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L. O. WELCOME AND ASK OUR AMERICAN MOTORMOUTH MARDI CIDER Kyle. Petty here along with Ricky stenhouse junior joining us on the show today. You look like immediately had something you wanted to say. No no the Rick I sat up. No I'm reading right. Energy and the opening animation. Good just react Cao. Don't just react just. Hey how are you. I mean I was worried about you. Lab Fifty four on on Sunday at Texas Holy Smoke House lower. I mean that was actually they all finished. Yeah that was going so fast that Texas. There's not an easy spot on the track to all issues so I was really bonded. This point point are seventeen votes so fast. I just lost a couple of spots. They're trying to pass the two and he spun almost spun out underneath underneath me and one in Joe got us in the left rear so both lost a lot of track position and trying to come back up through there and then when the two got sideways in front of I mean just checking up enough loaded the front end enough and it just shot around the house bombed. 'cause I just felt like we had a really good car that a lot of an no other way to put it just out of control dicey racing and that's the way it looked when the sun was out at that point in time in a race how dicey was it was I. I felt pretty good. With where our car was. You know talking to Brian Before the race. He's like you know. I think once we get tonight Tom our card's going to be really good. I don't see why it can't be good right now because you know I felt really good throughout each practice session that we had the track was slick for sure we made need a change. There that I pit stop. That felt like allowed me to run in the V.. H. T. in turn one and two and that's where I picked you know three or four guys off off in a row every single lap and I was like Dang our cars really good But I mean everybody's pushing so hard because you don't want to give up track position Shen and then what the flipflop in race strategy throughout the whole race. You know you're always trying to make up ground at some point and so you push very hard to do that. That and then you know a little momentum lost takes you to lapse to get it back in in five spots on Brad and I got into it in in one and two you try not to let that happen and then I think that's when you push it over so we're going to have you put your analyst hat on today. That's okay. I like that. It's a lot of fun. We WanNa see who we we think is going to make the championship for from your perspective but Kevin Harvick intestines like. Oh you can be pretty good on that you know. Harvard Wins Texas. I think no surprised third straight year. They've won the fall playoff Texas race. Is that speed though that hoskin replicate and bring back at Miami thank Ricki. I don't see why not I feel like if you look at qualifying. The Stewart Haas cars have had a ton of speed. Now it seems like the four cars the only one that's been able able to have that speed and then maintain that spot throughout the race. And you know for whatever reason so you know they've done it before feel like they've they've maybe not been as dominant in this year is kind of what you're used to or have seen in the past. But on Kevin's hot. I feel like you. Don't it really ever bet against them. Hard to bet against the minute. Hey It's time for today's starting grid coming up on the show day we're GonNa have a mystery college been allowed. You want to get Ricky Avenue. AH mystery caller is not right off the top of my head all right now let me get into this allowed. Some time So you're saying there's a chance we'll get ricky to put his analysts at on mentioning give us thoughts on the six remaining contenders left for two spots in Miami for the championship for and natives. Here your social media feedback from from Hashtag. Let me say this coming up on the show and as always want to hear from you guys with your questions call an eight four NASCAR NBC. And let's get straight right to your phone calls right now. Fred is going to lead us off from Tulsa Oklahoma Kyle is okay. It's not Carl. Carl Carl's here but got off with Fred. What's happening man allow? I'd be called but thanks for coming on the show. Yeah not a problem rob. Thanks for calling in. Hey let me let me say this and say respectfully because I'm just I'm just a fan on the couch. All right yeah. I know I'm not card. It's tough for me to word this properly. But you're talented driver man. There's no question about that okay. But in light of what has taken place with Rows Fenway I. It seems to me and some others that aggression and your decision making on the track has got the best of you at times. Do you have any plans with this new team on changing your driving having styles somewhat and be maybe more calculating maybe a little patient so to speak and can you channel that aggression