Fred Gives Tips on Fall Lawn Care.


We've been talking a lot about fall lawns and you were saying it's time to lower that more. Well. Definitely. So now you don't have to I just sent my more down. I think it was Thursday when I mode. I. Have I've been running at kind of high an unruly looking. To. Save water to allow it to shade its own root zone and so on and and with relatively limited use of extra water. It has stayed green. Now I chose because it was becoming cooler at night and so on. To drop the hide to the more down to on the garage floor measured two and a half inches and mowed the lawn looks ever so much more groomed. It is still a brilliant emerald. It got fertilized yesterday we'd killed at the same time. So this is long time and you can I I'm assuming now that it's going to be on the cooler more moist side where we don't get the burn So I I don't think it has to gird itself as much two and a half inches. It'd be my recommendation, and then in the same breath I'm going to say do not scalp on lots of. People grew up at GRANDPA getting to this in time and going to be done mowing. So he he was set the more down to what I call scalp that inch that gives the grasp practically no cover for its own root zone. The Sun can penetrate the wind can dry, and it's a lot of negative things. So two and a half inches from now right on through to maybe maybe marquis a little past. Thanksgiving and that. Launch should be great now while it's still getting to be great, it is the time of year when roots of grass and most other things do grow quite nicely in our cooling soils. So it's the time to add the fertilizer to give the nutrients it needs to go into winter in good shape It is proven that a fall application fertilizer does kind of hold over or is ingested and kept over inside the plant. As well as in the root zone and it makes for a whole lot better starting spring and a whole lot better lawn next year just by wall fertilization, and then if I may weeds are my nemesis and everybody else's it depends on how you want your lawn to be but I get into the situation where little ground cover plan I have called Juba will sometimes start a plant in the grass no big deal usually. When That I used to pick from my mother because it made a nice little bouquet for a six year old take home they are A genuine nuisance they grow they seed they're their seed pods or write down at the soil line. They could become very prolific darn hard to kill along with some other weeds. So if you haven't already started right now today or this coming week, put an application of of urbicide on them. either as a general fertilization with fertilizer and weed killer or just weed killer liquid or powder I don't care which but you will give the plant a good dose of things that doesn't like. It may not die and quite possibly won't however the second application you put on at the end of this month as far as the as the pesticides concerned. You will get it to ingest and beat inside the plants going into winter. We'll either been kill the plant or it will kill it come spring or the its growth will be so weak in the spring that one more application at gross time when there's leaf enough to put the weed killer on you, you can knock those things out you know season.

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