Hopes Fade for Quick Economic Recovery


Technology it's in your pocket your car. Your Business and the Wall Street. Journal's Tech news briefing is tracking all of it from consumer tech to cybersecurity from the giants to the startups every weekday. We bring you the latest stories about the companies and advancements that are changing the way we live and work tech is remaking the world will make sure part of it subscribed to the WSJ tech news briefing from the Wall Street Journal. Wherever you get your podcasts. Here's your midday brief for Monday. May Eleventh. I'm JR Waylon for the Wall Street Journal. Many decision makers in business and government who'd hoped for a quick economic rebound are now expecting a slower more painful recovery. The potential for the corona virus to research in the fall or next winter is prompting some analysts to warn of possible setbacks on the road to recovery the prolonged shutdowns and loss of demand is prompting some companies to make temporary factory. Closings Prominent House. Democrats say vote on their next corona virus. Stimulus proposal will come no sooner than Friday. The proposed package would provide additional direct relief to households and as much as one trillion dollars for states and local governments Senate Republicans and President Trump have objected to open ended funding. That isn't tied a specific issues caused by the pandemic at least nineteen Iranian sailors. Were killed by friendly fire. During a military exercise Sunday evening Iranian state media said the incident occurred and a port on the Gulf of Oman when a navy vessel was struck by an anti ship. Missile from nearby worship. The mistake comes nearly six months after. Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Mistakenly Shot Down Ukrainian passenger plane over Tehran. We've more details on these stories and other news of the day at wsj.com and the WSJ APP.

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