Episode 135 Harbaugh Cancels OSU Title


It is tuesday december eight twenty twenty with a somber mood in studio today as actually recorded the show and had to go back and going to have to edit some stuff and re record because the game. The greatest rivalry in all sports has been canceled announced. Michigan was going to be without forty-five players are some ungodly number. Which i wish there was a way to verify that. Because i'm calling bullshit but to all the naysayers or people that said that this game was going to be played. I've talked about it for over a week. Since they announced that they had one cova case that there is no way in hell. Michigan was going to play this game. But we're going to get to that once we get to the show. We're going to talk about the buckeyes michigan state game. What i saw and really what a masterful job. By larry johnson ryan day also kind of setting it all up. But what a win for. Larry johnson in his debut as a head coach at the ohio. It wasn't his debut but it was the first time ever. A black man was the head coach at ohio state. And i. there's none more deserving. The larry johnson. I'm gonna talk about that. A little bit kind of speak to him as a person one of the finest men i've ever been around and just awesome win and you're gonna want to talk about that game on talk about the landscape of college. Football also wanna talk about kind of the playoff picture. The bowl picture. What we're looking at right now. And i want to talk about the fact that how state might be left out the big ten championship game and possibly the playoffs because of kevin warned. Don't you forget but recapping the weekend we wanted to twelve hundred hot streak with our minister picks. Here's the thing about a gambling man. We we have a great formula and process that to how we do things and so i want to challenge you to check it out because we'll go we. Obviously we'll have a bad day. We'll have a bad two days. 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He'll run it after the ten fifteen twenty five thirty thirty five forty forty five fifty forty five talk football lucky for me. The press combatant speaking but they are thought they were five michigan state. Jalen watts said get the fuck out of here. Okay all right but no. There's no no positively this show. We're gonna start off a lot like the sunday show. If you're not a subscriber unpatriotic. I have a ranch show every sunday just kind of what i saw in college football not a lot of politics and so the first part of the show is going to be along those lines because just announced moments ago. I was waiting for this. I mentioned a preview show. Before i put the episode out i was. I wanted to make sure that this game you didn't. You didn't get canceled because i heard it was about to get cancelled so sure enough here. We are the for the first time in one hundred and god knows how many years ohio state will not play in game. The greatest rivalry in all sports. They will not be playing michigan this year. This game has been played through. Two world wars the smallpox pandemic. It's been played through everything it's never been cancelled in the history of all the shit that's went on and over one hundred years and here we are the fucking covid. Excuse my language. The covid got us. We can no longer play the greatest rivalry and all sports. This game has lost its luster. I hate to break into a house state fans. The old schoolhouse state fans will call bullshit. They'll say no can never it's the game. There's too much riding on it. But i hate to break it to you. What has gone on michigan. What jim harbaugh has done. Not only that. But the state of michigan football. The state of the big ten football is changing the identity of this game back in the nineties. Even when michigan was winning and you called it the game the greatest rivalry in all sports people in other parts of the country respected. That when i was at florida in two thousand six people respected that ohio state was different. We'll have state michigan. The rivalry was different that was nationally respected. It's no longer nationally respected now. Granted we have a recent bias in the world. I get it but what is going on right now. The fact that we that we are allowing these teachers time. I'll just think about this now two weeks ago. Almost two weeks ago michigan announced. They had one case they wanted to cancel the game To be cautious because they felt like they had an outbreak on their hands. They were setting the table. They were giving you the nuggets. They were letting you see the foreshadowing right. It's like the movie you go to the movie theater. And you see the foreshadowing building up to that. Final reveal then. That's what we just had michigan's been giving us little nuggets that they were gonna do this for over a week. We knew this was coming anybody that it wasn't was an idiot. I been saying it for a week and a half. you knew it. i knew it. We all knew this was gonna happen. But the audacity for jim harbaugh and the university of michigan did not only cancel the game right with. We don't know any details we'll never know. Details might have five cases they might have fifty cases. We'll never know because they don't have to report. Thanks kevin warning. Thanks kevin warrant for that one. But the audacity to be openly and publicly in contract negotiation. What is rivalry week. You don't freaking contract rivalry week. Is