UF238: Brian Kelleher and Revisiting 2018 Champions Predictions


Hello, welcome to USC unfiltered, Matt, and I are back together. Brian Kelleher calls in, we do a Matt movie minute, and then I give a movie in the Matt gives another one action packed at Jimmy's office diet kind of. What he is sitting chase in that finish. Late in the Baden. This is UFC on filtered and now your hosts, Jim Norton and mad, Sarah. Welcome. The team is back together. I was not. I was away the last couple I called in. I had some comments of Connor and could be people get up. Hey, shitheads. Yeah. Oh, you're going to be? No shit had occurs. So yes, people people who line up so much on one side because your book unity. Shut up. I when the issue, your opinion that you tell them, we'll see. We win. All happy could be. Yeah, we'll see. We'll see at all. Now what are we enemies wanna fuck you. Even asking me. I don't wanna talk to you. Honor. Look, the guy was honor is I'm sorry. It's not an excuse to jump over the fucking back into this. Yes, for a second. Yeah. Then why did give I don't get it, but it's not an excuse for jumping over the cage. Honor. People use to justify a lot of stuff that you're not supposed to do in line, but some people do that just to promote shit. So I mean, I, I mean, Khanna did that with Jose Aldo. Just they use that all the time hunt do one hundred, whatever. Conard I'm gonna seasonal. Connor did the whole bus thing. Everybody killed him for that and they should have. That's the other thing where people go like what Connor did. Yeah. What did wasn't right? Either wrongs bash. Connor four, two? Yeah. But you know when they it is a weird, weird situation that's going on a lot of drama. But I hate drama, but you know, we all love it. It is on the talk about on now. They're like making a thing where I mean, listen that bustings the worst thing that ever happened, but somebody could have literally killed. But I don't like that. I mean, you know, listen in this whole thing. I was always more full Kabaeva obviously is what it is, but you know, I'm off with somebody get hit the back of the fucking head. I mean, blindsided house out honorable. Connor punch. The other guy. I, he punched him when the guys come straight out. No wasn't the guy jumped on the cake. It looked like the guy do jumping one guy jumped up and was looking over the fence away. Khabib jumped ahead. I'm like Honda ahead of me. There's a video Connor punching him version. I think the other guy might have hit. Connor. I sent me that kinda is more excusable though because once that guy gets on anything can happen at that point, Connor has a right to defend himself. He's trapped in the cave guy was going up older. I know what you're talking about. Yeah. I think I know what you're talking about. He hit that guy, and that's what set off the whole thing, but still hitting from behind what is that? Yeah, you know, let's not good. I just think but. Amen. I mean, hopefully the they just get past all this shit. Yeah, but I do know that could be a fucking b.'s. He he is awesome. They both got the mandatory ten days pension or whatever, and they're talk in Jimmy. They're talking about possibly a rematch and I don't know personally, I don't like that at all. I here we go look now. I think Tony Ferguson. I mean, it makes sense. Obviously for the size of that fight, if they rematch earned that a hundred percent. Well, we're watching the scramble right now. I would rather see Ferguson Habib. Jap- different like this show. This somebody's con is over there and let me see this guy. Now's are already happened. The guy just hidden behind now, the guy just punching from behind. Yeah, go back to part one more time. The guy hit him from. I don't care what team mate. He hit him from a high Connor facing that. Well, that's the problem now because guy jumps defense. Yes, any hits is that the guy he hit going over or. No? No. That was a different guy who just hit him is out when it was supposed to fight Artem. Yes. So that is a beer. I believe it's pronounced Barrett to golf, and that's like, could be guys and can be saying he's kinda threatened that he'll leave if they fired this guy, just the cage and hit Connor who just lost. But the other guy Connor hit. Listen, not and I don't have. I don't agree with that at all. This is this is the problem. You know Artem was there when they when the attack that attack the bus. He was there for that wasn't he also to be thrown. They cut his fight that night, but they didn't. Yeah, they didn't use mystified. Bruce LeRoy. Thank should have been a really fun. But the the fact that he's not right cut is I think could be point. This guy still the card still on the on the roster roster roster roster, let's call the whole thing, but I think that that is the major problem. It's like, all right, look, you, you, you put out a message like Amy, listen, oh, if he got away with that and we could at least do this and it's setting the sport in a in a rough way here always pointed that and say all, but look what he did, not that it makes it right. I'm not saying Lobov did was right. He was on that and whatever punishment they gave him would have been fine with me. But I do see a difference between that and somebody jumping into the octagon and punching a guy who just lost a fight in the back of the head. Listen, that was totally wrong. And then he was bragging about it too. So that's not great. I mean, it's, I wonder what's going to happen. We're gonna have to see my more annoying was how people lying. And get so crazy about it. It's like they get so angry if your opinion doesn't sink with, there's right. That's like most things though is not yet, but they don't. They don't realize that there's two sides to it and you're gonna feel one way or the people who defended Connor or many. But for the bus, I didn't hate them. So they were wrong. Well, also at a certain point, like this type of stuff is more about the sport as a whole. You know what I mean? It's not just on team can be right, whatever. That's what the fights for this stuff is like, you know, it can make a sport that we all love look bad to people that don't know what is fucking riot breaks out. Of course, if a riot breaks out, then the you have seen Dana looked terrible, just awful. I mean, hopefully we just move forward and get some positive shit. I'm gonna Brian, Kelly part away. My one of my one of our surreal Longo. Up and comers at his pro debut over the weekend in Long Island, and he won Dennis bazooka. I wanna give him a shout-out. He did good this kid right twenty one year old kid. He laid this dude out and he did. He eat a great ally. Quintas taken this kid under his wing and kinda bonded with this kidding. And that's that's a good guy. And that's a good people are gonna say, good role model for if you're gonna be a cage fighter. Yes, fucking ranging out is is a fine role model of if you're going to be getting ready to fight in the cage. Yes, hang out with rage you now and and get some of that. Let that warriors spirit Siebel seep into you and by the way, raging does of a fight lineup now think so. Officially Kevin Li, I was there for the first one. I remember was a good fight back then. I think that's gonna be a great fight. I like me some regional his. We both of these guys out a fundraiser the other day for my, my buddy Frank span was, is his eleven month. Year old son has Frankie has leukemia brutal. So we all went to this. Fundraiser and at one a raffle thing. But all these charms and dignity gave to my kids and stuff. He's a nice guy, man. He's a good dude. What's up. We have Bryan on the phone was on, hey, Brian, how are you? We have to talk to you through this this thing. This kind of rigged up because Time Warner's phone say stink. So how are you? I'm good. I'm good. Can you hear me? We can't hear yet. Chris, Chris kind of figured out a way to hook it up through his iphone so we are able to do the call. Where are you now? I'm actually driving right now, but I got you guys on speaker, so we'll get to go. Okay. Where where are you driving to the gym or from? No, I, I left the gym earlier. I'm driving towards the mall now over here. Okay. By the way I was