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From needs to charge May. Watch. More. Okay all right. Good Morning Good Morning. Everybody how your own. Ah Good Morning, it is of Phil Good. Friday this Friday of July seventeen, twenty twenty. It is forty four minutes after the hour. Automotive show featuring sitting J. law co host Bob Cologne. You get your morning started right only place on earth. We get your morning started right? The chat room was opened or please call in by seven, zero, nine, eight, two, six, nine, five, zero, you broadcasting live radio. Dot Com iheartradio Shaw morning show. Dot, com comedy that a radio or podcast platform right here on the all mighty facebook live only place on Earth Week. Since Jay Bill Good Friday cj good morning. And how are you? This morning s to the in. Good Morning Shawn Undoing Grace Good morning to everyone listening. We have a fantastic show today on this Good Friday. We're going to get started with. Seventy says I'll let you know what's going on in Hollywood and entertainment news, guys stick around for. Good Morning. Good Morning Cindy Good Morning. Everyone here in Bethlehem. We work as you from. It is about seventy degrees right now. It will be a high of eight today. It is cloudy because it may rain. A heat advisory it may film. It's one hundred eight degrees today with the cloud in the Sky Yup, so be careful. You have to be out Strasbourg sixty six degrees, eighty, eight for the high cloudy in possibility of rain, also sometime an afternoon on and off scattered showers in Newark, New Jersey seventy two degrees eighty eight will be the high in cloudy in once again, scattered showers a late to mid afternoon. New York seventy two degrees as for the high in cloudy. Atlanta it is seventy three degrees right now. The high will be ninety three today, and it's going to be sunny. Sending out in Miami Eighty six for the high grain. Pick to heavier rain around two PM so carefree for out and about in Chicago seventy degrees eight six will be. Sunny and be are under a heat advisory. Also, it will feel like it's one hundred five degrees in Chicago. In Los Angeles, sixty three degrees eighty, one for the high in bear. That's the whether I have for you. All was looking like where you are becoming, so you live from the show heavy show featuring Sidney J. we get your started bank exactly where you get your on started. Right Barbeque, Cologne, we have the. Morning Buzz and I guarantee each and everyone of you guys before nine am. This morning head will be buzzing. What else you have any? In the nine o'clock hour from Patriots with sending day I'll let you know what's going on locally and nationally. Stick around for that. Yes there will be more. We have the sports. Guy John Stay too, so dog gone away. GAZA, we'll be right that we're GONNA do is we're gonNA, shout out the room. You know, show your love. Wisdom heart set in the chat room. You know the deal, but what we do right now or also, we will have on a filled Friday. CJ. We have the. We announce a Chapman member of the week. While the crushes on so. Listen guys that don't go to will shot you guys, but we do right now. We go back to the morning drive Dj night here with us. Stay as long as we. Out His CREPE. Today the minute walk everybody. I'm you get the biggest package? It's not like it's not like. Like the, Biggest the WOK buffers walk buys three here. Because some places you want. So do I is free here. I tested last night. It was working pretty good and I know like you said earlier. Senators like how device it I mean I. I got three vices here so far is holding up, but if like right outside the patio, you could see bay, and then this alantic ocean right next to me, but the moment i. Take, this laptop, and it like three inches all of. The BY GOES So I don't know maybe I mike take this camera. You. Life But it's the cameras. Okay just just take a picture and put it in the group room. Great. I'll definitely do that. Later today. Is Lease Guy in the. Yeah he he just popping. Hey. Happy Birthday. Everybody's showed me and that's. That's really the only reason why we're doing this show today's. Oh by the way you know, we ought to hit early to the. Pool Party Day call at ten o'clock. Good, so we don't get out of here early. Y-. ME. Say I got. Party at ten, and then I got a beach party. fishy phase. I. Don't believe you I'm doing. Take. and. Then the tonight. Tonight we got the big comedy show. How are you going to be performing? Are you hosting? Of do both because it's only me and one of them. Is this two of us on the show again so I'm GonNa Start. And the city of start the show, and then after that. I got to be done by ten. Because I got a narcotics anonymous of comedy, show at ten o'clock. On Zoom Zoom Zoom will be three hundred recovering addicts on zone. So there's a lot going on today. Yeah taking the White Wise. I, don't we tested a wildfire now? I don't know but I know one thing a shoutout to A. My my nephew Lee Scott is. Shown some love. For his birthday, so that's what we want to hear. This comeback we got we can. Come back. It is a feel Good Friday. Please share this show. It is Friday a July seventeenth twenty actually my sister's birthday to got call. My sister is her birthday today to. Fifty one minutes after the hour back, Sean featured CJ by broadcom week each morning to start to write twenty place on, Earth, we get. You started right. That chat rooms opened up. Please call in five, seven, zero, nine, eight, two, six, nine, five zero. IHEARTRADIO RADIO DOT COM. Dot Com Connie Worldnet radio or podcast. Platforms radio all might. Loud like a sheet. Or Still Good Friday Good Morning Barbie and how to that live better, Barbie! Am I'm still having highs, but I figured out what I was allergic to you. I couldn't lamb a couple of days ago. Apparently Barbara is alerted Liam. Wreck. That's what I'm trying to be our new Karen. Drawn to stop and I was thinking my dad chicken and Turkey for now. You know. We just had you just had a