this guy for real. Jim harbaugh so office damn rocker. It's time to go. Why are you know. Michigan fans are live right. I mean. I'm sure you're happy. You don't have to play ohio state but you have to be livid with jim. Harbaugh contract negotiations. This is just a joke. Does anyone at michigan have a clue what is going on. The game has lost. Its respect that rivalry game. There's no longer a mutual respect michigan's running their mouth mouth revenge tour. They're they're They're to handle business. They're gonna win. they're going to do that. How they jim harbaugh tells his team. Shut the hell up and play football and win a game. This is a tragic travesty. For for midwest the brand of midwest football and that's my mission. I've found in life now in this stage of my life is i'm passionate about the midwest brand of football grew up in it love it. I mean have been a part of it my whole life and it just makes me live to watch the mid west brand of football diminish right before my very eyes and no one seems to give a shit that we're allowing these teams to do this. I know that's probably a little overreaction but this is just absurd for the first time in over a hundred years. We're not gonna have a rivalry game so the question is what happens now. Right the big data rule which we know the big ten in their rules their sticklers about their rules that you have to play a minimum six games to make the big ten championship now state has five five regular season over as it stands today. They are ineligible for the big ten championship game. So i guess that means to tell me how much logic this has. They can play someone else that weekend. Though like the number two team. Probably be like wisconsin or something. So we'll play wisconsin next weekend. That's this one model. One thing that can happen right then. The question is does six in ohio. State team get in the playoffs. We'll circle back to that in a minute. The other thing that can happen they shuffle the schedule around right. Let ohio state reschedule maryland. Play maryland this weekend. They're eligible if they beat maryland. Then they get to go play in the big ten championship game. Let's let that happen right. You could shuffle. Some games around. We just watched the acc do it. And we're gonna talk about that for a minute. The acc just randomly shuffled schedules around changed. Who was playing. Who gave a couple of games gave clemson dame a bi week before the championship game. Because they saw their matchup. They knew what they wanted right. Clemson beat miami. Notre dame was undefeated. They found their conference champions. So they shuffled everyone. Around cancelled clemson and notre dame's last game and said let's go. Let's get two teams in the playoffs. That's their goal. What is the big ten's goal to get one team in the playoff because they've already screwed that up royally this is a joke but back to the acc. Can you imagine. I talked about this on the ranch. Show and i'm gonna talk about it again. I would be so furious if i was miami because any year. You're a program that's building. He's trying to build a program the amount of momentum he would get from going to acc championship game in any other. Given year my miami would have won their division clemson would have won the other division and they would have met in the conference championship game. But because the acc gave notre dame of free pass to come join the acc. Now miami's out. How is that fair. They didn't even play notre dame like at least let them play notre dame. They lost clemson so they should be having a rematch against clemson. Their conference teams right. Notre dame's not a conference team. There is this this pretty girl that acc invited over for friday night party. It's a joke. I would be pissed if i was miami. So miami stopped. Do blanked them. They just let andy get in if they kept the atlantic coastal divisions miami would win the coastal. But here we are twenty twenty so anyways. Why does the big ten do that. Preserve your patriarch. Right your champion. Your school the buckeyes preserve their ability to go. Try to win it all and bring a national championship back to your conference. That's what they should do. Why won't they or will they. Will they shuffle the schedule. We know the answer right. We know the answer. Kevin warning shuffling schedule. He doesn't have balls like the. Acc commissioner or the sec commissioner. They could shuffle. The games get. Oh how their six game to get them in the back door of the big ten championship get them to seven or no got a decent. They're going to make the playoffs and then let them let them control their own destiny. They won't and question is. Where's kevin warren. Where paging kevin warren. Where are you cav-. Where's kevin warren. Have you seen a statement from recently. I haven't who i have. I've seen statements for barry alvarez left and right and is he is he the commissioner now because he should be if he's not just unbelievable. Unbelievable that the big ten allowing this to happen and they're letting teams this. This goes all the way back to the maryland game. Why was it allowed to cancel. They didn't surpass any threshold. They didn't have too many cases. You let notre dame control. How states are notre dame. You let maryland control ohio states discount. That's bullshit there should be some repercussions right. That's a forfeiture. Give house to win. Now they can go or don't