Archduke Franz Ferdinand Pt. 1: Igniting the Powder Keg


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Both men were avid, hunters, they crept forward through the Woodland's intense anticipation, followed by a retinue of loaders beaters, and hunting dogs before either man had a chance to fire his weapon, one of the loaders behind them. Tripped over a gopher hole. The rifle he was carrying fell to the ground and discharged a shot past so close to Ferdinand head. He could hear it. Wiz past his ear. It was a close call, but the Archduke shrugged, it off hunting after all could be dangerous sport years later when the Duke of Portland thought back to that day. He couldn't help but wonder how differently things might have turned out if Ferdinand hadn't been. So lucky in his memoirs, he wrote, I have often wondered whether the great war might not have been averted or at least postponed had the Archduke met his death then and not at Sarajevo the following year. One death can change the world. At least that's what asan's believe welcome to assassinations apar- cast original, every Monday, we examined, the famous assassins of history, and the men and women who were assassinated. I'm your host, Bill Thomas and I'm your host Kate Leonard. This is our first episode on Austrian Archduke, Franz Ferdinand, who was shot by Gavrilo Princip in nineteen. Fourteen sparking the outbreak of the first World War this week, we'll delve into the lives of Princip and Ferdinand and explore the cultural and historical context in which their lives crossed next week will explore the aftermath of the assassination and how it set off a chain of events that completely altered, the twentieth century, apar- cast, we're grateful for you. Our listeners you allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at par cast. And Twitter at parkas network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you are listening. It really does help. We also now have merchandise head to park, cast dot com slash merch. For more information. In nineteen. Oh, nine fifteen year old Gavrilo Princip returned from school to spend his summer at home in the dusty village of obey in western Bosnia, gover. Lowe's father was a farmer and the family lived in a small wooden hut built over a stone stable where they kept their animals on this summer after noon. Gavrilo was lying in the grass behind his home scratching his initials into a large rock with a small hammer and chisel a friend came by and asked him. Why he was doing such a thing. He looked up and said, because one day people will know my name when he was finished. He etched a square around his initials and put the date nineteen. Oh nine the rock with its faded, etching still lies in the untended grass around the ruins of the old Princip family home Cup the tender age of fifteen young prince. Hip already had designs on being famous hoping to emulate, the great Serbian heroes he'd been learning about since childhood. Many of these heroes were remembered for standing up to foreign oppressors, assassinating tyrants, and driving out despotic foreign regimes. Their stories were told at family gatherings and around campfires, where folksongs in the glory of Slavic heroes, and call down damn nation on their oppressors during Princip's time. Austria, Hungary, was the foreign oppressor that had control over Bosnia, the Austrian emperor, FRANZ Joseph was over eighty years old, his younger nephew and heir friends Ferdinand, was the future of the empire's rule revolutionaries like governor Princip, one of the Bosnian people to be completely free from the rule of Austria Hungary United instead with the rest of the south Slav lands. Ferdinand stood in the way of that dream, so following in the tradition of their full heroes Princip and a group of fellow revolutionaries. Murdered him in June of nineteen fourteen. Nothing in his early. Life would have suggested that Gavrilo Princip was destined to influence world history. Born in eighteen ninety four. His hometown was little more than a collection of huts and hovels along a dirt road in rural western Bosnia, many in Bosnia, he and his family were ethnic Serbians, and they eat out in meager living, farming few acres of land gaffe row, as his family called him grew up small, but strong, a serious quiet. Boy with an iron will more likely to be found reading books or working in the fields than playing with the other children, Princip showed an early aptitude for learning in one thousand nine hundred seven when Gabrielle was thirteen the principal ranged for their son to attend merchant school in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia during his first year Gavaud excelled beyond his classmates. Devouring book after book and ending the year with the highest overall grade possible. But in nineteen. Oh, eight his behavior began to change that was the year. When Austria Hungary formally annexed Bosnia, Bosnia, had been under the administrative control of Austria, Hungary, since eighteen seventy eight but in nineteen. Oh, eight Bosnia officially became part of the empire even before the annexation, many Bosnians were grumbling about their Austro-Hungarian overlords, the massive empire didn't show, much concern about the day to day problems of the local peasants and the annexation looked like a maneuver to reign in that discontent before it became a full scale rebellion buys Niyaz neighbors Serbia had already gained