Alexander Volkanovski & Cynthia Calvillo


Area Hawaii's MMA show is presented by. Modell, Oh, rude for those with a fighting spirit. Hello there friends area who wanna hear back with another addition of the pod. Hope you're doing well on this Wednesday afternoon today. We've got UFC featherweight champion Alexander the Great Volkan off ski. Who Returns to action on July eleventh against Max Hallway and we've got said the feel who's coming off that big win over Jessica I in last weekend's main event, the new flyway contender herself and you know when I think of Cynthia Cavallo that reminds me that the Great Cynthia Freeland of NFL network joins my friend Yours Meena. Kinds on the latest episode of Menas Very Popular Football podcast. The meantime show this week. Meena Cynthia preview the AFC east from what I hear. They're very high on my buffalo bills who? Will Win. The Super Bowl come February I can't wait to check it out. It's the meantime show download and subscribe to it wherever you get your podcast. Also a reminder that today's podcast contains language that may not be suitable for audiences, so listener discretion is advised enjoy. In. Your life on this Wednesday June seventeenth, two thousand and twenty Logan Everyone. Welcome back to the program as always. We Are Presented by Modell Mode Oh, Espacio. With a fighting script hope you're doing well. We've got a great show planned for all of you. It's the Wednesday version of the Hawaii show and this week. We're talking to the reigning defending UFC featherweight champion Alexander the grateful ski. He's fighting in coming event of UFC. Two fifty one July eleventh on Yazd Island in Abu Dhabi, and yes I am putting a moratorium on this program and the Monday show DC on the term fight island. It ain't no fight island all right. It's just. Okay, it's great. I'm not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but it's not what we thought it was. So can we please stop with all of it? I know no one's GonNa. Stop with all of it I know that you'll love saying it, but here it's Yas island or two fifty one or you have c two, fifty, one or just a great pay per view car with three title fights on the card so today we will talk to Alexander about the rematch and let me tell you. This guy's got a chip on a shoulder. It sounds like he's like he's the top contender going into the fight, not the champion defending his title. It sounds like he's. The Hunter, not the hunted, so it's a very interesting conversation after that conversation will talk to Cynthia Cavallo Great, win on Saturday night over Jessica I in the main event of that Vega show the apex. Incense City talked about the move to one twenty, five better tough upbringing in East San Jose and after that I'll offer some thoughts as well on Amanda Nunez latest comments, regarding her potential retirement, but first here's my conversation with Alexander I appreciate you joining me. It's been A. It's been a minute as they say here. In America since we last spoke. Of course, we found out last week that you are returning to action on July. July eleventh. You have C two fifty one against Max Hallway combing event of that that card that has three title fights on it. There's a lot to talk to you about with the fight, the comeback, this quote, unquote, fight, island, situation, but first. Let me just ask what is life like in Australia right now for you because my understanding Australia new, Zealand, it's it's slowly going back to normal over there. Is that accurate? Yes, it is, it's definitely a getting. You know the gyms of back opening now contact. It's my. Contact yet here in Australia and New Zealand they go contact there, but we're obviously we go to exemptions to to trying. would lucky enough to get out. Onto to get that done as soon as we knew, the spot was happening, which wasn't that long ago, the boys. With Creek Trigge, you know and got got the job done. I had a lot more energetic from the best part of the industry leader within a couple of days no-one now at the gym you know we under this whole process and system that so we can try, but you know things are definitely getting better are B so to be clear. You won't be training for this fight at city kickboxing. You'll be staying at home. Yes I'll be saying that because if I still got a New Zealander to do. Quarantine and quarantine two weeks and. Obviously, this is pretty short. Notice and You know we just could not afford that. You know you kind of. They're doing nothing for for two weeks. We needed a every week. We had a China, but I've lucky enough to get a good team around us. Obviously, you know. We still got Eugene and Brad in the boys allow. Zoom chats and breaking down the and everything so everything's assigned because you know Joe Life is my church is always one holding pads. Do my stuff anyway, and we got the bodies as well same schedule. So you know just editing consult. Who'll be cornering you for the fight? say the thing, so Eugene Brad head coach I love bees, and frank will be there as well wrestling coach so. It will have the same thing. Have, they explained to guys how you're going to get there. Because I heard that there's different options on the table like hub cities, charter flights, or you might be able to fly direct. You know how you're actually going to get Abu Dhabi. Man To. Be Honest right now. I'm just focusing on training a team working on that the US face. I've done exactly not We're right now. We WanNA know. We want to know what temperature it's going to be in in the in the rain wherever way fighting, these are things that we need to 'cause planes. Much change rugged told the obviously last time it was pretty hot. In in the rain there and if that's the case, you know, we might need to change us and things up with it. We got there early or even camp whether we we train them to hate lots or whatever it is, you know what I mean we go to. Make some changes, so we're still funding that exactly what's happening again? Not even you know maybe two inch ago. Where a new funding so you know what's happening, but Austin need to get prepared, but luckily you know me professional workout, voice, fame seat, but. But at the same time we need to get ready so the we need. We need to get. If you find out that it's going to be super hot in there. Would you in fact train under heat lights? Like those like. What would you put in there? We'll probably get a inside haters. To everything you know what I mean, we you know we tried to. Everything we can you know what I mean like all the one percent you know what I mean? There's a this spawned everything whether it's nutrition. Training and you know everything but especially. A. Temperature change in two degrees can make a big difference so You know we want to be you know we WANNA be familiar. We with these things you know we we have to. Even though I'm quick to adapt I, wanted to death nas to me I want to be used used. Don't want to be comfortable you know exactly the hot hot hot rams in the heat early rather than trying to get used to it in. In the in the Reno fighting for defending your belt, so these little things that need to be done if