2181: Reverse Dolezal


Who Tips podcast I listen because some rotten Karen A- hot. Hey. Welcome to another episode of the Black Guy Tears podcast. I'm your host Rod joined US always by my co host carrying a we are live on a Wednesday which is becoming quickly. Everybody's favorite day of the show you sir, because it means we're GONNA. Review lovecraft country. And everyone seems to be eleven it will all the blacks I don't know why people are. But all the blacks we love it and so yeah, this is our recap. Of course you can find us on Itunes stitcher problematically was priced our reviews. The official weapon of the show is as an unofficial sport about and bullet ball extreme. So make sure you do that we appreciate right it takes time out to do that was again quick. Reminder before we even get into the show, we're still looking for musical interludes for our show. We want to spice it up on a jazz it up. 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All right cool. So let's go ahead and get into lovecraft country episode five strange case written by Cheryl. I. Meka Green and Jonathan. I kid and Sonya winton dimension of did story So yeah. Yeah. That's correct. All right. So Yeah caring. Started I we always do this time. What did you think about this episode in general? I absolutely love it they. I know we're going to detail. They did something that I. It may have been presented on television but now I haven't seen like this. And I really. Really. enjoyed. A lot of swaps, a lot of changes. A lot of the. Special Effects. I had about. Yeah I love me a good allegory. You know I love me a good. You know The things we talk about in our spaces, you know the things we talked about it in our social circles. Intersectional Feminism White Feminism. You know ratio of. Oppression and all this other stuff code switching. Respectability politics is all in this episode and it's just like a masterpiece of that. Which is interesting because for me, this was the least scary episode. Like at no point what I like it got some. Gross. Special effects but I never fell anyone was truly endanger. Maybe, a minute of the show. In that minute we know that they not killing Ruby. So is mean there's no true danger on the screen. So it was actually a kind of A. Different episode and we also got very good character development with Montrose letty and intake especially MONTROSS. So so to me, that was covered all the bases and I just love. as a character and like getting to know her and seeing where they're going to take that character. I'm starting to lean towards my theory that she's GonNa possibly be a villain. I think so too. You know. Just, just because of the way that that things are shaking now and You know some the foreshadowing they're having. I don't know. So. All right. Let's go ahead and start getting into the actual episode into breakdown and all that stuff. So, like I said, episode five his strange case. What I'm GonNa do is separate this recap the same way I did last week. So I'm not going to do in this to quench of or. We'll still take our time and make it long but. Letty Montross and take is going to be one section and Ruby is another now unlike last last week Ruby will be last because she to me has the major storyline. Yes. All right. So We come back. We're in the room. Where we last are montross slash slash the throat a Yo Hema. Your email course being the. Two spirit person who was the? Translator. They were GONNA use to translate the word of Adam into English so that they will be able to do spells and shit. But of course, for some reason Montrose killed her and reset everything. It was like when your plan men and finally starting to get the lead and your friends unplugged the whole fucking thing. 'cause they mad down yes. It's like monopoly. When somebody like you bow? Wow. Amplify plays flip the holdover. Yeah like. Just starting to get on the. Right path and of course here you come. Loser, you will not get off a railroads and utilities that right the is how much have you own forever I ain't got that nope I'm going to tip it over so. He's sitting in a row. Now you'll hemas gone. The chairs empties it in a different share looking at his hands. Let's blood underneath his fingernails. There's no sign of blood or anything in the room. But you know I. Think that this may have been the next day. Yeah. Don't make sense because he went to bed take went to bed after Montreal starter how proud he was of them so it was sounded like it was first thing in the morning. And so much. He didn't clean up time to get rid of that body. So we do not see Yo Hema. Oh and we hear the elevator being and letty and take our talking. And actually discussing like the next steps like, okay. We can get into to translate to English and we can learn to protection set spells and they come in the room she go. Martorell sitting there looking at his bloody hand. Just, nonverbal not making eye contact. It doesn't take long for take the put together. Because ladies like where she go and my trousers say go. And take those lines letty goes eat something. Let he goes. You let to walk out of here. How long ago? Maybe we could find her. So she think like she her leave the house and just go do whatever now my thing is. The possibility of that is almost ridiculous because you're talking about this woman that was ripped out of two hundred years ago ain't can't open her mouth speak English like so there really was no letting her go like there was no, and now she got a job working at the winn-dixie. He liked me let it was like she up and around the corner right? Right and so take puts it together immediately. Like he because he gives. Montrose a savage beating like not like the beating where you think he's GonNa. Kill. Him. Like it was like this was not just like imagine. Let her go. It's. Not like you fucked up the whole plan of what we're trying to do but also. Your fucking murderer. You know take understood right away And then he hits a raised at a so strong like this. This fury is so uncontrollable in his opinion raise to yes and. Letty can't even pull him off of Montrose. She asked a call the other people who are at the Boardinghouse to pull him off Montreal's and even then once they get him, Oh, you'd be like Shit they just let them go to Donna by what that smoke and what he did to Montrose. And like you said, it's a Pinto rate and they've talked about their past and he's very mad like the that's the anger that's like I've been waiting. For many many many many many many years type anger that wouldn't that beaten wouldn't just about that particular situation right and he's talked earlier in the season about the abuse experience at the hands of his father and then the FA-, his father's talked about the abuse. Experience at the hands of his father. So it's a cycle of abuse that often people don't are able to break his eat light you know. TV. Makes the Anti. Social? So easy. Go get therapy and he just but but. Also a man who's been the war right. So who knows what kind of PTSD shady dealing with there? And then of course, you know just what they've been through in the last few weeks. And and I think a lot of people who are rage addicts or have a trouble tempers. To me this is one of our worst nightmares is losing control this way. Yeah. Because it's also one of the things to which tick was like month like I'm only back here because of you in the first place like I am back because of you because I actually care that's why I'm back and this is a very Back and forth relationship. Because it's a heart relationship because it's like, okay, this is a parent. This is somebody who, yes, they abused me but they also took care of me. You know and you feel that with all these type of emotions and it's one of those things where some people just cut those people out of their lives there was little. I don't have time for this. I got to me that means you got to go yeah, we see it when. We saw before when and They were in the tunnel last week. And MONTROSS A, him had this conversation about you better go get your woman and you know how your Mama used to do me a block like so you're right there's this does a conflicting narrative here because it's not simply urine abuser you're out of my life terrible per right. It's yearn of you have I recognize that you have beaten me and abuse me I also. Recognize that you have love me nurse me and all this other shit is very conflicting and is very complicated and you know for people who have never dealt with the been around abusive people are never dealt with a been around abusive husbands and wives loved ones or MOMS and DADS. They have a tendency not understand montages lead should is not this. Nope we. All right. So he beats them, he's completely out of control. He. Goes down to the basement he starts looking through these photos which she has down in this dark room she's using to. Develop film, and he just frantically looking through everything looking for pictures of titus pages to see if she took photos of because Montreal's is also destroyed the pages. Because he the bookie burnt right now, the bookie burn was the atlas. Okay Soda Pages that they recovered he wrote that they risk their lives for he burned those as well. Okay. Like this is a hundred percent about stopping letty in take from their goal of learning more and more about the order. Of Adam. These pages and is he's fails and shit. It's something that he knows like and let he's hitting on that letters like you're going to let him walk her. Lack of who not happening when you obviously know the fuck was going on like you know something. And who knows he might he might have even. Known What would have happened if they translated it, he might not have been able to translate it but you know it might be something in there. There's there's like if these was a transplant, you know what I mean like us never. So as one of those things where he knows something he's not telling them. Well, I think will you know so much? Aiding your so coy about what you do know and you make it your mission to stop them on their path. You can't be around like this is the ultimate you can't be trusted like it went from. He begrudgingly went along with it to now he's almost the enemy. Now, the thing is kind of hard when the in the person that's the enemy is doing out of protection right out of love. So you know I don't think his motives necessarily are I think his motives ought to protect his family and the scientists, but I think What he's done is treacherous and. Basically unforgivable. You know and also I think that Montrose has seen some shit like he has literally seen or. Experienced should they had an experience because you know they had them locked up and all that shit. So who knows what happened? We might get a flashback something. This shows us what happens during that time when Tikhiniya was going up there to find him. So. Who knows what really happened and he was like, no, no no. No. I don't want you to experience any. It is bluish it well, also, he's saying perfectly capable even when he broke out of prison in the to Artemije, he seemed very much like what are you even doing here I watch I'll is far away from this as possible as if he had it under control which his reverence for the Count of Monte Cristo Book makes me you know a book about someone who with orchestrations plan out of get prison and get revenge on his captors like makes me wonder how much of that is tied into this? So then he beat he is Montrose. Ship out of let it. Take goes down rebel through the far our staff. letty comes down basically like what's wrong by Blah and he's like one detectives. Pages. She's like you need a car. Dot. took. To me and she he stops himself because she's almost visit. She's visibly shaken but also sort of like she steels herself like is he going me or something and then he looks down to see she brought her back the same bat. She used a bash the windows out of those races people's cars she brought the bat with her and not think that's sobered him up to a certain. Extent it didn't make them no longer Rachel but it made him realize how out of control he was and you need to get the fuck away from her and in you know lying down dating thrill. Yeah. 'cause also think take is a person net doesn't ever want people to see the side of Oh? No no no you can tell he likes to be composed and he doesn't. Because he's been so damaged. You can tell the tick is a kind caring and loving person, but he is A. Mirror image of his father as far as he has. A, terrible way of expressing its. To let the people around them know that actually. I think also people that survive. Abuse or abusive challenges and stuff often try to become. The opposite of who their parents were. And been their biggest fears of being who their parents were. So like let's say your father wasn't around you were you were felt abandoned as a child or maybe you're been. Your. Big thing is either going to repeat that Cycle Vanna your kids. Or you're going to be one of these people normally that you know the opposite, which is I'm a doting father and I'm. Like I'm going to be one, hundred, ten percent name because I just don't WanNa be who my father was for me you know. And I think take kind of like that where he doesn't WanNa be like macho so bad. He doesn't even want to believe he he like he doesn't want to have that violence inside of him, but if someone is heating you all the time that becomes a language like. Not, I always tired the love language but I think there's also hate languages Languages the violence there's languages of abuse and. I think you know he's been affected by that. So. Thanks take thanks her for stopping him later. 'CAUSE, he's down there. I think this is when he's a cleaning. Up. His knuckles. and letty comes in. To like the garage area and she brings him a role undeveloped film that has the Patriots types as payday. She's like I did take them. I just haven't had time to process yet, and he's as she goes to leave and he says, thank you for stopping me as she has. You know, would you kill them if I wasn't there? And he says he as imagined it enough ever since he was a kid when his daddy used to beat him. That's a real thing I've talked to other people and you know they lie. Yeah. When person abuse me I started having dreams about and it was like I had to leave for like I had dreams that I would kill them. So that was I. Know It was time for me to go and take never thought he was violent like his father until he said he went to war and then he found that violence inside of him in war, which brings me back to the second episode when they were artem and he's vision in the room was him fighting To death beg you know like trying to get her to stop and in essentially having to kill this person who he seems to have care very deeply about at least from what the context of that what we saw in that room So, that's a light. Thinking about his childhood and then thinking about that scene in that room of his this being what must be his nightmare. You know this his nightmare in that room is based on hurting someone he loves Kelly now. and. It also puts to other people's nightmares in perspective to or their visions or whatever. 