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Are you hiring with indeed you can post job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash perspective. That's indeed dot com slash perspective from ABC news. This is perspective. A closer look at the week's top stories and the stories you may have missed I'm Sherry Preston. Coming up the president and the nation respond to the release of the Muller report. I'm having a good day to it was called. No collusion. No obstruction. The tragic fire in Paris's Notre John cathedral. We'll examine what's left? Down know, it's. Like, I kinda part of of the Paris skyline. Parents of a college student killed in South Carolina, speak out calling for change. That's all the ride sharing companies out there. They need to do more. They need to look at the safety. All ahead on perspective. The redacted version of the Muller report is out it gives us an idea what we know about obstruction of Justice that election collusion with its public. Release pundits. And politicians are parsing its findings analyzing whether the report exonerates or further indicts, President Trump, here's ABC's, Dan, Harris, a defiant unapologetic. President Trump arrived in Florida to a crowd of supporters who clearly believe as the president declared. The Muller report represents vindication. I'm having a good day to it was called. No collusion. No obstruction. But the four hundred forty eight page report paints a far more complex and potentially damaging picture while special counsel, Robert Muller, did conclude that no one from the Trump campaign criminally coordinated or conspired with the Russians during the two thousand sixteen election. The report did not clear the president of obstruction of Justice instead painting in painstaking detail and unflattering picture of a president who relentlessly sought to use top White House staffers, political aides and the Justice department itself to quote curtail the investigation and the report Muller laying out eleven instances of possible. Obstruction of Justice. The report vividly describes the moment in the Oval Office. When then attorney general Jeff Sessions informed. Trump a special counsel had been appointed the president slumped back in his chair and said, oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I'm blanked. How could you let this happen? Jim. According to the report, President Trump ordered former White House counsel, Don Mcgann to have Muller fire Mcgann refused deciding that he would resign rather than trigger what he regarded as a potential Saturday night massacre shortly after he ordered his top lawyer to oust Muller, the president was asked about it and flatly denied it. Give it at anything. No, I'm not dismissing anybody. But the report reveals he was determined to do just that the president was furious after attorney general Jeff Sessions recused himself from investigating Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen election. I am now decided to jeez, myself, very disappointed with the attorney general. According to the report sessions told investigators the president asked him to unrig us himself, but he would not say rig with John since the beginning Trump railed viciously against the special counsel. But no obstruction on the investigation did produce real results in all there were thirty seven indictments in the Muller probe, including several of the president's closest aides some of whom pled guilty. Robert Muller was appointed to investigate Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen elections. And while the report shows that team Trump did not conspire with the Russians. The investigation also identified numerous links between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. They're rushing context. Consisted of business connections offers of assistance to the campaign invitations for candidate Trump and Putin to meet in person ballers team says the president's aids and his family also worked to spread the fake news. Russia had posted on social media. But Muller concluded that there was no evidence that these people knew they were promoting Vladimir Putin's handiwork for more on the Miller report and everything else happening in DC. Let's go to our ABC news political director RIC. Klein I want to go ahead and start right off with what you wrote in your great political note. Neither an exoneration nor an indictment molars report somehow represents everything and nothing to just about everybody. I think that's brilliant. Because there is something in there. And there is nothing in there. It's how you interpret it it where you stand depends on where you sit. And I don't think anyone changed sides as a result of this. I it is an extraordinary statement about politics in our country that something of this magnitude would come out, and that both sides would would hold it up and say, look, we told you so both sides say that and the president his White House says it's the best day of his presidency. Democrats are saying that this could be impeachable and in both sides could be right in a way because the behavior described in here is simultaneously. Why Democrats think he's unfit for office? And why many Trump loyalists think that he's there in the first place