boozy relapse into you recovering? Movie. Lamb believing. Voting! Boosting. I gotta tip and I wanted as. Well I'm glad you're recovering. Lebron lamb alone you from north. They don't eat that endorsed. They do all my sound land once they do. But. They don't Cook it the way you cook it. If you had the Halaza by, you wouldn't have been itching and scratching. That's the way you cook. And then had. And then lamb last month either. We'll be. Never had it before. November, Lambeau. The name of this for some reason didn't ring the bells. My taste books okay. So would never. I. Lamb chops lamb rubber good. Look I have made some land. Chocolate was really good zoo well. The next day. Last night I'm like I'm trying to. Weed out what the heck hasn't. Lost Lamb world. That's the source of the problem I'm glad that you recovering and stopped trying new. We're in the world. You know there's a on on in the world trying new things right now on top of that. You Ain't never laughed. I will be sticking to chicken, stick and down Turkey. Eating speak the basics into the cocos maintain. Here in Bethlehem, guys is seventy degrees eighty eight would be the highest cloudy right now with rain slot in hidden in the afternoon sometime we also are the heat advisories, so the heat index saying fill up a hundred eight degrees today. So you're out there. Please be careful. Sixty six Strasbourg Ada for the high cloudy and rain, also spending to in New Jersey Eight, eight for the high cloudy with brain sliding sometime afternoon in New York City seventy two degrees, eighty six will be hiring cloudy, seventy, two three in Miami I'm sorry. Seven three in Atlanta Ninety three will be high in sunny and Miami setting I'm agrees eighty six for the high lane. And it will pick up some time around two PM and it will be a little thunder. Storms a sometime PM in Chicago seven degrees eighty six for high sunny. And the also under heat advisory he invent instill like a hundred and five degrees out. Please be careful sixty three in Los Angeles eighty-one for and fair. That's the way I have for you all. What's it look like where you are wide Cologne, coming to you live in a short show featuring Cindy Jane. When you get you WANNA start right. We should start right where in the building we'll show the chat rooms love. Let's let's let's sort of. For. Show Jatin. Yeah. Let's show challenged because I don't know how long the thing glass. So we need to see the heart in the chat room right now, we. Celebrate our beloved leave Scott's birthday. He went away him and his lovely wife. Where did they go, CJ? They went to Mexico. Mexico so hand. By some resort. Okay, okay, so let's let's show the show. Leeson love. Keep putting up those pictures. I'm opposed him and his lovely wife is out there. I'm opposed some pitches while down the Barbie Barbie posts every day, anyway, senior pulsa opinion everybody Poe somewhere by, but we'll show the chat with before we showed Chapman. Some love this show. Does creepers some love Jane Barbeque? Become the ones who just the loyalty listen to the show. They don't WanNa be Chat Mon. You know what I'm saying. The only thing they wanna do is just enjoy the show. Shout out to you guys. And now into all the haters man, you know, God bless show you. HOW HATERS! The stick around every day and they supporters God. Bless now for those folks chat room. We want to show them. Some love with heart sac in Chat Room with Hotak Jack. Hey the heart, Zach, in whom hey, so let's let's start off here. On? Arts in the chat room. He lit a heart attack in rural. Heart in. With heart that it's. Hard said city. Let's go turn out. With, arts at a with. A with art star doubt. With arts at a with. A with a heart turned down to. Where the heart set win. With hotter down to what? Look. What date? Hey I'm A. I'm wartime. Will. In the Goon Hey away the heart Saturday chat. Hard Saf the chat room with a heart. Heart. Heart. Heart sets let's go turn back. With a heart set of where the heart Jack Away, the heart turns out to work. With the part. Where the. Where the parts? To what. We're the actual winner. Marcher doubt. Google What Hey. Hey what? Yes. Learning you guys ready. Get your name shouted out. We had in the building in. Diane Hall I said a Diane Hall is here Y'all say good morning to Diane Up. Grow the Roma Volvo Johnson Hey, railroad good morning. Audrey Johnson in the building hey audrey. Antelope to was hey good morning to you. Girl they fed Jones had a faneuil good morning to you. Terribly in the building Happy Birthday to you, Leigh. Her up down impact, well, we. All. The way over the whole awful Barbara that that ripe of his April gotTa turn up more for his Birkbeck. Even though they married, she got A. Model bit extra for his birthday. April. If you're listening on the, could you please convey that message to your lovely wife? Time birthdays time to go to slut slut central for the birth. Going city, they married. You know what I'm saying, so so that's so he's confined to that one big giant for the rest of his life and God bless. Bye Bye, but being confined. Didn't that one but Jonah. Ma a slut situations that got to go down there and that's all I'm saying it's his birthday. She got to go all out any of US married and you had the husband. It was birthday. Would you go out little extra with the slutty? This come on, come on. Exactly. Let's get some porn hub action going on April. Step your porn her game. Go ahead Barbara I. mean garbage so. She she she she he. A April. Percival able. You need to know that your husband loves you really first of all and we've been with their journey with them. So able knowing that that he put on that thing and he committed his life to you. Now now now now that in his own right, especially when Amanpour deeply in love with a woman put their ring with that means he married, and that means that's only one vagina. Cj Man is dealing with one of the China for the rest of his life, and he's happy about that and he loves her so on these Acao Mancini on these occasions birthday super sled it out. Put on some slutty little stockins. Put some lipstick going into phase, the Gabbara one bobbies. EYELASHES DO UPTON. Out Let them talk and. Talk sledding to your husband for his birthday. Say something real real disrespectful to him in a sexual way. That's all we want, and that's when he deserves for his birthday I. Hope You. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable girl and on top of that I'm tore. She'd be willing to do that if least got kids. Stay awake along. Okay grant because he found a sleep at seven o'clock last night. Okay. What did he do last night? He passed out. So what the? Sleeping. Well, you know why you don't what he deserves. The pass out. This man is committed to what we're trying to arrest like. That's the time was supposed to get slut outfit out. Snail he missed the. Today th birthday, so you missed out session Lee. I'm sorry. I'm. Today! As the go of he's really. Because absolutely. Right. WHO has to build? We Have A. Thomas King here Good Morning Time is how are you today? What meant to be? Sweetness is in the building. What's up, girl? younger nut is in the Bilton. Hey, young, good morning! Tie Lynette is here good. Morning Beautiful Johnny Whip Oh is in the building. Hey, good morning, but that Joe Henry is, he was the girl. Prince! Good Morning Mr Robinson. Philly style. All as Savvy low. A Denise's. He Good Morning Avis. This sad. Kim Campbell is in the bill. The Hey, girl come on and beautiful. And, let me Kim dear. Jackson is here Good Morning Zero. Hey, how are you today? Marseille array most is in the building. Good Morning Kyle head, Johnson is here DJ CADILLAC. It is in the what up Ryan Joel I'm Jim Joe. Miller was here. Hey, Jim, good morning until you beautiful divert, Mathis is here could more than. We have in the building Julius dillashaw is in the building. What's going on with you and Tanya Washington? It's here. Are All the things that I have seen right now. You are here and to get shot. Oh, Jimmy, account will do is often. Hey, Jemaine, you know, come all say. So, we've. been here. That's right because just for right now. Chat will. Assign you. Know what I forgot. We a CAR NEW ONE YEAH! Big I do about. The chat room the week. Hey, you have a chat room the week, dzhambul. Orlov! Injure me, he's. We think. We thank you. For All. With us all you make sure that you all stay connected with us on social media, the broadcasting off of right now the Sean heavy morning show keep should wake up. Please make sure you like and follow the paid. We truly appreciate any get notification every time we go live on lake problem so. You're not going to make sure foul up also on Instagram Sean Heart. Morning Show. We have a group page. That's on facebook Shaun. Harper morning show. Wake team at yourself at. It grows the community and check this out. iheartradio platform, Sean heavy morning show like an follow Tallec grant and like this video. On your law. Well said Sidney J great job. Thanks holds a break and then when we come back with now child, we so I are like Jane which you guys. Recently had to work a Lotta people appreciate you a lot of people like hey, you're on vacation to deserve it. I'm not on vacation. I don't remember when the last time I did that. I'm down here working with this organization, Make Kevin and out of Town Entertainment K. L. A. Entertainment out of. Guys all the time, so we they do down here in the US Virgin. Cj so that's where I'm at right now a Saint Thomas Right. I think it's the biggest allen down here, but anyway the. Channels on, so don't go you know. The cocoa novelist and I and I took heed to all that the gave me the health safety scores no question about it. Kevin gave deposit and I came down here, right? Yes not what's today Friday right? So, so. Yesterday was my journey down here, right? No I'll give isn't. The. Date Wednesday Wednesday so Wednesday. A this this whole Odyssey started on Wednesday cine after the show. I'm a beloved Diane Hall Right. Who makes mass for me when I go out and sell them right? Diane Hall in the Poconos. Cindy J. at Perkins across the street from the Quality in. Right because she she had only our because you have to give back to work. And I put the pitch of Diane. Hall! In when the when the show's over right, so we had this small window, a Jovan went up thirty three. Joba Poconos I met Diane. Make the exchange right. Cine I start my car. And the call will go from park to drive the ship that was. So Diane pulls off right. and. I was Holo or Yo-. Diane let that La so bad. I mean we do not sometimes you talk to people interested in your car for a moment and you do whatever you do you check your phone and you pull off. Diane Diane MSL sort of the same thing, but when I realized I couldn't get the car and drive. Diane had pulled up made a right turn and she was gone. And I'll say it's the middle of the day on Wednesday and I'm stuck in Perkins in Strasbourg Pennsylvania with my life goal. I was. No this car is not acting like this. And now you gotta go somewhere Golsen. Guess what I don't know what I did. Press the button with. It released the. Gear shift a release and when it's drive. The car immediately to the mechanic way I live. Yeah and drop the car off and he said I can't work going into. I don't give this takeoff. Right. Now. How am I supposed to get to New York to get to JFK? Now I don't? I don't want to get on a bus transit buses running right. Young Way from all these things, right? So the last bus of their six o'clock in even, but I'm not ready to go, because I didn't even pack right. Guess I. Will I Call Out Our beloved Jacob Homes? Go Jake. Jake. Asked up in the money. He came to pick me up at three. o'clock in the one is any day. Shut out the Jacob Holes come to. Lose Jacob Zuma from. All the way to JFK that's amazing and I paid them and I the no problem, right? Now. We get the JFK and we're praying, and he's scheduled the airport and the whole thing and you're