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Dr. Drew After Dark w/ Josh Potter | Ep. 45


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Show if you don't mind Speaking of being part of the show. It's a pleasure to welcome back Josh Potter. Hello hello how are you sir. You and I have a lot to go over. I know I'm excited. Okay so first of all no orgasm Amsterdam you know I will Amsterdam's hooked up with a prostitute. Yes as That wasn't my cup. Necessarily what happened because I found found out that Through clinical it was very too much clinic. That's what they always say. They were gloves and they like medical procedure thought. A doctor was given me a blowjob right. Like doc she was like swabbing me down and then she was putting on like you said gloves. I mean she didn't have gloves on. But it might as well put a condom on and like blew me over the condom. And I'm like what are we even doing. You know we did you. How did he gonNA blow job? My mom could blow me over. Economist would be. I'm not sure I WANNA go there. And and so so how does it work. We do see somebody in the window and go because got the red light district. Assume about three yes no no no. He's well we. We were persuaded by a CABDRIVER ABC driver not to go to the red light district why He said quote. You want the young bitches right and I said yes of course. That's exactly what I'm looking for. He said the people who in the windows. They're old and tired so I said take me to these young bitches and so we went to a house. And they're they give you the whole rundown they said you know it's this much money. This is a sex club. If you're not here to have sex get the fuck out. Basically what would you be there for. Otherwise I just you know hanging out loitering drinking or you're not gonNA make a girlfriend a friend out of these navy. That's what they were worried about. Yeah but so you sit there and Panya chip exactly you lose her get you. Don't want these girls. They are expensive and costs some money. How much was it? It was three hundred zero for the basic floor models with a five hundred dollar visits. And it's pretty much much. Yeah just for a blowjob. That's blowjob insect. Okay okay to do a little bottle. Because I found some bells and whistles you can add oh for two two hundred zero. which is it'll blow? which was like I guess kissing and licking is what she described it? As but I'd imagine it'd be more the things that are my speed or that I would enjoy out of it. You know there's some contacts with the woman as opposed to just my dick going inside of her right right. So yeah you're at the bar and they ask you what you want to drink. You have a drink and then they you know at the bar are the women. There's three of them at the time I was there. It is the drinks eighty dollars. I believe so. Yeah I I was lucky enough not to be paying that evening so that was very nice. Pay This was Mister Sierra was already the bill he was flipping them indeed. Yes yes it was on the show. Schaus your paid for company. Cocoa Company expenditures. Okay so yeah there were like three or four at the bar and they really didn't in waste any time with you know going up my ass. About whom picking here trying to bring more out. You know I get to see a whole roster. Yeah and then I can and you know get my scouting report together and decide which one I ride fantasy exactly where I'm confused so so you had to choose amongst at three and that was that well. That's the way that I got. I gathered because he was like all right. Which one do you want? I will go I guess no more coming out here very speaks English. Yes for the most part I picked an Italian woman and she spoke English yes and she was from Milan. came over to Amsterdam willingly from all that I gathered. Did you have small. Talk with her Too Much yes too much I because I was like at first. We didn't have any small talk. We kind of went straight into sex stuff and on After a little while nothing was going to be happening for you for me. No Reggina Direction. We had sex for a little while then it just got to be. I think I Qatar hotter looking out the window at one point. You know all right. This isn't going to overcome the Josh. No matter hop so to speak. I realized that the thing that I really enjoy most of all about sex is that they're enjoying it or that. They're into it. That's always a good part of it right right. That's so that's gone when it comes to so these will because they're working the you know and there's no way to overcome that MIA so once that entered my brain it was game over and then we talked about like so what brings you to Amsterdam and that kind of thing. She didn't come over and a barrel or anything like that from what I learned. How was she twenty four uh-huh and it's all government control all that stuff? She didn't say any of that but she really was very a lot of questions about the homeless problem in Los Angeles. Oh how interesting interesting yeah. She's very conscious. Wow very interesting and did you do I. I'm imagining traveling. Sugar at this point this was part of his a tour European indeed. Yes I'm imagining. He didn't stop there like if I know Tom. You're like well we're going to have to well. He wanted me to have sex with multiple all horse right in order to figure this out right and I it's it's the whole nature of the business. I you know as a sex worker then I start seeing them as peers and were comparing notes era sex worker at that. Oh well I mean. I'm a sex worker just in life. I don't know if I'm on cameo as well just like you and except I do the greatest shoulder hair porn the country's ever seen greatest what shoulder hair pornography. It's very neat. It's something that I've devised. Can you get ahead so people can get out of here for free for the world to see but you do you like like. Is it a strip hair shoulder or they're out usually from get go and then I can You know 'cause cameo people rated or like I'll do whatever ever you know Kobe whoever's paying for it gets to decide these things called it. I've combed it. Youssef run a comb through it while I call a guy a stupid bitch or something like that you know so yeah so when I'm with another worker Unum Call Robert Paul Champagne for some notes on how to do this as an inspiration variation I gotta say with all his characters or we'll get into that. Oh my God I wish I had the range. Yes rangy really yeah he is ranging so so this is a new pursued the spire by RPC l a little bit. I mean it's not it's been gone. I asked him on the way. So we're here today. In the aftermath of my visit are you just came back and I asked him if he didn't do something where you get paid. Why Not Kamya? Why not do a CAM series? That's what he's it's a functionality. Thing what do you mean. Meaning he can't figure out how to set it up. It's very hard to tell with him because he's so oblique with all his answer. Yes right. He's evasive. It's almost like he's covering up the fact that he doesn't want to admit maybe he doesn't ought to do something or he doesn't he so evasive at all times that everything's evasive. And he hasn't even think about it right right. There's just always always is a little bit evasive. Almost which ask him and and in underneath a is not know underneath that is not a desire to protect himself from being seen as someone someone who can't do things technical okay. He just doesn't want anybody to tell him what to do interesting. We got into it on his teeth. You so I saw that yes. I've seen little bits and pieces and