make the stupid six-game rule in the first place. But here's the issue right. Here's the question for you. Let's say they don't play. Don't win the big ten state. Plays a constellation big ten game next weekend against wisconsin. Let's say or someone like that now. They're six in. Oh does a six at ohio state. Get in over an eight and one texas. Am do they or do they get in over a florida. And and or alabama florida were upset alabama. I'm going to be honest. i don't think they do. I don't think they should to no fault of theirs. Buckeye fans are probably about the hit. Stop on this podcast but think about it. Ohio state would have more than likely lost obama early in the season. We watch that defense. They probably would have lost back when they had devante smith and j waddell come on. Let's be realistic. They probably would've lost that game. Are they better than am. They haven't beaten a team as good as florida. Granted they haven't played one. They haven't played team as good as bama so am has played two pretty legitimate teams. That would beat anyone in ohio state schedule right now pretty handily. So does ohio state deserve get in. I'm a buckeye. Homer grew up here. My whole life work there. No the coaches the players. Obviously i want ohio state to be there. So take this with great assault. Should they be there. Should they get in over a an now. I believe they deserve to be there. But i don't believe they should get in because of what the big ten did now. Hopefully we don't have to worry about that. Hopefully we get this all worked out. Hopefully ohio state is in the playoffs. Because that's what i want. That's what you should want. Anyone in the mid west should want that. But the reality is i mean they. They're not out in the country doesn't oh the big ten or the midwest anything they've been laughing at us the whole time and how big of a joke this was and they pretty much put out there when they put up the rankings and put clemson head of state that sorry. You're commissioner in. Your president screwed this up not us. Don't blame us blame them. So until the mid west until these fan bases it specifically ohio state point the finger were fingers. Belong pointed at kevin. Warren and the president's who voted no at jim butcher's and the medical staff that put these outrageous stipulations twenty. One day rules all this stuff point the finger where it belongs. Don't get pissed at the playoff committee. The playoff committees hand was forced by these people. Make sure you hold them accountable. If you wanna bitch bitch kevin. Warren bitch at the president's voted note. Cancel the season. They voted voted to postpone. The season then voted for the delayed. Start point fingers at the medical professionals that put together these stipulations. That are far worse than any other league at any other level. I mean my son's baseball team played through the pandemic with not even close to these restrictions. So i just absurd but onto the national landscape i. I'm still holding out hope. That ohio state finds a way in the playoff. I think they will but they shouldn't. That's just my opinion. I don't think they're gonna play this weekend just so we're clear. My prediction is game. This weekend maybe wisconsin next weekend and then we'll see if the playoffs committee put them in. They're not going to be big ten chance or berry. Alvarez gets the job done and removes the restriction and ohio state gets to play for the big ten championship. Those are the two options in my opinion of what will happen. So i've always said what are the greatest predictors of a national championship is elite. Nfl talent right. Always you look at the osu team for twenty fourteen. That i was a part of talent everywhere. Nfl watched sunday's you'll see almost any game. You'll see a kid that was on that team right talent everywhere. You look at the twenty nine hundred. Lsu team justin. Jefferson is doing clyde edwards. Helaire joe burrow. Just look at what those players are either on the defense side patrick quick so these just studs everywhere that twenty nine hundred. Lsu team right always. The greatest predictor of a national championship. Always and so. I looked at wanted to look. I said all right. Let's go to the current pro. Football focus mock draft. Let's look at the top fifty prospects and who has what so alabama leads out of the four probable playoff teams. Who i would put in. The playoffs bama clemson ohio state. Notre dame bama has seven top fifty players clemson s three ohio state s four. Notre dame has to write projected. First rounders obama has five jailer. Waddell devante smith pat. 