'cause I've seem to be bad visions I mean. Obviously. LETTY having take. Basically attempt to sexually assaulted with a snake penis. But when we when we learn what we learn about letty in this episode I'm looking back at that drained ally nightmare going, oh, these are the elements at play here, and of course, George being the secret father of take this whole time like. Shit is like more deep in hindsight than it was at the time. Anyway. So He Basically tells her that she says, look seeing of you scares me and he says, please don't be scared of me and he draws close and it's Kinda like. Is Not, really sexual, it's not like. I'm most motherly. Like like she holds him or Hey, he's sitting as she kinda hose it had like she's nurturing almost. But as with all violence, you know you see a man that you're sleeping wait beat the shit out of somebody wet. Yano. Nobody's. But it's only so that people are GonNa get you know so unfortunately. You know. The Caveman. Side just came out and you can see that both of that nibbles fully aroused. Yes they minutes medium him through this medium tank top her through the nineteen fifty style Bra come on their let's meet passionately. And suddenly he's no longer awareness medium shirt as they embrace. Any. Kind of lightly slams on the trunk of a car as they make out with her legs wrapped around him. And she sits him down on the couch. View his engorge near the reasons I'm sure and. A scene, the couch I can only describe as a west coast productions, booby talk casting couch circuits, and battery Brown and. Ever the modern woman. LETTY is she pauses already wear savage fancy lingerie. Yes. In in nineteen, fifty, two, I don't know. I don't know what sort of. What sort of Tom Machine she had. But like it was not the the lingerie of the of the of the day of the, we need to undo seventeen girdles and I'm a need some instructions on how to Hook this bra like her shit was was like we know takeaway away yes she has an Amazon steph before Before the, it was even a thing I don't know how she got the modern lingerie but. She does a freedom cheeks. And then they make sweet Red Lining Colored Section Negro. With how on top because of course, she comes from twenty twenty. Okay. Come on. She got the power. She was Ryan Dick Before Ryan. Dick was even cool. Okay and this is only like the second time she'd been fucking. She's really was why listened I'm jaw I've learned I've read the instructions I. Okay I wish. wikipedia. And I got the manual girl doesn't I mean my second time was just as you know just as awkward as my first hers She's like, I'm already knowing sighing on them so. and. What a lot of people don't know a lot of people say tune in the US for the historical side. Of The podcast like that, I'll use my book learning. To add context. With A lot of people know that the large size t shirt was not a vintage nineteen sixty. Tick is always wearing mediums medium. Was the largest you could go back in the day. Your nipples Clinton through it. That was all that. I was available to the black. Man. The White Man Lord Black Man this medium you stop right there. We are not giving you all that cotton boy. Even if you picked it we'll have no arms. Then we get. MONTROSS. Who goes to a hotel and of course, his paces beat the shed light 'cause that's the other day Montrose didn't even attempt to fight take-back now on take talked about leaving a how he like left when he left the for the. When he came back from the army got interviewed by reporters Father Confronted him about the shed. Sign up in the White Man's army, and then take basically. Guide in a fight with his father left. So that sounds like a fight. Yes, he Wants to holes in walls I. Honestly Believe Montrose knew he was wrong new of common. And Macho speaks violence because that's what he learned as a kid and that's what he gave his own son. He knew that he was going to beat up and never even like he just understood this was the punishment. And that's it. He took the fight like he just let them beat him up. So because he knows that tickets kind of in the prime. so He's like the. fucking with somebody that can bench press mccaw No. Thank you. Yeah. Maybe I mean I think Oh man strength is Israel though so you never Know Man I think trials would have fought them back. It would have been better than. I mean, obviously what happened to them I? Mean that was just a I. Don't think he had to fight in like he was he I think yeah. Like you said, he just knew he was wrong. And there was nothing he could stated justify it because I think if he felt like there was some form of justification I. think he'd fall back. I think the justification for him is that he's already told them. I'm saving on He feels justified and vindicated and writers in this choice. But I think it goes to something that I'm going to try to remember to bring up later about I think he also just felt bad that he did shit regardless of regardless of whether or not. He thinks he saved his family's life. He knows what he did was extremely wrong. So, Montrose goes to a hotel where semi answered the door. Also in this medium 'cause the white man would not let black men have larger than the time. and so he asked who beat you up this time phase or the or the color of the niggers or whatever which Kinda hits at the intersection of the hate crimes that black gay men experienced is back in that time, which is you know you people were beating them up whether it be and you catch it from either side, a racist person or another black person who go you? You know. As so they have. They also have sex. But this is not that that letty and. No it was not. This wasn't Abbas. Not Reading. This wasn't like sexy six Oh. Okay. This is why. Like fucking the demons out six. Okay. where it was just like I just got my ass by Ma son. And I just need to feel like I need feel starting again. This was Halle Berry Monster's ball six. He's what I'm saying. So completely different types of sex. It wasn't like and that's not because it's always gay sex no, no, no no. I watch posed. There's you know there's been set. That's sex between same sex people that. Definitely is more quarter quo. Romantic years. Wasn't that? Yes. I watch porn it was softer than this. was definitely like. You know make me feel something type sex. Okay. So now and they have intense sex to frank ocean. An. Machos just basically fucked oppression out of Sammy was. It was. I mean look if there's one thing Michael K Williams. Do HBO HE GONNA keep more bad likes gear man. Okay you go. It was one thing Omar. Montrose. gave me a comment. Okay. They got a tight. So then back to the basement food a photo studio the House. Take, is taken a post nap. Because lady played out on. The. Process and all the. Photos and stuff still work. I just need sleep well I feel like she did him like Aria did gained yes, she. Like. Yeah. I'm a virgin but I got some ideas. You know. Let me thought his dying. And then we cut back and Gingrich just like sleep as she was like well off the battle. I. was I gotta go process a Mo- pitches, but you take a nap baby you been stressed out. Okay. being your Daria took a lot out of you you need to lay down. So, apparently, he had been intensely studying the Were the pages from pictures trying to decipher them. Into some language he to stay. And he has a drain of the Bernie Mansion that he escaped in episode two and his ancestor being ahead of him, lead him out except this time he stops and he's wearing a suit this time not he's not no longer running around naked. And this time his assets that looks at them and goes what and then he looks down a he catches on fire. Yes she was actually mouthing. And he couldn't actually hear what she was saying. I'm eventually going to find out what she said, but you know she was saying something gamma and the way that they work with Ancestry. Magic and spells Shit I just feel like that's important. Somehow like that connection between him in their ancestor like you know maybe she got magical something I don't know but feel like that's GonNa come back. Home. So then when you started awake lead, he's like you know you okay A. WHO's I had had a Dream whatever she goes I was laying sleep because you feel tired I thought through that Mang. and. He's like, I'm just trying to decipher the cold, but I really know me and he goes over his way of trying to decipher. It uses initials which were inside the rain that. I can't remember name. Cake Christina. Christina breath y gave him. So he looks like these are my initials. We know the were protection in this language. So data like. Of the Twenty Six letters alphabet. To witch he. Says he's like if they basically using the same alphabet 'cause, I don't know. I if it's translated into English, right because it could be translated to another language. And he thinks it could be similar to Chinese Hieroglyph ix would you know maybe something that he learned in when you went to war on the I don't know. Because he seems to know some Chinese or some symbolism something and then leading says is would have been easier what y'all Hemas. Help. But my Charles. Had to let go. But that was good because she desire to be free and we wouldn't be better than titus if we kept our hair locked up in his house and that's when he realizes she has not put together way he put together. Which is my father killed. Nice. Tonight you like you like you like you ain't GonNa find her walk on the street dead there's no return like we we can't find a where's Waldo yeah g not here. No more. Of. The Ming I'm not saying Chinese is the same as Korean. We're we're fiscal podcast here. I'm saying he may have learned something about that in the war and they do seem like they're going to try to go back and look at that time here because he didn't say this Korean higher girl. So I'm like what he learned Chinese our liberty from to even be like I recognize this I mean. Don't seem like learned that in Color Library okay. Just my book data. So we'll see maybe I don't because we still don't know what he did in the war right Way He could have been doing. Like I wonder if he was doing something with that book knowledge because he's so smart. Like could have been a translator tight does he know other languages I know he speaks or not speaks he stands the language of Adam when he hears it so there's a lot going on with tick. We'll see we'll see but he did not say Korean hieroglyphics Chinese I don't know y'all. Let me know. Maybe. He was. Maybe he also was ignorant and thanks Korean is Chinese. But. But. Yeah. He says he burned the pages but he also got rid of for real permanently Hema and when letty realizes this she basically as like Like this honestly. Drowsy to like a breakdown point of almost be like, why are we even fucking with this year we should also destroyed in and he's like. But. It's just a tool. because. She's diagnosed egos making you know as she she was doing that good black acting journey someone who is you know? This will. He's like no is just a tool and we need to do it. We use it for the right thing protecting ourselves and destroy it. You See unless your dad is going through that for us not to fuck wit lie must be some shit behind this that we are unaware. Right so that is like her was like dish. It is evil the devil like she went back to old school like the Bible religion issues about the about the tested at the House and say in the name Jesus you got to get out my house. Right so She was like this is evil list gotta go eight goes now we use it to protect our family she she goes dad thing. He. Kills somebody. Like he burned to pay your father's being destructive because he thinks protecting somebody So then The, she seabass lose like this. Corrupting us by Blah backstage at a drag show in the dressing room. Everyone is getting ready and talking that shit show. and. Sammy's put makeup over. Montrose. His face and they're kind of joking about how much houses so quiet. Dating the quiet man you know and you can tell this nothing they do frequently. Like that like making them up and you know covering the scars and she. I frequently yet. Yes. He did say who was the of this time So like clearly they been physically assaulted almost as just part of the risk of life I guess yes. Then you can tell that mitroff has been around them like like like that was his ritual was to to be there can be made up and just kind of covered the scars and a May have been in the past at the he covers may have left but this time he just might have decided to stay like like we don't really know but you can tell that he wasn't new to the atmosphere of. The Queen's Yeah. He didn't look on. He didn't look uncomfortable being backstage that. He looks as if he's part of the community, even if he's not necessarily out but then at that time, not many people really had the privilege of being able to be out unless they were in the atmosphere like right exactly. Which is why the ballroom spaces and stuff became popular in the first place to underground ballrooms is because this is a one place you can be free and you know whether the drag queen. experienced. Whether it's just being trans where it's being openly gay and Levin somebody like you. There were no real spaces for you to do that because at the time. Being, gay was also illegal. Yes it was. It wasn't just a black thing though I think it was like you don't get to be gay whether whoever you are. This is legal. You know the days you up, you can go to jail for being gay period. As a lot of states had sodomy on their book just. Yes right just so they can lock you up, right so Back back. Say you know they're basically talking shit but one of the things that comes out like they call Montrose to quiet man as well. You know quiet mag tell you everything you tell you what they is and so mills to like it was that. Doesn't even like laughing or England into it at all like he was very require right reserved like maybe like just he wasn't out out and. Whatever gay was his mind? It wasn't necessarily okay to be an IT. Made me think about his The conversation you had with George George said, you should protect them more and why don't you come? Do Art now that stuff anymore he's talked about their father beating him for drawing the art and posters for the. Negro Baseball teams that came to town and made me think to myself. So what of his father was beaten tomatoes years for quote unquote being solved. Using what I'm saying because that sounds like the beatings he got. Worse and more targeted and George did not get as many and I wonder if his father thought, he could beat the gay out of. Yes. Is Not that uncommon some people still believe that bullshit yes. Night what you're doing drawing. Rhino because that's quote unquote because that's kids shit. That's not that's not. Scared in mean way but that's not quote unquote gay stuff to a lot of people like your son drawing like welcome to town. Jackie Robinson is not necessarily the fucking like God is this fucking kid but if there were other things in the house oh a he was like he goes off again. You know, and we know that George get. It is bad. I don't know man it's like. I'm starting at being a lot of the complexity were Montreal's and abuse stuff is going to be around sexuality. Yes and also it just made me understand ticks perspective of his parents you know of of Montreal's in his Momma because you know is one of those things where day probably did not get along because he may not even be sexually attracted to her or he may be bisexual I don't know you know. But in maybe one of things where. Who knows if his mother knew about this or not, and that might have been the problem you know like like like because you like a gay man with the woman and a child and the thing is you don't even know if this child is yours, you are the. I. Don't know I. Think he did. No, I'm I'm going with my theory brought up last week, which is I think he does no, it's not as one. I mean, it's