Hour 2: Simon Gibbs and Mike Griffith


Dead more time to listen to yours truly by going to shell and getting things done at once. I fill up with shell. V power nitro plus then save up with the fuel rewards program finally snack up to save even more at the pump. Make the most of the stop you need to make with. Shell pride passion and pageantry of college. Football leaves here. This is the paul finebaum. Show our to podcasts. We welcome you to the second hour. Busy one with nick sabin dominating our number one but if you haven't heard this next story listen up our guests. I'm simon gibbs who had had on before one of the great young sports journalists in the country with the hustler. The student newspaper has broken a whopper of a story about a young lady on the on the championship. Winning soccer team at vanderbilt could end up kicking for the commodore simon. It's great to see you again. Thanks so much. Congratulations on the great work and sharing the story with the world and good afternoon and tell us all about it good afternoon. Thanks for having me paul. So obviously the past few days have been a whirlwind for for all vanderbilt sports. That really started on sunday. Because on sunday as you mentioned the venerable women's soccer team won the sec tournament. So i do want to shout out to them. They had an incredible season because the headed into the season with high expectations. A lot of talent and the ultimately sell short the regular season. They went just four and four and then come. Sec tournament time everything changed. They ran through the tournament. Made quick work of four straight teams aggregate goals of like fourteen two four. Minute ended up winning their first tournament. Title since nineteen ninety. Four couple days later The vanderbilt tennessee game as you know well was moved or postpone door to be determined whether or not they'll actually play and vanderbilt was then scheduled to play missouri in yesterday's press conference. I asked coach. Derek mason about the kicking situation prior to the missouri game and i asked because venerable has struggled with kicking this year Pearson cook is three for seven. I believe on field goals. Vendors has been using a walk on kicker for extra points the past couple of weeks but then last week. The walk on kicker was nowhere to be seen. Cook return to taking the extra points. So i ask coach mason. Why that was the case and he sort of gave a little descriptive answer of the king situation saying he hadn't decided yet and he will decide. Come practice you. Also one point and this is funny in hindsight was was laughing through part of the answer and i don't think it was intentional. I don't think it was necessarily hinting. Tipping or gesturing towards anything but as it turned out after practice. I had multiple people. Reach out to me telling me that. Sarah fuller the starting goalkeeper of vanderbilt's sec championship. Winning soccer team was in full pads at practice. I want to say vanderbilt. Athletics has not confirmed that she's kicking. They've not confirmed that she was at practice. They've hardly confirmed anything. All i know is from multiple people coming to me. Tell me the exact same story that she was. They're going through the motions on the sidelines. She didn't actually kick in practice but was going through the motions and that would make her at least to our knowledge through our research the first woman to if she plays which we don't know she will should be the first woman to log a snap in a power five game. We believe simon. We're here to talk about her. And the commodores not the the matching nations of the vanderbilt athletic situation with within the realm of university. But why wouldn't they confirm something like that. I may a school athletic department in desperate need of any positive publicity related to football. This would be an easy one to figure out wouldn't it. yeah. I mean look called. Obviously don't know what they're kicking situation is going to look like With multiple specialists in quarantine. i heard. That's the reason why. Sarah was brought to practice. And i'm sure the coaches don't necessarily know what they do. I'm sure the coaches are going to put out. their best. Option comes saturday. And if that sarah then sarah is gonna take take a snap and i would love to see it. But as for why. They wouldn't confirm the news. I mean my job. I'm not supposed to behind sports information directors. And i don't i don't go behind the backs of the because this is not information i saw it out. This is not a story. I could possibly come up with an snooped around for information. People came to me telling me this because they couldn't believe it. And when i heard it i couldn't believe it and i'm i'm i mean it's great to hear something like this but this is not a story i could have made up. This is not a story. I could have found my way around the athletic department. But you know. I do understand. They're not confirming it because obviously not only do they not know what the kicking situation might look like a come saturday but if if this ends up happening i obviously the methods through which i got. The information is not necessarily the traditional route. Because you don't have people in and around the program coming to you telling you this type of stuff let me move on to the actual team which shows you how badly this season has gone that. We're now praising them for good efforts you you warned us about this. Before the season simon and your warnings were were prescient. What's the state of this football program. I lost track of how many years derek mason has been there. I think he's been there since two thousand fourteen and this will easily be