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He is the mouth of the south of renown analyst expert on college football. As far as I'm concerned on all things football you can check them out every weekday with his own. Show the very old Paul. All five bomb the Paul Finebaum show Paul Finebaum but sitting right next to me right now. What's going on big time? How great to see you man? We've been in different places for the last couple of weeks and there's a break yourself to which it's always great to see you and they had to bring us up two weeks ago because I had to remind you that as Hughes said this about Jim Harbaugh ah but Michigan's looking a little decent. They are as your thoughts about what you see from Mr Harbaugh. Pretty impressed and I'm now beginning to wonder if a harbor is not the guy that's going to derail Ohio state. We flip a lot in this. I loved him early on. But after that Wisconsin Games it was hard to believe you. Say all of that. But what has changed since Wisconsin Gaming guestimation when it comes to Jim Harbaugh well I think first of all the deep sensors tightened up. I'm and they've got the offense and rhythm a little bit and I didn't think it was possible but they nearly pulled the Penn State Games often. They've had one terrible performance and it used to happen to urban Meyer every year. He's lost Iowa lost purdue costume two shots at national championship. It may cost Jim Harbaugh but if somehow they can continue to train and get Ohio state at the end of the season only forgotten all they all will be forgotten. We're as Ohio state in the Paul. Finebaum poll I see them as number three with eight P. I see them at number four with the coaches poll. But I'm asking about the Paul Finebaum mind bomb poll one that really matters. That's number one. I think they are the most complete team I've seen. They have three all world players. A AH quarterback at running back obviously defensive end and chase young. He may be the best player in the country. We've said that about a few players already and and I just think you know they've got some challenges ahead Penn state in about two weeks and they have Michigan so And then they'll get Wisconsin or Minnesota or somebody in the big ten championship. Your game with you'll be probably not worth watching your heisman race right now. Who Does it consists off the winner of Saturday night? I think if it's too in Alabama wins in two will looks great. Then he's going to get back in the running Joe Borough I. You can't win the Heisman on November ninth. But you can. Certainly I put a stamp on it although I is as soon as I said that Lamar Jackson Three years ago four years ago he won the Heisman September. By the time we got to December and should Shawn Watson came of age. It was almost too late so I think borough is is could be the biggest beneficiary of that game. Saturday I still. I don't think the people that vote in the heisman will go for chase young because a lot of these guys are acting like I'm twenty five but these are they are senior citizens of of senior status and they they will just resist voting for defensive player because they don't understand it So I yeah. I think it's still to be determined but borough is the guy that Even if even if is a close game still has a good shot. Paul Finebaum right here with Steven A.. ESPN RADIO IS PIN news on ESPN DOT COM. Right now the story. I haven't read the story yet. I just saw that just popped up on my screen and it was talking about coaches who are in support of extending the college. Let's football playoffs from four teams to additional teams. Obviously with do you stand on that. What's your belief system is completely behind it? And if you if you're not behind it you sit back tonight and tonight may not be the best example because it's quick the college football rankings. Show is going to be compressed because of basketball but when when you listen to the committee chair and then the Committee Executive Director Bill. Hancock tried to alibi what they do. And treat this as if they are the Supreme Court and they can't have any transparency. They turn people off on top of that Stephen. I am as a someone who swims in college football every day. I am deeply troubled about the game. It is is being squeezed by a couple of the NFL's always been dominant. But if you go back three or four years ago college. Football was the number two sport in America. I don't need to tell you it is now host the show every Wednesday night you talk about the NBA has outsmarted college football. They had just moved in. They've made it exciting. They made aided dramatic college. Football is boring. The first seven or eight weeks of the College Football Season I sat here with you and on your show and other shows and tried to sell a a bunch of crummy games. Because it's it started about about Clemson and Alabama it expanded but if you open that camp four more teams you bring the rest of the country and right now. The West Coast has been left out. the Midwest has been left out a couple of times In terms of the big ten and just in college football needs a sea change. Will you a C changed. Be Specific about what you think that changes by letting four more teams in you make it more exciting. It's not just about the elite. You you you give you give that puncher ensure that team with a punchers chance opportunity knocks somebody out. I mean why is a college basketball season so interesting in March it may not be all that interesting once we get through through tonight tonight is the best night we'll have until later in the