obviously knows. George, brought it up before he died. He won't talk about you got mad at him for bringing it up. Basically, we don't talk about that. I wouldn't be I. Don't know for sure the backstory by I'm leaning towards George was in love with. A guy her name starts with A. Ably. But he was in love with her with with take mom. Door yes. Got Door pregnant and it's Kinda like less off to problems with one solution. You're gay you can't live our life anyway. So out of family obligation, you take care of. my basically my child and my and the woman I should've the woman I got pregnant and then you know George has other life now leaning towards that for sure. Obviously, it happened I read the book and that completely mason is like they had already was under the agreement like, hey so you can stop getting your ass be go hit a married woman. You know and. Claim the child is yours right and I'm sure George began at least from what we've seen so far somewhat of an honorable character maybe we'll see what circumstance could possibly happen. That they would agree to this. You know what I'm saying 'cause I know they got ran out of Tosa. It could be a lot of Shit I don't know. I'm not saying, I, have the figured out all the answers because that's what the fuck they supposed to do tell us the story but there are some threads that are making me lean towards like this was an obligation for Montrose, that he carried out but still ended up. Being. VIOLENT TOWARDS HIS Sunday clearly never we're going to tell take So just you know it's just going to be interesting, and then this is his way of protecting tick, which is the promise he made to George you know which is so interesting. Considering that you know this may not be the I promise. He's made to Jewish to debase and take care of. It anyway dull so they. You know they have a good old time back backstage in the dressing room by getting ready talking to us you. We to make up on over Montross phase they talk about him being quiet. They seem like the people in the room. Kinda and I'm not sure if if they're like saying, we know y'all fucking but we know y'all aren't together because publicly he has not claimed you or they're like literally they like we didn't even know we don't even know that the child like, fuck. Immunised. Shit. Is. The first one. Okay because they do bring up like were you know y'all we are going to make it official. You haven't even so much kids or whatever and I'm like Oh. This this feels more like gee has not claimed you. Publicly. He's not embraced like, yes. I'm gay yes. I'm with you Sammy talks about his theme for tonight it's going to be based off of the this news report that we see earlier in the story. For Ruby story we'll get to that. About Africa. He calls it locust migratory. Ah, the Maga migrating locusts or something and there's a foreword drag show ballroom and Sami walks around in full drag with a sash on second place which I noticed I 'cause I I I o Sammy wine. And it's GONNA be. Is GonNa. Be First Place. It was like Oh Sammy one a second. Okay. All right who missed the show right now let's go back like they have their own Pray tailback noon in. CHICAGO. Like did they had their own version? Not? I. Feel like a lot of culture we miss. Yes. In this episode, a lot of houses we miss sprite and then Sami walks over the Montreal sues kind of leaning up against a wall on some might. You know. The you know. The boys at school dance when you're in seventh grade and no one's asking anyone to dance because they're all shy you know and accept this is a room full of people who are you know out or within the lifestyle a he still feels like. You know and it's not just because he got his face is beaten up or something else like it felt like he does every week. Lay goes there and he stands and leans up against the poll and he just looks down at ground. Because this is space community, but also he's not fully comfortable being himself yet. But tonight is different and also dinner with the Sexuality Dental Tick dinner with all the the WHO knows what he's picked up a with Christina, neom. Is the form of San? Telling US sad story louder depression lot of anger Wa. He's the sad depressed man I mean we know he drinks to the point of fucking light talking to himself on a regular basis you know throw water on the wake him up light. You know and then I being why he sounded like this drinking has been a part of his life for two years. You know as to the violence like maybe depressed you know these kind of before people had all these words and Shit father's nobody was getting fucking therapy math for no color person of that stack late. Night. fucking WBZ boys and Shit. So at any rate. This does turn into this beautiful scene because almost like. He finally lets himself go and be free to a certain extent. Sammy takes his hand dance together. They need stars dance or other people in partying except the music is modern music against I was not like we see horns and old school. Bam. But that's not the music we hear Like the music is very much like a some is lonely world by Moses. Some knee. So it's very negotiate embiid. They literally lift him up in arms, the Queen's like Kerry, him across the party Dassler as glitter rings from the ceiling, and then when they let them down he so like kind of charged A. Market with acting he, he'll kiss Samya public for what I assume is the first time in that environment especially may obey period. Is, they don't even kiss when they had sex. Right? So I mean he cries late. is a very emotional scene. Now, this is what I thought at that scene. Now So of this is his community. How how does he feel about what he did the Hema? You don't I mean because that was an act of. Violence against somebody. Essentially. Would have a home in the community like there's people like that in the community he's in. You know what I mean that's that's how does he reckoned with what he did? Who knows and I think? My prediction is your day. So you know I think she she's she's going to reappear at some time and I think that That's why he was like I'm sorry because he knew what he was doing was so fucked up 'cause it's coming in this is beautiful moment of like freedom and liberation and is so well choreographing but then it to me as always as Albatross hanging above the bull we what you just did. You know what I mean. He took away someone's life you know so. I know it's very interesting conflict and I do hope they develop it and don't drop that threat I don't want to just be. In Diet and that was it. So I I'm with you. I I really do hope and think that for plot sake she's got to be alive or come back somehow because yeah because what? As a way of her going out to me is just so not good and as long as she's been around, I could see. Where you know her skin literally came back on her body. So acas? immortality. Yeah. Another thing for me to is that. Sami almost looks like Yakima dressed dressed in drag and stuff like so. It was a Latman and the virus a day spears as gay people at this time how calm and it was a day I mean no one even asked him about the fact he has a black eye nothing. So was just I man. God. So then letty is taking a bath reading the Bible A. Tragedy without a system take comes in to see. She's okay. She's like I've been trying to find a prayer say for your Hema and then she talks about her mom taking her and Ruby to charge with kids and that never made her true believer she just lied to play the part and they talk about trying to find some good in the world and take says, he feels responsible for bringing bad stuff in the lead he's life which is why he's trying to bring some good into it too. which I think. She's like, what are you? What does that mean? You know what are you? What do you mean? She goes last time I thought you were Gos-. We were going somewhere like a like as a relationship. Found out, you were trying to move to Florida. 'cause you know to basically when she was like, you know when I thought you know maybe that was going to be something there. You know that day I found out. You was GONNA kill Christina and impact your shit and just going to go to Florida and not even say goodbye to me. So like what the fuck is what are we okay is in everybody goes through that in relation period time. What are we? Yeah it was know so I know the rules right? Like not just going to be a plan me or whatever. So fast. Ladies? Shoes I love either I'm here ain't. Right. Very. Much A. been with me very much. Some. Very. Much energy. Okay. It was very much Jay. Love Shoulda brought. Home last night. and. That's when he tells her about. Jia. Who is the Korean woman that we saw I believe Korean who that we saw his vision in a room I believe is also the person he called on the phone in episode wine that told him you shouldn't have come home. Excuse me. And so He basically says that was a girl. he was with in Korea but it ended strangely a doesn't know because she's like will did you love her and goes I don't know. If it was low because I never had good examples I've grown up. Handing back to what you said about his parents Montross, and what will he could soon be as parents his parents. And he also says his parents love was unknowable. Which is a hell of a fucking weight and describe your parents love. Like you know and and they would make sense if. Father you know your father was gay and doing this out of obligation to you. But also violet towards you. You know I don't know if he was violent towards hers well or not. They haven't really said I don't think yeah and may have been something where all three had in. We're in cahoots like. You know Montrose Mom and Georgia's like a we're going to settle for this and they actually didn't like each other because she was like, Nick I don't love you and you don't me. So. Yeah. So we ended up. With. He didn't say in like my mom Aaron Ruby basically following the too easy by any mayor flash them attention this. Ally Okay you want and she was like it made me opposite once again, children's ought to be the opposite their parents she was like I don't want to be with any man unless it means something. Yeah. Don't waste my time. We know she was. Sexually, Virgin until. The third episode of this show and takes the first ministry ever even slept with an south which tells you that you know she felt admit something. and. He says this special and I'm not all confused at all confused about that anymore. and then. Later, back in the basement, he's decipher more pages. Yes. Some type of break other and before you go on I I think that Montrose played a role ned when they will talk in lady was huffing and puffing and going ahead because she was mad and. About Noah for women and stuff like that. I really think that that may take think like like like things like how what does this mean to main? How do I really feel about this woman? what is our connection and you could tell that there was fillings there. But when you have a an unknowing Adieu, don't know what the Hell of looks like. You. Don't know how to properly respond to you don't know how to. React to it because you don't really truly know what it is. It's also that thing to that I. think she saw. That ugly side of him and didn't. Completely reject them. So there's something there to you know like. She she saw who who like what he's capable of in. His greatest shame. To, starting stand and in a weird way that intimacy to now it can be used obviously for wrong shit. Those people who are abusive they do that. Yes. It's one of the reasons people get cycles of abusiveness is because while they're there so. They're showing me what they would never show anyone, but it's like, yeah. But the thing is showing you as violence in a and and trauma and shit does not you know like, but it is an intimacy to it. You know. And hopefully so far what they've done with these characters not something we're going to have in the show but yeah, it just it made me think about about that. You know. It anyway later on deciphering the pages down in the basement and he has an epiphany runs to the phone calls that long distance number again operator. Three please and he The phone answers. No one says anything he can tell someone picked it up says, how did you know and the Police Wasabi? You believe me now. He should have listened to me. What are you? He goes he goes what are you now now who I, who are you, what what are you initi- hangs up or the thing hang around and then the pages he deciphered at the bottom it says die die. And this is the same voice in the same phone number department told him. You shouldn't have gone home before he hung up on them. So why that's it for let taken and Montrose game and I think that that's the woman in Korea Jere Jere. Yes. So you think, Gee, is still alive Yeah I don't know I talked about. Like she died or something. I don't know what the fuck is that but yeah, it's I mean I but him say, what are you like now like it's taking place I'm controlling her she sometime creature. All these fucking. Out His magic on this if I was having. All right. So you can imagine, let's get the Ruby. Okay. This is the one. a white woman whole white woman wakes up in the bed. And it's the same white woman who had the dogs back in. artem. Oh Okay I was trying to play. Wow you asked the whole thing you didn't know that. No. Randall White woman. Yeah. The same. Reynolds with desma because she was cleaned up, you know. Dirty Nasty looking I. mean you know because nobody does but you know she she wouldn't know cleaned up slob was like okay. Then picked randall white woman white woman facial blindness as well. But you know how resurgent some of the shells of like when I have to look up characters and stuff you know it'll be like this character play this actress play these two characters or whatever but yeah they yeah. Yeah. It was the same white one cleaned up and now We just cell phone because racist version of. Our country and stuff was good. I was remember remember being like Dan. They really didn't do much that Caridad light. Does actors like very few. Sometimes, you eat up a role like latavius on. Latavius, on. Black lightning. Where you do so good. It's like, okay. What are Y'all GonNa? I know y'all notice there s producers directors. What are y'all GonNa do to get dismay back on the show yes. The hell out of that role, she ate that racism. This old fashioned drugs whatever you want blouse. You know she was the black bears are not. Very. SMART. Very stupid blacks you know but not stupid stupid like a dog. Stupid. Like eight, not nearly as smart as the white. Fuel polar bear they're racist. You know don't Black Bears Eating Watermelons Dancing AG IX. Why are you looking at me like that? Yogi. Dockets. So then The white woman wakes up and. Stretches stares at our hands as if they are new hands, she's never seen him before she stares she jumps out at like like like jumps up into bed. Stares down her body like what the fuck these white tip is doing. This out of bed. It has trouble standing as if they're like new legs. Like, we see a dearborn in the middle of the fires in his Katie Milwaukee. and. True retold win. I seen it. I kept saying in my mind I was like Ruby because then my mind I was like. He put a transfer or US William put a trans to spell her. I was like whatever it did. This is the end result what she looks in a mirror and her full naked white body and goes. Wake Up. Ruby. Slaps phase wake and that's when the title credit start it just like Oh what the fuck are we watch. Yeah I'll definitely GONNA. Fuck are white done the change the unto