and get back to victory lane. There's Devlin Flynn aggression there so getting back to victory lane You know the aggressive driving. I'll probably still have a definitely a few better decisions citizens throughout the race. And you know even I look back at at Texas and Brag about of the grew. We lost five spots. And aw I'm like all right Kurt just passed me. I just passed him in four laps ago. So I'm just going to drive around him three and four when really. I didn't really. They have to do that. And so I got to the outside of them and there's the to spin and and just kind of put us in a bad spot so Definitely need to make better decisions but I'll still be aggressive. How hard is that in this day in time? We talked about the dic- race and you can't lose positions. How hard is that for you in this sustain time but let's extrapolate it out and look at these six guys that we're GonNa talk about a little later all the pressure on them? How hard is that to control that aggression? Yeah it's it's tough to control control but you know when I look at it from my side him you know. We gained a lot of stage points throughout the season. The sixteen were able to get a lot of good finishing points out of the season. If I can look at kind of everything that they did in mere us in the sixty s we're looking really really strong so but then and you know put that in the play offs and what these guys are going to have to do. Obviously more looking at Phoenix of a go win situation. But you know one of those has guys have issues then. It's still a points race. Still looking at the gainers many stage points as you can but not called yourself an issue and it's tough. I mean you see. A lot of people made mistakes early on early. Go back to the phones. Who are here from Ryan? What's on your mind today buddy? Hey Ricky and and I just run and that That if you're going to a new car will still be with you and if AF If you raise differently or still like and you are one of the best and I love you. Hi Good Call. It's not big fan. That's a great role model. Wow that's a great goal. He's a little baseball player too. So I see a Lotta oughta pictures. I'm they come to you know a lot of Ace's bring me some good candidates slow but now it's great to have support from people like Ron is. His whole family comes to the races and you know just show up at all different kinds of racetracks not not all the same ones in and they spend time and effort to to get out to the racial and I appreciate the support. I guess qualified on the second row. Today who is they're all all is here. At least you made at least you make the final four here. I'm your guy just Costs you man and wife and Vicky first of all congratulations on your rival. Jt to see that you're going to be in the car on you. Know with Roger Penske announcement of him. You Indianapolis speedway and INDYCAR sears does that kind of fire lock us now that we will see NASCAR India merge together in the same weekend I would say strong momentum comedy. That's a good question. Okay here's I I would assume I. I think we'll see at some point in time. We'll see one okay. I think you'll test those waters. I think the waters will test. Yeah I think you have to test the way and I think you'll see something long term. Will we do more together together. Will it be that cross section where you come together for X. Number I'm not sure about that man because the NBA on the NFL. Does I mean I mean you. You don't old. This is Tom Race. I think Joseph New Gardens tests to the Robo. Everybody got excited about that That was impotent Joel. Great to see right. And then curved coming going out and saying hey told her dust and long if there's a double header weekend I'm going to remind both races. I think that would be fun then. Opens up an opportunity to do something like that. Yeah for sure I mean I feel like thank. You have racing fans out fans of of all racing fans that are indycar FANS NASCAR FANS and they won't watch one of accepting ZAG respected once. So do you think it'd be cool to kind of cross promote and try and get everybody to support motorsports legs the question would cow all busch run trucks. xfinity top indy lights and INDYCAR. Well no now he said he said at Pocono for the triple header quadruple header. When he's got money all all the races? Yeah he's not gonNA run. Ross chastain run all I listen to the phones in Pennsylvania where we hear from cody. What's on your mind county? Yeah I have a question about The intentional drivers spring intentional cautions one couple of weeks ago. They'll just said that so we look on. It was spun out on purpose and then this week they'll sit on the broadcast that he thought bubble ball spent now on purpose and kind of him with saying NASCAR needs to start penalizing drivers for intensely caution. So do you guys think Nascar. I need to do something. And if so what penalty should it be drivers. What do you say well? Yeah I mean we have all probably brought out cautioned. Yes we have. Yes we have. I don't mind saying I was actually honestly the Vegas race. I was mad. I didn't I got in the fence would cut right retire. Down William Byron. Did it probably thirty laps. Later spun on his own and three hundred. I was mad that I didn't do it. Yeah it's a fine line of do you mess with the race. All right well let me question. Let me let me ask you because we had this conversational money. D- that even and cross your mind. Are you thinking about Ricky stenhouse. 