Drunken Nights and Drama!


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That's UNC VR de jewelry dot com to start deciding between that bang and bracelet or that Vang a necklace or maybe. And now the show. Straw hut media. Oh, I'm a seller. Watch your phones mushy equipment. Well, supposedly, you're supposed to be waterproof. So I don't know about test. Let's just try not toilet before before. Yeah. And it worked so. From straw hut media. This brand Glenville on film. Hey, everybody. Welcome to Brandi Glanville. We're back, and we are no longer a girl and a gay because that pod guy passed away. Let me tell you why let me get into this, or a moment's Salvador, my good friend, and he's still my good friend. But I'm a little pissed I am right now decided he wanted to do is to cast, which great fine wonderful super excited for him to do that. But with my people that I brought him in, because I felt sorry for him because he was going through a break up. And then he talked to my producers, and neither my producer or Salvador talked to me about doing a different podcast. And then one Saturday morning, last Saturday, fucking morning. I get a phone call from Salvi saying, you know, babes I you know, I really just wanted to tell you I love doing the podcast with you. And I want to continue to do it, but I was thinking about doing my own podcast. And I'm like, oh, that's great. Like, honestly like I've always done kind of by myself. I've had somebody in to announce abounds off of, but I'm good. That's sign is like, okay, good. You know, because we already did it on Wednesday. What the fuck don't you? Honestly, come to someone that brought you in under her wing and tell them ahead of time. I would just think yes, not. Okay. With. Thinking about it. And we did it that said, I still love, you Salvador, and I am looking forward to listening to your podcast. The wind down and I no longer running on mine, but I love you. And I have a new boyfriend in my life, and he is gay as well. But that is not the name of our products. We're just we're just, you know, we're still Brandon Glanville unfiltered, with a little bit of love from kissed by nNcholas. Hi nNcholas you. Oh, god. You're so sexy. It's annoying kids girls, boys. He is so directive. And yeah, let's talk about how we met Instagram fucker into my DM's, and he happens to be an amazing makeup artist and the girls helped me were social media or like, oh my God. This guy is so good. He's such a great makeup, British you should like demon back. I might go ahead. I know you're amazing so kids, he is the kitty cat. The did my make up for that. You know. The RH h like when I came on, you're the man in the conditional. Yes, the combined for all of it, and I got so much love for my makeup. Everyone's like whatever you do make sure you have him, do your make up all of the time. I'm like, I will if I can afford it, I'm Pam team. But we did kind of fall in love for real, I agree. Did I think you're probably one of my favorite clients hundred percent now just like a client or my friend, you're like a fly? I don't know if I like that term. But welcome up with something. A little bit better. So let's talk right now about first of all, we were not Saturday night. We went out Saturday night. Yes, we started with a mission. We did. We were on a mission with a blackout. That is so cute. And what did I say to you? I said, okay, we're going out, it's going to be daylight when we get there, but we're going to go into the evening. So light ish, actually like enough to where you're not like seeing everything of your face. You know, whore, casual. Yeah. Is address for cash. Oh, he's like whore, casual. I'm like, Yep. That's what we're calling it. That's my favorite look is right? What you look to you. That was one of them here. Looks of yours that I did. Yes, because I have no, I don't have not great with makeup, but I also don't have good lighting in this new plate. We'll also don't even your makeup. You're just got a little q white crop tob, little blue. Jean Burke is raw and Gucci snakes, but we are going to listen. We are going to win over. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I always we were going to us stock might my fuck boy. And when him back over which way the. It was a success. Yes. It was a sec says. God look at you all growed up. Like, you're what twenty six something suddenly, maybe he's young. He's hot and he's humble, and it's so sweet and at first shot by, I'm not I'm just a baby. You're not a baby. You're just getting your sweet. You're just like you're just shy. I just had a bad experience with this sustaining and just being myself. And this, this thing and make up in this is when I first started with make up assisted. And I ask you or not really about ideas and say, okay, we'll hot cast guys we'll out, but technically I was fired because they wanted to be more like in the background. So you're trying to be back around hunting. Thank you. I appreciate it. But I think I got used to, like, if I would have to gauge myself, I can't be like to like extra because I feel like that I'm just like used like I felt like I got put in like. A corner soon on like scared. The corner. It usually takes me like one to two John. Toby, calm myself. Yeah. But I think also the night, we sat here and got fucked up. And you had Shams like you opened up because at first I thought while I love him. He's so hot. But he's a human zanex. Like I was shut your so like chill. And then I realized you can turn up. I remember leaving. I was like, I think I have to go to bed. It was like to an I know I woke up in my best friend's bed, and I was like, how did I get here? I don't remember. Yeah. My