watching some of your rap, it's really good, man. I literally thought that you were doing that thing. People do where they listen to rap in they mouth it's. But that was actually you talkin man. Yeah. Jim, I'm asking Jimmy what he's talking about. He's just point that you. What is he talking about? How does Tyron Woodley get a record deal? You know what I mean? I gotta get myself in one Brian ramps on his Twitter, you wrap rat. I'm trying to provide on my downside, right? A lot of stuff. And then I just wrapped her son, but I've been people been telling me to take it into the studio. So do take ticket serious taking into the UFC on filters studio. Yeah, man. I mean, listen, a lot of people listening right now. Now, imagine saying clear my throat. I'm just getting the right kind of beat. Yeah, I to go, but I can't. Is there anything you can break into if we, if we play the music to, albeit ya you could sing that. Could you just get this verb, the musical version. I don't know if he's gonna be able to hear it actually because the way we set up in. This view. That come into studio with you guys in the city. I'll have something prepared. I'll I'll spend something on the Mike live. How long have you been writing rap lyrics and rap songs? I've been writing for a while. I, I would say since I was probably like eighteen nineteen just for fun. I did. I used to my my dad plays guitar and he sing. So I've been around music my whole life and I used to make music. Like in the basement, he had a little recording studio down there, but it wasn't produced official, you know? No, broin. Now with Jimmy heard, we listen to we, it's on it's on Twitter and what is it? It was just Brian in into kind of his cell phone camera, whatever. We're just kind of, you know, like thirty or forty six long out Christopher deuces getting it. He's getting it. I heard this, so these I do it on my Instagram stories, and I also do like, I'll throw it up on Twitter too. So have you recorded any songs? I've recorded full thongs, like back in the day, nothing as of recent because I'm looking to try to get with a legit producer that can make it sound more quality. You know, you know, I'll tell you, I heard platinum. Mike Perry do something to the Tyron Woodley so long. I was very impressed. Great. Yeah, man, I saw that. Yeah, that was good on a story that was pretty freestyle on this. You know, you can't freestyle. You're not like be rabbit. I could do it, but it's hard to do on the spot. You gotta really be short. Well, that's the whole thing with the Freestone. I'm listen. I can't say that I can't show. Did you ever see that video? Drake free styling, but he didn't know there was a camera on him reading off paper series. Yeah. He, I think it was on sways radio show on Sirius. I believe it was reading off paper. Yeah, that's fucking great man. A lot of these guys freestyle day like they've, they actually wrote that stuff in remembered it, and then they just freestyle it when they get a chance, you know. So who free styles. Okay. Does Eminem freestyle for real, or do you think it's pre written. I think most of it's pre written to be honest. I can tell when someone's three thousand like it's not as perfect, you know, listen, I have a question. Everybody wants to know about this one verse that one and I wanna ask you em g k machine gun Kelly, your Eminem go. I think I'm gonna fight. Not in the fight. I'm talking about wrapping. No, I am for sure. I, I think both were really good. I think MGK as good lines. I like rap double Eminem just like lyrical genius. He is. I like I like rap double and I like kill shot. I like them both. Jimmy. I listened to both of them on the way here. You believe that. I do believe this. I listen to that because I'm like, oh, I listen to Queen live on the pressure, has nothing to do with the story. No. Third thing I listen to, I didn't know you were you were into rap so much all what. Oh, how Brian? I'll be yours. I'll be I all I got brought back in August as that one book and I got nothing. So I'm not a good rapper, but I used to listen before you were born, there was a show called yo MTV raps fab five, FREDDY, yes. And then it was Dr dre the other, Dr dre and and love. That's right. Yes, it was a man. So I, you call an OG in the rap game, not really to listening. I used to like to listen to it, and I still do I listen to what the kids listen to. Have you ever done in front of an audience? Who may have your, have you rapid front of an audience now I've never performed or anything like that. I feel like that's the hard part. That's what makes a legit a legit artist, you know, you're gonna say, legitim- see. So like if you're going to really do shows and make money, that's how you do it. You gotta get in front of a crowd and get a fan base, man that listen. I mean, it's hard enough to fight in the cage Brian. I don't know if you should be able to listen. It's good to have a side job. You never know. Yeah, I'm trying to figure. Out what's after fighting. You know what I mean? That's the scary part. How do you now, Brian? I'm thirty to do it. I got it. Listen, I know another guy on the fucking five, seven from Long Island that had a great year thirty two fucking me. Yeah, I the time some of that good juju. Right. Listen, listen, man, you took out Barral which is the former champion, and then you had a, you know, a little bit of a tough time with Lineker around was at third around third round. So you in the fight, man. I had a fucking minute and a half or so. You know, I really wish I would have made it out of there. It was. It was. It was a fun one though. Enough enough, you know, it's not like it was a good experience. It was a learning experience that guy hits harder than anybody. I fought. You know, I've had a lot of fights that never felt that before I listen man, that you could definitely take that with you. Tell us about what's next. We heard you find on the golden wanna talk about that. Yeah, I'm fighting at the garden. Originally. I had an opponent from the contender series Domingo's felarca he, he got hurt. And pulled out. So now Mantell Jackson, who's also from the contender series filled in kind of similar opponent. You know, taller guy, south ball, and you know primarily a striker, but he has some wrestling too. Yeah, just I'm excited to be back home fighting at home. It's a lot easier to to deal with the way cut like that and everything else. So. Where were you raised? Obvious, raised in Selden New York on Long Island. All right. You'll handling I didn't realize no, where where are you training now? Brian. Because I kind of. Kind of balancing around everywhere. You know, I'm like there's ten planets you get you and Smithtown. I'm also at Long Island. Emma may and I actually, I just went over this long goes Jim, the other day and got a little a couple rounds in with Matt for Volta and Murrah was over there, so very good. Well, for you very good work, Moraga energy machine. I remember l. Joe, if there's less fight, he says, people want to know what I do for cardio and he took a picture of him in morale. Blake Merav through people. He's tired when he spars. It's like how he fights. I mean, he just does not stop. He doesn't start it. You don't. You don't need cardio if you're doing round. It's something else to watch. Man, I love it. You know that, man, I have such a good time with that dude. So listen, you used to fighting tola guys though. Brian, you like me. I mean, you have to guy out. I'm always the shorter guy. You know what I mean? I'm used to it. How happy are you to be fighting at the garden? I'm happy, you know, but I don't get crazy excited about like where it is because it's just another fight to me really. I mean, it's it's, it just makes it easier. Like I said, just being able to stay home through the way cut and and not have to deal with the travel or the time differences or anything like that. He had the problem with fighting at home knows you got so much family and they all start bugging for tickets, and they all want to be around you and talk to you the day of the fight. Do you find that's difficult like you just kinda wanna be about yourself and everybody's bugging you for something? Well, the