and you see when I bring up the teeth. He's like yeah. I'm going like well then. No you're not right and yeah yeah I need to do it I go. Yeah Yeah you need to do it go. Yeah I need to do it. There was a perfect example of how he thinks. which is you need to his desires? Have a talk show on. Oh yes I've seen. It makes me. He wants to do it. A very adults adult talk show and I said well you're going to have to those teeth fixed. Yes I know I do okay. Let's go. What are we going I know I need to do to make vodka a deflection being? Like he's embarrassed by it but he's all these old things or something like that. I just thought he was did not seem. I passed the embarrassment I was GonNa make him. I was going for shame. Yeah Yeah and it just. It wasn't theirs to deflect deflect for that man to who have any I imagine. Yeah Yeah Yeah. We'll get more into him at a second. I'm still be me sex worker. Were there you know after police post coil the shoulder hair or anything. She didn't comment on it. I did. I didn't ask her either. I thought she would be like you know impressed impressed like what luxurious shoulder here. You have of You should be in the game and I was like I am in the game. You know I've fantasized about all that but I know yeah it was. It was pretty cut and dry after that. We we rounded out the time with a conversation. There's a Nice Conversation at the end homelessness Tom as money's worth but but why do more at least one more surprise Tom Sell at that point. I felt bad ed that he's spending his money on just not doing anything. Basically so I was kind of like a money. Let's go find some civilians. Oh okay you know and I would much rather him have spent that money wedding me route. RUN UP A bar tab talking to a regular. How Echo did you try that? I had some fun later in the trip. Yeah that was a good time with a person with a regular person ahead. Sorry I did not come but we had a good a good time. MM-HMM You know I don't see that as necessarily the end all be all as far as whether or not as a victory and just an enjoyable experiences exactly I ah is she. The make DOT COM contest winner. I was she was in there too. She also was during the trip and that was just as much fun years Shula shoes on. She lives in Ottawa Canada. Yeah but we. Tom flew her to a GIG. We were doing you see how his commitment here for you. I know. And it's like a couple hundred bucks on another prostitute is nice. He's literally spent thousands of dollars just to get me laid and I don't know how to repay him for that just said his eulogy. Just tell everyone on like what a great man he is for this. Tell his grandchildren. You know your grandfather spent thousands of dollars to get me pussy. I will repay to all of you. However many grandchildren me has started talking to get laid three four? You know what you think. They're only going to be three or four hundred is that's so there's some things tom does confuses me but but it always pays out in the end. Okay I like beer commercial. Yes I was confused until the end that was oh because it was so sweet yes shocked I was like something is wrong and then we got the enemy is. There's the Tom I do. I'm I'm looking for the payoff on this story to. I don't know I mean I'm not sure. I hope that for him. The payoff has been me just enjoying these sexual encounters. Of course. That's not his intention for me to enjoy. Loyd them I think this nut probably yes. This is a challenge. You understand yes. This is a challenge for him. This is grant you. This is finding a solution Russian to a problem that seems unsolvable. Yeah I guess that's true. And he wants to triumph over this. It's sort of like macarthur or something you know. He's like a general he's got. Yeah it's more of that nothing to do with your joints dare you well. I'm just saying I'm enjoying it wherever he needs to cooperate. More your needs to be a better soldier. How would you like me to do that? I'm all about it by this business of And then would we don't have to do more prostitutes. I'm worried about spending your money and then we'll just where my headway guys to fly. Somebody in from Canada come on. He also didn't offer more prostitutes to be quite honest more assertive. I should have asked for more. You Know Don on AM I. Right is either on what I'm saying here. No no right nothing wrong with asking for more in terms of what would make Tom Happy. This is kind of like a By product. Wait a minute before you would there. Would that not make Tom. Happy Yeah I think I think he'd love to see Eddie Christina they all so anyway. What's the byproduct I I feel real like not shame? I don't know what it is. But when someone's spending money on me like that I feel weird you have course. I think that's normal normal. Okay any any reasonably nice person you know really would feel that way. I don't WanNa get greedy about it. Either I mean I'm here coaching. You up I'm here to I tell you okay. You'RE GONNA make Tom. This is his joy. This is spending buying a fight. I mean if you want to go to college I'll take that money This is something far apart curl so I'm so the world's needs to be back on its axis axes. See the world's out of alignment with a prostitution. I don't think is the I get a yes person. I need them with them. But the big knowledge more than the May make Josh Josh. Come lady she was fantastic will. Why didn't that work I think it could have worked if we had more time together. You know. I think it's one of those things like We we spent a a lot of time together. And don't get me wrong but you know I bet like if we kept going for maybe like a week or something. It would've was she happy with experience. I actually had a good time all right good. Yeah she had a pretty good. Had you know She expressed that In many flowery language facts. I suppose felt good. Yeah no I love that part. So so. That's my favorite part. That's the whole reason. I'm in the game. Arise so we'll that's sort of. She couldn't have couldn't do it with a prostitute. I finger you and she was like on the outside like okay well. Let's I'm going to be any phone. Why even bother your pure magic? Yeah Hey can I finger the you laid on the outside on the outside. How am I supposed to touch your heart? If I can't get through the dove like that too much much again. Not sure I'm going to go there. Okay let's do a little. RPC comes because yeah. I mean you went there. I went just a couple of days. Yeah just a little very sleep wet and he was lovely. Yes wasn't he lovely Anything I report I have to say I. I'm GonNa feel guilty because the horse is I feel like you after the facts it's expressed through certain channels that maybe I didn't prepare you enough for what you were in in four when you went there. No Paul was clear that I was not prepared. A pair of just by the way up behaved like I sat on the couch immediately. Oh and no-one. no-one prepared me for what I feel like. That's the best way to go about it. You just gotTa Kinda dive. I'd Oh via but I did not give any thought to bed bugs and lice and all this kind of stuff and can't think about those and and the and the sense that would follow me and my clothing for the rest most of your life seemingly. Yeah I washed the clothing. It did not come out. I contemplated incinerating the clothing But continued to really lingers on their textile and Paul zeal. God bless him. He's the guy that handle the camera you see him in the opening little sequence that I filmed on instagram or her video and we couldn't get Robert to answer the phone