whole as okay. This motherfucker got the magic stick her real. Small fucking ahead. All the racism turned. Tell you know one white woman anytime you fog William you wake up you like I love Pumpkin Spice Latte. and honestly know nothing about it. Oh Do. Oh. Come on I of a sudden I WANNA get attain. Tom Brady my favorite quarterback. Alright. Later on the street we see the same white lady walk around looking disheveled Laos as she is in the colored part of town. So like she is not why a white lady look into sheldon laws and no white part of town no, she's wear the black. Czar. Because those will be the streets that are familiar ruby. Yes. She looks in shop door in a reflection of it and show on it comes out and says, Miss can help you and she goes. On teeth I'm lost. I need help and then she turns around and all the black people staring at her like what is this white woman doing? You don't belong here but like in a way Oh concern. Like how do we? How do we get you back where you belong because we don't want. Right, like partially you present dangerous, there's something happening you but it also like you need hell. And so a little a boy Caesar says man were you okay she bumps into because she's so frantic and of course as always. As soon as this little book boy how his movie popcorn bosses lady, the police violence show about an oil. And Of course like this little boy right but slim on the ground, beat them down like about the fuck this kid yeah. They was slammed him on a hood of the car like Ma'am is he molested like they didn't even go. Harassing bothering they went no right. Like man a little boy trying to sexual assault you in the Middle Street in front of everybody feels why as so but the thing is and it's such great acting on this actress. The way they played it she is ruby inside right Oh. She reacted how a black woman were react. She put her hand yes. She did I was like Oh that's that's definitely Ruby police showed up to two lions like, Oh, we are going to jail right? Right like she was clearly scared like she was own my God. About the fuck me up. Okay. Yes. So That Right. So she was like Like like like put my hands up. You know obviously please don't you and they're like. Miss my wasn't poor was ellipoid this monster trying to kill you some and. Look around on. She was like, no, he didn't and right before the was about to beat the shit out the case she goes Oh, he didn't hurt me I got lost. And believable. See it and the police begrudgingly the boy. Let's do st over grudgingly it wasn't a Oh we sorry about that. We didn't realize. Okay we would not. We they was like. Give out in front of this white woman I guess we'll beat your black ass tomorrow. Right now we have a missing white woman alert. and so she says, he didn't hurt me I got lost police let him go and then they put her in the back of the squad car and say they're taking her home. To which she's like looking at enabled you can't take me hit his well people live yet. This is Alice at. Home and they're like Ma'am your husband real worried about you and she's like her. Husband dead man did something to me An. They're like he said that you know you off you made something like you might have some problems and you need to come back to the house right away having takes right. So she started having these spasms in the back of the car and. He was talking about keep in mind she is a white woman. But they are not listening to her Why would they? She's still a woman, these two white men in the front and his cop car like a white man said, his wife is up now think about what the scenarios could have been. She could have been escaping an abusive situation at home and she's telling them like please don't bring me back to this man i. don't trust him. That's not my husband they was like, yeah. Yeah. Whatever bitch the white man are told us what happened what the truth is as is going back you own your maids and yeah, back home. We taking you back to your own. Yeah. Me Why I don't think Tandy. Williams Dick Bryner into aware care. Magazine every full moon she just. To the Moon Star Hal in Taylor swift songs. Miley Cyrus on. The The butterflies our way Oh no you start and I'm. Like. Not. Going to hey, hey, I got a woman. Is Happening. Is Like Hey I'm all on your wedding day. I. Got saying myself to a starbucks before. Wasn't, little limit wheat. Little limit I I had to go before it's too late. Isn't it? Ironic? So, there's you started spasm I want her eyes turns Brown we get a close up. freaky shot in. So it's like Oh is she starting to transform something and then they pull up William and she's so like the Spanish she's going through I've taken her so light out of it she can't even protest anymore. She really just need to get somewhere getting a House so William Por- pause. Comes out walks like Harry's up into the house. And then we walk in and this motherfucker got the house decked out like American psycho like. Right before a right before Christian Bale to kill people in that movie and he put like likes them Dexter Shit like plastic all over the the floor and Shit, and I'm like, yeah, he he ammo plastic than your grandma couch. Yes. It was the couch India plastic. Did like ain't nothing getting fucked up here so then he lays on grounds she's wriggling shit and he says stop fighting you only slowing down the process and then turns up the TV to the news to cover the he said another neighbors Donnie did is. What he murdered his weight and then she tries to crawl away. He grabs the polls back onto the plastic and now he's wearing gloves. Lie Shit about. What the Hell is about the happiness peace and got a nice. So he's basically Oh, Jay this. Something about the death. Soit she says, I don't want to die. And he goes he would say metamorphosis isn't death now I don't know who the he is in the he when he says he will say metamorphosis. May. We'll find out later. He was he would say I know you know it's not William who's the maybe maybe from book I don't. Titus maybe a her for. The father, his father so. He Elvis. Her a robe and stabs her in the stomach as she screams, and then it kind of goes into the disliked the foreground of US watching this news report. But in the background, we see like the he is like. Ripping like there's this ripping motion almost like ripping something out of her like. Those. Tobacco She's screaming in the background. The News report is like in Breaking News, a swarm of sixteen billion Kenyan locust are moving across north Africa fucking everything they move across the land with Great Britain in their crosshairs because they care when you start getting close to the white people. Shit. Sorry to say, locust nymphs hatch from eggs and they go through five molting stages were they will share this. Be Paying. Attention. were, they will shed their skin, develop their wings. After seven days, they can reach their full sexual material maturity as adult locust destined to devour everything in their paths. and. will be coming back to this moment. Because I. Think it's important. so About the folks, Shida why feel like is foreshadowing like are you foreshadowing what Ruby will become our foreshadowing? What William already is? So we'll get into that. They we come back rubies laying on the bed. is closed like she sleep and William Walks anywhere in only a towel starts getting dressed in this. Dope, ASS Burgundy suit and. Goes on a a a rich white man monologue. Butterfly lives for life before dies in the Caterpillar emerges from the same sales, the essence of the butterfly yet different. Is More. I wanted to apply this process on offices to human but my research is off theoretical. It was laughed at by the academic community. Until. By chance I met a disgrace professor in here Epstein. Who is the former owner to house the one our scientists experimenting on Black People. Who was kicked out of a? University for experiment now humans. He wanted nothing more than that. Understand the universe but it was beyond his reach. so He created doorways not scientific but magical though one could argue they're wanting the same to which point he. Sits down on the bed next to ruby goes I know you're wake ruby everybody starts abortion is like, are you right among? The thing is is, is funny because I was like Oh ruby has no the WHO the hell we miss talking about. But we know as. We not letting knows, and it's going to be interesting when Ruby finds out what how what led. He knows what you know. Like that. Yeah. This is all for the show. For us at home the viewers. But for Ruby, you're right. This means next to nothing. I mean nothing to her. Yeah like that's the thing I would say like sometimes, I, love this show by the way. Might? Is To me I just love it. But. Sometimes, the show does step outside and become a show show and to me this is like a exposition is listening audience. You need some help put needs to piece together. In case you're not getting spell it out for. The you know William is involved in this thing to in this. This. Fight for the pages of Adam and artist type shows so. It anyway. He's down on the bed and goes. Away. He looks in a mirror, speak some of the language of Adam, and then he sits on the bed and we see butterflies form out of nothing start flying around the room. And he's I Ruby I know you awake and CCC wakes up see well, she starts faking sleep looks up to see the butterflies flying around the room. By the way Bega sleep the shit. because. This maintenance secretly tire me to a white woman and now back to myself, I'm honestly just trying to sleep until you lead sneaked fuck out i. think that was playing. She was like every every time my parents like you know what you did today, you're going to get a woman now hang on do it right now and I'm like I'm fake being sleep. Okay. We just see if I can get through this one by just pretending to be sleet SC for me I was terrible I pretend and then I actually go to sleep. Yeah I mean that's what will happen normally but you know what else normally stopped me from getting a weapon. Parents don't like whooping sleeping children, I mean you're gonNA, be back up I. Didn't have got to deal with Joe as being woke again because I thought the door was sleeping but now I'm grown I'm like they probably WanNa whoop somebody and then you gotta deal with two hours of this Nigga calmed down again I could then got the energy back. No thank you sleep. You know what he went to bed at four thirty in afternoon already one this. I want. I should. I. Got the rest of the day. My God Damn Self. To before star trek the next generation came on I'm GonNa just take the win. Yes. Mood us on I'm going to take the victory. Otis Nikki Miss. Dinner. We'll talk about this shit in the morning So yeah, he. See ebays says wake up as she goes magic. Israel. And he's like, yeah, and then she was like, did you did I die? So you could tire me into that white woman and he's like, no, the potion just mimics metamorphosis it wears off after a time. and. He. Was Oh. That's what she magic is really does scare you. Scares the shit out of me to wake up white then when I was stumbling down the street crazy into Chevron screaming at everyone around me they weren't scared of meat. They were scared for me. They are treated me like he's like a human being. Message. I know the transformation was painful but that's the point I wanted to go back to her going on the street. Those people were concerned for her now sure. They were concerned for their safety because this white woman in their proximity at that time white woman is it's today can be weaponized the same they know we watch happened with. Christine. Cooper. You know many of these other white women calling the police on people agreed so. You know in that moment. Sure, they will concern for their own safety, but there's also an innate care and concern about another human being something that we have is marginalized people that why people don't always have right like you know that would have been claimed country and some white black walking down the street disheveled. There would be a level of nigger. You don't belong get the fuck out but not a Ma'am you seem to be hurt how can I help you? Yes that's not a thing that was often happened then and sometimes today come out and not a thing that happened. So you know like you can hope you run across a good white person, but there's just as much change you run across of Shit, probably a better chance in a of areas and definitely nineteen, fifty two that you run across the wrong white person. At anyway. He Williams says I know the transformation was painful. She says that wasn't paying that was something else like being unmade and he says, I, promise it'll be easier next time she's like it won't be a next time and that's when I go leave I got some business care. You know solid in Lewd a supreme clientele. He got some hoes to go I need to go look at I. got some business take. Could you been fucking with? Ace. and. Then on the counter, he leaves a stack of money. And another dose of that potion on a golden trae. Man Ruby gives us stuff like she going to leave. Then she stops. Stares back that train. And guess which I'll. The next. The next thing we see a montage of ruby out in public as a white woman being the whitest of the white and I love the way. It was overlaid to a narration of. Into Zaki Shong a poem Exit from for colored girls who considers suicide when the rainbow is enough as though is beautiful spoken word. But at the same time. And is talking about like the pains of being a black woman and the beauty of being a black woman why won't people? Celebrate black women shape but at the same time is ruby as the living a white woman life. Yes and the thing is a what was so beautiful about this. Is because we know it was ruby her actions was still black even though she with white woman like she walk it and a police officer was directing traffic she stopping and she likes you know. 