'certain alex leatherwood and mack. Jones is a late first round. Pick now granted jalen waddles not playing right now. So he's not on the field but five first rounders to outside of the first round in christian bar more dylan moses. Ohio state has four three first rounders four overall justin fields. Sean wade davis sean. Wade davis or late. First round picks chris alive as projected a second round pick is based on pro football focus grades right clemson s three trevor lawrence darin kendrick travis at notre dame only has two one in the first round one outside woo carmo with. I'm sorry the linebacker and then liam aiken berg is projected. Just outside the first round. Tackle that i love that. I've talked about all year. You'll get top. One hundred players bama has nine top one hundred players clemson state six notre dame to have said all along notre dame is the fourth of the bunch when it comes to talent now. They're playing outstanding they're tackling. Well the run games ridiculous. Their offense lines ridiculous but that is the greatest predictor of a national championship. Nfl talent. you can look at any other analytic you want. That's the greatest predictor right. There i told you so. Obama has thirty three percent. Chance better chance than clemson state of winning the national championship. They got thirty three percent. More top tier. Nfl players and people. Say what about gary wilson. There's young guys everyone is young guys. Trust me bama has young guys. that'll be first rounders. I promise next year in a year in two years so that that's the greatest predictor you look at the espn fbi chance to make the playoffs. Bam sitting at ninety eight percent likelihood. I don't know what the other one percent would be. I guess they lose this weekend and lose the florida. Maybe i don't know Obama's at ninety eight percent state is the second highest odds to make the playoffs at eighty five percent notre dame sixty one percent clemson forty nine and a half percent a enam thirty seven percent. Cincinnati twenty two percent. How about this. Indiana seventeen percent florida thirteen percent and then the undefeated usc trojans at twelve percent. Those are the only teams that double digit double digital. It's funny of note that right. Now the analytic say. Indiana has a better chance of making the playoffs in the florida. Gators very interesting right a side note though clemson has twice as good of a chance at winning it all as notre dame based on espn fbi. Clemson has a ten point three percent chance to win. The national title and notre dame has a five point two percent. It just goes to show you that the analytics don't always rely on head to head wins and losses. Because i mean they have a twice a chance. That's wild so i think the playoffs will be as follows. Obviously barring some bullshit. I think the rosebowl be ohio. State notre dame the dream of all dreams the sugarbowl obama clemson. And you talk about. I mean this is a rematch. The the regional i guess. Blue buds and legends legendary teams notre dame ohio state. Play in the rose bowl. Bama clemson in the sugar bowl winner plays in south beach for the natty. Ohio state alabama is my prediction. But i was looking through the the bull matchups. And there's some interesting matchup projections right one of the projections. I saw have had a peach bowl. Cincinnati georgia would be an awesome bowl. Game down elena. The orange bowl miami florida you talk about a a heated heated game going back to week zero when i went down with the big three. Roll up down to orlando at their tailgate. I might have to check that out again. Shut big three. Roll up miami florida and the orange bowl. Fiesta bowl indiana indiana. Usc could be a huge game for tom. Allen the hoosiers the cotton bowl iowa state texas and could be at a small constellation. A chance for matt campbell to really stamp his legacy and really his his hot item ticket as him as the next big head coach if that were to play out and then my favorite in the cheese at bowl texas. nc state. Tom hermit goes to the cheese at bowl. I wonder if they're gonna watch with velcro. Watch that you get a cracker. Jack prize but in the bowl projections. I was looking at six. Big ten teams projected. No game for michigan and penn state. Yikes a big yikes right there but That's kind of the national landscape kind of bold predictions and really painting. No game this weekend and it'd be interesting to see what the big ten does. Let's see the leadership. Step up what do you think leadership is gonna step up. Any takers any idea. I'm going to vote no but enough about that. I want to talk about what. I saw in the ohio state versus michigan state. Game on saturday well. First of all the shoutout larry johnson. I a big big win. And i mean you saw. The players dumped gatorade on him. I will just speak to the man. That i know larry johnson and i know him very well One of the finest human beings. I've been around by four one of the finest football coaches. I've been around. And i posted it on facebook to to everyone's dismay that Penn state royally fucked up and twenty twelve. Not hiring larry. Johnson is the head coach to get him out of the mess. That jerry sandusky mess. There's no better person as far as character as far as leadership as far as football coach than they johnson and he should have been the head coach at penn state in two thousand twelve and just unfortunate but lucky for buckeye fans that they didn't even give him an interview if i right and so he decided you know what i'm gonna go to columbus and beat your ass then and he did so really awesome win for him. He did a phenomenal job. Filling in excellent job by ryan day getting the team prepared from a distance. I mean some of the stuff that they were doing not having meetings with players. Doing zoom meetings. How the staff's worked while. Some people were quarantined. It's just unbelievable to have staff meetings over zoom. I think about those you're talking about. Those are five six our staff meeting over zoom or you shitting me. I don't know how they got that done. But this game was unbelievable and the impact people of the game. I wanna talk about in the first guy i'm gonna talk about is offensive. Line coach gregg stood