season is because you you have Cinderella's there are no Cinderella's in college football and there really aren't and even even even some of the main main main teams don't get a chance you lose early game you're done for organs have very good football team. They had a a fifteen point lead against Auburn. They lost on the final possession of the game. They're gone. I've said they may not be gone. They're coming back but that shouldn't be. That shouldn't be the case. That doesn't what happened in any other sport. Do you think teams should be S- picked from different regions like when you look at the SEC. It is what it is but the big ten PAC twelve do you think I'm I'm not saying definitively all right let me just take team from this locale. Nothing like that. But if it's a formidable team let's say for example you got Ohio state you got. Lsu You got Alabama okay. But what if Oregon was in that top five. What if somebody like? That was obligated from along those lines in terms of attractive from a geographical perspective. Getting some some of those teams in the sort of elevate interest. Are you a proponent of that if you go to eight then I think the only way to get it passed would be to get the power five conferences and automatic berth. And then you you pick and choose after that But the my my problem with college football is primarily run by by five commissioners and Notre Dame. I don't don't know why Notre Dame gets a seat but they do and these people are so slow to change Steven A.. Just like with the way not to dig up last week's news but ah they still don't get it. They haven't seen the sea change moving across the country a by a year from tomorrow we need to have a resolution. How how about today? But they can't do it because they're bureaucrats. Were fresh out. My audience is memory as pertains to what you just brought up the NCWA being being a little bit late to the party for those. That may not remember you got to image and like play as being able to profit off of their name likeness to images etc etc.. The State of California led by Governor Gavin Newsom and state legislature their side and the law a player's ability to college student athletes ability to be able to do that and then the Ncwa jumped on bandwagon last week. A you said it was much ado about nothing about them. Joining the fray and jumping on the bandwagon. Why did you say that? Well I say that because they still haven't done anything that they have this August committee where they said we are asking the three tributaries of the NC AA to come up with a solution Lucien a year from now they just in passing the buck. That's what you you go down to this. The the Housing and Urban Development Cabinet Office and they said well. We'll take that under advisement. I mean they're not gonNA do anything until they until there's a lawsuit so that's what I mean by that and and I'm afraid that that college football they. They think they're doing well. Because People Watch the games and there there are there are the. They're not the attendance is I look around college. Football every week. Forget Alabama Lsu at Arkansas Mississippi State. Thirty five thousand people people in a seventy five thousand seat stadium. Television has has has been just Drag that bone dry and and I just don't think now listen. You can't just manufacturer stuff but I think the NBA model is worth looking at. You know what I'm going to defer to you but the NBA figured it Out A couple of years ago they have superstars. College football has superstars superstar coach but they it's such A. It's such a deluded product. When and you get games like last week clemson playing Wofford in the middle of the season are watching that game? But I will say this to you and just you and I are going back and forth. Not so much of a question more than a statement because you gave it to me. I think the NBA doesn't magnificent job of allowing personalities to elevate in China in the minds of people so people just gravitate and ingratiate themselves with the support they do so with the individual athletes representing it whereas the NC Aa delay may limit that on a part of the student athlete to some degree but one could make the argument the NFL kind of does it too. Because other than the few athletes athletes that are marketed. Everybody has their helmets on their show. The pads and the identity is relatively shielded and they're away from the audience the viewing public per se. So as a result of that. You don't get to ingratiate yourself with that audience and build your own marketing prowess. That's my answer your question the the NFL doesn't have after do very much. And even it seems to me the. NFL is doing things counter productive. You know why we have to be subjected to these London Games every Sunday morning. I never know. I don't know why we have games in London. Obviously not clear motive. I I am not crazy about watching the NFL at nine thirty on Sunday morning right and the NFL has to work hard to screw up with half a college. Football needs to work hard to improve it and I think in some argue. Well you're adding four more. That's not going to solve anything. No you're being inclusive and right now college. Football has has pretty much been about two schools. The last four years and that's not turning on the rest of the country Auburn right here with Steven A.. ESPN RADIO ESPN news. You know where I'm going. Let's get right to it. Ala Bama Roll tired about to go up against. Lsu Tigers is this the best shot LSU. She has a beaten Alabama in recent memory. Yes and I heard our good friend. Marcus