because he's such a disruptive force? What was the most? You know, the thing in the report that made you sit up and go there is that that's kind of big the color of his initial reaction. To the appointment of a special counsel. I'm eft tells you a lot about his mindset, but I think more than that just the the White House culture where the president was ordering of people fired ordering changes cover up type activities and that people around him were saying, no, we're not going to do that. I didn't have a clear sense in real time about how many top aides White House counsel chief of staff outside advisor, Steve Bannon, even are saying to the president, you know, what you can't do that in a lot of ways the portrait you come away. From is that the president was trying to have struck this investigation and was saved from doing. So by a staff that was just openly defying his orders. If you are a prosecutor year job is to take a case to a jury that you can win were there things in this. Do you think that that they could have won had they take it at a jury it sounded to me like it was a close call all the way on the questions of of structure with of Justice and into identify ten or so, discreet episodes as Muller did where the president either try. Ride to obstruct or lied about something or try to get a cover up or try to get someone fired. Or did get someone fired. They were all going to be close calls. And I think the Muller makes clear that part of his judgment was based on the fact that the Justice department policy makes it almost impossible maybe maybe impossible to prosecute a sitting president. I think when you add all those things up it's hard to second guess Muller's decision or even frankly bars decision, not to take a case. But man, there's a lot there. And I want one smart wag that. I follow said, you know, if this isn't obstruction of Justice would could any president ever obstruct Justice because it came so close to that line. Now looking to twenty twenty what can we expect from the Trump campaign? Do you think, you know, in regard to this and really looking forward to the campaign in general, how will the Democrats play this all the twenty or so who are running for president and the Republicans themselves? I think for Democrats hanging on Russia and collusion was never going to be a winning strategy. Anyway, and is now clear that there isn't going to be a prosecution for obstruction of Justice. So. Do they did they move ahead on a peach mint kinda think not but they're going to have to make that as a as a first judgement? And then more broadly, the the case about what do you wanna president to be like that adds weight to the arguments that you'd expect Democrats to make in the twenty twenty campaign. Okay, rick. I know you're going to be talking about this a lot more, but try to rest your voice. Thank you. Sherry, thanks for the advice. Take care. This weekend marks twenty years since the shooting at Columbine high school in Colorado. It's a day that changed the world and one in which innocence was lost for so many parents and students for more. Let's go to Columbine. Here's ABC's Alec stone twenty years ago. Frank DeAngelis was the principal at Columbine high school reflecting on August twentieth. Nineteen ninety nine the emotion remains raw I will have survivor's guilt for the rest of my life. The Angeles says not a day goes by he doesn't think about what unfolded at Columbine twelve students and a teacher died plus two gunmen me a marriage. She said, you're not the man I married, and I wasn't. He says he has worked hard to overcome the impact on his life in. If I went out with my family in Francis at what is wrong with you. You're not talking and they couldn't understand if I had to do all over again. I'm gonna sit you're coming with me or the counselors coming. Here. You need to understand what I'm going through. It's called post traumatic stress disorder because of the shooting schools nationwide. Now. Practice lockdown drills, and there's been improved communication between police and school administrators. There were many lessons learned at Columbine one big one with how police respond to active shooters ever since Columbine. The policy has gone from waiting for a swat team to arrive to a doesn't matter. If you've got only your soft bulletproof vest and a handgun as officer you go in and stop that threat. There's no more waiting. We've seen that inaction in places like San Bernardino, en Las Vegas. Craig Scott was in the library at Columbine when the gunman started the rampage outside his sister. Rachel had already been shot and killed. He didn't know that when he hid under a table with two friends. Neither of them survived. Craig says his survivor's guilt overtook his life his ambi- afterwards. It was a trip to South Africa that helped him he'll when he met a man who had lost his whole family and try. Do not the victim. He see told me forgiveness is like sending her prisoner free and finding are dead prisoners. You today Craig says he believes he really understands value of life. Dave Sanders was a coach and teacher at Columbine who died along with the twelve student victims today in honor of her dad, Connie Sanders works in the mental health field counseling