gonna go to the cocoa. They're waiting for you and. You. Get Out of my car. and. Also scared to Bentiu airport. This year. Thirty Times Years I've never been I've been airport. Semi In Bobby. I get out the car, right. The first thing I did notice at JFK yesterday morning at five Am. There was no traffic in the at the airport. On cloudy six am. GOP is usually packed on a business days Thursday morning every month on all over the place. Why because I walk into JFK in the terminal, there is nobody there. They might have been ten people to check their bags I had a bag. I have to check. How the airport is a ghost town? So I love. Go to the tears. Now, they all TSA agents. They have the facial piercings talking about with the mass. On a regular disposable, as long as ninety five percent of the other people, right, you don't have no plans. No, God does. Not. Go through the checkpoint, right? In the airport at JFK. Airport you don't have all these retail stores. That opened in the airport city. Apartment you, still. Probably look like she's frozen. Cine. A. Very disturbing because you staring at me. Road cine all of the retail stores are closed. All the stores in. Stores? In the all all the stores and determine who are close. So you walk into the airport and it's nobody leaves. Good to the game. And and bobby a city. They had the plight was leaving going to Atlanta. So they have one of those big jumbo jets to get everybody down to Atlanta, and then they connect wherever they gonNA bright. City! The plane was at fifty percent capacity. I had all three roles to myself. So in, it's not what it should be like everybody's GonNa be on top of me. This is going to be everybody's on top of each other like we all going to get the cocoa thing, right? So now, Conserva know who they served you bottled water. Cheese it even in first class cheese. It's small changes, bottled water, and so like a Granola bar and he put it in a plastic bag and that was it. Well, that's good. How long was your flame quite was our. Our already minutes from New York to Atlanta, and then it was three hours and thirty minutes from Atlanta to hear. I. I get on the second plane to come here I. Guess what I got the whole road, so myself and the plane is at sixty percent capacity. That's really great. Then I. Land Get them. To get off the plane and the terminal. They actually questions like if you. Had the coronavirus Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah and then they check your temperature. Temperature masses crazy and then update here to hotel. They check your temperature here and you gotta wear the mass in the hotel. Industry result, but what's in the resort? That's that's is you don't have to wear to. The mass if you don't want to hear in this. The. Last night we had a party and everybody had the amass on, so people did, and it was. It was weird. It was one of those type of situations. And they party all night to midnight. Eight o'clock eight thirty and came back to the room, and I've been in this room, says eight, o'clock eight thirty. And that and I'll just give you got up. This I'm not leaving the. Stay here to Monday. But all the excursions, all the things that people do when they come on these all that stuff is canceled. There's no kiss the dolphins. The over there drinking living it up again there, that's all you need. and. That's why there's an uptick in. Cases, at as Virgin Islands. I mean. I'm not I'm not, I'm not I'm not disagreeing with you at all. Like I got the mass on time. Go outside with a mass, but let me tell you something that you talk. You talked about the she'll cj in. I respect the shield and I think it. It to me looks crazy but I. get it, but no one or both lights. On nobody had a shield on in the whole. The only person. On phase was the TSA agents in new. York City. So, everybody's wearing a mass. Cine. Everybody's wearing a mess. See, everybody with a hundred percent of people have maslum. They. At least masculine each. Shield to. Little Thank you. I saw nobody wear the gloves. Everybody mass. Oh okay. We'll be right back. Who Got Enough? Chat will number week. A. City says we'RE GONNA, get out, here. I. The. Convert News Coming. Bank's. Governor. I don't know how that helps. Most. stabled. Who Don't want who don't. Millwood he. Has. Fact. Beautifully Beer. Relax. More opportunities to. Who knows where? He got my swim trunks on already. You. Betty. Ready, I'm ready. I'm also against the clock. I'm data. Right in that pool today. Have your mask. I'm not swimming with a mass on. They. They don't make water. To work on that. Come back. Enough, Chapman don't get nasty. Chat will remember the weekday of July the thirty. Two point and you take a picture on July. Thirty couldn't group room We've oh. And then on the thirty first you went one hundred dollars, even more cast. Also high in foot massage. All this is sponsored by Joba sitting when I come back I got linked up with Prince Hiscox. No pause, Blackheart, the honorable. He's pick me up from the airport. Francis. Only you. Know he's got a job to. To my mother's house. In the broads. These guys they don't look like. Closer on. No No, no, no, no, no, no, we're not doing that I got my. Shoes. Hostile Joe No. Doubt right in this thing. Connecticut. You. Connecticut, hanging out. This shit guys. Of the sublime that we've got an opportunity to go on today. We're not gonNA. Stay Law or get out of here early. Working. Or not working you. Know working seems over. Budget People here still gotTA performs. Of. Them. Don't even know. My mortgage. Walk. City, you know it was worst mood my situation, if enough money of performance I'm here for four days and people giving you dirty looks for four days. Exactly you don't want the. Comedian. Exactly, so! So so I gotta put that work assault on here that soon. Now you. That incorporate. We're back. July, Seventeenth, vote twenty twenty Twenty minutes after the hour. Quarantine for ten days when I come back, Jay. Sixty percent of me is like saying. Yes, I