earlier today say it will last year really wasn't a good shot. I I heard him say last year right it was. LSU's best shot it's it's a recurring thing with Lsu and I think this is a great Lsu team it it looks better but in tolls beat Alabama Stephen. They haven't I mean times. Have you seen this in sports. I mean we saw it with the warriors a couple years ago. We've Seen Lebron Lebron's we've seen it with a lot of places until they do it. I'm not going to believe it. And obviously the betting public doesn't buy it too is gone. I don't buy it. I mean the the line six and a half under neutral site with a slightly wounded quarterback Alabama store would be favored by feel. Go because people don't believe leave that. Lsu Can do it well let me ask you this question. Why do those who do believe it this year? What is it about? Lsu that has them feeling a bit differently differently this year. It's a combination of a couple of things. Let me start with Alabama. The defense is not elite. It's a very pedestrian defense by Alabama standards. I mean it's it's not ranked high I mean Alabama has had great defensive. They lost a couple of players early on including Dylan Moses. Who's the captain that hurt? LSU has has a quarterback that everyone believes is generational. We haven't seen anyone play this well but until he plays this well against Alabama. Emma I think the two of US will kick our feet up and go okay. Let's see what you can do against the champ. And there's just a little bit of a reluctance and as as much as I admire the coach that Oh sure on. He's been a lot of good schools but he hasn't beaten. Alabama has income close to beating Alabama unless miles took Alabama to overcome a couple years ago. He beat Alabama once a couple of times. This guy is not done and I know this is almost sounding like boxing thing for a second PUTT. Okay you're going to have to beat the guy and in that stadium in that setting with two weeks to prepare. How are you going to go against nick? Saban I'm looking at Joe Borough seventy eight point eight percent of his passes. He's completed thirty touchdowns four interceptions. I I can't imagine as great as those numbers are that Nick Sabin is going to let this guy beating which brings me to their running backs. How good are these guys guys? They're okay I mean they they are not I mean I. I would take Alabama and nausea heroin but to me the game is going I wanna be. We're forgetting I think the most important part of the game as Alabam. They've got four wide receivers. Stephen as you know you've talked to this team that are you. Could you might just grab a quarterback off of a Sandlot team and if he has any accuracy he probably going to be able to get the ball. All these guys pretty quickly I mean these are these are. NFL Wide Receiver. He's he's got four of them and I think another thing that a couple of little things are starting to happen. LSU lately lost divinity. Okay well who is he. He's a linebacker who's their best pass. Rusher leaving the school. Now as I mean nobody me those wall of a sudden the week of the biggest game of the year. He's taken a break. I need time away. I'll come on. I mean something's going on there and then we're not rumor mongering here but it's obviously something happened. Something I mean he just had the doors open. It's just not open this week as we get on the bus to get to go to the airport to go to touch. I'll tell you this much. If I was him I'd WANNA leave to. If you'RE GONNA wait till the biggest game of the year to suspend me. This is the biggest game I mean all you as a student wooded you can arguably say it might be the biggest game of my collegiate career considering that you have three or four years and now what Lsu is compared appear to what they were in the past. What Alabama is? This is the biggest game. I WANNA leave too. If I was out for Safran this gate a historical perspective. You know forget forgetting the playoffs in the and in terms of big college football games I would say if you go back through four years. When Ohio State Played Michigan that was an epoch game I I think he had two top four teams? ESPN maybe over hyped. It a little bit did a five hour game day. Yeah I guess I could have made it six two but that was the biggest game since since November. Third Two Thousand Eleven Stephen when these two teams matt is one versus two in Tuscaloosa. I've mentioned this to you before. I'm just going to the president's again. This is eleven right one game you Had Condoleeza Rice in the press box you had Bob Kraft and at the last minute. A guy decided he wants to fly down from Cleveland. Lebron James Drop by. They couldn't get them they. They couldn't even get them a box here. The sit in the club level with was just average average average millionaires right. I mean we're not talking about billionaires. I mean Bob Kraft had a box. It's Lsu Yeah Lebron had to show up. I guess I saw him there and a friend of mine was in charge of the hospitality. And he's I don't know what to do with this this guy. I mean we got a call like three o'clock today. Lebron James was coming and so we we I mean he was he was he was with his. You know his entourage and they didn't have anywhere to put them so they they told some people. We'll see you next week you're going. You're not sitting in the box tonight. That's how crazy it was there. Were they were a hundred thousand people inside the stadium. And you've been there what's called the Quad Tuscaloosa There were seventy thousand people in the quad watching on a big screen TV shitty. I've never seen anything