[111] Carolina Panthers coaches film review


Every year in the NFL it's a new team as far as goals go. We have one putting the fucker offender welcome to the buccaneers observer podcast. This is Rob Phillips. I'm Ali Bay. Today is September nineteenth two thousand nineteen we you got a game Sunday against the New York giants at Four O. Five PM week three in the NFL season count you gotTa stop that Chicago Barkley Getting New Rookie quarterback to feast on and spend sell long since we had a new game. Yes it has been seems like forever. It's almost like the a preseason or like oh by league committee by week. We've got the Tennessee Titans in jags plan tonight which initially I was like. I don't WanNa Watch that Josh but then I realized that we play both these teams this year and we'll see humphries see how he's doing. He's not doing so. He hasn't gotten any he passes thrown his way. Let me look up the stats real quick on that yes in week one against Cleveland he had five yards receiving and then against Indianapolis in week two. Oh he had to targets he caught both of them but gained negative one yard so he's been a complete non factor for Tennessee. What's record one one one yeah they'd lost Indianapolis Seventeen Nineteen. They beat the browns forty three to thirteen us so I gets you doesn't have the chemistry with markets allegheny heaven. Jameis Winston does not something well. It's GonNa be interesting to see how they're using him night. I've got Jacksonville's new new quarterback Sanca Porn Star Gardner minhsiu. Maybe that's why I like him and got. Dj Chart and my FLEX WCHS so this'll be interesting all new it is a bold move is an off year for me. Ralph's tired of winning at CNN seeing so he's trying to give the rest of us is not like if I win and he was going to quit so I think that we should just swap teams and then no one on now you control mine team. Control your team. We'll no no now because one hundred dollars. You just put it all out there. All right got the video review done of the Carolina Panthers game the video will it'll be up by the time you listen to this podcast. I wanted to have it out by like Sunday. I thought that because it was a Thursday night game they would have the all twenty two coaches film out by Saturday Saturday or so he didn't so it kind of screwed up my week and finally got it done today when they actually got it out later than they normally do and then they didn't have all the clips it was they were missing. A lot of the Carolina Panthers offensive plays so that caused a pileup anyhow it'll be out by the time he listens podcast. Go check it out on Book News Observer done. Her buccaneers observer on Youtube but with the data saying that I'm so proud of your videos I love them and I'm glad that you're putting in and out there because you've always show the games like this but then you're putting it out there for the world to see how you want to football game trying to get back the unique perspective one football. We'll thank you yeah like like I say the start of all those videos to me. It's not XS XS and os as as much as it is the Jimmy's and Joe's I like to watch the little things the guys fighting tripping falling mustard glaze heck. I would like to see who celebrates together to me. I think those are more important than the actual XS and Os. It's one of the problems I have with the game by sports. Madden it boiled the football football down to a lot of people think it's all scheme and it's also another problem. I have with fantasy football too because it's gotten fan bases to think that you can just take a a player that scores this many touchdown say wide receiver escorts as many touchdowns plug them into your team and he's GonNa score that many touchdowns. It's just not how it works. I mean we're all human players awesome team or human. There's got to be dynamics between the guys. We don't like somebody else going to mess up the whole team Bubba. This is a lot there. I think the human element limit is such an overlooked aspect of football. I believe a really do so. It's like when Ba came in and he's talking about changing the culture. He didn't say we all did but that's kind of what we're talking about hand. If you could see it you could see it in these first two games. These guys is are wanting to make plays. Everybody on the field is trying to make a play. There's no loafing. There's everybody's playing through the whistle their physical. It's totally different than anything anything. We've seen what data in the with the buccaneers since two thousand twelve two thousand thirteen those were the only two years I can think of where we had a physical team and guys has played hard through the whistle so he has changed the culture already one of the problems we had with Donovan Smith since he's been with the buccaneers is the fact looks too much and he doesn't play to the whistle but I can say this in these past two weeks. Donald Smith done neither of those. He's played