Women in Warhammer


Can I find this? Welcome to the channel names Anthony. I am the coach. And I'm he not with Dan on the seat. Bob Very exciting and important topic today is International. Women's died if you are watching us here on Sunday the eighth of March and I'm joined here by three amazing panelists and regulatory old things what women in warmer in women are. It's women and I will have tonight. He's a global celebration all the achievements for women in In all of the communities. You know you know. Very thankful for people like my mother. My wife the people who just generally put up with rubbish and the episode. Today is very much around. You know talking about the wonderful women in our community. It's about the opportunity to listen and learn reflect on the amazing experiences but also to hear from outguessed around potentially any actions to put into place to ensure that we encouraged to The community men women and children so Episode really is about putting a spotlight on these wonderful people in our community. Not all the game is Some of them were painters. Some hobbies some of them are just people who love their low The hubby brings in all people from community and I'd like to introduce all three the before we get into the main topic. So the first person are you may have seen them on this channel at his Gemma. Gemma is an Australian competitive wool. Gema she is the one the main voices on on the field charged with you. Listen to them on podcast where he listen to them on twitch with you listen to them on your only the honest war game or when they're streaming came on She has a master's level. Play out Anderson all-round also humans. Jim Hulo Iheart by introduction was okay. It's fine it's fine. I'm just regular Jari enjoying the shy hiding to give some good insight. So now pompous Wa and then we weren't. We weren't talking about him. We weren't saw him mighties time he can wipe it is important. Lean sessional mainstays worlds. If you like why we might get a spotlight will actually may was well. Just chill yes. It's not just one sided just relaxed the second guest on introduces coming straight out of the muck it is Christine. Christine had been playing for some time. She reckon she's a rookie audience. Thinks she's rookie. 'cause she's played in some of the wells lodged event. She's played at eight one in Nottingham. She's played at Oboe or bravery British. I've been And she is a lot of a all things are ex Although you should be a sweet person but you feeling okay sign now I stay and lie. It's always team destruction no matter what but unfortunately on this wonderful day. I'm actually building an Elf's I apologies are apologies. I'm betraying my brother. This is for this Looked a cane and I think it's only fair being as female model this well cy fair although I'm sure I lady could Rana more crusher I recall so yeah I love my skull crusher the always GonNa be good to have you The farthest is Emma coming from another strategy and guests reveal location. Ninety-nine actually could you are at Ustralian from the distributor. The the one that we get about but might my employees currently he's basting side of the world so confident about Earth Issued a stray early and she is also a wool hammer. Here are we just pretty awesome You're anointed lost each nineteen. That's pretty amazing You are a monster when it comes alternative events you run some of the Australia's biggest events and Very well known on the West Coast Stralia in that community so Hello and anything you WANNA say introduce yourself this. Thanks for having me here yeah. It's fantastic to be here with. Obviously the women's speaking on International Women's Day really appreciate the opportunity to speak about women in Wilhem excited to have you all. I realize all these amazing episode that marked on ninety seven the talking already so good. Start for my wife my show. It'd be like that. The show is very much about the winning. I'M GONNA ask a series of questions that people have asked me on facebook or twitter If you are in the chat feel free to ask questions and depending on on again the toxic questions will introduce heartfully through the show that today's very much celebration exploration and ultimately understanding. What brings these wonderful women to act community at? What what we can do more to encourage more and you know. I've had a lot of people who've sits me. I've loved my friends my pot in my loved one to get into the hobby. Whether it's debate with they went being with our black to have gang week them or generally. I dislike to see more women at twenty minutes. Saying this is an opportunity to learn from three very experienced people so I'd like to sit at benchmark as well and This is my personal experience in my preference. I don't know if my guests agree but I think overall the will have a community agency community has been quite open and accepting and welcoming to men women and children I haven't seen a lot of `gate-keeping generally stopping people from entering the hobby that I recognize as well. That miniature gaming painting is not for everyone. It's a it's a very niche to bring certain type of person gaining table. I drove certain peoples. Not everyone's apart punit that that's my experience but I wanNA learn from Gemma Christine. Emma and maybe maybe I don't know really accepted in the K. It's been hugely accepted anytime onto tournament. They're like well. He won for key example. I was the only female competitor that and that was incredibly brilliant to say it really was. I was just at that guy okay. There's one of us. Oh this is interesting uncommon. Great early in the world have apparently the best facility is on this planet but I like it on Levin Batman's have been wilhelma world. It's just an incredible place to be anytime that any pass from anywhere around the globe. F- against a they sit there and guy so this is like the motherland this is the Mecca of Wilhelma. Is and I. I went now okay. There's no going back from this. Is that the snow back sees. It does make me jealous when I say people on twitter. Let Foreigners Casual Gable. We'll have a wealthiest Friday. I went for Valentine's Day and it was it was it was an echo in our you. Then we will have on. My husband faced his friend and had legions agree. I the Sylvan F. And then I had a game against also burn repairs. Later in the day against uncle giants. Who CURRENTLY RUN SARAH? Foam was like. Wow this is a learning curve for me. Assert bone reap as I was getting to. How do I beat these guys? Let's just do the Andres way push fold smash tended to our but it was just it was. That was an echo in that rough. Never seen it like it might start off the conversation just asked what actually got you in the hobby. How did you all start in An Giang? Who's amazing dogs? Barking like freedom onstream. I'm sorry I'm sorry I have. Seven Dogs Scindia. Seven seven dogs lots of animals donkey. Three cats forty horses. Yeah and says do their things animals. Jim How did I come into this hobby to be honest? Michael actually got me into this hubby. When we very first started our relationship I was in year. Eleven at school. That's going back to long to think about and Basically to be honest it was little start a relationship. I didn't like it. I mean as in like I didn't like Michael. You know when I I you know when you first meet someone and you're like oh he's he's a bit of a Dick and they fall in love with them and the rest of the history so they say it's just a stereotype of a relationship right there and to be honest the same thing as a call mock applies it. I'll play it. Oh it's not really something that I like. But because he does it all do it and we sort of drifted off fantasy. They're for walkers loft gets in Hawaii and we got jobs and salutes drifted off. It and the scene wasn't as big as what it is now and then We got into Iowa and we both just jump straight on that bandwagon and just from there. We have just been playing games every week. I love painting I'm not very good at converting but I'm trying to get better at that and Yeah I love it. It's great. That's also that's that's very cool story So Yourself Emma. How'd you get into all things? Warmer mine is the complete opposite to Gemma. So my my husband's Michel Oh Mark Twain together four twenty one years now and he was very definite that at the start. This was his hobby and he wanted this to be his hobby and didn't want me anywhere near it at all. Now look at it. Took fifteen years of him being really adamant that this was he's space and I had no. You should read that so you know hey wanted and we were just talking about it yesterday. And he was telling the kids all. It's because I thought would make me stop playing. Yeah he just didn't want me any space but that's okay and then like you signed Jemma. There was a real lull in the community here as well and sorry I was like well put your money. Where your mouth is? If you want to say a community we need to do something about it Hey plays we'll hammer idea community. We've smashed them together and now for someone who was having nothing to do with Hammer. I live and breathe it for the last five years of my life and it's amazing because remember saying Michael for the first time on Youtube. Finally enough I think there was some. Atc OH I T C tournaments back in May to make me to thousands and An obstacle the ball game and then all of a sudden as you to in objectives acuity dislike Gaza. Just amazing running. I think we're saying of stray. My twelve of NC here Pretty remarkable yeah. It's eight quite well when we first started. It seemed that seemed like a lot but now sort of used to it. We've been doing it for five years. You've got a ride trip coming up this weekend and you know it's just it's just what we do so yeah it's good to your skin can do including Jimmy This weekend a showroom. Yeah so he could be. Are you traveling with your partner as well so you also yeah? I wish I could fly but later up to love our. That'd be amazing. That's because you've never been to Adelaide callous in Brisbane. I figured aw. How did you get into the Hobie? Finally actually been playing competitively since May last year when I go all Spotty Jones scrivener from the game. How'd you feel about going to buy? Yes screw it why not. I've only had three games of IOS two of which one CAIN Games one of which was a one was one of which was a T. K. Game I was like okay. Let's see how this goes and Mosman had some rx left over from when he did. I enjoy so we literally just borrowed as much as we just chucked altogether and as I have been a model honest wargame Afr- about three or four months at that point expressed an interest in doors a cane one of my closest friends Allen. He runs doors. Okay newest aside don't do it. Don't do about idea. Sounds like I'm GONNA screw it. Why not and then we'll map bye-bye it was just an absolute laugh. We all just had such fun house. I don't think there's any going back from this. I think I'm going to go all in with on Joel's as it was at the time. Now are cool climates and then they got their general handbook rules. And I'll just it just barrel roll from my husband into Ios for bouts. He go into about eighteen months. After it was released. A Jet Arthur community PA. He was into it from day. One and my husband was. I've been in four K. As long as ignite and we've been together fourteen years this yes. I and my brother was playing four K. From when I was about crikey about fifteen side. That's that's guy caught while as well and he paid tyrannies house. I really liked for KS. Feels BITTU competitive yet? They Os community seemed a lot more welcoming. When I've been on the honest wargame chat. I thought yeah why not. Let's give this guy and I have not looked back since of no look back and I'm so glad for for going for it so some yes and obviously I can only speak on behalf of the agency where we all at. Emma comes in as well from the forty K. side. I think generally this discussion is not just agency related. Obviously that's the expertise that a lot of US bridge. The Table Bit near Forty K. Sister Assistant game so I don't think that blocked me calling this game sale. The angry comments that you had different experiences and different pathways into the hobby because Some of the comments that are received in preparation for this video was how do I get my pot into these hobby? I really enjoy painting. I want to go out and play often whether it's for a doubles team or want to get into the heavy for whatever reason and it will like how I stopped that compensation. How do I get into gaming so first of all three of you have very different pathways and especially immoral? Who got told the coming. This is my space ole for such a long but that's also so what what. What are your favorite parts of of the Is it painting is playing is like what's what are you guys love about the holy for me. I like building a love painting but it's not getting on the table. Top seem what? Your army thousand gain. You know somebody. Let's let's see what these boys do and they just chuck and forward with especially with our in Georgia knowing just chuck and Ford smashing bashing hit through effort. Then I'm just looking at it Gyn. I'm Kinda hoping not the case of doors a cane as well but a little bit nervous but the painting is hundred percent Mark Thing. It is another give a for me. Is the people so we really just about the Iran coming together and that showed experience and something that you said earlier. Was that We'll gang attracts a certain type of person and out of everything that you said. That's probably the thing that I would disagree with moist. I actually don't think it does attract a certain type of person. I can't stereotype the tops of people who come to any of our events And that's what I love and I love that. Even though he eats gaming that brings people together. It's not gaming the Cape's together and I love how generous everybody used their time and Everything I've got to give sorry. I I find that gaming does actually bring out the best in a lot of people And I think that for some of the men who come along to the events they