his. Were here that saying something right and this is a tough season. Don't get me wrong. They're playing in all sec schedule. What's changed from the last time you know. I made that comment about the outlook of their season. What's changed between then and now is actually quite a bit in that ken. Seals is ten times the quarterback. I could have ever expected him to be. He's going to be the face of vanderbilt football for quite some time and he's going to be named to remember in the. Sec conceals is a legitimate quarterback and as a true freshman is making waves in this conference. We see him throwing for three hundred yards plus routinely. He had a week against florida this past week. That was the most impressive game. I've ever seen from a freshman and granted then about lost the game and their offense really slowed down in the second. Half what we saw in the first half particularly the first quarter was him going punch for punch tit for tat with kyle trask for a true freshman at vanderbilt to be on the same level and at one point better than kyle trask. I truly believe that at one point in the beginning of the game she was better than kyle trask. Statistically that's incredible so. I think there's a lot of optimism for this offense at the moment. The defense is certainly struggling. The secondary is very much struggling But i think the offense is really really the bright spot of team right now even if the commodores go ten and we have to remember they. They still have tennessee left. So there's hope. Simon will what will be said about derek. It's tough to tell at this point. I may have people telling me something about who did or didn't attend practice. I definitely don't have people telling me about that coaches future so obviously i can't answer that with certainty but what i can tell you. Is that obviously as you mentioned. This would be the worst season dark mason had since his arrival vanderbilt and with a new athletic director with sort of a new era of about athletics. They're going to. I assume take some take some serious steps to evaluate the coaching situation. There's a new chancellor on campus too. And i know for fact that they're still going to evaluate this as it as it looks. They're going to evaluate it if they go ten an ten season. They're not going to put an asterisk next to it so i do think that if they go ten. There is a very good chance that we make we might see some some coaching changes but worth noting. I don't know if and when they're going to make any decision to make a change but if they do you know with the season ending very late december. Twelve maybe december nineteenth depending on when this tennessee game gets played if it gets played. They're going to have to make a really quick turnaround because national early signing day is in mid december so if they choose to make make a change at the at the coaching level which. I'm not sure they will disappoint there. We're going to have to quickly turn things around. Find a new candidate and round up a recruiting class. So i'm in vanderbilt's coming to take you away. I hear those sirens so you should not have broken the story final question. You weren't sure whether this tennessee game would be scheduled. It seems like we were going to hear from the sec. A couple of days in december nineteenth is going to be used for the the junk pile so to speak highest. I mean what's it going to be like if we have this game between two of the worst teams maybe the two worst teams by then in the sec on the same day as all the championship games are going to be played. What would the interest level be. I mean in both fan bases the interest level be so high and so while at the same time they're going to be of course they're gonna wanna know the outcome and of course one team is going to want the other to falter but at the end of the day. I think this is going to be a meeting of the minds to programs. That are in serious trouble to head coaches that you know. There's a lot of skepticism around their futures with the programs. But i think at this point vanderbilt is going to come out fiercely against tennessee especially after this game got postponed and for weird reasons to i mean. I'm not sure. I fully understood why it had to be moved but i think vanderbilt is gonna come out really hot against tennessee. I could very well see them. Pulling off an upset against tennessee to which i think as you know well tennessee. Fans would lose their minds. You are correct about that. So i mean hey it's always a pleasure to have you on your favorites comeback soon. I know you're running out of time andrew belt at some point. But we love having you here and congratulations again on the story. Thank you so much paul. You bet chiming gibs The award-winning sports editor of the hustler. We'll take a break. Get your reaction to that more to come as we roll on here on a day before thanksgiving. Hey it's your homie. Sorry it's your home. I know you don't like it when i call myself your homemade so i have some favors to ask you. Could you get rid of a few chairs in the living room. My floorboards are tired. Another easy save money. If you bundle your home and car insurance with geico on moore thing. I know you love lavender. Scented candles but could be try to houston vanilla. I think it would fit my better for bundling made easy. Go to geico dot com today. You're listening to the paul finebaum show podcast napa know napa. You can get twenty percents off three or more items with four ninety nine napa toolbag yep twenty percent off power tools twenty percent off wipers twenty percent off oil in more. It's a whole bag of tricks. Will actually it's one trick over and over again but it's a good one saving