to his contract which just south phenomenal because during the preseason we were complaining even more than usual about him because we were scared that we gave him all that money and he was just going to base as we give off but he hasn't. He's played very well. I think you know we've gone up against two pretty good defenses defensive lines and contain them it done well. I mean you know of course Dom Kevin Smith has made his four paws but all players are going to but he has more than he does band plays and that's what's important and also it's important context wind does in the band plays. Did you notice that play always talking about the other day where he actually finished blocking his guy and then didn't have anybody to block around. Iran look yes. They're all doing that everybody on the offensive line. I've appointed out in the video. You could see their swivelling their heads around looking to see if anybody else needs help and Donald Smith is playing through the whistle. He's not loaf and I haven't seen any loaf yet. That's amazing. That's that's actually incredible because I haven't so he's been here. I haven't seen a game where he didn't have at least what five six loafing plays yeah where he's taken off. He hasn't any he's played really good. The whole offensive of line is playing well. I like them all and in this game boy Jansen was obese man. He was just he was fight with everybody on the field. After the play he was pushing people around getting in their faces. I pointed out a couple of instances on the video with all twenty two coaches will you cut it off after the play is done sometimes you can see when they start getting in each other's faces and pushing it and everything coming from the AFC are they in the north. He was on Baltimore and they have such such an intense division rivalry with the steelers so that's kind of how he came up in the League and then he comes here so maybe it's just an automatic for him taff. Take US division games really seriously might be He's no Logan Mankins now. Mankins was the kind of guy that if if you were within arm's reach of him he was knocking you down. It didn't matter if it was after the whistle before the whistle or whatever he just he'd liked his personal space the he was fun to watch. I like to watch and make him being like that. In public like at the grocery store or taking to the Library of the the movie theater kid back the biggest guy who I think made a difference or you of course you gotTa Give Gilbert the Gameboy which he got it. I mean he played outstanding those three sacks that he got were nothing compared to all the other place he made he was just really really playing well top-notch football and he earned the NFC. I've seen defensive player of the week last week for that performance which was well-deserved oil deserved well-deserved and it wasn't just because Williams sixty on the panthers year a lot of the Panthers Panther fans or Saint Paul Williams suck now it was killed Barrett because he did it across the line when he got up on the left side or the right up against the right tackle US beaten that got to and there's quite a few who plays where you know he was in Cam Newton's phase one time he got a spin move on Williams had a straight shot Cam Newton he was going to destroy Cam Newton and Williams's reached out unhealthy ended up getting flagged for but he had to because it was gonNA destroy came there so Shaquille Barrett played very well but what the unsung hero was whitehead. I just love how men have fallen in love with this guy every game he is. He's tough. He's hard hittin. He's he's in position all the time. He makes the right choices and he's around that ball every single play and he plays safety but he's never he's not a DJ. He's usually up in the box walks. They having play in that. Would they call Buchanan money knacker. He's like a money backer. Now I mean he's made a couple of bad place but generally he's just on on point. He hit McCaffrey in the head so hard one time. I don't know how they flagged out of the penalty but the referees are idiots they had held. McCaffrey was being tackled. This is in the videos well. The McCaffrey was being tackled and whitehead comes running. He's about fifteen yards away. He comes running full speed while McCaffrey's being held up up and just hits McCaffrey so hard you could see. I mean I'm filming this at thirty frames per second and in one frame. McCaffrey's head is over here in the next frame. It's like two feet over and he just he hits McCaffrey so hard and that was a big key to the game was we were extremely physical and we beat the crap out of McCaffrey. I mean we every play. We had somebody on him. Beating the mess out of cleaning beat Alabama either time yes put his weight on him a lot in not not title. Hill Nacho did it so Nacho was in there and he got a chance to get a hold of McCaffrey. They were mall in that guy and it worked that last play the game normally late. McCaffrey