S2 Ep:17 Music Murder Mystery - But Why? Sam Cooke's Story.


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Thirty three years old top of the world one of the most famous singers of his time and potentially of anytime laying in a pool of his own blood three shell casings on the floor in nothing, but a blazer and a single shoe just a matter of hours after he'd previously been out to dinner wining and dining music colleagues. Other musicians roaming around the streets of LA and a brand new red Ferrari flashing handfuls of cash, buying drinks after drinks. This is the way the authorities found fame singers Sam Cooke on the morning of December eleventh nineteen sixty four. But before we get to deep into that. We should probably introduce ourselves so dark and brooding. Let's bring it up a notch. And then we'll take it back down sitting across from me in. This magnificent warm space is my best friend in the whole world and colleague co host producer engineer drummer songwriter. Singer guitarist pianist still let me stop you band. Let me stop you band. Just go on. Land Joe player band. Just I'm just I don't play banjo. Never played a Bandra my life. That's what you would like people to wait. Okay. I have put it on my lap and played like a drum. I was like tapping on the the head on is Mr Robert Venable. The guy has gold records Grammy nominations dove awards number one albums all over the place as well as songs and and seriously so successful inspiring and so good at what he does one of the busiest men in Nashville Tennessee after recently getting fired from his cricket wing harvest in job. He is currently looking for new employment, which I was wanting to ask you what is the last job? You applied for in real life in real life. The last job I applied for in real life. I think was as a joke. I remember being on vacation with my family somewhere out of state, and we went into a place, and I thought. It'd be hilarious to apply for a job. Because if you said all job applicants get a free meal. And I thought it'd be hilarious like wall. My family was dining in this establishment. If I ask for a job application, and then they ask for your home address. I put my real address being states away. I think. I think it was like an olive garden or something funny. It was like one of those like fun places. I like to eat and thought, well, this'll be a great little little John. I have applied at an actual olive garden to try to get a real job and was turned down. I had applied to an actual olive garden and get a real job and worked there for a while. Oh, man jokes over there. I'm gonna ask you a random question a minute. So prepare your mind for the world of possibilities that could come out of my mouth and a second green dot K. So I was gonna ask what color is your show that makes sense. Jake Jones over there, one of the world's finest guitarist singer, songwriters producer. It's mixed. Cysts mix it mixes start using that. Actually, I think mixed us. It's or no definitely not a rep ist. I'm thinking about getting into rap. Well, that's completely different than rep assists. If you write that down. Kameda st- comedians dude has awards on this on his wall of the studio for number one billboard charting songs that he's co written and co produced and mixed and done all the things play guitar and saying on and billboard charting songs. Like right now, you can look at the billboard charts to see a handful of songs that that you Jake have had your hand on somehow or another if you have a really small hands or really big ears. You could hear them as well. We're just regular size ears. I to discriminate, but I was going to ask you I've been meaning to ask you this for a while. And I feel like since you, and I have this friendship, and we're at the spot in our lives. I can ask you without fear of judgement type thing when was the last time that you accidentally use the restroom in your pants number one or number two doesn't matter. Well, here we go. I was thirty years old. It was listen, I'm not even going to go into the story. I have one word of wisdom for every human being listening to this podcast right now. Yes, I'm talking to you never trust a far at our age. You can't you just can't do. Scrip? I set you up for that one. You never know what can happen. Anyway, then you're not living. If you if you haven't been about at WalMart and just had like a, you know like. All right. I'm going down this aisle all by myself. No judgment zone. And well. Ending this shopping shopping spree prematurely. Add this one thing to the the list of things I need to get from WalMart, clean undies. I was going to try these on real quick. Man. I think I said you up for that one. But I think that kind of sets the tone for what we're about to talking about as far as maybe this episode is not as kid-friendly as our previous ones. I mean, it's not going to get too bad to where you're going to turn it off. But I mean, it depends on explicit. No, we're not going to be explicit. We're not we're still are clean rating. However, we this is going to be a murder investigation along with some conspiracies and. Stuff like that. So depending on how old you children are if they're listening and how good of a parent you consider yourself. Just forewarning we're gonna keep this light hearted. But still they're gonna be some moments in here where we talk about obviously a death in gunshots and blood alcohol use and an adult profession. Yes. So you've now now is the time to find that Teletubbies podcast you've been waiting to listen to and maybe started now, and then come back to this little later while you're doing yoga, or you know, whatever we why are you pointing at me to leave the room number because this is for mature audiences. This is for more maturity, I thought I was your co host. I'm supposed to be a part of this one. There are parts of this. You can't hear Jay gal. Okay. Hang on. I'm gonna make myself a peanut butter and jelly, you just ate a peanut butter sin. Oh, this one with jelly got it. Come back to any any teddy Grahams. I have a bowl of them. Here's something I ate Amalia. I do need those. Okay. Cool. The. Chocolate chip ones, who am I kidding. All right. So you probably heard if you've gotten this far in unless you automatically skip the first few minutes of our podcast every week. We had an intro here that we have to figure out how he got there. So this story is about Sam Cooke. And truly it feels a little bit like a urine played the game clue. Oh, yeah. For sure. I was always I always guest the candlestick. That's like my first ghosts. You've no matter. What clues have already been revealed? He did it with candlesticks killed with a candlestick everybody in the game clue. I guess. And almost surface. The story looks like pretty well is an open and shut case. And the jury felt the same way took them fifteen minutes to figure out that it was you know, a justified homicide. Exactly. But the further you start digging into it and kind of researching the more the details start to get a little muddy. And it's quite a fascinating story. So fascinating that we are not by no means we are not the first podcast to cover it and even net. Flicks. Recently released a documentary surrounding the death of Sam cook. Yeah, it's called the two killings of Sam cook. And it's. You can watch it right now on that flicks. And there are other ones that you can watch as well if you dig deep into the internet archive's before we go any further who the heck is Sam Cooke. Sam's got that name that everybody's like. Oh, yeah. I know same cook. Like with songs thing. I don't know. But everybody knows the name. They just don't know how they know the name. But I guarantee, you know, a handful of his songs at least probably well, my favorite is change change is gonna come. Yeah. James is gonna come. I heard it as the the hidden track or final track on a Gavin to gras record. Oh, wow. I didn't know that. Yeah. And it's just Gavin to and in front of a piano singing this song, and you can hate on that singer all you want. But listen about song. And the guy's got some gospel chops beautiful song. Boom by the rib. And then of course, Ali one of my favorites is wonderful world. It's ain't don't know much about over you fill in the blanks. Much about no much by right? In other words, but another song don't know much bad science book. Don't know much about the French. I know the words I knew that part. I do know that I love you. And I know, and I know that if you love me too. I was keep doubling your heart Louisville. Wonderful world is would be. Yeah. That was I think that one's used in a lot of movie, you should sort of bam. I don't think a level work. He's got tons of hits. In fact, Sam Cooke had thirty plus. Yeah. Top forty hits between nineteen fifty seven and nineteen sixty four. So like a seven year period. That's that's a pretty good track. Record also contributed to numerous works with like Aretha Franklin and by the womb axe. Stevie Wonder Marvin Gaye like all the the huge hitters of that time. Not even talking about worked with this guy was instrumental in in us, even