right either. Could I at that point. Yes so we showed up. I still we're going in and I went in and dove in in with both feet Actually had I and we sat down and his cat was. You don't see a lot of it in the video of the cat was Ashley Ashley was busy. The whole time really actually needed to be washed. I'll car and I did not caught the boy flees and things that would come off Ashley So you kind of had an idea from what I said about going but it brings. It comes back to the point where you like. You said You feel guilt about expressing these thing. Yeah because he is such a lovely. He's a lovely man and he's got some some stuff going on and in the end the staff fundamentally is about him you know if if you've ever watched hoarders on TV right you see how when they make people do things they don't want to do on that show how they react. That's a fundamental feature of how robbers put together. Okay so he doesn't want anybody to get in his way in his shit in his anything right he just wants to be left despite him saying otherwise but he wants to do it himself right right and so if anybody were to try to change things like like couple things that were impressive. The kitchen was impressive. Yeah see you you had more Experience in the kitchen than I had the are because you were originally going to shoot in there from what I understand. Oh No we saw. That was a plan me. Oh No no no no we we we. We asked him where he wanted to shoot. He showed us where we did And we may manage to get enough light to get some decent shots and I sat on the couch and interviewed him. Same place where I sat sat from seem like at one share. The I think. That's the chair no totally. I think. That's where it all goes down is in that chair. Did you get a glimpse of it without him sitting in no I did you were you like. Should I sit here. I sort of knew the couch was a safer spot. Car instinctively knew just check in and and I asked everything I wanted to ask what you what you'll see some of the. There's a multi part series right. There's a lot going on in the kitchen. As I said you'll have to witness hope Paul got the proper proper but the one thing in there that was striking for us amongst many many things was there was probably three hundred packages wreckages of donuts and cookies. They're piled up and budget cakes piled up. We will remember from the video that we watched of mine when I had a little bit of a tour There were stacks of cakes and you had asked about that number last time we went into the you get an answer as to where they come from. Foreign people give cakes people give me these things. was his note leads. Nice and I expressed my concern with him getting diabetes and other things and we didn't could get anywhere Does it look like any of the cakes get consumed not really really. That's what sort of fascinating about the cakes. Look and they don't look that old. The the cookies and sort of the keebler products looked the been there awhile. There were a lot of flies a lot of flies. I was afraid to open my mouth really in the kitchen. I'm saying thing really like I wasn't there before in the kitchen was that it was the I was like that. It was pretty prevalent and I went in July Ov- so you'll see me during Anita's doing doing some of this noticed yes. I did a lot of like pretend it's not happening if a fly lands on. You're like what was that. You know what I mean. You don't even acknowledge it life right. I went in there with a little more. I didn't know what to expect to know what I mean. I didn't have any recon before I went in. And you were the RECON for me. Yes asks exactly And and so we got a very lovely tour after a while. I ended up putting some of his masks and costumes interesting. Getting out out of bed bugs or freezing. That was Paul was very freaked out that I did was I sent him a real kitchen. He didn't he's still having a little trouble with now director. Paul Brazil by the way has been there before but the way that I hear about this trip. It's almost like he's blocked that entire day out of his mind and this was all lake religion. I think the other one a little faster and not quite as deep into the shot you say and in fact he he spoke highly of your desire to move it along. Apparently apparently you he had left something car. You're like no no no. We're going to get lights at one and I was like we're not getting in life getting worse sitting here. We're we're start rolling. And he appreciated that with the same this time with the same like we gotta get bin Laden guerrilla way out here helicopters are waiting. Yeah and so we did that and But I enjoyed my tour. A lot of the costumes like really the there's a lot. Yeah there's a whole there's youtube pages. I don't think we have found yet that he tells me about. Oh he where he's used them in. We're using them in his videos and his behaviors and I keep asking him. Why is this part of this part of your mask? Pretoria habits what is this. Yeah I just like giving people a fantasy relieve and feel good about themselves. He paints a picture every time. Yeah it's pretty fast. You get the same thing same what you were talking to you know He. He talks about how he wants to entertain. Yes is to bring people out of this. Their mill you of their lives or whatever I find very interesting. That's very interesting and you can't fault him for that. No it's noble we. We found out that His mom read pornography to him when he was ten. That was a new discovery that I did not get interview with him on that very interesting. I'm not sure if it's on the video video you've seen but the dad beat the shit out of him. Oh No I did not. I did not dig that one. I heard you hear that. He mentioned some things of the dad being abusive. And I kinda I was like. Let's talk more about yourself for me. I I go were you. Were you being abused. Oh No no no then finally get around to it. Oh yeah deadbeat. The Shadow Stepdad Stepdad. Yeah and so between the beating and the crazy mom we get our PC repulsion we get the whole shoot a flower flower growing out of manure. Yeah and we found something that you did also didn't find and you've not seen yet and you're GONNA it'd have to be hold. Oh boy which is he doesn't exactly practice santeria but he praised to the devil and he has a whole altar to the devil there. What yes? Yes I'll devil alter. Yes listen I it's it's it's easy to miss but it's part of the bar okay. Well okay it's an e light the candles and praise to the antics disappears layer yes all the Lucifer stuff so we have the we have look have you seen the lucifer layers videos and stuff. Yeah of course and what goes on there is that I just says he's in Lucifer's layer. I thought that just wasn't what he called his house. But now apparently he's practicing some sort of devil worshippers sorta yes. I'M SORTA way. Hey and so I kept asking me is this you know what is this. I couldn't get a straight answer but what what is doing for him but he definitely loves the dark side so a lot of minutes in the day Dr drew you know you gotTa Kill Them Somehow indeed indeed and I suspect backed. I know of Paul's for this but we may have to do another visit poor Paul. He's like I don't make me go back. He really gets really bothered the this. I've worked at a medicine a long time. So funky smells are part of the and I'm me so I mean I can deal with them right and and Maybe we should go together. I'm down with that. That would be the last time it was just too time. Yeah that's that's got to be the next trip this this one we have a good