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Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis (HR 2) Does Cam Newton fit with the Rams?


For businesses around the world today isn't a restart it's a rethink that's why they're partnering with. Ibm to change how they were from. Supply chains to customer service. Let's put smart to work visit. Ibm DOT com slash. Think to learn more all right as promised right now. We're checking in with ESPN NFL analyst former NFL. Eller Damien. Woody joining Hotline Damian. Thanks for coming on appreciate it. No problem how you guys doing doing. Sir. I'm lovely. I'm posted up at the House Man. I couldn't I couldn't be better. Lean home baby safe at home. Hold on I thought I heard say so. What did you say you need to get a haircut? Man That's like that's like everybody needs to get wet. I mean yeah. Don't worry I'll be Christie soon enough because you've been on TV for about two months looking real raggedy come on may be like that now. Why you try to play like that going to tax you the other day I was looking at you I was like. I wonder if he'd know how he look right now. Us All right. I'm looking at. I'm not looking any worse than a lot of these cats here. Yeah I know some news man. There's some guys I some of my former teammates been you know even face Tom. Whatever the case may be dues they look at every bit of seventy years old. I come home and all grey in. It may do something which I'll sell speaking of doing something. Be of doing some big. Would what are we gonNA do about the NFL? Or we go have which I know. We're going to have a season. When are we going to get going though? That's the question I would. I want to know from you. Know what key man I. I'm actually. I'm still in pretty optimistic that I think we're going to have some type of training camp in late July August. I I do I do I. I feel like everyone now is in such a push to open things up. You know whether that's good. You know good or bad but I think the momentum is is pushing towards states reopening things starting to open up and I think there's GonNa be some version of training camp. You know this year long the time time. Line that it that it normally is so You know I'm feeling optimistic. About football. Being played the fall in when his played in the stadiums stadiums Miami dolphins and there's others to follow suit. That are working on a plan for reduce attendants. How you think that's going to feel when you got a seven thousand seat stadium. With ten fifteen thousand people scattered throughout the stadium is that you think that'll be enough to satisfy the players or it doesn't even really matter if we have fans in the stands or not. Well you know what she you know people you guys might say. It doesn't matter to me I'm just GONNA go out there and play but I always say that's a bunch of bs we you know. Keep THE GAME. Football is it's an emotional game and yes guys will go out there and play. There's no question about that. But so often man we feed off the energy of the fans. You know whether home away plays it. Plays a huge factor. I mean you. Can you know this man like going down plan in New Orleans planning US insane that home field advantage or or Kansas City Seattle? You know the fans in the stands plays such a big role that I think. If you have stadiums whether it's twenty five percent or less it's GonNa have a totally different feel to the game as opposed to what it's been before Fans aside do believe that you can have a sixty five thousand stadium seats stadium in Miami. Keep fifteen thousand in as fans and that's going to be enough. Give the energy that you're talking about. No I don't I don't know I don't see that I'm a happy man when you're looking at you go out there as as a plane. You look at a stadium that a quarter of a quarter of the way full you know. S A big difference than you know Y in P and and the statements that fill fill to capacity. Remember the Like I just said game of football fully most man. If you don't have that stadium there you don't you know. Listen with fans whether they're cheering for your boy. You just have a totally different field to advance. So this is. This is uncharted territory. And it's going to be a lot. It's going to be very different for a lot of players out there. See I guess Damon for me. I approach differently because I really got after coaches the other teams that are played against. That was my few. My coaches the coaches on the opposing team. The players on the team even guys on my own team so I was motivated by those things in in kind of so I approached it a little bit different. I really didn't pay attention to the stands unless Jewish handle appears to be. You know what Ki- like I'm along the same way but you know I mean we come from a different generation you know. Allow these a Lotta Scottsdale man. They they feed into. They feed into a lot of a lot of day. They feed into the fans and having a fast cheerful. And all that stuff where guys you know when when when we played it was just mad. Just coming out of here the step with somebody neck out here. Yeah that's exactly that's how I see it. I'm looking to slap law down. I don't care who in the building because we have the