knowing that those vocalists exist. Oh, yeah. Yeah. He straight up at least Bobby Womack, for instance, was one of his backup singers. And maybe a little more tied in that than we think or like to know as we'll get you later. So this is still February and still black history month and last week we had on the legendary JT Carter of the crests founding member. Oh, yeah. Responsible for the song sixteen kindles hate to be that guy goes into my own are like our own podcast like three times this last week because it was so good. It's a great episode in actually we're speaking with with JT. About some other things as well which can't talk about right now. But it's exciting. And you're like the response that we got from you guys from last week's episode just was awesome. So big things are in the works for JT. And can we share some of those with you so JT what what is special about him and was also special about Sam Cooke is that they were both African American men who rose to fame in the nineteen fifties at a time same time pre and during the civil rights movement, and and really push the envelope and helped really destroy the barriers. That were causing segregation in the United States. And right. I say that with without being naive. I know that race. Unfortunately, still something that we we battled to this very day racism specifically. And and it's a shame. But all that being said, these, you know, here's another man this week who was actually involved in the civil rights movement worked with Martin Luther King as well. As Malcolm X. Muhammad Ali Klay Mohammed Ali. Yeah. All these people who were very instrumental in breaking down walls and causing a movement. He became very tied in with to the point of some legal several get into that. And we should probably take a step back. Tell the story of how Sam Cooke became Sam Cooke Sam cook without an E to Sam Cooke with an e at the end of cook. Yes. So chanice Sam Cooke from what I understand. And really kind of joined his first band vocal band when he was six years old. It was a kid fan the fifth of eight kids in his family, by the way and just talent from a young age started singing around when he was fourteen. Groups. Yeah. And really came up as a gospel singer, his father was he's a pastor of a church of Christ while yes. So like church crisis denomination of Christianity in which there's not a band or choir that sings, but the whole congregation just things together acapella, which in my experience leads to really cool musical up green bringing as far as establishing harmonies and here like actual vocals working together with which as we talked to JT last week. Is a big part of coming up with the do op movement and coming up with those harmonies and like the parts that stack up for the lead singer and Sam is already on that track. And if you have not heard any of Sam Cooke songs pause this podcast, right? This second go to I tunes music, go to Spotify. Wherever you listen to music YouTube and just punch in Sam Cooke, C O, K E, right? And you'll instantly recognize his his playlist, but the guy's voice is satin. It's ridiculous and the time of his death. He was thirty three. So a lot of this was happening from about the time. He's twenty six twenty five twenty six years old when he hit really really hard on the top mainstream music charts, and he just sounds just more mature than he should for the age of twenty five, but it's kind of cool. Yeah. But yeah, he was born Sam Cooke without an E at the end, by the way. Yes. See? Oh, okay. Saying in in a few different gospel groups, eventually joining the sole stirs that was his I kind of breakout more recognized group he replaced their former lead vocalist, and and something that was unique about the soul. Stirs is these young ladies rushing the stage just to to get a glimpse of Sam Cooke Samuel cook? We'll Sam Cooke likes to take care of himself and the way he looked appearance and every time he made any appearance he made sure he was on top of his game. He was wearing the nicest clothes, he has hair. Slicked back. And was was he kind of just reeked of sensuality even on the gospel scene. Like, he was just you know, he had that glimmer in his eye in the smile, and like I picture like the little the little light-flare every time he opened his mouth like a toothpaste commercial. But the ladies loved him and he loved the ladies he actually loved the ladies a little too little too much. She ended up having three different children from three different women. Reports that it was as many as six Lou. Well, I know for sure three but six is even more three from all over the place. He did eventually marry one of one of the kids. Moms. Barbara. Yeah. That was the second marriage, actually, okay and marriage and kids with but she unfortunately died of a in a car accident after only a couple of years of marriage. I wouldn't really quickly man. Yeah. Anyway, we'll get to that too. But he added that this point he added the to the universe name. He's hidden with the ladies hitting in the music industry. And he's like I'm gonna add the either in cook. Because I think there's more sophisticated and kind of separates like this new beginning of switching from gospel music and to mainstream music, so he was singing with the soul stirrers and decided to branch out and try doing some mainstream or secular music, and that was really shunned within the gospel music community. Yeah. And so he actually came up with a Monica. Who was what was Daniel Dale, Dale, Dale, cook, Dale cook without a knee? And and that was his that was his pseudonym to release his secular music. But the thing is the man's voice. Was unlike any other it was completely unmatched still to this day. And as a result, he was found out instantly yet it didn't take long. So he was able to garner. The the permission from his current label and and band to go ahead and do this even though it was unheard of. And they were not happy about it the gospel community in general there was they were like, why are you doing non gospel music? Right. It will, you know, not godly, but he did it anyway. And he did it. Well, and he did it very well, ultimately, it was a disagreement because he was a believe he was covering another song by another gospel artists to release a non gospel track. Had a huge falling out with his label, and they wound up parting ways, and he became the Sam Cooke that we know right and eventually going on to release songs like you send me cupid chain gang within the night away. Just so good. I mean song after song. And if you go on itunes or Spotify wherever you listen to listen to these music compositions, you'll you'll recognize them immediately. So Sam Cooke, not only was he a phenomenal singer for his day. But he was also an entrepreneur, and especially in the nineteen late nineteen fifties early nineteen sixties a black man trying to come into an industry, like the music industry and take over and make some of the big moves that he made was unheard of. Yeah. Ends. He was given the advice and eventually heated that advice was like what is going to start his own publishing company, which means he gets more power over his music and how it's. Released and more of the money as residual income from it. And so he did that and did that with a partnership with j w Alexander another music executive slash friend of his that's he worked with in the past and they formed essay records now. Sam at the time and said he was doing this A N B for the power and control over his music in the money more of his own money. But see he wanted to give back to the gospel artists in his history where he came from as a way of providing to them at a lesser cost or sometimes no cost the ability to record their gospel albums at no charge or just kind of whatever and kind of get them some exposure that they needed that. They probably couldn't get without that. And again, I'm I just wanna keep stressing. This is not two thousand nineteen this is nine thousand nine hundred fifty whatever. And and the if. You were an African American trying to make it in the music industry. You had all odds against you. And this man took it looked power and didn't say a while. I made it too bad for everybody else. He said how can I use my power and clout at this moment to help other African Americans succeed and African American guys in general in the music industry. A lot of them weren't a allowed to have their own record company or publishing company. Or you know, it was frowned upon. If you even try doing that because the mob and the mafia had their hand and so much of this plot thickens, oh, it's already starting. Now, we're starting to add this. I'm also fire in there and stuff happening, but the mob and the mafia have their hands in this. They're making so much money off of kickbacks from the industry and they're involved in the music industry. Not because they're like music, but because they like money and the music and entertainment industries are bringing in so much cash in L A New York that they need their hand in it somehow. So what they did was started coming up with their own publishing companies their own booking agencies. And they demanded that they do this stuff. And then you pay them for their services at some ridiculous price. Some of its money laundering way of getting rid of their cash and bringing another income to replace it. Some of it is just a just a business opportunity for them. But they were involved in all the major labels and Sam kind of wanted to sidestep that a little bit. And so he did he he starts up this record label and says I am not going to pander to the mob. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna do what they say that. That was not his purpose. He wasn't just simply trying to get rich and famous. He had a he had other ideas. And in the process really upset a lot of very powerful dangerous men and put him on the radar for a lot of people. Like, okay, what does this Sam Cooke guide doing and some people started to see him as making black empowerment moves which again, think of late fifties early sixties? That's not allowed the whenever a movement happens or something starts rising above the rest people. Start freaking out. And like, okay. Hey, hey, hey, hey, things are happening. And we don't know what's happening in such a racially charged community in situation era to be a black male that's causing such a big movement. Definitely puts you on radar. And that's what he was doing. And at the time there were several black men who were topping this list of of powerful men who were starting to make big moves and changes probably at the top of it. I think anyone would say. Martin Luther King junior, Malcolm X, right? You had the the world heavyweight championship. So that's that's an event that happened February of nineteen sixty four February twenty fifth nineteen sixty four Mohammed Ali Cassius. Clay was fighting, but this is where all these people came together. And we're started to be seen together as a network like, okay? Wait a second. How does Jim Brown? Running back from the Cleveland Browns from lunch fifty seven sixty five like he award-winning playmaker. But also taking huge steps and breaking down barriers for racial equality. So Jim Brown. Sam Cooke, cashes, clay, Malcolm X, we're all showing up together, including when when Mohammed Ali Cassius. Clay wins the fight. He's over there. Yelling the microphone Sam Sam come over here. Come up here come up here in Sam cook comes up to the ring. And like, no, no, no, stay back and stand like, well, what what they all come together. In like, they're staying there. Like, this is my man. Everybody's listening to Sam Cooke music. He's coming up. He's the big thing right now. Like, okay, wait a minute. All of these people are starting. This is becoming a thing. This is becoming an alliance a huge alliance and all these people together we need to start keeping tabs on what's going on here. Something is happening and you had America split. So hardcore right now, you had people who were like, we should all be equal, and you had people who were still saying, no, we need separate water, fountains exactly nine that Stanley Cup size of the room. Right. Super buses ride separate parts of the buses and was still legal a lot of places for that to happen. And that's just what it makes me sick. But whatever. So what happens at this championship? So okay. Mohammed Ali wins, Cassius Clay wins. They had this big thing. And they're all seen together accused of being huge alliance. Not verbally not on paper. But behind the scenes governments starting. See what's going on? So the FBI starts to actually surveilled them under the leadership of president J. Edgar Hoover heading that investigation. They started like, you know, tapping their lines and putting bugs in their houses and keep tabs on where they were at their meeting with each other. What was happening because they saw such a threat and cashes clay changes name from catches clay clay being a slave name to Mohammed Ali. I wanna pause the story right here. Okay. Because I want to come back to it. Okay. So here it is February twenty fifth nineteen sixty four and the FBI. These FBI informants are there surrounding them investigating. Yeah. For some reason, we know that they were there was a lot of they were suspecting them of maybe conspiring, whatever it was, you know, here these powerful black men at a time when there's this uprising of of African Americans saying, you're not treating us fair. And that's not right, right. So let's pause this. Okay. And let's go to the night of December tenth nineteen sixty four. So same year matter of months later. Let's let's begin the story. We started getting you the episode at the beginning of this episode. We'll do that right after this break. So here it is December Dan now if you'll remember at the beginning of this episode, we started December eleventh at four A M, Greg. Let's go back to the night before the beginning of the evening nine PM. So we're at mar Tony's Italian restaurant in LA, everyone has their eye on the thirty three year old Sam Cooke wearing a say that formula. I think it's a side of war side divorce suit, very nice suit. Sam was having dinner with music producer, Al Schmidt and his wife Joan Smith's wife guest after guests for stopping by the table to say Hello to the singer and wish him well. He already had a handful of martinis his drink of choice when he was pulled away from the table to the bar his food hadn't even arrived yet. Yeah. And once the server I've actually broad their meals to the table. Al Schmidt went to go get salmon found him laughing it up having a gale time with the group. Of friends and his music business colleagues stand at the bar having a little chitchat. Sam was buying that evening looked at Al flashed a water would appear to be thousands of dollars very important detail, you pay attention to this so pulls out a wad of cash thousands of dollars, which at that time is tens of thousands of dollars to us essentially smiled and said to him you guys go ahead with your meals, and that that fact about thousand dollars later proven because earlier that day Sam had withdrawn five thousand dollars from his safe deposit box from his Bank, which in our equivalency would be fifty grand fifty grand in cash that he had with them at this waving it around just holding it up in this role to see exactly so booth near the bar young twenty two year old female was sitting with three other dudes and caught SAM's. I wanna SAM's guitarist friends offered to introduce the to which Sam had recognized her had seen her before. And really wanted to meet her her name was Lisa Boyer. And. If you've heard the story surrounding the death of Sam Cooke than you'll recognize that name before long the two of them were cozied up in a booth together. Having a wonderful chitchat and more drinks. Yeah. He never actually ended up going back over to the Smiths to have his dinner at the table. But we'll get to that too. It's one AM now SAMA Lisa have pretty much left Martinez in SAM's brand new red Ferrari headed to a nightclub called PJ's in Los Angeles, where they were going to meet this Schmitz because he had said, hey, I'll meet you at PJ's later around one, but they didn't even leave until one. So by the time, they got there this already gone. So they're sitting at the bar having a drink. This is Sam and Lisa and Sam got into a heated argument when a guy like just random guy from the bar started coming onto a Lisa kinda hidden owner. He didn't like that. And so they got a little heated a little loud, you know, boat up a little bit and Lisa's like, hey, let's just go. So there. There for about an hour and a lease at ask Sam supposedly to take her home shirt. So it's two AM now, and they leave. So according to a Lisa Sam was racing down the Santa Monica boulevard in his Ferrari, totally against her. Will she wanted to go home? And he apparently had other plans he pulls onto the free. He pulls onto the freeway. Driving like a maniac. She later told police that she'd ask again to be taken home. But Sam said, quote, don't worry. Now. I just want to go for a little ride, and quote, he played with her hair and told her how pretty she was. So around two thirty to thirty five in the morning. This is now December eleventh they got off the one one at Figueroa street near LAX airport at Lisa asked again to be taken home, but Sam drove straight to the hacienda motel, which is kind of a sleazy skis E three dollar motel found that ninety one thirty one Figueroa street in watts. Where the sign said, quote, everyone welcome which in those days was code for blacks can stay here. And he got out of the car walked up to the glass partition at the manager's office while Lisa remained in the car, another important detail. So he's going into register under his own name his real name Sam Cooke with an e and talk to the clerk fifty five year old Bertha Franklin now Franklin saw that Sam wasn't alone had a guest in the car looking over his shoulder. Seeing Lisa sitting in the Ferrari until Sam he'd actually have to sign in as Mr. and MRs now, you have to understand something. Sam Cooke was not anonymous anywhere. He went. He was huge in the country