would've made that but I think he was so beat up and scared that he he was like Oscar this. I'm going out of bounds so yeah gotta give Whitehead Props. He has played great past two games James. He's really been a unsung hero on our team. I think soon Adama Congress Su he he played. I mean pointed out some place in the video where he had some good moves. That's not good stuff. He got a few pressures but there was a lot of him. Get one on one kind of pushed around. I don't know if he was sick or whatever but he would just did not look like the Sui Louis normally looks like which was surprising to me because I thought this was going to be a sous versus McCoy game where both of them were going to prove their worth. You know try to beat the other guy stat stat wise or whatever it just didn't seem that interesting. He did play Babai Amy and just got us this show that McCoy cares about sue more than sue cares toying good point think about that was probably like yeah. I'm just GonNa let him have his moment which he did not get what good did not get a point out a couple of plays here for play the game cap of toss. McCoy till the ground and then capital in McCoy win at it just about the whole game I think McCoy was wave seventy two percent of the defensive snaps so he was into quite a bit. He exclusively went up against kappa. He thought he was going to be able to be kappa because because you know cap is the new guidelines now didn't happen happen one time where he be kappa and you know it was basically. McCoy's speed I. I'm not sure if McCoy the whole line was crashing right eight and it looked like Capela started to and then he realized McCloy was going to be able to get in between everybody so he tried to get McCoy wasn't able to do it but of course McCoy gets in the backfield Mrs tackle typical typical yes but that happened a couple times. I pointed that out in the video to record missed tackles in the backfield. He's just not a good tackler but then one time time Allie more pet went up against McCoy and it wasn't because choice McCoy lined up. That's not tacklers straight over the center in everybody shifted went right right and McCoy had to go up against Moore pen. He wishes he didn't because Marquette Pancakey top of like see because because that was a big thing when we first got mar- bed everybody's talking about in training camp how Marquette just abused McCoy McCoy avoided more pet all night long. He wanted to go up against Kappa Kappa Napa man handling all night long especially considering that you know McCoy is supposed to be an elite defensive tackle to let a basically a first year starter. You'll get the best of y'all all game. I have to say kappa won that match up it was interesting though when you got a chance to take on McCoy he did two main I mean he just stood him up splendid around throwing right to the ground laid on top but Jensen was shoving everybody you know McCoy got all pissy and got that flag lag because Jensen was pushing jets was doing that to everybody after almost every play and like I said the last podcast for five or six plays right after that incidents sits with Gerald McCoy where he got flag gave us a firsthand fifteen yards on our game winning drop he Jensen right after that it was like five or six plays in a row where where he got in a tussle with Carolina Panthers fans or PA- Carolina Panther players after the whistle where he he was just chopping. Him Put his hand out pushing now great. I pointed out some good some good meanness on both of our offense defensive lines in the video and back all said challenged the offensive line to be the mean s unit on the team so maybe they're shaping up to be that way. Although I gotta say they've got a high bar that defense. Those guys are mean even bull. Allah was getting into it. He was throwing out of the room. I like there was one that sue grabs a pratice sixty one the Carolina Panthers free agent signing their new center center. Yeah he just got beat okay but to grabs a Pereira's blocks him in a play goes to the other side of the field and so soon predecessor locked up up and sues looking downfield not even paying attention to sixty one sixty. One Sixty one's blocking everything a suit. Graham tow just tosses him to the ground like he's a the bag of potatoes a love that so yeah. Donald Smith been playing well no loafing. He's been keeping his head on a swivel. If anybody needs help he's going over and helping yeah I mean he's pushing guys out of the way our broad game is our run. Blocking is spectacular. It's a really really good. I mean these guys are not getting hit in the backfield at all at all. I mean are running. Back are getting to the line of scrimmage and there's generally a pretty big hole if you notice mar running backs are getting stopped by the linebackers. That's a good sign Gerald coin beat. OJ Howard on a block and tackle the I think goes peyton Barbara for a loss that was right now. Okay might have been Roja