like it. I don't know how big this will be with. Donald trump coming. It may not be as easy to suits just meander around. They're gonNA put the only person that could walk in there without a pass Saturday afternoon. Stephen Smith doubt I doubt doubt that poor five bar right here with yours truly so so you were. You made a lot of news this morning because you said this is an absolute must win for Alabama. Why why Okay L.? Let's say militias. They don't have a good win on the resume. They still have a trip to Auburn. But Aldridge got two losses. Likely have three because they play Georgia in two weeks. So Alabama's biggest win of the year. They beat Auburn would be over a three three loss auburn team. And by the way if Alabama beats him that's their fourth loss. Their best win is over a four loss auburn team and their second-best winners over a five loss at the time let's because Texas has to go to Georgia and Lsu lose both of those games so there that's it yet and they lost a home game and you're GonNa let I'm just. I'm usually a container. Even they look good. You're going to let them in the playoffs. Let me paraphrase phrase. You say because I've had to deal with you about this before. We got a long season. You said to be eleven you know what the hell what happened last year. You know what they're not a playoff team this year. You were talking about that weeks ago. Now you're telling me Paul Finebaum. They're of the belief that if Alabama loses his gain gene aloe Bama Roll. Todd Nick Sabin they lose this game. They're not going to be invited to the company will be on the precipice purpose. They'll need help and I don't want to sound like stat geeks. Okay but I'm going to give it. I mean there's only one coach in eight years of college football. Who has won the national championship without winning his own to this he's done it twice and the final jeopardy answer is Nick Sabin and these guys are smarter than some of the more objective? I should say maybe not smart more objective. Some people people driving around in Queens right. Now listen to Stephen a Smith but there's GONNA be a lot of hue and cry about it. Depends how stay wins out. Let's say breath Clemson wins out and Lsu wins out while who gets in. Wow you got penn state. Who could lose a narrow game? How state You Got Oregon out there with that last second law. Let's not something I have to entertain because his my thought process if the game went. LSU Lsu. I'd be worried about Alabama. I'm just not worried about them. Losing on their home turf in Tuscaloosa Alabama on their home turf. I just refused to believe. I believe I can't see that happening. I don't see that happening. I met with it because again I covered this every day. You pop in and out but average fans can almost remember when Alabama losers a home game Alabama lost a home game in two thousand fifteen to own. This won the national championship and the other two. They lost an epic game for Cam. Newton he brought them back from twenty four down in Twenty Ten and twenty twelve. Johnny Honey Menzel. Had the game of his life won the heisman trophy. That's a game. But he's forty five hundred lost three times at home since two thousand thousand ten so but all big aims yeah. They're all two heisman trophy winners and who knows while miss again with all that Said who you got. I'm leaning pretty heavily toward Alabama. I WANNA get down there. Friday make sure nothing nefarious to to walk around the hotel. Make sure I I. I'm not making a picking. I'm going to my room and there's two I'm not. I'm not committed so I see him now. Nick Sabin said that you know it'll be a game time decision. We all know he's lying about that. I will be playing. But if for any reason to a dozen play. You don't give Alabama channels game. But here's here's my big concern about tour if one of those guys from Lsu puts him down early in the game and he gets up and he's limping and all of a sudden there's they take him that little tent the athletic and there's the family which they're always there and that they ought to be got a lot of money that's right and I don't know if they know you're not playing and and then they're asking tourists taken place in the New York jets actioner for the Miami. Dolphins listen accumulate a big deal. Klay Thompson got hurt during the that'd be fun now he wasn't GonNa play anyway because clearly torn acl so he wasn't gonNA play but he was actually trying to go back out on the court and his daddy I- colleague Michael Thompson at seven. Ten diggle did you hear anything. Did you hear it. You're not going anywhere you could hear like this is not going to happen. His son was not going back out there. Okay now Kevin Durant didn't have that you see what I'm saying. You know you might have mom Tom. You buy two half brothers people like that but you have then you should have stopped hearing around. I wanted him to win the championship. I was thinking as long as he's fine. Let's go because if he was healthy they take Toronto out in five. Max Greater appreciate it. Thanks a lot always going to see what the great one Paul Finebaum you can check out his show. The the Paul Finebaum show every weekday three. PM Isa plus. You could catch more sports than a Saturday obviously Sunday morning. Because we don't see him after the Alabama Beats Lsu. I'm going with the tar role. Todd baby that's what I'm doing. Marcus Spears Ryan Clark. I'm sorry I'm sorry. I'm sorry Paul firebomb you could catch up. I'll be watching you and I'm a mess between you and Marcus because I'm not gonNA mess with you so much but I'm GonNa make sure include you when I'm trolling. Marcus appears all Saturday longest Augustine. Your body hated eight say. ESPN eight seven to nine. 