and world in the music scene. It's like you'd see Taylor swift and Taylor swift signs into a hotel and says, hi, I'm Taylor swift. You like, yes, you're yeah. So and and so this we have to assume I don't know I feel like it's safe to assume that this hotel manager knows who Sam Cooke is sure and sees a young lady in his car, and is very well aware that this is not his wife and the type of hotel. This was I think anyone could have assumed without knowing any details. What kind of stuff happens at a hotel like this? Well, and what kind of what kind of woman this possibly was sure and MS Bertha fifty five year old front desk manager of this motel which charges three bucks a night, which is about finding a hotel for twenty five bucks, essentially these days like, you're like, okay. So there's probably a bit in there. But I don't know if anybody sleeps. She's accustomed to seeing younger beautiful ladies there. In fact, was once a younger, beautiful lady herself. And I don't I'm not talking about her appearance necessarily. She was a lady of the evening and was rumored to still kinda manage ladies of the evening, but yeah, we'll get to that. She a prostitute. Okay. That veritas. And managed other prostitutes. Okay. So to pick up where we left off. So she tells him, hey, you're going to have to sign as Mr.. And MRs the reason for this is so that nobody gets in trouble. Can't say, oh, yeah. I knew that. There was a prostitute and her dawn signing in. She could say, oh, no, husband and wife shirk. Exactly. So Sam parks round back in the motel a Lisa Boyer claims that Sam dragged her into the room pinned her on the bed and started a ripper close off. She says, quote, I knew he was going to rape me in quote. That's what she told the police. So she goes into the bathroom tries to lock the door. But the latch has broken tries to get out of the window, but it's painted shut. So she comes out of the bathroom and Sam was already interest. So he needs to relieve himself steps into the restroom and a Lisa Boyer wearing nothing, but her slip and a bra grabs her clothes takes off running. Right. She doesn't just run aimlessly. She goes to the front office against runs back around the corner of the motel starts knocking on the glass the office, but MS Bertha Franklin does not respond. So she just keeps on running for another half a block or so where she's. The pile of clothes entangled clothing that she grabbed from the hotel room, which apparently included some of SAM's clothes, which she just left right there on the ground puts on her clothes runs to a payphone nearby and called the cops. So Sam steps out of the restroom. Notices that this beautiful young lady is missing along with some of his clothes, including his pants where his wallet with fifty thousand dollars give or take hit by dinner. This is true for the Smits and some drinks a lotta Martinez. So and I say fifty thousand dollars five thousand for all intents and purposes share, but so let's let's say he had a really good evening, and it's down to four thousand. That's a lot of us. Ten grand? He's spent that night on the town, which is not unheard of for celebrities these days, but yeah, keep going. So that's missing naturally. He freaks out. He runs out of the room. Now, we have to remember. He's had a lot to drink at this point. Yeah, he's wearing nothing, but his sport coat and one shoe as he's frantically looking for a Lisa. He's calling her name eventually gets back into his Ferrari and drives around to the front of the motel and bangs on the front office door where Bertha Franklin is inside is the girl in their heels. When Franklin says, no cook begins to ram the locked door. Eventually the the frame breaks through and he comes busting in and grabs Franklin's wrists allegedly. And asks her, you know, where's the girl? Where does she? I know you know, where she is. Where is she? Right. Because I mean moments a four that when he was trying to find his clothes. He looks out the window sees at least running down around the corner, and you know, towards the office. So I guess he just assumed that's where she went to like, you know, find rescue like hiding in the office somewhere in Bertha's protecting her now, I'm just going to interject a some conjecture here. Okay. But if Sam. Bove? Let's say they left at two AM from PJ's right and drive to loss Enda, which is thirty to thirty five minutes away. Yeah. That's pretty intentional. He didn't have a cell phone with GPS. He knew where this was he had been there before he knew what kind of place this was right possibly new or recognized Bertha Franklin, and and knew what kind of woman she was new that she had other women working for her. And and had reason to believe that she had gone into the front office. It wasn't just random right? Right. Right. So. Yeah. Humor around there. But I mean, if you think about this Bertha Franklin outweighed, even though she was a lot shorter than Sam outweighed him by good thirty pounds until police. He fell on top of me. This is a quote, by the way. He fell on top of me. I tried to bite him through the jacket biting scratching and everything. Finally, I got up when I kicked them in Iran and grabbed the pistol off the TV and I shot at close range three times and quote, one of those three shots did hit him. And that's the shot that mattered it entered his left side through his left lung, and then his heart and then his right long. According to miss Franklin. His final words were lady you shot me. And then he fell back. She says that he he continued to try to attack her at which point she grabbed a broom. Yeah. Apparently, I really flimsy broom because it broke with the first hit, but yeah, she hit him. And that was a Cup showed up around four interviewing everybody involved in cleaning up the mess, but by six in the morning, SAM's wife, Barbara was meeting with the press trying to protect her kids from the reporters and all the people will fans and just curious spectators who are starting to show up at their house. And just like, you know, I don't know what's going on. I've only been told this. But I have kids as my personal spot. You guys leave? Yeah. So this was a very high profile death Sam Cooke being who Sam Cooke was right? So they said no time looking into this five days after his death per the coroner's inquest. Lisa Boyer and Bertha Franklin recounted their stories in a hasty preceding that. Barely allowed. Sam's lawyer only one question, I know did like any trial, especially for a murder or homicide where it's very obvious a homicide. There. Three showcasing person who admitted the shooting the other person and the other person's dead in quite a story to back that up with a whole, you know, accusation of rape and kidnapping and all this stuff by Lisa. This seemed like these days that would go on for months if not years of investigations and interviews and trying to find a other recounts or visitors or people, which I'm guessing we'd be pretty hush hush at a motel like that. Who would come and say, I was there and I saw this happen. But they haven't go on for months, and months and months, and they said that this one was nothing like that. And test results showed that his blood alcohol level was point one six, and I know today point away is the legal limit in most places. Right. But in this is also a blood alcohol level. I mean. A couple of hours after he had left PJ's. You what I mean? Right. So I mean he'd been alive for awhile for part most of that two hour period and working off some of that blood alcohol. Blood level alcohol level. But so you had a lot to drink. It's gone down. Two point one six it's still too much to be driving a red Ferrari around anywhere. But yeah. So as credit cards were missing all they recovered as far as money goes is there was a money clip in his jacket pocket with one hundred and eight dollars. But it took what took the jury fifteen minutes. Yep. To come back with a verdict ruling that it was a justifiable homicide that Bertha Franklin shot and killed Sam cook out of self defense. Really in an active to protect her own life. Right. And this was a big deal. Like we were saying he's he's on top of the game on top of the world and making moves especially for the African American cultured like just making a name in a statement in starting this huge empire breaking new ground, which was awesome. But not everybody thought, so but there are over two hundred thousand people who took to the streets in LA and Chicago where he was from just a mornings death that he does a lot of people. I know there were there were even thousands thousands. Yeah. Or even thousands of people that lined up just to view his body. Celebrities he had two or three funerals at several and they had glass is open casket open viewing. But it had like a glass pane. So you couldn't touch by your too close to it. But kids and elderly people and their government people. They were celebrities and other singers and lots of famous people and family members and friends and everybody you can think of older young black or white showing up to mourn, his mourn, his loss and to view