good thing is I don't have too many fans yet, so I'm pretty good with not true Brian. It's not too bad. I guess everyone around me kind of understand how it is. We don't get tickets really to sell. You know, we get four tickets for our family and everyone else wants to buy tickets. You know, the normal, lay, whatever, TicketMaster on UFC dot com. So it's not too bad. Oh, you get four tickets for your family? Yeah, that's what they give us. Every fight was gift, four tickets pretty much to give to whoever we want. And who you giving you four tickets to New York. Oh my God, my girlfriend, I got my mom. I got my brother. My older brother, Keith, and then I think his wife knows or anybody that's being left out. There might be like one person left out. I'm not sure because I still have to figure out my third corner. Usually my dad's in my corner, but if he's not and someone's gotta pay up. Would you like to do when you ache like training? Tell us something about you in the off hours here? Just chilling at home. Netflix that you run in fucking hills. What are you doing? You're not. Yeah, I do a lot of extra work. Like if I, if I have a lot of time in between my sessions, usually it's two sessions per day. I'll go for like a run or something like that just to break up today just to add a couple extra things. But if not, I'm doing a lot of writing or I'm listening to podcasts whether it's like some Joey or kill Tony or Brennan child's podcast below the belt or Rogan. I'm just like, I'm what there's so much stuff to watch out there. You know some keeping up with that Jimmy. You mentioned you see unfiltered. Well, he likes. Yeah, I knew that was coming. I was wait. I'm like, wait, like Jimmy sick. Looking at Jimmy about the I five him, and then all of us I was waiting. And then all of a sudden. Joey, Joe Rogan printed Isla likes to kill Tony, likes those guys from from Rogan's crew. Do you like Bert, Kreischer as well for questioning funny, I watch. I watch his Instagram stories a lot too. He's pretty funny. He is good on those. It's hard to be consistently inst-. Interesting on Instagram stories. There's a lot of pressure, Joey, what he fucking takes too many edibles and totally passed out this out. YouTube, he'll do show he Joey, Joey. He'll start eating edibles in his an eyesore, an episode where he just passed out and he's totally pissed. Now he's sleeping. He's people. They accidentally eat one of those stars at death, and that's what my list the do joy DA show. I'm sure you're not. I know, Joey. I hung out with him before that. That's gonna. That's gonna make that happy. Like I feel like I wanna do show, but I'm kind of scared because I feel like he's gonna let slip me. One of those stars at death slip it to me. I'll walk walk, walk on my hands over that fucking thing. Does he play? I think he played Sabbath. I've done it once and I think he played Sabbath. Did it last year. The doesn't play music and you shouldn't play music on your podcast because they could they could yank it. Yeah, he puts in like the old school records sometimes before he starts the podcast. Oh, maybe it's before here. Okay. So him in that guy lead funny dynamic, you know, he seems like a nice guy to that guy. He's a good side kick. You know, it's funny nowadays with the TV like I don't even watch the majorly channel two, four and seven and you don't watch the. You watched growing up. I hold even on TV. I just watch movies and stuff hate booking commercials. I just watch Netflix and YouTube. Jimmy. You Brian use aim Shipman nephew, U2.. U2.'s my thing. I I never watch TV anymore. I literally turn my TV on just to like have it on in the background. I hit mute, and then I just go to YouTube. Watch the podcast. You know who, who's it ever. The last from house of pain and from the Whitey Ford. He was in here recently and he told me about the black Mira show before, and he told me about season for the Star Trek episode. I, you know what I'm talking about? No, no, that black mirror I, I was the first season one episode of it and it was. It didn't really. I didn't like it didn't grabby. Oh, then I saw another one and it was fucking phenomenal. Star Trek. That was awesome. Yeah, that was awesome one. And then I saw nother one like the video game on. I thought I'd really love it. It was so depressing. That one I've seen whole thing. Good. He is like a TV show. It's on Netflix twilight zone. It's like the twilight zone, but I get but has a lot to do with technology. It's fucking cool, man, black Mira yet a great show it, but it's all just there's no ghosts or demons. It's all it's all set in the future and has something to do with technology, and it's all believable because you're like, yeah, I could see technology being there in ten years or thirty years, whatever it is all. It's all fairly believable speculation. Interesting. Yeah, I would definitely check something like that. I just there's just so much to wash that. It's hard to get around to everything. You know it's true and also you're getting ready to fight in a cage Brian. When you think about what's next, what is what do you think about what's next? Because I'll tell you a lot of it's nice that you thinking about it because a lot of guys don't think about it until it's too late. You know, they're like, oh, the time my life fighting travelling in them fighting traveling. It's over the do now. So it's hard man because you're like, like you say, you're trying to live in the moment as best as you can, but it's scary thinking about what's next for me because I truly don't know much of anything else, but fighting, you know. So I'm here. This you're out like what the hell could I do? Because for me, I got into fighting because I was afraid to have a Boston haven't job and be stock. I wanted to be free. I wanted to do something. I love and that I was really truly passionate about. And this is the only fucking thing. We'll try training and train people in a school that type of thing or no, you don't think that's for you. You know, I see a future in that you take. I'm passionate about showing other people with my skills and things that I know. And I do like to get creative with pad work and stuff like that. But it's tough, you know? I mean, I guess I guess the opening Jim and I would like it to be a little different than than every everyone else's Jim, you know. How would you do that? 'cause I'm gonna write down these ideas and put them at some JJ shoot. What do you think? Can you need? You need a Kyle therapy tank. You need a massage therapist. Maybe an infrared sauna Nair. Hey, cryotherapy. I've done that because know Joe recommended me, try it. I couldn't tell the Disney thing or not. Has it helped you? Yeah, it's one of those things like I feel it instantly right after I leave there. I feel like the inflammation kinda drains out, but then I go train again that night. And then it's it's right back pretty much. So it's a temporary fix? Yeah, it's pretty temporary. I feel like it's not. It's just good to do frequently, I guess, throughout training camp to try to drain the inflammation as you go through it. Okay. Now, Montella's only Jackson one fighting you got seven. Overall, is it a kind of challenge to get up for a fight against the unranked because you fought some highly ranked guys before like Lineker. And I'll counter Aachen Tara. A little. Kind of weird going from Barral Lineker and then like someone who who nobody really knows about. But honestly, the goal is just to get a win and get a new deal. This is the third fight on my contract, so I gotta get a win and make your good impression renegotiate for the next deal. So that's really what's important here. That's a lot of you. Don't wanna be fighting guy on the last fight of his contract. You never gonna have to deal with a guy who's got who's on the last five is contract because that guy wants to make a good impression. Yeah, that's true. But you know what for him and it goes the other way like he lost his debut. So he's he's got his back against the French to feel like, yeah, guy come his first fight loss. Yeah, you know, he doesn't wanna go onto. Yeah, so he's trying to redeem that loss and I'm trying to get the