tackling. that was about one of the only ones where are running backs were getting hit behind the line of scrimmage and that was just stupid. Why would you put. OJ Howard on Jerem Coyne. I'm GONNA say this. OJ How're is not very good blocker Kurt. He's had a few good blocks any hand block on the game on the game winning touchdown Bob Barber but generally don't have man. He's got to step up his blocking doc in skills he I would say he's the blocker on the t really and then you know Donald Smith is playing through the whistle loafing plan to the whistle which is what being you talked about they they need to do in. We talked about last podcast video. Put out that you know James Winston you happy feet. He's not reading the field. He didn't have that this game. He had eh one instance where he got happy feet you could say to it was really interesting. In the one one instance he got happy feeding started running. You could see him realize what he was doing and he stopped and we sat planted his feet in the pocket getting ready to run out of the pocket really fascinate. You could see something clicked anybody would know. I'm doing this thing that I shouldn't be doing. He ended up getting and sack but it was good sack. It was one of the sax where you need to try to do some stupid and then he had another play later. I think it was in the fourth quarter where he started running around when he shouldn't having again. Both sects were his fault but I think I remember one of those inside. That's exactly where you yes. I think he was really close to the end zone own. I can't remember specifically but it takes sex that he had made a really dumb decision there well on the one play. This is in the videos well the one place he got the happy feet any realize oh. I need to stop doing this set his feet in the pocket he had both Mike Evans and Chris Cowan Wide Open down the field to Mike Evans win would have been a touchdown. That's down. There was one where he threw his hand up. He was gone. He'd beat his guy. He was but Winston get a chance to throw it to him because he get sack. I mean he at the time. I don't know why didn't do it. Curse Curse Godwin was open from GEICO did seal but other than that Winston played very well. I mean there wasn't a whole lot of him. Not Seeing open receivers down the field. They didn't get happy feet a lot so you know Kudos to help to. I've been saying this for a long time that I think his vision van. Some on twitter broke adrift of him like squinting at stuff. You never know maybe he needs to get those shields. The prescription started wearing last year. I I think you did well when he was wearing yeah. Is he still somebody in the comments that he got contacts in two thousand seventeen or something like that there was a girl in my high school who were contacts and she played soccer and got hit in the head with a ball and the contact lens went to the backer. I eyeball me yeah so I I can't imagine that it might have been totally freak accident and she had to wear the big goals for the rest of the year when she played but but it doesn't seem like if that's going to happen in soccer I can't imagine what it happen and football. I've seen a few blaze where guys have gotten hit in their context takes. Komal leave the game. You'll see him looking around the ground and then eventually they just all this stupid okay partly or they. They'll be on the sideline squirting stuff in there. I try to I had it another story time. I used to wear contacts and I had it kind of suctioned at the top of my wall. I just lost the contact that I couldn't find eh event like thirty minutes later slid down my eye and I was like oh I can see again. Thankfully I've never had to wear contacts. I did wear contacts went to dragon con convention down in Atlanta in a these contacts that were like made your is completely wider. I can't remember or maybe they thought they were going to dark. Put those in and that was tough. I actually looking really tore of that. Night fell asleep with a win the next day. I was like what is in my eyes so yeah. They're ready to wear context thankful for that. molly ended up getting lacy doesn't have to wear contacts anymore now that was interesting at Lasix Surgery Center and Watan good grief. I thought it was just you know they shoot a laser in there. The dog cut your eyeball. I can watch it and they gave us a flash drive with the surgery on it and I was like no never watching that one the largest burn this now. They had a lady there with video care where videoing in narrating explaining everything that's going on is really cool so everybody's playing well. On. Every one definitely looks like they're trying to make a play. They want to make a play. There was one. I think it was hargreaves. There was slant going and Hargreaves got beat all day on this lanes. It's something we're going to work on but I I think I want to say it was hargreaves but he he dove for the ball to try and knock it down or that goes