his body while but it doesn't just stop there. So why are we telling you all of this? You could go on Wikipedia and read most of everything we said. Maybe not in as much detail. But you could find out pretty well that one night he was out hanging out, and and was shot and killed by Bertha Franklin, and that's the end of the store he was out with with a Lisa Boyer. Right. But there's a lot more to the story than meets the eye. And that's what we want to talk about. Now, it doesn't just end there. So there are a lot of conspiracies in alternate theories behind why Sam Cooke might be dead behind his murder, or you know, just regular homicide. That's justifiable. According to a juror of seven people within fifteen minutes, so Peter Guralnick, one of the authors of SAM's biographies says that in the black community, quote, there's not a single person who believes that Sam Cooke died as he is said to have died killed by a motel owner at a cheap motel in quote. So this is really where the story takes. Off this is where our story begins. And and where it really starts to take an interesting turn. So earlier we were talking about the world heavyweight championship with cashes clay Mohammed Ali bringing bringing Sam cook up on stage. And this is where FBI shows up. They're investigating this group of men, Malcolm X involved as well, Jim Brown, the former NFL player also involved, and it's during this time that cashes clay changes his name to Mohammed Ali rights, and but shortly after Sam Cook's death, literally just a couple of months, some interesting things start to take place. Yes. So February twenty first nineteen sixty five just a matter of two months, you know, about eight weeks after Sam cook was shot and killed Malcolm X was shot and killed and he was one of those handful of guys. That the FBI had their eye on something about Sam is that he really wanted to start a movement. Right. An empire as Jackie Wilson and James Brown to put all their money together and start a label and booking agency. The mafia had their hand and all the labels at the time. We talked about that already and they started to call Sam to get a piece of his pie. And and Sam said no started to scare Sam a little bit. Actually, Sammy Davis junior even called up Sam and said, hey, you need to listen to these guys they're serious. And I mean Sammy Sammy Davis junior already knew that the mob and mafia had their hands. So so deep into the pot of money in this industry and just suggested that Sam, you know, just give in let them let them do. This is how it has to be done. So one day Sam gets a call that there had been trouble at his house and needed to get home. Immediately gets home and finds out his son Vincent had drowned in the pool. While SAM's wife had left him. Just I mean, less than a minute. Yes. When I was which is very sad. But this destroyed them I mean, as it should and would have anybody any father or mother, but it's started to also take a toll on his marriage because Samsung blaming his wife Barbara for the incident, and as well as himself just for not being there being on the road so much and being involved in the music industry, and he took it very very personally, Barbara, by the way, this is his second marriage. We talked about that this first marriage was to a woman named Deloris who was killed in a car accident in fifty nine and she was a singer actress person. But yeah. So I mean this weighed heavily on Sam, and he would leave for for weeks at a time. To go work. He was a womanizer. He he was known to find himself in some questionable situations. And even though he had the squeaky clean image on the outside. He was rubbing shoulders with people who might might be willing to to end his life for some sort of benefit. He walked some gray lines, and Barbara, you know, I mean, you can't be married to somebody and have a healthy relationship to them. And not and be totally clueless to what's going on your husband's life at the same time. I mean, if your marriage is a little rocky, or whatever you relationships go little blurry edges there. Then I mean you start to question. Like, hey, I wonder if something's going on and Barbara wasn't a dumb woman and started to think maybe some some Sadie stuff was happening, but never really spoke out, and in that time a lot of housewives and wives in general would not speak out against their husband. It's it culturally wasn't part of of what was allowed. I guess you wanna call it that. So I mean, she saw him leave in the middle of the night and not come back until the morning or days later and just didn't say anything. So. Yeah, it was rough. So we have these these proponents. Now, we we've heard the official story of his death. We we know what the police say happened. What the official records say happened. We know what the jurors say happened. And we have this cast of characters, but you know, who will never hear the story from what they thought happened Sam Sam cook. I mean, the the big player in this game here. We'll never get to tell his story. You'll never get to hear his side of the story. But we should probably look at all of these characters in the story and dissect them a little bit more just for a second. Just kinda recount the story with some other facts about them. Let's start with Lisa Boyer. Okay. So at least testified on trial that she met Sam at a quote Hollywood dinner party, and quote, and that he sang a song at the party did not mention martinis or PJ's so already under oath on trial on the bench. Lied about how they met and where they met and kind of left out some major details. Interesting, and so at least being twenty two of Asian European descent, and you can Google images of her cute. You know, cute little spunky twenty year old girl. May not be as cute and spunky as we had hoped. She was something I think really interesting. So she doesn't mention these these important details. Yeah. But she is saying that she's been kidnapped. However. She they go to this motel and Sam has to get out. He has to go. Register he has to pay the hotel manager he has to fill out the forms. And you got mature information on there and your address and remember that this was all recounted by miss Bertha. Franklin the front desk manager herself as well as verified by. Lisa boyer. This. These are the they said the same story. Right. Right. And so he's in there filling out the these forms as paperwork, and she's just sitting there quietly in the car now heard testimony was that she had been kidnapped and he's not looking at her. If he's looking at paper, filling them out she's out in front of this hotel and remember Bertha did see her and said, you have to register as Mr. MRs looks over his shoulder and sees the woman in the car, and if you're being kidnapped if I were being kidnapped I would be trying to get her attention. I I mean, first of all I left. I mean, it's a nice car either taking the car or jumped out of the car kiss goodbye, and ran, but you could at least wave or like, like mimic the words lip the words help or something right or point to him and say you're being kidnapped or scream or whatever whatever it may be. But apparently, she didn't do that. And we'll talk about this in a moment. But it def. Would not seem as though this is. Lisa's first rodeo going to a shady motel in the middle of the night. Right. Plus, you know, one thing to mention here, if it was SAM's intention to, you know, have bad intentions with with MS Boyer. Why would he have registered under his real name, especially being? I mean, obviously you recognize him but on paper and by bad intentions. We're talking rape opposes kidnap. Yes. I mean, you have a paper trail now saying, hey, I think I might argue his intentions were still bad Mary. I man taking. Yeah. Okay. Simple. Twenty two year old hotel the middle of the night. Sure. But I mean to do bad things to this girl had just met that night. Yeah. Why would you put your name on a piece of paper on a record? Exactly. I mean, he was drinking. Yeah. So that brings up I mean, that's a lot of really great questions. And that kind of starts that kind of kicks off our series of of things that make you go. So now later in the evening. Lisa escapes, the room, grabs her clothes. And according to her accidentally, grabs some of his close the pants. Yeah. But she grabs the pants with all the money that she had clearly seen him waving around while he was sitting with her at the several feet away from her. Yeah. Yeah. A lot of thousands of dollars of cash, and and and this woman, you know, we have reason to believe by her career choice. Again, is we'll get to here in a moment. That she was in need of money. Yeah. And by the way, we should probably not this point that that money was never found, and we kind of alluded that earlier, but they never found his credit cards. They never found the wad of cash as found one hundred eight bucks in a in a money clip that was in his jacket pocket, and that's it. So I mean, I where did that money go? I don't know that that money just happened to fall out of his pocket, and I don't know what draw your own conclusions