'cause. Why people have a tendency to when you when you walking to walk into you like you're not even there and so she was moving around moving out of people wage walking like she was white like like she owned shit you know and sounds like, oh, she may be white, but she is literally still moving like a black person. Yeah I mean it's almost the same as what happened at first. The wife, and in that first thing with the cost put she raised both hands is not as pronounced as that. But the thing I noticed her white her day of freedom in this poem is talking about celebrating Black Women, this woman s and stuff her freedom. was just. Regular white people just regular shit wasn't white people shit. Like I said, we take for granted today. Like she goes to the park she goes and get some ice cream which is given to her for free which really hearkens back to that Gordon Parks. Ice Cream. Omar's that they had an episode. They showed the colored ice cream section. She was going through the front. Yes and then gave it to her She had spent any money. This she sits down on a park bench and she reads the newspaper my i Mary poppins was going show up but if was everywhere right, it was honestly when I tell you I live a white woman of color life the only thing missing was earth. Okay. Come on. Disney channel commercial right and so then a in the park, she read the newspapers at I noticed one of the the ad she was looking at the muzzle movie kyle confidence girl which the nineteen, fifty, two movie about a woman who was basically a con artist and in. Her and her boyfriend trying to kind of people led to her downfall. But yeah, it's just you know it was but it was like, oh, because she's kind of a con artist right now no one knows this con-. Movie. Is Not this white woman And so then. Rubio's back to the match, and she's lacking in the tub singing between the devil and the Deep Blue Sea, which is a song about. Two impossible choices like you pay between the devil which you know the devil always has some type of. If relations. Of Evil Plan, you're GONNA have to give some up or the deep blue sea, which is hopefully hopeless an infinite and struggle that will. Eventually succumb to so wishy choose. And when she's singing a song, you see Williams stand out from the doorway. She's in the tub she basically just goes. All right cut this shit. What do you want? He didn't do this for nothing I, know I. Especially, you could have picked any girl on side of town. They're not just me. So what do you want from me and he said she's She's. Why me he goes. Why not. and. He comes over to the stars washing her back and he says lay is on her was the first time he felt magic where there was nine. which. Is Move On. but it always feel like you know William is is is full of shit to a certain extent from me. I don't know how you feel the need seems. Like it's move talk. Yeah. Don't feel it feels like seduction night. Yes. Not like romance but you know so he says, vitually he will need a favor for a woman friend and does that bother you and she's I depends on what the is. Small favor isn't significant really and any hose a towel for to get out of the Bath and until then he tells her, you can do whatever you please come and go as you want whatever skiing you like. So I guess she's out of the Boarding House. he asked why didn't she used of the money understand though because he came back, the potion was gone but the money was still there and she says, she enjoyed her entire day using the only currency she needed whiteness come on. Yeah, right. She was trying to tell Ya something back there. Okay whites. Enjoying this show. Okay. We we aren't shit. We know. Well. Yes. It's like I'm just GONNA use the only currency de matters in America. Okay. Whiteness is is what matters okay. which you can't really blame them with the right quite man we can do anything. Okay. In this case white woman. So. Then we get. give Mike my notes here. All right. So then At the saying you can do whatever you want She also says, I don't know what's more difficult being colored or being a woman most days I'm happy to be both but the world he's interrupting and I'm sick of being interrupted. And he says, so what's next? Ruby, uninterrupted. Now this was kind of like a Penny Milton Line but not in a sexual way, but in a like empowering way like I'm offering you something. That would dissuade. So. Then money by Cardi B. Plays. Now. I'm telling you I'm getting more and more used to out to the current music in like is growing even more like if I kinda like talking to myself. Okay. But but like the scene now like sometimes. That's perfect. Then person. Money in this seen walking into Marshall fields as a white woman that was it. That's almost perfect for this away they show all this this this consumer goods that she probably would never have access to as a black person and I was born flex diamonds ALMANAC I. Even as a black woman. Ruby. Finding, things in lying. He liked to be fans say and that's the thing even as a black woman she shit so and well put together and all this stuff and all these things like and she walked out WanNa say any but she wow like. I own even the black woman. She walked like Oh we don't get to that because you know what you know what? Lipstick opinion net because they'll come back to this. Because she does carry herself a certain way. Some even call her. Buji okay. But yes. So as a white woman though she goes up to Paul, Hughes Office, what was a door and he's like come on in gap Davenport. She's chosen a name. Hillary, Davenport. You know maybe for Hillary. Clinton I. Don't know. and he's basically looks at a resume and goes seven typing classes. Eight account class got down. You overqualified you should be getting my job her 'cause why people think that's always funny and it wouldn't surprise me if that was to resume with she changed the name come on care you see it. Okay we say. And then he says, but tell me what's not on the resume who was Hillary Davenport. And she. Seemed to have a prepared story. But the counter prepares story have win. Yet. You haven't truly thought you get this far. You know what I mean, right? Coming out and it was like, oh Wait a minute I need them and it was almost like I should have rewrote. This is the modified story just a little bit. She tried to answer it like it was a movie monologue. She's like who is Hillary Davenport? Well, I'm glad you asked. Hillary Davenport is imported. Good. White woman of ill of all sorts of modern renown. He's like, yeah but like where you from Kinda, she and she's like, oh. Yes. I'm a small town in Maine and he's like which one? From. Maine. Is Too small you wouldn't even know. ME. Anyway my mother mood. CHICAGO. With my sister and she would take me and let it I. Mean Me and my sister. because a white one whenever say us this is name. Me and my sister we go. You know from heartbreak heartbreak any she take the department stores and all the people with greeter as she would feel held again and I got what would it be like to be on Saturday counter? And I thought to myself she didn't ask a question. and. I. Honestly, at this point I said, she didn't make a plan. She thought she rely on Whiteness. And vagueness and just get the job anyway Nash going GonNa get busted and guess what Y'all? 'cause whiteness that good wine is real good. I told you say, hell of a Journal, grace? Looking at your resume, his your social security number one one one. One. One. One one, one one. That's correct. Okay Tex after me. Yet fucking hired. You start. You know I'm all. So he's like a good enough for me. But that's not really why I was asking you who you are I really WanNa know. Stopping. Right. High. Feel about working with colleagues. That was the real question. to be honest and he's like because we lost a lot of employees when we had a black woman. Tamra from last episode. And she's like well, if she's qualified and hard work and I don't see the problem with offering her opportunities that US white folks take advantage of. And it may remind me so much of that S. and L.'s get Eddie Murphy. where he was a white man in white was in white man makeup and he wouldn't get a loan from the bank. It's this whole thing just felt like this like. You Know Us, White Folks Wink Wink. You Know How do right we love our mayonnaise on both sides of the bread. Thing do we do that? So, cheese right with we like. We love cheese as US whites often say. zippy D do. And so then. He's like well everything you know I company. A. Started in in our whites only policy and this happened she star specimen again, which we know means transformation is coming on. and. This is when I realized that the transformation is really symbolism for. lactose intolerance which many of us blacks deal with okay. you gotTa have to use the restroom. Politics situation it can be. now. He's like. You know she was she flexes off the spasms. He thinks he's going like what is no longer why it's only and he has an impulse to calm her it is not a Oh, well, then bitch get the fuck out you can't work. He's like. No? No No. No. They're not race crusaders anything sal about that Almighty dollar. Okay. Don't don't get it twisted. We don't actually soon as people we just want the money. He goes well, you know what got them. You got yourself a deal assistant manager. And? Number one she wasn't a woman she could beat a manager. That's what they told me. Because she had more you laugh if be learning from you that Shit. But then the other thing is she had applied. With this resume to this job before as a black woman. Had Not. Gotten it. and. She didn't apply on a whim like timid. So they like. They did not select her qualified black is. But as a white woman overqualified. Boy. That's you was. She was dion He was doing a day. Yeah. Yes. She was straggling. Okay. It was getting. It was getting real in. Up in Marshall Fields So he was like limited, let me take you on a tour. And she was like. Okay but I need to go to girl and he's like all right then and He looked in the seat and was like wait you dropped your. Potion. Eight thousand perfume. Perfume. And she grinds to the elevator convulsing the whole way. Honestly, this shit was like some comedy share it was like. The nutty professor. When he started when Eddie Murphy's started transferring yes. Like he like, Oh, goodness like she was nutty professor Kuna, all the way back to the. Elevator she got on just in time and she slammed us against a wall and the whole time the way they did special effects she bursting through the white skin. So and it's bloody underneath there. Now I, realize that I'll ask. The separation of skin was like what? been. So they went for the very free special effects. I have to say this is definitely a moment where you go this fucking TV show because all her transformations that were kind of comical and. You know like, Oh, my goodness. What what? What does she do? Now? They were all like. MA'AM, you turn back into a black woman in broad daylight and walked home covered in blood and Viscera. Several times during this episode is no fucking way. Like you know nine, nine, hundred, two, nine, one, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty, twenty, they gonNa stop your ass and be like man who did you kill? Li-. Where at a body search whereas the white woman you exploded through lease? Yes we need her but yeah. So but. It's a harsh Oh dot ally kind of skip over there. It's not very important, but I thought it was funny So then yes, she does get the job. But like I say they never take the tour she's leased which I assume she left and just didn't come back with another thing I'll say God down white people got a good. He's actually just come back. I guess you had to go just do. So then in the morning she's dressed to impress at the top of the escalator and stairs power comes up there Mr Hughes manager and kisses her hand and says. You know a good luck. Basically, I'm not the Apollo. Apollo but good luck today, first aid job, and then she goes downstairs because some customers are complaining that they haven't been helped in time like I've been waiting twenty minutes and where is that woman and apparently Tamra the black woman was supposed to be at the perfume counter and she wasn't there. and. So she's kind of pissed issue like why would you? We can't make money if you don't greet the customers where were you and basically the White Women Co have put Tamra to work doing their jobs like put away shoes for me do this do that and so she was now doing her job and their job right meanwhile, they were complaining about black as even having a job but yes, she basically. Covering for them couldn't do what she was supposed to do and to be honest Hillary. Didn't have very much sympathy for the shit. Basically, like yeah. well look I'm not trying she's out now trying to you're not any trouble don't you know don't get to apply breath. And I remember that you told me you. You got this job on a whim after all and Tamraz I never told you that she must've heard from Palmas told me whatever as US like well I. Hope you still feel still in the part of the Marshall Field's family and that no matter what they can't take your educational team this away from you. Okay Baker. And timber goes what educational team is seventh grade education. She couldn't take the comments like no man I'm dumb as AOL I don't know how I got this job. which we know there's anger there because of course. As a black woman she Ruby overqualified never got two jobs. Here's Tamra who is under a her opinion underqualified or at least less qualify as somehow got the job and so she's Matt Yup about this shit she's his ruby right even though she's Hillary right and so she says Well, what will you must've taken accounting classes down at the Frederick Douglass School for team and she was like, nope, never heard of that. You could take classes. That's crazy. Like. Right. Like how the fuck you get this job You know. I hear you. I is pointing to me too and I mean, it's strange. It's strange to me too. That's how Tamra was like. Hey. So then She gets mad that she's like takes the lotion off of the counter slams it down and goes your hands are achy and walks off. As a black person. She would notice shit like that. I'm like God Damn Ruby doesn't turn into a whole caring yes did. Ours. So yes, she says, your hands are be ashy. And storms off now this is what? Well, actually one more more more scene, and then we'll get to my point about. Ruby. In the back, all the white salesgirls are taking a break. Chilling and trying on dresses shoes. They data type people that comes in for full eight hours, and you may get us move to at Adam. Meanwhile, you know Tamra they're doing all the jobs and hers again fussed at so. There for how are we work? They should give out stuff for free. And Hillary the man who's assistant manager and overall these women goes. Hey. It's been thirty minutes you get back to work and they like all you can try not being a bitch and put on some shoes like the. Oh You're stuck up stick in the mud night she like, oh, they've was. So she's kind of. Flattered in peer pressured into doing. As she puts awesome Naughty Stellato and goof off and he was a mean Kenny. White women a mean girls like one of them was kind of fat and she was like, what do you think about this and they're like Marilyn Monroe? I, think you're stopped stuffing your face where bon-bons yet might be able to close that coat. And they're like, oh you can. All these women hate each other. Yes. But Boban Odd fucking delicious Alan Dan White Women. So. So then. She asked if. Like when they're putting on the hills. Hillary slash, Ruby asked other White Women Hey, does Paul have gotten freshman any Now the reason is comes up one after interview was over he hugged her and then also that morning he kissed her on her hand to start the day. So she's thinking like this Nigga Florida me is he going to try some towards she? And they laugh at the mere suggestion like Paul he comes out of a Rockford painting with two kids and his Wi- like. Being doing nothing. and. Then they start dancing to the white version of two different. and. Of course, they were terribly except for. Hillary who really Ruby and she danced on, she put on the show. The in hills in the hills even did it last year? Ruby would do see love it like that. She even day like step at the end like which. It'd be like a why blue Blah booming like there was an they was given the whitest compliments. Yes. They were with the rhythm knows she's ready for the college version own. Use me how moving on a was in threes a star girl you're ready for Memphis soul comedy hour we need to. Get you on the show that they need to go ahead and get you ready for the MISRA, augur? For. Episode of Soul Train. Them Tuesday did. And then they shift to talking about that favorite pastimes for bonding as white women, which is. Hating onto blacks. And so they were like you know. What I'll tell you what I don't need no more black employees. You See. A hangar. and. Doing, jobs, Hillary. Slash Ruby says. Well if they do hire some more black people I, just hope they qualified. And the white one was like. Of course, they not qualified they need rose. They black