roommate. Husnu. I went, I guess, I slept in her bed, and I woke up and I was like, I don't know. I got home, my God. Then you take soon in the morning. I was like, okay, I must have been fine. So if you guys want to follow him on Instagram gonna kiss by nNcholas he's very attractive. You can check out his work there, and he's going to be helping me out on the podcast because he's my new boyfriend. And he's not Nick. He's nNcholas h yes, yes, and we sat here and we watch kind of watch reality TV together. We had some takeaways, we watched housewives. Let's talk a little bit about that because we have to okay so recently, unfortunately, I think a lot of people know that, you know, LV p lost her mother, which is just horrible. And I reached out on Twitter to send my condolences only because we were best friends for five years. We have our issues, they will never be resolved, but she hasn't been blocked in her phone. And I just I wanted her to get the message that I cared knows thinking ever. And I really didn't know how else to get it out there. And then I guess Camille, then went on Twitter and sent condolences publicly, and I'm pretty sure Camilla's not blocked on her phone. No. Right. Their friends and then some of the other women, including Denise who, you know, and might have done her makeup. I know like Sydney's told me. Yeah. And I guess they got some hate for not for not publicly putting out condolences, which I mean alternately. It's my thought that they should condolences should be sent privately I think, regardless, what a lot of people don't know about you just because of the show is, they are actually very sweet. And I don't think regardless. Sh but even if I think, if you, if you like had that, hey toward someone you love them at one time, and you would still like wouldn't want something like that to happen to them. No. Not ever. Not. But I think a lot of like reality TV fans. They like think the worst people sometimes. So they think that you would be like you're really not. Oh my gosh. I mean, and I think genuinely if you could have a one on one with her, obviously cancer blocked now. And I'm sure she saw that we, I'm sure her team or something showed her. But if you could have a one on one, I know you would be like, oh, I'm so sorry that happened you Bubba. Wa I, I mean like I would wish her to lose some money or something, but not any family members on that. And, you know, I would I just I just did it because it's the right thing to do. And I had no other way to get it. You know, they're you know, know that when you spend, there's a release, you still love someone. Well, there's a fine line between love and hate like the opposite of love is to me is indifference like I don't fuck like you just don't think about them. They're gone. And if you can hate someone I think at one point, you had to love them, you really have to care about someone to put hate into that person, which, I don't even like that word, but there are a couple of people in my life that I might feel that way about, but it's because I care about them, and they hurt you to wear, but, you know, I know that Denise and a couple of the other ladies got some flack, but people it's she wants she asks for privacy at this time. And, you know, and condolences are meant to be private. And the reason I did mine was because I had no way of getting that message to her, and I even reached out to Kyle on Yukos's, like, well, I'm blocked so you know, you try. Yeah. Of course, I was like couldn't use like let this personnel. But like if it is what it is. You attempted. You couldn't. So the only way you could was literally through Twitter. Why did we think mill put a publicly? I dunno. She's friends with her. So I don't know isn't she? Yeah, I felt like it was an attention. Grab just saying it's sad. You don't need to do that money. Stop it. Okay. So back to house. Oh, you're drinking, champagne and coffee like we gotta go for we get down on a Tuesday. So this comes up. By the way, the kids all over the house, because we just needed this little bit of. So, so we're, we're, we're uppers downers onerous on the Selena Gomez on like that Persian. The downers are making love to one another, whatever it is. I love that hung. I think about it all the time. Yeah. Pretty much and. Our drunken house by night was so fun. Because somebody else joined us being drunk. I had to send her attacks and say I loved drunk Kyle was really good. She was seriously, the most drunk, I've ever seen her, and I've known her for a long time, and she just let it go on oversight on the reason I reached out to in the beginning is because I'm housewives fan. Yes. And I love a good drunk housewife hundred percent. I think it's. Well, no. But anyone I think the point of being reality shows to be fun and offensive and authentic and all these drink, but he was ways, you know, so funny got in real life and on the show. She does get buzzed but it's hard because she control yourself. Yeah. I get that. One hundred percent drunk Kyle is amazing inches. Thick are you sure babe? It's so great like I would love to see you guys ball strong on the show like that would be so funny to me. That's why I love like all the like, like New York and stuff because they're all just literally wasted and it's so funny to see, like, just wasted women because that's not women actually are actually wasted. Truth comes, I literally here. And it's like housewife's. Don't just sit at home with their children. There actually wasted. They have to be if you have kids, I don't know, any housewife, who doesn't have a glass of wine every night ever, either no or like a bottle. So it was really good to see her like let