there. But. One month after SAM's death. Lisa is arrested for prostitution. And you know, will if we haven't made it clear at this point the hacienda motel three Dallas special was a place known for ladies of the night. And if you're running the front desk of a place known for ladies of the night, you turn your head. When lays a night show up. I mean, you know, you know, the the rules of the game. You know, how it's played. You know, what they're doing there? You just take their money, and maybe a little cut of something else extra at the evening in the evening. And you know, how to put it in the books, and you know, how to say have a good evening and let it let that be that. So I think it's an awful convenience story for lease at a tell that. Oh, no. I wanted to go home, and he was just taking me to this strange motel. I think it's quite possible to believe that he may have paid her for her services. I mean, he had already been known to enjoy women as well as alcohol. All and at that particular time he had both an obviously money to spend. So maybe when she saw that at the restaurants that had the money she offered her services, and he's like done. I'm like I said he's already three four five Martinez in before his meal arrived, which he never ate whenever he's over at the bar growing, more drinks with other associates when they caught is and start talking. So that is a thing. But it's also very notable to mention that in nineteen seventy nine, you know, a decade or two after this happened. Boyer was found guilty of second degree murder and the death of one of her boyfriends. So it's not beyond her to be involved in something a little. To shady something killing. Planning something out doing something more than prostitution on the legal side of things. So let's turn our attention towards Bertha Franklin, the hotel manager who is the second key witness in this story and the one who literally pulled the trigger. She was by no means an innocent hotel manager just working that evening and was was randomly attacked. She was an ex Madam and still had prostitutes who were working for her. And like we said just a minute ago. You know, what's happening in your motel? She wasn't the owner. But she was the front desk manager in new. I mean, why does our hotel attracts so many very good looking young ladies that's interesting every night, and they leave early. That's a shame must have somewhere to go. We should charge hourly rates. So. She she had her own criminal record. She and was forced to quit her job as the hotel manager because she'd received so many death threats from Sam Cooke fans, and and associates and other people think that she did a little bit more than just self defense. Right. In fact, she even filed a two hundred thousand dollar lawsuit against Sam cooks state for punitive damages and injuries. But she lost two hundred thousand dollars know, this is a day and age where five thousand dollars acquaintance to fifty thousand dollars in today's money. So we're talking like a million here. Yeah. Millions. I did hear that she settled for like thirty grand. I think which is still three hundred thousand dollars a lot of money equivalency. But I I can't remember I can't cite my source on that should've put it in the notes, but I didn't. But I did read that in one of the articles. I was doing research with so all that to say Bertha's, not just the the mother grandma fifty five year old. Sweetheart church, girl church ladies, secretary type lady she is she's got a past. She's got a current history. And she's involved with them shady things already. So she's got a gun close at hand because she knows what kind of hotel. She's at she knows the kinds of things that can take place. Maybe she knew what was going to take place, and it's very possible is very possible that they even knew each other prior to this. Now, I find that a bit of a stretch. Well, we don't know the conversation that happened in the Ferrari or the hotel or the nightclub. Maybe this is all speculation. This is straight up just making up ideas and thoughts, and my my opinion. But what if what if a Lisa was like, I know a place we can go I have I have a place we can go it's not anywhere close to here. So don't worry about people finding out where we're going. Let's go down this way. And I'll tell police later, you know, she's thinking in her head that I was kidnapped and I kept telling take me home, but he insisted on going thirty miles away. Whatever maybe this was a place. You took Oliver John's, maybe this is maybe maybe she was a frequent tour of the hacienda. Maybe Sam Cooke had never been before. Maybe let's look at the wife Barbara cook. Though, her husband's SAM's infidelity was nothing new to her. She also had some side action going on with the local bartender. Did you know that? Yeah. So on the day of SAM's funeral and I found this really interesting. This particular bartender was seen wearing one of SAM's watches and his ring on the day of his funeral. Wow. That's how that's how much in bed. They were together. But they really were the other his wife in this bartender and then couple months after his death. Barbara had dumped the bartender in Ardy, married. Sam's friend and backup singer remember, I said remember this name earlier, Bobby Womack getting him blacklisted from the industry because now, you know, his colleague, and when his best friends just died now, he's marrying his wife has ex wife. She didn't waste any time. But playing devil's advocate. She was you know, if she if if he was the love of her life was doesn't really sound like like he was. But neither here nor there. You know, when people are grieving as she needed she needed someone there, and he was there to to be a shoulder to cry on and. Yeah. And maybe you know, maybe it just was sparks maybe right off the bat. She had apparently moved on a little quicker than I guess most people would expect very quickly. Yeah. Well, Bobby Womack had other intentions and barbre allegedly found out that that Bobby was sleeping with her eighteen year old daughter that she had with with Sam Cooke, that's jacked up, man. And in nineteen seventy she divorced him over it. Then her daughter wound up marrying, we'll max younger brother, seasonal seasonable jacked up, and they formed the singing group, wool MAC and the woman Womack in woman. Single baby. I'm scared of you in the in the eighties. I remember that finally Bobby lost several of his kids tragically as well as he ended up with a severe cocaine habit in the eighties. That's very sad story that is such a an Enin tangled web. Oh, man. It's not we're not all like that. By the way. She's so, of course, there's tons of theory surroundings death. Yeah. Just shooting from the hip a drug deal involving someone close to Sam in which Sam tried to intervene. That's shown up on several articles. I looked up there. Like, maybe this had happened in sandwich trying to help out with it or step in. And he got in the middle of something bad, again, shady hotel, shady people, you never know. Of course, it could have been a mafia hit we know that they were very upset with them on different levels. So Sam did it. Instead a lot of things that most black men during a wooden during an era that would have been too scared. You know what I mean? So he was saying things that most people said, you shouldn't say did things he shouldn't do and he allegedly didn't pay for this gigantic poster of himself worth or said to be worth fourteen thousand dollars at the time when he did a live at the Copacabana thing that he was supposed to pay for that according to the mob slash mafia who owned the COPA Cabana. Again, going back to that whole mob. And mafia owning a lot of this stuff having their hand in the money pit they paid for this giant poster and said you need to pay us for that fourteen grand for giant poster. It's ridiculous. So he thought that they should pay for it. And he was approached by a few people in the industry or just urging him to pay for the poster, but he kept refusing. Allen Klein, which was his manager and accountant at the time was helping them to get back paid royalties and they were mysteriously withheld from previous record companies for free. So why is Allen Klein doing this is weird? And then the record labels had to pay Sam to large sums of back. My declined discovered was withheld and he stopped paying for promotion. You know, another thing the mob required purchase through them by doing his own booking agency and promoting agency and stuff like that. And then mind Joe is unheard of at the time for a black man to do these things and get away with it. So he was used trendsetting groundbreaking barrier-breaking doing all sorts of stuff and also making a lot of people mad that he probably shouldn't. So it could have been a mafia hit, I agree. And we know that the mafia was I mean, they had no problems taking people out that were in their way problems at all no several stories of that you could probably find online, you know, couple hundred thousand of those right? Of course, there's. There's the belief that it could have just been a setup