independence, from the empire in the nineteenth century, as the capital of Bosnia Sarajevo was a meeting point for revolutionaries who saw Serbia as a role model for independence. They. Dreamed of uniting all south Slavic peoples which included Serbians Croats and Slovenes into an independent nation. Free from foreign control routine year old gaffe row was among those revolutionaries around nineteen. Oh, nine Gav became involved with an underground political movement known as young Bosnia, Austria, Hungary had long ago band youth political organizations, knowing full well that they tended to breed radicalism, as a result, those organizations had gone, underground, making them even more rife with revolutionary sentiments through young Bosnia Gavaud got his hands on numerous political books and treatises that he would otherwise never have had the chance to read works by revolutionaries like marks and Bakun he and his comrades gathered at the cafes of Sarajevo to debate things like democracy and socialism and an. Archaism all the hottest topics of the day, the young Bosnians viewed their elders with contempt seeing them as little more than collaborators with the austro-hungarians they believed it was their generation the youth, who were responsible for bringing about change. And for many of them, change took the form of facination in nineteen ten a young Bosnia member named bog, Dench of attempted to assassinate the governor of Bosnia, who had been appointed by the Austrians it happened, right there in Sarajevo, just a few blocks, from where Gav row lived, the assassin fired five bullets at the governor, but missed he used the last bullet to kill himself. Though he had failed in his attempt. Shiva's action inspired other disaffected youths, like Grillo Princip Gavaud began to views your village as a hero and role model under the influence of these new radical politics Princip had also begun to view, the capitalist Mercantil system as a tool used by Austria to oppress, the Bosnian, peasants, he certainly knew the struggle of those peasants firsthand and he no longer wanted to have anything to do with the unfair system instead of staying in merchant school. He decided his best chance of acting real change was to go to college and get a degree. So in the summer of nineteen ten Gavaud transferred to a prominent local high school intending to graduate, and go to college housed in a large Brown and white building in downtown Sarajevo. The school was just a five minute, walk to the spot where his path would. One day cross with that of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. But his new found commitment to education. Didn't last he barely slipped by his first year earning mostly CS and DS. He quit attending class altogether in nineteen twelve when he was eighteen but he hadn't given up academics. Completely instead he'd come up with a new plan he would travel to Belgrade the capital of Serbia and continue his studies there. If Sarajevo had been a hotbed of revolutionary sentiment and Slavic nationalism Belgrade was the home base, as we mentioned Serbia had earned its independence from the Ottoman empire in the nineteenth century in nineteen twelve Rytas Princip arrived in Belgrade. The country was involved in the first bulk in war. The Balkan peninsula is a region of southeastern Europe. That includes Bosnia, Serbia Croatia, and several other small countries in the area. Right. Of the crossroads of Europe in the Middle East. It has been occupied and fought over for much of human history. In nineteen twelve the Turks still controlled a portion of this territory in the region. North of Greece Serbia and its allies Bulgaria and Greece intended to free this last part of the Balkans from Turkish rule they succeeded in driving the Ottomans out by nineteen thirteen but Bulgaria was unhappy with the way the newly one territory was divided. This immediately led to the second Balkan war Bulgaria attacked its former allies, Serbia, and Greece fighting for a bigger portion of land. It was into this maelstrom of nationalism and warfare that Gavrilo Princip arrived in the summer of nineteen twelve by this time Gav row was a young man, increasingly consumed by rage, rage at the Austrian overlords, who left Bosnias large peasant society to suffer rage at the local Bosnian politicians who collaborated with the Austrians rage at the Bosnian Muslim population, who controlled much of the land occupied by poor Bosnian, Serbs and Croats. But most of his rage was directed at the Austrians, he would later say, if I could I would destroy Austria, completely in Serbia Princip's pursuit of education, continued, although it didn't go much better than it had in Sarajevo continuing to associate with radical groups and student organizations. He eventually. Became associated with a secret society known as the black hand. The black hand had been formed in nineteen o one by members of the Serbian military, it had played a key role in the nineteen three assassinations of Serbia's king, Queen, prime minister and head of the army, like other similar groups. It was devoted to ending colonialism in the Balkan peninsula and unifying the area into an independent nation when Princip became associated with the black hand in nineteen twelve or nineteen thirteen. He attempted to join an underground militia fighting against the Turks in Macedonia, but he was turned down due to his small stature humiliated, he left Belgrade for a while. But eventually returned determined to prove himself in the spring of nineteen fourteen twenty year old Princip read that Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand was due to visit Sarajevo. That summer Princep finally saw an opportunity to impress the black hands leadership. He volunteered to assassinate the Archduke. Fahd Danja via JR. 