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The. Be. It's episode one, seventy, five of the feed, the official Lipson podcast, the podcast that takes beyond how to podcast into keeping you podcasting with podcasting tips and information for the every day podcasters in taking you inside Lipson. The largest podcast host distribution network since two, thousand and four. Hello Welcome. I'm Elsie Escobar Co host and producer of this podcast as well as the community manager at Lipson. In on that note are you following Lipson on social media that would be ally B. S. Y. N. A. WE are at Lipson on all the places instagram twitter facebook and Lincoln police connect I'd love to say hi to you. So say hi back once you start following us there on this episode a bit on the Zuma Patrick four awesome vanity headphones more on the stitcher purchase podcast artwork woes rebranding your podcast advice pirated podcast on anchor. There is no compliant only a certify stats people, and of course, geographic and user a stats, plus of course, all kinds of other wonderful tidbits sprinkled throughout the show, and now for those of you that are in the new tap on that thirty second forward about six times and get started. Right off the bat for those of you who are still here here's the scoop on getting on this show, you can send a thirty second promo to the feed at Lipson Dot, com it needs to be. Thirty seconds or less and clean as in no profanity, and again, do your very best to keep it to thirty seconds, attach it to your email and send it to the feed at Lipson Dot Com. If you don't have a promo but you want your voice on the show, ask us a question or add to the conversation that you hear on episode. So send us your voice feedback you can record it, attach it to your email or you can call us at four, one, two, five, seven, three, nine, hundred, and thirty, four or you can you speak pipe at speak pipe dot com slash the feed. We also have a long running blog feature called Bracken Lipson podcast every Monday. We highlight one Lipson podcast and in order for you to be featured on the blog email, the feed at Lipson dot com that's it, I'll send you all the information. It is first come first serve. So the sooner that you get your Info to me the sooner that you'll get an Aq- and now let's jump into our main conversation with Rob Waltz VP podcast relations at Lipson, as well as my co host right after our first promo of the episode from humans. And then have you ever thought about where we're heading as humans? Are you involved in shaping the future outcomes that are important to you? Or. Do you ever feel like you're on a boat with no orders heading downriver river towards a destination that is being shaped by futurist and tech? Moguls. I'd like to introduce you to humans now, and then a podcast at explores how rapidly changing world impacts people now in the future checkout humans now, and then on apple podcast or wherever you stream until. Then go on, go help shape the future. Hello Rob good generic time of the day I'll see. So. How's it feel being a Nashville podcast are now for what is it a couple of weeks? Weeks now? Yes. Yeah. It's good. No, it's. It's fun being here. Once covert is over and it'd be really fun because actually get out and enjoy area right? We're happy we we had the carpet removed from the place that we're renting. It was dripping with cat P so. That's good to have that crime. I forgot that was a conversation. We had him for it was bad. I mean they ripped it up and they put kills down and it seeped up through the kil-su had to do a second CODA kills. That's how bad it was. My life is better. It's not a stinky life. Non Stinky is great. Yeah. Yeah and I don't know my youngest son he started playing on the golf team for his new school and then in the in the last week, he's gotten into Frank Sinatra found the Frank Sinatra channel on Sirius. I turned my wife yesterday go. He's turning into my eighty three year. Old Dad. I don't know that's a national thing or he's hitting puberty. He went straight from twelve to eighty three. Well I mean I don't know if it's like Nashville thing because I don't know if I would say like Oh Frank Sinatra Nashville. Music City. Right Yeah Music City. But that's still not the person that anyway. Your Mortgage Jersey but. But it was just it was just funny that he started playing golf and listening to Frank Sinatra weeks I just like. Oh. My goodness. Right so we have a little something that we are wanting you to possibly see right in the future here as publishes next week. Today Jackson's going to be doing a review on the zoom peformed. Yeah. We won't have it for this episode but. Between this episode in the next episode. Right around this comes out Dave, we'll have a review available for the news zoom. We'll we'll recap his view on the next episode. So he didn't have quite ready for this recording that's right and if Just refer back to our last episode episode 174 Robin I. Chatted a little bit about this new little toy from zoom. So refer back I can't wait I. Mean I think it's GonNa. Be a lovely little device. I want one. I did find my zoom h six right after our call. Week. Cable switches or at least I have zoom zooming six I've got an another little message I had forgotten about this. So here we go. Hi L.. C.. You wondering on the field last episode about an accelerate Dash usb microphone for under one hundred dollars. My suggestion to you is the Audio Technica at two zero, zero, five us be it is the same Mike as the updated at are twenty, one hundred but looks cooler and is cheaper I've used the MIC on a few shows and it sounds to my ears better the priced seventy nine dollars and it's You can find it over at sweetwater dot Com regards John and thank you John for reminding me because I do believe I actually have this microphone in in the little series that I that I worked on for to start a podcast on the lips and blog because I keep forgetting this Mike and people keep reminding me about it because it seems like it is exactly the APR Twenty, one, hundred I think there's one slight difference I forgot what that is. So there you have it folks under one hundred bucks gay that's awesome and I wanted to share. About, another little piece of gear that I just got K rob. So here's the context I have been doing obviously because there's a lot of that do this a lot of streaming things a lot of like on virtual sessions and things like that, and I don't know if this is specifically female vanity related I don't know if that's the thing but I'm sharing this anyway I got this farm Luria, Petrucci I watched a video that she did on this because she's a big Streamer Aka she used to be Kelly Lewis but or that was her pen name I guess or you know. That's right and so I watched a video where she talked about this and I was like Oh my God. Brilliant. So when you're doing live streaming sometimes obviously a lot of the time whenever you WanNa have really great audio. You need to have headphones because part of the process as being able to monitor yourself right in your ears. That's just one. Oh, one for for making sure that everything's going. Okay. But unfortunately, when you're doing streaming, everybody can see you and at least for me, there are times when headphones really get in the way of your earings. Phones really get in the way of like being cute. The whole look unless you're GONNA do it. So I was like with your outfit or class with your I'm serious. There's times I'm like, I, really don't want to have these white things hanging out my ears. Anyway, that's just what I think. So she actually showed these headphones that are those ones that musicians usually wear like they're in ear and they like rap over your ear. Clear