without even realizing it. They're becoming really great role models for some of the younger guys who've had starting to have positive role models in their lives and And the way they interact with maize is really good role model for those younger people and actually some of the people as well. But you know sorry. I really think it's the people that yeah that sense of community that comes with that as well. Yeah I I definitely agree with V lovely ladies as well but I love the community so again I just I love how accepting it is. I love that. There's all types of of people that apply it and it's just a common a common thing that everyone has that they they come to a place and they can relax and they know that they're in a safe environment so again with certain people it does feel like a safe environment for them. And I'm sorry sorry. Happy That it they are community portrays like it gives off like some way that people can go. You know they get excited. I just put this model today. And they go on show their friends come to the shopping. They they sit down and have a chat about it and they took their going to paint it and all about converted all. Let's have a game and see how she goes or you know I. I have a passion for all that like I. Just think that the community is such tau full powerful thing and it. It provides people confidence you can see. People grow Especially the longer that you've been in the community and I wanNA reflect that on the community is also the passion that I get. It's like you know when you watch some anime and you see some of those guys. They can absorb power and they take it in. They can project it. Thank you Christine. I was just watching seven. I was just watching seven deadly sins. Yeah Yeah we will talk time actually set congress as the other day with the super sign on the side and the dragon on the other side. Yeah Anyway let's go back to watch women I'm signing up right now I just. I just feel like people. The communities should be thanked for that and I really want to involve the community and be part of the community as much as I can You know where where involved in charity events because I just think that you guys provide so much happiness for so many people so why not keep that ball rolling and trying to as many events and just keep people happy like not as it's a chore but People Love? It you know you go there and I do feel comfortable. And there's all walks of life and jobs and people. There is nice stereotype. You Know I. I really can't stand that when someone is like. Oh what do you play? We'll have all your in nerd and you're like Not really it's just a common thing that the whole bunch of people come together because they like it and Yeah I just really want to get involved in. It now definitely agree when it comes to older from Wolf's alive in the UK we've got all sorts of people then the Ikeda Play Wall Hammer. And then when you say Oh yeah I play war hammer a lot on this. Sit there and go. Oh my partners into that. Oh Yeah Oh we'll all meet. That played instantly. Go straight into. Ask them about that. Nasa London. I well how. `Bout also them. You know getting won't see that's cool too but I the women who work at war hammer world. They are absolute rockstars like they. Just there's no way that you can look at them and go over there. Stereotypical Gay Count. May know that. Yeah amazing another. Golf's it's cool. Yeah that's it honestly I will carry over to the guy that's cool. That's cool cool. Cool Gal I know you're one hundred percent right and clarify my original point. Which was not every Shane people? I'd like eastern fees and like people are GonNa stay none of your one hundred percent correct. No you've got introverted extroverted. People you've got people. Who are you know are older that you've got people you know we've got amazing girl and actually? Nicole Bethune are I think training fourteen this year And she's been coming to tournaments now for two years. She started as a twelve year ago. Coming to twelve on On the flip side. We've got people who are project. Managers are daughter analysts because sales people. We've got you know the the the crazy you're one hundred percent correct that we have all all different walks of life all religion politics the one thing that brings us all together is Wall Hammer. We we spend our time building little little plastic toys. We paint those little toys. Wade play within enrolled is and to Gemma's point. You know you spend you know things. Like can't con- oh by each thing literally a weekend nonstop you know. Sometimes you share hotel with these people and for two days or three way three days you just in the fact that everyone stray off that interval you not like I need to diesel for a couple of months from the state was to play with him again. Yeah yeah it it. It makes you you know with the community in. Timber. We have quite a large community. Here were very lucky and you know now we have hobby. Weekends are just had tonight. Ten people come to the shop from Brisbane had people from Toowoomba as well at US down the range. Ten people just on Sunday to have some casual games We also talk about Hobie. We are flick each other links. Oh that sort of thing we. We do that At our house on certain weekends. Let's we're going to do some terrain so we want to build some tables so everyone brings us staff and then we'll put a barbecue on like all the social aspect to it as well is just amazing. It's not just about being competitive. It's just the whole package is amazing. Yeah we have one of our friends around a little while back slot last weekend because it was Russell Arrest Lynn show was onto does not taste. Come round we'll get some pizzas now. I'll get some food in to sit down and just chat a we have. One of our friends is not in the Wall Hammer. Community that one of my husband's places mates and he was just sitting there listening to them listening to how passionate we will wear about hope and us. Itunes I hear rebuilt Kane have a look at this and he looks I- Mafia in the army. Says I tell me let me just go and get the rest of the books out loud. Go My friend you will picking on me. You like please choose Angeles now. He's looking as the sigma. So it's kind of cool. I'm glad eastbound along that line because that's a mixed bag that is that you can do but the evil racer really good points. Is that what we do on the weekend? And how we spend our time while the table is just one component now. It is just hours or sixteen hours in that weekend. It is everything that we joined the community. The the photos on instagram and facebook or twitter. It's the conversations that we have on why it's the the interactions at table at Emma. You just talking about little bit earlier When he saw up in your plate play. We'll hammer when you initially get involved in your event. That's never a part of the social contract he dug into thinking. That's GonNa Happen. But then I think about Australia. Ou- out biggest event can call a gentleman. Doom darkness who is an awesome youtube sits off these Friday barbecue as well. And we'll come to CAPE COD and have a big barbecue celebration and drinks and chatted catch up with people Just before the events so The social aspect is real and it is a it is just as big if not bigger than actually on the table whether you win whether you lose it is about the social interaction and the friends we make along the way. The discussion hoppy may were discussing about on the way back from the team tournament that he was he's actually a WS wfan weapon skill ten Realm wolves event. His this week hadn't along with one of the other local clubs money and bore acolytes more communists. Nwea don't misconstrue them with the with the wrestling so good people in house thinking. Hey Meg Ryan by scribes. Wfan that all there this weekend and it was fantastic. Just catching up with them. On a witness and incredible game of war hammer between doors came with Allen and Lee K- with his uncle yesterday it came down to a prior dykstra an absolute bottom of charge from donkey. C. P. Rewrote Eight. How to five sixty role that went for twelve? He got straight behind Alan sisters slower and then that was it was just game you just saw all of the Pasha older the height of it was just like why is it a working and it was just. It was just such an incredible game both players Mental Gert and it just witnessing this event and just being able to just see it as a spectator. No actually joining in you still feel. It's incredible eight. I see these people. It's quite Contagious isn't it. Say What Your Observations Emma. I know you know you you Michael Run of this. You run a lot of events and you know in the posture on huge events as a spectator and as as an event organizer like what's your observations of out of the tournament and why people are coming to tournaments But I think one and one of the things that I'm most passionate about tournaments is that I think we live in an age of social media when nobody's actually social anymore so we're all interacting via electronic devices of some sort but it's actually really rare to have a conversation with somebody it read the fine and it's ready to have a conversation in person and so in my life outside of war hammer. I have staff at my work who I'll say or could you just call this person for me and five years. It used to be five years ago. It used to be or can I send an email economy to pick up the phone now. It's can I send a text now? You kind of need you to pick up the phone and the people don't know how to do that anymore because we know actually having any kind of interaction and what I love about this. Is that people who actually have that interaction in a way? That's non-confrontational so you know having to make eye contact and have a meaningful conversation but you still being social and checking hands and obviously not mind because everyone's scared of germs going to pass around but sorry something so I think there's that social aspect that we haven't had and going back for women we talk about. It takes a village. We don't even have a village anymore because we're all so busy being everything to everyone. There's no opportunity for a village and I think tournaments give papal village and with a papal consciously choose that whether they coming because from a superficial perspective I get go. I'm wro Dr us for our. Vince generally run for about twelve hours. Ten hours twelve hours for us So you know Fatana as I get to go and Rodas and play play. Two Thousand Point Games against people who I wouldn't normally play against and that kind of experience but the added benefit of that is that they get to actually have that impersonal interaction as well the extroverts. I think people as you signed before Jim like they kind of take their energy and able to pass that back and we he that by the `was that come out across the whole room went and gray the I'm really well. Oh not so at all but introverts. They don't have to have the conversation that can actually just focus on what those little models during on the table but they still get in that space with paypal and feel some kind of social nayed. But I would say that in a way that suits them as well so I guess that's what I observe general question for everyone. defied that the Interactions Online Like let's say for example. I was put up a picture on twitter or instagram. And it's like this is by model at just painted or I'm currently working on it or illtyd or you know thinking about building a list you know. Whatever whatever hobby post you put online. Do you generally find that equally a positive experience and yet recharge and rejuvenated or excited or like what's that. What's that social piece about? Because for me when I look at other communities and other just instagram and twitter people can get really They feel inferior. Or maybe they're missing out on something or Social Media can be negative at times but like what's the observation from a hobby perspective of of of torment play hobbies and models and painting and all that stuff May Be Christine on twitter and then agenda in off that will are found whenever I've posted anything up online so for example. I echo out this morning. I'm going to be doing like little system. Rathi but with a the name of him off revenue mixture because my doors economy's going slightly tribal. I won't do that. Slight mix are found the outreach. It's just been incredible when I post up about all my updates do with how it was done with my all angels who would just keep going keep going in. That support was incredible. Men A massive deal. It really did. And then while I'm working on this at the moment I'm I'm excited to see how it's GonNa come out and see this model is GonNa look like on the table Top. An account might actually get her into battle as well in so when people interact with that online and they say impersonal. Look while this really cool and is that positive effect that comes from people saying annoying. You just saw people have descended online too impersonal. Where they look at it they actually interact with the motto physically and sit there and look at it look for the little details and that means a lot that does especially as a as a very new player to the system in. I look at it and go not bass a big achievement for me a huge treatment. It's also I remember. Maybe hearing your story and had reached out a couple of times as I keep going also lack. I think generally at least well I see is in generally supportive of people law We're all he'd to get off I'd I think we're any any of us here. In competition way women or children were Rojita support cutting road is this amazing. Hobby Jemma from your social interactions. Because you put yourself at probably more than anyone you know you were. You're a contain creative. With podcast you are a hobbyist. You are playing games. You commentated The Cancun with raw symes loss. She anti she. So you know the world is watching you and your volume of knowledge How have you found that the environment for yourself and your hobby? I have found it to be just overwhelmingly supportive. I think the only is it supportive when you're