if that's going to be the case, but we just need to find out exactly what's happening us, so the card locally is going to start at six am to accommodate the North American audience, so that means because you're the second to last fight. You're probably GONNA. Fight at around eight am or so locally. How do you feel about that? I'm fine I'm okay with that. We. We actually do every last. We do all the everything on. They roof specific. We've everything we do. We go specific sessions that we train I. Don't have a day off because my usually my Sunday's my day off, but way trained at the same time as As we fought and usually, that's a you know whatever it's a you know, lunch or or in the morning here in Australia. That's when I'll do my Mahama's workout. At that time. You know just to adapt. Some body is used to moving that. You know even when I go to. Abu Dhabi I'm going to be you know the sleeping pattern. I'm going to try and to what I what I do. He so beginning to sleep reasonably early and waking up pretty early over there as well so I'm GonNa. Try and do that. We'll see how we gather. In everything everything counseling that that's an especially when you're. At the highest level you know, the everything adds up. You know what I mean so all. These bumper centers do make a big difference than. So again. Things the things that need to be done surprises comforts on. Since you mentioned it. A couple of times I'm just wondering. Would you have preferred if the fight would have been a little later is June eleventh a little earlier than you would have would've hoped. Opportunity Wise. I think this is a good opportunity. Fighting and being the first that caught on fire island, and you know obviously that free tartar fights, and it's an opportunity to miss. You know what I mean, so that was A. You know if this was pushed back a couple of weeks. We're going to be the first one. Yeah, all right maybe. Anyone that knows me knows that that can I can get fought fit within a couple of weeks. So you know. Let's be honest we. We knew it was GONNA be. The whole time, so you know it's. Not for nothing really changes on already. In the two weeks that I've done you know. More of the labels up. So you know in Bob Buffon? I'll be really good. Nick so I'm worried about that and again. This is a big opportunity that I didn't WanNa Miss. So you know again, it's just. You might say something to prove on now. You know what I mean. Look It's just we've everything that's happened. Obviously these challenging times. you know people quickly forget it quickly. Forget that you know went out there and shot a mixed in. You know what I mean. The no disrespect to the man but. That's what happened. You know what I mean to. Other nobody again people quickly forget and. And on, and what are these women? It can be in a by opinions or whatever news and other time people just you know people can. Quickly forget like you know. They can put things in the head and then and believe it so then believe that that's happened. I believe that a lot of people forget that all that I shut him down in. Ranch Hill and you know I'm less on the mainland to talk to Brag, but I mean it is what it is I believe I. Want to ranch pretty convincingly and you know again. People could get the Anita Anita show on that July eleventh that in on I am the best the white in the world and you know there's GonNa. Be No doubt Nixon anyone's mind. As soon as as soon as I. Get the job done, so I'm looking forward. Do it again. There's a big opportunity Max. You know some people say that he deserves a rematch on occasion. A navy spot for me. I need this fought for my legacy on need this, but you know what I mean for me to really Put myself in a in a in a good position and lead everyone. You know this is what needs to be done. This is the fault I want. So you know me? Martine molecular flush running that I ended up saying I. You know that's what's going to get funded. US anyway give me Mac. Again was something of you. Know Man you know. Whatever, but I kinda whitening I'm stoked I'm going to new load of vacation. We'd you know Ma'am using it as do, it looks like on. You know worrying about what people are saying, but I mean I'm using that Stewart, but they say you know obviously awful for my family, but now some the prove as well so those taken that built away from much in a guarantee you that and not just that you know now a book this. AGO This new, but this new fire in the belly and Smashing penetrating hotter than ever. You know just hitting numbers on the on the south, Barth and everything I'm just I'm Ki I'm ready. Let's go. Let's do it. You know what I mean. It's just it's good. I believe that I believe. The timing is right Xiulian that. And I appreciate the passion I could feel it coming through the screen here and I should correct myself. I said June eleventh at the beginning of that question. Obviously, July eleventh in. Dhabi I I saw an article. About. You didn't interview with the SPN DOT com in Australia recently and you. You mentioned a lot of the things that you just mentioned now, and it seems like you are feeling like disrespected you. It's almost you have this chip on your shoulder. And usually when you're the when you're the hunted as opposed to the hunter, you can kinda chill. You're at the top of the mountain, but why does it feel like I'm talking to a contender right now as opposed to the champ? Why are you so riled up? You do really feel like people have not given you your do since you won that title. At end of the day. You're always gonNA. Get this. You know there's always gonNA be heinous. There's always going to be people doubt and you know you're which Auto Mont I'm all about that. This sports? A crazy man on you got into those coming so for me. It's not really getting Jimmy, but again it's it's it's giving. Motivation is giving me you know a a focus. It's me a drive. It's giving me as giving me go. I'll go to new goal. Last. I, needed a win. Win that belt right now. It's more than that. Just being in Mexico isn't enough. I'm going to go out there and show everyone. How much better I am. You know showy run just. You know the Fatah. Can beat anyone. Give me a full camp. Can beat anyone on better than all the fun anymore. The Vision Hands. Down, but you know now proving something different I'm going to get some different and again it's. A little bit of a disrespect, but again that's just again. Look in the United may unusually talk like this and. A cool dude and everyone loves Max but at the same. The whole narrative, the right up to the. You know. He wanted to let you toward working in. I don't know what it was I. don't know if it's just what he believes and so be it, but you know he he implying that overtime people starting to believe it you know other night again. It's A. Few, I feel that if people can quickly get. And? Let's be honest us. You know you don't switch stances. for no reason you know to switch that he'd done a whole round in south. Purely because he's legos banged up and that that's that ran that he did. That was my third round. He went southbound pretty much all fought and those big round I