trilogy is a trilogy. There's a lot more you've got to see about the. You're all going to get to see it. I I guess in various ways I. I'm not sure how it's all GonNa get rolled. There's a there's a whole it's worn piece. There's a long yes interview in a lot of stuff going on now will you feared When we spoke last that you would come away with it with sort of a codependent If yes I do have that already you have to I. Of course I know you knew you knew that already had him. Even though I'm not even necessarily prone to do so we were both talking about him. Is Lovely and Blah Blah Blah. And I feel bad for him and I want to. You know make things okay forever right. Yeah that's what I wasn't sure if you walked out of there like a set list the things like you're like I gotta do this. I gotTa do no. It was not like that because he would not give enough to hook me that way. Interest checkout appreciate it. Yeah for sure he wants to be left alone. One hundred percent but but left alone to do his his his contents via is yeah his content in this world. That is this. This is talk about the house there. Yeah please it is so full of Shit and our main although there may be some You you can't move no it's just wall to wall. I'm but it's but even the hallway you have to walk sideways down it and the rooms are filled with. You can't walk into into rooms. He wouldn't even let me. I know I know. There's civility cited a and it's the dolls and the costumes and any point at all crystals to me and I and I was his antiques their plastic and I felt bad for him for them novell. Yeah well yeah what do you do. The Y H world needs to get him some real crystals. Sure I feel like he's like I got all these antiques. I don't know what to do with them. And then the you know no. You're looking around. You're like I don't know what to do with these. I don't even know what the tally it's it's all. There's there's sheets or blankets essentially over all the windows Rights so you can't. There's no shave. It has no air number one none Denver to know light right right. So did you move a sheet from a window to get more light into the room. I noticed some natural light. No no that was just getting the camera right and stuff we we had things adjusted properly. We took our time so even though we didn't get lights but there's a room with light the bird room the bird bird. You're an old hand hair. We Paul the open window. Something there was air in that now is called the Byrd Room because pigeons randomly fly into their parakeets in there there. He has burt art. All my God and I notice he had like a hit like a background sound machine going and it was a of birds and I thought. Oh what's this you like. Birds yes alibaba Weber. In fact I get birds in the back I must see them. Oh my goodness there in the bedroom and he was real resistant at first and so we finally went. He's got a bird roo he's got a bird grow in New York so I'm GonNa have to take you on a tour of his apartment. Yeah yeah show me some of that. You should go in next time with goals. All the things we went to accom- yeah I mean Well that's what I was curious. If you came out of that. With like us of of anything there was still four combat combat mission. Yeah exactly like when I walked out of there people were like what did he say. What was it like you know and it was kind of a blur for me? You know I have the battle right. I have pretty explicit memory of what happened. I just feel like a lot more could get done. I mean you can. You can only spend so much time in their exactly. I mean it's it's like literally going down on a diving rebel or something. It's like okay. Random oxygen literally when we when we decided it was time to go. It was time to go. Yeah it was just like we can't can't do it anymore. It's like well. Yeah it's a very that kind of striking experience and I think the kitchen. That's something to do with. That was about all the time in there. Then it was like okay we gotta go and we just had to move. What if next time? Like scape scape scape. We encourage him to come out of the apartment and go do something I we were never go down that path a little bit because I told I wanted to see when I go to coney island and see the show. Yeah it's in the summertime. I found out only but hey that's something you know. I mean just getting out of the apartment and seeing him in the world like riding the subway with him to coney island. Yeah like ask seeing. It's like we're what's your favorite lunch spot. It really would be like seeing a unicorn or something. Yeah out in the wild all right man. That's that is our mission. I agree that's something. We have a new mission and it'll be the summer right. Okay the DAV. We have your your blessing on this. Absolutely oh yeah will you still haven't seen what what I came away with here. We came anymore with the people will appreciate. I'm excited. Yeah for sure but I am itching. I can't we very scratchy. I Yeah I mean in It's one of those things I was like having that like. Is there a bug on me. Yes yes yes for days and days soom there will. I just took all in Serpa crash but avenue having the itchy feeling right now just thinking about and you had to go to another engagement after your interview social engagement. If you like smell bad or anything I don't know I made sure I was covered. It was cold out so put multiple but I I am thank God. I had the wisdom to put my coats and stuff over a chair elsewhere. That's it direct the cow. 'cause I was. I didn't have the foresight. You know going back now. You're like Jeez. What an idiot but like yeah? I put my clothes like in my bag afterwards and everything and and I got home back to Los Angeles and I opened my bag. Yeah she's yeah. Yeah Yeah it came with me in the plane. Yes yes that's right. Yeah no immediately through everything in the washing machine as soon as I got home and I was pleased that nobody complained. I kept but testing and making sure I think because I just sat on the edge of the couch wjr somehow I made it out. Okay the only thing I worried about was like you know verminous crazy that the smell can be that. Yeah I've had that based off of there's I had that happened in medical practice before were some extreme particularly anaerobic bacteria gets in your nose. You can't get it up for like a dead body similar the kinds of smell. Yeah Jodie Foster's putting that shit under or their girl who that's an idea. Yeah that is I think boy. We never offered me anything like that so I never saw what it was. I was stuck with the smell all right. Let's let's move on. Let's talk about a we have more to talk about with RPC. I'm excited to see all the things I've only seen segments of your interview. Everyone's GonNa love it and I'm excited to see see. The tour is my wife. We watched your interview as a result. Went Oh Gosh it a good interview. Thank so many questions for your front. Uh I mean how long did it take you to get the smell out of you know a couple of days a couple of days but but an and you do spend a couple of days ago. He's at my clothing or is it it just the smell leftover or is this a memory. Right that's what Israel does it even really smell or just never gonNA forget that you cannot tell the difference right it's impossible. Yeah and I can't remember it and smell it right now. I yes I do. Yeah and it's it is a I don't WanNa say it's unspeakable it's Indescribable indescribable described. And I feel like I said terrible saying the exemptions. He's GonNa Watch this and he's already expressed to me how he's like. I'm sorry the sink this that excuses for it the smell I love you man. I don't I learned to and it. And it is and and he shouldn't feel bad. It's not live and if it is and if you don't have ventilation in New York Housing Project and you tore accumulate aide. Alive couple lifetime's worth of stuff and a cat is out. 