in person with people and that's one thing I love. I just know that you can also find that same support on social media Naturally there's going to be keyboard worries in every aspect of life You know you do come across a couple of people in this but the support I williams up you know people just you just be growing up in you ignore that and the support that you find on the social media networks the surpasses that you gonNA. You might be putting a fight up and you could people ask for help with colleagues all the time for instance I like. I'm having trouble finding the school. GonNa I WANNA do Ossama. What are you reading? Should I should dry brush the white or edge Harlot and people are more than happy to get on and be like. Oh I've done this or you know I found this works and you find that across the table and I don't think it's ever GonNa Change like I think this is one thing that I love about the community is there is a fee you should. I put that up there. I'll be going to like it. Are they going to be negative? I've never ever felt that ever. I feel completely supported. I feel confidence. I love everyone. That's on the. I'm going to get the help that you know that I once It doesn't matter even on the podcasting without episodes People with feedback. They've always been positive now. Okay about you try this next time like not that. We didn't like that. But maybe throw in that you know there's not negative. Nellie everywhere and it's I find that just amazing you know. It's good to be part of a community where you can just jump in the deepens. And you know you're gonNA drown you gonNA flight in have all these people underneath. Ye. Yeah I think I think generally people have been very supportive. I Dixon his generals word Bimbo literally the other day I had so many comments section of one of my video. Say I'm Anything about agency lifelong gets that makes perfect sense right. Michael Beasley making videos for a couple of years. But you know there are jokes around everywhere but the thing is that I like about the community too. Is We stick together as sound like. Oh One person's going to say that and then everyone's like. Oh yeah you are and then like just completely brand new. Everyone's assaulted gonNA ignore them. Grow up be adults or just mature and just support you no matter what because we know the community and whenever going to just turn toxic if it does hung. GonNa be devastated. Yeah I think it's a wonderful place. It's much different than other communities again. I'm not saying other wargames. Just generally you do he. Social media can be very taught. See again a lot of people who just WANNA fly for the sake of finding on just trying to generate a response that overwhelmingly. I've seen so many offers of people trying to help each other. And one other to grow into thrive. So I think Jim. I love hearing that you will experiencing the same community arm experiencing but again they're optics around there and I apologize for everyone. Who is the one of these people? I think not to remember that the cable warriors are actually in the minority. And it's really easy to focus on those cable warriors and to take it personally whereas you have to go you know what actually it's not made as you and you know. Hide the comment so that kind of stuff rather than taking on board because as you said there are people in the world. He shouldn't be allowed on social media. That's great sort of hot takes may be and I expect some backlashes T- First off I shall come with a softer angle. Alma do we love it. Do we hate it to care? I can't believe you think that this is the soft option. Oh my another question that that that will ease me into that one so I thought this was a this off dorm right or before thinking I love it. Personally Percy how always say is women technically Webby bomber any wacky? Exactly sorry. Sorry boys but it's the truth but it is currently building doors okay. There is lots of Boo Bama. There is a lot of arm. I just call eight seed. I'll just think it's kind of cool really is this I go. I have this at pick them out of Auburn than you see. Women just woke up scantily clad. Just you know something. I can do that job through this and I can do it a call video where as a couple of years ago. It was a little comedy sketch where it was more. It was more dungeons and dragons thing where there was like two guys a girl going to like a dove and forge in our Mexico to battle and now the guy gets like these Plate mail a world that. I didn't like it gets to the woman and a lack. He's The chainmail. Bikini and like Princess Layer but the reason I asked that question bombers I know some people are very passionate like. Wow you know you need to think about like game of thrones that he was is it Rianne you know she she just woke like my old just all metal regardless of gender Some people really love the aesthetic of as a battle with debris bomber in some stole cost models. Have the Obama so the name personally I think Women's bodies this is what they actually look like is a lovely from. Maybe with the call boobs Ed you know like we have oaths. Why do we need to try and hide that? And I think that this idea that we need to get to a point where Female models are covered from the neck down to the ankle. Why you're you've got you've got armies where the male models don't have anything on other than a wolf cloak. So why is he allowed to? Why is that a K and yet we need to cover women up? Are we actually moving to a point where it's not okay for a famous form to be visible? And why not my second point is. Have you ever tried squishing them down? It's actually really painful so you probably haven't but sorry you think. Why would you want to put a plate mail on the front like? That's not the way we're shaped and then the the thing that does actually really bother me is when men come out and argue that women that female models shouldn't have boob armor why. I don't need you to argue that for me. I'm actually if I have a problem with it. I'm actually okay to come out and say this is what I believe in. This is why I believe it. I need you to grandstand for me to make that point. I'm actually really capable of coming out and saying actually as a woman I find that offensive and so. I don't need somebody else to do that for me. Because they feel like I need somebody to to come in and take that charge asked me how I feel and then support that yet. My visit my k. Takings from Avon. I appreciate it Joe. Yeah I was just GonNa say from a hobby point of view as well that's That's one thing you know there is obviously you got. Your Storm. Cost ladies who were virtually covered up. And then you've got. Your daughter is a cane. Who are not so much it up. I think from artists point of view or hobby. Point of view it gives us Like sign much to work with you. Know like if you if you like you know Skin come if you want to work on skin color and you know that it's going to be some shadows around the breasts or anything like that will just you know. Try and Accentuates around that area if you want to Guy For you can do that on the storm cost. They got some Roy hanging on it. It's not as exciting. It's bit boring. You know they going back to the not so the thing not scheme. You can do that as well though you can do. Some try. Some non metallic metal or try some shading in between those ruffles in the click. I think that's one thing that's good with with women's bodies in the is to me personally you can do a lot more hobby-wise with them then just just the dudes so I think for sure you can just leave the women's bodies as Just you know some thoughts came when I have some skinny little bikinis on GonNa kick ass in that because they women and they good at it. Definitely definitely it's an interesting topic and the reason I wanted to call that out is because I think when we come into a game like we'll hammer an and I think more forty k. We want something. We want our army to represent us in some fashion way there as a are midnight. My Old Empire back in the day I tried to paint a character and story. That's had a small representations representations myself you know what I used to play wrestling video games again. I'd make myself in the wrestling game and interact with the wrestling community. I wanted a piece of May and I know for women who have come into me in the pastas. This topic united they looking for representation and I think Jimmy. You made a really interesting point that I think having a diverse sprayed of women just don't have to play to Silverman 'cause they pretty traits in if they WANNA play the doors of Cain with very little to no Alma and they just going with knives just like how can slash in of Cain to the very pretty Armagh obstacle. Cost two sisters of battling the forty K. Well and took to even go and buy a bunch of heads and put them on an on space marines If you're looking for women don't have to play women either you know. And I understand what you're saying around finding that white heavy representation of cell phone the table but we would not limited to only playing with famous armies. So there's nothing to stop his going out and say pint space marines or doesn't have you know the fact that the models got boobs isn't what why we have to pick them and I think probably with the idea of we WANNA play an army because it looks cool. Yeah I like Mattison Joe's exactly regardless of what the army looks like. I love playing on Joe's because I'm by definition a little bit more boisterous of a pass and an orange I feel represents that personality side of that yet doors a cane. I love the look of them. I think they look beautiful on the table. Talk Regardless of Carlos Game I will ever people wanNA paint them is C. N. stupid look angry. You know summit. That's still looks incredible. They still about just it finding an army that you feel comfortable with regardless of what it is whether it's four K. Whether it's even other game systems like mollify what have you playing an amish? You so comfortable with if you don't feel comfortable with and it doesn't tickle you pickle as it were it's manaus some it out you know. Make sure that you enjoy it. Because if you're not enjoying the hallway about my in time is going to be something this this cold regardless of gender in I well what will said And he had to call at Sony. The Chat Tyler had mentioned around strong female. Here is I think Games workshop and music companies in general have put a lot of effort and focus in creating more female strong heroes on the table. So if if that is important to you and it's not important to everybody that I think we all seeing more and more powerful female representations where you know I think marks the likes of morale alario and is lots and lots of stone causes a lot of them and you know you can find examples on both sides of the fence. You know we've got a new pure. Oh God female coming out with new stores There's just there's more of them coming out so that's important to you. I think you're able to represent yourself either from the company all do yourself and make it are in Baram. Ms Is a wonderful woman. War Gamer in America. Who has gone out and actually converted up her whole army As female female handguns and she's actually grainstuff boobs and she's going Fuqing caboodle so If that's important to you do it and I think the noble shrove any difference whether the Copa it's awesome in fact I think if you convert it. Most people are more likely to go. Oh Wow that's awesome and really appreciate the time and if it taken two hundred percent so then the question that I was going to lead into next was all women competitive that was that was the league conglomerate Grupo. I thought yes because I asked that question because some people may have a perception that women are GonNa come to tournaments. Who could not competitive then not. That's not the type of person they are and I put they pay ever on the go abroad. Pay Brush is that truly hensarling. I'm Michael Play if we do anything. That's a doubles event. He won't play with me because I checked for the other team because I'm so not competitive in that kind of environment and so he refuses to play anything with me even down to family board games if he won't be on my team because he knows that. I'll get my husband but if I go to a yoga class you didn't you didn't know. Yoga could be competitive. But I'm a competitive yoga person so I think it really depends on the person and the situation. I think we've got. Jim Increased Day in Gem. Obviously I'm making an assumption but I think you're fairly competitive person from what I from having met you a couple of times. Then you've got other people who aren't competitive at all it's like saying amend competitive depends on the man and it depends on the situation definitely it depends on you know. Sometimes it even depends on the tournament and that's not to say that the tournament is run any differently. It's just like you know traveling Dan too late. Of course I'd like to do well but that I ha- you know there's going to be people there that I probably haven't met yet. Alan keen for that. I come came for the social aspect down there like if I got good. Yeah that's a little bit of a virus but I just really want to have a good time and appreciate the community and just have a good time with all these people that I haven't met yet If I go to the hates at Mount Gra VAT coming up. Oh boy I'm bringing my big shoes. I'm going to be trying to be competitive definitely Yeah Mike from me. It's sometimes just tournament and Yeah as he said like. I don't think it's specific to everyone. I think people. There's obviously you know people that. Are they just a drink socialize and then there is definitely people who competitive women? It's hard to say I agree with Emma. It's it's the same as saying a mink competitive. You know it comes down to the person. Yes so I'm hearing already got it's GonNa pigeonholed one particular sex with women as the Seki. You're not competitive. Say This is not for you because we're different. We all coming from different walks of life. Christine a I will say one thing. Yeah if I'm if I'm playing a game