What we learned from the MotoGP Sepang Test


Hello and welcome to the tank. slappers podcast auto sport and Motorsport Network podcast for all things the two wheel this week shore as a very special recorded from the supplying international circuit because it has been three days of motor GP tests in the first preseason test test of the year joining me as far as Motorsport dotcoms global mortar cheapie editor oriole posed Oriel area after three days. Well I'm I'm good but died at the same time. So yeah it's been An exceptionally punishing week. But an interesting weekend will die straight straight workers whereas quite a lot to talk about more stop Yamaha we got to see more of the twenty twenty bake fabricator Arrow the Petronas Saudi writer had the twins twenty bike for for the first time this test and he went fastest on it so Yamaha off to good start. So the timesheets Taylor's the Overview the general conclusion of these tests. I think Leaves US few question. Marks still be goes Of course mark is not fully feet still with a lot of pain and lack of energy Deal to the surgery in his right shoulder at the beginning of last December so and we have another question marks like for example the dame fluent of the new Rear Mitchell in dire because I think than in a way can make the things that it difficult to understand still because some teams are working are still working on trying to the understanding behavior and yet the that behavior of thyroid. So I think we're GONNA we're going to see Few changes changes the From now to to Qatar Gaz interesting. You mention the tile twenty which has been tested a couple of times last year general consensus among most of the teams that is GonNa Yamaha and Suzuki Raiders. It seems to offer a bit more edge grip Which of of course something that? The Yemen's rookies contain a lot profit from as an interesting thing because also the tire. Racism Insane is quite in a strange one like grips spending script Spence Spence or thing and catching a few of them. It seems to the front of but more so it seems a l.. Take a tame aim obviously to get to get it right out but it seems that Yamaha Suzuki have been offered a little bit of an advantage already because of just the natural way of the bike. Yeah Iceberg put with the muscle today and he says that The common sense says so. I mean that Yama Han and Suzuki as you say because of the nature of the bike can take a bit more profit of these types but he he says listen the dire this new tired. Disney'll rear it is better for everybody not only for for Yamaha mean hus- More Group on maximum in glacier shown on the H.. So but for everybody which means that even the bikes struggling mall. I mean that they don't use that extra reap will at roughly this new tire so in a way yes yama hunters rookie. Broadly will be will take a bit more profit than than the others. But in general what Mitchell in says says that all the factors will will be faster with. Does this new and we have seen it already already on the on the timeshare time sheets are really really close. I mean we've got the combined one here in front of us but you know the top name tied-in you know that Sam as Fabio quarter are all the way down to Brad. Bender is not even covered by a second. You know it's it's not even eight tenths. It's it's a ridiculous margin I can't remember who said earlier on on Sunday That that is a little bit of a fake reading One of the radio said that camera which is true. I mean we've had three days of you've Michelin Rubber on this Arkansas. Obviously track conditions are going to be really good Just to continue with the title although it does seem that this I will overall benefit everyone. CALCUTT slow Nelson. Honda rider was a little bit more pessimistic about it because he he's we say no that this time you can really spend it as much as used to be the whole way to get the reader. The bank turned and he's having a lot more problems with turning the bake than he did last year And he said he's reiterated that across the three days has been sounds like Honda haven't quite gone on top of the issues of last year year. But I mean even Denmark has said that on the Knicks working because To him it looks like The other manufacturer specially Suzuki and and Yamaha have made out step forward so he urged here just Honda to be working and to put another gear to step up the to try to do even more because otherwise she says. Listen the competition. But these Sean is getting harder powder and yeah. He's not one hundred percent but he can see men different things and in most of the writers agree then banalities Umbrians The fastest guys here. Even I mean okay. Despite five your hus- set has lead the time sheet the three days. They say that you'll keep an eye on on the on the race base the best race base of ABC. All the all agreed is from my already comes comes from Murray and from especially from an accident he added the pace of prince has been really quite exceptional mean Suzuki of course they have got the new bakes here. LOBER lasts for them to test this week. Especially compared to Honda cows had three bikes Alban urban of different specification and especially Chassis specification mark. Hasn't been able to do so much testing's been limited in the mode of laps. He can do Alex. Marquesses of of course a rookie Venezuela's the interest in one because just looking at US race base here and he was the only one and he's one of the few to fool semi relation on the Sunday. An his pace has been really really really good. You know Metallo. One fifty means the thing the Yemeni to get rid of courses the stars and they have brought the whole show device to to fix that so no. Let's Yom are faintly heading in that direction where they know. They've got the pace to win. No the altogether altogether and it seems like maverick with this new Baker. Really really. He's taken to Lakeway. Expect almost like into those and seventeen when he first jumped on the is that sort sort of kind of say that sort of Arab