Ep 251 | The Death of Ahmaud Arbery & Lockdown Anarchy | The Chad Prather Show


Today's show is sponsored by express. Vpn Don't let others track what you do keep yourself safe at express. Vpn DOT com slash. Watch Chad part. Do another episode of the chat show here from the Mothership Studio twenty two. We're here making America great again. You know what because the puppet master Marcus driving us into the Nether regions of Candy? See the queen of the Ethiopians is over. They're not giving one single not a bit of a thing of care. I just went all quicken. Then Joe Biden on you about that. Yeah did Oh Morris Mark would say let's make America okay again pretty good pretty make America pretty good again Val Steve. Who said that Steve? Pretty good. Let your lawn those already Steve. It looks like we're fixing to hold up the coach. I don't even know if that you use it in over there. It's not I'm throwing my voice okay. this this is like we're ready to hold up the train or train robberies. Great again I like it. Look at these. Things are friends at political ops. These political OPS DOT com. You got some of their leggings right. Some of their their leggings and thanks to them. I have my mouth a little little care package. They're always good to us. I keep saying these. But they're Dang expensive and sell them. You'd have to sell them for like a lot but guess what we are coming out with. I can't talk much about it. Fanny packs a death. Ooh Yeah more to come on that you go to blaze shop blaze. Tv DOT COM each part time. Mom It's man. I'm exciting. It's Tuesday we're still alive. Nobody sick but I know about right. You feel good. Your House feel good. I feel healthy. Yes Steve. Y'All are good we're healthy. Y'All a bunch of crap over the weekend. He had crawfish CRAWFISH BOULEVARD. Crawfish survive that I have people who have called me a narcissist because I have tattoos. Look at the tattoos your choices but the tattoos aren't giving away people like. Oh my gosh check your fat. You Got Tattoos. That's right that's right. So that makes you a narcissist just reveals. I like it when people can't still narcissist They don't realize there's a D. at the end. Yeah have you noticed how. Social media has really revealed people's lack of grammar and their ability to spell. I've actually kind of always noticed that it's always been a little bit of a much worse. Yeah the truth is coming out hard for me to say anything. Because I can't see unless I have my reading glasses on 'em so now all these people that have made fun of for their typing stuff. It's really kind of hard for me to make fun of them anymore. Because I'm doing the same things because I can't see up close and that's news that everybody in the world needed up right but I think you're grammatically correct and I know you not spell and I think people can tell the difference between a typo and a grammatical error. But they don't care they really don't care it doesn't matter we're going to get into news some of the controversy. 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Title Lot go to hometown of Lock Dot Com and register your address right now to see if you're already a victim use code Chad for thirty three days of protection to help you get through this crisis again. Enter Chad at home title. Loc Dot com whole data log dot com. Thanks Man Oh man there. It is got us Look my little scully. GotTa keep my we on fire or you can sleep in that. Yeah Ma in her kerchief and I am I. Cap had just settled down for long winter's NAP into sex anyway. What do you think choose? Choose your words carefully guys. And I say that Steve Specially. I never choose my words carefully. I know I know but this you could do that on on Puerto Val nation but I want you to choose your words carefully because this is a hot topic right now. Who's going on this? This arboretum saying his name right. Yeah sad deal yeah. They'll did you watch the video I did. I didn't want to but I had to. And you see stuff like that. I hate that stuff you know. I hate seeing things like that. Where you're seeing somebody. And then you obviously got shot by the Guy Everybody's forming their opinions. Now we have the folks who are coming back out saying you know I mean even the Atlanta mayor said the shooting was a lynching blames trump. I mean how does that. Go back to trump video. This STARTS TO GET LUDICROUS STEVE. Because I say it was racially motivated right. Let's say this was racially motivated. I have issues across the board on all all of this case right at the end of the day. It's sad assess tragic should never had happened. Of course everybody comes out with the House handled in in. What were the motives and things like that? Hopefully we'll find out and we'll see and justice will be served one way or another but you're right how does it go back to trump? I mean even if it was racially motivated in state of Georgia South Georgia. I mean you really I mean. There's there's been instances of racism for a couple of hundred years long time. It ain't it ain't trump's fault. I'm so tired of everything being Donald Trump's fought. There are things that are trump's fault. I mean man's inhumanity to man. I think we I think we can back off on that one. That's just that's just so dumb and this the Atlanta mayor talking about this thing you know the the situation