go. I loved it too. She was a little worried like are you? Sure am. I. I loved that so authentic. Let go and which I love. Which I love. Them for me and her getting drunk together is I'm really close with her sister. Yeah. Even though we're in a fight right now who sober. So I if we usually when we're around each other, it's all of us. And if I get drunk with Kyle. I don't think it's just hard. It's hard to navigate thing now. You'll be fine. Yeah. Because Kim so good. Yeah, but I still feel and I feel like you hazard a different place. No, I'd love her to different places to. It's also just I feel like it would be totally fine now and it would just be funny we used to which is what TV should be right. We should be identified it. And that's it. That was, and I love when people drink. Anyway. That's our housewives recap. Yes. That's all I remember from the episode. The best part of it was being drunk. Oh my God. She's drunk. And I wa bow down the stairs, just like she. Well what I'm saying. So let's talk about some makeup because I don't know them. Okay. And do. So what's going on and make up right now that, that you're seeing happening? What do you like what, what do you think the forecast to come number one? I think everyone because it's summer well, it doesn't look like somewhere outside right now. It's pretty gloomy -fornia right now. But in general, I think people have Neons for summer, which, I don't think I've ever seen you do. Now I can't coach. I don't think you would. But I don't allow you to do it too. Should me just to play one day. Yes. I like stick with my like I know I'm very color. Tony orange runs. What I do. I know my friend, Arianna. Hi, baby. I love you. She was trying to teach and she's really good at make up. And she was trying to teach me to go out of my comfort zone. Like when she's here one day where we just play with makeup. Use love me to do like a day. We're not doing anything. I'm not doing anything yet. And we just try something like I'm not control freaking out us, don't even look in the mirror until we stop. They. Right. Like I just had. No. I have like this. Can everyone has like every, I think every client, I have any makeup I've ever done. Everyone has like one thing that they do like themselves. So they like, particularly no one's just like, rarely rarely maybe models. Sometimes just let you do whatever. But I Don most the time perfect someone has something that they're like, this is what I like right as whether it's like the way they like there is there eyebrows their lips? There knows something like anything. Right. There's always something. So you're not like that complicated on the you pretty much just like say kind of, like what you want. And then most of the time you like I'm good with let me I li-. I don't meet you, like, no no, I'm saying you, like, don't really look, I feel like until the end really that much. I used to be so obsessed with I've really heard in the trailer because there was two years. Yeah. Yeah. I text. Yeah. I was not trying to be mean. Mike. How did that happen? But it happened because I did it totally understand it. We're talking about. I look stick. I'm like, I had lipstick all over my face. And then I realized that I was the one that I need to lie my lip. So the. Because while I was doing her hair putting in the ponytail. She did her lips. Yeah. Because my right side, and my left side or on even and then, unfortunately, kind of blood a little bit because I don't know. I, I used a color that Mike think you are being a lot more extra. Yeah. Yeah. I was using was freaking the fuck out because I didn't see I don't know if I'm allowed to say fuck wherever the on. I didn't see it yet in, then I was like on my way home and you were. You just texted me and told me and I had never I've never really had like a nation. No, it wasn't. No. I totally I wasn't thinking about that. I'm just very I feel like perfectionist when it comes to a makeup. So I was like freaking out just about like it looking about on TV you know, I, I didn't see it yet. So that's why I was I was thinking the worst because of that tax. Yes. All right. So it's so keep we're going to keep talking. No. So listen. I'm very critical myself anyway. And then having to see it back on TV. It's so hard, especially getting older in front of an audience. And you also haven't been on the show like in that capacity in a while, so you've probably it's also different seeing yourself. Now, it's, it's, it's just different like we get fucking older, fucking sucks. And I'm you know, then there's all of these people with these glam teams. And I know what I realize, I'm not even trying to compete like I don't think you care about. I mean unfortunately to the reality of like, any reality TV now, you kind of have to. Yeah. Two point to a point. But it's not like I think some people it's like almost the point that is being on it. And I think you don't care as much. I don't I might Denise I know a lot of ways Denise is pretty similar to you. We don't like you guys both like makeup, you enjoy makeup, but you don't care like you'll still it's not like you. And Denise in your daily lives are not like clam. No, because they're both very like chill about your kids like we have kids the same exact age. And when you have kids the same exact like we have teenagers twelve year old and sixteen year old, she's out fifteen and I think twelve or thirteen and they require all of our attention and descendant hair and makeup for just a scream at them all day about brushing their teeth and all of those things it, first of all, I'm not that bigger narcissist. I mean, I'm sure there's a little bit of narcissism in all of us. I think