and she said, and they need to be courted because obviously a lot of the when we're using Bluetooth headphones, they might die on us or they're sometimes interference which I have seen in the past to wearing anything that's Bluetooth and recording. So they need to be courted new rap these guys over the years they go in ear and then you can actually tie them behind you so that they don't drop. In, the front you can just have them go in the back end like I said, they are clear cord and I love these things. They are the m e audio Spar Sport Fi, earphone, c. c. l. m. e. e. noise isolating in ear headphones with memory wire They're the clear version. There are black version well, and the bonus of this is that they're eleven dollars I just pulled link-up I want what? Ten nine, hundred, nine news. Yeah. Yeah so I am so stoked with them. I just got them for myself, and now they're part of my arsenal like I am like I will not go back to using anything else when I'm recording because what I also found is that I kept having to get my yearbook because I was using the apple ear buds, the corded ones into my road caster pro. But there's times when I'm editing and I need to have those when I'm when I'm moving around and using them with my computer or something that needs those and I was having. Oh my daughter's use them a lot for their machines and so I kept taking them out and putting them again and I thought I need something that's just going to stay with my. Down to come through like you know apple, the one thing I liked about apple airports are ear buds is that when I talk I can hear myself at normal volume. Yeah, which is what I like. I don't like the over the head ear headphones where it's blocking all the down I. Don't know how my volume level is because then you start adjusting ya voice newspeak, not your natural voice. So do they allow the sound through your? Absolutely they're not like super hardcore noise canceling. You know they're they're eleven dollars. If you, put it in the year they actually some some physically will block the sound from getting through. So you know apple the one thing I liked about apple's is they don't block the sound from getting in. So when you have a man, you can talk normal and you don't have to talk to different volume level. You can hear your voice they are a middle of the road because I do have the airports pro, I have those so. They are not quite as fancy as those of course, and I also have another set of like thirty dollar in Ear Bluetooth headphones that I do use oak or I used to use before got my airports airports pro when I wanted in ear noise canceling and they're not as strong as that like those other ones cheapie one that I have. The thirty dollar ones are by far a lot more canceling so I have to usually take them off. You know what I mean. So he to your my daughter's or something like that whereas with the airports pro, I don't have to do that. You have a link to this the show I will have a link to it in the show notes Y'all it for me. It was like a game changer to be able to have these things in ear and still monitor myself. They're really comfortable to I'm really surprised by it. My only next thing to solve the problem is that. I also have an extender to my headphones because I found that it was too short with just normal headphones in the world cancer prone the way that I have it set up and I wasn't able to move very much. So now I have this gigantic cord that extends the headphones and I don't know how to put it away so that I don't spend fifteen minutes on coiling every time come record. But Mike my my next thing to solve on the wall and just hanging. Yeah that's what I was thinking I. Think I'm GonNa do them anyway let me know if any of you get these because I I love this. I think that I'm going to have to get another pair just to have a backup because they're like the best thing. So Kudos to Luria for she has maybe I should. Get the video you know what? I'll have the video and at that in the show notes as well. The one that sold me on these so that you can see how Pandy they are. That is all but now moving on to some podcasting news that we kind of eluded to a one not we haven't. We didn't allude to this. We actually spoke about this last episode about the Stitcher and. The money exchanged between. Wants see. What it was but now we know exactly what it was because scripts had their a conference call and in the conference call, they said the sales price was three hundred and twenty, five million, and that includes a sixty million earning or earn out. Over the next two years. So it's three, hundred, twenty, five, million. If they hit all the all different things script said that was four point five times revenue meaning revenue seventy, two, million for scripts before stitcher, which sounds impressive until you consider this line quote stitchers, annual losses were in the high teens, millions of dollars unquote. So their expenses were around ninety million which goes with what I had heard. I was situation I. Think we reported that supposedly they were losing eighty five million, but it was actually ninety think of it of that for a minute. So for every nine dollars stitcher spent, they made seven dollars and twenty cents Great Smile Oh. Yeah so a dollar eighty, four into the air. Well, it does sound like, Pandora and serious as. Loss Center. They have to work that out. Now show anyway it. There's too few companies in the space making money. Oh, did I mention that our quarterly report came out since the last episode you can look it up but you have we actually made money again and speaking of Lipson. Congratulations Tillery Sims. She is now Lipson President and CEO Congrats to Retro Pick our new chairman of the board and Congrats to Richard Highs our new CFO so Richard Brad Lori congrats out. All right now moving on to another e mail that we got hi Robin Elsie my podcast art appears on Google podcast, but it does not on the Google search see screen shot below. Can you please tell me how to correct this I tried googling it to no avail. Thanks and thanks to for all the Great Info on the feed and this is from kit from the active travel adventures and adventure. Travel show podcast. So about a year ago, we had this issue come up with some other folks are work wasn't updating and and Google said they were looking at that and that was an issue and they were working to fix that for the two shows active traveller adventures in, and then the act adventure travel show on the active travel adventures. The artwork feed looks great. It's right specs and everything however. De Adventure travel show your way outside specs coming in at over one point, two megabytes. So you need to get that file size down to less than five kilobytes. Make sure to change when you update the artwork don't know if that's going to because you problem here with Google podcast but will at some point likely cause a problem with you in Apple podcasts even if it isn't yet, we'll get to. That we'll get to story about that later in the worst string of the week. But yeah, make sure you get your work down below and kilobytes I. Know It's a simple little things. You never know though because it does for whatever re I mean obviously, it's embedded into your feed. So it is a much larger sized to have to sift through. Okay. The you are now becoming a famous recommend or. It's funny sometimes I don't get any you know I'll answer questions and I don't see anything and then also I'll get us we're talking about here is apple will recommend some of my answers on the apple podcast forms and there were a bunch in the past two weeks that got recommended to were about where to go to submit your new podcast feed and and and I, of course, included