inner squad scrimmages or we had the scrimmages we scrimmage against other teams in one. Nobody in the stands it was it was just on the field so we took it out on each other but like you say it's a different day. Different air speaking two different days at different air. Now it's been a little chatter especially yesterday on our show about the Los Angeles Rams in their quarterback situation with Jerry Golf in the potential of Cam Newton. Who's out there in the wind? You think Cam Newton would be a good fit here in La as A. I don't WanNa call him a backup added addition to the roster as the number two quarterback in into such time that the rams get tired of Jared Goff I think he man I think I think Cam Newton mentality. He doesn't have a mentality of think. I'm I'm not going to be a backup to anyone. You Know Cam Newton like shoot before I got injured in two thousand eighteen. I was putting a better statistics than my NBC. Here fifty again. I WANNA hit. Send it one more time for me. I'm what I'm Cam. Newton has the mindset. I'M NOT BEING BACKUP TO ANYONE. We're here was that wash. That was no. I'm saying right. Now that's mentality. He before he got hurt. Well he before he got his shoulder thousand. Eighteen can noon was having a better statistical year then. Mvp Two thousand fifteen go preach you keep preaching to me baby? Let me hit music loud and clear I mean I don't know what people think people sleeping okay. There's there's not thirty two quarterbacks better than Kim said loud loud not nicotine quarterback better than Cam Newton if Cam Newton is healthy Cam Newton in the national football league period. Thank you Damien. Woody joining us here on the spur people daily without a mind of those sixteen guys that you said that are not better than Cam. Newton Gerry often that sixty if cam newton healthy. I'm taking Cam. Newton Jerry Gulf Santa Santa brother woody if can healthy. I'm taking Cam. Newton Journal is. Is that the reason why? That's just a non starter from the job is because I because I think what you said is probably right and I think that's probably what a lot of people would look at and you don't need that conflict in the building in the Locker Room in the stadium. Listen let me tell you. Something Key quarterback. A lot of quarterbacks have the most fragile psyche of any position in football. You bring a Cam Newton into that locked into that rams lock wrong man. You're talking about but getting tight. Everybody you know Jerry Jared Goff will get so tight just what the presence of a possible Cam Newton as his backup. Man They would. There's no way they would. They would do something like that with the money. They got invested in Jerry Golf. I just don't I don't see that one plan out brother. Would I agree with you? That was what I was saying. Terms the buddy. If you're going to bring in camp you just go ahead and chair off because you you've already lost your call but I keep going back to everyone twenty to twenty eighteen and twenty eighteen. Todd Gurley was by far the best running back in the league and now he's in Atlanta and people wonder if he's healthy. That's the saint. Louis is it not cam. Newton is even twenty all girl you get hurt and now people scratching ahead and wondering. Can you still be what you work? But quarterbacks different thing. I think there's a couple a couple of things that are totally different about this comparison. One the position. You're talking about quarterback compared running back. Yes we know those two. It's apples and oranges. We're talking guy in todd. Gurley coups everyone knows has had has automatic neat. You talk about need. That's like the that's like the death kill for running back a special guy who you know who still young. I think how girl is like twenty five twenty six years old. So you know I to compare Todd Gurley situation to Cam. Newton is ninety eight Cam Newton. This thirty years old. He's GonNa be thirty one and a cut in a few days. He's in his prime right. Wordy wife can't hurt why it can't hurt. Why Cam hurt her was when he was we who knows from from what. Everybody's from what everyone's saying Cam. Newton has been checked out. He's healthy he just can't get in front of the team doctors to basically sign off on that but listen to the camp the Carolina Panthers Use Kale. He's a unique athlete. So people might look at him like okay. He's thirty but he has more miles in a thirty year old. But what I'm saying is can newton if he's healthy which I think he is if he's healthy may cancel. Start out here period. There's no reason for camp to be a backup quarterback to anyone. I the only reason why I asked. Why was cam hurt is because an APP brought up todd great specifically because we know cameras wanner any tastes a lot of punishment and I think that's part of the reason why people are hesitant. It's not that he's a hurt. Qb Is that he's a hurt running qb and because of that he's doing even work differently. I would say in line two runners than today's no impacted quarterbacks but but I will say this if you want. North Turner started pulling away from the kind of way they being using candidate as years he had been refining count as mobile passes and if you look at his numbers his numbers