plan by Barbara cook who was upset that he was out with other women all the time and has somebody lined up for herself, right or several people lined up for herself. And just wanted out. Of course, this being in nineteen sixty four the tail end of nineteen sixty four were right in the heat of the civil rights movement. The African American community is standing up for themselves, and they're saying things have to change. Now. I might Lee so too. Yeah. The just right after actually Sam Cook's death, his song a change is gonna come came out. And that's I mean, that's what the it's believed that that's what the song was about. We'll side note and a lot of people don't know this a little trivia fact for you. There was a second verse on the song is only the first in the third verse. But we know that as the first in the second because there's not a third. There was a second in verse that was omitted because the record company on that he's dealing with said, you should probably take that out because it's little too racy, no pun intended for for this time. And where we're at. And it might not get you detraction you need because they think oh, you're pushing a little too hard. And now think about it would you can go and Google and look up the words to it. But it was talking about got a little too political. But Sam Cooke was a black man singing to a primarily white audience in person a lie. JT was talking about the crests doing that. If you if you watch the documentary on Netflix. If you read several articles, you'll read that he kind of changed the way that he was and the way he performed in the words that he's saying catering to a more Caucasian audience, then he would when seeing to predominantly African American audience. And people at the time, we're calling it you're singing whiter or being more white than black whatever that means. But I mean. In fact, he recorded a an album of a live performance Harlem square that was never released recorded in nineteen sixty four didn't come out until nineteen eighty-five. Well, because they said, Nope. It sounded to quote to black to soulful to harm Rb. So they said that just sounded like an in columnists were saying something was different. There's a different energy that night when they reviewed his show. They're saying that people were into it differently. He's saying differently not bad at all just different. But they never released that album because they said that it was quote to black same songs all the same songs. Same set list. Just the way that people interacted with them and the way that they're singing along or clapping. I don't know. It's it's saddening, but you can find that on I tunes. Now, it released released in nineteen eighty-five needless to say he was making enemies on both both sides of the aisle because he. There were white people who hated him simply because he was black and famous, and and that was the, you know, unfortunately, I was to say that was the time that that they were in. Yeah. I I wish I could say that. That's completely changed now. But it was much more predominant at the time. And then of course, there were also black people who were upset that he was pandering to a wide audience. Why aren't you being more black? If you're taking a stand for this. Then take a stand for it. This quote here. From the nineteen sixties. A woman says, quote, he was just getting too big for his britches for a suntan, man. That's one way of putting it saying, you know, he. Black people shouldn't be famous. Yeah. And he was he was walking out on some limbs that a lot of people thought he shouldn't be. But he wasn't scared and he was taking risks. And like I said breaking barriers. There's also have been a number of suggestions, though. No proof has ever been provided in evidence that Sam Cooke was targeted by music industry moguls with links to the mob after emerging as a social threat fighting for black musicians rights, so not just for the monetary reasons. But just he's making too big of a wave a mob. Didn't like it. So was Sam Cooke lured into a trap at the hacienda motel were a Lisa Boyer and Bertha Franklin working together on this plot was Barbara cook involved. Somehow, it wasn't just a tragic accident. So one interesting fact Etta James. Land. That's a huge claim to fame for her. Yeah. Yeah. Legendary singer. She attended cooks funeral saw them of you saw his body because it was open casket. And she claimed that his body was ravaged in a manner completely inconsistent with the short scuffle reported by Bertha Franklin that it was just kind of he just kind of fell on her. And then she shot him and then hit him in the head with a broomstick. Yet. She actually got to see the body before the public did really read that she got kind of before the actual funeral service before the big line of people showed up to see it. I guess because she's at a James and can do what she wants. But she claimed that cook was severely beaten with broken hands a broken nose and severe head injuries while that doesn't exactly line up with the recounted story from from birth. But I mean, I can see how if it was just kind of underplayed. But man, I dunno. We'll some people have even speculated the cooks manager Allen Klein might have been involved in Cook's death in order to gain complete ownership of all of his recordings because that was a big deal. Sam Cooke had he was able to work out that deal. With his record label to actually keep keep the the rights. Keep ownership of all of his masters, which was not only unheard of anyway. But especially for for a black artist to do that. In fact, so Alan Klein, the manager had cooked sign an agreement for company, he created called Tracy limited LTD named after Coke's daughter that would allow cooked to be spared of IRS scrutiny, but actually greatly benefited Klein as the owner of SAM's work, if you died, so SAM's wife, Barbara ended up selling their major of SAM's work decline of instantly to so if Klein had, you know, gotten kind of a big head over this stuff, and was sick of some of SAM's antics, or whatever it may be felt the heat from the mob, or whatever could have been who knows? And he wanted to take into his own hands and ranged this chance meeting, quote, unquote. It's very possible that could have happened, and then he would get all of SAM's rights to his music, and then Barbara ended up selling maybe it's Barbara and Alan and the Schmitz were involved. Who knows all these people could have been involved because it was Sam hanging out at the restaurant with music people as well as a musician who introduced which we found out later was a prostitute to him that maybe it was an elaborate story elaborate plan that Allen Klein could have masterminded or maybe Sam Cooke was a privileged young black, man. With a charismatic personality in the voice of an angel who is used to always getting what he wanted was out on out on the town one night with the money with the money to spend and the world at his feet, and he sees a young beautiful woman. And thanks I want that. You know, we know he was a womanizer. We know that that he objectified women that he he was just used to getting getting whatever you wanted. Nobody ever told Sam cook. No. And maybe he got really upset when she said, no, maybe maybe she was on the verge. Maybe she was kind of thinking about it in the car. Maybe she wasn't sure, you know, maybe I'll maybe I'll do this. And they got up to the hotel rooms, you changed your mind said, no. And he wasn't taking no for an answer. So she freaked out. Maybe she did accidentally grab this stuff. Maybe she left it and a homeless man came and found his wallet and credit cards and took it. Yeah. Maybe maybe that's what happened. Maybe that's the truth and a few too, many drinks, and he found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. So real quick to kind of wrap this up. There's potentially a lot of mystery surrounding his death. There's potentially no mystery whatsoever and everything in between. Yeah. And like you said you put it so perfectly earlier this side of the story that matters. The most is the side of this story will never get to here. And that's from Sam Cooke himself. But it does bring up another curiosity within my own mind. And that is. I recently had hurt a study about why we as human beings are so fascinated with conspiracy theories, and why you can just about pull a conspiracy out of any major situation, and it really stems out of this idea that these significant. Potentially life altering situations. And, you know, the death of a superstar definitely affected culture and society, especially such a huge proponent for the civil rights movement. And we just think there's no way it could have been that. Simple. Yeah. It has to have been something more has to have been something bigger at has to have been conspiracy. And that's not to say that there aren't conspiracies. I think the reason we go to that in our minds because we know of conspiracies we know that they happen. They still happen. You find people who have been imprisoned for thirty years that never did the crime in other being let out. Yeah. As well. As people who admitted the crimes thirty years later who never got caught and as human beings, we are inclined to either assume the best and other people or assume the worst of other people, so depending on how you view Sam cook. Like he would never do anything like that. 