by all our little narcissistic, I think anyone who's going to be in any entertainment industry to an aspect is slightly narcissistic, or if they aren't they become that. And if you're not I think you'd be kind of behind the scenes. Yeah, yeah. Maybe I feel like probably like him producers, or anyone like that. I feel like you're probably not as narcissistic, because you kind of like to be behind the scenes, I want to say, maybe nurse, not not our cystic because I don't like that. Where maybe more like, why think hyper aware? Oil. So think people look at that as a negative. But I don't think it's I think it's just like a personality trait. I don't think it's a negative. So I think you can still be narcissistic, and be a good person at the end of the day. I think you can. A good person for sure. But if, if you're putting I think, as a mother, I can never put myself. I think you what your kids, I mean you have to. And so, I feel like there is some pressure in reality television, especially nowadays. Or everyone has glam squad. Everyone has this like me myself in, we're going gonna have you come to our makeup and do whatever for a party. Yeah. Or for the interview day, but as for main priority now and I can't afford it. You're extensive. I thought okay. Your extensive and because you're talented and you should be expensive. And if you want your makeup done Behan, don't ask him questions about me. Because we're going to tell you everything, right now, we're gonna take a quick break, and we'll be right back to talk more makeup and more reality shit, and more everything shit. What's a way, better use of your time than arguing with disagreeable strangers on social media finding out alternative ways to stay sane and support each other's mental health. I'm Rachel Michelle Fernandez a somewhat stable journalists with a new podcast called psychic rehab. Tune in for twisting turning tales of proactive. Mutual support available at straw had media or wherever you get your podcasts. Hey guys, we are back. We're having some shampoo and I, I'm using not taking your term, because that's your, your shampoo to Keila, man. Yeah. Well on Saturday night. And be your perfectionist so. Yeah. Not all day on Saturday night are her casual or casual night out. We need to get into that because we had this is what happens to me all the time. I go with the flow and shit. Go sideways, one was known for mission. Number one, I love to start with a little mission yet. So we started with the hor-, casual mission of getting my fuck boy back which I got him back. Also, he makes a good, spicy mortga Rita down. We'll do a side note on that. Exactly. And it's a beautiful pretty picky. It's a great poor. Yeah. I'm pretty picky. But yeah. And so we were thinking we were starving. We drank so much we kind of forgot to eat. We split case India and didn't actually saw it comes in, like four pieces. And I think you took one piece I took one piece. Yeah. I'm telling so pretty much we barely eight. We were we took like chips. I walked into the breast walked into the place. We're not going to say where it is. He's my luck boy, nobody else gets to have him. And I saw these people at the bar that I saw last week and they are really sweet. And I interested me to their daughter, and everything to remember us. I'm like, of course I wasted. But my memory's still clam. I remember everything. We're going to walk down to this gay bar for pride which was called oil can Harry's, which of which, by the way, it's really weird because in the valley in the Valley, I actually thought we were going to West Hollywood. So, like, I literally talk to my friends, and I was like, yeah, we're about to go to Hollywood right now. Yeah. Thinking we're going to what's Hollywood bowl. This lady was like what was stranger sick? Are you really gonna come like, yeah, let's g O? So we went we started walking in. And I felt like we were like how far is this? What me you guys were fine with it. I'm personally not a Walker now I was like she was like, oh, it's so close blah, blah. It was not. It was, I looked at my phone because I did not believe her. It was a sixteen minute walk which I'm sorry like, yes, I know. That's not that bad. But me personally, I'm like I'm drunk, I'm not trying to walk off my drunk. I'm gonna get to the bar. I didn't think you get your girl at heart six years in New York. So I can walk. But right. Would you said girls I'm climbing Uber? Magic happened. Absolute magic it was like his is Kismet the right word is that the word I have. You have no idea. This guy that we were chatting with at the bar. Also, this very flamboyant gay, man, British British. Yes, sir. Pulls up right behind us in a Maserati, which he talks to me. Did he takes you know, I gave him my real number of core? He was all over you. But he pulled up literally right behind us, right? When we decided to call Newburger, and he's like it's a two-seater. It's a two seater. Yes. Cedar Maserati silver. I'm like fucking. Let's get in and we three people. Including him so for title legitimate Klein far. Yeah. I was doing a background. I don't I don't know who was. I, I was on. I was on top. I'm a top. Whereas I the Huron the bottom. I was in the middle. I think we saw squished her. Yeah. What we. Squished alvis. I couldn't breathe for a solid four minutes. But you know we all for the party. Yeah. Yeah. So we try to do that, then walk now there is no rocking. We, it was a clown car moment. But it just happened. Right. When nNcholas was like, I'm pulling Uber like, okay we give in and it just happened. It was weird. It was almost like he knew he had like a top wire on us or something like, maybe like chip on you try