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73: The Women's Tour Press Conference


You're listening to the cycling podcast Femina an association with Reifer the fastest clothing in the world tour, the home of cycling with character ride and watch with rougher in twenty nineteen. Stay partner ES education, I and canyon shrimp. You're listening to the cycling podcast feminine brought to you by Skoda dedicated to closing the gender gap in cycling, one race one scientist time. This is our time. All we Orla. We are in Pembrey country park. I think in Wales the finish line of states. Six of the oval energy woman's hair. It was sunny. A moment ago. The clydes are gathering feel like we may have a few spits in sponsoring the event. Yeah. I think I'm feeding even right now. Right. Conspicuous as well. Aren't we s like a sore thumb like a three pronged sore thumb studies on? So you'll in Novus gray cloud coke needs. So yeah, yeah. Recognize wishful thinking the. The. Yeah. If you really. Willing willing the sunshine to reappear. This is our first ever. So I could Femina press conference. Somebody, we've done the last couple of years, the grand tours. And we thought we'd do it here. So we've been asking for questions, some of you phoned in questions, hear them and attempt to answer them shall we? Get straight into okay. Richard owner and grows. It's morning in London longtime boulder earth, the podcast greatly enjoyed the coverage of the oval to exit banter, and actually very interesting to listen to I've question around what the future of the other tool looks like we now, seem to set an established timeframe of around eight days or so. And it now seems to have solid sponsorships ovo seems to attract the very strong field riders though, perhaps, not the best climbers something that you pointed out during the poll cost. But what's the next step? Does it miss out for, for example, not having that final stage in London, where you can give strong TV coverage and the crowds out at cetera to see the, the best of the riders or is still needing to spread the gospel of women's cycling to further each of the country? I'd be interested in your thoughts because. It's clearly a very strong, race and actually very entertaining race to follow. Love the coverage and have loved this podcast, Femina, which is really kept me informed of what's been going on in the women's citing seen. All, but thank you for that Morgan is good question, what should the next step for the women's to be is six days this, you're not eight days? That's a step up already from five days last year. And do we feel that the racist still developing? I mean, it's been and major cities or tons of here. The men's tour Britain often does go to quite big centers of population on, really the women's to hasn't this year. And so the crowds have not been enormous, I think is fair to say, I think the first three days of racing left us a little bit underwhelmed. We'll talk about that a little bit later on. How do you feel how, how secure and so well established as this race? It's interesting when you say about the cries because we've been spoiled by the cards along the sides of the roads for the last couple of years, it's been a sort of a legacy of two thousand twelve but actually spending the day in the car the other day, they were marking on how they loved the crowd at the women's chair that the fact that they get all the school children, and it may not be the crowds that we had a few years ago, but it still comparative on women's racing. It's still incredibly well, attended in terms of can develop a think this year's racing certainly from stage, three on has been really exciting. I think the course effort put into the course is really, well rewarded when it comes to the racing, I would like to say go to new territories though, we've had it going from East Anglia over two wheels, and a couple of years, and that's wonderful. And it's lovely I like to push further north really or even for this, I them along the south coast, and love to go to Scotland. I love to see it go to Northern Ireland because we're always the forgotten cousin on. We've got some amazing to reinvent their a not sway. I think we. We could open it a little bit because what we what the women's two on the two Britain of able to do is bring new fans into the sport. And even if only casual funds for couple of weeks, building up to it and then coming along the side of the road, if you do that in the new territories and you and you parts of the UK, then you bring you funds to it. I sold out with the Jiro ground Potenza in twenty fourteen wasn't it the euphoria around the start of that lots of people who'd never who never understood what bike racing was suddenly got into some of them say in the sport. And thus as much as you can. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely say that you could go to new places. We have been kind of philosophy is doing the IMF four swoop. Haven't we east coast to west coast, and it does mean that it does build into you get to Wales and you'll build into the mountains and more. Yeah. Climb e areas, which is great by here. Definitely think it could go further field, mowing mentioned about going to London. And they did. They did do that few years ago when Jerry endure one and I have to say I don't think that is necessary the answer. I don't I don't think it needs. It either. I mean, I think I was a bit disappointed, especially as being a London. Go was disappointed with the crowds on a Sunday. You'd be surprised how sparse it looks when you're doing city circuit around London, because people on a Sunday crossing rose doing their own business that might stop briefly, but it is not really holding people's attention. So I don't think that's the answer. But I think. If we were to go to new places maybe he doesn't need is to add more days onto the race because sonny's get to Scotland, unless you were to Darden's. Well, you could do the whole thing in here. I need extra day or the Nyland. But then, also the logistics of isn't it? It's, it's the fact that clearly these SAFA Warrick shit. They've been supporting this race for very for many years. And obviously see a return in it, and are willing to put in the investment for it. I'm sure if it was that Scotland came forward and wanted to offer more money or money for a few stages, then than not it's a business decision. Today's business model of sweet spot deter Britain as well as they go, where local authorities for money and others clearly money available. Because there's a new women's Scotland this year. I'm not money around starting. You vent from scratch, unfussy clashes with other events. So I'm not sure how good a field it will have the women's tour, not have just been held almost entirely Cutler on year, six days. I dunno. I think if this event is to really kick on with the rose are establishes, the maybe the premier women's stage race on the new Scandinavian stage