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Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was born around Christmas time in eighteen sixty three a member of the ruling Habsburg dynasty. His paternal uncle was the emperor of Austria Hungary friends, Joseph raised in palaces and luxurious estates Ferdinand began amassing his own personal wealth at the age of eleven. That was when his cousin, the Duke of Modena died and named Ferdinand as his heir by the time of the duke's death. His lands had long since been annexed into the kingdom of Italy. But he still owned vast estates in Austria, that made eleven year old France Ferdinand of very wealthy child, like most of Europe's male royals Ferdinand entered military training at a young age by the time, he reached fourteen he'd been commissioned, Lieutenant he eventually achieved the rank of Major General and later was named Anne. Admiral in the navy. But the most transformative event in Ferdinand's life occurred in eighteen eighty nine when he was twenty five as nephew to the emperor Ferdinand was not expected to inherit the throne. His cousin crown prince Rudolf was the heir-apparent, but on the morning of January, thirtieth eighteen eighty nine when Rudolph's valet went to wake him. There was no answer at the bedroom door. The valet knocked again and called the prince's name, but there was still no answer. He hurried to fetch an axe and broke down the door inside. He found prince Rudolf on the floor with blood pouring from his mouth on the bed lay a young woman with a bullet hole through her head. It took several days for thirties to determine what had happened as it turned out Rudolph, who was married had been having an affair with a young seventeen year old Baroness named Mary vets era with an inclination towards depression, disinterest in running an empire and an unhappy marriage that couldn't be annulled. Rudolph had talked his young lover into a suicide pact Rudolph shot her in the head before putting the gun in his own mouth, a murder suicide involving an imperial air was the stuff of worldwide tabloids. But for. Rudolphs cousin France Ferdinand, it meant his prospects, had suddenly improved dramatically. The emperor's only son had died that made Ferdinand's father Archduke Karl Ludvig the heir to the throne. Carl Ludvig lived only seven more years before dying of typhoid in eighteen ninety six upon his death, his thirty two year old son. France Ferdinand became the new heir to the throne of Austria Hungary upon rising into the direct line for the throne. France Ferdinand began to be groomed for power. He was given more influence in the military and was promoted from Colonel to general to widen his perspective on international issues. He took a year long trip around the world with stops in India. Australia Japan and the United States still Ferdinand's relationship with his uncle the emperor was never good. Ferdinand's mother had died in her twenties from tuberculosis and Ferdinand suffered from the disease himself, the emperor viewed for nand as sickly and unlikely to live long enough to succeed him to the throne. For nand, ultimately overcame his illness. But he never forgave his uncle for writing him off real break in his relationship with FRANZ Joseph occurred over Ferdinand's marriage. Ferdinand was nearly thirty five years old when he met his future wife while stationed in Prague with the military. He met so fi the daughter of a bohemian aristocrat the two very quickly fell in love and wanted to get married. But there was just one problem. So fi wasn't noble enough? She was from the second tier of Austro-Hungarian, nobility, Amir Countess, and lady in waiting Habsburg law required that only members of European Royal families could marry into the dynasty. This law was strictly enforced, particularly when it involved, the heir to the throne when the emperor heard about his nephews wish to marry a woman, he viewed as little more than a commoner. He said, love makes people lose all sense of dignity. It took several years of arguments, and Goshi aviation's for Ferdinand to. Convince his uncle to let him marry Sophie, ultimately, the old man only relented because Ferdinand agreed to a Morgan attic marriage. A Morgan attic marriage is between two people of unequal social rank in the case of Ferdinand and Sophie Ferdinand was required to renounce all claims of Royal titles for his wife and future children, including any ability for his children to ever succeed him to the throne at their wedding in nineteen hundred Ferdinand. Stepmother was the only family member who bothered to attend the entire episode was humiliating for the couple and it helped ensure an irreparable split between the aging emperor and his air. France Ferdinand held his resentment close for the rest of his life. If that had been the end of the story, the resentment might have faded with time, but following their marriage. Sophie was routinely prevented from appearing with her husband. And at official events, she would be left off stage, have doors closed in her face and be placed