and close enough to put a wire, but he might try tracking device all sticker. So we jump into the clown car we go to oil count. Harry's inexpensive clone car, by the way as Roddy. Very nice. We proceed in and to the bar straight to the bar straight the straight to the bar. We meet these gigantic Austrian men that remember that Australia and they're straight, by the way in this is a gay bar. I know because you go to gay bars is straight men to find the girl out with all the all of my girlfriends. Always find guys always straight is always straight guys agape ours because of the girls on strike is to Hello. I got a ride around the answer on that one by actually probably the hottest guy in the bar for shore. Always subtle brag Randy did get the hottest guy in the bar. I mean, you had your you hide your fair share yet all of them, but I didn't go up to anyone. That's true. I did I go. I want to the bar. The Barnum come up to me, but I was more worried about the bar lactic group of people very eclectic. And I loved it. No, it was very like. Ratchet but also like hi. It's highest. Roger, I don't know how to explain it. It was it was almost like a little circus bar. Like very like there was like a stage. There was like a dance floor. There was like chairs there was everything I loved it. I would like to try queens. There were straight guys. I doused with a few of all of them. Yeah, I was a dancing query dancy that night I was too, but I also leaving your purse, which is so sweet. Soci- subtle Braga gun Gucci purse, very fab and these two girls kept coming up in like you could just tell they were trying to take the bag. I thought okay girl, I'm like, you're not leaving it for people well in Bigalow place, you shouldn't, you know, and like so we were I forgot. We heard the dance floor. I'm like, even if I'm blocked out. I'm like pretty aware of my surroundings. So I was very drunk, but we like left our stuff on, like a little mini bar are not anywhere. What do they call it like an island about? I do. I don't know. I don't know whatever and we left our drinks there, which is a terrible thing to do because because we are one could just, you know, but luckily, I'm very aware. So if someone did that I would probably notice, but brandy, also left, her expensive Gucci purse on the same thing, and I kept seeing these two girls coming up, and they would like just walk up to the table and like put their arms down and start laughing and like you could just tell they were like inching, and inching, and itching, and then I come remember the I know and like it was just two girls. And then I would come up and I would grab my drink, and I was just stand by the table, and then they would walk away, then we'd walk away. I'd start dancing. I think they just thought like we were drunk, which we were. Yeah, you know, when people are drunk, I think they don't usually notice. I felt like we're in the valley, we were with we rolled in we think we were in a safe place, which is stupid of me to think that you don't like. Went down here champagne like J champagne. Asari distracting. Yeah. And then, but they never did. Yeah. I don't even remember how we got home. I don't either. I like seeing the hot lake straight, Austria, man. He's like your 'cause I was dancing with everyone. One secure so fun. I jumped on him. I remember. She. He was holding her up dancing for a good, maybe. Five minutes. It was so tall we're talking. He was very tall. So is brandy. Yeah. Brenton Johns me of resilience holding up someone for five minutes. I don't care how strong you are is, is like all. They were from number. Now he was one of those one offs like like he was good for a dance on a castle like that's it. Oh, it is. Oh, love the. See, I didn't see that part. I wanted to sort of holding Tim that because I was with the girl from the bar, so that the girl from the bar would go back until Fluck boy that she saw me kiss. Somebody else. See for him, by the way, I don't know. It's aggressive aggressive, not passive aggressive. That's highlight to roll. The message by. Yeah. Like you're not everything. Yeah. You'd better show up the guy at the bar was actually hotter than him. Let's not that he's not good looking, which actually I was like. He has like a charm in a weird way. He's very I think it's also the accent. I think. Let's not. Let's not get too much info, but it's the dick the accent. Let's just be clear. That's all anyone using now. I just actually the dick, I just saw the accent, and he talks about the deck. It would also you can tell I feel like people have an energy. Yeah. Carries them as a big dick energy accent. Oh my God. So then we just got home somehow, I don't know. That's the only part I don't remember that. Well, we got home and I have my purse, it's weird though because I do remember us walking out on the stairs. Because we're like just careful on the stairs. But I don't remember what car we went into. I I'm assuming it was a new broader. No. If it was on minor yours. I don't know. I really Chuck, I don't know. Let's not let's just it was a mystery. Yes. And we didn't get home 'til really late. And we didn't plan any of it. We only find the first part the horse. The mesh I don't know. I'm the hor- hor- Casuals, my favorite new thing that I made up or Casuals the bus, look, I think you can do you liked it. Yes, I love a horse, if I put high heels on with, that, it would have been Mark hunger hor casual and I needed. It was like very like young hills. It was just loved the little white crop Todd. Yeah. We can say thank you to the house of London. What's it called house if CB house of Linden sceviour, I don't even know what that is? But I've seen it