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Sure sure no more videos for you to you know so cool more into the psyche of another dude what I love about this particular installment installment of the Fed smoker is that he just walks up to a cop with unabashed. Why doesn't even give a shit that like if I see a cop in a gas station? Listen I like keep my eyes straights. I'm like don't Garnier. I feel like if the cop notices me is going to be like. Hey come here. And he's going to like try and arrest me for something sure. Are you know this guy. He's just like there's a cop I'm going to go her to go fight him. Pretty Month's state patrol What's your name? What does that captain after now? Captured head has had a sheriff sheriff. Deputy you cannot go you eighty. Is You hear about it. What he's just talking nonsense to this topic applic- okay imagine being the COP? He has no context. Either for this. And he's yeah all of it too. He's he's like what is going on here but he's tone where it's like somebody somebody who talks the cops like an assault. Do you know what I'm saying like you hear about the copies on the defensive. He's tired of people hassling him. He deals with the public all the time. And here we go the cops that don't know the cameras are legally to be fired in wasting government time on cameras hammers brother wasting everybody in this country yet. They're targeted here. And I'M GONNA go toward them if he's he's thinking to himself right now. This guy's on drugs. Should I bother am I am I if I shake him down. Am I gonNa Find Paraphernalia or is this guy just loaded all the time. At what point. What does this guy? Just go all right. You're asking for it dude. I mean this guy looks like a cop if you were to just draw one to stereo typical high over trolls all sorts of. I don't know what job would have here. We got no the canvas illegal. They have no business in a bag. You understand me okay. I wasn't even again Jordan Cheryl Joel Jordan Shirley where wires for the statement sold. You know that these things scooping around my start film so now he's going all right right. The guy's mentally ill this were a cop is justified in taking his weapon out and using it right no not yet not yet. He's thinking he's he's wondering if that's going to happen but he's really going body. Cameron always thinking mental illness again. I didn't get in this business to deal with sick people. Okay I mean that's what don't you think. COP should probably learn how to no deal with them. Oh they they are being. It's it's funny. I was talking about this morning. There's a whole culture shift in policing where they're getting very attuned to all this because they're dealing with so so much of it it's not their job no it is not their job but it's become their job wild. Yeah and this guy's a guy. Yeah yeah so go ahead so so listen here. I have a thing. Trooper broke the law yesterday in Oklahoma and said that stamp injury for stamp. On someone's face is a rape charge. Yeah that would be my question. Stamping a baby raper stamp. This is the customer service aspect of being a police officer and what he means by that is he. He was taking photos of federal employees and he was putting baby raper on 'em like stamping the picture and fly baby ring picture and someone said to him. Apparently that's rape to do that. I see according to his story. I've watched a thousand times. Why do you watch it? I just watch it over excited. Par South the hell's going on so like you asked me what's he saying. I can see Manic Manic Depressive Bipolar Mon- like he's in it. I worried about drugs at first banana thinking just a manic dude but here we go see the baby taper stamp on someone's face rape charge. Would you agree with that which you take your pitcher. I put a break state. Maybe raper stamped on your face. Joe Rape Charge Doris wheels. My Dr Darcy's Darts. DRC and what's last name. I think in and out of life that is the ship. The whole bunch of troopers to help out at this all the fire about firing. So he's not even from the area. He's the area this guy. Apparently he's there. I know he's helping with the fire. Oh this cop yeah. I think what happened the Fed smoker. He sees a uniformed officer and he just gets all GIDDY. He's like Oh my got in. He really wants the uniformed officers to accept him and be like this guy knows. You know what I'm saying guys. What kind of has that tone where he likes says something to Germany expects the guy to be like? Oh yeah totally okay. But he's not you know there's just something missing there so I think all he really wants for the cops to be like you're one of the good guys fed smoker and then he would calm down. Why does he always but he always does provoke someone awful ways? Yeah and I think I think he's such an outcast can't be one of them so we don't worry days other than provoking cops He's driving all around this country. I think you were was the place. Everyone's like sending us a link to his. There's like a a gofundme to like Extradite Him to a state of some kind. Because he's wanted. Oh yeah he's he's involved in some bad stuff like like wobbly harassment and things like that. Oh my God all right here we go. Why does the cop like check him out? I don't that's the one thing I'm wondering about this COP OP is like by this point. He's like all right man. Turn it around and then reads the Miranda rights and then get to the bottom of or at least a drunk tinker right eight. Okay here we go. We're in this setting out the got going to be probably not anything like it. We're working lettuce our job. I always not worried I was off duty. I'm talk walk to you. You're working. So here's my country. Update is my job to come see where your minds add. All right. Sounds good agreement. You got agreements. He's happy now. This guy is like all right. I'm GONNA drive all the way back to my fucking stage. Yeah he's he's just kept gas. He's before work. Right is not a duty. So he's like if we ought to be taking you down. I think scariest looking cop overseen doesn't continue. I mean that's the basic gist of it. But I mean guy drive off. I mean I smoke. If you just kinda walks away so we get like a Like a briefing from fed smoker at the end is all right. We got one good one here. I'll play a play. The last ask that we have Packard. Tell them all. There's a warrior coming down. The road baby's baby raper stamping. Every job I see. What is your twitter? This guy twitching attitude voice voice getting greedy cows ready to leave and he's like when a baby Roeber on all your he sees a lawyer. I thought he said he was a warrior of warrior. Comes a warrior coming down the road road. He's like a wider. This guy or something and this guy is GonNa do something violent maybe or become the object of violence. While I think that's his ultimate goal all is to have a cop shoot him someday. Dizzy said that. No that's all me theorising. I don't think so. He may get that but I don't think that's going to happen. Like the outside of the justice. This is windsor anywhere. voicemails in here. Hey Dr drew things taking this message. Man I haven't few questions today. Hey just to give you a brief history on me. I mean young adult