as I understand it just in brief details as we know them now. This happened back in February as a father and a son and they chased this young man who was apparently jogging through this neighborhood. That was the word. They used That the they said he was out jogging. They tracked him encountered him confronted him in the confrontation he was killed With by being shot with shotgun now video has emerged not only of the incident but now videos emerged of him walking into a house. That is being bill. It's it's being framed up and he's just checking things out what's he doing. There's accusations that he was running with a hammer in his shorts. That were boots on like work boots on. There's questions about what's that all about the. There's the defense that this this. This father and son were saying They had reported various occasions. Where stuff is being broken into vandalized or something like that. And they were then. There's also evidence that that this father who was law enforcement at one time investigated this young man at one point in time. A lot of stuff the south there and then the biggest complaint is that they didn't arrest these guys for months until video came out and they're you know obviously the critics of it are going to say well it had these guys been black. Pick them up. You know that's always the narrative that's there and I don't know maybe there's some truth to that route. Think there's some truth to that one of those guys. I'm not so close minded. I'm honest enough to know that that those kind of things happen and they do exist and unfortunately and people get pissed off at me for saying this the number support it so it is what it is more white people die at the hands of black gun crime than the other way around. That's just a statistical fact. I'm not drawing a conclusion on race relations from that. These kinds of things happen these guys. They should have been arrested. There should have been an investigation immediately on this deal. I am not defending what they did. I will say that. It doesn't matter I lose lose by even talking about the situation like this is why I haven't talked about it on social media. Yeah because I. It's a lose lose no matter what no matter what I say about the situation. Somebody's GonNa come at me and say well you just don't understand what I'm just telling you. This is one of my ways to say this or my opinions. This is what I've seen. These are the conclusions. I'm drawing and maybe we can come to conclusions together until the real truth comes out. We're just discussing this but it's not like those guys were in the truck driving down the street with guns pointed if you watch the video. He does charge at the sun and the Sun Ra tries to get the gun away from the Sun and the Sun fires tragic. There should not have been any guns involved right. They should not have been tracking him. They should not have been chasing him. They shouldn't have been there but say that this was racially motivated. I had a little bit of a problem with that. Because it's not like they were going around like hunters in the back of a truck. You know what I mean that makes sense to you. I have a question. Do we know who recorded it? Why is this on key? That apologize just happened up on it and you know the person the video person and I think a guy happened up on. Their words started rolling following behind because they investigated that person as well. Enough of the details are really comment. They questioned that person as well. How were they involved? What was going on so that some of that's out there but it's tragic. It should not have with calling the police in once. You make that phone call to the police. Yeah you know you should stay away from it and out of it. I agree I mean. There's there's certain things there's not someone in an intimate. Is that the right word danger right at that moment. Imminent danger you call. The police been an intimate danger. However you say that. So what's your safe word? Call the cops leave it alone. It's it's out of your hands. It's I don't care if you're a retired cop you're no longer a cop you stay out of it. Yeah I don't buy into this whole George Zimmerman thing this whole neighborhood watch. That goes to an extreme or this citizen's arrest which is what this father and son are claiming. Okay he'll be foolish. Maybe chill out with your vigilante justice. Let's let's ease up on it and by the way I mean when you were a kid. I grew up with a father who was a builder and developer. They built neighborhoods as a kid. I'd go into those neighborhoods. I walk through those houses looking around right. Check stuff out. See you have a lay out of the house was the freemen. I don't know what this kid was doing there at night. Checking things out or what he was doing is caught on camera doing it. It's not illegal to do that. You can claim trespassing but it's not illegal to step into a house as being bill. We've trespassing is is in that misdemeanor. Crime or some lose you live over. Yeah I mean I have seen trespassing signs. It says you will be shot trespass. Yeah we'll be guild or whatever we don't call it online. Tend to not go on those properties at the it was a bake bake property house. Bill there was no one there. Yeah so there wasn't like there was. Yeah and again I go back to. Let's say