one of those people that puts up Christmas decorations. Before thanksgiving. He was talking about putting. Let's after he does after Halloween he's got lights up and inflatable santas in his yard and like early early November, he does live in Australia. Right? So everything's backwards over there. Casey. So you've got to remember everything's a little different there. So you know what I mean the. The decorations Mike Open a different time. Right. It's different the world over there. They're upset their upside down. You're right. You're right. You know when they flush the toilet, the water goes the other way I've heard that. Wow. Yeah Yeah he himself has said he was saying the interviews earlier this week that he doesn't. WanNa fight he's like look he was several times in different ways and he kind of he kind of kept insisting I. don't care about the title shot next I'm not in December I wanNA take the rest of the year off I want to spend time with family I want to get fat I. WanNa Enjoy Christmas only the end that he say like if it was a title Shot House for December twelve th of December nineteenth that he. Might not would have to work really hard to convince me to take that fight and I mess his team's kind of on the same page just him. Would probably you know they might try to convince them I. Don't think they got hard to convince them I. Think they'll be happy leading either till or Hermansson. Step in there for Telus shot or of course. The other Z possibilities which I don't want a whole other discussion but. I guess that's what this person asking. But as far as just a middleweight title picture I think it's till medicine next because whitaker is going is going to take time off. Is this like. Because of the drawing power and all that stuff is this like. Okay. If till wins, we haven't midway title fight, but if Hermansson wins. I, think we bump them at this point like I just. I don't know it's tough sell in I liked jacker man he's like one of the friendliest fighters on the planet I could talk to that guy for an hour but. Not a big draw ninety. Near. Jericho convincingly. Yeah. I don't know that fight just got a lot bigger though I'll tell you that right now. So so Hermansson wins we said we already said Whitaker one Hermansson wins. Then the doors open for guest I guess John John Immediately in the minds of matchmakers jumps the fort like the just try to make up by top somehow. I don't know I don't I don't know if you have to if he has to be because I see a lot of people saying it's got a he's got to beat which when that title before he fights John Jones I don't agree with that at all like I. Think you just make you make the Jones fight if you want but because we're. hovis. Champ. going. Gees now that that's going to feel the he he. No I think. I think they'll go ahead. I think there is a chance for izzy whitaker but only if Regulations Change and New Zealand or Australia where they actually have I know New Zealand's as far as like Kobe. There on the forefront and they're probably of all the countries in the world right now there during during one of the best that's the show. If I could see them doing izzy would occur in New Zealand I. Know this is a stretch because UFC so focused on vegas fight island but I could see that and then I've been crowds there so early. First quarter of twenty twenty one if they have a four Rena and New Zealand as a lot of hoops to jump through Internet with international travel and everything. But if they load half that card up with Ozzy and. New. Fighters. and. Then just have to bring a few Americans know the two week to quarantine everything I see he as a possibility. So I just went out there. And you know when make things easier Casey if they didn't say Oh, well, we have built with like we gotta. Have Twelve fight card. For. That for an event like that if you actually get people back in the arena. You could do a six by card eight, five card. I got obsessed New Zealand Australia fighters again, whatever makes it easier because you mentioned the the full crowds those those were for for game like soccer games where football where Teams from the area right so you know you're not dealing with travel. So that's what they have to do. Then they don't have to. They probably find twenty four fighters from new. Zealand and show is the main event combet vulcanology versus I don't know who the number one contender right now forty five but all Brian Ortega. There you go. Bald O'Brien Bob Bryan you've. SHAPE. One or two. So one or two international names, right? Yeah. So You. Don't need a four, twelve, car eight, fight card five, six, five, three, three up plenty to. Who prelims to to good prelims on ESPN to get people revved up to pay their money for the pay per view and there you go. That's it. That's it. Dana Dana. Dana think think outside the box we are tried to help you. You'll see. Clearly this multibillion dollar company needs that's what I'm saying they did our ideas. Put, tie to us on the Car Bradford del on the car you put Jake Matthews on the car. Well Lackey Jamie Malaki. Before this question did one on