as parents was significantly. Better than engaged. Aso Cam already. You know you know treading toward being more pocket passing type of quarterback By the time he got hurt. Listen if you bring Newton you bring all everything that Cam Newton breaks to the table. There's no way that you're going to ask the guy who six two hundred and fifty pounds with the athletic ability that Cam Newton has and so we don't want you to run. That would be stupid. I ask that you need to enhance their position. This whole thing is about it can mean Hell. I'm all in Damien woody join us on the sprint people's hotline goody other team here in Los Angeles for second now on you. It's GonNa take for just in Herbert to get on the field ahead of tyrod Taylor listen I. I think that I think the La charges are good team. I think Philip rivers was an old turnover prone quarterback. I'm I'm really interested with tyrod. Taylor does concern that. He's more mobile. I think he's at less apt to turn the ball over. But we know man we. We know the economics behind this whole thing too is that you're going into a new stadium. you compete with you. Know Cross rival team in Los Angeles Rams if they don't come out of the gates quick if things start turning sideways you know how it is man. You got a young guy. Who's the you know who was picked in the draft man? They're going to be calling for him to get out there ace APP so I know they talked about. They believe in tyrod Taylor. Tara Taylor needs to get off to a good start or it's GonNa be a lot of noise about jeff to Herbie getting out there immediately Damien. Woody on the sprint. People's hotline would appreciate you coming on. Thanks so much for making brother woody. Don't work I'm going to get the head cut soon. Ma'am I'm okay. Creek believe that would key every look at TV local news. Whatever it is. Everybody on television needs a haircut. Everybody pretty much. Everybody has haired needs a cut of face time with some friends last night. Some former athletes in been. I'm telling you I told me. Look like Mike Tyson would a beard. It was so great. I'm like he looks like seventy years old man we do. Thank God do something break out the shoe Polish something to offer the Grace Lo. Let's come back. Let's let's talk a little bit. About what would he said specifically with Cam Newton not so much with the rams but whether or not starting is the only option for him or maybe waiting until something comes. Open is a better choice. That's coming up next on the morning. Show on seven ten. Espn is Mesa. Six and Cam. Newton is still not with the team and you said he'd sign after the draft and obviously it's after the drop but there's plenty of time before the season starts so maybe some clues but the idea of CA. I think we'd all agree. Don't tell me if anybody disagrees with this. But we'd all agree the Cam Newton. One of the thirty two best quarterbacks in the right did that he's a starting quarterback is not as stretch. He's not listening. They're not attend vacancies. So the question becomes. Do you want to go take a back role somewhere. Because that's your only option or do you know man. I'm not a backup quarterback. I'm going to wait all sit out if I have to. It depends on what where you at life like. Where's your view like if he sits out? Okay okay so it starts with this. What are your options right? Backup role on. What type of team is it? A backup role on a team. That's going nowhere or is it a backup role on the team. That is a quarterback away but doesn't realize it. Is it a backup role with a team that has a quarterback that they just signed a two hundred million dollars? Deal with it. I'm not ever going to get on the field is what like which what it is at the end of the day. That's what you gotTa make a decision on if you Cam Newton if someone comes to me and they can't see chiefs and they want me to be the backup to Patrick mahomes chances. I can't help you if you come to me. You tell me it's a it's a role to a guy that you're not comfortable with in Jira golf or role that you're not comfortable with in Chicago because Mitch Trubisky They got nick foles. But Nick foles and theory. It may be something that I'll take a look at. I gotta put myself in the best position to be able to take over in the shortest period of time as possible otherwise I can sit tight and wait until somebody gets hurt or to next season that way. I know that I'm fully healthy in. I know the jaw fully even though the. Nfl can't cut me. A team can't release me into cleared healthy doctors and we had an independent doctor in Atlanta. That said okay. He's good to go so therefore to Carolina. Panthers released him so we all know he's healthy. He just can't get in front of other doctors. So of camp in the right spot is not there. Can I am going to probably take a look at just staying at home because the money that you're trying to give me. Is it the money that would make me? WanNa play football right now anyway. Why not pick up the phone ring a couple of phone calls and your on behalf and says say just getting in campaign he looked at the teams that you see where you can fit in and not your agent not some Inbetween Guy Youth. You make the phone call. You call a coach