row wa. Coach stud was unbelievable what he did to get three young guys to go in that game. I know michigan state stinks. Appoint max ray. Dewan jones matt jones. The three highest graded lineman. Were those three. I wonder i just wonder how many early morning walk throughs and things he was doing over the last two weeks to get those three ready to play coach. Doug needs to you got you guys got to get off his back buckeye fans. I mean he what he did with. Those three was phenomenal. Amazing barron browning defensive. I don't know if he he player the game but he was the best game. He's played as a buckeye. How about that. We got him a middle linebacker and athletic guy. There how about that. The defense looked worldly. Better didn't it. Who the hell would have thought Barron brownie with the best game buckeye and then justin fields. Wow is all you could say about that. Wow justin feels most impressive thing to me was. It was very j. T. barrett esque keeping plays alive always second and six not second ten. And then the effort on the touchdown sealing block on trade sermons. long run. I mean just. It's just a window into the soul of that kid. The effort that he gave to give a little chip blocked to make sure that trae sermon didn't get tackled from behind. It was unbelievable and it also reminded us all of the justice field. Probably the fastest player on the field when he every time he steps on it unbelievable but as far as offense obviously the first thing. You shouldn't even have to point out. But harry miller struggled struggled with the snaps. It was a major issue. He also struggled outside of the snaps mean at twenty five percent grade and at twelve percent. Grade impasse bro. And it reminds me of a story. That i told on the rancho but mike pouncey. All pro center phenomenal player. His brother marquees were twin. They are twins not word they are. Twins marquees played center. Mike pouncey played guard at florida when marquees got drafted in the first round. Mike slid in at center to try to win the remington increases stock and be a high draft pick which he did but his first game out. I remember i watched it. I was at marshall. The time i just left and he had like a bad snap after bad snap and i am just want to remind everyone how difficult it is to play center when you haven't done it right. Harry miller has certainly has taken like any other any good old line. Coach stud has slipped him in center randomly to get him those reps team situations so he's worked at playing center but without spring ball. A young guy who really had this just submerse himself in the guard spot to get ready to be a starter to then. Slide him at center making the apex in having making calls it was. It's not on the kid right. Mike pouncey is an all pro center and he was terrible snapping the ball his first game at center. So just give the kid. A break is my point. Not that you wouldn't anyways. But he struggled really struggled but but justin fields picked it up first of all like i said he handled bad snaps. Made positive. Plays out of those bad snaps. You'd see exchange issues in the run game and he would take off get four five six yards seven yards a couple of times. You'd see it in the past game where he dropped. The ball is bad. Snap on the ground. Pick it up and scramble around. That is so important to a drive. You think about the difference between second and twelve and second six just thinking about the percentages that you get that first down and keep the chains moving phenomenal job. I just fields now. The scheme helped him out a lot. And it really. Kudos to corey. Dennis ryan day. They put the scheme together in just in fields was by himself in that stadium. Utah about man in the arena. He had no coach. No coach's position coach was gone. The head coach who coaches. Who used to coach coach's position is gone. I mean he had a receiver coach and a tight end coach. Kevin kevin wilson's brilliant. I mean he. He can coach him up. He's worked with quarterbacks his whole career. I'm not saying he didn't have any advisement. But you gotta give. Justin feels some credit here. He just played without his position coach without his head coach. Who was his position coach right and he did phenomenal. They did a great job setting up. The scheme was excellent. He averaged just over two point. Six seconds getting the ball out of which is almost three tenths of a second on average faster than he has all year so he consciously knew he had to get the ball out of his hands. They had three linemen right. He couldn't hang out to dry like he does. At times with the veteran group they also ran a lot. Four more quick. Quick game than i've ever seen. I mean just running slant flat quick out in a fade. Just some quick game stuff to get just the ball out of his hands. Get the ball to crystal ave or garrett wilson and get them out get get the ball sands and the other thing they did was. They broke it down. I usually want be about fifty fifty run to pass. They were more like thirty. Three sixty seven forty eight russia temps and twenty four pass attempts greater there was thirty. Three passes called. Who some scrambles because the snap issues etc but they made a game plan. We're going to go in and run the ball control the clock lennar line come off the rock this subpar defense justice going to throw the ball. Get it out of the sand and we're gonna get out of here and get a win. And justin did an outstanding