one more thing about waiting though waiting for an opportunity. wicker's in different situation but I was thinking about this. The born Murphy questions asked I just don't want to and I think this is a I don't WanNa make the thing now but I don't want fighters to Leeann Edwards themselves the new phrase I'm using that because. I think everyone has seen the before I guess the last couple of Days Leon Edwards. Sort of being removed from the rankings and then immediately being books I though now officially guess against talking about Leeann Ed. Yeah I'm just saying, I'm just saying like spiders apparently have to be careful because it's it's waiting unless there's only certain fighters that can wait forever like the Magritte's the world and had that kind of leverage. John Jones. Leeann. Edwards is unfortunately is not in that range spite being a legitimate could top ten guy that means nothing to the. The literally nothing they they have all the leverage in this situation. And now he's ending up extraordinarily difficult fight which I think you can win I, mean I I I. I'm waiting to see what the line is on this fight with Shemaya, but it's still really dangerous opponent. So little to gain I I. Don't know I don't know. I think I. saw mine. Edwards is. Minus one seventy five. That's a reasonable should be favored. He should be favourite. He should yea one, seventy, five, hundred exactly. Actually. It's. What's up? So I? Have Shemaya have his mind as one forty. They're all over the place all over I. Asked on twitter 'cause I didn't actually know the answer was the last time a top five fighter on a win streak mind you fought someone outside of the top twenty. Short notice not sure. The best ones only came up with Oh. Yeah. Cub Swanson who was on a Wednesday he just wants. Beats Super Boy. Fight of the year he fought in a main event fight night against the goat artem. No Bov. which is a ridiculous at the time. was up by books going back in time real quick. Why was 'cause local is the number one even though he's he's not ranked officially he's like the number one on it's like he's like beyond ranking. Yeah exactly. Like aside rankings that we can't access but like he's just assumed to be number one at the top of that ranking, know about all the time champions by. Whoever whoever pull that though good poll. Yeah. So yeah. So Shemaya is the new arm Lubov. Wow, that's lofty, and now the hype train is chugging. Yeah I mean. It's tougher. Leon. You felt bad for him for a little while like once once the Woodley fight ended and then you saw a Gilbert Burns did. To, get to he's at and. Then getting the title shot, but he couldn't make it, and then it just because see someone asked you this on twitter like didn't didn't on Edwards turn turn down a bunch of fights I don't know like only a few select people know the answer to that question because Leon said that other people turned him down and then vice versa. So nobody really there's there's like three or four people on this planet at. The answer to that question. But then it just eventually you just. Calling the shots and stuff that just isn't going to happen like you know you're not getting a title shot you know you're not fighting at all. You know you're not fighting Covington it's just not going to happen like it's Take the wonderboy fight like. I cannot believe that never happened very like whether it was offered or not what is happening here but now like since you're you're ready to go and you know like to get in there and fight and you're kind of backed up against corner. Shammai is the best option available right now. Either way it's a win win for both a win win either way because of Edwards, beets husband comes out of he gets all the Mojo back like whatever we had is back and probably even more when he goes out there and it's Leon, Edwards in his fourth UFC fight. That is ridiculous. That's humongous and he's the real deal and you could probably give him a title shot right after that. Whatever whatever the reports? Of how does every situation manhandled? One thing one thing we know for sure now now that the dust someone settled, he did not get what he wanted. Okay. I don't know there's is no way whatever whatever it was offered with over whoever's didn't want to find him wherever he didn't WanNA fight. This is not the conclusion that he was looking for. So I'm just saying fighters and people in life in general just be careful. No No. What you have in your hand. Okay. Just saying what what is worth I also want to say I feel bad for Neil Magny. Because Dana White's like who wants to fight this killer. I'll fight him and it's like who wants to fight this guy Anyway anyone out there. Okay I guess, no one wants to fight him. He's so scary. Nobody wants to buy them. So Porno Magny four no Maggie we see. We see it is it is in the record we know you wanted to buy. Everyone other people need to know he wanted to. Put that out there in the universe. I, agree I like this I like this question actually. After watching this fight, you change how you think he'll be versus Ferguson would go. What was your still