the podcast connect podcasts say that plural podcasts connect dot apple dot com url for one the posts, but the other recommendation worked for two other URL's with different. Extensions, on that main Yarra was podcasts connect dot apple dot com, slash my dash podcasts, and also slash my dash podcast slash new dash feed will put links show notes on those These are the other two that apple does recommend to try if the main URL is not getting you a, you can submit a new feed in into that sign in loop. So they put a recommendation and then another one, I had a recommendation that was about the fix apple put in place that we talked about the issue last episode for new episodes not showing. and. If you're not seeing your latest episode and have not published around August seventh timeframe. Then, what you should do is go to your podcast connect account and click on refresh feed and then you should see your latest episode in Apple Podcast page shortly. Shortly in quotes right which I think meet works out to about one to three hours. What shortly means there's people that only release episodes about once a month. So if you're one of those and you're not seeing that latest episode that's what you need to. Cool. There you go and I know and we've heard I mean this this has been updated. I think since the last episode we were just talking about that there issues. And that it should be fixed soon. And this is the fix that they mention for all of us to share just need to refresh your feet right if if you haven't published in office and now supposedly, if you publish new episode It should on its own causes it to update your previous episodes they've that wasn't showing. But again, if you don't have a new episode to publish and you want your most recent episode to show up, that's how you. Okay. We have another email here. Hi Elsie an rob wondering if I could pick your brain under the banner of my company, a one hundred year old Electricity Utility Company Hydro Ottawa I've been producing podcast to better understand the fast changing world of energy called think energy since May Twenty nineteen every two weeks take our listeners on a tour and discuss some of the coolest trends, emerging technologies and latest ovation's of the energy sector. The energy sector is very dynamic and worth having discussions with industry game changers from renewables autonomous vehicles, smart speakers, EV's smart cities hydropower to millennials, and you can check it out over thank energy dot lipson dot. com. We've been producing our episodes be are hydro Ottawa twitter linked in. And facebook accounts we've just hit five thousand download mark and our listened rates sits at around seventy eight percent. Now, for my question, my boss would like us to migrate everything related to the PODCAST on a new affiliate company. We've just created that basically sells energy solutions to municipalities, large corporations, and other utilities. This move makes me somewhat nervous as this new brand hardly has any followers on the social platform and not sure how our listeners would react as new company is for profit and not sure if our listeners would follow us and what Seo would we have to press reset anyway hoping you might have some yoder like advice saw thanks a bunch and this is from Dan. Quandary seems like you our. Listeners worry not should you follow they will are assesses the path the content content leads to knowledge knowledge leads to happiness happiness leads to subscribing. Se Concerns Real. Are they cloudy future? Do I see many past possible reset and do not? So Dan I hope that helped or help I, hope did I like? He's probably going to have to sit there and religious into this whole thing. Go like what the? If you speak iota. Speaking of accents. Yeah I think that in terms of the SEO and search and all that stuff that is going to be an issue particularly when you're starting from scratch. When it comes to the listeners just like rob said it. They they all they'll stay. You just have to be clear about the things that you're that you're doing, but it's When it comes to ours, it's really interesting as long as you just have your rss feed available and it stays same. There really isn't a big deal. If they're subscribe. To continue on with you it as long as you're content remains the same if you're giving them the same value and content doesn't matter what brand is under now but they're there for was the content they may have learned about you initially from the brand but your Kern audiences there for the content. That's why they stayed around wasn't because of the brand and I believe that if maybe there is a little bit of a change in value system there or or know behind the scenes if your audience has a problem, they will barbecue is it to you particularly the ones that do have an issue with the the work that you're doing What I would suggest in terms of your own mission statement or maybe a company wide. Discussion would be how to respond to these questions right so that you're ready for when somebody pushes back so that you can be strong in whatever decision collectively you have why you're doing what you're doing. You need to be clear about that. So already start to craft what people might push back on and you need to really you know own own the choices that you're making, and if you're hedging, you have to speak with your bosses or whoever you know is the the I guess the communicators in there to make sure that you outlined that in that for sure because your voice is really important and I'm talking about your physical voice. It is very hard to lie I think in a podcast because people can hear it. So. So a practice, it's. something. I always tell my the people that I work with as well when when you feel a little uncomfortable about a topic that you are approaching your voice, you can hear that in your people since they've been with you for a long time. So just make sure that you have a clarity of of who you are what you stand for to make sure you you go to stand with. With whatever it is that you're choosing. So you know what caused. The one show to the next. Well what a what a segue. So yes. Now we have our second Promo of the episode and imagine what it's called. It's called Cross pollination coincidence. Cross pollination is a podcast creative collisions between fields and innovating to make something new. We talked to guests her bolt original Cross pollinators they've drawn in different backgrounds, done things differently from other people and enrich their work with new products, new tools or new wave looking at the world, join us to discover our guest stories and how you can cross pollinate at work or in life. Thank you so much. All right, and now we have we have a report from the report that they found. Thirty percent of the pod track top twenty shows had pirated copies on anchor that were then over an apple podcasts and all the places that pull from apple and and also they were in spotify as well. So I this is not new people were putting pirated versions of Joe Rogan and other tier one podcasters on anchor and been doing that for the past two plus years. And here's why this issue is not going to get better but actually worse. Anchor cements the podcast sands, the apple approval process. Thus this let's the shows get in. Apple does not even see them in there until someone else finds and reports them, and in that period between submitting and being discovered to shows are cashing in on ad deals anchor. So they wash and repeat wash and repeat and repeat every time someone wax down. Three moles pop up I really don't know why all of the top twenty are not being pirated but it is likely going to get worse much worse. So the last episode we learned that anchor