one of the ones for eighty eight. Olson in he dove and missed it and also ended up picking up yardage plays like that. I'm like I will never get upset about that. You know he tried Friday dove for it. It's the ones where they're not even trying that are infuriating yeah where they got their head turned around and looking at the catches the ball the jump at his feet and he just runs and they love contact her head towards a blocker speaking of that there was one play. I pointed this out in the video would would Labonte David with one of the reasons why I love David because he used to be excellent at getting awful blocks he was able to unblock for first couple years as what made him in elite linebacker her in there is one play the right tackle pulls and he comes over to the left and is delete blocker for McCaffrey well. He just happens happens to pull where LEVANTE DAVID IS COMING UP L. Avantis David toxic shoulder benzes legs puts his shoulder into that guy. I know that got all the breath had to have gone out of him and he almost lifts him off his feet and then gets a piece of McCaffrey as he runs runs by it was great. I mean here. It is a big three hundred pound right tackle trying to block Levante. David wasn't having good to see Levante David back to his old for him but it's good to see you everybody wanting to make plays. Nobody's loafing or acting like they don't want to be out there out. They don't like they're scared. Tackle it. We've seen that a lot over the past years. We ain't got none of that now. He's gotten swimmer the ball they're trying to tackle especially that white him feel sorry for everybody's got the ballroom yeah. You sent me that stat today where the bucks are wet second burst from mistake all right we have the few as second best second fewest. Biz tackles in the League and the Patriots are number one at like two percent we had what eight or nine percent of the worst West Tennessee Titans with like twenty four twenty six percent. That's horrible. Every four tackles are going to be missed tackles tonight what they do have to say. This was a close game. We were dominant. We did dominate that game the we we had the lead the whole game never gave up the lead. I think they did tied at one. Point can't remember but we did dominate it. Came did throw over three hundred yards on us. Basically the altuve Greg. We did shutdown McCaffrey which was the key to winning the game but it was a close game. They came down. It was two yards away from them. Winning that game. We cannot go into these games expecting to have a quarterback like Cam Newton who just can't throw the ball. You know we get like Garoppolo who was pretty accurate. We're going to have a tough time. We gotta give me a little bit better on our coverage. Just a little bit better. I mean he's playing great. The right Terry not seen too many guys wide open whenever down then you do and it's usually because of bus to play but we're not gonna be able to depend on inaccurate quarterbacks like Cam Newton Cam Newton would have been accurate. They probably would have won that game so we can't depend on them and if you notice both games these quarterbacks are getting the ball out before three seconds normally right around two seconds. I was doing the time the throws with Cam Newton and then he was getting a ball out in one point seven seconds which is not not not at all which is why he threw what fifty fifteen uncatchable passes through forty. I mean fifty at all times completed half of them a lot of those were because we were hitting him as he was thrown own or we were in his face a lot of so. Maybe that's why our coverage isn't as great game plan focuses more on getting to the quarterback quickly so maybe he you won't have that time to throw well. It's encouraging to main coverage. You'RE GONNA get receivers are GonNa beat the guys. It's just up to the quarterback able to see it and get it to them. Fast enough and slants chance are always tough for man coverage of where it had to do something with our linebackers erred defensive ends they they did drop vita in the coverage average. This is the weirdest player yes against. You'll never guess who they dropped him in coverage sled. I was like Oh that could have been a disaster well as a result of the play play fake camp through like a twenty yard pass. It was a messed up. I don't know if it was busting coverage. Whatever but we ended up having three linebackers all within a five yard radius of each other a to open receivers. That's the party was in but we're gonNA have to do something for those slants. Don't figure something out. The slants really really worked us but the quarterback are going to have to get the ball out. I said this last year said it during the season saying it now quarterbacks cannot hold the ball for more than three seconds against us that meet in the middle the middle. I mean ensue. Push that pocket back. I mean not necessarily fast but they push that Baga back. It's