ACS (Part 1): Brad Williams and Jordan Harbinger


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So Chicago Cincinnati Dearborn and Saint Louis. Get it on get tickets and information at our website, Adam Corolla dot com. Three sales for Adam Karol and not talk of L material are available now on chassis dot com. And on I tunes. From Corolla one studios in Glendale, California. This is the Adam Corolla show Adams today. Brad Williams with Gina grad on news vault Brian on sound affects a phone call from Jordan harbinger. And now. The only one with enough guts to say what everyone's thinking. Adam cool. Yeah. Get it on got to get it on a judge for the kid on thanks for tuning in. And thanks for sharing at the ten year. Mark good day. Gina grand. Al- woke no joke. Terrible tagline for this show, madman madman dot com for this and into it dot com for this half of the show. Of course, Castrol edge is well, I forgot or learned was coached up that when we do our big ten anniversary car show and then uppity screening and everything else. ACS show at the Peterson on a motive museum on the tenth of March. That's basically the anniversary of when biggie biggie. Smalls was shot in front of the Petersen automotive museum on the ninth of March. Can we guessed the date? It's so weird. Because now that heath ledger has been dead for seven years, Mike, calendars all think, I know the date, but you guys can take guests. Well, it feels like early two thousand but then. I'm always wrong because then we go it's been twenty years. Like, it's like nineteen ninety nine of all all do the super surprise. It's been twenty years. Nineteen ninety nine. I think it's more recent because my times compressed too, and I feel like he was still. Kicking it then? So I'm gonna say I'm gonna say fifteen years ago. To buck died on September thirteenth nineteen ninety six because it was my birthday ninety. So I'm going to say. Sounds good. Biggie died a year later the next year ninety seven. I'm gonna guess that you can do that for ninety eight, but I'm gonna guess ninety seven, but either way we're going over twenty years. Yeah. Sorry. You're right. Brian ninety seven ninety seven years ago. They used to be a long. Yeah. A whole college student freshman college and never forget when sting pen that moving tribute. Well, that was twenty years before he died, and then he handed that off to P Diddy. And did he just did the same song renaissance? Yeah. Interested in that. I was watching. Good sampling. Yes. No money for. I was. Again. It's just a good song. You like this song like this? Yeah. Yeah. Again, I don't look I'm never going to it's like a cover band. It's like it's like you go into a bar, and there's a good cover band playing. And they're just playing the hits, you know? And they're good. You know, doing Billy Joel they're doing Led Zeppelin wherever you go. Oh, this is in joy -able, but let's not sign up. Yeah. Let's not mistake them for talented van. They're just a good. They should be. I appreciate it. I would rather have a good cover band just playing covers than doing their own stuff. I've never heard of and I will enjoy myself, but I'm enjoying someone else's song. I'm not here where on complimenting them or their songwriting composition. So that shouldn't be that. They shouldn't. Okay. So he will be missed, and we we can celebrate. We'll pay tribute. We're going to call you big poppa that night, we'll pay tribute. Oh, he would be. He he was walk walking out front. To us car. I think down the Laura over at my old morning show, which used to be the hip hop station over at one hundred point three the sandwiches next to the Peterson was that he was walking to the radio station to do with them after the party. I can't confirm it. But that's that's the low around. We had a party at the Peterson. And then he walked out front of the Peter sign, and then it was joining store gunned down in front of the Peterson Kayla. Sex was that's another four blocks. That's a few more blocks with this one's closer. So the question is was shot on the stairs was shot on the sidewalk. This says that he was in his truck was stopped at a red light Impala pulled up alongside trowel. I sort of gunman down thought he was shot in a truck are shot in an SUV. But then I started thinking about to pock and thought maybe and then you were talking about walking. So then start thinking confused, which one had should the car that was to pock. So you've never been Julia. Mr sugar. Was with twin pack. Dr germ vehicles. So this was a BMW. So I hear, you know, the head are people work on missions too. So I'm not a fan. Drive peugeot. All right. So. Anyway, if you wanna come out on the tenth, and you wanna spill a little. A little crevasse EA for for for twin pack too. Biggie smalls. For Cheb pack that should've been his name back should retu- pocket. Chip pack. You wanna you wanna spill little that? We'll come out, and we will we will be there to mop up, your tears and throw few revs and our car engines. And then and we go right into up. He and then we will do to the movies do the ACS as well. Let's see Gary thirty four once parenting advice boy guys big fan. Yeah. Man, any any thoughts for a first time father to be? Well, I'm I'm famous for saying this on love line, which is if you're calling in and asking, you're fine. Anyone is actually concerned going out of the way to get information. That means cast maybe you've got to be a good you're going to be good parent. Plus, I see on the screen, Gary. You're thirty four you're in LA, you waited I'm semi waited awhile to have kids intentionally. Yeah. Certainly bydesign wanna go Salish just clear thirty waiting awhile. For the overall country. So what are the average as a first time parents twenty three twenty two nationally? Yeah. Up a lot more. That's a lot more LA New York. Eight so Gary boy or girl boy, good good cheesy. It's on it's easier. It's easier because I will tell you what happens with the girls, the girls will work the wife's nerve, they will there will be girl on girl crime in that house, and it does. And so what happens is the girls. The boys want what they won. But they're not into manipulating they just want what they want. They want a candy bar or they want to go to a game. Are they wanna do whatever they want to do and they'll try to do it. But they're not in to the whole propaganda part of getting what they want the women kinda will work at and then they'll work it. On each other. And then you'll be sort of book ended in between the two and that can be difficult. So say this the as I've said haven't said this, but this. My daughter's got a little Chihuahua in there. And my son's got as all lap. And it just when you got a dog all lab is just it's easier around the house. Now, you know that dog don't hunt. So you don't actually have the highs. You just don't have the lows sort of long middle, right, right and Natalia. I mean, I take her volleyball game and she smacking on the floor and leading the cheer and doing that doing the whole thing. Sunny said home reading the back of his eyelids. And again, rereading Ray Reagan lack of his islets. Yeah. Being braille eyeballs Raynham, so Gary got the boy for most the most. But now, let me make exceptions there girls are wide like boys and boys are while wired like girls, but if just sort of wired, they are it's a little more that in less. The boy has the daredevils gene in v has the daredevils, gene. Then there's