at the back of Royal processions. She wasn't even allowed to ride in the Royal carriage. Or sit in the Royal box theatre Ferdinand, already a pessimistic ill-tempered man finally left the Vienna court altogether. The family began spending much of their time at their spacious Chateau in the countryside. Outside of Prague. Despite the troubles with his family Ferdinand, and Sophie's. Marriage was a happy, one Ferdinand one said by far the cleverest thing I ever did in my life was Mary, my Sophie, she is everything for me. His three children were his pride, and joy, and he was known to conduct business while sitting on the floor playing with them, much of that business involved Ferdinand's ideas for running, and updating the empire much in the same way. Gavrilo Princip, and the members of young Bosnia viewed their elders with contempt Ferdinand saw his uncle as stodgy conservative and to comfortable with a status quo. That was ill suited for the realities of a new century Ferdinand and his advisors were particularly concerned about the growing problems in the Balkans before his death in eighteen ninety eight auto von Bismarck. The former chancellor of Germany. Had predicted that the next European war would come from quote, some damned foolish thing in the Balkans. It didn't take a psychic to know that conditions were delicate in the peninsula throughout the first decade of the nineteen hundreds Ferdinand and his advisors toyed with several ideas for how best to deal with this issue Ferdinand proposed for the formation of a unified Slavic kingdom on the southern side of the empire, which would include all of Bosnia Croatia, and Slovenia, the new kingdom would share a monarch, an army with the rest of Austria Hungary, but it would have its own parliament, and administer its own lands. This was a highly controversial proposal, perhaps surprisingly, it was especially unpopular among southern radical groups like young Bosnia. Although groups like young Bosnia were pushing for the formation of their own separate kingdom. They wanted complete independence from the Austro-Hungarian empire. They saw this proposal as merely an attempt by the Habsburgs to quell the revolutionary sentiment and maintain their power. They had no hope that eight new parliament established and led by these same local governors. They already distrusted would do anything to help the poor peasants of Bosnia prince it and the radicals wanted to stir the people into revolution. Not pacify them with a half measure for Princip nothing short of a complete and total break with Austria, was sufficient and the best way to incite the people into the revolution. Was to assassinate the man who was trying to pacify them. Coming up next. The teenage peasant from rural Bosnia comes face to face with the heir to the throne. Now back to the story. France Ferdinand once said, we are all constantly in danger of death. One must simply trust in God, that was his perspective on the reality of Sassan nations in the nineteenth and early twentieth. Centuries. His own aunt. The wife of the emperor had been assassinated by an anarchist in Switzerland in eighteen ninety eight the president of France. And the United States had been assassinated in eighteen ninety four and nineteen o one respectively in nineteen hundred. The king of Italy had been shot by an anarchist and in nineteen. Oh, eight both the king of Portugal, and his air had been gunned down while traveling in an open carriage. When France Ferdinand decided to visit. Syria. Vo Bosnia in the spring of nineteen fourteen to oversee military maneuvers on the border. Many of his advisors warned him against it. According to some reports even his family, urged him, not to go in fear of the city's revolutionary elements that Ferdinand was a stubborn man. And there was also a secondary motive for his trip. It was a few days before his fourteenth wedding anniversary since Ferdinand would be traveling in his capacity as inspector general of the military, not as the Archduke and air presumptive, his wife, Sophie would be allowed to stay by his side at public events for the first time in their marriage, she would be treated as his equal neither of them were willing to imagine that their first public appearance together could also be their last. As soon as Gavrilo Princip heard that the Archduke the architect of a plan that would quash his Bosnian uprising was visiting Sarajevo, he recruited several of his associates from young Bosnia to help him kill for nand before he could take the throne Gavrilo was only nineteen, but he had the resolve and the connections to make it happen. He reached out to a member of the Serbian military, who was involved with the black hand and asked for weapons and supplies while still and build rape, Serbia, Princip, and his associates practiced shooting and grenade fro-ing and laid out the details of their plan on June twenty eighth all six, assassins, would line the street where the archdukes motorcade was passing through armed with either grenades or guns, if for any reason, one assassin failed or was caught five others would be. At the ready once the deed was done. They would swallow cyanide pills to kill themselves before they could be arrested, once their plans were complete. They crossed the border into Bosnia, all six assassins were in Sarajevo by late June nineteen fourteen when friends Ferdinand arrived. After several days of overseeing military maneuvers