Hour 2: Super March Sadness Update


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Word during a NASCAR I racing virtual event the PGA tour has revised its schedule. And is targeting a June eleventh return at the Charles Schwab Challenge in Texas Gulf Back Mike at Finally? There's a mushroom that grows in the wild and tastes like fried chicken. Its name is later porous. I have no idea if that's the name. I did my best there but it tastes like fried chicken. Sportscenter is brought to you by advance auto parts. They can think advance at any time. One four batteries about the failed. Get a free battery tests and free installation with any automotive battery. Purchase only at advance auto parts for all the latest headlines and information tune into sports center on. Espn radio all throughout the day. Geir Mo put it on the poll please is NASCAR. The least the single least surprising place to find the N. Word in the world at Lebatardshow on twitter stugatz. This is Ian Rapoport From twitter. He's saying I had a GM tell me. The media is wrong or about mock drafts. This year than you guys have ever been point. Being players are going to be taken in places. No one expects he is saying the media is wrong about mock drafts this year than you have ever been. How wrong her Stugatz? How much longer are they? Is there a problem with that? I mean listen I. It's going to be weird because it's being done online. There's No war room which like I mean things are going to get botched up. I am concerned. I don't trust him gays and his ability to use technology. I mean he might want Judy but ended up taking a center L. This whole thing is going to be crazy. I think the big question so the quarterback because no one knows what to do or do with to And no one knows what to do there. I think that's the big question. The dolphins take him a team trade up and get them does Justin. Herbert go ahead of schedule does Jordan love. And that's what makes the draft exciting. Then that's why me and Mike Love every single year because we pour over these mock drafts and usually for the most part I say this respectfully. They're not accurate right. His on the beauty of the draft. You know why did you need to say that respectfully well you know I love Mel and mcshea and I know they're doing the best they can and they just do it the way they see it their rankings players in order and if they were in charge of the teams they would take X. Y. Z? So I just want to offend them. I mean there's no need to do that. What what do you mean offend them? Their mock drafts are very often wrong because all of this is the silliest thing in the world like that and that that and that's it I wanted you to say it so I didn't say thank you for doing it. I mean there was a year that I told Mel kiper about Bouchard Perelman. Like I told him he didn't know he didn't know that he was a first round. Pick until I told him. What does he laughed out of the game but Dan we've gone over? This Ehrman wasn't a first round pick at that point and then a couple of months pass by and okay did more study on them and realize okay. This guy's a first round draft pick. I've explained this to you a million times. You were wrong then you were wrong. Because he wasn't a first round pick then according to the chief expert and now he's a jet a dad. The draft is so great because of the mystery because no one really has any clue as much as now and todd and all these people studied the NFL draft at studied these college players. You have no idea what a coach or a GM is thinking. You have no idea if a team with a quarterback WANNA jump up and get their next quarterback and that's the beauty of all this and plus locally for us Dan because you're always trying to tie and local to the national show. I mean the dolphins are really one of the big stories in this draft with the fifth. Pick him what they're gonNA do with Stugatz. I laid the minus one thirty. I think the dolphins finally do the right thing talking myself into man. They're going to do this. Herber thing and really anger their families once again. Now it's been the story line for a year and a half to the dolphins minus one thirty. Let's go though you You Bet earlier that Justin Herbert this. I had them going after. Pick five Dan. Dan Slaughtered at pick five. So I over over the last few days remember earlier in the week. I told you men self. Quarantines got me really bummed on this year's draft because this is a communal experience for me. Excitement has been ratcheted up every time someone presses on a keyboard. I am either winning or losing money. One of the saddest things. I've ever heard it really is but let's update let's update update rather are looks like tournament The East region round to. We want to send you into the weekend. We want to be able to come back with a sweet sixteen here. And just get this pared down so here are all the remaining teams playing against each other in our looks like tournament. East region round to this is the completion of round two. And you can vote on these games all weekend at led to the completion of around two. We have more to go so really. Yeah that's yes. We only one region in round two so far this week and there's four total region so let's get cracking all right. Let's start with number one. The one seed less miles. What