'cause when I did it I'm thinking Kyle Petty. I don't care if it messes up your race. I don't care if it messes up anybody else's race it's it's about my race well for us. It was in the playoffs. Oh Yeah you're that's a different. That's the thought of if I spend go up the track Iraq. Yeah ooh car. Like that's what I thought about sides like I'm coming down. I'll take I'll take point. That's a great but it can go both ways but but as but as back to back we really would not have been near as mad if because he had just ended and put them you the play on the Harvard side and benefited from it. He wouldn't have been upset at all right. We need to take a stronger. Look look at it as the point doesn't ask her at least say okay maintenance judgment yeah like right. We got to pay road system. So that's like you know mostly decided it's like isn't it. Yeah and you can't. You can't really decide if that's intentional or not. So hey coming up as promise. We'll break down the playoff field. who gets the final two spots spots Miami when we come back on motormouth in the way dominating crashing into thick related? It is time to find out who joins Martin Direction and Kevin Harvick in the championship. Four four at Miami Bush defending champion. Joey Logano they have the final. Two spots can see it there on the playoff leaderboard and the four below the cut line nine coming into the final chance ticket to Miami and the championship Fort Worth was one the last few races at Phoenix as well. Let's so we'll start at the bottom with chase Elliott and the kind of kick off the conversation. I WANNA go to Terry in Indiana. Who wants to know if chase Elliott can get it done this weekend kind of what do you think Terry about chasing shot this weekend? They got a great shot to be honest with you guys now. Too Bad luck out of the way here we go. I think about about that. You think. Seventy seventy eight points out. Obviously in a must win scenarios. We're Kinda give me a pro and con on Chase Elliott rewatch race this week and he's set on the front row. Yup got caught for jumping. The start had to come from the backup to the front fill like the last few races. He's ran up front lead laps. Feel like he has a shot to do it but now they have to make sure that they put everything together with you. Know broke axles or or whatever the issues that they've had blown engines I look at you know the flat tracks. I mean. Short tracks Martinsville. He was he was one of the mastercard. Just was lapsed down so you do feel like if they put it all together he will be in the top three or four cars. Battling for the win. But it's GonNa add more pressure in a must win scenario kyle to array seem like dad. WHO's had a as ricky point out a series of mechanical issues? And they've got to get past in a must win scenario. Yeah and I don't know if it adds pressure and I I guess I look at it this way just as Ricky said. They've made so many mistakes and so many bad things have happened. There's no pressure so far out. You're so far out. Yeah worried about once. You got one job lines you got one job. You don't have to worry about stage points. You don't have to worry about what you can pitch early. You can pit late. You can do whatever you want to do. It opens up. You have the complete book start in the playoffs. People had the nine in the top. Four anyway right you think so. Yeah I hear you laughing over there so that way it's like I don't think there's much pressure show but I do think view it you know all they have got to win the pressure off in some way I. Let's go to Gary in Florida and get his assault on. Who takes these final two seats to Miami? What do you think Gary Well? You know you have a question though. Kyle Petty on on your perspective. Do you think Kyle Larson. They have a chance to advance to homestead. Because he was a fan. He's GonNa change the entire complex to the point. Do you you think it may happen. Well I thought Texas was GONNA be a good place for Larson I really did. And that's why that's why I believe. Cowan your friend friend. You're good friends with cow. That's why I believe he was so upset about the caution. You mean because I think he felt like and we've all done it we've gone racetracks and said that's mine it's mine. I'm just going to