going to get to the U. In three seconds and then he got shocked. They're coming around the end. NASA and usually a linebacker or somebody does screaming in on a blitz. The quarterbacks are going to have to be with us and we're not gonNA be able to count on. It'll be an inaccurate came new. I think Matt Ryan is going to have a difficult time because Matt Ryan to step up in the pocket. Kinda a guy. He's not going to have step by step up in the pocket with US and has offensive line is trash. They had to put rookies. They've had I think two guys are out yeah their offense line or we're at a feast on ill but one of the things up problems I had with McCoy was never pushed the pocket. Ford and that's what defensive tackles are supposed to do. They're supposed to push pocket pocket forward. Keep the quarterback from being able to step up and throw the past sue. They are excellent in that pocket. Immediately starts to collapse Suzanne IOS AT BALL's snapped and you've got less than three seconds to get that out of your hand and usually after a second half there is no stepping up because at pocket has moved back already so so it's GonNa be interesting. It's going to be very interesting. We do not have any idea what does quarterback in New York like how he's GonNa play what they're gonNA do with them. I think we're going to get a whole crap tonnage punish com Barkley with him. We're going to have to be able to tackle very well. It's usually GONNA take couple guys but I'm not worried about it. We're tackling good strange thing pro football focus which you know if you listen to us we do not agree with them. We don't like the way they rate. I think they're they're more of a marketing company than they are. A actual statistics they rated Vida as the highest player on our defense. I think they had him in the top three across the league this year or last week. I don't know where they got. Missiles missiles probably one of his worst performing games. I mean he did play bad by any means but not not as dominant as normally is and they didn't even have shack bear on the list. They didn't even pro football. Focus had a list of all the top defensive players for the buccaneers with their grades and they didn't even have Shaq Barrett on there. That was insane. That's it just goes to show these guys do not watch film and all I mean did not have a bad game but he just had a gay man of course he you know he had his great plays. He always gets good plays laser. They're good pressures pushing the pocket and all that but he didn't have that dominance he normally does where he just tossing is around which is funny saying that that's how that's how high the bar is for me. I mean he had a good tackles. He pushed the pocket back. He was in Cam. Newton's face a lot but that's just not enough for me I'm normally I mean. Normally he's taken all double teams thrown guys off thrown around hitting the running back so hard their mouthpieces uses come out so that's how high bar is. I guess I guess if you've never really watched survey and you watch this game. You would be well. He's pretty good but it's not the compared to how he normally replace. That's all we know. PFM They gave him like really high grades like seventy eight or something and they're like he was the best performing defensive player on our team. I was like what just goes to show they'd never for watch and stuff like they pulled out of a hat. The Shaquille bear was the best defensive player on the team with Whitehead coming in a close second how they missed that I don't know why did I think was on there and then they also had Carlton Davis on there really who called Davis but if you have a pro football focus subscription save your money give it to charity something that does some good because I think is complete garbage. I'm glad they're around because I give them something to talk about. I do believe they work hard. They tried to do a good job. I guess but they don't watch the game film all twenty two. They admit they admit as much. The only time they do that is if there's a huge controversy between scores but yeah they just watched the broadcast version and you can't even see the secondary or what the receiver to do. That's how you get so much more watching the coaches film than you do. The broadcast version and this is another game. This was just like week. One where what we saw the broadcast version in the the impressions we got from that game. We're basically the same as what you saw on all twenty two very strange. I've never had this happen especially really to two games in a row yeah with cut our last season. It just seemed like every game we were disappointed and then when you watch the coaches Salman it wasn't as bad as we thought for Donald Smith because usually worse than we thought yeah with with Norman with games when you watch them you see the broadcast version and the other long games three hours three three and a half hours in a lot of times you forget what happened