he looked like less smiles looks like he orders Agua instead of water at a Mexican restaurant than look around the table with a self satisfied grin I thought that was too high ranking for less miles a good good but I didn't think deserved to be a one seed. Seles miles is facing number nine Randy Scott Randy Scott sportscenter anchor represented by Randy Scott. It looks like he called his father-in-law dad. This is this is really the Cinderella of the region pulling off a modest nine over eight upset. Everything else in this region is chock. Sam Darnold a five seed. Sam Darnold is represented by Sam Darnold. Looks like it's no big deal officer. My Dad's the mayor is just a little bit of we'd Saddle. Darnold is about to lose though because I think our audience is going to vote for me times at Lebatardshow. What does it mean at times represented by meantime? Looks like a senators young assistant hurriedly walking behind him carrying a stack of documents constantly whispering into the senators ear. Your next meeting starts in five. That's no good. It might come out of that bracket number six Gardner Menchu. You think it's going to get past Gardner Menchu. Let's see. Let's hear what Gardner Menchu looks. Like Gardner meant you. It looks like an Iowa state trooper who's just been placed on administrative leave for shooting his weapon at traffic signs. Ha it is really good lender for said though did you see what Leonard Fournette just said about. You basically can't get in trouble. It's almost impossible. Well I guess Kyle Larson did. But it's almost impossible to get in trouble when everyone is away but Leonard. Fournette did an interview and he said he'd rather have Cam Newton than than Gardner. What's wrong with that? Why would global for saying that? Look rather have Cam Newton. I I understand because it's his quarterback though. It Gardner Menchu is his quarterback. Here's a locker room with them. Then let it. Fournette has been through so many quarterbacks three-plus seasons of the NFL three to four seasons. I think he's been through nick foles. He's been through Bortles. He's been through. Menchu he wants guy going to be there for a while and I'm good with that. There's no reason to get mad at him for saying. That man must submit anytime Leonard. Fournette goes live on instagram. I tune in because he's going to say something. He's one of those guys. Uh took Gardner Menchu as succeed as facing Jim. Harbaugh three seed represented by Jim. Harbaugh looks like he makes the family sing. Happy Birthday to America on the fourth of July before anyone can begin eating really good. I would vote for that. Gets through the final four. Really good this. One is one of my favorites too because it forces you to envision this person nude but Mike Leach is a seven seed and go ahead. And what is Mike Leach? Look like Mike Lees. It looks like he's not surprised to be waking up naked inside a crop circle again. This is what I'm telling you. Okay I don't think anyone in the history of sports more looks like they've just gotten up naked from hard night then Mike Leach. Act whether it's a crop circle or the floor the bed. I don't like while he's walking the sidelines. He looks like that person that you can envision he just got up and he was naked seconds ago. Tell me you're right now you're not. I can't I can't tell you you're wrong. And you're right so Mike Leach faces Trey Wingo trae wing go is a two seed represented by Trey Wingo. Looks like the guy who pushes women and children out of his way to save himself only to turn the corner and get crushed by the foot of the giant monster. Everyone is running from a so. We've got one more region done after that you're voting at Lebatardshow. Your home is important. That's why GEICO helps make it easy to save on Homeowner's insurance because home is more than just a place. Home is where you build a giant pillow fort in your living room and when people ask why you have a pillow fort in your living room. You say it's for your dog. And when they ask what kind you say chocolate lab and we have a web of lies. That's almost as intricate as the crown molding in Fort Pillow. The GEICO Insurance Agency could help protect the pillow. Soft fortress you call home the call. Geico see how easy it is to switch and save on Homeowner's insurance if you missed any of our interview check about on demand and the Dan Le Batard show podcast brought to you by the capital one quicksilver card earning unlimited one point five percent cashback on every purchase everywhere capital one. What's in your Wallet Dan? It's time for straight talk. It is brought to you by straight talk wireless gamma put it on the poll. Please do you throw your wet hotel towel on the hotel floor. Yes or no I want to play some Greg mcelroy. Sound for you. Stu Gods get your thoughts here here is what a. Greg mcelroy is saying about the idea of playing college football games without fans to got. Because it's a fairly ridiculous thing to do for a lot of reasons no matter how much the people listening here want their college. Football Darren. Rebel is reporting that ticket. Revenue is seventy five percent of the money for college football. It's fifteen percent of the money for the NFL. That's why it doesn't pay for college. Play without a crowd and it does pay for the