and I'm having some rough side effects of childhood emotional neglect. I have a hard time. I'm talking about my feelings or other people's feelings. I tried to push people away because it's easier than dealing with their emotions that have fear of mismanaging. Those feelings which I have in the past. I've never been in a relationship And I'm a virgin in my twenties. Because of this a few you other things I think are linked is happening anxiety disorder or panic attacks especially in social situations and think a food addiction. Because I feel like I can force myself to have a full feeling which is sometimes the only feeling that I feel like I came feel basically Is there any me books or resources you can recommend. That could help me with any of this currently too poor for face to face therapy so until then. I'm looking for something to help me now too to poor for face to face. They're yes no reading not help us stuff like this disavow yourself about reading making this better this. It needs professional assistance. You mentioned in multiple different diagnoses each of which requires some sort of help professionally managed help and reading about illnesses. It's like reading about cancer and saying that's GonNa make my cancer better reading about heart disease or rooting about pneumonia. You can't read about these things get batter. You have to get some care now. The Way to get free services is to check in with your community. I don't know where you are. Did she say where she was. She did not. I mean. Each state is different terms of availability of free services. Usually the state can provide resources for doing that if not go to a teaching centre medical schools goals like school of Psychology. They will have students at our well-supervised doing stuff doing treatment for free typically get some access to that kind macaire your job at a research. I'm still itching itching. All over the place taken about our sorry. I'm not kidding. It's like weird. How much that I I have I know it well? So so Yes please do not take care of yourself and get the proper. What's the opposite of that? Like when somebody maybe over shares too much of their feelings to people who don't necessarily want to hear about them just bad judgment I did. You don't want to hear hear from her. No no no. I'm talking I'm talking about myself a little bit. I'm just I feel like sometimes I like you can't stop talking about coming. I'll just maybe not that but I If someone's like how's it going. I'll be like well and then I'll tell it and then I'll be like. Oh Yeah you didn't WanNa hear you just wanted to hear like okay badgering. Yeah okay to pay attention. Be Be a self aware and aware of what others are experiencing. Here's a man to twenty four from Long Island for as long as I can remember. I randomly get food stuck up my nose when I I swallow what yes swallow and this is another young lady. Josh needs to meet. It doesn't very often but usually every month or two there's an occurrence I'll be eating all of listen. I feel pressure my sinuses. I can't get it to come back down so I have to make weird noises too loose ended up and blow it out of my nose. Oh my God any idea why this this is happening. Because I sure would like to make it's that is called Retro Potion Retro meaning it pushes up the right way retro portion of food and that can be sort of just something you have. It can be something related to a neurological condition and it can be related with Safa jail conditions and Kennedy amager nasal cavity. It's not good for it. It can affect the sinuses in sub optimal ways where it is a freaking across solid comes out your make sure you chew. Yeah and so this retro potion can really be a problem in day have either an ent your nose and throat. Doctor probably best to look at that. Sounds like a pretty dope party trait though too right it's spaghetti. Yeah something wild yeah you imagine going to get a little spaghetti out the nose. I I think there's like a meeting Jonathan. Six five hundred thirty five pound man a couple months ago. I started dubbing headaches around my Sara bellum around the base of his head after making white with my girlfriend that's commonplace commonplace to get post Cordell headaches. I found the same headache would occur when I masturbate occasion when a workout during resistance training. That's actually concerning funny. Thing is out of nowhere. They just stopped occurring with no changing my eating exercise patterns These are typically post-coital headaches But the fact that it happens with exertion and Val Salva bearing down is a little concerning earning you can have Arterial Venous Malformations and things in the back part of the brain also cause headaches so you need to see in urology just to get it checked out. It's probably nothing overwhelming overwhelming probabilities with nothing. But be good to get that check. It's interesting. I'm sure his headaches didn't do anything to stop him from having sex no male. I wonder how far we'd go like what would be the thing that would stop you. I think we're like praying Mantis is if the woman was gonNA chew our head off or something if it's the right woman all right. That's why they picked tickly. Young males would have trouble stopping the bus. Before you eat my head right I'll figure it out. Sort of what they think. Go figure this out. Yeah we'll we'll deal with all across any do cross that bridge when we come to. Oh my goodness another voice voice message. Hi My name's Paul Big Fan listening to love line Since I was twelve years old actually my radio next to my bed anyway I have a little bit of an issue of had some trauma in my life in terms of People dying and killing themselves and whatnot and I seem to have problems maintaining close relationships. I'm thirty four and Dan. I just started seeing a psychiatrist. Good who wants to do therapy. Good the only issue is I find her very attractive. You've fine so I'm curious if I really want to open up to her if that's a good idea or if that's going to affect no no no no not how I present myself Salfan my story and Got GonNa talk about things so I have a concern also by the way okay good. Is he finished similar to this little comment. Good idea or or if I should go with a seventy five year old Jewish guy know who completely okay nothing to me other than a medical professional. Oh thank you so. He's talking about something called erotic. Transference Awry transferred is excellent. It's good trust me. She's had other males have erotic transference towards her he asked the the problem develops problem. She's the problem develops if you don't tell her that's exactly the wrong thing to do. The whole idea of therapy is that you do discuss anything that spontaneously comes up and how you relate and feel about. The therapist is a critical piece in the whole process. And if you're already developing erotic transference for somebody WHO's difficulty with relationships great news. That is great news news because now you have something to work on and you have to kind of work. so-called work that through where you got that was somebody no I just. I always thought like if I had a therapist that I was attracted to I would be more apt to share more and more maybe more like to show up we already know you share excessively. You have yes no I would but housing was actually I probably. That's probably therapist. She started going Why don't you think more carefully about what it is? You like Shit. That's true but there are occasions where I will clam up like