at the border with Serbia Ferdinand and his wife spent the evening of Saturday, June twenty-seventh at a grand banquet at their hotel in Sarajevo. That same night across the city. Princip quietly slipped out into the warm summer evening, and paid a visit to the tomb of Bogdonoff VH, the young man who'd attempted to kill the governor of Bosnia for years earlier Princip promised to finish. What his hero had started vowing to ignite the flame of revolution day June twenty eighth Ferdinand. And Sophie were scheduled to parade in an open top limousine through the heart of Sarajevo. It was perhaps, not the best choice of dates June. Twenty eighth was the Serbian holiday of Dovan commemorating, the battle of Kozo in which Serbia fell to the Ottoman empire. It was a day of mourning and remembrance a day, one fallen heroes were honored a symbol of the loss of freedom and independence to many of these Serbs in Bosnia, choosing this day, too. A parade through Sarajevo seemed at best tone, deaf, and at worst intentionally antagonistic, the archdukes convoy was set to drive along boulevard named the apple key, it ran alongside the million, ska river through downtown Sarajevo passing a series of bridges that connected the two sides of the city. They would make their way to the town hall where a reception was planned around ten thirty in the morning afterwards, they would tour the city and visit a local museum. They were scheduled to return home to Vienna that evening as the caravan of limousines made its way from the train station to the apple key Princip, and his conspirators gathered along the route four congregated near the bridge. Princip was a block farther down standing by the Latin bridge, the sixth and final assassin was stationed a block farther by the Kaiser bridge. Both sides of the street were crowded with people who had come out to get a glimpse of their future ruler. The boulevard had been decorated with imperial flags. And there was a sense of festivity excitement in the air the Archduke and his wife were in the rear seat of the second car in the procession Ferdinand was decked out in the uniform of an Austrian cavalry, general, wearing a light blue jacket with red and gold trim and black pants with a Red Stripe down the side. So feet was in all white with a red sash around her waist, and a parasol to keep the hot Balkan son off her face. As the procession neared, the commercial bridge governor, Pia Doric, who was acting as a tour guide for the Royal couple pointed out the new Austrian barracks that had recently been built across the street while Doric was pointing a young man stepped forward from the wall along the riverbank. He pulled the grenade out of his pocket and struck against a light post to break the firing cap right as the archdukes car passed. He threw the grenade Ferdinand Saad coming and raised his arm defend it off. But the assassins timing was just a moment to slow the grenade bounced off the rear of the car and rolled onto the streets, the car right behind the archdukes. Drove over the grenade just as it exploded. As pandemonium broke out in the street, the parade of cars came to a halt, the young assassin, who had thrown the grenade swallowed his cyanide pill before jumping over the wall, and sliding down into the shallow river below. He was wrestled into the water by several bystanders. His cyanide pill wasn't strong enough to be fatal. It only made him sick and weak enough to be dragged away to the police station back in the street Ferdinand turned around in his seat. Checking to make sure that everyone in the damage car was okay though several people had been injured. None of the injuries was serious, and the cars began moving forward again this time at a faster clip. The other three assassins on the first bridge ran off the moment. The grenade exploded Princip a block farther down. Didn't know what had happened until the archdukes car came speeding past him. He was too caught off guard to react all he could do was watch in desparation as his target disappeared into the distance still very much alive. The final assassin who had been a block further up the street fled after seeing the archdukes cargo by Princip was the only one still in the game. But he knew that he still might have another chance. The archdukes tin ary for the day including the exact route the procession would take had been published widely in local newspapers after his reception at the town hall. The car was due to come back down the apple key, and turn right into France. Joseph street exactly were Princip was already standing with his gun still safely in his pocket Gavaud cross the street and settled down in front of a small, corner, cafe to wait, meanwhile, Ferdinand, and Sophie reached the town hall, a large Morrish style building in hues of Brown and yellow, a delegation of local dignitaries in red fezzes and turbans waited to greet them lining. The seven steps up to. The pillared entrance. They saluted the Archduke as he ascended, the stairs, arm-in-arm with his wife. The mayor of Sarajevo not knowing what had happened on the way over began his rehearse to greeting he was cut short by the Archduke, who's famous temper was about to be unleashed. He thundered Mr Mayor. What is the good of your speech? I come to Sarajevo on a friendly, visit and someone throws a bonnet me. It is outrageous. The mayor and his officials were saved when Sophie laid a hand on her husband's arm and