NFL to play anyway so ticket. Revenue is seventy five percent of college. Football's money according to Darren revolt. So the only reason you would be furthering the injustice of endangering the health of young people for no money is to put them in even more dangerous way in order to get your ticket money like there. It's rare that business is quite this overt in amateurism. But that's what they'd be coming back for is simply money putting unpaid labor at yet more risk so that we could get the money. And while I'm here for what Greg mcelroy is about to say here I want to get your thoughts on what Greg mcelroy said right now look couple has to be played and I literally it has to be played so they are going to play it. Come hell or high water. It's going to happen. It's just. We're not sure exactly when it's going to happen because if it's not college. Athletics will literally implode football programs. Make up an account for a round eighty percent of the revenue of a vast majority of the schools and television revenues. One thing but for some of these schools in the group of five the Mac and the and the mountain west and and the all American Athletic Conference even though they're essentially the power six neighbor lives so heavily on that gate revenue that it would be really really difficult for them to put forth other programs and to support other varsity sports and to provide. Two hundred scholarships annually. Dan He's right from this standpoint. Only that it four. We count for college sports to stay intact. They need that revenue from the football program. So I don't know if we need to play football. I don't know if we have to play football to save college. Sports eventually will come back at some point. They all might have to take a year or two off. But he's absolutely right as someone who coaches a girls. Lacrosse team and who is in charge of getting twenty girls in the college? I could tell you that they are very concerned. Those kids and the universities are very concerned that if there is no college football season there will be no other college sports seasons they make all the other programs in the athletic department. They make that they bring them to reality. They don't have those other programs. If not for the college football and to a lesser extent the college basketball revenue. Does that mean they have to play college football? I'm not certain they have to but he is right about his point. College sports will go away for a time if they don't play this year and that's a bad thing we're sure about that. Like first of all he said would literally implode literally do anything but even if it implodes and what that'd be wonderful if imploded in terms of eradicating the injustices that are all over the place they are now. This is the thing those Stugatz where me moralizing too much get super tricky and super personal. Because you know there's no surprise of me saying make a giant mess. Let's free everybody get everybody yes. Go ahead college football implode so that it can be real free agency so that people like the xfl would be back in business because the NFL would just buy it and make it. It's minor league and turn it into the business that it actually is as opposed to cloaking at an amateurism. But here's the problem. That with all of that moralizing from this particular perched guts if college football doesn't exist for ESPN. Some of our colleagues are going to get fired like we need college football and all the profit off of that injustice in order to keep people employed this company is going to have an enormous mess on its hands if there are not college. Football Games to televise and the people who are going to get fired are going to be people I care about and it becomes very very difficult to moralize about let it all implode when those are the personalized humanized consequences and there are people that I care about as well but I am asking you is is any of that. Dan Any of what we just talked about a reason to send college kids out in a football field and put them in harm's way I'm sympathetic to all of it. I mean this might affect my own daughter border. These reasons to put college kids out on a football field and have them play football so they could save. Espn naked save jobs. They're not getting paid and so they could save my daughter's college experience. I don't know our states can agree on this hour. States can't agree on what is more valuable money or human life money or health money or risk like and it's offensive to the people who care about humans who care about the risk to say. Stop making it about money but California's not making money. They're making her about health and human life Florida's making it about money. Florida wants to get it to Konami open and so like. This is the moral conundrum throughout sports throughout politics. It's a now business now. Business is coming forth to God's and you see the president is trying to get sports leagues involved with. He wants a full Alabama stadium. Because that's the argument going on right now in this country about whether to let us outside whether to let us everybody listening to this. Go outside and enjoy American freedoms. The way that we're used to enjoying American Freedoms Ethan. Strauss is gonNA join US next. Among other things a shocking trade liberal