new deal. So while I recommend. Yeah, listen, I I know you train hawed and you've been on the dog in other. I'm not sure what. What is this one? But you've been the other do before you went to Brazil. You kicked. S. you kicked ass when people you know, had you count it out, you took out a former champ you're around my hype, my psyche you up Yemen. Good psych myself about Trump on Christa produce hidden shitty thermos. It really is Brian, listen, mid eight best. The luck. Keep a work, a lot with Murrah. That's not gonna. Go bad for you if you keep doing that. Yeah, no, he was. He was over a Long Island a couple of times in the pro practice leading up to his fight. So I got work within then two and he's really good at work with. I love working up so. All right. Well, it's good talking to you, Brian and good luck bam, and try to be at that at that card. The car from top to bottom is incredible. It'd be I hope to see you guys there and maybe Szeroka share star star of death. Dude, I'm down with that body would lock nice talking to you, take care of Ryan. Gotta get on that joy. DA show. Yeah, to cool show. And you know what I mean? I have a good time. What's up Christopher, do sir. I don't know. This is Dwayne Johnson, and I'm excited to let you know that seven bucks productions and cadence. Thirteen are back with a brand new season of America's favorite podcasts. What really happened with Andrew Jenks who doesn't love a Royal wedding, future kings and queens. It's just brilliant. The what if I told you that sometime during the middle ages, there exists a king that history has forgotten a king of France who decided in the midst of war. He'd abandoned his own country and hang out, drink wine and collect clocks in enemy territory. I found this king hanging out in England, meet King John, the lost in the name of all that is Royal what really happened now vailable on apple podcasts and wherever you listen, it's time to ask yourself what really happened. Can we ask you question? Yeah, Jimmy. Any have you guys talked about the fact that Jones Gustafsen to or that was after that happened? Like two hours after we wrapped up talking about l. let me ask you didn't. I speculate that that was going to happen and they were gonna either fight for an interim belt or the belt and museum state heavyweight. And Dana told me I was wrong. I bet he's telling me I was wrong, but the heavyweight because I said the corner is fighting Brock. I had no idea that Derek Lewis was coming. Kind of through that together. I'm shocked to call Cormie is taking that fight shock. Yeah, that's I agree with you on that. Edgar move. I was saying when that got announced like obviously cornea is the favourite going into that, he'll he'll probably win that fight, but they're Lewis is a dangerous guy. Everybody knows he's gonna throw that right in and he landed on everyone. Now call me the Korea will try to put him on the ground immediately and have a huge vantage on the ground and it can take a punch and Cormie can fight standing. Sure. But I, I don't know why you are taking the risk with Jones is coming back and Brock is there and you're taking defining the garden that and also to make that shadow to make that they probably say, listen, you wanna fight. He's probably listen. I actually want to wait. We're going to offer you this much. Well, pretty much. Probably Jones is a big money fight and so is Brock both are much big money fights in Jones's coming back to fight ones Jones fighting the December twenty ninth. As fighting like, you know, a month and a half later, but you know what? The the champion. I mean Cormie. Probably thought highest height of popularity, his own Derek Lewis. That's an exciting. It's a good car. Talked about this fight. I'm just surprised. Sure. Oh, yeah. I got something to say what. It's about John Jones and. Yeah, I think that Jon Jones has hands full. He does. He absolutely when he came back after a layoff and he went to a twenty four p with business. Costas Gus, Gus, Gus, fucked up. Alexander Gustafsen Gustafsen Alexander, I like to call h. e. h. e. h. e.. You know his fight with gloves there to Shera along Glover. Was an amazing thing the watch and I know gloves different fighter, you know than Jones. But he's just been looking better and better. He hasn't fought in a hot minute with since that fight, which. Glover let me. Let's see. I mean, that's that's a tough fight. Man and tough fight when Jones was being active and kicking ass. And so I mean, man, we'll guess since given Jones and Cormie who are, you know, two of the best ever one and two in the light heavyweight division. Basically other than gusts he's giving them both the hardest fights of their career which they've said that fight was may twenty seventeen. So it's over a year. The hardest fight of career couldn't have been Gustafsen. It's got to be the Jones who beat them twice. Well. I mean, arguably, obviously got knocked out, but the gusts of fight was a grueling fight. You know that arguably gossips in could one that and the one against Jones Jones. When was your incredible fight? Yeah, they're fighting for the light heavyweight. Dana told me I was wrong about that. But then maybe he meant the heavyweight at that point that the Derek Lewis thing didn't happen yet. So it's like you know, stuff kind of falls into place. Tell me what's going on with this drama with with Daniel cormier and former champ steep a little back and forth on Twitter, nothing crazy. I wanna hear about it deep as pissed off, of course because he's not getting the shot. And I don't blame debate for being pissed off. Didn't even set the record for defenses with four and he wants. He wants a rematch, but again, get knocked out in the first. It's gonna be a little harder to sell that than an exciting Derek Lewis fight. Right. Well, Steve is saying that he offered to fight on this card and I, you know, who knows what the. What are you -ccomplish at that heavyweight alone though? I know he got caught in that first round, but before he got caught, they will going, you know. And I can't blame him be impeached what? What? What's going on? What the fuck did they steep? It was a longer video, but then the comment under the video that steep posted said nine times out of ten IB everybody knows it. DC knows it. No heavyweight has ever -ccomplish where I have hashtag heavyweight goat DC responded. He said, damn, seems like I've knocked my guy steamy. It silly come on guy. Don't be thirsty. We're still good. You got next Brock doesn't make it. And then Steve said, you beat me that night. I respect that, but it would never happen again. I carry the torch in this division for a long time. I've been staying up all night with my newborn, newborn daughter, and I still offered to fight Univer third with zero camp weeks ago. That'd be a bad move by steeper. One hundred percent fighting no camp. Well, I'm saying to map last week that I, you know, I don't know if it played into it a little bit, but rock hold is fighting November. Third against Wiedeman you fight DC. You're going to assume training with him during that. So DC's already working a bit with rockets. He's already start preparing. I wonder if that was a bit of a factor in him. You know, taking this fight on short notice in Suming. I'm assuming assuming you don't assume, you know, listen, you know what? I'm assuming guys, what's that. I don't want to be all Jimmy. I'm assuming Jimmy's his diet here. How dare you wrong. Got wrong. I see goldfish. I see pretzels. We'll see Gopez I see pretzels. I snacks snacks couple of sexual outside because this stupid facility we do. I do the gym and I was after the gym Hungary and get a piece of salmon or something. Hunch. There was no time to do it today. So I came here just to eat something. I had these two little snack. They're not big. It's not a competition. No, it's not being so good and you're being so big holding, what is this? What is look like? Nude picture of a man. Is Saturday night. Free bar. They're not sponsor me jerky. Fuck and. Just visit appropriate payment. What I'm trying to say is in how I'm being an asshole is what I'm being and it's okay. It's okay to ask you love again wrong, and