against my partner. It's always competitive. I'm style yeah me at the grave with that take trophies as well so much to defend himself. It's all yours I gave him. If I Dawson enrolling bad I just Oh yeah. These ones Steph. That's definitely full. Wanted you the banchory monopoly. As well my husband is he's not remotely competitive yet on from a competitive family. I'm calling from quite big family so we've always been incredibly competitive people and then when my husband got together me even site? Wow this is well competitive feels like and then EC become placid over the years. Because he's a very calm person. He's very calm very content with just it is what it is. That's how it's always been is always is what it is but it shouldn't always be competitive starts. Did you see the triggered logo come of behead? It's it's just incredible because whenever I'm facing him he'll still point out little things I'm still missing. And then all remember from his all may but it still helps in other games that we do as well. Yeah I regardless of whether it's board games called gangs in tabletop gaming you know. We do all sorts of gaining together. I that's nice. That's really nice that you guys are able to use things like these like we'll have to cheerful form a bond and to spend time with each other especially in an emo is alluding to as well you know. We are social creatures by nature but the welded weld is becoming more and more connected We have all the tools for communication yet. We all more disconnected. And if you don't believe me look at look at the the next Restore Cafe Goto and see people having coffee with each other yet. They're only ferns and we're all guilty of it as well but You know I think this is often Cini and the gang members well Forces you to pay attention to your PIRATES ECON. Sit there and just play with your nonstop because Play the game that way definitely speaking played in the game and I guess the question. I've gotten from tweet US someone's leading to my dam. So I'm going to ask these swan because we all kind of on the topic as well around the subject. We're talking about advance and you know one of the things. That Tournament organizers myself included. I run tournaments. I'm always curious to understand what I can do to encourage more women to come to the event is there anything from your observations or your experience that could encourage Get more women to come play whether it's for the first time to join the PA to even come and watch their partner. Initially in May be coming later. Is Things that you've observed on August Christina image. I in in March yourself as a tournament organizers. You might have had some things that you've done to encourage more diversity so Maybe Jimmy self-focused Tibi honest. I haven't I I it's a very hard question to answer. I'm finding it hard to answer that question. Just because I don't want to generalize it like to me. War Hammer isn't about males and females. It's just something that we will have in common and it comes down to the person you know it's like saying why doesn't everyone liked red as a color you know. I'm not GonNa make someone do it and I know that's not what is intended here. But it's something that's really hard to do because if you go out on the limb and you like all less trying to attract the you know some some women in it you'll going out in one direction by taking away from another one like at the moment the community is is such an inviting place and it's in a good place. I think it's already welcoming and it is growing so I think it's just time you know people. They just need to understand How inviting you to Saad with. And if people can convince their husbands and wives to come along and watch you know maybe attractive with something else. Like for instance. Hey honey there's a bother. You know you could probably have have a couple of drinks. Swale LA while watching the game with something and maybe they'll all yep and then they'll come or just a distraught me off coming for ten minutes. That's all I ask. You know just little slot negotiations. Maybe and they'll see how much fun your having their they might See How many people are doing it. C- of a Maybe the friends it make it a social thing because a lot of a lot of women do social events and I'm not trying to stereotype anything but we talking sometimes so I mean everybody makes man. Yeah Yeah but in general. I don't think it's something. I don't know how to answer correctly. Without sounding we'd have tried to main explain anything. There is some generalizations and we can't speak on behalf of the whole gender and we constantly old swimming organizes but I know For example Only yesterday I had to go pick up something from Chris Welfare from community and I asked my wife to drive me so she can pick up Wanted to drive. My wife drives But I I said to her I said writing in College. Just coming for ten fifteen minutes Because she sees me go away for weekends and You know she. She sees me paint she does he knows I come into. My studio here does stuff. But she doesn't quite understand how old adults connect so. Is it just coming for ten minutes Go Go pick up your stuff from Chris. And we'll we'll have lunch laid off Another example Anna and I would like Simpson things if any does come off whereas One of the lovely ladies in my discord channel said That because she loves the social aspects much she would love to see more to onto type events where she gets to interact in more people in a more casual environment than the traditional one. Wants a if you know what she watched? Boxing we'll challengers actually. What actually that makes sense to me. Because it does plan the gaming and the counter and the and the the Social Interactions. I think another another thing. Maybe some shops could do if they can facilitate it is like I just recently went to a lady's not and it's not just generalize to go to war him applied magic he can play. We play Jenga and all that sort of stuff but you're forming relationships with people there so you go. They put like cheese potter on on something like that. A couple of wines and you just sit down you meet. People which for a lot of a lot of people in this community is already. That's the hot step I to go to go there. I don't know anyone I go to actually put myself out there a little bit. But they all the same. My a lot of people are uncomfortable with going. Hi My name's Jemma how are you what do you do that? Stip the the breaking of the is and once that's done it's the rest is history and I think doing ladies not site that just to get some chocolate up on social media because we've been down that road of of everyone's on their phones and it's such a big part of the world at the moment I get it out there You know they might not Be Your lock the page on facebook partners to and I can pass it on. I honey waiting. Just GonNa play some guy to ladies not They're gonNA put on some wine and cheese. Play some dominos cards. You know. There's so many difference Games that compliance once you form relationships with those people that you know there's Ni- We used to say oh you you form a messenger chat or something or like you get friends on facebook. Enberg Haywood. He'd on Friday night. You want to go play some some or and then the next thing you know like Oh. That's some cool models on shelf. Let's buy some more and then like you know just from there. I think is pretty cool because being a female in the war in the Canadian become friends with some of the wives partners while heavier is I. I'm my landlord. Also one of our closest friends his MRIs she always just sits Hausa chats. May and I. I know it sounds silly but I kind of dumb. Explain what we're doing to. She saw the gun or really liked that and they will sit there and we'll have it never is not supposed to ever be a competitive game but we just say have a competitive game of anything it own. We'll sit there and have a laugh and let me in her will tag up against in my husband his. May it a really fun it is and you know when I was the bye bye last year? Those few wives that were there so Paul Haley one of the guys that really really big in our local community. His Mrs. Eliot was that so hose. I Oh it's brilliant to finally meet you and then one of the other guys. His Mrs was there as well. And they're all good friends so we will stood there just shy in for ten minutes and my opponent of Value Bowie Tanwar said. Will this never any women in the community? Can I take a photograph within the purview of women playing and I was like yes grew on? Let's do this and it was just good fun because then have more people talking to me like carry. Robson used to work for Hamad. Tv in Manhattan. Talk talk a bit as well. And we're always interacting on each others posts and it's about trying to encourage you know just talking about it. Even has a McCartney place X. Y. Set out defense against the cinema and I found out for a meal also may not for coffee anything just to just sit down and just have a chat about anything and then you get to learn more about people outlet as well definitely and I think that's a that's a big thing as well is Like encouragement I don't think people realize how accepting the communities. I just got off just a group that plays Tabletop Games. But you don't realize how awesome the people that are part of the community and I think people need just you know have a some trust In it as well like a I don't know how to explain. I'm sort of do daily dawdling around but You know initially when you go there. It's intimidating because you walk in the shop. There's just like forty people dossier like lois going on. I don't understand any of it. This is too much now. No no no no. I'm I'm done but we just doing say if you can. You know drag afraid infotainment. It'll even Social Christine. You had a really good point they away. You know you get friends over to your house. You play Social Game War Hammer or just heavy seen these models. He's really cool and they might like to paint and then the next step is high. Do you WANNA see how they go on the Table Top. Then you have again and then you know and then from there like you know. I'm going to tournament. It's any one thousand point tournament this weekend. You WanNa come along. And they're like hey yeah and then they realize how accepting the communities and how much fun it is and you can just feel free you can go there and you can have fun and mock around. You can wake caused by you. Can face paint. You can wear costumes like everyone loves it. And I think that's that's that sounds like rim by Krim bye-bye. We had so many people dressed up. It was insane. That was one guy that was dressed as a thaw slayers as my tag team partner me and Allen we faced against game one guy that was running two guys that run in on yours and Ogm all tripe and they were dressed up as far orix and I loved every second fact Matt has a and call in Adam Andrew and Collin. Sorry they were so much fun to face against. We were just howling all way through it and Alan is his picture on. Social media is literally an auto wearing a neutral mask so he decided the whole game he was going to wear a Leech and it was really obvious that they were much. I'm going dressed up a tool for they already. That's of the plan of action for the moment is C- can bring out the wet for that so I think making it fun one. I'm hearing you know in dumb. That matters in chat right now has made you know when he was in working in retail in talking about making the game on experience people enjoyed themselves breath that means removing some of the rules. Just great experience in casual environment. Kudos to you. Jim Obviously very familiar with the go in your community called easy as that role in 'cause Playa type person but you're right Emma you have to do that. You can just walk up into Jane's shut where accepting where accepting Morris way if someone just walk past million the nude I would just be like they had to Pi- Wilhelma let's do. It would not even care you never know some people talk. Well you look at some of the tribes stuffing. I just literally just got a chest play on the near enough stock as you said. Okay have fun with our POW. Probably give him a. Hof like man. If you've got the confidence today that you're you're you're right. Yeah No. I have really strict clothing. Rules in the beat snake would be covered. Just if becoming occupan over beat night to be covered. Yeah Yeah. Heels is fine as long as older. Beats the cover highly again. He said he was tacked up playing his cane with. Ach Sick borrow me. I mean him jokes about the day. He's not exactly a slim gentleman. He was playing with. The idea of walking up in fish nets a bikini and thigh high boots had always said that if you have the stones to do that my friend because that's not funny. That's just how happen team. Brilliant but that's just. That's just the crime bye-bye commune in a nutshell. What I just math. Oliver is brilliant. It's interesting you say that because I had a lot of comments from people and this is by men and women who are who want to enter the event tournament scene but they've heard stories in the past right just like everyone is out there to to to kill everyone as quick as possible and to drake. Ut's and to ruin your day and you know that really bad experience and and people again both men and women have these fear of entering their first tournament and just being crushed and having a bad time so it's interesting to hear in one of the recurring theme right now is being community and the importance of community. How ugly friendly you've all had this experience with But to it's not just about crushing your your enemy. It's about having fun. It's about enjoying yourself and yes you will get people who are competitive and they really WanNa win. But that's not your whole experience. Lawf- is plenty of events that People offer you buy drinks. I've had against where so people had may be made to make any drinks at the table. But it's just as fun as much as it is could be competitive that probably one of the things. Christine said about having a photo taken to prove that there were other. You know