'cause he did so many good things or that sounds like something Sam Cooke would do. And you you search for more answers, and you start jumping to conclusions and you look for ways to justify those conclusions. Personally. I I don't know where I stand on this. I. I don't know if the government had anything to do with it. But I don't put it past them. They were corrupt and later found to be like proof of corruption only on the nineteen sixties, especially that's when they were giving CIA agents LSD in all kinds of things and am trying experiments in through the seventies. And then even in the eighties with the strata Compton stuff. I mean, you've seen that documentary on that movie that film, that's very pretty accurate on what was going on all those things were happening in that area. And that's where this happened. And I mean, you can't choose your skin color. Although I did hear the news that someone is suing their parents for being born. Being born white. I think it was really literally suing their parents for the color of their skin that like, I'm I'm very white. And that just seems like a stupid white person thing like. You're white. Weird caucasian. You're serious. So so yeah. So it's it's part of the human condition, and I I really kind of stems from our value of life. We value life. We we see our life is special and unique. And and when it ends, it's so. You know, with with the end of life comes the end of so many things all that person's memories. And and you know, all of their experiences, go with them. Sure. And and so then you take someone that we've put up on a on a pedestal like Sam cook or. Orense Michael Jackson, meaning fill in the blank with all sorts of people. Right. And and if you start looking there's a lot of conspiracy theories about a lot I mean, we've done an entire episode on conspiracy theories. Right. And a lot of them surrounding these deaths. Where'd you go, bro? Yeah. It's just text me tweet me it's because it's just that in an instant life can be gone. It's hand. And it really it is just true. It's true. Sometimes there are absolutely conspiracies that happen. But obviously not every death is a conspiracy. Right. And as much as sometimes I think we'd like to think that they are. But right, it just kind of feels like when these with these high profile things happen. There has to be more to the story. Couldn't just simply been he was being a moron and got himself shot. Yeah. Why they can't be it. Absolutely. Not. I am interested to know. What you think happened though, where do you sit? Where do you fall on this conspiracy chart? Tweet us text us Email us fax us. They'll mail us. Fax me we picked up a big bag of those hearts. Those candy conversation hearts. Yes. Yeah. Where'd you find I can't find them? I don't know actually company neck, oh that makes them which makes Nikhil wafers rest in peace when under so I'm like, they're not making as many of those or any of those are probably I mean, do they have to they probably have more warehouses from the forties. Still just shovel them in bags because old. Old talk with a couple of drops of sweetener and watch your mouth. I love those things. They're amazing. I'm not not remember what was used to say fax me. Yeah. That's where I was going with that. Sorry about that just ruin your punchline. The facts me ones don't exist anymore. That's text me. They might still find them in your box. That's one of those by the shovel gets that corner of the warehouse. I will use this platform to speak out against this week tart. Thank you, Jake Joan, Andy heart imposters, those are imposters and they're gross. They're nasty. They've got to be that. They gotta be that chalky you need the day. They need to be stuck in your teeth for at least twenty four hours after you eat them, you could you could use them to eat or you could use them to write out a math equation at school. They're good. Sleaze talk boards in schools. I've seen some. Yes. Okay. Very primitive. But I remember when that technology came around, but you can also use them to chip chip the ice off of your windshield. If it's still cold where you're live. Shout out to the west coasters up in Pacific north just right now show. Yeah. Posting all those pictures of the blizzards the twenty-seven inches and counting. Yeah. And then our friends up in the the main regions that the northeast side, man. But yeah, I'm interested in know where you sit on this conspiracy. Is it not as cut and dry where you around do you? Remember this happening? What was it like when that happened? You know, I'd love to chat with JT Carter about this as well. Did you think it did bring up SAM's name? Maybe we should get him on the phone and talk to him about that also net flicks checkup documentary, the two killings of Sam Cooke as well as shut out to disgrace land who have their own podcast. I think it was there. Third episode was about Sam cook. Yeah, check it out to listen to Jake Brennan. He definitely makes it very clear where he stands on this matter, you can still find the New York Times episode, the New York Times article online if you search for the December eleventh nineteen sixty four edition, and you can read the article that they published which I read through. It's very interesting. So check that out huge. Thank you to real sound media for giving us this platform. Some big things coming down the the road for real sound. Stay tuned new podcasts. What's we should probably think our patrons? Of course, our patrons who make this possible from week to week. You wanna shout out? You can be a patron to before name them. Go to turned up podcasts dot com up right hand corner. Click on become a patron decide what kind of cool things you want. And then hit the act now button. I don't know where it really says they're submit acts. Now submit sounds very Ohring like submit to us. 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The inside is completely line inbred bread. It just looks so RAD Android makes my my coffee tastes better. I don't know that it does that. I don't drink coffee. But my t- that I have and it tastes the same. But it looks cooler. That's Enbridge, you're wise. But it's cool. Thank you to all of you in the ones, I didn't list. I appreciate you supporting us and actually listening to us in your ear holes. Again, that's turned up podcast dot com. Upper right corner, become a patron. Also, we want to hear from you. We want your ideas for a podcast episode. You never know when your idea is going to become an episode. We really use your ideas all the time. Because honestly, we wanna make a podcast that you're interested in. Listening to and we know that you'll be interested if we're answering your questions, and and letting view peek behind the curtain and before you get too scared. Like, oh, Robert and Jake are running out of ideas. 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So if you want to go back to a specific week for an episode can click on the calendar on our website, and it will take you to the episode from that week we release episodes every Monday and every once in a while on a Tuesday, if we miss Monday because we are in the music industry, and punctuality is not our forte. But if you want something fun to do you should go onto the I tunes podcast. It's the podcast app on your iphone? If you don't have that can go to I tunes on your computer. Click on podcasts search for us and just read through the reviews their whole areas and feel free while you're there to leave us a review, of course, give us a five star rating doesn't count if it's not five stars. Right, dad. They'll kick it back and say, are you sure we got this recent one from one of our patrons actually Davin, and it's very funny. It says it's a hit. I've known the guy since their first little known venture together beard pockets. Sorry. Sorry correction beard pockets LLC. Yeah. You have to have that that limited liability corporation. They're they've always had great chemistry though. Their ideas are hitting miss at least this podcast is a hit. If you want to learn more about beard pockets LLC, you can I'm just kidding go to beard, pockets dot dot, US dot gov was one of those like dot gov for perfect if you're dot biz join now, I don't know. Well, this concludes our episode on Sam cook this week. Let us know. Again, we want to know what your thoughts are on this. Is it a conspiracy? Was it not was he just was he just being a fool and and. Yeah. And take this month to to to reflect on on how far we've come. But also how far we need to go as a nation. It's a lot has happened. Just to get us where we are now. And where we are now is not even where we need to be. And as always thank you so much. Much. We love you. And until next week visits. Nashville signing outs piece.

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