pick up the trophy. It's just it's just for mouthed when the caution came out here one of the best he he did so I truly believe it was upset but it hurt his feelings as much as anything emotional thing as much but I do think that Phoenix is a place that CALC and run and bit to Chevy's can can be competitive and and that's one thing we talk about a lot of times you talk about the Ford and how fast and dominant that that that Kevin was at Texas Texas and then we go back to Martinsville and go. You're right the Chevy was good win with chase but at the same time I mean true. Yes he was man. It was going to be tough so I do believe Larson can. This is at the top of the race track which is which is an interesting fact. Changes a law. Okay okay well engine standpoint if you WanNa talk about a Toyota Shammy Ford if you can make speed on the top of the racetrack. It's it's going to help the Chevys in the fords we like higher rpm. Yeah and I feel like we don't get off the corner near as good as what the Toyotas do like at a Martin and it just opens the race track a little bit more and see if it's going to be lower as here. I go to Larson. And but I go to Larson and Blaney and I I will say this. I think they're in a must win two and and the reason I say that is this Ryan. Blaney has finished fifth at Martinsville. An eighth at Texas and lost five points from went around and lost around started. That's a solid stretch right there and that going into if somebody say. Hey we're going to give you a fifth and eighth and then you just gotTa go into the last week. I'm taking important stage page points are. That's exactly shows you how important your forty two did at Martinsville staying out getting this past it man. It was huge and the and and join Lugano. Did it earlier somewhere where he won a stage and that's the only Kansas cantons. Yeah and that was his shows you how important it is. So I don't believe that he's they've scored stage points and been able to point themselves to get equal if they could score in the first and second segment and be at least at zero when you started but I don't see that and blaney sat on the pole finish third in the spring and they asked who felt like they had one of the better car. So you're close with Kyle Larson. They're twenty three points out. How does Kyle's mentality coming into to Phoenix? I know we all talked about how he thought Texas was his place. But as mentality coming into this weekend I think he's ready. I mean He. He's ready to do battle. It no matter what racetrack it is and you know one thing about being around kyle is. He's not ever really negative about a car racetrack and talking to you. Know like mcmurray when he was his teammate. He's cost never just right. It just dropped okay. You have his car's handling good. He never makes a big deal about it. Just goes out there and it's pretty status quo. So I I think he's ready He's always ready to do battle like I said but if one of the to the eighteen or twenty to have yeah yeah it is going to be in a game points back on to get into this tape game. It's GonNa be a crazy crazy day coming up in phoenixville coming up. Nate Ryan will join us with your feedback on social media from the HASHTAG. Let let me say this as we continue here on motormouth. Now I'm GonNa say this I'M GONNA say. CBS let me say this. Let me say this man you talk a lot sorry caller let me say this let someone else get a word well L.. Let me say this offended. How awesome was that hey word show be called motormouth show of no probably not or your aunt? Got Yoder mouse right. Oh my Gosh Josh captains done this week. I thought it was. I'm rude if we drop the MIC peabody. If we didn't have the Intro Nate Ryan's here by the way so it before we get to let me say this. How's the reaction been on social media to the captain buying Indycar and and the whole package in pretty momentous? I would say like yeah. Yeah right I mean it's it dominated all Monday. Thank and I think what was interesting to me was it was almost universally positive dislikes. The industry has reacted the news. I think fans social media reacted to its in house was fired up obviously try. I'm sure it'll be fine at the good safe anyway. Take it away Mr all right Hashtag let me say this get started with Wayne Arnold who wants ricky. Who is the biggest driver mentor at rouch? Vouch for you Greg Carl Edwards Kansas List. All the above. You know when I was in the vicinity series in Arkansas series. You you know I mean it was nice having Caro. He ran a lot of the explicity series racist so it was easy to go to him. And you just ask him question question after question and then yes the same guy questions all the time. It's nice then like Matt. Kenseth came down and ransom and then before I think he ran in another teams car. But just being able to you know go to those guys have so much experience i. I