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Sports updates to the brief where we talk all Kansas City chiefs brought to you by air with empty joined Chris. Richard on iheartradio apple. PODCASTS and podcasts spot advice record player at them past box and all third party applications check us out on facebook platforms such as of date and Arrowhead of being and if you cannot find. Is there research radio it's issues and you will find us. Welcome to the kingdom good evening cheese kingdom. This is your host night Chris Jarvis and this is the evening before the biggest game of the entire season for the chiefs. We play the New England patriots tomorrow in Foxborough and and I don't know about you guys but I make extremely excited for this game. This is going to be a huge impactful game for the cheese season. Going going into the playoffs and yeah I always yes I am ready for this game Richards out tonight. So we're just going to breaks or run through this really quickly you guys For the most part the pages have been having a stellar year on defense. They've got the number one defense. One of the top defenses in the League behind your perspective. It's either New England or The forty niners but on the flip side of that the New England patriots offense has nowhere or has been nowhere near as good as we've seen or known them to be in the past Brady is looking human this year and on the flip side. They're running game. Hasn't been nearly impactful as as is usual but they tend to Kinda give away What they're going to be doing in the run game based upon the personnel that they have in so? If we see Sony Sony Michelle in in the backfield. There are more than likely going to be running the ball. He has one one hundred eighty four rushing attempts whereas James White the other running back when he's in he has fifty three days and so more unlikely. If James White is in the backfield they're going to be throwing the ball on the flip side in the passing game. James White is the second leading receiver on the team with fifty seven receptions. So you look at fifty seven receptions to forty three or fifty fifty three repass Ruining attempts he's going to be in on a plan passing down. Julian Edelman their leading receivers also also there leading target gator. One hundred twenty three targets eighty two catches and he's about eighty five yards away from having a one thousand yard season and the next closest receiver is an inverse of eighty-two with twenty eight catches James White in the those totals you guys is Julian Edelman eighty two catches Philip door set twenty eight catches. Those numbers are rather astounding When when Brady's throwing the ball he's looking for one guy one guy not only mom new in the four games with the new the the New England patriots? He says seventeen catches. Don't get me wrong. He's a very well experienced wide receiver but his best years are absolutely behind him. He and Brady of definitely had had some really good games. hasn't been games The last couple of weeks On the defensive side. Let's see their leading. tacklers is Jamie Collins who is leading the team of sixty one. He's got six sacks they have another linebacker Calvin Oy with other six and a half sacks and dont`a hightower with four sacks and then Their defensive end chase Vich He's a rookie. But he's he's got five five and a half as does their defensive. Tackle Adam Butler. These guys can bring pressure from all over the place and the way that they do that on. Defense defense is bright bringing in a zero zero rush or covers. Excuse me so so they pretty much blitz a six players. There's IT Tried to force the quarterback into making a mistake or if he tries to run run around and in escape the the the the rush. They'll get him from another direction and this is a strategy that they we used last year in the playoffs against us and what was that. They rushed five but they double teamed to Tyreek Hill. Deal with the Safety Anna Corner and in the first half. It really caused a lot of problems for us. But in the second half he started to kind of figure it out a little bit and I expect for the chiefs to continue to be successful against that defense. What we need to expect it is for them to again? They're going to double team Cheetah with the safety and a and a corner and they're going to put their best quarterback doc Stefan Gilmore up against either or walk INS or potentially and I really see this making a little bit more sense against Travis. Atas Kelsey if they put Gilmore on Kelsey. That means that we're going to have to really ride our her third fourth and fifth best options in in the passing game and in order for us to be successful. Tomorrow we need for McColl Hartman to step up I. I think he's going to be the key to our success tomorrow. derive has really fallen off Hartman's kind of been absent the last couple of weeks as well and both of those guys ruling needs to step up but if hardman can really get in sync with mahomes homes. I don't think that the Patriots have the speed or the personnel to truly shut down to absolute Speed getters out of our wide receiving corps. They can shut down one. They can't shut down both. But we need for these guys to be able to get open and run their routes and create separation and catch the ball. I think that this is going to be really tough. Game for Kelsey. He he's got