what do you expect? It Hillary, that's an all out of her dance. She had back to them and you could see her as you still ruby inside ages went to like blank anger like the folk you do. But she can't say anything he'll break her thing and part of what the day she's been playing as a white woman is not being too concerned with black people in black causes you can't be a race war can't be like y'all lay off camera in computer beginning to be suspicious of you right so she's still played kinda safe and fit in by being aloof. Towards even when he disagreed, which reminded me very much of the fact that fifty three percent white women voted for Donald Trump which is people always say that number like is this really big damning number and I do think it is a fucking number about don't get me wrong. But what I think about is forty something percent white women do not fuck Donald Trump. And they are much they are so quiet. Yes they are. Now they may not be as quiet now but in twenty, they had a private facebook group called Su pairs nature, which means they wanted to support this woman but not to pay those social penalty of supporting this woman and so the same thing goes back to this not every white woman is on fucking died in the war I hate the niggers racist person. There's a lot of white people that notion is wrong. No, she is fucked up they made it ought to like you know. Slave abolition or whatever the fuck like they not ready to die for what they are like them like. People I Damn Yeah Kane Jolly all like why are we talking about racism all the time and that's what it reminded me of his at Ruby became that type of white woman to fit in where she was. She never said anything toward fuck towards black people necessarily. But she's still never stood up for any of the black people other than tepidly right So. Obviously she didn't like Tamra. No. No, and also to go back to win Tamra had told her about her education and things like that. And we responded really was responding as a black woman even though she was white because Ruby has the black woman looked down at women. Like. Like. No No. That was that was really Ruby Ruby has respectability and now obviously this is nine hundred fifty to me I hear respectability and because it's twenty twenty Beninese online circles. Yeah. You know you think it's a mark on someone's character because I brought this up on twitter and of course, most people understood exactly what I meant but Koby was like well, isn't that that she probably was like this woman on the got hired because she's more prettier to me and I was I. I don't think. So rubies a very pretty person and nothing about this show so far has seen to center around like well, people don't find her tracks right now if they want to put those beats in the narrative or they wanNA play it out but this shows not a very subtle show. So I feel like if that was the issue. The issue. Yes. If they were like people don't find Ruby attractive that will become a thing if they want to say it's because lead he's light skinned and rubies I think they would just say. This is the show where they would skirt around that and be like well, they'll pick it up by episode. No this show pretty much tells you straight up on like message. This is racism message. This is that right So I really do think and now let's talk about what they have within the show. I think ruby is. You know one of those boozy Kinda looked down other black people at the party when they were playing cards before the cross burning, she said to the other people if more I'm going to get his job and Marshall Field's and if more black people thought like me. The. They will be a credit to the race like we will be better off as a people which is implying most black people or not enough black people think like Ruby, which is they'll get a job. It's not like she's some old like Revolutionary Shit like it will just go get a job which implies units don't want jobs reineck don't want to work hard. You don't want to be educated. You know that type of thing. Yeah and she even down on her sister because she was concerned us. They didn't have the right type of job. You wouldn't do the right type of thing you know because it's not like he was probably some form of activist or something like that, and so turns this does she like that ain't no real job you not trying that's why you gotTa always call me and ask me for money issue because you ain't got no real job, right? Yeah. There's yeah. There's a lot going on her and her sister but that's the thing that made me think about specifically like. Oh. Wait. There's Ruby. Yes kinda. been a Hottie Taty. The rest of you niggers type of black person and it was coming out even when. She. She seemed to be more upset that that type of black person was able to get that type of job. Correct. You know what I mean like why not why it should've been me and then when she found out that white people do not care. No, they don't. They don't see qualifications they see skin color your disqualified for your skin color. So all this like you know this hierarchy she had in her brain. Didn't really matter to these white people. Now dim stopper from immediately like Kinda resenting Tamra but I think it put a lot of stuff in a perspective that Oh no, the hurdle is even bigger than you think. Like whiteness is not a skin color it is a mentality yesterday, and if you do not carry out that mentality if you do not exist in mentality, then you get ostracized or lease. Alienated from the Whiteness that people participated and I think Ruby was definitely. Fill. In that pressure from the other white people like I have a decision to make I basically a com mentally or played a part of these people that I hate like I'm not going to be able to escape biologist. I'm a white woman. I'm apolitical I think everyone should have a chance and that no no, and I'm also not going to be Ruby, which is why I don't like Tamra because she's not qualified not because he's black that's not going to be like she's black. She's fucking Secretary Stacy's leg. She shouldn't have a job meanwhile, she's doing odd jobs for us, right? Also I thought it was funny to, and this is another thing. We work so hard while they backstage just goofing the fuck off. Thirty minutes, they should give us you for free entitlement. What talked about with Jessica. And rates those out. I'm like day get shit. They get shit done when they pretend to be black yes. They do. You know because when neighbor tend to be black like they still have the ambitions of Whiteness? Yes. None Whiteness were they still have that greed they still want it all you know meanwhile, rubies honest moved that potion was supposed to be your access to power and a world she didn't dream. Xi could only dream up and she went and did God. Damn John got a got some ice cream and Aja right? fucking. Why full of money issues like bitch I just WanNa work read a newspaper all she wanted to be was left alone to achieve her. Piece. Now, she didn't want to become the own department store. I WANNA, be a regular like a regular white woman. I. See on the St. Louis. unbothered because. I didn't want to blend in people come over here on outside they lie I won't take it. All right. The fuck is So yeah. then. When a? Oh they ask her basically like Oh you know we should do speaking of niggers. Let ask camera to take a set of south side and they're all like ooh. It's so scary. Will people that was blacks. Down there and Hillary you know once again breaking characters ruby goes. Yeah. The South is nunnery scared. This is just basically she knows that she's lived black people living is not. Nothing nothing exotic about it. Yeah. Lie and there like you. Own, you brave girl girl was like and. What was it like in the jungle was like going to work you know? So. They're like we have to get Tamra to take and says, you don't want to talk to camera maybe you can convince it to us, and so they go outside after work Tamra no one really talks Tamra who's kind of ahead of everybody. The only black person there and Hillary does kind of look. And it makes me think like, Damn that's the two black people at work and it reminds me of how we a lot of black people feel about having a black manager in corporate America where you like Disney Guajardo meaning people right? Because she really has singled her out and she didn't single out. Any knows white women those more there goofing the fuck office she just joined were now. She knew was being overworked and they would've just been hurt. It would've switched as she got the job. She felt she quote unquote deserve. They would've been thinking she was the nigger they would have been thinking you better. Get back here and put my shoes up. It was not the dream she thought it was going to be. But waiting outside other department store is William in a baby blue. Nice. Car Shades on. They look like a one, thousand, nine, hundred, fifty, two, min this you look at like a snack. Okay. Looking like a of old looking like a little debbie is over the habit then. You Lags Knack. As though he was like. All the ladies that work there was I who is that? He's like Oh hey, honey a does. That you know people do they look down shades pulling back up and? She, he goes to Kiss Hillary who turns her mouth of weight and gets kissed on the cheek instead of the mouth. He notices in the ladies. Of course. All soon. You know just you can hear blues in Alleyway am in she's like you shouldn't a came here and he was like well I don't like I embarrassed. Because it does look like everybody was impressed. She was little. And then he asked about like how I day dream job and I thought Dan there's only day one. Like I feel like we. We had a the first day when she woke up and couldn't get a legs under then we had day. Was She. went out and had the perfect ice cream day three of the white woman assistant manager not bad not. Come Up. Okay. It's like that game they play. blitzen chips and they rick and Morty well you. You could deliver. She well, you kind of wasted your thirties and forties, right? So So, she how? She. So then basically, William, have a little bit of a discussion where he's lying. Well look, It's time for you to me that that favor. They'll take no more potion and he noticed that you didn't like you didn't want me to kiss you hillary. Why not as like did you WanNa kiss me as angles I want whatever you want. Wish to me was like. This is not to be trusted. That's another foolish it answers. Oh, and Wallace Oman and not to get off topic but I wanted to go back to win. She dropped potions. and. Potion and that do founded I. think that's GonNa come back up at some period time. I. Don't think she dropped out for no reason like somebody's GonNa. Find It. Somebody's going to be was this somebody's GonNa take it like something's going to happen because she didn't even ask you dropped it. Yeah be mad because I definitely don't like todd we like we see he gets it but then we never see her get it. You know. But my thing is if he thinks is a Perfume Yeah. He might think is a perfect I. Wonder. He'll even put those two together. You know what I'm saying or someone puts together. You know the potion and not a few because we'll get to it at the end. Obviously. Detail some some having that gives you a chance to be like. To our you know but well, yeah I mean you're absolutely right. You never get the scene of her getting that back. So we know is out there. So then. He says I don't drink potion debt. I'm Anita favor tonight also does a box in the back seat which name all over it and she was at the box and it's a May uniform as she is pissed yes and I had to get a white lady props because the actress. She channeled Ruby didn't you? Oh Gee like she. Channel Ruth and look like the. Right, like no, you didn't because that's a other thing we asked how she enjoyed her first day. She said was better to be some damn charwoman. Charwoman is a woman that cooks and cleans and do made. Okay. So this outfit win the open it up was a fucking made outfit. Social Attics explains the phase year she was immediately like man what the fuck this is. This is this is the help. You need for me because rubens whole thing is, what's the cash? The cash was to catch so then We see Ruby working party in a as a waitress and and the thing is the thing that may be laughed hold time. Nobody Pay Ruby fucking attention because she had the Stink as face and they was like sure you want are not just pick. y'All know watching woman face. She looked like she would lily take take wants to picks established under because nobody's paying no attention. No, they could not be less interested in whatever was going. He was walking around like she would just like slammed the transit agreement. They. Could not. They will just look like ma'am. If you know mother motherfucking cocktail Weenie and get the push, didn't keep moving ain't nobody talking to Ya ass. Because basically use invisible to them and honestly at that point, if a white man did notice you as a black, it probably wasn't going to be a good thing come on but yeah. So She was passed. She's giving out stuff captain Lancaster's there because this party is at the loud that Christina to last week, he told her to get out. So she goes into the kitchen Christina's outback knocks on the window and she's like everybody's got an attitude to like. You're supposed to be here at our ago and like I've been doing this bullish nothing. Christina's like William does like a demanding woman. She says well, look here's this rock it's like a talisman I on it. She's like put us into the police captain's office okay and I might be wrong but I liked the same I'd take seen on that paper Yes. Yes it does as ruby declines. But Christina? says. Listen. Do you care about William at all because you know ruby declines like Nigga the police captain I'm not fucking police like I'm. Asking I will go to jail and she's like a Christina's like no Ruby William. Done wrong. He was shot in the back down in the river left dad nursed him back to health. And this and believe he murdered William and stole his birthright to this lodge. He's the right for air to it and. Will you help him get his revenge? And it is that motivation that does it for Ruby. The revenge motives which I think is important here and she goes like okay and then she takes it sneaks into the office puts the Talisman in a desk drawer of the captain and I wonder if there's a power because. Says I like you're going to be able to see what's going on in his officers trump and yep and baby possibly year I you know mopped I might be wrong prediction you know like those. You remember how they could look in naked the. Lady, in Teague George is I think going to be something to that nature wish going to be able to even though I'm not here I can still see what's happening in the atmosphere, right? So or be able to fuck with 'em too right. So then While she's in there, she hears the moaning from the closet. That the same owner Christina heard as she goes to look into the closet and opens it and as a man bleed, not his mouth who clearly like is very gross sight easy Mustang because she covers her mouth immediately. And then he? Like he's got cuts and. Being tortured or something, and I'm like Oh shit right. This is not good. Okay. It looks like Montreal's isn't the only one living in the closet. Frankenstein stitches. Yeah. He was fucked up. Like whatever they've been doing to him, they've been doing for a while. So. Then the captain comes in, he's got his underlings with. And he's pissed as like dancing like a monkey