race in a couple of years coming along, which is also going to be ten days or believe, should the women's tour, not be ten days, and it should certainly have live television coverage. I think that's the key really and not difficult. It needs live television coverage, because some of the stages that we've seen and we've witnessed them because we've had laps finishing laps, for example, or I saw from team car Rosie soul one of the ages from a team car and you get a totally different perspective, sage four, for example war. So sorry, age five we'll stage stages for an five were absolutely thrilling to watch and you don't always get the best bets with the highlights because it could sue much to fit in. If you're watching it live you get to judge for yourself. Exactly what the real things like and it's unfortunate, it's very difficult to do in the UK because we don't have the same four g coverage that we have in the rest of Europe. And not simply comes onto that it makes it much more expensive than because you've got to boost the receivers or whatever it is that they do. But I think live coverage would be the logical next step. And I think then people would realize Hawgood arrays that can be it's also a necessary step. If the women's tour wants to stay as a world tour event. Next year because paralegal is going to be one of the stipulations becoming a World War is to have live str- livestream of some description. Almo- here into your and the Ken cycle park with an Morgon Gauthier the who's in charge of the women's world tour farther UCI, and they're in the process of finalising calendar night for next year as you say rose that are going to be new simulations on organizers on teams for next year which are putting a lot demands on organizing teams. And I think it's reaching a point where either the teams in racing enough to set up or the second compromise in terms of what they're asking for. Here's what Morgon said the Kent, psycho part the other day before we get almost the questions. Yeah. So you've been here a couple of days. I mean impressions of this race. One of the best of these where it's really well organized. It's a really professional stage race the extent from five to six days the first year. So it's really, really good. And they race in five years, if I'm right. And since I'm here to really deliver high stunned alpha woman race it like the team with the writers whole sergar to be there. So it's pretty good. This year is kind of transition era, guess for women's world looking at the big changes next year going because of changes coming over the winter. Yeah. So the first big changes is related to the teams. So we will now have to of teams. It's really, well, welcome. Some teams know that it's going to be hard. But it's welcome because we know that we need it in women's cycling. Now, we are stab where we've got some teams which are really professional with something we are not at all. And we need to give to this team, which are professional with. Put the money on the table every year which helped the writers today to give them spacious touches. So this is the first big part and the second part is really regarding the Evans where we regret it all world tour events next year to be live. We've got all the organiser who are part of the world. You're signed your form from that the calendar will be proposed to these management committee in two weeks and will be punished after that. I mean that's going to be a challenge for racist, including this one to live television coverage. Yes. And no, we already have. So we've got twenty free event in the world calendar and this year we're going to have eighteen which are live, so, which means there is not a lot, which are missing that here. I know they are working on that. It's a big step to move forward. But also, they want it after now being six they raised a really want to move forward and to continue to the growth of women's cycling, women's, I is really important, the UK and the race really want to follow this will will. Be able to help races or or or teams to to to make next at because it's expensive. It's live TV coverage so for life. Coverage as I say, there is already a lot of races, which I've done the UCI won't put money on the table for the racist. Because if we do it for one, we need to do it for all, which is just not possible financially to do it. But we are there to help organiser and since years. We're upping organiser, if did not have recast to broadcast race, we have them we give contact etc. So we working in close collaboration, the growth of women's cycling is just it's not just the teams on their own organizer on the, the news on their own out work better altogether to have been ROY just finally the stories receiver air. So they're so events, ledge price alleged flesh. And they were suggesting that they might pull their racist from the women's world, too, because they're not prepared to provide live television coverage. Is there any progress with been any further discussions? You know what might happen there? We are working with them. And as I said, the calendar will be presented in the in the coming weeks to UCI. Management committee and will be approved following that. So we will have the official publishing in free weeks about. The fastest clothing in the world tour, the home of cycling with character. Rydin watch with Rafeh in two thousand nineteen as they partner e f -education fast and canyons, ram shorts are the most central part of your cycling kit. Hi, my name is Alexis Ryan, and I raced for Kenyans ram. It's where you get the most friction. It's where you get possibly get the most discomfort, and have a pair of shorts that are comfortable and reliable, they wear, well, and they're made out of high quality materials. It's that's really important for us as professionals, my wrath. A bib shorts are the best in the world. So it was more guilty on these see. I and interesting that we'll hear in the next couple of weeks. She said by the calendar for next year. And let's have another question. Mariana came from. Frankie Martha h four I'm asking. Voice says. You spoke to my invoices follow this morning. Tim Harris, acsi into just may hang on the other day because ten is handedly trying to improve my Dutch while we're here because he's a flu in Flemish speaker. So, like, Tim refuses to speak to me in English. He'll doors dot slashed Flemish. She ended just he just me hanging. So I gotta who you more every morning night from hangover have charts. And he said, how tote that she's doing well and she was I Don our bike already yesterday. So she only cross, what stage three is not right, three. She went home on stage four. This is stage six. So yes, she had maybe one day off the bike and just back in the bike again yesterday. He says that she's doing well, no broken bones. He said, Mercer flay could have been a lot worse. But obviously, I village Lee said, yes, she's quite lucky wasn't sharing. He