leanest. Listen coach. Bring me into camp. I'm not asking for any guarantees. Let me show coach doing that. As opposed to stadium now because I'm not begging for job said Bagan. No No. It is Cam Newton. I'm Superman I'm a former MVP. There's several years removed from but I also took a team to the Super Bowl. Us You sign some of these other dues with no problem at all my Giga Damn job. I get that. His resume is impressive. I understand that fact of the matter is those phone's not ringing off the hook piano to coach but at same time. I'm not picking up the phone. You know where I'm at you know. Here's one in in in the Sports World Agency business travelers. You get clients great. They WANNA know why they're not signed. Huckabee Masami me. How come they want signed me? How come you have you guys? Have you been calling many got aboard? This is as big as a wall. They know you there. They know you hair. They're not interested. They know you're there. I'm not going to continue to keep call. Yeah all you and woody. You confuse me. This is why you're saying unequivocally if he's healthy. He's one of the best quarterbacks in the league. But you're also telling me he's on the board and no one's interested in his services that you you don't understand you would you? Would you try to do as journalists? Is You try to you. Try to flip the script. Okay let you sit that. Taifu administer the problem that you have with CAM is. He's a starting quarterback. There's no availability for starting quarterbacks in the NFL. Thirty two teams with thirty two quarterbacks under contract every team has a different mission. He's better than everybody Miami. Miami's mission was to draft a young quarterback and go do fitzpatrick. That's not going to threaten the young do that. They drafted you move to another team. The New England Patriots Not Fit Cam Newton style. They got their quarterbacks that they like you move to another team moved to the New York jets. They got a young quarterback that they drafted high. You move to the giants. They just took a quarter. I could go around the lead. There's no argue doors but you knew you want them to cut somebody to sign a dude. And then we'll be. You went on air preaching you like pretty with els hippos. Going through these starting quarterbacks twist for nine Cam. It's not going to happen then. You could argue that. He's not what you say that's not. Did they not do that then? He's not who you say he is. That's that's it. You don't want to miss new you want to try to make. It seem like ham isn't good. We can go start it but this would happened. This would happen to any quarterback that's put in this position this the first time. This has happened before your backup roles. He obviously does not want a backup role right now. If Russell Wilson was injured and missed a season and all of a sudden found himself on the free agent. Market teams with starting quarterbacks would make the decision to bringing Russell Wilson. And I'M NOT GONNA say that team's GonNa say that I'm not gonna say that Travis because every out of thirty two teams out of thirty two teams. There's about twenty five or so that have their quarterbacks for the future that they feel good okay. There's other teams then. There's the other teams. There's signed quarterbacks for that they think is going to replace or traffic quarterbacks the Sandia the LA chargers. Like tyrod Taylor. They decided to go young with Justin herber. Okay to beating guy for the future. They already had a right. They feel good about. That's okay with being the backup but if all of those things are true and I agree with you key. Then he's not a starting quarterback the law of all thirty or full shoes. You don't Kim you don't care then me by definition. He's not he's not he's backup quarterback hit it. He can't the New Orleans. Saints are not cutting drew brees to sign Cam Newton Cam. Newton didn't WANNA go to Miami at this age he doesn't WanNa go to Cincinnati at this age. He doesn't WANNA be there. Those teams need quarterbacks but league. There's no perfect situation for him. Carolina released him after Free Agency. Started not before this is. This is all very true. You gotta understand the way that they think. In Hallo- League operates I understand you weren't two percent and that he did go to Detroit. Matthew staffer contract won't allow that to happen. I understand understand he quit. Here's here's what you here's what you want me to believe. Here's what you're asking listeners. To believe that it helped why as a damn thing. You believe what you want to believe here. Camus based upon the conversation you just had with Daniel Woody all wrong. Let me ask you this. Why why why would they say I to Julia? Months Point you to having church. How Fantastic Cam Newton airs. And so you're telling me that all the teams in the League are looking at Cam Newton and Sam. He's one of the best. There's the bailable but I can't use the best that's available. I gotTA stick with my plan. You're telling me on a thirty two pants journal. He wanted to business to believe you. Listen to all the teams. Let me ask you this going to search the way that guy's Tam Cam Lubis Day Cam Newton of all the thirty two teams at all the thirty