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I WANNA get into sports of pugilists nature. Watch two fights Saturday night you you did a great great job although I would have liked to seen the main events for both fights This kid Montevideo Against Nate Diaz UFC UFC. Main event. Saturday night at the garden it could have sought it a little bit earlier. That's my only complaint about it The other is Kamilo Alvarez versus Sergei Kovalev which was on the zone. I would like to have seen that start a little bit early. And it's molly complain like Dams Dan one o'clock in the morning. One of those fights ended. But I will tell you this. Mazda is the real deal Lot of heart lot lot of talent Great for the sport. I think that he's the one guy. John that has the potential to replace Conor McGregor as a showman because he can take a punch he comes to fight a lot harder in backing up and I give him a lot of respect a lot of credit for that and he deserves it in the case of Canelo Alvarez. I'm incredibly disappointed with Kovalev I understand CANELO. Alvarez is a bad boy. I love Nilo Alvarez. He's the real deal That was a knockout. He put that brother to sleep. I with the left Hook with the straight trait right to finish him off. If if if the ropes weren't there Kovolev would've fell right through it ringside fell out of the damn ring. Here's my my problem. How the hell does Kamilo Alvarez move up two weight classes? And he's clearly the stronger. Fighter Kovolev looked weak as hell. No muscle definition whatsoever was throwing a jab never through his right hand even even when he threw punches they will week punches clearly devoid of the power. We have seen Kovalyov have throughout his career. Kovolev was a knockout artist. He went after people. Yes all right to get hobbled by Andre Ward who beach with those body size. But we're talking about an undefeated champion and Andre Ward. Who by the way? Hey not only is an undefeated champion but now retired. But a natural light heavyweight so canal Alvarez Alvarez Kamilo Alvarez moved up from well to way to super welterweight to junior middleweight to middleweight to supermiddleweight way to light heavyweight and he's the stronger fighter. I mean Kobe I had more definition. Cova live just nothing there. It's like the man who do a push up in his damn life. It was it was. It was the presidency. He looked weaker throughout the entire fight. Great eight analysis by the Great Teddy Atlas. By the way 'cause he absolutely was right about that point. And I'm sad to see Canot Alvarez moving up to the light heavyweight division because the only person that I would wanna see against is the guy who's retired and Andre Ward. I wouldn't wanNA see Cova Canova's against anybody else. There's nobody else in. The light heavyweight visit excites me. I could be role and I'm not trying to get out burns. You know anybody else jumping on me now. Following the way classes that intimately Lisa they would know better than me. I'm just saying terms of name recognition. I don't there's nothing for me to get excited about Deontay. Okay wilder against their monster crews I. I can't wait for that fight on the twenty third but when you look at the other fighters within any every way division Andy Ruiz it was supposed to be. I mean when when you when you just look at it you were supposed to be Anthony. Josh were against wilder. But now we've learned. We don't want Josh. Were in that room a ring with deontay wilder because he can't take the right hand. It's kind of depressing. It really is Tj. Are you love. See where there was up. Initially I was GonNA talk about how the entire state of New Orleans is dominating football But since we're talking about Alabama. Lsu You just want to let you know how wrong you are about Lsu. They have the front runner for the heisman trophy their wide receivers or impeccable and in their those wide receivers that better than Alabama's man. Come on Bugaboo listen. The game is played out of Bro. We don't know I'll be the first of all. Let me relieve of your stress. I don't know I don't know. I only watch Alabama about two games that she only watch. Lsu wants so you got okay. So I'll defer a no problem argue argue with you. I'm just telling you what I believe. Okay 'cause I rolled the todd until proven otherwise explained nobody nobody try. LSU number one in the country and they're running back is better than just okay. Paul Finebaum said okay all right. We'll see Saturday. You'RE GONNA call me Monday. I'll call you okay. I'll be looking for your call. Thanks a lot. Let's go to see you live with Stephen. Hey what's up Stephen. A pleasure to talk with you. I want to address Quickly the two so called pass interference in non pass interference calls in the giants. Cowboys game. the first one where the receiver for the giants Ingram was clearly interfered with they appealed it. And of course the officials they're never going to overturn their own judgement calls in the second one where this Phantom Pass interference call on Amari Cooper the back John Baker and they go back and review. Then there's there's clearly no pass interference but they're never gonNA over turn that number one When the first one occurred the giants are only eight points down as they go and score a touchdown point extra point? I actually have a chance to win the game. I doubt that they would have but And the other one just ended up after the big play by As you kill