said, here's really look actually crashing into a pole. I was asking whether she watches rare says, whenever, you know, I'm always intrigued by riders whenever they crash at various foam, and wanting to find out what's going on, but he said, no. She's not, watching the restroom afar. Think it's cheap painful, because she was doing so well, and because she had such strong hopes their bonds. The good news is physically. She's well, mentally and she's quite well. And I'm back on her bike. Hello, cycling podcast, Femina, I'm is bone, and I look in Canada, but I'm originally from Colombia and I wanted to first start by. Thank you for taking the sport of feminine, cycling seriously and doing the amazing job. You do you deserve that. Podcasting, price and more. I also wanted to ask you whether or not you think that there should be more races like the euros. Longer more grand tour style races. And if stages, she'd be longer, I know that the British tour has longer stages, this time, and it seems to be something novel and different. And I'm wondering if maybe the limits should be removed. Thank you. Thanks Abell for your question. Another question by the Jiro Rosa and guess where the you know, these races. Stand to think anew, I mentioned year as coming in Scandinavia, no next year, but the year after twenty twenty one battle of north across three Scandinavian countries over ten days and it seems pitching itself as being a direct competitor to the Giro's our, I suppose I honor of the toughest women's stage race, it's an interesting one because it's going to go across noise tweeden and Denmark's as a joint venture with that setting up ten days live, Joe Rosa, then I think now is the time also to have a third one and have kind of the structure that the men's calendar has where you have the three grand tools each of them being ten days long. And then that kind of just gives a bit more to the whole season. I think 'cause you have these kind of sudden rush of stage races. You have Barra. Narrative we have. No, you have Beira tool California Chongming, and then you go straight into so kind of, like, just a flurry of stage races with none of them being put on more pedestal than the others, but I think three it'd be great. See the women. So become a ten day race, so that it can become a trio grant interesting. North in their announcement promise live TV coverage that was part of the show. The K is, and I don't apologize for any indication of repetition here, but thought has to be fundamental. It's not about bringing on board more races. It's not about odd an extra ten stay ten day stages for the sake of it. I think first and foremost, it's consolidating what we have. It's trying to encourage more investment into a race like this the woman's to your whereby. They comment justifying a business sense. Doing the necessary to be able to provide live coverage. It's doing the same for the Vosa because I mean, by all kinds, it's a wonderful Rhys of hardly ever seen any of it in my life, you know. And, and I just think if we could have live coverage of that proper highlights whatever it might be the not would be the first step before, then we look to build anything, I think we have to make sure that what we're what what's been built already has solid foundations. And then up sedately you know, in five years time in ten years time, if we're looking at the equivalent of three ground tears fine. I think for the women at this stage at tan day stage race is more than enough enough. Not to say that women canton, the longer it's just the size of the rosters. It's the size of the teams that we have in the strength and depth than the pallet on you won't be rushing ahead. But something unless sport is actually read it 'cause it does more harm than good. Then israel. Also, by the length of the stages, we chanted tomorrow morning, didn't we all on a really conflicting views on this, this week? Because the stages here are a long they need to be as long as they are, because they're often not, you know, they're not going to straight line from one place to another. So they do try and make the is quite long. I've heard the view from a couple of team saying that if you if they just make the sages quite long Paul, maybe into the same pattern as as man's racing, where along a break, we'll go and get big lead, and then everyone will have stop for natural break, and then they'll gradually reel them back in. And there's a kind of a formula tha that and yet, at the same time, Tim Harris spoke to his watch more bite racing than I've had dinners. Tim is make fun of long stages. He thinks that law, the, the long sages really draw the best writers and. I don't know. I can see both both sides of the argument short stages can make for more aggressive racing well as men's or women's yesterday stage, five was the longest age of this year's rare Senate was by far, the most dramatic. So it depends on how it's race. I think the thing with this year's race. Is that it had been billed as toughest ever the longest ever all the rest of it and what we had then was that the maintains the teams with that with property see hopes there's no way they're going to be racing. I flat stays, not to be racing necessarily the cycler park stage, they're going to be waiting until later what we really need to say some of the smaller teams with ambitions going on the attack on these other stages. However, long they are. I don't think the forget that women's cycling is in a period of development, and it's progress hugely over the last couple of years. We're not a stage yet where we can say this is what women's cycling is like, and this is high races are race. I think some of these smaller teams are maybe a couple of years, I'm going to realize it. That's the best way to raise it for them. When you know, when we were trying to people in the start line, and he signed some of the smaller teams are saying, well, of course, it got to conserve our energy because you've got six really long days ahead, not that they'll have done the sex long days of a of a women's here will they perhaps have a better expectation of the risk come next year. In the same way that this year, we haven't waited for the hard stages before the actions happened we've had racing before, then do these things just tend to settle down, you know, after a couple of years of, of flux. I don't think we know yet there's an interesting point about live TV, great for the funds and people wanting to follow it. But for the writers, as well, I think there's an argument that having live, TV coverage makes more exciting racing sense, but people do perform for the cameras, and there's, there's just puts on a bigger more important stage. I think I think that just the presence of TV cameras on live TV coverage with would actually make for more exciting racing from business. Point of view, you just getting a lot more bang thea buck on. It was a sponsor. If you can say X number of eyeballs seeing