you. Twenty percent on three or more items quality parts helpful people that's napa know how at participating locations exclusions apply not be combined with other offers offer ends eleven thirty twenty. We welcome you back again. The breaking news on this wednesday. Before thanksgiving nick saban has tested positive. School said in its release. he showing mild symptoms. Sabin said he has not developed any cardinal indicators of covid certainly is some concern as there has to be with anyone sixty nine years old developing covid nineteen a. Brian is up next. Hey brian garage head. Paul how are you. We're doing great. thank you. You know. I want to say thanks for keeping it real. Well thank you for saying that you We've got some pretty excitable people that call in your show and you sure do have a way with words man well. This is very important to to all of us here and we genuinely appreciate people that call in and listen and watch regardless of what they say. Say there's a few chief. Cahoon is out there at college football. You're one of them buddy. I really appreciate it and you just keep on doing what you do. Thank you brian. A your kind words have a great thanksgiving before we get to the next call. Another game has gone down a couple of games early. I think it was. Colorado state and air force was postponed or cancelled and now multiple reports. That oklahoma has paused activity. And we'll have to postpone the game this weekend at west virginia. That was a really interesting game. Oklahoma playing extraordinarily well after. It's a blow out over oklahoma state so another one bites the dust this weekend but to get to the calls and mark is in richmond. You are next up Hey mark hi there how you doing mark. I'm doing really well thank you. That's great first of all. I'm a first time caller And that really a long time listener. I both for years. I think well thank you. But i wanna get my point when you first came when i first saw you on the air and i don't know how long you've been on just glimpse said to myself and Where they get this gentleman i mean. Is this ball headed dude. Round room glasses you know and I said man. Espn must be getting tough. Alabama says you know couple of weeks or so made a pass. And i caught you again and i can't remember what it is but you said something that hit me right in the gut. That was so honest and truth for the and from that point on. I said this man knows what he's talking about. I don't care what it looks like. And that's no fetch everybody's gotta look like some even say even if they look like me they have to. They have to look like something everybody got. It looked like somebody. So and i just wanted to let you know you get one best. It's not the best on show on the air and i sincerely believe I really believe that and two more things. I'm a disabled veteran of the vietnam conflict. Your they won't call it a war. So and i'd like to chat out all the former marines that were in my Companies all over oral wish. Most of them are still with us and Best to you your family and stay safe. And thanks for laying on retro max. This morning as best job. I was saying i call him retro max because going always going but say if if but back in you know but you put more spot this morning and i loved every second up the mark. Thank you bottom line. Is you be safe. Love your show and You you and your family stay you know. Just take care and be good mark. You have a great thanksgiving. Thank you paul. thank you very much. Mark was referring to a i was on. I take today with mexico men and he was. He was attempting to make a point. And we're still waiting for him to make it. Let's continue with more calls here at eight. Five five two four two seven two eight five and willard is in birmingham. Willard art paul going very well. Thank you willard. Hey i've gotta ask you a question. paul I was wondering if you really think that. Nick sabin getting tobin is an accident i. I don't know anyone purposely wants to get covid. So what are you asking me I've got a kind of a theory. Here okay shoot. So you and i both know that every year People going into the iron bowl making predictions who they think is going to win the game and you know. Sometimes it's like once they get out on the field None of that really matters. Records don't matter. We both know that auburn can always pull off the upset. And i think this year to say even was honestly scared to coach against gus. Malzahn your honestly out of your mind. But that's okay. We'll are happy. Thanksgiving is up next in dallas. Hello jared go right ahead. dna there yacking me. Yeah i sure can. Hey so. I'm watching on sec network. But i have a big twelve question for you. I just want to know if you put any stock or legitimacy in texas looking to move on from tom. Herman into urban meyer. A i think it's possible tom. Herman was one of the so-called great hires ever and he's been a colossal disappointment. Failure might be a slightly exaggerated term. But i know one thing he's been there. What five four or five years. What's he done. one red river. That's about it. I mean ultimately and in a sugar bowl. You're right you know great but but then again like to me big twelve and never got to it by default but to me if you could get urban meyer you get you go for him are urban. Meyer is one of the greatest coaches of this generation He Baggage and i don't know of urban. Meyer wants to coach. I have friends who know him pretty well and he really was sick and completely exhausted from his last year and has not shown a lot of signs. But one thing about all coaches. It's hard to move on from coaching even doing television. That sounds glamorous and exciting but a lot of coaches. Espn on on