think I might. Yeah it should be ninety percent shoot. I'm not coming. Sixty percent off. What's going to be even June the ten? You got. My Yoga. Guests June this August. The temp was seventeen. I. Give you the date on that, but listen listen I'll take the cocoa the I've taken. It says more tired than you ever had a both beal combined. So. That doesn't mean that meals and I. I. I I don't know if I should be around you. I don't know your status. That? You know that that a systematic is popping right now so. Young full from thirty, twenty, five, thirty five. You fit that category, so you might be I might need to stay away from you. So. Listen I think we're going to do on Friday Oh or you talked about the weather, bobby. Local weather real? Quick a bobby, it is already. This already like one hundred degrees down here with one hundred percent. I don't know. I don't know how these people can live here every day like this. This is ridiculous to me. GENU- it look. Look at me. Look, I'm. This point holes wedding. I don't know how to go in this too hot. It's two. People in the Virgin Islands. And isn't really the US Virgin. Only thing us on this is like a third world country. I'm telling this is not I don't feel like I'm in the US. The US, this is something. Done mighty really sell this thing. I don't understand why we just. This this is not the US. which have. Here in breath name guys is seventy one degrees. The highest going to be eighty Haynes Day, it is cloudy and it's GonNa rain scattered showers, sometimes twelve o'clock. But there is a heat advisory swift athletes. Be careful. In Strasbourg, sixty six degrees eighty for the high, cloudy and rain as well. That's the way I have for you are what's look like where you are? Allow coming to you live. Show featuring cine. Get Start Right back me. Good morning started right at also sending you nervous view. Of melodia girlfriends on. She takes the test twice a month. We've taken a test combined by times in the last forty. Because you guys aren't high, you are high ranks because she works with. A. Are Older so? So you should be doing that. I'm thinking to myself. Don't go into large over forming in jumping a pool. I don't know that whole. About exposure. COGOS every wave. Look, say look behind you. There's a pupil. That window pane is. Sitting guess what we're going to announce the chapel member of the week on a builder Friday saying towards the end of the month we got the national chabrol member weekday. We appreciate all you guys was supporting that. So far. Thank you so much and I think now of Cologne fill the Friday think we should announced number two week so. I'M GONNA. Sit Back while you do the countdown or whatever you do. Will announce a chat. Remember the week. I am super excited so. You Ready Cologne. Who's going to be want to be? WHO IS HE JESSICA? Good. Steve. Well. Of the week eight. Kate! Dedicate your. The. Chapel of the weekend go. Jessica Jessica Ago Jessica Dr. Chat. Page. Jessica! Jessica. Jessica. Of the. Judy. Zone of the week. Bloomberg but. I don't know. Usually I send a moon. Tonight she the chat remember the week. To chat with. A great choice of congratulations. A JESSICA Just so she can call in. You know very special when when we nominated. And announce the Chapel Hill the week Jessica, Wilcox the been listening to the show. You know, end up in supporting the show. We appreciate you, so please call in your reach out to just her that she chat room member of week I so now. What? We're GONNA do some hours you know. We're not gonNA. Stay long for the forty minutes. I'm just grateful that we online right now to think. Kick US also. We're going to keep relied on the Friday. We do. A Sydney says with do some sports and we wrap it up with some news so without pervert we've got some city says what you was. Please God bless. Well good morning everybody. I'm going to start off. This news today. To set file your name. He recognized. because. Being Nice on Sydney's the focus I'm now, he could. To pick the chairman of the week I'm surprised technologist anybody except himself. Cox Show. And ways. He. Years because all here's cock, Dan Daily at. The stallion you wal. LEX shot by Tory Lane Wall in a car. But witnesses are not olot green. Apparently. Tori. Lanes Sean Aren't being singer you've heard before was always saying. He's A. He's a singer Robert. He. He's like he's like. He's like right now. Dog Back in the day. I find this day. He I you open fire on Meghan, Mestalla. Gallian she has. taught that she has. Average, new one. She got now. Oh, yes, he hasn't that savage song right now. Beyond? Verdy! That, he knows. Whether no guy. Early last week on Sunday morning at arguing with her and her friend CALC-, Nicole on. A would. And they left in a chauffeur-driven SUV and apparently. Megan and her friend wanted to go out of the vehicle and. Floats. Faithful. I. Do because. He He. Got No. I don't even listen to like that, but I like that song as catchy. I'm the. Rescue Mommy! Talk. Yeah, that's magnanimous. Allegedly? They wanted to get. And vote out all guy. In, the. In the car. and. The! His car was pulled the order and the. Of. Out of the car her feet were nearly bleeding, but she. Tori lanes arrested for possession of a field. But he wasn't built for the shooting. Megan said that she cut her fee on glass. Ask. And she's the victim. And other people are not supposed video. But. Nobody's saying. They don't have any of the. I mean I. think that's very unfortunate that that happened to her. The shed to get assignment e I. Don't know why twenty lanes is being I like those. Who? The story link the story. I mean look. He's making he's. Thanks. I forget once on. When that people are used to hearing so shot. Speak up for yourself. Wait a minute, so. Allowing your mind, you say you're the victim girl town I got a two females. Because, you're. The Bobby so why she? You WanNa say that will give you rights and on. You don't. Call them broke and you know we all like were mental like when