whispered some calming words in his ear the reception continued as planned lasting only briefly before it was time to return to the limousines, and head out for the tour of the city. Archduke Ferdinand, however, was no longer in the mood for a tour and a museum visit. He insisted on going to the local hospital. I to pay a courtesy visit to those who were injured in the explosion that morning. It was agreed that they would cancel the rest of the day and return to the. Train station after visiting the hospital with this change of plans. They deviated from the planned route of the procession instead of turning right onto friends Joseph street at the Latin bridge. They would stay on the apple key returning the exact same way they came. There was just one problem. No one told the driver of the lead car about the change of plans. Ferdinand and Sophie climbed back into their open-top limousine governor Pia Doric once again took his spot in the jump seats count hawk Ferdinand's aide to camp had previously been sitting by the show for in the front seat. But on the return trip he valiantly decided to guard his future monarch by standing on the running board next to him the bomb after all had come from that direction the side facing the river, it was about ten forty five in the morning when the procession of cars motored off down the apple key crowd still lined the streets and banners and flags still hung from the balconies at the corner of friends, Joseph street where the procession was supposed to pass the crowds were standing shoulder to shoulder straining for one last glimpse of the Royal couple, so fee had put down her parasol and was fully exposed to the morning. Son, the Archduke in his light blue tunic sat tall and straight in his seat. His feathered hat waving in the breeze as the archdukes car approached the intersection. A man by the river took off his hat, and waved, it gaily of the passing couple a young boy NFL has looked on with fascination at the dignified duchess. Sophie resplendent like an angel in white on the other side of the street of Taga for snapped a picture, just as the vehicle passed the lead driver, who hadn't been informed that the plans had changed turned down friends, Joseph street as a rigidly intended the second limousines driver mindlessly followed. Governor Pia Doric didn't realize what was happening until they were already turning onto France. Joseph street. He leaned forward and snap at the driver to turn around the driver hit the brakes, coming to a halt in front of the cafe on the right side of France. Joseph street just a few feet away as to. Gavrilo princip. Princip stepped forward. He was an atheist, but he recalled feeling as though the gods had dropped his target right into his lap. He reached for his revolver took aim at friends Ferdinand and pulled the trigger. Then he aimed at general Pia Doric and pulled the trigger again, but someone grabbed his arm just as a second shot fired. The bullet hit the panel above the car's right rear Fender the crowd. Wrestled Princip to the ground disarming him. He managed to swallow a cyanide pill. But, like his previous comrade it only incapacitated him the crowd nearly beat him to death before police were able to arrest him. The archdukes car quickly backed out of friends, Joseph street and sped off down the apple key for a moment. It seemed that both shots had missed as neither the Archduke nor his wife seemed injured, but then for nand choked and blood began seeping from his mouth, his aide to camp, count, hawk took out his handkerchief to dab the blood away. So fy exclaimed for heaven's sake. What has happened to you a moment later, she unexpectedly collapsed into her husband's lap? Hara thought she had fainted, but it soon became obvious that the bullet that hit the rear panel had passed through and entered her abdomen. She was bleeding, profusely under her white dress realizing that his wife had been shot, the Archduke cried out, Sophie, Sophie, please don't die live for our children. Ferdinand was bleeding to the first shot had hit him on the right side, a half inch below his stiff gold, braided collar. It had made only the tiniest whole almost invisible. But the bullet had passed through his neck severing arteries, as it went as the car sped toward the governor's house. Hierarchy ask Ferdinand if he was in very much pain. He replied in a choking voice. It is nothing. It is nothing he repeated it over and over his voice growing weaker each time his voice, turn to horse rattle, and then it stopped. Cover low Princip had wanted to spark a rebellion that would change the Austrian empire, but France, Ferdinand's death would spark something much much bigger than Princip had bargained for. The end of Ferdinand story is only the beginning of ours will explore the aftermath next week. Thanks for listening to assassinations. We'll be back Monday with part, two of the assassination of France Ferdinand. You can find more episodes of fastens, as well as all par casts, other shows, on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. Several of you have asked how to help us, if you enjoy the show, the best way to help is to leave a five star review. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at par cast network. We'll see you next time. Assassinations was created by max Cutler is a production of Cutler media and is part of the park cast network. 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