was. Let's say he was going in there to vandalize or steal tools. Or whatever he's choosing to do there's no reason shoot somebody now. No reason to track somebody shoots somebody call the police and you move on with your life. And he's had dealings with the individual before then he knows who he is so call the cops. Hey this is who it is go check. He'll probably be back tonight jogging. Whatever and then the authorities question. I don't like it. I mean it's a sad sad deal. Here's a guy in the in the beginning of his life and and you know the takeaway that I get from it is not the details of. Who's guilty and that that's up to the Justice Department and the of figure all that stuff out but it's it's just you just don't know what a day is. GonNa Bring you and it's a damn shame when you get caught the wrong place at the wrong time a and you wind up on the wrong end of circumstances. Sad sad deal Me personally you're not gonNA find me. You know if you come into my house you kick my door and you're gonNA find a surprise. Yeah that's a different. Yeah said he messed with our had that happen. That's a different story. Yeah but now at the same time. Let's say I find somebody. Who's broken into my vehicle and grab something out of it or whatever and I could see him on my cameras and I opened up the door. I'm not chasing them down the street or shooting that I'm not gonNA go shoot them round the street because the way I look at it. There's nothing in my truck that is worth a human life right now. You come into my home you threaten me and mine is a different story. So this is not a intimate. What time of night in Fort? Yeah why are you coming from you know Bananas Hard To say with the ball? Gagging your mouth Loa but you know what I'm talking about nap. That's the deal. Human Life is precious and these days. People are too quick to pass their own judgments on things. We've seen it over and over again. We still don't know Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman and that situation tragic tragic regardless of who did what and what did what and all this stuff. I walk away from that situation. Saying was George Zimmerman guilty. I probably guilty of something. Like he's obviously creepy dude. Yeah yeah if your neighborhood watch I mean your job is to neighborhood. Watch not neighborhood arrest. Yeah I mean you're the phone call you unless I was wondering I was I on Youtube. I was watching minus song. Take six feet and shove it and it rolled over into some cop video. You know how you just kind of get lost in the videos of Youtube and this kind a dude who was avoiding. He'd skipped bail so this law enforcement officer and I was watching how these two law enforcement officers were handling this volatile situation. Because you had these women who were coming out on the front porch. He was arresting them because they were basically run interference for the guy who was hiding in the house and I was watching how these law enforcement guys and I'm like seriously quit. Watching movies goes to quit watching movies. You know law enforcement and this is my completely inexperienced opinion. I wouldn't trade places with you guys. I don't think you get the support you need. I don't believe you get the pay you need and deserve a so. I'm a Blue Line Guy. I wanted to percent believe in law enforcement but every you still you see that abuse of authority sometimes and that's a hot topic right now especially when we're talking about these things like you know. Stay at home orders and stuff like that. At what point in time does authorities step over the line in a tyranny and that kinda nonsense but I was watching that video. And I'm like dude. You can handle this in diffuse this but you you're trying to be a swing and Dick and you're trying to make everybody see how powerful you are in all this stupid stuff. You know with all his little. One liners in his use of force and teasing people and shooting. Tear gas at them in a and I'm like okay dude. Stop watching bad boys. Stop watching fast and furious and just do your job. You Know I. I can't imagine I pray for him every time Iran down the highway and I see a police officer. Scot somebody pulled over and they're having to walk up to that vehicle unknown. They don't know what they're approaching. I pray for my do unless they're approaching my vehicle this different story then. I'm looking for hiding places anyway but I wouldn't. I wouldn't want that job. They have a hard hard deal. They really do so. God bless our law enforcement our first responders. There's always and we'll see how rides there are of course there every profession every profession doctors chess doctors podcast hosts. Don't know any Fat podcast I should be drinking slimfast. I'm a drink enough slim. Slow Yeah I some slimfast replaced fraiche Bonilla French Vanilla. That's a flight. You know you getting ready to use that banana but then I eat it with a whole meal on theft goes against those luggage schick. I love slim fast with a big scuba ice cream cheese burger. You dip your French fries right in it. Fantastic to make this healthy shake in the mornings and I would. I would add a banana and peanut butter and a couple of other things too and I realized I was eating fifteen hundred calories in that same energy. Hey folks unless you plan on self isolating for ever you're going to need to be around other people again here. You really are going to have to take that six feet and shove it. 