your sponsor on plays. Donna jersey for this many hours every day on, on TV. I mean that's really valuable thing, and then that's going to boost Thommo investment in the sport in general, high cycling podcast feminine, this hand Clinton, thanks for your coverage of the women's tour, I've just moved to Copenhagen, which is a cycling, but not so good for itv's coverage. So I really appreciate the chance to catch up with the action on the podcast. My question for the press conference is, if you could design a women's toll solely on the basis of source materials for all this theme tales of the stage, what towns would you take it to, and why thanks very much keep up the good work. We know Hon because she organized the inaugural cycling podcast. Femina Rafeh women's one hundred for us last year. But she went on ROY dead loves if manner. At thank you. The great question on one of the right to mainly Orla. Let me but I think about this. And I think it's brilliant question. Hannah said what I said earlier by the women's chair can develop not only four my stories at the state feeling we're going across the Irish China. Why not I have at least one stage in a little place called. Hi, which isn't that far more, I grew up in county. Dairy on it as the homeland of the Nobel poets shaimaa Tina as my favorite poet of all time. So I would throw his Manny shaimaa Haney referencing gives some references. My between my my finger on my thumb my squawk pan rests. I'll deck with it. John sorry at yes, Doug is a gun. Announced be to support comes from a farming background than his father's potato farmer. Amazing. It's absolutely beautiful isn't I find his poetry, so accessible. And I don't know if that's because all of the landscape that he describes is so familiar to me, but I've got a few works of his my BIC shelf, and I'm Saddam. And if I'm feeling homesick I sometimes take a bit of Shiva's Heaney off the shelf. I think he's abusive fell poet. That's a good one. I would take it right. Dine low Bri head tobacco fast for van Morrison. We could. Say little rising. Oh, bowel prize. Winning essay old. Braille, middle cry. Cry. So did I and then on hop across to Scotland Cape it with my Celtic brothers? I'd love to sage glove that we were going to take this up at some point. But I think all. Balance a bastion, and we both seen balanced bass in concert, haven't we went to festival our with our respective other cuckoo. I didn't see it coming. She's losing it is it wicked not to care on a boring stage. Oh, yeah. Yeah feelings if you're feeling sinister, there's lots of references there. There'd be my three for starters. Go from Scotland, Lasca group. Doc lead. Singers, aren't she from air? And that is also the birthplace of Robbie burns, the national put. So he could burns of Valentine. Of well doing it that way not, not too much time. Business lines. I like the sign of this burns which put in is not difficult to in a race horn anything. Yeah, that's true. Love put Trey in all kinds of stuff from Ravi, burdens. A real expert. Yeah. On the we're not gonna from there. It will I was gonna say, I always feel like doing a well partly I thought about doing a sting stage, foresee free Paso, just because we look at. Yeah. Just because the other day we were we were toying with the idea, the terrible idea of doing stink, because he went to work university for like one. But the you know, all of those sunk ties would be, you know, every breath, you take great Winona really hard climb. Sounds so close me when Richards being a bit with. Shara. So that might maybe I think the Beatles, you gotta do the beat goes go to Liverpool. Some point. Help. Me out of this podcast. Holidays nights or eight days a week, six stages eight days. I know I'm trying to cover for Richard, as you know, Google's one of thing, though. Interesting point about the women's, there is the reason they didn't call it a women's to Britain was because they wanted to leave open the possibility of taking it beyond Britain on the talk a couple years ago of a prologue. I don't think couple of sei's in Rotterdam pay. Talks of diet. I, I've been aware of that recently, so. Well, any of the Dutch, golden age painting, which is all I've really looked into in terms of education, the night while the minute jurist is a lovely no based Saddam. So I could find some references from there on the spot hit, I feel like we're going to just insult anyone in the Netherlands. See king. Do you know what I kid actually if we had a Dutch grown day power or the equivalent, I could just say, it'll in Dutch anyway. And then most of our listeners wouldn't know today goes out, so. I would alienate on dot right. Tell me I'm role. I no one else would be listening, right? At one point. But the best laid schemes of mice and men gang after gli. Oh. Oh, I'm impressed because I can see Google all themselves down. Yeah. They mad on shown today if it was. Hi, I'm Sarah story. I'm they academy principal of this, go to cycling academy. We'll at the, the concourse just of this amazing truncated develop drive. We've got what bike sets up we've got some Tebbe China's set up. And we're about to do testing to select five applicants for the sky today, sl cycling academy, twenty nineteen so audio rowing, as my main school, but I've always enjoyed cycling cross training that until you're gonna rides down say how it went. Say how it went and invited in Chester. So I off. To void. It was fun. Alphabet lights to make up the right number of Todd. We have a quivalent tests on unknowing machines, but never on what bike say, so. People say between Ryan cycling of leg based put up state. Put your help yours and cycling completely really us. So I think I'm getting better nine my buddy needs to be at what points in the test. So I was able to case I went to light. And so I just did three. Three. Keep learning get better. Oh, guys. Hi. My name is Matilda. And I'm ten years old. I like to know if you know about any unrighteous who could be future stars. It's the women's tour. Good place to discover them. I love the podcast. It's much better than doing homework. Mathilde. Am I imagine? She made the phone call herself as opposed to don't want to, you know die. Martha's. And genuine interest in. Under suspicion now, suspect the Martha was four I'm not sure if she would have picked up the phone and Monica. Anyway. Uh-huh. Mathilde. So as is the women's circuit place to discover new talent m well, leeann Lippert this week, I'm twenty one years old. She had a day in the green jersey. She stayed with cash Innovia dome. She's only writer stay with her on the pill finish at Barton DASA and not just once but three times climb. So I think she's definitely Tonga. I mentioned this already. But the most telling thing is just the fact that her team son, we have under contract to the end, the twenty twenty two suggests in her. They see somebody, they can really develop on. She looks good. And she's got all the