sunday morning and on sets on saturday morning and the one thing they always wanted to do is coach. Their television is just something for them to do between jobs. I appreciate the call and have a happy thanksgiving. Thank you very much. And i don't know why i'm coughing every time you cough nowadays. You've just start freaking out anyway. The phone number's eight five. Five two four two seven two eight five. We are going to talk more with you on the phone. J- also mike griffith will be joining shortly. We'll get the weekly update from him after this. It's your apartment speaking. And i need some favors when you're singing in the shower. Just try going up the key. You're trying to be an alto when really. You're a soprano. Oh and if you could bundle your renters and car insurance with geico. It's easy to do online and we could save money. And then when you read your murder mysteries at night could you read out loud but skip the murder parts because i get scared for bundling geico dot com today listening to the paul finebaum show podcast you at one step once last thing. One running with elite. Qb's td's across nova step behind laughing because you know his with the he's finger. Push bruce lee showing no mercy fat file got the crew on balibo knows no one else goes deeper was loud. Espn download now. We're back here on this wednesday or hope. All of you are having safe. Travels out there for thanksgiving and mike. Griffiths joins us our weekly thursday guests but since we knew mike would be eating all day tomorrow. We decided to grab him today. Mike thank you and it looks like your predictions have come true. That georgia finally found a quarterback. Good afternoon wouldn't really going out on a limb there. Paul i mean. This guy has been a national player of the year since he was a freshman in high school. Max perhaps national player of the year. Sophomore max press preps national player of the year junior national gatorade player of the year then his senior year when he's supposed to be in highschool he's throwing for three forty seven on an undefeated notre dame and over three hundred on a texas team to beat georgia. So i i mean really. It really wasn't that much of a prediction if you look at what. Jt daniels is done. He is who we thought that he would be. T tell us this again. And i know we've covered this territory often. But why couldn't he have played earlier. When maybe georgia's season could have been saved. Yeah that's between jt. And kirby smart and the trainer talking with. Jt's father steve daniels earlier this week. The daniels family is is happy. With the way that kirby smart and george dealt with this. There's a lot of trust there. They believe that you know that kirby wasn't gonna rush their son out there. He's been rehabilitating from knee injury. The thought in fall camp. Paul was that jt for the opener from the acl surgery and the clean up that he had last january but he wasn't cleared for the opener. So kobe kirby moved forward. Withdrawn mathis instead and bennett. And and we're merely rolling along and really didn't feel like i guess. Jt could play until after the florida game. Jd went to his office and said coach. I i can make these stroz. I can make this happen. In stetson was injured. He had the shoulder. He left the florida game with a fourteen. Zero lead the first three and a half minutes when he suffered a sprained shoulder came back in the game with the shot wasn't able to hit the broad side of a barn doin. Mathis are unable to rally georgia despite several opportunities several open receivers in the second half and jt daniels at that point still not cleared so he's been ready. The last two weeks missouri canceled out of that kobe game. We talked about that and then they played against mississippi. State and and jt was near flawless. I mean the guy was ten of ten passing on third down and converted on eight out of ten third downs of eight yards and more. He's very impressive. Talking to mike here Certainly the georgia situation has cleared up a little bit. Let me let me let me wrap up. Georgia was asking you about the rest of the season. I know recruiting continues to go very well so without knowing how the season and but we think it's going pretty. Predictably what do you think that. Take away from this is going to be with south carolina and vanderbilt remaining and then a look ahead with a good recruiting class to what next year mike south carolina's yet guys on each other left and right. I don't know what you're gonna find their columbia this weekend but then he got vanderbilt. I don't know whether the missouri game will get made up or not. I know the leaks talked about december nineteenth the possibility or december twelfth. I suppose i know they juggled the schedule recently again. But to your point poetry about momentum as of now we believe. Jt daniels we back. I posted a story afternoon. The mock drafts are starting to come out. It's really early. Cbs sports at j. Projected is number sixteen overall pick. I don't think the family plans on going pro right now but you know how things can change quickly. I mean it's. Jt finishes the year strong. And he's a projected first round draft. Pick who knows. But i think the plan is for him to stay in. What you've seen. Is these great receivers. George pickens unbelievable. Talent germain burton. Now this is an exciting young freshman. He went for eight for one ninety seven he had. Ob j. like combine numbers. He's not obi j just saying he's a very fast guy with a great vertical in great hands. He's been getting a lot of action. But when you got a guy like jt. One of these california quarterbacks man they'll just let it fly if you're going to give man coverage on