violent offenders. I am so motivated to stop this type of thing before it starts in. A twist Connie has become friends with the mother of one of the killers suk-lee bowl. She's just a very gentle soul Gandhi says has become friends to have had many conversations about forgiveness. Students who survived Columbine are now nearing forty years old students who attend the school today. We're years away from being born in one thousand nine hundred nine this weekend. Remembrance ceremony at a park next door to Columbine. I'm Alex stone. ABC news. Coming up the fire that nearly destroyed Notre nam. We'll go inside the store cathedral and examine what's left on perspective after this? These days news comes out of Washington so fast. It can be hard to keep up. I just don't think this is going to play out the way everybody thinks it's going to play out. We're getting a giancarl prediction special music for this. I'm ABC news political director Rick Klein, join me along with ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. Every week as we break down the facts and turn to Washington insiders with tough questions on the powerhouse politics podcasts. Are you going to talk to moan? Listen for free on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app. Welcome back to perspective on Sherry Preston. While you're nearly destroyed the iconic Notre Dame cathedral in Paris this week about five hundred firefighters battling huge flames of the landmark and a human chain formed at one point to salvage art and religious relics inside ABC's, David Wright spent the week in Paris and has more on the events that unfolded. In Paris, heavy hearts. The city the whole nation really in morning. This was the biggest symbol of Paris. It's quite straightening to see all the Parisians that come here to gather to mourn for me must mines. Must include. My name is Patty. Aladdin? Notre down Our Lady of Paris to those who live here a landmark ravaged by flames. The spire of this eight hundred fifty year old landmark burnt like a torch finally collapsed. Caving in the roof. No engulfing the very center of this cathedral in flames. John. Dick has washed it all from his apartment, my partner. And I were we're standing on the balcony watching that was the moment that he started crying. When we watched that spire fall down it. It's just you know, it's such an like an iconic part of of the Paris skyline. French president Emmanuel Macron tearful called the blaze a terrible tragedy. President Trump had these words the fire that having at the Notre dumb cathedral f- is something like few people have witnessed it's one of the great treasures of the world than it's burning very badly. Looks like it's burning to the ground images from inside. Notre Dom have now been released the altar where thousands would have flocked to celebrate Easter Sunday this week covered in ash. Took five hundred firefighters to battle the flames at times, they were powerless to stop. The first reports surfaced at six fifty pm Paris time an ominous image of smoke billowing from Notre dam. The horror of onlookers flames, then bursts through the ceiling. Inferno raging out of control. Miraculously the main structure of the cathedral appears to have survived those two iconic towers at the end still standing more than a century to build this church construction began in eleven sixty three the two massive towers finished around twelve forty five considered a triumph of French gothic style. The building is French history. Carved in stone and watched over by gargoyles. This is one of the most important landmarks in France, still standing is a feeling of great sadness here and all along this end people are singing him. Notre dam survived the French revolution. This is where Napoleon was crowned emperor of France it survived two world wars, and the Nazi occupation, the heart of friends, it's cultural significance cannot be underestimated Victor, Hugo immortalized Notre dam with his Hunchback story that Hollywood is told and retold over the years, I have chores to do it. It was nice seeing you again. Notre Dame is said to be the most visited location and all of France thirteen million tourists year. That's nearly double the foot traffic at the Eiffel tower the cathedral was undergoing a six million dollar renovation project. Just days before statues of the apostles were taken off the rooftop to be cleaned. They were spared now, the reconstruction work will have to begin all over again with much more damage to undo in. You bet your. That you own them mccrone has vowed to read this. Notre dam is the heart of Paris, and the French people are determined to do what they can to save. I'm David Wright in Paris. Relics and artifacts were saved while other priceless. Works were lost in the catastrophe under the millions of dollars poured into help repair the cathedral ABC's, James Longman. Also in Paris, gave us a look inside the destruction of the most iconic relics were saved and other parts of the cathedral that will need to be rebuilt Notre Dame now sits as an open wound new images. Take us inside the twelve hour battle to save the cathedral rushing into the danger. Shooting powerful jets of water into the eight hundred fifty year old cathedral and Megyn