a lot of. Jumping off roofs and a lot of trying to do wheelies with no helmet. And a lot of first time they get their license donuts in the parking lot when it's raining. You know, so you get a guy and the guy has no daredevil, gene. That putt in the world by XBox kickback. Right. One thing piece of advice Adam used to give out a lot which is very true as finding out. It's throw money at the problem. If you've got it throw money at the problem like the joke is is obvious. But the reality is money does make things a lot easier in the fact, you're thirty four Gary have to imagine you're pretty stylish and your career. So if there's opportunities to maybe get a nightmares here. And there to you sleep through the night in those early days of the kids crying, those are indulgences, you should think about the s. They're very where they seem silly to me before we get frivolous. Yes. But then once once more lives get back here. Yeah. It ain't dog Walker like dog walkers like what what do we need a dog Walker for stick your talk for walk like that? This ain't that night nurse is not dog Walker because you asleep every night for those first few weeks, or whatever. And it's it's it's rough man. Yeah. Hey, gary. Yeah. What do you do? Podcast production. That will. Wait. How can we didn't recognize his voice? Competent. I don't know. I wasn't even near disguising it. I know. Carry on hold. We'll get back to our mission here. With water. Nice reveal. That was a great reveal. I had to. This. It's Gary was walking. And it's funny felt like takes five seconds took three tenths of a second. Somebody died. Gary's coming in during this call. We're on the show right now. Gary how far along is do you give out the the wife's name joy how far along is. She is doing she belt four months doing I timed it for the dark week. Get three. As and about four months that may or June. What are we in August August, I timed it for the duck week? She's doing August four months August. He's she got another six months to go. Oh, when you do know. So I said how far along. Oh, sorry. Sorry. Wow. Do we know girl? Are you ready to reveal that I said on the call? Caller. Very very much. Dan, you know, also you have parents that are local and into it. Right. She sets persona she she we are super lucky that is a big advantage a major major deal because there's two components of that there's people that don't want to pay for the sitters or pay for the supervision or you wanna go out of town for two days or whatever they want to pay for. But there's also people don't trust it. Right. The key don't on the seventeen year old junkie. Hang at your house eating all your cereal while while you're paying them sixteen bucks an hour. Your hundred percent, right. There's a third component. Which is the last minute aspect. I can't tell you the number of times. Something's come up. And it's like, hey Christie's parents can you watch for. Yeah. Of course, not having those parents by accessible. Hey, one babysitter us that. What can you jump everything? Big ask. Yes. A joyous. Parents are in town and around and your parents are in town and around and then they're fun and grime grandparents they. Actually, more work. Joyous. Parents first grandkid for mind second. But they're all good. That's good. You trample on the show? So we'll do the name sweepstakes soon enough fair enough. Hey, by the way, just in case, you're still wondering what the average age of a first time parent, would you like to adjust your guesses? This is national. You said it just like that. It's got to go lower nineteen and a hat. Oh, oh, well, that's good twenty seven and a half for men or women because it's different. Oko men are probably older women are will younger and song. Women twenty seven and a half men thirty one younger twenty-five Twenty-three, Adam you're very close mothers twenty-six fathers, thirty one and that's up from twenty one and twenty seven I guess, I was just lazy. Good for you. Disregard that whole night in our business about probably doing pretty well, your profession and treat yourself. Go ahead and scrap all that there's probably someone out. There named Gary's pregnant too. Wow. That was good. That was almost as good as bold. Brian was the worst. That was well. That was well up where responsible for that? Whose idea was that max a patent shop? All right. Let's see. I can't talk into doing a lot of podcasts. Here's a stop me five had this heard this one before but speaking to being stopped was talking about being stopped in the parking lot of the Mexican food place with you guys. I want out to the Mexican food place with Lynette on Friday night. I did that move or I go you jump out of the car and get our name and cause it's always twenty minutes. And then I'll go park the car about eight at night, and I got out of the car and I start walking toward the Mexican restaurant. And there's a couple that was standing out front when I pulled in front of the restaurant, and then I parked my car, then they started to walk toward the parking lot. And a certain point the woman from the couple six year old woman. She said do you have a card, and I should. Card. You have a card on you. And I was like I don't have a card. Why would you need a card a card for your business? I said what I wanna get my piano. Tune. So I forget this stupid thing in the car all the time. I didn't know where it was going either. And then then I'm in this weird mode. I wish. This weird mode of the nets inside and his signal. They have a table I'm being cut off in the parking lot because somebody wants their Stein. Wait tuned, and I'm going I'm not really doing so much anymore with pianos and it says of the stars. And I don't recognize you check the voice mail. Gotta check. So I have to do this thing. I don't I really should stop and explain the whole host. But don't have time to explain the whole hoax better timesaver, taking it off your car. I wish I could. I wish I could. I wish there was a way to remove. Magnetized piece of of rubber from the side of my car. As a wedge. Matt Scott is playful the ball. That. Oh, okay. Yeah. Maybe he can take. So. So then I have these vague things while I'm walking into the restaurant. I'm going. I I I'm I'm curtailing the business not as much. Another a raffle out front or something. Out with the card. Why standing now I've had other discussions about tuning pianos in the parking lot. But that's in front of the car door the person's pointing at but this time because I stopped in front of the restaurant and the couple was standing in front, and then I moved on the car was eighty feet away. And I was just walking to nominate space and someone wants to know if I have a card, and and I am somewhat recognizable. So they could be talking about you could do we have a organizations could be corporate gag or. Yeah. I didn't know where we're and they had all that time to get jazzed up about it. And you had all that time to forget, you're right. And then I. So it's it's confusing because nobody seems less interested in their own business than me. I just go. I'm not really that's not for you. I I'm gonna eat just why keep walking and they have to keep thinking why why is this? If this is your business. Why are you doing why are you treating I've easy out from now on the visi out to take the sign up? Well, I could put some duct tape over the side. Put an X over it. Much more difficult much more elaborate effective. We wanna be fact