really shocking trade that he reports fact is in his new book. We'll talk to him about it next to God's when we got here that is straight talk it is brought to you by straight talk wireless everything for less only at Walmart. Geico has the insurance industry leading APP. That lets you manage your policy anytime anywhere. Which means that. Geico is always there for you. If only everyone was always there for you like animal control when you're cornered in your garage by angry possum guy said you would be here about origo and I think the positive is starting to get angry. Listen I thought if I felt it would go away. But now it is ripping holes in the drywall and making some sort of nest. Just coming back GEICO. Always there for you with savings and the industry leading mobile APP. Espn radio is presented by progressive insurance. Either Strauss GonNa join us in just a minute here. P- has a book out about the warriors. Here's your sportscenter. Update BUBBA. Wallace Nascar. Loan Black Fiber says that. Kyle Larson deserves a second chance after he was caught using the N. Word during a NASCAR. I racing virtual event the PGA tour has revised its schedule and his targeting a June eleventh return at the Charles Schwab Challenge in Texas at finally Guinness World. Records Announce Gerard. Yong is the new world record holder for most push ups in one hour after he submitted video evidence showing him completing two thousand eight hundred ad six repetitions he beat the previous record of two thousand six hundred eighty two jobs which was set by Carlton Williams of Wales it. Two thousand at seven T. Have you heard about the all in challenge? It's a fundraising effort for corona virus re Crisis Relief one hundred percent of what is raised will benefit organizations providing food to those in need particularly kids the elderly and frontline workers. You could check it out at all COM. You'll find all types of once in a lifetime experiences and items to bid on or enter to win including golfing at Pebble Beach with Justin Timberlake and bill. Murray throwing out the first pitch at the next world series one hundred percent of the proceeds benefit organizations providing food to those in need if you'd like to participate or learn more about how these organizations help visit all in one challenge dot com for all the latest headlines that information to the sportscenter on ESPN radio all throughout the day. Stugatz Ethan Strauss had a story. The other day as part of he writes for the athletic. He's the author of the new book. The victory machine the making and unmaking of the Warriors Dynasty. You can get it wherever books are sold. But he reported a trade. That floored me that was completed. It was done steph curry and Klay Thompson for Chris Paul. Both sides had agreed but Chris. Paul did not agree to an extension and so everything changed. I don't know if there's a lot more surprising than that in the book but Ethan Strauss joins us now on ESPN radio. Thank you Ethan. For MAKING THE TIME. Can you tell me how not how you found that out but how surprised you were when you found out that that trade was something that had an all for all intents and purposes been completed I can't say I was shocked but there is a contingent of GM's in the league. I will say who've watched this warrior success and grousing. They grumble and they go. They didn't know everything they didn't have it all figured out. They weren't light years ahead. They were traded steph curry for the right price. And it's understandable. We forget that steph curry wasn't assumed attorney in any kind of superstar and he had these ankle issues and as far as creating Klay Thompson the two thousand eleven who was Klay Thompson. He was the first round draft pick and nobody was predicting multiple all stars for. Except maybe Jerry West so all of these things. In retrospect they seem very shocking but at the time the warriors were a laughingstock They weren't thought to have championship level players. So it makes sense to try to make a move so he ended up being a trade for Eric. Gordon Chris Kaman but what would have changed in your I understand. It's a speculative question but Ethan Strauss. What plays out differently. If Merely Chris Paul agrees to an extension and Golden State. I mean they probably don't win these championships. But what's interesting is Bin. Talal of the warriors specifically at the top level specifically the owner Joe. Lak- which is this idea of people from the outside will say Oh. This means that they didn't know what they were doing. This means that they got lucky. But I think the Laker perspective is what we would have made it work and one championships with Chris. Paul you know we would have made it. Work Organization is better. We're light years ahead. We've got quality up and down the ranks. We would have made that particular decision workout in the way it worked out by getting or keeping stuff and keeping Klay Thompson. That's the mentality from on high. I think it's crazy. But it was also probably a central to the warriors punching above their weight after Joe Lake about the team. But if they make that trade aren't. Aren't we possibly looking at Steph Curry Klay Thompson and Anthony Davis together like they might not have lost that much that season to get Anthony Davis? So