in the first quarter first half and you generally only have a fuzzy ideals of what going on but you make a conclusion and you say say all we won the game because this isn't that nece nap but then when you watch the coach let me see all kinds of stuff happening all over the field that you didn't see on the broadcast version or that you forgot whenever whenever we really one because of this or we lost because of this and you know this guy played horrible. I didn't even know he was on the field during the broadcast version Baba's so kinds of stuff that goes on but with this the two best two weeks what we've seen on the broadcast version of the conclusion. We've come to have basically matched up with what we've seen on the coach's room. Although I've got to say offense of line has been we worried about me so weird because it's like night and day on the preseason the preseason there were some serious concerns and maybe it was just the depth that we saw no one really looks good on offense and wines starters in. They're doing a pretty much everything we said we wanted to do. There's not a lot of movement on the front. You know they're doing a lot of zone. Blocking the run blocking is really really good. They're playing through the whistle. They're not not loaf in the keeping their heads on the swivel helping each other out no. I'm really proud of the guys that we don't have a weakness on our team. We do not have a weakness our safety position in his good quarterbacks are good linebackers. Good Defensive Line is good tight. Ends are good offense. Atlanta's good quarterback is good. Why was he was good. Everybody's playing above average which some of them are playing elite. I'm telling you may we're going to win this division. We're going to the first time how to the playoffs. Since you've been a fan of buccaneers two weeks in Lamari say allow on the most optimistic of Tampa Bay colored wear glasses person on the planet so Louis how that's the end of the rap all coaches all twenty two film on the Carolina Panthers Lot more on the video. Go check it out. If you get a chance. It's not quite as long as the last night trying to cut. I've put a lot of stuff on the floor that the chopping four or whatever you WANNA call it. I you know there's many things I wanted. Show like whitehead all his plays. You know just how he's just flying into the ball and you know make plays but I tried to just pick out the things that I found interesting and stuff like with Whitehead. It would have been whole bunch of plays. I went ahead to stitch together. Donald Montage of whatever word it's just. It's really not what I want to do with these videos. Maybe during the offseason there's always the Oscars always there's always tomorrow all all right. Let's go through some news and we'll touch on the injury report and then we'll wrap it up because the game is going to start about twenty minutes young boy noah expense got signed with the Washington Redskins Boito more screw opportunity. Did I really did a disappointment bloodies on an enemy team now so you know screwing and wearing redskins country now forget that guy. I was actually surprised somebody picked him up and I'm surprised that nobody's what is picked up David Kenney dam. It's really surprising to me. Another former buccaneer sits magic. He is back on the bench ventoux weeks. That's the same as happened last year and he got three or four weeks good games last year we were stuck with them for the first three because Jana suspended and then I think he got the next month because he was the hot hand he would sign with Miami and that was just oh God I would sign with Miami right now for nothing. That's not true. I'd sign with them for a couple of million dollars. They want me there to call him up until the morale. Phil they got mass exodus. He'll be there with drew brees injured. Sean Payton won't say will there's going to be ties. Miller order. Yes water's the starter. How do you know they're opening a bit. Put Hill in. I know they are he's saying they'll approach. Sunday's game with two quarterbacks the backs. I think they're going to do that. You know they they did it where with him when breezes there. I think he was in for seventeen of the snaps their gradually moving in Korea more and more and more so I think this win. They're going to have both quarterbacks. you know bridgewater will start but then they're going to have he'll come in probably about about twenty five percent upwards of forty percent of the Plays Hill we'll be in. Why are you GonNa do us like that. No no he's good dude. We based on a couple of weeks all right. Let's get to the injury report up all right. Though Allen had a heat related illness he he was limited. Wednesday full participation Thursday tough WANNA get out. Shack Barent Good Lord. I sound like you shack Barron. Shaq Barrett had a groin injury. He was limited Wednesday full participation. Thursday devante bond has not practice actes. Jamal Deen has