ingredients talent. And also, she was disappointed wasn't. She don't do keep hold of the green shares Twenty-one. She probably shouldn't have been too hard on herself. Danijela rang as well as an opposite at stand star of this spring. And sometimes, I think, because if we're not physically after race and we've got a lot of one day races. It's easy to almost lose people's names in the in the confusion of all the races. But when you're, ashtrays, and it's the six as long time to get to know, the riders of L bet and time to study their form and Dame is one who's really, really impressed me. She's fourth going into the final stage today and just twenty two definitely one. Who's on the way up on that whole tame? Really? Excites me actually Parkwood, how Valkenburg because just a just a group of young Dutch riders who seemed to be really punching above their weight. Really? When it comes to results this year. And last year in particular. Yeah. I think it's actually going back to matilda's question on on whether it's a good platform. I don't know that this race. Particularly is a good way of seeing all the ride is because so many big names, come to it. Then only working support. I mean, of course, the an LIPA had a breakthrough. Following we're kind of aware of only from having really impressive spring campaign. But I think it's, it's not like you get like L C, J Jacobs festival L C J because I think that's the way you actually see some new talent that you have seen before. And also, I think in women's cycling people mature, but later, you know, some of the older champions, kind of early thirties, mid thirties, the moment of the most of the best writers in the world, and I think you see people like Lizzie banks Thomas who are older riders late twenties. And they kind of have really proven themselves as people to well AS Roma's to watch the future doesn't necessarily mean that the you know. Twenty twenty one it's funny. Well, because with women's site, and because we don't have an under twenty three contrary. We've got young riders riding the top level from a very young age. And sometimes you don't realize how young, they still are when they have a bit of a stand up performance Ave, Parkinson is still what did you she twenty one one think phase like she's been around for a long time. But not. Because there is no transition for the women. They are juniors and then they're straight into the senior ranks. So I guess, in that way to contract slightly. It is quite a good platform. But sometimes it phase like you've heard about the writers and hurt the writers for a long time, already high team Dina blocking London-based cyclist, and coach. Listening to your commentary on state park and at say he spent a pretty good portion of podcasts talking about how it wasn't an exciting race. And automate, the point that I create that at this moment in time, where we're trying to gain more interest from sponsors broadcasters. There's a real need to demonstrate that women's writing is worth watching, which, of course, it is. But even with that in mind, a wonder if we are can be overly critical of women's racing and that we aren't of men. So, for example. The amount of man's races that aren't not interesting. But we don't hammer them in the same way. I. Oh, they shouldn't swear. His fight off them. I think some uses the fact that race of women. Is it spectacularly interesting as a case for why we shouldn't support women's racing as a wonder if as supportive women's rights actually may be there's caution to be had when we spend time to combat have it wasn't an exciting race 'cause Manresa way, more predictable boring half the time. Anyway, so. That slightly. She's anyway, love to hear what your thoughts are. And thank you so much for the train and coverage of the women's tour wealthy. Thank you very much for your question interest on. I mean, we were quite negative 'cause we were we were stunning watching the circuit race in the Ken psycho park. And think we expected a lot from it in terms of tax and splits and aggressive writing what we actually saw was a quiet control of fast, but controlled race which was a great spectacle. And I think we were just calling it as we saw it. We were recording that day as the race went on. And I think we all wondered after a special spoken to some of the writers, who told his heart at being whether we were too hard. But then our job isn't to sell the sport is to talk about the sport. And talking about the things that we find interesting sport. I don't I don't mean say that t-. Vs job is sells TV's different because TV have to work with the pictures that got they've got to show the race. Whereas I think one of the luxuries of the podcast is being able to 'em. Have a discussion a right in the race if the racist? Nice. I mean you mentioned about the capacity man's women's, I would I take as she without because I think when men's races are boring. We call them boring and lots of the Jiro this year was pretty boring. And on those days, I wasn't airtime, but Daniel, and Lionel themselves off to the Marco Pantani museum and did a lot stuff around the race and really made the podcast about something other than the race because the race was so dull. It's a question of the maturity of the sport. If we're at the stage with a sport or if you perceive it to be something that would have to sell than fair enough. You've got to be begging up all the time. And always looking for the positive if you're taking a standpoint, whereby you're, you're giving the sport a bit of credibility on putting on a level. With other sports, then you have to call it whenever it's boring because we are hoping that the audience also understand that then whenever the racist exciting, you're being genuine. I think it's disingenuous really if we're going to call the race has been very exciting, when it's not, and also sort of, I think, as important for people's understanding of what the rating is about if you're wanting a stage listening to sage for the first time, and you think what is considered to be cycling and you got to anything, that's happening think. Well, if that's exciting racing. I'm not sure I'm up for that sport. And I do think is vile with Mentz with man's lightning. We do coal at boring when it needs to be a main, you say, television coverage, and yes, it's true. Didn't hype it up slightly, but I was working for your sport for the Jiro and for a lot of that ROY. We were we had to be very specific and say this isn't an on an uneventful sage because the audience hasn't food, you can't treat a cycling fans. As idiots responsibility to find something exciting to say, completely, you know, if, if the end of the day, we've said is boring and nothing else than absolutely our fault. But I think the point is, it's all responsibility, then to find things that are interesting because we're interested in it. So we have to convey that interest under stories or explain us opportunity to explain