differ. Don't you want all this rom or not what it would be old move it to the hood or the trunk? Booking put it on the roof. If you get a lot I bomb guys in SUV's lift kits. Yeah. Just say, I'm just parking the car. Valet. Yes. To Saami stop in front of the restaurant. Have my wife get out of the car. That's that's. Is orange vest on a Brian look, I don't need an answer today. But let's all put our thinking caps on and see if we can get to the bottom, so far we have spray paint over the last four digits of the number, but that's not gonna stop the comfort tation in the parking lot. Then at a certain point, we have we can just blot out the whole thing. But now, you just have a big black porthole on the side of car. What sense is that make you making more you're making more confusing. All right. I'll let you guys noodle on. I'll tell you about that madman two thousand nineteen just barely gotten started yet histories already been made the new normal is here you've seen it finally the moment when a product that once drove good people to black markets at been revealed. One of one is now creating a global market with inspiring symbol of counterculture, and it long last. It's just cultures not even counterculture anymore. There's. Very interesting video that is made by the very big name theatrical director and you'll you'll see it when you see it not supposed to reveal the name yet. But anyway, it's brought the life in a short film runs. Only two minutes. It's just a one hundred twenty seconds. So wait a minute. Yeah. That's. A new normal seeks to leave behind eighty years of unjust prohibition favor of safer, happier world. So check out this video good men dot com, and you will be blown away. I'm not using any hyperbole. Just go to med men dot com and check out this video and see if you can guess who directed it Brian. You should check that out. You know, enough big-name Bricker big name director. All right. Let's see Jordan harbingers calling in not Taco Bell material tonight for those of you who are in in cities where it's being hosted. There's about fifteen or twenty those are all around the country and go to tug to you g g dot com. And check that out if if you like I'll be at the Burbank one that that one is sold out, but there's some tickets available around the country. Yes, I was I was excited for the experiences of the full crowd. Well, it's interesting. And again, it's all part of this sort of d. Grand experiment, and you can go to Netflix, and you can Begum put it in your their queue or you can just release it yourself. And so that's what we're doing. And it'll drop digital digitally March fifth, and you can pre-order it at chassis to us as a why? Or an item or every refined those movie, so we're looking forward to that. And I'm looking forward to the experiment because I don't know. No one really knows how this whole self publishing self. I mean, we kind of get the self publishing part. We kind of get these self podcasting part. But I I don't know about comedy specials on. I shall we shall see. But once again, we're we're doing it for ourselves. And it'd be nice if it worked out and could prove if you people wrong, and I think the product is is there so so enjoy. Remember talking about SNL, and how Pete Davidson dozen nothing. And I don't know like a just bangs models now and gets a new tattoo. It isn't really do anything. And so one of my favorite segments is when they do jeopardy because when they do Steve Harvey Keenan. Canaan time family feud. Oh, sorry. Sorry. I'm sorry family. Even Keenan Thompson does Steve Harvey cracks me up every time. And then inevitably everyone has to play. It's a celebrity family feud, everyone has to play celebrity. So a Davidson is playing Romney Malik. I think it's funny to jokes. There's how there's there's the Keenan Thompson side of it being very funny. Steve harvey. And then the second part is the character sometimes the guest host oftentimes against those. But then the cast members playing lady Gaga where it is. And how have her funny that they bring to it? Right. All right. Well, we have. How much do you want? Let's just go down the line of celebrities because it's kind of fun listening to VCR playing lady. She's a very talented person, by the way. We will. And he always cracks me up. We don't do team all black woman nominees, but Regina king on vacation. On the bed was he's nominated for in black klansman this to Spike Lee. House. You go with come on Steve bought season tickets to the new Knicks every year the past twenty five years, you'd think I'd like winning. Oh snap. You buddy? You like little black lever. Cohen. Mitch from the white if Glenn clips to touch me. Company after week. Cheap suits, pending family against family. Well, guess what? Steve. I am tired of feuding. I am. Dick about this. I'm very well. Thank you. Big about this. When Pete Davidson comes up that we try to get Oscar for best performance on a game show. Knits. He's nominated ports dollars born Mr Sam nearly read on us to be here. Steve. I like that. On this show and get my neck fixed. Damn thing won't stand up. Right. Barbecue sauce commercial came to life? The movie the fable you right is some lady name Olivia. Komen. Actually the favorites. It's I'm via very celebrate cid's English actress and play to quits. A bit pissed with a very much golden cliff. None of you know. Do. You a chicken Crump? Two newbies at she's a single nominative abyss actress as she was named by baby is lady Gaga. Thank you. It is such an honor to be on the feud. If ninety nine people are surveyed, you just need one person to believe in you to win the game. Think that's how it works. Works. If you dream it. Secret. Likud what you do on a new. He has to be with me. It's a rule. I saw this woman at the Super Bowl halftime show. And I had this wild idea. I thought maybe she could play a singer. Thinking outside the box mix he nominated bohemian rhapsody. Mr. Rahmat congratulates. Thanks. I'm so surprised. You're about to make a rut poet. We got. All right. So everyone else does their thing. And he says for words, which is like, it's fine. But you don't need to be on. Here's the thing move over and let someone else who's talented does that in. And then we could join them doing an impersonation of somebody on there. There never is. That's the point is. I don't know what he does. What? When look I you bang hot chicks, and you struggle with depression, which is fine. Although I wouldn't struggle with depression falls at so many hot chicks that'd be that'd be riding riding high. But here's the point. I get all that. Now, clear out let somebody with some talent be on the show. I don't know that it's up to him. I it's weird that they hired him. I don't know what they did it based on put. So like, so many other jokes as Rami Malik there. You could have done a bunch of other things. But he what could he do? He do it. That's my question. Do you guys think it was reverse engineered leg? S windy gift pizza, do but not not heavy lifting and this one's dunk. Hey, guys. Guys crazy is when when they get hold of Kate McKenna, they go. Here's a soliloquy for you to knock out of the ballpark. And when they get Alec Baldwin in there, they go here's a little quaint and knock out of the ballpark, and they have norm MacDonald do Burt Reynolds, I go just go do your thing. And they have I think names VCR who does lady Gaga like you. Go knock it out a ballpark. And then they see Pete