descending on the scene. A makeshift command post outside as this piece of French history fund, the fight appointments, sending up drones stroke buds, I view while they soul the entire roof engulfed the hours. It raged. Carries of the world washed by daylight, a wide view of the destruction inside fireman. Still working to assess the damage, but all around us. Hey, black ash dock memory concerns that the building is still structurally unsound pulse of it. All going to have to be brought down in order to secure the rest of the building. We're also hearing extraordinary tales of bravery specifically from the chaplain. The fight a chaplain who rushed into save the crown of phones historic goes that he went in with the team to find the relinquish that place where the Rennick is cats. They found that it was looked he. Whilst someone's going get a key. And while that was happening. His team broke in such was the level of urgency. This was happening whilst the spy of the church had Phoolan inside. But extraordinarily twelve hundred relics and important items are in that church and insurance say ninety percent of them have been saved. They include things like a piece of wood from the cross that Jesus was crucified on. The cathedral home to evolve connection of Christian treasures from the immaculate rose windows, and it's like clinic pipe Bogan to his most sacred relic to feigned crown of phones seen in national geographic's. The story of gold more than fifteen million people come here every year, yet only a fraction of them knows that these vaulted ceilings house, one of the most precious and closely guarded relics. And all Christendom. The crown of books, even if it's not the true on it. So way of remembering okay? He really was on earth. He was a true, man. He could be that donations have been flowing in now hoping hundreds of millions of dollars much of it coming from wealthy. French citizens many boasted by the momentum a precise digital replica of the cathedral captured in two thousand fifteen has boasted hopes for Notre Dame's restoration. There's nothing written about it Mason's never stopped at the end of the day and said, I built like a funeral this way. Because. And so I've been using more sophisticated technology. These days to try to get new answers from the building's architectural historian under talent painstakingly map Notre dam and the cathedral's using cutting edge laser technology talents. What will likely prove crucial to any future? Rebuilding efforts enders. Major mission was to make sure that as many people as possible. Understood the beauty of these gothic structures Lindsay cook vesicles, which inherited the project off the talents death was a major undertaking to do this and it took place over many years. And this is something that's becoming more and more crucial, especially after the fire at Notre dawn. And it's happened to so many gothic churches over time that it's actually for a medieval, it's not at all surprising Windsor Castle was devastated by flames in nineteen Ninety-two, but in any fifty million dollar repair project soul. The queen's official residents. Reopened five years later fire gutted island, Sint mel's, Kathy. On Christmas day two thousand nine but it was restored for more than thirty million dollars in two thousand fourteen and just lost Jae a fire consumed. The national museum of Brazil decimating nineteen percent of it's collection for the people of France. There are a ton of that beloved cathedral cannot come soon enough. There are a lot of foreigners. But mostly it's Parisian's coming down. Hey in quiet, contemplation looking to see what happened to their favor building. I'm James Longman in Paris coming up parents speaking out to make change. Following the tragic death of their daughter on perspective after this are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash perspective. That's indeed dot com slash perspective from ABC news. This is perspective. Closer look at the week's top stories and the stories you may have missed I'm Sherry Preston. Coming up speaking with the co founder of a unique addiction treatment center, but first the parents of slain college student Samantha Joseph center, calling for new rideshare security measures Josephson's mother and father are lobbying to introduce new regulations after police say their daughter was killed by a man, she missed talk or her Uber driver ABC's Byron Pitts spoke with her parents this week. I don't think it was even in our site that this was an issue until unfortunately, this happened. It could happen to anyone. Samantha was a force a twenty one year old with the world that are fingertips a senior at the university of South Carolina, her parents seem and MARCY say she dreamt of becoming a lawyer too savvy. Lous CEO's kind funny very very funny. A best friend to everyone. Good sister to Sydney, always smiling. Always new smile when you do. She wanted to make a difference was actually. Interested in international law, just two weeks after their daughter's murder, the Josephson say they feel compelled to speak out calling for federal regulation on the ride sharing industry and urging companies like over in lift to enhance their safety protocols, and we do not want anything like