they call us we'll. Be In your even hail I mean come once. Shoot her in the foot. down. This alcohol had a lot to do with this. because. The party you. Where does you gotTa Gun? You Ain't now. Also I'll. I'll call has a lot of. Trouble used smash each other. We don't know their status. So there's. This out slams. JV You should be in jail right now. I don't know what that what? He gets a citation whatever carrying a concealed weapon. She's GonNa. Have to go back to court for that. Cannon! is in the news again. Right. Because, he apologized. To separate that's apology is. So apparently said. If you guys need to know. He did a podcast. Who has a podcast show that he did back? Years? With public enemy. Richard Griffin. and. Grip for? Grip. Sorry God passer grand a big name. Where he made some. Anti Semitic convents by fire broke ball times so twenty four hours out through that he says first and foremost extend my deepest and most sincere apologies to my Jewish sisters and brothers, but hurtful and divisive words that came out of my mouth. He continued that a reinforce or worse area types overcrowded mcnichols. And aim of the uninformed. At these words came from. On Sand He basically said that he couldn't be anti Semitic. Because black people are the rails semi. Urban was speaking the truth and repeated long how? Going back to Hitler stereotypes about Jews controlling banks and much of the world's. I'm. He did get severe backlash online I went this podcast resurface in addition to Viacom axing him from. All ties with him. Nick says several rabbis including Rabbi Abraham Cooper from the Simon Weisenthal, center. Have, been educating. As of late, Wednesday. which is the home of showed the mass singer? I've never seen that show on. They saying that they're in talks with. They've been in talks with nick regarding the podcast and they felt that he was a clear more all in his word, and they decided that they're gonNA. Keep him on that show. Can instead he's vowed to committed to strengthening the bond between black and Jewish cultures, bowling or where he's taken down the podcast, but he's. Demanding from Viacom. That day! that. They give him the rights to his announced. That show and so I don't know it. was I mean I. Guess He apologized for. You Know I. Use. He needs a bad. COP gives us the right. So Nick. Mechanic. I identify with. He's completely out of his mind like I'm like myself. Of. Nick Cannon you. Step stepping like Joe Butter. A few down with the power movement than be with the movement brother. You get your Jewish friends. Coming down on new now you want to be outlaws with the Jews and Jewish educational seminars. Which is the day was shut your mouth sir. And continue to keep collect your money. You. Use it platform you, sir, you are. Television holds your businessman I. Get it, but you have a big mouth to. Now you all these damning things about Jews and what's going on his social injustice. Open up to it man. But now you're backtracking and you apologizing. Because the check's GonNa Stop Bro. Stopped doing stupid podcast at this contradictory, the to with a which assesses has been throughout your career. Your cable, TV. With me, mainstream America the Babylonians and Betas, this black guy that's friendly and then at night you will professor talking about the Paulo and Jusitce and Giuseppe this evil one of the. Idiot! Summer course. It might that might lose a good friends with Nick Cannon. They might get back on, but this is this. Is Your Problem Sir. So now what's the? So what are you? Grow! Good you. All black holes apologize now ripping down statues, and all that why you backtrack debt. Take your. PODCAST keep sending that message that you truly believe in now looking at. I'm looking at you. Are with the left here coming down. I. Don't believe anything you saying Bro. You Got Committee meetings with rabbis. On a daily basis in the black community. Community. Don't you put one of those little The Jewish people with. One of those things. Quick. Call and Living Williamsburg Brooklyn. Row Bro. and. Man All your. Your rights to your show would. Agree, but they're not going to. They own the show you will that. You saw the contract with that if you want to. Read that contract. He had no choice at the time you know. The Internet was impacted like that where you can create your own platform, so he they asked to. Act to finance his show, but if you want to show back, you got buy it from them. They own the show. They made a superstar by back. But, you ain't going to send them here. Holland and not taking about what you're saying with grant guy. And and not get any backlash from the Babylonians. Just you said what you say. Bad all anyway. Old is look. How they will dig up old older to put you on blast and try to you know make. Who you are. Mazwai Alice apologists of the state because. All of a sudden after all of that stuff, being said which I'm sure. Of Said something about. When you first good that. You didn't air. Go and. Get knowledge or enlightened. What over the things, instead said in the past, but now because open you wanNA. You? WanNa back. Drive now so so. I already learned from that. I've moved on and. Can't. Say nothing right. You WanNa. Every week exactly? Exactly like. You. Even what's the representation of the black man? We got out shopping to do all of that. I, don't. Course. and. We love you in the community. Stay with that. WHO's a black guy? That prices right Wayne Brady Wayne Brady do. You Wayne is Wayne is first. It or crisis right for the last twenty years doing here, Pete. Whatever whatever it is! Right now. I'm a big. Its price is right. They'll make. Make make golden goal to the Wayne Brady, school of being a black man that kissed the Babylonians asses. Because you your realm. You can't be working it out, and then be a host of the Mass on the national TV show. Come on, make cut it out. Stop It. then. Guess what then the Babylonian Show Chew Power, they allow you to come back and you go back gracefully. You