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I'M GONNA say fifteen percent off your first order with offer. Code Chad if you go to brickhouse Chad Dot Com brickhouse Chad dot com subscribe. You get an extra ten percent every month. Turn your body into a brick house with field. Greens BRICKHOUSECHAD DOT COM DOT COM. Right back don't wear a lot of today. What's up with that address on? Grandma would think that that's address. I have underwear. Annaborough thought it was a long shirt. It's it's Kinda has a t shirt look with off the shoulders. He she is she is as my mother would say the Cheese Cute Button Q. Key appreciate it the real small button resemble that little mark. Do you trust Anthony. Fauci I do not. I am a specific reason. Why you do not or is it. Just something smarmy about the now. How old he is. He's almost eighty seventy nine. He's been around on. He's old enough to run for president on the DNC side. He's almost that he's almost old enough to run. I think you know this already have a bad attitude about all of this. I I if you go back to our first shoot that we did when we all went into quarantine but we came here. Well after candice let me come back after fourteen days of being unveiled that she wouldn't let me then when we came back. I started as fair. Fair right candace. How long did she make you stay out? Fourteen week? No it was fair. They said Yeah because we had just gotten back from our trip and she said I would feel better buster team days but I that was candice. I'm not knocking you. That's it's safe because a lot about where you were and I might let the cat out of the bag anyway. I was just saying that day one I I. I've been frustrated with this not that we had any answers but every day more and more I get. I get more frustrated. The rules and regulations that are put in place while our economy crashes said that day one. I am frustrated because I think that we are about a month away about a month away from being in a place where people are gonna be starving to death. Yes that people are going to really be on hard times. Think about it. You've you've been broke before I been broke to have stayed. You've been broke. Y- I mean think about that. I mean think about you can't go. I've had jobs for the most part of always worked for myself years. I didn't for the most part of always worked for myself. Imagine being in a situation where you just can't go get it. You can't go get it. What are you GONNA do? That's right. This is what this is what this is our country becomes Venezuela right. I said this all the end of last year the early part of this year. I said that California is a perfect example of taking capitalism to the point. Where you you create socialistic extremes socialistic results because you can't come out say our economy is socialist. You could say as capitalist so use capitalism to crush the economy. And that's what we're doing what we've shut this thing now taken away people's ability to buy sell and trade correct only the big companies can buy sell and trade correct that is the heart and essence of socialism. Where everything is governed by the edict from on high you determine who can do business who can buy property who owns the property. Who has this who you can deal with? And that's what's happening. I saw video yesterday very disturbing on. I guess it was instagram. Where this pastor South Central Los Angeles? He walks up with his video camera going now. They've shut his church down he can't congregate but there's the L. A. P. D. They're in a group of twenty police officers and are all group together having their little morning meeting and he's like well. This is interesting. Here's twenty. W y'all aren't social distancing but yet you would arrest me if I'm having church that's kind of thing that out like I. That's that's why I have an issue with it right to take that one step further and might I say always because I tend to lean right. People don't think that we have compassion and that we're not willing to help those who are already starting to go hungry. I've already helped. I know you've already helped. We're doing what we can to help number one. There are also people who have filed for unemployment who pray that they don't have to go back to work because they're making more money on unemployment and I will tell you I know somebody who specifically said that to me they Working in a restaurant and they're already hoping that they don't because they're making more money so yes. I'm frustrated very frustrated. People are taking advantage of. The situation is just going to happen. Sometimes that's human nature. Yeah my question for those folks. What's going to happen when it all runs away corral dawn when you use up the resource you can't just keep printing money and I'm sorry that That dollar tree that I grew in my backyard just never produced the bills. It just never put out the stuff we posted last week. We did an episode. Where candice when she posted it. She posed the question. Do people deserve a guaranteed income right and the the unequivocal answer to that and people said no whether they watched the episode or not and there were a lot of really good explanations as to why in the common