maybe that's mood but isn't that something like what we're looking at. That's something that we're looking at but I gotta Say I am shocked. I am shocked. I've written a book that has to do with how winning championships doesn't bring happiness that has to do with the Darwinian crucible of the NBA and how it's more like any given Sunday behind the scenes and whatever. These team accounts are putting out an instagram. But the cutesy emojis that has all these themes that seem to be very much in the Dan. Le Batard wheelhouse. Did you become transaction guide? What happened what happened. Dan. I've just had it and fun because if I ask you one of the most interesting things in your book nobody will read the book. Because you'll just tell people all the time trying to help you sell your book but audience transaction that it needs are you. Can you believe it was Stephan Clay but God Sell Your Book Bunny? Because I don't want to give away all your audience. I have given away a little excerpt out there. We're K. D. at a shoot around is screaming at me. You don't know what makes me happy in front of the other media members that's potentially interesting. I suppose that's something to discuss this out there. I've already given that away. So that would be a they. That's that's still worth discussing. I think I'm interested in why you sat on some of this news for so long for the book because that's my kind of journalism. I proud of you. If your answer is yes ethan. I heard you guys talking about that and I have to say I was touched. I didn't know that you guys knew that you were trying to manipulate me for years to give away so they should have. You noticed it noticed. It was like Oh they they notice they really noticed that. I'd addict rights for the athletic author of a new book. Victory machine the making and unmaking of the Warriors Dynasty. What are some of the new reported details in there that the audience will find interesting? The new reported details in the entire book. You didn't read the copy. Is that you over over digital. Did You dad. This is this is the number one now while I heard I heard from your publicist. You've got one of those now and I told your publicist yes. Please send me the the copy of the book that you would like me to here. And I'm still waiting for that. Ethan Strauss guy especially. There's a very good chance. This is in some sort of folder. And he has no idea at access. Okay you should have gotten a copy earlier but the whole shelter screw things up but yeah I mean. There are a lot of reported details in there about how they formed the team. You get a lot of Behind the scenes of how they drafted guys and the dynamics between Lake and Kerr and obviously Katie. And you get a good picture of how the players were. Just trying to keep K. D. Happy enough to win a championship in that final season. And they knew he was gone. I mean that's clear. They knew that he was gone. It was not a shock as to what happened. That's in deed white dream on him. Were yelling at each other in that game back in the fall but their perspective is players was can we make sure he doesn't float away and we can have this. If you WANNA call it that last dance I guess like the Bulls had the warriors like the Chicago. Bulls knew it was coming to an end. We're to make the most of it and they came really close but for the injuries. What was the worst of it between Draymond and and Durant? Did we see it or was it a great deal worse than that? I think we saw it. I think that was the inflection point. It was building to that level. I think your mom probably felt you know. I'm not going to tiptoe around this just because everybody is tiptoeing around it but in the NBA in the NBA. The superstar gets what he wants the NBA. You have to do whatever you need to do to make the superstar happy when Katie. Got Mad at me and yelled at me in the press conference the players afterwards when I was in the locker room. We're trying to get me to apologize to because from their perspective. That's what you gotta do. You know. That's what they thought. I didn't think I really needed to do that. Yeah it's good when superstars aren't mad at you can give you more details but I didn't think it was essential but their perspective being within the NBA. As the superstar. Needs to be apologized to I think Andre said to me man you married. I'm married sometimes. You just got to apologize for some stuff you didn't even do and that's when perspective and how to handle a superstar every day. I'm wondering how do you think history will remember Kevin Durant? How are we going to look back at Kevin Durant career? Yeah that's a fascinating question. We're probably going to underrate him. Because he wants so badly for us to re improperly we do something as human beings where we can tell you want the love. We're not gonNA give you the love if you're secure and you feel like you don't need it like Klay Thompson we're going to give you all the adulation. And so that's the paradox. That Katy is trapped in. And we've got this other element that I like to talk about which is with NBA teams. We like to focus on the fall of the dynasty more so than the rise. After it's over you know David Halberstam's book on the Blazers. It's not about them winning the championship. It's about what happens afterwards