had over fifty percent of all dead clutter in Apple podcasts, and now we learn they have lots of the pirated content to brilliant. Do you want your? Brand with that the solution to this problem is pretty simple. Apple needs to make anchor play by the same rules as everyone else and make the producers manually submit to apple via the personal opinion ID and have the shows go through the same approval process. All of us had to go through until then the issue will get worse and worse. And Worse Heck I could see some enterprising pirates launching versions with misspelled words in the title like taking the serial artwork and putting it up there. But spelling the Title C., E. R., e. l., and not that I'm recommending this only I'm just saying this is what's an enterprise pirates might do fun Times Fun Times indeed I would have never in A. Million Years Thought of doing something like that. Just grabbing my show and putting it somewhere and cashing in on the AD I. Guess it's the same as. Taking other people's are taking Rogan show that. Harris show the or in other shows, big names, and they're putting up the content over there and download upload it and people are subscribing. Don't have any idea they subscribe to the wrong feed right? They just saw it was the one they found when they went looking, they subscribe to it and they're getting the content it's coming out when it's supposed to be so they don't know. So ultimately the podcast hosts or there're people need to find these and then report him and then it's whack-a-mole and then they take it down and then they use another email address and sign up and repeat the only solution on this is apple has to stop the special treatment. That anchor gets and and that's the only way. This is GonNa this problems go away otherwise it's just going to be getting worse and worse and it's going to look bad for anchor and apple I. Don't see anchor in spotify caring you really don't think I mean spotify was didn't they just take show down that was the same as another show didn't we just have this discussion the takedown shows when stuff gets reported, they'll take down shows that have reported issues but ultimately, like that guy, don't you remember that guy who submitted his own show and then he was not he was like pulled down and it was his own show with his own. PODCAST we'll see, but it's going to be hard for them. They'll have to manually look at every show that comes in and signs up, and then if they start doing that, then they have to look in filter every show, and then they have the issue of dealing with the lose their dmca safe harbor provisions because they're looking at one show they have to look at them all. So they have the issue of you know with the DMC safe harbor provisions they really shouldn't be looking at content if they're actually looking at some content and other they. Could wind up in an RIA coming in and saying well, you really you know since you were doing this editing looking at, you really don't have the safe harbor provision anymore. We're going to go ahead and it's who you don't get all in trouble now anchor. Okay. Moving on now to another email hi Robyn Elsie. I'm looking at launching a second show that is on a similar topic to my show, but not identical, and I have some revenue opportunities for the second show. Overall, the revenue opportunities are likely distinct to each show, but there may be some overlap where an advertiser would buy time on both shows. What's the easiest slash best way to launch this second show? My instinct is to keep them both under the current RSS feed and just label the episodes carefully, but is there a better way and or a reason to separate the show's coming only? At Eleven, input regards and higher. In this situation I, say figure out who the audience would be for each show. Then those two different audiences overlap and if so how much is it? Ninety percent of those at listened to one will want to listen to the other or is it more like fifty percent of each group want to listen to the other each percentage that is not interested in the other show is a percentage frustrated with the extra episode showing up when they WANNA bulk lesson if the overlap is less than ninety percent, I highly recommend to different shows slash RSS feeds plus. Having. Two different feeds means you can optimize title of each of the shows to their specific audience per what they would likely be searching for for that topic and seventy five percent of each show is interested say in the other, they can always just subscribe to the other show as well. So nothing's keeping them from subscribing to shows, but you're not frustrating them by putting content they don't want. So in short two shows for the most part means to US RSS feeds two different titles two different opportunities to be discovered in searched and found in apple podcast I I would add to that. That you have to weigh in because of the monetization aspect of it, and the fact that if they start a second show, they have to start from scratch when it comes to building algorithms search algorithms. All of the placement that they already have currently because I don't know exactly if it affects a show if it was called one thing and it was indexed under those, you know under those words and then you change a title, is it still going to have relevance in terms of search results for the net for the newest term I don't do you know again, apple search for apple search. It's really about what you currently in your title so you can change your title in. No. But yeah, I'm just saying in terms of the fact that the algorithm is skewed towards time subscribers and actions on your on your show like you you will lose all of that for you have a new. But. The old one and you just cross. You, Cross pollinate from one show to the other. So. You're promoting the new show on the other show and you may even run the first episode of of the new show on on your current shows feed. Let people know and introduce it. But you know if the topics are different in the and the advertising opportunities are a little different I would really recommend to different feeds. Not only that that allows you more flexibility in monetization say hellofresh wants to only advertise on show be. And they don't advertise on show a well, if you have hellofresh on shelby and it's in the same feed, show a then you can't get whatever one of the other food ones on the other show. So it does limit because you what you can do monetization lives when they're both in the same feed, you can't have competitive products being advertised when are in the same you but if they're different feeds sure you could have an. Ad On android on the other Oh, wouldn't you love to do that rob? No. Oh my God all right Okay. So descript has version three dot ten and it came out last week and beyond some new features, it also fixes the bug where in some cases it was creating VR files. Thanks again to the feed listener Bob would for finding that issue and reporting it and to descript for fixing it hopefully, the rash of VR episodes I'd been seeing how go away if you use the script, make sure to update to version three, dot ten as apr some, and do you have some things to say about our new destinations right? So we've been reminding people to set up. A Amazon music and Ghana destinations new ones that we introduced last last month in. July. So I went and I looked at our stats for the feed since July first, and here's what I found are android APP sixty, six downloads for all episodes Tall Pandora two, hundred, twenty, six, total, our, APP two, hundred, ninety, two, downloads total, spotify, four, hundred, ninety, six downloads total, and Donna five hundred fourteen downloads total only