I tell feel fat. I mean, I'm doing it because I'm guilty Jimmy because you don't want normally I'm worried about you just want to worry about not really worried because you're right, but you starting your other radio gig. You're an hour earlier earlier. So when I used to work all night security, Jimmy way, way, way back way back before becoming champion and hall of Famer. I were all night security. I told you this before midnight? Eight. Twenty. And when I'm tired, really, I eat bed. I'm tired. I'm gonna. You know quantum off in the truck. They get the and I'm going to drive home that. So what I'm worried about my friend Jimmy is that now your little tired. I never this not listen. That's not that it's a little teeny mega goldfish little teeny, weeny small fund size bags. You know, there's nothing fun about getting dia Jimmy. I don't mind excited like a pig for a week, but I'm just hungry. I didn't have any food after I worked out. You gotta eat something after the gym. Of course we had some sound effects. Jim is not. Oh, shit, Jimmy. I wanna hear one that you're very familiar. I wanna hear how your weekend went this weekend. I want to. I can't wait. Wait for it. I want to. I want you to tell me I want to. It was. Okay. All right. It's a little. All right. Another one is. Anyway, I flew here from Long Island and boys. My owns. Terrible. Cricket, sound effect. Fast here that again, that sucks. Horrible. Gotta change the curriculum. We'll tell my God. I know you thought you liked it and all of a sudden. The car car-crash the with that one, Jim feel being Anthony's show. Mile. Sure. Jimmy, you that about, will you on the show when they started doing? Don't remember, probably. Okay. I probably then I feel like it's okay because I believe. It was before me any w. I don't know what I don't want is the biting off any of the show. It's okay. What have we Jimmy two car crash. It's a. It's Chris. Well, that's it right. Yeah, we just had others. I just wanna your original ready Jimmy. You know. By the way we were talking before the show you actually gave him a call, Ryan, la- flare you have to message for me. Now he announce he's retiring from that loss. I'm like, you know, I saw that on the air and I'm like, you know, why don't we just give me an era talk about it. So he left me a message. I will listen to it afterwards. I'm sure he saying that I want to come in and hang out. 'cause I like Ryan do feel like, listen, he got caught there that last way back to the head, you know, and he got stopped and his last. Though he won his last one before this, and then he lost the one prior to that and both of those stoppages which is kinda scary the no the one before Allah. Very, yeah, but it was a decision win over this decision he won, yes. And then he lost his last one just the other day to to twenty Martin twenty thirty Ritchie's. He's the the, the guy does the straight conditioning along the fucking might talking about. But anyway. I, I always felt like I mean, the guy only before that he went five rounds Damian Maya, and you lost. And then he had a couple of tough fights. But man, I always thought he was like one dark horse division. So any listen at a really good career, but here's a school among island. Oh, I'd like to have many have proper goodbye a lot. He's a good. He's got a good sense of humor. He's funny. By the way, the co main at the garden. Another amazing fight is cyborg AMAN newness. That's what she's thirty two December charge. I meant Joe, you're right in front of me two-thirds. That's an amazing Komen. That's for Jones. Gus in which is Vegas something in December twenty ninth that's been New Year's Eve card or the New Year's Eve. Two night before then, what's the Coleman in the garden. The official owner hasn't been set. So I'm not sure actually. Okay. But that was supposed to be. I think it was supposed to be called Nate Diaz and but that for years. But that for a hip injury. Yeah. And he had to tell a specialist and then of course wanted to be pulled. I guess he wants to fight could be. I know. I mean, that's, that's frustrating because it doesn't make sense. She's not going to happen really gives us a what is going on with this, what the is stupid. It's probably rock holding could be. Uh-huh. What's up with the poli- mileage? Unagi you. Let's go. What does that? What am I seeing? Obviously from after two twenty nine. He put out a. You know he was giving an interview or tweeted that like Connor's here. Why muscle read it and said, when when you're pussy, it's always going to come out when you're in combat sports. You can only hide that factor so long because you're going to get to the point. We have to show some balls. This guy I've been saying for while is going to go down as the most overrated guy and mixed martial arts history. He continually signed checks and his asking cash. He had an over hyped record on the come up. This is the most over hyped guy in combat sports history, forget mixed martial arts, which I think is nuts. What do you think about that. I think he's listen. I mean, I'm not going to say overrated. I like his skill set. I think when you go verse Khabib. He he's outgun. That's why he didn't anything in that fight is show me deserves a rematch. I think you should go out last other ground little more than I thought he would know. I do some good stuff I, I'm on the record saying that I'm impressed with his ground defense. I think he did great that first round, but excuse me, Khabib does. He's just getting better as it goes along. Not that that Khan is always shown a problem, what isn't there, but he's showing some signs of some fights got the Teague and with Diaz and. And also would Floyd and it's a different scenario with the boxing. But you know, there was some some problems with his endurance. So I mean, that's the worst guy to fight could be, but a lot of the guys that division I t matches a phenomenal wit because he's got such good hands. And again, he's not that Eddie Alvarez look what he did, the dust Emporia. So overrated, no bobbing I is going to be by very much doubt it. But that's the thing though. I mean he, he obviously paulie has a history with Connor. He like them sparring, but I don't think people I don't think anybody was saying that CONNER was definitely going to go in there and beat could be. Say over, say in that kind of, but we weren't going to be surprised what happened happened. I, I don't think anybody thought that by the way, a fight that I'm besides a branch and jock array, which I'm really it's gonna be a good fight. Jerry Brunson against Israel at of Sonya. I am really looking forward to who were probably gonna talk to both of them, but definitely Israel at assigned before that. Good, good. Yeah. He's fourteen in and Brunson is is a very tough guy. So that's an interesting fight. That's not who I would have picked for him. I'm glad he's taking the fight. I wanna talk about that. I really enjoyed that quick tent quartet thing tending with with the grappling that you're a thaw. Those those fun who won. They had a draw him in soccer rabble, but I watched. I watched it in different times. I watched Eddie Bravo's team versus the Polaris team, and that was fun. I soar Gregor Gracie gets nice fucking 'camorra. He took out like two guys in a row, and then if you keep staying in this tournament until like, so if you beat one guy that you gotta go with, you stay in the fresh guy comes in from the team. So you go over his guy. So then you'd be dad guy. You got another fresh guys, so it's a pretty cool format. And I, I enjoyed that. All right. Let's get back to Derek Brunson. I didn't want to forget that boy. Not only did I enjoy watching it. I picked up some techniques watch Gordon. ROY was taking a certain armlock which was very nice. Gordon Ryan destroyed nothing by the way. He's gonna John downers, and also. Who else Gordon Ryan, Craig Jones men such really, really, really good. You jitsu that. And normally some of the grappling stuff I could just I even I loved your jitsu tournaments doing get bored with dano, but right, Derek. Let's talk about it. Let's talk about it. I think it's going to be a great fun. Derek came off fight with Chaka rhino. I think that was probably the last one let me said he has. And let's tell me about Israel's last night. It was. We were there. It was. He's undefeated. Oh my God. Don't brag diverse. He brought to our side by decision. Right? It was decision. Yeah, and he'd beat him very decisively though methodical. That's the thing that's interesting about this because Brunson is a guy that you know he just comes out towards that big left. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, he comes out real hard early and it'll be interesting to see what what is you'll does with that real show. Some some houses ground game could be some. I mean, I don't remember if he got taken down against Vars, but I, I know he has pretty good grappling defense. He doesn't get taken down as easily as you think, and it'll be it'll be tested probably in this fight. No, he showed some pretty good defenses. Well, this looks he'll enter. It is very interesting. Jacques one picks yet. No, it's just an interesting. What's talk about. Give me something else. I like Darren till it's moving up to middleweight. Yeah. Oh, really? Yeah. As he saying the weight cut is what hurt him and that fight what he's here, we'll. So he said, I'm a big dude for welterweight to be honest, that's probably going to be my last fight at that weight versus Woodley to twenty eight welterweight is in fully God for me, but I'm happy to be going up to middleweight now and I'll be strong. Wait, not having to cut as much weight. I'll have a few fights at middleweight and you never know down the line of woodley's still the champ. I can have another go for him. That's a rematch. I want the future's bright, how tolls he. I don't know. Let's say he wasn't saying that that's why he lost the way. Cut isn't even taller than Woodley if he has an inch taller, not no longer arms and pretty sure how much he'll six foot. And let's see what Woodley as well. You know what's interesting, maybe at least five, nine, but the well, the the reaches. The leg the leg diff. But you know, what's interesting is that a lot of guys, man, rob Whitaker, Calvin gas, Loom. I mean, look at these guys when they they fought up away Klis. What more more than actual weight defunct doing great. Yeah. This might be one of those cases, Philly saying that in assigned this one of those. Be we'll wait worse on field ever fucking. I'm giving this good. What are the man. With the strong going to sell the internet or whatever. Whatever's going on here, it's through bluetooth. So if there's something going on, who knows? I don't know. Maybe it's being blocked. I moved. Now try the crickets again. Panel stinks too fast, fast crickets on cocaine over. It should just be. Yeah, they should just be. Ramsbottom rap devil, man. Let's talk about it. What else we got. So tell you sure. That I watched, Tom, we got his whatever time you want movie minute, Jimmy. Wow. Jenny wants to do a movie meta. Jamie won't do the breakup shore because we got to talk about. Absolutely. And we'll talk about it, hit it. On that on that. Hi, everybody. We're taking it back. Jimmy, Jimmy. We take you back. Back way back Jimmy where taking it way back way back to when did hot tub time machine come out, you know on nineteen eighty something. No, we're really not. I I've never seen it fucking eighties. What did you twenty ten. What if you never seen it such a fun movie if you watch my if anybody's followed by Instagram? Mets, ever, BJ j I put a clip of it on very funny clip, wasn't it. That's when they went back in time and they will go down with the double diamond at the ski resort. They used to go to kids and they really like younger, even though they look older, that's why they don't really took a wipe out and they feel they feel great. That's like, I feel fantastic. What's the, what's his name? Who's the big leg? Patricia. Neal, your around Jeff bridges. Guy was a bad guess Craig Robinson, love Craig Robinson, I feel I feel crazy, and it was the other guy, the ball guy at it. Oh. Jimmy stopped. Cordray thinks he's taking anyone. They feel great, yell stuff. Look about Instagram, you see the clip, but I watched this the other day and I'll tell you right now as far as comedies go top notch, I watched don't the applause, that's long. That's not top. It deserves a wide applause. Hot tub time machine. It's got laughs. It's one of those. It's almost so perfect that I could watch was every time it comes on Jimmy. I have never seen it. It's fun. It's just fun. You know, got a little like a still a little politically, correct, but it's it's, it's when you watch comedies from ten years ago and you're like, oh, they wouldn't say that now, but said, and they wouldn't do that, you know. But let me sum it up really quick in about a guy. I don't want to give it away. What do you want me to say about it? Whatever won't give it away is about friends like they got a friend that supposedly tried to kill himself. I know it's a comedy, but you can't really prove the kilter. But anyway, they want to get together. Wanna cheer them up. So they bring them to a ski resort that they used to go to when they were youngsters, and it was the best time of their lives and they wanted to capture it and then they bring their John Cusack who's in it l. of junk who Zack. He's things say anything yields the stereo on, but he brings his nephew along doing nothing to playing video games and this and that, and he's got that kid's name. He's a, he's a good actor too, but anybody go up there to please turn to shit. They hop tub and they spilled Russian fucking red bull that they had any fucked it up. And anyway, it became a time machine, hence hot tub time machine. I'm not getting all, but Chevy Chase's like their little. Guide in all this because he goes to work on the Jim chasing Chevy Chase, I sure have apparently really pleasant guy to be around. I already thought. Silly with that. Did you really hear he's around shame because he's funny and she is he fouled play. That's another movie minute. I just seems like old times. Sure. Does Jimmy time machines. Popularity is up four hundred twenty three points this week according to I gotta think that's the Matt Serra. What did you say? Popularity's up like over four hundred points this week, Jimmy. Whoa. People like what? I like. You've a lot of power. Thank you. I, they, they have to kinda like relive like, they're, they have to do everything exactly how it went down so they don't do one of those butterfly effects. You know, shit, fun, fun. Wait for Jimmy. Wait for it. Fun. Okay. I'll give it was listen. Watch hot tub time machine. I notice the sequel and it looked like shit. What's funny about that is on my Instagram, somebody I put that little clip with their Bruce buffer further. My Bruce sponsor him. He chimes, he's like, oh, I love the movie too, and make sure you check out the sequel for a surprise. I heard he's in the sequel but no offense or the sequel shit guys spruce. That's great. But I think Bruce place himself this equals at the same guys. It's the same guys except for John Cusack because he's probably like, look, man, I'm going from say anything which was great. Not only let's. He was also a lot of the movies. How old is Louie tenures. No, it's twenty ten. Okay. Yeah. Close to it, but I'll tell you what a fucking movie. I can't say anything about the second one. I watched a little bit of it and I was I can't. He didn't care for. I mean, what was wrong? The hangovers I can't get. I mean, they were okay, but sure they almost ruin it. You know, it's not like dog that was excellent predator to Howdy shack to better than the original. I what better Cecchi Mason that was. The original God, so bad, Jimmy, so bad, but nothing like the original. So I say everybody, hey, you'll do a lot worse than getting hot tub time machine from the red box. I don't know what they get it on, but I don't know where you to see it. I watched it. I caught on cable the other day and I fuck. I watch that thing every time. It comes on one. It's in my top ten comedies. Top five, maybe that's all I gotta say about hot tub time machine zero pissed breaks, go see it would I go see my wife the other day while we're talking about movies, I saw a