don't think I could pick one. Yeah okay all of the above all okay Westland wants to know. Does it bother you as popular question actually on Hashtag. Let me say drivers here. Does it bother you to read some of the comments on twitter about you or you let it slide. Those people don't pay your bills. This person has come to respect you a lot more than they apologized. You ever been a direct you on social so I remember. Yeah I I you know you can only read them so much. enlisted slots lots so many times. I've like typed a few and then I've deleted and often really want to just go I. I'll type it sometimes. I'll send it to a friend like hey should I say this definitely definitely. Don't say that. But he block or mute. You you know I haven't blocked or muted very many people. I just let it roll. Everybody's got their opinion if they want to think what they can think I have if you I should go on block them just to see you know I think I think the biggest thing is is they. Don't all really have full. The idea that nicely nicely plotted but let's go back go back. Why not and by the way the Zero I? I have a lot of friends in the garage. Yeah just kind of funny right. I didn't think you'd be offering advice to kyle. I thought it'd become. Let's let's rip through a COUPLA AEROBIC. Alex rules wants to know. What do you think your chances of making the playoffs with Gr Gr next year? And then Thomas Selby thinks you are awesome and wants to know. What are you most excited about? Next year cheat. I'm D- dirty racing. So what are you looking for the playoffs. I think the team aspects maybe them taking my input a little bit more. I think I'm already noticing is is going to be a huge team collaborations. I'm looking forward Ford to that Looking forward to the family atmosphere of what. Gt order racing is been so far also think that our chances to make make the playoffs or the same if not better I feel like there's a lot of potential to grow With everything that took on this year of building their own cars the parts and pieces that they have with you know the simulation in the in the engines and Chevy getting a new body next year I feel like like there's a lot of upside in and I'm looking forward to to make the playoffs. Yeah I I will say we have a lot of drivers come here and a lot of drivers blow smoke that I do believe everything. You're saying right there because it's free. It's also reenergize myself but I just to. I mean sometimes you just changed uniforms and you reenergize join me but but I believe that team has a ton of upsets a ton of blue sky so good luck man thank you and and does it feel more like a racers mentality when you walk in the shop out there versus a big issue. I mean it feel it fills you know. I grew up racing with my dad. You've been around the family race. TAME is a totally different atmosphere but it's also atmosphere that says. Hey this has to work this puts food on our table. And that's that's the feeling that you get get around around the whole shop. Cool all right one more HASHTAG. Let me say this may open is up to the panel. This is something that we're talking about the PODCAST. This playoff points should only be allowed in the first round or team should decide how many points they want to use free round. This person says Gawain Kyle. Busch haven't done much in the playoffs. We've talked about that earlier. And they might get in the final four because of the playoff points and that comes from by the way. Kyle not this kyle. I presume that they might get in the final four because the playoff points and they might get in the final four because it kicks your butt in the first twenty six races of the season two. Okay so I mean it's not just it is about the playoffs but it's not just about the playoffs and that's where we can argue both sides. I can argue for it or against it and have a legitimate gripe is plus you set yourself up obviously in the regular season but those two guys would be in the top four points if they never reset that's right because of their regular sons the regular season and there's gotta be some reward for the first twenty six races right Esta meaning waiting to look at Denny Hamlin guarantee for the jobs really drink our process right now is really the same thing when you can have Dinnie. Go in twenty four Bob and come out twenty twenty below when you can have Ryan Blaney finished fifth in a and still be. I mean I think there are so many layers so many tentacles to this thing. It's hard to read a sale l.. Simple but if you win a follow and if you win you know you're moving. It's as simple as nate. Thank you Roger Your Pinski Fro. Hey come back. We'll talk more plows and guys like Denny Hamlin Joy Lugano and Kyle Dial Bush racetrack blocking really aggressive brag into the fence. They ricky real hard into the wall behind and he was taken aback of crossover behind and shoves