picked him pop. You Ain't Gonna I did the whole randomly hurting especially when you get in? Constantly punched into fights. You know what I mean. If you look at the numbers, that's where I did most of my numbers and most of my damage. And you know for? The legs hooding. You Know I. Believe I believe that's a lot. I'll be wrong. You know what I mean I hate on the main, but at the same time. You know even just saying look you know. And they started talking about the judges and things like that just like way they going with this only I've just all of the prize. And then over time you start seeing people. Literally using the same word that these these doing then luck again people could forget, and they just throws the head and. Over time we had plenty of on thinking about these things, but at the same time man that's that's the sport, my very unforgiving sport sometimes. I imagine about what it was gonNA come in, but I'm lucky enough that audible nugget to prove myself. You know what I mean. I get the show. Remember while I'm the best way in the world and. Again, you know Mexico the great champion. Great Fodder you know a cool dude, but at the same time and not on the main right now and I'm GonNa. Show that July eleven. So you have a situation where you looked so good in the first fight on the game plan was tremendous as you said the like cakes really worked, perfection made him switch stances. You beat him up. Some people thought that you want all five rounds. Will you change anything and I know you don't want tip your hand, but like why would you even consider changing anything like? Do you think that he'll come and show up to be a much different fighter? That was the best Max. Hallway we thought we saw back in December so. Is it safe to say that we're going to see a similar Alex Wilkin off Look man that's. That's the thing. Macara nate to change much. On, this is going to be a different flat. you know a lot of people in even Max, you know their team. I'm sure they're going to say the success in the light around. where did more? you know and again this is this is how quickly people. Forget and people On the top person you know me I'm I'm as real as against them. Just children at all the block. That just tells you how it is man. You know that's just me and. Let's remember broke my hand. That fought a lot of people trying to say slow down in northern. Broke my hand lucky no on you. And you. He was gonna get desperate broke my hand. Obviously on to be a little bit more cautious and pull back a little bit, and then later around, but I mean that's why he's seen success and I know he's going to do a lot more fun. That's why they to be more. HOW HOT ICE! He's GonNa Take Lot Morris. Which I'm telling you I'm going to put hands on him I'm going to hurt him and again no nothing against the name, but that's something to prove, and that's what's exciting about these fuckers on. No, he's GonNa try and do. That's planning to Ma Gang. That's what he's GonNa be different again. You know me I'm smile fodder. I'M NOT GONNA. Take stupid risk, and you know just risk losing the whole, but at the same time there's GonNa be a few more risks. Anita need to be need to happen on Buffon's, and that's why I believe. This is GONNA BE A. Hot spot and I believe on finishing a really do and I. Believe I'm the main that Kim she million. That's as well you know. Everyone thinks that he can use I love it. Allowed for people wrong have done in the last few fought. And I'm sure people are GonNA GonNA disagree with me. Finish Max, but that's my goal July eleventh a Conway Man. I'm stoked as as you could say you fire in the belly. And It's GonNa. Be Good. I I can shown so we run some different tools as well as Ebenezer. The fought. You stick to a game plan I'll we'll do that. They GONNA say some new tools that fought. Ultimately. The the win is most important, but is there a part of you? That does feel that you need to finish him to shut. Everyone up once and for all. And that'd be good again. That's my goal anyway. But, now I can do it I. Know I can do it and again I if he wants to win this spot, he needs to do more. And he knows that as well so he's just playing into that that game as well. Now winning and and and bathing, and s smart Neiman and all this isn't enough for me. And I don't think that that's the way to go about these spot, and that's why I'm going. To. Put some hands on and I'm sure he's GONNA WANNA. Do the same. He wants that built back. Again I. Think I'm surprised that. Once they spot, you know obviously they want that built back, but. I, win, this fought. I think he's definitely done in the featherweight division, so maybe he just wants one last crack at at the the white auto. If it doesn't happen, he moves I. Don't know what it is, but. The boat ain't going anywhere real. You know what I mean again. I'm not a person you know maybe, but I'm very company MOM bility's and I felt faint here with me and the stroller. I got white. I get to prove. It s the best thing about the yoga. Say on token. What not? We are lucky enough that we can. Improve it. You know you know what I mean. That's what I'm GONNA do. When did your hand feel one hundred percent? The hand that you broken that fight in mid December. When did it feel like it was back to being normal? Probably would've been a a couple of months. Only Rahab code IOS using it reasonably early. I got a good team around me way. Way We'll. We'll do everything we could. Just trying to. You know work things. Obviously I couldn't use my right arm as much, but we'll do it as much as we could to. Keep the strengthen NAM. And just everything so you know as soon as that bone was ready to be. You know some of the tax. It was ready to go so slowly bringing it up. And probably a couple of months back to. Back the Hidden Padua as one of the and whatnot, but then you obviously had these. All the Toronto Borough virus things are. Slow things down again. But again. It is what it is. By, the way, just curious. Yes the quota demand so. Various before they settled on Holloway. Did they present you an opportunity to fight Henry? Who was there anything to that? Now. There was never never anything that might come to me that that was just. Obviously people talking about it I always always open to it'll be. There when he was when he was abandoned my team. Athletic Champigny was trying to coal for the Fed. White House whatever you know what I mean. Holding up the visions I I know about that, but as soon as. He? He said he retired. and gave up his belts, and then finally would come out of retirement to fighting federal way all look at him now is fake antennas as of Said, so he's longer in the band and white vision, no longer in the following division, and he's talking about Federal Division now. Look at him all right. You Ain't holding up the visions and you've done some good things I. Go to give credit to this. Huda you looking back. He's done some incredible things into the same deserve to shoot for them ranks pretty quickly. That wouldn't be fair, so that's when all of all you know what she's an opportunity to say. Come with it. Obviously, we'll look into