thread for now and of course obviously we agree with that because at some point time you run out of spending other people's money and I know all you economic experts can come at us and you can use all of your stuff but it's just it's just real simple if I give you this. I don't have it anymore right right. I you know I I had a lady did the video for CJ. And I did the video for six feet. Shelvin shameless shameless Promo. And I didn't have a shirt on and the thing which makes me makes everyone want to throw up and this lady saw my tattoos here and I've got tattoos pretty much all over my body. Always have they mean a lot to me done either? My Mom said you've got to be done with tattoos. I'm like mom. I think we're a little too late really worrying about it. You know. I'm almost fifty years old. I think we're just not worried about it anymore. But my tattoos are like an alter like something. Insignificant happens in my life. I am memorialize that event with that right. It's my thing it's okay. It's not your thing it doesn't have to be your thing but lady said well. You need to stop doing that. You could think about how many people you could feed with that. I don't like okay. That's interesting You're right I mean I could buy a Lotta cheeseburgers but at some point in time that money that I spent on tattoos now that I'm using it for altruism means to buy everybody a happy meal guess what that's going to run out to. That's right so what I choose to do rather than take my Xyz lump sum and help this group is create ways that we can continue helping people which is what we have to do that requires work so these people that are sitting on our ass on the couch watching the view. Getting eleven hundred dollars a week when they're accustomed to making five six hundred dollars a week and they're happy with this. You have to understand. There's people out there busting their asses so that you can continue to get that because that is the welfare system. It gives you a hand up not a out. We've used that adage in cliche forever you can't live on welfare. People do unfortunately they abuse the system. I'm not talking about anyone in this room. Steve's like a little puppy dog unemployment. No you won't do it. You have Maybe I should maybe like everybody else. Maybe you should. Maybe I should start watching the view. No sometimes you're saying only thing I watch. Whoopie own is next generation. I can't watch those people man. I can't watch it hurts. I would say that the second that somebody penalizes you for spending money on something that you enjoy is not worth a conversation with that person because you two are so far that logic falls in on itself and that's an extreme example. Because you know my response could be. Why don't you sell your car and feed people? That's right and they're like well. I need my car. You don't need to well. Maybe maybe not you know maybe I do need my tattoos. Yeah maybe like. The pain maybe. Maybe you're fat. Noble way you should get rid of the car and walk where you going and you know there you go. I mean well it's true I mean people are like Oh my God that's a sign of narcissism obesity out. Anyway Dr South. That's what we're talking about. Yup Doctor I don't trust the guy because he stands to profit of this right I and everybody this Janet Mica vits or whatever that you love or hate the plan video. I don't care. Stop sending it to me okay. Everybody wants to send you the plan ric video. I watched it when it came out immediately. Initially I drew my opinions. There's way to know this plan democ video whether it's right or wrong it's a he said she said. I'm reading the book now The plague is called plague and Blah Blah Blah by Dr Michael Bits but there's questions on both sides of this thing but one of the things she says in the book I think she have said it on the video to is she says it she names off these different virologists these infectious disease doctors and vouchers one of them and she says these three guys. They're the unholy trinity of Virology. And if you see their name you see their fingerprints on it. You know it's bad again. She's a slighted woman right. She pissed off these guys because of what they supposedly did her so she's got a she's got an axe to grind FAO. She's a politician. He's been doing this a long time so I have a hard time with anybody. That's anybody a forty year politician. At the end of the day. I got a problem with a lot of problems with them. And you stand to benefit and I'll go back and say Bill Gates Screw Bill Gates Bill. Gates's not a scientist not a doctor. He's not an elected official. Shut up Bill Gates. I don't care what all these billionaires want to have an opinion about what we need to do with our lives. Did you say Mark Cuban last week mark given I mean you WanNa talk about pulling the most Karen move of all Cairns. He higher secret shoppers to go out to restaurants to see if people are social distancing. I mean are those secret shoppers. Are they going to be safe? Are They not essential? I mean you're going to go out there and risk their lives to apparently be around all these people and I mean just shut up. I don't care how much money you've made. You're not God you're going to die just like everybody else you. Br You breathe you bleed. You suffer just like everybody else. Nobody needs your