the outside he's taken it to the house. I kind of feel like paul that you know. Jt is this bright red lamborghini that's pulled in with california license plates and kirby's kind of sand and looking back at it like trying to compare it to that pickup truck that he had under center. How georgia make this work and this kid. Don't go off road. Like last one with the mobility. I think it's doing georgia favor. Mississippi state did george a big favor by loading up against the run and forcing jt to air it out. Because i think kirby smarts chewing on this he's talked about of all the offense. He's got the offensive coordinator. Do with todd hunkin. This guy is brilliant. His play calling has been great all year. And he's got these great young receivers so having a guy like jt of jt settles in and he's the guy next year georgia's offense is really gonna take off. The defense will be in a reload but at jt's back next year. They're back to being the favorites in the east once again. And and really what. Quarterbacks are back next year could. Jt daniels be the best quarterback in the sec. Next season to like. I heard that for another georgia quarterback just to about ten months ago. Hey let me ask you though. Because i realized trask is gone but you know he could win. The heisman georgia. Florida has a shot at the sec championship and the national championship. I seemed like i asked you this every week but it just seems like maybe. Maybe things are changing a little bit in the yeast. I know they've changed for the championship game. But what's the level of concern that. Maybe georgia did miss window here. I don't know. Did they look like they change in the first quarter against vanderbilt when they shut down. Trask i listen to the trask heisman. Talk it's cute but you get this guy moving in pressured any any folds. He's he's not. He's not joe burrow. The comparisons are driving me nuts. I'm like lists joe burrow. Paul was johnny manziel with a brain. Okay joe burrow was a playmaker. Joe burrow was a legacy player contrast he can stand there and hit one hundred papa shots in a row if you if he doesn't move his feet but you get this guy moving he gets. He's not the heisman winner. he's not job. I don't see that. I didn't see him score a touchdown on george in the entire second half against a georgia defense that gave up. What one hundred fifty yards on the wheel route in the first half. I just don't see it. I think alabama quarterback is better. And i think alabama's more balanced. I think laura is has got a very good offense and cow pits. I think makes florida very very good. He'll be back this week but traffic. Isn't that guy. He's not a guy this going to be on your fantasy football roster anytime in the future when he gets to the nfl. And do you feel similarly about about florida which will play alabama for the sec. Championship and a berth in the playoffs. Yeah i mean. I think when you look at alabama paul you look at a team that can run the by and i don't think nausea harassed by the way getting nearly enough talk in the heisman. Conversation ozzy nauseous. What makes alabama special. He's what brings that run threat. You've gotta play alabama honest or this kid will kill you. He'll run over you. he'll run around. You heal fake you out. He is dynamic. he's explosive. he is headed for stardom. He's the best running back in the country. Florida doesn't really have that element. They don't have that balance. And so that's why. I say if you get trapped behind the chains just like any quarterback. I mean it's hard when it's thirty eight and third and ten florida's inability to run the ball consistently is going to be their undoing. I looked it up today. Alabama's got the number one pass efficiency defense in the league. Nobody's real good against the pass in the sec. This year it seems. There's a lot of good quarterback play a lot of good offense but alabama's got some guys that can lock you down back there. its playmakers. Yeah that will probably be a blowout in the sec title game but still. It's progress for florida to get there. It's something to recruit to gives them an opportunity. Maybe they can get a transfer quarterback in there to continue the aerial assault and dan mullins is he continues to try and build some momentum. Get florida back where they were. But they're not in the conversation with the urban meyer or steve. Spurrier teams right. Now there's simply not there yet. I realize three weeks is a lifetime in college football. But i just want to close by asking about comment. You made earlier about kyle. Trask i put him number one. And my weekly heisman pole. Whenever that means everyone has a different But to say that the kyle. Trask heisman talk is cute. I mean what does that mean. Means that i the guy's been inconceiva-. I've seen him shut down like i said i. I saw him score six points in the second. Half of the game against georgia. If georgia had a quarterback that could hit the broad side but they don't florida deserved to win but i saw him struggle against vanderbilt. I mean great. Quarterbacks don't struggle like. I've seen college in the he if he gets in a rhythm. He's deadly right when georgia back on the field thirty. The guy hold on the guys thrown thirty one touchdowns in seven games. How's that struggling. I'm just saying he had moments where he's been consistent. I mean joe burrow was a guy that i felt like moved. Lsu and a very bounced offense but trust stands back there and like i said paul. They've got a good offensive line and when he doesn't move he's deadly accurate but if you get this guy moving he's easily defeated. I've seen it happen. He doesn't throw well off the run. And i've seen him struggle. I mean against