shocking. Kobe when we say shocking Koby. We're we're off and talking about the Egos and how it all broke apart rather than how they played together and with my book or with the last dance which we're all gather around and watch on Sunday on the Chicago Bulls. That's about the end of the dynasty. So think what's happened at the end with. Katie is probably going to take more precedence Than what happened at the beginning and in Oklahoma City on the way to get in there the victory machine the making and unmaking of the Warriors Dynasty. Get it wherever books are sold. Ethan thank you for being on with us. We appreciate it sir. Thanks guys always great coming up next we will make fun of what? Quin SNYDER LOOKS. Like in Quarantine Round. Miguel GonNA join us in about fifteen minutes student to the last dance behind the scenes. Look the Chicago Bulls Dynasty. 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We're going to update some more of our tournament in a second but Quin Snyder. Stu Gods Bit of an upset here Mike Ryan said he would have given two days of his life to see what Ray Lewis looks like without the ability to to be involved with your barber or haircuts but Ray Lewis put out a video yesterday and he looks clean. He looks great. Quin Snyder though. I've never known you've never seen him without the slicked hair. Have you stu gods without all the Gupta's air never once no Dan? Dan Dan before we get to Quin Snyder. You sent me that video of Ray. Lewis thinking he looks clean and the goatee does. But what you fail. The mentioned was he's wearing hat. Dan Hiding what's going on under that LID. How do you know how clean he looks? He looks clean with a hat. Is what I should down that. If you remember I said I pay anything of his head. All right so you'd still give up the two days to see Ray Lewis the top of his head what you'd still risks that knowing what dangers told you. I know we haven't seen the top of the head but the rest looks pretty tight so I'm assuming the top of the head probably is as well. You're GonNa days of your life of that I want. I want to know if he's seeing his colorist. Poll at Lebatardshow. Would you give two years of your life to see what the top of Ray Lewis Headline at the moment? How about this to God's though for whatever it is that you get weirded out by Quin Snyder in general because all our looks like as it regards. Quin Snyder always of him being something Greasy Usually involved with shady business deals or drugs because of or Wall Street because of all of the slicked back hair so this video of him is knock with slipped back here but whatever jokes you have. It quin Snyder's expense. Just make sure you understand that. He was better than Patino or Calipari in the pros like he has actually had a successful. Jump from college to the pros. Instead of all these other guys I mean Patino just sold a seventeen million dollar house. He's got so much money during a pandemic oceanfront here just a few blocks from where we are Quin. Snyder has had an excellent professional career. Surprising breakdown of Quin Snyder coaching career by Dan. Levin are I mean. Where are we right now? This we're in the middle of a pandemic and right now for the march madness tournament Midwest region. I know I said before that something else was the overall number one seed but I was wrong. This is absolutely the overall number one seed in the tournament. Stephen Adams Lucite Poseidon less successful brother. Joe Sidon God of canals and inland waterways. A that is facing a nine. See that. It's very strong. Stu Gods Wade Boggs very strong wade. Boggs looks like the old washed up ballplayer living in a small town who when asked by the pizza delivery man if he is. Wade boggs takes a long slip from his bottle of cutty Sark and replies with no kid. That guy doesn't exist anymore. That is that lose because Joe Signs in the Guy. Got Allison waterways just to close this loop go ahead and give Quincy Ed Snider a search on twitter just to see the most recent images because he is all out a pair product and I think this is an actual upgrade for quincy. Younger younger here. Looks like Quin Snyder. Looks like a college kid. A college hippie. You'd find him and divorced Dad. That's recently dating younger women and is found. You know the catalog of arcade fire five seed Vic. Fangio is represented by the looks like the Hawaiian tourist who adamantly refuses to be brought. Onstage during the LUAU 's big group dance number facing herm Edwards Edwards look herm Edwards. Looks like the supermarket manager. Who says there's a right way and a wrong way to stack the cans on his shelves and guess which one you did stand van. Gundy look like Crystal Stan. Van Gundy looks like the guy when eating a hot dog as the hotdog slip out of the back of the Bun when trying to take the first bite how about Urban Meyer. How about Urban Meyer. It looks like the guy who tell street performers. I only have hundreds try and Ryan looks like a guy who comes out of the bathroom and exclaims this. Ride is closed. How Fifteenth Seed Rot Palanca? Rob Pelinka looks like the Guy at the resort pool tells you to bring another round of drinks. Even though you're not a waiter at said vote all week at Lebatardshow on twitter.

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