opened the ear of confidence about with US Bank. Yeah but I I think Yamaha looking for beat more top speed So today said it done then. Let's see if with this Ni. Wenjun he can keep the the sleep swim which is still not clear here so they made a step in compared with last year engine but I think now they are like they have? They are like seven H SLA than than the competition. So yeah I I think Would going to see I to be honest. They see my really strong really focus. Maybe even more focus than than we've seen him before but again I have the feeling then once we hit guitar everything will be wouldn't place so we will see a Nada another story. Yeah the speed trap things interesting because Calculus talking about this us on Saturdays at the where the speed trap line as is actually so then the breaking zone for Is a little bit of a trek there. That if you break a bit late or you're going to go faster which. which is? Why Jack Miller on the Takatshi posted like three three eight year decastro clearly the the the benchmark engine but It was an interesting task to catch because really Miller was quick but Miller's always quick and he had some bulbs to try to have a then let has lots and lots of eight to test. I was talking with him and he was completely upset. He was Apparently he was really worried despite he was trying to hide it Yeah we would. Then you can feel that he was Not Happy at all about the performance his performance and the before especially the performance of the bike. And then they're sending off those new reattach. Yeah it just GonNa go on to that point in the case of a location so as well he. He seemed kind of optimistic. But the thing that stood up for me was he said that the the the feeling we're the bike's not there were quick but of not feeling which it was kind of an issues of towards the team's last year this didn't have the feeling on the Bacon. Kind of when is not always is not easy to see the show crashing. And he did that he did that. Yesterday was a small crash behind himself. Your heart is neck. Yeah I think they are troubled air. We'd worry it okay They say that we cannot be worried at that stage. But were that's what they say I mean they are behind the the others mm-hmm so aided there's a reason to be worried about Worried about so got three days more testing before the frustrates. So there isn't it tame really. Yes in Qatar. They've always been real repast so they will only make stay step forward but for should they are not as comfortable as they were last year. So yeah thing now which is as crucial year for cottee because A A deal have to yeah rebuilt The theme and try to. I don't know how to say that rainforest the brushing project for the future and yet they need to be to be strong because Suzuki's very strong at the moment. Both by especially sure if we but Mir has done a really good as he as well so and and of course Yamaha with them bringing or for here with A quarter are in thrown US my week being really fast then and focus show thing. Yeah do quite can be in in in In a tricky position is certainly Just going back to yama quickly coiro. He didn't sound happy with the new bakers. I was expecting. He's his law things to sort of saw which only not only had two days on even even nannies kind of doesn't quite as optimistic as as he it has been. I think I'm ready for these tests to be. I'm is not in my house on Brady. They have signed many important things last. week's Fabio if dried didn't as the twenty twenty until yesterday and the other day which means and then Yamaha Didn't have an off bikes for testing. And so even Horsey didn't try at all. The new bike not shakedown. Not Sunday so That's why I mean a thing that they wear Bettina you know. They were not ready for for they. Were still missing. I don't sometime. Oh I don't know. They signed last week or two weeks ago so and until then it wasn't clear. What by Key West Ghana champion twenty? Now Okay we know that he's going to tell me that. Twenty twenty bike right but the bike is not still not not built not ready. So that's where I think that our be on the limit Getting into I if you look at what's happened with Franken daily was supposed to be on factory machinery but he's been downgraded. He's been given the the ace back Yamaha. which is basically quickly the November Yamaha with some upgraded part? So that does sort of kind of corroborate with what you're saying is that they've they haven't had the resources and they've got totally prioritize. Maverick Racine Fabio. I think just the matter money. I mean it's business. Do you believe. Do you really believe than a company like Yamaha. He's not able to build than engines or or ten Chelsea's trying to play this game. Okay but don't forget that until they made the proposal to court seraglio and or Fabio would brush on Yamaha in order to to be a factory rather in twenty-one Fabio and Franko were supposed to write nor a factory in twenty twenty to join us put the money down for. Aw for the bake. Yes they were not gonNA write the same bike. Dan Bongino and Maverick so would have essentially been a spike bikes for the both of them. Let the Burmese that the ace Bake Bake just the name that they fought to try to computers people. Hey let me let me try to explain. Let's thing that Kotaro didn't sign the contract and he's just the'll but donors right there and next year okay. So this contract between the throne us and Yamaha was saying done they both have a spike. But it doesn't mean you know what I mean. Yeah I mean you can ride a fuck thirty by or you can and right on a big bike and their different bikes. I don't know if I can explain. I I go. You Mean Ace Bank Beast back Y Y Z SPEC. It's all meaningless really exactly this is just for the client yet. I mean let's say but in on Mary the Don Reid an ace beck or respect because they are factory so they have factory bikes the east back or just for the client but before on the past East Beck was meaning factory now. He's back doesn't mean factory because