on. Instagram million times. So you just got my 'cause it's like pretty much everything it's horror issue, clothing, affordable issue, for people like myself that are horsh and have our girl. I loves our to our love ace house. I have, you know, I don't know what he says. Oh, you would love that. Hey, let's not give them to shots out until they give us money for an ad will reach out to the house of the CB because I love you. I actually bought these pants and I wore them to this thing with Theresa, Jude is, and she needed to have them, and I found them for her, and she got them. So we had like a little house of CB. How is she she's? Well, I mean as far as I know she's great. We text. I haven't text her probably within the last month just because I was moving in my own little anxiety holding annex moving molding, zanex ridden world. But no I mean as far as I know she's, she's one of the strongest woman I've ever met in my life. I can imagine she. And she's always happy and positive. I'm like I actually physically strong as well. Beat your showers. Yeah. No. And I was with her when she was she would only she so regimented. She had her food brought animal animation only vegetables. I'm like, how do you which were the opposite? I know we're, we're crapping Doni. And then we case it is. I had KFC yesterday. I had I think pizza yesterday so dying on the inside. But wait really quick. We need to talk about a few other things I did make notes because it is just what it is. Hey nico. It was a Momo days. Not yet. Great. I can tell you has chambers. And he's also the host of LGBTQ, plus you the podcast. And he's here this week talking about his first time getting taste, he I remember he brought out a stun gun is pink. It was in a case like, have you ever been stunned? And I was like, what this is Tom. I mean, I'd viglant we're getting into the dark side, okay force. So we're going to have to subscribe rate view, and listen to our podcast to get that sweet down low. Right. That's, that's, that's, that's a hip way to say it. Oh. So we are back and nNcholas and I were talking on the break, we have so much in common, it's kind of nuts. No twenty one. So crazy. So I have to give a shout out to my housekeeper sister. She has taken my dogs for me, and I'm just paying her two hundred dollars that I don't care because they're happy. She's home all dogs here. I getting complaints yawns just for people who don't know, brandy has too bad dogs, which I have two dogs as well. But it's not just you like I've witnessed them they are dollars Barker and one's a biter. I can see them when ever, we want the kids. I really don't think that they haven't even fucking about it. They haven't noticed actually happy that they don't have to come in and get bark dot or walk them or anything. But what are you, did you figure out what you're gonna do? You have giant beautiful husky very I have a mean five pump pomeranian who by she's gorgeous. And she's a bitch, such a bitch, and I have a five hundred are not a five hundred fuck an eight hundred fifty is your take? So my ex boyfriend is going to take him back to Texas. Okay. Yes. So he is going to take the husky. But I'm keeping the pomeranian he's in poops everywhere. Yeah. Listen, right before I came here. I was cleaning up every day all day glamour, though. Two hundred mile and I could FaceTime them. I can see him. I'm ready to pay two hundred at that point. All right. I would love to just in shock that the kids haven't noticed that the probably happy. Yeah. But they didn't do anything anyway. Let's I'm point. I don't realize how much stress dogs caused until they're gone. I told my dogs but in an apartment, especially it's like it's hard there. So especially little dogs because they have the little man complex p everywhere every rare. Anyway, I told my girlfriend, she's like I'm getting a dog. It's either kit or a dog mcadoo fucking kid, you can put a diaper either. I like yeah. If I could have neither speaking of little dogs, I was watching the Kardashians. They had like a hamster a dog in all these things happen over the weekend to watch the Kardashians on Sunday. So actually that's the only of this season that I have watched because I was like, oh, this is going to be a good one and you used to work with them. Yes. So I worked with Chloe and Chris left, Behan. Chris Abbass khloe is like this. We'd est I've he's so nice. She's one of those people that like, in person is so much better looking, he's like she literally I think, really I do too. I mean as well. No, she looked good on TV too. But in person she's one of those people that literally, she's so tall like you were the same height is or juicy gorgeous literally, and she's so sweet. She's like one of the most humble people like count how many times he says, literally when you truly by. That's because of her actions because they say it a lot on that show. And now I'm thanking you. It's okay. I like literally like it Nevada. It's really Saad. I had I went in to a full blown panic attack watching the show. I know because the story might literature gird. It triggered I was exactly kind of what I went through finding out in the media getting a call that it's going to be on press Hilton. They got the call is a good feeling right now. I'm having Zion it I had the most I had to take Xanax. I don't know if I can watch the next one because I know the feeling of having everyone else. No. And then it's gonna before you and then it's going to be public and play out and not only do you feel her be you feel stupid and, and most people don't have to like, have someone she'd on them and everyone. No, it's kind of like you can keep it in. Under Rasmi cry right