there were women at the events. I think that's probably something that's really important is There's a lot of research into like why women on Instagram and why we don't say women in particular Mao dominated areas and sort of the thing behind as if he can if he can say they her women need to say other women doing things in order to know that shaken do it. Sorry having having the opportunity to say the women there is a great way to to get other women into the event so I think what we need to do is find a way to actually get women to come in for some portion of an event to say that women are are in this space that you know often. If I'm running an event I can be the only woman in the room but I'm still in that room which means that when the other women coming as the gophers or the wives of the partners or the friends or whatever there is another woman in that room and situation as there's a female who's in a position of authority as well I think that's really pal the papal to say But some of the things that way is We do a we'll have A. We'd always high tea at some of our events which we time for about two hours before our award ceremony and we basically have all the women were as many women as we can get there and there's one in this food and this conversation and we start the conversation with. Gi's deplayed you. Have you read the book? St Paint that kind of thing starts with no no don't do and then all of a sudden somebody admits the actually. I did write a book and it was actually kind of good and then somebody will. Now I paint I will give we do play a bit so you know this is kind of breaking down of the stereotypes that are with this other woman here. They're doing it as well. So it's not just me and and I'm not odd because I enjoy this in. This particular. Male are now dominated area. Because I'm not alone. That's I really love saying that. It's really awesome. When you've got a a table with fifteen women and nobody plays maybe a little bit. Or you know your mice. Mice wakes and that as the one flows a little bit as well That's really awesome and one of the things one of the reasons that we started running. I'm extols event is because the very first event we ran which was masters here in two Thousand Fifteen Dang There were a lot of women one female player and a lot of women came to support their partners and I was running the on asking them near deep lay. I couldn't come to something like this for that. Same reason that men are really competitive so I don't have the confidence to in by myself. It's okay that I play with him but I don't. I couldn't come by myself. So we started a mixed doubles event so that she doesn't have to come by herself. She can come and be and to. She feels comfortable enough to come by herself. Sorry we've noticed that Spain Spain really interesting. We have some women who come who enjoy and feel supported and then we have some men who bring their partner and they play two armies on the table and the woman just rolls the dice that he tells it too. So it's interesting saying that dynamic as well. Now Think Stephanie. Interesting especially when you see partners turning up to support their united sport them the husbands boyfriends have or even just frightened. Sanae coming up in Sapporo in Amman. Just sitting there watching it and then having that discussion afterwards of. Oh you plan on no plane. Why all this you involve? Estes what do you think about this? Although he and I just sit in there just looking at a model insane also what do you think of say? For example that the ultra if not a what is it? Oh Hey let's have a look at it and bringing them all to them and making it a mole. Tactile experience says they look at China. I did a lot of women do play. It's just so daunting to come into a room that he's so filled with men and not feel like they have space to be there. Yeah prefer from from everything. I've been told 'cause I tend to do as much research as I could in preparation for this. From from everything I R- the stand is there are of loss of players in the casual space. They come to a local game stores. They'd playing it. The gains clubs. It's at late today. The tournament that event that maybe a little bit of a gap the four reasons at emory Jimmer spoken about already. They're playing it's not like. They had a unicorn they are amongst us in their own water them. I think there are more painters in our players. Potentially at least I see a wash of painters and do you think that's because it's more socially acceptable to say painters as opposed to sing players. Like I think they still the stereotype around what does a game look like and so I wonder whether or not From the racist that I did as well. I wonder whether or not there's this idea that I actually don't want to be associated with that idea around what gamma rays and sorry. I'M NOT GONNA go and social media and share this. I'll share it with my partner. Share it with my friends. But on keeping these my daddy little sacred. Because I don't want anybody thinking that I'm like them. I think women in general and his probably does come across as a stereotype but way probably everyone has confidence issues but it seems to come. It's more prevalent in females if that makes sense and that's not a dig at females at all like. I think I think we're the Superior Race. The old saying the house trolling but unfortunately women in just in a social aspect to the confidence there is never quite s- as highs as men and I think that is getting better I end. Drew to there is a lot more women playing. And it's now becoming more of a socially acceptable thing which you know. I get sort of upset because unlike the should not be along long way it's acceptable to do something like if he wanted to go ahead and do it. I'm not GonNa stop you from going. And and no one should like a fee fine if you're attracted to the idea of buying some models and painting them play on the table. Go ahead assignments someone doing anything else. If THEY WANNA go take autry courses go ahead go and do it. If you have a passion for it jump in one hundred percent the backing and support you will have and just feeling better in your heart that you are doing something that you want to do will make you feel so much better about yourself anyway. Do not ever be ashamed of or joining a hobby Just because he thinks he don't WanNa be part of that e need to grow and accept it yourself and just jumping. Just do it. Much deficit life is so full of so much negative. If there is something in this world that brings you joy embrace it with both hands regardless of what that active will probably try and keep it legal. I guess but but you know regardless of what that is. Take any opportunity for joy and if you find joy in moving toy soldiers around on a table. He's guy for it. Yeah pleased I never like once. You start stereotyping stuff. I think that's when it becomes a problem within yourself. This problem with the community you should never ever say. I don't want to be part of that group If you thinking like that to me you're a little bit of a negative person. I'm sorry to say that you need to you. Need to have the conference itself and grow and just be a more positive person in your life and have that confidence to go. You know what I shouldn't think about that. I shouldn't think of myself like that. That's probably a beautiful set of people over there. That are missing out on having a relationship with so you know what I'm GonNa do it like let's do it and that's probably why the beginning that. I said that I disagree with you around to the idea that it's a certain kind of person that comes in place. He's he's. I think that we have a responsibility to try and break down some of those stereotypes and to change that the stigma associated with the label of Bang. Gema each not. Nick beads living in their MOM's basement living on mountain view with cup or grow towards this. It's this painful So you know. It's not an as in their mentality. Honestly the number of people that you walk past in number of people that Mike and I walk past in the straight and they'll stop his guard. Oh my goodness we what she won. You never would pick them. If you're going by stereotype so yes it's important that's great that's great. You know as much as what Jimmy said around the event. I'd also say that is true to the hobby as well around sharing you fight on his I've heard from plenty of people in in discussions with Democrat. I'm concerned about scaring Fridays. Because they're not that good. I'm not I'm not as good as that other person or I might mean learning and all share when a really really really good and you holding. So you're holding yourself back Rabin Eurocentric self and again. This is whether it's Mailo women and Jimmy. You mentioned begs female issues prior to its cracks. Me So I. I don't WanNA put words in. Tim is now that share share. So I think you're I think we that. The research says that men over estimate their abilities and capabilities by thirty percent and women underestimate their abilities and capabilities by thirty percent. And I think that's sort of what you're saying that men what what I see is many more than happy to to share and to To tell people how good they are and women more than happy to be somewhat self depreciating and not want to share. Because I'm not good so It's it's really difficult to undo have many centuries that's kind of gone into that with a two hour episode here going go power you've got this. You are just as good as the men in your lives and because that that is the truth we are awesome or women. Just I agree. We are the superior six seats in business that I WANNA get. I don't WanNA deviate too much out of the hobby compensation but they say at Then the studies have shown that If there was a job promotion company and they were all taken skills A man if they had seven of the ten would apply for the job. And if a woman had seven they wouldn't apply because they don't have the other three An just that mentality of the way we perceive things with that as well though you know if a if a man goes for a job and the the salaries X. amount he'll ask for x plus this amount and saying to be a Grega a woman asks for X. Plus that amount and she seemed to be you know or she's got tags on his health so there are kind of those social constructs that still dead that we Still battling against and that's reality so As much is that well I guess orbits year during what we can to try and put women community there in more in trying to create a positive space for women in the gaming area yet. I disagree with that It just about slowly. Increments of change and I mean it doesn't have to be small. We can make big leaps of faith But we all do a pot and I think for a second we in the tournament and the competitive scene or the Amazon in general are putting up roadblocks in various. Stop you for entering We want the events to grow. I Want my personal events is because possible. Man Woman Child Old Person Young Person. I don't care I would as many people in the hobbyist possible But there are some things and as we've mentioned That we could do to get more people to come so I think Even just to self reflect to think he's everything that I can do whether it's mixed doubles random into social interaction personally for myself as a player. I have unconscious biases. That would come to a tournament. I will go see my friends. I just want to chat with my friends whether it's my my my local club. All the people that I've played with in the Pasta. I JUST WANNA get to Nar by myself now are introduced myself to people. I don't know because I don't know how how how experienced they are and that's a way to welcome the music community to have another familiar face. End I think that's important later in your mail. A woman to make the if it To make people feel welcoming communities as opposed to being isolated because they're not in the crowd. Iping to try. The Shia is to actually have like a specific lanyard for people who choose to be You know so if you've got somebody WHO's coming in. Who doesn't know anyone they can look for the orange out and guard. Will I know they're safe person? Go and talk to. And that's for again whether it's a new man coming into an event or a new woman or whatever. They know that these persons are social person. Who IS GOING TO BE? Okay if I go up and they'll be able to introduce me to others one of the other things that we've done is we've we. Don't use tournament use. The word event on tournament is really quite It does bring up those ideas of hoppy competitive players and and that can be off putting for men and women alike. I think that's a good planet. Should they have in SEIS safe people that people can go to a bad word? But yeah those those people that you can go to and just say. I need help with X. Y. Z. A. O. Can you introduce me to these people? I don't know anyone they now whether it be in male female in regardless it shouldn't matter they can go up to him and just so high. I'm safe for example Christine. How are you doing? This is my fest event? I don't know anyone he. How does it work? Yeah last year with my husband. With load of friends bumped into low people. We went to one of the local games up the night before and then ended up being introduced to a Lotta people that they will stop. That guy you'll pin. Oh my God accommodates you. You're female and I was like yes. Well good what boys and then they would sit. They dislike to sit there and I suppose breweries sounds like I got by that guy over there. He asked me Nice. I said yes. I'm overwhelmed. Said Help Yeah I. It's like being someone that has problems with mental health like going into a room full of people that I now I'm instantly overwhelmed and I look at it and I'm like Oh God what day. I had full blown panic attack than October. I went that I was like no. You can do this. Just GonNa have some fun. You know you're not GonNa win the Games but that's fine because if you meet a Lotta people that you like. He got on with of now. I got one one of my closest friends because of that a night because of going to buy a non people that were there was so welcoming and it