especially when it was on the Mac. And Right now. You know we didn't have any of the contenders that full. Put themselves right up there, so we're sort of in a in a bit of A. We fly. You know it's gotta be mack. We thought that that was probably the next option. But as as you're saying the whether they've been fully enhanced, but the fifth division on started. It's pretty pretty impressing with some of the parts. That's happening all the contenders. Older guys that are right up. There fought in each of us. Trying to spot, there's GonNa be a there's going to be God's cold for that belt, and everyone's going to be talking about these guys and whoever it is, that's winning obviously and I'm going to be mentioned enough kind of white. WHO's GonNa be next challenge. That's a you know looking photo to it so some exciting coming and again, August. July eleventh, and then my on the rest of the guys again I told you from day. One of one with that I want to shoot for these contenders. I'm taste contenders. On the, but on the content is coming for all of. It would appear as though those pseudo fight now that he's not tied up would be a big fight. Is that something that you would even be interested in or do you think it's unfair? If he you know, jumps the Q. and jumps over the likes of Zombie Zombie and all these guys. I think if he did have a chance that was before now now that they happening. Don't think that would be you know what I mean so again. Loyal on the match. On or not, but I just looked at it that luck. There's a there's so many fathers that close, but just maybe but that's why all these. What's happening. That's why the match Mike is a making these spots happening and we're going to have clean up. Want contenders very soon, so we're GONNA have a couple of options oddly but again I'll go to job to do. Something to prove and you know this is what I wanted. This fought one of these probably maximum for the reasons I've told you and. I'm looking it I'm looking forward to it. You want the build six months ago. Has Life dramatically changed for you and your family like you ever see dreamt of being a UFC champion is life what you thought it was going to be or is it relatively the same? Okay at home. It's the same obviously a bad. You know what I mean. Look he'd Bancaire that you'll? Say built. Wake you up. Early in the morning, it's still gonNA listen to you. You know what I mean. All the things don't. When you're out in about it is different. You know it. It's getting hot. It's just. Sometimes I'll forget and I'll be like early. Anita pick up something, and then especially these run ours is happening, and then everyone wants to shake hand and get photos and. Member social. So all of my I started. Being a bit closer don't add especially now. As you know when you go to. Go, especially with these exemptions we. We need to stick to have bubble because we were the. Training a kind of food, to just go out and about, and and they mingling with everyone so by now I just need to stay. Behind the scenes in the gym I don't have time to do anything anyway. He's GonNa. Bust miles from. A new management team. Though right. That's a big change your life. Yeah Yeah and you management teams. Yet I think it's just a just had some that needed to be done, and it's happened in. You know it is what it is Gay Dad too much into that but. Again where we're looking forward when looking forward and uh, things are going good and again. The we wanted, and this is a big opportunity and. Again? Are GonNa Change once again you know every time you fought. You know things just blow up so much more, and then after this on fought on such a big todd. You know taking out you know one of the goats back to back any. Know that same something. That's no joke, and that's what I plan on doing and You know that's a that's in a statement. To less things when you talk about this exemption like. Did you have to petition the government to allow you to train? What do you mean when you say the exemption? Yeah, so we had a as we got wind of it. We had tain. Management Team in. A local. Guys like that in the government to. Orange is a very successful a mental. Strategy is a very well known. He even helped us we that. Police Commissioners on board and hope ministers, and we have to planes, so we can train. It was as a process. We'd is the whole process. We need to do Kobe tests. every week. You know we're. We're doing everything. It's a whole process. but the thing that within a couple of days you know, and I was lucky enough to have my. Like you know my Boris and and just even everyone else at bond onto, so they're supposed to be unreal, and then again even the support of the team. The team that we've me nail all the Fargo. Spending Champions USA fought is. you know what I mean and just after the guns that all our thank all stuffed everything they're doing to being. Can't we made at a at a here in wingding? You know what I mean, so it's A. It's pretty incredible, so we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA go team and again. Luckily I've got the boys still. Inside of obviously across the ditch at New Zealand, so we're doing zoom chats and nothing's really changing just. As good drilling, good move going. Okay and lastly. Were you a little disappointed. When fight island wasn't what we all thought it was going to be that it wasn't going to be on the beach or do kind of prefer this that it's in a controlled environment. I know we talked about the temperature, but you know fighting on the beach, the sun the the the the the way. I don't know it could be a little distracting. Are you disappointed or happy that It's it's not what we thought. I never actually thought it was gonNA, be automated in the in the sunlight and all that type of stuff so. That doesn't surprise me. You know what I'm saying that. The photos of these place it looks pretty incredible You know what I mean, but you know. Who is on to me? that. I don't know talking about nightfall. Let's do it free taught flotsam fought on and account white, but you know it's GonNa be good you know I don't know much about. Haven't actually a really new told me get asked, you know. They asked me you know. Were you surprised by the? Probably need to do more research. All I know is the Tornado Day and I just WanNa make sure this may conditioning in this arena that was funding so I'm definitely glad when fundamental beach in the Sun. Yeah, well, I can't wait. Yeah, no I can understand that I can't wait. July eleventh the return of Alex Focus Ski his first title Defense Against the Guy. He beat to win the title back at USC to forty five in in December of this past year. I'm glad to hear that you're doing okay that your hand is okay Alex. it's great to see you as as always. I wish you the best in these final few weeks of training, and of course on fight night. Thanks as always. Thank, you? Great stuff there from the champ, amazing to hear what he has to go through just to train in Australia and also to hear how fired up. He is usually when someone is the champion. You kind of lose a little bit of that, but it sounds like he's got a massive chip on his