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The cash from the chicken wing capital of the World Buffalo New York. You're listening to the marketing above. All podcast your source for all things well. Marketing and total world domination a nation. This is marketing above all. And this is your host Michael. Hey and welcome to episode sixty three. Today's topic is this wiring targeted neighborhoods to grow your business. One of the oldest forms of marketing is Ben Flyers and putting up flyers in places like the post office or Business Kurds words community centers. All different things like that where you design a flyer. Put it up and you'd even have those little pull tab things or people could grab issued a paper that has your phone number now though still work but be I wanNA give you the strategy and and really the mistakes that local businesses like yourself are making when you flyer a neighborhood so fly hiring a neighborhood it is. It's very similar to direct mail. But the big difference is that you're saving money unless you've got like a a really terrible suv and gas or something like that. But you're saving money costing time but saving money and you're driving around targeted neighborhoods that you believe would be a good fit for your product or your service and you're typically doing one of two things you're putting reading something in their mailbox or you're hanging something on the door so i WanNa give you best is practices but more cy WanNa tell you the number one mistake that more often than not I see businesses that are deploying the strategy are making so best practices are definitely putting it in something to do with the mailbox. But you've got got to be careful on the legalities so from my understanding. You can't just play something in someone's mailbox WCHS That doesn't have a stamp on it because technically speaking the. US Postal Service has the rights to that mailbox but most of the mailbox have a slot for other stuff for newspapers. Things like that so just be careful there. I mean most businesses are still still putting things in a mailbox. But I'm encouraging you to be careful with that when you go through and you look at the neighborhoods neighborhoods to target. That is usually the first mistake that I see businesses making either they're targeting the wrong neighborhoods or they're not targeting enough of the neighborhoods. It's so you've got to really do some more research before you pick the neighborhoods you've gotta know. How wide of a radius is your product or service going to pull from? What I have found? Is that a lot of local businesses. They literally just pick the quote unquote richest neighborhoods and they assume that those are the right neighborhoods so landscapers for example. They go they pick. Let's say two or three or four five whatever. The number is of the wealthiest neighborhoods in a community and and they put something in the mailbox and then they wait for the phone to ring so mistake. Number one is you've got to know where your target persona own and your target customers are going to come are you targeting those wealthy neighborhoods if yes than those neighborhoods are are good. I'll give you some other tips in just a second. But chances are that they very well may not be the right people or if you're located in one city and you're targeting some wealthy the cities that are twenty five miles away. It's GonNa take you forty five minutes to drive there. It's most likely not going to be the best fit so step. One one is definitely making sure. You're targeting the right communities step two is you want to make sure you're hitting critical mass so like direct mail all this is done in numbers and also frequency so great you've got some neighborhoods picked. The next step is to make sure that you're hitting enough critical mass. So I don't want you just putting out a hundred fliers I want you putting out five hundred thousand might say well Michael. It's GonNa take a while you want agree business. Yes or no if no then forget about it if Yasser GonNa take on this tactic and you're actually going to deploy step one right neighborhood step to five hundred two thousand to give you some critical mass anything below three four five hundred it it becomes a little bit of a challenge to be statistically significant. I want you to be doing five. Hundreds maybe that's five different neighborhoods of one hundred houses for example to start with when you're cruising through a neighborhood. It really doesn't take that long. So that's the second step third step has to do with your actual flyer and this is where I see pretty much every business if not every single business flyer that I've ever gotten goes wrong. Speaking bluntly your your flyer most likely sucks your content. Sucks your clip art images suck. There's no call to action. It's tough to read you photocopied in. It looks terrible. You do not invest enough money and actually having something look high quality in feel high quality. If you'RE GONNA do it yourself maybe you hire somebody. That's a graphic designer that can help you design something a little bit nicer now. It doesn't mean just make it look pretty. The content is much more important than the pretty factor. But you have to speak in terms of benefits not features or you have to what I say. You've got to preach Hell not heaven. Even if you're a landscaper don't tell me that lawn Kartik lawn cutting starting at twenty dollars a week. That does nothing for me. Because I'm GonNa get twenty other flyers flyers just like that over about a two or three week span. What are the benefits of using your service saving you one point three hours per week by taking the lawn hassle off your hands into ours? Maybe you're you're going to save them money because you're going to have the best price. Guaranteed saving you time guaranteeing to save you money. No quote will ever be beaten. You'll give the best price now. You've got another benefit cheaper. Second I benefit was. You're GONNA save time. Look at those benefits. Now when I say preach Hell Not Heaven. I did an earlier. podcast episode about this tactic of your consumers or your prospects are going to move quicker to avoid pain than the artists. Seek pleasure so a a few. Your Flyer could say something like don't let Rodent's burrow into your house due to your grass grass not being cut on a regular basis something like that. That's a lot more catchy than half a beautiful. On all summer someone L.. Move quicker to make sure that not getting a rodent infestation than having a pretty long so the flyer when you have you've step one step two done correctly so the right communities and neighborhoods critical mass. The flyer usually is terrible. Do not put out a terrible flyer. You might still get some responses but you can text responses by putting it on a heavier card stock a nicer Acer card stock having a good call to action it clear from number benefits not features. Use the back of it put a bunch of testimonials on the back for example. Here your neighbors that use US and are happy one two three four five the front and all about your benefits. Why they should hire you with a clear call to action the back is a testimonial stack that flyer? I promise she will outperform any other flare that you were planning on doing that. Step three step four is frequency. Quincy do not just expect to drop that Flyer in once and for your phone ringing off the hook. I'm suggesting you send the same thing in three to five times within about a six week span now depending on your product or service you might have to play with that span a little bit. It's the rule of repetition. You WanNa keep your brand in front of them. You do not have to change up your offer six times. Stay in front of them time and time and time again that is a winning formula for flying neighborhoods in growing your business. It is one of the best strategies. Now you can do. The same thing with door knockers. But I I have not seen the results anywhere as close to putting a nice card stock well-designed Flyer in the right communities with critical mass. Doing it three four four five. Six Times door knockers are much harder to design they get thrown out a lot easier. This strategy is much more lucrative. And I promise you if you deploy Royat as I just described it will add money to your bottom line and top line rapidly. Get out there take some action today. Michael Toddlers signing off. Good morning good afternoon and good night. I'll see you back here tomorrow. Thank you for listening to this episode of marketing. Above all get out there. Make a cane and take some action and hey don't forget to leave about five star review until all your friends. This is the greatest marketing podcast ever ever. If ah we look forward to seeing you here tomorrow.

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