more about the sport. You use is a chance to get under the skin of the sport a little bit. But I do think that it's our position. Would be right of us to call to call a stage exciting. It simply wasn't. Well, I think it'd be putting to someone who was new to the sport. If we turn a high up say that we actually really found very boring because they, you know, they would watch that and say, is this really what cycling's Abou is this really is. Is this really what they think is exciting? I think we were we were match to think something exciting, when it's just like a peleton of ride as going around pretty much all together the whole day, and I think it's also a case of respect is a case of we want to analyze the racing aspect of it. And if there's not much racing to analyze than than we just can't do that. I think it's we try, we oversee want to always touch on the kind of thing Matic issues with women's sports, and women's cycling. And it's comparisons to men cycling wet spoke go kind of industrialises that they might suffer. I don't think we want to focus on that too much because we want to want to show the respect to the ride is that we can take that performed performances as professional athletes, and, and cooler out when a teams tactics as they do in men's like all the time, and I think, as well that sometimes we're just asking questions that hopefully then generate a bit of a debate because I on not specific. Sage we were asking what? What should be done then to make today? More exciting walls at a case that the rich wasn't sort of geared towards an exciting race was that we simply did need a shortage in the middle of all of these long sages could the smaller team should the smaller teams. Brooding more to animated. We'll see answer to that because we are we invest ourselves and women's, citing a law. The three of us, you know, and so that in itself is trying to bring more interested into the sport trying to bring more investment into the sport. And you've got to ask the questions and if a stage doesn't lend itself to being a good platform for the sport. Why is not just a question that we ask? And maybe there is no Unser. Follow question. Head in the sense that the best way to cover the sport is to criticize it and the best way to respect the writers on on the sport is to be able to criticize it because it shows that you're taking the sport seriously. I don't think that day in particular. I think there are a few things went wrong with say all the right is so's facet. It'd be hard at being. I didn't buy it because I thought that more writers would have been dropped. If it'd been really, really hard and I just think that it was an opportunity for some of those teams imagine to have going on. They didn't. I'm not really disappointing. And it was a an opportunity, showcase a sport that wasn't seized. And I think there are lots of things that could it could have been the first stage. It could have been an evening stage at kid have been, maybe starting with a time-trial, which the right is one lap of the circuit, lots things that could have done, which I think, ultimately at work, but yeah, I think we will definitely criticize because. As is a form of respect. But also, there will be stages are boring. I mean, sport, you know, not every game of football is, is a three three draw. Good goal is draws in football. Don't you, you get boring stages in grand on its you sort of need the any, you need those sages in order to have the lows in the highest, don't you? So that's just part of par granddaughter on exception. Maybe was gbs Italia, Las here, where there is excitement every day and not as part the chorus and partly the writers. Hi, guys love the cast, especially important. The family has has rather less coverage than the men side of things. I have a question regarding teams sickly ones to say share with the men's teams I son web and CCC received a lot of them we never hear anything about the lottery sitar women's team. And they don't have a team in the women's tour. What's happened is it just? Because they didn't have such a high profile female riders left here they answer. Thanks low or low rose and Richard my question for you is regarding the disparity, or lack of parody into women's peleton that may be growing last year. One of the common themes that was spoken about was investment by men's teams influenced Pelivan my question is do we see that physically in the peleton be interested in interested to see if the investment of teams that have immense component into the women's polygon is actually causing a greater disparity between the effects and outcomes of the races? Because these teams that have lower budgets can't compete with the conveniences and comforts of larger teams that was grim and Andy. Graham asking about lots of pseudo and the asking disparity between the man's and women's teams down do seem the poor relation. Don't they? I mean they've, they've had some decent results this year. Lots of capacity in particular. And they had a team forever. But the team is certainly not other level of the men. The women's team is not the level of the men's team tame since two thousand six which is a long time for women. Stay on longtime for a team is attached to a men's team as well. And they have had in the past some great alumni, in your enduro was the Ellen educating was the Ashley moment was. I think. Yeah, no here, I think that that's partly to do with the fact that they have a roster of writers, is that includes track riders and mountain bikers. And so they get the road training through writing full auto suit out, but that's not necessarily their main discipline which I think means that we don't see them necessarily at the biggest rice, and especially on an Olympic psycho. So we see less of them on this year. We'll see less the next year, and then when those track as and mountain bikers come back to the road full intervening is, then we'll see more of them in, in those years when there's less to do on the track. Lizzy Lizzy armistice does she was also there for one year in two thousand nine where I think she she won. Medals on the trunk wasn't a world championships curious because if you look at the man's name as well law to have a strong tradition of north. Hiring talent, really don't they, they've got a really strong presence and Belgium, bringing writers through, and then you see right? Is coming back to the team once they've made it to the top level on possibly the women's team is about more than anything else. And the fact that they do have rights across different disciplines would certainly suggest that deputy young. They try to finish third day Dom this year. And you mentioned lots lots of Capac, he didn't have an awful lot of other results. But I mean if they are producing alumni of the of the caliber, we're talking about then it would. Yeah, it would suggest that there may be a little bit more developmental. We've never spoken to anyone from law