him away has done. He's going to have to go to the outside. That was too. I think artists wait. What a run? The twenty to back off the job thing was called from the Dell junior spy Cam on our youtube channel worth checking out no doubt about hey on this day in Nascar History November six nine thousand nine hundred eighty eight future for all of Famer. Allen earned his first career win in the inaugural race at Phoenix Mayor Race. Kyle I do remember that race. Ricky Rudd had an engine failure late open. The Dwarf Cohen went on to take the win and marked the occasion with what he called the first Polish victory lap. When he was asked about the celebration he said I wanted to do something different? That was pretty cool. What what he was doing? I don't think anybody's doing but he he'd been so close and you talk about a family team where you had to do with that guy had to do it. He was a great guy. Just a good guy I cool. Let's talk about the playoffs here. In two thousand nine hundred thousand in continue going up the point standings here Denny Hamlin one twenty points out kyle. Do you see him in the championship for with how they've run so far in these playoffs with. Yes okay. Yeah I did seem in the a championship for with how they run. They run at Texas. No it didn't seem in the championship. I don't well I honestly believe watching it uh-huh they went with obviously different package. And I think they felt comfortable enough at twenty four above to try something and when whatever they tried didn't work than it was catastrophic because you go from twenty four above to twenty below can Danny get back. This is not the Danny from eight or ten years ago. This is is not the Danny though that when you go deer hunting he was like the spotlight guy where you just shot it in his eyes and he didn't know where he was. I mean that was. He's a lot stronger mentally. He's a lot tougher is interview when this thing was over with of anybody a being on the outside he enjoyed or two guys that I think they're only outside. Blow the cut line. You can't count them out. You cannot count them out. You just can't say nope done sticking forgetting then he's not done yet. They go when they get it. They're they're going to be loaded. And if he hits right and they hit on all eight I feel sorry for everybody out there to be honest okay. CIA Yeah he makes it to Miami in in the championship. For Mackenzie to Carl's point. You're close with him. He is a different guy this year than he's ever been in his life life. Yeah and and I mean he likes being backed up against I mean like competitiveness. You know he can show up and obviously the equipments there to show up and get the job done. He ran really strong there in Phoenix in the spring. And now I I don't think looking at the ones that are out. I feel like he has the best shot to go in and win and put himself into the championship for any could be the championship favor. If he makes it to Miami and he's caught his shot before we've seen him we've seen him and he's gone there and once so he's done that before. Let's go back to the phones. Let's hear from Bob and Pennsylvania. Bob What's on your mind today. Yeah sounds just thinking Joel Gano. He isn't that runners with cowboys. And any Hamlin There's guys who would Cog Up on him just to try to put him in the back. And what do you think Ryan wake. It was talking to a couple of four drivers. There appreciate the call. Bob Get thing payback's Phoenix. I mean it's kind of late in the game to be doing that or does that happen open. Would you do that to someone if you were that. Close to them and have the shot. Yeah I don't know I don't think Danny was obviously upset at Yeah Martinsville upset. I don't know if Dinnie will your necessarily do anything. You might want to catch them in the bus lot and do something but but not on the racetrack right then. He knows he made a mistake and a mistake. Sometimes but if come down and fight right then maybe maybe he might still be mad about that and WanNa see him later. I don't think China trying to get into the playoffs are are into that final four. He can't worry about anybody but himself as executive this they're not going to Phoenix for payback. And none of these guys are now if we get down to you. Orion Newman situation. Where he's gotta use somebody on the outside back Larson de totally different totally different play man? That's and that is in this day in time. That's an acceptable play at that moment to make scenario happening unless the eighteen or twenty to have an issue and yet but listen listen. Dini's leading the race with three or four laps to go and the eighteen and the twenty two are racing for that final position and they're within a car length of each other. I so oh all forty two cameras at NBC things happen. Something is GonNa Happen Man but joey admits that Phoenix is not not. He'll