was so good and I can't wait to go again. The shell now really excited is. I'll go to events local one between now and then which is WanNa came in in the same town as bye-bye and there's GonNa be a load of people that I am. I know I'm GonNa be happy and content and sit there and go right a year on. Let's see I can do from being this Hobie? I think it's a journey for everybody. And we are obviously growing from the from when we started to now like just listening to Christine talk then and I definitely relate to to some of those feelings that you that you've got there like obviously when I first started. I was not who I am today and we can all say that about a you know. I always nervous You know thirty now. I was I've been playing for four years and you know twenty six years old going to the game shop Definitely it's not. I'M NOT EVEN GONNA lie on hot like you. Nari when you walk into a shop that you probably going to be the only female in the and it's daunting to start off with But now that I'm I've grown and I've I know the community a lot more jumped. I jumped up to take a while. Obviously I haven't been doing all the social media stuff for that whole time I have a sense of prod and I think that's important too because you know walking and you might be the only female on there but it's probably Sensini but I'm mark. Oh yes you know like carrying the female sex right now. Like I'm GONNA show these boys how it's done and I always have that sense of pride when they go. Oh you that chick from the foul charge. Oh yes I am like you know like I have that confidence now. But it's it's I got it from the community. Yeah like if that makes sense. I didn't I and I have grind myself but because they appreciate everyone the you know the you'll confidence just blooms those those last four years that I've been part of it so when you guy that they're like hey you're from the and you're like Oh yes I am and I think those little confidence berries They're really appreciate it like if no one doesn't you know if you guys don't know that right now. I appreciate all of that and it's really helped me in the last four years coming out of my shell. You wouldn't caught me sitting here probably so enthusiastic over something. Because I was too nervous as if I do that. Are they going to think I'm some Wieder? That's like too excited over something hands. You know if I have a passion becoming. I'm going to share it with everybody and whether you like it or not. Everyone's entitled to an opinion but I'm going to do this anyway and Yeah definitely females are on the back foot of that because we we are getting it is getting better and I think definitely. Now there's there's a whole lot of us playing. We are getting more comfortable with it. And we're getting more confidence ends soon as you walk in. You see one more dramatically. Just want to be like that and I wanna go over and say hello to them and give them a hug all congratulate them more. What are you playing like shiny? I'm answering them any different to a guy but I'm just like yes like look at you so happy. It's funny we decide. Let you feel it you carrying the flag for the female gender There's been a couple times where we've gone into a J W WHOA. Hammet store and I've got my two daughters with me and I was like could take a photo because at the moment. Gilles Outnumber Boys. How often does this happen fast? Also in I'm just reflecting right now on my my year. We we we women in and I went to a depth to calm loss and I got to play to two females in the doubles which was amazing was like Intriguing Games to play a woman called Kelly whose are now facebook freightways and I get to play another woman which is frigging Olsen. And then I came to the next which a team event was awful person teams event and out of the five games to play to play. Two girls was Monaco with a with a colon which was awesome. She was she thought she was the mother of Scott Bryant and every time she took damage. She's so excited and so happy. It was such a pleasant game on Jess Am reflecting now and I just had such Olsen gains heck lost your plate. Beth came on which is at thirteen year old girl. All's mentioning earliest sir. I've just had nothing been amazing gains if I actually reflect the plate. They some of my most memorable because I were fun. They were interactive. It was enjoyable and the skill level was no different between nine or female so I think it's important here. I think Jim Everything. You've just said around that confidence in woking in really earning that will take time but not being shying away from it because it would be an easy. Christine to have that first experience not a Timbo by were not enough. I van be uncomfortable and not come back. But now she's reaping the rewards from hemp assistant said definitely being making calibrates. I think in stuff like this like having us on Just you know for anyone watching you guys out there. That have you partners. That are watching him with him harshly. This gives you just that extra bit of support and confidence and and you could probably jump on and be more confident. Probably cost them what I have just because we're here already and don't be scared to send US messages or you know If you want some support or ye too scared to ask someone else. Don't be scared to to send us a message because I'm more than helpful Sorry more than happy to help more than helpful at happy to try and help and there's going to be a lot of other women out there too so if you do feel comfortable talking to another another woman about gaming or community stuff just just Just message because all trauma very best when there I was GONNA say in Berwickshire in the district watching on Youtube I put a list of about twenty maybe twenty five women That I follow or have been recommended to me on twitter who are painters. They walk game as they play by play forty day. They just general hobbyists There is a youtube channel called. Hot Papas in Walpole It's a husband and wife Jew who who played. Why like go fully in the US questions go back home and all this stuff and You again I think the message one hundred nail here is that you. You're not allergic to. They're more out. There definitely loves more out there yet. Fuller twist been really good for that. Is that if you're struggling to find games nine hundred ten if you put out on twitter by the way on. Exocet area is there. Anyone that will found sees a game of four K. For EXAMPLE NOT ON TEN. You can have someone to sit on. Oh by the way. Oh Yeah I know Look Gains Club to let let me just send you that link. He night whenever we go to events at the age of trump's which is our local club a night when not particularly great advice rolling but we go for the school size. That's always ends up going full. I'm in a whenever we go to events they said. Oh Yeah what base in Northamptonshire England. Oh let me hook you up with the link Ligo come come join our. What's up chat in time? Then come down to a club night and they make friends and it's really interesting to see whether it be my old female in this communicate trying to get more people involved and so is it gives them not censor once again community says they feel accepted. Sit there and guy you know something whether it be on rookie. Gema or an experienced game a safe place to betty an a place that is going to welcome in amount walk. And that's what I love about this community. This isn't mine and telling that's a really good point. Christine. I've never met a forty wall. Hemiplegia player who has not wanted more people in the community. I've never met anyone who's afraid to You know if we bring New People in. What's that going to Maine? I've never met anyone like that anymore. At all it's always Bain about how can we make this more inclusive? Hackney get more people to come to clubs or to be playing installs to becoming too events what they try and rick downs. Unemployment is having a couple of other different gaming groups saint capable who fame worried about what may mean if it's not just the same co-boys club but I've never experienced in we'll hammer. I agree. Good question is probably coming at the right time Before I get into some of the Almighty some rapid fire questions asphalt stream but one is just come up Cast steak is. How would you promote a gaming club? Coach to introduce more females into that male dominated Canaan club With all clubs retake loads of put them up on twitter. We say we'll take photos of the games and the people playing because obviously if that comfortable with it not not come through with it. We DON'T POST THEIR FACE. This thing that we have massive massively we'll take photos of games are so whether it be blood ball whether it be. Ios whether it be fully K. That we've got. We even have adapt. Itanagar down there. We have the whole law and we post up. We say oh interact with us. Talk to see if you will show ask in a always happy for you to just walk in and say oh by the way. I'm James I do in. How did this come on in my friend? Let's have a little chap in. Let's sit you down. You know what Wolf System do you want to learn? And a lot of the time that is going to be people down there straightaway. We've got Craig that saw saw blood bokhary we've got in off the IOS community that this. May My husband poll PA stave in high. We pull highly down there as well. We've got alum he. He Runs Forty K. Ios and also la ball and he's learning Blah Blah emolument. Any one of us will stand there and go. Let's have a chap. I'm hopefully teach in one. Go ahead play big wall a flea that it might me now might learn as well but it. I currently only play. I enjoy but it still giving me that. Learning of different systems and going back to the doubles of an idea in August doubles event Krim bye-bye and further money wore acolytes. And I had such a blast face in against these other armies the I was looking at. Wow I've learned so much more about my own. Aw me through doing and also learn about which Soi Alamos taking. He was taking night home. It was interesting interesting to learn a bit more about that now. More Round magazine is now in the UK and off slowly saw it grow in those as well of looks at. I thought ooh that looks really interesting. Let's play with us. This look at gateway drug people tell you it is a little bit. We'll decide to come together after. Not even eight nine months. Hobie FORTY CALL SLOW. Garwin to almost jewelers painted up Christine. You'd have to try big while I'm taking it to sad. And I've played on. Joel Embiid Gua and oh I don't know how can go back on. Joel's after being why they call. Yeah I've been told that by Tom Bell he's one of the best on Joel's in UK by people like gay puddles to as well like all of the. Mr Net is gone. Christine. Please just try big wall a knife onto from us. Walk Day to day and I was like. Oh say. What do you reckon about Andre? The big wines like like it's been how much okay then applying. What he said to him also a need to get him to just sit down and just go through it with me because Lisa knockin sit there and look and is it beneficial to the current army list. I have really WANNA buy all paint build anymore. Models on Johnson quite can content with the list. Have our men and women defer? I've never met a mobile gamer. Who's been content with the army that he's got Thought that with a Silva sat there. He looks at one list from this weekend as a lady that was actually playing called Sophie. Just running Silvana in this team tournament and she was looking at these. He looks at her lesson. She's taken like six or sorts. What if I ran the outside police supposed to be running living city now how long it took for my partner to choose what army he was playing at? Sag eighteen x week. I just I can't even explain. It would understand a little bit but it was like you know. I have a coin. If it's heads that are played one in the last couple of years. I'm like an annex like I have no no interesting like the lease Seraphin. Leach weight is articles last. Couple of days. now rateable lying I I quit my husband Magpie because I think that sounds Nas of in an attic to just forty time really. You can only see some of this stuff here. A wind wind do a tour of the room. Because I want to be on the move made three inches as well that gets Detroit. I did I remember going through that with you. Migra ready been down that road. The Three D. Printer. These can't yes. What sprayed back on track. I was just GONNA call contract. That's what I call that. A really good point that Christine's made around having multiple systems and having different ways to get into the hoppy. I've had people who've committed and said a potted gets involved in a live play. We'll have that. The idea of playing three hours of of Agency Volley K. Is just like it's too much. I'm not interested in that. It's a finding ways to have that that thirty minutes to one hour to ninety minutes whether it's killed team where the war cry weather's whether it's why I'm a quest whether it's Blackball if that's why you. WanNa get into the hobby and get more female gamers into club or community find systems in areas that they want to play some of those shorter games. There's so many less rules to have to remember as well you know so whereas going in and playing a three hour I o s game is just so overwhelming with all of the Denver. And everything you need to remember whereas yet forty five minute underworld's game look into that. I think that's an incredible point. Actually that I never was bit naive in that air. I never really thought about it because I'm such already playing. I'm so he doesn't point game sneeze like just going for a walk but That's definitely big thing is is is the time like how come. How long does it take three hours? You like hot minutes if I'm lucky. My wife who always wages as she gets ahead on every six months every three months but it takes three or four hours so when you compare a three hours to the head. That's lead to thing that she enjoys way doing on a regular basis of cautious cow skin. They even have it on Xbox near so if people like that platform and you WANNA get into gaming like playing xbox at the moment