to women's team to say Walt, their raise on d'etre is rarely be an interesting to maybe try for that course on the difference the women's teams you're right. The law of teams have come prevents here and the whole they roll. But there are there are we? We're looking at cross the field here and sun, web, CCC and trek. Afraid of all have very big buses those bowl. Luxury coach resent early that you didn't think it made much difference in terms of recovery, but I think it does. And let's diagnose saying, one of the after stage four she said. Oh, I'm just so grateful that I've got a shower on my bus like the other riders, a lot of other writers would have had to sit in not necessarily wet clothes, but they would have had to have gone unwashed for an hour and a half of the journey that just makes your bones up much more tired, and it makes recovery. Tired bones. No. But it's a tired as it goes into your bones at pretty so deep within you. It's not just muscular, I believe and tired boat. Gang. I mean, if you if you get washed cleaned up, and then you can lie, you know, sit down with your feet up the night, it's going to it's going to age recovery. More than sitting on, you know, putting on extra layers. No actually just getting that done at the race and then being able to travel to the hotel, and just relax because, you know, instead, you putting off that time that should be spent recovering and resting. But yeah it's funny because I really thought about it. But, you know, Kenyans Schramm, they have pretty much like a ice cream Vander. It's just it's like miniscule little van they have. And yet, you know, we always think of them as being one of those absolute top level teams really, really thought about it before. I mean, this is a performance issue. Really? But one difference between the women's teams. The men's races, the fleet of vehicles turns up everyday everyday immaculate, you know, they've, they've been washed overnight, and it'd been clean their gleaming. Here women's to are, are just fewer people around the teams and the teams as been Mucchio weaken, the vehicles are McLean haven't been cleaned. That's not criticism. It's just an observation that Orion men's teams that are always just loads of people and loads of people doing lots of different jobs, and lots of resources, which women's teams don't have there. There's a skeleton of operation. They'll be a D Asmi to the answers and the, you know, one of the behind the bottles be maybe a swan year about the, the whole medical team immense team with her. The question it was pointed the number of, of writings in the top ten in this age finish yesterday here at the female equivalent of man's teams. But if you look at the top twelve going into the stage today, it's of those are on women. Standalone teams got Lizzie from track in the lead. But then you've cashier from canyon Schramm. Then you've got Amy pages from bulls. Demi following Parker tail, which is a tiny team, Chrissy measures of bowls, Lizzy banks of big last who actually there's only one of the top sex here from a female arm of a man's team. So what I quite like what I like very much, actually is that women's cycling. We have this complete range, and we're not completely tied to man's, I think the development of track on we rarely see them emerging as a strong solid unit at this race. Probably for the first time this season that will be very interesting. We'll see if that's any anything of a game changer bulls Albans are still the dominant team across any given season. And I, I like that. I like that we have a mix up of both man's teams with a women's team attached to them. Or maybe one day I'll be women's seems to the man's teams on teams. Question by, by Email are shit was a direct message on Twitter for Mike Fagan brackets friend of the podcast. Thank you, Mike. Why don't female cyclists have nicknames Jesse Lizzy the leopard cashier the koala? If I can be quite. The buffalo is our LA gazelle and Rosa. Tigris. Mike. Yes, I can confirm. Can confirm but they're on so many nicknames, and women's cycling as our men's like cling. Other the I just don't think that women give each other nicknames as much as men. There is one nickname, the women's Palatine that I heard from the tram team cards the day, I'm not JoJo. We've got Roxanne connective. And apparently, her nickname in the is hope because the annoys that she makes should try to come up through the bunch of go try to make room for herself. Because she does it all the time. She's completely ignored might have worked the first few times, because people taking a by thinking. Oh, goodness. I must be out of her way because she just not who all the time, that's on the race moving to episodes, rox on Connecticut, where she talked about retiring, the year seven. It's because she's very nervous in the peleton sushi's, maybe not quite a law. Yeah. That women don't give each other nicknames as much you were talking about this over dinner. See we call the. She don't lie. Assassin. The to my face. Helfferich and oleo say it's like may calling you the m I'm an RMT. We. True. Right. The American show, the OC was not an English show the orange. Michelle barton. One of the stars. Remember, I think with the with the ROY the nicknames. I always think it something that the Belgian Dutch press kind of come up got the ones that kind of pushed kind of the eagle of allowing Tova. No. What about, you know? What about, you know? Yeah. The hurricane of her column, or whatever, you know, I always think is that comes from there. I don't know what if you go sense of I've just always assumed it was from that. And so then not engage with women's cycling, the maybe those those nicknames. More so probably than we have here. But yeah, I don't know curious what anybody thinks. I just didn't think that women's women are given nicknames. Why two? Like, you know, say or whatever. If you ask them. Blue cheated this did that. And I, I think that that's of, of that team I guess, well, maybe have cash Khumalo because koalas are very cute. And cuddly about very dangerous. I kind of see that. Slow though they cash the quality on cycling podcast. Femina is supported by science and sport science bolt few signs. Lawrence, Aaron Stratford-upon-Avon question for the post women's tore press conference, just when about your thoughts are on that never ending question of joint, men's and women's races, or separates events thinking that my attention is split between the defend in France and oversee the women's toll here in the UK and comparing not to join events, which is Tennessee's USIP Wimbledon, etcetera yet, just focus on not just. Thank you for your question. Lawrence joint men's and women's races. We, we have talked about quello haven't weight swings and roundabouts. You. No, there's no clear answer. I mean I like to find this racist standalone bar. I referred to earlier answer where I've been a little bit disciplined by the crowds this week. I