if it was just like the seventy five year old Jewish guy would be like I don't really give a show at this guy thinks well but that's but this is the territory gotta get into you gotta go. Why don't you give a shit about me right right? Exactly what's going on. I don't know what what you do. not a hot girl. So so so the the thing about therapy is that it's a Co created thing to humans relating in. The one has a training to help you parse out what's going on with you. So this hot therapists will hold the boundary. This is why I get so pissed off when people the positions of authority exploit their authority. Whether it's somebody in management or a policeman or teacher or doctor because it's precisely the person that needs that boundary eld right. Who would think about sort of violating the boundary? The person without those kinds of issues doesn't do it. You know they just sort of They know it's a does abound you there they labor respected if you have bound you problems. Then you're the one that's going after that person that person needs to hold that boundary and then you struggle against it and believe me. Sometimes people are pissed when the like the hot air doesn't respond to him he may be totally piss off but all the therapists will do. We'll just go Why do you feel that way? That's kind of what's going on. Yeah it's how it's how you reprogram what's going on in your head that'll make sense. No totally I'm your therapy. Well Yeah I just I just entity for HP preview vaccine upsetting you for therapy. I'll go to therapy. Expect that no not I mean I. I've been dabbling. But I just haven't found like a person yet but I think I always said to myself just like a hot girl would be the best therapist because I'd be excited to go Sierra share. That's good but I I like that however however generally speaking I don't WanNa get overly generalizing about this but if you really want to be there this not right. No I hear that it should be there. Should be some discomfort at some level right right right and if you want to be there for anything it should be because you feel confidence in the well. The professional skill of the Individual Gioia. Well of course. Yeah I should make you WANNA be. They're not looking at somebody. That's just the subconscious like thing like I if I have a show or something and I'm like Oh there's like pretty pretty girls in the crowd. I feel like way more excited to a horse and I do. And there's not horse your mail. I can't do anything about that. I guess that's true like if there was a bank robbery. I've always you said like I wouldn't do anything to get involved to stop it unless there is like a pretty bank teller or something. Then I'd be like I'm going to give your life down on behalf of hell. Yeah yeah that's the only now. Is that in your mind. You imagine that's going to impress her. And you're going to walk off in the sunset together or is it just because you want to protect that genetic material and you feel Oh yeah you know one of those things will happen the other. Yeah that's true so when I can be like. Hey you know no no voice message Gwen of ear. You think I got it. Okay all right this is travis out during reading about my ZANEX intake. I take two milligrams twice a day. Okay who aboard a bit much a lot but then exercise the only medicine that I've seen to work the best for my situation which is and I was concerned about maybe memory issues or possible side effects from taking that much. I I do notice if I run out. Quickly I'll have a withdraws clean fun. I heard that it possibly may give me seizures seizures I have ever in bad twitches just feels awful Should I back off is a little bit My tolerance is pretty high. I know that There's not much you can do other than taper off which won't won't get more side effects. I saw anything I said is not true. Love your advice. Thank you love to little complicated That's a lot of xanax. Lot and yes. If you try to stop you will have seizures Somebody could take you through a cold Turkey withdrawal but it would take about two weeks and somebody have to really know what they're doing doing and it's pretty miserable the slow taper would be miserable over many many many months. I don't believe so taper ever worked. Well I don't like putting people through that because it rarely works but you're not an addict right. He's not he doesn't have the attic behavior associated that he's drug-dependent he's dependent on it. He has withdrawal if he stops. And if if a psychiatrist prescribed prescribe that and somebody to a proper work on you and this is actually working for you. This may be worth the risk of taking this medication. I couldn't function all that medication. No Way I personally couldn't so I wouldn't want to do that. You seem to be functioning pretty well. I continue to scratch myself so right. I mean it's ridiculous but if you know if you're seeing a psychiatrist your property worked up. If you want a second opinion that would be okay as well. I don't know what the underlying condition is. You're treating reading because you didn't tell me that but it may be worth the risk generally it's not a great idea but I can't say that doesn't isn't worth the risk for you when I can tell you as you should never take. Opiates with it. That much data because he can stop your breathing. That's for sure. How long does someone have to be on Xanax of that magnitude for you know? For how long until they start experiencing Syrian withdrawal and they stopped. Oh no week a week. That's all it takes a while. I mean man not as long as we've been on for month but yeah you can be on a milligram once a day and have withdrawal symptoms very really very quickly that these rapidly high binding affinity Benzodiazepines caused very quickly. That's why a lot of people complain like some people coldplay after taking an ambien which is a similar kind of medication. Not really but sort of that. The next day they have more panic neighbouring Zayed's and stuff like that it might it just doesn't it doesn't. That's it's you're on it and then when you come off some rebound can happen almost immediately next question could did you My name is Khloe. I'm calling because I just WanNa know why I have this attraction to men who are I say a depressed or anxious You know men. That are a little bit neurotic I feel like I'm you know I'm going to try to women and I I'd say good for me but I tend to date have like addiction issues or problems and it's not because I want to fix them but I feel like they just get me more in that people are always like. Why are you dating these losers like these alcoholics and stuff? I don't know I just WanNa know why that is. Why do I I find myself drawn to men who have like depression or anxiety issues? Thanks bye how do you feel about shoulder hair. I was just gonNA say Khloe Gay Mirroring yes This could be the one. I'M GONNA make all those dudes look like such losers. You have no idea like like she. You would be drawn to me for all those reasons I would blow those out of the water. Yes yes and good way when a good way bad way the bad good way That's codependency it's eight full on. We don't know you know what I would look for. Was Your relationships in your family of origin. I'm guessing mom or dad was down called attic. And what happens. Is USA USA. Establish Your your fitness your love map. Some people call it the way you fit in an attachment relationship with people. You care deeply about you fat. I have some very very strong powerful feelings about those people who