for ring. And I'm thinking he must want one. Those rings Tick Guy Good. Christina. was I i. don't remember you ever being initiated right and he's trying to impress these old people in coke or whatever to get them to you know glad the game moved into. And get some power I guess and he's like Oh. Give me a shirt from the closet and he's also like a fucking pig in and something was up with his skin is what I was gonna say what was it? Can I do not I do not know I, don't know I have a theory I think he got black skin. Like a black body or something. Like a Negro because there was this big black like. Frankenstein on the him like it was. Or something and I wonder if that scientists here, Epstein Abe that he knows or knew who did experiments like if that was one of the experiments like maybe he got injured or something or whatever, and they use a black body to heal like the patron or some shit yeah because it didn't make any sense. And I was like some crawling on his game and why does his skin wasn't by the way it wasn't crawling just I just WanNa be clear I watched it twice. Oh no problem for me. I'm from what I seen I was like this wrong skiing. Wrong but the thing is he took his shirt off in front of other dues didn't even be like Oh God you got black body under there. They seem to be fine with it. Yeah. It is what it is. What get out is going on with that man's chest I don't know but then. They talk also about. Like just handed that business in Kentucky and they're like, yeah, we convinced for local police that the winthrop observatory needed to be protected from local vandals and it's like good job in a Mike said as a winthrop observatory. Now, winthrop is what they call it house to winthrop house winthrop was also a person that was a neck the sons Adam or whatever they call it the order of Adam and We know that. He has pages to. So he says. That bleeding Christina wants to orrery. We'll let her bring it right to us because we know what she's looking for, and then the closet Miami wild getting, louder. And an Emmy and makes one of the people ask about an aid. So the Donnay had. Dropped Dahmer Location, Lucy stole, and they're like, but we working on it. We're getting there and. she's covering his mouth so he can't get loud as a couple little scares or whatever. You know it's one of the things. I was like. Is this man? Did he die eight? Brought him back to live lie you know today do experiments on him I don't know as weird because I if I thought they were torturing him for the location of something. Else I don't sound like he can talk I. Don't understand I, think they cut his tongue out. That's why he was bleeding so much from his. Also Ruby brings it up later. But the other thing too is Route like the scene just kind of ends or whatever. But like it was just more scary bad they did I remember they did say he was dead. Yes. That makes sense I remember somebody was like talking about how you know he might be dead, but we can still get it out of him or something like okay. All right. I remember that phrase what also says tongue was cut out and there was definitely bleeding. Now the thing I thought was weird is that he kinda was seem like he was trying to get their attention. So. Like. They put on them then reanimate him and now yes, Labor something and if so why to cut them up so bad and I think a lot of this goes back to that scientists dude. Yeah here I'm Epstein is very. so then As Hillary rubies back at work. This is now like the fourth day I believe. So as Hillary Ruby is back at work and she is fussing over Tamra putting the shoot wrong shoe by the wrong dresses. Once again, you know, and now this I think obsession with Tamra was also partially this point. She wanted to help her to a certain extent and I don't think it was just like she now knows Tim`rous plight how these white people really feel about all black people. So she she's seen some shit now magic and fucking dead Zombie people would know tongues in closets ASSOC- kind of loses she gets kind of loud and things she's like. You got to put this right shoes lieutenant. You've gotta make it pleasing to the is she and then Tamra, does not not to be disrespectful but I'm doing my best male. And she goes. Well, you have to do better if you. WanNa. Give credit to your race was another thing another time she said. A if you want to be a credit to your race, you had to be better than mediocre and you WanNa know why because why folks the most fucked up the take? She was laughing to turn around I. Know Music Plan. I ain't gonNA fans it apart Miss Doors right? Like she's trying to help but she's still true to character ruby lie I like did they didn't initiate magically understood respectability with some bullshit I'm like not nineteen fifty to come on now that the one day don't know. anyways let's use like. That's Why They have you can't even imagine that's why you have to be exponentially better than them. So you don't end up with some classic half did would you talk? And before she can finish that power walks like what's going on? You thank She's trying to. Be Back. They're trying to make PAS down oil follow. So she turned around Paul's I everything. Okay. People staying and Shit, and she's like a hillary like well, Tamra was just saying how she was gonNA take us to the south side. And Tama goes along with the LAI. But what choice does she have this white woman lot and you can't be like I didn't say that so you gotTa do you only want to take him and this white woman was being kind of bossing towards you in a bit of hostile So, at Denmark Vesey Bar, though whites are taken into local negro scenery was music one white girls looking around at the brothers like she's ready to see for black dot. com. Yes in a black people. They didn't even look like into it because I think they just understood the stress of like if something happens to these white people or these white people decide, they could fuck up everything. Just one of those things where this is our space, an any white person presence just fuck the atmosphere. Yeah. It wasn't like a rob ally all year man like it went like the first time we've seen the place. Now not just that but it wasn't a vibe of like Oh cool white people it was like, Hey, Comey's crackers. I guess like even when she looked at the brothers, they didn't look into like it wasn't like. Shit why women alert it was like Please Lord. I I think I'm calling tonight right. So then they all like Wanna get up and dance an artist. Shit. Tamra looks nervous drinking with the CO workers basically take the shot and Simpson while. I'm here but I can't. Be Myself because you don't you right they all get up and plus we don't know timber de might be her scene and that's to tear might be a charge girl this one. Right, you know Ruby lie as Hillary rubies lie put. Timur in this fucked up position. You know what I'm saying they would have not asked her if it wasn't for that. Because they were so busy shunning her and not talking to her and making her at work they never would have gotten to know her to even be like, Hey, can you take us out but when she used that as an alibi excuse distraction or whatever she actually put her in his fucked up position of having to deal with wideness in space agreed. and. So then Hillary says, she doesn't want dash she'll get with the rest of them, and then we have a slow shot her kind of looking at them dancing with the black people and seeing like the complexity of them being genuinely repulsed of an races it behind the back storeroom. But then here they are taken in his exotic culture and cuisine and and storing this this racial tourism they were doing right. They love us what they don't of us. RIGHT THEY WANNA be us but they hate us right you know and we wanna be them but we hate down to some extent. As far as America goes into rights that we would like to have. Because I, I love being black I do too but you know what I meant. So then. They so they. She goes outside as she doesn't take the next dose of potion. She. She goes ahead and stars transforming back into Ruby and the I yet is the first time. We ever see her truly trans the special effects were so great. It was like they when they really got 'cause earlier, we saw like were they did the first transformation we see little stuff like that was an I in the back of her throat, which is gross and all that stuff. But this one it was, it was totally like they way all the way there was like watching the whole transform. Now keep in mind the titled Is Episode Is. Strange of. Our God don't let me put this up. Let's go to the top of my notes strange case, which is also the title of the very famous book and movie the Strange Case of Dr, Jekyll and Mr Hyde. which is all about a person taking a drug that transforms them and then was transformed. They become an uninhibited monster, much less control and audit stuff. In the in the. Mister high form in Dr Jekyll form. Of course they're. They're in control and I think in a way this episode of say that Whiteness is that monster that mister high the the ability and the potential to have uncontrolled impulse with no consequences is. To alluring and monstrous. So. The Message. Saturday. To. But yes. Oh She transplant she basically reversed those okay gene the whiteness she's black again. And so. camera is trying to leave the party and Paul this gentleman, this Rockford painting man this you know this Americana, two kids and and. Two kids wife right and a puppy, the Mr they laughed when it said, could he be a sexual? Predator. Of any kind will he is coming onto Tamra and being like look. Let me grab Yo Pussy. fucking Donald. Trump's she talking about how hard girl sweet down there? Some shit like that s she says, I. Don't want to do this and he's like come on as she scratches him and he lets her go and then he goes nigger bitch which she runs off. Ruby sees all this through a tiny to a hole the fence that we see our face covered in blood and our is are of course lit of just angry He didn't know she's seen right blade or back at the mansion ruby sitting on the couch holding the potion. Just kinda like she's deciding if she's GonNa drink it or not as he puts it up to her mouth disease about the drink Christina comes in from the basement. And Christina doesn't even seem surprised at Ruby's there even though she clearly wasn't expecting her to be there and Rubio's why the aisle, what do you have in the basement? It's the only house. There's lot UN William going out of there at all times of the day. And Christina sits next to her without answering their questions and goes I guess Ruby got interrupted again. which. Ruby never told. Christina. So, Rudy says he told you that. Like basically like how much is William Sharing with you initiate private right? Right. He definitely say we fucked you know did he say I suck this Dick from? Every day. So Christina says she's being where Ruby before but ruby says please shut the fuck up. You can't relate to who I am and I spend enough time on your side of the color line and no the only thing you white women are disillusioned with our yourselves. I'm my girl. Stops Dylan from black. Twitter. Okay Staff Stop Well, stop you only get a medium peace and. You'll medium log in instill this shit put this one on a pay you are. You're patriots amount charged for like don't give this away. That's too much. Way Too. Much Christina agrees and says, we want to be you you WANNA be us but you misunderstood Williams invitation is not to be white is an invitation to do whatever the fuck you want. That's the currency of magic unmitigated freedom who are you really uninterrupted? And in this moment, what it made me think is how? Pristina. Sees that magic and that metamorphoses. As an opportunity to seize power. Ruby haven't been a black woman, her whole life. Obviously, the magic is brand new. Are She saw it as an opportunity to seize whiteness because whiteness is power to her but Cristina as a person has already a white woman she's like there's something beyond. That like the whiteness is not even ultimate power. You'd think in two small like this like you're not doing whatever you want. You Ain't got fucking job. You Ain't got ice cream. You winged read the newspaper like you. You're not really like your sheet is per day pedestrian compared to the ambitions that I have you know like, could we know Christina's thinking ways to live forever she's got fails where you can't harm her like you know what I'm saying, Christine don't take over to order right Christina's on some other other shit. She's trying to translate this entire book. So she can have all the magic in the world correct and Ruby meanwhile is like I would like to be able to read a book and a win come up and bother me. And I think that's she kind of helped her to game. You know what I mean, and it's also a big difference on how black people. Have Marginalized people and privilege people look at power different. He is. We do because most of our dreams are literally like I didn't want to do what I'm doing and no one can come penalize me because I'm black yes or woman we have simple goals I feel like like our goal is I wanna live out I want a roof over by hey, my family to be taken care of for a Lotta for a lot of my you know my kids go to the best school you know I don't want to have to bury them because they got shot by police officer our goes our small. Like Limited Scott, yeah we do. We won't basic she hit the sky's the limit for them. Limit is the sky for us you know and a love that justice position because you're looking at two women that could be allies to a certain extent and seeing that they see the world totally different. You know because I think Christine is also very a moral this like. By which I mean I don't think Christine that the rest of his like evil I don't think she thinks herself is harming or helping these people. Everybody is a tool for her to get the ultimate power that she's looking for. So. Two hers just like you just to. But I'm not saying that in a year less than me I'm saying you're just a tool why aren't you using me as a tool? Everyone's a to to get what you want. So why aren't you like what do you really want because this is? So then. Ruby goes back. The marshalls feels as Hillary and she's in Paul's Office and she quits As you said, she's quitting because she's attracted to Paul and she can't more. While on the clock work there and fuck his brains out. And Powell is like. fucking membranes out. Well yes. Dick is not your friend. Okay. And the thing is Paul. Hey check her out when she first got the job was he walked past interview definitely but he kissed her hand hugged her so like it felt to me and this is such. So interesting I love this Jackson position to. Set Paul was not a sexual Predator to those white ladies because he's not a sexual Predator, he was not a sexual predators, white women because they have agency there was something that could be done about it. It's not saying that white women don't experience sexual nation at work or any of this stuff. But there's a certain type of white man who was made a civil pat who has made this he's accepted the gentleman nist that he needs to present around white ladies like you know these are white women to be respected. But remember I told you last week we'll talk about jazz by Toni Morrison and stuff, and this isn't a lot of books I read out of the House of Bondage Foley Glimpse. There was no of black woman, a white male head to respect. All of them were imposed they had no age regardless of. Shin or any right I could sexually assault