think we talked about it women cycling show digital program, which we did a flaw in this, I go onto citing YouTube, check that out where we had a bit of a bit of a back and forth, about the pros and cons, I think, has kind of theoretically is a good idea, practically doesn't really work out, because it always seems like the women's race is like the support race. And the women have to do a route that is around the men are doing. And if there's if there's an issue with timing, it's the women's rice asked to suffer with that all the women end up having to raise at like start nine and finish eleven and then the men just have a normal time. So I think it's the. To get back expose? The men's exposure onto women's rights is a great idea. But I just don't think practically it works for most races when it works it works wonderfully. Well, and I think this year's, I'm so gold was one of the best days of racing as all that I can remember seeing a not wouldn't have been the same. I think if we hadn't had the men's race, as a desert to the woman's may in course because both races were so brilliant to watch the women's race. We all recall. Yeah. But, you know, I don't know word gold have been given live coverage of it hadn't been ahead of the man's raise, would we have had as wide an audience because a race of that quality of that history. So many people are setting to watch out for the day, and maybe for the first time they get. Oh, so women's rights beforehand, just because it's on that was one example, worked perfectly well, like all of these things, and it works. Well, it works when it doesn't it doesn't room for both. I think there is Hello. This is a question for the team from a long-term listener, and friend of the podcast from regarding Thomas, companions comments about the women's tour JIRA rose, and not being compatible objectives. Is this really the case given three weeks apart? Or is it more to do with the star of racing? And of course, he's being different and to know all many of the riders from the women's tour going to the JIRA, the star of July and Secondly question specifically for the buffalo. How does working with your cycling feminine colleagues compared to your excellent and knowledgeable colleagues on the regular podcast? Thank you. Thank you for your question. The Lionel from walford. Well done. See, first question, I, I think, as companion hinted that there's a trend as much as anything to, to know objectively and whether they are incompatible. But if somebody doesn't like votes in Las year and wins the race in dominant fashion than others do tend to company and I think it's more through with the style of racing the courses are maybe not being capacity, in about major claims Jiro. And so the best way to prepare for those major climbs to go and train on major climbs the fashion as much as anything else on a make walls really the first in the women's Palito on T copy, the man in terms of going to, to chain using trae in preparation for races instead of racing preparation for races on Nebraska is an idea in the same thing, we may see more of that. I'm not sure how much more. We'll see if it really because not all teams have the roster to be able to afford that luxury of allowing writers to not raise some of the top. Cases like this one in particular, I think they are incompatible railway. I think the problem really for everyone else is that on a make, and Anna are so difficult to bait on those hard Heli races that whatever they will be the vast preparation really on. They're probably trying to each each other everyone else and a lot of the writers from here. Well, go onto the jarrow says, so we will quite possibly have third place, having come from here. That's assuming that on I, which I don't issue for, for one second. But I think it's a trend thing. And I think that was just high omic certainly likes to prepare for these big races on a founder, Vanderberg Dole's more varied racing certainly these days. But no, I don't think they are incompatible. Really? You're saying that the coast is a very different very different writers for the most part in the women's Pederson more than the men's people specialize, less may tend to do races than in entirely compatible. With you. If you compare the Passo Gavia to button us it, I mean that just completely different climbs different styles of racing. The climbs here much more much punchier, and Cassini Doma, for instance is much more. The call is much better suited to these kind of racing is. I don't think it means it's less exciting or less animated just different. So you'll get different writers doing different races. But what I really want to know as the answer to the second part of that question, Richard how high, we compare across the different podcasting your companion. It was a long hard, climb, which was kinda comparible to parenting pass. And also, I think the more widely in cycling writers. Train. They they can prepare much Barrett by trailing than by racing. It used to be that. They raced in order to train a train in order to race. Not that's happened in men's likely over the last decade or so, to greater extent on its women's cycling to the second question em, they're more Chaffee, Roseanne. We spent Iraq. Excellent colleagues from the regular Seiken podcast, that Daniel online, Lor, Francois. Online, I would say we spend longer periods of time in. I would describe as companionable silence. I'm on are not, what friend have prefixed the male half of 'Artemis. Excellent or words to that effect. We're just deciding. That you're both. Excellent. A different way. Fun with us. Say more fun. Joking line. Line. Oh, what she are. We both know he's no though. I think over six days. A wonderful time until we got of course, and you then described ten. Because there's more energy, there's more energy, all the time say that what with Donyell Lionel his last energy as more concentrate, we, you know, we try and raise our game for the podcast time. We're just slump. My see you guys in a pressure Jiro you always always sitting quite far away from each other. Whereas we have inflict me and all I like cross house together and. Yeah. Short. There's only so much time to get all your chancing in so. Yeah, don't waste a second of it. Thank you very much. Conversation. Singer fees. Great week. And. Yeah. It has been really good. Just doesn't great. Welcome. Thank amount. I'd say that. You have. Okay. Good. It's good. No, it's been good. It's been good fun. And I always in hindsight, put the down a bit more time. He's always like Danzig, Gary. Burst of your full set. Shall we wrap things up? We should finish. To finish. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, rose. Thank you. Thank you. You're listening to the startling podcast feminine. Brought to you by Skoda dedicated to closing the gender gap in cycling, one race one cyclist at a time. This is our time.

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