georgia last year. They had they didn't even get in the end zone until the fourth quarter. So he's a talented guy. but he's not joe burrow. He's not too okay he's but what he is. He's in a very good offense that system. he's got an indefensible tight. End let me tell you. Kyle pits isn't impossible. Cover the only reason georgia had any shot getting back in that. Game is because the georgia's safety louis seen took pits out of that game if they don't take kyle pits out of that game. Florida probably scores two or three more touchdowns in the second half so you put pits out there. And he's a pretty amazing target right and they do have a good offense and they've got some good targets. All i'm saying is i don't see. Traffic is being in the same category with trevor lawrence. And i'm not even sure. Justin fields danny work will had some pretty good numbers to paul. Danny werfel had some pretty good number but kyle. Trask is is the quarterback at florida. This year. we're not. We're not comparing him Spurrier tibo and saying wall. I'm just saying. I don't i don't see the great and the numbers are there. If you want your numbers. I mean andre. Ware had those houston. Once upon a time. I looked for more than numbers. Okay i look for consistency. And i looked for a guy. That's one champion. If he i'll tell you what if he beats alabama you know that would certainly rocket him up on my heisman last. And we're not really allowed to talk about that. But but i don't see i saw him trailing vanderbilt mike right now hold on and by the way the ask you the heisman. Trust asking out to reveal who you voted for. We're just speculating right now. On on on the horse race and If you had to rank the heisman. And i know we're running later as we always do if you had to run to heisman favorites right now in order. Starting at one gives us your list unlike the college football playoff committee. I'm not gonna. I need to see. More of what is just feels played three or four games. Trevor lawrence says my can't wait right this moment on november twenty fifth. All i asked you for one to fly like nausea right now. I am now right now right now right now based on the body work right now i like. I like nausea harrison mac. I like the alabama players. I've seen them win gains. I think those guys had done more. Cow is hers. You're obviously a few skating here. Where kyle trask rank right now. I mean he's a guy look at my goodness he's got. My weight has for a numbered. I don't wanna speech one to tom. I five up five. Where i really have ranked and paul. I really haven't ranked him. I hear mike i. I'm not asking you for the square root of something. I'm just asking you to go one. Two three four five. Yeah he's like. I said i like najji right now. I put trask probably four. I haven't really ranked him. I need more. We're all fine. We'll see that's all we all. We wanted might. He's number one on my list. And i said so sunday morning at sportscenter and data heisman committee. The heisman trust is going to kick me out but they do find so mike. We wish you a happy thanksgiving. We hope to see you next week. Yeah that's great. Thanks a lot. Appreciate it mike. Griffiths rankin kyle. Trask fourth or fifth on his heisman. List bank that one will take a break. Mortar com on this day before thanksgiving. You're listening to the paul finebaum show. Podcast we walk in the back end. Judson is up next in maryland. Hey jason hi. Paul how are you. I'm good how are you doing great. Thank you for calling. So i was wondering i mean. It's no secret that georgia hasn't had a good quarterback situation this year. But you doesn't go pro this year. How did they manage shaky daniels. Brock van grip is a good question. johnson. I don't think he will. I just don't think he's got enough experience at georgia. And i know what he did it. S should not really count. So i think he'll stick around but at georgia you never know. It's going to be quite a comparative situation. But but i appreciate very much you asking and you have a great thanksgiving judson be well. David is up next in north carolina. Hey hey david hello politics you hear me i can. Okay good thanks. I just wanna well. I've got a question for you. But i want to compliment you You made the university of tennessee. Look like heart of the south using the word up few skating easily in a sentence understanding what it meant. But david i've had end make. You probably answered this question in the past but sure you yourself. Do you feel like it's right of for public safety public health or even morally for you know these sports programs college sports programs to try to go on when we're in the the pandemic that nobody can control. We don't have a vaccine for yet. Just what You know we're the people listen to you. You know that people value your opinion. You know that and you're on television not just wondering if you kind of get behind or get out in front of the camera and say what you feel about that That that sports sort of situation in the middle of a pandemic. David i of all thank you for saying what you did and it was something that i wrestled with quite a bit during the buildup up to the season but i do believe the college football made the right decision to try to do it. I think there are. There's a lot of downside. I i'm only rushing here because we have to go to a break here in about twenty seconds but i think the next three or four weeks are going to test the souls of the college football leaders. I'll say more have happy thanksgiving. Thank you for listening to the paul finebaum. Show podcast the paul finebaum. Show airs weekdays on the sec network beginning at three eastern.

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