you and there's nothing you can do about it. You may even get in trouble. I could You can have my children I don't have to take care of them. nope. I have. No financial obligation to you. My children are whatever race the mother is. So therefore, I can be like those niggers. I can be nice if I want to obligated to be nice I'm not legally binding by any of it. nope. So if I own you and you have a child from me I on your child. You know so so like this is the world not. Necessarily nineteen, fifty two but the world that this, the the the the building blocks of this world are based in that world I'm saying and so. Even, when black women and black people trying to make these strides in the segregated red line Chicago and he's made US cities coming from Jim Crow South. They still were dealing with this. You know white men sexually propositioning like women of standing in the community. You know, and then of course, the unfair. Callous disregard a black women saying all of them are prostitutes. You, know the over important because that's where white people came to do their crimes anyway. So Hey, if I wanted to do drugs, I'm going to the black neighborhood and guess what this turns into. Even though why people go in there and fueling the drug trait black people are drug addicts and drug dealers they're bad people even though they would bring drugs into the community right drugs I need to use, but I'm only going to look down on you not me. Right. So same things sexually you know a lot of time. So even though Tamra work there and this man would never even think to approach one those white women disrespectfully. He never saw that way and the second and he got a chance to be outside of their job or whatever he was like, yeah. I can sexually violate you and if you say some your nigger bitch. And Ruby witnessed that you know as though. She. Poses puts tyron ours. She was slowly doing some sem I mean, he was getting A. Better Neka got his hands bonded I was like we we. With this, she pauses pants down around his ankles and then she goes and sits down on a chair and makes them suck on the hills of the Naughty Stiletto. Wearing and She says you said you wanted to talk to me about something before you know whatever he was like. Oh. I was just going to say you know we probably need to fire Tamra and I'm like, yeah, you tried to sexually assault her now you want to get rid of the evidence. So this black woman that got this job here that was very fortunate in August she. She buys about the lose his job because you never really respect to her anyway and the truth is that could be ruby. Because, is not this is not about Tamara's qualifications or lack of qualifications is just about her blackness and expandability. And so he and honestly, it puts you in danger to be the first black anything. Does he then. licks the hill and Bodak yellow stars playing. The words that you know. These rare bottom diesel, bloody shoes and he notices her eyes are changing like they did in the car one time was Brown and he's like Hillary is as she been gets behind them, kicks them on the ground and stabs him in his but. With the heels until they're bleeding as she turned. Back into herself, it was a lot going on a lot was happening like she is turning. Back to her naked bloody black blaxell while also stabbing him in his but with these red bottoms giving him the worst prostate exam all time. Yeah and the thing is while this is happening as well. Know things well I go. Somebody's GONNA. Find Him right day he they're gonNA find this white skin all on the ground and I'm like, Oh, they don't charge him with that right was murder and he's going to tell them what happened and then I don't believe you. Maybe man I I so much. Don't know what the fuck. That's how much this. Episode through me because I don't know how much realism they're approaching it with or not because she also walks out of this office at the flipping him over and saying I just wanted you know that a Nigga Bitch, did this to you. With whites gained just fallen out for on the floor and put on like a coat and walks out covered in blood. And I kept thinking like there's so many things she's covered in blood and public and gets back home and no one notices. Shit. I don't know how much episode is GonNa be in the cannon of light. And then the police forensics figures like what counts and what doesn't. Oh. I don't know I think that The Cook, it cop end up flying that posted. Good call investigating a good call because like he's he's he's teaching. He's he's looking and searching for shit too. So I could see that do having posted somewhere in there. Assume that it was that perfume then finding they're doing some analysis from trump's like dad and somebody like Oh. This is this is the posting but because he got pieces of the book who knows that I'm telling you that Poche at some period of time is gonNA come back up and it's going to be a problem. Now, a great call that would make a lot of sense that would be a great next up the he investigated somehow and then put together that magic is if You. Know maybe even Christina's something to do with it. So I, don't think. This APP he may eventually make the connection but when it first happened I, don't think he's going to assume that it's Christina. I mean no no no I know. WHOA. Okay I don't know what will happen, but I'm just saying. It'll ha if it doesn't leave back to him. FIGURING OUT CHRISTINA GUY? Makes Sense Yeah I Think, you're going to start connecting the and trying to figure out and not as serve. Yeah. because. They're kind of like enemies. Yes. So it doesn't she not supposed to be in town he kicked her out and Adis Mac and nations and share in this clearly something's going to happen between the two of them because it's come to a head because she's observing him now. Yeah and I might be wrong but I think is true. What Christine is about William I think Christina. Is. I think that they D don't will use body in the river and all that stuff and shot him up I really do think happened. Okay. Wrong. But I really do but you don't have to say you might be wrong. We both might be wrong on everything we've run up on the show. So you no doubt yourself. I never know what's GonNa Happen. Sometimes, right sometimes, not So the she leave on the floor clock crying and shit walks off the energy ambushes William at the house as he coming out of the basement and she says, what's in the basement you and your lady for him it coming out hours a day and I want to know what's going on and Williams I don't have time to talk about this now and then he starts falling down on the ground and she's like William was wrong or whatever, and that's when he transforms into Christina. Because I am the smartest man on the mother implanted. Many of you doubt it. You didn't put the pieces together. What ideas how old you wanted I tell you didn't I tell you you. and when did I tell you a long time ago and what did I say what happened when I told you bagman wardrobe. I told you what happened and gave you prophecy on his show and that's just what I do. Okay. Me and a fellow writers in the room I we already know what's going to happen. I'm just parsing it out a little bit at a time. So. Yes. she turned William Turns into but Christina burst out of William and then. She goes Ruby goals. You William this whole fucking time. and. That's the end. So Yeah amazing episode. I loved it. Probably, my may womb maybe my favorite I don't know they've all been so good, Dave all been so good. I first was my favorite but mostly because I didn't know what I was getting into and I'm so pleasantly surprised. Yes and I think after the ending. that's when I was. That's when I thought a I think that they really do think that quote unquote, Williams dead I think has a lot to do with why he has those holes and shit all across his chest probably where he got shot up and they probably did dump them off the river and all that type of ship. Here's the thing I'm thinking though. We know that. The woman whose body William. Body that. Ruby was turning into was say women from artem. Or whatever that was so couple things. Could it be that the magic is DNA related and why say that is? They had a cow given birth to a show Goth Monster. So they know some shit wisdom DNA light are they just taking the DNA of certain people in the metamorphose is into them from drinking this potion and so that's why you always turn it to the same person. Or something like that because clearly a choice it'd be like I can be this person like is not you just magically turned into white person or whatever's the same person from the same type of potion each time And then also who is William then? You know what I'm saying like is that based off a real person somewhere as she took you know, did he really do they died and she just took his place I It just makes you wonder what? What is who in what is William, and that's true. You know. So that was thinking about the last thing I was GonNa say is Ruby is the locust. So. That's another reason I think maybe she's going to be a bad guy. Because you know if you go back to the what they said about the locus on the news report, it was essentially a transforms. After seven days a reach sexual maturity and devours everything inside is coming for great. Britain AKA PEOPLE I mean I may be stretching into far out. I know but it feels like this was this what five to seven days that we spent as Ruby and eventually knowing that is called a strange case. Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde and Mr Hyde is about the unbridled unfiltered like dark motivations that late him Dr Jekyll, but were were not. He just couldn't hold them back once he transformed I think that maybe that for. Ruby. She's transforming and she's going to devour ak one like greedily want this power this magic for herself I wouldn't be shocked if she joins up with Christina. Turns like betrays and turns against leading them. In pursuit of power I think I think she's going to both I think that. She's going to force Christina to. Teach her and show her how to make this yourself. To. Be Able to do it on her own. You know because she was like, don't tell me, I'm telling everybody I you know I could. She's Lily. The only person who knows probably did that they are the same person and so I think that they're going to working together and I think I might be wrong but I think eventually Christina's going to kind of let her end let her in but literally let her Intel about lady and all that stuff and use and and. Christina's going to do it as a way to get to a book when ladies going to do it either way of revenge of getting to to tick and letting in actually working with them to get them to accomplish things and then going to turn around and It be a lie you know and I could see once. Ruby learn how to make this post show I'm I'm just speculating once ruby learns how to make this posted herself. I. Can see her going to lady and take a completely different person. You know yeah. Like a mask off type of thing. Is I mean, yes. Sure. Why? Like why? Why not try to play both sides but my thing is also like. They would trust her she came back. They really don't have a reason not to trust like they don't know she's been up to initiate so she can literally just call infiltrate without needing to pretend to be anyone else. You just show up and be like. So what are y'all up to? I WanNa help and really just trying to get to the ORI. She knows all the same people they know and they. Still haven't caught up with. D hippolyte. Two weeks ago they doing stay still on the road out amy today year. So I'm you know I'm just I'm just saying man they could do a lot where ruby but I also could feel her be mad if she was like Yo y'all really left me out of this shit. Like y'all been fucking around with magic power and all this shit and y'all weren't gonNA. Tell me nothing I just been out here on my own and. Like now that I've discovered it on my own fuck out. You know what I mean 'cause I could any point told me like this is real So I'll also be interesting to see how much Christina will let her in on. Her four-storey 'cause Christina's allying crafty motherfucker tells you what you need to know and nothing else right. So You know it's just so much with this show. So many places they could go and this episode just has so many levels and layers to. So I just thought it was so great. But yeah. So what do you look forward to next week? Next. Week should be fun looks like we to go into Korea. So I'm interested to see the backstory at tick in what happened to him over there and Why what really mayhem come back in you know why did she tell him not to go back in the first place? What caused that relationship to fall apart like like it's GonNa be a fun because we're GONNA lily going to be leaving the United States. You know for the first time in this in this series same thing basically, it looks like it's going to be a at least preview like a basically a self contained story of just what happened back then which is one of my favorite things has been happening TV lately watch me and did this like I. I love when show is really compelling and they take time to really do it right when they do that like bottleneck episode of like here we go to going back to Korea, whatever and hopefully add more. Plot points to what we already of seeing if it if it's done, right? Yes it does and I think this one will everything they've done in the show so far has been Kinda done right to me, and like I said, I recognize hokey NASA I recognize the leaps of logic that you have to take you know like I get. Like. Her walking rabble. Eddie back to the house every day. Never get caught. You know because she would add to bloody as a black woman through this neighborhood to get to this matching or whatever you know. So I I I do get it I'm not trying to say. You know is. Like. Oh, this show is just so thinks everything but is just a fine shows or is buffy black people you know. And a better budget and rated R. IN BILL AND SEX. So you know. So I'm really enjoying it and yeah there's some little things I think I think the key elements for me was just respectability angle the fact that she kinda hated camera and put him but she really was responsible for putting Tamra in a position to be sexually assaulted. Baffoni I think she got revenge for and I. think that's why when she helped the re this you that police officers office was because Christina explanatory will help William get revenge. And the fact that that was the motivator for her to me speaks volumes because she understood. Yeah and the fact that we in this what her getting revenge on that boss essentially accuracy and Kinda hypnotism like yellow magic is power beyond his whiteness. And I'm like, what would that power look like in the hands of a black woman like Ruby? fucking. Why people because everybody else should is like we want to protect they want to protect each other on. She's like I want the power and I'm Mike Harmon Christina could become allies, but let me tell you some. People that covet power known sharing it so That, even if she worked with Christina somehow that's GONNA come to a head and I just can't imagine. So all right. That's it for this week. Thank you so much for listening this long, but it was fine. Hope you all enjoyed it. and. We'll talk to y'all. Saturday. For our feedback show premium people. We'll talk to you Thursday and Friday. All right until the. Piece I. Love You. Okay I. Love. Utah Okay. Oh I love you too.

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