Davidson, and they go, let's get the training wheels out. Stan just you choke up on that back and take a nice chopping swing down to around. See if you can beat it beat it out when the pitcher pitcher might make a bad throw to first base. And that's fine. If you're signing up for groundlings class, but not to make the cut on us anals. When I'm saying, I they literally don't give him things to do. Because I don't think he's going to do very well. All right. The punch line. I just say, I don't know. I don't feel like I feel like he's way way. Off the cut that group. You just watch that just cast members only and you see what everyone is doing in the past. Yeah. I you know, I there's a there's a sort of. Slippery slope of us getting a little too involved with the backstory of folks, you know, like his dad was killed in nine eleven. And now, he's dating this check. And now she dumped him and now it's like that's all stuff for him to work out. But whether he's going to get a job at a Jumba, juice or an asset. Now, I don't want that to be a big part. I wanted to know how good they do their job. How do you make shakes? Yes, we're doing a little getting way too much and everyone's backstory and a little lesson to what about the product. Yeah. And it kind of made sense when he would go on as himself for the weekend update. And be like, this is what's going on in my life. But you're right. The skits are not making any sense. Yes. And even that is just I hate myself when she hate to be me. All right, spoke, Jordan harbingers on. We will get him queued up, Jordan. Hey, hey, man. How are you doing? I'm doing well doing. My thirty ninth birthday today. Just think it seems just last week. I was only thirty two years old while we were just talking about biggie Smalls and how fast time traveling flies. Yeah. The Jordan Harvard your show. It's available on apple podcasts and podcast. One is well, do we have our intro ball? Rhyme men. Now, some simple ways to better yourself in twenty nineteen brought to you by into it from makers of turbo tax QuickBooks and meant it's time for harbinger of success with your harbinger. Jordan. The new Hello here. We go. Right. Yeah. So honestly, one of the things that really started to bother me was people are clapping a lot on the media. And that's not what I have a problem with at all I would say it's that you get journalists also fighting back and saying look, we do a lot of research over talking about in to the extent for some journalists. It's true. But when we look at mainstream media presenter, whether it's news or otherwise, you really have no idea how much they know. And how much they don't know because they've sort of decided that they don't need to put in the time to become an expert on a topic to talk about it. So we end up with more talking head than experts and one thing that the reason it's just a cold shower. Bucket of water thrown on me was I was watching a special online, and it was something about podcasting. And then I thought, wow, they they know almost nothing about this subject. And it reminded me of that today show thing back in the nineties where they were like. You know, the internet is Al what's the internet? And they were like ask each other. This question if that if this is how little they know about specific topics that are complex or technical in any way, not just technology, but technical and any way then every other topic that we know less about that we're trusting them to present to us. They have an equal or lesser than amount of knowledge in that same area. We just can't tell because we're not experts. Right. So if we watched something in which we are an expert, we can see all the holes. But when we watch something which we've never seen before. Whereas newish to us we tend to believe what they're saying. When in truth, it has just as many or more holes as the other subject that which we could pick out does that make sense. Yeah. I've always said why have a couple of thoughts always said you'll you'll realize what percentage of stories are wrong when they start writing stories about you, and they get almost everything wrong. And then you think well, they're not. Just doing it to me every story. I read that. I'm not familiar with. They're getting a ton of stuff wrong. There's a couple of things. So in general, I want to write a book called I never knew adults would be this stupid. Like, I am. I am dumbfounded at how many like forty year olds are stupid or just bad at their job. When I was a kid. You just not whatever that guy did your dad's friend. He's an engineer. He's best whatever it is. And then you get older, and you have to deal with people. I can't believe how dumb people are how bad they are at their job. Or how laze fare they are. But also when you grow up, you just journalists journalists, and whatever the news is the news is and it's on the newspaper. It's in the newspaper. That's what happened and then you get a little bit older. And you start to have your same thoughts about journalism as you kind of do about adults. And then there's a now a whole new thing, which is not only may they be getting the subject wrong. So in Dr drew, watches, any medical thing or sees any medical thing. He shoots holes in it. I do the same thing with carpentry, engineering carbonari. But now we have to wonder what if they think going into the story. So when you read the headline, I've just looking just tweeted me something today that says apple stores are moving out of east, Texas. I think it's east Texas to get away from the patent troll. Goals, and I hearken back to the headline Corolla settles with patent trolls to lawsuit. I never settled with them. They dropped their lawsuits in pay settle with suggest cutting a check I didn't cut anyone a check. If you're into journalism. I don't know. Why would choose to use the word settled with you could have said patent? Trolls drop lawsuit against Parola. But now makes me wonder maybe you weren't a fan of Corolla because you chose something that was skewed the story cute in unflattering when we said, we wouldn't settle. So there's two things there's general incompetence, which is which is running running unabashed our society. Now, there's general and then there's also not a fan or maybe a big fan. I mean, we're we're pro or con. So there's two things we got to deal with competence. And the way you feel about the store your reporting on and that's kind of over two. Yeah. Competent me. I hate Corolla. Or I love Corolla means wrong story. I have a possibly upsetting example of that little teeny tiny bit. I just thought you should know. But because we're talking about it's so funny when there was something in the news or know, some some press release, whatever on something that you were doing and it said somebody who Adam Corolla who's doing a movie called no safe spaces in parentheses. Yes. It's really called that. I was like. Okay. Well, now, I know how you feel about all of those. Yeah, that's a decent for the time over that. Okay. But yeah. So we're living in a weird news era with incompetence meets have a bias one way or the other. And that really is not gonna lead you to the factual truth. Is that sound about right, Jordan? Yeah. That's one hundred percent, correct. And I think if people want an illustration of this, and I highly encourage everyone to get a direct illustration of this not just like, oh, yeah. The news is all because I see people tweeting about it. Not