shoulder, and he wants to prove to everyone that the first win over. Mac Hallway was no fluke I didn't consider it a fluke eighteenth. Win in a row. You're coming off victory over Josie Aldo and Chad, Mendez. Yeah, it's not that big of a surprise that you could be Max Hallway but I. Guess People didn't really know who. He was so he has opportunity to shut everyone up and to cement to spot as the top guy at one forty five, so it's a big spot for him now speaking of big spots, Cynthia Cavallo had a big spot last week and it gets guy before we get to that conversation. Let me tell you about our good friends over at Modell modell. Oh s best. Ya'll music. Oh. See here to sing while I Anyway. Root for those with a fighting spirit. modell is the official beer of the UFC partners with UFC double champion the Nunez. We'll talk about later on in the program. She's the fighting spirit, which means never giving up. Even Wendy odds are against you. Great fighters are like Great Beers. It doesn't matter where you come from. It matters what you're made up. bodos gold standard since one, thousand, nine, hundred five. But those Chris Hills style lager that set the standard for authentic Mexican beer. But del uses premium hops to give the Golden Maga. It's Chris days. So when you're watching the next big UFC fight like this weekend's. Out tender four coffey gets critics plates of main event. Make sure you've got a crisp modahl-less Ya within reach modell alot food for those with a fighting spirit drink responsibly imported by Crown, imports, Chicago Illinois, and now here's my conversation top contender Cynthia Cavallo Cynthia. How are you? Doing agree I read it in the crazy. Couple of weeks but. degree. While congratulations on the win, it was very impressive. I WANNA. Start before the fight and the victory was the plan always to move up to one twenty five this year, or was it because you got this fight on three weeks, notice a big opportunity and so one hundred five made the most sense. No after my last fight in the mislead, we decided that. I was scheduled actually anthem as MINUCCI flyweight. But fight got cancelled. Because occur virus in Manila, Gypsy trade that so Yeah. The plan was always go to. Me knows my from the time that got into the at sea. It's like. No. Os February it. I wanted to get the title at strongly in the move up to fly weight, but I just it was just too hard to make that weight so. With that behind us right now, just go Of course you know your troubles making that weight well documented. What was the worst? How bad did it get? Wanted just to. Sweat and it was just one of those things where like if my body's going through things like it's really tough, it's like a gamble you know with flyweight divisions I can always make it as a matter of what's going if something goes wrong, cuts away, but it's nothing to compare you know. China cut to one fifteen so. It's just. It was just too hard. It just got harder and harder I. Don't know. I just kept my weight lower I can constantly we team. Can't do it anymore. Like just at least not consistently. flyway. I'm going to be able to as many times as I. WanNa know be able to take short notice sites such as this. When you were cutting out to quote unquote cutting down to flyweight last week where you constantly telling yourself man, this is so much better. I should have done this sooner. I wish. I would have done the sooner. This is a breeze compared to what I've been used to absolutely i. mean usually when it's like were three weeks. We're super. During about making sure my diets way say have to be really strict and say is just another stress, and then with the ATHOL is an IT train heart all the way through you know until the last week of you know the cows so I feel so much better is crazy felt like it was just like even when I was fighting, it felt like. I. Don't know like another training day I was able to push really hard so I'm really happy that I made the move. Safe to say you're not going back down to one fifteen ever again. This is your new home. it's my new home, but I can't say I'm never knocking down to strongly given the right fight You know, go down inside I. Stole wanted my life brief. You know, get a chance. Another shot Marina Rodriguez. To really make your right because I was only draws so a one a fighter. If I get a chance super, we'll see no always fights a million for sure to go down, but for right now home. And you know when you're fighting a obviously, you've only had one fight at fly into UFC, but I can foresee and correct me if you feel otherwise there might be a size disadvantage for you when you start to fight the bigger girls at one twenty five, or are you at all concerned about that? No I. I don't have fought many. A times twenty five. I started at thirty five. So it's not lay. You always been a smoker. Steven, some of strong strong. Yeah, you know we might have some disadvantages with. Latest reaching stuff, but that's okay. It's on your second. Get in their. Legs. Music balance. So I don't have not really taken through with. That thought really big girls and you know. Pretty much. Everybody already fi moved up to flyweight. You know have already fought. I think everybody except for Morita. Roger Listen. Carnival sparce are still straits, but everybody else had fought. They're all flyweights. It's you know. I think I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA. Do just fine. I know you. You talked about this in the Post by press coverage, but I wasn't quite sure what you were trying to say so. Maybe you can clarify for me. She missed weight by point. Twenty five right just Guy Mrs Way, but you believe that she actually missed. What by four pounds? What's the story here? Yeah So we received So her coach. Eric had message mine manager in the morning saying. That she was gonna Miss. Wait shoes at one twenty nine point in. Shoots, having a hard time has been cut pastor. Okay ELECTRA ME I. You will soon be tough meeting the way it was such a big over missing the way What was the big deal is when you know you go on the scale, and you shall thirty minutes later in your magically twenty six point two, and not once when nine point six. You know, it's like that's like. Meanest taking money out of my pocket, because that's the difference between twenty percent or thirty percent when I asleep my meetings, you know I didn't hold the towel to try to take extra pounds off. kind of but just kind of boasting body in. There's no way she would cut that much weight. Even Shawn Shelby came up to me. No one we're at the way in. He's like. Yeah, let me swayed by. You know when twenty nine of worth in next thing I know. Air the, Kinda like muffle the the way. Those kind of weird announced everybody else's weighed on his scalp. Hers Kinda like. Like I don't know it was, it was really weird anyways. She came out today. She's like I'm sorry, grow only points you. Know, it was definitely not not but. Still job bills like. Ford with this fight, and then afterwards Colorado It wasn't cool. You know just when? She looked like shoes really like happy that she had only miss. Appointee, but WHO's happy