two teams. If Lamar Jackson was available to you. Think thirty two out of all thirty two teams he would be swapped up by not early but half the League Mauve. So you really think so yes. You don't know nothing about the league there sir. Because he he he he picked up by a lot of you. Are you are so where we can figure out what the MVP of the League on your squad your healthy MVP? I I guess what they don't like this style sucker move on all right. We're going to do or boarding show draft. That is coming up next on the morning. Show on seven ten. Espn though we're apart. These days was sharing more so at Geico. We'd like to say thanks. Thanks for sharing. Your savage dance moves. Thanks for sharing. Your Diy. Haircut fails thanks for sharing your inner lip sync star. Now it's our turn to share with the GEICO give back a fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies for current and new customers. Because we're committed for the long haul the fifteen percent credit last full policy term visit GEICO DOT com slash give back for more INFO ELIGIBILITY SO L Z has opened up a little bit of a lead in our morning show drafts L Z. Correct me if I'm wrong. I think you have three wins and I have to and key has one. Is that right roster? We know the Ki Ki. Only have one. No it's not true. He has one victory so you always so quick to point out what I got. I liked that accuracy. Another hater tally. Lee has to. I blew for sure all right within the three to one. Because you think it's three to. What's Today's draft is famous vehicles in movies and TV rights so cars motorcycles. Whatever you want so now figure out. What is the order of the draft? Where are we in that rotation draft? That's right it is a snake draft and I like to mix it up so this time Travis you'll be number one key to be in the middle and L Z will be number three go i. It's a problem that's verse plenty of Times you've heard so that being said we've all grown up watching T. V. And Movies and we fall in love with a car more so than the ACURA. Sometimes we know their names. So Travis you are first you taking. I in the vehicles snake dress all right so I know that this may land a little awkwardly because of the car but do we just had a problem. We just had a problem in San Diego. Don't do it. Don't you dare. I absolutely am going to do it. And we got to the general. Leave from these travis. Travis do you understand what's on the side of the car? I understood when we were watching it back Travis matter because they draft is in the NFL to do stuff. So I WANNA make this very clear this is about this is about iconic nature. Nobis Roy. Traffic'S RIGHT WITH THE CAR. Travis shape for this have anything to do with the integrity of Travis Rodgers. Thank you. Sandy has taken the dukes of Hazzard Kor giant lobe. Okay all right moving on our keyshawn. Let's go your number two so General Eagles off to board at Number One keyshawn. That brings us to you. Take an is you know. It's it's weird because I can go a couple of different ways here and I think that Knight Rider is the way to go. Even though it's an older situation it's still you know. It's one of those iconic cars seen in the show. You can always go Batman or whatever but I think I think in this situation because nitrite is Knight Rider Batmans change cards looks and shapes and sizes throughout the years with the movies and the other. Batmans way back in the west days. Remember that so I'm GonNa go writer okay. He's going with the nineteen. Eighty two PONTIAC TRANSAM lease gentlemen. And if you don't remember Knight Rider stands for the Knight Industries. Two thousand. I think Travis taught us that Michael. Alright these things. That's right that's right. L Z that brings us. Of course you have khaki back kicks because this is in fact. It's a snake draft all right so I'm gonNA definitely take the batmobile be rights okay some draft Jordan and everybody else just gets them Louis so what's already can't keep doing. The same thing are the same as my second pick. I'M GONNA go with James Bond Esther Martin. Asleep or pick here. Okay all right. But what year Batman because Batman has years I need to hear it can evolve can evolve. That's why that's Batman but whatever seven so that brings us back to you keyshawn. How would go and we can use anything? So I'm GONNA go chips. I'M GONNA go cycles and I'm GONNA motorcycles Punch in what was the other guys man. John Baker Officer Baker and puncher. Lello over here in this music later and Karen Kay comes with traffic every ladies and gentlemen I wanna currently so that brings us to you Travis. And of course you have to pigs because you know what this is. It's a snake draped draft. So I got to that. I'd like my next to pick zero lot. I'M GONNA go with the Grande Torino from Starsky and Hutch. I'M GONNA fade that car So that's my next pick and then after that I've got a couple of different choices. Here I'm going to take the eighteen van. It's the along I ever seen. That had a spoiler on top picture route. Ten with that thing so I'm GonNa take the eighteen van there to okay. The nineteen seventy five hundred grand to Reno is off the board. It starts getting hud and up a sleeper pick. That tells you get the eighteen