think I still think it'd be would I thought to be beat him from the get-go me too. So no I I think he'd beats I honestly and I like Tony Ferguson like we've had some good conversations over the years I can't talk to him now because he's under new management. So it's a lot more difficult than it was like three or four years ago but. I just don't think I think it'd be able to beat him worse. Now. than. They fought it UFC two nine back in the day or whatever. Or I was definitely flying the Ferguson flag for a long time I. If you'd ask me this two years ago I? Probably would have still would have said, I think that Ferguson is like the you know the best possible guy who could match up with he's unpredictable. I think it's scrambling ability. He's top notch He's a he is a good wrestler. Wrestler and I thought I would have said is striking is better than. No Magomadov I don't know if it is, but it's what I would have said. Now again, as we're talking about age I, think I think Tony is thirty seven. Now thirty seven years old. That's a lot of a lot of mileage a lot of hard fights lot of mileage. And based on what we've seen the improvements in. Habib's game and maybe some of the limitations of Ferguson's game kind of exposing the case you fight out I. Don't know if you, WanNa call it that but. I'll say I I am now fully I know you guys were already on it. So I'm the I'm the one who's late here. But after seeing tonight I'm like I can't imagine picking Ferguson to. Fight. So I think I think bring Tonio raises a good question here. I agree with the with the skillset that Habib has now versus say when it was originally booked twenty years ago or something like that. So, Yeah Yeah Yeah I think maybe when a B Ferguson one was booked. Ferguson one one that you know but I think I think the Habib that retired tonight. Yeah Want to talk for. Two more questionable. We actually have Saturday night I. Know I know I got this and this is how I want to spend it. On here, the next. Guy. You. Just. Just carry laptop around your home with. Did while we brought up the next question. Do you WanNa talk about what Phil Hostage Tonight? That's right. We're good of questions talked with other fights on the. We want to talk about. All right listen. Everyone on this and our staff is busting my chops about philosophy. You give me the single camera. I want busted my chops bill bill because. There's multiple reasons. One I thought it was weird that they did a six card and insisted on throwing to UFC debutants on it fill and COON coon his fifth like forever. It just didn't make sense to me and again I am the person who doesn't produces for the site. So it just meant like another three paragraphs I had to write. So yes, there was some bias on my part some some laziness. Which is why I may not have wanted to see another flaming car. The other thing is Bill Hawes. I think most most hardcore may fans no is has been on the kind of the hardcore prospect list for for years I mean, he appearance on ultimate fighter he ended that he's a former training partner or John Jones I. Mean When you look at the Guy Fight, you just see glimpses of of greatness certainly saw night. But. I was also kind of Joe Madison this Guy Ever GonNa make the AFC. He did fighter. He did the contender series twice the first time he didn't make it. He's fought for bill. Torrey suffer world series of fighting has fought for brave conversation and it's like he's thirty one which and still young in in. Years when you see any athletes over thirty start thinking man, they were GonNa get that call. So part me, it was like man, I can't believe this still trying to make Phil Ha's happen. You Know Ha funny me. Sure enough, the did keep trying to make villa's happen Phil did happen and all over Jacob Tonight. So you'll hear no more Phil House slander for me. Okay. You'll hear no more slandered fill is performance with amazing eighteenth knockout Let's give them give them the to Maya Push I. If you want to say you WanNa play blocks tomorrow go for whatever you guys want to say I'm just ninety my head and shutting off. Job. He Yeah is the guy the guy paid his dues and I honestly and no respect to Jacob Outgoing I. Think I said this on twitter maybe one day Jacomb Malcolm will be the light heavyweight champion of the world or the middleweight champion of the world nobody really knows. But on this very night considering like like if you just look at their record, go to eat boat their technology pages. Okay. Jacomb balchunas fighting Phil Hawes, who's WHO's the top guy at four now okay. Phil fought Lewis Taylor at four. Now many fought Jillian Marquez on the contender series at four and one like this guy. was brought up like to be at prospect. Them to the wolves, and then rather than give up like in and get not got got beat badly in two consecutive fights. This do could have stopped he stopped, but he went back he paid his dues world series of fighting. Went on, flew over an offer brave and. Fought some international guys and took those long fights like the guy has officially paid his dues. So this is all good for him like