that kind of illumination of it people need to sort of see this for themselves and watch media production by a news agency or journalist about a subject in which an expert either self-styled expert or professional, it's fine. Like, if you're a gamer that you're an expert in video games Nuff said and just know how much they oversimplify how much they exaggerate what they MIT or what they don't cover adequately. And see for yourself all the gaps in the coverage because that will give you. Visceral feeling about that. Then when you remember that feeling remember that the media is like that with everything. So we tend to see all the gassing coverage where we have a great grasp on the subject and yet we often blindly trust. What we're told about subjects that we don't really understand quite as fully. And so that lack of coverage in flood presentation there in their present. In nearly everything that's presented whether we'd realize that are not and a lot of people get angry about this. But I think the key instead of getting angry is to remember that feeling about how we felt about the coverage of our chosen subject next time. We feel fear or anger coming from one. We're seeing something on those same media sources for the first time, and this actually will then prevent us from getting angry prevents us from getting outrage prevents these d- jerk. Reactions of like let's say going down to the pizza store with a rifle. Right. This is how media roles we can't fix it right now. But over simplification is is dangerous. I go bear in mind that. Happening. Every time I see an expose on crypto currency. I go out of my mind. That's not bitcoin works. I scream the king of the dark web over here. Yeah. That's exactly right. We do something about me or something about pans rolls or something about podcast about carbonari. I just you'll fake. And then you do something about crypto currency, and I go oh my God. Tell me more home 'cause I've no I've I've no compass it just spins around and around good advice. Jordan, harbinger of very true. And again, God willing they'll start writing stories about you. And I say you I mean, everyone listening when they do you can be outraged by just how much they get wrong, and they get into there's a lazy version of it to like, they'll go like, well, I. After Corolla Kimmel at a John Wayne Bobbitt boxing match, and I told I said he was the judge and like e ever written down. Are you should have recorded it like don't leave so lazy figure just get it right to they don't get the Horder, right? Yes. They don't there's another thing too. It's like they don't ask like, you can ask you can fact jacket. You can you know, whatever famously was Entertainment Weekly when you're announcing about the ill-fated move and a late night with Jimmy and comedy central performing Karol ACTA me you can call. You can call. My people ask what happened or comedy central asked. What happened to the ill-fated move in the late night? It's gonna be hard to verify that before the show launches only time will tell Renner stands by. I'm doing the show tonight teen years on. So I'm guessing it wasn't that ill-fated ill advise ill advise sorry. Yeah. Baby. Nobody wants ten million bucks a year in the national audience, you stay home. Remember local theater puppet show where it's. That I told you move to Mexico start doing basic cable, but you wouldn't listen. So here we Illit five and. Yeah. Show subsequent Karol acting. They wouldn't have gotten to use their fun word that they made up. No. I know I if actually becomes a medical procedure save all is forgiven. Thanks, jordan. Thank you. Appreciate it. Harbinger of success? Brought to you by into it. It's obviously Karol act Amies pretty easy to suss out if you wanna make a few phone calls, but I'm assuming you're on a roll because you said ill faded stance or ill advise ill advised, and you just sort of kept rolling that. That's always the funny part too. When you start going down a path the famously when Tom shales was reviewing the man show and solely focusing on me. And my parents. I've felt that was such a weird angle doing it's too much to tear apart. I don't know. Did you do that the laurel and hardy boy that guy fat? He is fat you like. It's like, yeah. Comedy teams, aren't nor really aesthetically pleasing? He'll we're actually probably the fray like, we're probably the cut in terms of a steady on comedy teams fat, bald guys, you know, hangar guys with crazy hair oath. Komo corolla. And. They started going down the road making fun of my the way I looked and then at a certain point, and this again, this is how you know it. So. They dig into Kim on this ill advised move, and then the curl ACTA made. But the part I love is when they're reviewing the man show. And then they go into love line and the best part of that review. Was there like the the show where they sit out they sit on MTV in handout bad advice, while Dr drew smugly rains. Drew wasn't even. It was your view of the man show. Somehow drew got tossed under the bus to smugly raining. I do. I do love it. Yeah. Corolla already has one disrepute disreputable series on the air. It's MTV's love line late night talk show in which viewers phone in for advice about their sexual problems a smugly preening Dr drew attempts to answer the questions while Corolla croak settled with. No, yup. Are well Corolla crooks out Neanderthal differently in the same in the same. Light. Remember that our grabs explaining there's an incompetent factor. And then there's an agenda factor sweet spot where they meet the sentence. Starch what the word Corollas Z A R O L, L A and Twenty-one words later, it C O R O L LA. So that the competent part and then depart the agenda part is where you're supposed to be giving the man show a bad review, and you just slide into my other TV show and start picking that apart as well would argue that since you're there to review the man show, you should just kind of stick to that focus on that not that lovely and makes the Jerry Springer show look like a Harvard seminar, Dr drew smugly framing, I is it possible for Dr to smugly pren-, obviously review. That's true. They nail the NFL, Ian, gag so bad has so it's awesome. Anyway, it got it got worse from there. But yes, a very good example of sort of incompetent meets agenda with did name. It's a last name. And it is spelled one way at the very top of the sentence you somehow smell differently in the middle of crazy. It is crazy, right? And this is this is Tom shales one of the biggest national reviewers at the time. This was like in the Washington. Whatever said, regardless of Tom shales thoughts, which are pretty obvious. There was a copy editor whose presumably had no thoughts on the quality of love lion or you and just there to make things we're spelled correctly job. So anyway, everyone once they start writing about you. You'll realize does this kind of where we're at and we've been here for a while people think this is brand new. This is twenty years old. We we've been we've been around this for a while. All right. Brad Williams is coming in love me, some Brad Williams. So let me tell you about the into it. Whether you're a small business owner mother or podcast hosts, like mom, all working toward a prosperous future. But prosperity doesn't mean the same thing. Everyone maybe for some people to buying a home some people starting college fund finally taking that trip to Hawaii as you think about your vision of prosperity. 