Nervous about the return bus to Springfield!


I know. I know what you're saying Prince Tj. He got a bus to catch a couple of our what county is on. My nerves sticking out. You know not wanting to miss the bus and I get money on a ten for the promise. I already used I. Unemployment money to make sure at that have not only you. But but to get the Uber to take a straight I me straight to the Greyhound bus station. You know. Well, I. Don't have to take on a bus even though even though I had the fair but still you now it was an emergent. Emergency, situation, but the problem is. I just. Always. Worried that if I get stranded somewhere and I already paid a lot for the hotel stay. And Tomba. Dad had big time and then you know I don't have money to go back to Thomas that to get there just for the one nine then turn around and try it again. because. The ten sites do get money but then. I have to say part of it for when I Get help with the move and I'm hiring somebody to help me to move to saint. Louis. and. You know this is a major undertaking. And no one is talking about the undertaking. But. Is it a major undertaking because I'm not moving within city? No no, no no no. Even Oem still in state I'm still. Hours away. In another city. And So best believe this life. I WANNA get back to I pack, get back to back. And hit the road yet. It. The road. Jack. And I won't be back no more no more. No more normal. I hit the Road Jack and I won't be back no more what you say well. Only in case, the church really had an event that I want especially the missionaries night the usually happened in October. like I did when I went to before crews. And also. They have fall federal league for them kind of Fund early like when I was right here. During, the apartment thing and then I can do anything. to the money station, and then I, just only had the one for you and they keep bringing. But they had their fault I only you know still hot over there. I said really I don't Wanna Pat Allen Infant, they make people wear masks. I know people did win but. I don't want to pass out. But the fact of the matter if. You know brief here, I was able to. You know be cooler here abby cover the other team time had the Internet. And a that are. Than where where I am and I hope the other places the Internet, it's all good as well. So I don't have to fight around with it. I don't know I haven't been to a higher floor in a while. I'm on the eighth floor but. where I am I'm on third floor. Haven't been on a higher floor and like an ages. But. We'll see we'll see. And I'll try to see if I had about this and have dinner, and then I'll definitely take that with me. So I could use it for being online. State. Wifi. Though Yeah So. It is really getting close. It is solely close. I don't know what's one two hours before seven. Maybe puppy FOB o'clock got still. Because I said the Donlon for four like well, both does not going to open until. Six seven whatever like. Five six whatever. And then. You know we don't even lead to thirty but I WANNA make sure I have one bed to check in and a half to Fu Bay. Then what Bay the have my smaller like my carry on. Carry on them doing. And I'm hoping I get to sleep on South Dakota. I'm not being math with everybody. I just thoughts alarm kind of. Worried that I'm GONNA be right. Next is a money and. Somebody has on thing and I don't and then messed up and a mask up and you know I don't like I don't want to do. Well. That was somebody the next to me both flights when But there was in that the other side where the middle seat was taken but The only one that I was able to be by themselves with the Greyhound going to Kansas. City now that was the dream that was still a dream. Guesses above bus signed. That was the only one that was had. A dream right. So. I'm hoping that this would be better I. Don't know I doubt it come from Saint Louis and they don't come at the. Lambert airport. and. So I mean that's ridiculous Oh and. Hopefully, I can get a Saint Louis Federal. Credit Unions or thank Louis Community Credit Union. Because I'm moving there and then I'll have a bank closer to me, but my problem is. my problem is getting dea. Change, the Pie, the form over to Over to. During the Blaine blind pension. Yeah. That's what. that's the only other problem because. The phone and Just simply call blind pension I got to let it got at least. Let him know that Movin. And I gotta find and maybe I could do that when I get back but the problem is that the day on hold time. And everything like that though if I could do that individually is that a food stamps and You know, have it be weighed that only blind penton no that are moving and Dan let food stamps. Note that are done. I'm already in the plate because they won't even help me. Until nine actually in place 'cause I wanNA. I Wanna I wanNA practice the Buzzer case I used a bus and not use uber or maybe use a combination and I also got a combination I got an APP. With the Metro transit that they're using. and It's almost sort of like a uber lip but only because of their. Partnership. I mean the thirty different It's hard to describe and we'll just call. Yeah I was tunnel forty ad, but then Syrian throughout the me and then I can see that but see. Tartus again. Yet here we go Via the APP name is via the A and that what the APP debt The Metro Transit is you thing? And they are. Almost like the same similar service for. Uber. Like almost like Uber Lipa. Probably. Lower than the cost. Daca goes somewhere within town. And income back or vice versa. And you know. Just have a lot more options going places they'll feed. This is what I want. I want more options in going to place because. That I've been stuck in my permanent for all year. A whole year. And are kind of glad I spend Labor Day somewhere else anthem whether the in the heat wasn't You know just laying down on whether the. For sustained he on had to go back to it when I go back to A. Not So free apartment. Meaning you know had that freedom anymore But. I'm not worried because. I had to do is just pick them bosses and. Get ready pack on either the next day or or Thursday Friday or Saturday because. It all depends upon what the road do. On the road again. Jeff. Wait to get on the voting in. South. Anyway. I just brain freeze for the second day but. So. Get ready to go back to the palace today you can. Get two pair and hire movers. Tomorrow we'll. Get that. and. It's going announce his deathly definitely gone down. I mean it's legit. Definitely legal legit. And finally got the. Of Community Credit Union like did and I'm only going to tell the other credit union win the application of approved for membership. I'M GONNA. Wait. To. Be Every time I tried to call thing Louis. Community Credit Union I mean I'm on a On on hold forever, the same the same the same at the same props the same for like ten Fifteen Oba's over twenty minutes in. Off. I mean. Over and over and over and over and over and know I know and only in. An. So Well, they finally did have application to do it online all day, but to do that. and. But when I was doing the billing thing for the first deposited. Oh. Okay I'll put that in I said of description I'm getting ready to move to Lord. I'm shipping off the failure with Oh i. saw. The Lou. The fine. Lost Free Times Not My me Numb Wyoming I'm going. Definitely going greedy. As you has got me off the wall so. Anyway, just want to let you know I'm getting ready to. Go back onto the bus and I'll let you know what I'm safely there, and then when I find the. Yeah when I find the WIFI stander. I still don't think that I brand but I think that I forgot it I. Don't know. Hanaway. Sure. Hopefully, I didn't find Lee tell one of the hotel because I always checking the. Check in once and I checked it twice. Or the why now who thought is? Always check double check you before I, checked out the room. Beginning. Anything. Though Well anyway this is Prestige Day. got a long day ahead of me. puthod stopped at Walgreens. And we are. Out. Signal, Lou thaw. Shipping all the Lou. Saint Louis. Sherman all. To, find lost three times.

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