were like that in your life and when particularly if they were traumatizing that attachment is even stronger. We get a traumatic attachment on on top of that and so you start looking for those people and Europe. Your body is a perfect instrument. So what you're attracted to. Every every time as you know is going to be one of those guys and so what we tell people as well if you really WanNa change next time you feel. Lightning bolts lightning bolts attraction you. You don't get the date that you cannot date them. You think butterflies not lightning bolts. And if you can find somebody that's not quite as sick as the guys you're normally attract it to do but still has some of the attractive features together or whatever as well D- shoulder hair is a-plus and if you can do if you can get former relationship with something like that. Then you're kind of moving out of this and if you can't that is time for psychotherapy because you are clearly then what you do much the way we were just talking about about how you reform your fit with the therapist so you fit in a healthy context a secure attachment and go out in the world. Now find the right kind of people you can tell l.. There's something pathological about this by how your friends are reacting. It's not what you're meant for in life. You could do different now. I want to say better because you like it. Whatever find it's not gonna go that well for you unless you find a way to sort of find your way out of that and that's going to be with treatment gotta find someone with loser energy? That's not that's got winning qualities and shoulder that's me. Yeah that's true who could resist. I Dunno loss to cancer because of not knowing how to handle her process assist grief. I fell heavily into depression about eight months later when I started fueling depression lifting my soon to be ex wife told me she cheated on me because this the fact that my first girlfriend weight because of this is and the fact that my first girlfriend turned out to be a pathological liar. I don't know if I can ever trust anyone again. What do you suggest I do to get back in the position of being trusting? Well you've obviously been too trusting right. He's been too trusting to this point and I wonder much with this guy the way we were talking to our last voice message Wjr if he's got like a broken picker these he's broken to people that he shouldn't be trusting easy rather attracted to people that he shouldn't be trusting I. I would say a simple way to approach. This without treatment is to start dating lots and lots of people start and don't don't think in terms of these being dates think about in terms of. I'm just learning learning about myself with other people to start start to experience law to different people and see if you can kind of dig in and see yourself a new pair of glasses and see other people and learned. Enjoy spending time with them. That don't have that lightning bolt attraction and see if you can find your way to somebody healthy and I bet if you start thinking in terms of. I don't want all the things that have been so problematic attic. I want something more nourishing that maybe I would not have been attracted to in the past. See if you can find your you into something better that way because some people don't they like Go into something. And they're like well. You know. I feel this feeling and here we go. It's going to happen again. And it's almost like it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy or the lightning. They don't even see pass. They see the hurt coming down the pipeline but they just like take it well. I'm so attractive. She so hot and they go on anyway right and this is if you don't want it to happen again. Don't do that again. It's it's it's it's again people don't think about where attractions come from the what they have to accommodate them. They just go with them and attractions. If you're a super healthy person with a super super healthy childhood which is very few of us and not me you. Because I'd have years and years of therapy to to work my shit out but if you're lucky enough to be that you can you can trust your attractions but but everyone else. Attractions are clouded by these relationships. With these flawed people they raised us and it can result in problematic relationships. Careful people make sense. Yeah like Robert with his mom right and his biological dad and a step that you get much about the biological dad do I did. Here and there He's a French men he was concierge or something like that or parked cars. I don't know why the two but yeah he was a scoundrel from what I niners. Hey Mom Gama time right and you know the although he said he lived in that house he told me this story. Yeah that years later he did find out whose father was and his father came into one of the leather bars and is a homosexual man to oh interest and there was maybe I got kinda cloudy in these details but there was maybe a like a situation where he had to tell him like. Get away from me but dot the dad was was like maybe a little attracted not knowing Robert was a some kind of a weird crazy and again in my interview. Robert dated Bert convy Freddie Mercury. I didn't get free Mercury Bert convy and Yaakov Yaacov Spear enough. Who did did you ask him about? We got to get him in here on tape and asked that question so we gotta get Yaacov. That's that's an important thing that we have been here and play that tape for him A- and right I'm sure he'll come into. Ob does yeah sure yeah. We'll reach over confirmation. Yeah Yeah and What's his name Celik top-selling also. Yeah I'm selling and lots of details but I've heard rumors about but this is now now. All Robert also claimed that Bert convy died of AIDS which had brain cancer as far as the world does but maybe he was hiding one of those things because it was the you know. The AIDS epidemic had had a stigma about it back then and people weren't people lying about why they that's true who knows interesting stuff rob champagne. Well you'll have to stay stay tuned. We've got more for you all on that Josh Privilege again. Thank you so excited to see all the footage you should be. It's going to be good and then I'm excited for us to go out and do are in the field work with him very interesting and again. Check out Dr Dot Com all the all the stuff there Dr Dot TV. Don't forget the sign up there as we give you a blast. We're we're going live. You can ask questions directly and live on the weekends when I do a little show that way and thank you for being a part of the show we appreciate it very very much amateur. Sports People's support these PODCASTS. And this this this broadcast this youtube channel so we keep doing it. We really appreciate it. So thank you so much. We'll see you next time. All conversations information exchange during participation the doctor after after dark podcast or interaction on the doctor. Dot Com website is intended for educational entertainment purposes. Only not confused with treatment or physician medical advice advice or direction per se was always follow your medical professionals advice and direction. Nothing of these. PODCASTS are posted on the site supplements or supersede the relationship direction. Take your medical caretakers. Please understand I am not playing the role of physician in this environment per se. I'm educated amyloidosis physician with Special Boards in American Board of Internal Medicine American Board of Addiction Medicine.

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