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Andrea special guest, Jay Leno, plus a celebrity car show throughout the day at five PM humanness for the screening of the the willy t Ribbs story, followed by Q and A with the man, and we'll ET and at eight PM the ten year anniversary podcast of the Adam Corolla show, featuring Adams better have Jimmy Kimmel tickets car cast the car show up, but these screening are still available. Get yours now at Adam Corolla dot com. Hey, you with the rhinestone dog collar between us dogs. I just convinced. My human of grade to a new home with the twelve hundred square foot bathroom. I think she called it a yard with Wells Fargo's three percent down payment on a fixed rate loan. My Uman realized new home was within reach learn more at wellsfargo dot com slash. Wells Fargo home mortgage down payments is three percent on a fixed rate loan require mortgage insurance has a home mortgage consultant about loan requirements. Wells Fargo home mortgage is a division of Wells Fargo Bank NA equal housing lender. NMLS RND three nine nine eight. Oh one. Congratulations. Adam Corolla on ten years of the Adam Corolla show. Just wanted to say happy anniversary and podcasting to Adam Corolla, the creator of the ultimate pirate ship. The godfather of the podcasting medium, I am personally grateful to Adam not just because he's frigging areas. But because he's created a space for people to speak freely on the issues that matter and also make jokes about stuff powerful pansies, tell us we're not supposed to laugh at happy tenth, Adam. Here's to another twenty now back to the Adam Corolla show. Brad Williams in studio. Then she care about way, we from Harvard educated. Ben Shapiro to USC dropout, Brad Williams. That's a lateral move. You dropped out of. Yeah. I had one I had one year to go. And then I discovered stand up comedy. And then I called my parents and was like, you know, that tuition even paying. Well, I don't make some jokes discovering stand up or discovering classical music or is not the same as discovering Taco Bell are discovering Bali or their way know what I mean. Like, you just you've found a path like I would sort of hope that for my kids. I would hope do scary answer. If you ever talked twenty three year old and go what he into they go like watching movies. I I wish you could have been next to my parents saying that exact thing when I told them. Yeah. Job it out go on the road will your pursue Madrid. Your dad had dots about you. So that's a lot of pressure. I know from the stories you've told in the past that your dad was involved in sort of aspirational and had ideas. Yes. And I was always a talker. So my dad's a lawyer figured that I would go into law and that that did not happen. You never know. It can be a caveman lawyer could be dwarf comedian lawyer. I mean, come on David Kelly is he still alive bring that to TV, sir? I know you're back from Alaska. Yes, I know did some standup there. Yeah. I wanna know wanna know about that. I mean, they they hired me to come up and do a corporate gig in Anchorage. And then I found out that there's this theater in Fairbanks Alaska, which ironically is next to a town. That's literally the North Pole. Lasca friend from them. Yeah. Real guess what? I just walk around that city and people just look at me. I know. Yes. And they have a theater there called the blue loon, which they show movies at they have the concerts at and then sometimes Brad Williams goes up there and tells jokes, and I believe I had maybe the most Adam Corolla one hour that happened to me in Alaska police, so and this is I'm a fan of the show. So I know I know you guys have been talking about. So here, here's what goes down. It's negative five degrees. It's snowing food options are not great. But luckily in the hotel, I'm staying at there's a lovely restaurant, and it's always open. It's great. Then I wake up on Saturday. It's ten AM. I'm going. All right. Let's go get the food before I go to some work for the shows and closed restaurants close. And I'm like, okay. So I go the front desk and the restaurants closed where the food options, and they go. Well, we don't have any food right now in the in in the hotel. Okay. Well place around. Hear that delivers and they go no not on weekends. And not in this kind of weather and I'm like bar. Right. Well, so what do you suspect? I do. Well, you can drive somewhere. I'm like don't have a car. What do you have any other options? What else you got? And they go. Yeah. I mean. Yeah, we just don't have any food options right now. And no one really delivers and Uber's are few and far between and I go so every weekend people are just they cannot do people complain every week and every weekend people about God. My God every weekend. Someone says I'm hungry. You can't feed them. And you're like, man. So I want you to open up a restaurant here. They'd be making a killing. I turn. Try it always drives me insane. When they give when I was trying to get that day fifty fifty swarm play. Jiangkou chicken, and Dan is and I was like just give me half the beef and half, the chicken and the chicks like everybody asked for that. It's the same price. Just give me the same amount fifty. Yeah. That's what everybody wants. And I said why don't you know, we can avoid this puts imply would over the front door get up on the roof of the hunting. That'll stop this again ever ask again. So I Finally I call I call Newburgh it takes about thirty five minutes for car to get there. Because it's Fairbanks Alaska. Uber. Venture picks me up takes me to their main sort of breakfast spots that sort of their hit spot, and I'm like, all right, cool. Now, I'm gonna get some food walk in their turn around. And they're on the wall of a restaurant Fairbanks, Alaska guy Fieri. He was here. There is. Yes. Aigner's drive ins and dives was at a place called the cookie jar in Fairbanks, Alaska. Everything's coming together nicely. This point if you own a restaurant, you just get a poster guy Fieri, and you have your wife, right? Best best chick best chilly chilly ever made. And you just put on the wall. And no one asks know that I could walk in and not know because he's done seven thousand twelve years. Yes, it it's called diners drive ins and dives. So it can be a dive you can literally just have a hot plate and be guy. Very says. This is the best hot plate around. Really takes flavor town, absolutely. There are more pictures of guy Fieri just in general. It's like there used to be like a thing where it's like, you know, like the black community would have Martin Luther King on a pincher. They owned a restaurant or something religious people might have Jesus cries talion would have Frank Sinatra. I'd say they're all hold your ears dwarf. Gina war by the guy Fieri stuff BIC witness you cruise ship there. I go into the trunk of my car, and I shut the trunk laid. And I hold a flashlight my mouth, I look up to see on the inside of the trunk Lindt. Chocolate airbrush guy, Fieri chilly Coney. Thanks. Bit everywhere. It's great. He's Sinatra guy that I'm not in that order. Hi is Martin Luther King? Yes. Yeah. Yes. Everyone over the weekend. Adam what's us, and you picture of wanting to Vegas? Yeah. In my hotel room. There's a magazine with his face on the congress taking quietly shit. Somebody asks you his publicist is. Because my feeling is is I don't have this. But if I did I'd probably Gill