this to happen to any other parent a cat. So we've felt that's doing now. It was a typical Thursday night and Samantha was out with friends at a bar near USC campus. Shortly after two AM Samantha ordered Uber. She was being responsible going home because she had to work in the morning black Chevy Impala pulled up and cement got in. We believe that she simply mistakenly got into this particular car thinking, it was a new Garad. It was not the next day her friends concern they hadn't heard from Samantha called her parents in New Jersey. Boyfriend called me and said, I just want to let you know that we Samantha didn't come home last night. And they call the police, and I just kind of froze and called Seymour. We're still talking to the police as we were in the car to drive to drive down. And we got there about twelve twelve fifteen they brought us into conference room. That point. That confirmed him taught us police told them the unthinkable their daughter was dead her body up and found by hunters in a wooded area. In a rural part of the county. Devastated. Marcie and seamer had to deliver the news to their youngest daughter, Sydney. It's still. Hurts. We're still very emotional. Police track down the vehicle from surveillance video and arrested twenty five year old Nathaniel rolling in a traffic. Stop around three AM inside police say they found liquid bleach cleaning wipes and window cleaner. Police say the suspect trap Samantha in his car. The child safety locks were activated on the door Rolen has been charged with kidnapping and murder. His parents spoke to a FOX affiliate denying their son's involvement. I'm sorry. But I came forward to let my son serve time something even do a Sunday nobody in a court hearing, which the alleged murderer did not attend. Joseph says mother delivered this emotional plea. Beginning the right for women to my daughter in the opportunity for anyone out. Smith. Don't ever forget. Shame on you said her name, and you make your statement more about her and less about him. And that's what it needs to be because she's our life. It's really about my daughter, and it's really about that making this that nobody else is going to go through with that. We're going through. All the family does not blame. Uber for Samantha's death. They think that Uber and other rideshare companies could do more to keep passengers safe. All the ride sharing companies out there. They need to do more. They need to. Look at the safety rideshare company lift announced that they're adding new safety features in the wake of Samantha's death, continuous criminal background checks and an enhanced identity verification process. The Josephson's also suggested writes, your company should consider developing Barco technology to match drivers with passengers in. All you have to have a smartphone. In order to did an Uber left. You can put a QR code a barcode on the door. And if if it's that's your ride. It turns green in a statement to ABC news a spokesperson for Uber said our hearts remain with the Josephson family. We're always looking to build on our core. Safety features such as the license plate car making model and driver photo shown in the app prior to the trip the family wants to see legislation change to starting with requiring. All right share cars to have both of front and back license. Plate are one thousand nine hundred eighth that do not have a front license plate and South Carolina hap-. To be one of them. So we're saying to make that mandate. It we've have our children. They grow up we preach them. Don't don't talk to strangers. And what do we do now with the ridesharing? They get into a car with a stranger recently, South Carolina's house of representatives passed a Bill named after Samantha the Bill mandates that win an Uber driver or lift driver or any ridesharing company. When there's a driver working on duty to have to be an illuminated light. Individuals needs to be countable, and they have to look at the license plate. They have to look at the drive. Our family has turned. They're paying into action launching a foundation called what's my name urging passengers to ask drivers who they're picking up before they step into the car. Sammy litter wanted us to do this. Try because it was her goal to help change the world. Yes. Samantha was planning to head to law school in the fall in a full scholarship. She was set to finish up college in South Carolina graduating next month may eleventh is her graduation. What we all do that day? I think it's going to be really difficult day. But we need to go to ourselves. A moment of silence on her. I really wanted to be there for her. Coming up the OJ trial all over again. Former prosecutor says the new TV show isn't repeating history on perspective after this. Hey, I'm Dan Harris from ABC news, and I have a podcast, and you should listen to it. It's called ten percent, happier. It's all about how to stay sane in our increasingly insane world, we talked to everybody from the Dalai Lama signs. Borkum for human, gene. He'll ru Paul you have to explore this life. It's fun and interesting may even change your life. You can listen to it for free on apple podcasts or on your favorite podcast app. Welcome back to perspective. I'm Sherry