now. It's embarrassing. No is house to be like way worst to like worst, by the way. Clearly that's my makeup artist. But it has to be way worse to have everyone know you know, this personally, it's someone that you care about. I like I feel like in the beginning. It's so much worst to. I'm just trying to make myself not cry to have people now. But as it also forces, you to fucking deal with it, and you can't soup it under the rug. You can't people do that. They go. They go dark for two years. When you when everyone knows you can't sleep when underrepresented ones like you're an idiot, you don't have to deal with. No, you're forced to you, then man up and get the fuck out or be an idiot, and stay in it which I think her, and I both stayed in it after the first because you have kids with someone. Kid crying. We stayed in and what they cheated and then we stayed, and then we figured out that that's just today out. Really? That's what yeah. And we needed to we need to move forward and, you know, obviously, I don't have that kind of money and all her accolades, and whatever I don't still at the end of the day. She's a person, just like you and she's still, I think sometimes when people are on TV or something, they don't really realize that you're like real people. And I wasn't on TV at that mater now. And I was still heard she we were on for like all the we'll know but you weren't on for that point. But you're on all the after when like everyone knew about it, right? That, that already kind of mourned, and I like mornin scorned now fail. But all of a sudden, my private life was an ever tabloid and all over the internet. And I'd never dealt with that, before my excellent was an actor your biggest part of fame was, like, when you're getting cheated on, like dot good feeling reason at all. I am. We'll everyone's like fame, especially rowdy, people comes from, like a point right of like, like Kim's. Everything comes from, like a point at the thing, moving forward is you just have to not let that define who you are forever. Have those questions? And that's why it's hard because I can't do an interview without someone saying. So our, unlike an okay, or even house is on it in a while I've done in two thousand other shows. But I think I just I had PTSD I had the worst weekend just anxiety all weekend. And I just really feel for her. No, it's terrible. It's just discuss special because she's so sweet. I know she's one of the things she's one of those people who really wants love. I think we all do don't we people, maybe not as much right now but I think a lot of people are very like everyone has like a drive. And I think she's one of those people who leads by love, and, like, that's why it sucks is because I think she genuinely wanted to work for her and her kid, but also continues to happen to her, which is fucked up. I mean, stop I, I wanted to just didn't account NBA players. I told so my Jake the one you just met. Spoiler looks just like brandy, thank very handsome. He actually when he's with his dad people are, like, like in mini so you kinda teeters just saw his like your face in his face. Yeah. My baby pictures or my young. Yeah. You can hear matter them. He's at the same bad words with his friend annual hiking. Are we have another front here there while they were fucking wild yesterday and hilarious, and, like it was shocking, because we're funnier now than these crazy youtuber? Listen and they use their lingo. And he was singing take her singing an open up the window pop-up is always no school. We are not this restaurant right now, about popping pills, and stop. I know I was just like, whoa, you're twelve kid, but it's so. Inc. Like interesting because they are so fucking funny. They're like so much her now at a younger age, because of like literally social media. It's crazy. How it's changed kids while they are, I'm not they're not really on social media. They are kind of they have a mean mccown ish. Yeah. But it's the YouTube even being on it like YouTube, anything like to me, that's still considered technically. I guess, a social media, like it's still it's just changed the way kids are their way more like it's so weird. My sisters are like that, too. It's just like they're so quick. Witted like everything I say, I thought I was quick witted. And then I will say something he's like, not good, say my sister's like roasting me. I'm like. Like ten. Yeah, we have to get back to all of this other stuff. So I saw something in this morning about Pamela Anderson, like blasting her boyfriend on Instagram and social media for like cheating, and crazy. Steph, is that something you do? Or what do you think about that? I personally wouldn't do because number one, I don't think I'd want people to know why I don't know. I think I would just be embarrassed. But, but I think maybe from her aspect, maybe she wanted to have the upper hand in it before people found out. I would totally fuck into it, but I might also, I'm like looking at him right now, my phone and thirsty. Thirsty guy. Personnel soccer players are always hot. That's just like before you guys even said his name or anything. I looked him up. And you just said the soccer player you already going to be. I'm sorry, like I don't give a fuck how hot you are. If you're gonna fuck me over, and you wanna be in my life, and no, my life is public. I am going to shame you're out respecting and shoes. Pamela Brown and social all and Facebook and Twitter and bumble and wherever I can fucking do it. I'm going to do it, Google the newspaper letter exactly sorry. Because their relationship was public. I mean for you, you wouldn't do it because like you're more of a private person, but