bands off so that nasty 1983. Gmc Van by the way truck. Go ahead keyshawn down. Go with the Michael J. Fox back to the future John. Delorean or something or yeah. I'm GonNa go with that vehicle. I feel like you know people would really remember that than anything else. Yeah that's the one thousand. Nine hundred one delorean DMC twelve to L Z. That brings us to your final two pigs because you know what it is. It's a snake draft. Were hoping that eighteen band would fall to you. But he's talking. I was definitely looking to pick that up. I'm going to go with optimus prime. Ooh Not Bad. Going to pick up optimus prime. Because you know it's a snake draft pick one more. That's a sneaky one. You snuck that one. I liked that and then I'm GonNa go with. I got a couple of choices here. Okay we'll do. It is radio live radio. I'm Tom Speed. Speeded up okay. I'm going to go ahead and go with the Ferrari from fairs day off. Oh you want again. Yeah that's a good choice okay. So Fares optimus prime. You could just optimistic just transforming all the other cars up so so that that brings us to you. Keep your final pick who you rolling with. Fast Ferry Oh which one is. It doesn't matter. They all they all you know. It's like Batman transformers all the cores in Batman. Whichever you won't Batman One thousand nine hundred. We're glad to transformers there so fast and furious of the most popular. I believe was the nineteen. Sixty-nine Dodge Charger Daytona. So we'll go with that one for your key fast years all right there. You got eighty three jobs covering the final pick and are buddy. I'M GONNA stay on theme. All of my vehicles have come from the seventies and early eighties. So I'm shit out. I'm going to have all four of mine from that. Same Era. I'm GonNa take the smokey and the bandit trans. Am That's one thousand. Nine hundred seventy seven pontiac. Trans am tie. You think I'm lying. I just saw one of those deals a couple of months ago. I remember you telling us. Yeah no I did. It had the Eagle or the fire bird or whatever the hell that thing is on the hood the and Sally Field Riding Shotgun. I knew you were going sally field. So that's when we find it on. Social Travis has general ladies disappointed a little segment of the population. But it goes grand jury. No Starch. Inky men in smoking Ban Ki Shaan has knight rider. Who I thought we'd go first. But that's chips wins. The motorcycles back to the future all the you pick a fast and furious muscle car and of course L Z has the Batmobile 007. Was that car called again. Espn Martin Martin. Okay optimus prime and Ferris Bueller. He's Ferrari nine hundred sixty one for our. It's a good choice all right well. Good luck that Travis. Pick number one pick overall does not thinking back thank you. You'RE NOT WHO? Travis Rodgers is taken or shake it is coming up in the very next segment. That's coming up next all right so we're still waiting to get a return date on the end excuse me the NBA. We're still waiting to see it. But there's a little bit of news about Kevin Durant. The Nets Brooklyn Nets are currently seventh in the Eastern Conference and the general manager of the Brooklyn Nets. Sean Mark said that's a one hundred and ten million dollar question talking about whether or not Katie would come back if and when it does return. Kevin Durant should play in the playoffs. If he's healthy take it or shake take it. He looked healthy to me. I don't I don't know he looks healthy. Watching highlights of been working out Depending on now it's Kyri urban out for the year. No Yes oh see now. That's our shake and yeah to shake 'cause they 'cause 'cause Kyrie's not there so they might as well shut it down and let him get fully fully fully healthy. Might as well because you wouldn't really thinking about it before the pandemic so why why Russia. I didn't realize I thought Kyrie had gotten hurt. But I wasn't a hundred percent sure that he was done for the year it would be. It would be interesting to see him play. Because it's Kevin durant would love to see him play but it does not feel like the Brooklyn Nets are a threat to win anything. So why not? Just wait because the next season's GonNa Start Right on the heels of whenever we finish this one. Wait for that. That's why that's why I originally took it. But then I it all right. Let's go Sagan Elsie. Or I said I've been there before all right. Let's go to this. Tula says that he's going to wear number one because Dan Marino's thirteen is retired. Miami to a worry number. One is a quarterback to use. Your terminology looks right. Take it or shake it shake rosie. He's GonNa look really little in one in. I don't like that. Look Ham camp could wear one wore mook where one because they're big dudes. This do win one. He GonNa look little because he already five eleven so you can only imagine what he's going to look like so we're like fourteen or something. I mean you can't wear thirteen. Fourteen is Fizi. You could probably stick him in wealth teen is ugly maybe like a twelve or seventeen maybe even eleven would-be right. Only Eleven is eleven. Eleven will look right on me but I think but I think the receivers where the receiver wears eleven. No right I think. I think they're