is just play some more hammer on that. Assad off with and then do you WanNa play the real thing and then you can jump into a at twenty five minute game. Shane Spyros something I was GonNa say. That's how my husband saw a plane blood bowl because he liked to look there but I bought in the game for xbox because he's trying to he's trying to get points up on race is obsessed with the society. I WANNA play Bob Shaw. How about players will tell you something. He got his game. See how you got on if you like it. Go for it. If you don't it's okay to lease and you still got that game you can just sit there and play as a as a chill-out in for after a long day for example and East now go I think three or four teams slowly but surely I think he's just got rid of one he has. He's got rid of his uncle. Tame beneath running the Sarah Fontaine Sky even and annot. He's looking at a slightly different team entirely. Show what it is yet. It's quite interesting to watch. I shy one other thing. I'll call at before I'll I'll be the bad guy in the zone in the comments made these these point and I think it's very valid. I'll be the bad guy in the room and I'll say it basic hygiene encouraging basic hygiene and making sure. That guys died smell. I know magic gathering those a tournament recently where they actually said that will keep people out if they actually snore really bad and they would actually live leisurely ban them from the event or asked them to leave so encouraging basic hygiene and trying to reduce the buck cracks and all that stuff that they had a stereotypical lays not attractive. Like if I saw that and I will I will do a gain store and it smells like what's the likelihood I'm GonNa come back done with a remainder were women. I'll be at the store over here. The pet store which was the first. Gw stole that. I ever went to an For anyone from wwl his watching this the rain square store and it was disgusting like the sweaty teenage boy smell had saved into the carpet and the wolves and it was. Just you walked in here. You sorry there would be. The boys would be inside looking at whatever that will looking at. The girlfriends would sit outside on the balcony because we couldn't stomach going into the store and because of that I saw every so generally do the briefing at the start of our events. When I saw the more by going there was a lovely ad for Sun Crime in the nineties. And it said apply yourself to reapply and we encourage you to use that same roof deodorant. You find cans of men's and women's deodorant over at the table plays allow yourself to apply that liberally throughout the day. If I walk around offer it to you it's not because you smell but he's a lovely reminder to please feel free to give yourself a square. Yep Definitely not encourage more more women. That would be something to be very mindful of whether you're the tournament organizers do have some cans of deodorant in the bathrooms or table or if you are doing friendly reminders if if somebody's does obviously w barriers that person botch everyone that way everyone experiences the same lift lift embarrassment so everyone's equal. Yes but nobody singled out you know. So that is why billy billy you saying stinker playing the TI table and collect some definitely and has become probably one of the things in the pious pack and the law slice at twelve months. It's been listed on there as like what you should bring. And then it has dos rulers type. The parents and actually undermines through saw big. Now it's and it's actually. It's become a lot more prevalent like you see what as as a ti like helping out with events you walk around and you know if someone knocks with a bag or something well. They've got seating just on the desk next to them with something so they remind each other. It's it's definitely becomes something that some People Mormon full of and I thank thank everyone. I live in any league for sponsorship. Maybe for the next tournament that I run they every every little gift bag has a league task for sponsorship. I couldn't get it actually work for Unilever sometime. We go so could sandbox. Awesome rapid fly questions because I know we probably eating for about two hours and a bunch of people's also bunch of rapid fire questions that the community has asked Feel free to either. You all have to answer if you feel compelled a question. I've had his G. Feel like you have to prove yourself more as a female game. Oh no I just know. I'm better kidding. I don't you feel the pressure of having. I never have as much as you're joking. There are times where I do. I feel that I have to be a lot more assertive in inciting that actually I. I do know this. And it's not a K. For that to happen and that wouldn't happen if you're talking to Mike so that's not going to happen because you talking to me so you know. I think that Jimmy saying I just know I'm better I think it's it's really important to know to know the staff and to be able to call somebody out on it so if you go into a store and somebody assumes that you're there to be buying something for you partner called out on it so what makes you think that and I will do that and just with a small. What makes you think I would be buying something for my husband and coming to that realization of going? Oh Oh I just assumed and yeah yeah I think confidence is another thing he too especially coming from. Tr's perspective rules questions. Obviously you're GONNA get Oslo those Wear obviously being. It's because we have some knowledge of it so answering those questions with confidence and if he dark Ni- also answering with confidence sign. I'm sorry I don't actually know the answer to that. The two minutes and we'll find out Roy just everything being not rude but just answering friendly but confident. I think I've never ever had a job with anyone that tried to second. Guess me or anything like that I've been very lucky with the community. So far I've only had one experience. We've run a lot of events but one experience where I've been in the middle of explaining something to apply and he's turned around and walked away and gone. You know what that's just not K. By that's one player. I'm we've had thousands come through our events sigh yes not a bad not a bad percentage and not an IPAD. So people mentioned like Rocker for example at bench and his wife when he's trying to get his wife into the game Some of their. He's he's wife's opponents. Ashim that she doesn't know anything and tried to explain rules in hobby. Connor basically what? You said like literally Ride her opinion It's actually fulsome to move shots twice. that on the other side is well easy Not Not not easy but another person core. Ab has mentioned exactly what you said. Iran won't be into a game store and she's often traded like she is buying something for his for someone else. It's never blind for her mom. Think calling it out and asking wash. I assumed that is a great piece of advice because definitely. I'm sorry that these you know we're gonNA find that in the world everywhere. I'm sorry that has happened to you but yeah just remember you know. You'll they have to get something yourself. Just stay new ground. Like don't be rude but yeah exactly like what I must say you know. What makes you think is going to be a gift like? I enjoy the hobby What makes you what makes you? What makes you think that is because I think that it allows that time for some kind of reflection will what does why would is that rather than going in and attacking and saying you know? You're chauvinist in that kind of thing. Now it just gives them the spice guy. Yeah actually. Iran did make an assumption there. That's a great idea. Assumption made all the time it. I buy makeup brushes which I've now realize is the best rushing rushing alum. Yes they are my wife's Makeup Russia's off limits on tolls UPS. But yes. I've heard a lot of stories where people have felt comfortable buying because this is a general assumption that You if you're coming into our buying miniatures clearly isn't for you because you're attracted because you're female for whatever reason so I think calling it out. He's a great way to self reflect and hopefully stop the cycle. The question's GONNA call out was Catherine Catherine Smith it mentioned that she's playing forty. Cain Iowa's at the moment and she's away she's only playing with a boyfriend And while she is she's enjoying that she was to step out in actually getting involved in community so she's like. How do I find players to play with her boyfriend? Straightway twitter strike while type because the irs in Seems to be linked upon there. They tell you an email. Facebook group see now. That's a good place to start in where I saw. It was twitter in an all the time and I want it games. I will shout out guys. I'M UPPER. We'll hammer well for example on this date which fancy a game a lot. The time they'll be a couple people account make it that day but how about making another die and you still create in that. Oh this person wants to get in this community. Let's do this people in rallying around them and giving them support nat whereby then they don't feel people don't want apply. This isn't good I yeah. I don't do twitter at all but I think I'm more of a facebook. Oh sorry just jumping on doing a search for clubs in your area that kind of thing or you know. It's Perth Western Australia Forty K. Players for Perth Western Australia players joining that group and then asking. Does anyone know if there's a club up? I mean I'm south of the river. Is there a club nearby? And then you generally find people would jump out and go. Oh Yeah you've got this. You got crags you go outpost you've got That kind of thing when I may end. Then you're able to go so I think just checking out your clubs finding out where they are going down and playing all going into local J W we'll hammer store get riches always always a great way. One of the great things about Wilhelma is that there are actually stores like a lot of the other war gaming games the online whereas we've actually got this resource with having have many stores in each of our capital cities going in there and using that resource asking local. J W we'll have a manager where other clubs at a nearby me where people plying. Is You know the times when you have more people coming into the store where I can pick up a game. That kind of thing a great question for General Tristan. Who mentioned that? He's a father. He has two young daughters who are at that age. They starting to show interest in daddy's ratings and he's gold one days to get them or at least share that with his children Do you have any recommendations around how he might introduce his daughters? Who obviously obviously Who at age in very much around fairies in Unicol Princesses enjoy right now. Any thoughts are in. How as they grow up. He can take nurturing that interest in the hobby books. I have two daughters. I've got a seven year old and a almost fifteen year old and my kids all three of my kids. I've got a son as well in there who's thirteen. They have all painted wore models from being old enough to hold the paintbrush and the my oldest is really into all the law. So she's she's a huge mythology kind of person in history and all of that kind of stuff so for her that funding you hook for her. That's her hook the my youngest bang to paint so you can't actually remember the name of the IOS models. She's painting the ones that have got all the Obama that are so cost thank you. I had a turtle mental blank then. So she's painting the storm Casper she's fine princesses so there aren't have to be done with the you know the Antique Gold Coloring. You can paint them whatever you want. So just that's what we're during anyway and we play simple hammer with the kids so taking away all the complex rules and everything moves the same amount. Everything does the same amount of damage and you know just starting them. We really basic rules. Starting them with three motors H. Just playing with them finding out how they want to be engaged in in and you know both of my older. Two kids have read the The teenage books that are Apfel them. We'll hammer adventures. We go out is to write a book review for our blog poised so great garre involved as well so it's just finding out what's going to keep them engaged and also making it normal that it's not a big deal that he wants to play. Hemmer. It's just this is a game. We play games as part of our family. This is one of the Games that we play as part of our family hundred percent. Just keep nurturing it to you know like there's no rodel wrong this so much freedom with with hobby and and the Games You know again if they want to paint this stuff in pink or black or yellow. Doesn't matter as long as they're having fun doing it. I think you should support that I carry on with it. You know because obviously as they grow they're interested in a change so one might still like to paint or Hobby. And that's fine and the other one might want to read books and learn how to play it on the table and and you know it's getting gonNA support by things and there's nothing wrong with either one of them so as long as you know that you know tristen still has the interest as well At that stage I think. Just guy for it Again like I agree with M. I. Paying the simple Hamma taking the rules getting interested. Because you don't want to be overwhelming people you know especially kids because they get bored easy You want to make it fun and interactive and I think as a family should probably even having Friday night games or something A family just so you also supporting a family union too because I think that's very important And accepting you're not only just teaching kids social side of things but you're also teaching them confidence And acceptance and if someone wants to do something different with their army that's fine and I think you know know judgment and I think that's very important skill to learn now so it's carry through the community as I get older and I think our community is very strong in that aspect already but we gotTA keep that. Ball Rolling. Yeah so I think that having models and things around the