go back a homeowner, you you. You come back to that. Show okay. I'm back I'm so sorry. Come on Nick. Come on. With team, he warned play. Wayne Brady team. You with us which you with the movement. If you want the movement and you will possess grit rock with him. Now you WANNA switch back the being Wayne Brady. Kanye West files new document. For Twenty Twenty presidential run. Yeah. This has been a lot of people said he was having a bipolar. and. Of Flu. No it looks like his. His thing is full steam ahead. The latest album called a statement of candidacy. Which shows that is raised worth more than five thousand dollars campaign related expenses, which elevates him to candidacy status under the federal campaign, Wall. Accor's conway listing himself as part of the Earth Day party. As B. D. Y. and he designates of his political, committee, Con, twenty twenty. He, also list his residence as Cody Wyoming where he and his wife crashy and have just a massive property. This is the second and more important documents that Kanye has at sea will he filed his earth on Wednesday, which is a statement of Organization for the campaign declaring. Twenty Twenty Committee will serve as the principal campaign committee. Connie also legal documents qualifying to get on the ballot. However, he missed the Wednesday deadline. Battleground state of warrants. A market research company conducted a poll showing that tiny captured. or in capturing two percent of the national though. It's not their thing. He can't win why he could be a spoiler in a close election it. Really. Like how is he hurt a? Doing this Caitlyn Jenner has said that she would like to be. His his vice president. Lama. Gala Jenner is Bruce Jenner. Turns Caitlin Jenner. Now all this makes sense to me. It is just in the wrong galaxy innocent the wrong year. A west of San as a man. He has so much money that you know. Some of these people have so much money. They lose grip on reality. Clear. Clearly. Clear. Clear. and. He's also meant. We have meant to issues. That's what makes them great. News. County West makes great music. Yes, no, denying that and you know. He got the whiteboard with their kids like he got this whole empire over there both of them. and. He just don't have nothing to do in the daytime. When you don't have doing the daytime and a multi billionaire. You start doing weird things, and this is what it is. What kind! You don't have the black folk. Bro, maybe you're fans. Might both of you? But. You don't have the backbone. They're rare around there, which make America great again hat on sitting there in the Oval Office with the came forty five. We don't forget that. But I respect you more than that nick cannon over there Wayne Brady Parr to. List you stick to your guns, and would you believe in and you don't apologize for nothing? If you the wall, you this up wrong. Nick is apologize because he wanted his job back. Mr. West I'm nothing for you. Our I mean. If it was so close to Donald Shop. I would go with this. But you doing the king your to close? Image, you win that make it might hurt Donald trump more dated. Her Joe Biden if he jumped into the race. You got two percent of the vote said he's going. Spend about about twenty million dollars on this. And then he's going to go away, but he has a lot of money. He can do this missing deadlines in different states. I'm not holding. Connie whereas if you on the ballot, Ham Pennsylvania. I'm voting user. I. Feel to. You too much of the magnitude. Costa trump if he wasn't involved when shopping news black news, I mean a Democrat there, maybe ACA. CPA something like this but you. Bake great music grow. Music. Policy we'll. Take a quick. Quick break. We'll be right back. Nick can't. In good at least these urban streets right now, Bro, you ain't look good in his early. You'll nick. You're not looking you. You have the meetings and God. Bless the Jewish folk. You have in meetings with these guys and. What. What what what are you doing? Going back to to save your safe and signed safe phases. Not Saving the community. If I. saw. We himself as a terrible. Did we. A Chapel member week is in the Room A. Doesn't call in just. One analyst Green. Bus States in the team. Everybody, Audrey Johnson Coma CHABROL member league. But we're always thank you hug how you doing. Great? Faith. Law Though. Okay right. into. The. Fate is that. Didn't make an apology. You're off twice in the. Apology. But. You say okay, I. Can't think there's. That! But. Meanwhile. The. Cannon doesn't have A. Young man for nothing. Will. Interesting what? Wait a minute I thought you said. We said. We will pick it on. Soon Windy. The stats desk the problem you. See, but that's the problem. That's the problem with. That's the problem right there. He has enough money. He wants to continue to make his money. He has no interest in the black community. As far as I'm concerned, and that's why he's apologizing to discuss the politics tour to keep the checks come in for his betterment of himself, not for the community he's he's allying himself with the Jewish folks dot, bless the Jewish will has nothing to do with the black community because that's why he's making the. Active. Would say, but that's what we've been doing. Coke now. I don't know why needed to go back on this thing with the through. Whatever? I don't look at. All. Fact often. Open your mouth about them because it makes it. Though. He can't Apollo with naked he can't. He's playing both sides of the fence. You can't be the all American of African Americans. And then at night, you professor, Griff, talking about at the Jewish we just can't Doodo is evil, one or the other? So sort of the Babylonian the Babylonian listen we don't need you to. We're not dealing with this. and. Talk. But you can't go. You can't just go online to start belittling people. The people you work for these people run his company. This Jewish folks run Viacom. To put up with that. They're going to say oh. You have a right to say what you want, but you