not practiced Blaine Gabbert has not practiced in Devon White has not practiced. I don't think Devon Whites GonNA play Jensen. Jensen has a shoulder injury. He's full participation. Carl NASA was limited Wednesday with a calf injury but he's back Thursday. Rookie soon as roaches have the finger injury. He's full participation. Sharp pyramid has a quadriceps injury limited both Wednesday Wednesday and Thursday and Jameis Winston has a foot injury but he's full participation so with the four guys that have not practiced white Gabar bond and dean if they're all out per Gregg allman will see Damone Harris Andrew Atoms to play okay and either Scotty Miller or tanner Hudson so I guess what those guys injured. We've got some more active roster spot. This is a a unique thing to with Bruce Arians team is. I'm totally confident of our backup. Bler yeah me too. Yes I love our guys on our debt up and I'm like this. Is the start dwell. Dina good play and we had special teams okay. Let's go through the giants players. This is GonNa be fun. Garrett Garrett dickerson. Titan has a quadriceps injury. He was limited Wednesday but Thursday he was full participation wide receiver Rabeni Fowler remember. Are we looking at the depth chart and we're like okay. He's like they're number. Two are there other starter. He suffered burn. A hamstring injury did not practice Thursday so they're wide receiver our already weak then cody lattimore another receiver fever concussion hasn't practiced all week. Sterling Shepard had the concussion that he suffered week one that was a little controversial because they sent him back in He has limited Wednesday Full Participation Thursdays. We might see him and then Daria Slayton. Another wide receiver had a hamstring injury. He's he's been limited this week. Cornerback Grant Haley has had an illness. He didn't participate Wednesday but full participation on Thursday mm-hmm guard Kevin Zeitler had a shoulder injury didn't participate Wednesday but he's a full participant on Thursday rules out definitely. We don't know definitively until Friday manning's. I wonder if they'll be the number two. Was He riding the bench or are they. GonNa inactivate them. I would imagine it'd be number. Two Jones Socks bench him. Put Eli back in did you you see Cam. Newton hasn't been practicing because he's got sore sissy boned and we heard his pride we heard it broke his pride and half a they were asking Vera about it whether he was going to be the starter dizzy and Ron variables saying but we don't know yet. I'll have more information for Friday. I want to talk about the Arizona game and they kept asking him questions. He ended the press conference. He said I'm not GonNa do this and he walked out things. Things are looking good for the panthers happening early. We call that so good. I wonder how much of our podcast spent spent patting ourselves on the Bat. When you get a win. Just take it run with it. I hope people don't get tired enough. I don't I don't either so let us know. Should we congratulate ourselves too much. Did we talk too much about our prognostications. It's fun. It's that's one of the best things about about sports. If you ask me the whole prognostication figuring out future talent you are prognosticate astronomical of do that with every damn I live too much in the future of been trying to live in the present. Have I dunno tomorrow all right. That's GONNA wrap it up for us. Begin coming up Sunday Sunday. Be Nice to get this win. We're GONNA get it. Molly in Iowa both predicted the giants are going to take a beatdown really the key to the game. Everybody knows we know that they know it just stops Barclay because that's really all they got. We're GONNA do it. We're going to be two and one still retain the division title for the moment. I would love to see the Carolina. Panthers enters get beat by the Arizona cardinals. Oh me and like instinct collapse. I think I think they are instant classic now. It's just a yeah. I think that would speed it up a little bit. I think cardinals they tied one game and then I don't know with a record as otherwise all those positive vibes out there. Everybody think think thank focus. Were beating the giants. Were winning the division. Everyone our division is gonNA lose. Everyone division is GONNA lose. All three of our division. Asian opponents are having a weight games this week. Carolina is going to Arizona to play the cardinals. Atlanta is going to Indianapolis to play the colts and the saints are going to Seattle the play the seahawks well. AM theoretically the Falcons should beat the colts in the panthers should beat the Arizona Autocar does but I don't think so. I think the cult's I mean the the cardinals are going to be Carolina. Think seahawks are going to beat the Saints Falcons a culture. I don't know if they look like a tough team except for their offense so anyhow. Let's beat the giants until in Galax.

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