house that it's like for kids to touch and to play with as well rather than other models that we don't touch those because he's GonNa get really angry if they get broken or things that kids can actually play like. We had about half a dozen models that the kids had painted like rainbows that lived in the cutlery drawer for how many years I should. I think that's probably still one there at the moment. But it's just it's just normal. Sorry and there's nothing there's nothing be go scary about it. It's just it's just part of it really is part of our everyday life and cheekily for our youngest. She's grown up coming to events and that kind of things. I take the kids to events when they're little as well get them to walk around and ask questions look at the models. Yeah I was GONNA say there's a call in the UK community. His Mrs was pregnant lost Sharipova. They started bringing logo to events. They did not of already set to a messiah. You bring in by MIA to you. Bye-bye always like please bring a casino. She's GonNa get so. Many switches is simple fleshy. Getting so many switches off of May straightaway call. Why well it's funny site up because I mentioned that thirteen year old girl who's now fourteen of The first time I met Beth was at an event called Sydney slaughter and I think she was about eleven or twelve back then. She wasn't playing but she was hanging out with her dad. Now I didn't know the dead very well at the time. And she was just literally hanging around her. Dad's a two nights. Not Thought Manny's guys deadbeat dad. Why if you loss like you get divorced and this is a custody weekend. You're bringing your daughter who's like literally eleven and hanging out with you at a tournament the two days But when actually the story actually Mum of both. Whoa Hamer's are months more of a board game blood bowl type person. And he's definitely more the Wolfgang entire that exposure and normalization has been fostered over time. And it's got to a point where She's very sassy now. She always person she gives. She gives absolute may may him to my co host. Leeann by she gives him grief and she doesn't care This conference with guard And I think we've allowed her to nurture and make that a safe space so again whether it's for a a female or partner with your mother or your daughter son the that environment where the tournament or event or the Hobby at home or the gain stole had you create that an art in a safe a welcoming environment without Dr preconceived. This is the way you build a model. This is the color scheme you're gonNA paint. Do you want to do your creative expression yet? So I painted my Joel's pin compatible. Say I'm looking at it. I love him. I love the guy on my little makeup bosses skin pink and purple and August so proud of that model groped. Some my husband's Is Bits box? He's got on need to steal the makeup off. Saum because I just really wanted to make you laugh goal. Drac aim had like GORTEX. Keep her as it were it. I and kept him. On his base of stunned makeup US megabucks. I'm more crusher on the same source lawin PSI. It is quite just didn't don't like the idea of having a set color scheme for army's just don't think that works right as I feel as a cane a lot of time. They go very gothic off on multi tribal sort of incorporate some of the cerebral met the snakes from that as well and I'm currently using the ultra Finan kit bashing up morale system Rafi and big system wrath each. I'm just GonNa keep her is because she is just exquisite but just didn't dare of someone coming to the table talking. Oh does hang on a minute and just looking at each model and picking up looking to say. Wow this is really different. He's GonNa make it more interesting when kids come in and sit there and got. Oh Wow look at this. As we gain down in Northamptonshire we've got the big shopping on corporate likes and little shop in their called magazine. Heaven and they run a game night once a month and we downstairs having Rs Game Two verses one my husband now for and race and I was playing on the other side and dislocate came up and decide looking at more crusher picked him up and I was like this is more Croatia. Don't worry he doesn't bite. He's taught. He's Nice Look Emmy says look still fighting to stop popping among the does and the little kittens Pin said look to stop. Mussa come a holden. He goes yeah. The lady says yes. Mas Of Koshi Campaign I drove. Oh you're going to drop them Naza just making him just a little bit news. I was like okay so good. And just thought that's cool and then just walks off you've just seconds of information out of there now that's it. He's gone miles on them. I mean if it if it gets a little kid looking at it. That's cool that you know whether it be goal of boy of Patriarchs Pink. Paint your your round space marines rainbows like it doesn't matter by the way. Speaking of the Devil Beth actually just jumping comment section so literally like didn't jets Everyone who's who's making the great environments spaces that that world enjoying I am conscious of time. I have one more question to ask Before we kind of wrap these show up anyone who's been watching. These valuable just listened to observe to reflect to think about how we can make a more inclusive environment and yes absolutely. Today's International Women's Day in bringing women into the hobby. The thinking more about your experience in your exposure to generally the whole community and I think is less than inside and if you are trying to bring more women into the hobby whether it's for painting richards playing. I think I've learned today. She's awesome find out what they want and if they if they find out what they would like to see a few job there by not scary. That have jobs mistake. I was GonNa say you still again being go. Being a woman doesn't make any plan or a painter. What's IT between? Your legs is no relevant today in gaming system So I guess the Comment WANNA ask is. What would you like to stay in this hobby in the future? Is there any hopes aspirations? Dreams things that you'd like to sing as a female in will your lifetime and the next year role. I don't know what I think. The community is already in a really powerful position. It's it's it's wonderful as it is. I just WanNa see the continuation of support growth and pretty much. Stay on track people just remember. Why are we doing this? Who you are. Don't try and bring any talks toxicity until it because you're not going to be supported and you'll end up losing something that you love so if we just continue on the On the track that we're going I think and just continue with the support and the growth that we have got. I think that's that's GonNa be brilliant because we already started with any in a very few females and now we've got lots so I think we're already on the right track say. Yeah that's my. That's my opinion as as you say Jimmy. Continue with the great communities that we've gotten all the positive aspects but I'd really love to see his get to a point where we're not having this conversation where needs not trust. How do we get women into warmer ease? Isn't it's not an issue you know we shouldn't need to be talking about how do we? How do we create that gender equality in gaming it should be a non issue and I really would love to see us? Get to a point where we're not talking about gender anymore because everyone should be loved on. Appreciate it on this hoppy regardless of your background race creed whole non yards. It should all just be. We'll hit enjoy the one hobby that brought together Les Joyeux Eight. I love on each other and if people need support support them if they don't get my support that's cool too you know. Yak. That's absolutely my thoughts Into my dreams episode as well Cut In one women on a pedestal. I wanted to make. These is a big issue right. Liking Women Navy special treatment and you know Because you ride. It should be a conversation This is a a system that has hard rules. That you've gotTa Maine's division a women's division there's Is nothing stops of women from playing this game because they have certain skills or mindset or abilities is say elite. You say is nothing that that separates us That people where women aren't doing it so we do need to have this conversation so there's nothing stopping as yet women aren't doing it and you know. I would equality and I do wonder you know when we talk about feminism which is the other f word that will lead to say but when we talk about feminism. We talk about equality. We don't need equality. I think we need equity. And that's what we've been talking about today is about. What are we see? Women need additional support to get them either playing the game or to get them attending events. What can we do to offer that additional support to get women through the door and once we've got through the door? This is a great community. I think we're going to keep them there. But we do actually need that additional what we need to be having conversations like that like these to be able to to reach out and to say you know what these space isn't just for men. You have a space in gaming community as well and it's okay to climb in that space. Criticize Myself I early. Anything I'M GONNA end. I think that's where we end the show. I think you absolutely now. That on the head Christine Jemma. Emma thank you all very much for your honesty openness. I personally led to lot and as I think about my vents are as I think about the tournaments that I'm attending in each direction that I'm making a semi reconsider. Think about the way I attempt to create these equity in the community of Israel shoutouts anything's groups anywhere. People want to find you anything that you want to say before we wrap this up on my credit gym or she probably the easiest. One inertial have suppliers that we can find you a mole yes. I'm on twitter as the foul charge. One of charge and I'm also on facebook uses German shepherd I we do have a facebook page called foul charges. Well On INSTAGRAM HAS JEMMA. Michelle but yet just jump on any those semi requests or messages. Whatever you need. I definitely endeavour to help out as much as I can. As for shoutouts. Where do you start my growing this day and age like? It's so hard because you don't forget anyone shutouts failed. Charge is a great putt reports. If you could if not a I will already under Negga Continued go check out their Olsen. Gemma tells wire wire awesome are just normal. Plebs plan the game in the community we just laid back people who just be ourselves and I think that's something that's very important and not forget is just be yourself. Also thank you very much Recommended jumping checking in Ola Jim stuff. She's awesome. She carries her boyfriend. Michael she carries full. It's true it's true 'em off. Where can people find you? What's the shot that you want to make So objective secured. We have facebook twitter which we don't use look for their instagram youtube. We have objectives Q dot Com dot. Au we have podcast as well blog posts. Obviously we run events over in Western Australia. And I'm sick on facebook. If you WANNA find me As far as shoutouts gory. I generally outside of these work for women's Organization and start all of my meetings by acknowledging the women who've worked before us and I'd like to finish by acknowledging the women who I'm sharing this episode tonight and the other women who are playing in some form or participating hobby and some form at the moment. Because I really want the paper the women who are out there who were part of the community to realize that you are that women who walked I and we are. We are the if you can say. Hey you can be her and on that and I just WANNA shout out and say to all of the women who were part of this community in some way you guys are absolutely fantastic for showing up and thank you for being there and all of the women. Thank you for being role models for my daughter's I really appreciate that thank you. I also just real quick. I probably should mention that. We have a youtube channel as well as thanks and support there and we also have a twitch channel the foul charges while way we've done some. We've done some reps in some Containing it at events theresa you just want to watch some stuff for the also an Christine. Finally bring us home. Where can people find you say? He's mainly twitter sites Her companion web. Somewhere it's not about wrestling. People is not by wrestling in my other passion which is almost like she lost three love wrestling to be fat in all fairness a yeah. It's it's named after a my other side. Pasha which his name in crush of eating until a lot about war hammer on that. You know you're always welcome to have a little chat with male now. Da's inscribe no is frequently now. I think it's a Ryan Luna and but chase the is insane. I'm trying to create full mccray knitting and facebook is under Christine. Corum Co am. The Michael am among there as well. So you're always welcome at me as well. I'm always happy to chat any form of hobby whether it be what I'm doing at this present moment in time which is kip. I live in hell out of a models or to save China about anything always there. It's always good the shot I'm GonNa make is again. Check the comments section on other compensation they show US fiction plays. I've listed out a whole bunch of wonderful women in our hobby. Highly recommended going fully them. I'd also appreciate if you've enjoyed the show and you know someone that I haven't acknowledged who don't in comments section you know. Let's graves Asia if there is an awesome twitch. Aw It is also instant grandma someone on facebook so facebook might not appreciate the festival being shared around Tradeoff Shut Juche your wonderful women in will who are contributing to these hoping civic and all again exposure and enjoy the wonderful works so I'm going to end on these thank you both. I think he everyone actually. Jemma AMMO Christine. The chats please. Amazing discussion happy. Everyone finds valuable. It takes away at least one. Listen I certainly have sir. Thank you all and we'll talk again soon.

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