destination we had with more downloads. Donna was RSS feed which has allowed in four, thousand, five, hundred, thirty, five in that period I was a bit surprised to find again our number two destination. Obviously folks all shows we'll have different results I. know some that have seventy percent from Pandora and others almost all spotify but the key message here be everywhere if you just don't know where your show is going to resonate until. Well, it's at the place where it's resonating. And just to clarify our show was live before July first, it wasn't like we got a hundred in you know seventy five downloads from them pulling at the show win it was live before July first. So I just looked at July first on because I knew was already live by July first. So I was I was really surprised to see that. So again, you just don't know where you're going to do well until you there and tell her there correct people are raring for content. Not Not done. So definitely go set up you're GonNa Destination and your Amazon music destination in all the external destinations you seeing your lips and accounting and go to destinations click new. You'll see them are under external animal also, if you were one of the shows that setup Ghana early, right when we announced, please email me rob at Lipson dot com I wanNA check a few other shows and see how they're doing and now moving onto our worst email of boom we are. Are. Yes Okay. Here we go. Hi Rob Issue Eight entirely fixed with apple did the refresh this morning per your comment normally thirty minutes but waited three hours for this one it doesn't on Apple podcast or the page at Apple Dot Com. Any ideas are work for the show is one megabyte get it down under five hundred kilobytes. Make sure when you update the artwork you change to file name to something new then go and click refresh feed again this has all been done I'm not seeing the episode in the Directory Still Though Might it take time. So I am a y person and have a need for exclamation with things like this when if possible so I'm trying to understand why the artwork can be such an issue after not being one in the past we've had artwork issues with other shows in the past as well. That didn't make much sense, but we just want with it. Now with this one in addition to the apple issues, it just begs me to ask for more info. Can you give me any better insights into this regards and art? Yes can take a few hours update apple podcasts long history of intermittently not updating when the artwork is any size over five hundred kilobytes, it is still not in their specs, the five hundred kilobytes limit, but it really should be their first thing I check one show does not update is the artwork and the artwork ninety nine times out of one hundred is over five hundred kilobytes as was the case hierarchy. Okay. So I just need to. Live with that there is really is no true explanation and are high in our. Well, the explanation is apple system does not like large artwork and when you replace large artwork with artwork less than five hundred kilobytes, the issue goes away like it went away for you see attached your episode is now showing less than thirty minutes after you made change regards rob w and this should be where you get a thanks and have a nice email day. Email high right I get it I. Would Lie I. Would Take that answer and be done with it except it wasn't an issue up to this episode and art at which point I said enough and I walked away. Folks. This is something we have seen literally hundreds of times a stuck show that can be unstuck. Reduce the. File size to less than five hundred kilobytes is again intermittent. means. You never know when it's going to have and it may not show up until years after you upload the previous art work that was over five hundred kilowatts message here is this just check your show level work make sure it's less than five hundred kilobytes, and if it's not change it to be less than five hundred kilobytes, make sure when you change your work, you change the file name as well if the foul. Was, Logo Dot J. Peg make the new one logo to dot J.. The finally must be different from the past file name from apple to pull it into their system. I. It's just an old issue and it's still shows up people check your artwork. I can't believe how many times I see are still coming in at one or two or ten meg I don't think that people realize how large are can actually get and. Just as a note, it's you know as with especially with a lot of the podcasting. About when it happens intermittently and this is the same response that people give when they are pulled down for keyword spamming like author Tags spamming where your show is pulled down and then you tell them, it was because of this and then they say, well, I've been doing this for the past three years or whatever, and it's never been a problem and it's like well, now it is well. I've always driven on that road fifty, five miles an hour. I don't know why I'm getting check for. You know who cares at the speed limit says thirty I've always driven figuring five. Why are you took an officer and that's unfortunately that's a problem. From I think you've tried to make a I guess a decision based on what you think you need to get away with or this is never like I don't understand if somebody told me I think I just needed to be fixed and I didn't even know I go like, Oh wow I can't believe. Okay. Thanks. That's what I would say not like why it's never been an issue before. Can I just keep it the way it is what's In this case, it was like days had gone by hadn't updated. He changes the artwork and it updates and thirty minutes, and he's still like well I guess I'll have to live with. What? Just Walk Away Mike walkaway just walk the way cooked some chocolate. Okay now speaking of that though now we're GonNa talk about another topic that is probably GonNa make you want to walk away and go eat some of. Of these items until just before the stats sections. To items. One. Clarify. Something there is no such thing as being compliant too I v Two stats you are either certified like Lipson Blueberry NPR and others, or you are not certified like Red Circle bus route and others claiming to be somehow compliant again Red Circle are definitely not. To certified you are either certified or you are not there is no compliant that is pure one hundred percent marketing bs do or do not. There is no try as Yoda would say and that is by the way the stance now of the IB to even say that you're compliant means that you have to be certified that is the new wording. So if you say you're compliant, you actually have to be certified and listed on the I v to the site for ABC to certified companies. The second item, and this has to do with the IB v two stats measurement and change that's coming starting October. First Twenty twenty I certified companies are to stop counting downloads from watch os some the hosting companies talked about five percent to fifteen percent of downloads coming from watch Os and they wanted to wait until October first. So they could prep their clients about said, fifteen to five to fifteen percent decline in numbers that are coming. So what does this mean for Lipson, users absolutely nothing. Say it again. Absolutely nothing. Well see back when Iowa's five was released. We are huge spike in downloads that todd in our team track to Apple Watch weekly. Did some testing confirmed with apple? What we were seeing was a new feature introduced in watch Os Five. That is still there today that is where apple sets it up or set it up that. When you put your Apple Watch on the charger and it's near Wifi, it will download any recent podcast episode. You also have available in subscriptions on your phone. So immediately, we