he'll even say Phoenix. They're worse racetrack of all playoff race. They can't afford to go play defense all weekend. Ricky but no and if you and if if you look at it the Pinski cars through the years at Phoenix. I feel like have blown right front and right rear tyres Sometimes LEFF RETIRES AT FINA interests or whatever reason They've had issues. And you know those single can show up. Quick Bush will get about his situation. Real quick yeah. He's he's in he's cowboys won the last two fees races. You guys made that one easy. Well we haven't had one of these in a while a mystery three caller coming up next. Kyle give them some hints when we come back. Our mystery joins US ON TWITTER MOUSE A simple way to show support for veterans through the TV challenge this year draw the symbol in the initials of a special veteran on the palm of your hand. Snap a photo and shared on social media using the Hashtag on her her through actions. Such a cool thing for veterans day coming up here pretty soon and already racing and team engineer. Brian Burns honored hard to fallen. Heroes in this year's coke six hundred at Charlotte Motor speedway Sergeant First Class. David Moore and specialist. William Jefferies each serve with Burns in the Indiana Indiana National Guard where he spent eight years before starting his career in racing mystery collar. So you you didn't get the hand earlier so you WanNa give a hint now too long and hard about this really pay attention to it okay. It is this part of the team never played in the NBA as part of my new T. l.. Hey Brad first time not quite for the NBA Tag Scheckter Ha is our mystery collar tad joins US via facetime of course owner of JT AG already racing excited had this guy joined the team. Heck Yeah Yeah exactly. That's that's the big thing right. Hey just got the fly booked. I'm ready to go where he came in talking God. He told me that he was going to play golf could you so. That's how he is excited about. That is excited. I understand he wagers a lot of money. I'm hoping to get some salary back. The whole guys started now. I know he's he he He likes the little bit around him already already. The the jokes are out there. I not gamble the friends I play with. Hey Hey let's talk about twenty one thousand nine hundred ad before we are talking about twenty twenty you guys are GonNa fight to make top twenty in the owner standings and there's a lot on the line with that right tire testing a lot. That goes along on with that. Yeah you know that was our goal going in is to you know be right there at the top sixteen we had some mishaps at the Richmond Bristol on pit road. Corsa gotten early wrecks at the super speedways but that team Really Kinda if we had the same number points last year at the end of the season we would have made the chase. So uh at thirty seventeen really had a breakthrough year proud of them and and Ryan priests his rookie year. Every time we go back to track he's faster and faster. He's learning quickly. So we're pretty proud of our accomplishments this year but top twenty that extra tyre testing the just the whole difference of being twentieth or twenty first from talking talk to sponsors is big and Brian Wins Rookie of the year. That means he's top twenty five points which is where they quit paying the year end money so it helps pay your bonuses assists as pretty important. We're racing for a lot. Listen you guys have had some great runs this year. How important has it been with the partnership with Hendrick motorsports? You know they're just a it's amazing the contract with Myrrh sports is skinny Basically we read their simulation software the end of lease motors from but the amount of support they give us when we need it From when we have a trailer fire wearing a binder. We need some equipment to get kids as quickly to when we break apart or piece of needing to do test understand what broken why they just do more than we ever bargained for. And they're a great partners. Hey why don't you ask a question. Well ask him something big crew chief. I mean you can ask him crew chief Chris. Yeah that's that's part of next mercury guest. Ha that is that is good tad is quick. That's when he does going out to new crew chief. I know there's been a lot of people in the next right and you're still working on that process and one of the cool things that you you know. I've asked filled so a part of right now. Is You know talking with tad talking with Ernie talking with those guys about giving my input and really work in this team and work in around me and you know and what the organization needs at the same time so just really trying to put all the pieces together but doing collectively as a team. So far I love what I see. Everybody works together at Georgia racing and it it starts at the top with Jodie Tad and works. Its way all the way down. And that's the cool thing that I've