about receiving way you know when I missed I. Locked. Myself crying, you know. Anybody else. Aluminum proud of myself because I railway. So is. There's no way I mean. There's no way she waited. At even by all the officials who there is a significant. Difference going to fight 'cause they said you know right before we fight. So. Yeah so perhaps when they do the the hoop. They need to have their hands up right because. She's in black. You also talked about in the post fight. Press conference that you know you shouldn't. You shouldn't be here, you're. You're A girl from East San, Jose and people like you don't make it to stages like this. What? What was life like in East San Jose. What was it? What was so bad about it? Law Any Games there. You know what I mean, It's four community sorts like we didn't really have many It's early a religious getting by you know. Parents are got my parents working and stuff, and so they didn't even have probably instilled. Make sure you RIPI sitters because Roy's just industry no I never. Got To play sports or anything like that that would be. Say in the streets with kids there so. It's just kind of rough Kinda. Grow up with this attitude of NFL like a lot of kids. There in I would have felt the same way to growing up his. got. At San Jose. It was like weird like I didn't want to get you so sheltered in the idea. WANNA leave leave when I did I did a lot of growing I didn't have the league money in those despite. This label when you're there like just already in A. Delight. Just getting in trouble or just not really doing. The life really It's really easy to do that. You know who are product of your environment. Your whatever your rounded, so it's not. It wasn't an easy town of East. Identity Grow Up. So, that makes me really proud to represent you know especially. I started when I was later, I was at twenty three years old. No, no background, so there's a lot of kids out there that just Kinda lost and they don't have any direction. Have anybody the like we or anything I? If I gave, it would have been you know I. Think I would have been any year long time ago. Yes, just difficult up there in A. Super excited to represent like. I never would have told me when I was little bit could be professional athlete. Said Your light. Do used to get into fights a lot as a kid. I got it for spite was a big rage. After that. Girls wanting a mess with the they never followed through, so there's a couple times where you really getting ready to fight. It didn't happen 'cause I was just. I I never started problems. started with me. I hate bullies or the ever. Chances are designated as myself. And so when you say you only got into it at twenty three. Who opened the door for you? Who Introduce you to this? ME. What do you mean? I just went to a gym like a block away from where I was working like I. Was Not happy in my life. Twenty three I just got a huge break up our completely insecure kind of broke gang and. I know what else in a Jew and I was really depressed and I was. Out of shape and just I don't know in Arizona Jim Block away knows like always wanted to try it, and I never got a chance to I love watching fighting of law obviously Mexicans. We Love Watch boxing and stuff like that, so my dad did watch it, but he never was like early fighter. There's no way like. In I just walked in in the rest of the Strait overlaps like cried every day by every single day. How do you go from that? You know just trying to get your life back on track. Lose some weight, etc to becoming a pro fighter. At what point does the switch happened where you actually consider this to be a future for you? Probably. said the first two years I had my first after your trading in a knockout hooked up through that and so I just i. just going in I became the number. One ranked CIDER in Zeta California's an amateur, which had three years. After that. I was like Man United. Probably really do something with this especially. At when Ronda Rousey I only you know the the came over to the sea, so that openness you store rose like now we can. Actually you know awfully the living off of this. You know so. I just believe in myself, my parents that was crazy I like quit my job and had popped up writing on a joke. and. That's where surely trained with a team is now in. Ever. Since then, this is what I've been doing. And now you're part of team. May the American Kickboxing Academy which of course is in San Jose? Why did you leave Alpha male enjoying AK? there is a lot of changes with the coaching, so I felt like I was like a like getting split. Once. We moved to the new location. His your I had a smaller when he was more intimate stuff. The coaching was different in once. We went to the new Jim. A bunch of things changed and I had one coach. Justin Buckles but likability more just laugh at I was just kind of put in the middle of it in it, just it. It was good for me. A started affected me my training. Just like bad vibes felt like I was in the middle of it, so then I had. A, you know timoth mounted in. Australia feared these all, and it wasn't so this year of conduct getting ready for the Anthony might time between Sacramento and San Jose. Pandemic in the. Let's just move because I really was doing a lot of the SACRIMENTO. anyways so I just decided I just. Gordon reasons vacation area. Repairs or there, so it's I dunno, it's especially during this time as much time as I account with with parents do the last since I elect left to. Sacramento. Backroom, and it feels great Islamic people by size their decay, no I I. Was it? That's why that was original choice, right? What's that process like like? You say okay. I want to join this great team. Do you have to talk to have your Mendez another coach there? And do they interview like? How do you just join the team? Yeah I mean. Like you know as long as he knows, you're fighting professionals that. Of course he will let you. Out The do I talked to him. I told them that you know I'm going to do my job. And so forth he was very welcoming whenever had no I ended up. Just getting started working with one coach Ron Kessler is. Also you know. He's he's really he's actually beat up. Were so it's a lot. Of. but They. He's yeah, it's been great i. mean it's been really weird. 