opinion. Bill Gates. Mark Cuban. Anybody that's out there just because you got money and that goes all the way down the line if I if Donald Trump is going to sit around and dictate to me how to live my life. I'm dictate back to him and tell him no. You're not controlling my life. I'm an American dammit. But American I believe in liberty like Kilmeade said yesterday on the show at some point in time we got. We got to come back at these guys and say no. I'm living my life. Stop Yelling Jab. We've seen American starting to do that. They are tomorrow night. Shelly Luther who of course is the Dallas Salon owner. She's coming on the show she'd be on tomorrow night. We'll talk with her. I got a lot of questions. Yeah got a lot of questions. We'll get to tomorrow night. She was on the view yesterday. I saw that and now. She's coming on the chat breakthrough show and I'm talking to you. She's going to have more fun. I have people in my own family. Who they're they're not a fan of what she's done. I know people who aren't okay. Yeah now is the route I would have taken and I'll be happy to say this to our the show. Is it the route I would have taken? Probably not but you know what that's the beauty of being an American. That's right what I what you do could be two different things and you have one hundred percent right do it. I've had people who've come to me and said well she raised X. amount of money. Was she going to do that and say hey? Joe Damn Business. What happens if somebody gives you half million dollars what you GONNA do? You GonNa be happy. You Make Steve. Don't be excited. Somebody may have million dollars. I'll be excited and I'm a slap in the face. You come up and tell me what I need to do with it what you need to give it away but you need to kiss my ass. I got an appointment at the tattoo parlor. Hang tight. We'll be back me. Oh My oh my oh. What is this stuff he will send me? I get on your phone doing a show. Manic comes at me nonstop. Steve can do a show and multitask and read emails. People sending me breaking news breaking news now on the Chad. Prager show live from blaze. Tv Studio Studio Twenty. Two South Dakota Sioux tribe refuses to take down Corona virus checkpoints You know Governor Noam who is sort of a crush on. I have a lot of crushes these days. We'll talk about that. They didn't shut down at all. South Dakota didn't they're like we're good are seventeen people in the state of fight and they have been but the South Dakota Sioux tribe the Oglala and Cheyenne River Sioux tribe. She told them she pulled down. Those checkpoints. What they've been doing is they've been. They've been testing people. Because we got to protect you know. It's the best tool the tribe has can stop. The Corona virus into their tribal lands. Did Not blame him either. Once one big old time also them screwing like you know. Don't be giving them blankets. Yeah I really blame them on that. But she's she's gotTa pull them down forty eight hours to do that. I mean that's one of those kind of things on saying the checkpoints are not legal. The state can take federal court. It again they are living on. Federally regulated lands. So that is has to. I would make them take me to federal court over that just because You know I'm basically. They're the state's complaint. Is it interferes with them. Being able to regulate traffic and things like that it just becomes a cluster f right and so you got whilst keep traffic regulated South Dakota. There's only seventeen people shouldn't take that long. You know the rush hour traffic up backs Ten seconds especially on those lands But that's that's happening. I mean that's going on. Yeah that's the thing we don't what what are we have going on in. Our part of the country is something completely different with somebody else's part of the country is kind of a weird deal. Here's one of the things I'm saying this happening. Cape COD MASSACHUSETTS ICE cream shop opens back up and everybody's storms to it and kid apparently has a limited menu that he can work from on this ice cream shop. And which is a big deal like if you go to McDonald's or something right now and you ask for an Ice Kramer Shake. They haven't been able to do it all these milk products in these various places that have been able to give you those for whatever reason but through this whole pandemic thing. They've been shutting those things now. Which but the McDonalds ice cream machines always broken anyway always but anyway. They turned on this kid right. He's he's nineteen years old he's not he's nineteen years. The things been opened the polar cave ice cream parlor in mashpee which is in Cape Cod Kids working in there and they just went crazy and started blasting. The girl that was working there she was called language. You wouldn't even say in a man's locker room saying it to a seventeen year old kid. They should be ashamed of themselves. I've seen people starting to melt down a little bit like you. WanNa go back and you expect the same service exactly like it was back in January or December and that's just not what it is. People Are Limited. Things are things are down to less capacities less abilities. I saw think I think Monday night. No Sunday night. That was talking about people got pissed off. Because they couldn't get their orders at the red lobster. Have you been