enjoyed so far. I gotTA RUN TAB. But we're going to work or canoe deal. We're going to get you guys. Join the Gulf Gulf guys tour with him. And then Brad's GonNa Join Denny's basketball league with rapamycin might see. We got the Golfer. You're good that's a good setup and I'm on I'm on bad on you think that's that's all right. Hey Tab we appreciate your time now always good to hear demand and peace. Thank you guy. Big Back to your calls here on motormouth and we're talking. It can't be celebrated twenty four taking Stenhouse Junior. This is a dream come true. It's also nightmare album olive branch Mississippi sippy Ricky Stenhouse. Junior is the champion for the second year in a row for out here. I want you to campaign abby celebration. Somebody has some good memories of Miami Two thousand South Eleven. Two thousand twelve footer relive those or what. It is the second one. You're mad us. Why would you mad? You won the championship. Well so the spotter the last last twenty laps was trying to just call me down. Don't raise don't do this. Oh Yeah just keyed the MIC up. Twenty ran the last twenty one dollars but I wasn't mad at him. Yeah I was mad because I went down there. Like cost was talking about with Larson going into Texas. Those racetracks homestead was the race track that I was like I'm GonNa win and I was just pissed it in three years. We've finished second third and we finish seven and I was like not like a heart art. Yes ready lightning round of calls. Oh by the way off not listen to all of this you got you got the the NBA Brad Brad Brad. Tad the other one. The other one does close. Yeah we'll do a lightning round the clock as we can. We'll go to Kenneth in Tennessee. Kenneth what's on your mind. Hey man what's going on guys ricky. First of all that was just awesome hearing them. Say PRY Bollandbranch Mississippi. I'm from Memphis. Chris Tennessee myself right up the road from where you guys are from your hometown and I've seen them at Reysen route. Show on NBC have seen you on Motormouth thousand man. It's just it's just great. Hang on I I do man I do. Don't hang up on McCowan. I I listened to Ricky. Hey I want to ask you a question. Just about The State of Mississippi just being from Memphis. I know there's a lot of history there and I guess you kind consider Memphis Sorta your home but you know just your your thoughts on on racing. The Mississippi the local tracks lake speed. You Know Joe Martin's incipient guy this guy talk. I love being from Mississippi and just you know as soon as I started racing in the cup series lake speed would give me a call and you know I just feel like people from Mississippi. Just have the pride of being being being from there and and being from the south in in that area and so and then looking at Memphis has a lot of you know history of in roots roots and racing all across the country but like a lot of people came out of the the Memphis area of you know like when you came and you got to look at the hooker hoods and people that it just race there. It was cool man a lot of history and racetracks that you could race that summer smart. Let's go to Dave in Indiana Dave. What's on your mind? Yes rookie Let's remember back in August ninth. My son you stopped about ten minutes and and talk. I know he's doing a good job. NASCAR worst radio you really cervical. You're great driver coal. You inspired her a son to be involved again. Thank you sorry I was have. They met you in August of a ninety cent. Yeah Awesome Yeah love it. That's pretty cool stuff. Yeah it's gotTa Randy and Mississippi Randy. What's happening I learned my? Hi Ricky Grassland. Don't he knew Rab man a thank you faces. I do real good What about you contract Russell? Free car races may Become River babble. Point Point back to Sunday. This swimsuit Samsung with Sammy and and Of course gallagher's Taylor's still still a pretty hot shoe over there. Yeah Much Glen Ranjan Hook you up with the right if you need one twenty and if I come back and race I'm bringing Calvin with me. I rode with him. I rode with him and I'm looking forward. I haven't looked at all the schedules. It's more of the spread. Our schedules look like nurses right out. You know actually asking data actually As Tad after after we had signed. We're sprint car. Team was racing on close to the Cup track and I was like. Hey you wanna go with me. He had a sponsor dinner to go to. But just kind of working working in that. If you go back go away. It sounds so you tell me predictions drivers in to race with true X.. Kevin Harvick for the championship. You got that takes a while easy. Eighteen and twenty two right that is the eighteen eleven. WHOA handling three years dance cars and wow three eighty three gives cars? I can't I'm sorry I can't I can't I'm I'M GONNA I'm GonNa Eighteen eighteen and twenty

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