past Kathy, Griffin's publicists and has Jesse small that's publicist in mind guy Fieri because I this guy. I don't know what he does. And he's everywhere the guy the guy makes the guy makes pulled pork sandwich. And now, he's everywhere. Make it he eats it. Oh, he eats a pork sandwich. Do that. Ryan, right. That's my that is my that. That's my third guy Fieri encounter. Yes. I I mean, if you a small polish joint outside of Boston, literally seats nine people hole in the wall polish. Join and the biggest thing in that place is post guy Fieri has unbelievable. How matter you? I if you own a restaurant legit restaurant in guy Fieri hasn't been there. How about this? That's a slap in the face. Although here's. You know, I've always said there was that supermodel. Gotta can't remember name. But she was involved at the whole sue NAMI thing at the resort movie about impossible, and she was aiding photographer swept out to sea. And you know, look. This is no disrespect. But this is the fantasy of every guy who starts dating a supermodel which is last boyfriend swept out to sea. Because if she's banging Brad Pitt for two years before you then you turn on the news. And it's kind of weird you put on entertainment tonight. And you're watching TV. The Brad Pitt showed up the Redcar in the. Do I say, yeah, we do. So I feel bad for all my ex girlfriends Cova was that her co by right swept out to sea. Not coming back coming back. Here's the thing. Or if he comes back with a beard hell of a story volleyball. All right. Here's what I'm saying. What if guy Fieri your ex husband, we all we all know that thing? And you're the new husband. And that's after the message Avars like we've all everyone does that thing where it's there's a wedding and the access getting married, and then she doesn't want to but we're friends now. But that groom one day. We're hard for your you're going to the new restaurant run into so. And so when she's with her new show, uncomfortable, whatever that's going on there. What it's guy Fieri just everywhere. Just haunting your dreams every hotel room every restaurant Ceac. He he will literally be over your shoulder as you're on a date. Yeah. In this game. Like if you were dating his ex wife. Yeah. Note the original version of that is and maybe worse before he married, JoAnne. Woodward, Paul Newman, ad ex-wife. You mentioned every time. Grows every dressing all donations. Go to share what a good guy. Of course. They do. This washable doc. Let's go look watch documentary on chassis God. Quietly everywhere by was. Guy been married. A kid to kid on the show. Okay. I hope he has an ex not for her. But for the new poll asked to go. Fortunate. It's Tom Khaliq. You. All right on a on a more somber note Brody Stevens who's a comedian who I knew not well he's been on the show before. And he was always a fix your the comedy store and he loved baseball actually played softball with him once years ago in studio city, I've seen him guest host TMZ. He guest hosted this show seemed like a very high energy sort of manic, but fun the I end of kinda guy. What? What happened? And how well did you know? I knew I knew Brody. I mean, if you're a comic, you know, Brodie, he's he someone described him on Twitter as L as official comedy mascot, like he kinda guy if yes can that? He was a what? Yeah. And and he always preached his his his sort of catchphrases were positive energy and joy it, and that's what he would say constantly in. You know, you'd say, hey, Brody. How how are you be like living the dream? Yes. Positive energy like, and he he could not bomb if he bombed he would turn it around. He would turn a bomb into a kill by saying things like that joke should have got a laugh on cadence alone. Like, he just incredible positive person. You you never in a bad mood after met this man, and he had had struggles with mental illness in the past. There was one episode where he sort of famously went on Twitter and started attacking people, and everyone was kind of very worried about him. It was it was documented in his TV show called enjoy it, which is on comedy central. Pretty sure you can still find it. And but he found some sort of we thought he all we thought he found peace. We thought he found something that he he was in a good state in his life. And obviously that was not the case less Friday. We all got. To to find out that a friend of yours has committed suicide on Twitter, the very weird and very like very heartbreaking. And now like like like like, we talked about I was in Alaska in all all of a sudden, I'm gone. I don't I'm disconnected frantically calling comics like is this real I have friends calling meet do have you heard of Brody like have you heard from him? How soon after that were slated to perform affect your. Imagine of your mind for a while. I was doing I was gonna show about four hours. Do you? Remember the show? Imagine your head with swimming. Yeah. So you kind of go you kind of go on stage. You kinda just. I a very good comic and very good friend of mine who name is Kate quickly. She had a show that night. And she said that performing that night was an out of body experience. Like, you're watching yourself performed going, man. I I wonder how this person's gonna pull it together. How old was Brody forty eight. And you wonder do you guys wonder I always have my sort of theory. It's my Ellen dancing theory, which is evil person wants to dance wanted to project something that they're not feeling, you know, sometimes I wonder about people when they're like good vibes. Good doing great. Like, you wonder if they're trying to talk themselves into that into existence. Yes. And which I'm all for the opposite is I'm bummed out. And I'm not going to leave the house like I liked it. There's an effort, but you feel like he's was fighting against something. And and he will be the first one to tell you that. And I'm speaking as someone who knew him. There's obviously comics that know him better than I did. And I'm not speaking on behalf of the entire comedy community. But all all I know is that every night since it happened. It is packed at the comedy store. Every comic is going there because that's sort of like our therapy group. That's our support group. I can't talk to my wife about the. My friend killed himself. And he's a comic like it doesn't. She doesn't know who he is. So like every night, the the comedy store has been packed, and it's just been people that are going there. And so there's another podcast out there. That's called a kill Tony and its stars. Tony Hinchcliffe and he critiques open mic comedians. They do they do a random drawing an open mic to run run up on stage. They don't know that they're performing that night. And all of a sudden, they're performing the two minutes. And then Tony group of celebrities. Critique them last night was at the comedy store. It was dedicated Brody. And there was one joke that just I can't remember laughing this hard where as specifically rotund female comic walked up on stage. Bert Kreischer was one of the judges and Tony Hinchcliffe Brody. Stevens was famously from the valley. About one eight. Yeah. So Tony cliff asks the female comedian goes, I I wonder how much you and Bert Kreischer would way together, and then someone with a soundboard hits a button, that's Brody going eight one eight till I die and that while that made us let that was that that made us laugh so hard, and that wasn't that was such a release to