to perform in this game. He has got to create separation. Catch the ball and move. They'll I'll stick smoothie pile or get into past pylon touchdown to Mahomes has got to be on his game. This is going to be really tough game. You guys Checking the weather forecast. which if you guys have been listening all year long we have done at all but Going into this game the the temperature is going to be thirty. Two degrees and partly cloudy at the moment there aren't there is no reports of a chance of rain at all all but thirty two degrees. That's going to be pretty cold and fingers and limbs are going to be pretty numb at probably probably later on in the game and so I think that this is going to end up becoming a little bit of running game and luckily we have McCoy who's had had two three weeks worth of rest and we have an emerging D train for those of you who missed it last week. He stepped in for an entire series and he looked fantastic. I definitely think he's get some more carries in this game and and he and Shady are going to be nice little changed change of pace We need to run outside of the of the tackles in order to really strength. Stretch the defense as well as Get them tired and wear them down letter offense of line. B B. These guys up in the middle. We'll break it outside and trust the Chen test that secondary of the Patriots. I think that that with our improve defense over the last couple of weeks. If they're on point tomorrow this is going to be a very very close game. I think it's it's going to be a low scoring game you guys. I think it's going to be about twenty four seventeen with the chiefs coming out on top Everything that I've seen a Has US was the word I'm looking for With the advantage Right now the Patriots have their starting center. Her car is He's out for the game tomorrow. And the chiefs have a couple of players. That are out Mo- clayborn he's out Damian Williams has been ruled out already and In case you guys didn't hear all this week. We ended up re signing Spencer Spencer. Ware and I'm not sure if he's going to necessarily be on the Game Roster of we're just GONNA go in with Two running backs but It'd be nice to get him back into the fold and getting some carries at some point down the road. Things are looking frank. Clark is questionable for the game. I think he's GonNa be the key piece that we have to have because if we don't don't have hint well okay so let me break this down as well. Because I haven't touched on our defense yet. We're going to have to have all hands on deck on defense. Because I was like I was saying the pages. Only their offense in the passing game really only runs through who element and last week. We saw Houston Double Team Him with the corner and with a safety and then they had a linebacker her her follow the they're running back out of the backfield and basically what they were doing was they were dropping seven or six or seven players back back in coverage and I think we need to absolutely mimic that exact same defense as well because as we saw Houston was very successful with that we he absolutely have the personnel to be successful against this Patriots team tomorrow. Various Ward matched up against Eshelman in and with thornhill covering the back. I think that we we shut him down with that Brilliant covering Sununu Kendall Handle Fuller I think. Even if you put kindle fuller on Eshelman and let Thornhill Cover over the top is going to be a great defense to be able to shut him. Down I think fuller might be a little bit. Shiftier might be able to stick with him because element is very good getting in and out of his cuts basically as only buys around in and don't let him yards after the catch. We're going to be very. We should be successful in shutting him down in controlling controlling their offense but Go into our D. Line. If we can just control the the line line of scrimmage with four Lyman Clark Naughty Jones Okay Four. We're going to be having a great day because because we're going to be able to shut down the run game and force Brady to have to throw against six or seven corn porn or six or seven back in the secondary playing against the run. And that's what we've got to do in order to shut these guys down. We absolutely can do that. If ring. Clark's out you know we still have K- Paseo step in there. But I would much rather have you guys know that I K- passes is my guy but I would much rather have capeeze subbing and covering in for Free Clark are rotating over with ochre for stepping stepping in and playing the defensive tackle positions. When need be I'd rather keep has come in and these guys fresh and if we have one man Frank Clark or whomever or Dad's GonNa definitely set us back and we need those extra bodies? Those fresh is is to be able to come in and break down that offensive line so that we can keep hitting or pressuring Brady and and I am so excited for this game guys. I can see this game playing out in the chiefs favor and I think it's definitely going to be a very good game very exciting. And like I said it's GonNa be a low scoring affair. Believe but I think is going to come out with the chiefs on top. Yep so you guys please be safe out there. Enjoy the game and have a great day and we will talk to you guys after the game with the game breakdown have a good night.

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