job helping the line awareness. He's a pro man. He's a pro. The other thing we saw is trey freaking sermon. Man finally one hundred twelve yards. Eleven point two yards per carry. He was a much more dynamic. Option in the backfield for tony alford on saturday. It's what we've been waiting to see. I would expect his snap to increase and overtake masters down. The homestretch great. He played two more snaps master. I think but he should be getting three quarters of the snaps. Now because he's showing us that he's a dominant or not dominant take that back. Like whoa nellie hold the horses. He's showing us that he has a potential to be explosive. Right master average. Three point three yards per carry trae average eleven point to master thirty snaps fifty four percent grade trae. Thirty two snaps eighty six percent grade. You're talking to thirty. Two percent increase in positive performance. Never mind the dynamic aspect and zone six. I'm going to be honest. It was sloppy game for the receivers top ends were sloppy ball reception with sloppy ball security very very loose with the ball. And i'm not just talking about chris. Alavi two fumbles. I just mean. In general they're loose with the ball. They need to tighten it up could provide an issue. I hate foreshadowing. But let's hope this doesn't foreshadow some fumble issues a game coming up it's also still a two man. Show jason jason williams. Their third option at receiver had zero targets. As did the entire tight end group. I'm telling you this is problematic. You'll see in the long run granted. This wasn't a typical ryan game plan. Obviously right the minimal usage of the tight ends and wide receiver not name wilson will only hinder kristin garrett and justin feels down this final lap of the season especially when they face a better defense. I've talked about it with florida right. Kyle pits and canaries. Tony that's great. They're phenomenal just like the they're not like but they're phenomenal options. If you don't have a third and fourth those two can be limited. Garrett wilson chris oh lavi we're gonna have a hard time producing it this clip. If they don't have some help. And i don't think it's the lack of talent. I think we just don't use them. I mean those tight ends we have to. Nfl tight ends. We don't use them but all in all good game. Good game for the buckeyes. I mean great. Win on offense really productive win. Justin was phenomenal. Cj stroud how about that leading the team in yards per attempt right now probably didn't even look it up but one run for forty nine yards just athletic dude. Man future's bright at the quarterback position. Him and jack miller and then the guy's coming in really really going to be interesting to see who. The quarterback is who is the heir apparent for justin fields. That's the question and that's going to be a big hot topic next spring but we got a season to worry about. I then on defense. I will say this. It was the best defense performance of the year. I complete game. Four quarters of defense. Baron is a much much better than tough at mike linebacker. He was highest greater defensive player. As i predicted he would be. And i think two things happened here right one is they had a covert by week where they could of correct things right. Some things get together as a staff. Do what they wanted to do in a more efficient manner right. They corrected things in that covert by week that two week period the other thing. That is of note. I'm not saying this is what happened but it looked like at times you had two captains driving different wheels trying to control a ship right ships going down one captain. Turner right dealer cabinet stern left. They're trying to sync up simultaneously. Sheer. the ship. steered the ship on saturday. Greg madison's not their carry combs free rein to run the defense calling calling all the shots doing everything much smoother production. Let's call it that much smoother defensive performance and i'm not blaming it on that i think most of it is the covert by week. But you can't have to. Ceo's you can have a ceo and a vice president or a coo. You've got to handle your job right. So other is excellent. Excellent see. We needed to see ohio state. Put away a bad team too. Many of these these below average teams have crept back in the second half and ohio state finally did it. They played tough in the second. Half dominant on third down rocky. Lombardi ended up going out of the game. Peyton thord came in and couldn't do anything i actually liked. Peyton thorn he. He kind of exposed ohio state's defense to an extent scrambling around the run game was non existent for michigan state. Ohio state shut that down haskell garrett and tommy toby absolute monsters led by larry johnson's rush when the interim head coach for the week his the top four players zach harrison ninety two percent haskell garrett tommy toby tyreek smith i mean that's that's what you want your winning up front. You're winning games. Zach here is still cannot find the quarterback and get a sack but other ninety four pressure so outstanding gave up front haskell garrett's pick out of you call it a pick six. It is but he caught in the end zone so you didn't have to run anywhere. Has shared with the big pick six. He's just dominant dominant bouncing back from that gunshot wound and playing the way he's playing just phenomenal phenomenal. And then probably the best game of the secondary. Sean