movie. Keep of clean Jimmy. What are you gonna saying? The none. Did you say I went and saw the nuns? Scary movie, yeah, it was about the, you know, the people that did the conjuring and whatever the other one movies this was was there's there's a painting creepy. None. Very creepy. Nine, that's a horrifying moment is painting in this movie and they made a movie about the non in the painting where it's about. There's a non who kills herself haunted convent in the woods takes place like fifty years ago. And these, this guy, this priest in this new, none have to go up there and figure out what's going on and painting. You know, there's a character stop thinking. You're putting funny characters fucking movies with or not needed. A character named Frenchie in this stupid movie, Fred, she always the same one from Greece. No, this was not the same French offered her. I liked it as a kid. It was a friend of kidney Livia. Newton. I like soccer Channing. I had no idea. She was fifty eight when she did that movie. Rhys. She was a whore Hickey from Kennedy. She was a whore. She said this guy friend, she plays the sidekick. Oh, I hope he gets it from the none. I hate fucking witty line. Really. I'd kicks they ruin every movie. Their dialogue is never funny what he line side kicks. It took me out of the fucking movie every time he was very good actor, but I didn't need the shitty dialogue, the snippy dialogue. I don't know about side kicks, which should he lines, but I'm not into fucking horror movies, so I'm gonna have none of it. Jimmy. Oh, was that a pun? I just really. I didn't joys that before. I don't think it was. I had to put up the energy to touch me. I said the people at home do joke again. Could you said about sidekicks even kind of calls? I don't think I'm a psychic, but Jimmy kicks having about having psychics having shitty lines you talking about the not the horror movie. I said, I don't like movies we got. I said, I don't like our movies. So I say. I'll have none of it. We don't like harm movies. What would you? I'll have none of it when I, when I said none of it, I mean, and you end the movie, I saw good. I just wanted to. The seller with that joke. I can't go for the well. I think they would enjoy it. Did not gonna join Comoran. It comes on that fucking Boonmee it. They would have that shit. It was a moderately scary film watching not amazing. No, I'm not gonna stop with the snippy fucking dialogue in a horror movie. It's like an example. I can't think of it, but I just did one like what was the snippy law light that his name is Frenchie like he's shows up with a gun at one point during a really scary moment and says something like you needed the help, like one of those type of Dushi lines. It's like shut the, you're talking about a non hunger sell. This is a gate to hell, snappy lines. This isn't lethal weapon. Fuck. Oh, wasn't really bug me. It wishes it was. I hated that part of it. Did you that part of it? We'll be tells us, okay, it was all right. Yeah, I went to my wife deal. Day jimmy. What I saw venom. Fuck that. I very. Very Jimmy, Jimmy that I heard it was terrible. Blasphemy, jimmy. Fuck you, Jimmy. Oh, my. Yeah, I just heard. Producer, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I heard Jimmy. I listen, you know, me and my movies, Jimmy. I have to talk about this really quick. We're extending the movie minute. We'll get right back up. I may love action in a second, but really quick about venom. I enjoyed it. I fuck you to join it. Man. What the fuck with these critics. I'll tell you some stuff with the plot. Can I say one part though? It's Tom Hardy's. Fucking great. Tom, what he was great, and he plays almost like a. Like one of those journalists is that you know like not TMZ type kinda like that. Like, you know what I mean? One of those journalists like many other word. So he's like. Like the male, lowest lane type thing. So he's, you know, whatever it is corporation and yada yada. They took some stuff, some space, and they're doing experiments anyway, the symbol light, something like that. I might as fucked it a symbiotic. Thank you. See, I read about it, but I'm not a fucking moron. That's like thing. The Symbian. Okay, Benham's. So anyway, he needs a host and it has the connect to the right host or us fucking just make killing people right off the bat. He gets hooked up with venom sores, long story short. The only thing I don't like, what? What through you all is I the beginning vintage just like, you know, taking control a woman doing all sorts of shit, say, listen, I'll do whatever we, we're going to do whatever we want to do and you do what I want to do and you might survive this thing and then some point and then there's another bad simulate, what is it? Symbiotic Simba's. Somebody. And he went into another guy who was a bad guy that guy's really killing everything. And all sudden goes, look, Tom already, which is Brock and he goes, hey, this venoms says, only look, I change my mind. I want to. We're going to bring up. We're gonna take over this planet and eat everybody because people he goes. I'm just, you know why he was to tell you true daddy back at my planet. I'm kinda like a loser like you. He was so I wanna kinda stay here, you know, and be a winner thing. What the fuck. So in other words, he's somebody here because he's big fucking Venemen, you know, and that's it. So he changed his mind. He's wanted to stay because he's a loser on his own planet. So then he went any team Zoli super villain who got bullied on his home planet put it was done, but it was done in a there was a lot of good moments that it was fun and three day. No, I thought it. I maxed though. MRs we saw that thing max, I'm active. What was it available? Three d or no. Might have been. Maybe they didn't make it that way. I'm ex sometimes wanna go to big. I love. I would watch a courtroom drama on. I wouldn't anything. You know, let's get back to solicit venom. Go see it hot tub. Time machine. Go get it wherever you can get. It sounds like venom at a couple of people though. Let me say about p. breaks take one in the maybe break, but I did enjoy it. I heard it was shit from from critics and. They gotta relax. Watchos nerdy shows. I watched like their nerdy things on the internet with the internet. I watched the show called collider. It's all like, and it's a, it's a podcast thing, and they're talking about Kiko the ski should that I'm into. So one of the fucking guys name, but one of the main guys, I was watching a little thing and he was talking. And he brought my name about he was talking about the thing is he talking about he brought up how he made money off of Gators scrappy kid from Long Island, he was going, I only fuck who's this? I forgot his name. It really, really rudes story. I've got his name, but I do watch that show a lot. Shows the light, a lighter collider, show me the pictures of the guys. I know I'll know the guy's name right away because he mentioned me and I'm gonna hit. I'm gonna hit them up on Instagram, something. I'm gonna tell me, dude, I want a geek if you do the show from LA. But if you do this show here in the strong island, a stroke, I if you do it as a New York, I will fuck in on the show and I'll be a guest guests don't make rabbit for that's him. Who's that guy? What's his name? Click on him. Gonna play done. We're gonna get shut off now. What's his name? Because I like him and John schnatter schlep who died, a guy died did like the behind the scenes on the superman movie that Christian Karloff as a Christian or Mark Ellis. Mark Ellis. I don't think who that guy with the hat on. I'll tell you right now. Let's see, and it'll introduce himself. Can you skip the gun. We can't play power behind power. You appreciate that thing Jimmy. I was, yeah, sale though. Then kill you to the right his, what's that guy's name. Let's see if his this is live right now. So I don't know. All right. Can we get to the bottom of this anyway? I like when nerds like me because I'm a nerd or a geek because I'm not book smart here. Here's the names. You already Christian Rockies the girls Riley Riley, Cobb, Stor, Riley's girl to Cody, not on the Ryan. I know I just like to show