wrote an article about how Apple Watch was the son Hero downloads Oh sorry. That was megaphone that wrote the article. What we did was the right thing the thing and that was we did not count them in your stats knowing that well, they're bogus and not real, but just duplicates. So we've mentioned before on the show and actually right when it happened two years ago. But again, you hear about the change coming. and see anyone complaining about their stats dropping because this just no, they are not on lips and because we have not been counting this since the end of September twenty eighteen just as other should have not been. And to add some flavor to this, I was in a presentation with the in December twenty nineteen where major podcast radio company showed their stats and showed fifteen percent being from Apple Watch they said, they knew they were bogus, but they were still counting and reporting them. It's little things. Folks that make a big difference when it comes to stats such as I don't know not counting numbers, you know we're bogus just saying here Elsie, hold the soapbox for me for a little bit might need later all I will I will see and I think that there is an element here where I see this conversation a lot and I have actually seen it I've I've got exactly it was cheap podcasts somebody was talking about. A dip in measurement and a lot of the time the blame comes to there must be something wrong in the way that the stats are being counted when there is a drop right and that's when people get upset and they for whatever reason. I guess because we're human, we want to think that things are better than they are. Or bigger than they are and when the number kind of normalizes at a different place where it actually is possibly more reflective of the actual audience. There is this fight as to but I WANNA have the other number like, Oh, I, remember what it was. It was something to do with like pot track and other filtering systems from other podcast. Hosts in the podcast host had a lower number that attracted and there was something in there in the way that they were. Measuring, you know the way that they count downloads and I think part of it is reliant on the fact that we have to really be curious about the actual size of our audience versus anything else that's going out there meaning some sometimes like this with the Apple Watch that it's behaving in a way that it is forcing downloads but that doesn't mean that there's more audience. To your show and so even when it goes away, your audience now is clearer and that's the number of Peop- that's more the number of humans. And you know what I mean. So just having like, could you imagine if my daughter's had all apple watches and then I had my three thousand devices that I have in here just my household alone. Like fifteen percent up somebody's. Again. We, we saw the strike immediately it was like Whoa and I'm sure other saw to but we like we went. Okay apple this is what we're seeing. Do you confirm and like? Yeah there's a new feature and here's what here's what's going on like okay. Well, we just won't count them makes we know it's bogus which is extra and. For Apple's point I'm not blaming apple for what they're doing. It makes a lot of sense for the user's perspective. You've to grab your Apple Watch in the morning go out for a jog. It'd be nice that the podcast you're listening to would be available there for you on the Apple Watch. So correct yes. Completely get what apple's doing have. No qualms at all. It's just up to us as podcast host to look at these situations when they come. Up and go okay we shouldn't count those because we know wides happening and we know that it's not real but in and it was amazing to be in that meeting last December and they were going we know it's not real but we're still reporting it with a wide just it's. So that's just so frustrating because it doesn't just affect the podcast it affects the entire industry. You know it's like it just presents a picture that is not true. Anyway or or the most. Holiday say maybe it's not that that's not true. It's it's more about Accuracy it's not the whole reason we're on the. The whole reason is to get accurate more accurate stats and have an industry reporting more accurate numbers. So I'm glad we finally got around to watching it and saying that these numbers are not real. And take them down to it. Okay. So now moving into the Third Promo of the episode, this is Wild Life Weirdos. Hello friends did you know that a sea otter mother is one of the most loving mothers out there or that verge lungs don't actually expand when they green or maybe that an octopus among the most intelligent of the vertebrates will you do now and you can learn more by listening to Wildlife Weirdos a podcast where I find out what I can't about an animal and I tell you all about it released every first and third Tuesday you can find us at Wildlife Weirdos, dot, wits, dot com slash podcast, or on facebook instagram and Tumbler as Wildlife Weirdos talk to you soon. Pasta. Okay, and now we will get to advance stats and I up is country breakdown for July for downloads geographically from all sources and the United States sixty. One point one percent is always number one. has by Morgan but that's up sixty from sixty point three percent last month or the previous month June. United Kingdom five point three percent down from five point seven Canada five point to Australia three point seven Germany two point nine, Sweden one point nine down from two point five in June Mexico one point eight percent up from one point three in June. France one point five down from one point nine and Brazil, one point four percent By the way I should go France always drops in July and August because they just go and big vacations. Japan one point three. Overall but also Germany stayed consistent in July were two point nine in July two point eight in June. But France we always see big drops this time of year. Japan one point three percent, and now he's everybody over one rounding out the top twenty. Are Ireland Spain Netherland India South Korea New Zealand Norway. Denmark Russia and Colombia and those the same top twenty as we had the previous couple months. Here we go on geographic see how your numbers match up to those. Now looking user agents overall in mobile downloads moved up to another all time high eighty, nine point eight percent of all downloads. July going directly to mobile devices versus eighty nine point four percent in. June. Computer downloads well, they're down to an all-time low ten point zero percent even home voice attendance plus set top boxes were at zero point, two, two percent in July, which is a little lower than June zero point two, three, the. android ratio in July was five point zero, two one downshift a bit from five point two to one ratio of June mobile aggregate or APPs not from spotify stitcher or from apple moved down a little in July to ten point seven percent of all downloads versus eleven point three in June and the big dog gator at is apple with apple podcast APP. And I tunes coming in at sixty eight point four percent of all downloads for July, which is a Smith Jr up from June sixty point two, number two was in July was spotify nine point one, which is an increase for the first time in many months for spotify up to eight point three percent up from eight point, three percent in June. Number three was stitcher at two point zero five, percent number four, overcast one, point, nine, two cashbox came in at fifth at one point four eight podcast addict at one point, three, five, Google pass when point three four just missed it and podcast at one percent, and that is everyone over one percent and those under one percent