hear aid to have his voice make us laugh again. And that's good. But but but yeah, I mean that sound guys incredible. There's no one that's even close to him in terms of his timing and degree. I mean now. Does he have a brother? Yeah. Yeah. And and we've all we've all lost people in. Fortunately as comedians. We seem to lose some of our friends way too soon. But yeah, this one this one really hurt and it's not. I I hate to say this because this man was also very good friend of mine. But when when when when ralphie may died. Yes. It was shocking. And we hated it. And we and we mourned, but we kind of knew you look at ralphie. You're like, okay. You're on borrowed time. Like, yeah. You're not gonna live to ninety like that's just a fact Brody. We you just kind of expected him to always be closed. Now chose the comedy store. It was just like so it was such a blow and the entire Hollywood community mourns and the day he died he was trending number one on Twitter world worldwide. Really? And we were comics were laughing and crying because we're like he would've he would've loved that. Yeah. I mean, he was training because of yes. And he would have made Joe. He would have made jokes about it. He he the guy being on stage. Like, I had died trend on Twitter like he would have done that the very very bitter. We used to part that always. Is. Uncomfortable about the suicide part is you realize that that was roiling around them for a while like thinking about it for weeks days, or whatever years going into it in your life. Like, oh, you're telling jokes, and you're doing the positive energy thing. But somewhere in the recesses your mind, this is on this. This is this is on the launching pad. Perhaps this is something. And then what actually physically brings them to do it? It's it. I always think about those moments just before and I go God. It's what was going through your head then. Yeah. And just say, it's a it's a mental disorder because this guy had his health. He had his life. He was living a life that most people dream of it makes me think about Richard Jenny member killed himself and going back to the sort of theme of the show with the biggie. Smalls like Richard Jenny's, one of those guys you. Probably kill themselves twenty years ago. And and was a big stand up comedian and was during the radio show. I I can't recall the can look it up. It was. Yeah. So it's not been fifteen years. But. He was a great stand up and. I don't know. How old he was? It's one of those things where you think of them as older because you're younger, but he's forty nine. So they're both the same Brody forty eight forty eight and forty nine. Yeah. I mean guys that had their health had their had money had career had had everything Dan chose not to see their fiftieth birthday. So if anyone is feeling that way police reach out that was the end. And what what I can't stress enough is. 'cause I've I've met people that had episodes, and then had to be, you know, went to the hospital for failed suicide attempts, and one of the things that they tell me is that when they were going through that episode, and when they were making that when when when they made the decision to kill themselves is they thought I want to reach out to people. But then I would just be a burden on someone. And they say like if I call someone they're gonna be like, so and so's going nuts. I gotta go save their like, and I can't stress the people if if you're going through anything you are not a burden. The we we and anyone with half a heart would be more than happy to give up whatever necessary to make sure that you live through another day that you smile again. Well, all the people that were devastated by your shuicide would be bird willing, be burdened. Yeah. Just do the math. Yeah. I mean, Joe Madden. The manager of the cubs. In his introductory press conference to spring training brought up Brody Stevens and said, we he's a he's a friend of the team, and we're saddened by his passing so many people love this, man. And it's it's always shocking. It's I mean, it's a pollyanna Chee. Yeah. Not not to open everybody up to this. If they're not they don't have the time. But there's been people, and I can't be the only one I know I'm not the only there's people who've reached out to me on Twitter on Instagram saying the same thing, and we shit chat and we've gone back and forth. And it seems to have made a difference at least for today. So if there's no one that you know that well or you're not you're on the outs with the family or whatever tweet me. I'm happy to talk to you tweet me. But I do have a couple of questions like do you like cheese? A few. These aren't disqualifying themselves, right and overall passion fruit ice versus regular. Would you turn right? If the signal was read, but if no cars were coming the other direct you sell cursory. Yes. Glance at you a couple of questions floor more than five yelp reviews. Could help all these things. Have you used in the last seventy two hours, if you nounce something was problematic, and if so might steer it a little different direction. When someone says that you're being divisive. You correct them and say divisive. That's right. Have you ever used the term excuse you, Mark yourself outside or young man? All right. Brad williams. Show's coming up all over the place playing Newton New Jersey and uncast Ville. The sun casino. And we're traveling the same roads to Wilbur theatre coming up on Saturday March sixteenth, it's beautiful. It's their time of played it. And I'm really excited like you said you were just there. It's an amazing theater. And it's you know, I hear Joe coy on the show talk about like how is progressions going. Now. He's playing stadiums. And things like that. And yeah, I was playing comedy clubs and now in in New Jersey and playing at theater doing the Wilbur theatre. We just added a third show at the Mohegan sun on the Saturday. I love it's awesome. Yeah. I'm gonna the Wilbur a he consent third show. Dr. Oh, but but third time playing. Elbow seamless take that other south. All right. How many times are you gonna mess up eight one eight dies? All right tell you about Castrol edge stronger under pressure. Get ready sound guy. Titanium transfers under pressure to keep the metal apart and fighting and robbing the friction that friction it is three times. Now. Guy. Three times stronger against. Scusi breakdown leading full synthetic not too bad Castrol edge, exceeds the toughest industry standards. Right. We will take a quick break. We'll come back with Brad Williams in the news right after this. 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I look forward to tomorrow to being able to in my voice to tell the American people my story, and I'm going to let the American people decide exactly he's telling the truth Cohen will meet privately Thursday with the house intelligence committee house has passed a resolution to overturn Trump's emergency declaration along the border with Mexico. Three Republicans in the Senate say they also support the measure Alaska's, Lisa Murkowski says the president went too far overstepping in to the legislative prerogative if it passes the Senate Trump says he'll veto the resolution. A Long Island Rail road commuter train heading toward Manhattan has hit a vehicle near a crossing police and rescue personnel at the scene. There's no word yet on injuries. I'm Tim Maguire.

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