'cause like this viscount which we got since January was like a was. The, Gist, oh, not really open. It's only open to people have financing so when we were in their You know maybe one or two coaches in two teammates, you know. A. Very kind of didn't do. It was a two week. So. Yeah! I understand after the flight. The captain of Ak gave you a call sorta like when the President calls you after a big victory, Dana Cormie call do he. He bestowed that honor upon you. What was that like to hear his words into to get congratulations from him? Guy was awesome. I mean it's really good i. mean. Why didn't really feel pressure but I I was like thinking about that. Like how am I gonNA, go author late represent. This team now and you know it's like short-notice regard on. Route their. Blow this you. Know it was great. It's really gorgeous everything that's been going on congratulated median and the team, and said No. We did a great job. does in alike, you know. Coaches and stuff like other like crazy, trying to sell it to the judges during the fire. microbiomes. We win there with the planning done so? He was. Just. Congratuling those Ellen's really cool. Overall. Are you happy with your performance I? Five round fight you go the distance. You beat a former title contender. Are you happy with the the entire body of work? I. Mean Yeah I. Get everything that I knew I was injured the fight for. The finished, but considering every knows like going on. I'm pretty proud of myself like it was my first five round. Fight in a really wanted to see how the fish like it. We out like in my head like just. We probably don't have time to get ready for firearm. Fight for heart. Firearm I it three weeks two weeks, but you know we're just going to do our best. We're going to train every day. Not Do whatever I can get in the best shape. Surprising, follow are still able to go. Really strong thrown so anything out like I was definitely a little bit more conservative, but I do like the fight you know. I gotTa look I got him where he wanted to, but the they'd probably out any money fights. But it was it was it was it was very founded. New She's been going there big tooth see house in this year round Especially, if you don't have time to get ready for five years, you're going to get tired lot. But. It was I. think that's the whole thing about being able to fly like if our. I know after the fight. You're like a anyone anytime anywhere. I'm ready to go, and people were calling you out like Kagan, but now that we're a few days removed. My suggestion was winner of Roxanne modified versus Lauren Murphy which happens. This weekend would be the perfect next opponent for you. Do you have a stronger feelings as to who would make sense for you next? Yeah I mean. Yeah that was one of those either going to be jogging. Fight Hewitt. Error or There you go. Lauren? Winner Lauren Murphy modest areas so. For sure those are the options that we're looking at right now. I'm hoping to get a you know A. Against so we'll see how these you know this fight those this weekend and you know because who knows hopefully it'll come out with any ginger I just want a busy, so whoever we can line up for would be great. And by the way, did you like the The experience fighting smaller cage? I did a day. There's nowhere to run united. We get these more so I like that. I think for more action for Sir. I don't think it was that big of a difference in my opinion of. It was crazy. I, just a fowler kind of weird. Get to the United. States those like bill senior right around. I remember I. Think it was after your debut you you were at the post fight. Press conference in you were sitting next to Dana. White and he was saying like you know when I saw connor for the first time. I knew he was the star when I saw Ronda Rousey. I knew she was a star. I know that this person right here. Cynthia Caveat is going to be a star that you feel like you've always had to live up to that I mean that's that's. That's a lofty. Expectation to put upon someone right especially at a young age. Do you think about that a lot? And you feel like you have to prove that he was right, and is that part of your motivation? I mean. It was really cool. Obviously you needed to. Take a little bit of pressure for sure girls also Mike Connors Rasi. Or did. It Just kind of not really rocky for me, so it was like. To. Not really try to think about that too much, and just make sure I got back on track his. It was a little rough the team. I feel like eagerness. MEAN, there's a couple. Miss Out, so my bird, and so now I'm getting back on track and I. Feel like I can do that at flyweight so hopefully. He's still feels the same way. Ignoring. They know he was really happy with right before mid so. I'm stoked about that I wanNA keep issues forward in. Z.. See how we can make it happen the as far as you know. Are Barely scratching the surface you know. I had such a great seer in. It's been so up and down in rocky. No actually. New Chapter New team known movie backer richest if it feels very I. Don't know I like there's a lot of pressure. There's lot of waiting down on my shoulders and is still a lot of among off and I can really just argon in news. Ninety Last question in your mind. How Far Away Are you from? Valentina Shevchenko. How many more fights how many more years are you from being in that discussion? I think. That special already you know and it's kind of. Sasha Open Division. There's not many people in such so new. It's easy to get to the title. At flyway in immediately became the top five are pretty. You know Kinda already in as of yesterday, I'm number two so. I'm right up there I. Mean Joanne Calderwood were to be is fighting for the title next so what you see the homeland, five wait for the perfect opportunity answer like obviously she's such a dominant champion Arctic air the probably once the day get matched up. Pretty sure you know what would be a get. My ass kicked like see breezy, but you know it's. You. Make fights have. The best factly division that can give a really good run for money into the rest of the girls that she's been fighting arena fits a standard or see. Wandering fight inaugurated so You know I could be you know one. We're fight in Alexa and lines, so I'm not opposed opposed to that I just WANNA site. Just keep going no matter what you know on down. So far so good you have fallen down, and now you're back up and you are thriving it one twenty five great performance. Great Win. Thank you as always for the time Cynthia and continued success to you. It's you're appreciate it. Appreciate the time great to hear about her upbringing as well I think she's maybe one or two away from being that discussion at one twenty five, so curious to see who they match up against next I think Roxanne ferry versus Lauren Murphy that fight this week. In the winner of that fight would make a lot of sense. Don't know of Caitlin. Kagan makes a lot of sense. 'cause she recently lost to the Champ Valentina Shevchenko she beats her now. You're just killing off contender and you have another person who is at the. The top who Chanko already beat so there's not a lot of money to be made there so curious to see what they do. That's why like the modified Murphy fight because they haven't fought against Valentina Shift Jako now. There are a lot of people out there. That would love to see Valentina, Shevchenko Fight Menounos for a third time, and of course we just saw menounos compete back at UFC two fifty will. She has made a lot of headlines this after an interview that she did in her home country of Brazil that. that. She talked about her future. She said quote. I don't know I've achieved everything I. Wanted I'm well I can go on with my life. Maybe take a new step. Maybe find new talents helped some girls. Maybe be a coach to I'm in a moment that I can retire. You know and I'm in a moment that I can fight. I'm fine. There's nothing else to be done right now. In the division, the famed come for sure my life going forward. If I do stop now the