can't work here. McKay seeing while we're here. With. You just can't say I mean the Internet has allowed us to say whatever we wanted to say and at five. Thirty at and he's got to deal with that. He's apologized twice. He's going to Jewish meetings. What about what's going on some justice within the black, an African, American community? And Right in that as well standard what you believe it, I would respect the more a sense, but new one. Go back, go back to work, and which you said in the beginning of conversation. Get your money. He's already rich. That's all this is about this point so. On, This. We love me to death. Okay a call. Okay God bless. Orkney Audrey Johnson is also God blesses Xiaoping more than show. Sydney Barbie. Paulo! I. Everybody cloud. Cave 'cause. You're the chat room member of the Week Jamil and guess what Jessica will you. You ought to chat room of the week. This is. A. Of. Her hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on those shit. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Original speech, Time. This young lady that loves the urban side of life. Right? Just go. You love you. Love the urban right. Right. And you have you have black children? Okay so she she has lily white right children with. wight way. She loves the Black Man Right You loved the blackmail. She loves. Now. Listen you again. I say it every week and so important. You know you are ranked up there with his Cox. No Paul the Blackhawks the on room Mr Jack Bob Stanley Earl. Albert. This is serious and not only that. Don't send you know hate sitting. U I, hate it, you said wow, and cine and right now. Estate. Jessica Yu now, being with rent the scots no pull. You represent the group for the entire rest of the weekend or next week. Are you up for that challenge young lady? I. I gotTA. Tell you. I'll be listening to you guys. Airs keep this cavers Grin on my face. Off! I. I am after the towns. As wonderful is, is your husband okay with you're listening to the show Jessica. Watching with you? Know how this? is to. Black? People. What are they talking about? Go. Gene. Go Back Until Jessica Alba side of the family that she listened to back both everyone. Seamlessly back. Out It's three of them is three of them counting. Let's call this. Ninety three of them I. Don't understand why. Jake. So just. For People without pervert go. You this clap, our current and now chat room we. Album? Of. All. I. Remember. That was great city. She said that she will cook. Responsibilities chat will member and she homeless except this issues? Such a nice woman just. Wego in we. Live. Oh I didn't know that. She's an. What's what's your? What's your connection to the show Jessica? Connection to the show. There's that by the end the chat room. Off. Senio pitchy so could put in a chat room with more. You take one. Of the. We would just want to celebrate you today, and we're so grateful that you're part of the and we really appreciate you in your time and and enjoy the show. Thank you. Not! And we'll in England. With a need to do is get some of those housewives of their in Albany to listen to the show some of your friends. I don't want them to listen to country one five anymore. Food. Or Hits Ninety six, no more that. I need to get nobody wins over here and join us if you don't mind okay. This club with a chat room. Would we cried out? Just go come on. Showing you some love and Bob Your city show you some live right now. Okay! Go downstairs, she go downstairs a husband and sell him that she. member. By Lindsey. I'm Oh. That's where I draw the line nick, Cannon Jews and you a chat room member of the Week Got David. This Jessica. Enough of this. White. Jesus Christ Jessica. She's a Kreis Nick Cannon Jews black people naming a chat room. Black people. I, never like lightning anyway. Right. VK Chat Room. Yet here. Jacob homes good-looking take. Me To the, airport. BUILDING DJ! On were the first one I thought? Fatty. Be under Bali. To. How She's GonNa both ahead. About. Book. Your twenty, twenty. Who Cares. Should not. Be The one. NEEDS TO MEET Zion. Yeah. Yates. It's ridiculous, we all. Come back once. Shut up real quick quick sports, and then we're going to get out of here. Quick move out again. I met that. Can. At least. Okay cool to what we. We back. It is a bill Friday Friday. June seventeenth, twenty twenty two minutes after the hour. What we go, put the hearts in the chat room your. Hearts in Chat Room we WANNA show your some love right now. Bobby has to leave early today sitting in. The next twenty minutes and we'll see you guys on Monday. We will have a show on Monday. I'll be here Monday. Last Day and I could get the hell out of here, but we want to show you some love real quick an in congratulated who our? Chat Room Number of the Week Jessica Wilcox. Put Your. Heart. In the. Heart tapped into chat. In the room with a heart set in the. Heart. In. The heart sets any. Let's go turn down the what. With hearts at a with hearts away. The hearts turned down to what Hedi with heart set. Heart that away the hearts to turn down. With heart, sach, or with a heart sach away, the heart turned down for. Who? Who? Hey. Hey Bagel. Hey! We have building Diane Hall Diane. Home is up in here, Hey. NEUROMA row row Johnson is in the building. What's up? Audrey Johnson is here. Del Andrews, it's in the building. Good morning, Della and Lopez two point now. Is He a Hey Anna? May Jones in the building terribly hit whistle released Scottsdale April I said hello. Thomas King is in the building good morning. Sweet is based here. Hey, girl, younger nut is in the building. What's up young and Johnny whip. Oh, hey, Johnny! Good Morning! Veneta George Henry within the building principal cash. Hey, good morning Mr Robinson. De. Low is here. Good morning, Evanston these Kim Kimble, the savage is in the building Good Morning Dear Jackson Marseille. Ramo is here Kyle O'hare jobs in the building DJ CADILLAC Kid. Is Here Hey, Ron?

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