wade played extremely well. Incredible diving pick on that errant throw on the slant route but wildly athletic play. Ronnie hickman stepped in and played. Well i thought he he. He's a star in the making he. He looked really good and marcus. Williams is the source of the defense right now struggled and he he's that's been a regular occurrence. He struggled pretty consistently throughout the year. So i mean all in all win for the buckeye. Right buckeyes right. I mean it was not a formidable opponent. Not a great opponent but ohio state has struggled a little bit with the maryland. Not maryland's with the indiana thirty five seven and they let them battle back. You know some of these teams rutgers. My gosh that was ugly second-half so some of these teams that ohio state hasn't put away. They finally put one away and so kudos hats off to the staff and the players for handling adversity the way they handled it. Just excellent game really good to see. Now it's gonna come down to kind of things. That ohio state doesn't control who they play when they play him. And what's the reality of the future the prospect of this season. It's really depressing. But great win for the bucks and really happy. For larry johnson getting that w as the interim head coach one final topic to talk about before we get up outta here on his fine tuesday. I i'm blown away by and you know everyone listened to show knows my feelings on tom. Herman i'm certainly the furthest thing from tom. Herman apologised right Ever there's no one that could be claimed to to be that less than me right but what's mind blowing to me is the way that texas is going about what they're doing right. They didn't publicly offer. Urban meyer job. They didn't publicly say they were talking to him. But urban meyer came out and basically said he turned down texas finally after courting or considering their offer right it was reported by every media outlet urban meyer thought about it and decided to pull out of the texas job and it made me think about like what is that. What is texas do now. I mean they have an active employed head coach. The guy you have a head coach like running a team right now and you're actively out there not to discreetly discussing with another coach. Come take the job. How tom herman supposed to lead the team have respect from the players recruit anyone. I mean back when it was just rumors that urban was coming. That was that. Tom was being a little petulant baby and complaining but now like urban coming out and saying i decided not to take the job. It's like wait a minute. Turn not to take what job. There's no job open. it's just crazy that does happening. I'm not saying it's not deserved especially after now. I'm hearing from my sources that tom's been having an affair with billionaire. Jewelry mogul her name. But he's having an affair with some billionaire. jewelry mogul. it's just like yeah. This guy is a clown deserves get fired but to be fair to him. Texas administration. Chris del conte. They're not doing them any favors here. I mean you're going to actively pursue urban meyer just and now what now arben said no. Now what do you do. I'll tell you what they're not gonna fire him because there's no big name out there that they feel like they can get. That could make that a smart decision. So they're going to ride it out with tom. Herman all the while his team and players know they didn't want him to be the head coach anymore his recruits know trying to get a different head coach like who is signing up to play at texas no matter who the coaches right now. If with an athletic program did that to the head coach. I'm telling you right now. You have both arms tied behind your back in a in a gunfight like good luck i mean. It's absurd that that they would do that. And i mean i don't feel bad for tom. Karma's bitch he's getting what he deserves but that was not the way to operate. I mean if you're going to do that you better keep an extremely discreet. So no one finds out. Keep it between trace armstrong and maybe even a third party. And i mean don't make it so public that everyone can track and know that you're having these conversations and then the fact that urban had to come out and pull out of it just criminal to texas fans it's criminal to in the players the texas players texas fans the way this whole thing's been handled is absolutely criminal. So wanna bring that up. Just throw it out there not a whole lot to talk about because there were a lot of great games this past weekend and now we got covid hitting so. I'm gonna. i'm working on a little something special hopefully to replace the game We'll see what it is. I'm working on it. We'll see if i can get it done but anyways thank you for tuning in. Thanks for listening as always i appreciate you. Hope you educated entertained and or at least enjoyed my rants on this fine tuesday if you didn't if you didn't like it if you don't like me go fuck yourself san diego zone and you love me. Oh be pleased to know the last time. I don't care anymore joking. I never did truck sevilla's in position to lecture the public about anything you know. Nothing about the real world after the ten fifteen twenty twenty-five thirty thirty five forty forty five fifty forty five. He's got a football guy. Lucky to me the press can band speaking trouble. Free five michigan state genuine watts. Get the fuck outta here seal.

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