#817 Standing Firm in Jesus (Philippians 4:1)


Pre The word with David Platt is a resource from radical dot Philippians chapter four verse one therefore my brothers Whom I love and long for my joy and crown stand firm thus in the Lord my beloved what what picture of a faction and love and desire for other people to stand stand firm in Jesus like Paul writes this to these brothers and sisters in Christ and he says you are people I love and I long for like minded joy and crown like say to people you're my joy you're my crown and to call them after saying I love and long for you my beloved like do you feel that and for other followers of Christ I love for them a longing for them such that you would say they're they're your joy and your crown I think in my own life when I think of this kind of love and longing I immediately think of my family I think my wife and my kids I love them so much as long to be with them they are my joy like I look look it my wife and my kids and I find such joy in them and I long to see them standing firm in Jesus I I pray for that more than anything else on live for that I wanna live to see him standing firm in Jesus like that is that is the life to me if I see them standing firm and she's just like that joy to me and yet here's the picture and that's entirely right for me to feel as a dad for his children as a husband for his wife Yes but God is also created me to feel that way for my brothers and sisters in Christ in the Church so not just for my physical family but for those who are of his household my brothers and sisters children of God to love and long for them to stand firm in Christ like that to want to see them standing firm and him in such a way that it brings me joy like crown there my beloved so this is the way God is designed for us to view or another in the church Yes in our physical families of course yes we see exhortations toward that in scripture yet we also see this picture of this kind of love and longing longing this kind of affection this kind of desire to see other standing firm and Lord finding joy in that for brothers and sisters in the Church and had just want to encourage us is to love our brothers and sisters in the church like this to live to see them standing firm in the Lord like thinks specifically typically right now in your life who are you living to see stand firm in Jesus who are you longing to see stand affirmed Jesus who would bring you such joy to see them standing firm in Jesus and to pray for them like that to love them like that got to live for them like that too literally live to see them standing firm and Jesus to let that direct your life today and tomorrow how can I pray how can I encourage how can I do anything to serve them so that they are standing firm in you and then if I could and I think this is warranted by what we see in scripture to encourage us to live for that way not just among our current brothers and sisters in Christ but among future brothers and sisters in Christ meaning to look toward people who don't know Christ into live live end along to see them standing in Christ coming to Christ like to look at lost neighbors bure's co workers those who are part from God right now and just to say how can I live so the day come to know Christ would think about it makes sense tried like what joy would it be for you to see this person that friend this neighbor that coworker this family members come to Christ that would bring such joy join that's it that's the kind of love we're supposed to have and live for we live to see their standing in Christ and not just people right around us this is why we pray for unreached people like I think about today the southeastern Pushi- people in Afghanistan a half a million of them no followers of Jesus there's nobody longing longing for them right now living to see them come to know Christ later Tony Unreached by the Gospel so who will live for them who will pray hey for them it would give the spread of the gospel of the mule go to the southeastern push high and I've Ghanistan Oh God we pray that you would help us to live and long like this right around us for us to see the people you've put in our sphere of influence right around us yes in our our homes but even beyond our homes in your household in your church and then those who are not yet in your church Elvis to live and long to see more and more people standing firm in you experiencing joy and you got him and brings such joy to us to see that help us to live for that was to pray for that Elvis to work for that Elvis to serve serve others toward the end of day might stand firm and you use us today or that Henry pray help us to serve struggling brothers and sisters help us to share the cost for those who don't know you gotTa pray we pray for the southeastern PA- Cheyenne Have Please Oh God sin laborers who will go and live long long for their salvation work there's Asian gunnery pray that you would bring southeastern Pushi- people to you. We know that Jesus died for every tribe have been done language every single people group in the world you have died to purchase them for God's sake please we long for them to come to know Christ we pray that you would send laborers to them or to help us to live and long for to find join our crown and seeing more and more people stand firm in you use our lives data end today we pray in Jesus name Amen

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