Preston. A high profile defendant in a murder trial, a gutsy lead prosecutor and a media circus. The plot of the new ABC TV show, the fix was co created by former OJ Simpson prosecutor Marcia Clark now, it might sound like it's repeating history for some. But she says otherwise her more, here's ABC's, bath gut. Mun had been convicted would your life have been different. How to answer that question? How could I know if he had been convicted, maybe I wouldn't have left the office. But maybe I would have looking back. You know, I really do think it was time in my life to do something different for care to decide who murdered Ronald Goldman and Nicole Pratt each nineteen ninety-five and Marcia Clark is front and center at the trial of the century. We do have sufficient evidence to convict him and prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The lead prosecutor in the case against retired football legend or thal James Simpson for the bird. Title of his ex wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and one golden in a trial closely watched by tens of millions of people around the country, he had to call at this incredibly violent relationship and on the particular day in question. Many many things went wrong for him off the same time. And then he exploded which is why we wound up with so much evidence, but evidence or not Clark inner team would become infamous one of the worst trial losses in history. If it doesn't fit you must acquit after OJ was acquitted Clark left her trial law career behind setting off in a path to redefine herself as an author of bestselling novels. I always loved to write from the time. I was a kid. I loved writing I was always addicted to crime fiction always which is why I wrote novels network crime fiction at now her latest venture. Res- co creator of ABC's new legal drama, the fix how much of the beginning of this story is your origin story. Well about this much you when you get about three minutes into the show, then we depart completely. So to the extent that it's a prosecutor in Los Angeles who lost a high profile murder case and let the DA's office that part came out of my life. He lost. So what? Now, you want revenge. You hate me for not suffering enough. Is that it believe me laugh? His impersonal mister Johnson never has been Robin Tunney stars. As Maya Travis a former prosecutor who loses a high profile case against a celebrity actor named sivy Johnson only to come back for a second chance years later with the actors accused of killing his new girlfriend. What are you doing here? He did it again you have to come back. My hat. This time we're gonna get him. Clark insists the fix is not a revisionist tale of revenge. Orenthal James Simpson not guilty of the crime of murder and gets do J Simpson for that. None guilty verdict per ground the world, Nicole Brown show is not you. But it's you wish certainly it draws on my experiences as a defense attorney as well as a prosecutor. So is it complete fantasy? Yes. I mean, this all fiction it really is all fiction, we even even the sevi- Johnston. Although he's African American he is British. He's a movie star. He's not a football player, and he'll you'll see through the course of very complex character, very compelling character. And all the characters have an arc that they go through. It's my fantasy in terms of getting to write a project like this for sure. This is about Justice and seeing the Justice is done. But no matter what it seems more than two decades later. The OJ case continues to follow her. Spawning ain't hit miniseries. The people vs OJ Simpson. And in Academy Award winning documentary OJ made in America. I learned a lot more about him in terms of his ability to perform when I saw OJ in America. But seeing it in in so much detail showed me he really knows how to put on an incredibly engaging in warm persona that is not the persona. I saw in court. I can't talk to you without your attorney present. But unlike Maya and the show Marsha in real life is perfectly fine with life outside the courtroom. If OJ Simpson ever did anything again, it was horrific or heinous what you jump back in. I wouldn't be able to jump back in. There's a bit of fantastic. Listen, the way Maya comes roaring back in rolling back in and just resumes, and that's not particularly realistic. And they have a lot of really good prosecutors. They don't need me. I'm Matt gut Mun moss Angeles. Coming up combatting addiction with music. Voda treatment centers unique approach to facing the disease on perspective after this have a dream. But don't know where to begin. I didn't want be limited looking for wisdom for women who've already been there, you will constantly be given the opportunity to lose yourself. Welcome to ABC's. No limits. I'm your host, Rebecca Jarvis. And each week. We're talking to the game changing women about success lessons learned along the way. And of course, the worst advice and really thought about this worst advice ever, you can hear new episodes of no limits every week on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app. This is perspective. From ABC news. I'm Sherry Preston, overcoming addiction. It's something that continues to come up in the midst of this country's opioid