UFC, we'll give me every support. Support I need to continue having my money and work end quote so few thoughts on this first of all everyone lost their mind, and they're starting to say Oh, here's another fighter who wants to retire oh? Let's lump her in there with John Jones and Conor McGregor and Jorges Mazda unhinged Suto. Let's get something straight right off the Bat Amanda. Nunez isn't those guys. She's not saying this 'cause. She's unhappy with the UFC or she is unhappy with her. Pay has nothing to do with any of that. She is saying essentially. There's not a lot of competition and what? She's right, but guess what. That's the dream that's the dream. If you're an enemy fighter or any kind of prizefighter, you want to be at the top of the mountain in your prime, making a lot of money doing well being successful and the gap between you and the rest of the contenders is so wide that every time you step in the cage, there is no risk you're not worried about getting hurt. You're not worried about. Getting knocked out yes of. Of course anytime. You fight against someone. There's always that risk, but let's be honest. She's fighting right now. Lesser Competition and she's getting paid top dollar to do so. That's the dream. It reminds me of when Ben Aspirin, went to one championship, and he went out there and you know essentially was fighting. Less competition was paid a lot of money to do that and not getting hurt. That's the dream at the end of the day. The goal of every prizefighter should be get the most amount of money. And take the less the least amount of damage right that should be the dream. And now she is living that dream so to me. It would be silly. Move on her part in far be it for me to tell anyone to retire or not retired, but it would be ill advised. Move Right now to walk away when you have an opportunity to make a lot of. Of Money and fight less competition I understand if she wants to take a break, I understand, she's about to come mother for the first time in September that makes sense and it would probably be good for those divisions forty, five, one, thousand five. She takes a break because you'll allow you know other contenders to emerge, so it's not bad if you do that but to walk. Walk away now would make no sense in my opinion, because you are living the dream and by the way, let's read those comments. She's not saying she's done. She's talking about options and she said I'm in Portuguese I. Think a lot of people are overreacting here I think a lot of people are freaking out. I think we'll see Mandarin as fight plenty of times from here. Here on out and I wouldn't be surprised if we can continue to see her. Defend that title one thirty, five and one forty-five art, those are my two cents or three on Amanda Nunez now time for everyone's favourite segment of the week. It is time for TST's minimalist tip of the week, and as always it is brought to you by our good friends over at modell. Sending the gold standard for authentic Mexican beer since nine hundred twenty-five mode Delo brewed for those with a fighting spirit. Minimalist tip of the week. So I've gone weighs more detailed how to get rid of physical objects whether it's by getting rid of them entirely donating digitizing them, because they no longer necessarily add ballots your life, but also mentioned getting rid of people, but I haven't really gotten much detail why that? You should consider doing the puzzle benefits. You can have an so. My personal philosophy on this is that I? Like to keep a close circle because I. think it can be unhealthy in a way to have friends recall Panini just for the sake of having friends or having company. Every person that I am close with Mickey better in some way and contributes twilight meaningful way so I think it's very wise to surround yourself such people in that to begin to distance yourself from those people who do not contribute any positive way that do not build you up that you can think. Do Not Bring New Perspective that do not make you laugh or thanks crying trying so. I would implore everyone who's listening to take stock of people that you surround yourself with an through southwest. Does. This person really enhanced my overall experience like the answer is yes great. He that person around and really embrace that person, but at the answer is no, then perhaps you should begin to distance yourself not up all ties entirely, but this beginning create all space here and it is difficult. Yes. I've done it before, but I never said it was that minimalism is easy, but it is. It is simple and I think embracing minimalist package like this can greatly improve quality. In in this case. In particularly. This works for me. I believe that you're better off spending time loan with yourself. Evaluate in trying to get yourself better. I then surround yourself with people who may do a were I. That is tremendous advice and on that note. Try I think it's time for us to separate ways you get what I'm saying. Do you get it? Get it. To go separate ways with some of our viewers. You got some five-star reviews. Sneaking him real quick, kimball one six six five stars Title DC Public Summation Voice I've been a long time listener and I'm so glad I waited to write a review until now why the addition of DC needs to be a permanent thing is true human being that I wish you would have had this platform years ago as it has made it easy to root for him and selling casualties as the true radius of all time, who that's nice. was there another another one from mad g? Five Star says keeping up. What this show as it's always good to get my emma fix need to keeping flexible. In late breaking news comes out. Don't constrained to normal scheduled program, and with that I will hit music s and. I appreciate that very much all right. We're out of time. Thank you. Thanks to our two guests this week. Thank you very much to sit the vio congratulations to her on the big win and force. Thank you very much to Alexander. Volkov ski the reigning defending featherweight champion. Looking to do it again. Max Holloway on July eleventh this weekend. The UFC is back in. Las Vegas Curtis Blades against Alexander Volkov important fight in the heavyweight division. How about that Call Chamber Burgos Against Josh? Emmett those guys have been on fire. As of late I'm looking forward to that Raquel Pennington against Marian Renault Lime. Good against the Law Muhammad Jim Miller. Fighting in his record-tying thirty fifth UFC fight against Roberts. prelims start at five. Five o'clock Eastern Maine Card at eight PM EASTERN ON ESPN AND ESPN plus they are simulcasting it some other notable fights on the undercard. Roxanne Monetary Lauren Murphy like I mentioned before. Casey Gets Julian Robertson and the return Bobby Green, again Klay Brita so it's a nice night of fighting this Saturday, and of course we'll be back on Monday to talk about it. All and God knows what else for now though we're out of time. Listening keep on reviewing subscribing thanks. I appreciate everyone. Who did it last week. Keep doing it. We're going to top baby the top. down.

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