that's why I felt like he had a he I didn't think he was GonNa win and eighteen seconds, but I knew this wasn't getting out of two minutes built. A legit guy, and he's got the experience and he's got the fact that now he's paid his dues gone through the ups and the downs of the of the sport at such a young age. She's only thirty one years old. Like. He's going to be something to watch champs like he's got someone to watch. What do you do with them Casey? What do you? What do we do with Phil House now? Did. Tonight, do you not get out? You know. Goliath. Yeah eighteen second knockout not enough I. Guess you know what? He only didn't get that because of his opponent. I. Think. I mean if there was if there was a top ten guy does Derek Brunson on the other side of the cage amount eighteen seconds no way of course, he gets the case Oh. Men Yeah Poor Jakup Mock Jake Jacob. I'm Jacob. Also I. Think there were definitely going to give Habiba bonus with with a good performance, even especially after the end. Then after he retired I, think we have to send them out with that performance months. Yeah Bill Hawes Yeah I. Who who who divide? Someone. Right. Right. Right. Outside the top fifteen I would think you know. It's can't think of a name right now. Actually. Liked. Eric Enders is like the Guy. I would throw all these like products like Eric Anders. But I feel I feel like that's where to go. What about like Zak Cummings I think he faces another newcomer. I these guys. As you have so much experience and again like I said, he's he's had more high level experience than most guys who are. Nine and four, hundred eaten four whatever he is he's had a lot of that is against quality competition but still I think they'll try and find, and as he says, he wants to turn around quickly I think they're gonNa find someone of Vitamin Vegas whatever in the next six weeks or something just answering. There you go. He's going to Vegas. You do you put him against the the middleweight gatekeeper? grads of ARSE. As find out where he's at this okay, we know we can. We can hurt people. Go, divorce. You're not invited onto the next episode of Hashtag onto the next one. All right you're not invited. I'm giving I'm GonNa give my answer since they book they didn't listen to the walking Buckley idea that I had and they booked him against Jordan right which I liked that fight by the way of a fluffy. Hernandez versus Phil. HAASE's is the fight to make Oh. Yeah. Yeah. That makes more sense. Yeah. We'll. Tune in tune in to. Bigger things but whatever opinion Given one more. Okay. I'm not giving them. Random Maverick slow bill. Hawes. Boys ready he's ready. To give of a title shot after fight. Island. So lightweight. Do we have any more questions or. Talk about both what Harris nobody would even talk about that as a question about it? Certainly we can. Yes, the question is. Man Why why the wires Health. From the truck. Yeah. We were saying before the show it is promotional malpractice that they did not. W-. Traditionally Delta this obviously not the United Blanchard a story was it dominated the narrative of tears this fight with. As. Shit, this is a this is a really really tragic. Real life story I think waltz did an amazing job of handling sort of the media that came along with it because I think he would have been very justified in saying look I don't want to talk about this story. It's it's it's I can give you some quotes but I don't want to do an ESPN special on it. I don't want to build it into this video, but it's my understanding that all the all the weaving that sort of. Personal tragedy into into the building fight. I imagine him and his family sort of okayed that. So whether people agree with it or not. At least I, think we know that that walters okay with it and but also front was really tough but that was replaced right? I mean he was supposed to fight over its original booking. Of course, and then the the incident happened of course, and so I think he wanted to get back that was for him for sure he looked up to over him. So win or lose out with. The bulk of booking was a little more confusing. I think we all WanNa See Walt Harris gotTa Win. I'm not saying he's he's a good fighter and nothing he's a guy on his hand held and like Oh let's say he doesn't need a charity case but there's winnable entertaining fights and good stylistic masters for him that could really Kinda give people to. Feel good moment they wanna see with walters and Alexander Volkov was not up so good for block off again that when he looked great tonight but I do wish that I do that for a while Harrison next fight where they're a little more careful with with the mapping. Truth be told I picked while Harris in our comes. The championship wait for Volkov that that concerned me it really did because that was like eighteen pounds heavier than the fight before Muslim Curtis Blades I. that's still a lot of muscle. That's. Thirty feet tall. He's thirty feet tall. So that's that's huge. That's. Just an extra five pounds on the dumbbells. That's that's what goes up the extra seventeen pounds though. I got I got