crisis. There are thousands of treatment centers throughout the country ABC's. Daria Albinger, recently spoke with a co founder of one at quartered in Florida. It's called recovery unplugged. The founder's name is all Pellicer. He discusses the way his music based treatment center combats addiction recovery is a treatment center that combat's mental illness and addiction with locations all over the country that uses music as a catalyst to engage the clients in their long term recovery you once dealt with addiction didn't yes, I'm in recovery and music has always been my companion. If that makes sense, but also as a clinician who's been in the industry since one thousand nine hundred nine I started using music in my groups and individual sessions and found that not only did. I get a better response from the clients. But they were also able to retain the information that I was teaching him. Now, I would imagine that music therapy is not something that is new what sets what you do apart from other programs. The first thing is it's not music therapy. We use music and everything associated with music from the lyrics to the vibration of music to live performances to songs to not only establish report with the clients. Engage the clients and help them practice. The necessary skill sets needed for long term recovery. But also as I've already mentioned help them, retain, those behaviors need it for long term recovery. When you mentioned that you use every part of music in your program there, including lyrics. I I thought of was a Lear Chroma song Kentucky back instantly shirt to a certain point in my life. That goaty a good thing. But some lyrics to certain songs, which take me back to. Points in my life that I do not want to go back to couldn't that be detrimental to somebody in recovery. Great question. You obviously have some wisdom and insight into this. So let's talk about that for a second. If you think about drug addiction drugs, really a symptom of the problem. So if that statement is true, then what would be the problem? It's poor coping skills negative behaviors low self esteem distorted perceptions, blah, blah, blah, right? And so what music can do whether good bad or not is can be a it could be a catalyst to let go of some of those painful memories, inspire somebody motivate them help put them in the present. It's very thorny. There's no communication that communicates to the soul like music does. And that in my humble opinion is where long lasting change happens. So let's take for instance, a song that could be associated with drug use. What comes to mind for me is Pink Floyd come to bleed. And so now what we can do is. We can analyze the lyrics of the song in a safe setting reframe it to so now it becomes associated with the serenity of being clean reframing behavior. Reframing a thought a perception, we can even had allies, you know, the lyric. I guess the other thing that comes to mind is if music is so cathartic, and if it can help somebody live a clean lifestyle, why are there so many musicians who struggle with abuse one of the reasons is because like as I've spoken to musicians some legendary ones who thought that they got their creative flow for lack of a better phrase from using drugs. As a matter of fact, I recently spoke to a member of a major classic rock and roll band who got cleaned thirty years ago, by the way and told me that he thought his singing songwriting days were over once he got clean because he didn't know. How to do it coupled with the environment? Let's think about it. And we go to concerts, we go to shows a lot of people are getting high there, you know, what's going on back stage. If you've ever been to some of these shows, so that the culture back in the day and even president is encouraging of drug and alcohol abuse what I'm grateful for now is is there's a lot of major stars in legendary musicians who are now in recovery who are now openly talking about their clean and sober. And they're better at what they do in their life is better, and they're raising awareness and changing the stigma. Now, you guys have locations all over the country. We have all levels of care from detox to residential too impatient. To outpatient services to housing we have locations in lake worth Florida Fort Lauderdale, Florida Austin, Texas, Allendale Virginia, which is northern Virginia. Where soon opening up in Nashville and who knows? Where we go from there. I am so excited not only about our success rates. But I really feel as someone who's been in the industry since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine that I'm truly making a difference from ABC news. This has been perspective. If you want to listen to any of our past shows, you can subscribe to the prospective podcast, give us a review tell us. What you think it really does help? You can find it on apple podcast Spotify, Stitcher, wherever you listen to your podcast. You can also plan. This and other ABC news shows at he news, podcasts dot com. Perspective is produced by Eric Malo? Thanks for listening. ABC news. I'm Sherry Preston. Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash perspective. That's indeed dot com slash perspective.

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