getting food? Like at the curbside. You Got Dead Pan Express today and they had a very limited menu. You had like six things to choose from. When we went we went to olive garden curbside because it was convenient. We waited for a little while but some people had waited at this red lobster for three hours or. I'm getting much baked biscuits. I'm getting somebody s you know what I'm going to bet biscuits are good. Make them yourself. Yeah I mean I don't like who the hell awaits three hour lobster. I mean go could use some frozen cod at kroger as stick it in the oven ball in your yard. You need some popcorn shrimp Trip LOVERS AIn't till September folks who whites three hours fricken red lobster and didn't they got turned away. They came out with candle. Fill your ordered a turn them away looking at I'm getting and biscuits or this lobster going up in flames listening already. Ran that credit card at that point. That's why they set there. God Man we went to the olive garden jaded prepaid. She called in gave the credit card. Or whatever it's one of the reasons I've gained weight is we. We've cooked a lot. We have cooked a lot at home but I cooked some good meals to you know cooking but then every now and then it's like okay. It's the weekend order Chinese and I do it the same. I love it places so quick to Say Five minutes. Two minutes ding-dong mass. What I got a right Oklahoma City University. They had a graduation service and of course they do all that stuff online they do those virtual graduations and it was cut short because it got hacked by a racist attack somebody hacked into the video on their zoom meeting slapped up a swastika. I'm hearing a lot of that stuff on Zoom G People's privacy getting getting getting hacked and stuff like that on the zoom meetings and happened to me yet but I mean you know it like that bugs me that that's where we are as a society not that someone would do it. Which is horrendous enough. Like your shit head. That's right if you're going to do that. I mean I mean we've always had shit hits narrow is there like Hitler was shit like the guy that started the whole swats nonsense and made it an evil things. Because we're used before Hitler. I'm another about about Israel. Not but this was before Hitler was the one who he was shifted ahead with the Navajo signed for the Sun. So but anyway I don't know anyway. I don't want to go there because I don't know it's just been used throughout history but anyway this make the shits but what bothers me is that they felt the need to shut the graduation down because that racist fascist symbol was flashed up there just like are we not mature enough. Look past it. It's one dumb ass do you. So I mean there's an idiot out there who's got the bullhorn saying stupid things you know you're at the golf tournament. The guys out there with an Air Horn garnered Jack Nicklaus Do we not look past it anyway. It just bugs me like we've gotten so thin in our inner ability to take yet another reason we need to open our country back up coming into stupid stuff Welcome back folks breaking news tonight here on the Chat Show from studio twenty two blaze. Tv Major League Baseball owners have reportedly approved a plan. Good start growing virus delayed season around the fourth of July and ballparks without fans welcome to the Revolution Vokes Yeah. I've just got to keep on getting good or and gutter. You see such. We're going to sweat all over each other bleed all over each other. We're GONNA HAVE OUR ER guys kill each other and trump said good job to the UFC because baseball stadium says charged enough for their house. They don't need people for a couple of years name. Yeah but people like to go to games. It's America by God know some Arab. If I want to go to a game I should be able to go to gain. Yep You'RE GONNA make other people sick. I might drive recklessly drunk after the game. Kill somebody or we're just GONNA shut that down to you. See what I'm saying. That's so stupid. I saw dude following me this morning on the interstate. Eighty five in a sixty five. Where at a mask in a truck driving recklessly like this going through the thing and I'm like well at least you're safe with your mass right. Dip Shit he was probably putting on makeup an China killing everybody. I got rats in Hong Kong now that are infecting humans with hepatitis. Rat would sleep with Pam Anderson. But apparently it's happening in. Hong PEOPLE ARE GETTING THE VIRUS. China's the gift that keeps on giving and here we are getting Chinese takeout and panics of the Johnny Broccoli. Let me shut up. Ended it out if you want. I don't care anymore I don't care anymore. Somebody please hack my show and throw up something offensive. Come on hackers dairy akkas master mark of the Crazy. I need some digital graffiti. Hey Oughta tell you guys about an awesome deal. The biggest discount blaze. Dvd's ever given to our viewers thirty dollars off an annual subscription at blaze TV DOT COM slash Chad. Get over there right now. That ends Friday night on the fifteenth. You have till the fifteenth to subscribe. Go there now subscribe. Get all the great quality programming on blaze. Tv GO TO CHAT DOT COM or all the fun stuff. Is We love. Y'All God bless you. We'll see you tomorrow night and cause more trouble by.

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