because I like the day. Don't they talk about like Star Wars to talk about? They talk about all the the item about Jimmy except all like they all like it. It's like fucking somebody just like pitching Jimmy's nipples, I don't mind it. I'm not a big fan of it. Like I like some Star Wars Jimmy, but I think overall, George Lucas stinks, I think the fuck any walks stunk and he's if he had his way you don't look that Christmas special. The stores Christmas special that to me is George Lucas. Did you ever see it? That to me is his doing. Was doing it for the kids. It's horrible, right? Yeah. But like Kubrick wouldn't have done that. Last time we were talking about the that it lasts hand solo one, and that's a fun movie. I still think stand by being a fun movie didn't do. Although a little weird when you have the fuck female robot going, what do you want? Equal rights? And it gets a little nutty with that shit. I go, fuck yourself, calm down. Was it a joke? No, it's stupid. I don't like when they get too much like that. It's like stuff stuff down, Kim, two thousand. You're really, you're freeing all the droids, the droid Jeffrey. The droids go, fuck yourself please. But other than that, she had a crush on Landau that it was kinda made her like walking on a regular robots, kind of big. Anyway, I enjoy the movie. I look past some shit, Jimmy. Yeah. Back to Derek Brunson Israel. I was just gonna say just something that we could wrap up with. Let's rap. All we did predictions at the end of last year for who would be the champions at the end of this year. So we'll do that again a couple of months, but figure maybe we revisit them and kind of see where we are doing some time. Yeah. So for the flyweight division, we all had mighty mouse to be the champion at the end of the trash. Obviously, that's not going to happen. That's probably the whole the belt bantamweight division. Jimmy, Jimmy Rivera to be the champion at the end of this year. Okay. Mad you a dominant cruise, but unfortunately crews hasn't had a fight this whole, you know, this whole time I could pick them at t. j. dillashaw. So it seems like that might end up being the case unless they put together, so who toe or whatever, but featherweight. Jim and should hudo Jamaica. For further. Wait me and Jim, both had Brian Ortega, Matt. You had Frankie Edgar. So what about Frankie? Edgar any word on Holly or take when that is right when that's December eighth. Okay. All right. So we know that I could still be right, correct. Yes. We're taking the chance. Frankie obviously gave up his shot title so mad. You could have been in it, but it's probably not going to happen. They're lightweight. This probably not a lot's going to change here. Me and Jim, both had Tony Ferguson, Matt, you had Khabib and could be looks like he's going to be the champion for me. Welterweight you guys both at wonderboy Thompson, which I don't think he's gonna know probably not going to be up for grabs by the end of the year, and I had tired Woodley. Okay. Middleweight we all have Chris wideman across the board. By not going to get a title shot of the no fighting, definitely earn one with a win over Rockall word light-heavyweight Jim. You had Gustafsen. Matt, you have DC and IDC as well. Well, let's see what happens. So I have a shot at that one. Yeah, and I have a shot at Ortega's, correct. Okay. Well, actually, yeah, me and matter both. Gonna lose one because going to lose light heavyweight title. When these second Jeff. Jeff heavyweight, Jim, you at Franson Gado doesn't seem like that's going to happen. Matt. You had steep doesn't seem like sleep is going to get a shot. And I had came to Alaska who I thought was it was kind of rumor that he was coming back, but. Women Stroh Jessica on drudge. There's no word you had just gone dry Jim, no word, whether she's getting the next job, but it's like she's kind of in line probably won't happen for the year. It doesn't seem and me and map both had rose. And then for flyway we all have Valentina shift chanko which we, she is definitely getting flyweight title shot December eighth. So we'll see what happens there bantamweight being Jim, both have Amanda noon as Matt. You had cats in Ghana. Oh yeah. Cat which she's always she's always kind of in contention, but it doesn't seem like she's gonna get the title shot before the end of the year, like Cadillac. And then me and Jim, both have cyborg as the featherweight champion were mad has Holly home, but I like Holly home a lot too. Hey, love she. She can kick ass, but she also danced the whole on MandA is not going to lose the. She's going the fighting the find the funding, correct? Yeah. So it seems. So that when I got and you got to, right? Yeah, I had that one. I had that one is fascinating, but little, you know, we don't want that. Yep. Yeah. Good. Thank God listening. Why? Because because I saw something I don't wanna say them and. Old on show? Yes, fighting fucking Comorros. Mun. Yeah, they mentioned that what he did you mention that today? I've we, we Jim talked about it, but you were late that episodes, I think, oh, came back up. So that's why I left it on. The train was late Jimmy word, but a child you work with a child Hooker. I know how do we deal with this guy Christopher, get your act together anyway, listen guys, gals, what do you think about that are great. I think it's a nominal fight, and I think it's. It's a, it's a, it's a man. It's a tough one for the main event of the ultimate fighter. Finale e that that's not announced, but I would assume that that would be the main event of. Yeah, I've got to be. Yeah, if it's like Paris Israel, was that a tough alley fight? Yes. If who's been who's been wins? Man, he should be. They should really be talked about. It depends on how that fight goes, but that's that that that could mean a long for tomorrow when he takes if he is up taking out one hundred percent. I mean, that could be a similar problem for RDA the same way. Coley was right. I mean, present similar problems. No, it does. It really. It really does, but this is three round fight. Was that other? Well, no end, it would be a five oceans. Not officially yet, but it seems like it would what I like about RDA at this way is that we get to see a lot of jujitsu. He has some the SIM slick transitions and escapes and whatnot. So at tax, I mean the the Neil Magny. I mean, you know, I, I'm excited for that fight. I really am. I really, really, really more excited than that than to see the none. None was not particularly this type of two between RDA's number three, Mars number six. When people talk about, you know fighters just that there's no rhyme or reason to the rankings and this and that this is a fight that proves that there really is though most of the time Comorros Muslim workings way up. RDA just comes off the tough loss against another tough. Whereas Derek Lewis ranked before this last night. Let's see. Let's check taking off his pants. Santa's balls, a hot, really got him that and that rank to me it just one. He wins a big fight in the third round. I understand why why they give him the shot. Lewis was actually because this is updated after the two Twenty-nine cards. I think he was probably five or six. Probably five. That low before will. Yeah, because I just switched with Volk of who's number two. So. So. I'm gonna end is going to be performing this weekend in San Antonio. Also going to be in Houston to go to Jim Norton dot com for tickets. Also, if you wanna come see me in Seattle the following week, I'll be Jimmy, don't judge me. I like machine gun Kelly and Eminem, but then I can listen to. That soon as teenage dirtbag I don't know it. It's such a nice on Jimmy. I it, you know, and it's just so mellow. I like everybody. Listen, tree, tree, jujitsu. It was a great day at serving j. morning. I was practicing my Ashi Grammy to x. card to reverse x. into inside he'll of Jin. My wife was on the other side pad. Workers will travel sell there. It's a great way to start your day. You know, serve JJ dot com. That and Henry. Thank you. Everybody we all back in a couple of days we will start. Right. Okay. All right. Good. Bye. Bye.

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