I got a little concerned and then I saw walt who would normally be around there. He was looking yet looking pretty trimmed up. I. Was like all right. We got we got an in shape. All Harris apparently have a fat volkoff Lukaku got out of shape and and miss not the case but. Like. Concerned me why I kind of lean while Harris. He had to do it early which we knew kind of like after the first round like on wall looked pretty good. He was getting inside he's land some shots and then once Volkov started getting his rain Atlanta's cakes and you could tell. Demeanor changed yeah you saw like boy. Oh boy this is not good but hey, I think I think the fight to make now. Is. Maurice Greene and Greg Hardy are fighting next week on the main card give wall. Harris. One of those guys winner or loser I think that makes sense like Maurice Greene more screens a guy that's like. He's the perennial top twenty twenty-five guy. So if he goes out there and beat Greg Hardy is GonNa get a little bit of a little bit of buzz. You know little more fanfare because people you know how people view Greg Hardy. Given that fight, it's a winnable five Walt Harris that would give them a nice little rub. What are they fighting again? What they next week Halloween Really Yeah. That's an appropriate Halloween because many weird weird. Fights on that card they booked it right they booked it right for. Hall I'm Brian Hall was supposed to be on there. Right and nothing's Halloween, like the master of the fifty fifty position. So. I know I know they didn't do it intentionally to kind of theme it Weird Weird freaky fights for Halloween. But they almost like it was really hot something there. Yes. Yes. You're right. Yeah. That's a wrap. Yeah. I'll give mark next week it'll be fun. Yeah. Give wires I get. Whoever Tom Aspinall just beat someone like that. I'm not sure who. Yeah. Right. I don't think well. WHO On the contract so. We. We see a lot of fires lose and I just forget them about a week later so in the contract. So one of those fine gentlemen should face here's the next. Yeah. I got I. Got Things to do gentlemen. We. Actually got more. We actually do have more work to do but I mean, I always say thanks to everyone who tuned in and we had we had a when we still have a few thousand people watching insane but that's because our viewers are fantastic. And we get to do it again next week. In every week through December nineteen looks like December. Nineteenth the cut off for the rest of the year. Not, GONNA do a post Christmas card. On. Christmas we don't know that's the way. The good. Get some good viewership. So by next week, Anderson, Silva looks to be the final fight of his career against riot hall. Got Bryce. Mitchell. Andre. In the KOMEDA that's great. Fight we have. More screeners to Greg Hardy. Alexander Hernandez versus Chris Ritz macher I've a feeling. There's GonNa be some Halloween. Stuff going on fight just A. It's a pretty good card. It'll be fun perfect October thirty first kind of power and next week the second the second highest anticipated by the year Masasi. Versus, Lima. That's right. Yes on Thursday. I'm very excited I'm very excited. I hope it's I hope it's the most amazing draw ever because I love those gentlemen and I don't want to lose but I wanted to punch each other and be awesome. But Oh man, I'm so excited for that. cleese place your kicks appropriately Oh. The so bad. There's just too much too much of that going on in the ballot orcades these days but that fights great I did talk to Sassy on Riday I. think There's Air Friday. So that'll we'll probably pop that on the next couple of days was good stuff besides he was just as friendly and funniest aliens by the way out shutouts by Jose Young. Show but this is I think he is now done with his fight island tour of duty as works out this current tour of duty profile you guys might not see Jose around for a while so. I will check out him out and I will say he's also very thankful for all the viewership and all that guys you've got videos. and tuning our live streams. But assured you love you all very, very much. He loves to work hard for you guys. But yes, he hopefully he's will return back to the good old survey. Sometime this week we hope Monday but we don't know and. Given out, the travel has been and because he's now he's been on down for about it feels like a year. So so please please send nice messages to Jose Jose Young's. Twitter and just let him know how much you appreciate his efforts. The guy is. The guy is a maniac and we love it. Absolutely. So two, fifty, four at least for now put a bow on it. Habibur Maga made off the go. This is career the undefeated undisputed lightweight champion of the world. So low happen at fifty five. So congratulations happy trails. Do Habib Moraga made off and That's it. So thank you all for. Spending this crazy week with us you have. C, two, fifty, four or five week has officially come to an end for Alex Lee for E. Casey lied and I and my CAC goodnight everybody. You're listening to the VOX media, podcast network.

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