I also think that she's a bad bitch. I've met her once like you don't talk like that she comes off, as maybe more reactive to fuck it rockstar rockstar like Tommy Lee, you are. You're rockstar your your star status but yeah, I would fuck into it in a heartbeat. No. You I have the problem shoutout to Kendra be careful because everything that you're hearing is true run, girl run. Yeah they're hearing there's probably a little bit of truth to the percent of truth to it. But we're not gonna even give that person anymore. Yeah. So you beautiful teeth and I yesterday Jake called me a dental hygiene, bully. Why? Because I said, your teeth are yellow little boys don't brush their teeth. That's it is. Hey in my. It's disgusted is like I don't think I've ever known a little boy enjoys rushing there. It's a really gross not a punishment. It's, it's, it's hygiene, I think until you get to the age restart kissing or something, I think there's something about little boys who just are gross chop off into socks. You don't brush your teeth. It's just really as a mom, probably a very gross reality, and the jacking off. I don't want to know and I don't care about. I find a little crusted socks you. I don't talk to things of now but you as so I had this power with my girlfriend. Jennifer Hermanus who I love more than my happy. She just got engaged. I love her. And this girl Adrian the no talk to anymore and my book agent, and I did floss shame them. I had a pow out of they have like plaque buildup on their bottom teeth. And so. It didn't. Luckily, I'm still friends with them. We'll not they drink. I don't care about her, but. It did make them go to the dentist and get the puck you have to do it for you to my book agent went too far. He has new teeth. Now, it's like he got all new sheets like I'm like, oh, God. I really I really was a bully. But you, you can get a lot of infections in your through your mouth. You can get you can get like. Yeah. It's, it's really important. And we'll t-. They're like one of the first things people see, I know you're either jogged. Masking is just a little brush displeasure. Displeasure tease. I mean not even I want it twice a day, but I will settle on one today on resent. Yeah. I mean just because they're young, it's fine. I was thinking about going on YouTube and starting to read this after the whole khloe situation. I know I'm jumping all over the place but it's just me starting to read, champagne the I we are we are doing both. We're doing a lot drinking in tweeting kind of doing like one chapter or like a few pages a day, and then I'll have like a takeaway because there's some explanation there, I think that, but I need you to do my makeup and the lighting and the photography. I could bear these all the above was, I think my little headed. And sometimes, I'll, of course, you can be at a, you're you look like you're cute. Actually someone saw that on your recent picture of relate. Yeah. Yeah. I mean I could say, well, it is what everyone thought I was straight on your by the way. So did the fat boy? He's like you brought a guy in like to, to make me crazy like that. I would out go to jail bed is now. I mean. Savvy. But I like looks through the comments. Just because I wanted to make sure no one was like, oh, ugly bitch, or something about me. But actually all the time, it's were very positive there wasn't one bad one, except one person says something about like my Instagram name or something, but Lisa with, like one hundred one followers. Now take that out or taking out, she's a cont. Leave that in, but there are actually all very positive. They just ought like I was straight. But if we're going to be friends, and we are. I'm not just a flying. You're going to have to get a tough scanning because there's going to be some hater. I don't care. I'm pretty cool. I mean as long as you're happy with your makeup. That's all I care about. I was my makeup. Of course. I'm just saying when we post them being together soon will be hate and it has to do with makeup. It just has to do with people are on social media is anti social media Senate agree. All right. So that does it for today's podcast. And thank you so much kissed by nNcholas. So, at the end of like our podcast or my podcast with Salvador, we would do a haiku, which is not really a haiku, which I would just write in like ten seconds, and I'm going to keep that 'cause I like it. Okay. So we're going to be right back with the haiku and. Girl negate his gonna wait, but be and kissed by nNcholas are here to stay. We will play. We will slight all motherfucking day until we're old casual hor and grey. Casual. Thanks for listening to brandy Glanville unfiltered download new episodes every week. And if you haven't already subscribe, and be sure to leave us a rating and review, and while you're at it check out some of the other great shows available on straw hut media. So this is really good. It's in a can it's called Bev, and it's easy to find in tastes great. I'm extra drinking it right now. Love it. Like it's a single glass of wine. Right. And who doesn't love what I love line in the canned personally, because I left it through the cat around. Through. Do that. But I think these girls are down. They get it like they get it. It's hard to be us girls like wine and don't want to buy a giant bottle, right? So these are being cans that are really good right now and Hugh. Throw it. Makes you feel men. I walked hurt you. Hey kid, if you wanna party like me, and Salvador and enjoy Bab out of a can you can get it, and you can get twenty percent off your first order, just use the promo code view, and the drink.

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