were pod being the PODCAST APP Player FM podcast, Republic Pandora downcast tune in radio AAC Caesar Ten pod breaker excellent player are s Radio Castro pod kicker Himalayas Eye catcher radio public one, hundred, sixty, million luminary, and that's everyone that comes in at least two point Oh two percent and anyone below that is under point Oh to and not worth a mention. And Elsie You mind handing me the soapbox or do you have any comments before you hand me? So Bucks Here you go. Go for it man. There is talk about spotify and Pandora winning podcasting podcast will not be consumed much and apple podcast going forward. The quote unquote logic. I. Guess is that those services will be able to serve more ads because they will be able to share personal info of listeners to advertisers. So I guess the logic is that listeners will flock the place where more ads or placed episodes. Yes because listener so loved eight minutes of ads for every twenty two minutes of content radio q reason why we have podcast listeners right now in the first place I think it's a little naive to believe that one all or even most podcast want ads or are in a place number wise to even get ads, and that adds are more important than mass distribution for the majority of those that are at the numbers that adds make sense. Yes, there will. Be shows that go exclusive with spotify or maybe even maybe even Pandora if Pandora goes down that path, but those will be a small number of shows percentage wise in the space spotify and Pandora can't afford to overpay all podcasters like they did Rogan and people are going to get busy. Now that they rogan's getting right they're gonNa want their piece of the Pie things will change a little in the space but spotify Pandora overtaking apple number one place for consumption. Long long long ways from that. But things in perspective apple in July had over seven point four times the consumption of podcast as spotify or combined seven point four times more for apple. Let that sink in again I do not want to take anything away from the added listeners both spotify and Pandora have and will continue to bring into the space. Thank you. But those writing apples obituary in podcasting are we put premature in those posts and I really think those writing that do not take at all into account. podcast listeners are not idiots and if given a choice of listening spotify and Pandora, where there are five minutes of pre produced generic ads or listening apple podcasts where there is none or they are host read ads, I think most listeners are probably GonNa pick apple podcasts for their consumption even if that means listening to one show in one APP. and. Apple podcasts overcast. It's not difficult to switch between APPS and I step back down I don't know where this is coming from I. Guess is just people that don't really know the space. Really, nameless base and that's what's really even more frustrating is like what what are you thinking? You've been doing the last fifteen years better than that. Maybe you're just trying to go people. But. But you know I could see to some degree. I could see if the audience itself grew meaning apple podcasts like people are not leaving apple to go listen there. Right I could see if ben doors audience really grew and spotify's audience really grew too but it's but in order for it to kind of equal the, what did you say the seven times whatever that number is eight seven, four point four times. Like what what number that is it's GonNa take time to get to that number. So maybe at some point because people grew up in that ecosystem maybe but that's GonNa take a while though that's not going to be like in a company issues because people like listening to music and there's a lot of them listening to music doesn't mean they want to listen to spoken word now some of them do but not all of that. Not, all of them you right and yet there have been shows that have done really well on Pandora. No shows to seventy percent of their audience on Pandora and spotify similar overall. When you look at the numbers, it's nine percent for spotify and it's not just us that see those numbers. It's others that see that and others in the space see that number around ten percent as well. So apple's still the dominant plays and the other aggregate or upset poll from Apple again when. You just take not just apple, but you also take all the creator upset pulled from Apple's directory. You're still looking at eighty percent seventy, five, eighty percent of the market typically is is not by in Pandora, and then there's sites but other things. But the point is if those places are the places where they're going to get the most ads in the aunts and by the way people put ads in then they start putting more ads in and they put more ads in and. More more and more money, and because they're only in certain platforms are going to have less and less download so that any more and more ads make up for the money they were making before from the host. Read it. Also, now you go to five and six, and then finally you're back to eight minutes of ads for twenty two minutes of content. Again, that's what people railed against. That's why people move to podcasting to listen to content site. It just think people some people forget how got here, right? Oh well, ski one thing that I still at this moment I feel that spotify does do very well at. least for me as somebody who consumes podcasts like a lot and I know I know how to find things and listen is to direct fast listening via social particularly in instagram like there's just no beating spotify on instagram because the one click button whenever people share episodes they're like literally I click tap and I'm listening without anything else if you obviously if you have spotify APP on your phone, it's unparalleled consumption like for me to discover shows it's been really great. So I'll listen go ooh immediate listen to the whole episode check out browse their cataloging go ooh, this is really cool and then I'll go subscribe You where I really WanNa hear. That that show but I mean that's about the only thing that I, really like about that. So anyway, are we done with your soapbox? Should we? For the week. So we're have we been all my Gosh Oh. My Gosh. We were at the pod Fest Global Summit and they got they got their history-making history-making. Amazing. Yeah. christly monkeys I know so so amazing I mean you did your your thing there. So why don't you give us a rundown of how that went down I? I had a session there the I did want over submitting for new show what you need technically where to submit why and the timeline. So it was basically for anyone that's new and you're getting ready to launch your show it. It showed you need to do where you need to go and why you need to go to those different places in the different order. So it was it was well received. A lot of people asking for the slide deck. So it was fun and if you have the virtual past the I pass, you can go and watch that session because there are some info in there as well for experienced podcasters over the numbers and and some other stuff as as always. But it was definitely geared for someone who's getting ready to. Launch a show. Now, it could be getting ready to launch a new show you already air podcast and might be something you've forgotten about her and thought about or you could be one of those people that gives me a call and says, Hey, it's Friday and I'm getting ready to launch my show on Monday and we need to set an account up. So To you. I'll see. The people that still happens it's still happens. Call this week another one where people want to start next week and I was like, no. Let's push this out. That's pushing out after Labor Day. Just