Oh they came was basically over but I think they ought to get rid of this Reviewing of these parents Kohl's if they're going to do that these refugees surrogate to ever admit that they can't because sometimes it goes to the booth. And it's not about the referees in the call they don't get to decide whether it's overturned the not. It goes upstairs in their room by higher authority in some instances so I don't think you can go by that. Okay well that's not the judgment calls. They the ones that made Nicole out on the field or the ones that decide or maybe not. I don't know anyway. You need to get rid of that. Because it's just a waste of time they're never going to overturn it. Appreciate it man. Thank you so much it eight say. ESPN edited seven to nine. Three seven. Seven six back with Stephen a Smith show to close out the show with your calls in the minute. Don't Judge The Dallas Stephen a radio news. Hey thanks for listening to laughter permitted. 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S. to save twenty percent on your first order at checkout that the U. N. T. U. C. K. I. T. Dot Com Promo Code Zero S. Guess what you're in the middle of Stephen Smith Show podcast late the today show go. Check it out on demand and Stephen Experts podcast brought to you by capital with capital one. You can open a checking or savings account with no fees minnows. Welcome welcome to banking reimagined. Hey Hey what's your wallet capital one. NA member FDIC GO TO VAULTS TUCKER ALLOWS TV real quick Tucker. What's I want to get your opinion on Matt Campbell from Iowa State being the betting favourite fill the void of Florida state? I have no idea I don't know about him. I don't know about his resume. Don't follow college football that closely I know that tag Can't make different can't make an argument against Fsu to let go of him considering. Jim Jim Jimbo Fisher accomplished at Florida state. And what he was able to do even though he left some troubles residue behind what he was able to do since Jimbo Fisher left Came Up Short plain simple. They had to make a replacement. But I have no idea if the individually ditching talk about what his qualifications are. And I'M NOT GONNA lie to you and pretend that I do all right. Sounds I was GONNA take it. Easy Clarisa Lavis even they. What's up? What's up Steven first of all I want to give props or processed? Do you keep doing your thing. 'cause you get my man Second thing on talk about manage the Eagles Philadelphia Eagles fan alike men. We don't have run a game already and DJ go deep threat to open up the run game. Then we don't have him think Antonio Brown is I mean I know he's worth it but I mean worth the Katie. Listen listen listen to the bottom line. His bottom line is he ain't worth much right now. But that's actually what makes them worth it because there's little risk to you now. There's a lot of people out there don't believe you should be allowed back in the NFL. And I agree with that and obviously the NFL could elect to suspend them the the second team signs of they don't have to do that right now because no team has picked him up but in the event that something like that gets passed over and he's eligible to actually play on the football field. I think I think that when you watch these receives for the eagles dropping passes left and right you gotta get yourself another receiver right. Hey Steven appreciate appreciate it man. Thank you appreciate the call. Thank you so much. Let's go to tyrone. You'll obvious even Tiro. Hey Steven A.. I love what you do my brother. Thank you go right I hit media. ESPN talking about the jets. The bengals the bears the giants Miami. Why are the media? Talking about the The Falcons Poli and bad they are and how to get rid of That plan that that's actually a very valid point. I think I've I've I've said it repeatedly to Falcons on most disappointing team in the entire. NFL I didn't expect much from Cleveland because I thought they were puppies. I if down how much talent you got. You got the second year quarterback in the first year head coach problems as a man's game so I knew that I saw that. Come in Miami. They're tanking the season totally retooling rebuilding at. Tommy look like an absolute ban Barrasso now. They've looked like they've been competitive over the last three or four weeks. Give Brian Floors credit for that. The Cincinnati Bengals. I don't care what anybody says. I still support support them getting rid of Marvin Lewis because you had sixteen years. The head coach couldn't win one single playoff game. I didn't tell them to hire Zack. Taylor who clearly in over his head as the head coach of the franchise but it is relationship with. Sean McVeigh got him that job. And then we go to a slew of other teams within the end. When you look at the Falcons and what they have defensively? I know they've had some injuries particularly under defensive side of the ball but offensively Matt Ryan Julio Jones Calvin really before getting traded to the New England patriots Hamas to new showed up every week and still somehow some way. They can find a way to get it done I. It gets all inexcusable. And I think the last year Quinn is going to be head coach of the Atlanta the Fox especially with the way Mike Tomlin coaching these steelers that has had a slew of Antonio Brown leaves Lebanon Bill. BURR goes down Mason. Rudolph goes down a Devlin Hodges comes in as a third string fills and then Mason Rudolph comes back. My Thomas won four of his last five games. I think Mike Tomlin is

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