let's say that more though when we will writer. Sp Bike at the bike will be completely different completely different. The engine and the chassis will be completely different than than by Teena Marie and Fabio. We're GONNA go for a quick break but do come back because we got Katie and a bit more of Hornets talk about right. Bokan back to this week's supplying Sapang test wrap up of the tanks operas podcast and I just wanted to quickly go back to Honda because Marquez injured had a couple of crashes one WANNA turn the three on Saturday which is a fast place to go down. He said it was quite a little crush. But there's a video on more. GT GP DOT COM suggests. It wasn't as slow as movie made out to be and any crashed again on Sunday. The final corner is not right now. fool physical fitness. The bakes not brilliant. He has has pace is one. Lap Pace has been okay but again of seems like he's out. There's a lot going against mark. Maybe the confidence isn't so much there. Yeah I think that he has to go through this this stage of for his recovery so he's not feeling good now he's a difficult is a great the moment but he will go over eight and then Inkatha will be that my feeling will be much more feet and maw their shoulder will be Much better shape so back to fill mark mark myspace yes embiid more closer a bit closer to the the mark we all expect But Yeah I spoke with him yesterday he was going coming out of the CLINICA after putting a lot of ice on the on the shoulder. He told me yet name. Putting is all the time trying to reduce them. Um The sweating and yes. I is a stage that they need to go through. So we have to pass this thing We've been in three days here putting out of Energy and asking a lot from the shoulder. So let's see Ho Ho the shoulder shoulder reaction the next coming days and then start the recovery is that decides again and in Qatar thing we were going to see a completely different Karen kind of Mark Stone whole shout device a nominee. Yet that we've seen any way we've seen one for Yamaha is a DECAF go. There's rumors that Sukey will have one in Qatar. I don't know if they had one here today. I think they are working on it but days. Deal that the device Supposed to be ready here but it wasn't so Yeah I think Hana in that way is always a bit more concerned with the F. B.. They've been on their ido site site They finally had to give up and try to put out of a wings but They are a bit more conservative on that on the thing special because they can be conservative if you have Madigan and by the winner bike so you can be more more conservative but to be honest I think trump on all the rest for the other half this kind of device and it works. They have to to at least explore this way as interesting because if everyone has days and everyone starts to save and then it's not really going to be an advantage anymore. Chris Oh all that million are wasted. Buff we'll move on quick. I just touched on his Marquez. We're not too much detail top rookie about to you said. Actually today that he was they went into expected. So Alex looked great Apparently perhaps my most favorite bike of of the whole test is radically different fitness revolution. RSVP crazy F. one sale aero new engine four ninety degrees and allege a an a twelve lap steady had. They had to cut the race Ron Short because it was an exhaust problem but it was a really good stint. It was meant to low one fifty nine. I mean probably no look. Finally the decent project really a- is one of the biggest brazier of this fortunately and The only elite question mark is the reliability of the bite goes they have had large programs and than normal and this h But yet they look very happy but to be honest I would love to see their freely. A- completing their raise these stunting in Qatar which is not going to be easy. Because as I say it's the bike is completely new new project from Zito and Katy. I'm on I am avowed. They're twins twenty bike prototype since last summer. They've been working I mean Yamaha Honda Kate. The M What K. damage never ending at Lucia but Yeah they've been with bike ready much earlier than than Preah. So that's what I mean. I mean they will need time time to try to put everything together and to to work on the reliability of their of their of the element Sherzai era said. He wasn't allowed to fill race simulation because of the engine. The team didn't want him to I spoke to mass. More REVOLLO. See over player during the weekend I can do a feature. But if done at a large sane guys come from F. One COUPLA X.. Harare guys ex McLaren as well some guys come from Kassian Suzuki. KTM just quickly the bike we saw already in November November. That really cool new chassis Again Paul responded really going strong alerts that they have made a step forward Much you're sort of taken okay. TM situation positive again. Yeah I think they have been working really hard They have A. They made a step forward and I've been speaking with one of the guys and he said listen Aw we two years ago we were striking with doing one or two minute now We are but he i. We are easy in one fifty nine. I mean lab and then We we have not only one writer but We have boll evenly Beta was with us. And of course Danny Paducah was super-quick. We've seen many different gate. The embroiders being so fast. So yeah I think we're GONNA WOULD GONNA enjoy These this season with With the orange bikes while the orange blue and orange the red wags forever. Yeah indeed And not myself inury. We've got to get over here. Can go get food and showers really hot and sweaty in horrible here. Thank you ever so much much for listening We will revive varies into discuss more things motor. GP and feel like what you had you can listed podcast on spotify apple podcasts. By and Google podcasts casts as well and of COURSE CHACO DOT COM MOTORSPORT DOT COM for all this piping tests reaction my thanks to you my listeners. Until next time is a very warm goodbye why.

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