after. Labor Day. What was really admirable about the podcast global summit is just the IT really was global in nature. There was a a sense of camaraderie that expanded outside of the United States. There were a lot of voices that were there that that were usually not heard people from India we actually had bj. Who is a podcast or from India report on the Indian podcasting space. We also, there were all kinds of mini cons, I mean mini cons after mini, cons after mini, cons, all kinds of niche content very specific. Though is the black pod fast mini con. She podcast there was a military mini con. There was a Latino Latina podcasters and cinema vols did a big huge chunk of stuff there that was both in Spanish and English there were in fact I think three separate many clusters of Spanish speaking podcasters within podcast and that actually not only global. But also there were a lot of people were talking about streaming and a lot of very specific type of sessions and communications in there. So I was incredibly impressed. I there's a couple of of my sessions that I've published four she podcast. So if you want to hear what Jessica and I did and also panel that we had on creating anti-racist. Right. podcast spaces one on one that was published already, I'll have link in the show notes. But Danny opinion I also did a session over that was really great to just be able to talk about what it really what it took to be. You know not necessarily the steps that we took to be inducted into podcasting hall of fame, but you know just a trajectory of our over decades of in the industry now. So that's there but what's really cool is that I asked the podcast team for those of you who don't have VIP passes for those of you who are interested in this. We do have a really special Promo Code. So. If you go to the link in the show notes, it's an event bright link where you could buy the tickets a few use, the code pod Fam, one hundred, you get one hundred dollars off of the VIP tickets, and you know I know that there's a lot of places that you can get podcasting information, but they usually come from a specific lens or they're kind of skewed towards whoever taught that one person in what's lovely about the pot pot fast is that it has all kinds of sports from all over the world from a diverse amount of points of view that will I soar add to your knowledge in podcasting. From marketing to streaming to worldviews to stat to industry stuff to. You know even Mike's and what to us I mean. It's everything and money because Dave, Dombrowski also did a session about monetize your podcast as well. There you have it all their everything. So please use that support that team. They're doing such fantastic work I'm really impressed. I was very impressed with the. Thing about this. bj In India and more podcasters. Maybe that's the reason the feed is. Done well and gone there's a lot more interest in in podcasting in India and speaking of Worldview I was actually a guest on the India, their narrative podcast, which is a very interesting title because I'd never even heard that word but. This is a podcast from Peru and fabulous. You had me on the show. It is Spanish begin conversation. He does a phenomena he really puts out a phenomenal show. He is also a podcasting professional impetus that produces shows and stuff. But one thing that he's doing really well, and I think that all of you who are interested in marketing because everybody wants to market their show, I want you to go fine I'll put a link in the shown as well. Go look at his or the show's feed in instagram his instagram podcast feed in its at Denver Narrative, which is a really hard thing spell if you don't. Even. Know what the heck that means. Lincoln. Show notes and you will see a beautifully curated instagram feed that I am super impressed by the way that he uses images the way that he uses audio grams the way that he has the calls to action the way that he uses quotes from the interview and the very intentional way in which he is promoting you are going to impress. Has Time to do all of that stuff, but it looks fantastic. A workshop with Chris Curran. For the a con together for the Producers Guild of America where we talked about. podcasting. Dear WanNA won. Production aspects of it and it was amazing. Thank you so much Karen Summers for having me on and I'll be doing another session for the producers guild of America coming up in late September and this time talking about diversity and podcasting. Part of on world audio. Day Session there was a Nice write-up on it in radio world this past week, and there's actually a screen shot of me talking. During, it so So thank you matt log for for sharing that and and have me part of that. So that was Kinda cool and also folks by the time you hear this, I will have been on the new media show with Rob Green Todd Cochran that's the Saturday August twenty second episode. You can hear on there and I have no idea what I talked about me because it hasn't happened yet so. Yes I'm sure that they were full soapbox go. Get me in todd in a room. We stacking them. Baby I know all my gosh and see where we're going virtually. I will be at content marketing world and October, and we've got some other stuff coming up here. We need to get a list for future episodes to do. Turn on the virtuous share. So we'll. We'll try to clean that up on where we're going virtually for the next episode at work with Kelly to get I do know that in September, I'll be in the there's a podcast Latin fast that's happening in late September that'll be a part of. Then I think that we have some and then the diversity and podcasting, which you cannot see because that's going to be. Happening in behind I guess the guild, America wherever that might be right so. But and then of course, we have podcast movement, which is happening in late August nobre. So that begins I believe October nineteenth. So tickets are on sale already the you. I guess you can't apply to speak anymore because that's closed but speakers I, think will be announced in the beginning of September, but I may be wrong about that. So that's possibly the next. Those are the next big things that are coming up for US virtually to be. Right that's all I. think that is all here today. Thank you so much for hanging out with us again please send us your feedback the feed at Lipson. Dot, com, you have been amazing at sending me Promos for the episode. So keep it keep at it. I would love to have more of you. Sending those out I think that I'm almost four for the almost for the rest of the year, but it would be amazing for all of you. I'm just putting this out there all of you who have special holiday end of the year episodes. This would be the time for you to be sending those to me so that I can put them in the queue and then there will be perfect by the time that. You live in. That would be awesome. So please do that the feet at Lipson Dot Com. You can also download our apps that are available both in Iowa and a android for shore or you can call us for one, two, five, seven, three, nine, hundred, thirty, four and leave a message, and we will happily play most of those on the show here as much as we get. We really try to have them come through. For like. A month ago. Yes I was I was almost have. Now another way to get on the show and since the PROMOS are booked out is senator question send US question. Temper show a little bit in the question. We'll edit it for brevity sake but. A question or comment or you can let us know if there's a certain destination, a place where your show is resonating, you weren't expecting it to resonate. Thank you so much for listening and you'll hear from us in leagues.

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