receiver of Parker Parker. Think he's eleven but it's one is going to make him look like eighty. Can Anybody Wears Zero? I think he can not in the NFL WORD. Baseball all right. Let's go to here. Let's take a listen to Mike Tannenbaum? Who's talking about Andy Dalton in Dallas if Dak Prescott continues to not sign a contract? Last year Ezekiel Elliot went to Kabo. He came back. They plugged them in. He played the opener. This is totally different. They have a new head coach. Mike McCarthy they the same office coordinator Kellen more so the offense should be the same but if he doesn't show up until that Tuesday before opening day I would expect any Dalton to be the starter at least for week one Andy Dalton could be your week one starter ticket or shake it take. It takes about well if he if he's coming the day before. The Damn game is quarterback. Yeah he's GONNA WIND UP THEY GONNA wind up probably plan dog. I mean that's probably is correct. Mike Tannenbaum has gotten something right. I wouldn't be. He'll be there long before the day before. Don't you quarterback for sure? Yeah for sure. I didn't think it would get this. I didn't think it would be this long for hold out. But it is just because the what you just said. He's a quarterback quarterback just tend to. It's a different position. They tend to do things differently. You need that position beer. It's not like a receiver. Defensive Back Defense alignment you know. It will it. Won't it won't hurt him. But I would believe that Andy Dalton if he doesn't show up until the Wednesday of the game week I would think that Andy Dalton going through training camp preseason antidote would come out as the week one starter if that's the case. Let's go to a quick ten here Rafael. The Dole says that he'd be willing to give up the twenty twenty ten season if it meant getting back on schedule for twenty twenty one rafeal. The Dole needs to stop talking. Take it a shaky. L Z. Keyshawn take shake. It can be quiet quiet key and see. That's why I said well look if getting back on track because the Tennessee's is already okay so the summers lost right. What events are in? We already missed the French your summers us. In Wimbledon. Then we got Miami's and some tournaments like that in you go into Australian Open in December. So it's pretty much over with because there's no tournament in November scheduled. The French Open Mind. I thought it was me. Why are you talking the question? Would you say right question mark at the end of that statements looking for an answer from you? Go ahead expert so go ahead seriously. They moved the French Open early. So very these scheduled the French Open after September the thing about moving the US to Indian Wells out here in California but his point about the travel is was kind of the linchpin of it all. And it's what we're really hit domestically. How do you have all these teams play for all these different cities and dealing with all the travel and with tennis you got plenty all over the world coming into one location like the United States for instance? How do you handle that and turns up all the travel? The Travel Qantas. He's bringing up. It's a good one but to scrap the whole season. Because you can't answer the travel season travel questioning may is a little premature to me for sport not just tents but every sport dictate. I don't think that they're going to scrap it right now. Right it would. It would be later on like get get a few more months and then make that decision because if you moving things around travel is a big part of the international people because everybody can afford to fly private You moving things around in at some point those dates you gotta run out of date to move and stuff so I would. Certainly I would certainly understand what you're saying at the end of the day you know. Tennis is cool but it ain't like in the world on stop because tennis ain't plan. Let's do one more quick win here. Espn ranks of sneakers. They had air force ones over Chuck Taylors. Chuck's got the short end of the stick. Take it or shake wait. Hold on for what though Travis for to play in or or what is it. Iconic ICONIC MAN Chuck is. Come on. Stop it chuck. I'm taking checks all day long. So you're shaking. Oh Yeah I've taken it for sure checking trucks. We rocket chuck that day man. Come on now. People still wear those all over the place. Only only people in air force ones is the people in jail kick could go on. Know what you're saying because they got all neutral whites and stuff like nobody really win. Air Force was checks. You rocking right now. To this day only person know and all in all fairness mister craft wherefores ones. He sure does Mr Crowley him. According to Louis C. Fashion Model at one of the Games with him sitting in a box. And I'm like what you know about those. You Know He. He had him on but no the chuck. We wear three rock chucks that his day Iraq. And with my soups. When I'll be clean al-tv clean stuff? You know what I'm saying. Crispy cream show facts. All right did a former major leaguer. Let an opening day out of the bag jeff. Passan will tell us next. That's coming up on the morning. Show on seven ten ESPN.

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